Review by cloudjessie42

Reviewed: 01/11/07

The King of The Court Returns

This is my first basketball game in two years, since NBA 2K5. I didn't buy 2K6 cause 2K5 was so disappointing. But is this year's game any better than the past two?

The graphics in this game are excellent, from the detail in the player's faces (although the more..."less known" players look less than spectacular) to the courts and everything in between. The animations are excellent. After a long time, someone finally nailed just what a jumpshot is supposed to look like. This is helped along by an addition this year called "Signature Style." For example, Kobe's J will look just as he does it in real life, as will Shawn Marion's WEIRD shooting motion. A few complaints though. Ever since 2K5, the players and their uniforms have been looking too shiny. It's been toned down in this one, to the point where its not really noticible during gameplay, but its still there during replays. The ball also has the same weird shiny problem. It looks like its made of PVC or something.

The sound is also excellent, the crowds roar at the right times, like during a game winning shot or after a timeout by the losing team that has been getting ousted. The players sound nice, except during the streetball mode, every player has the same voice. Everything else is as you'd expect it to sound, nothing special, just good.
SCORE: 8/10

In my opinion, the worst part of the game. With the exception of a few like E-40, Mos Def, and Lupe Fiasco, everyone on the soundtrack is absolute and utter trash. It will make your ears bleed, I swear. I am a fan of hip-hop, but this is just disgusting.

What really matters, the gameplay. The games are 5 minutes long, though you may make them longer or shorter as you please. For the most part, they are very realistic, stuff that you probably complained about that was unrealistic in games back then, you probably won't be complaining about here. The pace of the games is well done, everyone will average what they should. The controls are what make this game so much fun. The shot stick returns, and once you play with it, you'll never want to shoot with a button again. IsoMotion returns and it is MUUUUCCHHH better than before. There is a wide variety of moves to pull, and it is very easy to do what you want. On the fly playcalling, coaching, and substitutions are very nice additions. At any moment during gameplay, you press either left, down or right on the d-pad to activate coaching, subs, or playcalling menus, respectively. So if you want to sub someone in without pausing, change your playcall, or modify coaching settings, you can do it here. At the end of the game, you get points based on certain acheivements such as getting a triple double or getting 30 pts. with one player, etc. You can use these points for your "Crib", a 3d house where you can buy useless stuff like jerseys for the wall, posters, banners, etc. You can even unlock two playable minigames, darts and air hockey. While this mode is still pretty fun to watch your crib fill up with your favorite team's gear, its not as fun as the one featured on NFL 2K5. Franchise mode, or The Association, as the game calls it, works very well. You can do all the standard stuff, such as trades, signing, etc. But you can also assign practice and drills to help your players get better. All in all, the gameplay is absolutely spectacular and trumps the other two NBA games out this season.
SCORE: 9.5/10

This game is the complete package. The games themselves are pure bliss, and the extras are good. An excellent game.


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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