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    FAQ/Walkthrough by PulcineAura

    Version: .5 | Updated: 08/11/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    [          GrimGrimoire           ]
    [         Version: First          ]
    [       By: Matthew Atiemo        ]
    [   e-mail: auragaea2@yahoo.com   ]
    Table of Contents
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    I  - Intro ------------------------------------------------- [INTRO.00]
    II - Updates ----------------------------------------------- [UPDATE.01]
    III- Characters -------------------------------------------- [CHAR.02]
         A. Lillet Blan ---------------------------------------- [LIBL.021]
         B. Bartido Ballentyne --------------------------------- [BABA.022]
         C. Hiram Menthe --------------------------------------- [HIME.023]
         D. Amoretta Virgine ----------------------------------- [AMVI.024]
         E. Margarita Surprise --------------------------------- [MASU.025]
         F. Gammel Dore ---------------------------------------- [GADO.026]
         G. Advocat -------------------------------------------- [ADVO.027]
         H. Opalneria Rain ------------------------------------- [OPRA.028]
         I. Chartreuse Grande ---------------------------------- [CHGR.029]
         J. Lujei Piche ---------------------------------------- [LUPI.0210]
    IV - Walkthrough ------------------------------------------- [WALK.03]
         A. The First 5 Days ----------------------------------- [FI5DYS.031]
            1. Day One ----------------------------------------- [DAY1:03.11]
            2. Day Two ----------------------------------------- [DAY2:03.12]
            3. Day Three --------------------------------------- [DAY3:03.13]
            4. Day Four ---------------------------------------- [DAY4:03.14]
            5. Day Five ---------------------------------------- [DAY5:03.15]
         B. The Second 5 Days ---------------------------------- [SE5DYS.032]
            1. Day One ----------------------------------------- [DAY1:03.21]
            2. Day Two ----------------------------------------- [DAY2:03.22]
            3. Day Three --------------------------------------- [DAY3:03.23]
            4. Day Four ---------------------------------------- [DAY4:03.24]
            5. Day Five ---------------------------------------- [DAY5:03.25]
         C. The Third 5 Days ----------------------------------- [TH5DYS.033]
            1. Day One ----------------------------------------- [DAY1:03.31]
            2. Day Two ----------------------------------------- [DAY2:03.32]
            3. Day Three --------------------------------------- [DAY3:03.33]
            4. Day Four ---------------------------------------- [DAY4:03.34]
            5. Day Five ---------------------------------------- [DAY5:03.35]
         D. The Fourth 5 Days ---------------------------------- [FO5DYS.034]
            1. Day One ----------------------------------------- [DAY1:03.41]
            2. Day Two ----------------------------------------- [DAY2:03.42]
            3. Day Three --------------------------------------- [DAY3:03.43]
            4. Day Four ---------------------------------------- [DAY4:03.44]
            5. Day Five ---------------------------------------- [DAY5:03.45]
         E. The Last 5 Days ------------------------------------ [LS5DYS.035]
            1. Day One ----------------------------------------- [DAY1:03.51]
            2. Day Two ----------------------------------------- [DAY2:03.52]
            3. Day Three --------------------------------------- [DAY3:03.53]
            4. Day Four ---------------------------------------- [DAY4:03.54]
            5. Day Five ---------------------------------------- [DAY5:03.55]
         F. Trial Stages --------------------------------------- [TRSTG.036]
            1. Difficulty 1 ------------------------------------ [DIF1:03.61]
            2. Difficulty 2 ------------------------------------ [DIF2:03.62]
            3. Difficulty 3 ------------------------------------ [DIF3:03.63]
            4. Difficulty 4 ------------------------------------ [DIF4:03.64]
            5. Difficulty 5 ------------------------------------ [DIF5:03.65]
    V  - Gameplay ---------------------------------------------- [GMPLY.04]
         A. Battle Flow ---------------------------------------- [BTFL.041]
            1. Drawing a Rune ---------------------------------- [RUNE.04:11]
            2. Summoning Spirits ------------------------------- [SMMN.04:12]
            3. Mana -------------------------------------------- [MANA.04:13]
            4. Issuing Commands -------------------------------- [CMND.04:14]
            5. Symbols ----------------------------------------- [SYMB.04:15]
    VI - Magic ------------------------------------------------- [MAGIC.05]
         A. Types of Magic ------------------------------------- [TYMGC.051]
            1. Glamour ----------------------------------------- [GLMR.05:11]
            2. Necromancy -------------------------------------- [NMCY.05:12]
            3. Sorcery ----------------------------------------- [SRCY.05:13]
            4. Alchemy ----------------------------------------- [ALCM.05:14]
         B. Grimoires ------------------------------------------ [GRMR.052]
            1. Glamour Grimoires ------------------------------- [GLGR.05:21]
               a. Fairy Ring ----------------------------------- [FARI.05:21.1]
               b. Wicca ---------------------------------------- [WICCA.05:21.2]
               c. Titania -------------------------------------- [TTNA.05:21.3]
            2. Necromancy Grimoires ---------------------------- [NCGR.05:22]
               a. Hades Gate ----------------------------------- [HAGT.05:22.1]
               b. Purgatory ------------------------------------ [PURG.05.22.2]
               c. Acheron -------------------------------------- [ACHR.05.22.3]
            3. Sorcery Grimoires ------------------------------- [SRGR.05:23]
               a. Hell Gate ------------------------------------ [HLGT.05:23.1]
               b. Chaos Nest ----------------------------------- [CHNST.05:23.2]
               c. Gehena --------------------------------------- [GHNA.05:23.3]
            4. Alchemy Grimoires ------------------------------- [ALGR.05:24]
               a. Laboratory ----------------------------------- [LAB.05:24.1]
               b. Engrave -------------------------------------- [ENGR.05:24.2]
               c. Chimera Spawn -------------------------------- [CHSPN.05:24.3]
    VII - Credits ---------------------------------------------- [CREDIT.06]
    I. Intro ::: [INTRO.00]
    From the creators of Odin Sphere comes GrimGrimoire, a 2-D RTS game based in 
    a magical school.  Surprisingly, GrimGrimoire plays quite nicely although it is
    a 2-D RTS, and the game is quite beatable even without a guide.  Still, I'm
    mainly writing this guide to those that are new to the genre and might also
    need some help with a few of those tricky maps.  So without further ado, here's
    my guide.
    II. Updates ::: [UPDATE.01]
    August 11, 2007
    - Finished bonus map walkthroughs
    - Finished Familiar guide
    July 11, 2007
    - Finished storyline walkthrough
    July 5, 2007
    - Finished basic outline for Walkthrough
    - Finished the appendix sections
    - Started a few walkthroughs
    III. Characters ::: [CHAR.02]
    Lillet Blan ::: [LIBL.021]
    A studious, hard working girl who was invited to the Silver Star tower after
    being acknowledged for her magical skills.  She wishes to become a great
    magician for her poor younger brothers, who wait for her at home.  She is
    caught up in unexpected circumstances, but stands up to the mystery with
    daring acts and calm judgment that even she didn't know she was capable of.
    Bartido Ballentyne ::: [BABA.022]
    A senior at the Magic Academy who majors in Alchemy.  Behind his rustic, blunt
    attitude lies a secret.  He says he's better at fist fights than magic, but
    his chimeras and golems beg to differ.
    Hiram Menthe ::: [HIME.023]
    A senior at the Magic Academy who studies under Ms. Opalneria.  A kind honor
    student who has been well brought up.  Possibly because they see in each other
    what they don't have themselves, Bartido and he are close friends.
    He came to the Magic Academy with a goal in his heart.
    Amoretta Virgine ::: [AMVI.024]
    A student at the Magic Academy.  Everyone is charmed by her clear, ephemeral
    smile.  Even those who are not human...
    Margarita Surprise ::: [MASU.025]
    A student at the Magic Academy.  The first friend Lillet meets when she gets
    here.  In her past, she had been rescued from a town that persecuted magicians
    under the pretense of witch hunting, but her personality is still carefree.
    She carries around her frog familiar on top of her head.
    Gammel Dore ::: [GADO.026]
    The head master of the Magic Academy.  In the past, he defeated the Archmage
    and sealed the devil that had made a pact with him.  Quite the legendary
    magician.  He founded the Magic Academy on the Silver Star Tower which was once
    the Archmage's castle, and invited promising youths from around the kingdom in
    hopes of educating the next generation of magicians.  It seems the school is
    kind of dangerous, because students go missing every once in a while, but every
    magician in the kingdom dreams of studying under Professor Gammel.
    Advocat ::: [ADVO.027]
    A devil who teaches Sorcery.  The details of the contract with the head master
    is unknown.  He likes to act like a gentleman, but you can see glimpses of his
    true nature as a devil at times.  He seems to be refraining from collecting
    souls on campus grounds, but he won't reject any, if they jump into his hands.
    Opalneria Rain ::: [OPRA.028]
    A beautiful, bewitching teacher of Necromancy.  She is well trusted by pro-
    fessor Gammel, as well.  Though her appearances make her seem cold-hearted, her
    emotions are very passionate, especially her incontrollable love for Dr. Char-
    Chartreuse Grande ::: [CHGR.029]
    The Alchemy instructor.  Although he was once a beautiful blonde with ivory
    skin, he was cursed, and turned into a lion.  He is told that the power of love
    will break the curse, but he is only interested in the search for truth, and
    has no intentions of putting time into a way to undo the curse.
    Lujei Piche ::: [LUPI.0210]
    One of the three great magicians who created the legendary Philosopher's Stone.
    Because of her arrogant, whimsical personality and her powerful magic, she was
    betrayed and assasinated by her lover and student, under orders from the
    kingdom.  Whether it was her lingering regrets for the Philosopher's Stone, or
    her strong attachment to life, she became a wandering ghost after her death.
    She carries a staff with the skull of her student lover whom she later killed,
    and terrifies anyone who runs into her.
    IV. Walkthrough ::: [WALK.03]
    Before you get too far into the game, and get used to the way you have of doing
    things, here are a few tips you should try to get into the habit of doing.
    Tip 1: Use the Triangle button to pause the game, because you can scroll
    through the screen whilst having all the action in standstill.
    Tip 2: Use both analog sticks to scroll through the screen at a high speed.
    Tip 3: By pressing the down button on the D-Pad, you can scroll through the
    last 4 units/items you selected.  In conjunction with the R3 button, you can
    immediately go to the last few units/items you selected and see their actions.
     |  A. The First Five Days - [FI5DYS.031]  |
    The First Five Days are composed primarily of tutorial stages.  As long as you
    follow the hints given to you, you will be fine.
    Day 1: Gammel's Practice                                           [DAY1:03.11]
    Conditions For Winning: Summon 10 Elves
    Unit(s): Elf x1
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring
    A tutorial stage.  Just follow the order's given to you and you'll be fine.
    Day 2: Gammel's Practice 2                                         [DAY2:03.12]
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all devils
    Unit(s): Elf x5, Fairy x4
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring
    When you finally get control, create as much Fairies as you can.  Six should be
    enough.  Once you have six Fairies, have them all fly to the upper left and
    kill those Imps there.  Then head to the upper right and dispose of the Imps,
    finishing this stage successfully.
    Day 3: Gammel's Practice 3                                         [DAY3:03.13]
    Condition For Winning: Destroy Gammel's Rune
    Unit(s): Elf x2, Talisman x2
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring, Wicca
    Start the battle by having the Elves mine mana.  Level the Fairy Ring up, then
    create 5 Fairies.  Once all 5 are created, control your Fairies to attack the
    Guardian on the left of the enemy's Rune.  You'll probably lose 2 Fairies.
    After it dies, your Fairies will automatically attack the Hell Gate.  Once it's
    destroyed, the battle will be completed.
    Day 4: Opalneria's Practice                                        [DAY4:03.14]
    Condition For Winning: Destroy Opalneria's familiars & Runes
    Unit(s): Ghost x5, Phantom x4
    Rune(s): Hades Gate
    Send your Phantom to stand in front of the Sanctuary whilst you make more.
