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    Game Script by Neophoton

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    Odin Sphere Game Script
    By: Michelle Khoury, "Kumori no Yoru" (Neophoton) of GameFAQs
    Created: August 10, 2008
    Email: photon (dot) foxstar (at) gmail (dot)com
    Last updated: January 4, 2013
    I.   Disclaimer/Legal Info
    II.  Updates
    III. Introduction
    IV.  Notes
    V.   Game Script
    VI.  Credits, Closings, Contact
    V.1. Valkyrie  (VALK)
    1.0 Valkyrie: Prelude       --------->    VA0
    1.1 Valkyrie: Chapter 1     --------->    VA1
    1.2 Valkyrie: Chapter 2     --------->    VA2
    1.3 Valkyrie: Chapter 3     --------->    VA3
    1.4 Valkyrie: Chapter 4     --------->    VA4
    1.5 Valkyrie: Chapter 5     --------->    VA5
    1.6 Valkyrie: Chapter 6     --------->    VA6
    1.7 Valkyrie: Epilogue      --------->    VA7
    V.2. The Pooka Prince  (POOK)
    2.0 The Pooka Prince: Prelude    ---->    PP0
    2.1 The Pooka Prince: Chapter 1  ---->    PP1
    2.2 The Pooka Prince: Chapter 2  ---->    PP2
    2.3 The Pooka Prince: Chapter 3  ---->    PP3
    2.4 The Pooka Prince: Chapter 4  ---->    PP4
    2.5 The Pooka Prince: Chapter 5  ---->    PP5
    2.6 The Pooka Prince: Chapter 6  ---->    PP6
    2.7 The Pooke Prince: Epilogue   ---->    PP7
    V.3. Fairy Land  (FAIR)
    3.0 Fairy Land: Prelude     --------->    FL0
    3.1 Fairy Land: Chapter 1   --------->    FL1
    3.2 Fairy Land: Chapter 2   --------->    FL2
    3.3 Fairy Land: Chapter 3   --------->    FL3
    3.4 Fairy Land: Chapter 4   --------->    FL4
    3.5 Fairy Land: Chapter 5   --------->    FL5
    3.6 Fairy Land: Chapter 6   --------->    FL6
    3.7 Fairy Land: Epilogue    --------->    FL7
    V.4. The Black Sword  (BLAK)
    4.0 The Black Sword: Prelude    ----->    BS0
    4.1 The Black Sword: Chapter 1  ----->    BS1
    4.2 The Black Sword: Chapter 2  ----->    BS2
    4.3 The Black Sword: Chapter 3  ----->    BS3
    4.4 The Black Sword: Chapter 4  ----->    BS4
    4.5 The Black Sword: Chapter 5  ----->    BS5
    4.6 The Black Sword: Chapter 6  ----->    BS6
    4.7 The Black Sword: Epilogue   ----->    BS7
    V.5. Fate  (FATE)
    5.0 Fate: Prelude	    --------->    FA0
    5.1 Fate: Chapter 1	    --------->    FA1
    5.2 Fate: Chapter 2	    --------->    FA2
    5.3 Fate: Chapter 3	    --------->    FA3
    5.4 Fate: Chapter 4	    --------->    FA4
    5.5 Fate: Chapter 5	    --------->    FA5
    5.6 Fate: Chapter 6	    --------->    FA6
    5.7 Fate: Epilogue	    --------->    FA7
    V.6. Armageddon (ARMA)
    6.0 Armageddon: Prelude     --------->    AR0
    6.1 Armageddon: Chapter 1   --------->    AR1
    6.2 Armageddon: Chapter 2   --------->    AR2
    6.3 Armageddon: Chapter 3   --------->    AR3
    6.4 Armageddon: Chapter 4   --------->    AR4
    6.5 Armageddon: Chapter 5   --------->    AR5
    6.6 Armageddon: Epilogue    --------->    AR6
    V.7. Armageddon (Alt Scenes) (ARM2)
    7.1 Armageddon: Chapter 1   --------->    AS1
     - 7.1.1. Mercedes
     - 7.1.2. Velvet
     - 7.1.3. Generic
    7.2 Armageddon: Chapter 2   --------->    AS2
     - 7.2.1. Cornelius
     - 7.2.2. Generic
    7.3 Armageddon: Chapter 3   --------->    AS3
     - 7.3.1. Gwendolyn
     - 7.3.2. Oswald
     - 7.3.3. Generic
    7.4 Armageddon: Chapter 4   --------->    AS4
    7.5 Armageddon: Chapter 5   --------->    AS5
    7.6 Armageddon: Epilogue    --------->    AS6
    V.8 Wheel of Fate (WOFA)
    8.0 Wheel of Fate: Prelude      ----->    WF0
    8.1 Wheel of Fate: Chapter 1    ----->    WF1
    8.2 Wheel of Fate: Epilogue	----->    WF2
    8.3 Wheel of Fate: Curtain Call ----->    WF3
    I. Disclaimer/Legal Info
    Short and sweet: Copyright 2008 Kumori_no_Yoru (Neophoton) of GameFAQs. All
    rights are reserved. Nothing may be reproduced or used without permission.
    This script is for private use-only. It may not be posted elsewhere than
    the following sites unless stated otherwise:
    Super Cheat
    II. Updates
    - Started script
    - Full table of contents finished
    - Valkyrie chapters completed
    - Introduction and notes finished
    - Credits set up
    - Pooka Prince chapters started to 
      end of chapter 3
    - Fixed some typos on Valkyrie chapters
    - Changed "Versions" to "Updates" with
      dates as it sounds more suiting
    - Fixed typos on Valkyrie and Pooka Prince
    - Finished Pooka Prince chapters up to
      end of chapter 5
    - Pooka Prince chapters completed
    - Fairy Land chapters started to end of
    - Fixed typos in earlier sections
    - Fixed up typos in Pooka Prince chapters
    - Typos in Fairy Land's Prelude were fixed
    - Finished Fairy Land chapter 1
    - Took a huuuuge haitus on this (sorry!)
    - Set up Fairy Land chapter 2
    - Fixed typos in Valkyrie chapters
    - Finished Fairy Land chapters 2 and 3
    - Set up Fairy Land chapter 4
    - Updated the Notes section and made them
      a little more clear
    - Fixed typos in Valkyrie chapters
      and Pooka Prince chapters
    - Finished Fairy Land chapters 4 and 5
    - Finished act 2 in Fairy Land chapter 6
    - Fairy Land chapters completed
    - Started Black Sword prelude act 1
    - Finished Black Sword prelude act 3
    - Finished Black Sword chapters 1 and 2
    - Fixed typos in Fairy Land
    - Format fix in Valkyrie and Pooka Prince
    - Fixed typos in Fairy Land
    - Finished Black Sword chapters 3 and 4
    - Finished Black Sword chapters 5 and 6
    - Set up Black Sword epilogue
    - Black Sword chapters completed
    - Finished Fate prelude chapter
    - Fixed Armageddon-related note in the
      Notes section
    - Finished Fate chapters 1 - 4
    - Set up Fate chapter 5
    - Fate chapters completed
    - Set up Armageddon prelude
    - Set up all of Wheel of Fate's
    - Finished Armageddon prelude
    - Finished all routes for Armageddon
      chapter 1
    - Finished all routes for Armageddon
      chapter 2
    - Updated Armageddon note in the "Notes"
    - Divided Armageddon into two sections:
      True ending & false endings
    - Finished all false endings and "The
      Death of Erion" ending
    - Finished Armageddon true ending
    - Finished Wheel of Fate chapters (phew!)
    - Fixed typos in Black Sword and Fate
    - Fixed typos in Fate
    - Fixed typos in Armageddon
    - Fixed typos in Armageddon (Alt Scenes)
    - Fixed typos in Wheel of Fate (now it's
      ready to submit!)
    - Minor typos fixed
    - Updated disclaimer with permission given
      to Neoseeker to post this script
    - Added a "last updated" tag to the top
    - Updated the disclaimer and added Super Cheat
      to the allowed sites
    - Fixed typo in Valkyrie (Thanks to
      Yunaura of LiveJournal!)
    - Fixed a typo in Valkyrie
    - Updated username for website and other information
    - Fixed typo in Armageddon
    III. Introduction
    I'm a huge fan of Odin Sphere and noticed the lack of a game
    script on GameFAQs. Seeing as I was late to the fun (say, a
    year), I assumed a script would be up by now; I stand corrected.
    I'll confess and say I find it hard to hate a 2D console game
    (handheld titles could be argued), thus I am often less critical
    against them. Upon finding this game, I desperately wanted to
    play it as soon as it released. However the lack of stores
    carrying it in my area made it hard to do that, thus I eventually
    forgot of this game's existance.
    That is, until a friend-of-a-friend gave away his copy out of
    disinterest for the game. For a used copy, it's still in solid
    good condition. :)
    So... I'm taking it upon myself to introduce a script for this
    wonderful game that was missed by the masses. I hope you enjoy
    it, too!
    Thank you and enjoy this script!
    IV. Notes
    - The script is fashioned as below:
    Gwendolyn: "Hello."
    Cornelius: "How are you? I am fine, thank you."
    Mercedes: (I am expressing my thoughts in this line. Get me a taco.)
    [Silly commentaries are to denote the characters doing something in brackets]
    - I am aware the chapters are divided into acts, but I am keeping them
      with their designated chapter to keep the script a bit more neat.
    - Lines that expand into a new window, but are still attached to the previous
      window will be kept as one line altogether.
    - I do not regard any merchant's dialogue, as it's nothing remotely worth
      noting, in my opinion. However, if you feel it should be included, feel
      free to inform me and I'll do my best to obtain the dialogue as fast as
    - Armageddon is divided into two sections: One that is the true ending, and
      the other contains all the false scenes and the false ending. This is to
      prevent Armageddon from becoming too cluttered.
    - I do not list acts for gameplay, those including bosses. Therefore if
      you see an act skipped, it is indeed gameplay/bosses. This applies to all
      odd-numbered acts. Even numbers consist of actual dialogue.
    - There may be a few exceptions for odd-numbered acts, such as chapter 6 in
      Fairy Land, and prelude chapters.
    V. Game Script
    V.1. Valkyrie               (VALK)
    The soul shines proudly
    after falling in battle
    The birds have a belief:
    This is the only method
    of earning an immortal soul
    1.0 Valkyrie: Prelude  ......  VA0
    Valkyrie - Prelude - Act 1
    Storming Battlefields
    Gwendolyn: "Griselda..."
    Griselda: "Gwendolyn..."
    Griselda: "It's so... quiet now... The sound of battle... seems so far away."
    Griselda: "It seems I cannot follow my King into the battle."
    Gwendolyn: "No... Don't give up..."
    Griselda: "Gwendolyn, please take this. I have no use for it now."
    Griselda: "This spear has slain many foes, making a mountain of corpses..."
    [She hands Gwen the spiffy-looking spear]
    Griselda: "The King... Father will undoubtedly praise my actions."
    Gwendolyn: "I'm sure he will..."
    Griselda: "...Do I see tears in your eyes? You're too kind, sister..."
    Griselda: "Please, do not cry... Your older sister will leave the world as a
              great warrior."
    Griselda: "...'Tis so dark here..."
    Griselda: "Gwendolyn... I can't see you..."
    [First death in the game, woo... wait, that's not good]
    Gwendolyn: "Aah..."
    Gwendolyn: "Griselda... I won't let you be alone for long. I shall be by your
               side soon enough."
    [Losing a war sucks, evidently]
    Dwarf: "We have lost this battle. There are simply too many enemies."
    [Shadow Knight enters the fray]
    Dwarf: "So that is the Shadow Knight!"
    Dwarf: "Rumor has it he's made a deal with Halja to acquire such strength!
           What power...!"
    Gwendolyn: "I will face him!"
    Dwarf: "Princess!? You shall not!"
    [Gwen and Oswald face-off; he soon has her pinned down but hesistates to kill]
    Oswald: "...!"
    Gwendolyn: "Kill me now... How long do you intend to keep me pinned down?"
    Oswald: "..."
    [Oswald kills a Berserker approaching them]
    Oswald: "Go on. Run away. This battle is over. Any more deaths will just be a
    [Aaand he splits]
    Dwarf: "Ooh, I'm glad to see you're safe. I had feared you were..."
    Gwendolyn: "At this point... I cannot go back..."
    Dwarf: "Princess, wait! But... what good are troops that have lost their 
    Valkyrie - Prelude - Act 3
    Demon Lord's Throne
    Odin: "Gwendolyn... you've returned."
    Gwendolyn: "I have an announcement, Your Majesty."
    Gwendolyn: "Regarding the invasion... our troops have been lost."
    Gwendolyn: "The foes had more reinforcements tha we had anticipated."
    Gwendolyn: "We were forced to enter a battle of attrition."
    Gwendolyn: "The Valkyries suffered many casualties... including
               Griselda, our commander."
    Odin: "I know of Griselda's fate."
    Gwendolyn: "Griselda fought bravely for you to the very end..."
    Gwendolyn: "She entrusted me with this spear in her final moments."
    Odin: "She was the most gallant and noble of all my warriors."
    Odin: "That spear is a special weapon known as a Psypher."
    Odin: "It collects spirits that haunt the battlefields and uses their power to
          smite enemies."
    Odin: "Henceforth, you shall wield the spear as you please..."
    [Odin rises from his throne and proceeds to the doorway]
    Odin: "We shall launch another assault on the enemy. I shall personally take
          part in this battle. Send the troops when you're prepared."
    Gwendolyn: "Father... Is that all you have to say about Griselda!?"
    Odin: "Words will not bring your sister back."
    Gwendolyn: "..."
    Odin: "'Tis no time for sentimentality."
    1.1 Valkyrie: Chapter 1 ...... VA1
    Valkyrie - Chapter 1 - Act 2
    Demon Lord's Castle
    Gwendolyn: "We're moving out, now! Inform the troops."
    [Gwendolyn goes over her thoughts of her sister's death until...]
    Gwendolyn: "Griselda..."
    Bird: "So you're going to battle in order to win your father's love."
    Gwendolyn: "That's not true. I'm fighting for my kingdom and my own pride."
    Gwendolyn: "If I fall in battle... that is a fate all my countrymen must 
    Bird: "Don't try to hide the truth from me."
    Bird: "You seek death, so that you may earn the love you so desperately 
    [She takes a swipe at the bird, but fails]
    Gwendolyn: "Quiet!"
    Bird: "I am but a phantom... I represent your innermost thoughts."
    Bird: "'I am pathetic. I've never been loved since the day I was born.'"
    Bird: "Giving your life for your father will not make your death worthwhile.
          You will simply die, like Griselda died."
    [Get into the fetal position, and...]
    Gwendolyn: "Stop it...!"
    Gwendolyn: "If I sacrifice myself for my duty, Father will surely show his 
               love for me."
    Gwendolyn: "Surely..."
    Valkyrie - Chapter 1 - Act 4
    Vanrir Forward Headquarters
    Paladin: "I have a report, Your Highness!"
    Paladin: "The Aesir have launched an all-out assault. They are attacking our
             headquarters with all their soldiers!"
    Paladin: "The Paladins fight valiantly, but 'tis only a matter of time 'til 
             they are overrun!"
    Elfaria: "Odin... I see he risks his own life with this strategy of his..."
    Elfaria: "Here are your orders. Quickly! Call back the troops from the front
             line and attack them from behind."
    Elfaria: "Use everything we have. Attack from both sides and annihilate them!"
    [Our Valkyrie-protagonist rides into the scene]
    Gwendolyn: "Our King is bestowed with divine grace. Prepare yourself, Queen of
               the Ghosts."
    Gwendolyn: "I, King Odin's daughter, Gwendolyn, shall be the one to take your
    Elfaria: "So, you call me a ghost... The Demon Lord's daughter is 
             bold, indeed."
    Elfaria: "Hahaha... It seems my reinforcements have arrived."
    Elfaria: "It's about time, Sorcerer."
    Beldor: "Your Majesty, my sincerest apologies for my tardiness.
            Come, Belial, my faithful dragon..."
    Elfaria: "Let us put this to the test. Do you still dare to speak so
             impudently before my mighty dragon?"
    Valkyrie - Chapter 1 - Act 6
    The Cauldron
    Valkyrie: "King Odin, please rejoice. The enemies are retreating."
    Odin: "It seems that it is finally over..."
    Odin: "Have Brigan's troops hunt down any remaining enemy forces."
    Odin: "Go inform all our soldiers of our victory."
    Odin: "Sound the horn and allow them to celebrate our glory. Now leave me."
    Dwarf: "King Odin..."
    Odin: "Yes... There it is. The Crystallization Cauldron..."
    Odin: "The fairies have kept it hidden for so long..."
    Odin: "Ooh..."
    Odin: "Do you see this mysterious light? Now it is finally mine."
    Odin: "This power will grant me victory in any battle."
    [The Cauldron decides to take a nap... sort of...]
    Odin: "What's happening!?"
    Dwarf: "O-Oh no... What happened to the glow? The Cauldron's light has gone
    [Gwendolyn is on the search for her father on the battlefield.]
    Gwendolyn: Do you know where my father... Where I may find the King?"
    Valkyrie: "The King is with the Crystallization Cauldron."
    Gwendolyn: "What!?"
    [Scantily-dressed Forest Witch enters the scene]
    Gwendolyn: "Who goes there? What are you doing here?"
    Velvet: "These stupid battles, all over again... The Cauldron is a source
            of disaster."
    Velvet: "I will not allow the Crystallization Cauldron to be used any
    Velvet: "Not by you... nor by the Queen of the Fairies..."
    [She splits]
    Gwendolyn: "Wait!"
    1.2 Valkyrie: Chapter 2 ...... VA2
    Valkyrie - Chapter 2 - Act 2
    Demon Lord's Castle
    Brigan: "Do you understand how much we sacrificed here!?"
    Brigan: "If it was all for some hunk of scrap iron, it is a disgrace to the
    Brigan: "I'll catch that Witch and make her spill her guts about that 
    Brigan: "If she plays dumb, her head will fly."
    [Eggman marches off]
    Odin: "Someone, stop that fool before he leaves."
    Odin: "No, he cannot be serious about opposing me."
    Odin: "I shall find the Witch. Gwendolyn, I shall leave the rest to you."
    Gwendolyn: "Father, please wait... A king cannot idly abandon his own castle."
    Gwendolyn: "If I had not let the witch go, this would not have happened."
    Gwendolyn: "Allow me to redeem myself. I shall capture the Witch."
    Odin: "Gwendolyn, wait..."
    Gwendolyn: "Yes, Father?"
    Odin: "Heed my words. Do not cause undue harm to the Witch. She's..."
    Odin: "Well, she's... She is special. Be respectful."
    Gwendolyn: "..."
    Gwendolyn: "As you wish, Your Majesty..."
    Valkyrie - Chapter 2 - Act 4
    The Forest Lagoon
    Gwendolyn: "I will not let you escape this time."
    Velvet: "You'll never get your wish, Valkyrie. Confront me all you want, but
            you cannot change my resolve."
    Velvet: "Go back and inform the Demon Lord. I will not listen to your pleas."
    Gwendolyn: "You have no choice in the matter."
    Gwendolyn: "If you insist that you will not repair the Cauldron..."
    Velvet: "That evil spear and my chain are both Psyphers. If we battle, it will
            be a serious affair."
    Gwendolyn: "You're hesitating... Bluffing will only get you so far. If you
               value your life, obey the King."
    Velvet: "You ignorant fool. You cut short your own life by meddling in my
    Velvet: "Using the Crystallization Cauldron will doom the entire world."
    Velvet: "That accursed Cauldron served as a trigger... to the horror that
            befell my native country of Valentine."
    Velvet: "It is the cataclysm's womb... And it should not exist."
    Gwendolyn: "The great magical country of Valentine is said to have been
               destroyed overnight. I am aware of the story that you describe."
    Gwendolyn: "The Valentine Prophecies say the world will be destroyed by five
    Gwendolyn: "One of those five involves a furnace that spews despair."
    Gwendolyn: "You say that line refers to the Crystallization Cauldron?"
    Gwendolyn: "'Tis but a rumor from a ruined land."
    Velvet: "War will spread across the world... The winning country will rule
            over the entire land."
    Velvet: "Your country's ambition is merely a convenient lie for the Demon
    Gwendolyn: "Do you imply that my King is deceiving everyone? I will not hear
               this mockery."
    Gwendolyn: "Stop this nonsense. I shall take your life, if I must..."
    Valkyrie - Chapter 2 - Act 6
    Forest of Elrit
    Odin: "Wait! Both of you, cease fighting!"
    Gwendolyn: "Father! Why are you here?"
    Odin: "I had a premonition of something like this, so I came here."
    Velvet: "Odin..."
    Odin: "I cannot allow you hurt one another."
    Odin: "Gwendolyn, step away. Do not interrupt what I have to say."
    Odin: "Velvet... You look so much like your mother."
    Velvet: "..."
    Odin: "My dear daughter... Why are you acting against me?"
    Gwendolyn: "...Daughter!?"
    Velvet: "Do not call me your daughter. Do you think I am a fool?"
    Velvet: "While the nations of Valentine and Ragnanival were at war,"
    Velvet: "you disguised yourself and seduced my mother, the princess, with
            sweet words."
    Velvet: "And you were quick to flee when she became pregnant."
    Velvet: "Because my mother gave birth to an enemy's child, she was executed
            for loving you."
    Velvet: "It is the same as if you had killed her yourself."
    Odin: "That is not true, my child. We did not know each other's real
          names, nor our ranks."
    Odin: "I did not run away from her. We were torn apart. I truly loved
          the princess."
    Gwendolyn: "Father..."
    Velvet: "Lies! If you loved my mother, who is this other daughter here?"
    Gwendolyn: "..."
    Velvet: "I do not think of you as my father, and I have no desire to
            help you."
    [Eggman-- Brigan stumbles into the conversation]
    Brigan: "Well, well... I followed the King and stumbled into a royal spat."
    Brigan: "Fraternizing with the enemy... Would could've guessed...?"
    Odin: "Lord Brigan..."
    Brigan: "Although their demise was sudden, Valentine was still our enemy."
    Brigan: "And while the battle raged, the King had an affair with their
            princess and even had a child."
    Brigan: "Deary me... The subjects would be most upset."
    Brigan: "But as I am a loyal servant of my King, I will carry this secret to
            my grave."
    [Mario-like jumping abilties are insane for a guy his size]
    Brigan: "But that Cauldron is another story."
    Brigan: "Now come, winsome little witch. You will help us gain its might."
    Valkyrie - Chapter 2 - Act 6
    Demon Lord's Castle
    Dwaf: "How did you stop the magic furnace? There must be some kind of "key" to
    Dwarf: "Speak, witch, if you value your life."
    Velvet: "Even if I told you, there is nothing you could do."
    Velvet: "The Cauldron may only be controlled by a ring named Titrel."
    Velvet: "A terrible dragon holds the ring presently..."
    Velvet: "Wagner, feared by all, keeps the ring within his stomach."
    Dwarf: "How could this be?"
    Odin: "Wagner, of all things..."
    Brigan: "My Lord, what do you plan for the girl who has harmed our
            country so?"
    Brigan: "If we cannot use the Cauldron's magic..."
    Brigan: "The inevitable, final battle shall be a recreation of the awful war
            against Valentine."
    Brigan: "How are we to inform the soldiers and the citizens!?"
    Odin: "I know."
    Brigan: "We must sacrifice her flesh to the dragon and retrieve the ring!"
    Brigan: "Command me to sacrifice the witch! Suppress everyone's anger with
    Odin: "..."
    Brigan: "Hm... I sense my King is not content."
    Brigan: "Is there any reason to protect this witch?"
    Brigan: "Is there anything at all between our King and his daughter from an
            enemy land?"
    Odin: "Brigan... You..."
    Brigan: "Ah, Sire. I hear your command. The witch shall be sacrificed."
    Brigan: "Away with her!"
    1.3 Valkyrie: Chapter 3 ...... VA3
    Valkyrie - Chapter 3 - Act 2
    Demon Lord's Throne
    Gwendolyn: "Father..."
    Gwendolyn: "That girl... Velvet... Is she someone special to you, Father?"
    Odin: "She resembles the princess I onced loved... To lose her again, now..."
    Odin: "Gwendolyn... Please leave me. I do not wish you to see me like this."
    [So a little birdie told me a few things...]
    Gwendolyn: "My mother and sister devoted their lives to the King... I never
               heard him devote so many words of affection to me... ever."
    Bird: "If you leave her, she will be executed."
    Bird: "That will make you the King's only surviving daughter. You'll no
          longer have to compete for his love."
    Gwendolyn: "True... If only she were gone..."
    Gwendolyn: "..."
    Gwendolyn: "But if she dies... Father will suffer even more."
    Bird: "Are you saying you will save her? This girl who cares nothing for you?"
    Bird: "If you do, you are committing treason. You will no longer be welcome 
          here. Will you persist with this folly?"
    [I no longer wish to hear voices in my head! *flee*]
    Bird: "There will be no way to redeem yourself."
    Bird: "How can you willingly choose to walk the path to your own death...?"
    Valkyrie - Chapter 3 - Act 4
    Above the Clouds
    Brigan: "We haven't found the dragon yet..."
    Brigan: "Is Wagner really here as this girl says he is?"
    Brigan: "Go find him! All of you, go!"
    [Soldiers do what they're told, like good pawns]
    Brigan: "I don't mind that he isn't here. I never wanted to meet the
            dragon, anyway."
    Brigan: "Even if you are sacrificed, there's no guarantee it will
            give me the ring."
    Brigan: "I'd be needlessly putting my life in jeopardy."
    Velvet: "What are you planning to do?"
    Brigan: "This is what I will tell your father: The dragon killed you here as I
    [Dynamic entry from Gwen!]
    Velvet: "You...? Why are you doing this?"
    Gwendolyn: "Hurry, run away! If you still wish to live, go!"
    ["So long, dood!"]
    Brigan: "...Gwendolyn... You've done a very foolish thing."
    Gwendolyn: "This isn't about using the Cauldron, is it?"
    Gwendolyn: "Why do you seek her death so fervently?"
    Brigan: "Do you really want to know?"
    Brigan: "After she is dead, I will inform the nation that the witch was the
            King's daughter."
    Brigan: "And after having a child with the enemy, he was such a monster that
            he killed her."
    Brigan: "The people will wonder if such a man is fit to be king..."
    Gwendolyn: "I never thought one of my King's trusted generals could
               be so treacherous."
    Brigan: "After I deal with you, I'll recapture that girl and
            offer her to the dragon."
    Brigan: "Why don't you try begging for mercy? Perhaps you could be the new 
            king's mistress, hm?"
    Valkyrie - Chapter 3 - Act 6
    Demon Lord's Throne
    Odin: "This is hopeless... You have disobeyed me and killed my chief vassel."
    Odin: "The fact you are my daughter cannot save you from punishment... The
          citizens of the nation will never stand for it."
    [There's still voices in my head...]
    Bird: "You're trembling... Do you regret your actions?"
    [Well, that was brief...]
    Gwendolyn: "There is no excuse for what I did... I am prepared to face
               the consequences."
    Gwendolyn: "I shall endure any form of punishment."
    [Obligatory side-whispers]
    Odin: "Rebellious Valkyrie, you will undergo the customary punishment."
    Odin: "A sleeping spell will be cast upon you."
    Odin: "When you awaken, your heart will belong to a stranger."
    Odin: "Your pride and honor will be stripped away."
    Odin: "You will devote your life to him, bear his children, and grow old."
    Gwendolyn: "I care not... My actions spared you from suffering."
    Odin: "Oh, my dear... What have I done...?"
    Odin: "You do not doubt yourself, my precious daughter..."
    Gwendolyn: "I... I have longed to hear you say those words."
    Gwendolyn: "Oh, Father..."
    [Sleeping Beauty, anyone?]
    Valkyrie - Chapter 3 - Act 6
    Old Castle Terrace
    Gwendolyn: "...So that's it... I am no longer a Valkyrie."
    Gwendolyn: "It's as if it was all a dream..."
    1.4 Valkyrie: Chapter 4 ...... VA4
    Valkyrie - Chapter 4 - Act 2
    Old Castle Terrace
    Oswald: "There you are, Gwendolyn..."
    Gwendolyn: (Oswald... The Shadow Knight... I have been forced to accept
                the enemy's elite soldier as my husband.)
    Gwendolyn: (It seems I am destined to suffer...)
    Oswald: "I must take my leave soon..."
    Oswald: "But before I go, I would like to give you something."
    Oswald: "Your hand, please..."
    [He takes her hand and places a ring over her finger]
    Gwendolyn: "This ring..."
    Oswald: "I'm sorry; I have nothing else worthy of being presented to you..."
    Oswald: "This is a beautiful ring that I obtained from a dragon named
    Gwendolyn: "! ...The ring Titrel...?"
    Oswald: "Will you accept it?"
    Gwendolyn: "Why are you giving me something so precious?"
    Oswald: "Hmmm... How can I say it...?"
    Oswald: "Well... It's because... I want to see you smile... To see you 
    Gwendolyn: "I-I am a warrior. My only happiness stems from battle."
    [At least he's thoughtful...?]
    Bird: "You sound unsure... Do you fancy him?"
    Gwendolyn: "No. That man is my enemy."
    Gwendolyn: "When I think about all the warriors he has slain..."
    Gwendolyn: "I cannot forgive him, no matter how kind he is to me."
    Gwendolyn: "My father's spell is making me feel this way."
    Gwendolyn: "'Tis not love. It simply cannot be..."
    Gwendolyn: "I shall seek vengeance the moment it presents itself. That is what
               my father would want me to do..."
    Bird: "There is no reason for you to remain loyal to a king who has
          abandoned you."
    Oswald: "I... I just want to do what will make my father happy."
    Bird: "That is what Oswald just said to you."
    Gwendolyn: "..."
    Bird: "He yearns for your love in the same way you yearn for your father's."
    Gwendolyn: "It matters not. For now, I am simply a prisoner being manipulated
               by my captor."
    Valkyrie - Chapter 4 - Act 2
    Old Castle Terrace
    Brom: "Oswald... Are you leaving so soon?"
    Oswald: "Yes... I have an oath to keep."
    Oswald: "Gwendolyn... Will you wait for me?"
    Gwendolyn: "I belong to you, now. If you command me to wait, I shall obey."
    Oswald: "You are not an object. ...And I will not allow anyone to treat you
    Oswald: "Never..."
    Oswald: "I take my leave. I shall be back soon."
    [Probably off to kill some more things]
    Gwendolyn: "This ring is undoubtedly Titrel."
    Gwendolyn: "This will allow the Cauldron to be reactivated."
    Gwendolyn: "I must take it to my father..."
    Valkyrie - Chapter 4 - Act 2
    Berserker: "Princess!?"
    Gwendolyn: "I come with a message for the king..."
    [That's gotta hurt]
    Gwendolyn: "What are you doing!?"
    Gwendolyn: "I may have been banished, but I will not tolerate such 
    Berserker: "The king has ordered us to kill you on sight."
    Valkyrie - Chapter 4 - Act 4
    Demon Lord's Castle
    [Odin smash!]
    Gwendolyn: "Father!"
    Odin: "Not quite... Don't you recognize me?"
    [It's... Egg-- Oh forget it]
    Gwendolyn: "You're Lord Brigan!"
    Brigan: "The Queen of the Underworld thinks highly of me..."
    Brigan: "I have been delegated to discipline King Odin, who steals jewels from
            her realm."
    Brigan: "Observe!"
    Brigan: "The pitiful king is merely a puppet to my will. This country is 
            finally mine."
    Gwendolyn: "So you're behind the chaos in this land."
    Gwendolyn: "You disgust me! Leave the King at once!"
    Brigan: "I'll tear off those wings of yours and remove my shame from having
            known you."
    Brigan: "Your soul shall become my plaything."
    Valkyrie - Chapter 4 - Act 6
    Demon Lord's Castle
    Gwendolyn: "Father... You've returned."
    Odin: "Gwendolyn... You made it back safely..."
    Gwendolyn: "I have violated your edict, but I have some important information
               for you."
    Gwendolyn: "Please take this. This ring is... Titrel."
    Odin: "Good work, Gwendolyn..."
    [Parting ways with the one ring to rule them all... er, Titrel]
    Odin: "That man... I was right to tempt Oswald."
    Gwendolyn: "Tempt? What do you mean, Father...?"
    Odin: "He and I formed a pact: I would give you to him if he could slay the
          dragon Wagner."
    Odin: "Obviously, he succeeded. The ring is a prize from that battle..."
    Odin: "With your latest actions, you have atoned for your past
    Odin: "Welcome back, my child. Your honor has been restored."
    Gwendolyn: (The Shadow Knight... Oswald... He fought the dragon for me.)
    Gwendolyn: "No. This is no longer where I belong."
    Odin: "Gwendolyn..."
    Gwendolyn: "Farewell... I wish you and the heavens well..."
    1.5 Valkyrie: Chapter 5 ...... VA5
    Valkyrie - Chapter 5 - Act 2
    Old Castle Terrace
    Gwendolyn: "Please tell me... Where has he gone?"
    Brom: "He went to the Fire Kingdom to fulfill a promise he made to the king
    Brom: "He's been gone for some time now. Something may have happened..."
    [A monologue is fine, too]
    Gwendolyn: (To fulfill a promise...?)
    Gwendolyn: (What is happening in the Fire Kingdom? My heart aches with
                each passing day...)
    Gwendolyn: (I cannot bear it... I cannot wait like this.)
    Valkyrie - Chapter 5 - Act 2
    Inferno King's Shrine
    Vulcan: "The great King Onyx is just ahead."
    [Gwendolyn passes the grunt to meet shirtless pyro]
    Onyx: "Welcome, Princess of Ragnanival..."
    Gwendolyn: "It has been awhile, Your Majesty..."
    Onyx: "You are as beautiful as ever. 'Tis always a pleasure to welcome you to
          our kingdom."
    Onyx: "This way, please. Allow us to entertain you."
    Gwendolyn: "Your Majesty... I have come here seeking answers."
    Gwendolyn: "I have heard that my husband, Oswald, has come to this land."
    Gwendolyn: "Are you aware of this?"
    Onyx: "As much as I would like to say that I am not, I cannot lie in the face
          of such beauty."
    Onyx: "He is certainly here. He is fighting for me."
    Gwendolyn: "Fighting?"
    Onyx: "Yes. Against a dragon that is terrorizing our country."
    Onyx: "Some say that this dragon is Leventhan, the one mentioned in the
          prophecies concerning the world's end."
    Onyx: "Our fire and our swords have had no effect on this newborn dragon."
    Onyx: "I thought his Belderiver may have some effect... But since I have heard
          no news, I assume it was useless as well."
    Gwendolyn: "Why Oswald...?"
    Onyx: "You may not know this... But King Odin has already promised your
          hand... to me."
    Onyx: "It would've helped unify both our countries."
    Onyx: "But your father went back on his word... And instead, gave you to that
          tortured soul."
    Onyx: "In compensation for letting the issue drop quietly, Oswald made me a 
    Onyx: "He vowed to fight for his life on my behalf whenever I asked."
    Gwendolyn: "Oswald did this for me...?"
    Onyx: "He may die... He may even already be dead..."
    Onyx: "I can void our agreement and save him... if you will be my bride."
    Onyx: "It's up to you, Gwendolyn... As long as you become mine."
    Gwendolyn: "Inferno King, you are no different than the men back home..."
    Gwendolyn: "I am not an object."
    [Off to find the Shadow Knight~!]
    Onyx: "What?"
    Onyx: "Get her, Vulcans! Capture her, but don't harm her."
    [But they harm her anyways as sub-bosses! D: ]
    Valkyrie - Chapter 5 - Act 4
    The Origin of Fire's Sanctuary
    Oswald: "This is useless... It seems the Queen of the Dead has reduced my 
            sword's power."
    Oswald: "My body is like lead..."
    Oswald: "To be defeated by a newborn dragon like this..."
    Oswald: "This doesn't look good..."
    [Yet another dynamic entry]
    Gwendolyn: "Oswald!"
    Oswald: "!?"
    Oswald: "Why are... you here...?"
    Oswald: "I... I can't make it... I can't go on..."
    [Conveniently passes out before boss fight]
    Valkyrie - Chapter 5 - Act 6
    The Origin of Fire's Sanctuary
    Gwendolyn: "His injuries are grave... They must be attended to immediately."
