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"Frustrating and Repetitive, but has some good things"

Odin Sphere is a 2-d Action RPG based on Norse Mythology which has some nice things but also some major flaws.

Graphics 8
You may have seen that this game has great graphics and stuff like that. Well this is true, but they cannot compare to a 3-d game in my opinion, you can only see your characters from the side. But the areas are quite nice, except that a stage and another has very few difference.

Sound and Music 8
Honestly I cannot remember a single tune of the game. Sound effects are okay, but the best thing in this game is that everything; every speech, every thought is voice acted, and that's nice, and few games have EVERYTHING voice-acted. I like that.

Game play: This is too vast so Ill split it into sections

A) Battles: battles are okay except that it can get tough during multi-enemies fights. You have a total of five characters, which have mostly the same attacks, but they have some unique special attacks. One of them is totally different from the rest, for it can fly, and can use a bow that shoots flames at a distance. Something that I dislike is the POW bar, which decreases as you attack. While you are idle, it will recharge, or even while walking, but the bad thing is that once it empties you have to lay still until it recharges ( at half the speed ) and be wide open for attacks.

B) Leveling Up : This is something I really dislike, because when enemies die, they release phozons, and you have the choice of either absorbing them to level up your weapon called a Psypher. Otherwise you can plant seeds and they will absorb Phozons and grow into plants. Plants are the source for HP experience, the more you eat, your health level increases, and it also heals you of course! The plant thing is very irritating and besides it is unfair that you have to make a choice because I would like it better if after a level up, both would increase instead of making you choose.

C) Alchemy: The alchemy system is totally great, you can create great items without it being irritating like Dragon Quest 8 where you have to keep searching for particular items. Here you have to have a Material, and you mix it with an item you find everywhere ( onionne, carrotter, turny, etc ). The material has a number attached to it and the number increases as you mix it with items, but don't worry it really is not irritating. It's excellent, probably the best thing in the game.

D) Repetition: this is the thing you will start to hate. There is a total of 8 or 9 locations I'm not sure. You go through your first character visiting every location, and then you have to go through with the next one. For a total of five times. You have to keep going to the same locations, defeating the same enemies, defeating the same mini bosses, fighting the same final boss and after you do this three times, it will start to get on your nerves.

Desgin: 5
A) Frustration: The game definitely will not lack frustration towards the one who plays. It is super difficult, especially with your first character who is really poor. Sometimes you'll go trough the same battle for 15 times. And obviously I was playing on the setting: EASY. I will never forget how many tries it took me to defeat Odin with my first character. I think it's possible that it took me around twenty tries. That's boring. Some of them however will be quite straightforward.

B) Very linear: You have to follow continually the same procedure. you start in a base, and then you are taken to the map. The map shows you which to take, but strangely, you only will know why you have to go there after you choose it. Then you have to keep going until you reach the final boss, a drama scene, a battle, a drama scene, and back to the base, and the same exact things happen. For like seven times with each character, that is 7 X 5 = 35 times.

C) Technical problems: the programmers of Odin Sphere must be drunk or something, it has severe technical difficulties. This mainly happens when there are a lot of enemies on the screen which is very often. The game really slows down. This soon gets irritating, and I blame it all on the programmers not on the PS 2's capabilities!

Story 6
The story really is nothing very special, it's okay with a few plot twists but nothing special really. And you have to experience each story from each character's point of view. Thus, by the time you reach the fourth character, you will know all of the story, and you'll be forcing yourself to play it. The game is also quite short.

Replayability : By the time you finish the game, you will already have replayed it four times, so, no replayability.

If you are really interested, you should rent it, but you should not buy it until you're 100% sure.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/20/07

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