Review by nmchunter

"2-D Action RPGrama!"

This game is too good to put into words, but I must do my best anyway...

Talk about insane Graphics, and yet can be tossed into a bowl of 2D action. The game itself Defines "Originality". Odin Sphere is a 2D Side-scrolling hack and slash beauty machine. All the way from the superb character sprites, into the insanely long boss battles. Not to mention Odin Sphere's wonderful music. I myself fell in love with the boss battles. The voices are also captivating. You can hear the joy, and despair in their voices when they talk. I cant drop the controller without wanting to jump back on.

To tell the truth, im more of the 1st person shooting type of guys, but Odin sphere is too good to not enjoy. From the lack of feeling in most RPG 's, Odin Sphere seems to be the only game to captivate me. There's not much "bad" I can pull out besides the repetitive quotes NPC 's say if you keep talking to them. Whats so wonderful about the game is its difficulty. Im playing on normal and its still quite hard for me at times. Not to mention how long the game can be when theres 5 stories (One for each character).

The graphics are quite evolved compared to your basic 2D games. Yet with game-play THIS good there's really no point to worry about graphics. If I had to compare this game to any other I really couldn't. Its too original, and on its own scale of game. It feels quite old school, yet brand spank-in' new.

Overall I have come to a conclusion for my feelings of this game.

Visuals: 10/10 A+ (First of its kind).

Sound: 10/10 A+ (Voices are GREAT, and the music is superb).

Game-play: 10/10 A+ (Hack and Slash + abilities AND alchemy lead to a wonderful battle system).

I would more then love to give this game a 10/10 yet I cant lie to myself. Repetitive quotes are my only fault feelings towards the game.
So run along and buy it already!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/25/07

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