    Onyx: "See what his pride has cost him... Leave him be."
    [Inferno King walks in]
    Onyx: "You have been banished for disgracing your country, but you are still
    Onyx: "To be able to defeat the dragon from the prophecies... You intrigue me
          even more."
    [She kneels down to Oswald]
    Gwendolyn: "Oswald has fought for you and the dragon has been defeated."
    Gwendolyn: "We are returning to the castle."
    Onyx: "Why...? Why him?"
    Onyx: "That man has been selected by the Queen of the Dead..."
    Onyx: "He will eventually die as her servant. His very existance is torment."
    Onyx: "Leave that doomed soul and take my hand."
    Gwendolyn: "Your Majesty, if you persist in insulting my husband, my spear
               will take your hand."
    Gwendolyn: "If you do not want your life extinguished, get out of my sight!"
    Onyx: "How intense... Just like a flame..."
    Onyx: "I shall pay my respects to such intensity and back down for now."
    Onyx: "The promise has been kept. Let us leave it at that."
    Onyx: "But remember, you are the one that stokes the embers of my heart."
    1.6 Valkyrie: Chapter 6 ...... VA6
    Valkyrie - Chapter 6 - Act 2
    Old Castle Terrace
    Brom: "Has Oswald's conditions changed?"
    Gwendolyn: "He is resting at the moment."
    Brom: "I see..."
    [Gwendolyn leaves Oswald's side and advances towards Brom]
    Gwendolyn: "May I ask you something?"
    Brom: "What is it?"
    Gwendolyn: "I have heard rumors suggesting that Oswald has some type of 
               connection to the Queen of Death."
    Brom: "Well... Hmm..."
    [Wakey, wakey]
    Oswald: "In order to increase my Belderiver's power, my father sold me to 
    Gwendolyn: "Oswald! You need to rest."
    Oswald: "And just as he wished, I acquired the cursed power of the Shadow
    Oswald: "But in compensation for this contract, the Halja lurk about
    Oswald: "They are waiting for the moment my power fades."
    Gwendolyn: "How terrible..."
    Oswald: "As long as I have the Belderiver, the Halja fear me and stay away."
    Oswald: "But this power continues to be my curse..."
    Oswald: "That was a close call back there. I must thank you."
    Oswald: "But, Gwendolyn... Why did you go to the Fire Kingdom?"
    Oswald: "What did you discuss with Onyx?"
    Gwendolyn: "I apologize for not obeying your command to stay here."
    Gwendolyn: "But... I was so worried and concerned about you... I could not sit
               idly by."
    Oswald: "!"
    Oswald: "You were worried... about me?"
    Gwendolyn: "I... I... Um..."
    [A killjoy Valkyrie arrives]
    Valkyrie: "Your Highness!"
    Gwendolyn: "You belong to my father's troops."
    Valkyrie: "I have something to report."
    Valkyrie: "Ragnanival suffered a crushing defeat from the Vanir, under their
              new Queen."
    Valkyrie: "They have seized the area around the Cauldron."
    Gwendolyn: "That can't be...! How is the King!? Is the King all right?"
    Valkyrie: "King Odin has been wounded by Arcane Bolts and has returned to the 
    Valkyrie: "But, his injuries are severe, and he is in no shape to do battle."
    Valkyrie: "The enemy will surely take this opportunity to invade the castle."
    Valkyrie: "The precious ring he received from Your Highness has been taken
    Oswald: "!"
    Gwendolyn: "You... gave away the ring I presented to you..."
    Oswald: "Ugh..."
    Oswald: "This was all a part of the Demon Lord's scheme. So, I was used as a
    Gwendolyn: "Wait a moment... I really..."
    [Heartbroken, he takes his leave]
    Gwendolyn: "Ahh..."
    Valkyrie: "Your Highness, for now, please return to the kingdom
              and assist King Odin."
    Gwendolyn: "..."
    Gwendolyn: "I cannot return to my father..."
    Gwendolyn: "But... I will serve my responsibility as the king's daughter
               and fight."
    Gwendolyn: "Please inform the king of my intentions."
    Valkyrie - Chapter 6 - Act 2
    Old Castle Terrace
    Bird: "You're going to attack alone? You're asking to be killed."
    Gwendolyn: "If I can retrieve that ring, the entire war will change."
    Bird: "Are you doing this for your father?"
    Gwendolyn: "..."
    Bird: "Or... for him?"
    Gwendolyn: "I never imagined losing someone could be so terrifying..."
    Gwendolyn: "I don't want to lose him...!"
    Valkyrie - Chapter 6 - Act 4
    Ringford Palace
    Matthew: "For a Valkyrie to come alone to a place like this..."
    Mercedes: "It's Odin's Witch. Let's ask what brings her here."
    Gwendolyn: "Your Highness... Please allow me to introduce myself."
    Gwendolyn: "My name is Gwendolyn. I am King Odin's daughter."
    Gwendolyn: "I have been exiled from my country, but circumstances forced
               me to come here."
    Gwendolyn: "I have but one request."
    Gwendolyn: "The ring, Titrel... It was given to me as a gift. It is
               extremely precious to me."
    Gwendolyn: "I humbly request that you give me the ring."
    Matthew: "You barged in here to ask that? What cheek! Do you really expect us
             to hand the ring that controls the Cauldron to you?"
    Mercedes: "We cannot give you the ring."
    Mercedes: "This ring is a spoil of war taken from the Demon Lord. I am its
              rightful owner now."
    Mercedes: "If you do not leave, I shall be forced to demonstrate my Riblam's
    [Scrap for the ring...]
    Valkyrie - Chapter 6 - Act 6
    Old Castle Environs
    Brom: "Oswald, where have you gone?"
    Brom: "I told him to get some rest..."
    Myris: "Oh, Brom... I see him..."
    Brom: "Ah, so there he is..."
    [Oh how my heart aches~!]
    Oswald: "Unrequited love is quite painful..."
    Oswald: "But... 'Tis even more painful to be imprisoned by someone for
            whom you feel nothing."
    Oswald: "Gwendolyn..."
    Oswald: "I had the slightest glimmer of hope in my heart..."
    Oswald: "...And now it is gone."
    [Servants arrive on the spot]
    Brom: "What is that?"
    [And so does a Halja]
    Brom: "It's a... a messenger of death!"
    Brom: "Oswald!"
    Halja: "What's wrong, Oswald? Your sword is so close. If you do not reach for
           it, my scythe shall claim you."
    Halja: "You have no hope nor power... You are a shell of a man filled with
    Halja: "Now, come... You belong to my Queen for all eternity."
    Valkyrie - Chapter 6 - Act 6
    Old Castle Environs
    Gwendolyn: "Oswald..."
    [Myris scrambles to bring the news]
    Myris: "Ah, Gwendolyn, 'tis a relief to find you safe..."
    Gwendolyn: "Where is Oswald?"
    Myris: "Ah..."
    Gwendolyn: "?"
    Myris: "Gwendolyn. Please listen to me..."
    Myris: "This is the truth..."
    1.7 Valkyrie: Epilogue ...... VA7
    Valkyrie - Epilogue - Act 2
    Old Castle Terrace
    Myris: "The Halja has gone to the Netherworld..."
    Myris: "A place the living cannot go. 'Tis impossible for you to rescue him."
    Gwendolyn: "...No. I know of one person who is able to make this possible..."
    Myris: "Who...?"
    Gwendolyn: "..."
    Gwendolyn: "The Demon Lord... Odin..."
    Valkyrie - Epilogue - Act 2
    Demon Lord's Throne
    [Gwendolyn arrives to Odin's throne room]
    Odin: "You're looking slightly thinner... I've been waiting for 
          you, Gwendolyn..."
    Odin: "I have heard of your exploits."
    Odin: "Assaulting the enemy with only one spear..."
    Odin: "Retrieving the ring from those cunning and shrewd lasses..."
    Odin: "As long as we have the power to control the Cauldron, their plans
          will go away."
    Odin: "You are the most wonderful daughter in the cosmos. You are as precious
          as that ring."
    Gwendolyn: "..."
    Odin: "Now, present your king with the treastures of victory."
    Gwendolyn: "This ring represents a bond with someone special. I cannot let
               it go."
    Gwendolyn: "The reason I have come today is to inquire about how to enter the
    Odin: "What foolishness is this? Give me the ring."
    Gwendolyn: "You should know, Father, since you travel there to
               collect crystals."
    Gwendolyn: "Will you please hear my request? Please, Father..."
    [Odin smash... that wall!]
    Odin: "A daughter that has been banished... wishes to make a deal with her 
          father, the kind of the nation!?"
    Odin: "..."
    Odin: "Very well. In exchange for the ring, I shall escort you to the
          Netherworld's border."
    Gwendolyn: "Father..."
    Odin: "Now, hand me the ring."
    Gwendolyn: "...No. Not until I make it back from the Netherworld."
    Valkyrie - Epilogue - Act 4
    Netherworld Shrine
    Odette: "How irritating... Barging in here without an invitation. You're as
            arrogant as your father."
    Odette: "You, daughter of the petty thief who steals my jewels, don't
            delude yourself into thinking that you'll leave here alive."
    Gwendolyn: "Great Queen of the Dead..."
    Gwendolyn: "Please let Oswald go... Please return my husband."
    Odette: "Well, well... So you've come running after your master like
            a lapdog..."
    [Boney arm comes out of no where]
    Gwendolyn: "Oswald!"
    Odette: "His life has been given to me in exchange for power."
    Odette: "He walks along the abyss of eternal death while serving
            alongside me..."
    Odette: "He was pledged to be mine before he ever met you."
    Odette: "You are a nuisance to us. Allow me to personally extinguish your 
    Gwendolyn: "The Valkyrie do not fear death. And if death cannot be
               avoided, then we welcome out fate."
    Gwendolyn: "Losing Oswald to you is more painful than death itself."
    Odette: "So you say... You have no idea."
    Odette: "What do you plan to do with that spear made from my jewels?"
    Odette: "Look around you. Many souls merge together to become crystals, then
            return to the world above."
    Odette: "You're risking your very soul by playing with that spear. And 
            now, the time has come to receive your punishment."
    Valkyrie - Epilogue - Act 6
    Netherworld Shrine
    Odette: "Aaah..."
    Odette: "Both the living and the dead could exist in this land,"
    Odette: "because I bridged the gap between these two worlds."
    Odette: "Now those that are still alive will forever be barred from entering."
    Odette: "The path will close and all ties to your world will be severed."
    Odette: "Death will become more horrifying and abominable than ever before."
    Odette: "When the world sees its demise, remember the fury you unleashed."
    [Lady Death is extinguished]
    Gwendolyn: "..."
    Gwendolyn: "Oswald!"
    [Odin... fly!]
    Odin: "Gwendolyn, hold on!"
    Gwendolyn: "!"
    Valkyrie - Epilogue - Act 6
    Demon Lord's Castle
    Odin: "The Netherworld has been sealed... The only way to enter that land
          now is to accept death, there is no other way."
    [Oswald comes around]
    Oswald: "Uhhh..."
    Gwendolyn: "Oswald... You're awake."
    Odin: "The only thing that can overcome death is pure love."
    Odin: "I can no longer collect crystals from the Netherworld."
    Odin: "But, if I can regain the ring and the Cauldron, I have
          no need for them."
    Odin: "Fulfill your promise. Give me the ring."
    Gwendolyn: "This..."
    Gwendolyn: "This is a symbol of Oswald's love. Right now it represents all I 
    Gwendolyn: "If you take this away, there will be nothing left of me."
    Gwendolyn: "If you must take it, my life must be taken too."
    Oswald: "Gwendolyn..."
    Odin: "Stop this nonsense!"
    Odin: "What you believe to be "everything" is merely an illusion. You are
          married because I ordered it."
    Gwendolyn: "Love is an illusion to begin with..."
    Gwendolyn: "I do not fear losing honor, but I am terrified of losing this
    Odin: "You fool! Are you saying you will sacrifice your life and your
          pride just for love!?"
    [Odin attempts an assault, but Oswald butts in]
    Oswald: "Stop it! Do you really want to do this to your own child!?"
    Odin: "This is unforgivable..."
    Odin: "You are ruining my plans. But my dear beloved daughter..."
    Odin: "Look at your father. I am powerless against your decisions."
    Odin: "If I am to be any kind of father, I must show you compassion."
    Odin: "Do as you wish."
    Gwendolyn: "Father..."
    Odin: "Silence! Speak no more, disloyal one..."
    [Odin proceeds to leave, but gives the two one last acknowledgement]
    Odin: "Holder of the Belderiver, I entrust my daughter to you."
    Valkyrie - Epilogue - Act 6
    Old Castle Terrace
    Oswald: "Gwendolyn..."
    Oswald: "It pains me to keep you with me, knowing you have such conflicting
    Oswald: "But even though I knew that, I could not stop myself from pursuing
    Gwendolyn: "Oswald..."
    Gwendolyn: "I do not mind if my emotions have been caused by a spell."
    Gwendolyn: "If I can be by your side, I will endure any hardship."
    Oswald: "You are a shining star that lit my way as I roamed the darkened 
    Oswald: "Until I met you, my heart was empty."
    Oswald: "But now, it is different. I have experienced both
            happiness and fear."
    Oswald: "Happiness in experiencing the light that is your love..."
    Oswald: "And fear of losing it, a light that is more precious than life
    Gwendolyn: "It will never disappear. My love is will shine like the
               stars, forever."
    [They embrace]
    Gwendolyn: "Please... Don't let me go..."
    V.2. The Pooka Prince       (POOK)
    Destiny can appear like a
    pitfall beneath one's feet
    Who can say that tomorrow
    will be just like today?
    Souls have been known to
    vanish as easily as a lost coin
    2.0 The Pooka Prince: Prelude  PP0
    The Pooka Prince - Prelude - Act 1
    King Edmund's Court
    Edmund: "Cornelius... Are you going to the forest again?"
    Edmund: "You've changed recently. I thought you would have learned to
            be responsible, but you are still immature."
    Edmund: "No matter how fascinating that girl in the forest is, remember you
            are a prince. Be reasonable and stop acting like a fool."
    Urzur: "Your Majesty, the prince merely wishes to sow his wild oats while he
           retains his youth."
    Cornelius: "Stay out of this, you court jester."
    Urzur: "Calling the royal sorcerer a fool is quite harsh."
    Cornelius: "Father, as I have said, 'tis no mere game or jape. My feelings are
    Edmund: "I told you what happened to your uncle... Do you recall? Are you
            saying you wish to commit the same mistake?"
    Edmund: "My brother loved a common girl from the village and was disowned by
            the king. After suffering that humiliation and fleeing the
            country, he fell ill..."
    Cornelius: "Father, this is different. The woman I love is no low-class
               commoner. I do not believe she is unfit for royalty."
    Edmund: "A kingdomless princess... What did she expect of you when you
            first met?"
    Cornelius: "Father... Please, stop insulting her. You may be my father, but 
               I will not hear her impugned."
    Edmund: "Cornelius, I know of another princess, more beautiful, more
            honorable, wealthier... Let your... princess of the forest...
            know my feelings."
    Cornelius: "Regardless of what you say, my mind is made up. If you do not
               approve, I shall abdicate my heritage."
    [Prince departs]
    Edmund: "Cornelius, wait!"
    Urzur: "Your Majesty, the prince will eventually come to his sense. Perhaps 
           we ought to leave him be for now..."
    The Pooka Prince - Prelude - Act 1
    Land of Despair and Misery
    Cornelius: "Uh... ugh..."
    Cornelius: "Where am I? Where is this?"
    Cornelius: "!"
    [He examines his appearance. Ain't he cute?]
    Cornelius: "What's happened to me!? My body..."
    Cornelius: "My ears... I, I... I'm a beast..."
    Cornelius: "What in the world...? Is this all a dream?"
    Cornelius: "No... This gloom... It chills me down to the bone... This all
               too real."
    Cornelius: "This place... It's so strange. It's entirely devoid of life
    Cornelius: "If the stories of the Netherworld are true, then this is
               surely it."
    Cornelius: "..."
    Cornelius: "I have to find my way back. Back home to Titania."
    Cornelius: "I must return..."
    Cornelius: "To the princess..."
    [A hop, skip, and jump, and a...]
    Voice from the Dark: "...Hold..."
    Cornelius: "Huh!?"
    Voice from the Dark: "I can smell you... You are Titanian royalty?"
    Cornelius: "Aye, so I am. I am Prince Cornelius."
    Cornelius: "When I woke up, I was like this..."
    Voice from the Dark: "Cornelius... I cannot see, but I know... Yes...
                         surely, 'tis you..."
    Cornelius: "This fearful voice that speaks to me from the darkness... Who are
    Voice from the Dark: "Even if I told you, you would not believe me."
    [Cornelius attempts to proceed towards the voice]
    Voice from the Dark: "Do not approach me... My flesh is merely a banquet 
                         for maggots and other filth."
    Voice from the Dark: "If you saw my body, your very sould would tremble, and 
                         your blood would freeze."
    Cornelius: "..."
    [I has a magic sword, you guys!]
    Voice from the Dark: "Take that... You shall find it useful. As prince of
                         Titania, 'tis your responsibility."
    Voice from the Dark: "That sword may make my identity known..."
    Cornelius: "What do you want of me?"
    Cornelius: "...Do you know what has happened to me?"
    Voice from the Dark: "Go now... if you do not wish misfortune to haunt you 
    Voice from the Dark: "Aim for your home, Titania. Your destiny awaits there."
    Cornelius: "Wait..."
    Voice from the Dark: "Please, go... Let me rest."
    Cornelius: "He's gone..."
    Cornelius: "Ahaha... 'Tis a dream, an illusion... I'm still asleep in bed...
               Please let it be a dream..."
    Cornelius: "Let me wake from this nightmare and be greeted by the sun's
               warming rays..."
    Cornelius: "..."
    Cornelius: "...But I have no choice... I must continue."
    The Pooka Prince - Prelude - Act 3
    Forest of Elrit
    I must speak with you.
    It is an urgent matter.
    Please wait for me at our usual spot.
    I would like to finally shake the
    indecisiveness I have held for so long.
    My love, I shall speed towards
    you, quick as the wind.
    [Evidently a letter written from Corn to Velvet]
    Velvet: "Prince Cornelius..."
    2.1 The Pooka Prince: Chapter 1 PP1
    The Pooka Prince - Chapter 1 - Act 2
    Land of Despair and Misery
    Crowned Skeleton: "I sense signs of life in this land ruled by carnage and
    Crowned Skeleton: "Be this a trick? Can I hope? Alas, I have naught to lose."
    Crowned Skeleton: "All I feel now is resentment and hatred... I have lost 
                      any compassion I once had."
    [Bunny dude draws his sword as the skeleton draws closer]
    Cornelius: "You! Walking skeleton! Stop right there! Who are you?"
    Crowned Skeleton: "I do not remember names..."
    Crowned Skeleton: "Who are you, aimlessly roaming this land? What purpose do
                      you have? Spirits and goblins shall find you and tear your
                      tender flesh to ribbons."
    Cornelius: "What do you suggest I do?"
    Crowned Skeleton: "You... Do you wish to leave here?"
    Crowned Skeleton: "In order to do so, 'tis necessary to receive 
                      permission from the Queen. Let me guide you to her."
    Crowned Skeleton: "But in compensation for my services, I ask you to take 
                      me with you when you leave. Agreed?"
    Cornelius: "How greedy of you... I cannot promise your safety."
    Crowned Skeleton: "Now come, and be quiet... Or else they will gather..."
    [Cornelius keeps a distance, but slowly follows him]
    Crowned Skeleton: "What are you doing? Stay close to the candle. Without 
                      light, you shall not be able to see the ghosts."
    The Pooka Prince - Chapter 1 - Act 4
    Netherworld Shrine
    Cornelius: "What an odd blade... 'Tis frighteningly sharp."
    Cornelius: "It must be a magic sword."
    [Epic proportions enters the fray]
    Odette: "Indeed it is..."
    Cornelius: "!"
    Odette: "A sword made from the jewels selfishly stolen here by the dwarves..."
    Odette: "Sinful bandits who have blundered into the Netherworld while alive. 
            Ask yourself how you came to hold that sword."
    Odette: "If you wish for the Queen's compassion, be a dear and hand it over 
            to me."
    Odette: "I will give you a peaceful death."
    Cornelius: "You are the Queen of the Netherworld? I am the prince of Titania."
    Cornelius: "I do not know why I am here. I would like you to return me to the 
               living world."
    Odette: "Once you enter this land, you cannot be allowed to leave."
    Odette: "Whoever you are is irrelevant."
    Odette: "Your careless existence makes you want to leave..."
    Odette: "This is the land of the dead. Once you taste death, you will 
            appreciate it."
    The Pooka Prince - Chapter 1 - Act 6
    Netherworld Shrine
    Odette: "Fine, go if you wish..."
    Odette: "Even if you leave here, you will enter the Demon Lord's domain."
    Odette: "The Valkyrie that serve that man are always searching 
            for trespassers. They will capture you."
    [Cornelius attempts to leave, but is stopped]
    Odette: "You may wail in futility, but I must inform you..."
    Odette: "Those who are placed in the Netherworld while alive are sinners 
            facing my judgement."
    Odette: "Such people never find peace, even after death."
    Odette: "They are destined to be torn apart by ghosts and shall forever 
            wander the land."
    Odette: "You will join them..."
    [Camera pans are nice, I guess]
    Cornelius: "But I was not send here, I have not sinned or committed any 
    Cornelius: "I merely woke up and found myself here."
    Cornelius: "Queen of the Netherworld, I shall go."
    Cornelius: "Allow me to prove to you that this is some mistake."
    [Corn finally leaves]
    Odette: "Your short life is a dream. Death shall awaken you."
    Odette: "Your sword has prolonged it. Your soul shall never rest."
    Odette: "The Pooka shall stay afloat with a candle and light the way 
            across the desolation."
    Odette: "Prepare yourself."
    [Yes, prepare yourself. Fight for your friends as well.]
    2.2 The Pooka Prince: Chapter 2 PP2
    The Pooka Prince - Chapter 2 - Act 2
    Demon Lord's Throne
    Odin: "The Valkyrie are causing a commotion over something so ludicrous."
    Odin: "Is this the sad Pooka who calls upon the Demon Lord, who is feared by 
    Cornelius: "Pooka? I am the prince of Titania, Cornelius..."
    Cornelius: "Ruler of the northern realm, I have no intention of causing 
               any damage or harm to your country."
    Cornelius: "I only request permission to travel across your land."
    Odin: "I cannot believe the story of a sinner who managed to escape the
    Cornelius: "I have committed no sins."
    Odin: "So you say..."
    Odin: "But I recognize that sword you carry..."
    Odin: "'Tis a special sword our country gave to the previous king of Titania."
    Odin: "Hmph... You don't seem to be lying."
    Odin: "But if you are a prince and have not sinned, show me your bravery to 
          prove it."
    Odin: "Hm... Let's see... Bring back the horn of our most ferocious warrior 
          uses as a flagon."
    Odin: "If you should be successful, I shall believe your story."
    Cornelius: "I shall comply... I shall prove myself."
    The Pooka Prince - Chapter 2 - Act 2
    Demon Lord's Castle
    Gwendolyn: "Let me return your sword."
    [She then hands it over; the Pooka gives his thanks]
    Gwendolyn: "Are you really going to go?"
    Gwendolyn: "Lord Brigan is known to dislike Pookas... Those outside of the 
               castle who have heard the King's orders shall attack you."
    Gwendolyn: "Father often asks people to perform tasks he knows are 
    Cornelius: "Thank you for your concern."
    Cornelius: "But I am the prince of Titania, I shall succeed with honor."
    The Pooka Prince - Chapter 2 - Act 4
    Demon Lord's Castle
    Brigan: "Hey, hurry up! Bring me more drink!"
    Brigan: "Odin... can't you see that women are far more useful off the 
    Warrior: "Lord Brigan! We are in danger!"
    Brigan: "Silence! What do you want?"
    [Bunny with a magic sword swings in and kills the grunt]
    Cornelius: "You must be Lord Brigan..."
    Cornelius: "Although I take this form, I am Prince Cornelius of Titania."
    Cornelius: "I have come here today to borrow that horn for a just cause."
    Brigan: "I don't know what this is about, but you're an irritant, Pooka."
    Brigan: "You want this horn? I'll trade your skin for it."
    Brigan: "Heh... But with so little fur, I won't be able to do much with it."
    The Pooka Prince - Chapter 2 - Act 6
    Demon Lord's Throne
    Odin: "Pooka... No, Prince of Titania..."
    Odin: "I praise your bravery and welcome you as a guest of our kingdom."
    Cornelius: "The Netherworld's queen... She called me that, as well."
    Cornelius: "I would like to ask you... Why do you call me "Pooka"?"
    Odin: "Those like yourself who have been cursed into the form of beasts are 
          known as Pookas."
    Odin: "'Tis a powerful curse... Not even I, knower of thousands of 
          magics, can break it."
    Cornelius: "..."
    Cornelius: "If someone's trying to trap me, I must stop them."
    Cornelius: "Your Majesty, 'tis my wish to return to my homeland as soon as 
    Odin: "Do as you wish."
    Odin: "Gwendolyn... Escort the prince to Ragnanival's border."
    Gwendolyn: "As you wish."
    Cornelius: "I appreciate your help, King Odin."
    Gwendolyn: "My apologies for my behavior, I was unaware of your 
               impressive skills..."
    Cornelius: "No, thank you for your hospitality."
    [Quick monologue]
    Cornelius: "It seems like so long ago since I was in my own land."
    Cornelius: "I can now finally return... to my country, Titania..."
    2.3 The Pooka Prince: Chapter 3 PP3
    The Pooka Prince - Chapter 3 - Act 2
    King Edmund's Court
    Cornelius: "I managed to sneak in, but how will I be able to speak with my
    Cornelius: "Someone's coming... I'll hide behind a pillar."
    [Quick, the Evasion timer is running!]
    Fake Cornelius: "That little fiend... He plans to renege on our deal..."
    Cornelius: (That's me! What's going on?)
    Fake Cornelius: "I suppose I will have to be harsh when it comes to that..."
    Fake Cornelius: "Otherwise, we deceived the Prince for nothing."
    Cornelius: (So he's behind all this... I shall cut him down!)
    [Old man enters]
    Edmund: "Cornelius!"
    Cornelius: "!"
    Edmund: "Here you are, Cornelius. Have you reached a decision?"
    Fake Cornelius: "Yes, of course, Father. As you asked, I will break up with 
                    the girl from the forest."
    Cornelius: (What!?)
    Edmund: "Very good. Now go and tell her before you change your mind."
    Edmund: "Out of political expedience, I have been considering a marriage 
            between you and King Odin's daughter."
    Fake Cornelius: "As you wish, Father."
    Fake Cornelius: "Pardon my impoliteness, but I would like to ask you 
                    something in return."
    Edmund: "What is it?"
    Fake Cornelius: "The royal famil's secret power."
    [Edmund becomes visibly nervous]
    Edmund: "No such thing exists."
    Edmund: "Go on, leave. Stop wasting time."
    Fake Cornelius: "..."
    [The imposter is obviously pissed off, but leaves]
    Edmund: "Now how did he find out about our secret power...?"
    [Our real Corn comes out of hiding]
    Cornelius: "Father!"
    Edmund: "Wh-Who are you!?"
    Cornelius: "Please listen to me."
    Cornelius: "I am your son, Cornelius, the true Prince of Titania."
    Cornelius: "That man was an imposter."
    Edmund: "Are you some sort of jester? Do not ridicule me, beast."
    Cornelius: "I have changed sinec we last spoke... I said I would abdicate my 
    Edmund: "How do you know that...?"
    Cornelius: "I am your true son. Father, you must believe me!"
    Edmund: "No, you can't be... What are you saying...?"
    Edmund: "What? ...Wait."
    Edmund: "How did you get that sword?"
    Cornelius: "It was given to me. A terrifying voice in the Netherworld told me 
               that it belongs to Titanian royalty."
    Edmund: "I would never mistake that blood-smeared sword..."
    Edmund: "...in the Netherworld..."
    Edmund: "Ooh... No, it can't be..."
    Edmund: "Guards! Guards!"
    Edmund: "Take that cursed sword and get it away from me!"
    Cornelius: "Father, what is wrong?"
    Edmund: "You lie, whoever you are..."
    [Goon squad is quick to arrive]
    Cornelius: "Father, please!"
    Cornelius: "Father, please! I swear by the heavens that I am Cornelius."
    Cornelius: "Ask me anything about myself! I'll prove it! I can answer any 
    Edmund: "Throw him out! Now! Immediately!"
    [Cornelius has some wicked jumping skills]
    Cornelius: "Father!"
    The Pooka Prince - Chapter 3 - Act 2
    Captial Alleyways
    [Monologue time]
    Cornelius: "How shameful... I'm so alone..."
    Cornelius: "To be treated so by my own father..."
    Cornelius: "Is it useless to fight back, as the Queen of the Netherworld 
    Cornelius: "..."
    Cornelius: "No, I cannot give in. I love the princess too much to let 
               that happen."
    Cornelius: "...That imposter said that he was on his way to see
               Princess Velvet... He must be in Elrit Forest."
    [Find that imposter!]
    The Pooka Prince - Chapter 3 - Act 4
    Forest of Elrit
    Cornelius: "I used to run along this same path to meet her back then."
    Cornelius: "And now, this..."
    Cornelius: "There he is..."
    [I see joo, imposter]
    Fake Cornelius: "!"
    Fake Cornelius: "You're late... I have been waiting for you."
    Cornelius: "Who are you?"
    Cornelius: "Are you saying you knew I was going to return to Titania!?"
    Cornelius: "You must be the one who turned me into this... What is it that 
               you want?"
    Fake Cornelius: "I cannot simply tell you..."
    [Cornelius draws his sword]
    Cornelius: "My sword and mind are sharp. I will force you to tell me."
    Fake Cornelius: "Can you do that now?"
    [Holy crap.]
    Fake Velvet: "It's me, Prince. Velvet..."
    Fake Velvet: "What's wrong? Your beloved is right here."
    Fake Velvet: "Why not recite a poem for me? Shall I rock you to sleep?"
    Cornelius: "Princess? What's happening?"
    Fake Velvet: "I suppose being madly in love clouds one's judgment."
    Fake Velvet: "But when you awaken, you realize that life is cruel."
    Cornelius: "No! 'Tis a lie! You aren't her!"
    Fake Velvet: "Privileged and naive morons like yourself make me furious."
    Fake Velvet: "You should be killed while you are still blinded by love!"
    Cornelius: "Shut up! You cannot be her!"
    The Pooka Prince - Chapter 3 - Act 6
    Forest of Elrit
    [Well, now the imposter's real appearance makes more sense...]
    Ingway: "Such a terrible sword..."
    Cornelius: "Who are you? You're obviously not Velvet."
    Ingway: "..."
    Ingway: "...I am Ingway. I am Velvet's twin brother."
    Cornelius: "Her brother...?"
    Cornelius: "Yes, I suppose I can see a resemblance..."
    Cornelius: "Why did you curse me? Why was I in the Netherworld?"
    Cornelius: "Answer me!"
    Ingway: "The Netherworld? I know nothing about that."
    Ingway: "But yes, 'twas I who cast the Pooka's curse on you."
    Ingway: "How could I give my darling sister to you?"
    Ingway: "There's no way to resume your human shape. Forget about Velvet. You 
            two cannot be together."
    Cornelius: "You..."
    Ingway: "Kill me if you wish. But only if you can hold her with arms covered 
            in her brother's blood."
    [Velvet approaches]
    Velvet: "Ingway? Where are you?"
    Ingway: "Velvet approaches. What will you do, Cornelius?"
    Ingway: "Haha... Are you going to let her see you like this?"
    Cornelius: "Ah, Velvet... I won't forget this, Ingway!"
    [Corn flees the scene; Velvet enters]
    Velvet: "!"
    Velvet: "Ingway... What happened? You're hurt."
    Ingway: "'Tis nothing. Worry not..."
    Velvet: "What are you doing, hiding from me?"
    Velvet: "You're acting very suspiciously, Ingway..."
    Ingway: "Look who's talking! You've been meeting with that oaf in secret!"
    Velvet: "He is no oaf, Cornelius is a gentleman."
    Ingway: "He hasn't come to see you lately, has he?"
    Ingway: "Forget him. He's just another man."
    Velvet: "I'm sure he has a reason..."
    Velvet: "..."
    Velvet: "Give me back my chain. Please don't take it without asking"
    Ingway: "I don't think you should be flailing it around."
    Ingway: "Just learn to live peacefully and quietly."
    Velvet: "You know very well that we will never live in peace."
    Velvet: "I have certain obligations."
    2.4 The Pooka Prince: Chapter 4 PP4
    The Pooka Prince - Chapter 4 - Act 2
    Capital Alleyways
    Urzur: "Prince..."
    [Camera pans over to our hopeless Pooka]
    Cornelius: "Am I hearing things...? Someone called me "Prince"."
    Cornelius: "But alas, I am no prince... I am but a beast..."
    [Urzur shuffles on over]
    Urzur: "I am Urzur, the court magician."
    Urzur: "I am a sorcerer... I recognize the spell that has been put on you."
    Cornelius: "Spells, spells, spells... All you spellcasters should be burned 
               at the stake."
    Urzur: "Please be rational, Prince."
    Urzur: "'Tis my wish to help you, but my powers alone are insufficient to the 
    Urzur: "The King pays no attention to my words."
    Cornelius: "What do you want from me? If you care so much, resign."
    Urzur: "I have no response to your harsh words..."
    Urzur: "But I have an ingenious plan I thought I could share with you."
    Urzur: "Prince... Do you know of Hindel, the dragon that lives atop the 
           snow-capped mountain?"
    Cornelius: "Hindel... I have heard the name."
    Cornelius: "They say he knows all and can see the future..."
    Urzur: "A dragon that wise should know something about your curse."
    Urzur: "But, to ask a dragon is a daunting task... Just meeting one is 
    Urzur: "Please forget my rambling, I should not have mentioned it."
    Cornelius: "No... Let's go."
    Cornelius: "Any hope is better than none."
    Cornelius: "...Even in the worst case, my hollow and empty life will come to 
               an end..."
    [Sprint, sprint!]
    The Pooka Prince - Chapter 4 - Act 4
    Above the Clouds
    Cornelius: "O all-knowing dragon!"
    Cornelius: "King of mind, feared by all! I ask you, Hindel...!"
    Cornelius: "Reveal yourself to me, and answer my question!"
    Wagner: "You will never find him, little Hindel-seeker."
    [Big and ugly shows up]
    Wagner: "Search the corners of the world, and will still fail to meet him."
    Cornelius: "A dragon... You are not Hindel?"
    Wagner: "My friend was clever but also gullible."
    Wagner: "He ignored our warning about dealing with humans and met with an 
            ignoble death."
    Wagner: "A dragon's scales can resist a thousand ordinary swords."
    Wagner: "But a sword made of jewels and crafted by the dwarves is 
            another story..."
    Wagner: "It pierced Hindel's chest and gave him the ultimate disgrace of 
    Cornelius: "This sword was given to me in the Netherworld. I know nothing 
               of Hindel's death."
    Cornelius: "I am here to ask you which path my cursed sould should take..."
    Wagner: "Silence, dragonslayer. Why do you hate us so?"
    Wagner: "Snatching Belial's soul, stealing eggs, Hindel..."
    Wagner: "The sight of the nerfarious sword you hold makes my blood boil with 
    Cornelius: "Wait! I know nothing about that."
    Wagner: "Do not waste your breath pleading with me!"
    Wagner: "I will tell you of your end."
    Wagner: "The king of dragons... I, Wagner, will destroy you."
    Wagner: "The fires of hell shall obliterate you. Pray while you still can!"
    The Pooka Prince - Chapter 4 - Act 6
    Skies of Valentine
    [Cornelius is riding atop Wagner's head]
    Cornelius: "Wagner... Where are you taking me?"
    Wagner: "You had the chance to kill me with that evil sword, yet you did not 
            take it."
    Wagner: "It humiliates me to be spared, but I sense your true nature."
    Wagner: "I cannot forgive those who use these weapons, nor those that 
            create them."
    Wagner: "But just this once, I will respond with compassion."
    Wagner: "Let me answer your question."
