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"Easily the Best PS2 Game"

This game is truly wonderful. Every thing in this game is smooth from battling in real time to the wonderful graphics and even all the characters have voice acting.

Graphics 11/10
Wow just wow sure the game is 2D although I like 2D graphics this is pure amazing to any one. Its basically an anime but characters breathe in and out fluidly and scenery is an art itself from deserts to forests all it looks good.

Game Play 10/10
Great game play here its basically a hack and slash with a mix of a basic fighting game. You pull off combos, spells, and chemistry to attack. You can grow food to eat in battle and your spells are basically powerful attack from collected souls that enemies drop when they die. You make potions from stuff that enemies drop or you buy. Once you have materials you can creates potions of destruction like napalms or magical ones like blizzards. Combat with melee is also nice and smooth you can link combo attacks together very nicely with piercing attacks to normal attack or attacks that make you slide around or attack air. If you have ever played Tales of the Abyss or and of those games in the series you will be some what familiar to the combat but these are very different games I must say. You can plant food to eat for later and you can raise chickens in the middle of combat. Yes this sounds "special" but really its very useful and the more food you eat the more your exp for your health goes up and eventually you level up in your hp. Rather than gaining exp from using spells to get more mp you have to suck the souls from the enemies you lay to waste. The kicker is that if you get attacked you wont suck them up and planting seeds require these souls to grow, so you have to decide if you want food or exp. Traveling around the world is a matter of choosing what direction you want to go like you can go to the shop or the one of many bosses of the field or the main boss that will end the chapter.

Difficulty 10/10
It has a nice difficulty adjuster that you can change throughout your game if one difficulty is to hard for you. However I must say this game is HARD it has a lot of trial and error about what you will find out you can or should do. To help with the difficulty you don't have to reload every time you die rather you will re spawn with all the items and exp you had when you died at that same area.

Story 10/10
Amazing and the fact that every one has a voice is makes the whole experience better. The story follows 5 characters that occasionally interact with each other. You control 1 that you pick and follow their story.

Rent or Buy?
Buy it before much like every thing else Atlus has presented us that is good disappears. The game is $40 and thats a steal it will being you sleepless nights of fun. If you like video games you will like this game its pure fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/29/07

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