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    Supplemental Guide by Kamatari47

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    "Would you like to go on an immortal journey?"
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    (  ____ \|\     /|\__   __/( (    /|\__   __/( (    /|(  ____ \
    | (    \/| )   ( |   ) (   |  \  ( |   ) (   |  \  ( || (    \/
    | (_____ | (___) |   | |   |   \ | |   | |   |   \ | || |      
    (_____  )|  ___  |   | |   | (\ \) |   | |   | (\ \) || | ____ 
          ) || (   ) |   | |   | | \   |   | |   | | \   || | \_  )
    /\____) || )   ( |___) (___| )  \  |___) (___| )  \  || (___) |
    \_______)|/     \|\_______/|/    )_)\_______/|/    )_)(_______)
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    (  ____ \(  ___  )(  ____ )(  ____ \(  ____ \
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    | (__    | |   | || (____)|| |      | (__    
    |  __)   | |   | ||     __)| |      |  __)   
    | (      | |   | || (\ (   | |      | (      
    | )      | (___) || ) \ \__| (____/\| (____/\
    |/       (_______)|/   \__/(_______/(_______/
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    Supplemental Guide/Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Version 1.23
    by Kamatari47 (guitarotoko@gmail.com)
    This guide is intended for private, personal use.  Any unauthorized
    reproduction, publication, or distribution of this guide without my
    express written permission is strictly prohibited.  At this time,
    this guide may be published with permission by gamefaqs.com only; any
    unauthorized publishers of this guide is committing a violation of
    copyright.  Of course, I can't really do anything to stop you from
    ripping this thing off GameFAQs and putting it up wherever you please,
    but it'll be interesting to see if you take the time to delete this
    sentence first.  All information found in this guide was derived from
    and/or verified through my personal gaming experience.  I have
    endeavored to properly credit all contributions to the best of my
    Table of Contents:
    I.   Introduction
    II.  Tips and Tricks
    III. Lists
    IV.  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    V.   Glitches
    VI.  Save Files
    VII. Update History/Special Thanks
    I. Introduction
    This guide is intended to be a comprehensive repository of in-depth
    information for Sega's Shining Force EXA.  It contains little-known
    information on gameplay principles and strategies derived through
    the simplest method possible: lots and lots of gameplay.  I've spent
    well over 400 hours on this game, as can be verified through the
    save files I've contributed to GameFAQs (the latest of which is a
    Chapter 12 save that shows 300.2 hours of game time).  I've made a
    thorough effort to verify all of my findings, though it's possible
    that you disagree with the relevance of some of them.  You may also
    disagree with some of the conclusions I've drawn where game strategy
    is concerned.  In both cases, I exhort you to write me -- I will
    endeavor to post all valid reader contributions in this guide and
    give proper credit where credit is due.  To contribute your tips and
    tricks or to ask me questions (I will try to post all quality
    questions, as well as my answers to each question, in Section IV:
    Frequently Asked Questions), you may either email me at the address 
    listed at the top (and bottom) of the guide or post to the Shining
    Force EXA board at GameFAQs.
    The five main sections of the guide are as follows:
    - Section II: Tips and Tricks is where I will offer strategy-related
      suggestions and make observations on key points of gameplay.  This
      is also where I will talk about some of the more obscure Shining
      Force EXA gameplay principles.
    - Section III: Lists is where I will present a few lists of interest
      (Ancient Arena locations, Healing Water locations, a complete listing
      of Core Metal locations, etc.) which, so far, have not been covered
      in any of the existing guides found on GameFAQs.
    - Section IV: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) features popular and/or
      "good" (i.e. thought-provoking, intriguing, and/or worthy of detailed
      exploration) questions I've collected from emails and the Shining
      Force EXA message board here at GameFAQs, as well as my attempt to
      answer each question to the best of my ability.  Feel free to ask
      me questions -- you just may see them answered in this section.
    - Section V: Glitches charts some of the most unusual (and most likely
      unintended) occurrences in Shining Force EXA.
    - Section VI: Save Files is simply a place for me to post more detailed
      descriptions of the game saves I've uploaded to GameFAQs.
    Please note that this is NOT meant to be a comprehensive walkthrough.
    Others have already written those and, for the most part, the
    walkthrough portions of their guides are functional and useful (many
    other points of gameplay advice they offer are less useful to
    erroneous, however, and will be addressed in this guide).  This document
    is meant to be a "companion" text for those in need of further
    elaboration of points mentioned in the walkthroughs, as well as for
    those who simply wish to be better Shining Force EXA gamers.
    You're advised to use the CTRL + F search function to quickly scan
    this document for a particular topic of interest.
    II. Tips and Tricks
    *  Energy Generator (Mandatory)
    1. Training Ground
    2. Radar
    3(tie). Repair Function
    3(tie). Robot Factory
    5. Barrier
    6. Cannon
    The above is my personal recommendation for the order in which you
    should seek to upgrade the Geo-Fortress.  The Energy Generator must
    be upgraded before you can raise the levels of each individual function,
    so there isn't much to say there.  The Training Ground is by far
    the most useful Geo-Fortress upgrade -- prior to beating the game, it
    is simply the most effective way to level up and find top-notch
    equipment corresponding to your current power level.  With one notable
    exception (see the "Infinite Healing Water" sub-section), there is
    simply no need to "grind" anywhere out in the world (i.e. outside the
    Geo-Fortress) if you've been spending your Core Metals on the Training
    Ground.  The Training Ground also doubles as the most effective defense
    for your Geo-Fortress: you won't have much need for any of the purely
    defensive functions (Repair, Robot Factory, and Barrier) if all of your
    characters are strong and properly outfitted thanks to runs through the
    Training Ground -- your Geo-Fortress won't ever be in any danger if your
    party simply slaughters all comers during Defensive Battles, after all.
    Radar is the second most useful Geo-Fortress upgrade -- aside from its
    ability to show you the locations of boss monsters, monster generators,
    and visible treasure chests, Radar is particularly valuable for its
    ability to pinpoint the locations of hidden treasures on any map within
    its effective radius.  No matter how good you are at ferreting out hidden
    treasures, believe me when I say that Radar will show you many items
    that you'll never find without it.  Even better, once you've upgraded
    this function to its maximum level, you do not even need to switch the
    Geo-Fortress into Search Mode in order to receive telemetry -- Radar will
    automatically be "on" regardless of which map you're currently exploring
    (it still doesn't work on most locations accessed solely from within the
    Geo-Fortress, however, so you can't scout the Training Ground, Dimension
    X Metal Tunnel, or Dungeon of Ordeal with it -- though Radar does work
    within Xeyon Castle) and regardless of which Geo-Fortress mode is
    currently active.
    If you've maxed out both the Training Ground and Radar, it's time to
    pay some attention to the defensive functions.  If you've been actively
    acquiring and spending Core Metals, though, defense is not a problem
    for you -- the high level of your Energy Generator is enough to ensure
    that, outside of the last couple of chapters, few Defensive Battles
    will seriously threaten your Geo-Fortress.  Since there isn't anything
    else to upgrade, however, we might as well invest our extra Cores in
    one of the three defensive functions (Repair, Robot Factory, Barrier).
    As you can see above, I favor the approach of upgrading Repair and
    Robot Factory in equal increments.  A souped-up Repair function
    coupled with switching the Geo-Fortress into Recovery Mode will allow
    your Photon Converters to rapidly and continuously regenerate any HP
    they lose during Defensive Battles, and the Converters will also heal
    any allied units standing near them.  Beside your main character and
    his/her NPC party, there is another group of potential beneficiaries
    of this healing effect -- robots purchased from the Robot Factory.
    Defensive-type robots will always hang around the Photon Converter
    and, as long as you've upgraded your robots to a decent level, they
    will serve as nigh-impregnable defense for your Photon Converter,
    leaving your party free to seek out the strategic targets you need to
    destroy to end the Defensive Battle.  It does take a good bit of gold
    to upgrade the Robot Factory and all its robots, but gold should come
    easily from your Training Ground runs (selling equipment that you
    don't need is a particularly profitable endeavor), and with the
    Repair-and-Robots upgrade approach, you do not need to ever pay any
    repair fees for your army of robots (unless, of course, you activate
    the special S-Type robot, which I recommend against except in an
    emergency -- the firepower it adds is seldom necessary with the
    overall strength and healing ability of your Geo-Fortress setup, and
    it simply isn't worth the repair costs to activate the S-Type).
    An alternative to the Repair-and-Robots upgrade approach is to devote
    singular focus to upgrading the Barrier function.  There are many
    gamers who swear by Barrier; I am not one of them.  The Geo-Fortress
    Barrier serves as all-purpose damage reduction, and a high-level
    Barrier does indeed make it nearly impossible to damage your Photon
    Converters.  If you diligently acquire and spend your Core Metals,
    though, you will seldom need Barrier to make your Photon Converters
    hard to damage -- the high HP value granted by a high level Energy
    Generator combined with steady healing from your Repair function once
    the Defensive Battle has concluded will almost certainly ensure that
    your Photon Converters all have full HP by the time the next Defensive
    Battle starts.  The Barrier upgrade approach is inferior to the
    Repair-and-Robots approach in that you lose the robot army defending
    your Photon Converter (or, to be more exact, the robot army earning
    experience and gold for you while you go off destroying strategic
    targets) and that you also lose the healing aura around the Photon
    Converter, which can be a lifesaver in certain particularly nasty
    Defensive Battles.  You're free to choose whichever approach you like,
    of course (or experiment with both and try to decide which one you
    like better), with one caveat: do NOT prioritize the Barrier above the
    Training Ground.  That proposition is just crazy -- there is no way
    that some damage reduction on your Photon Converters offers equal
    value to all the character levels/quality equipment/gold/Mythril you
    stand to gain from making runs through the Training Ground.
    The Cannon function is useless.  Do NOT spend any Core Metals on it
    whatsoever unless you've already maxed out every other function.
    Upgrading the Cannon only affects the blast radius of a Cannon shot
    (a higher-level Cannon has a larger blast radius), the recharge speed
    of the mechanism (a higher-level Cannon recharges faster), and how
    much damage it deals when you "call in" a shot -- contrary to what some
    believe, it does NOT extend the range of potential blasts.  Cannon
    range can only be extended through storyline advancement.  With
    adequately powered-up characters, you should never need to resort to
    your slow-firing, limited-area-of-effect Cannon to deal damage, and
    you certainly should not spend any Core Metals on it when there are
    far worthier functions to upgrade.
    Ever wondered how your newly-acquired NPC allies gain levels so
    quickly at first before dropping to the same leveling pace as your
    main characters?  That phenomenon demonstrates one aspect of Shining
    Force EXA's experience (EXP) system.  Every location in Shining Force
    EXA has a hidden statistic that I like to call its "area level".  The
    amount of experience your characters receive from each monster kill
    is never fixed -- rather, the amount of EXP each character receives
    from a kill depends on two factors: the character's current level and
    the area level of the location.  If the character's current level is
    lower than the area level, the amount of EXP you receive will be
    multiplied -- the larger the difference between the two, the higher
    the multiplier.  This is how you receive EXP in the tens of thousands
    for a low-level NPC ally when you kill a monster, even though the
    typical "base EXP" (that is, the amount of experience a character
    receives when his/her level is only slightly lower than the area level)
    is almost always several hundred to a couple thousand EXP.  This is
    the secret mechanism behind the "rapid leveling" phenomenon you
    experience when you take a low-level character into a high-level
    location and defeat the enemies populating that area.
    On the flip side of the token, once your character level becomes equal
    to the area level of a location, your EXP gains will grind to a halt:
    you will receive one (1) EXP point for every kill in that area,
    regardless of the size and power level of the monsters you kill.  In
    the deeper parts of the Training Ground, this can cause a twisted
    phenomenon where enemies that can one-hit KO your characters (due to
    their inherently high power levels, your inadequate gear/Power Art/
    Secret Art setups, or both) will yield only 1 EXP each when you kill
    them.  Please note also that there seem to be a few glitches related
    to the EXP system -- I've personally noticed that, in the lowest
    levels of the Training Ground, NPC party members need to be within
    one character level of the main character in order to advance to the
    level "cap" of a floor.  If they're not within one character level
    when the main character hits the area level of the floor, they will
    start earning the minimum of 1 EXP per kill just as if they have
    reached the level cap (even though they actually have not).  For
    example, on Training Ground floor B49F (area level 184), any NPCs
    who have not reached level 183 when your main character reaches level
    184 will only earn 1 exp per kill made on that floor (assuming that
    you keep using the same lead character and that he/she stays at level
    184), even though they *should* be earning several hundred to a couple
    thousand EXP per kill (because they have yet to reach the level cap
    of the location).  Perplexingly, any NPC allies who did manage to reach
    level 183 when your main character "hit the cap" will earn the normal
    amount of experience.  This phenomenon appears again once you've
    reached the Place Beyond Darkness in Xeyon Castle -- any NPC allies
    not within one character level of the main character leading the party
    will hit the cap 3 levels early.
    I do not have a complete list of area levels for every location in
    the game (compiling such a list might consume the rest of my natural
    life), but here are a couple of tidbits: prior to the game-ending
    chapters, the highest character level you can reach through "normal"
    adventuring (i.e. journeying through locations out in the world that
    are easily accessible prior to the game-ending sequence of events)
    is level 111 (the area level of the Lake Bark Caverns), whereas the
    highest character level you can reach through specific training (i.e.
    through usage of the Training Ground) is level 187 (the level cap of
    the Training Ground Depths/B50F).  After beating the game, you can
    advance your characters to the maximum level of 200 -- but only one
    location in the game has sufficiently high area level for you to do so:
    the Place Beyond Darkness located within the depths of Xeyon Castle.
    The "power curve" is a term I use to refer to the rate of increase in
    the power levels of the monsters you face at each point of storyline
    progression.  "Getting ahead of the power curve", therefore, means to
    train your party so that they comfortably exceed the power levels of
    the threats they face at each storyline juncture.  The simplest way
    to do this is to increase your character levels and collect powerful
    equipment drops by "grinding" the Training Ground.  This method,
    however, requires that you obtain lots of Core Metals, and it largely
    neglects a key component of character strength in Shining Force EXA:
    Power Arts and Secret Arts.
    There is a simple but often-overlooked way to remedy both problems:
    explore the "optional" areas!  In Chapter 3, you'll be allowed to
    access a number of locations that may prove initially challenging but
    will yield great rewards in the long run.  These areas contain many
    Power Art tablets, Prison Rocks (each of which yields a Secret Art
    as a reward for defeating the imprisoned monster), and Ancient Arenas.
    If you clear them all, spend the Core Metals you obtain on the
    Training Ground, and make a few runs through the lowest block of
    floors you can access in the Training Ground, and you'll find that
    your characters are now powerful enough that the next few chapters,
    at least, will be a walk in the park.  In other words, you'll have
    effectively gotten ahead of the power curve.  Some of these areas are
    accompanied by a marked increase in the ferocity of the local fauna,
    however (your first trips to the Stone Arena, the Dragon Arena, the
    Lake Bark Caverns, and the Golem Arena located within the Lake Bark
    Caverns can be nasty surprises of the fatal variety), so you're advised
    to mix up your exploration with time devoted to strengthening your
    characters (leveling up, collecting equipment, acquiring Mythril for
    your Power Arts) at the lowest block of the Training Ground that you
    can access.  The areas you should explore (and what's to be found at
    each location) are as follows:
    - North Paora Plains (Prison Rock, Critical Resist Lv2, Ancient
      Arena: Wolfling)
    - Northwest Paora Plains (Knockback Resist Lv3)
    - West Paora Plains (Lightning Resist Lv1, HP Boost Lv5, Ancient
      Arena: Giant, 3 bottles of Goddess Tears)
    - West Paora, Sewer (Critical Rate Lv3, leads to Prison Rock and
      Ancient Arena: Stalker)
    - Paoraburr Cavern (leads to Altar of Darkness and 5 Darkness Runes)
    - Paoraburr Trail (Ancient Arena: Lightning)
    - Ranburr's Tomb (Prison Rock, Critical Rate Lv1)
    - Ranburr's Tomb, Underpass (Master Guard Lv4, leads to Ancient
      Arena: Stone)
    - East Paora Plains (Ancient Arena: Lizard)
    - Ancient Runed Temple (Prison Rock, Flame Resist Lv1, Avalon's
    - Rune Mountain Path (just to see the place)
    - Clanup Island (ditto)
    - Paora Plains, East Coast (Prison Rock, Skill Boost Lv5, Ancient
      Arena: Dragon)
    - Lake Bark Cavern, North (Concentration Lv2)
    - Lake Bark Cavern, South (HP Boost Lv8, Ancient Arena: Golem)
    - Lake Bark, South Point (Petrify Resist Lv2, 5 Darkness Runes)
    Later in Chapter 10, don't forget to employ the same principle and
    explore the Sidora Snow Mountain, Canyon optional area, which leads
    to Ancient Arena: Demon and a crucial Power Art -- Darkness Resist Lv2.
    There are two categories of Defensive Battles in Shining Force EXA:
    mandatory Defensive Battles (which occur when you reach a certain
    point in the storyline) and "timer" Defensive Battles (which occur
    after you spend a certain amount of time out in the world).  I'm not
    here to teach you how to fight them; instead, I'm here to explain how
    you can use Defensive Battles as a primary resource for obtaining
    precious Core Metals.  Up to a certain point in the story, Gilnay, the
    young Foxling who lives in the Geo-Fortress, will "stock" a Core Metal
    after every mandatory Defensive Battle you win (you get about 7 of
    these total -- Gilnay stops stocking Core Metals once all four exits
    of the Geo-Fortress have been unlocked).  Gilnay will also stock a Core
    after every five "timer" Defensive Battles you win (there is an infinite
    number of these, of course, but Gilnay does have a "cap" on his stock:
    by my calculation, he'll stop selling you Core Metals this way after
    you complete your 12th set of five "timer" Defensive Battles, or 60
    "timer" Defensive Battles in all).  When you return to the Geo-Fortress
    after a Defensive Battle, you can buy each Core Metal in Gilnay's
    inventory for 10,000 gold (if you're crazy, you can also pay him
    1,000,000 gold -- you would still get only one Core Metal in return).
    Early in the game, you can "farm" the timer-based variety of Defensive
    Battles in order to obtain a large number of Core Metals and use them
    to upgrade your Training Ground (thus gaining access to a facility
    where you can strengthen your characters to the point that you really
    out-distance your opposition in overall power level once you choose to
    resume the storyline).  "Timer" Defensive Battles occur whenever a
    timer of fixed length (about 20 minutes of real time) counts down to
    zero (the indicator on the top-right corner of the screen will flash
    red).  The timer will run as long as you're out in the world (i.e. not
    inside your Geo-Fortress or at one of the locations where no combat
    normally takes place -- Ruins of Yi'el Village, Cantore Village, and
    Emperor's Hall, just to name a few): you do not have to be running or
    fighting for the timer to run down.  A little simple math tells us that
    you'll be allowed to purchase a Core Metal from Gilnay for every two
    hours of real time (an hour and 40 minutes of waiting around on the
    world map, about 20 minutes total to fight the five Defensive Battles);
    that might seem like a lot of time, but hey -- no one said you have to
    pay attention to your PS2 at all during the waiting!  During every
    20-minute waiting period, you're perfectly free to (and should) surf
    the internet, do homework, work on your house/lawn/garden, or even
    play another video game on a different console -- do whatever you feel
    like and just check in every 20 minutes to fight a quick Defensive
    Battle.  24 hours of this will mine Gilnay dry of his 12 Core Metals
    allocated to "timer" Defensive Battles, and you can easily combine
    these with the Cores you've found from other adventures to open up
    four to five new blocks of the Training Ground (strictly speaking,
    you only need 4-5 Cores for the Training Ground itself, but you'll
    also need a handful to upgrade your Energy Generator).  This is how I
    managed to upgrade to Training Ground Level 7 before finishing
    Chapter 3: I found a good spot to grind at Lake Bark and ended up
    fighting 40 "timer" Defensive Battles there).  You can do the same
    (or better, since I didn't actually milk Gilnay dry of all his "timer"
    Defensive Battle Cores until much later).
    1. Avalon
    2. Garyu
    3. Faulklin
    4. Duga
    5. Maebelle
    6. Amitaliri
    7. Adam
    8. Gadfort
    First, let's make something very clear: all your NPC party members
    stink compared to the main characters.  Once you start carving Power
    Arts and finding good equipment, your main characters will outgrow
    their NPC buddies rapidly (it's a terrible pity that NPCs do not have
    access to Power Arts), so from the midpoint of the game on, you
    should not be depending on your NPC allies to deal damage.  Instead,
    you should use them as "meat shields" who draw enemy fire, as support
    characters who can aid you with healing and status ailment-curing
    spells (this is why Faulklin is rated so highly), and, once in a while,
    as characters who can hurt a monster that has an elemental weakness to
    one of your NPCs' attacks.  Also be cautioned that ALL of your NPC
    allies have terrible resistance ratings versus magic attacks (except
    attacks of any elemental types they may be immune to) -- against a
    high-level monster such as a Ghost Master, your NPCs may end up being
    hindrances which drain your of your Healing Water as you spend bottle
    upon bottle trying to save them from magic attacks that drain their HP
    precipitously with every hit.  With that said, let's look at the
    rankings in a bit more detail.
    Avalon and Garyu are the Tier I NPC allies (and, incidentally, the two
    secret NPCs) in Shining Force EXA.  They have the highest hit points
    of all the NPCs, and their physical defense values aren't bad, either.
    With his high-level Light spells, Avalon is probably the most
    offensively-gifted NPC of them all; Garyu, on the other hand, is the
    best "meat shield" in the game -- he can really soak up all kinds of
    damage -- well, unless it's magic damage -- and has the largest sprite
    among all your characters, making him a perfect candidate for Cyrille
    to hide behind.  Do be advised, though, that neither character has any
    natural HP recovery -- if they take damage, they will never heal any
    of that damage if you do not expend a Healing Water or visit a Goddess
    Fountain (well, they'll get a little extra HP if they level up, but
    the effect of that is miniscule and whatever wounds they've taken will
    not go away as a result of the level-up).
    As the best healer of all the NPCs (though there isn't much
    competition -- Maebelle is the only other character with healing
    capabilities), Faulklin is in a tier by himself.  His healing is
    always helpful (and don't overlook the power of his Defense Charm-like
    spell that reduces petrification time), and he's also capable of
    dealing a little damage once you've upgraded his equipment to Saint
    of Light or better.  He's physically weak, though, and he does have
    a penchant for running straight at powerful monsters that can (and do)
    knock him out with one blow.
