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    Archive FAQ by cogito99

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       PPP     SSSS      YYYYYY  55     5  
      P   P    SS  SS      YY    555    5  
     P     P   SS   SS     YY    5 55   5                                
     P     P   SS   SS     YY    5  55  5 
     P     P   SS   SS     YY    5   55 5                     
      P   P    SS  SS      YY    5    555 
       PPP     SSSS      YYYYYY  5     55      
              GGGG    CCCCC   M    M  OOOOOO  VVVVV   555555
             G    G   C    C  M    M  O       V    V  5      
             G        C    C  M    M  O       V    V  5        
              GGGG    CCCCC   MMMMMM  OOOOO   VVVVV   55555 
                  G   C       M    M  O       V  V    5                   
                  G   C       M    M  O       V   V   5     
              GGGG    C       M    M  OOOOOO  V    V  555555                
                        By:          cogito     
                        Copyright:   2007                  
                        Last update: Aug 2007
    Table of Contents
    Legal Information               (OSLEI)
    Updates                         (OSUPE) 
    Prelude                         (OSPRE)
    Character Synopsis              (OSSYN)
         <Gwendolyn>              (SYNGWEN)
         <Cornelious>             (SYNCORN)
         <Mercedes>               (SYNMERC)
         <Oswald>                 (SYNOSWA)
         <Velvet>                 (SYNVELV)
    Accomplishments                 (OSACC)
         <Gwendolyn>              (ACCGWEN)
         <Cornelious>             (ACCCORN)
         <Mercedes>               (ACCMERC)
         <Oswald>                 (ACCOSWA)
         <Velvet>                 (ACCVELV)
    Non-Playable Characters         (OSNPC)
         <Belial>                 (NPCBELI)
         <Elfaria>                (NPCELFA)
         <Gallon>                 (NPCGALL)
         <Hindel>                 (NPCHIND)
         <Inway>                  (NPCINWA)
         <Melvin>                 (NPCMELV)
         <Odette>                 (NPCODET)
         <Odin>                   (NPCODIN)
         <Onyx>                   (NPCONYX)
         <The Three Wise Men>     (NPCGALL)
         <Valentine>              (NPCGALL)
         <Wagner>                 (NPCWAGN)
    The Story before Armageddon     (OSSBA)
         <Summary>                (SBASUMM)
         <Timetable>              (SBATIME)
         <Plot>                   (SBAPLOT)
    Armageddon                      (OSARM)
         <Summary>                (ARMSUMM)
         <Timetable>              (ARMTIME)              
         <Plot>                   (ARMPLOT)
    Wheel of Fate                   (OSWOF)
         <Summary>                (WOFSUMM)
         <Plot>                   (WOFPLOT)
    Text Archive                    (OSTXT)
         <Summary>                (TXTSUMM)
         <Prophecy>               (TXTPROP)
         <Note>                   (TXTNOTE)
         <Interpretations>        (TXTINTE)
    Legal Information               (OSLEI)
    Copyright (2007) Cogito of Gamefaqs
    All rights reserved. No part of this document may be used or reproduced 
    unless within legal rights or with permission of the author.
    This document is for private use only.
    Updates                          (OSUPE)
    Version 1.01
            Adjusted some items.
    Version 1.00
            Legal Information               
            Character Synopsis             
            Non-Playable Characters         
            The Story before Armageddon     
            Wheel of Fate                  
            Text Archive                  
    Prelude                          (OSPRE)
    Warning: Interpretation can be subjective.
    Odin Sphere is a 2D-platform side-scrolling action game with RPG 
    elements.  Although the player can only use one character at a time, 
    there are five playable characters whose fates are intertwined in the 
    world called Erion.
    Each character follows his/her own storyline and may encounter another 
    during the game.  The character can explore different dungeons, 
    depending what is available on the chapter, and each dungeon features 
    different enemies and environmental threats.  For example, in the Fire 
    Kingdom, the character constantly takes heat damage if he/she does not 
    equip the right accessory or drink a certain potion.  Unlike 
    traditional RPGs, each character has only one weapon but the 
    character’s constitution and his/her weapon, known as a Psypher, can be 
    improved on.
    As foretold in the prophecies, Armageddon is approaching and the war 
    between two nations, Ringford and Ragnanival, escalates to full-scale 
    as both nations vie over the ownership of a giant magical furnace 
    called the Cauldron. According to the prophecies, 5 great disasters 
    shall occur during Armageddon and the Cauldron is one of the catalysts. 
    The game starts with a girl named Alice who has found some books in the 
    attic and starts reading them with her cat, Socrates.  Socrates allows 
    the player to review all the past events and reading a book will begin 
    a story.  There are seven books altogether and they are
    ‘The Pooka Prince’
    ‘Fairy Land’
    ‘The Black sword’
    ‘Wheel of Fate’
    Alice starts with the first book and as each book is completed, the 
    next book becomes available.  However, the last book ‘Wheel of Fate’ 
    requires some effort from the player to unlock it.
    The first five books take place before Armageddon and each book tells a 
    story from a character’s perspective.
    ‘Valkyrie’         is Gwendolyn’s book
    ‘The Pooka Prince’ is Cornelious’ book
    ‘Fairy Land’       is Mercedes’ book
    ‘The Black Sword’  is Oswald’s book
    ‘Fate’             is Velvet’s book
    After completing the book ‘Fate’, the book ‘Armageddon’ becomes 
    available.  It depicts a certain individual causing the first disaster 
    foretold in the prophecies, setting the wheel of Armageddon in motion.  
    Through 5 epic battles, the player will determine the fate of Erion.  
    Will Erion be destroyed or will it be saved?
    The last book ‘Wheel of Fate’ is unlocked if the player followed the 
    right order to fulfil the prophecies.  It tells of the aftermath of 
    Character Synopsis            (OSSYN) 
    There are 5 playable characters available in Odin Sphere. Playable 
    characters are
    <Gwendolyn>              (SYNGWEN)
    <Cornelious>             (SYNCORN)
    <Mercedes>               (SYNMERC)
    <Oswald>                 (SYNOSWA)
    <Velvet>                 (SYNVELV)
    Warning: Interpretations can be subjective.
    <Gwendolyn>              (SYNGWEN)
    -Character Analysis-
    Gwendolyn is a Valkyrie, an Aesir member of the nation Ragnanival.  She 
    is also King Odin’s daughter.  She yearns for Odin’s affection and 
    approval.  In addition, she also feels inferior towards her sister, 
    Griselda, who seems to have Odin’s devoted attention.
    The name of her Pyspher spear is unknown.
    After a certain event, Gwendolyn claims the Psypher spear from her 
    dying sister.  Regardless that the Aesir’s defeat is inevitable, 
    Gwendolyn continued to charge into the battlefield until she was 
    defeated by the Shadow Knight, who spared her.  Feeling shamed, she 
    returned to Ragnival to report before amassing another force to take 
    Gwendolyn’s devotion to her father shows many times in the book 
    ‘Valkyrie’.  Charging an enemy’s stronghold with a small force just 
    after being defeated; outright defying the king from his duties to 
    fulfil his true desires; contemplating to assassinate her designated 
    husband for her father’s victory, etc.
    Despite her devotion to her father, a new, indescribable feeling begins 
    to blossom as the kindness of her husband, Oswald, gradually touched 
    her heart.  In comparison, a typical male Aesir treats a female as an 
    object.  To salvage her relationship with Oswald after a 
    misunderstanding happens, Gwendolyn went to the extent of infiltrating 
    Ringford and even the Netherworld by herself.  In addition, she also 
    pleaded with her father, in front of Oswald, to take her life as well 
    if he takes the ring from her.
    -Fighting ability-
    Her prowess is not to be taken lightly.
    In her book, not only she is able to invade Ringford by herself, which 
    practically puts Melvin’s rebellion into shame, she also killed Odette, 
    the Queen of the Netherworld.
    As a Valkyrie, Gwendolyn is able to glide in the air, after the double-
    jump, for a short period and execute a deadly dive attack, from air 
    gliding, that can pierce.  Its effectiveness increases with the 
    monster’s size and many bosses, sub and main, in the game are large.
    *Gwendolyn excels in hit-and-run with the dive attack.
    In addition, Gwendolyn has a unique spell called shadow ally, which 
    practically doubles her damage output for a short time.  Combining it 
    with Overload, a spell that increases damage, is a sweet combination to 
    Gwendolyn’s down attack makes her dashes forward a little and does a 
    low stab.
    Gwendolyn’s up attack makes her throw her spear in a narrow arc.
    The last hit of her ground combo executes a bit slow.
    Average running speed to circle 1st map of ‘Forest of Elfrit’ = ~8.4
    <Cornelious>             (SYNCORN)
    -Character Analysis-
    Cornelious is the son of Edmund, who is the current king of Titania.  
    He is in love with Velvet, commonly known as the Forest witch.  Despite 
    his father’s objections, Cornelious prioritize love over duty, to the 
    extent of threatening to abdicate his position such that he seems 
    immature in the eyes of his eyes.
    The name of his Psypher sword is unknown, except that it is a 
    patricidal sword, which is used to kill King Gallon.
    Something happens when Cornelious went to meet Velvet again and he 
    wakes up to find himself in a strange environment.  As if being in the 
    Netherworld is not bad enough, he is cursed into a beast known as 
    Pooka.  He meets King Gallon, although Cornelious could only hear his 
    voice, and receives a Psypher sword before Cornelious continues his 
    journey to find Odette, Queen of the Netherworld.
    Cornelious deeply loves Velvet, even to the extent of running into a 
    warzone to look for her; Attacking Mercedes when Velvet is hurt by an 
    arcane bolt; charging into the Titania sewers to save Velvet who would 
    be sacrificed to a dragon, etc.
    Due to the Pooka curse, Cornelious feels unworthy of Velvet.
    -Fighting ability-
    Despite being a Pooka, Cornelious effectively makes use of his small 
    size and superior swordplay to vanquish his opponents.
    In his book, Cornelious killed Belial and even Wagner acknowledged that 
    Cornelious could kill him.
    Cornelious has a special attack dubbed as the spin attack.  The spin 
    attack is not as strong as Cornelious’ aerial attack but can be more 
    versatile in the hands of a capable player.  The spin attack can bounce 
    off enemies, destroy projectile in the sword’s path and the speed is 
    dependent on the angle of contact and Cornelious’ initial inertia.  
    However, the spin attack is a double-edged sword.  Cornelious is still 
    vulnerable to damage in this phase.  Despite the spin makes his sword 
    look like an impenetrable shell, it does not really spin at great speed 
    so Cornelious always exposes more the half of his body to danger.
    Cornelious’ down attack is stationary and he swings his blade upwards.
    Cornelious’ up attack simply makes him swing upwards.
    The second last hit of his ground combo makes him swing downwards and 
    has a slight post recovery time before he swing upwards for the last 
    hit.  It causes a juggling effect.
    Average running speed to circle 1st map of ‘Forest of Elfrit’ = ~8.45
    <Mercedes>               (SYNMERC)
    -Character Analysis-
    Mercedes is a fairy and she is the daughter of Elfaria, Queen of 
    Ringford.  Compared to her cousin Melvin, Mercedes is seen to be 
    impatient, immature and wilful.  Mercedes’ true name is Yggdrasil.
    Mercedes’ Psypher bow belongs to her mother and is initially named 
    ‘Tasla’.  It is renamed by Brom later as ‘Riblam’, meaning ‘Piercing 
    One’ in the Old Dwarf Tongue.  It is the only Psypher that shattered 
    another Psypher, namely Balor.
    During the war against Ragnanival, her mother died and the 
    inexperienced Mercedes is forced to shoulder the heavy responsibilities 
    of a Queen.  To make things worse, her ambitious cousin decided that he 
    is more fitting and staged a mutiny to overthrow her.
    Although Mercedes suffers from inferior complexity as she tries to live 
    up to her mother’s reputation, Mercedes did mature as chapters unfold.  
    Even though Mercedes feels great fear before the final battle, she 
    bravely rallies her troops.  In addition, rather than taking revenge 
    after defeating Odin, Mercedes demands Odin to surrender to her terms, 
    which are to never to show his face to her, set foot in Fairy Land and 
    choose to remain forever in his northern lands.  
    One of her favourite pastime is frog hunting, as frogs eat little 
    fairies. After losing her Psypher bow while paying a visit to Beldor, a 
    Wise Man, Mercedes’ fate becomes intertwined with a mysterious frog.  
    With the promise of a wish lingering from their fateful encounter, the 
    frog made major contributions that lead to Mercedes’ success.  The frog 
    is no ordinary frog but is a human prince cursed into the form of a 
    frog and after the spell is broken, Mercedes fell in love with the 
    young man.  
    -Fighting ability-
    In her book, she defeated Odin and shattered Balor.  In addition, she 
    also defeated Oswald, albeit he was in a weakened state.
    Because of her lithe nature, Mercedes descends slowly after her jump.  
    Mercedes is also quite fragile and cannot withstand much damage.  On 
    the other hand, the damage of her arcane bolt is top notch.
    Rather than a typical double-jump, Mercedes is the only playable 
    character who is able to fly and being able to fly is a 2D side-
    scroller is a significant advantage.  Because fairies generally rely on 
    flying, Mercedes can only walk on the ground while the other playable 
    characters run.
    Mercedes is the only character to attack at far range and three types 
    of ranged shots are available.  The normal shot can be released quickly 
    while the down shot is a piercing shot that travels along the ground, 
    which also knocks down enemies in its path.  Her last is a charge shot, 
    which consumes a lot more POW but releases several arcane bolts, which 
    have some homing ability.  The charge shot can be charged while moving.  
    *One tip of abusing charge shot is to use it instead of a normal shot 
    when there is one POW bar left because POW cannot go below 0.
    The POW gauge also functions differently for Mercedes.  While other 
    Psyphers’ POW automatically recharges after a time lapse, the bow’s POW 
    does not.  The reload function is available only when POW is fully 
    depleted and Mercedes is required to reload on the ground and in a 
    stationary position.  While other characters become dizzy when POW is 
    depleted, Mercedes does not.  Moreover, the reload function is not 
    automatic so Mercedes can escape to a lower danger zone to reload 
    before returning to the heat.  
    *Learning when to abuse unlimited POW potion is the way for Mercedes.
    Average Flying speed to circle 1st map of ‘Forest of Elfrit’ = ~10.05 
    Average walking speed to circle 1st map of ‘Forest of Elfrit’= ~12.5
    <Oswald>                 (SYNOSWA)
    -Character Analysis-
    Oswald is the son of Edgar, who is the brother of Edmund, and is the 
    adopted son of Melvin, who found him abandoned.  Oswald is greatly 
    feared by many on the battlefield and is known as the Shadow Knight.  
    While he is a member of Ringford, he serves only Melvin and is 
    dedicated to his foster father.   
    Oswald’s Psypher sword is known as the Belderiver.  It power is gained 
    from a contract made by Melvin, which traded Oswald’s life for the 
    power of shadow.
    There are several turning points for Oswald. Hindel’s words, seeing 
    Gwendolyn during a spy mission, Melvin’s confession and Odin’s offer.  
    In the early chapters, Oswald dedicated his life to serve Melvin, 
    regardless the price, until he hears Melvin’s confession.  From that 
    point onwards, Oswald had little tolerance towards those who use others 
    as objects.
    Betrayed and devastated by Melvin’s confession, Oswald crumbles under 
    the overbearing gloom of despair until he sees a blue bird.  Envisaging 
    Gwendolyn as his glimmer of hope, Oswald committed many deeds to have 
    her by his side.  The deeds range from killing Wagner to win her hand, 
    beating up Onyx for stealing her and killing Skuldi for belittling her.  