    Cornelius: "So you will tell me about this curse?"
    Wagner: "I believe you have heard about the obliteration of the Demon Lord's 
    Wagner: "Your appearance is due to a curse that circulates in the remains of 
    Cornelius: (The princess's kingdom...)
    Cornelius: (If Ingway spoke the truth, then this all makes sense...)
    Wagner: "Many survived the cataclysm, but were turned into Pookas."
    Wagner: "I hear the Pookas have united and are working on how to break the 
    Cornelius: "So I can return to normal? What must I do!?"
    Wagner: "I do not know."
    Wagner: "Look below you."
    Wagner: "The barren land below was once the capital of Valentine."
    Wagner: "The Fairies now own this territory. 'Tis a reason for war with 
            the Demon Lord."
    Wagner: "The Pookas live underground. You should ask them directly."
    [Wagner lands to drop Corn off at the remains of Valentine]
    Wagner: "Now I owe you nothing, nameless Pooka..."
    Cornelius: "My name is Cornelius. Thank you, Wagner."
    Wagner: "Do not be mistaken."
    Wagner: "My revenge is brewing, and I shall not forgive the one wielding 
            that awful sword."
    Wagner: "Should we meet again, you should not take me lightly. Be careful."
    The Pooka Prince - Chapter 4 - Act 6
    Near Pooka Village
    Cornelius: "Hmmm... How shall I proceed? How can I gain entrance to this 
    Cornelius: "Hey, there's another one...!"
    [Corn spots a lone Pooka]
    Cornelius: "You there, please stop!"
    Meril: "I don't recognize you..."
    Meril: "You shouldn't be wandering around like this."
    Cornelius: "I am Cornelius of Titania. I seek the Pooka village."
    Meril: "Well, this is unusual... A Pooka from another land..."
    Meril: "I am Meril. How did you find this area?"
    Cornelius: "I have heard that your people are searching for a way to break 
               the curse."
    Meril: "Where did you hear of this? It's been kept a secret."
    Meril: "...But you are a Pooka. If you can assist us, I suppose I can 
           help you."
    Cornelius: "Let me help however I can."
    Meril: "Can I trust you with a secret? No one can know."
    Cornelius: "I swear, I will tell nobody."
    Meril: "Very well, I shall tell you."
    Meril: "No spell can return a Pooka to human form... Except for one thing."
    Meril: "That is, the magic coins created in the Kingdom of Valentine."
    Meril: "If all the coins are found, one wish may be granted."
    Meril: "Of course, our wish will be to break the curse on us."
    Cornelius: "Collecting all the coins... How many coins are there?"
    Meril: "We have all been trying, but I really don't know..."
    Meril: "'Tis an enormous task to collect all the coins minted from an entire
    Meril: "Aah!"
    Meril: "Oh no! We can't stand here chatting."
    Meril: "There will be a battle soon. The Demon Lord and the Fairies will 
           fight here."
    Meril: "Please come with me."
    Meril: "Our secret town is up ahead."
    2.5 The Pooka Prince: Chapter 5 PP5
    The Pooka Prince - Chapter 5 - Act 2
    Near Pooka Village
    [Cornelius attempts to leave]
    Meril: "Wait! It's too dangerous."
    Cornelius: "You should go back. I must be on my way."
    Meril: "I should not have told you about the Cauldron."
    Cornelius: "It creates pure magic, and the Vanir and the Aesir are fighting a
               war over it."
    Cornelius: "The Princess snuck out onto the battlefield alone in order to 
               stop it..."
    Cornelius: "Aah, I'm so nervous... Princess Velvet..."
    Meril: "Why are you so concerned about Princess Velvet?"
    Cornelius: "...I can't tell you now."
    Cornelius: "In any case..."
    Cornelius: "The Aesir and the Vanir are nearby fighting over the 
               Crystallization Cauldron."
    Cornelius: "Why has the princess gone out at a time like this?"
    Meril: "It is because the late King Valentine has returned to this world."
    Meril: "The Cauldron is still active, but it is like being asleep."
    Meril: "But that man can manipulate the Cauldron like he did during the 
    Cornelius: "This disaster... When this land was destroyed and its people 
               turned into Pookas..."
    Cornelius: "What kind of king wishes for the destruction of his own country?"
    Meril: "The Cauldron ruined Valentine."
    Meril: "That nightmare may become reality once again..."
    Meril: "The only one able to stop King Valentine will be the princess. She 
           knew him."
    [Wait for the golden line...]
    Cornelius: "I have a magic sword."
    Cornelius: "Don't worry about me. I'll help save the princess."
    [More monologues than you can shake a stick at]
    Cornelius: "Ahh, Velvet... Even if we meet, you won't be able to 
               recognize me..."
    Cornelius: "But I shall protect you, even if you don't know me."
    The Pooka Prince - Chapter 5 - Act 4
    Frontlines of the Cauldron War
    [Velvet is fleeing, but... uh, trips]
    Mercedes: "I am sure you've realized by now that escape is impossible."
    Mercedes: "Now give me back that ring."
    Mercedes: "I promised to protect it. I cannot let anyone have it."
    Velvet: "This ring... It controls the Cauldron."
    Velvet: "I must stop the Cauldron! He is nearby now!"
    Mercedes: "Who are you talking about?"
    Velvet: "The Cauldron's controller. The ring's owner, Valentine."
    Velvet: "He cannot control it again... It will repeat a tragedy."
    Mercedes: "You're making excuses in order to keep the ring to yourself."
    Mercedes: "...This is what you get!"
    [No headshot, but evidently painful. The 
    ring lands beneath Corn's feet as he arrives]
    Cornelius: "Princess Velvet!"
    Velvet: "Pooka, I beg of you... Please get the ring!"
    Cornelius: "The ring!?"
    Velvet: "Protect it! Give to to no one!"
    [Down and out]
    Mercedes: "Listen. Give me my ring."
    Mercedes: "This weapon is a magic bow. It only takes one shot..."
    Cornelius: "You hurt the princess..."
    Cornelius: "You're acting like a child. I'll let it slide. Go away!"
    Mercedes: "Don't take me for a fool."
    Mercedes: "I don't fear you, Pooka. I won't forgive you!"
    The Pooka Prince - Chapter 5 - Act 6
    Frontlines of the Cauldron War
    Cornelius: (She's unconscious...)
    Cornelius: "Princess Velvet... Are you all right!?"
    [That's not Velvet...]
    Valentine: "I see... My granddaughter yet lives."
    Velvet: "Pooka, do not come this way. Take the ring and escape!"
    Cornelius: "You're that spirit I helped."
    Valentine: "I must thank you."
    Valentine: "I managed to escape back to this world without being caught by 
               that pale woman."
    Cornelius: "That crown... So you must be..."
    Valentine: "I am the king of Valentine."
    Valentine: "The Cauldron is my heart... And the Titrel, my throne."
    Valentine: "The ring has been returned to its rightful owner."
    Velvet: "Grandfather, please think about this..."
    Valentine: "You and your brother escaped the curse. You can't comprehend what 
               it's like... This pain and suffering..."
    Valentine: "Neither can Odin, nor the Fairies, nor all of Titania..."
    Valentine: "They must see Hell firsthand."
    Velvet: "You want the world to end!?"
    Valentine: "Take a good look at me... All I want is oblivion."
    Valentine: "Yes, the world's demise..."
    Valentine: "Just like the prophecies, the lid to Hell opens."
    Valentine: "The time has now come."
    [Heroes always make a dramatic entrance, eh?]
    Cornelius: "It seems that all rational thinking fell out of that boney skill 
               of yours."
    Valentine: "Damn Pooka... Do you think waving some magic sword from Titania 
               around makes you a hero?"
    Valentine: "Watch your mouth."
    Valentine: "Kneel, fool. I am your king."
    Cornelius: "You were never my king!"
    [Awesome sword-swingin' action]
    Valentine: "Uhh... You fool, intruding on us..."
    [Cornelius retrieves the ring]
    Valentine: "This isn't over, you hear!?"
    [Like most villains, he flees after a cliche line... only he shuffles]
    Cornelius: "Princess..."
    [He hands the ring to Velvet, but shortly passes out later]
    Velvet: "Thank you..."
    Velvet: "Thank you, Pooka..."
    Cornelius: (Princess Velvet... I wanted to see you...)
    Cornelius: ('Tis me... Cornelius...)
    Cornelius: (No, I can't... She can't love me when I'm like this.)
    Cornelius: (I can't tell her. Just close your mouth and endure the pain...)
    Cornelius: (But for how long?)
    The Pooka Prince - Chapter 5 - Act 6
    Pooka Village
    Meril: "Oh, here you are..."
    Meril: "You jumped out of bed the insant you woke up."
    Meril: "How do you feel? I think you should get more rest."
    Cornelius: "The princess... How is she?"
    Meril: "Princess Velvet brought you back here."
    Cornelius: "Where is she?"
    Meril: "She's not here right now. She was in a hurry to leave."
    2.6 The Pooka Prince: Chapter 6 PP6
    The Pooka Prince - Chapter 6 - Act 2
    Pooka Village
    Meril: "Is something wrong?"
    Pooka: "Meril! Run! The goblins are invading!"
    Pooka: "Here they come! Hurry!"
    [Bravely run away! Except for you, Meril]
    Goblin: "Aww, he got away. That cowardly ball of fur!"
    Goblin: "Let's take all their coins! There must be some around."
    Goblin: "Whoa... Hold it, bunny!"
    Goblin: "I oughta cut those ears off."
    Goblin: "Hehehe... No, 'tis better to skin 'em and make a nice fur cloak."
    [Heroic entrance -- Again]
    Goblin: "S-Stop!"
    Cornelius: "This is Pooka territory. Get out, goblins!"
    Goblin: "What are you saying? This is our land."
    Goblin: "We're citizens of Valentine. We're entitled to this land."
    Cornelius: "Stop talking nonsense..."
    Meril: "No, it's true..."
    Meril: "Pookas with evil hearts are turned into goblins."
    Meril: "But I don't know why they would act this way..."
    Meril: "The coins must be given freely in order for the spell to be broken."
    Meril: "Stealing the coins won't help."
    Goblin: "We know that... After all, our king cursed us."
    Goblin: "But King Valentine ordered us to do this."
    Cornelius: "King Valentine...?"
    Goblin: "This isn't our idea."
    Goblin: "But we can't just let you Pookas be the only ones who get to be 
            humans again."
    Goblin: "But if we toss the coins in the lava in the Fire Kingdom like the 
             king said..."
    Goblin: "It'll glorify your crying faces forever!"
    [Goblin goons hightail it outta there]
    Cornelius: "Wait!"
    [Pooka Prince turns to Meril]
    Cornelius: "Meril, are you all right?"
    Meril: "Ahh... You can't let them..."
    Meril: "If we lose the coins, then we will never return to our old selves..."
    The Pooka Prince - Chapter 6 - Act 4
    The Origin of Fire's Sanctuary
    Valentine: "You again? You always interfere."
    Valentine: "Those stupid goblins were all talk."
    Cornelius: "You are a king, are you not? Why would you choose to make your 
               citizens suffer?"
    Valentine: "Those coins are mine to spend as I please."
    Valentine: "Very well... Let me tell you a story."
    Valentine: "Long ago, there was once a benevolent king with extraordinary 
    Valentine: "In order to keep his people happy, he put his power into the 
               money so all shared it."
    Valentine: "But what happened to him?"
    Valentine: "Instead of thriving, the country was destroyed by a traitor."
    Valentine: "And instead of being mourned, I was called a mad tyrant who 
               cursed my own country."
    Cornelius: "Didn't you use the Cauldron against your own land?"
    Valentine: "It matters not, now."
    Valentine: "Both the king's power and virtuous spirit have been infused into 
               the coins."
    Valentine: "Once these coins were melted in the lava, my power would have 
               returned to me..."
    Valentine: "Those idiotic goblins..."
    Valentine: "No... I shall let this go, I am a forgiving person..."
    Valentine: "I still have hope."
    [Watch as I make an egg appear before your eyes!]
    Valentine: "This is just one egg... Don't underestimate it."
    Valentine: "As the prophecies state, this is the egg of the dragon that dooms 
               us all."
    Valentine: "In the Valentine Prophecies, they call this 
               snake, er, dragon, Leventhan."
    Cornelius: "A dragon's egg! So Wagner was referring to you when he said 
    Valentine: "My fury will burn the world. I will give you all my power."
    [I tip my crown off to you!]
    Valentine: "I entrust it all to your fiendish, brutal nature."
    Valentine: "Now hatch, Leventhan! Show us your stength!"
    [And hatches it does]
    The Pooka Prince - Chapter 6 - Act 6
    The Origin of Fire's Sanctuary
    Valentine: "I was down there too long..."
    Valentine: "The Netherworld's jewels... they suppressed my powers, I could 
               feel them withering away while I was there."
    Valentine: "Who are you?"
    Cornelius: "I am Prince Cornelius, of Titania."
    Valentine: "I see... Edmund's boy..."
    Valentine: "I didn't understand why you carried the mystic sword of Titania."
    Valentine: "But now I see why he gave you that patricidal blade."
    Cornelius: "Patricide?"
    Valentine: "I don't think he'd tell you. He killed his own father, King 
               Gallon, and took the crown."
    Cornelius: "My father couldn't do that!"
    Cornelius: "My grandfather was killed when the country was attacked by the 
               Demon Beast."
    Cornelius: "But... My father was visibly frightened when he saw this sword in 
               my hands..."
    Cornelius: "Huh!? That voice... that gave me the sword... it knew who I am..."
    Cornelius: "No! It can't be! That cannot be my grandfather...!"
    Valentine: "King Gallon must have wept in his cell."
    Valentine: "In addition to killing his own citizens, he was slain by his own 
    Cornelius: "!"
    Cornelius: "I had thought that... After the attack, my father was the 
               kingdom's savior and was given the crown!"
    Cornelius: "You say my grandfather was the Demon Beast!?"
    Cornelius: "That's absurd!"
    Valentine: "He transformed via a mystic power passed down through the 
               Titanian royal family."
    Valentine: "In order to fight my own intimidating army, Gallon made 
               a decision."
    Valentine: "Our military forces were crushed under his feet, and we 
               were scattered."
    Valentine: "There was no time for anger."
    Valentine: "The beast continued to rampage through the kingdom for 
               seven days."
    Cornelius: "So my father destroyed the beast in order to save the country."
    Valentine: "Be grateful for Edmund."
    Valentine: "If he did not claim to know the mystic power himself, I would 
               have invaded Titania."
    Valentine: "Your land would have been easy to conquer."
    Cornelius: "So that's why he was stubborn..."
    [Earthquakes!? Say it isn't so!]
    Valentine: "This rumble is an omen... This is not good..."
    Valentine: "If Onyx, the Inferno King, were to greet us, it would not be a 
               good thing."
    [Valentine proceeds to pick up Leventhan]
    Cornelius: "Wait. Where are you going?"
    Valentine: "Into the flames of purgatory..."
    Valentine: "I bid thee farewell. Until the world dies..."
    [Valentine ditches Corn]
    Cornelius: "..."
    The Pooka Prince - Chapter 6 - Act 6
    Pooka Village
    Meril: "It's all here."
    Pooka: "I see... I'm relieved."
    Pooka: "Cornelius, thank you for everything."
    Pooka: "I speak on everyone's behalf."
    Cornelius: "I would have been worried if I lost the coins as well."
    Pooka: "You say you're from Titania."
    Pooka: "You shouldn't go home for awhile. Not with the way the town by the 
           castle is..."
    Cornelius: "What?"
    Pooka: "Haven't you heard? A dragon has appeared in the castle town."
    Cornelius: "A dragon!?"
    Pooka: "A woman has been chosen to be sacrificed to it."
    Pooka: "The king of Titania is unable to do anything, and the country is 
           in panic."
    [Quick monologue]
    Cornelius: "My father is ruthless..."
    2.7 The Pooka Prince: Epilogue PP7
    The Pooka Prince - Epilogue - Act 2
    Capital Alleyways
    Cornelius: "Huh!?"
    Cornelius: "That's my father and Urzur!"
    [Camera pans over to Edmund and Urzur]
    Edmund: "Please for me, Urzur... I have done as you asked."
    Urzur: "Repent for the sacrificed."
    Urzur: "You were too stubborn to hand over the Book of Transformation."
    Urzur: "I had no choice but to call my dragon servant..."
    Edmund: "Please return the Book... I can't let it happen again."
    Urzur: "King Gallon's suffering was nothing compared to this."
    Edmund: "Stop, please..."
    Edmund: "The blood won't go away... Blood from my poor father..."
    Urzur: "Then be relieved. Your pain will soon end."
    Urzur: "I shall call King Gallon back to this land from the Netherworld!"
    Edmund: "And then what? You will make him king?"
    Urzur: "As the Prophecies state, he will be the great force that causes the 
           world's end."
    Urzur: "He shall call himself the Beast of Armageddon and he will rule the 
    Urzur: "And with the ring of Titrel as well, our wishes will come true..."
    [Corn joins the conversation]
    Cornelius: "Urzur... So you were behind this..."
    Urzur: "Well, well, Prince Cornelius..."
    Urzur: "I was surprised to see you returned from the Netherworld."
    Urzur: "But, to see you survive an encounter with the great Wagner is truly 
    Cornelius: "You started all this..."
    Urzur: "Now, if only King Gallon is as fortunate as his grandson..."
    Urzur: "The time is near... for the return of our lord and master, King 
    Cornelius: "Now I finally understand..."
    Cornelius: "I see why King Gallon gave me this sword."
    Cornelius: "When I met him... I know he asked me, 'Please let me rest.'"
    Cornelius: "Gallon does not wish to repeat his past atrocities."
    Cornelius: "Fate brought me to him... to crush your evil schemes!"
    Urzur: "Nonsense! The king awaits his subjects."
    Urzur: "No one can stop us."
    Edmund: "Cornelius, so it is you..."
    Edmund: "Forgive me. I was deceived..."
    Edmund: "We have no time to waste."
    Edmund: "The princess of Valentine came looking for you and was captured by
            the dragon."
    Edmund: "The dragon is in the sewers."
    Cornelius: "Velvet!"
    [Corn dashes to save his lover]
    The Pooka Prince - Epilogue - Act 4
    Sewer Maze
    Urzur: "Prince, I'm amazed... You've continued to elude all the traps that 
           I've set for you."
    Urzur: "But, this is the end."
    [And who is to show up, but...]
    Ingway: "This is out of your league, Pooka."
    Ingway: "You're pitiful, Cornelius."
    Urzur: "Ingway, you're still alive..."
    Ingway: "You thought you could kill me for interfering with your plans..."
    Ingway: "But, too bad, sorcerer..."
    Ingway: "I will have you keep your promise."
    Ingway: "Now hand over my share..."
    Ingway: "And give me the mystic power of the Titanian Royal Family."
    Urzur: "You stupid little frog. You don't deserve the power."
    Urzur: "Stay back, unless if you wish to become like him."
    [Check out my jewelry. Fabulous, yes?]
    Urzur: "Do not forget that I possess the ring of Titrel."
    Ingway: "Hmph..."
    Ingway: "Take a closer look. Where could the real one be?"
    Urzur: "What!?"
    [Guess he isn't a fan of rings]
    Urzur: "You filthy scoundrel! You will regret this..."
    Cornelius: "Ingway, please listen to me..."
    Cornelius: "Velvet, she... She was given to the dragon."
    Urzur: "So there you have it... She's your twin, isn't she?"
    Urzur: "My loyal servant... Belial the dragon lies ahead with an offering 
           placed before him."
    Ingway: "You scheming devil..."
    Urzur: "I cannot speak for others..."
    Urzur: "But if you defy me, I may simply kill the girl right here."
    Urzur: "If you give me the ring, I will let you go."
    Ingway: "I see..."
    Urzur: "Hm?"
    Ingway: "Cornelius, I have healed you. Go rescue Velvet."
    [Corn once again demonstrates mad jumping skills]
    Urzur: "Heading for the dragon?"
    Ingway: "Don't go anywhere, Urzur."
    Ingway: "I will be your opponent."
    [Ingway pulls out his dagger]
    Urzur: "So, I see you refuse to give me the ring..."
    [We check in on our heroic Pooka]
    Cornelius: "I'm just in time..."
    [Why, hello there, Belial... and Velvet]
    Cornelius: "Stand back, dragon! Do not touch her."
    Belial: "Stay away, puny one."
    Belial: "Those who approach... will meet my fangs!"
    Belial: "Urzur has commanded me..."
    Cornelius: "Why is a noble dragon serving that foul sorcerer?"
    Belial: "He controls my heart with magic. I cannot disobey him."
    Belial: "If you have the power, then save my tormented soul."
    Belial: "I cannot bear it anymore... Hiding in this stinking sewer and 
            attacking innocent humans..."
    Belial: "If you feel any pity for me, kill me now."
    The Pooka Prince - Epilogue - Act 6
    Sewer Maze
    Urzur: "He's far too successful... This cannot be good."
    Urzur: "But, he can't be dead..."
    Urzur: "Wake up, Belial..."
    [Belial complies and gets up]
    Urzur: "You don't have time to die."
    Urzur: "What's wrong!? Obey me!"
    [Belial paces backwards]
    Belial: "Your words mean nothing... My heart has been pierced and your spell
    Urzur: "You impudent beast..."
    Belial: "Indeed... I have been freed just before I die."
    Belial: "Sorcerer, your time is up. Our contract has ended."
    Urzur: "W-Wait..."
    Belial: "My death is near... Let us go together!"
    [That marks the end for Urzur]
    The Pooka Prince - Epilogue - Act 6
    King Edmund's Court
    Cornelius: "Father..."
    Cornelius: "The sorcerer has gone to join his dragon in the Netherworld."
    Cornelius: "Titania has been saved."
    Edmund: "Cornelius..."
    Edmund: "I have no right to be king. I will relinquish my crown and name you
            the King."
    Cornelius: "The citizens won't allow it. They wouldn't serve a Pooka."
    Cornelius: "This is not the time to be weak, Father."
    Cornelius: "You must take responsibility for your actions and the chaos you 
               have caused."
    Cornelius: "You never deserved to be king before, but you must live up to 
               your heritage."
    Cornelius: "Extend your heart to the people, and show them that you can be 
               just and kind."
    Cornelius: "This is your son's last wish. Please... Be a good king."
    [Corn bows, then proceeds to leave until stopped]
    Edmund: "Cornelius, where are you going?"
    Cornelius: "To live with other Pooka."
    Cornelius: "..."
    Cornelius: "I have to put aside my feelings for her..."
    The Pooka Prince - Epilogue - Act 6
    Forest of Elrit
    Cornelius: "Princess Velvet..."
    Cornelius: "I should have told you when we met in the forest..."
    Cornelius: "I will love you forever."
    Cornelius: "Yes, it's me, Cornelius. My heart has not changed."
    Cornelius: "That is all I have to tell you."
    Velvet: "My brother, Ingway... He transformed you into a Pooka."
    Cornelius: "I will forgive him if you wish it."
    Velvet: "Prince Cornelius... Let me stay with you."
    Cornelius: "Don't confuse your pity for love. I am no match for you now."
    Cornelius: "It will tear my heart apart, but I will leave your side and let 
               you find another."
    Velvet: "'Tis not pity!"
    Cornelius: "You shall regret it."
    [She advances forward, kneels down, and embraces him]
    Velvet: "No... Prince Cornelius..."
    [Cornelius turns around and attempts to hold her]
    Cornelius: "Please... Look... My arms... They are too small to even hold you."
    Velvet: "No... You've never held me so strongly."
    Cornelius: "I no longer have a palace. I don't even have a home."
    Velvet: "If I can be with you, I have no need for shelter."
    [Cornelius turns forward and advances]
    Cornelius: "..."
    [Velvet embraces him once more]
    Velvet: "No matter what you appear to be, you still the same 
            person, Cornelius. My love shall not change."
    Cornelius: "The hopelessness and despair I felt have been replaced by joy 
               and love..."
    Cornelius: "I have faith... In time, I will return to my human body."
    Cornelius: "I have lost nothing."
    Cornelius: "Princess Velvet, I swear... I will fill your life with love 
               and happiness."
    V.3. Fairy Land             (FAIR)
    Once upon a time, in a starlit
    forest far, far, away
    Fairies lived under the protection
    of a queen resembling flowers
    like a fleeting fantasy
    3.0 Fairy Land: Prelude   ...  FL0
    Fairy Land - Prelude - Act 1
    Ringford Gardens
    Matthew: "Princess Mercedes... Where have you been?"
    [Camera pans out to this story's protagonist]
    Mercedes: "You're quite persistant, aren't you, old man...?"
    [Ol' Queeny enters]
    Elfaria: "Wait, Mercedes."
    Mercedes: "Mother..."
    Elfaria: "Wherever are you off to, with my precious bow?"
    Mercedes: "Frog hunting."
    Elfaria: "Yes, I see... 'Tis necessary to exterminate those pests that eat 
             the little fairies."
    Elfaria: "But you should leave that task to the soldiers, dear."
    Mercedes: "I just want to improve my skills with the bow, so I can join you 
              on the battlefield."
    Elfaria: "Mercedes..."
    Elfaria: "I cannot take you along when we battle the Demon Lord."
    Mercedes: "No! Why not!?"
    Elfaria: "Mercedes... You are young."
    Elfaria: "You need to learn this."
    Elfaria: "You mustn't be eager to go to war without even knowing why we are 
    Mercedes: "So... Why are we fighting?"
    [More family, only this time he's rather fruity-looking]
    Melvin: "We, born from the forest, cannot live without Phozons, our source of 
    Mercedes: "Melvin..."
    Melvin: "Phozons are magic elements generated by nature. They are rare 
            outside the forest."
    Melvin: "Since we have collected them from around the world, we are gifted 
            with prosperity."
    Melvin: "The Demon Lord has declared war on us so that he may obtain our 
    Mercedes: "Is that what he wants?"
    Melvin: "Our greatest treasure, the Cauldron, will give him enormous power."
    Mercedes: "So that's why he's attacking!?"
    Elfaria: "Haha, Mercedes... I shall entrust you with my precious bow."
    Elfaria: "It will be your responsibility to protect the country while I am 
    Mercedes: "Yes, Mother. I understand..."
    Mercedes: "So... I'll be off hunting now."
    [Off killing frogs, see ya later!]
    Elfaria: "Oh, dear... I wonder if that child understood anything I told her."
    Melvin: "'Tis a problem. She has no idea of her position and what is expected 
            of her."
    Elfaria: "Melvin, you are her cousin. She treats you as a brother."
    Elfaria: "Please, help her become a good queen."
    Melvin: "..."
    [He takes a bow]
    Melvin: "As you wish. I shall make it my duty to assist Princess Mercedes in 
            any way possible."
    Fairy Land - Prelude - Act 3
    Vanir Forward Headquarters
    Soldier: "Your Majesty! The Demon Lord has launched an assault!"
    Soldier: "Our soldiers have been pushed back, and some have deserted from the 
    [The soldier runs ahead to join his allies]
    Melvin: "Our guardian dragon is having trouble dealing with Odin's Witch."
    Melvin: "We have no choice but to retreat. Your Highness, please issue the 
    Soldier: "The Demon Lord is invading!"
    [Odin-- Balor smash!]
    Melvin: "What an enormous Psypher..."
    [Odin advances and kills off Elfaria and Melvin's meat shield]
    Odin: "It's been awhile, Elfaria... Last time, you were unusually shrewd and 
          managed to steal the Cauldron away from me."
    Elfaria: "Demon Lord Odin..."
    Odin: "You are beautiful as ever."
    Odin: "And yet, I regret... that I will have to break your perfect neck like 
          stepping on a lily."
    Elfaria: "I will not give you the Cauldron."
    Elfaria: "You will have to take it by force."
    Elfaria: "Yet, I cannot allow you to continue your violent and petty ways 
    Odin: "Say what you will. Your attempts at deception have no effect on me."
    [Come, my over-sized disco ball!]
    Odin: "Observe this blue orb. Behold the might of the wicked eye, Balor."
    [Shine, my pretty, shine!]
    Odin: "Queen, accept defeat. With this, I will become absolute ruler of the 
    Odin: "Go mourn the death of the Fairy race."
    Elfaria: "..."
    [Is this a super special awesome Phozon Burst?]
    Fairy Land - Prelude - Act 3
    Ringford Palace
    Fairy: "Princess, please compose yourself."
    [The camera pans over to Elfaria in near-death]
    Mercedes: "Mother..."
    Elfaria: "Shh... Now listen carefully to what I have to tell you."
    Elfaria: "'Tis very important..."
    Elfaria: "Mercedes..."
    Elfaria: "you must not look down; raise your head high and survey the path 
    [Mercedes wipes her tears away]
    Elfaria: "You are... the next Fairy Queen."
    Elfaria: "Ringford will soon be in danger."
    Elfaria: "If the magical kettle, the Cauldron..."
    Elfaria: "If it draws in all the Phozons, our forest and our people cannot 
    Elfaria: "The land needs a leader. You will need to revive the country and 
             get the Cauldron back from the Demon Lord."
    Elfaria: "If you respect my words, you will need to choose the path of 
             royalty over revenge... Be a Queen..."
    Elfaria: "'Tis difficult to place such a burden on one so young..."
    Elfaria: "But, I know you can do it... Mother believes in you..."
    [Mercedes continues to sob]
    Mercedes: "Mother...!"
    Elfaria: "'Tis my time to go, Mercedes."
    [Dramatic death scene cues]
    Elfaria: "O dearest earth, take me... I got back to whence I came."
    Elfaria: "And to the beloved heavens, I will give you my name."
    Elfaria: "I am Elfaria... My true name is Fimbulvetr..."
    Elfaria: "This awful winter shall disappear with me..."
    [So that's how fairy dust looks like! ...I mean, oh noes...]
    3.1 Fairy Land: Chapter 1  ... FL1
    Fairy Land - Chapter 1 - Act 2
    Ringford Palace
    Melvin: "It has no been long since you lost your mother. Perhaps you need a 
    Mercedes: "But Melvin, I'm..."
    [Matthew walks in on the discussion]
    Melvin: "Allow me to handle the govermental affairs. The people will be just 
    Matthew: "Are you suggesting that the Queen is a burden?"
    Melvin: "Absolutely not."
    [Fairy grunt flies in]
    Fairy: "Melvin, the chief armorer would like to discuss something with you."
    Melvin: "I'll see him immediately."
    Melvin: "Excuse me, I must be on my way."
    [Fruitcup leaves]
    Matthew: "So he's controlling the armed forces as he wishes..."
    Mercedes: "Just as mother said... I... cannot do anything..."
    Matthew: "Queen Mercedes, please control yourself."
    Matthew: "There's something strange in the air here. Melvin is acting highly 
    Matthew: "He is not showing anything on the surface, and he seems to be 
             making some kind of plan."
    Matthew: "Let us speak with the sorcerer who served Queen Elfaria."
    Matthew: "The famous sorcerer, Beldor, who enslaves a dragon and sees the 
    Matthew: "'Tis better to have a dependable expert on our side."
    Matthew: "I doubt he will cause a rebellion within the land, but who can 
    Matthew: "If the country collapses after Queen Elfaria's death, the Demon 
             Lord truly wins."
    Matthew: "I have heard that Beldor has retreated to a place in the forest."
    Matthew: "If Queen Mercedes should visit him in the forest, he should be 
             honored to help."
    Fairy Land - Chapter 1 - Act 4
    The Forest Lagoon
    Mercedes: "Does Beldor really live here"
    [Frog hunter gets owned by the frog...]
    Mercedes: "Ah!"
    [...and drops the Psypher]
    Mercedes: "Oh no!"
    Mercedes: "What should I do...?"
    Frog: "What's going on here?"
    Mercedes: "You stupid frog! I dropped my mother's bow!"
    Frog: "Now how is that my fault? This pond is full of frogs."
    [Mercedes looks around for her bow]
    Mercedes: "Oh no... I can't find it..."
    Frog: "The pond is deep in places."
    Frog: "I could dive and look for it. Hmm... But if I help you, what can you do
           for me in return?"
    Mercedes: "Well... I... I won't shoot any more frogs."
    Frog: "I'm wasting my time here."
    [The frog attempts to leave]
    Mercedes: "Hey, wait! I know..."
    Mercedes: "I will grant just one wish for you. Will you please find my bow?"
    Frog: "Okay. It's a deal."
    [Froggy takes a dive]
    Mercedes: (What a greedy little frog. He probably has some stupid, pointless 
               wish anyway.)
    [Old geezer arrives]
    Beldor: "Princess Mercedes, what are you doing in this swamp?"
    Mercedes: "Perfect timing! I have been looking for you, my loyal 
              sorcerer, Beldor..."
    Mercedes: "I have a request for you. I would like to ask for your assistance."
    Beldor: "Hmmm... I have a dilemma... I am currently a faithful servant to 
            King Melvin."
    Mercedes: "Melvin is not king! Make no mistake: I am Queen!"
    Beldor: "No, he shall be the new king very soon."
    [Belial takes the stage]
    Beldor: "Now come, Belial. Swallow this little queen and make her disappear."
    Mercedes: "Uh... uh..."
    [Beldor leaves, big draggy advances; until the frog comes with the Psypher]
    Frog: "Is this what you lost?"
    [That's right. Take the bow and run]
    Frog: "Hey!"
    Frog: "Little help?"
    [Frog runs after our fairy, as does Belial. Can we get a Benny Hill theme?]
    Fairy Land - Chapter 1 - Act 6
    The Forest Lagoon
    [Beldor returns after you slap Belial around]
    Beldor: "I cannot let you return. Please prepare yourself."
    [Froggy has some moves]
    Beldor: "Ha!"
    Beldor: "What the...!?"
    Beldor: "He... He's poisoned me... This will have to wait."
    Frog: "Ran off, eh?"
    Belial: "Uuuurrrgh..."
    [Belial raises his head]
    Belial: "Is that a Psypher? You're awful... My scales are ruined..."
    Mercedes: "D-Do you want to continue?"
    Belial: "I do not. Lower your weapon."
    Belial: "I must obey that sorcerer's commands..."
    Belial: "If only he were gone, I would be able to enjoy a moment 
            of freedom..."
    Mercedes: "I'm sorry... I didn't know, and I..."
    Belial: "Are you showing compassion to a creature that threatened you?"
    Belial: "Kind-hearted, young queen..."
    Belial: "Listen to my warnings... The flames of rebellion are in 
            the flower garden."
    Belial: "A mutiny has begun."
    Mercedes: "It must be Melvin..."
    Belial: "You must act now; otherwise, you cannot turn back."
    [Mercedes runs, er, flies off]
    Frog: "Hey, wait! What about your promise!?"
    [While the frog pursuits, Mercedes muses]
    Mercedes: Mother, what should I do...?
    3.2 Fairy Land: Chapter 2  ... FL2
    Fairy Land - Chapter 2 - Act 2
    Forest of Elrit
    Matthew: "Half of the nobles of Ringford support Melvin, and the other half is
    Matthew: "Melvin has occupied the palace and is sending out troops to capture 
             the Queen."
    Fairy: "Though we are few, we are loyal to Queen Elfaria's daughter."
    Fairy: "It seems that some have locked themselves into a wing of the palace 
           to fight."
    Mercedes: "Can anyone do anything?"
    Mercedes: "Please do something."
    [Frog enters the fray]
    Frog: "You are so spoiled..."
    Frog: "You always assume that somebody will come along to take care of things 
          for you."
    Frog: "This will be difficult. If you want to be Queen..."
    Frog: "You must take the lead, or no one will follow."
    Mercedes: "Frog, you're..."
    Mercedes: "..."
    Mercedes: "You're exactly right..."
    [She turns to her loyal subjects]
    Mercedes: "I will return to the palace! Those who will fight alongside 
              me, come on!"
    Fairy Land - Chapter 2 - Act 4
    Ringford Gardens
    [Camera pans down to a presumed face-off between queen and fruitcake]
    Melvin: "Quite the spectable..."
    Melvin: "You are totally surrounded."
    [He advances a few steps forward, Mercedes backs away]
    Melvin: "'Tis only a matter of time until your small number of allies have
            been repelled.
    Melvin: "Give it up. You are no leader."
    Melvin: "Once I become the King and if you choose to obey me..."
    Melvin: "I shall allow you to live, as I am a man indebted to the former 
    Mercedes: "I refuse..."