    Make 5 Phantoms then join up with the Phantom guarding the Sanctuary.  Leave 2
    Phantoms to guard the Sanctuary and send the other 4 to destroy the Hell Gate
    that's to your upper right.  You should be able to destroy it without having
    the Guardian attack you.  As this is happening, make more Phantoms.  When the
    Hell Gate is destroyed, send those 3 Phantoms and any more you've created to
    attack the Guardian.  You may lose a unit, but its okay.  After the Guardian
    falls, just destroy the rune above you and the remaining enemies to success-
    fully complete the stage.
    Day 5: Defending the Escape                                        [DAY5:03.15]
    Condition For Winning: Endure the onslaught for 20 minutes
    Unit(s): Elf x3, Fairy x2, Ghost x2, Talisman x6
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring, Wicca, Hades Gate
    Whenever you play stages where you have to last for a certain number of minutes
    defense should be your main focus.  As such, have 2 Elves mine mana and have
    the third one set up 2 Talismans above the Fairy Ring.  Your Ghosts should
    also be mining mana.  Once 2 Talismans have been created, have your Elf go back
    to mine mana.  Create 2 Phantoms for protection because some Imps will be
    coming to your base.  Place them above the Hades Gate.  Now, create one more
    Talisman close to the stairs above the Hades Gate, and start concentrating on
    making more Phantoms and Fairies.  Have your 2 Fairies and 1 Phantom stand
    close to the Fairy Ring base and don't forget to send the Elf that created the
    Talisman to go back and start mining.
    Some Imps will attack both both bases, but you should be able to kill them
    without suffering many casualties.  Continue making more Fairies and Phantoms,
    because things are going to get a lot more hectic.  You can only create 35
    units, so be wary of that.  I prefer to create more Phantoms because the 
    majority of the enemies here can't touch them.  As the battle continues, 
    there'll be a few swarms of Imps that come to attack your bases, but its 
    nothing too troublesome.  Keep in mind that your familiars are aggressive and
    like chasing after enemies to kill them.  Once the fight is over, command your
    familiars back into your lines.
    At about 7:30 on the timer, a large group of Imps and Skullmages will come
    toward the Fairy Ring base.  Have the enemies come towards your Talismans
    because if you move ahead, the Skullmages will destroy your Phantoms easily.
    Have your Fairies stay behind the Talisman line and snipe the enemies from
    afar.  You'll win, but you might lose your Phantoms and a Talisman.  If that
    happens, just create more Phantoms and replace the Talisman.  Once again,
    you'll be faced with small swarms of enemies, but you should be able to take 
    care of it.
    For the most part, you'll just have to contend with groups of Imps and Ghosts
    and they are quite easy to kill.  However, at about 17:30, you'll be faced once
    more with the Imps and Skullmages, on both sides this time.  Once again, have
    the Talismans do all of the tanking and only attack once the Skullmages are
    gone.  Or you can attack them with Fairies if you don't mind getting attacked
    by the Imps.
     |  B. The Second Five Days - [SE5DYS.032]  |
    These set of days contain 2 tutorial stages, and some new gameplay elements.
    The 4th battle can be quite tricky, but overall, these days are quite easy.
    Day 1: Advocat's Test                                              [DAY1:03.21]
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all of Advocat's Runes
    Unit(s): Elf x3, Fairy x8, Talisman x2
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring
    Start by having the Elves mine the crystal above them.  Since Advocat uses
    Sorcery, use Necromancy to combat him.  Create a Hades Gate rune below the area
    where your units are standing.  About a minute into the battle, some Imps will
    come from the upper left side.  Dispose of them with your Fairies.  Once your
    Hades Gate is finished, create 2 Ghosts and mine the crystal directly below
    you.  Level it up and create 5 Phantoms.  Keep your Fairies in the middle of
    the screen to guard against enemies.  With your 5 Phantoms, head to the right,
    then up the stairs, killing anything in your way.  Create 3 more Phantoms as
    the fighting is occuring.  Your Phantoms should be killing the Imps standing
    in their way and the Guardian next to the green wall.  The first group of
    Phantoms you sent to the upper right should stay put where the guardian was.
    Have the new Phantoms you created join up with them, then destroy the Hell Gate
    and the Demon that's right above you, as well as the Guardian.  Level up the 
    Hades Gate to level 4 in the meantime and create 5 more Phantoms.  When the
    Phantoms come, send them down to the Ghost Sanctuary, because some Imps will
    be coming up from the south around 6:40 into the battle.
    Your other Phantom units should proceed to make their way across the upperright
    to kill any remaining enemies.  Return them back to the Hades Gate.  Create 3
    more Phantoms, then proceed to the right of the Ghost Sanctuary and destroy the
    Guardian.  Afterwards, go and destroy the Gehena rune that you can see below
    you.  Proceed down the stairs, then go and get that Guardian that attacked you
    on the way here.  And with that, the right side is complete!  Remember to use
    Berserk before you attack a base or symbol because it increases the damage you
    deal.  Also, everytime you lose a Phantom, create one to take its place and
    bring it to the group.
    From the Guardian you just killed, move directly to your left, and take out
    the Guardian that's above you.  As you near closer to her, a swarm of Imps and
    a Demon will greet you.  Take care of the Demon, then the Imps, then finally,
    the Hell Gate.  Above the Hell Gate is a Guardian.  Kill her and any more
    enemies around your vicintiy.  Go up the stairs, and bear the attacks from the
    Ghost.  When you reach the area where you can see a Guardian and a Hell Gate,
    go for the Hell Gate, because that'll end the stage.
    Day 2: Advocat's Practice                                          [DAY2:03.22]
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all of Advocat's Runes
    Unit(s): Imp x4, Grimalkin x2
    Rune(s): Hell Gate, Chaos Nest
    The minute the fight starts, create a dragon egg and move a Grimalkin next to
    the Chaos Nest.  If you don't, Advocat's dragon will destroy all your bases and
    it'll be game over.  Have the Imps mine mana from the nearby crystal.  Once
    your egg has come out, hatch it.  Get ready to sleep the dragon when it nears
    your base.  Once your dragon hatches, have it attack the dragon.  When it dies,
    move your dragon towards the south.  Since we're learning about dragons, go
    crazy and create a dragon every time you get 500 mana.  Normally, this would be
    a mostly cheap strategy, but this map has lots of red walls, so just use them
    to destroy it and attack the enemy.  Overall, this is all you really have to
    do.  So just work your way from the south to the north, and you'll be finished.
    Day 3: Lab Clean-up                                                [DAY3:03.23]
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all of Opalneria's Runes
    Unit(s): Elf x4, Fairy x4, Unicorn x3, Skullmage x5
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring, Purgatory
    Neutral Unit(s): Blob x4, Homunculus x1, Golem x3, Gargoyle x2
    Neutral Rune(s): Laboratory
    The first thing to do here is to recruit Chartreuse's familiars to help you.
    However, in between both you and Chartreuse are symbols and some enemies.
    Begin the battle by mining mana.  Level up the Fairy Ring and create 2 more
    Fairies.  As this is happening, a few Phantoms will come from above.  Have your
    Skullmages attack them, as they are the best against most astrals.  When your
    Fairies have arrived, group them together and proceed directly to the left of
    your Purgatory rune.  You'll see a Guardian, but before attacking it, bring 2
    Skullmages and your Unicorns.  Have your Fairies begin the attack on the
    Guardian.  Doing this will cause a Phantom and a couple of Imps to come for
    you.  Have your Skullmages attack the Phantom and your Unicorns should aid in
    destroying the symbol as well as the Imps.  Once they are gone, have your
    Unicorns attack the Obelisk to their far left, then recruit Chartreuse's
    familiars.  Be sure to return your Fairies and Skullmages back to your camp.
    With Chartreuse's Blobs, start mining mana, and create a Wicca.  Level it up
    to level 3, then create more Unicorns.  You may also create some Fairies for
    defense purposes.  Using a Golem, attack the Guardian on bottom floor.  Once
    you have about 5 Unicorns, gather them together, and proceed up the stairs
    to the left of the Purgatory rune.  Set up your Holy Barrier, because I
    encountered 2 Phantoms as I was heading up.  Keep heading up and you will see
    a Gehena.  Set up Holy Barrier, then destroy it.  However, create some more 
    backup Unicorns because you will be confronted by some Phantoms, Demons, and
    Skullmages.  Concentrate on the Demon first, then the Skullmages, then finally
    the Phantoms.  Keep your eye on this team of Unicorns, just in case they need
    Holy Barrier once more.  Chances are that they'll die, but just send your
    backup team to dispose of the rest.
    As this is occuring, Chartreuse's side will be attacked by Ghosts, Phantoms,
    and Skullmages.  The minute you can see them on your map, have your Homunculus
    use Clairvoyance in the area above the Gargoyle symbols.  Have your Golems
    attack the oncoming enemies.  If Clairvoyance runs out, just use it again.
    Going back to the Unicorns, if you still haven't disposed of the enemies
    that were surrounding the Gehena, go back and kill them.  A little bit above
    that area, you should see an Obelisk and a Hell Gate.  Quickly destroy the
    Obelisk, but stay put.  Bring your Skullmages over, then have your Unicorns
    destroy the Hell Gate.  The Guardian above you will be spewing flames, but you
    should be fine with Holy Barrier.  What really makes this area annoying is that
    once you start attacking the Hell Gate, several Phantoms and Imps will attack
    you.  Have your Skullmages attack the Phantoms and your Unicorns, the Imps and
    the Guardian.  Create more Unicorns just in case a few die.
    At about 12:30 on the timer, another horde of ghouls will attack your Alchemy
    side.  Use the same tactics as before, and you'll be fine.  Back to the
    Unicorns, again, proceed to the right of where the Hell Gate once was and 
    destroy the rune to the upper right.  The left side is now COMPLETE!!!
    Using your 3 Golems, move directly up the stairs, and have the Homunculus 
    follow them.  Level up the lab and create more Homunculi if you wish.  Once you
    are about halfway up the stairs, you'll see a small group of enemies.  
    Clairvoyance the area, then have your Golems attack the enemies.  A little bit
    above them should be a Hades Gate.  Bring over some Unicorns to attack it along
    with your Skullmages.  Create some more Unicorns because the sheer amount of
    Phantoms can overwhelm them.
    If you were like me and lost your troops, the enraged Phantoms will come for
    you.  Get ready with Clairvoyance, and quickly bring over your Unicorns to aid
    the Alchemy side.
    If you actually survived, get more units, then attack the Guardian to your
    upper left, then finally, the Hades Gate.
    Day 4: Opalneria's Sealed Room                                     [DAY4:03.24]
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all of Opalneria's Runes
    Unit(s): Elf x2, Fairy x2, Imp x2, Grim x1, Demon x1
    Rune(s): Titania, Hell Gate
    **When you create a Morningstar, it is possible to stock up on starchilds with
    Star Light as you move and attack.  Remember this and use it well, for
    Morningstars require quite a bit of upkeeping.**
    Have the Elves mine the crystal next to them, and the Imps, the crystal to
    their lower right.  As Margarita said, summon the Morningstar.  She'll be your
    main form of offense in this stage as well as a couple of Fairies.  Have your
    Demon and Fairies go and stand next to the crystal the Imps are mining from and
    create a Fairy Ring.  Level up the Titania 3 times, then amass enough mana to 
    summon a Morningstar.  A group of enemies will appear from the south, but your
    Fairies and Demon can handle it.  Once you have enough, summon a Morningstar.
    When it comes forth, stock up on 5 Starchilds, then move to the far right.
    Proceeding down the green flame walls, you should be able to see the enemies
    without them seeing you.  About halfway through, you'll notice a Hades Gate.
    Destroy it, then any enemies that are posing a threat to you.  If the enemies
    don't notice you, then don't provoke them.  After the Hades Gate is gone, move
    your Morningstar all the way to the lower right corner, and stock up on more
    starchilds should you need to.  If you're about 6 minutes into the battle, go
    back to your other group.  By this time, Charons will be coming to you.  Don't
    worry, though.  The only enemies they bring with them are Imps, which your
    Demon can dispatch of easily.  Have your Fairies attack the Charons when there
    are no Imps to pose a threat.  Also, once you have enough mana, create another
    Going back to your Morningstar in the corner, move her to the left and have her
    destroy the Guardian.  Make sure she at least, does this, before having her
    attack the Hell Gate.  As you're attacking this rune, a Skullmage will possibly
    come and hurt you a lot.  Turn your focus to it and kill it before resuming the
    attack on the rune.  If your MOrningstar dies, just bring the other one down
    to finish the job.  To the left of the Hell Gate is the Acheron, the rune that
    summons those damned Charon.  Quickly have your Morningstar destroy it because
    once again, a Skullmage will come and try to kill you.  After the Acheron falls
    destroy the Skullmage and proceed left to get rid of the Purgatory.