    Duga is the next best character.  He moves fast, heals fast, and is
    particularly good versus enemies who petrify or are weak against Frost
    Magic.  He is not, however, very sturdy at all versus either physical
    or magic attacks.  Maebelle is listed next simply because she has the
    ability to heal (though her healing is vastly inferior to Faulklin's
    healing) and because she can do a little long-distance damage,
    particularly after she learns her Light Magic spells.  Amitaliri is
    actually one of the best damage-dealing NPC allies due to her large
    variety of potent magic spells, but she just isn't sturdy enough to
    be ranked any higher.
    Adam and Gadfort are clearly the most inferior characters of the lot.
    Both of them take damage badly from physical or magic attacks (and
    especially from magic attacks), and neither offers enough of an
    offensive punch to counteract their defensive shortcomings.  At least
    Adam heals fast; Gadfort is just a failure all around.
    When RPG gamers talk to each other about a game, it's common for them
    to refer to their characters by character level ("hey, my Undead
    Warlock got to level 60! He's awesome now!").  You really can't do that
    with Shining Force EXA, however, because character level alone is a poor
    measuring statistic for character strength.  This is because, relatively
    speaking, character stats rise very slowly if leveling up is your sole
    method of character advancement.  In fact, leveling up probably ranks
    a distant third in terms of impact among the various factors that
    contribute to overall character strength:
    1. Power Arts
    2. Equipment
    3. Character level
    4. Secret Arts
    Power Arts are by far the speediest and most substantial way to "beef
    up" your playable characters, though it is highly expensive in terms
    of the Mythril required -- it costs a lot of Mythril just to max out
    one level of a given Power Art, and there are certain Power Arts that
    you absolutely want to keep maxed (i.e. fully carve every level of
    that Power Art that you've so far obtained) at all times.  If you
    devote some time to Mythril collection and carve your Power Arts
    dutifully, however, you'll certainly like the results -- a well-carved
    set of Power Arts can easily make advancement through the storyline
    segments a breeze, and you're going to have to max a slew of Power Arts
    to stand even a chance of surviving the toughest monsters in the game
    (i.e. those found on the lower floors of the Training Ground and in
    Xeyon Castle).  In the next sub-section, I will talk a little more
    about which Power Arts you should prioritize over others for each
    The next most important thing to do on your quest for stronger characters
    is to seek out better equipment for them.  Finding "better" equipment
    is only a very small part of this endeavor: for the most part, you can
    find higher-class equipment in places with higher area level (there
    are a few "activated drops" which require a little work -- more on
    this later).  You'll also spend a little time getting together the gold
    necessary for Gantetsu to temper your gear for maximum enhancement
    bonuses (especially if his forging level is high).  However, by far
    the most time-consuming -- yet ultimately the most rewarding -- part
    of equipment hunting will be to find gear with a proper combination of
    useful enchantment mods (hereafter referred to as simply "mods").
    More on all of this in a later sub-section.
    Character level ranks a distant third compared to the two factors
    discussed above.  Yes, you do gain some HP, MP, STR, DEX, and INT (and,
    towards the end of your character level progression [i.e. from level
    100 to 200], a few points of Absolute Defense as well), but the
    magnitude of these stat increases is pitifully small compared to the
    overall strength you gain from Power Arts and premium equipment mods.
    In fact, it could take upwards of 30-40 level-ups for you to match the
    stat gain from fully carving just one level of a Power Art.  This is
    why you can't really say "my character is level xx" and expect that to
    mean much of anything -- it'd be much more productive if you list the
    Power Arts you've maxed and the general equipment setup you're using 
    instead.  A level 50 character with maxed Power Arts (insofar as the
    ones you can find at that stage of the game) and decent equipment can
    easily outfight, say, a level 100 character who hasn't been carving
    Power Arts or swapping for better gear.
    Secret Arts are fairly limited in scope -- you can only carve one per
    equipment type at a time -- and that translates into their generally
    low impact on gameplay.  Aside from one notable exception (Goddess
    Blessing), Secret Arts are mostly used so that their special
    characteristics can help cover up some weaknesses in your characters'
    stats (e.g. carving Conceal Weakness on Toma's shield to protect
    yourself against high-critical rate monsters such as Arc Dragons), to
    add an extra dimension to your strategy (e.g. using Devil Spark to
    raise two-handed weapon attack speed up a class, using Darkness
    Awakened to add a HP Absorb effect to your melee attacks), or to
    simply get a minor boost for your stats (e.g. Oracle's Shield, Earth
    The first rule of carving Power Arts is this: if the Power Art is of
    the "Killer" (increases attack power against an enemy race/type) or
    "Pursuit" (increases attack power against enemies of an elemental
    classification) type, max it.  Yes, it'll cost an arm and a leg (or
    whatever the Mythril equivalent is for such limb loss), but it's
    worth it -- maxed Killer/Pursuit Power Arts can and often do make the
    difference between a long, grueling 30 minute fight (longer if you're
    only dealing 1 damage per hit and therefore trying to give a monster
    the death of a thousand paper cuts -- trust me, something like this
    will happen to you sooner or later) and an easy, breezy 10-second
    skirmish.  You also have a far higher chance of surviving against
    hard-hitting monsters if you can deal enough damage to finish them
    off quickly, and that's exactly what Killer/Pursuit Power Arts are for.
    The next Power Art you should try to max is HP Boost.  As I will
    explain in greater detail later on, HP is the most important stat when
    it comes to survival -- your characters simply have a lot more HP than
    DEF (physical defense), elemental resistance, and Absolute Defense, so
    any percentage gains you make in HP nets you a larger numerical increase
    compared to similar gains in any of the other defense-based stats.
    HP Boost is more effective for Toma than it is for Cyrille, because
    Toma has a far higher base HP and a higher HP increase multiplier
    (meaning he gets much more HP from leveling up than does Cyrille),
    but both characters should definitely prioritize this Power Art and
    keep it maxed.
    The next most important Power Art is Master Guard.  This is also a Power
    Art that both characters should keep maxed at all times, because it
    boosts the DEF (physical defense) stat, and the majority of the enemies
    in the game attack with primarily physical attacks (as opposed to heavy
    usage of magic attacks, a strategy employed by a much smaller percentage
    of monsters).  This Power Art isn't as effective as HP Boost, however,
    because there still are some tough enemies which primarily use magic,
    and 100% magic attacks (i.e. a pure magic spell as opposed to a
    physical attack boosted with some magic damage conferred by an elemental
    magic property like Lightning Attack) against your characters ignore
    the DEF stat when calculating how much damage will be inflicted.
    There's one more "vital" Power Art that you should try to keep maxed:
    Weapon Attack.  This increases base attack power and is another Power
    Art better suited for Toma's game than Cyrille's.  In fact, if you favor
    a magic-based approach for Cyrille, you do not NEED this Power Art at all;
    however, I would advise you to keep it maxed nonetheless, because Cyrille
    is physically fragile (a function of her relatively low HP) and you'll
    probably need to use some of her crossbow tricks to dispatch a few of
    the toughest monsters or to get yourself out of a tight spot.  By maxing
    your Weapon Attack Power Art, you'll be able to deliver more damage with
    each crossbow bolt, and that could be a timesaver (and, occasionally,
    a lifesaver as well).
    After those "big four" Power Arts, what you carve is largely up to you.
    A melee-minded Toma should max Quick Swing and then start carving the
    various tech-effect Power Arts: Critical Attack, Critical Rate, Knockback
    Attack, Stun Attack, etc.  An "archer" Cyrille should probably carve the
    same set of Power Arts -- except for Quick Swing (which has no effect on
    crossbows).  A "mage" Cyrille should instead go for MP Boost, MP
    Regenerate, Concentration, and Magic Casting before moving on to the
    various magic attack-boosting Power Arts (i.e. Flame Magic, Frost Magic,
    Lightning Magic, Light Magic, Dark Magic).  If you're having trouble
    dealing with enemy magic attacks in the latter chapters of the storyline
    or in the various dungeons (Training Ground, Dimension X Metal Tunnel,
    Dungeon of Ordeal, Xeyon Castle), prioritize the elemental magic resistance
    Power Arts (Flame Resist, Frost Resist, Lightning Resist, Light Resist,
    Darkness Resist) and Absolute Defense.  Among those Power Arts, Darkness
    Resist is particularly useful -- a heavy percentage of the toughest
    enemies you'll face use Dark Magic and Darkness-aligned elemental attacks.
    Malxatra, the final boss of the storyline segments of the game, is one
    of those, and the easiest way to render him impotent is for you to max
    out both levels of Darkness Resist -- we (the Shining Force EXA board)
    have had our share of gamers (*cough* SBaby *cough*) who claim that
    Malxatra is impossible to defeat, and it almost always turns out that
    those gamers simply haven't bothered to max their Darkness Resist Power
    Art.  If petrification is a problem, you could try to max Petrify Resist,
    though it's usually more effective to carry some Defense Charms, take
    Faulklin along to "thaw" you if you do get petrified, and collect
    equipment that increase your Recover Stone rating.
    The quest to find quality equipment comprises a key component of the
    overall drive to bolster character strength, and there are a few things
    you should be aware of.  First, don't pay any attention at all to
    Bornay -- the power level of the equipment he sells is tied to the
    advancement of the storyline, and if you get ahead of the power curve
    early on and use the Training Ground, the equipment drops you'll
    collect will generally be much, much better than anything Bornay has
    to offer.  Secondly, be sure to limit your gear hunting to locations
    with a sufficiently high area level -- while area level does not affect
    your probability of getting a particular piece of gear as an item drop,
    you MUST grind places with high area level in order to get quality mods
    on an item.  For example, you can find the Storm Shot -- a top-tier
    crossbow -- from the low-level mobs at Raska Snowfield, and it drops
    about equally as often as the lower-tier items the monsters there drop.
    If you want a Storm Shot with a high-end mod like Attack +100, however,
    Raska Snowfield is completely useless to you -- that mod is simply
    "too good" for that area, and you must grind locations with higher
    area level to acquire a Storm Shot with that mod.  Chests and monsters
    in Xeyon Castle will yield the highest-tier gear in the game (including
    the best equipment in both the armor and headgear classes for each
    character) with the best selection of mods and highest enhancement
    numbers (though you can get gear drops with an equal range of possible
    mods and an equal "ceiling" for enhancement numbers -- +9 -- at Training
    Ground floors B46F to B49F), but that's not a practical spot for
    equipment hunting because you can't access it until after you beat the
    game.  Those looking to jump way ahead of the power curve in the early
    chapters should grind Training Ground floors B34F to B49F (gear is
    only available on the non-boss floors, of course).  "Elite" (large and
    glowing) monsters and treasure chests on those floors will yield the
    best possible equipment, in terms of both gear types and potential
    mods, that you can get prior to beating the game, and I personally
    recommend heavy usage of either B34F (the Legion swarms on that floor
    are far less threatening than the fauna found on B36F and later) or
    B36F-B39F (by repeatedly grinding this block of the Training Ground,
    you can rack up a ton of Mythril by exploiting the Hell Guardians on
    B40F before you warp back to the Geo-Fortress).  Keep in mind that
    mods with higher Mythril values (this being how much you get from that
    particular mod when you go to the Power Arts/Secret Arts control panel
    and choose to extract Mythril from a piece of equipment) will drop
    less frequently than mods with lower equivalent values,  so some
    patience is necessary during your equipment-hunting runs if you want
    to find gear with a set of two fantastic mods.  If you ever run into
    a room containing three to six treasure chests on an equipment-hunting
    run at the Training Ground, it's a good idea to hit R3 and save your
    game at the Geo-Fortress before opening the chests -- that way, you
    can repeatedly load your game until the chests yield a quality piece
    of gear.
    Some of the best equipment in the game are what I call "activated
    drops" -- they will not drop even in areas with sufficiently high area
    level unless you've found your first specimen of that type of gear at
    a specific location.  After you get your first item of that type, it
    will be "activated" and start dropping from the usual sources (chests,
    elite monsters) just about anywhere in the game (yes, you can get the
    likes of the Metal Pain and Evil Worship as drops from, say, the
    Monster Generator in Lakton Highlands -- as long as you've activated
    those items).  After activating these drops, however, you should try
    to hunt for them in high-level areas -- since the quality of equipment
    mods is tied to area level, you'll get drops with much better mods
    in places with high area level.  Here's a list of the items I'm aware
    of that are activated drops, as well as the locations that contain the
    first specimens of each of these items:
    - Stone Bracelet (Ancient Arena: Ice)
    - Quickness Ring (Ancient Arena: Succubus)
    - Necromancer (Ancient Arena: Skeleton)
    - Mephisto Brace (Ancient Arena: Steel)
    - Evil Ring (Ancient Arena: Impact)
    - Chaos Breaker (Ancient Arena: Stone)
    - Evil Worship (Ancient Arena: Demon)
    - Metal Pain (Ancient Arena: Sand Worm)
    - Berserk Ring (Ancient Arena: Dragon)
    - *Aurora Bow (Ancient Arena: Golem)
    - **Phoenix Clothes (Xeyon Castle)
    - **Phoenix Helm (Xeyon Castle)
    - **Noble White (Xeyon Castle)
    - **Blue Rose (Xeyon Castle)
    - ***Kill Bracelet (Ancient Arena: Legion)
    * You can also "activate" this item by talking to Maebelle after she
      reaches level 90.
    ** These are not exactly "activated drops" in the same way as the
       other items -- they're not found in specific spots like the
       Arena-based items, but will instead drop normally (i.e. from
       monsters and chests) in Xeyon Castle.  You must, however, get your
       first pieces of these items in Xeyon before they will drop anywhere
       else, which means that they're strictly post-game equipment (and
       shouldn't be counted on to get you ahead of the power curve).
    *** This is the key reward from the 21st and final Ancient Arena.  You
        will not be able to acquire this item before beating the game,
        though it does drop normally once you've "activated" it by
        clearing the Legion Arena.
    The first thing you should be aware of is that the term "best" is far
    less dependent on the name of the gear than it is on what mods that
    piece of gear carries; you'll often find that great mods can and do
    make inferior base material better than higher-class gear with weak
    mods.  You should also know that some statistically inferior items may
    have "keep value" because of the special properties unique to that item
    (the Pandemonium is a perfect example).  Look below for summaries on
    what's generally considered to be the "best" items of each equipment
    class, as well as which mods are considered to be the most effective
    when found on those items.
    A. One-Handed Weapons
    The Oni Cleaver has the highest base attack rating, but it's disqualified
    from the conversation on account of being extremely slow and unreliable.
    The Aerial Saber and Chaos Breaker are basically tied as the second-best
    items in this class -- the Aerial Saber has faster attack speed and longer
    combos, whereas the Chaos Breaker has a higher base attack rating
    (second-best among all one-handed weapons, in fact).  It is the Darkness
    Sword, however, that takes the prize as the hands-down best one-handed
    weapon and, indeed, the best weapon in the game.  It has a base attack
    value of 62, good for only third among one-handed weapons, but nothing
    can compete with the Darkness Sword for the length of its combo -- a
    whopping 16 hits!  Because you deliver more damage with each successive
    hit of a combo, it's possible to cobble together a setup which combine
    the Darkness Sword's obscenely-long combo with combo damage multipliers
    and the HP Absorb status effect to deliver unparalleled damage AND
    healing with every hit (more on this setup later).  The Darkness Sword
    also has fast attack speed (on par with the Aerial Saber), MP Absorb
    (you recover MP whenever you land a hit on an enemy), and Stone Attack
    (this is particularly useful, as it petrifies enemies and allows for
    quick kills).
    The mods you're looking for on one-handed weapons are Attack +100 (which
    dramatically increases the attack power of the weapon) and Chain Attack+
    (which increases attack power by 20% with each successive hit of a
    combo -- highly useful because the best one-handed weapons are known for
    long combos executed with blinding speed).  Life Drain+ is also a mod
    of some interest, because the HP Absorb effect it offers is a key
    ingredient in the ultimate Darkness Sword setup, and you should certainly
    seek the mod for your Darkness Sword if you're unable to find an
    "ultimate" specimen with both Attack +100 and Chain Attack+ (and trust
    me, this exact combination of mods is very hard to find -- you can get
    one or the other without too much trouble, but these two mods just
    don't appear together very often).  The Critical++ mod is also useful
    in certain setups (e.g. the Critical Saber setup) that exploit high
    critical attack rates and high critical damage modifiers.
    B. Two-Handed Weapons
    The best two-handed weapons are the Taros Sword and Metal Pain.  Those
    two weapons have the highest base attack values among two-handed weapons
    (243 for Taros Sword, 263 for Metal Pain).  With higher base attack,
    longer combos, a higher critical attack multiplier, and a higher Knockback
    Attack rating, the Metal Pain is generally superior -- do note, however,
    that the Taros Sword has a higher critical rate and slightly faster
    attack speed.  It may behoove you to use the Taros Sword over the Metal
    Pain if, by some combination of Quick Swing and Secret Arts (Rough and
    Ready, Devil Spark), you can raise your Taros Sword to a higher attack
    speed class and can't quite do the same with a Metal Pain.  Another
    two-handed weapon of interest is the Pandemonium.  This weapon simply
    can't compare with the top two for attack power (its base attack value
    is only 181), but it has a slew of useful effects: HP Absorb, MP Absorb,
    Stone Attack, and a charge attack that confers temporary invincibility
    (Unrivaled Attack).  The Pandemonium's ability to petrify enemies and
    critical-hit them to death while absorbing their HP makes it Toma's
    weapon of choice for the middle floors of the Training Ground, though
    you really want to switch to a Darkness Sword for the lowest three
    blocks of floors -- the number of monsters immune to either HP Absorb
    or Stone Attack will increase on those floors, and you'll be better
    served there by switching to a one-handed weapon to improve your
    physical defense, as well as allow your shield protect you from
    Float/Knockdown/Knockback/Stun and other unsavory/potentially fatal
    tech effects.
    Two-handed weapons specialize in sheer attack power, so the primary mod
    you're looking for is Attack +100.  Just one of these mods will net you
    a major increase in attack power, and it'll be even better if you can
    find a Taros Sword or Metal Pain with Attack +100 & Attack +50 (rare)
    or two Attack +100 mods (two-handed weapons, crossbows, and bracelets
    are the only equipment classes capable of this amazing mod combination,
    but it's nearly impossible to find).  A second mod of interest for
    two-handed weapons is Godspeed, which can combine with Devil Spark to
    elevate your weapon's attack speed rating to a higher class -- a highly
    useful combination to utilize if you don't yet have enough levels of
    the Quick Swing Power Art to really rev up the speed of your two-handed
    weapon swings.
    C. Crossbows
    Three crossbows share the highest base attack value of 32 for this
    weapon class: Lunar Shot, Aurora Bow, and Storm Shot.  Since the
    primary strength of crossbows is their ability to get off a lot of shots
    in a short amount of time, the Lunar Shot is not going to be what you're
    looking for -- it has by far the slowest attack speed of the three.
    The Aurora Bow has an 8-hit combo to the Storm Shot's 4-hit combo
    (though the impact of this is limited by the fact that crossbows do not
    inflict more damage with each successive combo hit like the other three
    weapon types), a higher critical rate, and a higher critical damage
    multiplier; that said, I'm going to give the Storm Shot a slight edge
    as the "best" crossbow because, in addition to a better Stun Attack and
    Knockback rating, the Storm Shot has the best attack speed of any
    crossbow, and attack speed is everything for this weapon type.  Note
    that the Storm Shot has an elemental attack attribute (in this case,
    Lightning Attack): this means that bolts from this crossbow will inflict
    extra damage on enemies vulnerable to Lightning magic (on the flip side,
    it will inflict less damage on enemies with high resistance against
    Lightning magic), which can be an extra boost if you find yourself trying
    to peck to death monsters with high physical constitution but a general
    weakness to elemental magic attacks.
    Like with Toma's weapons, the first mod you shoot for on a crossbow
    is Attack +100.  As with Toma's two-handed weapons, an Attack +100/Attack
    +100 mod combination is theoretically possible for crossbows as well,
    though I have yet to see it on a crossbow drop myself.  It's eminently
    possible, however, for you to procure a crossbow with an Attack +100/
    Attack +50 mod combination, and such a bow would be sufficiently
    devastating in its own right.  If you cannot find a good crossbow with
    two Attack + mods, a good candidate for the secondary mod slot is the
    Critical++ mod, which dramatically increases your critical hit rate
    and critical damage multiplier -- a way to deliver even more damage
    to your enemies when you roll a critical hit with your crossbow bolts.
    D. Books
    There isn't a single "best" book: there are six books that each offer
    something that the others don't. The Volcanon Logs has the highest
    Flame Magic attack power and the most complete collection of Flame
    Magic spells; the Absolute Zero has the most complete collection of
    Frost Magic spells; the Book of Thor has the most complete collection
    of Lightning Magic spells and the highest melee attack power for books 
    (for whatever that's worth); the Creation Book has the highest magic
    attack power for Frost Magic and Lightning Magic, as well as the
    second-highest attack power for Flame Magic, but does not have the
    most useful spells for any of the three elemental magic types (though
    it does give access to Hell Blast Lv.3); the Evil Worship has the
    highest attack power for both Light Magic and Dark Magic, as well as
    the best Dark Magic spells and some of the best Light Magic spells
    (i.e. Holy Lv.3, Avalon Nova); and you'll need the Gaia Codex
    (second-highest Light Magic attack power) to use Gaia Nova, a very
    powerful class of anti-unit Light Magic spells.
    Unlike the other three weapon classes, you are NOT looking for the 
    Attack +100 mod for your books: slow attack speed and pitiful reach
    make books the most pathetic weapons in the game when used in melee
    situations (you also have to get very close to enemy mobs in order
    to use your books as melee weapons, and that could be a fatal disaster
    for Cyrille -- her HP is simply too low to risk going toe-to-toe with
    powerful monsters instead of picking them off from a safe distance).
    The mod of choice for books is Chaos Element, which raises the attack
    power of all elemental magic types by 30%.  If you cannot find Chaos
    Element for your book, you can also try for the "Element" mod that best
    suits your book, where the specific element you're looking for is
    whatever elemental magic type your book specializes in.  In other words,
    Flame Element is good for Volcanon Logs, Ice Element is good for Absolute
    Zero, Thunder Element is good for Book of Thor, Shining Element is good
    for Gaia Codex, so on and so forth.  The secondary mod you're looking
    for here is Soul +50, which gives you quite a bit more MP to cast all
    those nifty spells with.
