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    Roster Update Guide by Rashidi

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/05/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Major League Baseball 2K7
    Roster Update Guide
    Version 1.0
    A FAQ/Guide by Rashidi
    E-Mail: johnmarkisch@hotmail.com
    There has been a growing demand for me to make my roster files 
    accessible due to how time consuming it is to manually update rosters 
    with (or without) my guides.  My rosters have even been requested by 
    For those who are fearful of sending their memory card, or would be 
    inconvenienced if they were without it for an extended period, I can 
    purchase a memory card and ship it to you with the rosters for only 
    MVP Baseball 2005 (PS2)
    NBA 2K6 (PS2)
    NBA 2K7 (PS2 and 360)
    Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (PS2) [All fighters/costumes/unlockables]
    College Hoops 2K7 (PS2 and 360)
    March Madness 2007 (PS2)
    Major League Baseball 2K7 (PS2 and 360)
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    Table of Contents
    I.    Version History
    II.   Roster Changes
    III.  Organization Depth Charts
    IV.   Pitching Rotations
    V.    Batting Orders
    I. Version History
    Version 1.0 (4/5/07)
    I added all player movement up to the current date.  Still need to 
    finish the list of players whose names need changing.  I will finish 
    adding them in my next update - I felt getting these moves up now that 
    the season started are a higher priority.
    II. 2007 Roster Changes
    Arizona Diamondbacks
    Justin Upton (CF) from Diamondbacks (CHANGE FROM JAMES URIBE)
    Carlos Gonzales (CF) from Diamondbacks (CHANGE FROM CHRIS GOSSARD)
    Chad Harville (RP) from Devil Rays (2/6/07)
    Jeff Bajenaru (MR) from Free Agents (2/X/07)
    Yusmeiro Petit (LR) from Marlins (3/26/07)
    Atlanta Braves
    Jarrod Saltalamacchia (C) from Braves (CHANGE FROM JIM SANDERS)
    Eric Campbell (3B) from Braves (CHANGE FROM ED CUTTINGER)
    Elvis Andrus (SS) from Braves (CHANGE FROM EDMOND AARON)
    Yunel Escobar (SS) from Braves (CHANGE FROM YADIER ENGLAND)
    Brandon Jones (CF) from Braves (CHANGE FROM BLAKE JORDAN)
    Mike Gonzalez (RP) from Pirates (1/17/07)
    Craig Wilson (1B) from Free Agents (1/18/07)
    Mark Redman (SP) from Free Agents (3/9/07)
    Baltimore Orioles (BAL)
    Kevin Millar (1B) from Orioles (CHANGE FROM KYLE MORGAN)
    Jamie Walker (MR) from Orioles (CHANGE FROM JIM WILSON)
    Val Majewski (LF) from Orioles (CHANGE FROM VAN MARTIN)
    Noland Reimold (RF) from Orioles (CHANGE FROM NICK RICE)
    Brandon Snyder (C) from Orioles (CHANGE FROM BRAD SHARP)
    Jon Knott (RF) from Free Agents (1/6/07)
    Todd Williams (MR) from Free Agents (1/12/07)
    Jeremy Guthrie (SP) from Indians (1/29/07)
    Steve Trachsel (SP) from Free Agents (2/14/07)
    Sean Tracey (MR) from White Sox (3/23/07)
    Boston Red Sox
    Daisuke Matsuzaka (SP) from Red Sox (CHANGE FROM DENNIS MILES)
    Hideki Okajima (RP) from Red Sox (CHANGE FROM HANK ORLANDO)