    However, his love is more than simply obsession or infatuation.  When 
    he first hears of the sleeping spell’s side effect, Oswald refrains 
    from waking Gwendolyn up.  In addition, when he hears the truth about 
    the sleeping spell, Oswald is relieved as Gwendolyn’s love cannot be 
    compelled, only given willingly. 
    -Fighting ability-
    Oswald is one of the most, if not the most, feared warriors on Erion.  
    He is victorious even against powerful beasts known as dragons. In his 
    book, he killed Hindel and even Wagner.  In addition, he triumphs over 
    Onyx, the Inferno King, as well.
    Oswald’s foundations are strong, boasting high damage and high defence 
    capabilities.  In addition, he has the furthest double-jump 
    capabilities among the three.
    True to his title of Shadow Knight, Oswald can turn himself into a 
    shadow using Shadow Form.  In Shadow Form, Oswald deals the highest 
    damage per hit among all characters and by a significant margin.  
    However, Shadow Form depletes POW at a high rate, putting Oswald at 
    risk of being stunned after executing a complete combo. Even with 
    unlimited POW potion, Shadow Form lasts longer for 2-3 combo sequences 
    rather than negating its side effects.
    *Using Shadow Form effectively is a key to victory.
    On a minor note, Oswald gains [Cyclone] quite late, which affects his 
    mob clearing efficiency in 4/5 star maps.
    Oswald’s down attack has two attack phases.  Like Gwendolyn, he also 
    dashes for a short distance with a low stab and then swings upward for 
    a second hit.  Also causes a juggle effect.
    Oswald’s up attack simply makes him swing upwards.
    During his last attack in a ground combo, Oswald jumps and then 
    executes a diving attack.  This can be advantageous or disadvantageous, 
    depending on the situation.
    During his last attack in an aerial combo, Oswald executes a diving 
    attack.  This can be advantageous or disadvantageous, depending on the 
    Average running speed to circle 1st map of ‘Forest of Elfrit’ = ~8.35
    <Velvet>                 (SYNVELV)
    -Character Analysis-
    Velvet is one of the remaining human survivors of the once-mighty 
    Valentine Empire.  She is the twin sister of Inway, the daughter of 
    Odin and the granddaughter of King Valentine.  In other words, she is a 
    princess of two nations.
    The name of her Psypher chain is Graveryl.
    Velvet has lived a traumatic childhood.  She is frequently punished by 
    her grandfather, has seen her nation destroyed and even ‘cursed’ by her 
    mother.  Quoting the note, “an inevitable curse and death shall be 
    thrown upon the two of you.”  In hope that she can avoid the fate 
    prophesized by her mother, Velvet went in search of Hindel.  Instead of 
    satisfying her query, Velvet leaves Horn Mountain even more puzzled and 
    begins collecting the Erion Saga.
    Velvet’s fate is deeply entwined with the Cauldron and the ring of 
    Titrel.  She is attacked by Mercedes for stealing the ring of Titrel, 
    captured by the Aesir for deactivating the Cauldron, raided by goblins 
    under King Valentine’s orders and almost sacrificed to Belial by the 
    Three Wise Men.
    Velvet also loves Cornelious and is unaffected by his physical 
    appearance.  When she learns that Cornelious is the Pooka that saved 
    her, she immediately sets off to find him.  Even after several 
    millennia, Velvet’s love for Cornelious is eternal. 
    -Fighting ability-
    Although she is physically the weakest among the five playable 
    characters, she uses her Psypher chain rather innovatively. Although 
    she did not kill any powerful enemies in her book, she did defeat Inway 
    in the form of Darkova, a powerful 3-headed beast. 
    With the use of her chain, Velvet can execute something illogical while 
    in air by pressing the jump button after the double-jump.  Latching one 
    chain end onto the air, Velvet does a chain swing in the direction she 
    is facing.  This defensive maneuver can be useful in certain 
    One of Velvet’s selling points is her charge attack.  It has an attack 
    range of several screens, has autohoming ability and has great damage.  
    With this, Velvet is able to attack a large size mob from a distance.  
    It does have its drawbacks.  The POW cost is approx. half the gauge, 
    Velvet is required to be stationary while charging and the charge 
    attack requires some time to charge.
    *The charge attack is a great substitute for [Cyclone] in low star 
    Velvet’s up attack is a little weird.  It has a short activation time 
    before the chain ends spiral upwards to do a multi-hit attack.  Its 
    anti-air capability is one of the best.
    Velvet’s down attack makes her throw a chain end and sweep it upwards, 
    causing a knockdown effect.
    Average running speed to circle 1st map of ‘Forest of Elfrit’ = ~8.4
    Accomplishments                 (OSACC)
    This section is a review of the battle victories and defeats, if any, 
    for each character.  Numbers (Eg. 1, 2, …) are battles that result from 
    the character’s own book and alphabets (Eg. a, b, …) are battles that 
    result from another character’s book.
    <Gwendolyn>             (ACCGWEN)
    <Cornelious>            (ACCCORN)
    <Mercedes>              (ACCMERC)
    <Oswald>                (ACCOSWA)
    <Velvet>                (ACCVELV)
    <Gwendolyn>             (ACCGWEN)
    1. Defeats Belial in Chapter G1-4
    2. Defeats Velvet in Chapter G2-4 but fight is interrupted by Odin in 
    3. Defeats and kills Brigan in Chapter G3-4 
    4. Defeats Odin, possessed by Brigan in Chapter G4-4
    5. Defeats hatchling Leventhan in Chapter G5-4
    6. Defeats Mercedes with Riblam in Chapter G6-4
    7. Defeats and kills Odette in Chapter G7-4
    a. Captures Cornelious, without her psypher spear but with the aid of 
    Aesir’s Valkyrie, after C1-6  
    1. Loses to Oswald in his peak in Chapter G0-1c
    <Cornelious>             (ACCCORN)
    1. Defeats Odette in Chapter C1-4
    2. Defeats Brigan in Chapter C2-4
    3. Defeats Inway as Velvet in Chapter C3-4
    4. Defeats Wagner in Chapter C4-4 but no major effect is seen in 4-6a
    5. Defeats Mercedes with Tasla in Chapter C5-4
    6. Pyrrhic victory against King Valentine in Chapter C5-6
    7. Defeats hatchling Leventhan in Chapter C6-4
    8. Defeats and ‘kills’ Belial in Chapter C7-4
    1. Captured by Gwendolyn, without the psypher spear, and the Valkyrie 
    after Chapter C1-6
    <Mercedes>               (ACCMERC)
    1. Defeats a weakened Belial in Chapter M1-4
    2. Defeats Oswald in his weakened state in Chapter M2-4
    3. Defeats Wagner in Chapter M3-4 but no major effect is seen in M3-6 
    4. Defeats Beldor in Chapter M4-4
    5. Defeats Odette in Chapter M5-4 but little effect is shown in M5-6
    6. Defeats Hatchling Leventhan, who consumed the fire’s source, in 
    Chapter M6-4
    7. Defeats Odin and shatters the Psypher Balor in Chapter M7-4
    a. Defeats Velvet in C5-4
    a. Defeated by Gwendolyn while using Riblam in G6-4
    b. Defeated by Cornelious in C5-4
    c. Defeated by Velvet while using Tasla in V2-4
    <Oswald>                 (ACCOSWA)
    1. Kills Hindel, the Oracle Dragon in Chapter 0-1
    2. Defeats Brigan in Chapter 1-4
    3. Defeats Halja in Chapter 2-4
    4. Defeats Belial in Chapter 3-4
    5. Defeats Odin in Chapter 4-4
    6. Defeats and kills Wagner in Chapter 5-4
    7. Defeats Skuldi in Chapter 6-4 and kills him in 6-6
    8. Defeats Onyx in Chapter 7-4
    a. Defeats Gwendolyn in G0-1c
    1. Killed by Halja in Chapter 3-6b
    a. Loses to Leventhan in G5-4
    b. Killed by Halja in G6-6a
    c. Loses to Mercedes in M2-4
    <Velvet>                 (ACCVELV)
    1. Defeats Odette in Chapter 1-4 but little effect is seen in 1-6
    2. Defeats Mercedes with Tasla in Chapter 2-4 
    3. Defeats Brigan in Chapter 3-4
    4. Defeats Wagner in Chapter 4-4 but no major effect is seen in 4-6
    5. Defeats a half-hearted Odin in Chapter 5-4
    6. Defeats Belial in Chapter 6-4
    7. Defeats Inway as Darkova in Chapter 7-4
    1. Captured by the Three Wise Men in Chapter 6-6a
    a. Defeated by Gwendolyn in G2-4 but fight is interrupted by Odin in 
    b. Defeated by Mercedes in C5-4
    At this point, you have already realized that all the playable 
    characters have lost to someone at some point of time.  However, Oswald 
    is never shown a loss in the game during his peak, which ends after 
    point 25.
    Non-Playable Characters         (OSNPC)
    This section is for characters that are not playable but important 
    enough in the game.
    <Belial>                 (NPCBELI)
    <Elfaria>                (NPCELFA)
    <Gallon>                 (NPCGALL)
    <Hindel>                 (NPCHIND)
    <Inway>                  (NPCINWA)
    <Melvin>                 (NPCMELV)
    <Odette>                 (NPCODET)
    <Odin>                   (NPCODIN)
    <Onyx>                   (NPCONYX)
    <The Three Wise Men>     (NPCGALL)
    <Valentine>              (NPCGALL)
    <Wagner>                 (NPCWAGN)
    Warning: Interpretations can be subjective.
    <Belial>                 (NPCBELI)
    -Character Analysis-
    Belial is a pitiful dragon whose soul is stolen by Beldor and thus 
    enslaved by the Three Wise Men.  It fervently desires undisturbed 
    peace.  However, it is frequently forced by its masters to commit many 
    atrocities, such as staying in damp sewers to devour sacrifices.
    Belial’s heart is pierced by Cornelious in C7-4 and during its last 
    living moments, Belial devours Urzur in revenge.
    <Elfaria>                (NPCELFA)
    -Character Analysis-
    Elfaria is the Queen of Ringford and leader of the Vanir.  She is noted 
    to be beautiful and her true name is Fimbulvetr.  She is the Mother of 
    Mercedes and aunt of Melvin.
    She is the owner of the Psypher bow, Tasla, and the ring of Titrel, 
    which is given by Inway.  
    She is a wise ruler and with the Cauldron’s power, she succeeded in 
    unifying the fairies and unicorns, previously existed as small tribes, 
    to form the country of Ringford.  Ringford is now considered an equal 
    with the other two nations of Erion.
    Unfortunately, Elfaria dies in point 30, after she is attacked by the 
    Demon Lord’s Psypher.
    <Gallon>                 (NPCGALL)
    -Character Analysis-
    Gallon is the former king of Titania, succeeded by his son, Edmund. He 
    has two sons, Edmund and Edgar.  Gallon disowned Edgar after the latter 
    felt in love with a woman of low social status and had him assassinated 
    later, in fear of retribution.
    Via a secret rite, Gallon gains the ability to turn into a 3-headed 
    demon beast, which is powerful enough to deter King Valentine from 
    conquering Titania in the past.  However, the power of Darkova is 
    flawed and he rampaged for seven days before he is slain by his son, 
    Edmund, using a Psypher sword.  For unknown reasons, Gallon took the 
    Psypher sword to the Netherworld, in which he passed to Cornelious 
    years later.
    Gallon found no peace even after death.  He is constantly plagued by 
    the Three Wise Men, who seek to free him from his chains.  In addition, 
    Odette cast a curse of immortality on him, which forcibly regenerates 
    him, in hope to torment him indefinitely.  Gallon yearns for “the light 
    of life” but only one descended from Titanian royalty bloodline can 
    kill him.
    Gallon only finds salvation if he is defeated by the “shadow of the 
    lost master”, Oswald.
    <Hindel>                 (NPCHIND)
    -Character Analysis-
    A dragon with the ability to prophesize and speaks in the way where 
    humans and fairies tend to misinterpret.  Its purpose in the game is to 
    influence Oswald and Velvet’s subsequent actions in the game.
    Hindel is killed by Oswald in O1-1.
    <Inway>                  (NPCINWA)
    -Character Analysis-
    Inway is the prince of the lost Kingdom of Valentine.  He is the twin 
    brother, son of Odin and the grandson of King Valentine.  Inway is a 
    mage who is able to transform and can cast the dreaded Pooka curse.
    Inway loves his sister Velvet and is jealous of her affection for 
    Cornelious, to the extent that he casted the Pooka curse on Cornelious.  
    Inway also grieves of his lack of power to protect his sister when she 
    was disciplined by their grandfather.
    Inway leads a miserable life, as he is completely convinced that they 
    are damned by their mother.  Quoting the note, “an inevitable curse and 
    death shall be thrown upon the two of you.”  Adding to his misery, at 
    one point of time, he is cursed into the form of a frog and to break 
    the curse, he has to tail after a wilful, spoiled fairy.  In addition, 
    the power Inway sought from the Three Wise Men has several side 
    effects.  The power of Darkova is flawed and it turns even pain, be it 
    emotional or physical, into pleasure.  Inway lusts even for his 
    sister’s blood, even though he consciously acknowledges the vileness of 
    the act.   The second side effect is that Darkova can be controlled via 
    a spell, which the Three Wise Men successfully researched, and Inway is 
    forced by Beldor to kill against his will.  
    Despite his miserable existence, Inway does show a hint of affection 
    for Mercedes with his dying breath in some point sectors.
    As predicted by his mother, Inway dies in the book ‘Armageddon’.
    <Melvin>                 (NPCMELV)
    -Character Analysis-
    Melvin can be considered a prince, as he is the nephew of Elfaria.  
    More importantly, he is considered mature and a brilliant tactician by 
    Ringford denizens.  He is the foster father of Oswald.  His true name 
    is Nidhogg.
    Melvin is ruthless and ambitious.  He is willing to trade the life of 
    others for power, as he had made a contact with the Halja for 
    Belderiver’s power in exchange for Oswald’s life.  His ambitious nature 
    surfaces several times, while Elfaria is alive, and manifests 
    completely when he decided to stage a mutiny, soon after Elfaria died.
    Although Melvin treats Oswald like a pawn during the game, he did once 
    have another feeling for Oswald when he found him abandoned as a baby.  
    Melvin dies in point 40, after suffering critical wounds from the 
    suppression forces.
    <Odette>                 (NPCODET)
    -Character Analysis-
    Odette is the Queen of the Netherworld and the master of Oswald, who is 
    promised to be hers, for eternity, via a contract formed by Melvin.  
    Odette is the bridge that connects the Netherworld with the living.  
    Therefore, when she dies, the only way to enter the Netherworld is to 
    accept death.  Looking from another perspective, Odette is the reason 
    why the dead can return to the living world, even if they are killed 
    many times.
    Odette loves her jewels and hates Odin, a petty jewel thief.  This is 
    because the jewels are formed from phozons, the essence of life.  By 
    stealing the jewels, it is tantamount to disrupting life’s natural 
    Being the Queen of the Dead, Odette harbours discriminations against 
    unwanted visitors and creatures that defy the natural order.  For 
    example, Odette tries to imprison Mercedes and Velvet for barging into 
    her Queendom.  For creatures that defy the natural order, namely the 
    Pooka, Odette sends her minions to torment them indefinitely.  
    Odette dies in V7-6a, by the hands of Gwendolyn.
