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    Rick by Matanza

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    A guide for Rick Strowd of Real Bout 2.
    By El SeƱor Matanza.
    mail to: 971547@aloe.ulima.edu.pe
    ICQ #: 18488821
    Proudly created using notepad...
    1.- Introduction
    	Well, to be honest, I was never really into the Fatal Fury series. I was more of a 
    KoF 97 / Street Fighter kinda guy. But one day I was wandering around my arcade when the owner
     was installing a new machine. I asked him what game was he installing, and responded me: 
    "I don't know". Intrigued, I stayed there until the game was all set. And there it was, to my 
    amazement, Real Bout 2. I stared like an idiot watching the whole intro and the demonstrations, 
    until I realized that I could play the game. So I played it for a while and realized that it was
    something completely different from what I was used to play, and I loved it.
    	Sadly the game didn't lasted too long in the arcade, so I couldn't get the hang of it.
    Until recently.
    I discovered that an arcade still got the game, so I started playing like crazy, and here I 
    present to all of you, my Rick Strowd guide.
    BTW: This is my first FAQ / guide ever... :)
    2.- Personal Data
    Name: Rick Strowd
    Age: 28
    Birthdate: 08/19/1971
    Nationality: North American
    Fighting Style: Boxing
    Blood Type: B
    Hobby: Wood carving
    Dislikes: Fragrant perfumes, toiletries, and such
    Most Valuable: His turquoise earring
    Favorite Food: Ostrich eggs
    Favorite Music: Country
    Favorite Sport: Boxing
    3.- Move names and descriptions
    	Well, in  this section I'll try to describe the different special moves, S. Powers 
    (DM's), and P. Powers (SDM's), that Rick has in his arsenal. Please bear in mind that all the
    descriptions and comments are strictly IMO. This means that they're all based in my personal 
    experiences and that your thoughts may or may not agree with what I write in these lines.
    Also, I write for ppl who is already familiar with the game and FAQ terminology, so I'm not 
    writing the meaning of "dp", "qcf", "hcb", etc. Please note that the motions are writen in 
    lowercase, while the buttons are written in uppercase.
    NOTE: Moves marked with *, are moves that can be used as breakshots
    3.1.- Command Attacks
    Name: Chopping Right
    Motion: Fwd. + A
    Hits: 2
    Description: Rick leans forward with two jabs in a downward angle
    Comments: Overhead
    Name: Smash Sword
    Motion: DwnFwd. + A
    Hits: 1
    Description: Rick does an uppercut ala Terry's DwnFwd. + C in KoF 97/98/99
    Comments: Not much to say really. It can be used as an anti-air, but since it has some startup
              lag, it should be well anticipated  
    Name: Punisher
    Motion: Dash (Fwd. x 2), then Fwd. + C
    Hits: 1
    Description: Rick performs his far St. C animation, but with more range
    Comments: none
    Name: Shooting Star Fake
    Motion: Fwd. + AC
    Hits: 0
    Description: Rick ducks and performs the initial frames of his sweep
    Comments: They should rename this move, he doesn't fake the Shooting Star, but instead, he 
              fakes his standard sweep, anyway, this is his only fake. It seems kinda slow but you
              combo off it.
    3.2.- Special Moves
    Name: Shooting Star (*)
    Motion: qcf. + A or C
    Hits: 4 (A) - 5 (C)
    Description: Rick runs forward and punches the opponent several times
    Comments: A version comes out faster but it doesn't knock down. C version travels longer and 
              knocks opponent into the air
    Name: EX Shooting Star
    Motion: qcf. + C
    Hits: 12
    Description: Rick runs forward and pummels the opponent, ending with an uppercut that sends both
    	     Rick and the opponent into the air
    Comments: Power Bar must be full (S. or P. Power) in order to perform this move. Note that only 
              the C version of the Shooting Star turns into EX Shooting Star. A version of the move 
              stays the same
    Name: Blazing Sunburst (*)
    Motion: qcb. + A
    Hits: 1
    Description: Rick turns his back to the opponent, then delivers a punch that sends the opponent 
                 flying through the screen
    Comments: Unblockable. Way to slow to combo
    Name: Full Moon Fever
    Motion: qcb. + B (hold B)
    Hits: 0
    Description: Rick starts swaying. While he is swaying, he is invulnerable to most attacks
    Comments: Hold B button to keep swaying
    Name: Divine Blast (*)
    Motion: qcb. + C
    Hits: 1
    Description: Rick leaps back almost to the edge of the screen, then rushes forward with a punch
    Comments: Press D when Rick finishes his backwards leap, and the move will cancel. You can use 
              this as a way to gain some distance between you and your opponent   
    Name: Hellion (*)
    Motion: dp. + A
    Hits: 2
    Description: Rick does two punches, each one leaves a trail, one horizontally, one vertically
    Comments: Your standard uppercut. Its kinda slow, so you better anticipate when your opponent
    	  will jump, if you wanna use it effectively     
    3.3.- S. Powers (DM's)
    Name: Gaia Breath
    Motion: Fwd, Bk, DwnBk, Dwn, DwnFwd. + BC
    Hits: 2
    Description: Rick performs an uppercut with one hand, then a straight punch with the other hand 
    	     that forms an horizontal whirlwind upon impact, sending the opponent flying through
                 the screen
    Comments: Very nice DM. Looks good, and it takes a nice chunk of energy bar. The only problem is 
              its range, which sucks. If you want the DM to combo correctly, the uppercut most combo.