    E. Shields/Chains
    The Zenus Shield is hands-down the best shield in the game: it has the
    best stats all around (DEF, tech resistance, petrify resistance), and
    also confers a +15 boost to your resistance against all types of
    elementally-aligned (that is, non-neutral) magic attacks.  Likewise,
    the Zhirra Chain offers the same caliber of bonuses for Cyrille: best
    stats for its equipment class, +15 boost to elemental magic resistance,
    as well as 20 extra points of Absolute Defense to boot.  One thing to
    keep in mind is that at a high character strength rating (i.e. maxed
    Power Arts, character level 100 and above), top-tier shields and chains
    completely eliminate any possibility of a Float/Stun/Knockback/Knockdown
    attack succeeding on your character (even if your character is not using
    Secret Arts or equipment mods tailored to counter those tech effects).
    Have Toma switch to a two-handed weapon, however, and you'll find that
    you're once again susceptible to all such effects despite your maxed
    Power Arts.  This is another reason why, against high-level monsters,
    it's far more productive for Toma to swap to a one-handed weapon
    (preferably a quality Darkness Sword) instead of sticking with a
    two-handed weapon.
    The developers of Shining Force EXA did something really annoying when
    it came to shield/chain mods: they made the top four mods for this
    equipment class -- Shield Guard+, Counterattack+, Medusa Guard, and
    Resist Critical +30 -- mutually exclusive.  In other words, it is
    impossible to find a shield or chain that carries two of those four
    mods in any combination.  The best mod of the four is probably Shield
    Guard+ (simply because every little bit of physical defense helps
    against the toughest monsters in the game, and that's what this mod
    provides), though you really should store backup shields and chains
    with the Counterattack+ mod (in situations where you find that you
    need to deal some extra damage) and ones with the Medusa Guard mod
    (to be used when venturing into areas populated by enemies with
    powerful Stone Attacks).  In case you're wondering -- no, you cannot
    find two Shield Guard+ mods on the same shield or chain, and the same
    holds true for Counterattack+ and Medusa Guard.  Resist Critical +30
    is also useful, but it's not as useful as the three mods listed above,
    and you could always just carve the Conceal Weakness Secret Art on
    your shield/chain or the Third Eye Secret Art on your armor to
    compensate for not using a shield or chain enchanted with this mod.
    The best candidate for the second mod slot on your shields and chains
    is Technique +100.  The Balance +50, Resist Knockback +30, and Resist
    Stun +30 mods may provide larger numerical stat boosts, but as I've
    mentioned, you're practically immune against those effects at a
    sufficiently high character strength rating (this characteristic is
    evident for Cyrille at all times and for Toma when he's using a
    one-handed weapon), so there's no point in further improving your
    defenses against them.  Technique +100 will provide minor boosts to two
    of those three non-essential stats (Resist Knockback and Resist Stun),
    and it will also confer a bonus to your critical attack rating, which
    in turn grant you a higher chance of scoring a critical hit.  Note
    that your critical attack rating only applies to melee attacks -- those
    who play "mage" Cyrille (who usually does not do any melee fighting at
    all) may want to grab the Balance +50 mod instead.
    F. Headgear
    The Phoenix Helm (for Toma) and the Blue Rose (for Cyrille) are widely
    held to be the best defensive headgear in the game.  Problem is, they
    do not start dropping until after you've beaten the game and gained
    access to Xeyon Castle.  Since you'll be doing the bulk of your
    training/grinding long before you gain access to Xeyon, you should cast
    your sights on the headgear you can acquire prior to finishing the game.
    The best among them are the Shining Guard for Toma and the Geo-Circlet
    for Cyrille.  Both provide some of the highest magic resistance values
    you'll see for items of this classprior to Xeyon, and resistance against
    magic attacks is the strong suit of headgear in general.  Toma's Blood
    Helm also deserves a mention, because while it does not offer as high
    of a DEF increase and tech stats boost as the Shining Guard, it does
    have superior magic resistance values against three of the five elements
    (Light, Flame, Lightning), and it also has a special property that
    grants a decent boost to attack power.  I recommend keeping a decently
    modded Blood Helm in storage and using it whenever you feel the need
    to use a setup dedicated to maximum offense.  Also, please note that
    the Geo-Circlet increases attack power, whereas the Blue Rose does not.
    Even after gaining access to Xeyon, it may behoove you to equip a
    Geo-Circlet when using crossbows as Cyrille (and use the Blue Rose
    instead when you're using books).
    The best headgear in the game have a peculiar tendency of only showing
    up with one mod instead of two, and you'll be looking for different
    mods to fill that one slot for each character.  Toma players and
    "archer" Cyrille players should seek the Resist Chaos+++ mod, which
    offers a marked increase in magic resistance against all five elemental
    magic types.  "Mage" Cyrille players, on the other hand, should shoot
    for the Magic Power +50 mod, which will dramatically increase the potency
    of her magic attacks, thereby making them even more devastating.
    G. Armor
    Toma's Phoenix Clothes and Cyrille's Noble White are generally
    considered the best armor in the game; however, they're also not
    available until after you've beaten the game and reached Xeyon.  In
    terms of base statistics, the Wild Vest 2 is actually the second-best
    armor for Toma and the White Coat 2 is the best armor for Cyrille.
    Since these are unique items obtainable solely from the Magus
    Blacksmith sidequest (and cannot be acquired as drops from monsters
    and chests), however, you probably won't be using them much (the Wild
    Vest 2 and White Coat 2 you'll receive from the sidequest have subpar
    mods).  For training and grinding purposes, the armor to keep an eye
    out for are Toma's Shining Armor and Cyrille's Saint Armor.  These
    have the third-best base stats among all items of their class, and
    they do drop normally in places with sufficiently high area level.
    The mod combination to pursue on your armor drops is a set of two HP
    +100 mods.  For damage calculation purposes, one point of HP is the
    equivalent of one point of Absolute Defense (and also the equivalent
    of one point of the DEF stat -- that is, physical defense -- if the
    source of the damage is a 100% physical attack).  All other factors
    being equal (maxed Power Arts, sufficiently high character level),
    your characters have much more HP than they do DEF and Absolute Defense
    (the differential is especially marked with the latter, because your
    characters will never get more than about 1000 Absolute Defense each,
    even at level 200 and with all three levels of the Absolute Defense
    Power Art maxed).  Therefore, you'll get much more "extra" HP from
    a HP +100 mod on your armor than you will DEF from a Guard +25 mod and
    Absolute Defense from an Absolute Defense +100 mod.  Two HP +100 mods
    on your armor will go a longer way toward ensuring your survival than
    any other combination of armor mods, and that's why that mod set is
    absolutely the #1 mod combination you should look for.
    H. Rings
    There are no clear-cut "best" rings in Shining Force EXA.  Outside of
    the special properties offered by each particular ring, all rings grant
    similar bonuses to physical defense (the size of the bonus is contingent
    on the ring's enhancement level) -- in other words, there's basically
    no "tier" hierarchy for rings the way there is for other equipment
    types (note that the Mythril Ring is a clearly inferior exception
    because, unlike the other ring types, it possesses no special properties
    beyond the standard DEF boost).  Therefore, the main thing you should
    do is to look for rings with special properties that either compensate
    for your character's weaknesses or is a good fit for your character's
    fighting style.  When using one-handed weapons as Toma, equip a good
    Chain Ring: its special property bolsters your combo damage multiplier
    and lets you deliver even more damage with each successive combo hit,
    an effect particularly useful for the Darkness Sword.  When using
    two-handed weapons, Toma should equip a Berserk Ring: you're no longer
    as dependent on combo damage multipliers, and the Berserk Ring grants
    a healthy attack power bonus against all enemy types.  An "archer"
    Cyrille should equip a quality Berserk Ring as well.  A "mage" Cyrille
    should use a quality Quickness Ring (because this ring has built-in
    increases in attack power for all types of offensive magic spells) or
    a quality Evil Ring (because this ring increases Dark Magic attack
    power and can potentially match the benefits offered by the Quickness
    Ring -- as long as you use Dark Magic instead of magic attacks with
    any other elemental alignment).
    Most of the time, you should shoot for two HP +100 mods on your rings:
    what I said in the "Armor" sub-section above is just as valid for rings.
    You do, however, want to keep an eye out for a Chain Ring with the Life
    Drain+ mod -- the HP Absorb effect it confers is a key ingredient in
    Toma's devastating Darkness Sword setup.
    Keep in mind that rings cannot be enhanced at Gantetsu's forge; in order
    to find rings with high enhancement level numbers, you should grind
    high-area level locations.  The highest enhancement level number you
    can find on a ring drop is +9, and +9 rings are found primarily on
    Training Ground floors B46F to B49F and in Xeyon Castle.  Also be
    advised that accessories (rings and bracelets) drop less frequently
    than all other equipment types, so some extra patience is necessary
    during your hunt for a quality ring.
    I. Bracelets
    With one notable exception, all bracelets in the game offer similar
    increases to elemental resistance ratios (as with rings, the size
    of the increase is contingent on the bracelet's enhancement level).  
    Therefore, there aren't any clear-cut "best" bracelets either -- the
    Chaos Moebius, Mephisto Brace, Stone Bracelet, and Kill Bracelet are
    all useful in their respective ways (note that I didn't mention the
    plain Bracelet -- it's clearly inferior because of the fact that it
    doesn't possess any special properties beyond the standard elemental
    resistance boost).  Beware, though, that it takes a Herculean set of
    labors to acquire the Kill Bracelet, which is the lone exception to
    the elemental resistance rule of thumb (it grants a higher boost to
    elemental resistance ratios than any other bracelet) and is also one
    of the best bracelets for melee fighters (because it adds to attack
    power against nearly all enemy races): you must beat the game, access
    Xeyon Castle, and then clear the Legion Arena (which is not accessible
    until after you clear all 20 other Ancient Arenas in the game).
    Of the bracelets you can find prior to beating the game, the Chaos
    Moebius is better suited for Toma and "archer" Cyrille (because it
    boosts attack power), whereas the Mephisto Brace is better suited for
    "mage" Cyrille (it offers a sizable boost to magic attack power for all
    five elemental magic types).  You should also look to store a Stone
    Bracelet (which raises your Recover Stone stat) with good mods as a
    "backup" bracelet to equip when venturing into areas infested by
    monsters with potent Stone Attack capabilities.
    When using a Chaos Moebius, the mod set you want above all others is
    a set of two Attack +100 mods.  This is, however, rare to the point
    of being impossible to find (I've found a Mephisto Brace with this mod
    combination, but have not had any luck with a Chaos Moebius).  You can,
    however, find a Chaos Moebius with an Attack +100 mod and an Attack
    +50 mod, and the attack power increase offered by this mod set will be
    only slightly less potent.  You should also keep an eye out for the
    Chain Attack+ mod (increases attack power by 20% for each successive
    hit in a combo), which is a key ingredient of Toma's ultimate Darkness
    Sword setup.  When searching for a quality Mephisto Brace for "mage"
    Cyrille, the mod set you want to see is two Magic Power +50 mods, though
    this is very rare (I've yet to see this mod set on a Mephisto Brace,
    though I have found it on a Chaos Moebius -- it's almost comical that
    the game gives me both of the best mod sets on EXACTLY the wrong type
    of bracelet), so you'll likely have to settle for a single Magic Power
    +50 mod (or Magic Power +40/Magic Power +50 if you're lucky enough to
    get that mod set to appear on a Mephisto Brace) instead.  In any case,
    utilizing the Magic Power + series of mods will bolster Cyrille's magic
    attack power and make her even more efficient at mob control, the pillar
    of "mage" Cyrille's game.  When considering what to get for "mage"
    Cyrille's other bracelet mod slot (if you did not get two Magic + mods
    on your Mephisto Brace), you should give consideration to the Guard +25
    mod (which boosts physical defense dramatically) and the Medusa Guard
    mod (which grants a significant increase to your Recover Stone stat).
    As for the Stone Bracelet you'll be using against monsters with high
    Stone Attack ratings, the mod set you want is a pair of Medusa Guard
    mods, a combination which elevates your Recover Stone stat dramatically
    and can combine with the Oracle's Shield Secret Art to help you shrug
    off petrification attempts from even the most fearsome "stoner" monsters.
    Bracelets also cannot be enhanced at Gantetsu's forge; in order to find
    bracelets with high enhancement level numbers, you must do your grinding
    at high-area level locations.  The highest enhancement level number you
    can find on a bracelet drop is +9, and +9 bracelets are primarily found
    on Training Ground floors B46F-B49F and in Xeyon Castle.  Also remember
    that accessories (rings and bracelets) drop less frequently than all
    other equipment types, so some extra patience is again necessary for
    the duration of your bracelet-minded equipment hunting.
    Generally, the most useful Secret Art to carve on one-handed weapons,
    two-handed weapons, and crossbows is Hymn of Power, which grants a bonus
    to STR-based stats as well as attack power.  You may also want to consider
    Devil Spark for those weapon classes: as a rule of thumb, carve Devil
    Spark instead of Hymn of Power if doing so will elevate your weapon
    attack speed to a higher letter class.  Players utilizing Toma's Darkness
    Sword setup, however, should carve Darkness Awakened: this Secret Art
    simulates the Life Drain/Life Drain+ mod class's HP Absorb effect, and
    it essentially frees a mod slot on your ring that you could fill with
    a HP +100 mod (provided you find a ring enchanted with that mod, of
    course) to make a more durable character.  Magic-casting Cyrille players
    should carve the "Nucleus" class of Secret Arts (which boosts magic power
    and resistance for each of the five elemental magic types) on their books;
    the specific Secret Art to carve on each book should correspond to the
    elemental magic type that that book specializes in.  In other words,
    carve Fire Nucleus on Volcanon Logs, Ice Nucleus on Absolute Zero,
    Thunder Nucleus on Book of Thor, Light Nucleus on Gaia Codex, so on
    and so forth.  Players using the Evil Worship, which is strong in both
    Light Magic and Dark Magic, should carve whichever Nucleus would give
    Cyrille a higher neutral magic attack power (your neutral magic attack
    power equals the highest elemental magic attack power found among all
    five elemental magic types, so this is really a question of whether
    your Light Magic or your Dark Magic is more potent at that point in
    time).  If you keep your Light Magic and Dark Magic Power Arts maxed,
    then the answer here will most likely be Light Nucleus (because you
    can carve all six levels of the Light Magic Power Art before beating
    the game, whereas you can't do so for Dark Magic until you gain access
    to Xeyon Castle).  Note that I have not addressed the Demonic Pact
    Secret Art -- it's potentially more useful than the Hymn of Power
    Secret Art for Toma (because it grants a massive HP increase at the
    cost of MP, which Toma doesn't use anyway), but the focus of this
    guide happens to be on equipment, Power Arts, Secret Arts, and mods
    that you can obtain prior to beating the game.  By the time you
    acquire Demonic Pact, you've already effectively beaten the game -- at
    the very least, you will no longer be able to train or explore the
    world in a "normal" fashion and with your entire complement of playable
    and non-playable characters.  You will also not be to acquire Demonic
    Pact if you're going for Cyrille's ending.
    The most useful Secret Art for shields and chains is Oracle's Shield,
    which raises magic resistance, resistance against stun attacks, and
    your Recover Stone stat.  You'll also find it necessary to carve
    Conceal Weakness (raises resistance against critical hits by 100%)
    against certain boss-level enemies (*cough* Arc Dragon *cough*), and
    this Secret Art can be a real lifesaver when used properly.
    Toma and "archer" Cyrille should employ the Earth Talisman Secret Art
    on their headgear -- doing so will bolster resistance against magic
    attacks of all elemental alignments.  "Mage" Cyrille, on the other
    hand, should carve Wizard's Lore, which will further supercharge her
    myriad of deadly magic attacks.  The most powerful Secret Art for
    "mage" Cyrille is actually Magic of Insanity (greatly increases magic
    attack power at the cost of HP), but I decline to recommend it for
    much the same reasons as with the Demonic Pact Secret Art for weapons.
    It is simply not available for training and exploration prior to the
    sequences leading up to the end of the game, and you can't obtain it
    if you're trying to beat the game as Toma.
    Goddess Blessing, which grants a dramatic increase to physical defense,
    is hands-down the best armor-based Secret Art to use at all times.  If
    you've advanced far enough in the game to have found this Secret Art,
    carve it and keep it carved.
    In Shining Force EXA, the basic equation for the relationship between
    attack, defense, and damage is as follows:
    Attack Power [of attacking entity] - Total Defense [of defending
    entity] = Damage
    Attack power comprises of your base attack value (the stat you see
    listed under "Attack Power" on your character's info screen), plus
    whatever bonuses apply to that particular attack (elemental and Killer
    Art-based attack bonuses, combo damage multiplier, critical damage
    multiplier [only applies if that particular hit is a critical hit],
    charge attack multipliers [only applies if that attack is a charge
    attack], etc.).  Total defense is equal to the DEF stat (i.e. physical
    defense) plus elemental magic resistance (your elemental magic resistance
    values are represented as percentages, but they're actually stored and
    calculated as integers similar to the DEF stat -- otherwise, it would
    not be possible for a sufficiently high elemental resistance percentage
    to reduce the damage you take from a magic attack to the bare minimum
    of 1 damage) plus Absolute Defense. For 100% physical attacks, elemental
    magic resistance is ignored (your resistance values do not add anything
    to the Total Defense number regardless of how high they are); for
    100% magic attacks, the physical defense stat is ignored (basically
    the reverse of the 100% physical attack scenario).  Absolute Defense,
    the third component in damage reduction, is always "on" -- its value
    is always subtracted from the attack power value prior to the output
    of a damage sum for any particular attack.  After all three components
    of damage reduction take effect (i.e. are subtracted from the attack
    power value), the difference is how much damage the defending entity
    takes from the attack -- this is the amount of HP the defending entity
    will lose from being the recipient of the attack, down to a minimum
    of 1.
    At a glance of that system, you might think that Absolute Defense is
    very good... after all, it's always active and reducing damage for you,
    right?  The problem with that conclusion lies in the fact that you'll
    never get much Absolute Defense -- under 1000 even if your character
    reaches level 200 and max all three levels of the Absolute Defense
    Power Art.  It's useful to max this Power Art, of course -- free damage
    reduction is free damage reduction, even if the size of the reduction
    won't be much help in offsetting damage from high-class monsters that
    deal 15000 or more damage with every hit.  Some players, however, assert
    that an Absolute Defense +100 mod on your armor is better than a HP +100
    mod, and that is just not true.  With level 180-ish characters who enjoy
    a moderately high level of HP Boost (level 8) and a high level of Master
    Guard (maxed out up to level 10), swapping a HP +100 mod for an Absolute
    Defense +100 mod results in the gain of about 800 all-purpose damage
    reduction and the loss of around 6000 (for Toma)/3000 (for Cyrille) HP.
    Since the "attack-defense=damage" equation tells us that for physical
    attacks, one point of damage reduction is equivalent to one point of HP,
    the above trade in armor mods simply makes no mathematical sense: you're
    absorbing a net loss of about 5000 (Toma)/2000 (Cyrille) whenever you
    make the trade.  The outlook is slightly better for magic attacks: there
    is the possibility that the extra little bit of damage reduction you
    gain helps you attain a sufficiently high elemental resistance value
    that reduces the damage you take from a particular magic attack to the
    minimum value of 1.  This is not a practical possibility to count on,
    however -- magic attacks that weak aren't likely to deal that much more
    damage to you had you utilized a HP +100 mod instead, and you'll
    frequently find that the scenario simply does not materialize -- you're
    still receiving massive damage from magic attacks, at which point you'll
    probably really appreciate getting back that extra 5000/2000 HP you
    traded away via the mod swap.  Also, high-level monsters tend to use
    powerful physical attacks far more often than they use magic (though
    there are a few that wield magic predominantly -- for example, Ghost
    Masters and Queen Masters), and you've already seen how bad a proposition
    it is to trade HP +100 for Absolute Defense +100 when dealing with
    physical attacks.  Absolute Defense is a nice "bonus", but it's nothing
    more than a distant third among the stats you should increase when
    trying to improve your durability.  HP is the main key to survival.
    Petrification is one of the most pernicious sources of instant death
    in Shining Force EXA.  This arises from the fact that once petrified,
    every hit you receive is automatically scored as a critical hit
    (critical hits inflict the normal amount of damage PLUS an amount of
    damage equal to the normal amount multiplied by the attacker's critical
    damage multiplier, so they always really, really hurt).  In order to
    construct more effective defenses against petrification, we had best
    take a look at the basic equation that governs the amount of time a
    character will be petrified after being hit by an attack bearing the
    "Stone Attack" special property:
    Inflict Stone - Recover Stone = Time Petrified
    Every character, enemy or ally, capable of using a Stone Attack
    possesses a hidden "Inflict Stone" (my word for it, not official or
    anything) stat for each Stone Attack within that character's repetoire.
    On the flip side, every character is also equipped with a "Recover
    Stone" stat (unlike the Inflict Stone stat, this is visible on your
    playable characters' info screens and does not change depending on
    the specific move used).  When the Inflict Stone stat of a Stone Attack
    is numerically larger than the Recover Stone stat of the entity
    receiving the attack, the difference between the two numbers will be
    used to determine the amount of time that the receiving entity will be
    petrified (and vulnerable to follow-up critical hits).  When the
    receiving entity's Recover Stone stat is numerically larger than the
    Inflict Stone stat of a Stone Attack, however, the receiving entity
    will not be petrified at all.  In other words, the best way to render
    enemy Stone Attacks totally ineffective is to boost your Recover Stone
    stat.  Below is a list of mods, Arts, and accessories that improve your
    Recover Stone rating:
    - Petrify Resist (Power Art)
    - Oracle's Shield (Secret Art)
    - Stone Bracelet (accessory)
    - Cockatrice Guard/Basilisk Guard/Medusa Guard (equipment mods)
    I hope the above has sufficiently illustrated why I advised you to seek
    out a Stone Bracelet with two Medusa Guard mods in an earlier sub-section.
