how can I beat the the huge dino on tomb raider anniversary?

  1. Can't seem to get away from him fast enough and it takes tons of shots from the two hand held guns I have on Laura! Is there any better way or maybe a hiding place I could find to get away from him and it allow me to kill him more easy? how can I kill him faster?

    User Info: pinkfloyd75

    pinkfloyd75 - 8 years ago

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  1. In the future check Lara's notebook for hints. SELECT, then down on the d-pad, then left/right to her notebook. X to hear her thoughts on the current situation.

    There's supposed to be a place Lara can get where the T-Rex can't reach her. Then just peck away without enraging him. Takes lots of patience.

    What you're supposed to do is enrage the T-Rex, then use the adrenaline dodge to crash him into one of the spiked logs on either side of the valley. You'll need to use all three spiked logs this way, as he wrecks them when he hits them. Check out 1aracr0ft's "Tomb Raider: Anniversary Walkthrough - Peru 4/7" on youtube to see it done in HQ by an expert. Starts around 4:01.

    Good luck and don't hesitate to post in the forum.

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  1. What I did is ; keep lra moving and shoot

    User Info: liam-99

    liam-99 - 8 years ago 1 1
  2. Keep your distance and shooting it. When the ( o ) appears wait til the targeter gets red then shoot. most affective for me!

    User Info: outcaltjames

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  3. Even if you could stay away from T-Rex the whole time, it will take you ages to whittle away at its health. The way it is supposed to be done, is to wait until its Rage gauge is full & Red then when it charges, quickly dodge then when the Red target appears on it, quickly shoot. This will take heaps of health. It is called a Head Shot. The trick is, you must dodge first before the Head Shot prompts will appear. After you dodge, watch the bottom/right of the screen for the prompts to dodge again then target will quickly appear then shoot. This alone will get you through but getting it to fall on spiked logs will take even more health from it.

    User Info: jarragum

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  4. Well depends on how you want to do it but the eaisier way is to never stop moving untill its rage is up then stop and dodge it in front a spiked thing

    User Info: jordanmiller

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  5. An important thing to note here... You MUST wait for the two red circles to coincide before pulling the trigger in Rage mode. If you just start shooting during the blurry dodge, the dino will get confused and run into a wall but he will NEVER go head long into the spikes and really take a beating. He will simply stop short of them even when positioned perfectly. This drove me NUTS for a couple hours until I read a post mentioning the two red circles lining up. I didn't realize this was the last piece of the puzzle to making this technique effective and killing the T rex.

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  6. Oh, and if you're almost dead, but need just a little more juice to make the final kill do look around on the field, you will see a full med pack. Good luck and good hunting.

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