    Brendan Donnelly (RP) from Red Sox (CHANGE FROM BOB DIXON)
    George Kottaras (C) from Red Sox (CHANGE FROM GABE KNOTTS)
    Jacoby Ellsbury (CF) from Red Sox (CHANGE FROM JAMES ELLIS)
    Clay Buchholz (SP) from Red Sox (CHANGE FROM COLIN BROWN)
    Michael Bowden (SP) from Red Sox (CHANGE FROM MARSHALL BUCK)
    Dustin Kelly (2B) from Red Sox (CHANGE FROM DREW KREVI)
    Jed Lowrie (SS) from Red Sox (CHANGE FROM JAMES LARKIN)
    Adam Bernero (SP) from Free Agents (12/21/06)
    Runelvys Hernandez (SP) from Free Agents (12/22/06)
    Mike Burns (RP) from Reds (2/6/07)
    Chicago Cubs
    Cliff Bartosh (MR) from Cubs (CHANGE FROM CHRIS BENITEZ)
    Ryan Bukvich (
    Felix Pie (CF) from Cubs (CHANGE FROM FRANK PARK)
    Ryan O'Malley (MR) from Cubs (CHANGE FROM RICK OLMEDO)
    Mark Pawelek (SP) from Cubs (CHANGE FROM MELVIN PRICE)
    Jeff Samardziga (SP) from Cubs (CHANGE FROM JAKE SAMSON)
    Cliff Floyd (LF) from Free Agents (1/24/07)
    Tomas Perez (SS) from Devil Rays (4/1/07)
    Chicago White Sox (CWS)
    Dave Sanders (MR) from White Sox (CHANGE FROM CARLOS APPOLINARO)
    John Danks (SP) from White Sox (CHANGE FROM JERRY DOUGLASS)
    Gio Gonzalez (MR) from White Sox (CHANGE FROM GENE GROSS)
    Robert Valido (SS) from White Sox (CHANGE FROM RALPH VAUGHN)
    Wiki Gonzalez (C) from Free Agents (12/13/05) 
    Darin Erstad (CF) from Free Agents (1/25/07)
    Cincinnati Reds (CIN)
    Homer Bailey (SP) from Reds (CHANGE FROM HUGH BLUMBERG)
    Joey Votto (1B) from Reds (CHANGE FROM JERRY VERNE)
    Jay Bruce (LF) from Reds (CHANGE FROM JAMES OWENS)
    B.J. Syzmanski (RF) from Reds (CHANGE FROM BRYCE SANDERSON)
    Chad Bentz (MR) from White Sox (CHANGE FROM CODY BLUM)
    Ryan Jorgansen (C) from Reds (CHANGE FROM RICK HALL)
    Eddie Guardado (RP) from Free Agents (7/6/06)
    Dewayne Wise (CF) from Free Agents (1/8/07)
    Victor Santos (SP) from Pirates (1/8/07)
    Jeff Keppinger (2B) from Royals (1/10/07)
    Mark Bellhorn (2B) from Free Agents (1/23/07)
    Kirk Saarloos (SP) from Athletics (1/23/07)
    Cleveland Indians (CLE)
    Mike Rose (C) from Indians (CHANGE FROM MIKE RAY)
    Jeff Harris (MR) from Indians (CHANGE FROM JAMES HARPER)
    Adam Miller (SP) from Indians (CHANGE FROM AARON MASON)
    Trot Nixon (RF) from Free Agents (1/19/07)
    Cliff Politte (RP) from White Sox (2/14/07)
    Mike Koplove (MR) from Free Agents (3/29/07) (Released by Marlins)
    Colorado Rockies (COL)
    Ryan Speier (MR) from Rockies (CHANGE FROM RICHARD STARK)
    Tom Martin (RP) from Rockies (CHANGE FROM TERRY MYERS)
    Ian Stewart (3B) from Rockies (CHANGE FROM IVAN SANDERS)
    Joel Koshansky (1B) from Rockies (CHANGE FROM JORDAN KEARNEY)
    Alexis Gomez (RF) from Free Agents (1/4/07)
    Rodrigo Lopez (SP) from Orioles (1/12/07)
    John Mabry (1B) from Free Agents (1/15/07)
    Matt Herges (RP) from Giants (2/12/07) (CHANGE FROM BRAD ALMANZAR)
    Jorge DePaula (MR) from Free Agents (2/16/07) (CHANGE FROM JAKE DURHAM)
    Mike DeJean (MR) from Free Agents (2/22/07)