    My Morningstar died, so I just created a new one and had her finish the job.
    Day 5: Chaotic Assault                                             [DAY5:03.25]
    Condition For Winning: 
    Unit(s): Elf x5, Fairy x6, Grimalkin x4
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring, Chaos Nest
    Neutral Unit(s): Ghost x2, Phantom x3
    Neutral Rune(s): Hades Gate, Purgatory
    Like with Lab Clean-Up, you'll have an ally helping you.  To get to Hiram's
    familiars, you have to fight some enemies.  Have your Elves gather mana, level
    up the Fairy Ring, and level up the Chaos Nest.  Don't go to Hiram's side just
    yet.  Create 2 Fairies, then gather all of them together.  Move directly south
    from the Fairy Ring until you reach the bottom, then move right to confront a
    Phantom and a Ghost.  Now stand still, and have one Grimalkin move directly to
    the right.  Level up the Chaos Nest 1 more time.  Keep moving the Grimalkin
    until it provokes an Imp.  Have the Fairies attack it, and a Phantom and a
    Demon will chase after them.  Have the Grimalkin lull the Demon to Sleep, and
    have the Fairies kill it along with the Phantom.  As they attack the Demon,
    have your Grimalkin go to Hiram's side.  A Skullmage might appear on your
    Glamour side, but one Mana Burst should kill it.
    Now, have your Ghosts mine mana, and create 5 Phantoms.  Have your Fairies
    return to their side after destroying the Hell Gate and make sure to level the
    Hades Gate to its max.  You'll get attacked by enemies occassionally, but you
    should be fine.  Once your 5 Phantoms have been created, join them with the 
    other 3, and proceed towards the Glamour side.  Create 5 more Phantoms for
    backup purposes.  Move your 8 Phantoms past the Fairies and up the stairs.  Use
    Berserk, then kill the Gargoyle.  The minute your Phantoms step close to the
    Gargoyle, a Homunculus will use Clairvoyance, allowing the Gargoyle to attack
    your Phantoms.  At this point, have your remaining Fairies attack the Hades
    Gate to the upper left of the Gargoyle.  Once the Gargoyle is down, your
    Phantoms should just sacrifice themselves by attacking the Lab.  Once the
    Fairies destroy the Hades Gate, return them all back to the Fairy Ring, and
    bring up your other Phantoms.  Create 3 more Phantoms and some Fairies, too.
    Also, create more Phantoms for backup.
    Have your Phantoms finish off the Lab.  Once it's gone, set your sights for the
    Homunculus and Guardian.  Create more Phantoms because they might be killed by
    a Homunculus' Psychic Storm.  You might also want to use your Fairies to aid
    you.  With the lab destroyed, you can also destroy the Purgatory and the other
    remaining enemies.  Again, create more Phantoms if you lost some and have them
    rejoin the team.  At this point, you will have little problems as the Homunculi
    and Skullmages cannot bother you anymore.  So have your Phantoms walk through
    the map, destroying the enemy's sanctuaries and its Engrave rune.
    At about 18:00, a Charon will appear on the Necromancy side.  Kill it, because
    it tends to drop its load on the Chaos Nest you have.  You also need to start
    creating a lot of Phantoms (or a Dragon and a Grimalkin) because a dragon will
    be coming.  A team of 8 Phantoms can easily kill a Dragon, but you may find
    using a dragon of your own to be more exciting.  Either way, the dragon comes
    from the upper right side.  Once you kill it, destroy the remaining runes, and
    you'll be done.
     |  C. The Third Five Days - [TH5DYS.033]  |
    No more tutorial stages, but these days start off light.  However, the last 3
    fights can be quite difficult.
    Day 1: Chimera Testing                                             [DAY1:03.31]
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all Chimera Runes
    Unit(s): Blob x6, Homunculus x1, Golem x2, Imp x6, Grimalkin x2, Demon x4
    Rune(s): Lab, Hell Gate, Gehena
    Cake is what I would use to describe this stage.  All you have to do is destroy
    the rune that was shown to you at the beginning of the map, and you're done.
    Create a Chaos Nest beneath the Hell Gate, and level it up to get Mana Burn.
    Also, mine mana with your Blobs and Imps and level up the Gehena.  Move your 
    Grimalkins and Demons next to the Lab rune.  Some enemy Blobs will try to come
    to your base.  Just have your Golems attack them.  Once you've learned Mana 
    Burn, create 2 more Grimalkins.  Once they are created, move them next to the 
    lab.  Using 1 Grimalkin, go up the stairs till you see a Homunculus.  Mana Burn
    it and the one standing next to it to death, then have your Golems destroy the
    Engrave and the Gargoyle.  Bring more Grimalkins up the stairs as well as 
    your Demons.  Have your Demons aid in the destruction of the Engrave, the
    Gargoyle, and any Houmunculi.  Don't be afraid to use Mana Burn on them either.
    Once they are dead, just create more Demons and make sure you have a Grimalkin
    around.  A Chimera guards the Chimera Spawn rune, so have your Grimalkin sleep
    it, then attack it with Demons.  Finally, destroy the rune and you're done.
    Day 2: Devil's Strike                                              [DAY2:03.32]
    Condition For Winning: Annihilate the devils
    Unit(s): Elf x5, Blob x6, Homunculus x4, Gargoyle x1
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring, Laboratory, Engrave
    Once again, another easy stage.  This one is even easier.  All you have to do
    is destroy all the devils, so there are no runes.  Due to this, I can't really
    give a proper walkthrough.  Obviously, mine the crystal first, then level up
    the Lab until you get Psychic Storm.  Attack the incoming Imps with Psychic 
    Storm whilst you create a Hades Gate to make Phantoms.  Afterall, you are 
    fighting devils.  Just destroy all the enemies, and you'll be fine.
    Day 3: Stopping the Fight                                          [DAY3:03.33]
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all of Bartido and Advocat's Runes
    Unit(s): Elf x6, Fairy x6, Imp x2, Demon x2, Talisman x4, Guardian x4
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring, Hell Gate
    Once the fight begins, both Advocat's dragon and Bartido's Chimera will come
    towards the upper part of your base.  They will attack your symbols, but that's
    no problem.  After both monsters destroy everthing in their paths, they will
    proceed to attack each other, provided that nothing is in their way.  Have your
    Elves mine mana from the lower crystal, but don't move your Imps yet.  When
    the fight between the Dragon and the Chimera is over (have your Demons kill the
    weakened enemy), have your Imps mine mana.  Since you're up against Alchemy
    and Sorcery, create a Hades Gate, a Chaos Nest, and a Gehenna.  Level up the
    Demon Gate first, then the Hades Gate to level 4, followed by the Gehenna to
    level 2, and finally, the Chaos Nest to level 4.  Once everything has been 
    leveled, create 6 Phantoms, 1 Demon, and 2 Grimalkins.  As all of this is
    occuring, small enemy groups will attack you.  Like before, you can take care
    of them easily.  At about 6:30 minutes into the battle, a Homunculus will come
    from the left, and a Grimalkin will come from the right.  Have your Grimalkins
    Mana Burn both of them to kill them quickly.
    Now, have your 6 Phantoms move to the floor in between the Fairy Ring and the
    Elves' Sanctuary.  Move right, and you'll see a Gehenna.  Use Berserk, and
    destroy it, then the Guardian and any other enemies.  Create more Phantoms as
    needed.  Below the Gehenna is a Hell Gate, and above is a Chaos Nest.  Destroy
    them both and any Guardians surrounding it.  And with that, the lower left is 
    complete.  If you are a mana whore, create a lab next to the Sanctuary in this
    area and have some Blobs mine mana from here.
    Concentrate on creating demons now.  At this point, you should have 3 Demons, 
    but I left 2 to guard the Imps, so I created 3 more Demons to help me out.
    Have your 4 Demons move to the left of the Hell Gate.  You'll see an enemy's
    Sanctuary, a Gargoyle, and a Laboratory.  Destroy the Sanctuary, then the
    Gargoyle, then the Lab.  As I was doing this, I got killed by a Homunculus and
    Golem.  If this happens to you, just create more Demons.  However, the cost
    of several Demons compared to just 1 Dragon is great.  So, I just created a 
    Dragon to take care of this side.  Don't forget to destroy the Chimera Spawn
    and the Engrave.
    When the battle has gone on for 22 minutes, the Chimera and the Dragon will go
    at it again.  Move your Imps and the Demons from the crystal and have them go
    at it.  Kill the survivor, and that'll be the end of that. If you're fast, this
    won't happen.
    Day 4: vs Opalneria                                                [DAY4:03.34]
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all of Opalneria's Runes
    Unit(s): Elf x4, Skullmage x2, Blob x6, Homunculus x2, Golem x3
    Rune(s): Laboratory, Purgatory, Acheron
    I hate this battle, because the game tries to force you to use the Charon to go
    to the other side.  Being the intelligent people that we are, though, we'd
    rather fly there.  You'll want to go to the right side because that's where
    Opalneria's dangerous runes are.  But, that side is blocked by Gargoyles, so
    you'll have to use Astral units to attack there.  You can use a team of Fairies
    with Astral Change triggered, but I prefer using a Morningstar.
    When the fight begins, mine the crystal with the Blobs and level the Lab 2
    times.  Also, level up the Purgatory to level 3 and create a Titania rune below
    the Elves.  Move the Skullmages near the crystal, and move your Golems to the
    floor below.  Level up the Titania and summon the Morningstar.  Two minutes
    into the battle, a Skullmage and a Phantom will come from the stairs.  Use
    Psychic Storm to kill them.  When the Morningstar is here, move her to the
    right, and get rid of the Gargoyles.  Remember to stock up of starchilds.  As
    I headed up, a gang of Fairies, a Golem, and a Charon attacked my Morningstar.
    She was able to kill the Fairies and damage the Charon, but that was all.  If
    you don't want this to happen, move your Morningstar back to your base when she
    kills the 4th Gargoyle.  If your Morningstar did die, just create another.
    Using your Morningstar, go back and finish the job.  If you survived, create
    another and have the 2 gang up on the Fairy Ring.  After the Fairy Ring is
    destroyed.  Go back to the crystal to the lower right and create a Hades Gate.
    You will not be using it to combat Opalneria (although you certainly could),
    but you'll be using it to mine mana as well as to create Obelisks to heal your
    If you only have one Morningstar, create one more.  Using 2 Morningstars, 
    ascend up the right side and destroy the Titania, the Acheron, the Hades Gate,
    and the Engrave.  Don't be afraid to run back to the Obelisks to heal.  After
    all these runes are destroyed, you'll be done with the right side.  Go back
    and heal if you need to, then use the same strategy to take over the left side.
    Beware of Astral Hold, though.  You might want to use a team of Golems
    accompanied by Homunculi to defeat the left side.
    Day 5: Grimlet's Awakening                                         [DAY5:03.35]
    Condition For Winning: Endure 20 min until help arrives
    Unit(s): Fairy x8, Blob x6, Homunculus x2, Gargoyle x2
    Rune(s): Laboratory, Chimera Spawn
    A lot of people have trouble with this stage, but I find it to be quite easy.
    As I said earlier, in most missions where you have to last for a while, use
    defensive tactics.
    Start off by mining mana from the lower crystal. Group your Fairies together
    and move off into the corner, as you level up the Lab to level 4 and as you
    create an Engrave.  Once an Engrave is created, have two Blobs start creating
    Gargoyles.  You already have 2 Gargoyles, so just use those as a base to where
    to create your Gargoyles.  I suggest making a square barrier.  Level up the
    Engrave to its maximum level and continue making Gargoyles.  Some Imps will 
    appear at the beginning of the fight, but your Gargoyles can take care of them.
