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    LVL1 Organization XIII Guide by Raganook

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    LVL1 Organization XIII Guide +
    Last Updated: 1/7/11
    Next Update: FAQ videos to accompany the guide.

    Update History

    • 1/7/11 - Grammar corrections, lots and lots of video links.
    • 1/2/11 - Guide completely re-written. It now covers post-game material instead of just organization members (only two things other things, but still). It is also formatted with GameFAQ's new formatted FAQ markup. Nearly nothing in the old guide has been re-used, it's completely done from scratch.
    • 09/03/07 - All submissions posted that have been received.
    • 06/18/07 - V2.0 released. HUGE re-format of guide layout, and some of the submissions I received post. Sorry for the slow updates everyone, doing my best here :P
    • 06/02/07 - V1.2 released. Fixed about a bazillion spelling mistakes.
    • 04/29/07 - V1.1 released. Fixed Marluxia's gender problem and Saïx's lack of division. I removed difficulty ratings because so many people are disagreeing with my ratings, and they are ultimately a matter of opinion. Added a few strategies that were submitted. I have quite a few strategies that are too vague to follow or cannot seem to be reproduced. I encourage everybody to submit strategies, and please try to be very clear :-). Next update I will add more user strats, and restructure the guide to read it easier.
    • 04/22/07 - V1.0 released. Riddled with spelling errors I'm sure, and formatting could use some work. No user submissions yet. But otherwise, basic strategies and information all complete.


    Hi everyone. This guide is to help you all out with the difficult "Data" Organization fights. When I first wrote this FAQ nearly 3 years ago, It was really the first time I had tried a game of this difficulty, and my strategies were very amateurish. I didn't even have "guard" equipped, and I never once used the "reflect" spell. Disaster.

    This guide is now completely re-written. It now has a focus on LVL1, as that's where the real challenge lies. I know that for some (like myself 3 years ago!) the fights are plenty difficult at LVL99, and for those people, these strategies are still mostly valid, just with far less repetition, and the advantages of Second Chance and Once More.

    That being said, doing this at level 1 maxed out my personal abilities. Throughout the guide, I will link you to videos I made to help you understand aspects of the fight. I will also link to far more talented players who make these fights look simple. There are people who do these fights with various restrictions, from "no damage" to "no item/drive/summon" and even barring certain abilities. That sort of thing is just beyond my skill level, but if you want to contribute a strategy for that kind of stuff, go ahead, and I'll happily add it!

    YOUR SUGGESTIONS ARE INCREDIBLY WELCOME! My contact information is at the bottom of the FAQ, under "Contact."


    You (have/are):

    1. Beaten the entire game, including Xemnas
    2. Gotten to the end of the secret dungeon (the third White Room)
    3. Beaten every silhouette fight
    4. Still at LVL 1
    5. Maxed out all your Form Levels and Summon levels
    6. Can figure out how to forge items
    7. Playing on Critical Mode. If you are playing on any other difficulty you are probably wondering why a guide is even necessary.

    I will also be assuming that you either know Japanese, can read katakana, or have some means of deciphering which piece of equipment is which, and which ability is which. I will IGNORE ANY E-MAIL WITH TRANSLATION REQUESTS!

    • Decisive Pumpkin - Combo Boost will make this the most powerful keyblade in your arsenal usually.
    • Oathkeeper - Needed for the extended Form time it gives you (white room only)
    • Hero's Crest - For boosting your air combo damage
    • Ultimate Weapon - MP Haste ability (white room only, and not crucial)
    • Guardian Soul - For reaction-command boosts
    • Bond of Flame - For Demyx
    • Rumbling Rose - For Roxas


    These are the abilities that should be equipped by default, unless otherwise stated. They are written first in English, then in Japanese in parenthesiss.

    • Guard (Reflect Guard)
    • Upper Slash (Slash Upper)
    • Finishing Leap (Finish Rise)
    • Retaliating Slash (Revenge Slash)
    • Slapshot
    • Dodge Slash
    • Flash Step
    • Sliding Dash (Slide Dash)
    • Round Break
    • Guard Break (Stride Break)
    • Explosion
    • Aerial Sweep
    • Aerial Dive
    • Aerial Spiral (Air Spiral)
    • Aerial Finish
    • Magnet Splash
    • Counterguard (Guard Counter)
    • Trinity Limit
    • High Jump LV3
    • Dodge Roll LV3
    • Quick Run LV3 (Air Slide)
    • Aerial Dodge LV3 (Air Dodge)
    • Glide LV3
    • Scan (Libra)
    • Aerial Recovery (Air Recovery)
    • Combo Master
    • Reaction Boost (Reaction Up)
    • Finishing Plus (Finish Plus)
    • Form Boost X2
    • Summon Boost
    • MP Rage (Damage Aspiru)
    • MP Haste
    • MP Hastera
    • EXP Zero
    • Donald Cure
    • Fantasia
    • MP Rage (Damage Aspiru)
    • MP Hastera
    • Hyper Healing
    • Auto Healing
    • Defender
    • Once More (Combo Live)
    • Hyper Healing


    This will vary fight to fight. Generally you will need either high potions or ethers, and it will be denoted in the appropriate boss section.


    Curaga, Reflega, Thundaga, High potion. This is your default. I highly recommend Reflega go on your O shortcut, so that you can quickly switch between reflect and attack.


    At level 1, it almost doesn't matter, but I decked out with Cosmic Belt and all Buster Band for my armor, and all Full Bloom + for my accessories. This is subject to change fight to fight.

    General Strategies

    Don't Be Greedy! - I tell you this, but you won't listen. You'll think "I know it's risky, but hey, look, an opening!" and you'll go for it. And then, what do you know, you're dead. Seriously, these fights often take patience, don't rush! It will make it take longer!