    Melvin: "Then I have no choice..."
    [Off screen call]
    Paladin: "Lord Melvin!"
    [Paladin runs on scene]
    Melvin: "What is it?"
    Paladin: "It... it's a frog..."
    Paladin: "I don't understand it... That disgusting creature appeared in the 
             palace, and the troops are disoriented."
    Melvin: "Agh... I can't rely on you for anything."
    Mercedes: (Huh?)
    Melvin: "'Tis useless to try to figure out what I have done."
    Melvin: "That jeweled bow that you hold is extremely powerful."
    Melvin: "But be warned. You are not the only one who wields a Psypher."
    Melvin: "Oswald!"
    [Oswald enters the stage]
    Melvin: "Why not test the Belderiver on the Queen herself?"
    [Pretty boy holds out his Psypher. How many of you saw this coming?]
    Fairy Land - Chapter 2 - Act 4
    Ringford Palace
    [Fly over... a bunch of frogs?]
    Fairy: "Your Majesty, the rebellion has been suppressed."
    Mercedes: "Where is Melvin?"
    Fairy: "He has fought to the end, and he has returned to the heavens."
    Fairy: "Someone reported seeing his Shadow Knight being taken by a Halja."
    Mercedes: "I see..."
    [Screen fades for a scene change]
    Frog: "Hey!"
    Mercedes: "Ah!"
    Frog: "Don't kill the frogs here."
    Frog: "They are really fairy soldiers. This medicine will return them to 
    [He hands her a potion]
    Mercedes: "Did you change Melvin's soldiers into frogs?"
    Frog: "Yes... I slipped a little transformation potion into their drinks."
    Frog: "Well, now that your reinforcements have arrived, it's time for your 
    Frog: "As you see, I am a frog now, but I was originally human."
    Frog: "However, it seems my curse is slightly different."
    Frog: "I've tried already, but that potion won't cure me."
    Frog: "As far as I know, the kiss from a powerful fairy is able to break a 
          spell of this type."
    Frog: "You are fairy royalty, so I assume you are powerful."
    Mercedes: "...What?"
    Frog: "So, that's my wish."
    [Pucker up, baby! ...Or not]
    Mercedes: "What!?"
    [Obviously grossed out, she turns away]
    Mercedes: "Uh..."
    Mercedes: "...I can't..."
    Mercedes: (I can't put my lips on a slimy, poisonous frog...)
    Frog: "Can the Queen of the Fairies go back on her word?"
    Mercedes: "I-I need to prepare myself. Just give me some time..."
    3.3 Fairy Land: Chapter 3  ... FL3
    Fairy Land - Chapter 3 - Act 2
    Ringford Gardens
    Frog: "Uh... Hey..."
    Frog: "All I need is a quick peck. Just close your eyes."
    [Attempts to pucker up, Mercedes is obviously disgusted... again]
    Mercedes: "Uhh... Okay... I suppose you're right..."
    Paladin: "Your Majesty, please hurry!"
    Mercedes: "What's happening?"
    Paladin: "'Tis a dragon! We're being attacked!"
    Mercedes: "Is it Belial? Beldor's servant..."
    Paladin: "No... A dragon we have never seen."
    Paladin: "Please, flee the palace! It is already nearby!"
    [Mercedes advances whilst fairies draw their bows]
    Fairy: "Your Majesty! Please escape, now!"
    [This better not be Reign of Fire...]
    Wagner: "You can shower me with a raging storm of arrows..."
    [Wagner drops in]
    Wagner: "But I shall not lose a single shining scale!"
    Wagner: "...A brat like you, a Queen? What a joke..."
    Mercedes: "I-I am the Queen..."
    Wagner: "Then remember this, little girl. Remember the sins your land has 
    Wagner: "That is why I am here today."
    Wagner: "Your sword slayed Hindel, the only dragon who felt for your race. His
            death will now be yours."
    Wagner: "Bring this 'Shadow Knight' before me."
    Wagner: "Let me show him the natural outcome of what happens when lesser races
            oppose dragons."
    Mercedes: "Hindel? What does he mean?"
    [She turns to Matthew]
    Matthew: "In order for the Queen to recognize the power of the Belderiver... 
             Melvin had his swordsman slayer the wise dragon Hindel."
    Mercedes: "What!?"
    [She turns back to Wagner]
    Mercedes: "The Shadow Knight is gone. He, and his commander, have been 
    Wagner: "The Fairies are famed liars. Why would I believe you?"
    Wagner: "Tell me who killed the swordsman who was strong enough to slay a 
    [He takes to the sky]
    Wagner: "If he is not present, then I shall give you time... Bring him 
            to me."
    Wagner: "My name is Wagner, and I live atop Horn Mountain."
    Wagner: "If you fail to visit me soon, I shall make my here once again."
    Wagner: "If that should happen, I will set your forest ablaze with my flames."
    [PMSing dragon leaves]
    Matthew: "So what do we do? The Shadow Knight is gone..."
    [Froggy quietly enters]
    Mercedes: "..."
    Frog: "...?"
    Mercedes: "A queen must help her land."
    Mercedes: "I shall go to the mountain and explain again."
    [Whoosh, she is off!]
    Matthew: "Your Majesty!"
    Frog: "Hmmm..."
    Fairy Land - Chapter 3 - Act 4
    Above the Clouds
    Mercedes: "Wagner!"
    [Tempermental dragon flies in]
    Wagner: "You have come... I've been waiting for you."
    [He drops down]
    Wagner: "Where is the Shadow Knight?"
    Mercedes: "I told you."
    Mercedes: "He is gone, I defeated him."
    [Draggy provides a hearty chuckle]
    Wagner: "You!? Trembling before me?"
    Wagner: "You can barely stand upright in this cold weather."
    [Mercedes props her purdy bow up]
    Mercedes: "Do you not see the Psypher in my hands? It was passed down from my 
    Mercedes: "I speak the truth."
    Wagner: "You have nerve, child... To show me the very weapon that killed me 
    Wagner: "You may not be able to scratch a single scale, but you have earned 
            my wrath!"
    [He lifts off the ground]
    Wagner: "You claim to have defeated the Shadow Knight. Very well. Let me test 
    Fairy Land - Chapter 3 - Act 6
    Above the Clouds
    Mercedes: "Please don't get angry... Please cam down, Wagner."
    Mercedes: "The Shadow Knight is in the Netherworld. We would never harm 
    Wagner: "That is a fine thing for you to say."
    Wagner: "You, who treat brilliant and noble dragons like dogs..."
    Mercedes: "Um... that dragon..."
    [Wagner lands once more]
    Wagner: "An impudent, stupid girl like you will never serve as Queen."
    Wagner: "But your weapon is indeed powerful. I can believe you killed the 
            Shadow Knight."
    Wagner: "I can say with confidence... the Psyphers are truly a threat to us."
    Wagner: "We cannot ignore the threat. Do not think it's over."
    Mercedes: "I promise not to use this bow for evil."
    Wagner: "Well, then: What will you use it for?"
    Mercedes: "To... defeat the Demon Lord."
    Wagner: "...Very well."
    [He takes to the sky, uh, again]
    Wagner: "You foolish jewel handlers should destroy one another."
    [...And finally flies off]
    Frog: "It's impossible..."
    Mercedes: "Huh?"
    [The froggy comes on screen, shivering]
    Mercedes: "Frog?"
    Frog: "Your Psypher is no match against the Demon Lord's Balor."
    Frog: "Ugh..."
    Frog: "Frogs aren't built for cold places like this..."
    Frog: "But, I'm glad you're safe."
    Mercedes: "You followed me here?"
    Mercedes: "Froggy?"
    [He faints whilst Mercedes advances towards him]
    Fairy Land - Chapter 3 - Act 6
    Ringford Palace
    Matthew: "A way to win against the Demon Lord's Balor...?"
    Matthew: "Hmmm..."
    Matthew: "The exceptional blacksmith, Brom, who made your bow and the 
    Matthew: "He might be able to forge an even more powerful weapon."
    Matthew: "But Melvin sent him to the Netherworld while he was still alive."
    Mercedes: "If he is alive, can we bring him back from the Netherworld?"
    [Matthew shakes his head in disagreement]
    Matthew: "A horrible idea... That world is so terrifying that not even Beldor 
             would willingly go there..."
    Matthew: "And Beldor is missing. Bringing Brom back is an impossible feat."
    [Froggy makes a comment off-screen]
    Frog: "You really want to go against the Demon Lord's Balor?"
    [Camera pans over to see him approaching]
    Mercedes: "Frog!"
    Mercedes: "You're better now!"
    Frog: "I've finally warmed back up. I nearly went into hibernation until the 
          end of the world..."
    Mercedes: "Well, since I saved you, our kissing deal is off."
    Frog: "But that's different! I never asked you to save me."
    Frog: "You saved me on your own. You promised me a kiss."
    Mercedes: "What!? I shouldn't have saved you..."
    [Frog hops over to Matthew]
    Frog: "Well then... as a reward, I'll tell you about Beldor."
    Frog: "Beldor is one of three sorcerers known as the "Three Wise Men.""
    Frog: "The three of them must be together right now, having a grand time."
    Frog: "I know of the place they use as headquarters."
    [Mercedes and Matthews' interests perk up]
    Mercedes: "Where is it?"
    Frog: "Titania's sewer system."
    Matthew: "How do you know this, frog?"
    Frog: "One of the three sorcerers, Urzur, turned me into this frog."
    Mercedes: "Let us pardon Beldor's treason and ask him to help us."
    Mercedes: "Send messengers to Titania!"
    [Matthews goes off to do so, Mercedes follows suit]
    Frog: "Uh... That's probably not a good idea..."
    [You can say that again...]
    3.4 Fairy Land - Chapter 4  ... FL4
    Fairy Land - Chapter 4 - Act 2
    Titania Capital
    Axe Knight: "This way, Your Majesty..."
    [Mercedes and her posse follow]
    Mercedes: "How odd..."
    Mercedes: "I wrote to the King of Titania about an impending visit..."
    Mercedes: "Why are we being led though these side streets and not directly to 
              the palace?"
    Frog: "Urzur, one of the Three Wise Men, is the King's close aide."
    Frog: "This insult may be his."
    Frog: "We are surely being tricked."
    [The stop walking]
    Mercedes: "Why would Beldor want to decieve me when I'm offering to pardon 
    Frog: "He feels no guilt, nor does he want your blessing."
    Frog: "I think we should go back before we end up regretting our actions."
    Mercedes: "I think he will understand if we speak to him."
    Mercedes: "He was very loyal when he served my mother."
    Matthew: "...But will he be honest?"
    Mercedes: "You doubt him, too?"
    Frog: "You need to understand that not everybody is bent on serving or 
          protecting you."
    Mercedes: "You're mouthy for a frog."
    Mercedes: "Why'd you bother coming along, huh?"
    [She flies up ahead]
    Matthew: "Your Majesty!"
    [Matthew and the crew follow suit]
    Frog: "...Because I'm worried..."
    [He gets the lead out while the crew fight an Axe Knight]
    Matthew: "Your Majesty!"
    [Matthew gets carted off by yet another Axe Knight]
    Mercedes: "Matthew!"
    [She attempts to follow, but gets blocked off]
    Fairy Land - Chapter 4 - Act 4
    Sewer Maze
    Matthew: "Your Majesty!"
    [She comes to his rescue, amazingly, after how many times he's said that]
    Mercedes: "Let's make a deal, Beldor. As my messengers informed you, I will 
              pardon your crimes, on some conditions."
    Mercedes: "Release Matthew, and show me your route to the Netherworld."
    Beldor: "Princess Mercedes... Your courage, ambitious nature, and your purity 
            are virtues."
    Beldor: "But you are a poor leader."
    Beldor: "You are reckless, inattentive, and prone to being deceived."
    Mercedes: "So you won't help me?"
    Beldor: "'Tis not a bad idea to have the Demon Lord and the Fairies wipe each
            other out,"
    Beldor: "but I have another mission I must attend to."
    Beldor: "But until then, let me provide a little more chaos and confusion to 
    Beldor: "Let's hear your true name. Hold on... Move, and the dwarf dies."
    Beldor: "Come, Belial."
    [Belial and lil Fairy Queen meet again]
    Beldor: "Swallow this little fairy."
    [No sir, fairies aren't food!]
    Beldor: "...What's wrong?"
    Belial: "..."
    Beldor: "Don't you understand? You cannot resist me!"
    [Zap, poor Belial]
    Mercedes: "How can you force someone to serve you!?"
    Beldor: "'Tis an honor for a dragon to be enslaved to a Wise Man."
    Beldor: "I will continue to keep your heart bound with magic..."
    [Another zap, and Belial falls]
    Beldor: "You fool!"
    Beldor: "Now, go!"
    Belial: "..."
    Beldor: "Fool! How dare you defy me!?"
    [Arcane bolt'd]
    Mercedes: "I retract my offer."
    Mercedes: "I no longer plan to pardon you."
    [She props up her bow]
    Mercedes: "This is a better end."
    Beldor: "Hmph, useless oaf..."
    [He ditches Merc and Belial]
    Mercedes: "Belial..."
    Belial: "Do not worry about me."
    Belial: "I cared for humans, and this is my fate..."
    Belial: "Worry not, fairy..."
    Mercedes: "I won't let him get away!"
    Mercedes: "Beldor!"
    [She flies off]
    Beldor: "So Skuldi hasn't returned from the Inferno King's home..."
    [Froggy walks in]
    Frog: "And Urzur seems busy dealing with the King of Titania... I'm lucky 
          you're split up."
    Beldor: "How dare you, frog!"
    [Axe Knights approach]
    Beldor: "Aha! Urzur ordered you here, correct? The enemy will soon be here!"
    Beldor: "Here she comes! The evil fairy who cursed this kingdom!"
    ["Evil" fairy enters the stage]
    Frog: "Stop right there...!"
    Fairy Land - Chapter 4 - Act 6
    Sewer Maze
    Mercedes: "Prepare yourself, Beldor!"
    [He's quick to go poof...]
    Mercedes: "Ah..."
    [And poofs behind her]
    Beldor: "..."
    Frog: "I can't let you do that."
    [Zap and a poof... from the frog!?]
    Frog: "How's that, Sorcerer? You'll never be able to use that magic now."
    Frog: "'Tis the Pooka's Curse. You will never be human."
    Beldor: "What? You're... Valentine's..."
    [Those frog tackles always hurt a bunch]
    Frog: "I, I think I overdid it... But even as a frog, I managed to cast 
    Mercedes: "Frog..."
    Frog: "That skinny rabbit there is Beldor's final form..."
    Frog: "And with this, I am done. Now go, before he wakes up."
    [Mercedes bends down next to him]
    Mercedes: "Look at you..."
    Frog: "The sorcerer is defeated... Good work, Queen..."
    Frog: "Be careful... I could still poison you..."
    Mercedes: "..."
    Frog: "Wait..."
    [Well, he finally got that kiss]
    Ingway: "Queen Mercedes..."
    Ingway: "Thank you."
    [He helps her up]
    Mercedes: "Y-You're..."
    Ingway: "I'm the Prince of Valentine."
    Ingway: "Although I am finally able to show you my true form,"
    Ingway: "I must bid you farewell."
    Mercedes: "What?"
    [He proceedes to leave, but stops]
    Mercedes: "But, wait..."
    Mercedes: "I, I..."
    Mercedes: "I can't succeed without you..."
    Ingway: "..."
    Ingway: "You're here for revenge?"
    Mercedes: "What? Well... of course..."
    Ingway: "You have duties as a queen..."
    Ingway: "I have my own duties, as well."
    Mercedes: "..."
    Ingway: "I want to protect you, but I cannot grant that wish."
    [He takes a step towards her]
    Ingway: "You're still indecisive, but you will be a good Queen."
    Ingway: "That reminds me... You should go on alone."
    [He once again attempts to leave, but...]
    Mercedes: "Wait... I don't even know your name."
    Ingway: "I am Ingway."
    Ingway: "We shall meet again."
    [Now he finally leaves]
    Mercedes: "...Ingway..."
    3.5 Fairy Land: Chapter 5  ... FL5
    Fairy Land - Chapter 5 - Act 2
    Netherworld Enphedephia
    Beldor: "We are now in the realm of the Queen of the Dead. This is the 
    Beldor: "If this is all you want, let me go now."
    Mercedes: "Now do you understand how that dragon felt?"
    Mercedes: "I'll have you accompany me until we find Brom."
    Beldor: "Melvin ordered me to bring him here. That is all."
    Beldor: "I know not where he is."
    [Ugly Pooka glances around]
    Beldor: "Why not ask that spirit over there?"
    Mercedes: "What?"
    [She glances at a lone spirit]
    Mercedes: "Would it respond to me?"
    [Merc approaches it]
    Mercedes: "Do you know of Brom, the blacksmith who was brought here?"
    Mercedes: (...)
    Mercedes: "...Nothing.."
    Geist: "...In the palace."
    Mercedes: "Ah!"
    Geist: "The dwarf who designs jeweled weapons... The Queen is keeping him 
    [During all of this, Beldor sneaks away]
    Merecedes: "Th-Thank you..."
    Mercedes: "It seems Brom is safe..."
    Mercedes: "Beldor?"
    Mercedes: "..."
    Mercedes: "Well, I'm not frightened."
    Mercedes: "I can do this alone."
    Beldor: "How can I be in this shape and strut around where the Halja are 
    Beldor: "If they ever find me..."
    Beldor: "...!"
    [Speak of the devil]
    Halja: "It seems that there have been many fools wandering the abyss of death 
    Halja: "These cursed souls also enter the Queen's realm without fear..."
    [Ker-Slash! Aw, he's dead.]
    Fairy Land - Chapter 5 - Act 4
    Netherworld Shrine
    [We see Brom working on another crystal]
    Brom: "..."
    [Mercedes is quick to fly by]
    Brom: "Ooh... An illusion..."
    [He advances towards where Mercedes landed]
    Brom: "Queen Mercedes! 'Tis you!"
    Mercedes: "I'm glad I found you!"
    Brom: "Where you sent here, too?"
    Brom: "Didn't you become Queen after defeating Melvin's rebellion?"
    Mercedes: "Brom, I came here to rescue you."
    Brom: "Wh-What in blazes!? The Queen came... for me!?"
    Brom: "I cannot thank you enough."
    Mercedes: "I need your help."
    Mercedes: "Now come, follow me!"
    [The two proceed to leave, but...]
    Mercedes: "!"
    [It's been awhile, epic proportions!]
    Odette: "The insects are restless..."
    Odette: "You shall not escape, Brom."
    Odette: "You will continue to serve me by crafting your wonderful jewelry."
    Odette: "That is what your life is for."
    Mercedes: "..."
    Mercedes: "I am Mercedes, Queen of the Fairies. Queen Odette, I wish to speak 
              with you."
    Odette: "Who your people choose to rule is no concern of mine."
    Odette: "This is where human souls are destined to rest. This place means 
            nothing for you Fairies, who live like the mist..."
    Odette: "You thieves who steal my belongnings..."
    Odette: "All I need is to crush the bugs who have crawled in here..."
    Mercedes: "I guess talking to you is out of the question..."
    Fairy Land - Chapter 5 - Act 6
    Netherworld Shrine
    [Odette gets Arcane Bolt'd]
    Mercedes: (...)
    [Goon squad of Halja pop up]
    Odette: "How dare you shoot that sickening red jewel..."
    [A rumble transverses throughout the Netherworld]
    Odette: "What is happening?"
    [Random spirit, uh, appears]
    Geist: "..."
    Odette: "King Gallon is upset..."
    Odette: "Why is he acting up now?"
    Odette: "Get more chains! Tie him down!"
    Odette: "Come, Halja. Don't waste your time on that one..."
    [Epic proportions and the goon squad leave]
    Mercedes: "I don't know what just happened, but I think we're safe..."
    Mercedes: "Let's get out of here."
    Fairy Land - Chapter 5 - Act 6
    Ringford Palace
    Brom: "You want me to create another Psypher?"
    Brom: "Are you asking me forge another Belderiver?"
    Brom: "I'm sorry. Even if it is the Queen's command, I cannot perform this 
    Mercedes: "No, Brom. You can do this without selling a soul to the Halja."
    Brom: "'Tis impossible... I cannot create a Psypher as enormous as the Balor."
    Mercedes: "It doesn't need to be large, as long as it can compete with the 
              Demon Lord's Balor."
    Brom: "..."
    Brom: "Hmm..."
    Brom: "I cannot create a Psypher as powerful and destructive as the 
          Balor, but..."
    Brom: "A Psypher that is able to break the Balor itself..."
    Brom: "Hmm... A different design..."
    Brom: "Interesting..."
    Brom: "Let's try it."
    3.6 Fairy Land: Chapter 6  ... FL6
    Fairy Land - Chapter 6 - Act 2
    Ringford Palace
    Mercedes: (The Demon Lord's troops are behaving strangely...)
    Mercedes: (No, not yet...)
    Mercedes: (If we act too soon, we may fall into a trap...)
    Mercedes: (Brom...)
    [You called?]
    Brom: "I know that we are short on time."
    Brom: "But, there is a problem."
    Brom: "While I was away, the forge's flame went out."
    Brom: "The Phozon crystals used to create Psyphers become stronger when they 
          are pure."
    Brom: "In order to strengthen the crystals, it will be neccessary to 
          re-purify them."
    Brom: "But even if we stomped on the bellows until our legs broke,"
    Brom: "we would still not be able to do anything with the meager flames we 
          have here."
    Mercedes: "Then what should we do?"
    Brom: "The flames must come from the source."
    Brom: "I speak of the fire that existed before the world's creation."
    Brom: "The purest and strongest flames gave birth to the creatures of flame."
    Mercedes: "Those flames are..."
    Brom: "Yes, indeed... in the Fire Kingdom."
    Brom: "I know very well where the Fire Kingdom is and where the flames are 
          within it."
    Brom: "I shall have to leave my post as blacksmith temporarily. Forgive me."
    [He proceeds to walk out, but is stopped]
    Mercedes: "Wait, it's too dangerous to go by yourself..."
    Brom: "But we cannot take a large group of people to steal the flames..."
    Fairy Land - Chapter 6 - Act 4
    Inferno King's Shrine
    Brom: "There it is! The source of fire!"
    [Brom and Mercedes dash up and knick a bit of fire]
    Brom: "This should do."
    Mercedes: "There's no one around... Isn't this the Inferno King's palace?"
    Mercedes: "!"
    [Bag of bones shuffles up to the duo]
    Valentine: "He is tending his wounds. The Inferno King and his assistants 
               slumber in the molten lava as we speak."
    Valentine: "The Belderiver has wounded him deeply..."
    Brom: "Oswald still lives!?"
    Valentine: "What a coincidence..."
    Valentine: "'Tis Brom..."
    Brom: "Who are you?"
    Valentine: "I am not surprised that you fail to recognize me."
    Valentine: "I am the king who commissioned your first Psypher."
    Brom: "What?"
    Valentine: "That torch... Is that the source of fire?"
    Valentine: "Once again, you tamper with the jewels without my permission!"
    Valentine: "Hmm... My skull may be filled with maggots, but I can still 
    [Valentine edges closer to the two]
    Valentine: "You... You told the dwarves the secrets of how to process the 
    [Brom distances himself]
    Brom: "Queen, please follow me... and run!"
    [And so they split]
    Mercedes: "Who was that!?"
    Brom: "I know not why he is here, but..."
    Brom: "That was the ghost of the King of Valentine, ruler of the land I once 
          called home."
    Brom: "He has clearly lost his mind..."
    [Exactly how did that bag of bones beat them to the exit by shuffling?]
    Valentine: "How can you be so rude to your former master?"
    Valentine: "I deeply regret having kept you alive."
    [Mercedes steps up and points her bow at Valentine]
    Mercedes: "Clear the way, King Valentine."
    Valentine: "Hmph. That rock created from my furnace does not frighten me at 
    Valentine: "Brom, is this jeweled artifact one of yours?"
    Valentine: "Very well. Allow me to present my final creation to you."
    [Leventhan flies in]
    Mercedes: "A baby dragon?"
    Brom: "A dragon with a crown..."
    Valentine: "You should know very well the powers in this crown."
    Valentine: "This hatchling has my power and consumed the fire's source."
    Brom: "What!?"
    Valentine: "Now, my little spawn..."
    Valentine: "Devour these mortals, before Onyx's forces arrive."
    Fairy Land - Chapter 6 - Act 5
    Leventhan, the Last Dragon
    [After laying the smackdown on the dragon]
    Upon returning from the Fire Kingdom
    Brom locked himself away in the Royal Armory
    [Obviously from Mercedes' point of view]
    Fairy Land - Chapter 6 - Act 6
    Ringford Palace
    [Mercedes and Matthew walk in to meet with the troops]
    Paladin: "How may I serve?"
    Mercedes: "Gather some willing troops. There is little time to launch a 
    [The squad of Paladins acknowledge the order and take off]
    Mercedes: "Matthew, allow the Lillipat into the forge and let them work on 
              weapons and armor."
    Mercedes: "Tell them to do their best and match the skills of the Demon Lord's
    Matthew: "Understood."
    [Matthew leaves while Mercedes approaches fairies]
    Mercedes: "I am going to speak to the Paladins and inform their leader of what
              to expect."
    [The fairies take their leave]
    Brom: "Your Majesty..."
    Mercedes: "There you are, Brom. Is it complete?"
    [Brom holds up Mercedes' Psypher]
    Brom: "'Tis my life's masterpiece."
    Brom: "And with this, I shut the curtains on my career as a blacksmith."
    Mercedes: "Brom..."
    Brom: "I have a request..."
    Brom: "May I have some time off?"
    Brom: "It pains me to not be able to see my work in action,"
    Brom: "but I have learneed that Oswald, the wielder of the Belderiver, is 
          still alive."
    Brom: "It is my fault that his life is in shambles..."
    Brom: "He may not wish to see me, but I want to go to him."
    Mercedes: "..."
    Mercedes: "I see... Do what you must."
    Mercedes: "Don't worry about the weapon. I shall make news of my victory ring 
              loud and clear across the land."
    Brom: "These rickety bones make it difficult to compete against others in 
    Brom: "Now, please take this."
    Brom: "This lethal bow..."
    Brom: "I have stripped it of its former name, the 'Tasla,' and renamed it 
          'Riblam.' It means 'The Piercing One' in the Old Dwarf tongue."
    [He hands it to Mercedes]
    Brom: "'Tis the only Psypher, in all of the world, with the power to destroy 
    3.7 Fairy Land: Epilogue  ...  FL7
    Fairy Land - Epilogue - Act 2
    Vaniral Forward Headquarters
    Matthew: "Your Majesty, the troops have been assembled. Her Majesty wishes to 
             address us before we leave. Lend her your ears."
    Mercedes: "..."
    Mercedes: "I know you have all been worried about the death of the previous
    [Camera pan over the entire army for added effect]
    Mercedes: "Thank you all for following and believing in me."
    Mercedes: "We fairies subsist on Phozons and take our names from the heavens."
    Mercedes: "Our work keeps the land full of life, and we cannot surive without 
              the land's blessing."
    Mercedes: "The Demon Lord opposes life! He taints the Phozons with blood and 
              uses force to violate our land!"
    Mercedes: "We feel the fury of the land, and we in turn quake with anger."
    [She takes to the sky]
    Mercedes: "But we need not fear..."
    Mercedes: "This is my mother's bow. Infused with a new power, it shall shatter
              the Demon Lord's wicked eye."
    [She flies over the army]
    Mercedes: "Those who have died here... The prayers of my mother and those who 
              have returned their names will protect us..."
    Mercedes: "We will retake the Cauldron, and we'll show the Demon Lord that he 
              has underestimated our resolve."
    Mercedes: "May the land bless us in the name of the Fairies."
    [Group cheer, everyone; Matthew watches from afar]
    Matthew: "Queen Mercedes, you have become quite the fine noblewoman."
    Matthew: "It's as if the late Queen herself stood before us."
    [Monologue time]
    Mercedes: (I am not my mother... I'm... trembling...)
    Mercedes: (My fear overruns my hatred. When I think that the evil man who
               murdered my mother is nearby, I...)
    Mercedes: (My heart beats so fast within my chest...)
    Mercedes: (But, it has begun...)
    Mercedes: (Ingway...)
    Mercedes: (I hope I succeed...)
    Fairy Land - Epilogue - Act 4
    Aesir Forward Headquarters
    Warrior: "Your Majesty, I know you do not wish to hear this... But the fact 
             is that the enemy troops are superior."
    Odin: "Are you suggesting we retreat, you coward!?"
    Odin: "A coward's eyes always see more of an enemy than there are present."
    Odin: "Now continue..."
    Odin: "Fight like a true Raganival soldier to the end."
    Odin: "Give your life to our nation's stuggle."
    Odin: "!"
    [Mercedes and crew arrive on the scene]
    Odin: "Well, well... So you are the Queen's daughter."
    Odin: "Our key to victory has fallen into our laps."
    Fairy: "Prepare yourself..."
    Fairy: "...for our Queen's wrath!"
    [The two fairies prepare to attack... but get a mace in the face]
    Odin: "If you wish to challenge me, you should have brought at least four or
          five soldiers."
    [Mercedes kneals near her fallen allies]
    Mercedes: "Oh..."
    [Giant monkey man approaches]
    Odin: "Are you not going to attack? You're quivering..."
    Odin: "Such a disgrace... that a child like you should attempt to strike me."
    Odin: "Your youth cannot save you. You will follow Elfaria into death's 
    [He pulls up his disco ball]
    Mercedes: "!"
    Mercedes: "Do not tarnish my mother's name with your filthy mouth."
    Mercedes: "You... You're..."
    Odin: "...Now you cry..."
    Mercedes: (I cannot look down... As my mother said, I must keep my head up and
               look ahead...)
    Mercedes: "My dearest bow; my Riblam... Lend me power..."
    [She takes to the air]
    Odin: "Struggling against a girl... My troops have weakened."
    Odin: "But this battle will change everything."
    Fairy Land - Epilogue - Act 6
    Aesir Forward Headquarters
    [The Balor smashes, and Odin falls to his knees]
    Odin: "My Balor..."
    Odin: "How could the most powerful Psypher of all be destroyed by such a tiny 
    [Matthew and a fairy arrive on praise]
    Matthew: "It worked, Your Majesty!"
    Fairy: "Finish him, Queen Mercedes."
    Mercedes: "His once-terrifying visage is now the face of an old man awaiting
    Mercedes: "'Twould be a simple thing to avenge my mother with a single blast."
    Mercedes: "But... Die, and you'll be a martyr. I will not have you find glory
              in death."
    Mercedes: "Your successor will only try to gain the Cauldron once again."
    Mercedes: "So, you must decide."
    Mercedes: "If you choose to never show your face to me,"
    Mercedes: "nor set foot in our land, and choose to remain forever in your
              northern lands... I shall spare your life."
    Mercedes: "If you choose to die, we will invade your homeland."
    Mercedes: "Your people will lose even more after you are gone."
    Mercedes: "So swear to me, Odin..."
    Mercedes: "Swear to be gone!"
    Odin: "..."
    Odin: "I... swear it..."
    [Merc's troops whisper amongst themselves]
    Mercedes: "Do not try to deceive me."
    Odin: "I have shamed myself. If I were to break my word, my people's pride and
          honor would disappear."
    [The camera zooms out to see a stray Valkyrie]
    Mercedes: "Valkyrie, bear witness. Inform Odin's troops."
    Odin: "Now, go..."
    [The Valkyrie does so]
    Mercedes: "Former Demon Lord... Leave the ring that controls the Cauldron.
              Take your troops and leave this place."
    Mercedes: "Always remember your oath for as long as you live."
    [Odin rises and is guided by two fairies]
    Odin: "Tell me your name, Queen of Ringford."
    Mercedes: "I am Mercedes, daughter of Elfaria."
    Mercedes: "As long as I am alive, I shall always keep my weapon pointed at
    [Odin leaves; Mercedes then takes her prize, Titrel, and the army arrives]
    Mercedes: "Our treasure has returned, and our long suffering has come to an 
    Mercedes: "I promise peace will return."
    Mercedes: "Secure the Cauldron."
    Mercedes: "Send out a prayer to those who gave their lives for our glorious 
    [Monologue... for a support character? Blasphemy!]
    Matthew: "Such a splendid leader..."
    Matthew: "Holding Odin's life within the palm of your hand... We are all proud
             of you."
    Matthew: "That negotiation was a brilliant political move."
    Matthew: "Did you see the looks on the soliders' faces?"
    Matthew: "None shall dare to view you with contempt or disdain."
    Matthew: "Stand proud and triumphant, Mercedes."
    Matthew: "You are indeed a true Queen."
    V.4. The Black Sword        (BLAK)
    Raise that sword
    and the shadows draw closer
    spreading the stench of death
    But tenderness may exist in
    those inhabiting the darkness
    While distress envelops those
    who would oppose it
    4.0 The Black Sword: Prelude    BS0
    The Black Sword - Prelude - Act 1
    Above the Clouds
    [Ker-Slash... on Hindel this time; Oswald approaches him]
    Hindel: "As I thought... Trying to avoid one's fate is like trying to stop the
    Hindel: "Not even those who see the future can keep from carrying out their
    Oswald: "Why were you holding back? I was open several times..."
    Hindel: "Do not worry about me. Your Belderiver is a weapon without peer."
    Hindel: "My time is up... Use my death to validate the claims of its power."
    Hindel: "Take my head and announce your victory to the commander of the 
    Oswald: "You should be aware that all this was caused by that country."
    [Oswald turns his back to Hindel for a moment]
    Oswald: "But, they did not hire me. My father specifically asked me to do 
    Hindel: "He is not your father... Your real father is a man named Edgar."
    [Oswald looks over his shoulder]
    Oswald: "That means nothing. That is just the name of a man who abandoned a 
    Oswald: "Melvin is my only father. Even though I am human, he raised me as his
    Hindel: "...Do not forget that... when the time comes."
    Oswald: "You talk as if you know everything. Let me cease your tongue's
    Hindel: "Shadow master who threatens the darkness..."
    Hindel: "Seek the bird..."
    Hindel: "That shall be your destiny."
    [Oswald turns into his Shadow Form, hops onto Hindel's neck, sword raised]
    Hindel: "..."
    [Stabby stab; Oswald hops off and returns to normal]
    Oswald: "Hmph..."
    Oswald: "It is as Melvin said... As long as I have this Belderiver, even the
            dragons shall fear me..."
    The Black Sword - Prelude - Act 3
    Ringford Palace
    Melvin: "Greetings, Queen Elfaria. This is the strongest blade among all
    Melvin: "It surpasses the might of the Demon Lord's weapon, Balor."
    Elfaria: "I have heard that the power of the sword is enough to ward off
    Melvin: "Hm!? Ah..."
    Melvin: "Good. Leave us, Oswald."
    [Oswald takes a bow and leaves...]
    Melvin: "There is nothing to fear. We shall not be harmed."
    Melvin: "This allows us to perform otherwise dangerous feats such as hunting
    Elfaria: "What have you done!? Are the rumors indeed true?"
    Elfaria: "Has Hindel... been killed?"
    Melvin: "This amazing sword can cut through a dragon's hide like butter."
    Melvin: "If this sword can be mass-produced, the lesser nations will kneel to 
    Elfaria: "..."
    The Black Sword - Prelude - Act 3
    Ringford Gardens
    Brom: "What did the queen say?"
    Melvin: "Well, Brom... The queen highly praised the sword you created."
    Melvin: "But she hesitates to mass-produce it. 'Tis frustrating..."
    Brom: "Aren't you afraid?"
    Brom: "I am terrified, myself..."
    Brom: "Many have been taken by the sword's curse and have been turned into 
    Brom: "What fate awaits Oswald...?"
    Melvin: "Don't look so glum, Brom."
    Melvin: "Oswald shall be fine. He is a true swordsman."
    Brom: "!"
    [Oswald walks in on the two]
    Oswald: "Melvin, the messengers are calling."
    Melvin: "I shall be there shortly."
    [Pretty boy takes his leave]
    Melvin: "Brom... I guess you do not concern yourself with this. ...It won't do
            you any good."
    [Fruitcake leaves]
    Brom: "...I never should have crafted that weapon."
    Brom: "It will part the heavens and tear the earth asunder."