    You might also want to use your Fairies.  A Demon will also appear, so use 
    Psychic Storm to kill it along with a barrage from your Gargoyles.  Once you
    have a good defense, have your Blobs return to mine mana and create 3 Golems
    and 2 more Homunculi.  You might also want to create more Blobs to hasten mana
    gathering.  When you're up against Phantoms, be sure to use Clairvoance.
    Position 1 Golem and Homunculus to the upper left of your base, as well as
    another group to the lower right.  Your last few should stay in the upper right
    corner.  Continue to amass mana until you reach 600.  Don't summon a Chimera
    though.  You can create more units as you please, but make sure you have at
    least 600 Mana in your stock.
    For the most part, you will only be confronted against Imps, making this battle
    that much easier.  Fourteen minutes and 50 seconds into the fight, you'll hear
    the dreaded dragon footsteps.  This is where things will start to go straight
    down.  Keep your defenses up and just continue mining mana.  At the end of the
    16th minute, the dragon and a Charon will appear.  You can try to get rid of
    the dragon by slowing him down with Gum Drop and concentrating your attacks on 
    it, but the amount of enemies that come along with it will easily kill you.
    Start creating as many runes as you can at this point.  All your familiars may
    die, but if you have at least 1 rune remaining, you'll win the fight.
     |  D. The Fourth Five Days - [FO5DYS.034]  |
    The first and the last stages are quite easy, but the other 3 are a little bit
    more challenging.
    Day 1: A Devil's Interrogation                                     [DAY1:03.41]
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all of Advocat's Runes
    Unit(s): Elf x4
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring
    Once again, you're up against Advocat.  He uses Sorcery mainly, so create a
    Hades Rune.  Have your Elves mine the crystal next to the Fairy Ring.  Create a
    Ghost and start gathering mana from the other crystal.  Once you have enough
    mana, create 2 Phantoms.  Level up the Hades Ring to its max, then create more
    Ghosts (about 3).  Lastly, create 5 more Phantpms.  Keep on making Phantoms,
    but once you have 6, proceed up the right stairs.  Destroy the Guardians and 
    the Imps, as well as the Sanctuary and the Hell Gate.  With the Hell Gate
    destroyed, Advocat will start being more serious about this fight.  Bring up
    more Phantoms to join up with the previous ones.  Keep creating Phantoms.
    With 8 Phantoms, go to the far left and climb those stairs.  A Guardian will be
    waiting for you at the top.  Kill her and the one to her left.  Next go for the
    Hell Gate.  Once the Skullmages and Phantoms appear, concentrate on getting rid
    of them (mainly the Skullmages) before you resume attacking the the rune.  Next
    attack the Guardian, then the Hades Gate above it.  As I attacked the Hades
    Gate, a Demon and some Imps popped out.  If this happens to you, destroy the
    rune, then the Demon, then the Guardian, and finally, the Imps.  The left side
    is done.  Return your Phantoms to the Sanctuary that once belonged to the enemy
    and bring your other Phantoms along.  Create more Phantoms.
    From the Sanctuary, go up one floor, then go right.  Some lovely ladies and a
    Hell Gate will be waiting for you, so take care of them.  Go up the stairs to
    meet another Guardian.  Destroy her, then go right.  A Chaos Nest and a Hades
    Gate will be there.  Destroy the Chaos Nest, then the Hades Gate, and you'll be
    Day 2: Rescue Mission                                              [DAY2:03.42]
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all of Opalneria's Runes
    Unit(s): Elf x4, Fairy x4, Imp x4
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring, Hell Gate
    In this entire stage, there is only 1 floor where you can freely move walking
    familiars through.  It'll be 3 if you knock down the red walls.  But, don't
    fret over it.  You're up against Opalneria again and she still uses Necromancy
    so create a Titania rune and create 4 more Fairies.  Have the Elves mine the
    crystal. Make sure the Titania is leveled up to level 2 for the attack and
    defense boost.  Go up from your Hell Gate, and you should see a Guardian.  Kill
    her, then go left and destroy the Hades Gate as well as any enemies.  Finally,
    kill the Guardian above the crystal to the upper right.  Have your Imps mine
    mana from this crystal.  Level up your Titania Rune, and summon a Morningstar.
    Stock up on starchilds, then move left from the Hell Gate.  Across the green
    wall should be a Guardian, and an Acheron.  Destroy them both.  With the
    Acheron destroyed, return back to your base and create a Hades Gate and a
    Purgatory.  Just like with the other time we used Morningstars, what you'll 
    want from this are several obelisks, not neccessarily fighting units.  You can
    also have the Ghosts mine the crystal on the floor above the Hell Gate and to
    the left.  Make sure to kill any Guardians in the area.  Once you do that, the
    right side is complete.  well, there are 2 Guardians below your bases, but
    there really is no reason to kill them.
    Now, create one more Morningstar and 2 or 3 Skullmages.  Since you're up
    against Astrals, don't bother leveling the Purgatory to 3.  At about 14:30, 2
    Morningstars will come to your base.  Kill them, then head to the left because
    Phantoms and Skullmages will be coming.  Once there are dead, move your
    Morningstars to the left of the Fairy Ring.  There will be a Gehena, a Titania,
    and a lot of symbols and enemies.  Kill them, then make your way down to
    another Gehenna.  There really is no serious threat in this stage, and if your
    units die, just create more.
    Day 3: Saving Amoretta                                             [DAY3:03.43]
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all of Opalneria's Runes
    Unit(s): Elf x4, Blob x4, Homunculus x1
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring, Laboratory
    Once again, you're up against Opalneria, so the best course of action would be
    having Morningstars as your main unit.  The Homunculi's Psychic Storm also
    works wonders against astrals, so you don't have to bother creating a
    Start by having your Elves mine the crystal to the upper left, and your Blobs,
    the crystal next to them.  Create a Titania and level it up to its max, as you
    also level up the Lab to its max.  Create 3 Homunculi.  Position 2 of them to
    the left of the Lab, and 2 more to the right of the Alchemy Sanctuary.  As you
    mine mana to be able to create Morningstars, you'll have to hold off Phantoms
    and Skullmages with Psychic Storm.
    Once a Morningstar is here, you can move her to the upper right and create
    another rune to gather mana from this crystal.  I created a Hades Gate and a
    Purgatory because I love those Obelisks combined with my Morningstars.  Anyway,
    once both of your Morningstars have at least 5 starchilds in stock, fly down
    the stairs to either the left or the right and destroy the Hades Gates that are
    here.  You might want to clear the way with a couple of Homunculi, first.  Also
    beware Charons.
    Once you're done with both sides, all you have to do is fly to the bottom of
    the map, and destroy 2 Hades Gate that are guarded by Charons.  An easy stage
    over all.
    Day 4: Summoning Grimlet                                           [DAY4:03.44]
    Condition For Winning: Endure 30 minutes for summoning Grimlet
    Unit(s): Imp x4, Blob x4
    Rune(s): Hell Gate, Lab
    This is one of 2 stages in the entire game where I find using a horde of
    dragons to be the most practical solution.  You could focus of defense, but
    due to enemy Golems, symbols will be a waste of mana.  The stage is also
    quite small, and since the enemies are of Alchemy, dragons will be able to
    deal a tremendous amount of damage to them.  If you plan not to do this, then
    the best strategy I can think of is to make a horde of Grimalkins, Demons, and
    Phantoms.  Use the Grimalkins to mana burn the Golems and Homunculi, as well as
    lull any chimeras to sleep, use the Phantoms to get rid of the Gargoyles and
    use the Demons as backup attackers.
    For my strategy, have the Blobs mine the crystal to their left and have the
    Imps mine the crystal to the upper left.  Create a Hades gate near the crystal
    to the far lower left, then summon 4 Phantoms and some Ghosts to mine mana.  At
    the same time, create a Chaos Nest, and make as many eggs as you can.  Have the
    Phantoms destroy the Gargoyles to the upper left, but once you see the enemy's
    Laboratory, come back to the Sorcery Sanctuary.  Make sure that your Hades Gate
    is on level 4.  At about 3:30, 2 Golems will come down the stairs to attack 
    you.  Dispose of them with your Phantoms, then have your dragons climb up and
    destroy the Lab.  Work your way through the left side of the map, then the
    right.  You may use Grimalkins to help you with the Golems and Homunculi, but I
    prefer saving my mana for dragons.
    Day 5: Defense                                                     [DAY5:03.45]
    Condition For Winning: Protect Lillet & Margarita's initial Runes
                           Destroy all of the Archmage's Runes
    Unit(s): Elf x4, Fairy x4, Imp x4, Guardian x2
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring, Hell Gate
    My favorite map in the entire game is this one without a doubt!  I just love it
    so much!!  So we're up against an enemy who loves to use Sorcery, which means
    that Necromancy is the way to go!  However, in the last fight, you gained a
    power up for your Demons, which makes them absolutely worthwhile now.  Since
    Margarita already has a Hell Gate setup, let's use that.
    Start by mining mana, as usual.  Create a Hades Gate on Lillet's side and level
    it up to the max.  Summon 8 Phantoms.  On Margarita's side, level up the Hell
    Gate to the max as well and summon 6 Demons.  Four will be enough to start
    attacking, so you can make the other 2 gradually.  You could also opt to
    make another Hades Gate here, because there is a crystal you could have Ghosts
    mine from, and the cost for Demons is rather hefty compared to a Phantom.
    Five minutes into the battle, a dragon will appear.  It'll go for Lillet's side
    first, but just have your Phantoms use Berserk, and you'll bring it down
    easily.  Really, this battle is quite easy and fast with a group of Demons and
    Phantoms.  There isn't really much strategy here to be honest.  Just attack
    anyhting in your vicinity and travel in groups.
     |  E. The Last Five Days - [LS5DYS.035]  |
    The first stage is of a mediocre difficulty, and the last stage, surprisingly,
    is a breeze.  The other 3, especially 5-3 and 5-4 are extremely annoying and
    will most likely pose a serious challenge.
    Day 1: Chimeras and the Witch                                      [DAY1:03.51]
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all of Opalneria's Runes
    Unit(s): Elf x4, Unicorn x2, Ghost x4, Phantom x2, Skullmage x2, Charon x1
    Rune(s): Wicca, Purgatory, Acheron
    Not really hard, but not easy, either.  In this stage, you only have to destroy
    Opalneria's runes, not Chartreuse's.  However, Chartreuse's familiars will
    attack you should you approach them.  In order to play this battle successfully
    you'll have to defend against Chartreuse as you fight Opalneria.  Chartreuse's
    section is to the lower right of the map and Opalneria's section is above your
    base and to the upper right.
    Start by mining mana with your Elves and Ghosts.  Create a Titania and level it
    up to the max along with your Wicca.  Level up the Purgatory once and create 2
    Skullmages.  Some Phantoms and Skullmages will come to your base, but you can 
    take care of them easily.  Once eveything is leveled, create 3 more Unicorns 
    and a Morningstar.  Have the Unicorns walk up the stairs until you see a Hades
    Gate.  Activate Holy Barrier, then attack it.  Afterwards, get rid of the 
    Skullmages, the Guardians, then finally, the Phantoms and Imps.  If they die, 
    don't bother creating more, instead, turn your attention onto the Morningstars.
    Create 2 more if you have the mana.  Now have the Morningstars take care of the
    remaining enemies and symbols in this area.  Move them up to the crystal, then
    move right.  There will be an Acheron for you to destroy.  As you do so, Demons
    and Imps will try to attack you.  Get the Demon first before the Imps.  A
    little above the Acheron and to the right is a Hades Gate just waiting to be
    destroyed.  Next to that is also another Hades Gate and a Hell Gate, but before
    you can destroy them, a Chimera, a Demon, and a Homunculus will appear along
    with some Blobs.  Kill the Homunculus first, then the Demon, then the Chimera.
    Afterwards, concentrate on the runes.  Stage complete.
    Day 2: Mouse Trap                                                  [DAY2:03.52]
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all of Advocat's Runes
    Unit(s): Elf x4, Fairy x2, Ghost x4, Phantom x2, Skullmage x2, Homunculus x2,
       Golem x2
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring, Hades Gate, Purgatory, Lab
    Just like with the other battle, only destroy Advocat's runes, not Gammel's.