    <Odin>                   (NPCODIN)
    -Character Analysis-
    Odin is the ruler of the northern lands, leader of the Aesir and king 
    of the Ragnanival nation.  Odin is known as the Demon Lord.  He is the 
    father of Gwendolyn, Griselda, Velvet and Inway.  Odin has gained his 
    tremendous power by drinking the blood of Wagner, a dragon, and because 
    of this, he cannot harm Wagner.
    Odin carries the Wicked Eye, Balor, which is considered the most 
    powerful Psypher.  Its size is humongous, as it is even bigger than any 
    playable character.  Odin made it specifically to handle the 
    prophesized invasion by the Netherworld.  
    Odin started a war with the Vanir, in order to control the Cauldron.  
    His true motives is to be one of the two ‘crownless lords’ stated in 
    the prophecies. 
    Although Odin may seem cold-hearted, he is tormented when he has to 
    choose between duties as the king and feelings of a father.  For one, 
    when Odin is being cajoled to execute Velvet, Odin hesitates.  Even 
    though Odin can easily take the ring of Titrel from Gwendolyn, he did 
    not do so after Gwendolyn pleaded with him.
    Odin dies in the prelude of Armageddon when the Netherworld invaded.
    <Onyx>                   (NPCONYX)
    -Character Analysis-
    Onyx is the king of the Fire Kingdom and ruler of the Vulcans.  Onyx is 
    known as the Inferno King.  He has the power to transform.
    Onyx is infatuated with Gwendolyn and does not care what methods are 
    used to obtain her. As long Gwendolyn stays by his side, Onyx is even 
    willing to let her sleep for eternity.  This is because he knows 
    Gwendolyn will not love him and will be frightened by his true 
    appearance.  If he meets Gwendolyn in [Firestorm], his love and hatred 
    for her explodes beyond his control.
    Onyx hates Oswald for stealing Gwendolyn and for humiliating him.  
    Using the promise given by Oswald, Onyx sends Oswald to his demise and 
    deliberately waits even when there is no news of his return after some 
    time.  When Gwendolyn attempts to rescue Oswald, Onyx sends his Vulcans 
    to interfere.
    Onyx is one of the five prophesized disasters and he cannot be killed 
    except by the world tree, which exists only in myth.  So he thought, as 
    he ravaged Ringford in the book ‘Armageddon’.  Onyx can only be 
    defeated by Mercedes.
    <The Three Wise Men>     (NPCGALL)
    -Character Analysis-
    Urzur, Beldor and Skuldi are the Three Wise Men.  They know a lot of 
    magic and have great influence on several Erion nations.  Their 
    stronghold is in the sewers of Titania nation.
    Rather than being wise and sagely, their true nature is three power-
    hungry and manipulative wizards and they are trying to control 
    Armageddon directly.
    Beldor is cursed into a Pooka in M4-6.
    Urzur  is killed by Belial    in C7-6a.
    Skuldi is killed by Oswald    in O6-6.
    <Valentine>              (NPCGALL)
    -Character Analysis-
    Valentine is the king of the lost kingdom of Valentine.  He is the 
    grandfather of Velvet and Inway.  He deeply loves his daughter.
    The kingdom of Valentine had more advanced magic and technology than 
    any other nation.  Not only were they prosperous, the kingdom also 
    rapidly controlled over two-thirds of the land.  In his benevolence, 
    Valentine even infused his magic into the coins so that all may share 
    Valentine’s love for his daughter is to the point of obsession.  When 
    his daughter fell in love with Odin, he felt betrayed, feeling that his 
    daughter no longer loved him, and his love gradually turned to hatred.  
    Valentine even forced his grandchildren to abandon her and eventually 
    killed her in anger.
    While the war between Aesir and Vanir in the game was constantly in a 
    deadlock, Valentine’s efforts to expand his kingdom were astounding.  
    Valentine failed to conquer Titania completely only because of the 
    power of Darkova.  Against the Aesir, Valentine’s army were 
    overwhelmingly advantaged and at the brink of victory, a catastrophic 
    disaster occurred and the “once-prosperous nation was utterly 
    demolished”.  Subsequently, Valentine lost his reputation and dignity, 
    as well as cursed into the form of Pooka, and all this happened because 
    of a traitor.  Due to the Pooka curse, Valentine is unable to find rest 
    and his tormented soul drives him to seek oblivion, even if he has to 
    bring the world with him.
    Valentine is destroyed by Leventhan in the book ‘Armageddon’.
    <Wagner>                 (NPCWAGN)
    -Character Analysis-
    Wagner is a dragon and it bears a lot of hatred towards humans and 
    fairies.  Snatching Belial’s soul, stealing dragon eggs and killing 
    Hindel are grieves Wagner said.  In its torment of losing Hindel, 
    Wagner attacked some of the playable characters because they had 
    Psypher weapons. 
    When its anger is temporarily sated, Wagner proved willing enough to 
    help the playable characters, such as carrying Cornelious to the ruins 
    near Pooka Village.
    Wagner is killed by Oswald in O5-4.
    The Story before Armageddon     (OSSBA)
    <Summary>                (SBASUMM)
    <Timetable>              (SBATIME)
    <Plot>                   (SBAPLOT)
    <Summary>                (SBASUMM)
    To recap, the first five books take place before Armageddon and each 
    book tells a story from a character’s perspective.
    ‘Valkyrie’         is Gwendolyn’s book
    ‘The Pooka Prince’ is Cornelious’ book
    ‘Fairy Land’       is Mercedes’ book
    ‘The Black Sword’  is Oswald’s book
    ‘Fate’             is Velvet’s book
    Each character’s chapter, act and verse do not always run in parallel 
    with the others.  Some character begins his/hers early and some later.  
    In order to piece all the characters’ stories together into a coherent 
    story, 93 points are used as the foundation. 
    The timetable (SBATIME) below is the visual representation of the story 
    before Armageddon.  For example, V7-6a of point 69 means Velvet’s book 
    ‘Fate’, Chapter 7, Act 6 Verse 1.
    For the plot summary, go to <Plot>.
    <Timetable>              (SBATIME)
    | No. |  GWEN  |  CORN  |  MERC  |  OSWA  |  VELV  |
    | 01  |        |        |        |        |  V0-1  |
    | 02  |        | C0-1a  |        |        |  V0-3  |
    | 03  |        | C0-1b  |        |        |        |
    | 04  |        | C0-3   |        |        |        |
    | 05  |        | C1-2   |        |        |        |
    | 06  |        | C1-4   |        |        |        |
    | 07  |        | C1-6   |        |        | V1-2   |
    | 08  |        | C2-2a  |        |        |        |
    | 09  |        | C1-2b  | M0-1   | O0-1   |        |
    | 10  |        | C2-4   |        | O0-3a  |        |
    | 11  |        | C2-6   |        | O0-3b  |        |
    | 12  |        |        |        | O1-2   | V1-4   |
    | 13  |        |        |        | O1-4   | V1-6   |
    | 14  |        |        |        | O1-6   | V2-2   |
    | 15  |        |        |        |        | V2-4   |
    | 16  |        |        |        |        | V2-6   |
    | 17  | G0-1a  | C3-2a  |        |        |        |
    | 18  | G0-1b  | C3-2b  |        |        |        |
    | 19  | G0-1c  | C3-4   |        |        |        |
    | 20  | G0-3   | C3-6   |        |        |        |
    | 21  |        | C4-2   |        | O2-2a  |        |
    | 22  | G1-2   | C4-4   |        | O2-2b  |        |
    | 23  |        | C4-6a  |        |        | V3-2   |
    | 24  |        | C4-6b  |        |        |        |
    | 25  |        | C5-2   |        | O2-4   |        |
    | 26  |        |        |        |        | V3-4   |
    | 27  | G1-4   |        |        |        |        |
    | 28  |        | C5-4   |        |        |        |
    | 29  |        | C5-6   | M0-3a  |        |        |
    | 30  | G1-6   |        | M0-3b  |        | V3-6   |
    | 31  |        |        |        | O2-6   | V4-2   |
    | 32  |        |        | M1-2   |        | V4-4   |
    | 33  |        |        |        | O3-2   | V4-6   |
    | 34  |        |        |        | O3-4   |        |
    | 35  |        |        | M1-4   |        |        |
    | 36  | G2-2   |        | M1-6   |        |        |
    | 37  | G2-4   |        | M2-2   |        |        |
    | 38  | G2-6a  |        | M2-4   |        |        |
    | 39  | G2-6b  |        |        | O3-6a  |        |
    | 40  |        |        |        | O3-6b  |        |
    | 41  | G3-2   |        | M2-6   |        |        |
    | 42  | G3-4   |        | M3-2   |        |        |
    | 43  |        |        |        |        | V5-2a  |
    | 44  | G3-6   |        | M3-4   |        |        |
    | 45  |        |        | M3-6a  |        | V5-2b  |
    | 46  |        | C5-6   |        | O4-2   | V5-4   |
    | 47  |        |        | M3-6b  |        | V5-6a  |
    | 48  |        | C6-2   |        |        | V5-6b  |
    | 49  |        | C6-4   |        |        |        |
    | 50  |        | C6-6a  |        | O4-4   |        |
    | 51  |        | C6-6b  |        | O4-6   |        |
    | 52  |        |        |        | O5-2   | V6-2   |
    | 53  |        |        |        | O5-4   |        |
    | 54  |        |        |        | O5-6a  |        |
    | 55  |        |        |        | O5-6b  |        |
    | 56  |        |        | M4-2   | O6-2   |        |
    | 57  |        |        |        |        | V6-4   |
    | 58  |        |        |        |        | V6-6a  |
    | 59  |        |        | M4-4   |        |        |
    | 60  |        | C7-2   | M4-6   |        |        |
    | 61  |        | C7-4   |        |        |        |
    | 62  |        | C7-6a  |        |        | V6-6b  |
    | 63  |        | C7-6b  |        | O6-4   |        |
    | 64  |        | C7-6c  |        | O6-6   |        |
    | 65  |        |  End   |        | O7-2   | V7-2a  |
    | 66  |        | XXXXX  | M5-2   |        | V7-2b  |
    | 67  |        | XXXXX  | M5-4   |        |        |
    | 68  |        | XXXXX  | M5-6a  |        | V7-4   |
    | 69  |        | XXXXX  | M5-6b  | O7-4   | V7-6a  |
    | 70  |        | XXXXX  | M6-2   | O7-6a  |        |
    | 71  |        | XXXXX  | M6-4   |        |        |
    | 72  |        | XXXXX  | M6-6   | O7-6b  | V7-6b  |
    | 73  | G3-6   | XXXXX  |        |  End   |  End   |
    | 74  | G4-2a  | XXXXX  |        | XXXXX  | XXXXX  |
    | 75  | G4-2b  | XXXXX  |        | XXXXX  | XXXXX  |
    | 76  | G4-2c  | XXXXX  |        | XXXXX  | XXXXX  |
    | 77  | G4-4   | XXXXX  |        | XXXXX  | XXXXX  |
    | 78  | G4-6   | XXXXX  |        | XXXXX  | XXXXX  |
    | 79  | G5-2a  | XXXXX  | M7-2   | XXXXX  | XXXXX  |
    | 80  | G5-2b  | XXXXX  | M7-4   | XXXXX  | XXXXX  |
    | 81  | G5-4   | XXXXX  | M7-6   | XXXXX  | XXXXX  |
    | 82  | G5-6   | XXXXX  |  End   | XXXXX  | XXXXX  |
    | 83  | G6-2a  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  |
    | 84  | G6-2b  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  |
    | 85  | G6-4   | XXXXX  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  |
    | 86  | G6-6a  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  |
    | 87  | G6-6b  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  |
    | 88  | G7-2a  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  |
    | 89  | G7-2b  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  |
    | 90  | G7-4   | XXXXX  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  |
    | 91  | G7-6a  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  |
    | 92  | G7-6b  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  |
    | 93  | G7-6c  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  | XXXXX  |
    |     |  End   |        |        |        |        |
    <Plot>                   (SBAPLOT)
    Below is a rough representation of each point sector.
    | (Book) (Chapter) (Act)(Verse)            |
    | (Name of point sector) – (Plot Summary)  |
    | (Comment)                                |
    Take note that if there are multiple plots in a point, they will be 
    arranged in the order of ‘Valkyrie’, ‘The Pooka Prince’, ‘Fairy Land’, 
    ‘The Black Sword’ and then ‘Fate’.  Comments are marked with an * below 
    the plot summary.  
    Take note that if it is commented that XXX returns to/leaves for/goes 
    to YYYY, the character may take some time to reach the destination.
    Fate Prelude Act 1
    Fate – Princess Velvet of the lost kingdom of Valentine is fixated on 
    the brief moments of love she shared with Prince Cornelious
    The Pooka Prince Prelude Act 1 Verse 1
    Threats of abdication – Cornelious, prince of Titania, is scolded by 
    his father for holding trysts with a princess living in the forest
    *    Cornelious went to the Forest of Elfrit to meet Velvet again.
    Fate Prelude Act 3
    Hindel’s Prophecy – Frightened by her mother’s prophecy.  Velvet heads 
    to Winterhorn Ridge to speak with Hindel, the soothsaying dragon.
    The Pooka Prince Prelude Act 1 Verse 2
    Pit of the Netherworld – Cornelious awakens to find himself transformed 
    into a beast. A voice calls out to him from the darkness.
    *    Cornelious becomes a Pooka and gains his psypher sword
    The Pooka Prince Prelude Act 3
    Velvet, Lost princess – Velvet reads a letter written by Cornelious.  
    No matter how far apart they are, their love cannot be separated. 
    The Pooka Prince Chapter 1 Act 2
    Wandering Phantom – In a twist of fate, Cornelious encounters a spectre 
    with a candle.  It requests to accompany him to seek out the Queen of 
    the Dead.
    *    The spectre is King Valentine
    The Pooka Prince Chapter 1 Act 4
    Queen of the Dead – Upon finally reaching the Queen’s shrine, they 
    request permission to leave the Netherworld.
    *    Cornelious battles Odette
    The Pooka Prince Chapter 1 Act 6
    Clearing His Name – As he leaves the Netherworld, Odette warns of the 
    fate cast upon the cursed beings.
    *    Cornelious leaves the Netherworld and is soon captured by the Valkyrie
    Fate Chapter 1 Act 2
    Saga – No answers are found to the riddles posed by the dragon’s words
    *    Velvet leaves for the Netherworld
    The Pooka Prince Chapter 2 Act 2 Verse 1
    An Audience – Cornelious is quickly captured by the Aesir.  He requests 
    an audience with the Demon Lord to explain his predicament.
    *    Gwendolyn, Corenelious’ captor, holds his Psypher sword.
    The Pooka Prince Chapter 2 Act 2 Verse 2
    The Demon Lord’s Child – The Demon Lord’s daughter returns the crystal 
    sword.  Her kindness strikes a chord in Cornelious’ lonely heart.
    *    Cornelious goes to find Brigan
    Fairy Land Prelude Act 1
    The Queen’s Daughter – The Fairy Queen Elfaria has had a rather 
    troubling time of what to do with her rebellious daughter, Mercedes.
    *    Mercedes goes Frog hunting
    The Black Sword Prelude Act 1
    Dragon Slayer – The Oracle Dragon Hindel foresaw his death but 
    stoically accepted his fate.  His last words: ‘when the time comes…’
    *    Oswald learns that his father’s name is Edgar
    **   Hindel is killed
    ***  We find out Oswald’s sword is named Belderiver.
    **** Oswald returns to Ringford
    The Pooka Prince Chapter 2 Act 4
    Proof of Valor – The prince proceeds to acquire the general’s horn.  
