How do I get past the level where you have to save yuma?

  1. I am at the island with the dragon rock on top and I dont what to do. I think it has to do with the three cubes that you have to change the colors in a certain pattern.

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    b_ball123 - 8 years ago

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  1. Go to the box puzzle. Marcus or Thomas will have a conversation regarding the puzzle after that go To Pandamon ask for clues he will ask questions answers are Red and Geogreymon After that go to the box puzzle and put this colors blue,red,green. Then after that go to lilithmon and fight her. After You beat lilithmon go back to livilus island and go to the box puzzle again and put this colors Red, Yellow, Green and a portal will appear that allows you to fight darkdramon a mega. I suggest you to him at level 35 or Above cause he is level 37. Pandamon can ask you questions besides at the box puzzle.

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  1. When you change the color of one cube, one of the people on your team will say maybe we should talk to someone that lives here. Then, you go speak to pandamon who will ask you what color are Gaomon's gloves (red if you are too lazy too look) then asks which digimon is the odd one out of the group: Geogreymon, lalalmon, and gaomon. (answer being geogreymon because he is champion level)

    Pandamon will then tell you look at your digimon. Should be obvious that he means the color of the three starter digimon in the order you got them from the conversation you are having. So orange, pink, and blue is the order from left to right of the cubes to unlock the gate. I'm sure you could skip the pandamon route and be lazy but that's no fun.

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  2. You need to go to the three cubes, activate it in these three colors: red, pink, and blue. Then, after the barrier is down go to the tree's root and walk on top of it. The rest should be easy to do.

    WARNING: If you activate a teleporter from the three cubes, don't go and walk towards the island with the chest. You won't survive against the digimon down there with just champion level digimon. Go back after you at least get three ultimate level digimon and a whole lot of revival items.

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