How do I get my pets to do things?

  1. When I switch from human to pets I cant get them to eat sleep ect. How do you do that?

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    pokkelkie - 7 years ago

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  1. The Pets are consider non-controlable Sims with the exceptioin of being able to view their moods and stuff. Basically they go to bed on their own, eat when they are hungry and use the toilet on their own as long as you have trees, flowers and shrubs for them to use.

    **** In order to interact with a Pet, like teaching them something, scolding and playing with them.

    All you do is go up to the pet and click on it.

    Next - A list of socials, commands and things you can do will appear. The list contains teaching them tricks and if you have a toys for dogs. Your Sims can play fetch if you have a ball or a freezbie. If you have the tug of war toy, they will pull that out and play tug of war with a dog. For cats your Sims will need a feather toy or a mouse toy on a stick to play with them. Also you can give commands like '' Offsrping with [ insert another pets name here ], as long as you have a doghouse. If you want to give a treat, just click on the pet and it is in the listings.

    if it is the question of a bath. Take and have your Sim go to the bathroom and walk up to a bathtub. Click on it and it will say, " Give [ insert pets name ] a bath.

    Also if you cannot get your pet[s] to sleep or eat. It could be that they are unable to interact with the items in question.

    I do have some suggestions:

    1. ] They may not realize that the items are there. So take the items and put them in and out of the inventory. { They could be glitched up.] If this still keeps happening, sell the items and buy new ones.

    2. ] If the item, like a Pet Bed is turned the wrong way, you will have to turn it the right way so that they can gain use of the bed. Some beds are hard to tell which way is the right way. So turn them and see if your Pet goes to it.

    Plus you can buy a Park bench out of the buy catalog and you can buy a doghouse from the Pet Supply Store so that they will sleep. Both the beds and doghouses need to be cleaned. Just click on them and if it say clean, click it and your Sim should be able to clean them if the bed is turned the right way.

    They will also sleep on your Sims bed or a couch.

    3. ] If a pet dish is placed to close to a wall or counter, move it away from the wall or counter and have your Sim fill it with Pet food. You must keep it clean. If you hired the maid, she emptied it when she cleaned it and that is why your pet is hungry.

    Make sure to feed them when your Sims are home. To make make pet food - Use the food proccessor. Trow in the leftover group meals or if you want, you can make a group meal and then place it in the food proccessor to make pet food. Then go up to the pet dish and click on it to place food in it.

    4. ] If you take them to Town Square, load up the pet food dish and feed them there. They may need to social interact with others.

    Hope this helps.
    Have a good day!

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  1. Pets are uncontrollable characters sadly.

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