    You WILL die in the beginning - The timing is something you will learn as you go, and you will be caught off guard by various attacks. That's OK. Just keep at it, you need to get used to each fight.

    Re-read the strategy, or watch a linked video - Sometimes the visual is what you need for it to kick in. Maybe you forgot to unequip that combo plus.

    Limit Form - In a jam, you can change forms to regain your HP and MP. If you are having a great deal of trouble, equip auto-limit form, and use triangle to save your life. Make sure to wait for a proper opening before you revert!

    Solo Trinity - Boss nearly dead? Don't forget that you can always activate Solo Trinity Limit to gain complete invincibility, and it counts as a finisher, so you will end the fight with no risk involved! Just don't use it when a boss has invincibility frames...

    Identifying FeatureIt's the third fight in the white hallway leading to the Data room, and it's right in front of the door
    Equip keybladeUltimate Weapon, if not, Decisive Pumpkin
    Equip AbilitiesDefault
    Unequip AbilitiesTrinity Limit
    Equip ArmorShock Charm+ in every slot.
    Equip AccessoriesDefault
    Equip ItemsEthers
    Special PreparationsRun to the area right before the fight. Summon Genie. Change him to Final Form. Go to your item menu and use Drive Recoveries to get back to full gauge. Shortcut "Curaga","Magnega", "Thundaga", "Ether"


    This fight gets a section because, frankly, it's harder than a good bulk of the other Organization fights.

    The enemies will come at you in waves, and a majority of the attacks will OHKO you. The worst parts are the Sorcerers, who's translucent purple boxes are what nightmares are made of, and Dragoons spawning straight into you.


    There are three main strategies we are going to employ to get through this one.

    The first is that Magnet causes enemies to stay bundled together, which HUGELY increases the damage output of Genie and Fantasia. The second is that Fantasia does decent damage, allows you to still attack, and most importantly, does not hinder item usage. The third is that Final Form genie hurts like hell and grants huge amounts of invincibility frames.

    By using these attacks in succession, we are going to spend the bulk of the battle in invincibility frames. Here we go!

    Wave 1 - Dragoons galore

    Jump over their decent, staying in the middle. Use Magnega. Immediately use Genie, who will shred them to pieces.

    Wave 2 - More Dragoons

    Magnega, followed by Genie. Dead.

    Wave 3 - Dancers and Creepers

    Genie should be gone now. Magnega everybody into a nice clump and cast thunder. Cast thunder twice more, then cast Magnega again. Cast Thunder until you are one away from losing MP. While you were doing this...

    Wave 4 - Another Dancer

    ...another Dancer appeared! She is likely the only one left alive. Quick Run, dodge roll and run collecting MP orbs. You should end up with enough to use one more "Magnega" without running out of MP. If not, cast "Curaga" and wait for your MP to return. Weaken the Dancer, but do NOT kill her until you have Donald alive and have at least enough MP to cast Magnega WITHOUT running out. Then kill her.

    Wave 5 - Sorcerer

    QUICKLY cast Magnega. QUICKLY use Fantasia. While it's going, start attacking the Sorcerer; you're invulnerable. It should die, and the next wave should spawn while Fantasia is still going

    Wave 6, 7 - Dragoons and Dancers (Creepers?), then more Dragoons

    Finish using Fantasia. When Donald is doing the final part of the Limit, throw two ethers. Then, jump in the air and start hitting the air, trying to stay centered with the enemies. Try to time it so the Magnet Splash pulls off right as the Fantasia limit ends. When you hit the floor, you'll have full MP. Use Magnega and Thundaga in succession to kill everything, but leave a single Dragoon alive. Again, ensure both that Donald is alive and that your MP is enough to use Magnega and have some left. Kill the Dragoon.

    Wave 8 - Sorcerer and Dancers

    QUICKLY cast Magnega. QUICKLY use Fantasia. Focus your attacks on the Sorcerer. By the end of the limit, there should be 1-2 Dancers left. Wait for your chance and kill them so there is one left. DO NOT attempt this while one is glowing and walking towards you, and beware that their kicks have deceivingly large range. Once one is left, you know the drill, Donald alive and enough MP for magnega and Fantasia. I highly recommend you try and actually kill the Dancer will Magnega, so that the second the spell hits the dancer dies, and the new wave of enemies get instantly sucked in.

    Wave 9 - Sorcerer and Dragoons

    If you couldn't do the Magnega thing from before, no big deal, use Magnega FAST; if you don't the dragoons will kill you. Use Fantasia, focus on the sorcerer, then the dragoons. To deal with a bulk of them, if many live, attack the air between them to magnet splash them, hit glide for a second, and then hit attack again to start your air combo again for magnet splash. The reason for hitting glide is that it allows you to go back to attacking again faster. Cast Curaga, and make sure you have full MP. Lower the Dragoon to killing range, and summon Genie. Change him to Final Form, and kill the Dragoon.

    Wave 10 - Two Sorcerers

    Cast Magnega immediately. Use Genie's limit. Believe it or not, it will kill BOTH Sorcerers!

    Wave 11 - A Whole Mess Of Enemies

    This next part happens fast, and I break it into "Waves", but they bleed together, so don't expect the stuff from before!

    While Genie is still out, cast Magnega. There are NO SORCERERS, so you can cast Thundaga three times, followed by Magnet again. DO NOT LET YOUR MP GO INTO RECHARGE; USE AN ETHER WHEN YOU ARE A MOVE AWAY FROM ZERO MP!

    You will have just thrown an Ether and used Magnega when...

    Wave 12 - A Sorcerer Appears

    The second you see those dreaded purple boxes, use Genie's limit. You will destroy countless Nobodies, and when it's over, there will be...