    4.1 The Black Sword: Chapter 1  BS1
    The Black Sword - Chapter 1 - Act 2
    Ringford Gardens
    [Brom advances towards Oswald, who is... um, doing something?]
    Brom: "Oswald, I must speak up."
    Brom: "Listen to me... This is about the fate of your sword."
    Brom: "Those Revenants up in the mountains... they are former users of the
    Oswald: "What is it...?"
    Brom: "I deeply regret handing you that sword..."
    Brom: "That blade will take its wielder to the Netherworld, where he loses his
    [Melvin walks in on the conversation, likely pissed off]
    Brom: "The same fate awaits you..."
    Melvin: "Brom!"
    Melvin: "I told you... It won't do you any good..."
    Brom: "..."
    Melvin: "Right now, your reluctance is holding back the war efforts of our 
    Melvin: "But, it is not in my nature to soil my hands with the blood of my 
    Melvin: "I shall send you to the Netherworld. The Halja will take care of 
    Melvin: "Take the traitor away."
    [Nearby guards haul him away]
    Brom: "Lord Melvin! The pride that keeps you so fearless will be the thing 
          that leads to your death."
    [After Brom's forced departure, Melvin turns to Oswald]
    Melvin: "He fears the power of the sword and has lost his nerve."
    Melvin: "Don't concern yourself."
    Melvin: "Or... Are you beginning to despise the sword yourself?"
    Oswald: "I... All I wish is to be able to continue serving you."
    Oswald: "I shall obey your commands."
    Melvin: "Ah, Oswald... I'm so lucky to have such a devoted son."
    Melvin: "Now come here. I have a task only you can perform."
    [The two take a stroll]
    Melvin: "'Tis reconnaissance into the very heart of the enemy."
    The Black Sword - Chapter 1 - Act 4
    Demon Lord's Castle
    Oswald: "!"
    [Oswald uses his l33t ninja skills and hides from Brigan and Skuldi]
    Brigan: "The Demon Lord will hear this and be dumbfounded. Odin, you 
    Brigan: "Denying my strategy and launching a sneak attack with the 
    [Drunkard takes a sip from his flagon]
    Skuldi: "'Tis a timid move to make against the Fairies..."
    Brigan: "Excatly! All we have to do is stomp those winged bugs on the front 
    Brigan: "All of you... You're all cowards!"
    Skuldi: "Lord Brigan, methinks you might be more suitable to lead the 
    Brigan: "You think so? You flatter me, Skuldi."
    Brigan: "...Do you really think that?"
    Skuldi: "Yes, of course. Odin is a feeble old man. Only you can run the
    Skuldi: "Eh?"
    Skuldi: "Who goes there?"
    Brigan: "What? Is someone hiding?"
    [I really wonder how they didn't notice Oswald at first...]
    Brigan: "And just who are you? You'd like to share a drink with us, eh?"
    Brigan: "If not, don't interfere!"
    [Oswald proceeds to leave, but...]
    Brigan: "...Wait a minute. You were listening to us just now, weren't you?"
    [Brigan gets off his lazy bum and advances towards Shadow-Sama desu~]
    Brigan: "Who are you!? Speak, or I'll crush your head until your name falls 
    [Brigan... smash? Oswald quickly dodges the blow]
    The Black Sword - Chapter 1 - Act 6
    Demon Lord's Castle
    Oswald: (So he is after the Cauldron. The general spoke the truth. The 
             invasion is almost here.)
    Oswald: "!"
    [More l33t jumping skills, the camera pans over to...]
    Myris: "Princess Gwendolyn, it fits you perfectly."
    Gwendolyn: "Do you think so? I wonder if Father will be surprised..."
    [Speak of the devil]
    Odin: "Gwendolyn! Why are you wearing that!?"
    Odin: "For King Odin's daughter to be concerned with her image instead of 
    Odin: "You could learn a thing or two from your sister."
    Gwendolyn: "...M-My apologies..."
    [Someone's a prick; meanwhile, a grunt dashes in]
    Valkyrie: "Your Majesty, Lord Brigan..."
    Odin: "What is that fool doing now...!?"
    [Odin and the Valkyrie leave]
    Gwendolyn: "...He didn't notice... This was Mother's dress..."
    Gwendolyn: "I wonder if he'll ever remember it..."
    Myris: "I apologize... I shouldn't have brought the dress..."
    Gwendolyn: "No... Don't apologize, Myris."
    Gwendolyn: "I'm happy to be able to wear my mother's dress. But..."
    Myris: "Princess Gwendolyn..."
    Gwendolyn: "Let's go, I must change into my armor."
    [The two depart, leaving a blue feather that Oswald observes...]
    Oswald: "Gwendolyn... The Demon Lord's daughter, known as "Odin's Witch"..."
    Oswald: "Could that be her?"
    Oswald: "She seems so... different from what I've heard..."
    4.2 The Black Sword: Chapter 2  BS2
    The Black Sword - Chapter 2 - Act 2
    Ringford Palace
    Elfaria: "We have prepared ourselves. That brute Odin... He will certainly be
    Melvin: "Your Majesty, could you please reconsider the proposal to 
            mass-produce the Psyphers?"
    Elfaria: "If we can take the Cauldron, we will have more than enough Phozons 
             to sustain us."
    Elfaria: "We will no longer need the poison that has been damaging us."
    Melvin: "..."
    Melvin: "What a foolish thing to say. My dear aunt, you are full of naive
    Melvin: "Don't you understand!? The Psypher is absolutely neccessary to battle
            the Demon Lord."
    Elfaria: "Watch your words, Melvin..."
    Elfaria: "I cannot allow royalty to be critized so in front of my subjects."
    Melvin: "..."
    Melvin: "Please forgive my insolence. I care too much for you."
    Melvin: "Not as a retainer, but as family. I spoke too frankly."
    [Melvin takes a bow and leaves]
    The Black Sword - Chapter 2 - Act 2
    Ringford Palace
    Melvin: "That woman fails to see the whole picture."
    [Ossy walks in]
    Melvin: "Oswald! Are you on your way?"
    Oswald: "Yes..."
    Melvin: "You must demonstrate the overwhelming power of that sword."
    [Oswald splits to, uh, go on a killing spree]
    Melvin: "Kill many and make no mistakes."
    [Mercedes with her slav-- grandfather, Matthew walk in]
    Matthew: "Princess Mercedes, will you really be heading to the battlefield?"
    Mercedes: "Of course, I need to prove my worth as a leader to my mother."
    Matthew: "But did she not command you to stay behind and look after the 
    Matthew: "That is also a leader's job."
    Mercedes: "Have Melvin sit here and hold the fort."
    [I lol'd... and Mercedes bumps into Melvin]
    Mercedes: "!"
    Mercedes: "Oh, hi, Melvin..."
    Melvin: "Princess Mercedes, please leave the battle to me. Rest assured we 
            will see victory."
    Mercedes: "No! I shall go as well!"
    Matthew: "A-As you wish, Princess... Please come this way."
    [Merc leaves, Matthew drops a lone line to Melvin]
    Matthew: "Lord Melvin, please do not take offense..."
    [And he departs]
    Melvin: "If something were to happen to Elfaria, that brat would be the next
            queen, eh...?"
    The Black Sword - Chapter 2 - Act 4
    Storming Battlefields
    [Halja pop out of the ground]
    Oswald: "!"
    Halja: "...Oswald... Dedicate your life to death and darkness..."
    Oswald: "Who are you?"
    Halja: "I take the Chosen to the Netherworld. People see me in their last 
           moments and wail..."
    Halja: "Death..."
    Halja: "A contract binds your life to the hands of Queen Odette of the 
    Oswald: "I know of no such contract."
    Halja: "You act as if you own the darkness... Only hose bound to death have 
           that power."
    Halja: "Why do you think that is?"
    Halja: "A certain man pledged your life in exchange for the lethal power in 
           that sword."
    Oswald" "No... It couldn't have been Melvin..."
    Halja: "The time has come."
    Halja: "What gives you power is already rotting away at your mind and body."
    Halja: "Now, as the contract has deemed, give me your soul..."
    The Black Sword - Chapter 2 - Act 6
    Ringford Palace
    Oswald: "Melvin..."
    Melvin: "You! What are you doing!?"
    Melvin: "While you've been loafing, the Aesir have invaded!"
    Melvin: "As you can see, we have been utterly defeated. Queen Elfaria has been
    Melvin: "My reputation is ruined..."
    Oswald: "I apologize..."
    Melvin: "Stay put, you idiot."
    [Melvin walks a bit before Oswald speaks up]
    Oswald: "Melvin... the Halja came for me."
    Melvin: "..."
    Melvin: "All parents want their children to be power. In your case, I 
    Melvin: "In fact, you have the power to keep the Halja at bay."
    Melvin: "Do not worry. You must trust me, Oswald."
    Oswald: "..."
    [Mercedes angerly flies in]
    Mercedes: "Melvin! How could this happen!?"
    Melvin: "Princess Mercedes..."
    Mercedes: "Where were the royal guards!? You said I could leave everything to 
    Mercedes: "What were you doing!? Why did you not protect my mother!?"
    Melvin: "What happened is indeed most unfortunate. I am not surprised you are
    Melvin: "Queen Elfaria made for a prominent target. 'Tis a shame we could not 
            save her."
    Melvin: "From this point on, I shall assist Princess Mercedes in resuscutating
            the country."
    [Mercedes looks down, very hurt]
    Mercedes: "I may not find it necessary to ask you for assistance."
    [She slowly walks out]
    Melvin: "Hmph... You are indeed arrogant, little queenling."
    Melvin: "If Elfaria had listened to my advice, she would have survived the 
    Melvin: "The Cauldron has been seized..."
    Melvin: "How can we entrust our destiny to a lass who knows absolutely 
    Melvin: "...Wait."
    Melvin: "This is a turning point..."
    Melvin: "Royalty is handed down as judgement of the gods."
    Melvin: "The crown still awaits its perfect master..."
    4.3 The Black Sword: Chapter 3  BS3
    The Black Sword - Chapter 3 - Act 2
    Ringford Palace
    [Troops are awaiting Melvin's command]
    Melvin: "Send that letter to the lords; a just cause will be needed to fight
            the rebels."
    [Fairies take off whilst Oswald enters]
    Melvin: "Oswald, explain the situation."
    Oswald: "As you command. The Paladins who were in opposition have hidden
            themselves in secrecy."
    Oswald: "There is now nobody left who publicly opposes you."
    Melvin: "Good work."
    Melvin: "Those stubborn lords still cling to sentimental ideas of Elfaria's
            daughter ruling."
    Melvin: "But some have expressed approval in the thought of me in charge of
    Melvin: "I am in charge of a good third of our troops, but I am running out of
    [Stray Lillipat comes in]
    Lillipat: "Lord Melvin... You have acted recklessly."
    Melvin: "Tell them we will face their so-called 'revolution.'"
    Melvin: "We will break their resolve. If we can stiffle the girl and her 
            forces in the castle, the masses will follow us."
    Fairy: "Respectfully... A sorcerer and a dragon have been sworn to protect the
    Melvin: "Beldor, huh...? I wonder what his motive is... He's a tricky one."
    Melvin: "Fear not. I shall present a champion that can defeat any dragon."
    Lillipat: "Lord Melvin... Does such a warrior even exist in this world of 
    Melvin: "Mock me not, coward. My man is right here."
    [Oswald steps up to the plate]
    Melvin: "Now go, Oswald..."
    [And he's out; but not without a few thoughts... and aches]
    Oswald: "Ugh... It's getting worse..."
    Oswald: "Ever since I saw the Halja, my body is stiff..."
    Oswald: "But I must do what Melvin asks of me."
    Oswald: "I can still do this..."
    The Black Sword - Chapter 3 - Act 4
    Forest of Elrit
    Oswald: "Beldor... I serve Lord Melvin, nephew of the late Queen."
    Beldor: "Oswald, the dragon slayer... What brings you here?"
    Oswald: "Beldor, the greatest sorcerer in the Fairy Kingdom..."
    Oswald: "Let me ask... Are you loyal to a country or to a single individual?"
    Beldor: "Hmph, so that's why you are here... Melvin must have decided."
    Beldor: "This will be entertaining."
    Beldor: "But alas, I am an outsider. It troubles me that I am relied on here."
    Beldor: "Until the course of events calms down apace, I shall observe from 
    [Oswald raises his Belderiver to Beldor's back]
    Oswald: "Can you just stand by and let this nation sink into civil war!?"
    Beldor: "I hope you don't plan on threatening me with that sword..."
    [Belial stomps in]
    Oswald: "..."
    Oswald: "Let me help you make your decision a bit easier..."
    Oswald: "Who do you think will be more advantageous to side with?"
    [He makes a strike on Belial]
    Beldor: "Bastard...!"
    The Black Sword - Chapter 3 - Act 5
    Raging Dragon, Belial
    [After opening a can of whoopass on Belial...]
    Controlling the dragon...
    The sorcerer complied with
    Melvin's orders.
    But the curse continued to
    weaken my body...
    My Belderiver was not at
    full strength, and the
    revolution was near failure...
    The Black Sword - Chapter 3 - Act 6
    Ringford Gardens
    Paladin: "The troops are in shambles... What should we do?"
    Fairy: "They have reinforcements. The palace has already been surrounded."
    Lillipat: "I suppose random assaults proved to be an effective strategy in 
              this situation."
    Fairy: "Our revolution ended in failure. Where has Lord Melvin gone?"
    Fairy: "Let us escape."
    Paladin: "To whence!? We have nowhere to run."
    The Black Sword - Chapter 3 - Act 6
    Ringford Palace
    [Melvin is lying against a pillar, obviously dying]
    Melvin: "How could that lass have proved better than me...?"
    [Oswald slowly walks in]
    Oswald: "Melvin... is that you?"
    Oswald: "My eyes are clouding... I cannot see..."
    Melvin: "Then it seems your time is almost up. You worthless fool... Breaking
            down like this..."
    Melvin: "I should have prepared a replacement to take the Belderiver away from
    Oswald: "A replacement...? Melvin... Did you really... trade my life for the 
    [Melvin lets out a weak chuckle]
    Oswald: "No, 'tis a lie..."
    Oswald: "...What exactly am I to you!?"
    [Jerkass continues to laugh]
    Oswald: "Answer me, Melvin!"
    Melvin: "You? You are simply an object..."
    Melvin: "Just a tool... for me to become King."
    [Oswald is taken aback by this]
    Oswald: "N-No..."
    [Off-screen guards approach]
    Paladin: "There he is! Over here!"
    Paladin: "You cannot escape, Melvin the traitor."
    Melvin: "Agh... It seems my life is nearing its end..."
    Melvin: "O Great Earth... My body returns to you. O Great Heavens... My soul
    Melvin: "I called myself Melvin..."
    Melvin: "My true name is... Nidhogg..."
    Melvin: "The one that chews on the roots of the ash tree... I will always 
            resist fate..."
    [Poof, Phozons... Quick Oswald, absorb them!]
    Oswald: "..."
    Oswald: "I... What meaning has my life ever had...!?"
    [He falls to his knees while the guards approach]
    Paladin: "Halt, holder of the Belderiver! Don't move!"
    [Wraith, Halja... Oh, whatever... It shows up]
    Paladin: "What is that!?"
    Paladin: "Aah!"
    Paladin: "It's the Halja...!"
    [Bravely run away!]
    Halja: "Pitiful slayer... The life I chased was merely an illusion..."
    Halja: "Your despair brings me joy."
    Halja: "Your body rots while living, yet your true destiny does not awaken 
           until you die."
    Halja: "Now, let me take you into the cold embrace of Death..."
    [Ker-Slash ...again]
    4.4 The Black Sword: Chapter 4  BS4
    The Black Sword - Chapter 4 - Act 2
    Land of Despair and Misery
    [Oswald searches the depressing land only to find Brom]
    Brom: "So, Melvin told you..."
    Oswald: "Brom..."
    Oswald: "Who exactly am I...? Please, I must know..."
    Brom: "Melvin once told me... That he abducted you from a house in the
          wilderness, far from any civilization."
    Brom: "The only people there were you, a dying man, and a young mother..."
    Oswald: "What happened to my parents?"
    Brom: "I heard that they had died."
    Brom: "As cruel as it is, I was in favor of it at the time..."
    Brom: "We've sent many humans to the Netherworld, and we do feel grief over 
    Brom: "But in your case, 'twas extremely unfortunate..."
    Oswald: "I do not want your pity."
    Oswald: "It wouldn't help me at this point, anyway..."
    Oswald: "My hands are already stained with blood..."
    Oswald: "I don't have anything worth pitying..."
    [He turns his back and leaves]
    Brom: "Oswald..."
    [Well, that was quick -- Back to Oswald! ...In which he falls]
    Oswald: "The trembling won't stop..."
    Oswald: "It's not that I fear death..."
    Oswald: "But I... had no-one to love and no-one to return it in kind..."
    Oswald: "...To have lived an empty life like there was no point in being 
    Oswald: "That... is what I fear most..."
    Oswald: "Melvin... Had I not known your true feelings towards me..."
    Oswald: "I would have been satisfied to die in servitude..."
    Oswald: "All in your honor..."
    Oswald: "But now... I have absolutely nothing..."
    [A blue bird appears in the dark]
    A bird, here...?
    How strange...
    I don't know how, but...
    I think I know that bird...
    [The bird flies off]
    Oh, no... It's gone...
    [Scene shifts back to Oswald]
    Oswald: "Was it an illusion...?"
    Oswald: "But... when I saw it, I felt hope..."
    Oswald: "If only I can see it again, I might be able to find out for sure..."
    Oswald: "I will search for it. Perhaps it will give me the strength to keep
    The Black Sword - Chapter 4 - Act 4
    Netherworld Shrine
    Oswald: "!"
    [Oswald sees Odette and attacks on sight]
    Odette: "Have you settled down from your little tantrum, Oswald?"
    [Oswald gives it a second shot with his Shadow Form]
    Odette: "'Tis useless."
    Odette: "That sword contains my power, as per the contract. It will never harm
    [Oswald reverts to his human form]
    Odette: "Many have pledged their souls in exchange for power in life."
    Odette: "But not one of them has been able to interest me."
    Odette: "But you, Oswald... You are different."
    Odette: "It seems you will be able to entertain me..."
    Odette: "But if you wish to defy me, I shall need to discipline you..."
    Odette: "I will scrape out your bowels until you beg for mercy."
    Odette: "Ah, but worry not. I shall not allow you to die until I am bored of 
    [A spirit drops by to deliver news to Odette]
    Odette: "What is it? You're interrupting an important conversation."
    Geist: "..."
    Odette: "That shameless fool... How uncivilized..."
    [The spirit departs]
    Odette: "... Listen carefully, my dearest Oswald."
    Odette: "A man will be arriving soon. I would like you to get rid of him for
    Odette: "If you do this, I shall stop tormenting you."
    Oswald: "Cut me open if you want."
    [Oswald turns his back to her]
    Odette: "My Oswald... I apologize if I have offended you."
    Odette: "Please, dear... I shall free you of the shackles that rot your 
    Oswald: "Nothing has changed..."
    Oswald: "I only serve a new master. From an ambitious toady to an autocratic 
    Oswald: "Who do you want me to kill?"
    Odette: "Your sword is more than a match for the evil jewel thief who 
    Odette: "Your name will go down in history, Oswald..."
    Odette: "as the man who killed Demon Lord Odin."
    The Black Sword - Chapter 4 - Act 6
    Netherworld Shrine
    [Kill him Oswald, you know you want to!]
    Odin: "Lay down your sword."
    [Oswald seizes for a moment (Dammit.)]
    Odin: "I accept defeat and shall leave this place."
    Oswald: "...Do you really think I would let you survive after we have 
    Oswald: "Let me show you that naivete has no place in battle!"
    [He attempts to transform, but...]
    Odin: "Wait!"
    Odin: "Is this how you show your loyalty to the Fairy Queen?"
    [He stops]
    Oswald: "No..."
    Oswald: "...I am no longer associated with that place."
    Odin: "You are in the Netherworld, yet you still live."
    Odin: "I shall not inquire as to how you ended up here..."
    Odin: "Shadow Knight, if you desist, I shall take you from the Netherworld."
    Odin: "I know of a path that lets me freely come and go from this realm."
    Odin: "Or would you rather... become the Queen's servant and rot here? Is that
          what you wish?"
    Oswald: "..."
    Oswald: "I have no one to pledge myself to..."
    Oswald: "Your terms... I accept."
    4.5 The Black Sword: Chapter 5  BS5
    The Black Sword - Chapter 5 - Act 2
    Demon Lord's Castle
    Odin: "Oh, Shadow Knight..."
    Odin: "The king of a nation has recognize the power you hold..."
    Odin: "Will you not listen to my request?"
    [Oswald is evidently not interested and turns his back to Odin]
    Odin: "Wait! What arrogance!"
    Odin: "Aargh! I can compensate you..."
    Odin: "I shall bequeath one of my castles to you."
    Odin: "'Tis small and old, but it should be a suitable reward for what I ask."
    Odin: "In addition, I shall reward you with a magic spear."
    Odin: "You may have seen it in war, but 'tis a work of art. 'Tis far more 
          valuable than any other Psypher."
    Oswald: "..."
    Odin: "You stubborn fool. Is this still not enough for you!?"
    [Odin takes a few steps in front of Oswald and faces him]
    Odin: "Then what about my daughter? Will my daughter Gwendolyn be enough for
    Oswald: (Gwendolyn... That was that girl's name.)
    Oswald: "What do you ask of me?"
    Odin: "Ah, now you show interest."
    Odin: "I have a target for you. Wagner, the vicious dragon that lives on Horn 
    Odin: "Since you have already killed one dragon, this one should not be too 
    Oswald: "If I kill this dragon for you, you'll give me your daughter?"
    Odin: "I swear."
    Oswald: "What is it you seek? Should I just kill it without knowing why?"
    Odin: "You do not need to know."
    Oswald: "There must be some ulterior motive."
    Oswald: "But, very well. I shall accept your request."
    [He goes on his not-quite-merry way]
    Oswald: "Do not forget your promise."
    The Black Sword - Chapter 5 - Act 4
    Above the Clouds
    Oswald: "Where are you? Come out! Wagner!"
    [Cue boss theme for Wagner's entrance...]
    Wagner: "You disrespectful fool! Who calls my name!?"
    Oswald: "There you are..."
    Wagner: "That sword... You... Are you the wielder of the Belderiver from
    Oswald: "I do not know you."
    Wagner: "But I heard that he had been shot by the Fairies, and sent to the
    Oswald: "Even death can be overcome."
    Wagner: "Oswald...!"
    Oswald: "So, you do know me. Still, that is not my concern."
    Oswald: "All I want is your life."
    [Tempermental dragon lets out a hearty laugh and takes to the sky]
    Wagner: "Shadow Knight... I tremble in anticipation."
    Oswald: "What!?"
    Wagner: "You have no idea how long I have awaited tihs moment."
    Wagner: "See here...?"
    Wagner: "Do you remember this spot?"
    Wagner: "The wise and nobele dragon, Hindel, was killed here for no reason..."
    Oswald: "Yes... I killed a lizard. And I shall kill another!"
    [Wagner, uh, screeches]
    Wagner: "'Twill not be enough to char you to the bone."
    Wagner: "Your shadow will never fall on land again!"
    Wagner: "Return to the Netherworld, and face eternal torture."
    Oswald: "I will end you, Wagner. Your death will give me a faint light of 
    Oswald: "You shall join your friend in death!"
    Oswald: "Go to sleep... for eternity!"
    The Black Sword - Chapter 5 - Act 6
    Above the Clouds
    [Oswald spots a ring and takes it; large and in charge shows up]
    Odin: "That ring is mine. Give it here. It belongs to me!"
    Oswald: "You merely requested that I slaughter a dragon. We said nothing about
            any rings."
    Odin: "You've no idea of its value!"
    Odin: "Now, hand it back!"
    Oswald: "If you wish to fight me once more, I do not mind..."
    Oswald: "But I do not guarantee your survival this time."
    [Oswald prepares to transform]
    Odin: "You..."
    [Oswald ceases]
    Oswald: "I have fulfilled my promise. 'Tis time for you to hold up your end of
            our deal."
    Odin: "I was born a king... I must continue to act like one..."
    Odin: "Although my opponent may be arrogant and disrespectful, I did make an 
    Odin: "I shall not break my word."
    Odin: "The spear, and the castle, and... the other thing are yours."
    Oswald: "..."
    Odin: "Gwendolyn is asleep. I cast a spell on her as punishment for disobeying
    Odin: "The one who awakens her shall receive her undying love."
    Odin: "The spell will compel her to act in that manner."
    Oswald: "How can you treat your own child as an object...?"
    Odin: "She is my daughter. I shall treat her as I wish."
    Odin: "Now, go. My daughter sleeps in the old castle in the forest."
    Oswald: "..."
    The Black Sword - Chapter 5 - Act 6
    Old Castle Terrace
    Oswald: "There she is..."
    Oswald: "..."
    [He advances towards a sleeping Gwendolyn]
    Oswald: "That bird I saw... It was you, Gwendolyn..."
    4.6 The Black Sword: Chapter 6  BS6
    The Black Sword - Chapter 6 - Act 2
    Old Castle Terrace
    Oswald: "..."
    [Gwen's handmaid approaches]
    Myris: "She won't wake up, no matter how long you stare at her..."
    Oswald: "I know... It must be the spell..."
    Myris: "Yes, but if you kiss..."
    [The Pooka realizes her mistake and is shocked]
    Oswald: "Oh...? So, that's how to wake her..."
    Myris: "Please...! You musn't!"
    Myris: "Princess Gwendolyn disobeyed the King's orders in order to save 
           someone very important to us."
    Myris: "Thus she was punished..."
    Myris: "Regardless of her own mind, her fate is to fall in love with a total
    Myris: "But, that is too cruel..."
    Oswald: "Indeed, it is..."
    Myris: "?"
    Myris: "You won't kiss her...?"
    Myris: "But didn't you come to take Princess Gwendolyn away?"
    Oswald: "I would like her to love me."
    Oswald: "But, not in this way."
    Oswald: (People are not objects...)
    Myris: "..."
    Oswald: "Still, it breaks my heart to see her like this..."
    [He advances towards the balcony]
    Oswald: "I must find another way to break Odin's spell..."
    Myris: "You are too..."
    Oswald: "!"
    [Who is to pop up but Skuldi]
    Skuldi: "Looks like I'm not too late."
    Skuldi: "Move, coward!"
    [Kaboom - We see Oswald weakened, lying on the ground]
    Oswald: "Gwendolyn..."
    Skuldi: "Tell Odin that the three wise men of Titania have his daughter."
    [He's quick to split with the sleeping birdie]
    Oswald: "Wait...!"
    The Black Sword - Chapter 6 - Act 4
    Sewer Maze
    Oswald: "I have been searching for you, Sorcerer..."
    Skuldi: "The Belderiver..."
    Skuldi: "I saw it at Odin's castle. You must be Oswald, the user of the
            Belderiver that Beldor told me about."
    Skuldi: "To create a sword that can corrupt the world's fate..."
    Oswald: "Where is Gwendolyn? Answer me, or I'll kill you with the very blade
            you fear."
    [Skuldi ignores the threat and paces]
    Skuldi: "Come to think of it, I did tell her father the secret of the 
    Skuldi: "He opened the path to the Netherworld, yet he still plotted against
    Skuldi: "'Tis shocking that we failed to notice his deception."
    Skuldi: "Only a man with no fear dares to outwit a wise man. I won't forget 
            his guile."
    Skuldi: "Belderiver handler, let me ask you... Do you know the significance of
            the jewels?"
    Oswald: "Stop stalling! Answer me!"
    Skuldi: "Phozons form when life ends. New lives cannot be born unless the 
            Phozons return to the Earth."
    Skuldi: "The jewels are crystals formed from the essence of life. They feed
            on death..."
    Skuldi: "But 'tis too late. As the prophecies say, the death of the world
            cannot be avoided."
    Skuldi: "We have but one goal..."
    Skuldi: "We will fulfill the prophecies and find the two kings to rule
    Skuldi: "We will cause a vicious cycle of disorder and set the stage for 
    Oswald: "Do you say you mean to destroy the world!?"
    Oswald: "You are mad!"
    Skuldi: "You cannot understand... My comrade Urzur met an untimely death. He
            devoted his life to the prophecies."
    Skuldi: "But he will not see them... If I can destroy Odin, then I would 
            gladly doom my soul to whatever evil awaits me."
    Skuldi: "Even if it means using that innocent girl's life..."
    Oswald: "I won't allow it!"
    [He attempts to strike Skuldi down, but a quick poof and...]
    Skuldi: "Calm down, my boy..."
    Skuldi: "Beldor told me everything about you..."
    Skuldi: I've invited your family here for a little reunion. Enjoy yourself."
    [Revenants appear behind him]
    The Black Sword - Chapter 6 - Act 6
    Sewer Maze
    [Oswald holds his sword to him]
    Skuldi: "Oswald, wait... The girl is not here."
    Oswald: "Where is she? Tell me!"
    Skuldi: "She is in the Fire Kingdom. She is with Onyx, the Inferno King."
    [Oswald puts his sword down]
    Oswald: "Why there...?"
    Skuldi: "Ah, let me tell you. Odin decided that the Inferno King would be the
            girl's fiancee."
    Skuldi: "Odin is constantly leading people astray with his ever-changing 
    Skuldi: "But in order to draw the Inferno King into our realm, the girl was 
            used as bait."
    Oswald: "..."
    Skuldi: "Odin is cruel enough to use a spell to force his child to love
            whoever he chooses."
    Skuldi: "Her heart may already belong to Onyx..."
    Skuldi: "There, I have told you everything! Spare my life!"
    Skuldi: (You fool...)
    [Oswald turns his back to Skudi, whilst Skuldi prepares a spell]
    Oswald: "You called her 'bait'..."
    Skuldi: "!"
    Oswald: "You must has mistaken me for a better man..."
    [He makes a quick strike, finishing the sorcerer]
    Oswald: "I cannot allow someone as evil as you to continue to live..."
    Oswald: "You have absolutely no idea how it feels to be used..."
    4.7 The Black Sword: Epilogue  BS7
    The Black Sword - Epilogue - Act 2
    The Orgin of Fire
    Vulcan: "Halt!"
    Odin: "Out of my way."
    Vulcan: "You, who are you!?"
    [Odin smash... once more!]
    Vulcan: "Might you be...?"
    [Odin ignores the grunt and walks ahead]
    Vulcan: Plaese wait, King Odin... Someone, stop him!"
    [The scene shifts to Odin confronting Onyx]
    Onyx: "King Odin,'tis an honor to see you in person."
    Onyx: "Please excuse my servants."
    Odin: "They don't bother me, King Onyx. After all, we are equals, are we not?"
    Odin: "I have come here today because I have heard that my daughter is here."
    Onyx: "Yes... The wise men of Titania have brought me my treasure."
    Onyx: "She receives the utmost respect. And I have no intention of returning 
    Odin: "No wise man would himself "wise." They are merely a trio of ruffians."
    Onyx: "These so-called ruffians have told me to beware your country."
    Odin: "Really? How amusing."
    Odin: "So they plan to influence an entire nation with a single girl... 'Tis
    Odin: "Or could it be that the Fire Kingdom's soldiers may actually invade my
    Odin: "...This will bring about the war in the prophecies..."
    Onyx: "You're quite shrewd."
    Onyx: "But Princess Gwendolyn is so pure... It's impossible to believe she's
          your daughter."
    Onyx: "She sets my heart ablaze."
    Onyx: "Your daughter should be with me to watch the world fall into ruin."
    Odin: "Immortal you may be, but to be so immature..."
    Odin: "'Tis appalling for one who calls himself the Inferno King. I shall
          snuff you out."
    Onyx: "It never crossed my mind... That the Demon Lord would care about his
          daughter and set foot in this fated land."
    Onyx: "'Tis comforting... The spell you cast on your child will cause her to
          be mine."
    Odin: "Haha... so you know of this spell?"
    Odin: "Then do as you wish."
    Odin: "Who knows? Perhaps you may get your wish after all..."
    [Odin... leave!]
    Onyx: "What do you mean?"
    The Black Sword - Epilogue - Act 4
    Inferno King's Shrine
    Oswald: "Gwendolyn!"
    [Oswald dashes up to her]
    Oswald: "You are still asleep... I made it in time..."
    [Onyx approaches...]
    Onyx: "You brutal man... Do not take another step towards my queen, you 
    Oswald: "Your queen, eh...?"
    Onyx: "When she awakens, she will be mine due to a spell."
    Onyx: "She shall find a new life here and join my court."
    Oswald: "I won't let that happen..."
    Onyx: "She shall become the bride of Onyx, the ruler of these fiery lands."
    Onyx: "Having her as a wife will do wonders for my reputation. Of course, she
          will enjoy it, as well."
    Oswald: "You and Odin... Those with power are truly selfish beings..."
    Oswald: "If all you want is a tool to help you gain power, look elsewhere."
    Oswald: "Return Gwendolyn to me."
    Onyx: "What, are you a knight in shining armor here to rescue her? Bah!"
    Onyx: "Look at yourself. I can smell the stench of death that follows you like
          a shadow. It sickens me."
    Onyx: "'Tis the scent of that domineering wench in the Netherworld."
    Onyx: "I, ruler of the Fire Kingdom, find it repugnant."
    Onyx: "My fury awakens from the pit of my stomach..."
    Onyx: "Let me show you my true figure, as described in the prophecies..."
    [That be one ugly mug]
    The Black Sword - Epilogue - Act 6
    Inferno King's Shrine
    Onyx: "I shall regret it... But if I must hand her to you..."
    Onyx: "I would rather..."
    Oswald: "Lay one finger on her,"
    Oswald: "and I will reduce you to ashes before you can scream."
    Onyx: "Ugh..."
    [Oswald walks towards Gwendolyn]
    Onyx: "I don't believe this... You do not have the authority to tear us
    Onyx: "Will you take her by force like a vicious thief?"
    Onyx: "What of my own feelings?"
    [He rises from his knees]
    Onyx: "My soul burns with a beast... A beast called love. I cannot attempt to
          leash it."
    Onyx: "How can I live with these feelings!?"
    Onyx: "And to lose her to you in one terrible moment..."
    Oswald: "Your words... Are my thoughts exactly."
    Onyx: "Go ahead, kiss her. Wake her up."
    Onyx: "But she will not love you. A spell causes her slumber."
    Onyx: "The Demon Lord Odin came and told me this."
    Onyx: "But there is no spell on her that can control her heart."
    Oswald: "Is this why you did not wake her? Because you knew she would not love
    Onyx: "Yes... When she wakes, she'll flee."
    Onyx: "And if that is the case, I would rather keep her here, asleep and under
          my control."
    [Oswald softly laughs]
    Onyx: "What?"
    Oswald: "I see... Her heart... It cannot be manipulated..."
    Oswald: "Good."
    [He turns to Onyx]
    Oswald: "Inferno King..."
    Oswald: "I apologize for my rudeness. I wish to ease some of your pain..."
    Oswald: "Should King Onyx desire it, I shall wield my sword for you -- Just
    Oswald: "That is all I can do."
    Onyx: "Do not think you can restore my honor with this pledge."
    Oswald: "Just remember one thing..."
    Oswald: "While I still live, I will not let you near her!"
    The Black Sword - Epilogue - Act 6
    Old Castle Terrace
    [Oswald gazes at Gwen]
    Oswald: "What will you think when you see me as you awaken?"
    Oswald: "Will you hate me...? Will you run away, forever?"
    [He shakes his head]
    Oswald: "Such musings are pointless. I can't go back to the man I used to be."
    Oswald: "No matter how you react... and even if it only brings me pain..."
    [He sits on the bed next to her]
    Oswald: "I want to see... I want to see my reflection in your eyes..."
    Oswald: "I want to hear... I want to hear those soft lips speak my name..."
    Oswald: "And if, for a moment, a smile lights your face..."
    Oswald: "I will be able to live."
    Oswald: "No one controls me now."
    Oswald: "From now on, I act on my own... For you..."
    [He leans forward and kisses her]
    V.5. Fate                   (FATE)
    If one succumbs to the control
    of destiny and despair,
    the outcome will be simple
    But we know
    we shall find our true fate
    only in choosing a path
    that defies destiny
    5.0 Fate: Prelude ........... FA0
    Fate - Prelude - Act 1
    Forest of Elrit
    Velvet: "Cornelius,"
    Velvet: "you squeeze my hand so tightly..."