    Cornelious prepares to battle the ferocious warrior Brigan.
    *    Cornelious battles Brigan and takes the horn.
    The Black Sword Prelude Act 3 Verse 1
    Cursed Sword – The immense power of Duke Melvin’s Psypher is proven, 
    but Queen Elfaria is uneasy with its cursed power.
    The Pooka Prince Chapter 2 Act 6
    Beyond Ragbanival – Odin approves of Cornelious’ skill and grants him 
    passage to Titania.  But, why does everyone refer him as ‘Pooka’?
    *    Cornelious leaves for Titania Capital
    The Black Sword Prelude Act 3 Verse 2
    Conscientious Objector – Brom fears the blade he created, while Melvin 
    gloats with confidence.  Their division over the Belderiver grows.
    The Black Sword Chapter 1 Act 2
    Brom’s Exile – Troubled by his sins, Brom reveals Belderiver’s secret 
    to Oswald.  Enraged, Melvin sends Brom to the Netherworld.
    *    Oswald leaves for Ragnanival
    Fate Chapter 1 Act 4
    Chained King Gallon – Velvet, seeking the complete Erion Saga, goes 
    with Skuldi to the Netherworld to speak with King Gallon in his prison.
    *    Velvet fights Odette
    The Black Sword Chapter 1 Act 4
    Spying on the enemy – Oswald infiltrates Ragnanival on a spy mission on 
    orders from Melvin.  He learns of Brigan’s plans to invade Ringford.
    *    Oswald battles with Brigan
    Fate Chapter 1 Act 6
    Demon Lord Odin – Velvet is surrounded by wraiths after meeting Odette.  
    Odin, the Demon Lord, saves her from certain death.
    *    Velvet is carried away by Odin out of the Netherworld
    The Black Sword Chapter 1 Act 6
    A star in the darkness – Hiding in the castle, Oswald is captivated by 
    a beautiful maiden.  She must be Odin’s daughter…
    *    Oswald meets Gwendolyn, who is in her formal dress, for the first time
    **   Oswald returns to Ringford
    Fate Chapter 2 Act 2
    Cauldron and Ring – The news that King Valentine has escaped from the 
    Netherworld is terrifying.  He seeks the ring that controls the 
    *    Velvet leaves for Ringford Palace
    Fate Chapter 2 Act 4
    Pursuing the Ring – Velvet sneaks into the Ringford Palace and steals 
    the ring, but a crossbow-wielding Mercedes prevents her from escaping.
    *    Velvet battles Mercedes
    **   Velvet now possesses the ring
    ***  Velvet returns to Pooka Village
    Fate Chapter 2 Act 6
    Inway’s Deception – Krois and Meril are happy to see Velvet return 
    safely with the ring.  Inway appears and demands the ring for himself.
    Valkyrie Prelude Act 1 Verse 1
    The Cauldron War – The Demon Lord’s Army, the Aesir, begins their 
    invasion of Fairy Land to gain control of the Cauldron.
    The Pooka Prince Chapter 3 Act 2 Verse 1
    Homecoming – The prince finally returns to Titania, but another 
    Cornelious appears in the throne room…
    *    The fake is Inway
    **   King Edmund shows significant shock when he sees Cornelious’ sword
    Valkyrie Prelude Act 1 Verse 2
    A Sister’s Parting – Griselda has fallen amidst fierce combat with the 
    Fairy Army, the Vanir.  Her sister Gwendolyn rushes to her side.
    *    Griselda dies and Gwendolyn gains her psypher spear.
    **   Gwendolyn continues on to battle the Vanir
     The Pooka Prince Chapter 3 Act 2 Verse 2
    The Lonely Prince – Cornelious sets out to confront his imposter before 
    his romance with Velvet is broken.
    *    Cornelious leaves for the Forest of Elfrit
    Prelude Act 1 Verse 3
    Shadow Knight – Many warriors fall to the sword of the Shadow Knight.  
    With her sister’s spear in hand, Gwendolyn faces this powerful enemy.
    *    The shadow knight is Oswald
    **   Gwendolyn returns to Ragnanival 
    The Pooka Prince Chapter 3 Act 4
    Chase the Imposter! – The imposter waited for Cornelious in the forest.  
    The prince’s rage turn to wonder when his doppelganger turns into his 
    *    Cornelius battles Inway as Velvet
    Valkyrie Prelude Act 3
    Retreat – Suffering heavy casualties, the Aesir retreat.  Gwendolyn 
    reports the grave news to her father, King Odin.
    The Pooka Prince Chapter 3 Act 6
    Twins of Valentine – The shapeshifting wizard introduces himself as 
    Inway, Velvet’s brother.  Cornelious demands an explanation from him.
    *    Cornelious returns to Titania Capital
    The Pooka Prince Chapter 4 Act 2
    Trial  - Cornelious sinks into despair, unable to find a way to break 
    his curse.  He hears a voice calling his name.
    *    Cornelious violated one of Titania’s laws by cursing all wizards 
         should be burned at stake.  Fortunately, nothing happens.
    **   Cornelious leaves for Winterhorn Ridge
    The Black Sword Chapter 2 Act 2 Verse 1
    War – After putting down the Aesir’s sneak attack, the Vanir’s morale 
    increases.  Melvin once more speaks of mass-producing the blade.
    Valkyrie Chapter 1 Act 2
    All the King’s Men – As the Aesir prepare for another assault, a little 
    bird whispers within Gwendolyn’s mind as she thinks.
    *    Gwendolyn leaves for the Vanir stronghold in the ruins
    The Pooka Prince Chapter 4 Act 4
    Raging Dragon Wagner – The prince climbs the mountains, searching for 
    the Dragon Hindel.  However, he encounters Wagner, who is enraged to 
    see his psypher.
    *    Wagner was frustrated with human’s ill intentions towards dragonkind 
         and took out his frustrations on Cornelious after seeing the psypher 
    *    These ill intentions include snatching Belial’s soul, stealing dragon 
         eggs and killing Hindel.
    The Black Sword
    Chapter 2 Act 2 Verse 2
    Bringing Death – Angered by Elfaria’s decision, Melvin orders Oswald to 
    demonstrate the Belderiver’s power once again in battle.
    *    Oswald went to the ruins to battle the Aesir.
    The Pooka Prince Chapter 4 Act 6 Verse 1
    A Dragon’s Mercy – Wagner takes to the skies, carrying Cornelious.  His 
    destination: the ruin of Valentine, the origin of the curse.
    *    Cornelious reaches the ruins
    Fate Chapter 3 Act 2
    Phantom from the past – The terrifying king of Valentine has returned 
    to his granddaughter.  Painful memories of the past freeze Velvet on 
    the spot.
    *    Velvet leaves for the Cauldron in the ruins
    The Pooka Prince Chapter 4 Act 6 Verse 2
    Pooka Village – Amid the ruins of Valentine, Cornelious finds Meril, 
    another Pooka.  He asks for the way to break the curse, but…
    *    Cornelious learns that collecting all the Valentinian coins would 
         grant a wish, which could be used to break the Pooka Curse.
    **   Cornelious reaches the Pooka Village
    The Pooka Prince Chapter 5 Act 2
    Princess Velvet – Hearing that Velvet has entered the battle, 
    Cornelious grows uneasy.  What is Velvet’s connection to the Cauldron?
    *    Cornelious leaves for the Cauldron in the ruins
    The Black Sword Chapter 2 Act 4
    Grim Reaper – As Oswald fights on the frontlines, a Halja appears to 
    him.  Oswald is shocked to lean of the contract Melvin had made.
    *    The contract traded Oswald’s life for power to the Belderiver.
    *    Oswald battles Halja
    Fate Chapter 3 Act 4
    The Aesir Advance – Quickly making her way to the Cauldron with the 
    ring, Velvet is accosted by the Aesir general, Brigan.
    *    Velvet battles Brigan
    Valkyrie Chapter 1 Act 4
    Queen of Ghosts – Gwendolyn fight her way to the Vanir stronghold.  
    Queen Elfaria unleashes a dreadful dragon to confront her.
    *    Gwendolyn battles Belial
    The Pooka Prince Chapter 5 Act 4
    Protect the Ring – As he arrives, Velvet is being attacked by a fairy 
    girl.  Entrusted with the ring to the cauldron, Cornelious must fight.
    *    Cornelious battles Mercedes.
    *    Cornelious now possesses the ring
    The Pooka Prince Chapter 5 Act 6 Verse 1
    The King of Valentine – King Valentine, the spectre from the 
    Netherworld, appears to reclaim the ring of Titrel.  Cornelious tries 
    to save Velvet
    *    Velvet gains possession of the ring in the end
    Fairy Land Prelude Act 3 Verse 1
    The Demon Lord attacks – The Demon Lord, seeking to control the 
    Cauldron, advances with his army and faces the Queen.
    *    Odin uses the Wicked Eye Psypher, Balor, to defeat Elfaria
    Valkyrie Chapter 1 Act 6
    Silent Cauldron – After the Aesir’s victory, the Cauldron is finally in 
    Odin’s hands.  However, the cauldron’s fire goes out as he finds it.
    *    Gwendolyn returns to Ragnanival
    Fairy Land Prelude Act 3 Verse 2
    Fallen Fairy Queen – Mercedes rushes to her mother’s side as the Queen 
    speaks her final words with trembling lips…
    *    Fairies have a real name and Elfaria’s is Fimbulvetr.
    **   Elfaria dies
    Fate Chapter 3 Act 6
    Silence the Cauldron – The Ring of Titrel’s powers are finally 
    activated.  Velvet rushes to the aid of the young Pooka who had 
    protected her.
    *    Odin and the Aesir fail to spot Velvet as she deactivates the 
    The Black Sword Chapter 2 Act 6
    Fallen Fairy Queen – The Vanir are defeated in battle, and the queen is 
    dead.  During the commotion, Oswald asks Melvin about the sword.
    Fate Chapter 4 Act 2
    The King’s Assassins- With the Cauldron stopped, the enemies turn 
    towards capturing the ring.  Assassins sent by King Valentine seek 
    Velvet and Krois.
    *    Krois is hurt here.
    **   Velvet leaves for Winterhorn Ridge
    Fairy Land Chapter 1 Act 2
    Queenless Ringford – Mercedes’ cousin Melvin steps in to take command 
    while Mercedes struggles as Queen.  Matthew senses Melvin’s motives.
    *    Mercedes leaves for the Forest of Elfrit
    Fate Chapter 4 Act 4
    Hindel’s Remains – To hide the ring where it will never be found, 
    Velvet heads to Hindel once again.  But as predicted, all he finds is 
    his corpse.
    *    Velvet battles with Wagner after he was offended by her words.
    The Black Sword Chapter 3 Act 2
    Rebellion – Melvin starts his plans to lead an uprising against 
    Mercedes.  Oswald is sent to send a message to Beldor.
    *    Oswald’s body is becoming stiff after he saw the Halja and his 
         condition is getting worse.
    **   Oswald leaves for the Forest of Elfrit
    Fate Chapter 4 Act 6
    The Dragon’s Jaws – After easing Wagner’s suspicions, Velvet asks for 
    his aid in protecting the ring
    *    Ring is now in Wagner’s stomach.
    **   Velvet returns to the Forest of Elfrit
    The Black Sword Chapter 3 Act 4
    Poison against poison – Oswald pressures Beldor to serve Melvin.  Even 
    Beldor is taken aback when Oswald fearlessly battles his dragon.
    *    Oswald battles Belial
    **   Oswald returns to Ringford after the battle
    Fairy Land Chapter 1 Act 4
    Frog – Mercedes enter the forest seeking the aid of Beldor the 
    sorcerer.  There, she meets a strange frog.
    *    The frog is no mere frog, it was originally a human prince.
    **   Mercedes also promises to grant a wish to the frog for retrieving 
         her bow.
    ***  Mercedes battles Belial
    Valkyrie Chapter 2 Act 2
    Seize the witch – Gwendolyn sets out to capture the witch that escaped 
    after disabling the Cauldron.
    *    Gwendolyn leaves for the Forest of Elfrit
    Fairy Land Chapter 1 Act 6
    The Captive Dragon – Mercedes shows Belial mercy, and the dragon grants 
    her a warning of the dangers she is about to face.
    *    Mercedes return to Ringford
    Valkyrie Chapter 2 Act 4
    The Bird and the Witch – Having cornered the witch, Gwendolyn prepares 
    to do battle.
    *    Gwendolyn battles Velvet
    Fairy Land Chapter 2 Act 2
    Rebellion – Mercedes regroups with Matthew and the royal guards to the 
    news of Melvin’s coup d’etat.  The frog appears to encourage her to 
    *    Mercedes goes to suppress the rebellion
    Valkyrie Chapter 2 Act 6 Verse 1
    A Family Secret – The battle between the two is interrupted by Odin 
    himself, and Gwendolyn learns of the connection between the three of 
    *    Brigan shows his stalker side.
    **   Gwendolyn and Velvet returns to Ragnanival
    Fairy Land Chapter 2 Act 4
    Melvin’s Black Sword – Mercedes makes her way to Melvin.  After failing 
    to convince her to give up, Melvin sends in his Shadow Knight to defeat 
    *    Mercedes battles a weakened Oswald.
    Valkyrie Chapter 2 Act 6 Verse 2
    The Ring of Titrel – The witch is captured and taken to Odin’s castle.  
    There, she reveals the location of the Ring of Titrel, the Cauldron’s 
    The Black Sword Chapter 3 Act 6 Verse 1
    Failed Rebellion – Unable to fight with his full power, Oswald is 
    defeated by Mercedes.  Melvin’s rebellion has been crushed.
    The Black Sword Chapter 3 Act 6 Verse 2
    Downfall – Melvin’s revelations before his death crush Oswald’s will to 
    defend himself from the looming shadows of death.
    *    Oswald learns of Melvin’s innermost feelings towards him.  This 
         ultimately affected Oswald’s future actions.
    **   Melvin’s true name is Nidhogg, the one that chews on the roots of 
         the ash tree
    ***  Oswald is taken to the Netherworld.
    Valkyrie Chapter 3 Act 2 
    A father’s pain – Odin agonizes over the decision to execute his 
    daughter Velvet.  Seeing his anguish, the bird whispers to Gwendolyn 
    *    Gwendolyn leaves for Winterhorn Ridge
    Fairy Land Chapter 2 Act 6
    Rebellion suppressed – Melvin’s defeat ends the rebellion.  Mercedes, 
    lost in thought, is disturbed by the frog.
    *    The frog demands a kiss from Mercedes as his wish.
    Valkyrie Chapter 3 Act 4
    Crime – Velvet is taken to the mountains to be sacrificed to the 
    dragon.  General Brigan is about to carry out the execution.
    *    Gwendolyn battles Brigan
    **   Brigan is killed
    Fairy Land Chapter 3 Act 2
    Broken Silence – Peace returns to Ringford, but a dragon suddenly 
    assaults the palace, demanding the shadow knight.  The new Queen 
    *    This explains why Wagner is missing in [Crime].
    **   Mercedes leaves for Winterhorn Ridge
    Fate Chapter 5 Act 2Verse 1
    Half-sister Gwendolyn – Gwendolyn, the Demon Lord’s daughter , saved 
    Velvet from captivity.  With mixed feelings, she runs for safety.
    *    Velvet leaves for Pooka Village
    **   Gwendolyn returns to Ragnanival
    Valkyrie Chapter 3 Act 6 Verse 1
    Punishment – Gwendolyn s sentenced to punishment for her grave crime. 
    She quietly confesses her innermost feelings to her father.