    In addition to doing that, maxing your Petrify Resist Power Arts, carving
    the Oracle's Shield Secret Art, and equipping a shield that also has
    the Medusa Guard mod, there are a couple of other things you could do
    when facing monsters with potent Stone Attacks.  For one, you should
    always pack a couple of Defense Charms -- when used, this item confers
    a temporary but dramatic boost to your Recover Stone stat, an increase
    that is usually enough to render you invulnerable to all Stone Attacks
    for the duration of the Defense Charm's effect.  You can also slot
    Faulklin as one of your NPC party members, as Faulklin is capable of
    casting a spell that cures petrified allies.  Duga is also a useful
    party member against "stoner" monsters, because he frequently casts
    magic that renders him immune to petrification before leaping into
    battle, and that makes him an effective "meat shield" who should be used
    to draw enemy Stone Attacks while you get busy hacking to piece the 
    enemies launching those attacks.
    Another thing you could do to ensure your survival is to, well, drink
    a bottle of Healing Water every time you get hurt.  However, since
    you can only obtain 23 bottles of Healing Water for each main character
    via normal methods, that kind of approach is going to leave you dry of
    Healing Water in a hurry.  Luckily, there's an inexhaustible source of
    Healing Water -- Diablo's Palm.
    Diablo's Palm is an area to the north of East Balcan Desert that you
    will not be able to access until Chapter 10 at the earliest.  It's
    populated by Medusae, Blaze Golems, and Sand Worms of all shapes and
    sizes.  Diablo's Palm is "quirky" in a number of ways -- the Medusae
    there will occasionally drop enchanted (i.e. equipped with mods) Chaos
    Shields and the Blaze Golems there will occasionally drop enchanted
    Laevateinns and Volcanon Logs, a highly unusual phenomenon since there
    are no "elite" (i.e. larger, fiercer specimens glowing with a reddish
    aura) or mini-boss (i.e. larger but not glowing like elites) versions
    of these monsters present in the area, and you almost never see
    non-elite, non-mini-boss enemies drop enchanted items anywhere else.
    It's the Sand Worms in the area, however, that are truly remarkable.
    The Worm Master of Diablo's Palm (large red-and-brown Sand Worm found
    inside a pit in the center of the area) will drop 2 bottles of Healing
    Water for each character when you defeat it the first time, and if you
    defeat it on any return trips to the areas, you will almost always
    score an enchanted accessory drop (that is, a ring or bracelet).
    However, the Worm Master is capable of occasionally dropping 2 bottles
    of Healing Water of either color instead of an accessory.  Likewise,
    the Greater Worms (both the green ones and the blue-and-green "alpha"
    variants) in the area are capable of occasionally dropping 1 bottle
    of Healing Water of either color.  In fact, it's more productive to
    "farm" Greater Worms rather than the Worm Master for Healing Water:
    since an "alpha" Greater Worm spawns a pack of normal Greater Worms
    half of the time (the other half of the time, they spawn the much
    less useful Lesser Worms), you give yourself more chances at a Healing
    Water drop by hunting packs of Greater Worms (as long as you try to
    kill all of the normal Greater Worms before killing the "alpha" Worm),
    and there are also many more Greater Worms in Diablo's Palm than Worm
    Masters (you'll only be able to fight one Worm Master each trip, after
    all).  Please note, however, that there are three "alpha" Greater Worms
    which are rooted to specific spots at the corners of the map, and those
    do not spawn packs of other Sand Worms.  Both types of Healing Water
    drops are rare occurrences, so you shouldn't expect to rack up any
    appreciable sum of extra Healing Water in a short period of time.
    With that said, a good 20-30 hours invested in Diablo's Palm after I
    hit Chapter 10 left me with 50 bottles of Healing Water for each
    character, a tremendous boost in my late-game/post-game battles against
    the toughest monsters in the game.
    I've talked about it in previous sub-sections, but here I will outline
    the exact details behind Toma's most potent Darkness Sword setup.  The
    ingredients are as follows:
    - Darkness Sword with Attack +100 mod (strictly speaking, the mod is
      optional, but I strongly urge you to find it so that you can craft
      the most potent setup possible)
    - Zenus Shield with good mods (bolsters defense and eliminates any
      chance of being stricken by unsavory tech effects like Knockdown
      and Float)
    - Chain Attack+ mod (either on your Darkness Sword or on a bracelet)
    - HP Absorb status effect (either via the Life Drain/Life Drain+ mod
      on a ring or the Darkness Awakened Secret Art carved on your
      Darkness Sword)
    - Bracelet (preferably Chaos Moebius) with at least one Attack +100
      mod (again, this attack boost is optional, but I really recommend it)
    The star of this setup is Chain Attack+.  The mod increases attack power
    by 20% for each successive hit of a combo, and since the Darkness Sword
    has the longest combo of any weapon at 16 hits and a natural combo
    damage multiplier to begin with, the amount of damage you can deliver
    with a Chain Attack+ Darkness Sword bloats to astronomical numbers
    once you get a few hits into your combo.  By the back end of the combo,
    you'll be dealing upwards of ten million damage to many enemies (as
    long as you've kept your Power Arts maxed), and few monsters in the
    game can withstand that kind of onslaught.  Heck, with maxed Power Arts
    and a Critical++/Attack +100 Darkness Sword, I was able to deal over
    900 million damage in a single hit to a Lizard Master found on Training
    Ground floor B48F -- and all that damage came on the 11th or 12th hit
    of the combo (think of the astronomical damage number if I'd caught
    it with the 16th hit of my combo!).  If you were lucky enough to find
    both a Chain Attack+/Attack +100 Darkness Sword and a Chain Attack+/
    Attack +100 Chaos Moebius (which combine to add a whopping 40% more
    damage to each successive hit of a combo), then you'll have no problem
    dealing around 5 billion damage per hit to many Master-level enemies
    with the back end of your combo, and yes -- that kind of damage is
    simply absurd (and elegantly illustrates the sheer power of this setup).
    The HP Absorb effect is fantastic compensation for the one weakness of
    the setup -- the Darkness Sword's lack of reach.  The need to melee
    enemies at close range to get a Darkness Sword combo going means that
    you'll be at higher risk of being swarmed by enemies in return, and that
    could easily result in a speedy and untimely death.  HP Absorb nullifies
    that danger: you'll be gaining as health a percentage of the damage you
    dish out, and since you're dishing out humongous chunks of damage with
    your Chain Attack+ Darkness Sword (particularly as you approach the end
    of your 16-hit combo), every hit is pretty much guaranteed to replenish
    your entire life bar.  As long as you're fighting enemies vulnerable to
    the HP Absorb status effect, you have enough defense that no monster in
    the area can knock you out in one hit, and you take care not to fight
    too many monsters at a time, your Toma literally cannot die.  You do need
    to amend your tactics against enemies immune to HP Absorb (among others,
    several classes of demons and golems possess such immunity, and they're
    fairly common sights on the lower floors of the Training Ground and in
    Xeyon), but this Chain Attack+/Life Drain approach is amazingly effective
    against most of the toughest monsters in the game, including the quintet
    of powerful Arc Dragons that populate the 50th and final floor of the
    Training Ground.
    Visit the link below to see a video of how I utilized this setup to
    conquer the final floor of the Training Ground in Chapter 6:
    You can attempt a two-handed weapon version of this setup with a Metal
    Pain (preferably one with the Godspeed mod), but it's not going to be
    quite as effective -- the length of a Metal Pain combo is only 7 hits,
    so the maximum damage of the setup (on the 7th hit of your combo) would
    fall far short of the maximum damage of the Darkness Sword setup (which
    comes on the 16th hit of its combo -- the Darkness Sword has 9 more 
    hits to let the Chain Attack+ damage compound-multiply).  Furthermore,
    the attack speed of the Metal Pain will almost certainly be slower,
    and you will also be vulnerable to the Knockback/Knockdown/Stun/Float
    series of tech effects because you're no longer equipping your Zenus
    Shield.  On the plus side, you do enjoy greater reach and a higher
    damage value for each hit of your 7-hit combo, since the initial attack
    power of your Metal Pain will certainly be much higher than that of the
    Darkness Sword.
    While not as powerful as Toma's Darkness Sword setup, this is a setup
    that can prove to be fairly useful for "archer" Cyrille players,
    especially when journeying through Xeyon Castle.  As you may have
    guessed from the title of this sub-section, this setup utilizes a
    crossbow, and the main ingredients are as follows:
    - Aurora Bow with Critical++ mod and Attack +100 mod (the Attack +100
      mod is not strictly necessary, but it certainly makes the setup much
      more effective), carved with the Perfect Blow Secret Art
    - Any ring (preferably Berserk Ring) with Critical++ mod and HP +100
      mod (the HP +100 mod is also not strictly necessary, but it does grant
      Cyrille a great deal of much-needed durability)
    - Bracelet (preferably Chaos Moebius) with at least one Attack +100
      mod (again, the Attack boost is optional, but your setup will suffer
      greatly without it -- in fact, I'd suggest finding an Attack +100/
      Attack +100 mod set or, failing that, an Attack +100/Attack +50 mod
      set for your bracelet)
    The main concept of this setup is to dramatically elevate your critical
    attack rate (which increases the likelihood of scoring a critical hit)
    and your critical damage multiplier (which increases the amount of extra
    damage you inflict when you do score that critical hit).  The setup
    "cashes in" on two Critical++ mods (one on your crossbow, one on your
    ring): together, the two mods will elevate a +18 Aurora Bow (which is
    the optimum crossbow to use in this setup) to some truly, truly gaudy
    numbers -- a critical attack rate of 1321% and a critical damage
    multiplier of 3.8.  To further spice up your critical hit prowess, you
    should carve one of two Secret Arts on your crossbow: the choices are
    Swordsman's Secret (which will raise your critical rate to 2147%) and
    Perfect Blow (which will raise your critical damage multiplier to 5.0).
    Personally, I find Perfect Blow much better in this situation: a 1300%+
    critical rate means that you'll be scoring critical hits on AT LEAST 80%
    of your attacks against even the most critical-resistant enemies
    (critical-immune enemies are a whole 'nother animal, and I'll talk about
    that in more detail later), and instead of raising that probability to
    95%+ (which is what you'll do if you carve Swordsman's Secret), you'd
    be much better served to boost your critical damage multiplier so that
    when you do score a critical hit (and you will get them most of the
    time, even without ramping up your critical rate with Swordsman's
    Secret), you'll do much more damage.  The amount of damage you deal on
    a critical hit is equal to either 4.8 times your base Attack Power (if
    using Swordsman's Secret) or 6 times your base Attack Power (if using
    Perfect Blow), and it's easy to see that you'll be dealing much more
    damage with a higher multiplier, especially when taking into consideration
    the fact that the number of critical hits you lose (in the Secret Art
    trade-off) computes as a very small percentage of the high number of
    shots you're firing off with your crossbow.  In any case, the high
    frequency of critical hits, the high critical damage multiplier on
    those hits, and the sheer speed and volume of bolts fired in crossbow
    attacks combine in this setup to allow you to deal much, much more damage
    than normally possible for "archer" Cyrille.
    The Crit Cross setup does have some major flaws, however.  It requires
    you to sacrifice a mod slot (on your ring) that you'd normally use on a
    HP +100 mod, which is going to cost you a significant amount of HP -- a
    dicey exchange because Cyrille's HP is low to begin with, and losing
    that chunk of bonus HP is going to adversely affect her durability.
    The lower HP total means that you're going to have to employ "meat
    shield" NPC allies, and take special care to ensure that Cyrille is
    well-shielded behind them; even that's not a perfect solution, however,
    and you may suffer one-hit KOs now and then while utilizing this setup.
    The setup is also completely ineffective against monsters immune to
    critical hits: you'd be much better off switching back to, for example,
    a good Attack +100/Attack +50 crossbow and a HP +100/HP +100 ring against
    those kinds of enemies.  All golems, all robots, Arc Dragons, and several
    forms of high-class undead are immune to critical hits, which renders
    the Crit Cross setup mostly useless in the lower floors of the Training
    Ground.  The setup is, however, extremely effective at another high-area
    level location: the Place Beyond Darkness in Xeyon Castle.  All ten
    enemies populating that area (shadow Ragnadaam, shadow Riemsianne,
    shadow Toma, shadow Cyrille, and the six copies of Malxatra's thrall)
    are vulnerable to critical hits, and they will go down like flies under
    the barrage of the Crit Cross.  Usage of the Crit Cross at the Place
    Beyond Darkness will make the fight half as long and twice as easy, and
    that by itself is enough to establish the setup as a potent tactic in
    "archer" Cyrille's bag of tricks.
    This is essentially Toma's answer for Cyrille's Crit Cross setup.  In
    terms of damage throughput, this setup is inferior to the ultimate
    Darkness Sword setup, and it also suffers from the same flaws that
    plague the Crit Cross setup (lower HP, ineffectiveness against monsters
    immune to critical hits).  This setup will, however, dispatch the
    enemies at the Place Beyond Darkness faster than the Darkness Sword
    setup, especially if you charge the Spin Attack special move at the
    end of your combo and keep using the charge attack until you run out.
    Due to the superiority of the Darkness Sword setup in most situations,
    you should consider the Crit Saber no more than a specialty setup
    designed solely for usage at the Place Beyond Darkness.  The components
    of the setup are as follows:
    - Aerial Saber with Critical++ mod and Attack +100 mod, carved with
      the Perfect Blow Secret Art
    - Zenus Shield with Technique +100 mod and either Shield Guard+ mod
      (if your DEF is low) or Counterattack+ mod (if your DEF is high)
    - Any ring (preferably Chain Ring) with Critical++ mod and HP +100 mod
    - Bracelet (preferably Chaos Moebius) with Chain Attack+ mod and
      Attack +100 mod
    The Aerial Saber is the weapon of choice here because it owns the best
    critical attack rate and critical damage multiplier out of all the
    high-class one-handed weapons.  If you cannot find the right mod
    combination on your Aerial Saber, the Chaos Breaker is also a decent
    candidate for this setup.  The Darkness Sword is a poor candidate for
    Crit Saber tactics, though, because it has very little reach and does
    not possess a charge attack that can be repeatedly abused like Spin
    Attack.  Your Zenus Shield will offer extra defense (against damage
    and tech effects) as well as an additional critical rate boost via
    the Technique +100 mod.  You'll be using a Chain Ring instead of a
    Berserk Ring for Crit Saber, because this is really a hybrid setup:
    you're increasing damage through both your critical damage multiplier
    and your combo damage multiplier, and the Chain Ring boosts the latter
    where the Berserk Ring does not.  The Chain Attack+ mod on your bracelet
    is recommended for exactly the same reason.
    This setup can be used to dispatch the enemies at the Place Beyond
    Darkness with incredible speed.  The key to doing so is to build up
    your combo damage through the 9 hits of the Aerial Saber's combo, and
    then charging and unleashing a rapid succession of the Aerial Saber's
    Spin Attack special move.  Each hit of each Spin Attack will benefit
    from your gaudy, compounding (thanks to Chain Attack+) combo damage
    multiplier as well as your enormous critical damage multiplier, and
    by the time you launch your second or third Spin Attack, you'll be
    able to deal in excess of 500,000 damage per hit to shadow Toma.  It
    usually takes the Crit Saber setup less than one standard combo (i.e.
    a full-length 9-hit Aerial Saber combo with no charge attacks) to
    finish shadow Cyrille and less than one full combo (i.e. the standard
    combo PLUS successive charged Spin Attacks) to dispatch shadow Toma.
    Visit the link below to see a gamer utilize a setup similar to the
    Crit Saber (the main differences being that he uses the Feat of Striking
    Secret Art in place of Perfect Blow and a second Attack +100 mod on
    his bracelet instead of Chain Attack+) to breeze through the Place
    Beyond Darkness in less than 30 seconds:
    Video courtesy of diabloex2000.
    Visit the link below to see a composite video of solo runs I made
    through the Place Beyond Darkness with both Toma and Cyrille:
    Toma uses a hybrid Darkness Sword/Crit Saber setup (Critical++/Attack
    +100 Darkness Sword carved with Perfect Blow, Critical++ Chain Ring,
    Chain Attack+/Attack +100 Chaos Moebius) for his run, whereas Cyrille
    uses a pretty standard Crit Cross setup.  I did make a couple of
    significant alterations to my playing style for both runs: I used a
    Chain Ring with the Absolute Defense +100 mod and also equipped both
    characters with Guard +25/Guard +25 versions of their best armor
    (Phoenix Clothes and Noble White, respectively).  In this special
    instance, I was willing to take such huge net losses in HP (from not
    equipping a HP +100/HP +100 armor and a HP +100/HP +100 ring) because
    doing so meant that my total defense was so high that none of the
    enemies populating the Place Beyond Darkness -- including shadow Toma --
    could deal more than 1 damage to me with any attack.  This is nothing
    more than a situational tactic that works because the overall strength
    levels of my characters were at the top of the curve -- I do NOT
    recommend ever trying this with sub-optimal characters.
    Leveling Cyrille up to her level cap is a terrible chore -- while Toma
    eventually gains enough HP and total defense to survive just about all
    single-hit attacks in the game, Cyrille's HP will always be too low for
    her to be anywhere near as sturdy.  This means that Cyrille will always
    be at risk of receiving a one-hit knockout from an enemy physical attack.
    You really can't try to duplicate Toma's Darkness Sword setup to improve
    her chances of survival -- you don't get an opportunity to constantly
    replenish your HP if you die from a single blow.  The Crit Cross setup
    is a decent substitute, but its mileage varies greatly depending on
    the monsters you're facing.  Cyrille is capable, however, of exploiting
    certain "glitches" in monster behavior and use a couple of crossbow
    "tricks" to pick off monsters too powerful for her to fight in a normal
    A. The Phasing Arrow Trick
    Cyrille's crossbow bolts can shoot through most unopened doors (this
    works just about anywhere inside Training Ground, for example) if you
    stand right behind the door, so you can kill a lot of monsters idling
    in the next room without fear of retaliation (most of the time).
    Beware, however, of monsters capable of opening doors and monsters
    which "phase" through walls (e.g. Ghost Masters).
    B. The Off-Screen Arrow Trick
    Against monsters with large enough sprites, you can also figure out
    where exactly they're standing relative to your position and stand just
    far enough that the monster is off screen and therefore does not detect
    your presence (thus preventing retaliation), but close enough that your
    crossbow bolts can hit the enemy as they fly off the screen.  This is
    difficult to grasp the first couple of times you try it, but it can be
    a foolproof (if often time-consuming) way of killing boss-level monsters.
    As a matter of fact, this crossbow trick is how I was able to clear
    many high-difficulty areas (e.g. Ancient Arena: Dragon, Ancient Arena:
    Golem) when I first encountered them in Chapter 3 during my exploration
    of the areas outlined in the "getting ahead of the power curve"
    sub-section.  This trick also works with some magic spells, though that
    variation is even more time-consuming, given the time you'll need to
    allocate to natural MP recovery (since you'll always have a very limited
    number of Goddess Tears to use for "instant" MP recovery).
    C. The Boar-Slaying Arrow
    This is not really a separate trick, but rather an extension of the
    Phasing Arrow tactic.  It is possible to slay the giant mother boar
    at North Ilnad Forest with a very low-level character by luring the
    boar toward the exit to the southeast, trapping it behind the
    signposts, running back to the other side of the signposts (you should
    now be standing to the northwest of the trapped boar), and then using
    crossbow bolts or two-handed weapon swings (provided that you use
    a two-handed weapon with good reach) to give the boar the death of
    a thousand paper cuts.  The boar's sprite is too large for it to
    navigate back out of the obstacles, and it can't reach you with its
    charging attacks if you position yourself carefully.  Credit goes to
    _MasterQ_ for originally posting this on the Shining Force EXA board,
    and you can watch a clip of the trick in action here:
    Video courtesy of 4skwhyme.
    As you no doubt know, it takes A LOT of Mythril to keep your Power Arts
    maxed (especially if you're trying to max out all your Killer Arts, the
    most prohibitively expensive Power Arts of the lot).  Millions of Mythril
    will come easily once you gain access to Xeyon, but what are you to do
    before then?  Well, the first thing you should know is that the Training
    Ground is a better source for Mythril than any location out in the world:
    comparatively speaking, you may not get much Mythril from breaking the
    crystal formations inside the Training Ground, but they're renewable,
    which you can't say for the crystal clumps found out in the world.
    The Training Ground will also provide a lot of equipment drops, and
    you can and should extract the unwanted drops for Mythril back at the
    Geo-Fortress.  Be advised, however, that the amount of Mythril you
    receive from extraction is not at all dictated by how "good" the base
    material is; instead, the Mythril value of a piece of gear is equal to
    the combined Mythril value of its mods -- the better the mods, the more
    Mythril you get when choosing to extract from that piece of equipment.
    A Dark Edge with Attack +100, for example, will trade for 32400 Mythril,
    whereas a Darkness Sword with Anti-Lightning would only fetch 2000
    Mythril, despite the fact that the Darkness Sword is generally a much
    better weapon.  You can find out how much Mythril a piece of gear is
    worth by having Bornay identify the item -- the cost of identifying an
    item is equal to the combined Mythril value of its mods.
    A few locations you should visit frequently to gather a lot of Mythril
    in a short amount of time:
    - Training Ground B10F
    - Training Ground B15F
    - Ancient Arena: Steel
    - Training Ground B30F
    - Training Ground B40F
    All of these places feature heavy concentrations of certain mechanical
    enemies (specifically, Artillery and Hell Guardians) that always drop a
    piece of Mythril when defeated.  Your strategy should be to ignore the
    boss monsters at these locations and concentrate on taking out every
    enemy capable of dropping Mythril.  Note that the four Training Ground
    locations are "boss" floors -- unlike other Training Ground floors,
    these are not randomly generated, so any Mythril you leave on the ground
    at these locations will still be there on a future visit.  Therefore,
    it's both possible and recommended for you to use these floors as
    "Mythril banks" where you can accumulate Mythril drops for future use,
    especially if you've already hit the maximum Mythril cap of 9,999,999.