              The problem is that the uppercut's range is very short, but it comes out fast. So, you
              should try to combo it from light attacks, or buffer it from one St. C
    3.4.- P. Powers (SDM's)
    Name: Howling Bull
    Motion: Fwd, Bk, DwnBk, Dwn, DwnFwd. + C
    Hits: 15
    Description: Rick starts a barrage of punches that travel through the air up to the whole screen 
    Comments: One of the best SDM's in the whole game, this baby combos nicely off almost anything.
              Don't be fooled by the animation, the range of those punches is almost half the screen 
              distance, and the last punch travels all the screen distance
    4.- Character Chain Attacks
    	Listed below are the special chain combos that Rick can perform. I have not listed stuff
    like St. A, St. A, St. A, 'cause that is not a special chain combo for Rick, I mean, Rick can do 
    it, but so can many of the characters in the game. I've only listed the chain combos that are 
    special for Rick.
    * Can be cancelled
    () Cannot be cancelled
    - St. A *, St. C *
    - St. A *, St. B *, St. C () 
    - Dwn. A *, Dwn. B *, Dwn. C ()
    - Dwn. A *, St. C *
    - Near St. B *, St. C *
    - Near St. B *, St. B *, St. C * 
    - Near St. B *, St. B *, DwnFwd. C * 
    - Near St. B *, Dwn. B *, Dwn. C ()
    - Far St. B *, St. C *
    - Far St. B *, Fwd. C (), Dwn. x 2 + C ()
    - Dwn. B *, Dwn. C *, Fwd. C ()  
    - Dwn. B *, St. B *
    - DwnFwd. A *, DwnFwd. x 2 + B ()
    - DwnFwd. A *, St. B *, Fwd. C (), Dwn. x 2 + C ()
    - DwnFwd. A *, Bk. C ()
    - St. C *, St. C *
    - Dash, Fwd. + C (), St. C *
    5.- Combos
    	This is my favorite section, 'coz you couldn't imagine how much time I spent finding all
    the combos I've listed, many sleepless nights have been invested here, but I'm very proud of the
    results, and those results are the combos that now I'm presenting to you.
    (COR) Opp. must be in corner
    (POW) Power Gauge must be full
    (MAX) Power Gauge must be full, and energy bar must flashing red	
    - Jump-in, Dwn. B, Dwn. C, dp. + A (4 - 5 hits)
    - St. B, St. B, DwnFwd. C, dp + A  (4 - 5 hits)
    - Jump-in, DwnFwd. A, St. B, dp. + A (5 hits)
    - Jump-in, St. A/C, St. C, qcf. + A (7 hits)
    - (COR) Jump-in, St. C, St. C, dp. + A (5 hits)
    - (POW) Jump-in, St. A/C, St. C, qcf. + C, dp. A (16 - 17 hits) 
    - (POW) Jump-in, DwnFwd. A, St. B, Gaia Breath (5 hits)
    - Dash, Fwd. + C, St. C, dp. + A (4 hits)
    - Dash, Fwd. + C , St. C, qcf + A (6 hits)
    - (POW) Dash, Fwd. + C, St. C, Gaia Breath (4 hits)
    - (POW) St. C, Gaia Breath (3 hits)
    - (COR) (MAX) St. C, St. C, Fwd. + AC, St. A, St. C, Howling Bull (19 hits)
    - (POW) St. B, St. B, St. C, Gaia Breath (5 hits)
    - (POW) Jump-in, Dwn. B, St. B, Gaia Breath (5 hits)
    - (COR) (POW) St. C, St. C, Fwd. + AC, St. A, St. C, qcf. + C, dp. + A  
    NOTE: In many of the combos above, the Gaia Breath can be replaced by the Howling Bull without 
          any problem
    6.- Acknowledgments
    - SNK, for making this great game (We are still waiting for RB3)
    - OmegaMAD, for making the complete FAQ, which was for quite some time, the only FAQ about RB2
    - The DashTaisen homepage (www.dashtaisen.com), for all the info on the characters
    - All my friends at Galerias Brazil, for showing me such nice combos, and letting me play without
    					ESTE ES EL FIN. 

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