    *    Gwendolyn is put to sleep
    **   Odin lied about an aspect of the spell
    ***  Gwendolyn is sent to the old castle 
    Fairy Land Chapter 3 Act 4
    Appeasing a Dragon – To persuadeWagner of the fairies’ innocence in 
    Hindel’s death, Mercedes heads for the mountains to speak with the red 
    *    How fortunate it is for Mercedes not meeting Odin’s forces as she 
         climbed the mountain.
    **   Mercedes fought Wagner to prove herself
    Fairy Land Chapter 3 Act 6
    The Psypher’s Power – Mercedes somehow calms Wagner, but his rage 
    against the power of psyphers cannot be sated. 
    *    Mercedes returns to Ringford
    Fate Chapter 5 Act 2 Verse 2
    Punishment – Velvet makes her way back to the Pooka Village, but a 
    sudden scream leads her to find Myris, who had been at Odin’s castle.
    *    Velvet goes to the old castle to find Gwendolyn
    The Pooka Prince Chapter 5 Act 6 Verse 2
    Seeking the Princess – Weakened and dizzy, Cornelious awakens in the 
    Pooka Village, but Velvet has already left.
    The Black Sword Chapter 4 Act 2
    Nothing Left – Oswald reunites with Brom in the Netherworld.  However, 
    he has lost all hope to live.
    *    Oswald sees a blue bird, which Gwendolyn also sees sometimes.  
         Could the bird be…
    **   Oswald went to find Odette
    Fate Chapter 5 Act 4
    A Returning Evil – Velvet, concerned about Gwendolyn, heads to the old 
    castle.  While talking with Odin, an ominous voice makes her tremble…
    *    Velvet battles a half-hearted Odin
    Fairy Land Chapter 3 Act 6 Verse 2
    Rumors of the Magi – Returning to the palace with the weak frog, 
    Mercedes learns that she will need Brom’s help to defeat Odin’s 
    *    Mercedes learns that Urzur is the one who changed Inway into a frog
    **   Mercedes leaves for Titania Capital
    Fate Chapter 5 Act 6Verse 1
    Hollow Love – King Valentine approaches the defeated Odin to end his 
    life, but…
    *    King Valentine confessed her how he loved and killed his beloved 
    **   King Valentine leaves for the Fire Kingdom
    ***  Velvet enters the old castle
    The Pooka Prince Chapter 6 Act 2
    Goblin Attack – Goblins attack the Pooka Village in order to steal the 
    Valentinian coins.  Cornelious retaliates.
    *    It is stated here that Pookas with evil hearts turn to goblins.
    **   Cornelious leaves for the Fire Kingdom
    Fate Chapter 5 Act 6 Verse 2
    Sisters – Gwendolyn had been placed in a deep sleep.  Father and 
    daughter look at the sky and share their feelings.
    *    Velvet’s prayers did come true later.  A kind man will indeed meet 
         Gwendolyn later.
    **   Velvet returns to the Pooka Village
    The Pooka Prince Chapter 6 Act 4
    The Birth of Leventhan – Cornelious searches the Fire Kingdom for King 
    Valentine.  As he finds the undead king, the egg of doom hatches…
    *    Cornelious finds out who stole dragon eggs
    **   Cornelious battles Leventhan
    The Pooka Prince Chapter 6 Act 6 Verse 1
    Demon Beast of Titania – In revealing his identity to King Valentine, 
    the true story behind the crystal sword and Titania is uncovered.
    *    Cornelious learns that his sword is a ‘patricidal’ sword.  It 
         was used by his father Edmund to kill his grandfather Gallon, after 
         the latter rampaged Titania for seven days.
    **   Cornelious returns to the Pooka Village
    The Black Sword Chapter 4 Act 4
    Queen Odette – Oswald submits to serve Odette, and she is quick tosend 
    him on his first mission: To assassinate an intruder.
    *    Oswald battles Odin.  Odin probably held back to make use of Oswald 
    The Pooka Prince Chapter 6 Act 6 Verse 2
    Homeland in Danger – Cornelious successfully takes the coins back from 
    the Fire Kingdom.  He hears rumors of danger approaching Titania…
    *    Cornelious leaves for Titania Capital
    The Black Sword Chapter 4 Act 6
    Self-determination – Oswald overpowers Odin.  Oswald is about to put an 
    end to the Demon Lord, but Odin makes an offer to the shadow knight… 
    *    Oswald goes to Ragnavival.
    The Black Sword Chapter 5 Act 2
    Rewards – The Demon Lord asks Oswald to perform a difficult task in 
    return for a castle, a magic spear, and Gwendolyn’s hand.
    *    Oswald showed interest to Odin’s request only after he offered 
    Gwendolyn’s hand.
    **   Oswald leaves for WinterHorn Mountain  
    Fate Chapter 6 Act 2
    The Pooka, Prince? – Velvet learns of the Goblin attack on the Pooka 
    Village but is even more shocked to learn the name of the Pooka who 
    fought back.
    *    Velvet leaves for Titania Capital
    The Black Sword Chapter 5 Act 4
    Seeking the Light – Oswald pledges to kill Wagner the dragon on 
    Winterhorn Ridge.  For the first time, Oswald fights of his own 
    *    Oswald battles and slays Wagner
    The Black Sword Chapter 5 Act 6 Verse 1
    Treasure – Odin demands the ring found on the dragon’s carcass, but 
    Oswald refuses.  Reluctantly, the Demon Lord keeps his promise.
    *    Oswald gains possession of the ring
    **   Oswald leaves for the old castle
    The Black Sword Chapter 5 Act 6 Verse 2
    Fluttering Bird – The bird he saw in the Netherworld… That ray of hope… 
    It was now before his very eyes.
    Fairy Land Chapter 4 Act 2
    Trap – Mercedes and her retinue make an official visit to Titania but 
    are welcomed by assassins sent by the sorcerors.
    *    Mercedes heads for the sewers in Titania Capital
    The Black Sword Chapter 6 Act 2
    Sleeping Beauty – Gwendolyn remains asleep.  Oswald seeks a way to 
    break the spell without forcing her to love him.
    *    Gwendolyn is stolen away to the Fire kingdom
    **   Oswald leaves for Titania Capital
    Fate Chapter 6 Act 4
    Palace of Conspiracy – Titania is in turmoil due to the schemes of the 
    Three Wise Men.  Even Velvet, searching for Cornelious, falls for their 
    *    Velvet battles against Beldor and Belial.
    Fate Chapter 6 Act 6 Verse 1
    The Three Wise Men – Velvet defeats the dragon, but the Three Wise Men 
    captured her.  From them, she learns of their plans to cause the 
    *    We learn that Velvet’s chain is named Graveryl chain.
    **   Velvet is put to sleep.
    Fairy Land Chapter 4 Act 4
    Beldor the Wise Man – Racing after the kidnapped Matthew, Mercedes 
    finds Beldor in the sewer maze.  Beldor commands Belial to attack, but…
    *    Mercedes battle Beldor and guards
    The Pooka Prince Epilogue Act 2
    Urzur the Wise Man – After overhearing a conversation between his 
    father and Urzur, Cornelious confronts the sorcerer with the sword of 
    his father.
    *    Cornelious heads for the sewers in Titania Capital
    Fairy Land
    Chapter 4 Act 6
    Farewell, Prince – the frog cats a curse on Beldor, turning him into a 
    Pooka.  Mercedes fulfils her promise to the exhausted frog.
    *    Inway turns back into his human form and leaves Mercedes’ side. 
    **   Mercedes returns to Ringford and then leaves for the Netherworld
    The Pooka Prince Epilogue Act 4
    A Friend at Arms – Cornelious faces Urzur in the sewers of the city.  
    Help comes from an unexpected quarter.
    *    Inway helps Cornelious and gains the power of Darkova.  He leaves 
         for the Netherworld later.
    **   Cornelious battles against Belial
    ***  Belial is freed from its curse as it approaches death
    The Pooka Prince Epilogue Act 6 Verse 1
    End of Slavery – Urzur commands the fallen dragon to attack once again.  
    However, the dragon has been freed from Urzur’s spell…
    *    Urzur is killed by Belial
    **   Belial dies
    Fate Chapter 6 Act 6 Verse 2
    Love Unfazed – Upon awakening from her magical sleep, Velvet sees she 
    was rescued by the Pooka from before.  She calls out to him, but…
    *    Cornelious returns to the palace in Titania Capital
    **   Velvet returns to the Forest of Elfrit
    The Pooka Prince Epilogue Act 6 Verse 2
    Noblesse Oblige – King Edmund begs his son for forgiveness.  Cornelious 
    announces his final wish to his father, then leaves the kingdom.
    *    Cornelious leaves for the Forest of Elfrit
    The Black Sword Chapter 6 Act 4
    Skuldi the Wise Man – Oswald tracks down the sorcerer Skuldi.  Skuldi 
    tells Oswald about the prophecy about the end of the world.
    *    Oswald learns that the crystals form from the essence of life and they 
    feed on death.
    **   Oswald battles against Skuldi and his shadow minions.
    The Pooka Prince Epilogue Act 6 Verse 3
    The Pooka Hero – Cornelious finally confesses his identity to Velvet.  
    She possesses her love for him one last time, and he feels hope.
    *    The book ‘The Pooka Prince’ ends here.
    **   They leave for the Pooka Village
    The Black Sword Chapter 6 Act 6
    A Victim’s Heart – Gwendolyn was to be used as bait to goad the Demon 
    Lord into a war with the Fire Kingdom.
    *    Skuldi is killed
    **   Oswald returns to the old castle and then leaves for the Fire 
    The Black Sword Epilogue Act 2
    Onyx Ablaze – Odin smashes his way into the Fire Kingdom to confront 
    King Onyx.  The two kings are ready to fight over Gwendolyn.
    Fate Epilogue Act 2 Verse 1
    Deal with the Devil – Inway easily sneaks into the Netherworld and 
    offers his loyalty to Odette.  What plot could he be hatching?
    *    Inway leaves for Pooka Village to find Velvet.
    Fairy Land Chapter 5 Act 2
    The Road to Darkness – After forcing the captured Beldor to guide her 
    to the Netherworld, the sorcerer slips away into the darkness.
    *    Beldor is killed by Halja
    Fate Epilogue Act 2 Verse 2
    Calm before the Storm – Inway comes to Velvet to bid her farewell.
    *    Inway leaves for Ragnanival to kill Odin
    **   Velvet leaves for Ragnanival to stop Inway
    Fairy Land Chapter 5 Act 4
    Netherworld Blacksmith – Brom the Blacksmith was forced to carve jewels 
    for the Queen of the Dead.  Mercedes and Brom try to escape, but…
    *    Mercedes battles against Odette
    Fairy Land Chapter 5 Act 6 Verse 1
    Amid the Commotion – Mercedes is cornered by the Halja, but at that 
    moment, a quake shakes the Netherworld and Odette retreats.
    *    Mercedes returns to Ringford
    Fate Epilogue Act 4
    Darkova – Inway infiltrates Odin’s castle, leading an army of the dead.  
    Velvet follows him and witnesses a terrifying confession.
    *    Inway confesses he is the culprit who destroyed the kingdom of 
         Valentine to save Odin
    **   Velvet battles Inway as Darkova.
    Fairy Land Chapter 5 Act 6 Verse 2
    A New Psypher – To stop the threat posed by Odin’s Psypher, the Balor, 
    Mercedes asks Brom to craft a new Psypher.
    The Black Sword Epilogue Act 4
    Flames of Love – Onyx blocks Oswlad’s way to the sleeping Gwendolyn.  
    He, too, was promised her hand in marriage…
    *    Oswald battles Onyx
    Fate Epilogue Act 6 Verse 1
    Have Mercy Upon Us – The Darkova was halted.  As they face their 
    deaths, crying over the true meaning of their mother’s words, a light 
    *    Inway and Velvet is rescued by Cornelious and another Pooka and 
         escape into the portal.
    *    Inway and Velvet teleports to the Pooka Village
    **   Something happens to Odin later
    Fairy Land Chapter 6 Act 2
    Origin of Fire – Upon hearing the news that the Aesir are on the move, 
    Mercedes grows restless.  One problem stands in the way of forging a 
    new Psypher.
    *    Mercedes leaves for the fire kingdom.
    The Black Sword Epilogue Act 6 Verse 1
    After the Battle – Oswald triumphs over Onyx in battle.  The humiliated 
    Inferno King reveals an unexpected truth about the spell…
    *The spell does not force the affected to love the one who wakes 
    **   Oswald promises to wield his blade for Onyx just once
    ***  Oswald returns to the old castle with Gwendolyn
    Fairy Land Chapter 6 Act 4
    Jewel King – With no one guarding the Origin of Fire, a torch is easily 
    lit.  However, Brom and Mercedes encounter an entity of fate…
    *    Mercedes learns that Leventhan has consumed the fire’s source.
    **   Mercedes battles Leventhan
    ***  Mercedes returns to Ringford after the battle
    Fairy Land Chapter 6 Act 6
    Preparing to Attack – After fending off Valentine’s dragon, Mercedes 
    commands her forces to prepare to attack the Aesir army.
    *    We learn that Mercedes’ Psypher bow is named ‘Tasla’ and is now 
         renamed by Brom as ‘Riblam’, meaning ‘Piercing One’ in the old 
         dwarf tongue.
    *    Brom states that this is the only Psypher with the power to 
         destroy snother.
    **   Brom leaves Mercedes’ side to find Oswald
    The Black Sword
    Epilogue Act 6 Verse 2
    Awakening – After learning that Gwendolyn’s heart is free from any 
    spell, Oswald finally wakes her from her deep slumber.
    *    Oswald kisses Gwendolyn to wake her.
    **   The book ‘The Black Sword’ ends here
    Fate Epilogue Act 6 Verse 2
    The Truth – Velvet is reunited with Cornelious, but the brief moment of 
    peace is broken by Krois’s revelation about the prophecies.
    *    Inway disappears from the Pooka Village
    **   Krois gives Velvet his interpretations of the prophecies
    ***  The book ‘Fate’ ends here
    Valkyrie Chapter 3 Act 6 Verse 2
    Clipped Wings – Gwendolyn, with her status as Valkyrie revoked, thinks 
    alone within the walls of an old castle.
    Valkyrie Chapter 4 Act 2 Verse 1
    A Gift – Gwendolyn was wed to her former foe Oswald by her father.  
    While she is still confused, Oswald presents her with a precious ring.
    *    Gwendolyn gains possession of the ring
    **   Oswald leaves for the Fire Kingdom
    Valkyrie Chapter 4 Act 2 Verse 2
    The Master’s Absence – Gwendolyn thinks of the kind words Oswald said 
    before departing.  Yet, her sense of duty drives her to bring Titrel to 
    the king.
    *    Gwendolyn leaves for Ragnanival
    Valkyrie Chapter 4 Act 2 Verse 3
    Omen in Ragnanival – Speeding forth with the ring in hand, Gwendolyn 
    sees that Odin’s castle has taken an ominous atmosphere…
    *    Gwendolyn goes to find Odin
    Valkyrie Chapter 4 Act 4
    Demon Lord – The possessed Odin raises arms against his daughter.  His 
    face is truly that of a Demon Lord.
    *    Gwendolyn battles Odin, who is possessed by Brigan.
    Valkyrie Chapter 4 Act 6
    Leaving the Nest – Brigan’s phantom is defeated, and the king is saved.  
    With the ring in his possession Odin reveals the pact he made with 
    *    Odin gains possession of the ring
    **   Gwendolyn returns to the old castle
    Valkyrie Chapter 5 Act 2 Verse 1
    Where art Thou? – Oswald has been away for days.  Troubled by her 
    concern for him, Gwendolyn once again prepares for battle and searches 
    for him.