    Steve Finley (CF) from Free Agents (2/24/07)
    Brian Lawrence (SP) from Padres (1/22/07) (Released by Nationals)
    Frank Menechino (2B) from Blue Jays (2/9/07) (CHANGE FROM)
    Detroit Tigers (DET)
    Cameron Maybin (CF) from Tigers (CHANGE FROM CODY MAZE)
    Kyle Sleeth (MR) from Tigers (CHANGE FROM KEITH SIMMONS)
    Timo Perez (RF) from White Sox (1/6/07) (Released by Reds)
    Joey Eischen (MR) from Free Agents (1/25/07)
    Florida Marlins (FLA)
    Travis Bowyer (SU) from Marlins (CHANGE FROM TERRY BOWIE)
    Chris Volstad (SP) from Marlins (CHANGE FROM CASEY VILLA)
    Gaby Hernandez (SP) from Marlins (CHANGE FROM GRADY HUDSON) 
    Aaron Thompson (SP) from Marlins (CHANGE FROM ALEX THORMAN)
    Matt Cepicky (LF) from Free Agents (12/16/05)
    Roy Corcoran (MR) from Free Agents (1/6/07)
    Wes Obermueller (SP) from Braves (1/6/07) (CHANGE FROM WALTER OLSEN)
    Ricardo Rodriguez (SP) from Phillies (2/X/07) (CHANGE FROM RAY REYES)
    Jorge Julio (SU) from Diamondbacks (3/26/07)
    Houston Astros (HOU)
    Jimmy Barthmaier (SP) (CHANGE FROM JAKE BELL)
    Brian Moehler (SP) from Free Agents (1/19/07)
    Rick White (MR) from Free Agents (2/2/07)
    Scott Sauerbeck (MR) from Free Agents (2/3/07)
    Danny Ardoin (C) from Free Agents (3/26/07) (Traded from Nationals)
    Los Angeles Angels (LAA)
    Brandon Wood (SS) from Angels (CHANGE FROM BOB WAGNER)
    Nick Adenhart (SP) from Angels (CHANGE FROM NATHAN ALLEN)
    Tommy Mendoza (SP) from Angels (CHANGE FROM TIM MALONE)
    Nick Green (2B) from Free Agents (1/5/07)
    Curtis Pride (LF) from Free Agents (1/5/07)
    Chris Bootcheck (LR) from Angels (1/11/07)
    Los Angeles Dodgers (LAD)
    Andy LaRoche (3B) from Dodgers (CHANGE FROM ALEX LARSON)
    D.J. Houlton (SP) from Dodgers (CHANGE FROM DEREK HILL)
    Rudy Seanez (MR) from Free Agents (1/23/07)
    Larry Bigbie (LF) from Free Agents (2/2/07)
    Joe Mays (SP) from Free Agents (2/6/07)
    Choo Freeman (CF) from Rockies (2/14/07)
    Kelly Stinnett (C) from Free Agents (2/22/07)
    Brady Clark (CF) from Brewers (3/26/07)
    Kansas City Royals (KC)
    Alex Gordon (3B) from Royals (CHANGE FROM ALLAN GRAHAM)
    Billy Butler (LF) from Royals (CHANGE FROM BRETT BELL)
    Luke Hochevar (SP) from Royals (CHANGE FROM LARRY HOUSE)
    Paul Phillips (C) from Free Agents
    Dewon Brazelton (SP) from Free Agents (12/5/06)
    Wayne Franklin (LR) from Free Agents (12/5/06)
    Jason Standridge (RP) from Mets (2/6/07)
    Tony Pena (SS) from Braves (3/23/07)
    Ben Hendrickson (LR) from Brewers (3/27/07)
    Milwaukee Brewers (MIL)
    Damian Miller (C) from Brewers (CHANGE FROM DAVE MARTIN)
    Ryan Braun (3B) from Brewers (CHANGE FROM ROB BALFOUR)
    Mark Rogers (SP) from Brewers (CHANGE FROM MARSHALL RAY)
    Vince Perkins (MR) from Blue Jays (4/12/06) (CHANGE FROM VAN PECTOL)
    R.A. Dickey (SP) from Rangers (1/12/07)
    Elmer Dessens (SP) from Dodgers (3/26/07)
    Minnesota Twins (MIN)
    Matt Moses (3B) from Twins (CHANGE FROM MARVIN MICHAELS)
    Trevor Plouffe (SS) from Twins (CHANGE FROM TRAVIS PAUL)