    Wave 13 - ANOTHER Sorcerer Appears

    ...another Sorcerer, and a bunch of Nobodies. MOVE AS FAR AWAY FROM THE SORCERER AS YOU CAN, and be mindful of the Dancer and Dragoon. The Sorcerer will likely send his boxes at you in a "U" shape, though it may also make a wall in front of him, or the dreaded boxes-going-everywhere move.

    • If it's the U shape, wait a second, jump over it, glide to the middle
    • If it's the wall, glide to the middle
    • If it's the crazy boxes, glide to the middle and pray

    Once you have avoided the attack and gained an opening, cast Magnega, and use Genie's Limit! You'll nuke everything.

    Wave 14 - Two last Sorcerers

    This is the end! Stay away from them, WAIT FOR THEM TO ATTACK (it will likely be the "U" attack), and dodge it. After dodging it, summon Genie.

    If he's not in Final Form, wait for the next attack, use the opening, change him to Final Form.

    Once in Final Form, wait for the next attack, use the opening, use Magnega.

    Use Genie's limit. Success!

    Identifying FeatureHe's that guy with the REALLY long sword
    Equip keybladeDecisive Pumpkin
    Equip AbilitiesDefault
    Unequip AbilitiesNone
    Equip ArmorDefault
    Equip AccessoriesDefault
    Equip ItemsHi-Potions
    Special PreparationsShortcut Reflect and Hi-Potion


    This fight isn't all that hard, but is VERY drawn out. You will get very frustrated having to repeat the earlier stages just to get another chance at the parts that matter...

    This fight is heavy on audible clues; Sephiroth announces most of his major attacks with a catchphrase.

    Phase I

    That's Enough - A RC command that involves Sephiroth lunging at you

    Sword Slash - A ground-based sword combo

    Phase II

    Give In To The Darkness - Dark orbs surround Sora

    Teleporting Upperslash - Sephiroth teleports next to you and attempts to slice you into the sky

    Burn, Now - Sephiroth surrounds himself with flames that pull you in

    Descend, Heartless Angel - Sephiroth floats in the air and moments later, places a halo on your head that will erupt, depleting you of all MP and all but one health

    That's Enough

    Sword Slash

    Phase III

    Meteor - Sephiroth summons meteors from the heavens to rain down on you for roughly 10 seconds

    Dark Sword Slash - Sephiroth performs his Sword Slash, but with far greater range area of effect

    Quick Slash - Sephiroth dashes around and quickly slashes with his blade

    Burn, Now

    Teleporting Upperslash

    Give In To The Darkness

    Descend, Heartless Angel

    That's Enough

    Phase I

    The fight always starts with "That's Enough". Press Triangle to guard it, and perform a full combo. Now just make sure you stay relatively close to him, and he will always follow up with a ground combo. This will go on for 4 and a half healthbars. You want to make sure that your final combo on Sephiroth drops him beyond 4 and a half healthbars, as opposed to right on the half mark, as if you cut it too close he retaliates with a deadly close-range orb+slash attack. To manage this, make sure one of your ground combos is incomplete, that way your last combo pushes him close to -5 bars.

    Phase II

    Sephiroth has free reign over his moves now. Let's handle them one at a time:

    1. Teleporting UpperSlash - Let this move hit you. Once in the air, lock on to Sephiroth and use square to hit him, followed by a full air combo. Let yourself fall straight to the ground, and so long as Sephiroth didn't get stuck in a wall, you will be at optimal distance without having to move
    2. Give In To The Darkness - Cast Reflega. He may cast the orbs multiple times, but the bursting Reflega will knock them all away. You also might cast Reflega and NOT hit the orbs, in which case try again! Then just wait for his next move...
    3. Descend, Heartless Angel - Double jump into a glide and go aerial combo him. Fall straight down and land, and as long as he didn't get stuck in a wall, you're at the perfect distance for the next move
    4. Burn, Now - He really only uses this if you were too close, but just dash away to avoid this

    Always try to stay that optimal distance away. After dealing with his full range of attacks for a short while, you will get him locked back into his ground combo. An easy way to keep your distance optimal is to never move after you finish a ground combo; you send Sephiroth just the right distance away with Explosion!

    This will keep up until he has exactly four and a half health bars left.

    Phase III

    When Sephiroth surrounds himself with an aura at the beginning of this phase, run all the way up to him. As soon as he raises his hands in the air, begin a ground combo. The normal hits will miss, but both finishers will connect! Now be ready for anything; Descend, Darkness, Upperslash and Burn are all handled the same way. Let's deal with the new ones:

    1. Meteor - Just run to the very opening of the level go to the far left or right. Wait for the meteors to come close, then double jump across to the other side. Repeat until the attack ends. You can see what I'm talking about here ""
    2. Dark Sword Slash - Stay back, way further back than you normally do, and block sooner. Try to have you back close to a wall. Attack out of your guard as quickly as you can, and hopefully it will connect
    3. Quick Slash - Just block or guard it. You wait about a second from the start of the dash before you start your block.

    If you get Sephiroth to 3/4 of a health bar, you can use Solo Trinity Limit to end the fight a little early.

    Videos - How to dodge the Meteors

    Identifying FeatureHe's the boss of the game, and in the Deep Dive arena
    Equip keybladeDecisive Pumpkin
    Equip AbilitiesCombo Plus X1
    Unequip AbilitiesTrinity Limit
    Equip ArmorDefault
    Equip AccessoriesDefault
    Equip ItemsNone
    Special PreparationsShortcut Reflega


    This first phase will seem tough at first, but you need to beat it to get to phase 2 every time you fail. So you will get this down to a science.

