Wwhere are all the relics?

  1. You see i can only find the ones in peru

    User Info: jordanmiller

    jordanmiller - 5 years ago


  1. in Egypt the first level get to the end where you are at the 4 pillars the movable block to the right of the door push it towards the door a little bit and get on top of the box jump up and grab the ledge jump up again shimmy to the right backwards jump to another ledge shimmy to the right again and jump to the right grab a ledge and jump up I think sorry it bin a while jump back and perch and top of one of the 4 pillars jump on each pillar till you get to the end then jump against the wall there should be a ledge shimmy to the right drop down and shimmy to the right again climb up and walk into a little cove there should be a relic that is the only one I know of except the ones in peru like you hope this helps

    User Info: demon300

    demon300 - 1 year ago 0 0

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