Why can't i get final form in kingdom hearts 2 final mix?

  1. I finished the game twice but i still can't get it?

    User Info: agentlks

    agentlks - 5 years ago

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  1. Level all forms as far as possible, until each one's "Next" is zero. Enter a battle (you must risk AntiForm) and then drive into a form. Doesn't matter where, but yes, in a Coliseum summon-friendly event is an excellent choice once the final save point is reached.

    If you wait until the next time you play, try right after Memory's Skyscraper and BEFORE entering the castle itself. Final form can be obtained in mere moments, and with AntiForm being a problem while your party members are milling about the Brink of Despair save point. (That changes as soon as you step forward, however.)

    Search Questions over on the KH2 Answers page for loads more tips.

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  1. I recommend using the keyblade from Roxas(two become one, if I,m not mistaken), then enter Cerberus cup, transform into any form( your drive gauge must be 5 or higher) , and hope your transformation will be Final Form, but that keyblade has a side effect of turning into Anti-form, so if you become anti form, retry the match and transform again. Hope this helps!

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  2. Basically what everyone else said but transform in the world that never was, I found it a hell of a lot easier to get it with Riku in my party. Literally got it on the first time I transformed into master form with the two become one key blade as my main weapon.
    Also you don't need to level all the forms to there highest level as I did it with master and valor best level and wisdom and limit on lower levels
    Hope this helped :D

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  3. Okay here is an easy way to get Final Form...This may take a few tries, but I got Final form in about 5 minutes: Okay so here is what you need to do...Go to The World That Never Was (First Visit) and beat Roxas. After you beat him you get the Keybalde: Two Become One. Then equip that and turn into (I believe) any Drive form...you will either turn into Anti Form or Final Form.

    User Info: Roxas13VIII

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  4. Right, first of all, defeat Roxas in The World That Never Was, then equip the new keyblade you got (Two Become One) and go to the room before the castle (it's at the edge of a cliff), go back to the skyscraper (Memory's Skyscraper), find the first battle, activate a form, you will turn into either anti or final form, if you go anti, go back to the cliff, and then back to the skyscraper and repeat until you get final form
    Make sure that when you go to the cliff, that there is no donald and goofy following you, or it will not work
    In the case that donald and goofy are following you, go to olympus coliseum, go to the arena challenge that allows forms (titan I believe), do the same, but just select "retry" from the pause menu

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  5. After you defeat Roxas, you get two become one, equip that keyblade which limits you to only 2 drive forms, final and anti form, note that this only works in battle so I'd recommend going to The world that never was the alter of naught, which is the door before you do the final boss xemnas, and go to the area before that room and when the enemies spawn, go into a drive form, first time should always be anti form but if you're lucky enough, you'll probably get final form, you will get final form from 1-5 of your transformations, with the 5th being final, the reason I said go to that area because when you go back you will be auto reverted since the members are standing at the door, you will also get full drive back. Repeat til you get final.

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