    *    Gwendolyn leaves for the Fire Kingdom
    Fairy Land Epilogue Act 2
    The Final Battle’s End – With the troops assembled, the time for battle 
    has come.  As Queen, Mercedes stands and delivers a rousing speech.
    *    Mercedes leaves for the Aesir forward quarters in the ruins.
    Valkyrie Chapter 5 Act 2 Verse 2
    Inferno King Onyx – While visiting the Fire Kingdom, she learns of the 
    danger Oswald faces.  King Onyx offers a deal to save Oswald…
    *    Gwendolyn goes to find Oswald
    **   Onyx dispatches his minions to capture Gwendolyn
    Fairy Land Epilogue Act 4
    The Final Battle – The Vanir are no match for Odin’s mighty Psypher in 
    battle.  With her mother’s words in her mind, Mercedes attacks.
    *    Mercedes battles against Odin.
    Valkyrie Chapter 5 Act 4
    Hatchling Leventhan – With his sword’s power lost, Oswald faces a 
    losing battle with the dragon.  Gwendolyn arrives at the scene.
    *    Gwendolyn battles Leventhan
    Fairy Land Epilogue Act 6
    A True Queen – The Riblam’s Arcane Bolt shatters the Balor, defeating 
    Odin.  The Demon Lord kneels before Mercedes as she demands surrender.
    *    Balor is destroyed.
    **   Mercedes chooses the duties of a Queen over revenge
    **   Odin accepts Mercedes’ terms never to show his face to Mercedes, 
         set foot in Fairy Land and choose to remain forever in his northern 
    ***  Mercedes gains possession of the ring
    **** Mercedes returns to Ringford
    *****The book ‘Fairy Land’ ends here.
    Valkyrie Chapter 5 Act 6
    Husband and Wife – Onyx praises Gwendolyn after she defeats the dragon.  
    When he insults Oswald, she defends him with anger.
    *    Gwendolyn chooses Oswald over Onyx
    **   Gwendolyn returns to the old castle with Oswald
    Valkyrie Chapter 6 Act 2 Verse 1
    Fated Lovers – With Oswald’s return, a moment of peace comes to the old 
    castle.  Gwendolyn asks Brom about rumors of the Shadow Knight.
    *    Gwendolyn learns the truth of Oswald’s contract
    **   Oswald is shocked by the Valkyrie messenger’s words and believes 
         that he is used again in the Demon Lord’s scheme.  
    **   Oswald leaves.
    Valkyrie Chapter 6 Act 2 Verse 2
    Proof of his Love – Gwendolyn takes up the spear once again to regain 
    the stolen ring.  With whom does her heart’s true allegiance lie…?
    *    Gwendolyn leaves for Ringford
    Valkyrie Chapter 6 Act 4
    Mercedes the New Queen – Fighting through Ringford, Gwendolyn reaches 
    the throne of the new Fairy Queen, driven by her desire to regain her 
    *    Gwendolyn battles Mercedes
    **   Gwendolyn now possesses the ring
    ***  Gwendolyn returns to the old castle
    Valkyrie Chapter 6 Act 6 Verse 1
    Death and Despair – Brom and Myris search for Oswald, who has slipped 
    away from the castle.  A Halja appears as he laments his broken heart.
    *    Oswald is killed.
    Valkyrie Chapter 6 Act 6 Verse 2
    Suffering Heart – Gwendolyn returns with the ring, but Oswald is 
    nowhere to be seen.  Myris tearfully tells Gwendolyn what has 
    *    Gwendolyn learns that Oswald has been killed.
    Valkyrie Epilogue Act 2 Verse 1
    To the Netherworld – To save Oswald from the clutches of the Halja, 
    Gwendolyn prepares to venture into the Netherworld.
    *    Gwendolyn leaves for Ragnanival.
    Valkyrie Epilogue Act 2 Verse 2
    The Demon Lord’s Pact – Bearing the precious ring, Gwendolyn asks her 
    father Odin to tell her of the hidden path into the Netherworld.
    *    In exchange for the ring, Odin will escort Gwendolyn to the 
    **   Gwendolyn leaves for the Netherworld
    Valkyrie Epilogue Act 4
    Waltz with Death – Gwendolyn’s love for Oswald gives her the courage to 
    stand against the mighty Odette, Queen of the Dead.
    *    Gwendolyn finds Oswald with Odette
    **   Gwendolyn battles against Odette
    Valkyrie Epilogue Act 6 Verse 1
    The Closing World – Oswald is saved, but with the passing of the Queen, 
    the way out of the Netherworld closes forever.
    *    Odette dies
    **   Gwendolyn and Oswald are carried to Ragnanival by Odin
    ***  The Netherworld is now sealed
    Valkyrie Epilogue Act 6 Verse 2
    Father’s Dignity – The three safely return to the land of the living.  
    Odin demands the ring, and Gwendolyn makes her decision…
    *    Gwendolyn confesses her love for Oswald 
    **   Gwendolyn and Oswald return to the old castle
    ***  Ring is still in Gwendolyn’s possession
    Valkyrie Epilogue Act 6 Verse 3
    Illusion of Love – The lovers reassure each other of their devotion and 
    their fears of losing each other.  This love cannot be an illusion.
    *    Gwendolyn and Oswald pledged their love to each other.
    **   A blue bird leaves Gwendolyn’s side
    ***  The book ‘Valkyrie’ ends here.
    Armageddon                      (OSARM)
    <Summary>                (ARMSUMM)
    <Timetable>              (ARMTIME)              
    <Plot>                   (ARMPLOT)
    <Summary>                (ARMSUMM)
    The book ‘Armageddon’ is received after completing the 5th book, 
    ‘Fate’.  It starts of with a certain individual causing the one of the 
    prophesized disasters, setting in motion the wheel of Armageddon.  In 
    this book, there are five epic battles, starting from point 6, and the 
    player will choose one of the five characters to fight in each.  
    Characters chosen in previous epic battles cannot be chosen for 
    subsequent battles.  Through the five epic battles, the player will 
    determine the fate of Erion.  Will Erion be destroyed or will it be 
    For the true ending, the player is to use the following characters in 
    this order: 
    1. Cornelious   against Inway as Darkova, the Beast of Armageddon
    2. Oswald       against Gallon as cursed Darkova, the Lord of the 
    3. Mercedes     against Onyx, the Inferno King
    4. Velvet       against the Cauldron
    5. Gwendolyn    against Leventhan, the Lord of Snakes
    If the exact order is not followed, the player will proceed to a bad 
    ending where Armageddon cannot be stopped.
    <Timetable>              (ARMTIME)              
    If there if no alphabet before the Chapter-Act, this means it applies 
    to all characters.
    |          Armageddon and the Aftermath            |
    | No. |  Gwen  |  Corn  |  Merc  |  Oswa  |  Velv  |
    | 01  |        |        |  0-1   |        |        |
    | 02  |        |        |  0-2   |        |        |
    | 03  |        |        |  0-3   |        |        |
    | 04  |        |        |  0-4   |        |        |
    | 05  |        |        |  0-5   |        |        |
    | 06  | G1-1   | C1-1   | M1-1   | O1-1   | V1-1   |
    | 07  | G1-3   | C1-3   | M1-3   | O1-3   | V1-3   |
    | 08  | G2-1   | C2-1   | M2-1   | O2-1   | V2-1   |
    | 09  | G2-3   | C2-3   | M2-3   | O2-3   | V2-3   |
    | 10  | G3-1   | C3-1   | M3-1   | O3-1   | V3-1   |
    | 11  | G3-3   | C3-3   | M3-3   | O3-3   | V3-3   |
    | 12  | G4-1   | C4-1   | M4-1   | O4-1   | V4-1   |
    | 13  | G4-3   | C4-3   | M4-3   | O4-3   | V4-3   |
    | 14  | G5-1   | C5-1   | M5-1   | O5-1   | V5-1   |
    | 15  | G5-3   | C5-3   | M5-3   | O5-3   | V5-3   |
    |                 Bad               True           |  
    | 16  |        |  6-1   |        |  6-1   |        |
    |                       Aftermath                  |     
    | 17  |        |        |  0-1   |        |        |
    | 18  |        |        |  1-1   |        |        |
    | 19  |        |        |  2-1   |        |        |
    | 20  |        |        |  3-1   |        |        |
    <Plot>                   (ARMPLOT)
    For the true ending, read
    Family Sword   (Cornelious) for (6) & (7)
    End of Death   (Oswald)     for (8) & (9)
    World Tree     (Mercedes)   for (10) & (11)
    Ill Fate       (Velvet)     for (12) & (13)
    Sister’s Love  (Gwendolyn)  for (14) & (15)
    Ending the Saga             for (16) 
    For the sake of convenience, the plot summary for these sectors are 
    placed at the bottom of the point.
    Armageddon Prelude Act 1
    Beginning of the End – The fighting is over, but the Cauldron’s fire 
    still burns.  King Valentine reaches the Cauldron and begins the 
    *   Leventhan enters the Cauldron
    **  King Valentine activates the Cauldron to absorb phozons
    *** Inway tries to stop king Valentine with the power of Darkova
    Armageddon Prelude Act 2
    A King’s Resurrection – Gallon is driven mad by the power of the 
    Darkova.  He takes command of the now-leaderless dead army and 
    *   Stirred by Inway’s transformation, Gallon begins the Netherworld 
    **  Beldor leaves with Gallon
    Armageddon Prelude Act 3
    Advance of the Inferno – The Cauldron’s light causes the land to sink 
    into the ocean.  The Inferno King invades Ringford to escape the rising 
    *   As the ocean rises, King Onyx begins the Fire Kingdom invasion, 
    starting with Ringford
    Armageddon Prelude Act 4
    The Demon Lord Falls – The army of the dead overwhelms the Aesir and 
    reaches Odin’s throne.  In his last moments, Odin reunites with 
    *   The Aesir are overwhelmed by the Netherworld invasion
    **  Without Balor, Odin is helpless and is eventually killed by Halja
    Armageddon Prelude Act 5
    Those Who Fight – As Brom and Myris flee the destruction, Gwendolyn 
    decides to stay and fight by Oswald’s side
    *   Gwendolyn arranges to meet the others at horn mountain
    **  Gwendolyn sees her sister, Griselda, who told her to ‘knock down the 
    crown’ as foretold in the epic poems.
    *** Gwendolyn leaves to fight.
    ----------Epic Battle 1 -------
    Battle takes place in Ringford.
    Gwendolyn and Oswald
    Armageddon Chapter 1 Act 1
    Beast (Part 1) – Inway transformed into the Darkova to destroy the 
    Cauldron but was now controlled by a spell cast by the dead Beldor.
    *   Inway learns that he is the Beast of Armageddon
    **  Inway also learns that the Three Wise Men know a spell to control 
    *** Character fights Inway as Darkova
    Armageddon Chapter 1 Act 1
    Reunion (Part 1) – Ringford is threatened by Darkova, commanded by the 
    dead sorcerer.  Mercedes hesitates to attack after learning of its true 
    *   Mercedes learns that the beast is Inway and Beldor is controlling him 
        via a spell
    **  Mercedes battles against Inway as Darkova
    Armageddon Chapter 1 Act 1
    Gemini (part 1) – Velvet sensed her brother’s tragedy from afar, but 
    now the twins would succumb to their fates.
    *   Velvet learns Inway tried to stop Armageddon
    **  Velvet battles against a pleading Inway as Darkova
    Armageddon Chapter 1 Act 1
    Family Sword (Part 1) – Realising that the beast is Inway, Cornelious 
    makes an oath upon his father’s sword to free him from Beldor’s 
    *   Cornelious learns that Inway tried to stop Armageddon
    **  Cornelious learns that there is a spell to control Darkova, which is 
        successfully researched after Gallon’s death.
    *** Cornelious battles against Inway as Darkova to save him
    Gwendolyn and Oswald
    Armageddon Chapter 1 Act 3
    Beast (Part 2) – The battle ends with both combatants unable to 
    continue.  With the Darkova spell in hand, Beldor plans his next move, 
    *   Character dies
    **  Inway kills Beldor
    *** Inway, critically wounded, leaves to stop the Cauldron
    Armageddon Chapter 1 Act 3
    Reunion (Part 2) – As the young Fairy Queen’s life slips away, her last 
    words pledging her love for Inway leave him in agony.
    *   Beldor is killed
    **  Mercedes dies
    Armageddon Chapter 1 Act 3
    Gemini (Part 2) – Inway is released from the spell of Darkova.  The 
    twins, finally released from their cursed fate, pass on.
    *   Velvet and Inway die together
    Family Sword (Part 2) – Inway regains his senses.  After telling the 
    truth he has discovered in their mother’s memo, his role is complete.
    *   Inway survives long enough to tell Velvet how to use the Cauldron to 
        save the world
    **  Cornelious is wounded
    *** Velvet carries Cornelious away.
    ----------Epic Battle 2 -------
    Battle takes place in Titania Capital
    Gwendolyn, Mercedes and Velvet
    Armageddon Chapter 2 Act 1
    Death (Part 1) – The King of the Netherworld returns to his homeland, 
    and his revenge on the living begins.  Edmund sinks into despair
    *   Gallon speaks of his suffering and the side effects of Darkova
    **  Character battles against Gallon
    Armageddon Chapter 2 Act 1
    A Royal Curse (Part 1) – The Demon Beast devours Titania once again.  
    Cornelious wields his father’s sword against this repeating nightmare.
    *   Cornelious meets the terrible voice who gave him the sword finally.
    **  Cornelious learns that Gallon already killed Edmund
    *** Cornelious battles against Gallon
    Armageddon Chapter 2 Act 1
    End of Death (Part 1) – Gallon is irritated by the scent of Oswald’s 
    former master, Odette.  Gallon reveals the bloodstained secret 
    protecting him…
    *   Gallon refers Oswald as Odette’s shadow and then as his servant
    *   By the prophecies, he cannot be defeated by Oswald as the only one to 
        kill him is someone of royal blood, even if Oswald is the shadow.
    **  Oswald battles against Gallon
    Gwendolyn, Mercedes and Velvet
    Armageddon Chapter 2 Act 3
    Death (Part 2) – Not even a Psypher can withstand the constant 
    onslaughts from the Halja.  Gallon’s rotten flesh regenerates, and the 
    march continues.
    *   Character is killed by Halja
    **  Gallon speaks of Odette’s curse that grants him immunity
    *** Gallon and his army continue to seek sacrifices
    Armageddon Chapter 2 Act 3
    A Royal Curse (Part 2) – Gallon’s rotten flesh regenerates, no matter 
    how many times he is defeated.  Only the power of death can stop the 
    *   Cornelious learns that Odette’s curse prevented Gallon from dying, and 
        her death ensures his immunity
    **  Cornelious also learns of the Darkova’s curse, which turns even pain 
        to pleasure.
    *** Cornelious is devoured
    Armageddon Chapter 2 Act 3
    End of Death (Part 2) – Oswald recalls the dragon Hindel’s final words, 
    and Gallon reveals Oswald’s royal heritage.  Bound by fate, Gallon dies
    *   As Gallon dies, Gallon asks Oswald for the name of his father
    *   Gallon reveals that Edgar is the brother of Edmund, and was once the 
        intended successor.
    *   Gallon also reveals he had Edgar killed in secret.