    I'd like to note that Training Ground floor B40F is particularly good
    for Mythril farming -- as long as you refrain from engaging the Dragotts
    and Dragonian (the bosses of the area), you can trigger two spawns of
    reinforcement Hell Guardians (for a total of three sets of Hell Guardians)
    by killing all Hell Guardians on the map.  Since each Hell Guardian will
    drop a crystal containing 15,000 to 19,000 Mythril, you'll be able to
    accumulate an incredible sum of Mythril with some repeat visits to
    this floor.  I've personally "banked" 15-20 million Mythril on B40F as
    a result of repeat visits to the floor, as you can see in this screenshot:
    While the Change Mythril equipment mod and Reincarnation Secret Art are
    also capable of boosting your Mythril acquisition (by turning defeated
    enemies into Mythril), they're not really worth the effort.  Change
    Mythril's conversion rate is simply too low at 10%, and the paltry
    amounts of Mythril it adds to your coffers just isn't enough to justify
    sacrificing a valuable mod slot for it.  Quantitatively speaking,
    Reincarnation is better than Change Mythril, as its conversion rate is
    higher and it occupies a Secret Art slot rather than an equipment mod
    slot.  The fact that you can't get it until after clearing Ancient
    Arena: Legion, however, renders it even more useless than Change
    Mythril: by the time you're finally able to acquire Reincarnation, you'll
    already be able to access areas where a 15-20 minute training run can
    get you millions of Mythril, thus eliminating the need for the meager
    gains made by using Reincarnation.
    Once you've beaten the game, you'll be able to access Xeyon Castle (aka
    the Dark Castle from Shining Force NEO) via a new entry in the warp
    gate system.  Xeyon Castle is full of reasonably tough enemies (though
    not as tough as the enemies found on the bottom two blocks of the
    Training Ground) and fantastic treasures (for example, there is a Power
    Art tablet in just about every area).  Many of Xeyon's treasures are
    accessible only through secret passages not visible on your mini-map,
    so be sure to investigate every dead-end that looks to be a possible
    false wall (on your mini-map, these passages tend to look like paths
    that terminate abruptly after branching off, so they're somewhat
    distinguishable).  There are several areas that contain three to six
    special chests (treasure chests that look more colorful than the
    standard variety), and I advise you to warp back to your Geo-Fortress
    and save before opening them -- each chest of this type contain an
    armor or headgear for either Toma or Cyrille, and you can use the
    "save & load" technique to repeatedly pilfer the contents of each batch
    of chests until you get a Phoenix Clothes, Noble White, Phoenix Helm,
    or Blue Rose with awesome mods.  The room on the northern edge of
    Xeyon, Central 1F is also of some interest: each of the four cannons
    atop the staircase will usually drop a large piece of Mythril (each piece
    being worth 15000-19000 Mythril) when destroyed, though occasionally they
    will drop a Lunar Fox or Geo Headgear (each enchanted with two mods, a
    rarity among high-end headgear) instead; each of the two Monster
    Generators atop the staircase will usually drop a large piece of Mythril
    when destroyed as well, though around 20% of the time, you'll get a
    random weapon drop (i.e. a one-handed weapon, two-handed weapon, crossbow,
    or book) instead.  Since you can quickly use either of the stair exits
    to ascend to Xeyon, Central 2F and then backtrack down to 1F (respawning
    the enemies on 1F in the process), this is a fantastic location for you
    to grind for Mythril and, more importantly, high-end weapons with great
    The very last area within Xeyon Castle -- the Place Beyond Darkness --
    owns the highest area level in the game.  This is the only place where
    you can advance your characters beyond level 187 and up to the maximum
    of level 200, though it'll a fairly time-consuming task: you can advance
    your characters up to level 195 fairly easily, but leveling will slow
    beyond that point, and it takes 26 trips to the Place Beyond Darkness
    to advance a character from level 199 to level 200.  The Place Beyond
    Darkness is rewarding in ways beyond experience points, however -- once
    you've cleared the area of enemies, six special chests will materialize.
    The chest to the southwest contains 10 million gold, and the chest to
    the southeast contains 1 million Mythril.  The chest to the northwest
    contains a high-end armor for Toma, and the chest to the northeast
    contains a high-end armor for Cyrille.  The chest located due west
    contains a random accessory (i.e. a ring or bracelet), whereas the
    chest located due east contains a random high-end armor, shield/chain,
    headgear, or accessory for either character.  Items found in these chests
    are enchanted with the best selection of possible mods available in the
    game, and they're also capable of being found with the highest possible
    enhancement level (+9) for any equipment drop in the game.  With liberal
    application of the "save & load" technique, you can use these chests as
    a great source for procuring a well-modded Phoenix Clothes or Noble White
    (via usage of the two chests to the north), as well as the best source
    in the game for acquiring well-modded, well-enhanced accessories (via
    the chest located due west).
    When trying to advance your characters to their maximum character level
    of 200, you'll find that the Place Beyond Darkness is afflicted by the
    "EXP Freeze" glitch.  Unless you took extreme care to ensure that all
    your NPC allies stay within one character level of your main characters,
    you will not be able to fully level all your characters -- up to four
    of your NPC allies may hit the level cap early and end up stuck at
    level 197, earning only 1 EXP with each monster kill.
    In Chapter 13, careful exploration will lead you to a Magus blacksmith
    who's just chilling amid all the chaos and carnage at the Roof level
    of the Crimson Palace.  Context clues gained from conversation
    throughout the game will tell you that this is the blacksmith who taught
    Gantetsu everything he knows, and he will demonstrate his skills for
    you if you bring him the right kind of ingredients for his armor alchemy.
    The ingredients he's looking for are your Wild Vest and White Coat:
    the armor-class equipment your two main characters were using at the
    very beginning of the game.  Bring the Vest and Coat to the blacksmith
    to have him transform them into the Wild Vest 2 and White Coat 2
    (you'll have to make two trips -- he'll only work on the Wild Vest if
    Toma is the one bringing it to him, and likewise with Cyrille and the
    White Coat), sturdy armor with the best (in the case of the White
    Coat 2) and second-best (in the case of the Wild Vest 2) base stats
    for all items of their class (the Phoenix Clothes is the only item
    with better base stats for Toma, and nothing is better than the White
    Coat 2 for Cyrille).  You will not be able to obtain the Wild Vest 2
    or White Coat 2 via any other method (you can't find them from treasure
    chests and monster drops), so you should certainly pay a visit to Fadrin,
    the Magus blacksmith, once you hit Chapter 13.  The mods found on your
    Wild Vest 2 and White Coat 2, however, are substandard (Resist Darkness+
    and HP +60) and I would not advise equipping them in place of a good
    HP +100/HP +100 Shining Armor or Saint Armor -- those are the armor
    you're likely equipping at that stage of the game, and the large HP
    boost from the HP +100/HP +100 mod combination push their effectiveness
    above that of the Wild Vest 2 and White Coat 2.
    There are secret treasures (i.e. treasures hidden in places other than
    inside treasure chests and locked chests) to be found on at least 75%
    of the non-Dungeon maps (that is to say, locations out in the world)
    in Shining Force EXA.  The majority of these require very little work
    to procure -- simply position your character near the right patch of
    grass/cluster of rocks/storm drain and press Circle.  Many of these
    secret treasures are VERY well-hidden, however, and the aforementioned
    Radar function of your Geo-Fortress will be a tremendous help in your
    effort to sniff them all out.  There are, however, a few treasures
    which can be frustratingly hard to procure, and here I'll give a few
    pointers on how to get them:
    - West Il'Gonia Valley (treasure chest on a faraway cliff near Narda
      Checkpoint): 1 Goddess Tears
    - Cantore Snowfield (treasure chest on an unreachable island): 1
      Healing Water (Green)
    Both of these treasures are contained within chests that you simply
    can't get to.  Luckily, you don't need to make physical contact at
    all -- simply call in Cyrille, equip a crossbow, and let a crossbow
    bolt break the chest.  The contents of the chest will home in on
    your location, thereby allowing easy pickup.
    - West Paora Plains (treasure chest on an island in the stream):
      2 Goddess Tears
    Your first instinct might be to use the crossbow here as well, but
    that just doesn't work.  Instead, try equipping Cyrille with a book
    capable of casting the "Dark Arrow" class of Dark Magic spells (the
    level of the spell doesn't matter, since all Dark Arrow spells behave
    similarly).  Cast Dark Arrow toward the island and the energy wave
    will home in on the chest, and you'll be able to pick up the Goddess
    Tears after the energy wave breaks the treasure chest.
    - Raska Snowfield (treasure chest lodged inside a pillar of ice):
      3 Light Charms
    This treasure has probably stymied more Shining Force EXA gamers than
    anything else in the game.  The trick here is to have Cyrille equip a
    book capable of casting the Ice Spike Lv.2 spell, position her to the
    northwest of the pillar, highlight Ice Spike Lv.2, and then press
    AND hold down the Triangle button.  Adjust the area-of-effect radius
    of the spell until the indicator circle is climbing up the northwest
    face of the pillar, and then release the Triangle button to cast the
    spell.  If done correctly, your ice magic will break the chest and
    allow you to make off with your hard-earned Light Charms.
    - Great Bridge, Lower (hidden treasures located on top of lightposts):
    There are four secret treasures hidden atop the light posts in this
    area.  Only two magic spells are capable of reaching that high --
    Hell Blast and Avalon Nova.  Equip your character with a weapon that
    gives access to either spell, stand beneath the light post, and let
    loose with your spell.  Collect the gold when it drops to ground
    III. Lists
    Darkness Runes come in sets of 5.  There are four sets in the game,
    which are respectively located at:
    1. Ancient Arena: Birdling.
    2. Paoraburr Cavern (defeat the Lesser Vampire mini-boss).
    3. Gradium Mine (destroy the iron fence with the Geo-Fortress Cannon
       -- the effective radius of which will not reach this area until
       Chapter 10 -- and look within the circumference of the fence).
    4. Lake Bark, South Point (defeat the Devil Mother mini-boss).
    Rune set #1 is found in Chapter 2.  Sets #2 and #4 can be found as
    early as Chapter 3.  You will not be able to get set #3 until Chapter
    These are sorted according to area level.  The earliest chapter during
    which you can access each arena is parenthesized.
    *1. Birdling - Lakton Highlands (Chapter 2)
    2. Orc - South Ilnad Forest (Chapter 3)
    3. Ghost - Cantore Snowfield (Chapter 5)
    4. Wolfling - North Paora Plains (Chapter 3)
    5. Giant - West Paora Plains (Chapter 3)
    6. Lightning - Paoraburr Trail (Chapter 3)
    7. Stone - Ranburr's Tomb (Chapter 3)
    8. Ice - Raska Snowfield (Chapter 7)
    9. Lizard - East Paora Plains (Chapter 3)
    10. Impact - West Balcan Desert (Chapter 9)
    11. Stalker - West Paora Plains (Chapter 3)
    12. Vampire - Gradium Mine (Chapter 10)
    13. Succubus - Lake Sidora (Chapter 10)
    14. Skeleton - Sidora Snow Mountain (Chapter 10)
    15. Steel - Gundestor Cavern (Chapter 5)
    16. Demon - Sidora Snow Mountain, Canyon (Chapter 10)
    17. Sand Worm - East Balcan Desert (Chapter 10)
    18. Flame - Magma Prison, B3F (Chapter 11)
    19. Dragon - Paora Plains, East Coast (Chapter 3)
    20. Golem - Lake Bark Cavern, South (Chapter 3)
    **21. Legion - Xeyon, Central 1F (post-game)
    * Does not have a Geo-Fortress warp gate entry
    ** Not accessible until after you clear all 20 of the other arenas;
       does not require a Darkness Rune to access
    This is a list of locations at which you can find altars containing
    body parts you need to collect and assemble before resurrecting Avalon
    as a NPC party member.  The locations are generally well-known, but
    I've also included (in parentheses) information about the earliest
    chapter during which you can acquire each body part.
    1. Sword - Lakton Village (Chapter 2)
    2. Left Arm - Altar of Darkness (Chapter 3)
    3. Torso - Ancient Runed Temple (Chapter 3)*
    4. Right Arm - Goran-Goran Cave 1F (Chapter 5)
    5. Left Leg - Gundestor Cavern (Chapter 5)
    6. Right Foot - Old Noswald Castle, Yard (Chapter 5)
    7. Right Leg - Gradium Mine (Chapter 10)**
    8. Left Foot - Mt. Fyrgarum, Base (Chapter 11)
    * This body part isn't actually inside the Ancient Runed Temple itself;
      it's found on a mountain path to the south
    ** This body part is inside a small cabin beyond the iron fence that
       cannot be destroyed until Chapter 10
    This is a list of locations where you'll find Healing Water for Toma,
    as well as how many bottles are found at each location.  You can acquire
    23 bottles in all without making use of the "infinite" source in
    Diablo's Palm.  The list is sorted according to how early you can
    acquire each batch of Healing Water, though you may need to visit
    optional areas or employ the Radar function to find some of these.
    1. Ruins of Yi'el Village - 3 (Chapter 1)*
    2. Geo-Fortress, Control Room - 5 (Chapter 2)
    3. Ancient Arena: Wolfling - 1 (Chapter 3)
    4. Ancient Arena: Giant - 1 (Chapter 3)
    5. Ancient Arena: Lizard - 1 (Chapter 3)
    6. Goran-Goran Cave, 1F - 1 (Chapter 4)
    7. Cantore Snowfield - 1 (Chapter 5)**
    8. Ancient Arena: Ghost - 1 (Chapter 5)
    9. East Il'Gonia Valley - 1 (Chapter 5)***
    10. Tsungura Ice Field - 1 (Chapter 5)
    11. Dimension X Metal Tunnel - 2 (Chapter 8)
    12. Gradium Mine - 1 (Chapter 10)****
    13. Geo-Fortress, Engineering Block - 1 (Chapter 11)*****
    14. Diablo's Palm - 2 (Chapter 11)******
    15. Crimson Palace, 3F - 1 (Chapter 13)
    * Talk to Hikanay
    ** Treasure chest on an island in the frozen lake -- use a crossbow
    *** Hidden treasure located near the entrance to the Temple Ruins
    **** Access via Gradium Mine, North Quarry
    ***** Talk to Adam after he joins your party
    ****** Dropped by the Worm Master the first time you defeat it
    This is a list of locations where you'll find Healing Water for Cyrille,
    as well as how many bottles are found at each location.  You can acquire
    23 bottles in all without making use of the "infinite" source in
    Diablo's Palm.  The list is sorted according to how early you can
    acquire each batch of Healing Water, though you may need to visit
    optional areas or employ the Radar function to find some of these.
    1. West Il'Gonia Valley - 3 (Chapter 1)
    2. Geo-Fortress, Control Room - 5 (Chapter 2)
    3. Ancient Arena: Birdling - 1 (Chapter 2)
    4. Ancient Arena: Orc - 1 (Chapter 3)
    5. Paoraburr Cavern - 1 (Chapter 3)
    6. Ancient Arena: Lightning - 1 (Chapter 3)
    7. Ancient Arena: Stalker - 1 (Chapter 3)
    8. Il'Gonia Valley, Lake Narda - 1 (Chapter 4)
    9. Goran-Goran Cave, 1F - 1 (Chapter 5)*
    10. Geo-Fortress, West Tower - 1 (Chapter 8)**
    11. Ancient Arena: Vampire - 1 (Chapter 10)
    12. Gradium Mine - 1 (Chapter 10)***
    13. Geo-Fortress, Engineering Block - 1 (Chapter 11)****
    14. Diablo's Palm - 2 (Chapter 11)*****
    15. Ancient Arena: Flame - 1 (Chapter 11)
    16. Crimson Palace, 3F - 1 (Chapter 13)
    * Use the alternate exit from Goran-Goran Cave, 2F that leads to an
      isolated section of Goran-Goran Cave, 1F
    ** Check Cyrille's dresser
    *** Access via Gradium Mine, North Quarry
    **** Talk to Adam after he's joined your party AND you've advanced
         him to at least level 60
    ***** Dropped by the Worm Master the first time you defeat it
    This is a list of locations where you'll find Goddess Tears, as well
    as how many vials are found at each location.  The list is sorted
    according to how early you can acquire each batch of Goddess Tears,
    though you may need to visit optional areas to do so.
    1. East Il'Gonia Valley - 2 (Chapter 1)
    2. Geo-Fortress, Engineering Block - 1 (Chapter 2)
    3. West Il'Gonia Valley - 1 (Chapter 3)*
    4. West Paora Plains - 2 (Chapter 3)**
    5. Cantore Village - 1 (Chapter 5)***
    6. Geo-Fortress, Engineering Block - 3 (Chapter 11)****
    * Located inside a chest perched on a distant cliff to the northeast
      of the entrance to Narda Checkpoint; use a crossbow to break the
    ** Inside a chest sitting on an island in the stream; use the Dark
       Arrow (any level) magic spell to break the chest
    *** Inside a chest found within Mayor Yoseph's dwelling
    **** Talk to Adam after he's joined your party AND you've advanced
         him to at least level 80
    This a list of locations where you'll find Light Charms, as well as
    how many Charms are found at each location.  There are 9 Light Charms
    total that you can find as "treasures"; do note, however, that Bornay
    will occasionally put up Light Charms for sale at a price of 5 million
    gold each, so there is technically an unlimited number of Light Charms
    in the game (especially after you beat the game -- Bornay will always
    have Light Charms available for purchase once you have done so).
    This list is sorted according to how early you can acquire each set of
    Light Charms, and you may need to visit optional areas to obtain some
    of them.
    1. Geo-Fortress, Engineering Block - 1 (Chapter 2)
    2. Geo-Fortress, Residential Block - 1 (Chapter 2)*
    3. Il'Gonia Valley, Lake Narda - 1 (Chapter 4)
    4. Raska Snowfield - 3 (Chapter 7)**
    5. Gradium Mine - 1 (Chapter 10)***
    6. Geo-Fortress, Engineering Block - 1 (Chapter 11)****
    7. Great Bridge, Front Gate - 1 (Chapter 12)
    * This Light Charm is lodged within one of the bookshelves in the
    ** Found in the chest frozen inside a pillar of ice; use the Ice Spike
       Lv.2 magic spell to break the chest
    *** Investigate a bookshelf in the small cabin just beyond the iron
    **** Talk to Adam after he's joined your party AND you've advanced
         him to at least level 110
    This is a list of areas in Chapter 14 which contain a Legion Generator.
    You must use the Geo-Fortress Cannon to destroy a Legion Generator, and
    doing so will earn you a Core Metal.  There are 13 Legion Generators
    in all, and destroying them all may or may not be related to the chest
    of gold which appears in Lakton Village after you beat the game.  This
    list is sorted according to area level.
    1. Lakton Village
    2. Northwest Paora Plains
    3. Old Noswald Castle, Yard
    4. East Paora Plains
    5. Ranburr's Tomb
    6. Gradium Mine
    7. Ancient Runed Temple
    8. Clanup Island
    9. Raska Snowfield, East Valley
    10. Lake Sidora
    11. Sidora Snow Mountain, Canyon
    12. Mt. Fyrgarum, Base
    13. Mt. Fyrgarum, Halfway
    Each of your eight NPC allies will give you items or Power Arts as
    gifts once you advance them to a sufficiently high level.  This is
    a list of the rewards from each NPC ally, as well as the character
    level number that triggers each reward.  To receive a reward, simply
    visit the NPC ally and converse with him/her.  Some NPC allies will
    only give their rewards to a specific main character (for example,
    Gadfort gives his rewards to Toma, Maebelle gives hers to Cyrille, and
    Garyu gives his to whomever was the active character when you defeated
    him).  The designated recipient for each NPC ally's rewards is listed
    in parentheses at the top of the sub-section; the word "active" means
    that the designated recipient is whichever character who was the active
    character when you recruited that ally.
    A. Gadfort (Toma)
    Curved Blade - Level 5
    Fang Tienchi - Level 25
    Dragon Slayer - Level 45
    Ordeal - Level 85
    B. Maebelle (Cyrille)
    Steel Crossbow - Level 10
    Guard Crossbow - Level 30
    Air Crossbow - Level 50
    Aurora Bow - Level 90
    C. Amitaliri (Cyrille)
    MP Boost Lv1 (Power Art) - Level 10
    MP Boost Lv2 (Power Art) - Level 20
    MP Boost Lv3 (Power Art) - Level 35
    MP Boost Lv4 (Power Art) - Level 55
    MP Boost Lv5 (Power Art) - Level 95
    MP Boost Lv6 (Power Art) - Level 120
    D. Faulklin (Cyrille)
    Light Magic Lv1 (Power Art) - Level 10
    Light Magic Lv2 (Power Art) - Level 20
    Light Magic Lv3 (Power Art) - Level 35
    Light Magic Lv4 (Power Art) - Level 55
    Light Magic Lv5 (Power Art) - Level 95
    Light Magic Lv6 (Power Art) - Level 120
    E. Duga (Toma)
    Critical Attack Lv1 (Power Art) - Level 30*
    Critical Attack Lv2 (Power Art) - Level 50
    Critical Attack Lv3 (Power Art) - Level 75
    Critical Attack Lv4 (Power Art) - Level 90
    Critical Attack Lv5 (Power Art) - Level 110
    F. Adam (Active)
    1 Healing Water (Green) - Level 40*
    1 Healing Water (Red) - Level 60
    3 Goddess Tears - Level 80
    1 Light Charm - Level 110
    G. Garyu (Active)
    1 Core Metal - Level 60*
    1 Core Metal - Level 70
    1 Core Metal - Level 80
    1 Core Metal - Level 90
    1 Core Metal - Level 100
    1 Core Metal - Level 110
    H. Avalon (Active)
    Absolute Defense Lv1 (Power Art) - Level 80
    Absolute Defense Lv2 (Power Art) - Level 130
    Absolute Defense Lv3 (Power Art) - Level 150
    * Denotes a situation where the NPC ally joins your party with a
      character level equal to this level number; no leveling necessary
      to receive this reward -- simply converse with the NPC ally
    This is the big one: my attempt to list the locations for all the
    Core Metals in the game, as well as how many Cores you can find at
    each location.  For the most part, this list is sorted according to
    how early in the game you can access each location.  The last five
    entries address Core Metals you can acquire via Defensive Battles,
    Ancient Arenas, Legion Generators, and conversations with Garyu.  You
    need 117 Core Metals to max out every function in the Geo-Fortress,
    and there are 119 Core Metals to be found in the game, though you
    need to beat the game at least once to find all 119 Cores (you must
    beat the game once in order to access the Dungeon of Ordeal with both
    main characters).  Since you can acquire 117 of the 119 Core Metals
    before beating the game, it is therefore possible to fully upgrade
    your Geo-Fortress before finishing the game.