    Cornelius: "Forgive me. I cannot help but keep you close."
    Cornelius: "But soon I must depart. My father awaits..."
    Cornelius: "Can you meet me here again?"
    Velvet: "I shall be waiting."
    Cornelius: "Your promise gives me strength. 'Tis but a temporary separation."
    [Corn lets go of her hand and slowly leaves]
    Ingway: "Hmph, I do not approve."
    [Ingway and Skuldi enter the scene]
    Velvet: "Ingway..."
    Velvet: "How dare you... How long have you been there?"
    Ingway: "Must I turn him into a frog to make you give him up?"
    Ingway: "Wake up, Velvet."
    Ingway: "He is a prince; we are but vagabonds. Your love amounts to nothing."
    Skuldi: "Hehe... You need not be jealous, Ingway..."
    Skuldi: "King Valentine's blood runs through you both, you are the last living
    Skuldi: "You shall restore the throne..."
    Ingway: "Silence."
    Ingway: "Skuldi, go tell Urzur that I shall be successful in my plans."
    Skuldi: "Aye."
    [He's gone]
    Ingway: "A king, eh?"
    Ingway: "So they want us bastards, conceived in treachery, linked to our 
            grandfather's bloody throne?"
    Ingway: "I think not."
    Velvet: "Please, don't talk about our mother that way..."
    Ingway: "Velvet..."
    Ingway: "It would seem you have forgotten about the curse she set on us..."
    Velvet: "I have not forgotten..."
    Ingway: "No, you have..."
    Ingway: "Now, read this once again."
    [He holds out a scroll]
    Ingway: "Read the prophecy our mother wrote."
    Ingway: "'Tis written clearly..."
    Ingway: "An unavoidable curse and death shall be unleashed upon us both."
    [He tucks the scroll away]
    Ingway: "Our mother, who could see the future, wished death upon us."
    Velvet: "We abandoned our mother first. 'Twas inevitable she would curse us."
    Ingway: "Had we not abandoned her, that crazed king would have executed us as
    Ingway: "...I would have preferred that. At least we would not have to suffer
            under a curse cast by our own mother."
    Velvet: "That doesn't mean that the curse she has predicted will come true."
    Ingway: "Oh? Can you see the future now, like Mother and Hindel?"
    Velvet: "..."
    Ingway: "I'm sorry, Velvet... I spoke too strongly..."
    Ingway: "Let us go."
    Ingway: "Hold onto this."
    [He passes their mother's note her way and leaves]
    Velvet: "'...My dear children...'"
    Velvet: "'Eventually, an inevitable curse...'"
    Velvet: "'...curse and death shall be thrown upon the two of you.'"
    Velvet: "Mother..."
    Fate - Prelude - Act 3
    Above the Clouds
    Hindel: "Why hath my slumber been disturbed?"
    Velvet: "You possess the gift of foresight. I seek an answer from you."
    Hindel: "Unfortunately, I cannot assist you."
    Hindel: "When I speak, fairies and humans misinterpret my words and lose their
    Hindel: "I have stopped gazing into the future."
    Velvet: "I am of King Valentine's bloodline."
    Velvet: "I had heard you were close to the royal family."
    Hindel: "Sheep are close to humans - as food, not friends. So too are 
            dragons. We have never been friends of man."
    Hindel: "I see... So you are Velvet... I have had visions of your arrival."
    Hindel: "I guess this is the time..."
    Velvet: "If you knew I was coming, then you know why I am here."
    Hindel: "As your mother said, a curse and death surround your demise."
    Hindel: "'Tis nothing to fear."
    Hindel: "No life can escape death."
    Hindel: "When life ends, a world is sealed."
    Velvet: "If you know my fate, you know that it is pointless to discuss my
    Hindel: "Yes, that is correct."
    Velvet: "Please tell me what the future holds."
    Hindel: "Everything hath already been written in the prophecies."
    Hindel: "I have nothing more to add..."
    Hindel: "The path to take will be indicated by your mentor."
    Velvet: "My mentor?"
    Hindel: "Death cannot be avoided... But fate can be redirected."
    Velvet: "Are you suggesting destiny can be changed?"
    Hindel: "I exist for guidance.."
    Hindel: "Though I be not rewarded, I must serve my purpose."
    Hindel: "Until as the prophecies states... ...the Shadow Knight from the Fairy
            Kingdom takes my life..."
    Velvet: "!"
    Hindel: "Deny fate if you wish."
    Hindel: "That is your duty in your demise."
    Velvet: "..."
    Hindel: "You shall visit here once more. At that time, my friend shall attend
            to you."
    Hindel: "Now, please go. My own end draws near."
    Hindel: "Even sinners before their execution are allowed time for a prayer."
    Hindel: "Please do not interfere with my slumber."
    5.1 Fate: Chapter 1 .......... FA1
    Fate - Chapter 1 - Act 2
    Near Pooka Village
    Krois: "As we have discussed before, there are several prophecies about this 
    Krois: "All of them refer to the end of the world, caused by five disasters: a
           monster, a fire, a King of Death, a cauldron, and a dragon."
    Krois: "The prophecies about our own nation were similar..."
    Velvet: "Ingway and I were taught about these prophecies when we were 
    Krois: "Princess Velvet... I do not have an answer regarding how to save the
           two of you."
    Velvet: "Master Krois..."
    [Skuldi drops by]
    Skuldi: "Any instructor would be vague... They would guard their words to 
            comfort their pupil..."
    Velvet: "Skuldi..."
    Krois: "Is this an acquaintance of yours?"
    Skuldi: "Before the first Valentine e'er came to this land,"
    Skuldi: "the prophecies regarding this area were already ancient."
    Skuldi: "They are more accurate than the tales coming from... less enlightened
    Krois: "How dare you insinuate that my country's wisdem is fallacious!"
    Skuldi: "King Gallon, of my country, Titania, listed these prophecies in an
            epic poem."
    Skuldi: "The truth behind the catastrophe can be found in these verses."
    Velvet: "And where are these poems? I would like to see them."
    Krois: "The Psalms have been scattered and are lost. One section has been 
           passed by world of mouth. However, it is quite vague."
    Skuldi: "If you know not the words, 'tis best to admit that you do not know
            them. All wise men respect honesty."
    Skuldi: "If you continue your folly, you will never find the answer you seek."
    Krois: "You do not seek a debate. All you want is a fight."
    Krois: "Oh, I feel dizzy."
    Skuldi: "Be careful. Anger is likely to disrupt the amount of blood reaching
            one's brain."
    Krois: "Then I salute your extensive knowledge. I bid you farewell."
    [Krois departs]
    Velvet: "Master..."
    Velvet: "That wasn't nice, Skuldi."
    Skuldi: "I spoke only the truth."
    Skuldi: "'Tis fact that the Psalms foretell the events to come."
    Velvet: "Is there any way to read the whole scripture?"
    Skuldi: "Only King Gallon knows the entire poem."
    Skuldi: "But Gallon is held prisoner in the Netherworld."
    Velvet: "..."
    Velvet: "You once said you are able to go to the Netherworld."
    Skuldi: "Yes, indeed, I can."
    Velvet: "...I'd like to know the truth. If the epic poems tell of 
    Skuldi: "I shall take you there and hand them to you."
    Skuldi: "But please do not forget... If you seek fish, you must first bait the
    Velvet: "What is it you want?"
    Skuldi: "Oh, the request of one as old as I am is but a trifle..."
    Skuldi: "If I could borrow the Book of Transformation..."
    Velvet: "That is a book of magic scribed by my grandfather."
    Velvet: "'Tis my kingdom's treasure. It is not mine to give."
    Skuldi: "I only ask to borrow it for a short time."
    Velvet: "...I see..."
    Skuldi: "Well, let us go before we change our minds..."
    Fate - Chapter 1 - Act 4
    Land of Despair and Misery
    [Velvet scans the darkness of the Netherworld and spots Skuldi]
    Velvet: "Why did you not assist me? Disappearing like that..."
    Skuldi: "As you promised, I did borrow the book in question,"
    Skuldi: "but it was missing the section regarding the curse of the Pooka."
    Skuldi: "As it stands, I cannot help your current situation."
    Velvet: "The pages were removed...? Ingway must has interfered."
    Skuldi: "There is not much time. If the Queen catches us, she will not allow
            us to leave."
    Skuldi: "The king's prison cell should be nearby."
    [A familiar voice from the dark speaks up]
    Gallon: "I smell warm blood... Do I sense live humans?"
    Skuldi: "Oh, King of Titania."
    Skuldi: "It is I..."
    Gallon: "Begone, you demons..."
    Gallon: "I have already declined your request."
    Skuldi: "Great King, although you do not wish it, we will one day release 
    Skuldi: "But, our business today is different."
    Velvet: "We come here to ask you, scribe of Erion's greatest epic, about the
            world's end."
    Gallon: "The scent of the blood coursing through your veins... I remember it."
    Velvet: "I am Princess Velvet, of Valentine."
    Gallon: "His... grandchild..."
    Velvet: "Please tell me of the prophecies that are based on the Psalms."
    Gallon: "What do you hope to gain...?"
    Velvet: "I wish to oppose destiny and escape a curse that would cause my 
    [Gallon gives out a loud chuckle]
    Skuldi: "Oh, no... the Halja will hear us."
    [Gallon tosses a scroll at Velvet's feet]
    Gallon: "This is all that is left, in my head and in my hands..."
    Gallon: "Seek out the rest. I shall dream about you saving the world..."
    [Velvet tucks it away]
    Gallon: "Ah..."
    Gallon: "The corpse that calls itself royalty... She has come to torture us."
    [As Odette appears, Skuldi flees]
    Odette: "Silence, Gallon."
    Odette: "I do not recall allowing visitors into the prison."
    Velvet: "Queen Odette, of the Netherworld..."
    Odette: "You say you are from Valentine?"
    Odette: "The memory of that name makes me furious!"
    Odette: "That criminal you all call a king..."
    Odette: "He stole my eye and crawled out onto the earth."
    Velvet: "What!?"
    Velvet: "My grandfather!?"
    Odette: "Your rudeness continues... Tearing you limb from limb is not 
            punishment enough."
    Fate - Chapter 1 - Act 6
    Netherworld Shrine
    [Halja pop up]
    Skuldi: "The Halja are gathering... We're completely surrounded."
    Skuldi: "You stupid girl. We cannot run after angering the queen."
    [Stomp, stomp. Who is it?]
    Skuld: "That's...!"
    Velvet: "!"
    [Balor comes in and uses its disco powers of doom on the Halja]
    Odin: "In this realm of death, I mistook you for my beloved... Your mother...
          My dearest daughter Velvet..."
    Velvet: "Odin..."
    Velvet: (This man drove my mother mad.)
    Odin: "Creatures born of fragmented souls..."
    Odin: "I shall pound you into your graves if you do not leave us."
    Halja: "Criminal Odin..."
    Halja: "You will never be forgiven..."
    Odin: "You have been warned, you fools!"
    [Odette drops by]
    Odette: "It's you again, Odin..."
    Odin: "Aye, 'tis I, you queen of rotting cadavers..."
    Odin: "I shall decline from kissing your hand, but I shall restrain myself
          while in your court."
    Odette: "After stealing my jewels, how does a thief call himself restrained?"
    Odin: "The crystals of the Netherworld are quite useful. 'Tis a waste to leave
    [He draws in his disco ball]
    Odin: "Casting off darkness and shining through... You cannot defeat me."
    Odin: "It will be my own hand that finally nails your casket shut."
    Odette: "Do not think you will die peacefully."
    [Whoosh! She's gone]
    Odin: "Let's go, Velvet!"
    Velvet: "Don't come near me."
    Velvet: "Something must be wrong... If you have come to save me..."
    Odin: "The Halja are growing impatient."
    Odin: "But they do not tremble nor shy away."
    Odin: "Let me take you to the Netherworld's exit."
    [She backs away, but is whisked away]
    Skuldi: "So that girl is Odin's daughter..."
    Skuldi: "Hm... I must escape quickly, too."
    5.2 Fate: Chapter 2 .......... FA2
    Fate - Chapter 2 - Act 2
    Near Pooka Village
    Krois: "She went to the Netherworld with that sorcerer!?"
    Krois: "This is so dangerous! I'm so nervous..."
    Velvet: "Ah... He may still be nearby..."
    Meril: "She's been looking gloomy ever since she returned."
    Krois: "If I may ask... Why are you so frightened?"
    Velvet: "My grandfather... King Valentine... has escaped the Netherworld."
    Krois: "The deceased king...? But, how!?"
    Velvet: "My grandfather was interested in the Cauldron..."
    Krois: "If that is true..."
    Krois: "It must surely refer to the great cauldron that appears in the 
    Velvet: "Is this the beginning of the end of the world?"
    Krois: "I do not know."
    Krois: "'Tis impossible to speculate the nature of a king who has escaped the
    Velvet: "You have such great wisdom... Do you know of any way to prevent this
    Meril: "Father..."
    Krois: "..."
    Krois: "A single ring controls the Cauldron."
    Velvet: "The ring... that my grandfather was wearing?"
    Krois: "Indeed. The ring of Titrel."
    Krois: "If that ring is used to stop the Cauldron, no one can restart it, not
           even a king."
    Meril: "Where is this ring now?"
    Velvet: "It's in the Fairy Kingdom, where the Cauldron has been taken."
    Velvet: "I shall sneak in and recover the ring."
    Krois: "What are you saying!?"
    Meril: "Velvet!"
    Velvet: "I would rather fight death than wait for my cursed destiny to take 
    Krois: "I know of a man who can magically send himself there. If I asked 
    Velvet: "If you're discovered, all Pooka will be labeled as criminals..."
    Velvet: "Please, do not tell anyone else of this, I don't want anyone else
    Meril: "Moving in the shadows will not hide you from the Fairies for long."
    Velvet: "That is when this chain shall protect me."
    Fate - Chapter 2 - Act 4
    Ringford Palace
    [Velvet is making her escape, but...]
    Mercedes: "Freeze!"
    Mercedes: "How dare you intrude in the palace while my mother is away in 
    Velvet: "..."
    [Ol' Matt comes in]
    Matthew: "Oh no! Princes Mercedes!"
    Matthew: "What!? You..."
    Mercedes: "Grandfather, did something happen?"
    Matthew: "A thief defeated the knights and snuck into the palace."
    Matthew: "This woman... is that thief."
    Mercedes: "I can see that."
    Mercedes: "You have something of ours... Return my mother's ring immediately."
    Matthew: "What was that!? Is that the ring Titrel!?"
    Velvet: "This ring is at the center of this debacle. It belongs to Valentine."
    Velvet: "This abominable treasure has no place with fairies."
    Matthew: "It seems there's more to this story..."
    Matthew: "But, you are mistaken. The rightful owner of that ring surrendered 
             it to us. It is ours."
    Velvet: "King Valentine passed away during the disaster..."
    Velvet: "Your lies are transparent."
    Matthew: "I tell no lie. The ring was given to our queen..."
    Matthew: "By the surviving Prince of Valentine."
    Velvet: "!"
    Velvet: (Prince...?)
    Velvet: (It can't be... Ingway...)
    Velvet: "Even if that's the case... I... cannot return the ring."
    [She dashes off]
    Mercedes: "You're not going anywhere!"
    Matthew: "Guards! Guards!"
    Fate - Chapter 2 - Act 6
    Near Pooka Village
    Meril: "Velvet!"
    Meril: "I'm relieved that you're all right..."
    Krois: "We were worried..."
    Velvet: "Master..."
    [She pulls out the ring to show to Krois]
    Krois: "We can't let ourselves be seen. Hurry, we have to hide."
    Velvet: "So, this is the ring that can stop the Cauldron..."
    Krois: "This whole area is  warzone right now. No one will be able to come 
           search for it."
    Meril: "Father, is the king really trying to create another disaster?"
    Krois: "I know not the king's mind. But if the king wishes to use the Cauldron
           for atrocity once again,"
    Krois: "the only one able to stop him is the one who knew him in life. It will
           be up to Princess Velvet."
    Velvet: "..."
    Meril: "But... I cannot bear to see the Princess in such danger."
    [Irritable twin comes in]
    Ingway: "I cannot believe what I'm hearing."
    Ingway: "I did not give you that chain so you could act like a thief."
    Velvet: "Ingway..."
    Ingway: "Have you any idea how dangerous that ring is?"
    Ingway: "Let me hold onto it, Velvet."
    Ingway: "Give me the ring."
    Velvet: "How do you know about this?"
    Ingway: "We are twins. There is nothing you can hide from me."
    Velvet: "You said that Skuldi has friends in the Fairy Kingdom, did you not?"
    Ingway: "If that chain makes you act so irrationally, shall I take it away?"
    Velvet: "..."
    Ingway: "Don't glare at me like that..."
    Ingway: "I'm just worried about you. I'm sorry if I've upset you."
    Velvet: "Please, just leave me alone."
    [Velvet and her, uh, Pooka pals leave]
    Ingway: (I will eventually get that ring...)
    Ingway: (But, first... How can I stop the prattling of those old men who talk 
             of nothing but Titrel...?)
    5.3 Fate: Chapter 3 .......... FA3
    Fate - Chapter 3 - Act 2
    Captial of the Lost Kingdom
    [Camera pans over to see goblins running about]
    Velvet: "Goblins... Why are they here?"
    [Sorrowful music for Valentine's intro, go figure]
    Valentine: "The wind here is tainted with selfishness."
    Valentine: "Fools are fighting over a treasure at my grave."
    Valentine: "The world has become a rowdier place since I was last here..."
    Velvet: "!"
    Velvet: "Ah... ah..."
    Valentine: "It's been awhile, has it not, Velvet? The last time... I lost my 
               life here."
    Velvet: "Grandfather...?"
    Valentine: "What is wrong, my child? You tremble."
    Valentine: "I guess my appearance does not help. But, alas, this is how your
               king returns."
    Velvet: "..."
    Valentine: "'Twas your duty to dance and console me, remember?"
    Valentine: "So what is keeping you?"
    Valentine: "Show your courtesy and kneel as you did before..."
    Velvet: "Y-Yes..."
    [She does so... Fine sample of "More Than Mind Control" a la TV trope]
    Valentine: "Now do you remember... who commands you?"
    Valentine: "There, there... You are a good child who obeys my commands."
    Valentine: "We shall regain the Cauldron and purify the Old World."
    Velvet: "!"
    Velvet: "Grandfather... Please forgive me."
    Valentine: "What...? Do you dare to disobey me? You!?"
    Velvet: "Ah..."
    Valentine: "It seems I may need to use the whip to bring you back to your 
    Velvet: "!"
    Velvet: "Grandfather... please..."
    Valentine: "You fool, now follow me."
    [She rises, but does not follow]
    Velvet: "The Cauldron must be put to sleep..."
    Velvet: "So that none may control it..."
    Valentine: "What!?"
    Valentine: "No, you can't have the ring of Titrel..."
    [She backs away]
    Velvet: "I will not tell you, even if you kill me."
    Valentine: "You..."
    Valentine: "You conceited child..."
    Valentine: "But... I cannot waste time like this."
    Valentine: "I shall use the whip on you later."
    [He, uh, shuffles away whilst Velvet trembles]
    Velvet: (I... I have to calm down...)
    Velvet: (Grandfather is hurrying because)
    Velvet: (he thinks that I can stop the Cauldron...)
    Velvet: (I must get there first...)
    Fate - Chapter 3 - Act 4
    Aesir Forward Headquarters
    [Brigan and his troops march onto the scene]
    Brigan: "All right, everyone fall in."
    Brigan: "We'll maintain formation here while we wait. Check roll-call again."
    [Troops do so]
    Valkyrie: "Lord Brigan!"
    [He turns to approaching Valkyrie]
    Valkyrie: "What are you suggesting? Why should we wait after coming all the way
    Valkyrie: "Gwendolyn's troops are already in battle."
    Valyrie: "'Tis not very far from here."
    Brigan: "Shut up! Don't lecture me."
    Brigan: "The princess has advanced too quickly."
    Brigan: "We shall advance slowly."
    Brigan: "We must save our strength. If we hurry now, we'll be unable to rush 
    Brigan: "Do not worry, my troops..."
    Brigan: "The king's pride and joy is fighting. Our victory is almost 
    Valkyrie: "But Lord Brigan..."
    Brigan: "You're so annoying! Fine! Go on ahead! I'll catch up."
    Brigan: "We're almost there. Tell them not to hold back."
    [The Valkyrie fly off]
    Warrior: "Lord Brigan, will you be departing as well?"
    Brigan: "Don't be so hasty, you fool."
    Brigan: "Heroes wait for a dramatic entrance."
    Warrior: "But in the last battle, we did not make it in time, and Princess 
    Brigan: "Don't use that tone with me!"
    [So... why are you killing your own troops?]
    Brigan: "Hmph!"
    Brigan: "Huh?"
    [He spots Velvet dashing across the battlefield to stop her]
    Brigan: "And who are you? What are you doing here?"
    Velvet: "The Demon Lord's confidant."
    Velvet: "Out of my way."
    Brigan: "What's all this, then?"
    [She attempts to get past him, only to encounter Mario-like jumping skills]
    Brigan: "Hey, wait..."
    [Quick lash for Eggman!]
    Velvet: "Don't disturb me!"
    Brigan: "You... How dare you!"
    [He makes a countattack... only to miss]
    Fate - Chapter 3 - Act 6
    The Cauldron
    Dear Cauldron...
    You neglected child...
    Now, obey the ring...
    Listen to the voice of the ring's owner.
    Go to sleep...
    Stop all this.
    Let not a single cog spin.
    [Obviously Velvet being the speaker, as the Cauldron shuts down]
    Velvet: "Now not even my grandfather can control the Cauldron."
    Velvet: "Who is that, over there? 'Tis Odin...!"
    Velvet: "It seems the battle is winding down. Soldiers are approaching..."
    Velvet: "I must leave before they spot me."
    [She hops off the Cauldron and comes across an unconcious Cornelius]
    Velvet: "Master!"
    [Krois comes along with a crew of Pooka]
    Krois: "Princess Velvet! You're safe!"
    Krois: "When I heard that you had run away,"
    Krois: "I gathered those who were determined to rescue you."
    Velvet: "This area is not safe."
    Velvet: "If a Pooka is captured here, they will discover the entrance to the 
    Pooka: "Someone's coming..."
    Velvet: "Please, go and hide."
    Velvet: "I'll draw them away and buy you some time."
    Krois: "But..."
    Velvet: "Please!"
    [She dashes off and so she meets...]
    Gwendolyn: "Halt, woman!"
    Velvet: "You're..."
    Velvet: "You use a Psypher... You must be a high-ranking officer..."
    Gwendolyn: "I am Gwendolyn... I am from the honorable king's bloodline."
    Velvet: "The Demon Lord's daughter?"
    Velvet: (So... She is my half-sister...)
    Gwendolyn: "And who are you!? 'Tis now your turn to answer!"
    Velvet: "..."
    Gwendolyn: "Stop!"
    5.4 Fate: Chapter 4 .......... FA4
    Fate - Chapter 4 - Act 2
    Near Pooka Village
    Krois: "Such a small ring... is the key to Armageddon..."
    Velvet: "Master..."
    Krois: "Will the Cauldron remain asleep? Perhaps... Perhaps the prophecy could
           be mistaken..."
    Krois: "You must never give the ring of Titrel to anyone with a lust for power."
    [Goblin runs in]
    Goblin: "Hey, here she is!"
    Velvet: "What!?"
    Goblin: "Indeed."
    [The goblins start to gather around Velvet & Krois]
    Goblin: "This saves us the trouble of having to go underground."
    Krois: "Wh-What do you want?"
    [Velvet takes out two of them]
    Goblin: "Wait! Listen..."
    Goblin: "King Valentine has ordered us to come here."
    Velvet: "My grandfather?"
    Goblin: "Princess, the King is furious..."
    [Another goblin speaks up]
    Goblin: "The customary punishment for disobeying the king is hanging or
    [The "lead" goblin stops him]
    Goblin: "Quiet!"
    Goblin: "You have nothing to worry about. The king is a kind man."
    Goblin: "He said if you'll return the ring,"
    Goblin: "he'll love you again."
    Krois: "Princess Velvet..."
    Velvet: "I will not let him have it."
    Goblin: "Killing her isn't an option..."
    [He draws a dagger]
    Goblin: "Just steal the ring."
    Goblin: "Like candy from a babe..."
    Krois: "There are too many of them. Run away!"
    Goblin: "Quiet, old man!"
    [He knocks out the old Pooka]
    Velvet: "Master!"
    [She takes two more of them out and runs to Krois's side]
    Krois: "Worry not about me..."
    Krois: "Hide the ring where no one will find it."
    [She kills off a few more goblins]
    Velvet: "..."
    [...And hesistantly leaves]
    Goblin: "Don't let her escape!"
    Fate - Chapter 4 - Act 4
    Above the Clouds
    [Velvet finds a dead Hindel and remains silent]
    Velvet: "..."
    [PMS-ing dragon pops up]
    Wagner: "As you can see..."
    Wagner: "His soul is with the stars."
    Wagner: "Why are you here, jewel handler?"
    Wagner: "If I dislike your answer, you shall not leave this mountain."
    Velvet: "I have been waiting for you..."
    Velvet: "I have been waiting... to meet Hindel's friend."
    [Wagner drops to the ground]
    Wagner: "My name is Wagner."
    Wagner: "Who are you? I must know, or I will not help you."
    Velvet: "I am Princess Velvet, of Valentine."
    Wagner: "You are related to the one who created the cauldron that destroys 
    Wagner: "And... That jeweled chain..."
    Velvet: "Hindel last told me..."
    Velvet: "A Shadow Knight from the Fairy Kingdom would soon come to take his
    Velvet: "He knew it all... But he died following his destiny."
    Velvet: "He mentioned you then..."
    Wagner: "He died from that jewel! Don't casually dismiss his death."
    Wagner: "Do you think of us are mere lizards, incapable of shedding tears?"
    Wagner: "You don't seem to understand that my friend's death pains me 
    Wagner: "It pierces my heart, you witch of Valentine..."
    [He lifts]
    Wagner: "I could crush your bones and drink your blood, but it would bring me 
            no peace."
    Wagner: "I curse the misfortune of meeting you here."
    Velvet: "Wagner, please wait..."
    Fate - Chapter 4 - Act 6
    Above the Clouds
    Wagner: "Don't be arrogant, girl..."
    Wagner: "Allow me to show you what a true dragon is capable of."
    Velvet: "You can take my life, but please, hear what I have to say first."
    Wagner: "I do not care if you beg!"
    Velvet: "I have stopped the Cauldron to prevent a great disaster."
    Velvet: "Hindel told me to come here."
    Wagner: "Eh!?"
    Wagner: "What did you say? You stopped the Cauldron that creates the jewels 
            like the ones you use?"
    Velvet: "No one can command the Cauldron now..."
    [She pulls out Titrel]
    Velvet: "Save for the one wearing this ring, Titrel."
    Velvet: "This ring is the only thing that can reactivate the Cauldron."
    Wagner: "If you speak the truth, then that means that no more jewels can be
    Velvet: "The Demon Lord and the goblins are all searching for this ring."
    Velvet: "Please lend me your aid. I come here to hide this ring where nobody
            will be able to find it."
    Wagner: "Are you saying that the Valentine Royal family wishes to dig its own
    Wagner: "I never thought I'd hear that..."
    Wagner: "But... There is nowhere that is truly unreachable to all."
    Wagner: "Wherever the ring is buried, the dwarves will eventually dig it 
            up, given time."
    Velvet: "Then what do you suggest?"
    Wagner: "...Let me take the ring."
    Wagner: "I am Wagner, ruler of the sky."
    Wagner: "Not even the Beast of Armageddon can reach me above the clouds."
    Wagner: "And I am safe from Odin."
    Velvet: "Why is that?"
    Wagner: "We made a deal long ago. In reward for his valor, I gave him my 
    Wagner: "The source of his mighty power is the dragon's blood running through 
            his veins."
    Wagner: "As a result, Odin's powers cannot harm me."
    Wagner: "Now, give me that ring."
    [He opens his mouth as Velvet tosses the ring in]
    Velvet: "Please be careful."
    Velvet: "This ring is sought by more than just kings..."
    Wagner: "'Tis my responsibility."
    Velvet: "Thank you, Wagner."
    Wagner: "If Odin is hunting you, I would advise you to stay away from this
    Wagner: "I often see the Demon Lord's Valkyrie in the area."
    Velvet: "I cannot hide from him."
    Velvet: "This situation must come to an end eventually."
    Velvet: "I may be Valentinian royalty, but..."
    Velvet: "I am Odin's daughter."
    Wagner: "What!?"
    [Black screen time... with Velvet as the speaker, of course]
    It has been predicted.
    I will be captured by the Aesir.
    ...As the thief who ruined
    their chances of victory.
    5.5 Fate: Chapter 5 .......... FA5
    Fate - Chapter 5 - Act 2
    Winterhorn Ridge
    Warrior: "I see the witch! Over here! Catch her!"
    [Some grunts are quick to arrive]
    Velvet: "I'm surrounded... I can't escape..."
    [Our heroic little Valkyrie rides in]
    Gwendolyn: "Come with me."
    Velvet: "You..."
    [The half-sisters flee]
    Velvet: "Why are you helping me?"
    Gwendolyn: "Your execution would deeply upset my father."
    Gwendolyn: "It frustrates me... But my father loves you."
    Gwendolyn: "So please, don't hate him..."
    Velvet: "..."
    [Goon squad catch up]
    Warrior: "Please step aside, Princess."
    Gwendolyn: "Stand back! Let her through!"
    Warrior: "Lord Brigan has collapsed!"
    Warrior: "The princess has gone mad!"
    [Odin arrives on the scene]
    Odin: "This is most unfortunate..."
    Warrior: "My Lord..."
    Odin: "You know what happens..."
    Odin: "to those who oppose me."
    Velvet: "This girl rescued me for your sake..."
    Velvet: "She rescued me, your daughter..."
    Gwendolyn: "Stop it. Don't say that. The soldiers will think less of my father
               if they over hear you..."
    Odin: "Gwendolyn... Do you realize what you have done...?"
    Gwendolyn: "My heart knows why you are acting this way..."
    Gwendolyn: "That is why I am doing this."
    Odin: "..."
    Gwendolyn: "Hear me, everyone. I am a traitor who opposes the King's 
    Gwendolyn: "Until this girl escapes, none shall pass; not event the King."
    Warrior: "What disrespect..."
    Gwendolyn: "Take one more step and I shall run you through."
    [She turns to Velvet and hands back her Psypher]
    Gwendolyn: "Here's your chain. Now, go."
    Gwendolyn: "Hurry!"
    [And so Velvet hurries]
    Velvet: (Gwendolyn...)
    Fate - Chapter 5 - Act 2
    Near Pooka Village
    Meril: "I am glad to see you are safe."
    Velvet: "How is Master Krois?"
    Meril: "He is still in bed, unconscious."
    Meril: "He sometimes mumbles about the Armageddon..."
    Velvet: "Oh, Master..."
    Velvet: "!?"
    [Camera pans over to find Skuldi assaulting Myris]
    Skuldi: "You had better be telling the truth."
    Skuldi: "So Odin cast a spell on his daughter, eh?"
    Myris: "Yes... Please... You're hurting me!"
    Velvet: "What are you doing!? Leave her alone, Skuldi!"
    [He lets go of her ears]
    Skuldi: "Ah, Princess..."
    Skuldi: "This does not concern you."
    Velvet: "Myris, it's you!"
    Myris: "Yes, Princess Velvet..."
    Myris: "I was forced to leave the castle, so I was on my way back home."
    Meril: "What did the sorcerer want?"
    Myris: "I do not know. When I told him I was driven from the castle, he 
           suddenly looked strange..."
    Velvet: "'Driven from the castle'? What is happening at the Demon Lord's 
    Myris: "Princess Gwendolyn, who I serve, was banished for opposing the 
    Velvet: "What!?"
    Velvet: "Where did she go?"
    Myris: "She is to be imprisioned in the old castle in the forest."
    Velvet: "That girl..."
    Velvet: "Forgive me, Myris... This is all my fault..."
    Velvet: "She sacrificed herself to save me..."
    Myris: "Princess Velvet..."
    Velvet: "No..."
    Velvet: "I cannot stand here and do nothing."
    [She makes her way to Elrit Forest]
    Meril: "Oh, Princess Velvet."
    Fate - Chapter 5 - Act 4
    Old Castle Environs
    Odin: "..."
    [Two Valkyrie approach Odin]
    Valkyrie: "We have transported Princess Gwendolyn."
    Odin: "Ah... well done."
    Odin: "I shall take care of the rest. Return to the castle."
    [The two Valkyrie do as they're told]
    Odin: "Now... I am finally alone. Come out."
    [It seems even Velvet has awesome jumping skills as well]
    Velvet: "So you knew I was here."
    Odin: "I am happy to see you safe, Velvet."
    Velvet: "If you were truly relieved,"
    Velvet: "you would not have punished the daughter who cares for you."
    Odin: "I see that you are concerned about Gwendolyn,"
    Odin: "but you know that the king cannot waive punishment for those who 
          disobey the law."
    Velvet: "Even so, are you not her father? How could you..."
    [Speaking of kings...]
    Valentine: "You see his true self...!"
    Velvet: "Ah!"
    Valentine: "Grand... father..."
    Odin: "Eh? This tattered spectre... This is King Valentine?"
    Valentine: "Odin..."
    Valentine: "You are truly vulgar. When it comes to rudeness, you're a cut 
               above the rest."
    Odin: "I need no civility to deal with a demon who kills his own daughter."
    Valentine: "Yes indeed, a demon..."
    [...Hey, look, he's going sentimental on us]
    Valentine: "I crushed my beloved child with these hands..."
    Valentine: "These fingers wrung the life from that soft neck 'til it cried no
    Velvet: "Oh, mother...!"
    Valentine: "I would not even allow the rain to touch her... Do you realize 
               just how much I loved her...?"
    Valentine: "Do you understand... That my love could not prevent me from giving
               in to my anger? She was my everything..."
    Valentine: "Everyone labeled me as a child-killer and feared me like a wild
    Valentine: "I was indeed... a mad king."
    Valentine: "I lost all sense of serenity and peace."
    Valentine: "You stole that from me, along with my daughter."
    Odin: "The pain of losing her is still with me."
    Odin: "I have been fighting Odette's brittle bones ever since."
    Valentine: "Shall we continue our war here? Very well. Let us have our fill of
    Valentine: "Right... Velvet?"
    Odin: "What?"
    Valentine: "Don't worry, my dear... If you heed my words, we should be able to
               leave those underground in peace."
    Velvet: "!"
    Valentine: "Look... This man is our enemy, Velvet. You should hate him."
    Valentine: "Chain this beast up."
    Velvet: "..."
    [She makes a quick swipe at Odin]
    Odin: "Stop this, Velvet... Or else..."
    Fate - Chapter 5 - Act 6
    Forest of Elrit
    [Odin's mask shatters and he falls to his knees]
    Valentine: "It appears the Demon Lord cannot be as ruthless to his own
    Velvet: "..."
    Valentine: "Why don't you allow me to be the cruel one... In payment for my 
    [He advances towards Odin, but Velvet cuts him off]
    Velvet: "Stop it, Grandfather..."
    Valentine: "What are you doing, Velvet?"
    [Odin takes the chance and gets Valentine in his grip]
    Odin: "I was waiting for you to get closer."
    Odin: "Step back, Velvet."
    [She does so]
    Valentine: "You were just pretending to be hurt..."
    Odin: "Well... No one is completely unscathed after a blow from a Psypher."
    Odin: "...But there is still enough power in my hands to crush 
          you, Valentine."
    Valentine: "..."
    Odin: "Let me take revenge for the death of my beloved."
    Valentine: "She was my precious daughter... There could not be another like
               her in the universe..."
    Odin: "If you loved her so much, how could you do something so horrific?"
    Valentine: "If she had any love for you, then her claims to love me were only
    Odin: "Is that a crime worth death?"
    Valentine: "I made her suffer..."
    Valentine: "And even then... why did she not curse my name?"
    Valentine: "...Why did she not beg the stars to strike me down?"
    Odin: "..."