    Work your way from the right of the stage, then up the stairs to the upper
    left, finally descending down to finish the job.  Unlike the other stage,
    Gammel's familiars are much more aggressive, so you'll need symbols to
    defend yourself.
    Gather mana with your Elves and Ghosts.  Place your Skullmages and Fairies near
    the crystal to the upper right.  Create an Engrave and level it up to 4.  As 
    you're doing so, create a Blob and also level the Hades Gate to the max.  Move 
    one Golem to the bottom floor, near the stairs, and the other, underneath the 
    Fairy Ring.  With your Blob, advent 2 Gargoyles underneath the green wall near 
    the Fairy Ring, and 2 more underneath those.  Lastly, level up the Lab to level
    3, create 6 Phantoms, and move your 2 Homunculi near the Gargoyles.
    Now, your defenses are set.  Once your 6 Phantoms are done, join up with the
    other 2, then walk up the stairs to the right of the upper right sanctuary.
    After walking up 4 flights of staris, take a left and kill the Guardians and
    enemies here.  Now is a good time to create more backup units, even if you
    haven't lost any.  Keep going up the stairs and kill the Guardians to your
    right.  Hang a left on the floor below the highest floor and destroy the
    sanctuary and any enemies here.
    When I was doing this part, my Golems stupidly went to Gammel's base and
    provoked him, sending all his Fairies, Unicorns, and Morningstars to me as well
    as Advocat's Phantoms and Devils.  If this happens to you, create more
    Homunculi and have them use Psychic Storm to take care of the situation.  You
    should also use your backup Phantoms, granted that they haven't already been
    released of their backup position.
    Using your Phantoms that should already be at the top of the map, backtrack to
    the stairs and climb to the highest floor.  Go left and you should run into a
    Guardian.  Kill her, but don't go anywhere yet.  If you only have a few
    Phantoms remaining, bring some more before continuing left.  Be sure to make
    more Phantoms.
    To the left on the highest floor is a Gehenna.  Destroy it, but get prepared
    for a swarm of devils.  Symbols should go first, then Demons, followed by
    everything else.  There's also a dragon a bit down the stairs, but only
    confront it with at least 5 Phantoms close to full health.
    A dragon will also come to attack your base at 11 - 12 minutes, so get ready
    with some Phantoms.
    After you defeat the dragon in the upper left corner, destroy the Chaos Nest,
    then the symbols, then the Hades Gate, then finally, the Hell Gate.  If you are
    fast enough, you can finish the stage before a Morningstar gets you.
    Day 3: A Familiar's True Nature                                    [DAY3:03.53]
    Condition For Winning: Protect Margarita
                           Destroy all of Opalneria's Runes
    Unit(s): Imp x4, Grimalkin x3, Demon x2, Morningstar x2
    Rune(s): Titania, Purgatory, Hell Gate
    This stage angered me so much the first time I played it.  Its difficult,
    because you have to survive an onslaught from Margarita, whilst destroying
    Opalneria's runes.  All of Opalneria's runes are to the bottom of the map and
    to the lower right side.  She uses Alchemy and Necromancy, so combat with
    Sorcery and Glamour.
    Start the battle by having the Imps mine the crystal.  Move the Demons and 1
    Morningstar a little above the Hell Gate.  Make sure to keep them in this
    general vicinity by having them Defend.  If they go up the stairs too much, 
    you'll face a lot of enemies.  Using the other Morningstar, move to the crystal
    to the far left and create a Hades Gate 2 floors below this crystal.  Also, 
    create a Chaos Nest to the left of the Purgatory and level it up to level 3.  
    Create 3 Ghosts and have them mine the crystal.  Make sure to keep one 
    Morningstar near the Hades Gate.  Lastly, move 2 of your Grimalkins next to the
    Titania and keep one near the Sorcery Sanctuary.  Once you gain 500 mana, 
    create a dragon.
    The first enemy to come will be a Grimalkin from the upper section who'll most
    likely put your Demons to sleep.  Wait until it comes into your Morningtar's
    range because it will attack it automatically and without moving.  Be sure to
    stock up on starchilds.  The next enemies will be a couple of Imps that'll come
    to attack your Necromancy Sanctuary.  Kill them with your Morningstar, then
    create 3 Phantoms.  Level up your Titania to level 4 (or 5 if you don't like
    stocking up on starchilds too much).  When your 3 Phantoms arrive, move them
    to the Necromancy Sanctuary, and have them stand there.  Now you can begin the
    First, move the Morningstar that was guarding the Hades Gate area a little to
    the lower right of the Purgatory.  Destroy the Gargoyle that's here, then move
    her a little south of the Purgatory.  You'll see a Gargoyle, but don't attack
    it.  Instead, move your Dragon to the southeast (past the Gargoyle that you
    just destroyed).  Once the dragon gets the enemy's attention, have your
    Morningstar attack the Gargoyle south of the Purgatory.  Some Phantoms will
    come after your Dragon, so have the Morningstar go and get them off of it.
    Your main priority with the dragon is to destory the Lab to the lower right.
    Homunculi are a danger to your Morningstars, so get rid of that Lab ASAP.  Once
    the Phantoms are dead, go back to where the Gargoyle once stood and head south.
    A Hades Gate is there.  Destroy it and the Gargoyle next to it.
    Create another Dragon and another Morningstar to either help the existing ones
    if they're alive, or replace them if they're dead.  Once the battle has gone on
    for about 8 minutes, a Charon carrying Phantoms and a Homunculus will come to
    attack your Necromancy side.  Have your Phantoms aid in attacking these
    enemies, but bring have the Morningstar which destroyed the Hades Gate come to
    help.  If your Phantoms died, create more to protect the sanctuary.
    As for the dragon, it should still be heading to the lower right because there
    is a Purgatory there.  If it dies, just bring its backup to help.  Once the
    Purgatory is destoryed, head up the eastern stairs and destroy the runes
    in your way.
    For your Morningstar, have her fly south of your Hades Gate to encounter a
    Gargoyle and some Charons.  Destroy the Gargoyle, but wait until you have 2
    Morningstars together to kill them.  Destroy the Acheron too.
    In 10 going onto 11 minutes, Margarita will start getting aggressive.  Be sure
    that your Morningstar is stocked up on ammo because 2 Demons, a couple of Imps,
    and a Grimalkin will be coming to your main base.  The Grimalkin will most
    likely sleep your 2 Demons, but you'll be fine as long as your Morningstar is
    unharmed.  Have a Grimalkin ready to Mana Burn the Grimalkin because it may
    run past the area of effect starchilds.
    On the Necromancy side, you'll also be attacked by a Demon, a Grimalkin, and
    some Imps.  Get the Demon first, then the Grimalkin, then finally the Imps.
    If everything works out fine, the last runes you destroy will either be the
    Acheron or the Engrave.
    Day 4: Summoning Grimlet, Again                                    [DAY4:03.54]
    Condition For Winning: Endure 30 minutes for summoning Grimlet
    Unit(s): Imp x8, Grimalkin x2, Demon x2
    Rune(s): Hell Gate, Gehena
    I hate this battle so much it's not even funny.  One time, I came so close to
    winning, 29:46 on the timer, and the enemies destroyed my last rune.  That was
    the angriest I had gotten for a good while.
    Anyway, defense is the key word in this battle, however, we all know that
    defending a corner is easy because attacks only come from two sides.  If we're
    in the center, you'll have to be prepared for all sides.  The 2 easiest corners
    to take control of are the upper left corner and the lower right corner,
    especially the lower right.  The lower right contains an Engrave, a Hell Gate,
    and a Chimera Spawn.  All the enemies in this section are extremely susceptible
    to Necromancy, because 3 units cannot attack astrals, and the others are weak
    towards Necromancy.
    First things first, though, you will actually have to spend a lot of mana
    creating symbols to protect the center, as you create units to help you gain
    control of the lower right.  You might think that this isn't a smart idea
    because you'll just be abonding this base, but believe you me, those symbols
    will help you for the entire battle.
    Start by having 6 Imps mine mana.  Using 2 Imps, create Guardians around your
    base.  Have one Imp create a Guardian above the crystal to the upper left and
    have the other create one in front of the Gehenna.  Using those 2 Guardians as
    guidelines, create a squarish line of defense.  Don't concentrate too much on
    the lower right section, as Golems will come from there and destroy your
    symbols from afar.  This was my design:
     -- -- -- -- --
    |  |GG|  |GG|  |           Key:
     -- -- -- -- --            Cr- Crystal
    | G|Cr|  |Gh|GG|           HG- Hell Gate
     -- -- -- -- --            Gh- Gehenna
    | G|  |  |  |G |           G- Guardian
     -- -- -- -- --
    |  |HG|  |Cr|  |
     -- -- -- -- --
    |  |GG|G |  |  |
     -- -- -- -- --
    Once you're done creating your symbols, have the 2 Imps go back and start
    mining mana.  Create a Hades Gate, level it up to 5, then create 8 Phantoms.  I
    built my Hades Gate 2 spaces to the left of the lower right crystal.  Once you
    have 8 Phantoms, go to the lower left and wreak havoc.  You can actually win
    with the 8 you started with.  Once you've secured this base, create a Chaos
    Nest.  Now, relocate all your familiars to this spot.  Have your Imps mine this
    crystal.  Be aware that this crystal only has a few thousand mana in it, so you
    might want to have 4 Imps go and mine mana from the crystals you started with.
    Now, there are 2 things you can do.  You can wait in this corner and just
    create Guardians to protect you or you can go to the lower left corner and
    destroy the enemy's runes.  I suggest the latter because it minimizes the
    chances of you dying.  With a team of Phantoms, go to the lower left and
    destroy the runes.  Watch out for dragon eggs and kill them on the spot.
    Before taking on that dragon, make sure you have a full team of 8 Phantoms.
    Anyway, once both corners are safe, create a couple of dragons to protect your
    base from any possible onslaughts.
    Day 5: Calvaros' Defense                                           [DAY5:03.55]
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all of Calvaros's Runes
    Unit(s): Elf x6, Fairy x3
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring
    Surprisingly, this is an extremely easy battle, but it's also extremely long.
    You'll want to tackle this stage by scanning and defeating any enemies and
    runes on each floor.  The stage contains a myriad of enemies, with the first
    few floors containing mostly Sorcery familiars, then Glamour, then Necromancy,
    then Alchemy on the last floor.  Overall, you can use any units you please
    to take on this stage, as all of them will be useful.  I suggest dragons,
    chimeras, Phantoms, and Demons.  Defense isn't very important here, so symbols
    won't be useful.  You may also use Charons to help you transport walking units,
    but with the speed at which Demons and Phantoms walk with a fully leveled
    rune, I don't find Charons to be too useful.
    Start by mining mana, then create a Chaos Nest and Gehenna.  Create a dragon
    and level the Gehenna to its max.  Have the Dragon attack the Gargoyle below
    the crystal a little to the south.  Create a Hades Gate and 5 Ghosts.  Have the
    Ghosts mine this crystal and create 8 Phantoms.  The Dragon will be busy
    because there will be a lot of enemies coming and trying to destroy your runes.
    Don't forget to level the Hades Gate to its max because you'll be using those
    8 Phantoms and your dragon to take over the upper right side.  Have your dragon
    go first to provoke the enemies.  Once they are fighting your dragon, bring
    your Phantoms over and have them take care of the symbols and demons.
    Skullmages, however, are your first priority.  Be sure to create more Phantoms
    because your base will be under attack.  You may also want to create another
    dragon.  The only runes in the upper right corner are a Hell Gate and a
    Purgatory.  Once you destroy those, create a Lab next to this crystal and start
    mining mana with some Blobs.  Create a few Homunculi too, just in case the base
    comes under attack.  I also like to create a Chimera because the next section
    contains Glamour familiars.