    It helps that our strategy is incredibly basic.


    Ground Combo - Xemnas performs a long, uninterruptible ground combo

    Double Slash - Xemnas attacks twice

    Guard! - Xemnas summons a dark shield in front of him

    Desperation - Xemnas performs a long, uninterruptible ground combo while the screen dims

    Deep Dive - Xemnas and Sora play out Deep Dive, with Sora being Roxas and Xemnas being Riku.


    In the very start of the fight, wait just a second and block. He always opens up with a ground combo, and you will always block it the same way: guard 5 times, and then cast reflect. Wait just half a second before casting reflega so that you don't get hurt as well during the splash.

    Now the rest of the fight will seriously go like this:

    1. Xemnas, after recovering from your combo, will teleport to you
    2. Wait until Xemnas' portal thing has reached its destination and STOPPED, then hit guard.

    For the first four health bars, it's all double slashes, no problem.

    Afterwards the attacks will mix up. Note that if your guard doesn't stay up long enough to block one of these, you timed your guard wrong; it's got to be right when Xemnas' teleport stops moving.

    Here's how to react to the attacks that can happen

    1. Double Slash or Guard - Block, counterblock, combo
    2. Ground Combo or Desperation - Five blocks and a Reflega, with the reflega just a half second later than you could have

    You will keep this up until Xemnas has 4 health bars left, and then he will always hit you with this weird health draining (and MP raising) energy thing. Just run to the memory skyscraper and use the RC. A short scene ensues, and before long it's time to RC again. There are multiple RC's that flash by, and we only want the third one. Watch some YouTube videos to see the timing, or simply practice. Either way, you always press triangle RIGHT as the second one is ending, as the third RC isn't out for very long. It's very easy with practice.

    This will leave Xemnas with 1hp and stunned. Combo for victory!

    You'll be doing this fight more times than you care to know, so don't worry, you'll get it.

    Videos -Bizkit047, the exact strategy we used -remster101, a completely different approach -apulapul2000, another completely different approach

    Identifying FeatureHe's the boss of the game, and in a giant white void
    Equip keybladeDecisive Pumpkin
    Equip AbilitiesCombo Plus X1
    Unequip AbilitiesTrinity Limit
    Equip ArmorDefault
    Equip AccessoriesDefault
    Equip ItemsElixir
    Special PreparationShortcut Reflega and Elixir. Try to fill up every slot with Elixir


    This fight requires patience, and takes a very long time. Which is nerve racking, considering we just had to beat another data boss to get here!

    The fight relies on a single attack that gives you a clear opening, followed by abuse of Riku's limit.


    Be Gone! - Xemnas fires two homing balls of energy that expand after reaching you

    Horizontal Cyclone - Xemnas spins around horizontally a few times

    Vertical Cyclone - Xemnas somersaults towards you while swinging his sabers

    You Shall Go Together - Xemnas grabs you and throws you in the air, then teleports around you throwing threads of nothingness and attacking

    Bind! - Xemnas fires threads of nothingness at you.

    Why don't you vanish? - Xemnas starts a series of laser attacks. He will also shout "bind" and "fire" for this attack

    Can you spare a heat? - Xemnas paralyzes Sora, and Riku is forced to take the field. Sora's health drains while Riku attempts to save him.

    Desperation - Xemnas rains down thousands upon thousands of lasers on both Sora and Riku


    The fight starts with Xemnas on the floor. While he is there, he will do one of many ground-based attacks. They are:

    1. Usually he uses Be Gone! and shoots energy balls. You will quick run to avoid it. Time it so that it starts before the first orb explodes, and aim it so that you end up nearby him (not VERY nearby, just in his general area). Once this attack finishes, he will do another ground-based attack.
    2. He may use Bind!. This is the attack we want. RC it, let yourself land, and get a full ground combo. If you can't reach him, you're not spacing correctly after Be Gone!. After the ground combo, give yourself space while bashing triangle, as he often uses this RC multiple times in a row. If he doesn't use Bind! again, he will use a different ground based combo. Big note: he does NOT always shout the attack name of the first move used after you do this ground combo!
    3. You Shall Go Together - You are supposed to dodge it with triangle I guess, but every time I try I just die. So I limit as soon as this happens.

    A note on the limit: you only do damage to Xemnas if he is targeted, and that includes the VERY strong finisher. So stall out your limit as long as possible to try and target Xemnas before finishing the move. Also, after you finish the first section of the limit, let yourself hit the floor and throw an elixir before continuing it along. I like using O-based attacks, then the triangle based attacks, then the O-based attacks again, but this is up to you.

    Along with the above ground combos, Xemnas often toys around with you by vanishing and re-appearing with a clone nearby. Quick run away. The clones will either horizontal or vertical cyclone, both of which you will be out of the way of. Afterwards he'll either use a ground-based attack or sink back underground. A weird note on this: sometimes he sprays threads of nothingness towards you that are not his Bind! move. I've never been hit or hurt by them, so I'm entirely sure I know what they are for.

    For this whole first "part" of the battle, you are going to have to be patient! We can only attack after RC'ing the Bind!, so we have to wait for our chance.

    After enough health is taken away, Xemnas will attempt his "Spare a heart?" move. Prevent it from happening with reflega. If you let it go through by accident, no problem. Move forward, pressing square in increments. Get to Sora and cure, then use an elixir. Xemnas is stunned this whole time, so after you're healthy, combo him.

    This will go on for roughly half of Xemnas' health, and then he will start mixing in his lasers. You can block them all with guard, but it's too frantic for me, and I can't do it. As soon as he starts firing lasers, I limit. Again, you have to throw an ether during the second portion of the limit, and try and draw out the limit so the finisher connects.