    [Odin releases him. Valentine then pulls out his daughter's note]
    Valentine: "I see... Although she knew she had to die, she prayed that I
               could be spared."
    [He drops the scroll]
    Valentine: "She just wanted her suffering to end..."
    Velvet: "Is that my mother's writing?"
    Valentine: "I was blinded by fury... Acting on foolish impulse..."
    Valentine: "I could have saved her..."
    Valentine: "These hands... I killed her with these hands..."
    Valentine: "Kill me, Odin! Crush my bones until there is naught left..."
    Valentine: "I killed my beloved fool..."
    Valentine: "Aaahh... I will not find peace until my heart is truly 
    Odin: "You said you loved her, but your words ring hollow."
    Odin: "Go... Go suffer for eternity."
    Fate - Chapter 5 - Act 6
    Old Castle Terrace
    Odin: "Every nation has laws set by its king. Transgression cannot go
          unpunished... Not even for a princess."
    Velvet: "You're the same as my grandfather."
    Velvet: "You only realize a treasure's true worth once it is gone... Who is
            the one who truly loves you...?"
    Odin: "... Things will not get any worse. You don't need to worry anymore."
    [Odin departs, leaving Velvet to leave a few words for her sleeping sister]
    Velvet: "Gwendolyn... Little sister..."
    Velvet: "I pray that you meet a man who is kind to you... So that you do not
            suffer anymore for your own kindness."
    Velvet: "I'll pray for you..."
    5.6 Fate: Chapter 6 .......... FA6
    Fate - Chapter 6 - Act 2
    Near Pooka Village
    Velvet: "Myris..."
    Myris: "I shall go to the old castle"
    Myris: "to see Lady Gwendolyn..."
    Velvet: "Please take care of her."
    Myris: "Of course. I shall do my best to protect her."
    Meril: "Please be careful."
    Myris: "You, too... They might come back again..."
    Meril: "Everything is all right. Please, don't worry."
    [Myris heads off to the old castle]
    Velvet: "Who are "they"? Did something happen?"
    Meril: "While you were out,"
    Meril: "the goblins returned and stole all of our coins."
    Velvet: "My grandfather must have been behind this...!"
    Meril: "But everything is all right. The one with the glowing sword retrieved
           all our money."
    Velvet: "Who?"
    Meril: "He hails from the kingdom of Titania. He went back there."
    Velvet: "To Titania..."
    Velvet: "Did he... Did he say his name?"
    Meril: "His name is Cornelius and he is very powerful."
    Velvet: "!"
    Velvet: "Prince Cornelius..."
    [She goes over a few thoughts with herself]
    Velvet: (No... The Pooka's Curse was cast on Cornelius...!?)
    Velvet: (Who would do this!? How did this happen!?)
    Velvet: (Aaah!)
    Velvet: (The Book of Transformation... It was missing the pages...)
    Velvet: "Is Ingway here?"
    Meril: "I haven't seen him since then."
    Velvet: (Titania...)
    Fate - Chapter 6 - Act 4
    King Edmund's Court
    Urzur: "Your Majesty... Tell me your secret."
    Edmund: "If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times... 'Tis not in my
            best interest."
    Urzur: "If you continue to be stubborn, the sacrifies of your nation will 
    Edmund: "Urzur... You..."
    [Skuldi steps into the room]
    Skuldi: "The soldiers in this country are worthless cowards."
    Urzur: "What is wrong, Skuldi?"
    Skuldi: "'Tis the princess of Valentine. She is on her way here."
    Urzur: "How bold... Isn't she Prince Cornelius's mistress, Your Highness?"
    Skuldi: "She and Ingway are descended from the Valentine royalty, but they are
            Odin's bastards as well."
    Edmund: "..."
    Urzur: "Truly, a cursed lineage..."
    Urzur: "If we capture that girl, Odin will be devastated."
    Skuldi: "Beware her chain."
    Skuldi: "Let us take her to Beldor."
    Urzur: "She will not be unharmed if she faces a dragon."
    Skuldi: "It doesn't matter. As long as she's alive."
    Skuldi: "There she is. Do your job."
    Urzur: "Keep quiet. You know what will happen if you say anything..."
    [Velvet enters and kneels before Edmund]
    Velvet: "I am King Valentine's granddaughter, Velvet."
    Velvet: "King Titania, please excuse my rudeness."
    Urzur: "What brings you here?"
    Velvet: "I have been informed that Prince Cornelius is in Titania but has been
    Edmund: "..."
    Velvet: "Please allow me to see him, even if only for a moment."
    Urzur: "'Tis a crime to cause an uproar in Titania, but the king is not 
    Urzur: "We were unable to conceal what happened to the Prince."
    Urzur: "However, they say that true love can get results no other method 
    Urzur: "The king shall be merciful and grant your meager wish..."
    Urzur: "Allow me to escort you to the prince. Follow me."
    [Evidently Urzur's line]
    She has fallen into our trap...
    [...It's a trap!!1 ...Sorry, had to say it]
    Fate - Chapter 6 - Act 6
    Sewer Maze
    Beldor: "Damn Belial... He's not taking this seriously enough."
    Skuldi: "But we were able to capture her since she was distracted."
    [He turns to Velvet, who, uh, is chained up]
    Skuldi: "So how do you feel, Princess of Valentine?"
    Skuldi: "Or, shall I call you "Odin's daughter"?"
    Urzur: "You are powerless without your Graveryl chain."
    Velvet: "You must be the ones who transformed Prince Cornelius into a 
    Skuldi: "'Tis what your brother asked."
    Velvet: "Where is Ingway?"
    Urzur: "He was supposed to assume the prince's form and learn the king's 
           secrets, but..."
    Beldor: "We should have just threatened him with Belial instead of all this."
    Urzur: "Now, now, Beldor, don't be so pessimistic."
    Velvet: "The king's... secrets?"
    Urzur: "The magic of Darkova that turned King Gallon into the Demon Beast."
    Urzur: "'Tis a secret technique that allows the user to gain the power of the
    Skuldi: "It looks as if King Valentine rsearched it as well..."
    Skuldi: "His efforts were also written in the Book of Transformation."
    Skuldi: "These references were quite helpful."
    Urzur: "Now, as the Psalms say, King Gallon shall be our guide."
    Urzur: "After the Armageddon, we become kings!"
    Velvet: "No one survives the Armageddon! The entire world will be 
    Skuldi: "Do you see the Psalm I hold?"
    Skuldi: "This is the last verse. The answer is written here..."
    Skuldi: "'Two crownless kings that control the Armageddon shall rule the
            resurrected world.'"
    Velvet: "Are you saying the world will be saved!?"
    Skuldi: "Don't you get it?"
    Skuldi: "The epic poem tells us how to gain control once the world has been
    Velvet: "Impossible..."
    Beldor: "You've said too much, Skuldi..."
    Skuldi: "She's only alive until we decide what to do about Odin, anyway."
    Skuldi: "Let's just put you to sleep for now."
    [Nighty night]
    Cornelius: "Princess Velvet..."
    Velvet: "Uh..."
    Cornelius: "Are you all right? You aren't hurt?"
    Cornelius: "Good..."
    Cornelius: "The dragon is dead, and the sorcerers have vanished..."
    Cornelius: "Everything's all right."
    [He turns to leave]
    Velvet: "Wait... You..."
    Velvet: "You are Prince Cornelius, aren't you?"
    [Corn cringes slightly]
    Cornelius: "..."
    [He runs off without answering]
    Velvet: "Cornelius...!"
    5.7 Fate: Epilogue .......... FA7
    Fate - Epilogue - Act 2
    Netherworld Shrines
    Ingway: "I hope you are well, Your Majesty..."
    Odette: "What in the world are the Halja doing, allowing intruders into this
    Ingway: "Those blockheads are guards? You might as well welcome the 
            graverobbers who come to steal your jewels."
    Odette: "You may trick my servants, but your spells do not deceive 
            me, sorcerer."
    Ingway: "Beautiful Queen of Night, please rein your anger."
    Odette: "I could be even more beautiful if I rouged my face with your blood."
    Ingway: "Like all who live, I have certain desires..."
    Ingway: "But, if you listen to me, I can erase You Majesty's worries here and 
    Odette: "Worries...?"
    Ingway: "If I may borrow your army, I shall bring you the soul of the jewel
    Odette: "Do not attempt to fool me. I shall not allow an act that will 
            ultimately cause the world's end."
    Ingway: "Then Odin shall continue to do as he pleases. How unfortunate, Your 
    Odette: "And just what do you seek?"
    Ingway: "Allowing your dead army to appear in Erion for a short period of 
    Ingway: "Say a sorcerer stole Your Majesty's eye and called the dead out."
    Ingway: "And after the Demon Lord dies, you shall punish us."
    Odette: "Hmm... So you would throw your life away just to fight the Demon 
    Ingway: "If only I can serve at Your Highness's side, then I shall be 
    Odette: "Hmph."
    Ingway: "There are many among the dead who harbor ill will towards Odin..."
    Ingway: "I ask to borrow those resentful souls..."
    Fate - Epilogue - Act 2
    Near Pooka Village
    Velvet: "Ingway!"
    Ingway: "Cornelius is quite a man to watch."
    Ingway: "I'm beginning to regret deceiving and cursing him."
    Velvet: "So it was you... How could you do something so evil!?"
    Ingway: "There is more to me than you realize..."
    Ingway: "I escaped serving that old man, but I made you my scapegoat instead."
    Velvet: "..."
    Ingway: "And when he whipped you, I hid..."
    Velvet: "I had to be repentant if I wanted to live."
    Ingway: "But I couldn't protect you..."
    Velvet: "Ingway..."
    Ingway: "It's time... Live out your days in peace, Sister..."
    [Spirit shows up to drop the news to Ingway]
    Velvet: "!"
    Geist: "..."
    Ingway: "That devious woman... It appears she kept her promise and sent troops
            to attack."
    Ingway: "She believed my words, but if she sees my mystic power, she'll change
            her mind."
    Ingway: "If the Halja come this way, I shall easily be able to sneak in."
    Velvet: "I had heard that the Book of Transformation had disappeared from 
    Velvet: "No, that can't be..."
    [Ingway flees, Velvet attempts to persue him, but... trips]
    Velvet: "Ingway, wait!"
    Fate - Epilogue - Act 4
    Demon Lord's Throne
    Odin: "This disturbance... Is this your doing, Ingway!?"
    Ingway: "I take it you can see through my disguise."
    Odin: "None of my soldiers mask themselves."
    Ingway: "'Twas a mistake, but... I didn't think this could be finished
            without using my trump card."
    Odin: "Trump card?"
    [Velvet makes it in time]
    Velvet: "Ingway..."
    Odin: "Velvet... 'tis you!"
    Velvet: "Ingway, please don't use that power. Ingway, please...!"
    Ingway: "Why did you follow me...? It was a mistake to let you keep that 
    Ingway: "Now's the time to let you in on a secret."
    Ingway: "Velvet..."
    Ingway: "It was me... I destroyed Valentine..."
    Velvet: "What!?"
    Ingway: "Back then, if I hadn't known that this man was our father..."
    Ingway: "If I didn't know his battle plans, and know that he didn't stand a
    Ingway: "I wouldn't have made the Cauldron run amok."
    Velvet: "No, you..."
    Ingway: "I didn't think it would cause such destruction!"
    Ingway: "You were protected by the Psypher and escaped the curse and 
    Ingway: "I was saved because... I was hiding in the Cauldron's shadow."
    Ingway: "I watched the kingdom fall into ruin before my very eyes."
    Odin: "And I was spared... as you had intended."
    Ingway: "You talk as if you understand me."
    Ingway: "In order to save my father, I destroyed an entire kingdom! Can you
            imagine the pain I feel!?"
    Ingway: "I still remember what you said when you looked down at me..."
    [Black screen of Odin's line]
    'You did well, traitor... Now the Cauldron is mine.'
    Odin: "There other soldiers nearby... I could not call you my son."
    Ingway: "You don't remember, do you? You didn't care at all. You eyes and 
            heart were full of greed for the Cauldron."
    Odin: "No... Is that why you gave the ring to Elfaria?"
    Ingway: "I'd rather the Fairies have it than give it to you. That must hurt 
            the Aesir..."
    Odin: "You..."
    [Ingway leaps back a distance]
    Ingway: "I will pay for my sins with my life."
    Ingway: "I shall be cursed, and I will die."
    Ingway: "If I am the only one who has to suffer my mother's curse, then so be
    Velvet: "Stop it, Ingway..."
    Ingway: "...But I will take you and the Cauldron to my grave with me."
    Ingway: "Try using your magic..."
    Ingway: "if you think you can surpass the power of Darkova."
    [Cue Darkova transformation]
    Fate - Epilogue - Act 4
    Demon Lord's Castle
    Odin: "Uuh..."
    Velvet: "Ingway...!"
    Ingway: "My... bones ache... The transformation abored. I couldn't finish the
    Ingway: "Don't interfere, Velvet. Mother wished for my death."
    Velvet: "No... Listen to me, Ingway."
    Ingway: "Don't worry about me. Go, escape. Now!"
    Velvet: "Back then... We were scared. Scard that our grandfather would kill 
    Velvet: "swore that we didn't love our mother... When she was standing right 
    Velvet: "She was crying, then."
    Velvet: "But she didn't cry from the pain..."
    Velvet: "She was happy that we chose the path of life instead of death at his
    Velvet: She knew... that she could not escape death..."
    Velvet: "If we sided with her, we could have been killed also."
    Ingway: "That's not true..."
    Ingway: "We had forsaken her. We didn't lift a finger to save her. That's why
            she cursed us before she died."
    Velvet: "Grandfather was hiding this. It's the second part of the memo she
            wrote to us..."
    [She hands him the note]
    Velvet: "She writes of her love, for both of us..."
    Ingway: "That... That can't be true!"
    Ingway: "I... I abandoned her..."
    [Camera pans over to a wounded Odin]
    Warrior: "You're safe, your Majesty..."
    Warrior: "There they are... Kill them before they do more harm."
    Odin: "Wait, those two are..."
    Odin: "..."
    Warrior: "?"
    Velvet: "It looks like this is the end for us, Ingway..."
    Ingway: "..."
    [Cornelius makes yet another heroic entrance]
    Cornelius: "Over here!"
    Pooka: "Hurry!"
    Fate - Epilogue - Act 4
    Near Pooka Village
    Velvet: "Prince Cornelius..."
    Cornelius: "You must be wondering about Ingway..."
    Cornelius: "He left his bed, and we haven't found him."
    Cornelius: "But I'm certain he will appear again."
    Velvet: "..."
    [Meril runs to the duo]
    Meril: "Have you seen my father? He's badly injured, but he's run off..."
    Velvet: "Master Krois?"
    [The three eventually find a fallen Krois]
    Meril: "Father..."
    Krois: "Ooh, Princess Velvet..."
    Krois: "I finally have the answer... I have to tell you..."
    [He hands her his memos]
    Velvet: "Master, please rest..."
    Krois: "No, this is important. Listen to me."
    Krois: "As the sorcerer said, the epic poems detail the path, leading to the
           world's end."
    Krois: "But... 'tis not the path to becoming king..."
    Krois: "That path has been seen... in our country's prophecies. This is the
           path that must be avoided."
    Velvet: "Master!"
    Krois: "Even if this interpretation is correct..."
    Krois: "The outcome is horrible!"
    Krois: "Two humans survive the end of the world..."
    Krois: "Princess Velvet..."
    Krois: "Only two... will be spared..."
    [With that, he's finished]
    Meril: "Father!"
    Velvet: "Master Krois..."
    [Black screen... with Krois' final lines]
    This scroll has the details...
    Please use the utmost care,
    and try to avert the
    Perhaps that is your duty...
    and your destiny...
    V.6. Armageddon             (ARMA)
    The world now bids farewell
    Five seals are unlocked
    and the catastrophe has
    been unleashed
    Both the living and the dead
    will witness the judgement
    of heaven and earth
    6.0 Armageddon: Prelude ...... AR0
    Armageddon - Prelude - Act 1
    The Cauldron
    Ingway: "Uhh..."
    Ingway: "The spell of Darkova is still affecting me..."
    Ingway: "I knew it would happen... But my heart is tainted..."
    Ingway: "I can't bear it... Like a wolf, my hunger eats away at my very 
    Ingway: "Velvet, not even you are safe from my appetite for human flesh..."
    Ingway: "This shall be my end..."
    Ingway: "But I cannot rot like this."
    [Scene shifts to see Leventhan flying towards the Cauldron]
    Valentine: "Over here, Leventhan..."
    [The Cauldron opens, allowing the dragon inside]
    Valentine: "Now sleep."
    Valentine: "Dream of devouring all."
    [We now see Valentine at the foot of the Cauldron]
    Valentine: "Greedy minds have once again set this Cauldron alight..."
    Valentine: "It should know who its master is, even without the ring."
    Valentine: "Now, respond to my voice."
    Valentine: "The time has come to bring judgement upon the earth. I am one with
    Valentine: "Absorb the power of every Phozon in the land!"
    [And absorb it does]
    Valentine: "Now, annihilate this empty shell of a world!"
    [Captain, we have an overload...]
    Ingway: "What a terrible sight... So this is what remains of King Valentine."
    Valentine: "Ingway... You're alive? You still hide, coward..."
    Ingway: "Are you any better? You fled from the Netherworld..."
    Valentine: "How rude... Hard to believe you share my noble blood."
    Ingway: "Oh? We're very much alike. We both lust for power..."
    Valentine: "Power? What power could you possibly hold?"
    Ingway: "Let me show you the Darkova. Relive Titania once again..."
    Valentine: "...Impossible..."
    Ingway: "I'll turn your precious Cauldron into scrap."
    Valentine: "Will you fight to the death?"
    Ingway: "Aye. Unpleasant, isn't it? The cowardly prince who destroyed his
            country will give his life to save it."
    [Shapeshift time...]
    Armageddon - Prelude - Act 2
    Land of Despair and Misery
    [Gallon takes the speaking role this time]
    There it is again...
    Someone is calling upon the power of Darkova once more.
    My blood is boiling...
    But the anticipation awakens
    a sick pleasure inside of me...
    My heart is growing dark...
    Here they come... That woman
    sends her servants to
    restrain me once again...
    Halja: "King Gallon..."
    Halja: "Our queen, who set your shackles, has been sent into the darkness."
    Halja: "No one shall interfere with the king's freedom once again."
    Gallon: "Then obey me, gravekeepers."
    [He emerges from the darkness... when it's near the end of the game :/]
    Gallon: "If you wish the power of darkness to survive, then obey the shadows
            around you."
    Gallon: "From this moment on, lead the dead. Make your way to Titania."
    Halja: "But we cannot leave... The queen blocked the path."
    Gallon: "What...?"
    [An old face arrives... as a spectre]
    Beldor: "Rest assured, King Gallon, there is a way to escape."
    Gallon: "Who are you?"
    Beldor: "I am your humble servant..."
    Beldor: "My appearance has changed, but my loyalty has not. I am Beldor, a
            wise man."
    Beldor: "Are you aware... That the Halja are able to traverse the border
            between life and death?"
    Beldor: "As the new power figure in the Netherworld, all you need to do is
            command them."
    Gallon: "...Halja... Show me the way. Let us abominations leave,"
    Gallon: "and enter the living world, so we can devour life..."
    Armageddon - Prelude - Act 3
    Inferno King's Shrine
    Onyx: "What's happening...?"
    Vulcan: "The land is collapsing!"
    Onyx: "What...?"
    [Another Vulcan approaches the king]
    Vulcan: "Highness, the ocean rises! If this continues, 'tis only a matter of
            time until our land sinks below the waves!"
    Onyx: "The prophecies begin..."
    Vulcan: "King Onyx..."
    Vulcan: "Your Majesty, what can we do?"
    Onyx: "There is no going back now..."
    Onyx: "We shall march inland."
    Vulcan: "But the prophecies tell of our demise when we get to the World 
    Onyx: "There is no World Tree!"
    Onyx: "That story is a mere fable."
    Onyx: "We shall burn the forests away and prove that those prophecies are
    Onyx: "Inform all in the Fire Realm."
    Onyx: "The time to seize the world has arrived."
    Armageddon - Prelude - Act 4
    Demon Lord's Throne
    Valkyrie: "King Odin, at this rate..."
    Odin: "Gallon runs the Netherworld?"
    Odin: "Do we have any troops?"
    Valkyrie: "Our infantry has been completely annihilated! The Valkyrie..."
    [Another Valkyrie runs in to bring the news]
    Valkyrie: "The main gate is destroyed! The enemy is inside the palace!"
    [Valkyrie scramble about]
    Odin: "Ah... I knew this date would come."
    Odin: "I made the Balor for this."
    Odin: "If only I still had it..."
    Valkyrie: "Here they come!"
    Valkyrie: "We must protect the king!"
    [Valkyrie get massacred by spirits and Odin smashes away]
    Odin: "'Tis quiet... I no longer hear battle..."
    Odin: "I must be the only one left."
    Odin: "Any warrior encountering so many Halja must become weak of heart..."
    [An old face, er, spirit, comes by]
    Odin: "Why, 'tis Griselda... Have you lost your way in all this chaos?"
    Odin: "I have never done anything fatherly for you, not once."
    [He holds her in a similar fashion to that of Gwendolyn]
    Odin: "If I could die for you, I would be satisfied."
    Odin: It seems that we can be together forever, now..."
    Odin: "Are you happy, Griselda?"
    Odin: "You're so lovely, my child."
    [Ker-Slash... on Odin this time]
    Armageddon - Prelude - Act 5
    Old Castle Terrace
    Brom: "As foretold, death triumphs."
    Brom: "From the balcony, you can see the dark troops cover the mountain and
    Brom: "The spirits shall soon arrive here..."
    Gwendolyn: "Ragnanival must be..."
    Brom: "Princess, remain calm."
    Brom: "We must escape from here."
    Brom: "I understand you must be worried about Oswald, who went to gather
    Gwendolyn: "..."
    [A Pooka vendor with an open portal, and Myris enter]
    Myris: "Princess Gwendolyn, this way."
    Myris: "He shall take you to safety."
    Gwendolyn: "Myris, I'm sorry... Please fetch my spear."
    [Gwendolyn leaves the balcony to prepare, Myris chases after her]
    Myris: "Princess Gwendolyn!"
    [We now see Gwendolyn prepped for combat]
    Gwendolyn: "I shall follow Oswald."
    Myris: "No, you musn't...!"
    Gwendolyn: "Fear not; I am a Valkyrie. If it becomes too much for me, I shall
               fly away."
    Gwendolyn: "Now, go on."
    Brom: "Princess..."
    Gwendolyn: "If we are to meet, let us meet atop Horn Mountain."
    Gwendolyn: "They're coming... Hurry!"
    [Myris, Brom, and the Pooka enter the portal and depart]
    Gwendolyn: "What!?"
    [Griselda enters]
    Gwendolyn: "No... Griselda?"
    Gwendolyn: "Are you here for me?"
    [Griselda gives Gwendolyn her $0.02]
    Knock down the crown...
    Do not forget your role...
    From the epic poems...
    Gwendolyn: "Griselda...?"
    [Spirits show up; Gwendolyn presents mad jumping skills... and flies]
    6.1 Armageddon: Chapter 1 .... AR1
    Armageddon - Chapter 1 - Act 1
    Obliterated Ruins
    Cornelius: "This is Darkova..."
    Cornelius: "Could trying to fight this even be considered a battle?"
    [Darkova makes a strike against Corn, but he guards it]
    Cornelius: "..."
    Cornelius: "Ingway, is that you!?"
    Cornelius: "Did you use the secret magic!?"
    Cornelius: "Answer me!"
    Beldor: "...Yes, 'tis true."
    Cornelius: "Who's there!?"
    [Beldor hops down from atop Darkova]
    Beldor: "...Let me introduce myself, I am Urzur's acquaintance."
    Cornelius: "You're one of them..."
    Cornelius: "Is what you said true? Is this really Ingway?"
    Beldor: "Indeed. He used the secret technique in order to stop the Cauldron."
    Beldor: "But little did he know that there is also a spell to control the
    Cornelius: "Control it...? That's impossible..."
    Cornelius: "If there was, my father would not have been forced to kill my
    Beldor: "After the incident with King Gallon, your father had us research the
    Beldor: "Our work was successful."
    Cornelius: "My father...?"
    Cornelius: "What are you planning to do?"
    Beldor: "Foolish questions deserve no answers."
    Beldor: "If you plan to stop me, you will become a victim of my loyal
    Cornelius: "Ingway, I feel for you..."
    Cornelius: "You are innocent in this..."
    [Ingway makes a strike at Corn, but he dodges and draws his sword]
    Cornelius: "My father also fought a Demon Beast with this..."
    Cornelius: "I'm not afraid."
    Cornelius: "Just wait... I won't let you suffer..."
    Armageddon - Chapter 1 - Act 3
    Obliterated Ruins
    Velvet: "Cornelius!"
    [Velvet runs to Corn's side]
    Ingway: "He's not dead... He's quite stubborn..."
    Velvet: "Ingway... You're hurt!"
    Ingway: "It's karma, Velvet..."
    Ingway: "Don't you feel it? Even now, the Cauldron is absorbing Phozons from
            the world."
    Ingway: "I couldn't destroy it..."
    Ingway: "It's too late... The root of the land is dead, and Erion is sinking
            into the ocean."
    Ingway: "Do you remember the note...?"
    Velvet: "Mother's note...?"
    Ingway: "Perhaps destroying the Cauldron is the wrong thing to do..."
    Ingway: "She wrote the note for us... Perhaps she tried to tell us how to
            overcome the dangers..."
    Ingway: "'The Cauldron guides the way with the final stone.'"
    Ingway: "If the core is reversed, the Phozons stored inside will be
    Ingway: "That might save us all..."
    Ingway: "Ugh..."
    Cornelius: "Ingway..."
    Ingway: "Don't concern yourself with me, Cornelius..."
    Ingway: "You're near death, too..."
    Ingway: "But thanks to you, I was able to return to my own body..."
    Velvet: "Aah... Ingway..."
    Ingway: "Don't worry about me..."
    Ingway: "Mother waits for me on the other side. She's sure to punish her bad
    Ingway: "This is your cowardly brother's last request, Velvet, do your
    Ingway: "Now, go..."
    [Velvet picks up Cornelius and leaves]
    Ingway: "Ugh..."
    Ingway: "This is it..."
    Ingway: "Haha... And even now... I think of her face... I wonder why..."
    Ingway: "I hope she is safe..."
    Ingway: "Mercedes... I wish I could see you one last time..."
    [With that, he is dead]
    6.2 Armageddon: Chapter 2 ..... AR2
    Armageddon - Chapter 2 - Act 1
    Crumbling Capital
    Gallon: "..."
    Gallon: "I sensed something vile..."
    Gallon: "Greedy fool, did you gain your power by selling your soul to that
    Gallon: "That same power of death continues to torment me..."
    [Oswald advances towards Gallon]
    Oswald: "Though the Queen is no more, who're you to lead the Halja?"
    Gallon: "Gallon, King of Titania."
    Gallon: "You have no right to address me."
    Oswald: "Your body... That must be what happens to one who gives up his
    Gallon: "Aah... Odette... How frightening..."
    Gallon: "My heart is full of dread."
    Gallon: "Even her shadow scares me."
    Oswald: "I cannot allow your corpse to fester in this world any longer."
    Oswald: "I'll send you back to Hell."
    Gallon: "'Tis the end... This is Hell's new home."
    Gallon: "The prophecies say that you are my servant now. They also say that I
            cannot be defeated by you."
    Oswald: "What!?"
    Gallon: "There is a royal secret..."
    Gallon: "The only one to kill me... Is someone of royal blood. So the
            prophecies state."
    Gallon: "Even if you are the shadow,"
    Gallon: "a common warrior like you will never be able to kill me!"
    Armageddon - Chapter 2 - Act 3
    The Ruins of Titania
    Gallon: "What is happening...? My heart cries out."
    Gallon: "Why you... Only Titanian..."
    Gallon: "...!"
    Gallon: "Who was your father...?"
    Oswald: "I never knew my parents."
    [Flashback line from Hindel]
    ...Do not forget that...
    Oswald: "..."
    Oswald: "But a dragon once told me..."
    Oswald: "My father was a man named Edgar..."
    Gallon: "Edgar!"
    Gallon: "I had considered that he would take the throne over his brother
    Oswald: "The throne of Titania...?"
    Gallon: "But he chose to defy me and married that woman..."
    Gallon: "He left resenting me, and I knew one day he would try to take my
    Gallon: "This is why I had him killed in secret."
    Oswald: "!"
    Gallon: "So, Edgar's son escaped..."
    Gallon: "'Twas inevitable, then..."
    Gallon: "My killer would be of royal blood..."
    Gallon: "Destiny tricked me again..."
    [Gallon dissipates into the sinking land]
    Oswald: "..."
    Oswald: "Edgar... He let me escape... to the Fairy Kingdom..."
    Oswald: "So I wasn't abducted... but was found, instead...?"
    Oswald: "Like Melvin said..."
    Oswald: "He said I was just a tool,"
    Oswald: "but when he first found me and raised me, there must have been
            something there..."
    Oswald: "Titania is sinking..."
    Oswald: "The kingdom is dying."
    6.3 Armageddon: Chapter 3 ..... AR3
    Armageddon - Chapter 3 - Act 1
    Obliterated Ruins
    [Mercedes encounters a Vulcan and blows her out of her sky]
    Mercedes: "The forest... It's burning."
    [She scans the area]
    Mercedes: "Is someone...?"
    Mercedes: "Is there anyone left from my country?"
    Mercedes: "!"
    [She spots a dead Ingway, dropping to her knees at his side in shock]
    Mercedes: "No... It can't be..."
    Mercedes: "Ingway, is it you?"
    Mercedes: "You liar... You said we'd meet again..."
    [Jerkass Onyx comes in]
    Onyx: "Ah, Queen... Here you are. Your forest is in ashes."
    Mercedes: "Onyx..."
    Onyx: "The world burns."
    [Mercedes rises and keeps her bow ready]
    Mercedes: "Don't be so smug."
    Mercedes: "If the world is ending as the prophecies say, then you will not
              survive it."
    Onyx: "Prophecies?"
    [Onyx gives out a short chuckle]
    Onyx: "It all follows the poems..."
    Onyx: "But where is this so-called World Tree that is supposed to stop me?"
    Onyx: "It does not exist..."
    Onyx: "Observe the scorched earth. I don't know which tree your prophecies
          mention, but it obviously isn't here."
    Onyx: "'Tis the mutterings of senile, old mages. Their words are mistaken."
    Onyx: "Flame covers the world, as it was when it began."
    Mercedes: "Even if the country is destroyed, my mother would never give up."
    Mercedes: "I won't stop drawing my bow. I will act as a queen... until the
              very end."
    Armageddon - Chapter 3 - Act 3
    Obliterated Ruins
    Onyx: "It can't be... It wasn't... in the prophecies..."
    Onyx: "The Inferno King... Dead?"
    [Mercedes, like Onyx, lays heavily injured]
    Mercedes: "..."
    Mercedes: "Ahh..."
    Mercedes: "Mother, I'm so sorry..."
    Mercedes: "Your kingdom... is ruined..."
    Mercedes: "I'm useless... after all..."
    Mercedes: "I couldn't be like you..."
    Mercedes: "Ugh..."
    Mercedes: "..."
    Mercedes: "O dearest land..."
    Mercedes: "Please take me... This life will now return..."
    Mercedes: "Heavens, I return my name..."
    Mercedes: "I am Mercedes..."
    Mercedes: "My true name..."
    Mercedes: "Yggdrasil..."
    [Mercedes passes on, the only remains being her Psypher]
    Onyx: "...!"
    Onyx: "That name... This cannot me..."
    Onyx: "Yggdrasil, the World Tree..."
    Onyx: "'The fire is halted by the World Tree...'"
    Onyx: "So, you were part of the prophecies, Mercedes..."
    Onyx: "I'm a fool... I didn't see it coming..."
    Onyx: "But, little queen, the prophecies are still incorrect..."
    Onyx: "In this barren land..."
    Onyx: "There are... no survivors..."
    [Aw, he's dead. (Yay!)]
    6.4 Armageddon: Chapter 4 ..... AR4
    Armageddon - Chapter 4 - Act 1
    The Cauldron
    [Velvet dashes towards the Cauldron to find Valentine]
    Valentine: "The blazing columns from above have completely shattered the
    Valentine: "The abyss swallows all..."
    [Velvet hops onto the Cauldron]
    Velvet: "Grandfather..."
    Valentine: "Why, it's you, Velvet..."
    Valentine: "So even you have come to bid the world farewell in these final
    Valentine: "Not even destiny can stop the bloodlines..."
    Velvet: "Grandfather, please stop..."
    Velvet: "Mother would not want this..."
    [Valentine shocks her]
    Velvet: "Ah!"
    Valentine: "You are the result of my beloved daughter's betrayal!"
    Valentine: "You are the very reason I find myself in Hell!"
    Valentine: "Do you understand..."
    Velvet: "Then take it out on me... Take only my life..."
    Velvet: "Why punish the world?"
    Valentine: "Stand back."
    Velvet: "Grandfather!"
    Valentine: "Do you want me to ring your neck, too, and relive that horrifying
               experience again?"
    Valentine: "You resember her too much..."
    Velvet: "Look away from me! ...I am insane enough..."
    Valentine: "Worry not... I will take everyone along with me..."
    Valentine: "To the end of the world."
    Armageddon - Chapter 4 - Act 3
    The Cauldron
    Valentine: "The furnace's core survives. But with the systems destroyed, it
               cannot move or fire its beams..."
    [He turns to a weakened Velvet]
    Valentine: "What's your scheme, Velvet?"
    Velvet: "..."
    Valentine: "The Cauldron is mine. No one can command it."
    Valentine: "If they try, they will deeply regret it... For I cast a curse
               on it."
    Velvet: "What...?"
    [She faints]
    Valentine: "Fainted, eh?"
    [He raises a hand at her]
    Valentine: "I cannot forgive your meddling, you..."
    Valentine: "..."
    [He turns away, unable to harm her]
    Valentine: "Aaah..."
    Valentine: "Why are you here, in her shape!?"
    Valentine: "So pitiful..."
    Valentine: "My hollow eyesockets produce no tears..."
    [The scene shifts to Valentine atop the Cauldron]
    Valentine: "Too bad, Velvet... My work here is done."
    Valentine: "Like myself, your inheritance is a mere shell of its former
    Valentine: "Now come, Leventhan!"
    Valentine: "The time of your awakening is nigh. Come forth!"
    [Leventhan busts out of the Cauldron, whilst Valentine hits a ride to his end]
    6.5 Armageddon: Chapter 5 ..... AR5
    Armageddon - Chapter 5 - Act 1
    Skies of Valentine
    Gwendolyn: (Leventhan... This is that little dragon!?)
    Gwendolyn: (It's long enough to encircle the entire continent...)
    [Old phantom is back]
    Bird: "The king of snakes..."
    Gwendolyn: (My sister mentioned the Leventhan to me once...)
    Bird: "The prophecies are as unstoppable as the stars..."
    Gwendolyn: ('Tis impossible... 'Twould be like putting out a volcano with a
                bucket of water.)
    Gwendolyn: (It is too much...)
    [Gwendolyn pulls away and lands on part of Leventhan's body]
    Bird: "The land is breaking and dissolving like a sugar cube..."
    Gwendolyn: "Aah!"
    Gwendolyn: "Horn Mountain is collapsing..."
    Gwendolyn: "Myris, Brom... I'm sorry..."
    Bird: "Leventhan will east the land."
    Bird: "Even your last treasure..."
    Gwendolyn: "Oswald...!"
    Gwendolyn: "..."
    Bird: "Do not forget..."
    Bird: "'Knock down the crown...'"
    Gwendolyn: "The crown... She said that."
    [The camera pans to Leventhan's horn]
    Bird: "Look carefully..."
    Gwendolyn: "It's wedged on its horn... So that's..."
    Armageddon - Chapter 5 - Act 3
    Skies of Valentine
    [We see Leventhan in his final moments, while Gwendolyn plunges to her doom]
    Gwendolyn: (My wings are destroyed...)
    Gwendolyn: (I cannot fly...)
    Gwendolyn: (I can't...)
    [Same ol' birdie...]
    Gwendolyn: (...!)