    1. Geo-Fortress, Control Room - 1 (Chapter 3)*
    2. North Ilnad Forest - 1 (Chapter 3)**
    3. North Paora Plains - 1  (Chapter 3)
    4. Altar of Darkness - 1 (Chapter 3)
    5. Lake Bark, South Point - 3 (Chapter 3)
    6. Ilnad Forest, Cave - 2 (Chapter 3)
    7. Narda Checkpoint - 1 (Chapter 4)
    8. Il'Gonia Valley, Lake Narda - 1 (Chapter 4)
    9. Goran-Goran Cave, 1F - 2 (Chapter 4)
    10. North Il'Gonia Valley - 1 (Chapter 4)
    11. Goran-Goran Cave, 2F - 1 (Chapter 5)
    12. Goran-Goran Cave, 1F - 2 (Chapter 5)***
    13. Old Noswald Castle, Yard - 1 (Chapter 5)
    14. Tsungura Ice Field - 1 (Chapter 5)
    15. Ranburr's Tomb - 1 (Chapter 6)****
    16. Above Ranburr's Tomb - 2 (Chapter 6)
    17. Gradium Mine, Inside - 3 (Chapter 7)
    18. Ancient Runed Temple - 1 (Chapter 7)
    19. Geo-Fortress, West Tower - 1 (Chapter 8)
    20. Dimension X Metal Tunnel, B5F - 2 (Chapter 8)
    21. Dimension X Metal Tunnel, B10F - 1 (Chapter 8)
    22. West Balcan Desert - 1 (Chapter 9)
    23. Northwest Paora, Falls - 1 (Chapter 10)*****
    24. North Balcan, Underpass - 1 (Chapter 10)******
    25. Diablo's Palm - 1 (Chapter 10)
    26. Ancient Ruins, B1F - 4 (Chapter 10)
    27. Ancient Ruins, B2F - 1 (Chapter 10)
    28. Magma Prison, B1F - 1 (Chapter 11)
    29. Magma Prison, B2F - 1 (Chapter 11)
    30. Magma Prison, B3F - 3 (Chapter 11)
    31. Great Bridge, Lower - 2 (Chapter 12)
    32. Great Bridge, Front Gate - 2 (Chapter 12)
    33. Emperor's Hall - 2 (Chapter 12)
    34. Magma Prison, B1F - 1 (Chapter 13)*******
    35. Crimson Palace, Roof - 3 (Chapter 13)
    36. Crimson Palace, 3F - 1 (Chapter 13)
    37. Crimson Palace, 1F - 3 (Chapter 13)
    38. Dungeon of Ordeal, Depths - 2 (Chapter 14)********
    39. Ancient Arenas - 21 (various)#
    40. Mandatory Defensive Battles - 7 (various)##
    41. "Timer" Defensive Battles - 12 (various)###
    42. Garyu - 6 (Chapter 4)####
    43. Legion Generators - 13 (Chapter 14)#####
    * Acquired through conversation with Zenus
    ** Defeat the mother boar sleeping in the center of the area
    *** You have to descend back onto 1F from 2F to get these Cores
    **** Defeat the Life Drainer mini-boss
    ***** Use the Geo-Fortress Cannon to destroy the rocks blocking the
          entrance to a cave at West Paora Plains; pass through the cave
          to reach the entrance to a second cave containing this Core
    ****** Inside the tunnel, there is a contraption with two lights (one
           red, one green) and a statue that glows either red or green;
           strike the "switch" in front of the light that corresponds to the
           color of the statue's glow and repeat this procedure until the
           statue breaks, granting access to the Core Metal
    ******* Use the alternate entrance at Mt. Fyrgarum, Base (near the
            exit to Mt. Fyrgarum, Halfway)
    ******** Both Toma and Cyrille can get a Core Metal here, but you must
             beat the game at least once in order to access the Dungeon of
             Ordeal with both characters and get both Cores
    # There is a Core Metal to be found in every Ancient Arena in the
      game; refer to the "Ancient Arena Locations" sub-section for location
      information and the earliest point in the storyline at which you can
      access each arena
    ## You can buy a Core Metal from Gilnay after each mandatory (i.e.
       occurs once you reach a certain point of storyline progression)
       Defensive Battle, up until the point that all four exits of the
       Geo-Fortress have been unlocked; there is, by my count, a total
       of 7 mandatory Defensive Battles that take place before then
    ### You can buy a Core Metal from Gilnay after every 5 "timer" (i.e.
        occurs because your Defensive Battle timer elapses, not because
        of storyline progression) Defensive Battles you win; the number
        given here is extrapolated from the fact that there are 19 total
        Defensive Battle Cores available and that 7 of those (by my count)
        are tied to mandatory Defensive Battles: 19 - 7 = 12 "timer"
        Defensive Battle Cores
    #### Obtained by speaking to Garyu after he reaches a specific
         character level number; refer to the sub-section above
         ("NPC Rewards") to find out the exact levels at which Garyu
         rewards you with Cores; the "chapter 4" in parentheses here
         refers to the earliest chapter during which you can recruit
    ##### Each Legion Generator you destroy in Chapter 14 yields a Core
          Metal, and there are 13 Legion Generators in all
    Yeah, this is a bit of a "joke" of a list, because I think everyone
    knows by now that there's an infinite number of Cure Metals available
    in the game -- most Defensive Battle bosses drop one when they die,
    and upon reaching Chapter 8, you can farm an infinite number of these
    from the Dimension X Metal Tunnel floors B5F (yields 1 Cure Metal on
    every visit) and B10F (yields 2 Cure Metals on every visit).  The
    other locations at which you can find Cure Metals, as well as how many
    Cure Metals you can find at each location, are listed below.  These
    are sorted according to the earliest chapter during which you can
    access each location.
    1. Geo-Fortress, Hallway - 4 (Chapter 2-6)*
    2. Goran-Goran Cave, 1F - 1 (Chapter 4)
    3. Dungeon of Ordeal, Depths - 2 (Chapter 14)**
    * There is a Cure Metal near each of the four teleport pads leading
      out of the Geo-Fortress; you will not be able to acquire the Cure
      Metal located near a currently-locked exit -- the Number 2 Gate opens
      in Chapter 2, the Number 4 Gate opens in Chapter 5, the Number 1 Gate
      opens in Chapter 5, and the Number 3 Gate opens in Chapter 6
    ** You can obtain a Cure Metal at this location with both Toma and
       Cyrille, but you must beat the game at least once in order to
       access the Dungeon of Ordeal with both characters
    As mentioned earlier, the rule of thumb for equipment mods is this:
    the higher the Mythril value, the more useful the mod.  For gear
    enchanted with one mod only, the Mythril value of the mod is equal to
    the amount of Mythril you receive when you choose to extract from that
    piece of equipment (and also the amount of gold it costs to identify
    that piece of equipment).  For equipment enchanted with two mods, the
    total Mythril value of the item is equal to the sum of the individual
    Mythril values of both its mods.  Since the cost to identify an item
    is equal to its total Mythril value, you can generally expect gear
    with high identification costs to provide better mods than gear with
    low identification costs.  The list below is an attempt to document
    the Mythril values of all equipment mods in the game, and it's a
    complete list as far as I know.  Special thanks to SolidSnake X for
    filling in the necessary blanks for completion of the list!
    Mod Name                |       Mythril Value
    Balance +10             |                 200
    Knockback +10           |                 200
    Resist Critical +10     |                 200
    Resist Knockback +10    |                 200
    Resist Stun +10         |                 200
    Soul +10                |		  200
    Striker +10             |                 200
    HP +20                  |                 200
    Technique +20           |		  200
    Quick Recover           |                 200
    Resist Flame            |                 200
    Resist Frost            |                 200
    Resist Lightning        |                 200
    Guard +5                |                 300
    Intellect +20           |                 300
    Power +20               |		  300
    Knockdown               |                 300
    Resist Darkness         |                 300
    Attack +10              |                 400
    Counterattack           |                 400
    Shield Guard            |                 400
    Beast's Weak Spot       |                 400
    Harpy's Weak Spot       |                 400
    Lizard's Weak Spot      |                 400
    Orc's Weak Spot         |                 400
    Snake's Weak Spot       |                 400
    Healing Wisdom          |		  400
    Magic Power +10         |                 500
    Critical                |                 500
    Flame Seed              |		  500
    Ice Seed                |                 500
    Thunder Seed            |                 500
    Life Drain              |                 500
    Balance +20             |                 600
    Knockback +20           |                 600
    Resist Critical +20     |                 600
    Resist Knockback +20    |                 600
    Resist Stun +20         |                 600
    Soul +20                |                 600
    Striker +20             |                 600
    HP +40                  |                 600
    Power +40               |                 600
    Technique +40           |                 600
    Quick Recover+          |                 600
    Resist Flame+           |                 600
    Resist Frost+           |                 600
    Resist Lightning+       |                 600
    Holy Lv.2               |                 600
    Dark Seed               |                 700
    Shining Seed            |		  700
    Chain Attack            |                 800
    Float Attack            |		  800
    Dragon's Weak Spot      |                 800
    Giant's Weak Spot       |                 800
    Blaze Lv.2              |                 800
    Blazing Feather         |                 800
    Charged Shot            |                 800
    Death Critical          |                 800
    Gaia Quake              |                 800
    Grand Uppercut          |                 800
    Ice Arrow               |                 800
    Rolling Buster          |                 800
    Stun Smash              |		  800
    Unrivaled Attack        |                 800
    Vital Drain             |                 800
    Guard +10               |                 900
    Intellect +40           |                 900
    Knockdown+              |		  900
    Resist Darkness+        |                 900
    Resist Chaos            |                1000
    Chaos Seed              |                1000
    Cockatrice Guard        |                1000
    Bone Drill              |                1000
    Counter Straight        |                1000
    Dark Arrow Lv.1         |                1000
    Dark Arrow Lv.2         |                1000
    Impact Crush            |                1000
    Power Press             |                1000
    Rush Blade              |                1000
    Spark Lv.2              |                1000
    Spin Attack             |                1000
    Sky Slash               |                1000
    Wide Shot               |                1000
    Attack +20              |		 1200
    Absolute Defense +25    |                1200
    Power +60               |                1200
    Accelerate              |		 1200
    Counterattack+          |                1200
    Shield Guard+           |                1200
    Demon's Weak Spot       |                1200
    Golem's Weak Spot       |                1200
    Robot's Weak Spot       |                1200
    Undead's Weak Spot      |                1200
    Assassin Needle         |                1200
    Ice Shell               |                1200
    Ice Spike Lv.1          |                1200
    Shine Lv.2              |                1200
    Stone Shell             |                1400
    Magic Power +20         |                1500
    Critical+               |                1500
    Life Drain+             |                1500
    Flame Spirit            |                1500
    Ice Spirit              |                1500
    Thunder Spirit          |                1500
    Anti-Armor              |                1600
    Anti-Scale              |                1600
    Anti-Weapon             |                1600
    Anti-Wing               |                1600
    Avalon Nova             |                1600
    Gatling Arrow           |                1600
    Balance +30             |                1800
    Knockback +30           |                1800
    Resist Critical +30     |                1800
    Resist Knockback +30    |                1800
    Resist Stun +30         |                1800
    Striker +30             |                1800
    Soul +30                |                1800
    HP +60                  |                1800
    Technique +60           |                1800
    Quick Recover++         |                1800
    Resist Flame++          |		 1800
    Resist Frost++          |                1800
    Resist Lightning++      |                1800
    Angel's Smile           |                2000
    Speed Up                |                2000
    Anti-Darkness           |                2000
    Anti-Flame              |		 2000
    Anti-Frost              |                2000
    Anti-Light              |                2000
    Anti-Lightning          |                2000
    Anti-Multiple           |                2000
    Character Flaw          |                2000
    Crush			|                2000
    Dark Spirit             |                2100
    Shining Spirit          |                2100
    Power +100              |                2400
    Chain Attack+           |                2400
    Bless                   |                2400
    Curse                   |                2400
    Electric Charge         |                2400
    Freeze                  |                2400
    Inflame                 |                2400
    Fire Breath             |                2400
    Hell Blast Lv.1         |                2400
    Ice Breath              |                2400
    Spark Lv.1              |                2400
    Spark Breath            |                2400
    Guard +15               |                2700
    Intellect +60           |                2700
    Knockdown++             |                2700
    Resist Darkness++       |                2700
    Resist Chaos+           |                3000
    Chaos Spirit            |                3000
    Basilisk Guard          |                3000
    Air Buster              |                3200
    Brutality               |                3200
    Attack +30              |                3600
    Absolute Defense +50    |                3600
    Ultrarapid              |                3600
    Chaos Gate Lv.1         |                3600
    Stone Breath            |                3600
    Magic Power +30         |                4500
    Critical++              |                4500
    Flame Element           |                4500
    Ice Element             |                4500
    Thunder Element         |                4500
    MP Drain                |                4500
    Aura                    |                5000
    Balance +40             |                5400
    Soul +40                |                5400
    HP +80                  |                5400
    Technique +100		|                5400
    Resist Flame+++         |		 5400
    Resist Frost+++         |                5400
    Resist Lightning+++     |                5400
    Angel's Blessing        |                6000
    Speed Up+               |                6000
    Dark Element            |                6300
    Shining Element         |                6300
    Guard +20               |                8100
    Intellect +100          |		 8100
    Resist Darkness+++      |                8100
    Resist Chaos++          |                9000
    Chaos Element           |                9000
    Medusa Guard            |                9000
    Change Mythril          |               10000
    Attack +50              |               10800
    Absolute Defense +75    |               10800
    Godspeed                |               10800
    Magic Power +40         |               13500
    MP Drain+               |               13500
    Balance +50             |               16200
    Soul +50                |               16200
    HP +100                 |               16200
    Angel's Kiss            |               18000
    Guard +25               |               24300
    Resist Chaos+++         |               27000
    Absolute Defense +100   |               32400
    Attack +100             |               32400
    Magic Power +50         |               40500
    Angel's Embrace         |               54000
    This sub-section is a list of the equipment I utilize for each of the
    four fighting styles (one-handed weapon Toma, two-handed weapon Toma,
    "archer" Cyrille, "mage" Cyrille) at the zenith of each character's
    strength level progression (i.e. level 200, maxed Power Arts).  This
    is by no means intended to represent the best possible setups for
    each fighting style (I have not had any luck in finding the Chain
    Attack+/Attack +100 mod set for the Darkness Sword, the Attack +100/
    Attack +100 mod set for the Chaos Moebius, or the Magic Power +50/
    Magic Power +50 mod set for the Mephisto Brace, just to name a few).
    Mod sets and Secret Arts are listed within brackets.
    I. One-handed weapon Toma
    Weapon: +18 Darkness Sword [Critical++/Attack +100; Darkness Awakened]
    Shield: +18 Zenus Shield [Technique +100/Counterattack+; Oracle's Shield]
    Headgear: +18 Blood Helm [Resist Chaos+++; Earth Talisman]
    Armor: +18 Phoenix Clothes [HP +100/HP +100; Goddess Blessing]
    Ring: +9 Chain Ring [HP +100/HP +100]
    Bracelet: +9 Chaos Moebius [Chain Attack+/Attack +100]
    II. Two-handed weapon Toma
    Weapon: +18 Metal Pain [Attack +100/Attack +100; Devil Spark]
    Shield: --NOT ACTIVE--
    Headgear: +18 Phoenix Helm [Resist Chaos+++; Modest Charm]
    Armor: +18 Phoenix Clothes [HP +100/HP +100; Goddess Blessing]
    Ring: +9 Chain Ring [HP +100/HP +100]
    Bracelet: +9 Mephisto Brace [Attack +100/Attack +100]
    III. "Archer" Cyrille
    Weapon: +18 Aurora Bow [Attack +100/Attack +50; Demonic Pact]
    Chain: +18 Zhirra Chain [Technique +100/Counterattack+; Oracle's Shield]
    Headgear: +18 Geo-Circlet [Resist Chaos+++; Modest Charm]
    Armor: +18 Noble White [HP +100/HP +100; Goddess Blessing]
    Ring: +9 Quickness Ring [HP +100/HP +100]
    Bracelet: +9 Mephisto Brace [Attack +100/Attack +100]
    IV. "Mage" Cyrille
    Weapon: +18 Evil Worship [Chaos Element/Soul +50; Light Nucleus]
    Chain: +18 Zhirra Chain [Technique +100/Shield Guard+; Oracle's Shield]
    Headgear: +18 Blue Rose [Magic Power +50; Magic of Insanity]
    Armor: +18 Noble White [HP +100/HP +100; Goddess Blessing]
    Ring: +9 Quickness Ring [HP +100/HP +100]
    Bracelet: Chaos Moebius [Magic Power +50/Magic Power +50]
    This is a list of the most pertinent character stats for each of the
    four endgame equipment setups above.  This is by no means intended
    to represent the maximum values attainable for each stat -- the
    equipment setups would have to be a lot more specilalized and use
    several types of overall inferior gear (that grant bonuses to the stat
    being "maxed") if that were the goal.  Some of the more inconsequential
    stats (e.g. tech effect ratings, tech effect resistance values) have
    been omitted from the list.
    I. One-handed weapon Toma
    Attack Power:                      26413
    Attack Speed:                          A
    Elemental Resistance:     20%/96%/94%/96%/96%/96%
    HP:                                41625
    MP:                                 1795
    Defense:                           18158
    Recover Stone:                       205
    Movement Speed:                        S
    II. Two-handed weapon Toma
    Attack Power:                     116780
    Attack Speed:                          C         
    Elemental Resistance:     20%/96%/91%/94%/94%/94%
    HP:                                41625
    MP:                                 1795
    Defense:                           17294
    Recover Stone:                       125
    Movement Speed:                        S
    III. "Archer" Cyrille
    Attack Power:                      16699
    Attack Speed:                          A
    Elemental Resistance:     20%/95%/95%/95%/96%/96%
    HP:                                25680
    MP:                                  360
    Defense:                           18061
    Recover Stone:                       220
    Movement Speed:                        S
    IV. "Mage" Cyrille
    Magic Attack Power:    18170 (Light)/15697 (Dark)
    Elemental Resistance:     20%/86%/86%/86%/96%/96%   
    HP:                                19260
    MP:                                 2693
    Defense:                           18291
    Recover Stone:                       220
    Movement Speed:                        S
    IV. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Credit for the questions go to the people who asked them (mostly on
    the Shining Force EXA board at GameFAQs).  Many of these questions
    have been paraphrased for brevity and precision.
    QUESTION>> Where is Gundestor Cavern?
    ANSWER>> Veterans of the Shining Force EXA board should recognize this
             one: it is by far the most frequently asked question in the
             history of the board.  To answer the question, you can reach
             Gundestor Cavern by leaving the Geo-Fortress via the Number 4
             Gate (which does not open until Chapter 5) and take the exit
             leading south from the Defensive Battle area.
    QUESTION>> Where is the Altar of Darkness?
    ANSWER>> Clear out the enemies inside Paoraburr Cavern and look for
             an exit on the northeastern side of the area.
    QUESTION>> How do I extend the range of the Geo-Fortress Cannon?
    ANSWER>> You don't.  Cannon range is automatically extended as you
             advance the storyline -- nothing else affects Cannon range.
    QUESTION>> How do I reach Ancient Arena: Stalker?
    ANSWER>> Find the entrance to the Sewers at West Paora Plains, and
             make your way through the sewers.  You will eventually
             emerge on an isolated plateau, and the entrance to the Stalker
             Arena is practically "next door."
    QUESTION>> I'm trying to train inside the Training Ground, but I keep
               getting killed when large numbers of monsters spawn after
               I open a treasure chest.  What should I do?
    ANSWER>> "Chest spawns" is one of the more pernicious characteristics
             of the dungeons in Shining Force EXA.  Large numbers of
             monsters can and will spawn from the opening of a treasure
             chest, and this can cause abrupt, premature death for your
             party.  If Cyrille is your lead character, you should always
             try to break chests with crossbow bolts or a ranged magic
             attacks instead of opening them manually (of course, this is
             not going to work for locked chests).  Doing so will put some
             distance between you and any potential monster spawns, thereby
             ensuring that they won't be able to surround you.  Toma,
             however, will just have to brave it -- short of using weapons
             capable of ranged magic attacks (these weapons are seldom
             comparable in power level to the best weapons you possess),
             the most you can do is equip a two-handed weapon with a large
             radius of attack (i.e. a lot of "reach") and try to swing at
             the chests from as far away as possible.
    QUESTION>> I've picked up a lot of bottles of Healing Water, and
               they're really taking up space in my inventory.  Is there
               any way to combine them into larger lots?
    ANSWER>> In Chapter 4, a "suspicious individual" will start hanging
             around the Geo-Fortress hallway just outside the door leading
             to the Number 1 Gate.  He will bundle your Healing Water into
             lots of 9 bottles each in exchange for some gold.  Note that
             the price for his services increases as you advance the story:
             since the cost of his services is equal to 2000 times X, where
             X is the current Chapter number, it'll cost quite a bit more
             to bundle your Healing Water in, say, Chapter 12 than it does
             back in Chapter 5.
    QUESTION>> Is there any way to combine other non-equipment items? You
               know... stuff like Goddess Tears, Light Charms, Defense
               Charms, Fairy Dust, and Darkness Runes?
    ANSWER>> Unfortunately, no.
    QUESTION>> How do I transfer items between characters?
    ANSWER>> Access your storage bin and hit either L1 or R1 to change to
             the inventory of the currently inactive character.  Select
             the item you wish to transfer and hit X to move it from one
             character to the other.
    QUESTION>> Is there any way to speed up dialogue sequences?
    ANSWER>> Yes.  Press and hold the START button to skip through dialogue
             sequences at a rapid pace.
    QUESTION>> How many consecutive charge attacks can you make with a
    ANSWER>> That depends on which weapon you're talking about.  Each
             weapon in the game has a different "maximum" number of charge
             attacks that you can execute in one sequence (i.e. by holding
             X for a charge attack after having executed approximately 80%
             of the maximum combo length of that weapon, releasing X to
             perform the first charge attack, then holding X again to prepare
             a second charge attack while the first is still taking place,
             and keep repeating the charge-while-charge-attacking procedure
             until you run out of follow-up charge attacks).  On the whole,
             weapons that utilize magic attacks as their charge specials
             (most books, Saint Cannon, Storm Shot, Dark Edge, Darkness
             Sword) tend to have short sequences of no more than three
             consecutive charge attacks, whereas dextrous one-handed weapons
             (such as the Aerial Saber) can pull off long sequences of up
             to six charge attacks in a row -- assuming that you have the
             MP needed to fuel such a barrage.