    **  This scene proved that Oswald is of Titania royal bloodline
    *** Oswald subsequently realizes that although Melvin referred him as a 
        tool, Melvin did once harbour something else when he found Oswald
    ----------Epic Battle 3 -------
    The battle takes place in Ringford
    Cornelious and Velvet
    Armageddon Chapter 3 Act 1
    Inferno (Part 1) – The fire engulfs the forest and reduces all to 
    ashes.  The world tree depicted in the prophecies never appears…
    *   Onyx’s invasion destroys Ringford
    **  A paladin tries to defeat Onyx but fails
    *** Character battles against Onyx
    Armageddon Chapter 3 Act 1
    Firestorm (Part 1) – Onyx’s lust for Gwendolyn explodes into the flames 
    of Armageddon, a raging storm of both love and hatred.
    *   Gwendolyn learns that the Fire Kingdom is no more, and Onyx’s 
    **  Gwendolyn sees Onyx’s true form and learns of his jealousy
    **  Gwendolyn battles against Onyx
    Armageddon Chapter 3 Act 1
    Fire’s Shadow (Part 1) – The Inferno King faces off his arch-nemesis.  
    The battle intensifies in very increasing waves of fire.
    *   Oswald learns that Onyx want the world.  “All of it”.
    **  Oswald learns that Onyx absorbed the hottest lava into himself before 
        he left the Fire Kingdom.
    *** Oswald battles against Onyx, the incarnation of a blazing inferno.
    Armageddon Chapter 3 Act 1
    World Tree (Part 1) – The last remaining Fairy Queen stands alone 
    against the inferno that has set her nation ablaze.
    *   Mercedes finds her nation destroyed and Inway in the midst
    **  While in her despair, Onyx interrupts and taunts
    *** Mercedes battles against Onyx
    Cornelious and Velvet
    Armageddon Chapter 3 Act 3
    Inferno (Part 2) – The Inferno King is wounded but the fires of the 
    enraged Vulcans turn the Psypher user to ashes.  Onyx resumes the march 
    *   Character is killed by the Vulcans
    **  The Fire Kingdom land is submerged under water 
    *** Onyx’s forces turns towards the Cauldron
    Armageddon Chapter 3 Act 3
    Firestorm (Part 2) – Gwendolyn falls to the never-ending walls of fire.  
    The mighty king collapses in tears over the ash-covered Valkyrie’s 
    *   Gwendolyn dies
    **  Onyx, in deep despair, hugs Gwendolyn and laments.  He perishes when 
        the land is submerged later.
    Armageddon Chapter 3 Act 3
    Fire’s Shadow (Part 2) – The Shadow Knight fought bravely, but the 
    power of the Bedleriver consumed his soul.  The phantom emits a single 
    *   Onyx is unaffected by the battle
    **  Oswald, consumed by the Belderiver, becomes a phantom.
    *** Oswald groans “Gwen…do…lyn…” as he roams the ruined lands
    Armageddon Chapter 3 Act 3
    World Tree (Part 2) – Mercedes gives her life to quench the flames.  
    Her true name answers the Inferno King’s doubts, and the world tree 
    *   Onyx disbelieves that he is actually dying
    **  Mercedes laments that she could not be like her mother as she dies
    *** Mercedes’ true name is Yggdrasil, meaning world tree
    ****Onyx is shocked by Mercedes’ true name.  He finally understands the 
        prophecy’s meaning before he crumbles.
    ----------Epic Battle 4 -------
    The battle takes place at the Cauldron in the ruins
    Gwendolyn, Cornelious, Mercedes and Oswald
    Armageddon Chapter 4 Act 1
    The Cauldron (part 1) – The Cauldron continues to suck the life force 
    from the land.  The mad king’s wish for destruction is about to be 
    *   King Valentine remarks that the jewels cannot destroy the Cauldron
    **  “To allow the dear child to sleep undisturbed”, King Valentine 
        commands the Cauldron to “bury those who dare to interfere”.
    **  Character battles the Cauldron.
    Armageddon Chapter 4 Act 1
    Ill fate (part 1) – Velvet reaches the Cauldron before it can destroy 
    the world.  Her grandfather’s curse denies any salvation and the end is 
    *   King Valentine shows an aspect of his hatred, remarking to Velvet, 
        “You are the very reason I find myself in Hell!”
    **  Valentine battles against the Cauldron
    Gwendolyn, Cornelious, Mercedes and Oswald
    Armageddon Chapter 4 Act 3
    The Cauldron (part 2) – A meltdown occurs in the Cauldron’s core, and 
    the mad king wakes Leventhan, taking to the skies.  A great explosion 
    *   The Cauldron’s furnace core is cracked
    **  King Valentine wakes Leventhan from its “cradle”
    *** Leventhan leaves the Cauldron, with King Valentine latched onto it
    ****The Cauldron explodes and kills the character, leaving only the 
    Armageddon Chapter 4 Act 3
    Ill fate (part 2) – Velvet follows Inway’s advice and stops the 
    Cauldron.  The crazed king awakens the final disaster.
    *   The Cauldron’s furnace core survives but its system is destroyed
    **  Velvet is exhausted after the battle.
    *** King Valentine casts a curse on the Cauldron, which activates if 
        anyone tries to use the cauldron.  The curse is the Pooka curse.
    ****King Valentine wanted to kill Velvet for interfering but could not, 
        as Velvet resembles her mother.
    ****King Valentine wakes Leventhan up and latches onto Leventhan as it 
    ----------Epic Battle 5 -------
    Battle takes place in skies of Valentine on Leventhan’s body
    Cornelios, Mercedes, Oswald and Velvet
    Armageddon Chapter 5 Act 1
    Snake (part 1) – The once-tiny dragon has become the Lord of Snakes, 
    devouring all.  With its final blast, the mad king shares the world’s 
    *   King Valentine is gleeful, as he will unveil Armageddon
    **  As the dragon unleashes its breath of light, King Valentine is 
    Armageddon Chapter 4 Act 1
    Sister’s Love (part 1) – Leventhan dominates the entire sky.  To 
    protect her precious love, Gwendolyn and the bird land on the dragon’s 
    immense back. 
    *   Gwendolyn comments to the bird how difficult it would be to stop 
    **  Gwendolyn sees horn mountain collapsing and apologises.
    *** The bird tells Gwendolyn to ‘knock down the crown’ and then 
        Gwendolyn sees the location of the crown is on Leventhan’s horn
    ****Gwendolyn battles against Leventhan, the Lord of Snakes
    Cornelios, Mercedes, Oswald and Velvet
    Armageddon Chapter 5 Act 3
    Snake (part 2) – The dragon’s light is pure destruction.  As the land 
    crumbles beneath them, Brom and the Pooka see the world end on Mt. 
    *   The survivors keep climbing Mt. Horn
    **  Go to [The False End]
    Armageddon Chapter 4 Act 3
    Sister’s Love (part 2) – Severing the dragon’s horn sends it toppling 
    from the sky.  The bird whispers its final goodbyes as Gwendolyn 
    plunges into the abyss.
    *   Gwendolyn is seen falling and her wings are destroyed
    **  The bird praises Gwendolyn.
    **  After commenting, “I am you… We share blood.  I share my sister’s 
        pain”, the bird changes form into Griselda.
    **  Griselda comments, before she leaves, that they will meet at world’s 
        end and Gwendolyn comments that it will not be long
    *** Gwendolyn yearns to tell Oswald how she feels before she dies
    ****Go to [Ending the Saga] if the right order is done, 
        otherwise go to [The False End].
    ---------- The Endings -------
    Armageddon Epilogue
    The False End – Myris stands alone on mountain’s peak.  As the land 
    collapses and the ocean rises, there is no chance of salvation.  
    *   Standing on the last piece of land in Erion, Myris sorrowfully 
    Armageddon Epilogue
    Ending the Saga – The saga’s conclusion leaves Alice saddened.  An 
    oddly familiar coin is found within one of the tomes…
    *   Alice reveals that the books belong to her grandfather
    **  Alice prays for the Pooka as she held the Commemorative coin
    *** Alice leaves the attic
    ****A portal appears. Cornelious and Velvet take the coin and place the 
        book ‘Wheel of Fate’ before leaving
    Wheel of Fate                   (OSWOF)
    <Summary>                (WOFSUMM)
    <Plot>                   (WOFPLOT)
    <Summary>                (WOFSUMM)
    This book is received after achieving [Ending the Saga] and tells what 
    happened in the aftermath of Armageddon.
    The timetable for ‘Wheel of Fate’ is in previous section, (ARMTIME)
    <Plot>                   (WOFPLOT)
    Wheel of Fate Prelude Act 1
    The True End – The four survivors meet, drawn by fate.  The Cauldron, 
    the ring and the Psyphers are gathered, and the revival begins.
    *    Oswald, in Shadow form, saves Gwendolyn from plunging onto the ground.
    **   Oswald, carrying Gwendolyn, meets Velvet and Cornelious.
    **   Velvet is astounded to find the ring with Gwendolyn.
    ***  Velvet commented that Gwendolyn and Oswald are the crownless lords
    **** Using the power of the Cauldron, the 4 Psyphers are broken down 
         into phozons and released back into the world.
    **** Velvet is cursed into a Pooka
    *****Velvet, Cornelious, Oswald and Gwendolyn are the only playable 
         characters to survive.
    Wheel of Fate Chapter 1 Act 1
    Land of Rebirth – Two crownless lords stand tall in the barren 
    wasteland.  The world’s life flows back, and humanity can begin anew.
    *   Gwendolyn and Oswald comment about the dire state of the world
    **  Both then see a miracle as life flows back into the world
    Takes place in a secluded cavern
    Wheel of Fate Epilogue Act 1
    Blessing – After searching for several millennia, all of Valentine’s 
    coins have been gathered.  The wish can finally be granted.
    *   Cornelious calls out to the coins
    *   The coins summons an image of King Valentine, when he was still human
    **  Cornelious and Velvet discussed and decided finally on a wish
    **  They decided to break the Pooka curse and return to humanity
    *** The coins disappear
    *** Cornelious and Velvet return to human form and they hug
    @To unlock this point, the player needs to see all the cutscenes prior 
    to this.
    This point sector is irrelevant to the story.
    Wheel of Fate Curtain Call
    Odin Sphere – As a thank-you for having stuck with us all this way, we 
    present you with one final salute.  Thanks for playing.
    *   A merchant talks to a writer
    **  The playable characters appear during their conversations
    *** The merchant finds out that the writer is writing a book
    *** The book’s name is ‘Odin Sphere’
    @To unlock this point, the player will need to wait for a while after 
    the ‘Fin’ screen is shown
    Text Archive                   (OSTXT)
    <Summary>                (TXTSUMM)
    <Prophecy>               (TXTPROP)
    <Note>                   (TXTNOTE)
    <Interpretations>        (TXTINTE)
    <Summary>                (TXTSUMM)
    The text archive section is the compilation of information collected 
    from scrolls in the game.  However, due to personal reasons, this 
    section will only focus on ‘Prophecy’ and ‘Note’.  Sections ignored in 
    the text archive in the game are recipes for ‘Alchemy’, ‘Kitchen Menu’ 
    and ‘Café menu’.
    <Prophecy>        are scrolls that prophesize.  Krois’ memos are useful 
                      to help the player obtain the true ending. 
    <Note>            are scrolls that help a player to learn.
    <Interpretations> are my subjective interpretations of the Erion Saga 
                      and Mother’s notes.  Read at your own risk.
    <Prophecy>               (TXTPROP)
    The Erion Saga - 1
    THE land sinks into the cauldron’s fire 
    THOUGH blades and arrows are unleashed, the flooding fire cannot be 
    IT can only be chained
    The Erion Saga - 2
    A FIERY 6-eyed beast speeds the guiding hand of salvation
    THE one who removes the torment is mine own son
    The Erion Saga - 3
    THE Lord of the Netherworld emerges in a triumphant march of death
    ONE that threatens the darkness is the shadow of the lost master
    The Erion Saga - 4
    THE looming blaze cometh, burning down the forest
    THE flood of fire that man cannot withstand is halted by the world tree 
    and vanishes
    The Erion Saga - 5
    THE Lord of Snakes consumes all left behind
    BORN in chaos and fire
    SLEEP in mother’s arms
    LIFE disappears from the land
    ALL comes to an end
    The Erion Saga - 6
    THE ring shall be lost 
    THE birthing cry of newborn souls
    WELCOMING two crownless lords that shall survive the Armageddon and 
    lead the revival
    Ancient Manuscript
    The beast of despair feeds on man and destroys hope.
    The unleashed frenzy of death yearns for the light of life.
    The advancing inferno scorches the throne’s surroundings.
    In the Cauldron that breathes despair, the blood of the ancients boils.
    When Leventhan, last of the dragons, devours the stone of blood, the 
    path shall be closed and void will cover the world.
    - ‘Prophecy of the End’
    Mother’s note - 1
    My dear children,
    Eventually an inevitable curse and death shall be thrown upon the two 
    of you.
    The Cauldron brings us Armageddon with its final crystal stone.
    Mother’s note - 2
    My dearest son, more precious than life: 
    You have your mother’s forgiveness.
    My daughter, go without hesitation and let your mother’s love grant you 
    My father, your daughter’s love remains unchanged, always by your side.
    To the one who will cause the world harm, I pray that your soul will 
    Krois’s Memo – 1 
    Saga Psalm 2
    ‘A FIERY 6-eyed beast spreads the guiding hand of salvation
    The one who removes the torment is mine own son’
    The ‘6-eyed beast’ must be Darkova, the three-headed Demon Beast.  This 
    section is based on a prophecy by a great king of Titania.
    Therefore, ‘The one who removes the torment is mine own son’ is thought 
    to refer to the bloodline of the Titanian royal family.
    And if the beast ‘feeds on man’, then most likely no human can defeat 
    it.  But it’s unthinkable that a non-human would be king of Titania…
    Unless, of course, he is as cursed as we are and is no longer human.
    Krois Memo – 2
    Saga Psalm 3
    ‘ONE that threatens the darkness is the shadow of the lost master’
    Prophecy 2nd phrase
    ‘The unleashed frenzy of death’
    Something seems odd about these phrases.  Odette, Queen of the Dead, 
    has no master.  If the ‘Lord of the Netherworld’ is not Odette, then 
    what being can emerge from the Netherworld?  Only King Gallon, who is 
    chained in the Netherworld, comes to mind.  Will he lead the army of 
    the dead to his own country…?
    Having read the Psalms based on this theory, the ‘late master’ is 
    Odette, and the shadow that threatens King Gallon is…the shadow of 
    I’ve heard that there is a swordsman who bears the shadow of death in 
    the Fairy Kingdom, but could that be…?
    Krois’s memo – 3
    Saga Psalm 4
    ‘THE looming blaze cometh, burning down the forests
    THE flood of fire that man cannot withstand is halted by the world tree 
    and vanishes’
    Evidently, King Onyx’s army from the Fire Kingdom will sweep the land 
    at Armageddon.
    The Saga states that mankind cannot resist, but ‘the world tree’ 
    destroys the army.
    Yet, this ‘world tree’ exists only in myth.  There is no such tree in 
    the world.
    The second clue is in the prophecy: 
    ‘Scorches the throne’s surroundings…’
    Does that mean that the throne itself does NOT get scorched?  If so, it 
    could be suggesting that the one on the throne is able to face the 
    Krois’s Memo – 4
    ‘The Cauldron’ is of course THE Cauldron.  When the Princess’s efforts 
    are in vain, the nightmare repeats and the Armageddon will begin.  So, 
    our king will trigger it.