    Bird: "A strike like lightning..."
    Bird: "There has never been anyone as brave as you, in all of history..."
    Bird: "'Tis a great honor for a Valkyrie. I've watched you grow."
    Gwendolyn: (Silly bird... I thought you were me... You sound like my
    [Surprise, surprise]
    Griselda: "I am you... We share blood. I share my sister's pain."
    [The phantom bird is but Griselda]
    Gwendolyn: (Griselda...)
    Griselda: "This all follows the poems..."
    Griselda: "I'm so proud of you. I can leave with confidence."
    Griselda: "Goodbye, Gwendolyn..."
    Griselda: "We'll meet at world's end."
    [She departs]
    Gwendolyn: (Griselda... That won't be long now.)
    Gwendolyn: (Before I die...)
    Gwendolyn: (I wish I could light the sky and tell him how I feel...)
    [She plummets and the screen fades to black]
    My dearest Oswald...
    6.6 Armageddon: Epilogue ..... AR6
    Armageddon - Epilogue - Act 1
    [Alice promptly closes the Armageddon book]
    Alice: "How can a whole world disappear like that? It's just a story..."
    Alice: "But Grandpa really liked these books... Right, Socrates?"
    Alice: "It's so sad that everyone in the world died, though..."
    [She sets the book down, but notices something about it]
    Alice: "Huh?"
    Alice: "Wait..."
    Alice: "This is one of the coins the Pooka were looking for."
    Alice: "You know, from the illustrations... The is Valentine's symbol."
    [She yanks off the coin from the book]
    Alice: "..."
    Alice: "Pooka, dear Pooka, let me give you this coin in return for your
    Alice: "Now you can be humans, right?"
    Alice: "Like that'll really happen..."
    [Socrates quietly meows]
    Alice: "What is it, kitty? I just felt like saying it, that's all..."
    Alice: "I tore off the book's decoration... I'll ask Daddy to fix it later."
    [Alice's mother beckons from downstairs]
    Alice's Mother: "Alice, are you in the attic again? Come down, honey. The
                    cake's done."
    Alice: "Wow, cake! Coming, Mom!"
    [She sets the coin down and proceeds to leave]
    Alice: "...Are you coming, Socrates?"
    [Socrates ignores Alice, glancing off into the corner]
    Alice: "Fine, suit yourself."
    [She runs downstairs for cake, lucky kid]
    Alice: "Mommy! Guess what I found in Grandpa's bookcase!"
    [Socrates soon leaves after giving one last glance at the corner]
    [Two Pooka soon arrive via portal, taking the coin and leaving a book...]
    V.7. Armageddon (Alt Scenes)  (ARM2)
    7.1 Armageddon: Chapter 1 .... AS1
    7.1.1. Mercedes's Ending
    Armageddon - Chapter 1 - Act 1
    Obliterated Ruins
    [Darkova is pelted with arrows from fairies, but is quick to dispatch them]
    Mercedes: "Wh-What are you!?"
    Beldor: "...It's been awhile..."
    [He hops off his lackey's head]
    Mercedes: "Who are you?"
    Beldor: "You don't recognize me..."
    Beldor: "I have decayed sinec we last met, but I am Beldor, the sorcerer."
    Mercedes: "You're... Beldor?"
    Beldor: "Indeed. I believe I owe you..."
    Beldor: "I also owed your mother..."
    Beldor: "If you give me the ring of Titrel, I will refrain from attacking
    Mercedes: "I do not have it."
    Beldor: "What? Tell me where it is."
    Mercedes: "Even if I knew, I would never tell you."
    Beldor: "Very well. Since you cannot help me, I will grind you into dust."
    Mercedes: "Don't underestimate my bow."
    Beldor: "Careful with that, my dear. You might injure your little friend."
    Mercedes: "!?"
    Beldor: "Do you remember the frog, Ingway? I'm sure you do..."
    Mercedes: "Ingway!?"
    Beldor: "He transformed himself into this, but he did not know we had a spell
            to rule beasts."
    Beldor: "He's a much better servant than Belial..."
    Beldor: "Later, I shall inform him that he devoured the Fairy Queen."
    Mercedes: "That can't be you, can it!?"
    Armageddon - Chapter 1 - Act 3
    Obliterated Ruins
    Beldor: "That useless little..."
    Beldor: "The spell of Darkova has been broken..."
    Beldor: "You stupid fairy... Interfering in my affairs..."
    [He grabs a hold of Mercedes]
    Beldor: "Spit it out! Where is the ring!?"
    [Ingway stabs him in time]
    Beldor: "!"
    Ingway: "You control me no longer..."
    Beldor: "Ingway!"
    [Aw, he's dead. Oh well]
    Ingway: "Queen..."
    Mercedes: "I'm so sorry... You're hurt, aren't you?"
    Ingway: "Don't talk... Shh... It's all right..."
    Ingway: "Just wait, I'll go call the Fairies."
    Mercedes: "D-Don't go..."
    Ingway: "!"
    Mercedes: "I want to tell you... I have so much to say..."
    Mercedes: "You know what...? I defeated the Aesir..."
    Ingway: "I know, I heard... The Fairy Queen led her troops to victory... You
            did well..."
    Mercedes: "Ugh..."
    Ingway: "Mercedes..."
    Mercedes: "Don't laugh... Okay...? Ingway, I..."
    Mercedes: "...I really care for you..."
    Mercedes: "Truly... Care..."
    Ingway: "...!"
    [With that, she passes on]
    Ingway: "No...!"
    Ingway: "O heavens, strike me down..."
    Ingway: "Smite me, please... Mercedes..."
    Ingway: "'Tis unbearable... Do you know how painful it is to hear that...?"
    Ingway: "My destiny is cursed, I cannot reciprocate your pure feelings..."
    Ingway: "Now, I realize what my heart has been telling me..."
    Ingway: "Ugh..."
    7.1.2. Velvet's Ending
    Armageddon - Chapter 1 - Act 1
    Obliterated Ruins
    Velvet: "It's you, isn't it, Ingway...?"
    [He attempts to attack her, but she swiftly dodges it]
    Velvet: "I had this premonition... that you'd throw your live away."
    Beldor: "You're alive, Princess..."
    [He hops down from Ingway's head]
    Velvet: "Who are you?"
    Velvet: (Why is the Darkova quiet...?)
    Beldor: "I see you fail to recognize me. I am Beldor, Skuldi's compatriot."
    Velvet: "You're that sorcerer...?"
    Beldor: "Thanks to the curse he cast upon me, I can still act, even after
    Velvet: "What did you do to Ingway!?"
    Beldor: "He did that to himself. He tried to stop the Cauldron."
    Velvet: "He tried to stop Armageddon..."
    Beldor: "Destiny has a sense of irony."
    Beldor: "For now he is the very thing that will cause it!"
    [Beldor proceeds to use a spell, but is interrupted by Velvet]
    Velvet: "!"
    Beldor: "Now, Beast! Devour your twin sister!"
    Beldor: "Let tears of blood flow!"
    [Ingway attempts to attack Velvet, but she dodges again]
    Ingway: "Please..."
    Ingway: "Just kill me..."
    Ingway: "Kill me now..."
    Velvet: "Ingway..."
    Velvet: "...I understand..."
    Velvet: "If I can't save you, I'll..."
    Armageddon - Chapter 1 - Act 3
    Obliterated Ruins
    Ingway: "Oh... It's you, Velvet..."
    Ingway: "I thought you were Mother..."
    Velvet: "Ingway..."
    Ingway: "What happened to it...?"
    Ingway: "...To the Cauldron?"
    Ingway: "I can't think straight..."
    Ingway: "I can't remember anything..."
    Velvet: "..."
    Ingway: "I'm so exhausted..."
    Ingway: "Just let me... lie here..."
    Ingway: "Please... Velvet..."
    [And he's finished]
    Velvet: "Go to sleep, Ingway..."
    Velvet: "You won't suffer anymore..."
    Velvet: "Let us to go our mother... Together."
    Velvet: "The three of us, together... Just like before..."
    [She, too, passes]
    Beldor: "Both of you have perished..."
    Beldor: "The Psypher is powerful... I underestimated it."
    Beldor: "There's still the Book..."
    Beldor: "I shall not give up."
    [He searches Ingway's cloak]
    Beldor: "!"
    Beldor: "What...? Where is it?"
    Beldor: "No! Did he drop it!?"
    Beldor: "Somewhere in this firestorm?"
    Beldor: "You damned fool!"
    Beldor: "Agh... I must persevere... I cannot give up..."
    7.1.3. Generic False Ending
    Armageddon - Chapter 1 - Act 1
    Obliterated Ruins
    [Ingway is currently in the form of Darkova]
    Beldor: "What's wrong?"
    Ingway: "Where am I...? Where's the Cauldron...?"
    Beldor: "Hmph. You're awake. So tell me, Ingway: How does it feel to be the
            Beast of Armageddon?"
    Ingway: "King Valentine..."
    Beldor: "Wrong... Heh heh..."
    Beldor: "When you found that mystic power, you didn't learn everything about
    Beldor: "The most important part has been kept from you. Urzur made it a
    Ingway: "Mystic power..."
    Beldor: "The Wise Men may be dead and gone, but ironically..."
    Beldor: "The great Beldor may die... But my spirit survives, thanks to the
            Pooka Curse you cast upon me."
    Ingway: "Beldor..."
    Beldor: "You cannot defy me anymore."
    Beldor: "After the tragedy of King Gallon in Titania, we continued our
    Beldor: "So that even if Darkova went completely mad, we would still be able
            to control it."
    Beldor: "I doubt you can understand, considering you have a beast's mind..."
    Beldor: "In any case, you will serve me so that I can become king!"
    Beldor: "Now, burn everything!"
    [Ingway gives his last few words...]
    What in blazes has happened?
    I've... become...
    Armageddon - Chapter 1 - Act 3
    Obliterated Ruins
    [We see Gwendolyn/Oswald dead after the battle]
    Beldor: "Finally dead, eh...?"
    Beldor: "You jewel handlers... You've wasted everything."
    [He shuffles over to Ingway]
    Beldor: "The spell is broken..."
    Beldor: "It seems that the user must be Titanian royalty if the power is to
            work properly."
    Beldor: "In any event, this will not last long..."
    [He picks up the nearby scroll from Ingway]
    Beldor: "I now know the mystic power, I will simply curse someone else and
            control them."
    [Ingway slowly rises and stabs him in the back]
    Beldor: "Huh!?"
    Ingway: "Go back to your grave."
    Beldor: "I-Ingway..."
    [He, er... crumbles]
    Ingway: "Death is no barrier... The dead roam freely here."
    Ingway: "My mind is finally clear..."
    [He attempts to walk, but is gravely injured]
    Ingway: "Ugh..."
    Ingway: "But, I have little time..."
    Ingway: "I must stop the Cauldron..."
    Ingway: "I need to reach it..."
    7.2 Armageddon: Chapter 2 .... AS2
    7.2.1. Cornelius's Ending
    Armageddon - Chapter 2 - Act 1
    Crumbling Capital
    Gallon: "I can smell you..."
    Gallon: "I know you are here. Come out, Cornelius..."
    [Corn runs on in]
    Cornelius: "What a terrible creature... So that was your voice..."
    Gallon: "So you remember me..."
    Cornelius: "How could I forget...? The beast that devoured his own citizens...
               The former King of Titania."
    Cornelius: "And, of all things, my grandfather."
    Gallon: "Add 'filicide' to my crimes."
    Cornelius: "What? No, not Father..."
    Gallon: "My three mouths consume indiscriminately. What I eat becomes a feast
            for the maggots in my belly."
    Cornelius: "!"
    Gallon: "Giving you that sword..."
    Gallon: "I had thought it would help, but it proved to be useless."
    [Cornelius draws his sword]
    Cornelius: "I shall bury you with this sword, like my father did."
    Gallon: "Are you suggesting that my destiny is to be killed by my own
    Gallon: "...It shall not go as you plan. I am ready..."
    Armageddon - Chapter 2 - Act 3
    The Ruins of Titania
    Gallon: "Despair floods my heart..."
    Gallon: "It gouges at my mind... It pounds my shattered skull."
    Gallon: "That woman's curse is like a parasite, winding through my decrepit
    [He regenerates]
    Gallon: "It returns me to this state."
    Cornelius: "'Tis a nightmare..."
    Gallon: "Odette cast a curse on me, keeping my body in this immortal, rotting
    Gallon: "She did not know her error."
    Gallon: "The darkness in my soul summoned by the secret technique of Darkova"
    Gallon: "turns even pain into pleasure."
    Cornelius: "So Queen Odette is already..."
    Gallon: "How keen of you... Only she can remove this curse of immortality, but
            that cannot be done, now."
    Gallon: "I am an eternal being, and I cannot be defeated!"
    Cornelius: "..."
    Gallon: "This is the end of my land, and the end of our battle."
    Gallon: "If I were to eat your flesh and hold it within my rotting stomach,"
    Gallon: "the vileness of such an act would give this body indescribable
    Cornelius: "Your heart's as rotten as your body..."
    Gallon: "Indeed."
    Gallon: "I was once a hero to this nation, but alas, now I am a feared beast."
    Gallon: "Now, Cornelius, become part of King Gallon!"
    [He devours Cornelius and brings him to his end]
    7.2.2. Generic False Ending
    Armageddon - Chapter 2 - Act 1
    Crumbling Capital
    [Gallon's army marches head-on into Titania]
    Edmund: "Father..."
    Gallon: "You've grown old, Edmund..."
    Gallon: "Your trembling hands cannot wield a sword as they did in the past..."
    Gallon: "You must remember..."
    Gallon: "You used that terrible sword to smash my fangs..."
    Gallon: "In all of my mouths..."
    Gallon: "The pain is unspeakable... I can never forget it..."
    Edmund: "Father, this is your land..."
    Edmund: "These are your people... How could you do this to them!?"
    Gallon: "How can I forgive them?"
    Gallon: "Do you take me for a saint?"
    Gallon: "This rapture... This joy... You will soon understand it."
    Edmund: "The mystic power is flawed..."
    Gallon: "To think that I saved you..."
    Gallon: "Let me put an end to your ungrateful life."
    Edmund: "Have you lost all love for you son? Is that part of you
            gone, Father?"
    Gallon: "This illusion called 'love' will die, along with the world."
    Gallon: "I will tear you limb from limb, and the beast will be no more..."
    Armageddon - Chapter 2 - Act 3
    The Ruins of Titania
    [The Halja hack up Gwen/Merc/Velvet]
    Gallon: "You understand..."
    Gallon: "Only my heart feels pain..."
    Gallon: "'Tis finally over... Finally."
    Halja: "King Gallon..."
    Gallon: "You must know..."
    Gallon: "The air of the Netherworld has seeped into my bones..."
    Gallon: "My body may rot, but it will never fall."
    Gallon: "'Tis a curse Odette put on me so that I may suffer for eternity."
    Gallon: "Ha... But, now this curse works in my favor."
    Gallon: "The only one who can best me is that woman, and she is no longer
    Gallon: "What are you doing?"
    Gallon: "Go find more sacrifices."
    Gallon: "The banquet shall continue..."
    Gallon: "Until I have cleansed humanity from this world..."
    7.3 Armageddon: Chapter 3 .... AS3
    7.3.1. Gwendolyn's Ending
    Armageddon - Chapter 3 - Act 1
    Obliterated Ruins
    Gwendolyn: (This smoke is like a wall...)
    Gwendolyn: (I can't keep flying...)
    Gwendolyn: (The flames are over there!)
    [She lands]
    Vulcan: "Hey, you're...!"
    Onyx: "Vulcans, do not attack!"
    [The two Vulcans back off]
    Onyx: "Well, well..."
    Gwendolyn: "King Onyx..."
    Onyx: "Poor girl... All this soot has ruined your perfect skin."
    [She turns her back to him]
    Onyx: "The damp wood creates so much smoke..."
    Gwendolyn: "Why have you come here?"
    Onyx: "Can't you hear the tremors?"
    Onyx: "Our land is beneath the sea."
    Onyx: "We have nowhere to go."
    Onyx: "But don't worry. We shall take this world from the humans and rule it."
    [Gwen turns to Onyx]
    Gwendolyn: "If flames rule the world, 'tis as bad as sinking."
    Gwendolyn: "I must prevent it."
    Vulcan: "Look at her talk..."
    Onyx: "How you underestimate me..."
    Onyx: "I did not fight you before."
    Onyx: "I did not want you to see..."
    [Flames emit from his hand]
    Onyx: "...See me like this!"
    [There's that ugly mug again...]
    Gwendolyn: "This is who you really are!?"
    Onyx: "Do I frighten you?"
    Gwendolyn: "..."
    Onyx: "You could never love me..."
    Onyx: "But you are no paragon of virtue yourself!"
    Onyx: "You have killed so many..."
    Onyx: "And with that bloody hand, you caress the neck of that terrible
    Onyx: "You threw away your purity!"
    Gwendolyn: "Stop it!"
    Armageddon - Chapter 3 - Act 3
    Obliterated Ruins
    Vulcan: "Lord Onyx..."
    Vulcan: "Are you wounded?"
    Onyx: "Vulcans! None you touch Gwendolyn's remains!"
    Vulcan: "King Onyx..."
    Onyx: "Silence..."
    Vulcan: "The ocean fast approaches..."
    Vulcan: "We must advance, or..."
    Onyx: "Forget about me... Flee, if you wish."
    Onyx: "Go!"
    Onyx: "Get out of my sight!"
    [The Vulcans rise slightly within the air]
    Vulcan: "We have no choice..."
    Vulcan: "We must stay here..."
    [Onyx limps towards the ash-covered Valkyrie]
    Onyx: "This always happens..."
    Onyx: "I turn my most precious treasure to ashes..."
    [He holds her body]
    Onyx: "Oh, Gwendolyn... My tears of sorrow will snuff out my soul's fire..."
    Onyx: "Why did destiny..."
    Onyx: "Bring me to you...?"
    [He embraces her body - Cue eyerolls]
    Onyx: "I'm not letting you go..."
    Onyx: "You belong to me, now..."
    Onyx: "And, I will never let you go..."
    7.3.2. Oswald's Ending
    Armageddon - Chapter 3 - Act 1
    Obliterated Ruins
    [Onyx's crew march onwards]
    Onyx: "Follow the wind."
    Onyx: "Let the environment that has worked against us help keep our flames
    [Two Vulcans approach their leader]
    Vulcan: "Lord Onyx!"
    Onyx: "What is it?"
    Vulcan: "The Shadow Knight approaches."
    Vulcan: "We cannot restrain him."
    Onyx: "Oswald, eh...?"
    [Oswald jumps into the fray and takes out a Vulcan]
    Oswald: "What is happening, Onyx?"
    Oswald: "Why are you here? Answer me!"
    Onyx: "You need a reason?"
    Onyx: "Then I shall tell you. I decided I want the world."
    Onyx: "All of it..."
    Oswald: "I thought you were more intelligent than this, but it seems I was
    Onyx: "It saddens me as well."
    Onyx: "Now that we have met again, shall I wipe away my dishonor, or shall I
          be reduced to ashes?"
    Oswald: "I will not make the mistake of letting you live this time."
    [Fugly behemoth shows up once more :/]
    Onyx: "This is not like before..."
    Onyx: "Before leaving the Fire Kingdom, I absorbed the hottest lava into
    Onyx: "I am now, without a doubt, the incarnation of a blazing inferno."
    Armageddon - Chapter 3 - Act 3
    Obliterated Ruins
    [Onyx is back to his shirtless-pyro self]
    Onyx: "Ha... You've chiseled away at me, but I am still at my full strength."
    [Oswald is visibly exhausted]
    Oswald: "..."
    Onyx: "What, can't you change?"
    Onyx: "You can't be done already..."
    Oswald: "No... You will die..."
    Onyx: "Hm... How many times did you use your power in that battle?"
    Onyx: "You've reached your limit."
    Oswald: "Shut up... and watch..."
    [He attempts to transform]
    Oswald: "..."
    Oswald: "Rrr..."
    [Oswald lets out a final scream from the shadows as his soul is consumed]
    Onyx: "Vulcans, stand back..."
    Vulcan: "Lord Onyx..."
    Onyx: "He has lost his power and his identity."
    [We see Oswald's final form as a Revenant]
    Onyx: "His soul has been devoured. He's a mere shadow now."
    Vulcan: "So this is the end of the Shadow Knight..."
    Onyx: "I shall inform Gwendolyn of your fate when I meet her."
    Onyx: "Yes, your pathetic end..."
    Onyx: "Now come. Leave him be."
    [Onyx and his grunts depart]
    [The camera pans over to the shadow for one last line]
    Oswald: "Gwen... do... lyn..."
    [;___; Screw the other bad endings, this one takes the cake]
    7.3.3. Generic False Ending
    Armageddon - Chapter 3 - Act 1
    Obliterated Ruins
    [Onyx's army marches onwards]
    Onyx: "Burn it all!"
    Onyx: "Slaughter those who resist!"
    [Small resistance group of fairies approach...]
    Fairy: "Onyx!"
    [They draw their bows]
    Fairy: "Prepare yourself!"
    [...And the arrows fail]
    Onyx: "Go."
    [Vulcans annilate the Fairies]
    Onyx: "The Fairies grow weaker."
    Vulcan: "The forest has succumbed to our power."
    Onyx: "The prophecies are lies..."
    Onyx: "What!?"
    [A Unicorn Knight makes a sneak attack]
    Unicorn Knight: "I cannot permit this assult on the sacred forest to
    Onyx: "When did knights become trained to use sneak attacks?"
    Unicorn Knight: "'Twould be a disgrace to let you live."
    Onyx: "Then die in disgrace..."
    Onyx: "Welcome the looming fire..."
    Onyx: "that appears at world's end."
    [Transforms and lays the smackdown on the knight]
    Armageddon - Chapter 3 - Act 3
    Obliterated Ruins
    Vulcan: "I am pleased that our reserve troops made it in time..."
    Onyx: "Yes, it was close... Thank you, my ladies of the flame. Thank you for
          resuing me."
    Onyx: "What happened to the Psypher user?"
    Vulcan: "You were injured, and we could not contain our wrath. Not even ashes
    [Onyx rises]
    Onyx: "I see..."
    Vulcan: "...But the jewels are quite powerful, and we lost many comrades..."
    Onyx: "We own the forest. Now what?"
    Vulcan: "Lord Onyx, you must know... We are weakening after separating from
            the Origin of Fire..."
    Vulcan: "Our homeland is now completely underwater, and we..."
    Onyx: "'Tis but a minor distraction. Let us find the Cauldron."
    Onyx: "Once we control that, we shall be victorious!"
    [He walks onward]
    Onyx: "Advance the troops! Hurry! Give your lives if you must!"
    Vulcans: "..."
    7.4 Armageddon: Chapter 4 .... AS4
    Armageddon - Chapter 4 - Act 1
    The Cauldron
    Valentine: "Absorb it all..."
    Valentine: "Let the world wither away."
    Valentine: "You fools wish to stop me..."
    Valentine: "Witness my sins..."
    Valentine: "Hm... Another visitor..."
    [The camera pans down to the Psypher wielder]
    Valentine: "A Psypher user this time..."
    Valentine: "Your jewels cannot destroy the Cauldron."
    Valentine: "It still has work to do."
    Valentine: "Now, bury those who dare to interfere, so that the dear child may
               sleep undisturbed."
    Armageddon - Chapter 4 - Act 3
    The Cauldron
    Valentine: "Wake up, Cauldron!"
    Valentine: "Can you not hear me!?"
    Valentine: "No...! The furance's core has been cracked!"
    Valentine: "We will all be vaporized..."
    Valentine: "Come, Leventhan!"
    Valentine: "The time for your awakening has arrived. Rise from your cradle."
    Valentine: "You shall devour the world."
    Valentine: "Psypher handler... Die with the Cauldron."
    [Valentine hitches a ride on the full-grown Leventhan]
    [The Psypher wielder is vaporized in an explosion from the Cauldron]
    7.5 Armageddon: Chapter 5 .... AS5
    Armageddon - Chapter 5 - Act 1
    Skies of Valentine
    [The camera pans over Leventhan's massive body over to Valentine]
    Valentine: "Wonderful..."
    Valentine: "Absolutely wonderful..."
    Valentine: "I've longed for this power..."
    Valentine: "I will unveil Armageddon!"
    Valentine: "Uhh..."
    Valentine: "To have my soul bound so..."
    Valentine: "...And to be destined to suffer for eternity..."
    Valentine: "This curse is unbearable."
    Valentine: "Ah, yes...!"
    Valentine: "Now, it begins..."
    Valentine: "This land of terrible suffering... Destroy it completely!"
    [Leventhan releases a powerful blast]
    Valentine: "Wipe away my sins, and my body with them..."
    [Valentine perishes during the blast]
    Armageddon - Chapter 5 - Act 3
    Above the Clouds
    [Myris, Brom, and the Pookas reach the top of Horn Mountain]
    Myris: "Look at that..."
    Brom: "Ooh..."
    [The group looks to the sky to see a beam of light]
    Brom: "The light is raining down upon the earth..."
    Brom: "The one controlling that light must be the king from the prophecies..."
    Brom: "An omen from the sky..."
    Myris: "Brom..."
    Brom: "This isn't good..."
    Brom: "The ground here is sinking."
    Brom: "If the land collapses, not one soul will survive..."
    [A prompt earthquake startles the small group]
    Brom: "Hmm... This is terrible..."
    Brom: "We cannot flee any further."
    Brom: "We have to climb. Hurry!"
    [The Pookas comply and hurry]
    7.6 Armageddon: Epilogue .... AS6
    Armageddon - Epilogue - Act 1
    The Death of Erion
    [We find Myris to be the remaining survivor]
    The tip of Horn
    Mountain is sinking...
    This is the last piece of
    land in Erion...
    Whose wish was this?
    As long as someone
    survives this cataclysm,
    I would gladly give
    my body and soul up
    to the heavens.
    If my wish comes true and
    someone I love survives...
    Then my death would have
    some meaning.
    This... This is a terrible
    [Myris weeps as her inevitable fate comes]
    8.0 Wheel of Fate: Prelude       WF0
    Wheel of Fate - Prelude - Act 1
    The Cauldron
    [Oswald, in his Shadow Form, catches Gwendolyn before she crashes]
    Oswald: "Good, you're alive..."
    Oswald: "When I first saw you falling... For the first time, I prayed that
            I'd save you..."
    Oswald: "...!"
    Oswald: "I think I overdid it..."
    [The earth shakes, prompting Oswald to scan the area]
    Oswald: "That's the magic Cauldron..."
    Oswald: "It's still there..."
    [The scene shifts to Velvet and Cornelius]
    Velvet: "Cornelius..."
    Cornelius: "I'm all right... How is the Cauldron...?"
    Velvet: "I stopped it, without destroying the core..."
    Velvet: "But all the Phozons it absorbed from the world have been used up."
    Velvet: "At this rate, the salvation Ingway talked about is..."
    [Oswald, whilst carying Gwendolyn, approaches the two]
    Oswald: "Friend... Or foe...?"
    [He collapses]
    Velvet: "!"
    Velvet: "...Gwendolyn?"
    [She runs to their side]
    Velvet: "She's still alive... They're both alive..."
    [A little sparkle catches her eye]
    Velvet: "Huh?"
    Velvet: "This ring... It's Titrel! Why does she have it?"
    [She takes the ring from Gwendolyn's hand]
    Velvet: "Is this fate...?"
    Velvet: "After all this, it's made its way here..."
    Velvet: "But... The furnace has no more power..."
    Velvet: "Ah!"
    Velvet: "Master Krois..."
    Velvet: "I finally understand."
    Velvet: "There's still some power... The crystals are right here."
    Velvet: "...In this Psypher..."
    Velvet: "The blade is a crystal. If I turn them back into Phozons, they could
            power the Cauldron..."
    Cornelius: "No, Velvet..."
    Cornelius: "If you use the Cauldron, you'll be cursed..."
    Velvet: "Cornelius..."
    Velvet: "Everything that has happened has been leading up to this moment."
    [She glances at Gwendolyn and Oswald]
    Velvet: "They are the crownless lords from the poems... They will be the
            ancestors to all of humanity..."
    [She then approaches the Cauldron]
    Velvet: "And this hand wearing the ring shall be the savior from the
    Cornelius: "Velvet..."
    Velvet: "The ground is crumbling... We must hurry."
    [The scene shifts to Velvet on top of the Cauldron]
    Velvet: "I must reverse the magic's flow."
    Velvet: "Psyphers, give yourselves! Release the source of life!"
    [One by one, the four Psyphers dissipate]
    Velvet: "Give the world back its soul, I hereby request Erion's revival."
    Velvet: (Let the seed of life flow...)
    Velvet: "Obey the ring, Cauldron! You are no longer an abomination, but the
            mother of all, filled with hope."
    [The Cauldron releases Phozons, the result turning Velvet into a Pooka]
    8.1 Wheel of Fate: Chapter 1     WF1
    Wheel of Fate - Chapter 1 - Act 1
    Barren Wasteland
    Oswald: "Everywhere we look, the land is ruined..."
    Oswald: "'Tis worse than the Netherworld..."
    [Oswald approaches Gwendolyn, who is sitting down in the wasteland]
    Gwendolyn: "Are we the only ones who survived this...?"
    Oswald: "That I do not know. But, 'tis a miracle we survived at all."
    Oswald: "Perhaps..."
    Gwendolyn: "..."
    Oswald: "Let's find a place to rest."
    Gwendolyn: "In this shattered world... Will there ever be a place that can
               accept us, after we've hurt the world so?"
    Oswald: "Gwendolyn..."
    Oswald: "Wait...!"
    Oswald: "Something's... happening..."
    [He wanders off]
    Oswald: "Gwendolyn!"
    [She follows him]
    Gwendolyn: "Oswald..."
    Gwendolyn: "What is it?"
    Gwendolyn: "The land..."
    [The two see the land slowly, but surely, being reborn]
    Oswald: "It's as if a new world is being revealed..."
    Oswald: "Gwendolyn..."
    Oswald: "We're witnessing a miracle."
    Oswald: "We cannot give up!"
    Oswald: "We must have hope!"
    [Credit roll!]
    8.2 Wheel of Fate: Epilogue      WF2
    Wheel of Fate - Epilogue - Act 1
    Secluded Cavern
    Velvet: "We've finally collected all the coins from Valentine."
    Velvet: "All the coins my grandfather created are here."
    Cornelius: "Let's see... We should test this now."
    Cornelius: "Magical coins... After these thousands of years of toil, if you
               are all here, answer my call!"
    [With a flash of light, an image of King Valentine of the past appears]
    Valentine: "Enlightened one, shall I sing your praises?"
    Valentine: "Who has gathered all the coins from my kingdom?"
    Velvet: "Ah, that face... 'Tis my grandfather when he was a kind man. It is
            I, your granddaughter, Velvet."
    Cornelius: "He cannot hear you. This is only an image from the past."
    Valentine: "Who is the one to have amassed such a fortune? It matters not..."
    Valentine: "Such a lofty accomplishment deserves a grand celebration granted
               by my incredible power."
    Valentine: "Hear me, and rejoice!"
    Valentine: "Allow me to grant any wish."
    Valentine: "One single wish. Think carefully..."
    Velvet: "I've waited so long for this day..."
    Velvet: "Of course, I want to break the curse on us..."
    Cornelius: "Wait, Velvet..."
    Cornelius: "Do you really wish that?"
    Cornelius: "All of us cursed to be Pooka... We can live forever, in a timeless
               vacuum, in these bodies..."
    Cornelius: "We can live forever, in love, just as we are now."
    Velvet: "...And our souls will go on, even after our flesh finally gives
    Velvet: "This curse is eternal, and our souls will never return to the land."
    Cornelius: "But if we become humans, we will die before a hundred years have
    Velvet: "Cornelius..."
    Velvet: "Instead of living eternally while cursed, I believe that it is more
            noble to live out a natural life among other humans."
    Cornelius: "Yes, I agree..."
    Cornelius: "For a millennia, we have observed the lives of other people..."
    Cornelius: "But even in these prosperous times, we cannot say that the people
               are happy."
    Velvet: "The world is filled with heartache, as it was before the Armageddon."
    Velvet: "But the sun will always rise... There is always a path."
    Cornelius: "Yes... The world was not destroyed, and..."
    Velvet: "...The descendants of Gwendolyn and Oswald live on today."
    Velvet: "Their souls survive, in this land that they have saved."
    Cornelius: "The blood of Valentine must also be passed on."
    Velvet: "Cornelius..."
    Cornelius: "King Valentine, we have decided."
    Cornelius: "Listen to the voices of your coins' owners."
    Cornelius: "Break this spell, and return our humanity!"
    [I nearly forgot he was there...]
    Valentine: "Rejoice!"
    [Cue SFX]
    Valentine: "With this, you may fear that the power within you is fading as
    Valentine: "But, it remains... Hear me, those who have worked together..."
    Valentine: "Your efforts are greater than any mere magic."
    Valentine: "Live your new lives to the fullest."
    [Well, it's been awhile since we've seen Corn as a human]
    Velvet: "Until death do us part..."
    [They embrace]
    Cornelius: "I shall never let you go. Our lives will go on, together..."
    8.3 Wheel of Fate: Curtain Call  WF3
    Wheel of Fate - Curtain Call
    Merchant: "Hey, you there..."
    Merchant: "You look rather sad to say goodbye!"
    Merchant: "Titania's become a nice place after the dragon disappeared..."
    Merchant: "It certainly feels a lot better. Just where do you hail from?"
    Merchant: "You don't know? You're an odd one..."
    [Oswald dashes past by the merchant, ignoring his comment]
    Merchant: "Whoa! Watch where you're going!"
    Merchant: "Well, you must be here looking for a good deal, am I right?"
    Merchant: "I've got just the thing. C'mon, it doesn't cost anything to look."
    [Mercedes flies in]
    Mercedes: "One Napple, please."
    Merchant: "But of course."
    [How come he never sold me any Napples? Jerk-- Uh, Mercedes flies off]
    Merchant: "Today's your lucky day! That is what we call a 'Fairy.' You don't
              see them around here that often."
    Merchant: "This town's really gotten lively lately, and many new people have
    Merchant: "Like that sexy lady over on the corner..."
    [The camera pans over to Velvet and Cornelius, briefly chatting]
    Merchant: "What an odd couple..."
    [The two go on about their way]
    Merchant: "What's that you have there?"
    Merchant: "How 'bout selling it to me? I'll trade you this Special
              Commemorative Valentine Coin for it."
    Merchant: "Look, just between us two... They say that this is a rare coin that
              can grant wishes..."
    Merchant: "Sounds fair, yes?"
    [The merchant hands the writer a coin]
    Merchant: "Hey!"
    [Gwendolyn flies through the sky briefly, landing and taking off]
    Merchant: "That's a Valkyrie... She looked like King Odin's daughter..."
    Merchant: "Good heavens... Is there another war going on in the west?"
    Merchant: "If you're planning on doing some trading, you'd best avoid that
    Merchant: "Oh... So, you're a writer?"
    Merchant: "Are you writing about your travels here?"
    Merchant: "Well, that's nice. Hey, write about me while you're at it."
    Merchant: "All right, now. Take care; it was nice talking to you."
    Merchant: "If we ever meet again, let me buy a copy of your book!"
    [The writer is about to leave, but...]
    Merchant: "Hey, wait!"
    Merchant: "So, let me ask... What's the title of the book you're writing?"
    VI. Credits, Closings, Contact
    Well, I can thank Vanillaware for making such a wonderful, but highly
    underrated, title. I also thank Atlus for publishing this gem, and I
    suppose Square Enix for publishing it in the United Kingdom so Europeans
    can play a great game, too!
    However, that isn't to say this section won't expand. Contact me if you
    want to report an error or perhaps any missing dialogue! I'll be quick to
    add your name here for pitching in your efforts.
    While I already posted my email in the header, I would like to once again
    repeat it:
    photon (dot) foxstar (at) gmail (dot) com
    * Quick thank you to Yunaura of LiveJournal for spotting out the typo in
      chapter 2 of Valkyrie!
    Please title the subject as "Odin Sphere Script" if you would like to
    contribute something to this script. I check my email very often, so I
    am usually quick to respond, but I like to keep my inbox neat; it'd be
    a lot easier on my part if you put the appropriate subject before sending.

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