    Be CAREFUL when the limit ends! Pay attention to what Xemnas was doing as much as you can, as you are VERY vulnerable when you exit the limit. If he is doing more lasers, or worse, is in the middle of Go Together, you MUST re-limit immediately.

    Sometimes when the limit ends, you get hit with a cheap shot from Go Together and there's nothing you can do. You can usually save yourself with a quick run, but it's a tight window.

    You will continue this pattern indefinitely. Limit if he is lasering or Togethering, and dodge the orbs until he attempts to Bind!, which gives you a combo. If you run out of elixirs, find pockets to drive/drive out to regain MP.

    Finally, once Xemnas is on his last health bar, he will use his desperation. To block, hit triangle AND circle. It needs to be done at a moderate pace, but consistently; press the buttons semi-fast, but make sure you are doing to easily and regularly, as you need to keep it off.

    Afterwards, he is stunned until you finish him off, so do it!

    User Submitted Strategies

    This was sent to me and taught me how to dodge the Heart move completely:

    I was reading through your faq just recently and it helped immensely when i was battling demyx and Luxord, but just recently, today in fact i found a strategy on how to beat Xemnas and skip the Gravity drain scene completely! I went about the battle normal dodging his first few we shall go together strikes till it let down, when after I began to spam the Reflect attack whenever he came near me, by the time he began shooting his beams at me he would be doing immense damage to himself! Then after a few rounds of reflecting the lasers he did his desparation attack.

    Videos -Bizkit047. He has a really neat Reflega approach for Xemnas' dark orbs. Also, if you want to learn how to block the lasers Xemnas fires, Bizkit047 does it! -remster101, the strategy we are using -apulapul2000, mixes in a lot more Reflega and blocks lasers

    Identifying FeatureHe wears an eye patch
    Equip keybladeHero's Crest
    Equip AbilitiesAll Combo Pluses and Air Combo Pluses
    Unequip AbilitiesNone
    Equip ArmorDefault
    Equip AccessoriesDefault
    Equip ItemsEthers
    Special PreparationGive Donald and goofy an entire inventory of ethers, and set them both to follow sora. Shortcut Ether.


    This fight is all about Reflega. If you haven't gotten used to it by now, you'll be a pro after this.

    There are two things to be aware of here:

    • Although four lasers kill you, three do not. This means if a reflect ends a touch early, you can get hit and still live.
    • After you have successfully hit Xigbar with his own lasers from two separate attacks, he will be stunned.

    Our goal will be to stun Xigbar, move in for a full air combo, and rinse and repeat.


    Sharp Shooting - Xigbar shoots lasers at you. He does it in a lot of different styles; sometimes he shoots, teleports, and shoots again. Sometimes he shoots in two bursts without the teleport. Sometimes he teleports above your head and shoots. The bottom line is he likes to move around and shoot lasers.

    Blue Laser - He shoots a giant, bouncing blue laser that can be RC'd

    Stage Change - Not a move per se, but he changes the stage to one of three different stages; A box with a single path to the middle, a box with four holes in the middle, or a long straight line.

    Heads up! - Xigbar opens two portals on either side of Sora, and from them lasers pour out.

    Desperation - Xigbar changes the stage to a tiny box and shoots lasers in a circle. He then shoots lasers in diagonals, rotating around the stage. Finally, he shoots down a storm of lasers from the sky.


    This fight requires patience and mastery of Reflega. I tried it with Final Form, and I found it worked worse.

    Due to the number of Reflegas we will be using, ethers will be flying like crazy. Because of this, Donald's "Donald Cure" is a bit of a liability, as after using it, he is drained of MP and uses an ether. This will mean YOU will have to throw ethers instead of relying on your companions sooner, or you will have to forgo being cured, which leaves you next to no room for error. Up to you.

    This is very important:

    • After you stun Xigbar in the default stage, only do aerial combos until you have used your FIRST finisher. The second will never connect, and attempting it will likely kill you.
    • After you stun Xigbar in any of the modified stages, do BOTH finishers.

    Our strategy the whole fight is to wait until you hear the sound of Xigbar appearing and start bashing reflect. Lock onto him and keep reflecting until you are bouncing back a second volley of shots, which will mean that he is about to get stunned. Go over and combo with the appropriate number of finishers. After this, he will vanish. In about a second he will re-appear and you will start again by instantly reflecting. It is better to use one extra reflect than to use one too few!

    AFTER you stun him, if your MP is low, throw an ether before you begin your combo.

    You are going to rinse and repeat this for a long while, but there will be some modifications you should know of:

    • If Xigbar uses his "Heads up!" move where he has lasers hitting sora from both sides, make SURE you lock onto him as you use reflect. The lasers will otherwise not hit him on the rebound. Sometimes your position is just no good as well, and the lasers can't "reach" Xigbar. In either case, if you see that the lasers aren't hitting him, make sure you END you reflega as the attack ends and start up a new Reflega chain. You aren't going to have enough reflect to make it through this attack AND two more!
    • Sometimes Xigbar will shoot a giant blue laser. DO NOT RC IT! Let it hit you reflega, let your reflega burst, and start a new chain. Sometimes Xigbar uses the move three times in a row. Each time he uses it, let it hit, let reflega burst, start a new chain.

    Xibar also likes to change the stage into one of three arenas. I'll tell you how to handle all three. Note that the battle ALWAYS begins with a stage change. And remember that in ANY of these three arenas, you can use BOTH finishers!