    Now, bring back your Phantoms and dragon to the base and go to the upper left 
    side.  There is a Hades Gate and Chaos Nest in this section.  Destroy them,
    then use a team of Phantoms to kill the dragon.  The upper section is now
    Now, we're going into the Glamor section.  Don't rely too much on your Phantoms
    because Glamour defeats Necromancy.  From the upper left and upper right
    corners, have 2 dragons slowly make their way into the middle of the map, along
    with a chimera.  To the mid left is a Wicca, to the middle is a Purgatory, and
    to the right is an enemy sanctuary.  Destroy them and proceed down.  Below the
    Wicca is a Hades Gate, so have one dragon go there.  Below the Purgatory is a
    Fairy Ring, which you should destroy immediately.  Once the area surrounding
    the sanctuary has been cleared, create a Hell Gate and mine mana from the 
    crystal with Imps.  Then, level it up to 5 and create 4 or 5 Demons.  With a
    group of Demons, Phantoms, Dragons, and Chimeras, you can easily defeat this
    stage.  You can also use Morningstars and Unicorns, but they require too much
    upkeep for me to enjoy using them.  
    After you destroy all the runes, you will finally be done with the game and can
    now complete all the bonus stages!!  Congratulations!!!!
     |  E. Trial Stages - [TRSTG.036]  |
    Other than the storyline stages, you also have access to trial stages.  These
    stages are challenging and will have you do things you'd never do in a normal
    stage, but don't worry, the game gives you a hint on what to expect and some
    hints to complete the stage.  There is also a difficulty level rating, should
    you feel that you want to take care of the lower leveled stages first.  Don't
    depend too much on this rating, though.  I found out that a lot of stages that
    were given 3/5 were much easier than stages that were given 2/5.  Regardless of
    the difficulty level, all the trial stages are possible, so don't give up even
    if you've played the stage countless times.
    One more thing.  Try to play and defeat the trial stages by yourself at least 3
    times before resorting to my guide.  Some of these challenges are quite fun to
    figure out by yourself, and I had a blast with some stages such as Trial 10 and
    Without further ado, here's the walkthrough for all trial stages.  Enjoy.
      Difficulty 1 Stages    [DIF1:03.61]
    Trial 1: Grim Grimoire
    * All Grimoires Unlocked!
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all enemy Runes
    Unit(s): Elf x3
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring
    You start off in the middle of the map with 5000 mana and no crystal to mine
    from.  There are 4 corners, with each one having enemies from a certain school
    of magic.  The upper left corner is dedicated to Glamour, the upper right
    contains Sorcery enemies, the lower right is made up of nothing but
    Necromancy creatures, and the lower left just screams Alchemy.
    We being the smart people that we are, we know how to effectively take down 
    these enemies.  The smartest thing to do would seem to be to play accordingly 
    to the enemies' weakness, but we will be taking on another kind of weakness.
    For this battle, you will only need a Hades Gate and a Lab.  Level them both up
    to the max, then create 8 Phantoms and 6 Homunculi.  We will be concentrating
    on the Glamour and Alchemy corners first because Fairies and Homunculi can get
    oretty damn annoying, espcially the Homunculi.  The first enemy to approach
    your base will be a Grimalkin in 2 minutes.  You'll probably not have your
    units created, but the most it'll do is kill 2 Elves.
    Once your 8 Phantoms are here, go to the lower left corner.  The first thing
    you should attack is the Gargoyle.  Once it's destroyed, go down to the lab and
    kill the Homunculus standing there, then the lab itself.  If you're unlucky,
    the Homunculus will kill your Phantoms.  Just create more if it happens.  Once
    you destroy the lab, take care of the other 2 runes.  On the last floor is a
    Chimera, but it can't attack Astrals, so kill it.  On your way back, kill the
    Blobs and destroy the Sacntuary.  You can now have your Elves mine mana from
    here.  Return your Phantoms back to your base.
    Now, you'll be taking care of the Glamour side.  Leave 4 Phantoms to guard your
    runes, and have 4 follow your Homunculi to the upper left corner.  when you
    see a Talisman, have your Phantoms standstill as well as your Homunculi.  Using
    one Homunculi, shoot a Psychic Storm a little bit underneath the Fairies near
    the Fairy Ring.  It will kill them along with the Elves standing above them.
    Have your Homunculus walk past the Talisman and the Fairy Ring to the Wicca.
    You'll be hit by the Talisman, but you'll be fine.  The Unicorn by the Wicca
    will activate Holy Barrier and actually run down the stairs to your other
    group (at least it did for me).  If it does, have your Phantoms and one
    Homunculus attack it.  Now, there's only one more enemy left.  With the
    Homunculus near the Wicca, go up a little bit and shoot a Psychic Storm beneath
    the Morningstar.  It will most likely die, but now, you can have your Phantoms
    destroy the Talisman and the 3 runes.
    Move your Homunculi and Phantoms back to your base.  Now, using your Homunculi
    and the 4 Phantoms, proceed to the lower right corner.  Once you see the Hades
    Gate, stop and only have 2 Homunculi go foward.  Move them in between the
    Hades Gate and the Acheron and have them both attack the Charon.  Beside the
    Charon are a Phantom and Skullmage, so they'll die too.  Now, go to the left
    and kill the Ghosts above the Purgatory.  Destroy this area.
    Once more, return to your base.  Gather 8 Phantoms (you might want to create
    more as backup), and go to the upper right section.  The strategy here is to
    just attack anything in your way.  Really, it's that simple.  Once everything
    is gone, you'll win this battle.
    Trial 4: Singing Boatman
    * Use Charon's abilities and launch an attack on the enemy!
    Condition For Winning: Charon must survive
                           Destroy all enemy Runes
    Unit(s): Imp x5, Demon x3, Homunculus x1, Charon x1
    Rune(s): Hell Gate, Acheron
    The objective of this map is to use Charons to attack the enemy, whether it be
    through Anima Drain or ferrying Demons to attack the enemy.  The entire stage
    is covered in red walls, and with no dragons or chimeras, you can only rely on
    Start the battle by creating 4 Imps.  Have them mine the crystal, because the
    5 Imps you start out with are inside the Charon and they make great ammo.
    Level up the Acheron to the max.  Using your Charon fly upwards until you see
    2 dragon eggs.  Crack them, then go for the base.  A dragon egg will pop out
    after you attack it once.  Destroy it, then the rune.  Return back to your
    Now, it might seem that all you'll have to do is create more Imps to use as
    ammo, right?  Well, there are 2 problems here.  One, the Charon you start out
    with must survive, so you'll probably have to create another Charon to be safe.
    Two, the crystal your Imps are mining from has little mana, so you have to
    relocate soon.  To solve these problems, create a second Charon and make your
    next target the crystal to the upper right.
    Create a second Charon along with 5 Imps.  Have them board the Charon.  Move to
    the far right and destroy the Hell Gate.  Now, go upwards to the area where the
    crystal is and destroy the Guardian.  Create another Hell Gate here, then
    create Imps to mine the mana from this crystal.  When your first sanctuary has
    been exhausted of all its mana, transfer those Imps here.
    To the far upper right is a Wicca.  Do not use your Charons for that section, 
    instead, level up your Hell Gate to the max and create 2 more Demons.  Before 
    having the demons board the Charon, have the Charon destroy the Guardian below
    the Wicca.  If you destroy the Gargoyle, a Morningstar will come after you.  
    Now, have the demons board the Charon along with the ones you were given at the
    beginning of the stage.  Unload them in the vicinity and have them deal with
    the Unicorns and Morningstar.
    The last rune is a Laboratory, but it is guarded by a Homunculus and plenty of
    Gargoyles.  Firstly, have your demons board the Charon.  Then, have it fly up
    to the floor below the last floor in the upper right section.  In other words,
    go to the floor that is below where the Wicca once was.  Go left past the red
    walls and unload your Demons.  Have them attack the Lab that's directly south
    of them and you should win.
      Difficulty 2 Stages    [DIF2:03.62]
    Trial 2: Strong Hoof Beats
    * Run through the enemy barrage using Unicorns!
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all enemy Runes
    Unit(s): Elf x10, Unicorn x4
    Rune(s): Wicca
    To win this map, you'll have to use not Unicorns, neccessarily, but the entire
    Wicca Rune to its fullest.  The map is small, and thanks to Holy Barrier, you
    can get through it with superlative ease.
    Start the battle by having 9 Elves mine mana.  With the 300 mana you have,
    line the floor above the second crystal (the third floor) with 4 Talismans.
    Afterwards, have the Elf return to mine mana, then level the Wicca to the max.
    Once it's at its max level, create 2 more Unicorns, then go up the stairs.
    Keep creating Unicorns, but only 6 are needed to take over the top floor.
    The top floor has an Acheron and a Titania.  Attack the Acheron once.  After
    the first attack, have your Unicorns use Astral Hold on both Morningstars and
    Charons.  Take care of them, then destroy both runes.  Return your Unicorns to
    the Wicca.  Make a team of 8 Unicorns.  Gather them together, then head to the
    forth floor.  From inbetween the green walls, activate Holy Barrier and run
    straight to the end.  Once you're at the end, go down the stairs and destroy
    the Chaos Nest.  Go up to the 3rd floor and run to the left, destroying all the
    Gargoyle symbols.  Go back and do the same for the 5th floor.
    Now, create more Unicorns and go back to the stairs to the far right.  Go up,
    then destory the lab to complete the stage.
    Trial 3: Psychic-er
    * Defeat the enemy and destroy all Runes with three Alchemy familiars!
    Condition For Winning: A Golem must survive
                           Destroy all enemy Runes
    Unit(s): Blob x2, Homunculus x3, Golem x2
    Rune(s): Laboratory
    You only have 2 Golems and at least 1 must survive through to the end.  Being
    the only familiars you have that can destroy runes, you must be very careful
    as to when and where you move them.  The Homunculi will act as guards for them
    and clear the way for them, as the Golems attack the enemy's rune from afar.
    Start by having the Blobs mine mana from the crystal.  Create 6 more Blobs to 
    increase productivity, then level up the Lab to the max.  As this is going on,
    move a Homunculus to the right and have it kill the Elves in this area.  Once
    the Lab is leveled, create 5 more Homunculi and move them all to the place the
    Elves once stood.  Move them south until you see a Fairy Ring, then bring your
    Golems over to attack it.  As you attack the Fairy Ring, some Fairies will
    come and attack your Golems, but one Psychic Storm will take them out.
    Once the rune is destroyed, have all your Homunculi keep going down the stairs.
    Near the bottom, you'll encounter a Golem, have 3 of them use Psychic Storm on
    it to kill it, then continue going down.  Once you reach the bottom, bring
    over your Golems and have them go foward a bit.  On the last floor stands a
    Gargoyle which only your Golems can kill. 
    Quickly go back to your Homunculi and have one move to the right across the
    second floor.  A group of Phantoms will come over, but a Psychic Storm will
    kill them.  A little bit more to the right stands another Gargoyle.  Destroy it
    with your Golems, but make sure you have a Homunculus near them because some
    Imps will come and try to attack them.
    At the end of this floor and to the upper right is a Hades Gate.  As you attack
    it, a Morningstar will come and attack your group.  Immediately have all your
    Homunculi use Psychic Storm on it to dispose of it.  When the Hades Gate is
    gone, go up the stairs to meet a demon then use a storm on it.  Further up the
    stairs, an idle dragon will just hang around.  As long as you don't move close
    to it, it won't attack you.  Using this opportunity, have all your Homunculi
    use Psychic Storm on it and have your Golems attack it.
    Still going up, you'll see a bunch of dragon eggs waiting to be fried by a
    storm.  Above them is the last rune (finally!).  Destroy it (beware the
    Grimalkin) and this stage is done.
    Trial 5: Waltz of Spirits and Ghosts
    * Use familiars of both trees and determine how to defeat the enemy!
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all enemy Runes within 20 minutes
    Unit(s): Elf x3, Fairy x2, Ghost x2
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring, Hades Gate
    In my honest opinion, this is the WORST stage in the ENTIRE game.  For a 2/5
    stage, I had the most difficulty with this stage moreso than any other stage
    out there.  The way I won this stage was to use a horde of Fairies.  I started
    on the left side first because the runes were easily accessible and there are
    only 2 runes there.  Afterwards, I attacked the right side starting from the
    Hell Gate, then the Purgatory.  Afterwards, I created more Fairies and
    commenced an attack on the Purgatory which lies around the top floor.  Finally,
    I had my Fairies fly in between the green wall and destroyed the Hell Gate to
    the right.  This is a crappy strategy, I know, but no matter what strategy I
    use, I always fail.  If you have any decent stragtegies, please let me know via
    e-mail or the community forum.
