PlayStation 2 PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File08/01/08Crimian33K
7 Star File - All Scenes, All Texts, All Recipes, All Psypher Levels 40+, All HP Levels 50+, All Characters in Epilogue and Ready to Replay End Game Battles
Save Game File07/19/08kobalobasileus32K
Everything unlocked, all characters lvl. 40+

PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (North America)

Save Game File04/23/08qimbhal43K
game completed, 7 stars, all texts, all scenes, 100%
Save Game File06/05/07Darkyeng_1980s37K
Odin Sphere: All characters+Psyphers lvl99+Game Completed.

PlayStation2 X-Port Save (North America)

Save Game File02/02/08Darkloud186K
All scenes and chapters. All characters in lvl 50 aprox. Great items! Complete file!

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