    Denard Span (CF) from Twins (CHANGE FROM DAVE STRAYER)
    Jay Rainville (SP) from Twins (CHANGE FROM JEREMY ROBBINS)
    Anthony Swarzak (MR) from Twins (CHANGE FROM ADAM SCOTT)
    Mike Venafro (RP) from Free Agents (12/7/06)
    Sidney Ponson (SP) from Free Agents (1/3/07)
    Matthew LeCroy (1B) from Twins (1/17/07) (Released by Nationals)
    Ramon Ortiz (SP) from Free Agents (1/22/07)
    New York Mets (NYM)
    Fernando Martinez (CF) from Mets (CHANGE FROM FELIPE MORENO)
    Carlos Gomez (RF) from Mets (CHANGE FROM CHRIS GRANT)
    Ruben Gotay (2B) from Mets (CHANGE FROM RON GERMAN)
    Steve Schmoll (MR) from Mets (CHANGE FROM SAUL SMITH)
    Marcos Carvajal (MR) from Mets (CHANGE FROM MARVIN CASTRO)
    Mike Bynum (SP) from Mets (CHANGE FROM MARTY BARKER)
    Mike DiFelice (C) from Free Agents (5/30/06)
    Jorge Vazquez (RP) from Braves (12/23/06) (CHANGE FROM JAMES VILLACIS)
    Jorge Sosa (SP) from Cardinals (1/16/07)
    Scott Schoeneweis (RP) from Free Agents (1/16/07)
    Aaron Sele (SP) from Free Agents (1/25/07)
    Chan Ho Park (LR) from Free Agents (2/9/07)
    Sandy Alomar Jr. (C) from Free Agents (2/19/07)
    Fernando Tatis (3B) from Free Agents (3/23/07) (Released by Dodgers)
    Ricky Ledee (LF) from Free Agents (3/31/07) (Released by Athletics)
    New York Yankees (NYY)
    Kei Igawa (SP) from Yankees (CHANGE FROM KEITH IRVIN)
    Josh Phelps (1B) from Yankees (CHANGE FROM JAKE PERRY)
    Phillip Hughes (SP) from Yankees (CHANGE FROM PETER HANSEN)
    Humberto Sanchez (SP) from Yankees (CHANGE FROM HANK SOARS)
    Eric Duncan (3B) from Yankees (CHANGE FROM ED DAWSON)
    Jose Tabata (3B) from Yankees (CHANGE FROM JASON TEIRSTEIN)
    Raul Chavez (C) from Free Agents (12/2/06)
    Tommy Phelps (SU) from Free Agents (2/X/07) (CHANGE FROM TIM PARK)
    Oakland Athletics (OAK)
    Dan Meyer (SP) from Athletics (CHANGE FROM DAVE MOSS)
    Daric Barton (1B) from Athletics (CHANGE FROM DAVID BLAKE)
    Javier Herrera (CF) from Athletics (CHANGE FROM JARED HANSON)
    Kurt Suzuki (C) from Athletics (CHANGE FROM KENNETH SNOW)
    Kevin Melillo (2B) from Athletics (CHANGE FROM KYLE MARKOFF)
    Cliff Pennington (SS) from Athletics (CHANGE FROM CHRIS PARKER)
    Travis Buck (LF) from Athletics (CHANGE FROM TIM BRAER)
    Shannon Stewart (LF) from Free Agents (2/8/07)
    Lenny DiNardo (RP) from Red Sox (2/14/07)
    Colby Lewis (SP) from Tigers (3/23/07) (Released by Nationals)
    Todd Walker (2B) from Cubs (3/30/07) (Released by Padres)
    Lou Merloni (2B) from Indians (1/8/07) (CHANGE FROM)
    Philadelphia Phillies (PHI)
    C.J. Henry (SS) from Phillies (CHANGE FROM CHARLIE HARPER)
    Greg Golson (CF) from Phillies (CHANGE FROM GLENN GREEN)
    Brad Harman (SS) from Phillies (CHANGE FROM BILLY HEAP)
    Amaury Telemaco (MR) from Phillies (CHANGE FROM ALEX TOWNSEND)
    Randall Simon (1B) from Free Agents (9/1/06)
    Gregg Dobbs (3B) from Mariners (1/16/07)
    Antonio Alfonseca (MR) from Free Agents (1/23/07)
    Pittsburgh Pirates (PIT)
    Sean Burnett (SP) from Pirates (CHANGE FROM SAM BAKER)