    The Box with One Path - He appears in front of you and berates you instantly, so REFLECT! His second move is sometimes to teleport above you, which is great, as you can just attack him after you bounce his attacks. More likely he will shoot again from in front of you. After you stun him, QUICKLY double jump into a glide, moving around the entire stage until you are at the path leading to the center. Hit attack, and Sora will leap at him and hit him. Even if you are a second too late, the attack will connect, you will not be injured, and you'll get your full combo off. If you feel like you aren't going to make it, just walk along the border so you get half way to the connecting path, and use Reflect (Xigbar shoots at you when he wakes up out of being stunned). Let the reflect burst, and begin normal reflecting.

    The Box with Many Openings - When he goes to this stage he delays a good two seconds before starting his shots. You can bash reflect immediately anyway or pause a moment to conserve some MP. That's it, this one's easy!

    The Long Hallway - Be careful with this one. Lock onto Xigbar and start your reflect. Because the lasers have more travel time, be warned that it alters your reflecting timing ever so slightly! While locked on, check to see if Xigbar is teleporting. If he is, your bounced shots are NOT hitting, and are NOT counting towards the two volleys required to stun him! Occasionally Xigbar will actually teleport over to above your head in this arena, which is great, as it's an easy stun and an easy combo.

    After enough health is lost, Xigbar will use his desperation attack. The camera angle is always reset, so the directions I'm giving assume you are oriented with the way the camera initially begins.

    1. Immediately start moving to the upper-left corner and double jump into a glide. Xigbar will shoot lasers in a big circle. As soon as they pass under you, land.
    2. Start moving counter-clockwise around the box, following Xigbar. He will be shooting lasers diagonally, but if you follow him they will all miss you.
    3. When Xigbar stops firing and moves to the center, start walking (seriously, just walking) around the box. Stay towards the perimeter, but try not to walk into the invisible borders. If you are too close to the middle you'll die, and if you get stalled by the invisible walls you'll die. It's not very hard to do, just be aware.

    When the attack ends, Xigbar glows blue and stands still. Wait just about 2 seconds, and start up a reflect, as he will transition straight from glowing blue to firing lasers. Now return to the Reflect combo'ing for a little while longer to secure victory!

    Videos -Bizkit047. More or less what we are doing, but he is skillfully adding some square-combo's while damaging Xigbar in the air -remster101, same as above -apulapul2000, with a very interesting "easy" way to beat Xigbar

    Identifying FeatureVery long black hair
    Equip keybladeGuardian Soul
    Equip AbilitiesDefault
    Unequip AbilitiesDefault
    Equip ArmorDefault
    Equip AccessoriesDefault
    Equip ItemsDefault
    Special PreparationShortcut Reflect


    This fight is very, very patterned. You will die a lot getting used to what to do, but once you get the hang of it you'll be OK.


    Wind Blast - Xaldin fires a ball of wind at you

    Charge! - Xaldin charges at you with his lances

    Whirlwind Lance -Xaldin spins in a circle, and sweeps the floor with lances

    Aeroga - Xaldin summons a forcefield around himself

    Lance Rain - Xaldin rains lances from the sky for a while, then surrounds you with lances, only to have them vanish. He then plummets from the sky into the floor, sending wind energy flying in multiple directions.

    Desperation - Xaldin does a flurry of ground attacks, then rides his lances into the background. He then fires a giant shot of wind across the stage

    Teleportation Attack - Xaldin teleports around the arena, attacking if near Sora, otherwise continuing to teleport around the arena.


    The fight is split into three phases, and each phase has a simple pattern you need to follow to get to the next. It's tough, but it's also predictable.

    Phase 1

    Xaldin always starts by firing three wind shots at you. Block them. The first comes really quick, the next two are simple. As soon as the third one is blocked, move close to him. You want to be close to him, but not all the way next to him. Your distance should be roughly the size of Sora lying down instead of standing up.

    Xaldin always follows the wind move by summoning an Aeroga shield. As soon as he is finished, if you spaced yourself correctly, he will take a step or two, and then attack. One of two things will happen:

    1. 9/10 times, he uses his Charge! attack. He lunges at you, pauses, and shoves all his spears in your face. We want this attack. Just guard, and without moving, bash triangle as fast as you can. The timing to guard is roughly a second after the Aeroga finishes. It actually requires a good amount of bashing of triangle to get the x9 spears we want. Once you have them, continue to stand still. Xaldin will spin himself in a circle and attempt to counter attack. You want to start your "Jump" RC's you've stocked sometime between the start of his spin and half way through his spin. Earlier and it will do less damage the first hit (or worse, miss), and later and it won't stun him. Jump through all 9 of your RC's.
    2. The rest of the time he will slowly rear backwards, then sweep the floor with lances. You never expect this move so it's tricky. My advice to make it easy; just always hit Guard a second after the Aeroga cast, and if he uses this move, quickly double jump and start bashing triangle. No need to glide or anything; the timing is such that you will get x4-x6 lances and take no damage. Then just immediately use your stocked RC's.

    A word of warning: After Xaldin uses his Charge! attack during this phase, he always follows it with Aeroga, which begins the loop anew. However, after using the whirlwind lances, he will usually NOT use Aeroga. So be ready for a quick follow up attack, which will still be one of these two attacks!

    Phase 2

    After 5 health bars have been depleted, Xaldin enters stage 2. It's the same as Stage 1, except he will now more often than not skip the "Aeroga" cast between his Charge! attacks. So it's going to move faster.

    You may notice that your constant spear attacks are starting to cause Xaldin to rise high into the air. This is bad, because it means he will attack "above" you, and your block won't work. Sometimes the block connects, but to gather lances you have to jump. There is a simple way to avoid this:

    During Phase 2, make sure you stay 50% further away than you were previously. The increased distance Xaldin travels causes him to descend, guaranteeing your block will connect at the appropriate height.

    Other than that, Phase 2 is the same as Phase 1. Be ABSOLUTELY SURE that you STOP YOUR RC ATTACKS if the next attack would lower him beyond 10.5 health bars, or you will die.