    QUESTION>> What am I supposed to do with the snake statue in the
               North Balcan, Underpass area?
    ANSWER>> Keep striking the switch in front of the light (red or green)
             that corresponds to the current color of the light glowing
             atop the large statue in the center.  Make enough "correct"
             responses in a row (by my count, you need to make 9 straight
             correct responses) and the statue will break; you will earn a
             Core Metal for your efforts.
    QUESTION>> What is the difference between the Nullify Knockdown
               Secret Art and the Golem's Soul Secret Art?
    ANSWER>> As far as I know, there is no difference.
    QUESTION>> Why does the sign outside of Ancient Arena: Steel read
               "Ancient Arena: Legion"?
    ANSWER>> This is a careless mistake made by the localization team.
             Shining Force EXA recycles many of the maps from its
             predecessor, Shining Force NEO.  The location of the Steel
             Arena in Shining Force EXA is the same as the location of
             the Legion Arena in Shining Force NEO.  The programmers of
             EXA simply did not bother to change the text on the sign.
             As far as I know, this mistake did not make it into the
             Japanese version of EXA (one of the game testers probably
             caught it), but it is obviously present in the overseas
    QUESTION>> So, um, where exactly IS the Training Ground?
    ANSWER>> Provided that you've unlocked the function and upgraded it
             with a few Core Metals, you can find the entrance to the
             Training Ground by going south from the Geo-Fortress Control
             Room and keep heading south along the Engineering Block
    QUESTION>> Where is the Geo-Fortress Library and Armory?
    ANSWER>> Head toward the exit leading west out of the Control Room and
             take the stairs down into the Residential Block.  Take the
             stairs up to the second level of the Residential Block and
             head north through either exit.  You should now be in a
             hallway just outside your destination(s): the Library
             occupies the western half of this area, while the Armory
             occupies the eastern half.
    QUESTION>> Ancient Arena: Stone is sealed off from the rest of Ranburr's
               Tomb.  How do I get to it?
    ANSWER>> Search the fenced plots of tombs for the entrance to an
             underpass.  The underpass leads straight to the entrance of
             the Stone Arena.
    QUESTION>> Where exactly is the Fire Dragon party equipment? I've
               searched throughout Ranburr's Tomb, and I can't find it.
    ANSWER>> There is a mini-boss fight that starts after you investigate
             one of the graves in a fenced plot of tombs.  Win the fight
             and the chest containing Fire Dragon will appear at the very
             top of Ranburr's Tomb (at the apex of the tomb structure
    QUESTION>> What exactly does the "Heaven and Earth" Secret Art do?
    ANSWER>> Confuse you with description text that can be nothing but a
             terribly botched attempt at translation.  To actually answer
             your question, the Secret Art increases attack power against
             floating enemies (Harpies, Ghosts, etc.).
    QUESTION>> Should Toma use a one-handed weapon or a two-handed weapon?
    ANSWER>> This depends mostly on your playing style.  The most powerful
             weapon setup in the game features a one-handed weapon (the
             "ultimate" Darkness Sword setup), and one-handed weapons
             tend to have faster attack speed, as well as the ability to
             allow you to equip shields -- an invaluable bonus against
             higher-level enemies (since the shield completely nullifies
             most, if not all, of the most annoying tech effects -- Float,
             Knockback, Knockdown, Stun).  Two-handed weapons are great
             once you've strengthened your characters and start journeying
             through "easy" areas -- your axes and hammers are much better
             at clearing large crowds of enemies with one swing.  Two-handed
             weapons tend to deal much more damage in a single hit (rather
             than letting the damage build up via combo damage multipliers
             like one-handed weapons), and their attack speed deficiencies
             can be addressed with the Godspeed mod and the Devil Spark
             Secret Art.
    QUESTION>> Must I connect with a melee attack in order for my combo
               damage multiplier to apply and grant bonus damage to the
               next hit of my combo?
    ANSWER>> No.  Your combo damage multiplier applies to strikes made by
             any eligible weapon (i.e. any non-crossbow weapon), regardless
             of whether the strike makes contact with an enemy.  With a
             Darkness Sword, for example, you can swing at empty space
             fifteen times, turn around, and unload a massive amount of
             damage (courtesy of your combo damage multiplier) on a nearby
             enemy with the sixteenth and final hit of your combo.  In fact,
             this is a crafty and effective strategy to use against enemies
             which are slow but physically powerful (Mythril Golems, Hell
             Golems, Arc Dragons): basically, you stand a fair distance
             away from the approaching enemy, slash empty space to build
             up your damage (without the risk of being hit by powerful
             attacks, which is not the case if you decide to confront the
             enemy and build up your combo with solid hits instead), and
             try to knock out the monster by landing a few solid hits with
             souped-up attacks from the tail end of your combo.
    QUESTION>> Why doesn't my physical defense stat increase when I
               pay Gantetsu to enhance my shield or chain?
    ANSWER>> The point of emphasis for shields and chains is not DEF but
             rather your DEX-based stats (Critical Attack rate, Stun Attack
             rating, Resist Stun ratio, Resist Knockback ratio).  These
             WILL increase when you enhance your shield or chain.
    QUESTION>> Which is better, Nullify Float or Nullify Knockdown?
    ANSWER>> Nullify Float is the better of the two, but you don't actually
             need either Secret Art.  At a sufficiently high character
             strength rating, your characters are effectively immune to
             both Float and Knockdown as long as they're equipped with
             a shield or chain.
    QUESTION>> How many floors are there in the Training Ground?
    ANSWER>> 50, grouped into ten blocks of 5 floors each.  Each block
             consists of 4 randomly-generated floors and 1 "boss" floor.
             Unlike the randomly-generated floors, the layout of the boss
             floor never changes, and any items/gold/Mythril you leave
             lying on the battlefield of a boss floor will still be
             available for retrieval the next time you visit that floor.
    QUESTION>> Does Bornay ever sell any decent gear?
    ANSWER>> Not really.  You can always find far better gear via treasure
             chests and monster drops.
    QUESTION>> Where exactly is Ancient Arena: Legion located?
    ANSWER>> The entrance to the arena is a magic circle found in Xeyon
             Castle, Central 1F (look on the southeastern side of the
             map).  The door leading to the magic circle will be locked
             unless you've already cleared all 20 of the other arenas in
             the game.
    QUESTION>> If I have the MP Drain+ mod on a book, do I gain the
               benefits of the status effect when I use the book's magic
    ANSWER>> No.  The effects of Life Drain/Life Drain+ and MP Drain/MP
             Drain+ only kick in if you hit an enemy with a melee attack.
    QUESTION>> Why is my weapon highlighted with a different color?
    ANSWER>> You hit L1 or R1 by accident while checking out that weapon
             in your Equip or Item menu.  L1 and R1 allow you to change
             the highlighting color of your items for sorting purposes.
    QUESTION>> I've destroyed all 13 Legion Generators, but why is it
               still raining in the Ruins of Yi'el Village?
    ANSWER>> No one knows for sure.  Some have suggested that it's
             because the Gusk is hovering over the area, and that's as
             valid a guess as any.
    QUESTION>> Those Ghost Masters are just murdering me.  What should I
    ANSWER>> Find both levels of the Darkness Resist Power Art and fully
             carve both levels.  That should raise your resistance against
             Dark Magic to a high enough level that Ghost Masters can't
             do anything to really hurt you.
    QUESTION>> Malxatra is kicking my butt.  Are there any Power Arts that
               really help in the fight against him?
    ANSWER>> Beef up your character's defensive capabilities by maxing out
             HP Boost, Master Guard, and the aforementioned Darkness Resist
             (you should also carve the Goddess Blessing Secret Art on your
             armor).  By fully carving both levels of the Darkness Resist
    	 Power Art, you'll render most of Malxatra's attacks (i.e. the
    	 ones which are Dark Magic attacks) impotent; Master Guard and
    	 Goddess Blessing will help against his "seeking fog" attack,
    	 which is a mixed-type attack that possesses both a Dark Magic
    	 component and a physical attack component (in other words, it
    	 deals two types of damage simultaneously).  Offensively, max
    	 out Weapon Attack, Armor Killer, Robot Killer, and Darkness
    QUESTION>> What should I do to increase the power of Toma's magic
    ANSWER>> Don't bother.  Magic is a lost cause for Toma -- he is
             simply incapable of ever doing much damage with magic attacks.
    QUESTION>> What's your favorite team of NPC allies for each character?
    ANSWER>> For Toma, Avalon and Faulklin.  For Cyrille, Garyu and Faulklin.
    QUESTION>> Where do I find Fiend Horns and Black Wool Caps?
    ANSWER>> A poster said that Devil Fathers drop Fiend Horns, but I have
             yet to see them do so myself.  Devil Daughters in the Lake
             Bark Caverns (and possibly elsewhere as well) occasionally
             drop Black Wool Caps.  Both of these items are among the class
             of inferior (compared to what you can find in the lower floors
             of the Training Ground) gear that aren't dropped in the dungeons;
             you'll most likely encounter these items only when looking
             through Bornay's inventory.  Other examples of such items are
             Cyrille's Twin Ribbons and Mitra Tiara.
    QUESTION>> What are the most powerful magic spells in the game?
    ANSWER>> There are several magic spells which can lay claim to the
             title of "most powerful", and each of them is particularly
             effective when used in a certain capacity.  For area-of-effect
             damage and crowd control, the best spell is Holy Lv.3 (Light
             elemental magic); for concentrated anti-unit damage, the best
             spell is Gaia Nova Lv.3 (Light elemental magic); for
             area-of-effect damage with status ailments, use Chaos Gate Lv.3
             (Dark elemental magic); and for the highest damage output
             -- with a chance to petrify the enemy -- at the cost of
             massive MP expenditure, use Avalon Nova (Light elemental
    QUESTION>> Which class of mods is better, Attack+ or Power+?
    ANSWER>> Attack+.  The attack power boost from this class of mods is
             always much larger than the boost from comparable Power+ mods,
             even for Cyrille. The higher Stun Recovery, Knockback Attack,
             and similar STR-related stat bonuses you get for a Power+ mod
             are never enough to offset the much higher boost in attack
             power you gain with an Attack+ mod.
    QUESTION>> Which status ailment is the best to use against enemies?
               And which status ailment is the worst to get hit with?
    ANSWER>> The answer to both questions is petrification.
    QUESTION>> Does changing the party equipment used by your NPC allies
               also effect any changes to those character's stats?  Or
               does it simply change which attacks they use?
    ANSWER>> Generally, party equipment found in higher level areas
             have higher attack power, both for physical attacks and magic
             attacks.  Garyu's Iron Dragon is particularly notable for
             also boosting physical defense.  It's hard to tell if any
             other party equipment affects DEF or if any party equipment
             affects stats other than attack power and physical defense.
    QUESTION>> I've played through all of the storyline sequences thus
               far with the same character.  Am I missing out on any of
               the story?
    ANSWER>> Well, the two main characters do have different lines of
             dialogue depending on which one is "active" for a particular
             storyline sequence, but you don't really miss anything of any
             real significance.
    QUESTION>> Which "Anti" class mod is better, Character Flaw or
    ANSWER>> Anti-Multiple, but a simple Attack +50 (or, even better,
             Attack +100) mod is better than both of those mods and should
             be what you're looking for instead.
    QUESTION>> I'm trying to fight a monster that has an impenetrable
               barrier around it.  How do I get the barrier to go away?
    ANSWER>> If a monster is surrounded by a magic barrier, simply kill
             all other enemies in the general vicinity and the barrier
             will disappear.
    QUESTION>> There are two Barrier system-like devices found on Block 2
               of the Gusk.  What is their significance?
    ANSWER>> Those are energy flow switches that are currently set to
             suppress Malxatra's power.  If you've already beaten the game
             at least once, you can hit Circle when standing near these
             devices and choose to open the energy flow to Malxatra.
             Turning these switches on will make Malxatra much stronger in
             the final battle -- think of it as a way to "ramp up" the
             difficulty level of the battle if you find Malxatra to be not
             much of a challenge.
    QUESTION>> I'm having a hard time killing Mythril Golems, as I'm only
               dealing 1 damage per hit to them.  Any suggestions?
    ANSWER>> Mythril Golems have a very high physical defense rating, so
             physical attacks don't work well against them unless you've
             maxed out Weapon Attack, Golem Killer, and Light Pursuit.
             You can also use high-class Dark Magic spells against them.
             The wisest thing to do against them, though, is to just
             ignore them and move on -- Mythril Golems are so sturdy
             and hit so hard that they're what I classify a dangerous
             waste of time.  Devil Fathers are another type of enemy
             that qualifies for this category, because they combine
             incredibly high HP with powerful physical and magic attacks.
             You save a lot of time and effort if you just skip them (if
             you CAN skip them, anyway -- these enemies sometimes appear
             as mini-bosses you must fight) and move on.
    QUESTION>> What does the Aura mod do?
    ANSWER>> Aura grants you an extra attack (press the attack button
             after using a charge attack) that isn't really an attack at
             all: instead, it's a spell-like effect that heals a decent
             percentage of your HP (as well as the HP of your NPC allies
             if they're standing reasonably close to you).  The strategic
             value of the Aura mod lies in the fact that it allows you to
             field a lineup consisting of two "brute force" NPC allies
             backed up by Cyrille's ranged attacks and group healing (the
             healing will be done via the Aura effect, of course).  As
             a matter fact, usage of Aura means that you no longer have to
             worry about protecting a fragile NPC healer (i.e. Faulklin)
             or trying to survive while your NPC healer ...slowly... casts
             her healing magic (i.e. what happens when Maebelle is your
             designated healer).  Aura is also extremely valuable in the
             early game (i.e. before Faulklin joins your party), because
             the availability of a healing effect in your arsenals allows
             you to challenge higher-level monsters while maintaining a
             fair chance of survival.
    QUESTION>> What is the highest level that a character can advance to
               in the game?
    ANSWER>> Prior to beating the game (and gaining access to Xeyon Castle),
             level 187.  After gaining access to Xeyon, level 200 (be
             warned that only the Place Beyond Darkness has a sufficiently
             high area level to advance your characters past level 187).
    QUESTION>> Is there no way to improve the enhancement numbers on
               rings and bracelets?
    ANSWER>> Correct.  Since Gantetsu doesn't do accessories, whatever
             enhancement number you get when you acquire the ring or
             bracelet is the number it'll keep for the rest of the game.
    QUESTION>> Is it possible to fully upgrade all Geo-Fortress functions
               in one playthrough of the game and without farming "timer"
               Defensive Battles?
    ANSWER>> It's possible, but not very likely.  You need 117 Core Metals
             to fully upgrade all functions of the Geo-Fortress, and you
             can indeed acquire 117 before finishing the game.  By my
             count, 12 of the 117 Cores are tied to "timer" Defensive
             Battles, meaning that you must trigger at least 60 such
             battles throughout the game.  Most players trigger no more
             than 30 in one playthrough of the game, and some finish the
             game have triggered no more than 15 "timer" Defensive Battles.
             You'd need to be a mighty slow and... thorough... player to
             spend enough time out in the world that you trigger 60 "timer"
             Defensive Battles prior to beating the game without trying
             to "farm" that variety of Defensive Battle.
    QUESTION>> What is the best party equipment item for each NPC ally?
    ANSWER>> Party equipment generally get stronger the higher the area
             level of the location you find them at, though this is less a
             stone-cold fact than a rule of thumb: certain "less powerful"
             party equipment items offer useful effects and attacks that
             may prompt you to use them over higher-rated party equipment.
             A good example is Maebelle's Tender Archer, which you'd likely
             equip over more powerful "Archer" gear if your party is in
             dire need of healing.  Overall, the list below indicate what
             are considered the most powerful party equipment items in the
             game.  Aside from Avalon's Hero & Emperor -- which is a reward
             for clearing the lowest floor of the Training Ground -- all
             of these are found near the entrance of Xeyon Castle, Central
    	 Gadfort - Golden Knight
             Maebelle - Enraged Archer
             Amitaliri - Witch Teaching
             Faulklin - Noble Saint
             Garyu - Black Dragon
             Duga - Berserk Wolf
             Adam - Break Virus C
    	 Avalon - Hero & Emperor
    QUESTION>> I'm trying to do my equipment hunting on the lower floors
               of the Training Ground, but the monsters there are
               slaughtering me.  How do you manage to do your training
               and equipment hunting with such ease?
    ANSWER>> I would never say that my grinding was done "with ease," as
             I died quite a lot my first few times through the bottom 15
             floors of the Training Ground.  The monsters there are
             fierce, and you will always be at risk of suffering a one-hit
             knockout (especially if you are unable to max out some of
             the key Power Arts).  The keys to breezing through those
             floors is to prioritize HP first (pay special attention to
             finding and equipping armor and rings with two HP +100 mods
             each), address physical defense second (don't forget to carve
             the Goddess Blessing Secret Art on your armor), and then try
             to pump up your physical attack power (as "mage" Cyrille, your
             point of emphasis should instead be magic attack power) as
             much as you can without sacrificing HP and DEF.  Always carve
             all the Power Arts you've found, and place special emphasis
             on Killer Arts and Power Arts which add to magic resistance
             (since some of the most insidious enemies on the lower floors
             of the Training Ground are the monsters which wield Dark
             Magic).  Try to kill your enemies before they get an opportunity
             to try and hurt you: before you piece together Toma's deadly
             Darkness Sword setup, you should probably look for a Pandemonium
             with good mods and petrify your way through the more powerful
             mobs.  As Cyrille, you should employ "meat shield" NPC allies
             and try to crossbow everything to death from a distance and
             through obstacles if necessary (by utilizing her crossbow
             tricks).  To master the lower blocks of the Training Ground,
             it is essential to study your opposition (in order to learn
             the kind of behavior each monster is likely to exhibit) and
             to plan assiduously (to set up your equipment, carve the right
             Secret Arts, and implement more effective tactics).  You should
             certainly expect to die every now and then, but eventually
             you will gain the necessary experience to employ more effective
             strategies against your enemies.  You'll then find that you're
             having a much easier time.
    QUESTION>> I just found a weapon with the "Puppet" special ability.
               What does it do?
    ANSWER>> Puppet is a special status effect unique to the Soul Stealer
             (one-handed weapon), Scarecrow (two-handed weapon), Caster's
             Book (book), and Necromancer (book).  To use Puppet, simply
             strike the corpse of an enemy with a Puppet-capable weapon
             (you must use a melee attack -- using magic from either of
             the two Puppet-capable books will not work), and the monster
             will be temporarily resurrected to fight as your ally.  Puppet
             does not work against monsters that don't leave corpses behind
             when they die (e.g. ghosts), golems, boss-level monsters,
             mechanical monsters (i.e. those with the "robot" race type),
             and several species of undead.  Puppet also does not work
             against monsters with character level equal to or higher than
             that of your active character.  Most enemies in the lower blocks
             of the Training Ground and in Xeyon Castle are immune to
             Puppet, so it's a mostly useless effect once you move on to
             the tougher areas of the game.  You shouldn't expect Puppet
             to do much of anything in any area with area level greater
             than 110 or so.
    QUESTION>> Must I use Toma as the active character to recruit Garyu?
    ANSWER>> No.  You can recruit Garyu with either Toma or Cyrille as
             the active character.
    QUESTION>> Who is the better character, Toma or Cyrille?  Which of the
               two should I use to tackle the toughest areas of the game?
    ANSWER>> As a rule of thumb, it's more practical to use Toma against
             high-level enemies which pose a credible threat to you -- Toma
             has much better durability than Cyrille due to his higher
             physical defense and his much higher HP.  Toma also enjoys
             huge combo damage multipliers with a number of weapon setups
             (such as the ultimate Darkness Sword setup), which allow him
             to deliver much more damage in a given period of time than
             Cyrille is capable of.  With her magic-related Power Arts
             maxed, Cyrille can probably deal as much or more damage than
             an one-handed weapon-wielding Toma on the scale of a single
             hit, provided that you're hitting a monster that's weak
             against Light Magic (many of the most menacing monsters are,
             though some -- Mythril Golems, for example -- are actually
             immune to Light Magic) and you use a powerful spell like Gaia
             Nova Lv.3.  Over time, however, Toma's multiplier-enhanced
             combo damage quickly outdistances anything Cyrille can do,
             and he doesn't have to worry about his MP depleting from
             casting all those high-level spells.  Cyrille is, however,
             much better against enemies that both characters can kill
             easily: a good area-of-effect spell (e.g. Holy Lv.3) can
             eliminate 15-20 monsters with one use, and thus achieve in
             2 seconds a result that would take Toma 20 seconds of
             slashing to match.
             To summarize, use Toma in the lower blocks of the Training
             Ground, in the other optional dungeons, and in any other
             places where the indigenous fauna are credible threats to
             your prospects of survival.  Use Cyrille in "storyline" areas
             and other low-area level locations where the monsters are no
             threat and where your primary goal is to get from point A to
             point B in a short amount of time.
    QUESTION>> What exactly do I get from technique boosts and agility
    ANSWER>> Anything that increases your "technique" is raising your DEX
             (Dexterity) stat.  The stats that increase with higher DEX
             are the following: Stun Attack rating, Critical Attack rate,
             Resist Stun ratio, and Resist Knockback ratio.  Equipment
             with high DEX stats also tend to confer better Movement Speed,
             but the Movement Speed stat is not determined by Dexterity;
             rather, it's an independent stat that's also referred to as
             "agility" by the game.  The Secret Arts Rough and Ready and
             Devil Spark, as well as the Speed Up and Speed Up+ family of
             equipment mods, are the most common ways for you to raise
             your character's agility, and when you do so, Movement Speed
             is the only stat being increased -- none of your DEX stats
             are affected.
    QUESTION>> You recommend the Earth Talisman Secret Art for headgear,
               but isn't the Modest Charm Secret Art better?  You lose
               4% to 6% of magic resistance per element, but you gain
               about 1000 more DEF.
    ANSWER>> By my count, you gain 990 points of DEF/physical defense, and
             that's just not enough of a boost to constitute a worthy
             trade-off.  Since magic resistance values are displayed as
             percentages but are actually stored (and calculated) as
             integers, 4% of the total resistance value for all five
             elemental magic classes almost certainly computes as a larger
             integer sum than 990.  High elemental magic resistance values
             help tremendously -- life is so much easier down on the lower
             floors of the Training Ground if you don't have to worry
             about taking any damage from magic attacks (especially the
             HP Absorbing attacks from those pesky Ghost Masters), and
             that's why I prefer to build toward impregnable defenses
             against magic attacks rather than getting another small boost
             to my physical defense stat.  If your elemental magic
             resistance values are already high enough that you suffer no
             damage from any enemy magic attacks, however, you should
             certainly carve Modest Charm instead.