    Neil Walker (C) from Pirates (CHANGE FROM NORM WILLIAMS)
    Andrew McClutchen (SP) from Pirates (CHANGE FROM ADRIAN MAYS)
    Brad Lincoln (SP) from Pirates (CHANGE FROM BILL LARSON)
    Jim Brower (SU) from Free Agents (12/8/06)
    Chris Aguila (CF) from Marlins (12/15/06)
    Kevin Gryboski (RP) from Free Agents (1/8/07)
    Adam LaRoche (1B) from Braves (1/18/07)
    Tony Armas (SP) from Nationals (2/1/07)
    Dan Kolb (RP) from Free Agents (2/3/07)
    Alay Soler (SP) from Mets (3/19/07)
    San Diego Padres (SD)
    Cesar Carillo (SP) from Padres (CHANGE FROM CHIP CLAUSSEN)
    Aquilino Lopez (CL) from Phillies (3/28/06) (CHANGE FROM AARON LARSON)
    David Wells (SP) from Free Agents (8/31/06)
    Scott Strickland (RP) from Phillies (10/26/06) (CHANGE FROM STEVE 
    Todd Greene (C) from Free Agents (1/14/07)
    Manny Alexander (2B) from Free Agents (2/X/07)
    Howie Clark (3B) from Orioles (2/X/07)
    Aaron Rakers (RP) from Phillies (2/6/07) (CHANGE FROM ALEX REYES)
    Oscar Robles (2B) from Dodgers (2/19/07)
    Justin Germano (RP) from Phillies (3/19/07)
    San Francisco Giants (SF)
    Barry Bonds (LF) from Giants (CHANGE FROM JOE YOUNG)
    Tim Lincecum (SP) from Giants (CHANGE FROM TONY LINCOLN)
    Merkin Valdez (MR) from Giants (CHANGE FROM MATT VAUGHN)
    Marcus Sanders (SS) from Giants (CHANGE FROM MIKE SHARP)
    Sun-Woo Kim (LR) from Free Agents (1/9/07)
    Russ Ortiz (LR) from Free Agents (1/9/07)
    David Cortes (RP) from Free Agents (1/9/07)
    Justin Leone (3B) from Padres (1/9/07)
    Pedro Liriano (MR) from Free Agents (1/17/07) (CHANGE FROM PETE LARSON)
    Travis Blackley (SP) from Mariners (4/1/07) (CHANGE FROM TERRY BUCK)
    Seattle Mariners (SEA)
    Jeff Clement (C) from Mariners (CHANGE FROM JOSH COFFEY)
    Brandon Morrow (SP) from Mariners (CHANGE FROM BOB MARIN)
    Michael Garciaparra (2B) from Mariners (CHANGE FROM MARK GOOD)
    Wladimir Balentin (CF) from Mariners (CHANGE FROM WAYNE BERGER)
    Sean Burroughs (3B) from Free Agents (8/14/06)
    Aaron Small (SP) from Free Agents (1/23/07)
    Arthur Rhodes (SU) from Free Agents (1/25/07)
    Jeff Weaver (SP) from Free Agents (1/29/07)
    Justin Lehr (SP) from Free Agents (2/X/07)
    James Ellison (CF) from Giants (4/1/07)
    St. Louis Cardinals (STL)
    Chris Lambert (SP) from Cardinals (CHANGE FROM CARL LIEFER)
    Mark McCormick (SP) from Cardinals (CHANGE FROM MATT MAYER)
    Preston Wilson (CF) from Free Agents (8/18/06)
    Mark Mulder (SP) from Free Agents
    Ryan Franklin (SP) from Free Agents (1/10/07)
    Tampa Bay Devil Rays (TB)
    Akinori Iwamura (3B) from Devil Rays (CHANGE FROM ADAM IBARRA)
    Evan Longoria (3B) from Devil Rays (CHANGE FROM ERIC LINCOLN)
    Hee-Seop Choi (1B) from Devil Rays (CHANGE FROM HANK CLARK)
    Doug Waechter (SP) from Free Agents (11/22/06)
    Jason Grabowski (RF) from Rockies (12/21/06) (CHANGE FROM JON GRAY)
    Dustan Mohr (RF) from Free Agents (12/1/06)
    Scott Dohmann (RP) from Free Agents (1/22/07)
    Carlos Pena (1B) from Free Agents (2/1/07)