    Trial 8: Twin Goddesses
    * Strong familiars await in the depths.  Two Morning Stars.
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all enemy Runes
    Unit(s): Elf x3, Fairy x3, Talisman x3
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring
    An extrememly easy stage.  The bottom is riddled with high leveled enemies, but
    overall its an easy stage.  Homunculi, Phantoms, and Unicorns will be great in
    this stage.
    Start by mining mana with the Elves.  Call upon 3 more Elves to mine mana, then
    create a Lab and level it to 3.  When the Imps come, have your Fairies fly
    over to help kill them along with the Talismans.  Once the lab is on level 3,
    create a Homunculus.  Level up the Fairy Ring and create 5 more Fairies.  When
    the enemy Fairies approach your base, attack them with your Homunculus.  Once 
    all 8 Fairies are gathered together, create two more Homuncul.  With your 3
    Homunculi, traverse left on the floor with the 2 Talismans until you see the
    enemy's Talismans.  Bring over your Fairies and have them attack the Talismans.
    As you do so, enemy Fairies will attack your Fairies.  Use Psychic Storm on
    them whilst your Fairies destroy the Talismans, then the rune.  Go back to your
    Draw a Hades Gate and level it up to the max, then create 8 Phantoms.  Keep
    them underneath the column of green walls to the right, because a Chimera will
    be coming from the far right 13 minutes into the battle.  After the Chimera has
    been disposed of, have the 8 Phantoms go to the left and attack the first
    Guardian you see (which you could see ever since the beginning of the battle).
    There are 2 more Guardians here and a Hell Gate.  Destroy them.  See the
    column of green walls to the right of where you are?  Underneath them are 2
    Gargoyles and a Chimera Spawn (and possibly another Chimera).  Go there with
    your Phantoms and destroy everything.
    As your Phantoms are destroying the Chimera Spawn, create a Wicca at your base
    and level it up to level 4.  Create 4 Unicorns.  Now, move your Phantoms to the
    4th floor, but keep them around the middle.  Go to much to the left and you'll
    provoke the Morningstars.  If you lost any Phantoms, replace them now.  Have
    the Unicorns and your Homunculi go to the 4th floor as well.  Have the Unicorns
    deploy their Holy Barrier, then move to the left.  You'll see 2 demons, but
    don't worry about them.  Have 2 Unicorns use Astral Hold on the Morningstars,
    then have your Homunculi use Psychic Storm on them.  Your Phantoms should take
    care of the demons.  Make sure you have 2 Homunculi alive after all of this.
    As this is happening, create more Unicorns and Phantoms because the Talismans 
    will massacre your Phantoms and Unicorns.
    When you go back to destroy the runes, be aware that the enemies would have
    respawned.  If you still have your 2 Homunculi here, use Psychic Storm on the
    Morningstars.  Finish the job with your other units.
    Trial 10: Elf Problem
    * Control the Elves and summon more to destroy the enemy's Rune!
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all enemy Runes
    Unit(s): Elf x1
    Rune(s): Laboratory
    One of the funnest stages in the game, in my opinion.  You only have 1 Elf, no
    mana, and a Lab.  You can do anything with these things now.  So what do you
    do?  You gain more allies that's what you do!  The first allies you can gain
    without injuring yourself are 2 Phantoms to the upper right, which can be
    gotten to by climbing the stairs to the right.  Go back down to your base and
    position the Elf to the left of the Lab.  Place one Phantom on the stairs
    beneath the lab, and have the other go to the bottom floor and traverse right.
    Keep going right until you see a Grimalkin.  Recruit it, and imediately move
    it near the other Phantom.  Don't attack the Gargoyle with the Phantom, instead
    keep going right, up the stairs, past the 2 Gargoyles, up 3 more flight of
    stairs, then go to left, beside the green wall.  A maxed out Hades Gate is here
    so your Phantoms will now have Berserk and an increased movement speed.  Using
    the Phantom that just recruited the Hades Gate, select Move from his command
    list, scroll the cursor over the 3 green walls next to the Hades Gate, then
    scroll up to the first floor that looks walkable.  Select to move there, then
    go back to your other Phantom and Grimalkin.
    At around 1:25, a Demon will come towards the lab.  Lull it to sleep with the
    Grimalkin, activate Berserk with your Phantom, then attack it.  Go back to your
    other Phantom.  By now, it should have recruited the Wicca, Unicorns, and
    Skullmages.  If not, move it there now.
    With your Unicorns, move to the left (but not down the stairs) and stop when
    you see the Golems (do not recruit them yet and make sure they don't try to
    attack the Guardians down there).  Have the Skullmages move left, but don't
    go over (or down) the stairs.  At 3:25 on the timer, 2 Morningstars will
    fly down from the upper left.  Have each Unicorn use Astral Hold on them, then
    attack with your Skullmages.  Recruit the Golems now, and have them attack the
    Guardians that are 2 floors below them.  Once they are gone, go back to the Lab
    and have the Phantom go up 2 flight of stairs then to the left to recruit some
    Blobs.  Have them mine the crystal.  Also, move the Phantom that recruited the
    Unicorns back to the lab because a dragon is coming.  Move your other units
    there too, save for the Golems.  Have the Golems actually attack the Dragon
    once it gets close to them.  Stay at a good range though.  Once it gets into
    your space, have the Grimalkin cast Sleep on it, and have your 2 Phantoms and
    Golems continue to attack it.`
    Once it dies, move your Golems back to where you first recruited them.  Create
    a Ghost, then level up the lab.  Finally, create a Homunculus.  Move the Ghost
    to where the lab is and have it wait there.  The last enemies to come will be
    a HUGE swarm of Fairies.  Have your Golems attack them, but just in case some
    reach the bottom, use Psychic Storm to kill them.  Now, with your Ghost, fly
    all the way to the upper left and recruit those Fairies.  Have them attack
    all the runes, and you'll be done with this stage.
    Trial 11: Invisible
    * Sneak past the enemy Symbols and try to destroy the Rune!
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all enemy Runes within 10 minutes
    Unit(s): Elf x6, Fairy x1
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring
    You only have 10 minutes to destroy 4 enemy runes that are behind a thick line
    of defense.  How do you do it!?  By being invisible, of course.  To the far
    left and far right of the stage are Gargoyles, and they can't attack astrals.
    From all the grimoires you have, you the only ones that can create astrals are
    the Fairy Ring and the Acheron, so you'll be using a lot of Fairies and
    Start by having your Elves mine mana.  Create 7 Fairies and an Acheron, which
    you should level up to the max.  Some seconds into the fight, several Imps will
    come from the center and some Fairies from the right side will try to attack
    your runes.  Have your Fairies combat this threat until you have 8 Fairies.
    Have them go to either the far left, use Astral Change, then go up.  Some 
    Fairies and Skullmages will attack you, but stay strong.  Once you reach
    the top, head right (into the enemy base) and destroy the Purgatory.  You will
    most likely die, but that takes care of one rune.
    Back at your base, create 5 Elves and have them board the Charon.  Create 6
    Fairies, then travel up the right side (just like the Fairies before) and
    go to the enemy's base.  Destroy the Hell Gate, then the Fairy Ring and you'll
    be done.  It's a short stage but you must complete it quickly and with little
    to no error.
      Difficulty 3 Stages    [DIF3:03.63]
    Trial 7: Shy Dragon
    * Search for the Rune in the darkness and join them to summon a Dragon!
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all enemy Runes
    Unit(s): Ghost x4, Phantom x3
    Rune(s): Hades Gate
    Instead of foolishly looking through the darkness, I'll just tell where the
    Chaos Nest rune is.  It's on the upper right side, to the left of a red wall
    and underneath a green wall.  However, do not go there so soon.  If you do,
    it'll be attacked by a Guardian.
    Start by gathering mana.  Right above you are a couple of Gargoyles, some 
    Golems, and a Homunculus.  The Gargoyle and Golem are easy to deal with, but
    when the Homuculus uses Clairvoyance or Psychic Storm, prepare to die.  Don't 
    attack the Gargoyles at all because once you do the Homunculus and Golems will 
    come down to attack you.  Instead, create a Hell Gate, level it to 2, then
    create 2 Demons.  Then, level up the Hades Gate to the max.  Move your Phantoms
    away from the Hades Gate because in 4:30, a Homunculus will come and use 
    Clairvoyance in that area.  When it does, have your Demons go and kill it along
    with the Golems and the Gargoyle closest to your base.  Bring them back, and
    have your 3 Phantoms take care of the rest and the enemy's runes.
    Now, have your Phantoms go and recruit the Acheron to the right on the highest
    floor.  Level it up to the max, then create a Charon.  Keep your Phantoms here
    for defense.  After you make a Charon, create 5 more Phantoms.  Keep an eye out
    for Fairies because they come from the bottom of the screen and are a threat to
    your Hades Gate and Ghosts.  Once you have the 5 Phantoms created, have them
    board the Charon.  With the Charon, fly up as high as you can, then go right.
    Drop your Phantoms off on the top floor on the right side.
    Return your Charon back to your base, and have the Phantoms get rid of the
    Guardians, the Demon, the Imps, then finally, the Hell Gate.  Keep going down
    until they recruit the Chaos Nest.  Create a dragon egg, then hatch it.  Make
    sure you have Phantoms here to guard the rune because Fairies will be coming to
    attack it.  If you have no more Phantoms, bring some more over with the Charon.
    Once the dragon hatches, you can have it do down the screen and kill everything
    in its path, but I prefer to create 2 dragons to make things move along faster.
    Watch out though, the enemy has Morningstars, and it will use them a lot.  Have
    your Demons and dragons take care of them, but if your demons die, forget about
    them.  You main priority should be going south to destroy the Titania, the
    Fairy Ring, and the Purgatory, because once you do so, all runes will be
    Trial 9: Spiral Stairway
    * Move along the long spiral staircase with Dragons and Chimera.
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all enemy Runes
    Unit(s): Elf x6, Fairy x3, Talisman x2
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring
    Do NOT move along the long spiral staircase with Dragons and Chimeras.  I've
    tried it and it doesn't work all that well, and it's a waste of mana.  The
    reason it doesn't work well is that to the left of your base are Homunculi,
    Blobs, and Golems which will mess you up a lot.  If you go to the top floor,
    you will bombarded by Fairies and Morningstars, which isn't much better.
    Start the battle by mining mana.  Create a Chaos Nest and level it up to 4 and
    level up the Fairy Ring to 5.  Have your Fairies stay close to the upper
    crystal because some Imps will come to attack it.  Create 5 more Fairies to
    help you.  Once you have 8 Fairies, go to the floor with the Fairy Ring and go 
    right.  Kill the Guardian, then destroy the Hell Gate to the right.  When the
    Demon is close to you, activate Astral Change and keep attacking the rune.
    After the rune, kill the Demon.  In 7:30, 3 Fairies will come and attack your
    base, making them the first priority over anything else.  Note that if you use
    Astral Change, Homunculi will come from the upper right section and either use
    Psychic Storm or Clairvoyance on you.  The minute you see them, run back to
    your base.
    With all that taken care of, create a Gehenna and level it to 4 and return to 
    your base and create a dragon and 3 Grimalkins.  Have your Fairies stand guard 
    and protect the base whilst the sorcery units go to the right.  Have the 
    Grimalkins move ahead of the dragon.  When you see a Guardian, have the dragon
    draw its, then move one Grimalkin in front of it.  Homunculi will come down and
    try to use Psychic Storm.  The minute you see them, Mana Burn them.  Destroy 
    the other guardian to the far right, then have some Elves come over and heal 
    the dragon's wounds, if it has any.  From the lower right, go up until you meet
    2 Gargoyles.  You can't use the same strategy as before because Gargoyle
    attacks are area of effect and can kill the Grimalkin.  Still, have the dragon
    destroy these 2 Gargoyles and have one Grimalkin with full MP stay close to
    the dragon.  A couple of floors up and you'll see 4 more Gargoyles.  This time
    3 Golems will come out to attack you.  Have the Grimalkin Mana Burn all 3
    Golems, then go back down.  The dragon should take care of the Gargoyles, the
    Engrave and the Lab.  Keep an eye out for a Morningstar, though, because it
    will come to attack you as you attack the Lab.  