    QUESTION>> Since you preach that HP is more important than DEF/physical
               defense, then isn't the Source of Life Secret Art better
               than Goddess Blessing?  I get about 2000 HP from Source of
               Life and about 2000 DEF from Goddess Blessing.
    ANSWER>> Yes, HP is generally more useful than DEF (because HP adds to
             your durability against both physical attacks and magic attacks,
             whereas DEF affects resilience against physical attacks only),
             but that doesn't mean that Source of Life is better than
             Goddess Blessing.  Most of the time, Goddess Blessing is vastly
             superior, simply because you gain much more DEF from carving
             it than you'd gain HP from carving Source of Life (you do gain
             some MP from Source of Life as well, but MP is usually rather
             unimportant in Shining Force EXA).  This is because both
             Secret Arts confer a percentage increase to the key stat in
             question (DEF for Goddess Blessing, HP for Source of Life),
             and Goddess Blessing simply increases its stat by a larger
             percentage value than does Source of Life.  It's a quirk of
             your current character strength level that you happen to get
             approximately equal increases with both Secret Arts (your HP
             is probably much higher than your DEF at the moment -- a
             phenomenon possibly caused by having carved a higher level of
             the HP Boost Power Art than you've carved the Master Guard
             Power Art).  With "maxed out" characters, both Toma and Cyrille
             would gain about 6000 DEF from Goddess Blessing.  In contrast,
             Toma would gain about 4000 HP from Source of Life, and Cyrille
             would only gain about 2000 HP.  It's fairly easy to see that
             you get a much larger boost from Goddess Blessing there, and
             that's why it's considered the "better" Secret Art.
    QUESTION>> Why am I getting less Mythril from clearing a floor of the
               Training Ground than I did from an earlier visit to that
    ANSWER>> The amount of Mythril you get from clearing a floor (i.e. from
             killing all the monsters on that floor) of the Training Ground
             (or a similar dungeon like the Dimension X Metal Tunnel) is
             determined by the total number of enemies found on that floor.
             Since non-boss floors are randomly generated, you'll get less
             Mythril from clearing a floor if the luck of the draw happened
             to deal you a smaller floor populated by fewer enemies.  Note
             that the amount of Mythril you receive from destroying the
             crystal formations on a floor is also tied to the number of
             enemies on the floor, but to a much lesser degree -- the "base"
             amount of Mythril you get from each crystal formation fragment
             is set according to the area level of the floor (this value
             does not change no matter what the floor looks like on a
             particular visit), and while you may receive a "bonus" amount
             of Mythril per fragment if the floor is large and well-populated,
             the size of the bonus usually isn't much.
    QUESTION>> How many Light Charms do I need to make it through the game?
    ANSWER>> Zero.  I'm not a fan of Light Charms at all -- in my humble
             opinion, they provide an unnecessary "crutch" of expedience
             that takes away all the joy of legitimately overpowering your
             enemies.  I have personally never used one in any battle (I
             used my first Light Charm just out of curiosity, and once I
             saw what it does, I reloaded my game), and you certainly don't
             need to, either.  Instead of relying on Light Charms, you can
             clear every single area in the game through a combination of
             training and planning, and you're bound to have more fun that
    QUESTION>> What is added to the game after you finish it?
    ANSWER>> After beating the game, you'll be given the opportunity to
             make a "cleared data" save in any slot you wish.  When you
             load this save file, you'll be returned to the start of
             Chapter 14, and several significant things have changed:
             -- Should you decide to finish the game a second time,
                you'll be allowed to activate two switches (which look
                like the Barrier system back in the Geo-Fortress) on
                Block 2 of the Gusk to make Malxatra much more powerful
                in the final battle.
             -- You can now access Xeyon, Castle of Mysteries (a tough
                yet most rewarding optional dungeon) via a new Warp Gate
             -- The Geo-Fortress is now capable of Defense Mode.  While
                the Geo-Fortress is in Defense Mode, no Defensive Battles
                will occur and your Cannon range is maximized (despite
                the fact that the Geo-Fortress is not in Cannon Mode).
             -- You can now fulfill all of Gantetsu's requests and raise
                his forging level to the maximum level of 18.  At forging
                level 18, you can pay him to temper your equipment up to
                a maximum enhancement bonus of +18.
             -- Bornay will always have Light Charms in stock from now on.
             -- You can now warp straight to Lakton Village to fight the
                first "storyline" battle of Chapter 14 (instead of having
                to walk through Gundestor Cavern, Ancient Runed Temple,
                and Lakton Cave).  There will be a large chest of gold in
                the center of Lakton Village -- another reward for having
                completed the game.
    QUESTION>> Does the warp gate at North Paora Plains ever activate?
    ANSWER>> This is a question occasionally asked by those who played
    	 Shining Force NEO, where the map EXA gamers know as North
    	 Paora Plains is the entry point to a huge optional dungeon.
    	 In EXA, however, nothing ever happens within the ringed area
    	 at the center of North Paora Plains; it remains dormant
    	 throughout the game.
    V. Glitches
    Aside from Cyrille's crossbow tricks (particularly the Boar-Slaying
    Arrow), which exploit enemy patterns which may either be "glitches"
    or intended behavior (it's hard to say for sure), there have been
    several other ...interesting... occurrences reported by Shining Force
    EXA gamers which are definitely bugs or glitches with the programming
    As touched on earlier, some of your NPC party members will hit the
    level cap a few character levels earlier than the area level of the
    place you're grinding.  This first occurred to me on the lowest block
    of floors in the Training Ground, where I discovered that NPC allies
    must stay within one level of your main character when your main
    character hits the level cap of the area.  Otherwise, your NPC allies
    will "hit the cap early" and only receive 1 EXP per kill, despite the
    fact that their own character levels have not yet hit the level cap
    of the area.  The glitch rears its ugly head again at the Place Beyond
    Darkness in Xeyon Castle, where it may keep you from fully leveling
    up to four of your NPC allies -- if both of your main characters have
    reached level 200, then any remaining NPC allies will stop receiving
    the normal amount of experience for each kill once they reach level
    It's dawned on me recently that the glitch is not really area-related;
    instead, it's a side effect of high character level numbers.  I believe
    that the glitch takes effect once your main characters go into the 180s
    level-wise: once this has happened, you're advised to try your darnedest
    to keep all your NPC allies within one character level of your main
    character at all times or their EXP acquisition rate WILL get capped
    out early.  The glitch is only noticeable on the last block of the
    Training Ground and at the Place Beyond Darkness for one simple reason:
    those are the only areas in the game with area level above 180.
    First reported by _MasterQ_ on the Shining Force EXA board, this is a
    phenomenon where a high-level Avalon (level 198-200) suffers sudden and
    massive HP loss without having engaged in battle.  Upon entering any
    area populated by monsters, you'll notice that Avalon suddenly and
    rapidly loses 98% to 99.5% of his HP for no reason whatsoever; the
    exact percentage of HP you lose varies according to Avalon's level: at
    level 198, for example, he loses all but 348 of his 65884 HP (which is
    a meager 0.5% of his maximum HP), whereas at level 200 he loses all but
    1464 of his 67000 HP (which translates to 2% of his maximum HP retained).
    Since Avalon has no natural HP recovery, this glitch is a drain on your
    Healing Water, and it makes Avalon an ironically unreliable NPC ally
    once he reaches the pinnacle of his strength.
    UPDATE: Many people have written in to point out that the glitch is
    caused by the fact that the programmers of EXA foolishly allocated a
    single unsigned int container for Avalon's HP (did they think that no
    one would try to fully level the character?).  Since the maximum value
    you can store in an unsigned int container is 65536, the game essentially
    "starts over" if the maximum HP for Avalon exceeds that number.  Whenever
    you enter an area when Avalon's current HP is higher than 65536, his HP
    will automatically become [Current HP - 65536] due to overflow of the
    data container.  This glitch is, in a nutshell, a poorly checked piece
    of game code.
    First reported on the Shining Force EXA Japanese Wiki, this is a
    phenomenon tied to a fence that goes up during a mini-boss battle in
    Xeyon Castle, Central 2F.  For reasons unknown, this fence has, for
    some gamers, failed to lower even after the destruction of all enemies
    in the area (thereby forcing a game reset).
    First reported by tera_majin on the Shining Force EXA board, this is a
    phenomenon where Sand Worm-class monsters will pop out of the ground
    but neither attack nor approach you if you're standing sufficiently far
    away from them (the proper distance is almost the full length of the
    screen).  I've noticed this myself during my frequent trips to Diablo's
    Palm, and I believe this may simply be scripted behavior for this
    enemy type -- they're simply not programmed to either attack OR move
    unless there is a hostile within a reasonable distance, and it creates
    a "glitchy" look where the Worms appear to be doing absolutely nothing
    besides hanging out above the ground.
    This is a fairly rare occurrence: by my recollection, no more than than
    two gamers have reported having this happen to them.  Those players
    report that duplicates of their NPC party members appear following a
    normal attempt to switch party members.  You can view a video of the
    phenomenon here:
    Video courtesy of ChangeV.
    UPDATE: I've now encountered the phenomenon myself, and I believe I
    know exactly how to trigger it.  There are several points in the game
    where your NPC allies are gathered in the Geo-Fortress Control Room
    for a group discussion (instead of being positioned at their respective
    places in the Residential Block or, in the case of Adam, in the
    Engineering Block).  If you exit the Control Room for any reason at
    one such point of the game, everyone will have returned to their
    respective places in the Residential Block or Engineering Block upon
    your return.  If you are returning from a visit to a dungeon or any
    other area accessible via the Warp Gate system (as opposed to coming
    from a different part of the Geo-Fortress), your current NPC allies
    should still be active (i.e. following you around instead of returning
    to their places).  If you swap main characters at this point, then
    the current NPC allies of the character being swapped out will usually
    stick around the Control Room (standing still at the places they were
    occupying when you performed the main character swap) instead of going
    back to their respective places in the Residential/Engineering Block.
    If you speak to Zenus and choose to equip the new lead character with
    the same NPC allies, then you'll trigger the glitch and experience
    "double vision" for each affected NPC ally.  Any duplicates created
    with this process will disappear when you leave the Geo-Fortress
    Control Room.
    Here's a sample procedure for triggering the glitch (this is a concrete
    example from my own experience with the glitch):
    - At the "decision" point of Chapter 14 (the point of the game where
      you must choose which character goes off to the Dungeon of Ordeal),
      choose Toma as your active character and equip him with Adam and
      Amitaliri as NPC allies
    - Leave the Geo-Fortress via the Warp Gate, then press the R3 button
      to return
    - Switch with Cyrille; you'll notice that Adam and Amitaliri linger
      around the Control Room instead of going to their respective places
      in the Residential/Engineering Block
    - Talk to Zenus as Cyrille and equip her with Adam and Amitaliri as
      NPC allies
    - You should now see two Adams and two Amitaliris following Cyrille
      around the Control Room
    The "decision" point of Chapter 14 referenced above is the point of
    the game where I did all my testing of this glitch.  I can vouch for
    the reliability of the procedure at that point of the game, though
    it should also work at any other point in the game that fulfills the
    criteria outlined above.
    Put your Geo-Fortress in Search Mode (if you've already maxed out the
    Geo-Fortress's Radar function, any mode will do) and use the Number 3
    Gate to access the Geo-Fortress Arena Stage.  Go as far north as you
    can and press L2 to access the radar view of the area.  You'll see a
    glowing red dot -- the radar view indicator for a secret treasure --
    at a location off the northern edge of the map.  Since this presumed
    secret treasure is located at a position outside of the boundaries of
    the Arena Stage map, you can't get to it, nor can you get anything to
    happen by launching crossbow bolts or ranged magic attacks toward that
    position.  The majority of Shining Force EXA gamers believe that
    the glowing red dot is caused by a glitch in the programming code,
    but we may never know for sure.
    VI. Save Files
    This section is dedicated to offering more detailed (and, in some
    instances, more accurate) descriptions of the series of Shining Force
    EXA save game files I've uploaded to GameFAQs.  In these save games, 
    all available Power Arts have been maxed (insofar as the Power Arts
    you're capable of acquiring at that stage of the game), and I've
    acquired all Secret Arts and party equipment for NPC allies available
    at that point of the game.  Except for Saves #1 and #2, gold and
    Mythril are maxed in each of these saved games.  You may view and
    download these files using the URL below:
    These saves are in *.sps (SharkPort 2 Save) format, simply because the
    SharkPort 2 is the only PS2 memory management device I own.  Those who
    wish to convert these saves for use with Action Replay Max, CodeBreaker,
    Memory Linker, etc. should use the PS2 Save Builder utility available
    SAVE #1: Uploaded 5/14/07, occupies save slot 20.  Saved in Chapter 2,
             just before the first battle against Philip.  Both main
             characters at level 16 with better gear than the "starter"
             items following training at the Path of Carnage in the Lakton
             Highlands.  Visit Ancient Arena: Birdling and collect the Red
             Metal to advance the storyline.
    SAVE #2: Uploaded 5/14/07, occupies save slot 19.  Saved in Chapter 2,
             just before the encounter with Amitaliri and Faulklin in
             Ilnad Forest.  Toma, Cyrille, Gadfort, and Maebelle are all
             at level 21 following training at Lakton Highlands.  Head
             west from the Ruins of Yi'el Village to advance the storyline.
    SAVE #3: Uploaded 5/14/07, occupies save slot 17.  Saved near the end
             of Chapter 3.  Toma and Cyrille are at level 130, Amitaliri
             and Faulklin are at level 131, and Maebelle and Gadfort are
             at level 58 following training at the Training Ground and
             in Defensive Battles.  10 Ancient Arenas cleared (Birdling,
             Orc, Wolfling, Giant, Lightning, Stone, Lizard, Stalker,
             Dragon, Golem).  The Energy Generator and Training Ground
             functions of the Geo-Fortress are both at level 7.  Both
             main characters are outfitted with quality gear found from
             the Training Ground.  Warp to the Wild Boar Cave to advance
             the storyline.
    SAVE #4: Uploaded 5/14/07, occupies save slot 16.  Saved near the end
             of Chapter 4.  Garyu has been recruited and is at level 153.
             Toma and Cyrille are at level 153 as well, whereas Gadfort,
             Maebelle, Amitaliri, and Faulklin are at level 150.  10 Ancient
             Arenas cleared (Birdling, Orc, Wolfling, Giant, Lightning,
             Stone, Lizard, Stalker, Dragon, Golem).  Energy Generator and
             Training Ground both at level 8.  Main characters have
             slightly better gear than in Save #3.  Warp to the Noswald
             Encampment at North Il'Gonia Valley to advance the storyline.
    SAVE #5: Uploaded 5/14/07, occupies save slot 15.  Saved near the end
             of Chapter 6.  Toma, Cyrille, and Faulklin are at level 177,
             whereas Gadfort, Maebelle, Amitaliri, and Garyu are all at
             level 175 following training on the lowest floors of the
             Training Ground.  Both main characters have high-quality
             equipment acquired from the lowest floors of the Training
             Ground.  12 Ancient Arenas cleared (Birdling, Orc, Wolfling,
             Giant, Lightning, Stone, Lizard, Stalker, Dragon, Golem, 
             Ghost, Steel).  Both the Energy Generator and Training Ground
             functions of the Geo-Fortress have been fully upgraded, and
             all 50 floors of the Training Ground have been cleared.  Use
             the mini-teleport in the center of the Geo-Fortress Control
             Room to warp to Ranburr's Tomb and pick up the Blue Metal
             there to advance the storyline.
    SAVE #6: Uploaded 5/14/07, occupies save slot 14.  Saved near the end
             of Chapter 7.  Toma and Cyrille are at level 178, Faulklin is
             at level 180, Duga is at level 177, whereas Gadfort, Maebelle,
             Amitaliri, and Garyu are all at level 175.  13 Ancient Arenas
             cleared (Birdling, Orc, Wolfling, Giant, Lightning, Stone,
             Lizard, Stalker, Dragon, Golem, Ghost, Steel, Ice).  As noted
             in Save #5, the Energy Generator and Training Ground functions
             have both been "maxed" and the Training Ground has been fully
             cleared.  Main character have roughly the same gear as in
             Save #5.  Use the "Gradium Mine, Inside" warp gate entry to
             proceed to the battle against the Zircon Lotus.
    SAVE #7: Uploaded 7/3/2007, occupies save slot 13.  Saved near the end
             of Chapter 12.  Toma, Cyrille, Gadfort, Maebelle, Amitaliri,
             Garyu, and Adam are all at level 187 (the level cap of Training
             Ground floor B50F/Depths), whereas Faulklin is at level 185,
             Duga is at level 185, and Avalon is at level 184 on account of
             the "EXP Freeze" glitch.  All 20 non-Legion Ancient Arenas have
             been cleared.  Four of the seven Geo-Fortress functions have
             been fully upgraded: Energy Generator, Training Ground, Radar,
             and Robot Factory.  The Barrier function is at level 7, the
             Repair function is at level 5, and the Geo-Fortress Cannon is
             at level 2.  Each main character owns 50 bottles of Healing
             Water following many trips to Diablo's Palm, each main character
             is equipped with gear of the highest quality obtainable prior
             to beating the game, and there is also quality "backup"
             (i.e. enchanted with mods that are particularly strong in
             certain specific situations) equipment in storage.  All secret
             treasures on maps accessible thus far have been acquired through
             usage of the maxed Radar function.  Use the "Emperor's Hall"
             warp gate entry and enter Ragnadaam III's throne room to advance
             the storyline.
    SAVE #8: Uploaded 1/15/2008, occupies save slot 12.  Saved just before
             the Dungeon of Ordeal event in Chapter 14.  All character
             levels are the same as in Save #7.  All 20 non-Legion Ancient
             Arenas have been cleared.  Character equipment is largely the
             same as in Save #7, and all secret treasures available have
             been obtained.  Each main character now owns 54 bottles of
             Healing Water.  All Geo-Fortress functions have been maxed
             except for Cannon, which is at level 9.  Choose the main
             character you want and head to his/her Geo-Fortress quarters
             to tackle the Dungeon of Ordeal and embark on the sequence
             of events that ends the game.
    SAVE #9: Uploaded 2/6/2008, occupies save slot 11.  Cleared data saved
             after finishing the game with both characters.  Toma, Cyrille,
             Avalon, Garyu, Duga, and Faulklin are at level 200, whereas
             Maebelle, Gadfort, Amitaliri, and Adam are stuck at level 197
             thanks to the EXP Freeze glitch.  All Power Arts have been
             obtained and maxed, all Secret Arts have been found, all 21
             Ancient Arenas have been cleared, and all secret treasures
             have been obtained.  Xeyon Castle has been completely cleared.
             Each main character owns 54 bottles of Healing Water, and all
             Geo-Fortress functions have been maxed (with 2 Core Metals
             left over and 100 Cure Metals in storage).  The main characters
             are outfitted with the superb equipment listed at the end of
             Section III, and there's a bevy of fantastic gear for situational
             use in storage.  All non-accessory equipment have been enhanced
             to +18, and both gold and Mythril are maxed.  In short, there
             isn't much left to do in the game, though I'd certainly like
             for someone to use this save as a basis and try to find the
             items I've always coveted but have never been able to find as
             drops.  Those items are listed below, with mods (the important
             part!) in parentheses:
             - Aerial Saber (Critical++/Attack +100)
             - Chaos Breaker (Angel's Embrace/Attack +100)
             - Darkness Sword (Chain Attack+/Attack +100)
             - Aurora Bow (Attack +100/Attack +100)
             - Storm Shot (Attack +100/Attack +100)
             - Book of Thor (Chaos Element/Soul +50)
             - Book of Thor (Critical++/Attack +100)
             - +9 Berserk Ring (HP +100/HP +100)
             - +9 Chaos Moebius (Attack +100/Attack +100)
             - +9 Mephisto Brace (Magic Power +50/Magic Power +50)
             - +9 Stone Bracelet (Medusa Guard/Medusa Guard)
    VII. Update History/Special Thanks
    April 28, 2008 -- Updated the entry for the Avalon HP bug and added a
    		  a couple of FAQ entries.
    February 21, 2008 -- Deleted a dangling space (heh) and added a couple
                         of FAQ entries.
    February 13, 2008 -- Minor fixes and additions.
    February 7, 2008 -- Added some sub-sections, some FAQ entries, and info
                        about the last save file in my series.  Happy
                        (Chinese) New Year, everybody!
    January 28, 2008 -- More fixes and updates.
    January 21, 2008 -- Minor fixes and a new FAQ entry.
    January 15, 2008 -- Minor fixes here and there.
    January 14, 2008 -- Made some grammatical/stylistic corrections, added
                        many entries to the Mythril Values list, and added
                        another entry to the "Glitches" section.  Fielded
                        some more questions in the FAQ section.
    January 9, 2008 -- Version 1.0 completed (talk about some serious
                       slacking, eh?).
    May 2007 -- Started work on this guide.
    Special thanks to Sega for producing and localizing this great game
    for us all to enjoy.  Thanks to the contributors to the Japanese
    Shining Force EXA Wiki (http://sfx.gkwiki.com/) for providing a great
    deal of raw data used in many of the lists in Section III.  Thanks to
    my fellow Shining Force EXA board denizens at GameFAQs for inspiring
    me to write this guide, for contributing to the content found in this
    guide, and for providing the kick in the pants that spurred me to
    finally finish it.  Thanks to SolidSnake X for reminding me to talk
    about Demonic Pact and Magic of Insanity (and why I included neither
    in my recommendations for Secret Arts), and for providing some missing
    Mythril values.  Thanks to jisher for letting me know that it's possible
    to access the East Balcan Desert locations as early as Chapter 10.
    Thanks to Mew seeker and others for pointing out the source of the
    Avalon HP bug.  Thanks also to GameFAQs for graciously hosting this
    guide and for offering a great place for Shining Force EXA lovers to
    congregate and converse.  ASCII art header courtesy of the ASCII
    Generator at http://www.network-science.de/ascii/.
    Questions?  Comments?  Corrections?  Was there something I missed?
    Or do you think I'm just flat out wrong about something?  Send email
    feedback to guitarotoko@gmail.com.
    (C) 2007-2008 Wei Chen

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