    Jason Childers (SU) from Free Agents
    Texas Rangers (TEX)
    Sammy Sosa (RF) from Rangers (CHANGE FROM STEVE SANDERS)
    Ron Mahay (RP) from Rangers (CHANGE FROM RYAN MOSS)
    Guillermo Quiroz (C) from Rangers (CHANGE FROM GENE QUINN)
    Thomas Diamond (SP) from Rangers (CHANGE FROM TERRY DURBIN)
    Armando Galarraga (SP) from Rangers (CHANGE FROM AARON GRAY)
    Taylor Teagarden (C) from Rangers (CHANGE FROM TIM THOMAS)
    Daniel Haigwood (LR) from Phillies (6/29/06) (CHANGE FROM DARREN 
    Ramon Vazquez (SS) from Free Agents (11/17/06)
    Willie Eyre (MR) from Free Agents (12/28/06)
    Mike Wood (SP) from Free Agents (12/28/06)
    Jamey Wright (SP) from Free Agents (1/25/07)
    Bruce Chen (SP) from Free Agents (2/6/07)
    Ezequiel Astacio (SP) from Astros (3/26/07)
    Toronto Blue Jays (TOR)
    Jeff Duncan (CF) from Blue Jays (CHANGE FROM JAMES DIXON)
    Rob Cosby (3B) from Blue Jays (CHANGE FROM RUSS CASEY)
    Josh Banks (MR) from Blue Jays (CHANGE FROM JOEY BRITT)
    David Purcey (MR) from Blue Jays (CHANGE FROM DOUG PEETE)
    Ricky Romero (MR) from Blue Jays (CHANGE FROM RAY RHODES)
    Geremi Gonzalez (MR) from Free Agents (11/10/06)
    Matt Stairs (RF) from Free Agents (12/12/06)
    Ray Olmedo (SS) from Reds (1/19/07)
    John Thomson (SP) from Free Agents (1/10/07)
    Sal Fasano (C) from Free Agents (1/17/07)
    Tomo Ohka (SP) from Free Agents (1/23/07)
    James Baldwin (LR) from Free Agents (1/24/06) (CHANGE FROM J.D. BOWEN)
    Victor Zambrano (SP) from Mets (1/30/07)
    Washington Nationals (WAS)
    Luis Ayala (MR) from Nationals (CHANGE FROM LARRY ALEXANDER)
    Josh Wilson (2B) from Nationals (CHANGE FROM JEREMY WELLS)
    Tim Redding (SP) from Nationals (CHANGE FROM TERRY ROBBINS)
    Kory Casto (3B) from Nationals (CHANGE FROM KENNY CLARK)
    Ian Desmond (SS) from Nationals (CHANGE FROM ISSAC DOWNS)
    Clint Everts (LR) from Nationals (CHANGE FROM CHRIS ESCOBAR)
    D'Angelo Jimenez (2B) from Free Agents (10/23/06)
    Brandon Claussen (SP) from Reds (1/12/07)
    Jerome Williams (SP) from Athletics (1/12/07)
    Jesus Colome (MR) from Free Agents (1/23/07)
    Tony Batista (3B) from Free Agents (2/14/07)
    Dmitri Young (1B) from Free Agents (2/14/07)
    Ronnie Belliard (2B) from Free Agents (2/18/07)
    Pedro Astacio (SP) from Free Agents (3/20/07)
    Free Agents (FA)
    Carlos Almanzar (MR) from Braves (CHANGE FROM CASEY ALFONZO)
    Brian Buchanan (1B) from Mariners (CHANGE FROM BILL BENNETT)
    Jacob Crux (LF) from Mets (CHANGE FROM JASON CURTIS)
    Ricky Bottalico (MR) from Free Agents (CHANGE FROM ROSS BENSON)
    Ismael Valdez (SP) from Reds (CHANGE FROM IAN JOHNSON)
    Ramiro Mendoza (MR) from Free Agents (CHANGE FROM RANDY MEREDITH)
    Nick Regilio (MR) from White Sox (CHANGE FROM NATE REYES)
    Armando Almanza (RP) from Diamondbacks (2/10/06) (CHANGE FROM ALEX 
    Ryan Drese (LR) from Nationals (10/3/06)
    Adam Hyzdu (CF) from Rangers (11/X/06)
    Seth Etherton (SP) from Royals (11/X/06)
    Glendon Rusch (SP) from Cubs (1/26/07)
    Tony Womack (2B) from Free Agents (3/8/07) (Released by Nationals)