    ‘THOUGH blades and arrows are unleashed, the flooding fire cannot be 
    IT can only be chained’
    The weapons that can destroy the Cauldron are Psyphers, and something 
    that is not a blade nor an arrow can ‘chain’ it.
    We are newcomers to this land, so we are not of the ‘ancient blood’.
    The one who controls the Cauldron is a Valentinian who holds a Psypher 
    made of chains.
    In other words, this must be Mistress Velvet.
    Krois Memo – 5
    If the baby dragon Master Cornelious saw is Leventhan, as the king 
    said, then it will be an eternity before it matures and devours the 
    It is written that the dragon’s growth is slow, yet inevitable.
    Saga Psalm 5
    BORN in chaos and fire
    SLEEP in mother’s arms
    What is the ‘mother’ that puts the Lord of Snakes to sleep?
    With the dragons Hindel, Wagner, and Belial gone, it is unlikely that 
    the mother is a dragon.  Then what is the mother in the Psalms? 
    In the Prophecy, the phrase ‘devours the stone of blood’ can be taken 
    to mean a red magic stone created in the Cauldron.
    Even if Leventhan can be stopped by the red stone, the Armageddon 
    cannot be stopped.  The Demon Lord must have made Balor in anticipation 
    of this.
    Krois’s Memo – 6
    Saga Psalm 6
    ‘WELCOMING two crownless lords’
    The last psalm explicitly states that the world will be revived.
    The Demon Lord and the Magi have taken this to mean that whoever 
    survives Armageddon will become the new king of the world.
    The Demon Lord wrought victory through wars, and the mages tried to 
    control the Armageddon directly.  Yet, they were all mistaken.  The two 
    lords that survive will be chosen from the five challengers of the 
    Krois’s Memo: Final
    The two lords are said to be crownless.  I suspect that ‘lord’ is not 
    meant to suggest royalty, but something else.  Finally, here is the 
    conclusion and my findings.
    This is conjecture, but from Psalm 5:
    ‘LIFE disappears from the land
    ALL comes to an end’
    One can only imagine a barren world, with a tiny population.
    By ‘crownless lords’, could this mean the ancestors of mankind in the 
    New World?
    If so, it will by necessity have to be two humans, a man and a woman.
    Then we can presume that the mother in Psalm 5 can be understood as:
    “The one who defeats Leventhan becomes the mother of the New Word…”
    Everyone other than the two humans will perish.
    How can this be in any way considered salvation?  I hope that I have 
    misunderstood the prophecies.
    Wise Men’s Prophecy
    There is a theory about the prophecy of the Armageddon, left behind by 
    the Three Wise Men.
    The following pages are an excerpt from this literature.
    “…via a secret rite performed by the now-lost Valentinians, King Gallon 
    has turned into the 3-headed Demon Beast.  As in the prophecy, King 
    Gallon will save the world.”
    The ‘Lord of the Netherworld’ in the Saga is Queen Odette.  The 
    ‘looming blaze’ is the Inferno King Onyx.
    If the King of Titania releases his mystic power, overpowers the other 
    nations, and seizes the Cauldron, the Netherworld and the Fire Kingdom 
    will go to war, the three great dragons will be eradicated, and the End 
    shall come to us.
    But fear not.  The world will be saved in the end by the arrival of a 
    new king, led by a guiding hand…”
    The original manuscript written by the Three Wise Men cannot be found.  
    It must be mentioned that their theory is only an assumption based on 
    the prophecy.
    <Note>                   (TXTNOTE)
    Weapons crafted with rare magical crystals are called Psyphers.
    Unlike normal weapons, these weapons have the ability to ‘grow’ and 
    become more powerful.
    *    By pressing R1, the Psypher user will attempt to absorb phozons
    *    When enough EXP is gained from phozon absorption, the Psypher gains a 
         level and becomes more powerful.
    Psyphers Part 2
    By absorbing Phozons, the weapon’s attack is enhanced.  Also, it is 
    said that the absorbed Phozons can be used to cast various magic 
    *    By gaining sufficient levels, the Psypher user can cast more spells.
    *    The spells gained are dependent on the Psypher.
    Seeds & Cultivation
    Seeds absorb Phozons and produce fruit when planted. 
    The amount of Phozons required to ripen fruit varies, but the more a 
    plant needs, the better the fruit.
    Fruit will turn overripe when left on branches for too long.  It is 
    recommended that you pick fruit as soon as it ripens.
    *    The time needed to overripe a fruit on a branch does not overripe a 
         fruit on the ground
    Mandragoras are mobile plants that come in various types and grow 
    They are commonly known for use as catalysts in magic as well as 
    Mandragoras squeak when stepped on.  Jump on the spot where you heard 
    the squeak, and it’ll come out of the ground and start running.  Just 
    hit it once to capture it,
    *    Be careful of Habaneristo as it can spew flame.
    The Essence of Food
    Eating food heals injuries and helps strengthen the body (Increases HP 
    Food becomes your own flesh and blood, replenishing vital energy.  
    Those who eat healthy food will strengthen their bodies.  Eating 
    carefully prepared food enhances growth.  Uncooked food takes more time 
    to consume and digest.
    *    Rotten fruits take more time to digest.
    Spotting Butterflies
    Tales from long ago describe a mystical glowing butterfly.  It is 
    rarely seen and one is considered very lucky to encounter it.
    It is said that Phozons can gather together and materialize in the form 
    of a butterfly.  This butterfly can only be seen for a brief period of 
    The Art of War
    One must not attack haphazardly.  You must mind your distance from the 
    opponent, gather your power and attack swiftly.  Avoid multiple enemies 
    and fight one on one.
    Battles are not just about swinging your weapon.  You must tend your 
    wounds, use magic and items, and strengthen your weapon to truly take 
    control of the battlefield.
    History of Valentine
    The founder of the Kingdom of Valentine is said to have come to Erion 
    in a flying ship from another world.  At the time, Valentine’s magic 
    was far more powerful than any other nation on the continent, and it 
    rapidly gained control of over two-thirds of the land.
    One of their unique magics was the ability to make magic stones.  With 
    the Cauldron, a giant magical furnace, they had technology that enabled 
    them to store magic power in stones.  At the height of Valentine’s 
    power, the once-prosperous nation was utterly demolished.  Its cities 
    were reduced to ash and the Valentinians vanished overnight.
    The cause of Valentine’s demise is still unknown, but the Cauldron was 
    found in the centre of the decimation.
    Respected magi have speculated that the Cauldron’s power was released 
    with destructive results.
    *    Most Valentinians became Pooka or goblins
    Valentine’s Fall
    From the memoirs of a proud soldier:
    Our once-mighty army, which could gain victory over even Titania, has 
    been whittled down by the enemy, Valentine.  With death our only 
    companion, our warriors pushed forth without hesitation.  We flung our 
    axes high, fighting with valor to the bitter end.
    As if the heavens answered our prayers, there came a miracle.  At the 
    very brink of our defeat, the enemy forces were demolished in a single 
    explosive flash of light.
    *    Memoir is written by an Aesir soldier.
    History of Ringford
    Until a relatively short time ago, the fairies and unicorns were not a 
    united country, but instead existed as small tribes spread through the 
    Shortly after the Fairy Queen Elfaria gained control of the Cauldron, 
    the country of Ringford showed accelerated growth and established 
    themselves as a military power.
    Ringford is now considered to be equal to the other two nations of 
    Erion: Ragnanival in the north and Titania in the east.
    The Economy of Erion
    Erion has no standard currency.  Instead, the five types of coins used 
    by the various nations are accepted across the continent.
    Titania mints gold coins from their abundant gold mines, while 
    Ragnanival uses silver coins that have little value due to the poor 
    quality of silver they contain.
    Coins from the lost kingdom of Valentine are widely accepted and have 
    high values. Three types of coins were minted and are said to have been 
    *   Titania Gold is       worth 10G.  
        Ragnanival Silver is  worth 1 G.  
        Aerial coin is        worth 5 G, 
        Valentinian Gold is   worth 10G and 
        Commemorative Coin is worth 20G.  
    The Law of Titania
    1. One who deals on the ‘King’s Main Street’ shall be fined.
    2. One who deals without permission shall also be fined.
    3. One who does not pay fines is beheaded.
    4. One who complains about taxes shall be whipped and chained.
    5. One discriminating against magic shall be placed in the stocks
    6. Violence is punishable by death.
    In Erion, alchemic methods have been passed down through the ages.  
    Alchemy is performed by dissolving various objects in special liquids 
    known as Materials to create alchemy mixes.  However, the alchemist 
    must possess recipes to successfully create a mixture.
    *    Known catalysts are Mandragoras, Troll Molar and milk.
    **   The resultant item is dependent on the Y factor of XY Material.
    What do you get when mixing with other materials?  Those pursuing 
    theart should try it for themselves.
    One theory is that the Materials’ numbers are multiplied, and the 
    resulting mixture becomes enriched with Phozons.
    *    The amount of Phozons released is dependent on the X factor of XY 
    Chickens & Eggs
    Chickens of Erion are much more robust than other birds.  Their eggs 
    hatch without warmth, and chicks can grow into a chicken by eating only 
    3 seeds.
    Feed a chicken seeds and it will continue to lay eggs.  Chockens are 
    greedy and will attempt to eat all seeds on the ground, so be creful 
    around them.
    *    The egg placed by the character will become a chick after some time.
    **   After eating 3 seeds, the chick becomes a chicken.  Every subsequent 
         seed the chicken eats, it will lay an egg.
    ***  The chick/chicken may fail to eat seeds in its path.  This happens 
         when the seeds overlap or are too close to each other.
    The Origin of Sheep
    Depicted in the book of botany, Baromett, also called the Scythian 
    Lamb, is an amazing plant that grows sheep instead of fruit.
    The meat that comes from these sheep is at least as good as that of a 
    normal sheep that takes months to raise.
    In battle, where one’s life is always in danger, many soldiers hide 
    their valuables before fighting.  Defeat your enemies quickly before 
    they hide their treasure.
    What are Phozons?
    Phozons are forms of energy used as a source of magic by sorcerers as 
    well as elemental entities, like fairies.
    However, do not forget their beautiful shine is that of a creatre’s 
    life, as Phozons only appear when a living creature passes away.
    <Interpretations>        (TXTINTE)
    Risk this at your own risk.  Interpretations are highly subjective.
    --------Erion Saga--------
    THE land sinks into the cauldron’s fire 
    *   When Valentine activated the Cauldron to drain Phozons from Erion, 
        the ocean started to rise.  The Fire Kingdom is the first nation to be 
        affected, followed by Ringford.
    THOUGH blades and arrows are unleashed, the flooding fire cannot be 
    IT can only be chained
    *   If the Psypher chain is not used in Epic battle 4, the furnace’s 
        core will be damaged and the cauldron will explode, leaving only the 
        psypher weapon intact within its blast radius.
    A FIERY 6-eyed beast speeds the guiding hand of salvation
    *   Basically, the beast refers to Inway as he tells Velvet how to use 
        the Cauldron to save the world.  The hand of salvation then refers to 
    *   On a minor count, Gallon is also a 6-eyed beast and Oswald is the 
        salvation for Gallon and for the future.
    THE one who removes the torment is mine own son
    *   Cornelious is a beast and Oswald is a nonhuman.  Both are also of 
        Titania royalty.
    **  Basically, this refers to Cornelious as he frees Inway from 
        Beldor’s control.
    *** On a minor count, this infers to Oswald giving Gallon the salvation 
        he seeks
    THE Lord of the Netherworld emerges in a triumphant march of death
    *   The Lord of the Netherworld refers to Gallon
    **  The march of death refers to the Netherworld invasion.
    ONE that threatens the darkness is the shadow of the lost master
    *   The darkness refers to Gallon
    **  The lost master is Odette
    *** The shadow refers to Oswald
    THE looming blaze cometh, burning down the forest
    *   The looming blaze refers to Onyx.
    **  When the ocean rises and threatens to submerge the Fire Kingdom, 
        Onyx started his invasion.
    **  Onyx razed Ringford to ensure he would not be defeated by the World 
    THE flood of fire that man cannot withstand is halted by the world tree 
    and vanishes
    *   No character survives the battle with Onyx, fulfilling “fire that 
        man cannot withstand”.
    **  Another name for The World Tree is Yggdrasil, which is Mercedes’ 
        true name.
    **  Even though Mercedes also dies, she is the only character that 
        succeeds in killing Onyx and stopping his invasion. 
    THE Lord of Snakes consumes all left behind
    *   “Lord of Snakes” refers to the fully-grown Leventhan
    BORN in chaos and fire
    *   Leventhan is borne in the Fire Kingdom.  It has also consumed the 
        fire’s source, aka chaos.
    SLEEP in mother’s arms
    *   Leventhan slept in the Cauldron, which acts as its cradle, before 
        it becomes fully-grown.
    LIFE disappears from the land
    *   Lots of people have died during Armageddon and only a few are left 
        in the aftermath
    **  In the bad ending, only one is left before Mt Horn is submerged.
    ALL comes to an end
    *   This refers to either Erion or Armageddon ends.
    THE ring shall be lost 
    *   The ring refers to the ring of Titrel
    **  Perhaps Valentine’s curse also destroyed the ring in addition to 
        cursing Velvet into a Pooka.
    THE birthing cry of newborn souls
    *   Phozons are considered the essence of life.
    **  In point 18, Chapter 1-1, phozons are drifting down while Gwendolyn 
        and Oswald talk.
    *** Subsequently, both witness a miracle as the barren world is given 
        new life.
    WELCOMING two crownless lords that shall survive the Armageddon and 
    lead the revival
    *   The crownless lords should refer to Oswald and Gwendolyn.
    *   Gwendolyn is disowned by her father, although she does wear a 
    *   Oswald is of royal bloodline but his father is disowned by Gallon.
    --------Mother’s note--------
    My dear children,
    Eventually an inevitable curse and death shall be thrown upon the two 
    of you.
    *   Inway is cursed into a frog and is again cursed when he obtained 
        the power of Darkova, as even pain turns to pleasure.
    *   Inway is shown to die in many cutscenes after Epic battle 1, even 
        the one leading to the true ending.
    **  Velvet is cursed into a Pooka when she used the Cauldron to save 
        the world
    **  Death cannot be avoided as a human.
    The Cauldron brings us Armageddon with its final crystal stone.
    *   Valentine used the furnace’s core to provide phozons to Leventhan.
    **  By doing so, he sets the wheel of Armageddon in motion.
    **  Inway tries to stop Valentine and becomes the beast of Armageddon.
    **  Lust awakened by Inway’s transformation, Gallon marches out of the 
    **  The absorption of phozons by the Cauldron causes the ocean to rise, 
        forcing Onyx to begin invading inland to save his nation.
    **  If the Cauldron succeeds in draining all the phozons, life will 
    **  Even when it fails, Leventhan, last of the dragons, will begin 
        destroying everything with its breath of light.
    My dearest son, more precious than life: 
    You have your mother’s forgiveness.
    *   Inway hates his mother for cursing him and his sister
    *   He also feels guilty for abandoning her.
    My daughter, go without hesitation and let your mother’s love grant you 
    *   Velvet is so fearful of her mother’s curse, such that she went to 
        Hindel to find a way to avoid her destiny.
    My father, your daughter’s love remains unchanged, always by your side.
    *   Valentine felt that his daughter no longer loved him, after she 
        fell in love with Odin.
    To the one who will cause the world harm, I pray that your soul will 
    *   This may refer to Gallon, in the form of cursed Darkova.
    **  It may also refer to Valentine, in the form of Pooka undead.
    *** It may again refer to Inway, in the form of Darkova.
    --------------------------------- F I N ------------------------------

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