    Phase 3

    Xaldin enters this phase after recovering from an attack that removed his 10th health bar. Sometimes he begins this phase with his Lance Rain. We like that attack too. You'll know he's used it because he leaps into the sky and vanishes. As soon as you see this, begin to glide in a serpentine fashion. The curve brings you back around to the lances that have fallen, but you have also dodged any damage. You should easily accumulate x6-x9 lances by doing this. The move will end with lances surround you. Stop moving. The moment the lances vanish (or a half second before is also fine), cast reflega TWICE. You will not only avoid the damage, but the timing of the second Reflega's burst coincides with Xaldin dipping downwards, forcing him to take all the splash damage.

    Now glide AWAY from him, as far as possible, to avoid his desperation attack, which should now have started.

    Once his glowing ground combo is complete, he will jump on his lance dragon and fire his wind blast. You have really three ways to dodge it. You can dodge roll (hardest), quick run (easier) or Reflega 3-4 times (easiest). I HIGHLY recommend you just quick run it. It's not that hard to time, and relieves you from having to rely on MP.

    Once finished, Xaldin will appear somewhere nearby and summon a new Aeroga shield. Stay at the same range you did during Phase I. As soon as you see his arms lower, do a full jump. He will vanish. Now do your second jump and hold glide. Start bashing triangle while either gliding in place or gliding away. If you are fortunate, he will be using his Charge! attack and you will have gained x6 or so lances. If not, we'll get to what you need to do in a second.

    Assuming you got your lances, do NOT use them! Glide a safe distance away, and wait for him to begin teleporting towards you. AFTER he has moved close to you, start using your stocked RC. Fail to do this and you'll attack him during his invincibility frames and likely die.

    After this, glide as far away as possible. One of three things will happen:

    1. Xaldin will go back to Desperation
    2. Xaldin will use his Lance Rain
    3. Xaldin will start teleporting like mad and shouting "Sora"

    If the 1st scenario occurs, you're in luck! Continue the above steps!

    If the 2nd scenario occurs, you're in luck! Get those spears, wait for him to teleport near you after his attack has finished, and let lose! Sometimes he goes straight from this attack to his desperation, in which case you just have to wait a bit longer.

    if the 3rd scenario occurs, which also is what happens if you do NOT get RC's while floating above Xaldin when his RC finishes, you have a dangerous problem on your hands. Quickly glide away from Xaldin into a corner. He can only teleport so far each attempt, so give yourself space to prepare. After he finishes saying "Sora" from a nearby location, jump! Then double jump, then glide. Hopefully THIS time he used the attack. If not, you just have to keep repeating until you get him to use his Charge! attack, allowing you to steal his spears

    No matter which scenario, it ultimately leads back to the desperation attack, so keep repeating until you've won!

    Videos -Bizkit047. The strategy we are using, with minor alterations. He skillfully uses other moves I don't mention to great affect -remster101. His spacing in the first part of the fight is great, and he uses a completely different strategy for the second half -apulapul2000. Similar to the remster101 video.

    Identifying FeatureLong blond hair
    Equip keybladeDecisive Pumpkin
    Equip AbilitiesAuto-Limit(Donald)
    Unequip AbilitiesTrinity Limit
    Equip ArmorDefault
    Equip AccessoriesDefault
    Equip ItemsEther
    Special PreparationShortcut Firaga, Reflega and Ether


    This fight can be won in three "phases" by abusing Vexen's weakness to Final Form Firaga. According to what I've read, this strategy was figured out by YouTube user apulapul2000, but if that's incorrect please let me know.


    We are going to skip this section, since we are bypassing all of them.


    Begin the fight by attacking, which will lunge you at Vexen. Immediately cast Reflect, followed by another attack. Do NOT use any finishers beyond that one attack!

    Wait for Vexen to move, then start a new assault on him when he stops. Your finisher before Explosion should break his shield. Drive into Final Form, and start using Firaga in bursts of two. After the second Firaga, wait for Vexen to fall and hit the ground, then use two more.

    Continue until you are about to run out of MP, and then throw an ether. This will cause Vexen to fly up again, so wait for him to land, and resume fire. The timing is such that you should have one last fire, and the second fire will come from Sora out of form.

    You will have to play with the timing, but anywhere from now to a single more Firaga later, you will need to hit triangle and go into your Limit. If timed right, it will be at the same time that Vexen starts his desperation attack.

    You want to delay the limit by pressing triangle somewhat slowly, while Sora is attacking Vexen. This will start to fill back up your limit gauge. When Fantasia is performing its finishing move, throw two ethers. Now either glide around the area or spam reflect, and while doing so spam triangle until you start your limit again.

    This time is the part that will likely take you the most tries. You should have enough gauge to drive back to final, but you need to draw out the rest of the desperation move. The move is over when a giant glacier appears. You want to let your limit actually bottom-out without using its final move, while Sora is preparing to do a finisher, and RIGHT as the desperation move is ending.

    If done successfully, Vexen's shield will break, and you will be able to drive into Final form. Now just go back to the double Firaga juggling for a few seconds and you've done it!


    i just changed into the limit form and spammed perforate (i hope it's called that in english - it's the first move in the form that makes sora slide to the enemy that's locked on with his keyblade several times and restores some HP with every hit). if you're out of mana use ether. healing isn't necessary since you get some HP back for every hit.