    Damian Jackson (2B/CF) from Free Agents (3/11/07) (Released by Dodgers)
    Matt Perisho (MR) from Free Agents (3/13/07) (Released by Mariners) 
    Brian Meadows (MR) from Free Agents (3/16/07) (Released by Reds)
    Paul Wilson (SP) from Reds (3/21/07) (CHANGE FROM PETE WEST)
    Pete Walker (SP) from Blue Jays (3/22/07)
    Danny Graves (MR) from Rockies (3/23/07)
    Roger Cedeno (RF) from Orioles (3/23/07) (CHANGE FROM RICHARD CLARK)
    Randy Choate (MR) from Free Agents (3/24/07) (Released by Twins)
    Richard Hidalgo (RF) from Free Agents (3/24/07) (Released by Astros) 
    Travis Lee (1B) from Free Agents (3/25/07) (Released by Nationals)
    Felix Heredia (MR) from Free Agents (3/26/07) (Released by Tigers 
    Eduardo Perez (1B) from Free Agents (3/27/27) (Released by White Sox)
    Rick Bauer (RP) from Orioles (3/28/07) (Released by Rangers)
    Felix Rodriguez (RP) from Free Agents (3/28/07) (Released by Marlins)
    Dan Miceli (MR) from Devil Rays (3/29/07)
    Luis Matos (CF) from Free Agents (3/30/07) (Released by Pirates)
    Jose Hernandez (3B) from Free Agents (3/30/07) (Released by Pirates)
    Alex S. Gonzalez (3B) from Free Agents (3/30/07) (Released by Royals)
    Ricardo Rincon (RP) from Cardinals (3/31/07)
    Dustin Hermanson (RP) from Free Agents (4/1/07) (Released by Reds)
    Erubiel Durazo (1B) from Athletics (4/1/07) (CHANGE FROM ERIC DOBBS)
    Ron Villone (SP) from Free Agents (4/1/07) (Released by Yankees)
    Kerry Ligtenberg (RP) from Blue Jays (3/16/07) (Released by 
    Diamondbacks, Marlins, Cubs, Reds) (CHANGE FROM)
    Alex Graman (RP) from Yankees (1/6/06) (Released by Reds) (CHANGE FROM 
    Kazuhisa Ishii (SP) from Free Agents (1/20/06) (CHANGE FROM KARIM 
    Shingo Takatsu (CL) from Free Agents (2/13/06) (CHANGE FROM SCOTT 
    Ryan Vogelsong (MR) from Free Agents (11/15/06)
    Kevin Witt (1B) from Free Agents (11/22/06)
    Andy Green (3B) from Free Agents (11/27/06)
    Lance Carter (SU) from Free Agents (12/11/06)
    Jared Fernandez (LR) from Free Agents (12/11/06)
    Brian Sweeney (MR) from Free Agents (12/14/06)
    Damon Hollins (RF) from Free Agents (12/20/06)
    Aaron Guiel (RF) from Free Agents (1/4/07)
    Luis A. Gonzalez (2B) from Rockies (1/7/07)
    Jason Johnson (SP) from Free Agents (1/9/07)
    Esteban Yan (MR) from Free Agents (1/10/07)
    Dae-Sung Koo (MR) from Mets (CHANGE FROM DALE KARSAY)
    Atlantic League of Professional Baseball
    Edgardo Alfonzo (3B) from Free Agents (2/X/07)
    Jason Conti (LF) from Rangers (CHANGE FROM JAMES CABLE)
    Retired (RET)
    Benito Santiago (C) from Mets (CHANGE FROM BILLY SANDERS)
    Charles Johnson (C) from Free Agents (CHANGE FROM CHRIS JACOBSON)
    John Flaherty (C) from Free Agents (CHANGE FROM JAKE FASSERO)
    Jeff Bagwell (1B) from Free Agents (CHANGE FROM JIM BAKER)
    Rafael Palmeiro (1B) from Free Agents (CHANGE FROM RAY PADILLA)
    Bret Boone (2B) from Free Agents (CHANGE FROM BEN BISHOP)
    Jeffery Hammonds (LF) from Free Agents (CHANGE FROM JAKE HARPER)