    Videos -Bizkit047. The strategy we are using -remster101. Same as above -apulapul2000. Same as above and above

    Health Points17 Bars
    Solo Fight?No
    RewardVanished Vision
    Identifying FeatureHe's that huge guy with the giant tomahawk
    Equip keybladeDecisive Pumpkin
    Equip AbilitiesCombo Plus (x2)
    Unequip AbilitiesAll abilities (Donald and Goofy), including weapons/armor/accessories that have abilities
    Equip ArmorDefault
    Equip AccessoriesDefault
    Equip ItemsHi-Potions
    Special PreparationChange the AI for Donald and Goofy to stick with Sora. It's the second option from the bottom.


    This boss will never power up if you never hit him with his Aura up. We are going to abuse that. If Goofy runs into him, that will count as a hit, so we want them dead dead dead. At LVL1, he doesn't OHKO you (amazingly), so you are afforded some mistakes.


    You'll only ever see 4 following this strategy, so I'm only covering just those four.

    Power Up! - Lexaeus charges up for a bit, and his attack power goes up

    Physical Attack - He attempts to hit you with his Tomahawk

    Ruined Earth - Basically he shatters the ground and causes an upheaval. It hits three times. It has the noticeable visual que of him throwing his tomahawk into the sky.

    Leaping Strike - Lexaeus jumps and attacks, causing a shock-wave


    Lexaeus starts the fight by powering up. I like to summon Genie during this time so I don't have to worry about Goofy running into him with his shield. This is the only time Lexaeus will ever power up! You must stay in close proximity to Lexaeus at all times, or he will power up again.

    If he uses leaping strike, you can guard it or just roll out of the way. It is easier for me to roll.

    If he uses ruined earth, you must dodge roll it. You'll get used to the timing, but it's <One><Pause><Two><Long Pause><Three>.

    If he uses his physical attack, we are in business! Guard it, and use the RC. Now perform an entire ground combo. Once finished, he will use his leaping strike. Guard or roll away.

    When Genie runs out, re-summon him.

    When you run out of drive gauge to summon with, be mindful of Goofy's position. When Lexaeus is using his ruined earth attack, roll TOWARDS Goofy, and try to stay close to him. This way Goofy gets killed by the attack and is out of your way for a while.

    Because Lexaeus can't power up, he will never introduce any new moves. That's it!

    Videos -Bizkit047. The strategy we are using, but it gets exciting towards the end! -remster101. Beats Lexaeus while letting him power up! Really great watch. -apulapul2000. Also lets him power up

    Identifying FeatureLong gray emo haircut
    Equip keybladeDecisive Pumpkin
    Equip AbilitiesAuto-Limit Form
    Unequip AbilitiesNone
    Equip ArmorDefault
    Equip AccessoriesDefault
    Equip ItemsEther
    Special PreparationShortcut Reflega and Ether


    My lest favorite data fight. We are going to attempt to abuse limits to take care of his book-world form, and then get off a precious few combos before going right back into the book.


    Desperation - Zexion creates three spot lights, two red one blue. The blue light cycles exactly 13 times. If you are standing in blue when the rotation ends, you will be shielded from a meteoric onslaught


    I made this before in my old guide, and it's not useful to us any longer, but I'm keeping it here in case someone needs it:

    When Zexion turns you into a book, your commands become the below, and do also what is detailed below:

    Book Command Menu

    HP, MR, Dr and MU mean those orbs appear

    DB means all fake books die

    BF means you break free

    OK, let's start the strategy. Zexion always turns your comrades into books without opening up for damage. Afterwards, you will be able to get in a full combo.

    Now Zexion brings you into the book world. Use your Comet limit, and lower Zexion to one health. Now try and time it so that you are just starting a combo as the limit runs out, and bash triangle. With any luck, the limit will wear out and you will knock him out of the book world. Sometimes the RC "misses", so just hit it again. Other times the limit runs out, you're mid combo, and Zexion hurls a book at you and kills you. Try again!

    Once back in the "real world", you can throw an ether and get in a combo. I find the first two trips to the book world and back don't require an ether, and that you'll end up with MP by the time you get sucked back in. Ether way, he will then turn people into books again, but this time you can squeeze in combos.

    Always limit in the book world and knock yourselves back out of it. As Zexion's health diminishes, it will be harder to combo him between turning your comrades into books, and ultimately he will turn all three of you into books at once. When he does this he is close to desperation.

    I continue to use limit in the book world until he finally uses desperation. There's no easy trick to this, you just have to move FAST. Count the spot light as it moves, and after the 12th time, try and get yourself between the remaining two lights. The next move is the last. Quick run into it! Don't worry, you won't fly out the other end of the spotlight. Get the book to 1HP, and start a new combo as the screen whites out. Triangle out of the book world!

    The good news is the loop is now very simple, but the bad news is it's tough. It will go like this from here to finish:

    1. Get a ground combo on stunned Zexion. Refill your MP if you need it.
    2. Zexion pulls all three of you into the book world
    3. Wait exactly one second, then cast Reflect through it's first finisher to avoid Zexion's attack
    4. Spotlight time. Win the spotlight game and knock Zexion out of the book world.

    That's the loop to the finish. I have you equip auto-limit form in this fight because if you mistime the Comet limit and get pummeled by books when you are trying to get out of the book world, it can save your life.

    User Submitted Strategies

    The below was submitted to me awhile ago and taught me how to avoid the spotlights. The strategy I wrote above is more detailed, but credit where credit is due!


    Zexion's desparation move (the spotlight game), you can try to stand between 2 lights, and dodge roll if one of the two to your sides is the one (which you can see by looking at the circle. usually the right one has a white circle around it just before the meteors fall), and use a quick run when it's the farthest one. You probably make it in time (but goofy and Donald won't >_<) For some clarification:

         X                 X=The farthest light. Quick Run if you see the white
                             circle here.
                           O= The two close ones. Can be reached by dodge
    O    S    O            S= Sora's good placement to reach the lights in time."

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