    Gerald Williams (LF) from Free Agents (CHANGE FROM GEORGE WILSON)
    Juan Gonzalez (RF) from Free Agents (CHANGE FROM JERMAINE GALLO)
    Doug Creek (MR) from Free Agents (CHANGE FROM GAVIN BAJENARU)
    Chad Fox (RP) from Phillies (11/2/05) (CHANGE FROM CURTIS FELIZ)
    Wilson Alvarez (LR) from Free Agents (10/3/06) (CHANGE FROM WAYNE 
    John Franco (SU) from Free Agents (7/6/05) (CHANGE FROM JASON FRANCIS)
    Cal Eldred (SU) from Free Agents (11/28/05) (CHANGE FROM CHRIS 
    Kevin Brown (SP) from Free Agents (2/19/06) (CHANGE FROM MIKE WHITE)
    Al Leiter (SP) from Free Agents (3/19/06) (CHANGE FROM ALEX LEREW)
    Marquis Grissom (CF) from Free Agents (3/28/06) (CHANGE FROM MIKE 
    Matt Mantei (SU) from Free Agents (5/26/06) (CHANGE FROM MARK MATTHEWS) 
    Darrell May (SP) from Diamondbacks (6/1/06) (CHANGE FROM DEREK MICHAUD)
    Hideo Nomo (SP) from Free Agents (6/9/06) (CHANGE FROM HARRY NEAL)
    Steve Karsay (LR) from Free Agents (6/18/06) (CHANGE FROM SAM COOK)
    Scott Erickson (LR) from Free Agents (6/19/06)
    Terry Mulholland (LR) from Free Agents (6/21/06)
    John Halama (LR) from Free Agents (6/22/06)
    Mike Remlinger (SU) from Free Agents (6/26/06)
    Chris Hammond (RP) from Free Agents (7/12/06)
    Vinny Castilla (3B) from Free Agents (8/14/06) (CHANGE FROM VANCE 
    Tim Salmon (RF) from Angels (10/3/06) (CHANGE FROM TERRY SPARKS)
    Joe Randa (3B) from Free Agents (11/2/06) (CHANGE FROM JERRY ROBBINS)
    Troy Percival (SU) from Free Agents (11/3/06) (CHANGE FROM TIM PERKINS)
    Bill Mueller (3B) from Free Agents (11/17/06) (CHANGE FROM BOB MAZE)
    J.T. Snow (1B) from Free Agents (11/22/06) (CHANGE FROM JAKE SERVICE)
    Brad Radke (SP) from Free Agents (12/19/06) (CHANGE FROM BRETT RAKERS)
    Kevin Jarvis (SP) from Red Sox (12/X/06)
    Tim Laker (C) from Free Agents (1/5/07)
    Tim Worrell (RP) from Giants (1/10/07)
    Jeff Nelson (RP) from Free Agents (1/12/07) (Retired from Yankees) 
    Mike Matheny (C) from Giants (2/1/07)
    Rick Helling (SP) from Free Agents (2/5/07)
    Jeff Fassero (LR) from Free Agents (2/9/07)
    Keith Foulke (SU) from Indians (2/16/07)
    Brian Jordan (RF) from Free Agents (2/X/07)
    Quinton McCracken (CF) from Free Agents (2/X/07)
    Bernie Williams (CF) from Free Agents (2/X/07)
    Jeromy Burnitz (RF) from Free Agents (3/11/07)
    Javy Lopez (C) from Free Agents (3/12/07) (Released by Rockies)
    Ruben Sierra (RF) from Yankees (3/20/07) (Released by Mets)
    Todd Pratt (C) from Free Agents (3/30/07)
    Expected to Retire
    Craig Biggio (2B) from Astros (After 2007 season)
    John Smoltz (SP) from Braves (After 2007 season)
    Tom Glavine (SP) from Mets (After 2007 season)
    III. 2007 Organizational Depth Charts
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    IV. 2007 Pitching Rotations
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    V. 2007 Batting Orders
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    Until next time,
    Copyright 2007 John Markisch

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