    Once both runes are destroyed, have your dragon go back down to the crystal to 
    the lower right and create a Lab.  When I played this stage, I chose to go with
    a Hades Gate because I love Phantoms, but do not do this.  In 20 minutes, 2
    Morningstars will come to attack your main base, so have a Homunculus that has
    learned Psychic Storm go and protect there.  Create a couple more Homunculi
    and go up the stairs.  If you encountered a Morningstar here earlier, but
    failed to kill it, do so now and bring along some units that can attack symbols
    and runes.  Go up a bit, past the Obelisks to see a Purgatory and a Hades Gate.
    Destroy them, but watch out for a Morningstar.
    Before going on to the last section, create a Hades Gate rune near the crystal
    to the upper right and mine mana from this crystal.  Create 4 Homunculi and
    a Chimera, if you have the mana, and go and attack the upper left side.  You'll
    have to break through a couple of symbols, but afterwards, it'll be nothing but
    enemies and 3 runes to the upper most left portion.
    Trial 12: Black Cat's Treasure
    * Can you endure an onslaught of Demons and Golems for 10 minutes!?
    Condition For Winning: Endure 10 min of enemy onslaught
    Unit(s): Grimalkin x16, Guardian x16
    Rune(s): Chaos Nest
    You cannot use the Triangle button to pause, so use the square button to select
    a Grimalkin, but don't do anything else, to keep the game paused.  There are
    only 3 enemies that will attack you: Demons, Golems, and Unicorns and you
    only have 1 unit: Grimalkins.  The strategy here is actually quite simple and
    most of you have already realized it.  Lull the Demons to sleep and let the
    Guardians kill them and use Mana Burn on the Golems and Unicorns.  Simple,
    really.  Make sure that all Grimalkins are behind the Guardians to prevent them
    from being attacked.  Keep this up for 10 minutes, and you're done.  You can
    also create a dragon, but the stage is easily doable with just the Grimalkins.
    Trial 14: Shoot Me Out
    * Defend the enemies' attacks and invade their base with Charon!
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all enemy Runes
    Unit(s): Ghost x5, Guardian x3
    Rune(s): Acheron
    My absolute favorite stage ever!  You and the enemy are on opposing sides, with
    you on the left, and the enemies on the right.  Unlike every other map in the
    game, the entire left side is yours, which means that you can mine from 3
    crystals the minute the stage starts!  The enemy uses nothing but Glamour magic
    and it tends to use Fairies to come over to your side a lot.  A chimera would
    be the most ideal familiar for this stage then, but, you can't create those or
    dragons.  You can't even create Glamour familiars.  In other words, the only
    familiars of yours that can reach the other side are Charons and Ghosts.
    Start the battle by having all but one Ghost mine mana.  Move the other Ghost
    to the lower crystal and create a Lab there.  Have it go back and mine the
    crystal.  Level the Acheron to the max and create a Charon.  Once you lab is 
    created, make 3 Homunculi, then level it up to 5.  Keep one Homunculi next to
    the lab, move the second underneath the Guardian closest to the bottom, and
    move the third to the floor above the Acheron.  Create Blobs and start mining
    mana.  The first enemies will come from the lower right towards the Guardian
    closest to the bottom.  Kill them with Psychic Storm.  The next Fairies will
    pop in from the upper left side above the Necromancy sanctuary.  Take care of
    them then create an Engrave.  Five minutes into the battle, a Charon will come
    from the lower right side and bring along 3 Unicorns.  Kill them, then level up
    your Engrave to the max.  If the Unicorns are close to destroying your Lab,
    create a new one before it happens.  Also, several rounds of Fairies will
    approach from the lower right corner throughout the battle, so create another
    Homunculus to help protect you.
    With a fully leveled Engrave, create 3 Golems.  Also create 4 more Homunculi to
    aid the ones standing at the top and the one in the middle.  Have the other two
    board the Charon along with the Golems.  Before going to the enemy's base, make
    sure that a group of Fairies come and attack you from the lower right side.  If
    you don't, your Charon will get bombarded by Fairies when it goes there.  When
    those Fairies have come and are dead, have your Charon go to the lower right.
    On the map, you should be beneath a crystal.  A little bit above you are
    Talismans.  Have your Golems destroy it, and keep ascending up.  You'll be able
    to destroy everything with your Golems, but have your Homunculi close by just
    in case of Fairy and Morningstar attacks.
    Have the Charon go back to the base and start creating more Golems and
    Homunculi to finish the battle faster.  In 13:50, 3 Morningstars and Fairies
    will come from the upper right section.  Have 2 Homunculi use Psychic Storm to
    off them.
    When you go back to your Golems, it's important to note that the Titania and
    Fairy Ring are all the way to the upper right, thus, don't concentrate on
    destroying the Talismans that are to your left unless they will harm you.
    Trial 15: Alchemist's Nightmare
    * All enemies are of Necromancy.  Defeat them with just Alchemy!
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all enemy Runes
    Unit(s): Blob x8, Homunculus x2, Golem x2, Gargoyle x10
    Rune(s): Laboratory, Engrave
    A mediocre battle.  The key to winning here is Clairvoyance and lots of
    Start the battle by mining mana and leveling the Lab and Engrave to their max.
    Create a Chimera Spawn too.  Whenever an Astral approaches, use Clairvoyance in
    that area.  The first will be coming from the upper left.  The next will be
    Grimalkins from the upper right, but since they aren't astral, the Gargoyles
    will be able to massacre them.  The third will be coming from the east and they
    are astrals.  Be sure to level all your runes to the max, then create 5
    Homunculi.  Keep 2 of them around the Lab, send 2 of them next to the Engrave
    (move the Golems there as well), and send the last one to the right of the
    upper sanctuary.
    Keep fighting off the Astrals, but in 3 minutes, 2 Morningstars will appear
    from the north.  Have a Homunculus that's low in MP use Clair. in the area,
    then use Psychic Storm on them.  Create 2 more Golems and replace any broken
    Gargoyles.  The next attacks will come from the upper right and the lower
    right.  Once your 4 Golems are here, group them together and go to the lower
    right corner, near the Engrave.  Have one Homunculus go right, then have the 4
    Golems follow it.  Finally, have another Homunculus trail after the Golems.
    You might want to create more Homunculi units or a Chimera.  I prefer the 
    When you see a Guardian, have the leading Homunculus stay back as the Golems
    kill it.  This'll provoke some ghouls, so use either a Psychic Storm or
    Clair.  Watch out for more Morningstars, and keep replacing broken Gargoyles.
    Have the team that's moving out contnue to go to the right.  Climb up the
    stairs, then attack the Hades Gate.  When you do so, more ghouls will appear,
    but not from the Hades Gate itself.  Rather, they'll appear from the wall to
    the right.  Also, don't forget to keep checking on your base.
    With that Hades Gate gone (and the symbol next to it), keep traversing up in
    the order I told you before.  A long ways up, you'll finally see a Guardian.
    Destroy her and her friend.  If your battle has gone on for 8:40, 2
    Morningstars will approach your base again.  Take care of them.  Above the twin
    symbols are a Titania and a Chaos Nest.  With them destroyed, you should 
    proceed to the left.  To the far left, some Guardians will block your way to a 
    Hades Gate.  Destroy them, then the Hades Gate to finish the stage.
    Trial 19: Beauty, Beast and Footsteps
    * Dragons' footsteps echo in the dark.  Use Alchemy to destroy the Rune!
    Condition For Winning: Endure 30 min of enemy onslaught
                           Destroy all enemy Runes
    Unit(s): Blob x4, Homunculus x4, Chimera x2, Gargoyle x6
    Rune(s): Laboratory, Chimera Spawn
    The minute the fight starts, pause the game and go all the way down.  Target
    both your Chimeras and bring them to the upper right corner.
    Now, there are 2 things you can do in this stage.  You can either endure the 
    slaughter or destroy the enemy runes.  I suggest for you to defend.  I tried
    destroying all the bases, but the mana I wasted was too much for me to like.
    Have the Blobs mine the crystal, and create a Chaos Nest.  Create 3 Grimalkins
    then level it up to 4.  Level up the Chimera Spawn to its max, along with the
    Lab.  Although I said I'm going to defend, let's get rid of at least one Chaos
    Nest to reduce the amount of tension from the enemies.  Make sure that both
    of your Chimeras are in the upper right section.  Have one of them go all the
    way to the top, then go left.  Attack the Guardian to the left of the left of
    the Chaos Nest, then attack the Chaos Nest itself.  The minute this is done,
    bring it back to your base, because you might get lulled to sleep.  Move
    one Grimalkin near the Lab and wait for the dragon to come.  Once your Gargoyle
    attacks the dragon, lull it to sleep, then attack with your Chimera(s) and
    Homunculi.  Once the Homunculi set off their Psychic Storm, have them go to the
    Gargoyles beneath the Lab.  A Morningstar will come here.  Kill it with Psychic
    Storm, then create 2 Homunculi and either a dragon or a chimera.
    Place a Grimalkin on the stairs underneath the Lab, place the other in the
    middle, and place the last one near the Chimera Spawn.  Now, place 2 Homunculi 
    near the top of the base, 2 near the middle, and 2 near the bottom.  When 
    Fairies are near, your Gargoyles will take care of them.  When Morningstars are
    near, use Psychic Storm to dispatch of them.  
    In 6 minutes, another dragon will emerge from the middle.  Have a Grimalkin put
    it to sleep (try not to break the red walls), then kill it with Psychic Storm 
    and your big familiars.  Return your units to where they once were.  Create 2 
    more big units to help you out.  Also, for every Gargoyle that is destroyed,
    create a Homunculus to take its place.  When all the Gargoyles to the left are
    destroyed, start using the Homunculi to take down the Fairies.
    As the battle progresses, there'll be lots of dragons attacking your base.
    The first comes from the bottom of the map in 8 minutes.  Use the same strategy
    as before.  Other dragons will come from the middle in 10:50, from the 
    bottom in 11:40, from the middle and the bottom in 14:40, from the bottom in
    18:30, from the middle in 19:00, from the bottom in 21:30, from the middle in
    23:30, from the bottom in 24:40, then finally, from the top and the bottom in
      Difficulty 4 Stages    [DIF4:03.64]
    Trial 13: Queen and the Red Hood
    * The target is past the army of Guardians.  Bore the hole and destroy the
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all enemy Runes
    Unit(s): Elf x5, Golem x4, Talisman x6
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring, Wicca
    An extremely easy but an extremely annoying stage.  There is only 1 enemy rune,
    but it is in the midst of a HUGE amount of Guardians.  You can destroy the 
    Guardians, but the Imps work FAST and will quickly rebuild any of the fallen 
    girls.  In order to win this stage, you have to have a large group of familiars
    to be able to run past those flaming succubi quickly.
    From the bottom crystal (which you should mine) count 2 spaces up, and create a
    Hades Gate there.  Above it, create a Purgatory.  Level the Purgatory to the
    max, then create nothing but Phantoms until you reach the max number of
    familiars.  Don't worry about the Imps, your Golems and Talismans will kill
    them easily.
    Once your Phantoms are all here, group them together, then move to the right.
    As the first 8 are grouped, have the other groups follow them.  Keep going 
    right and do not go up or down the stairs or attack the Guardians.  At the top
    of the second flight of stairs you see to the far right, stands the Hell Gate.
    Destroy it, and be done with this stage.
    Trial 16: Ballista
    * Break down the enemy defense guarded by the many Symbols!
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all enemy Runes
    Unit(s): Elf x4, Fairy x4, Talisman x8
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring
    You start at the center of the map, but as we know, it's very hard to make a 
    base in the center because you'll be attacked from all directions.  Either take
    over the upper right corner, lower left corner, or go to the lower right corner
    and use that as a base.  For the most part, I found this to be an extremely 
    easy because the difficulty stems from the number of symbols that guard the 
    enemy's runes, not the enemies themselves.
    Start by mining mana with the Elves.  Fly a Fairy to the crystal to the lower
    right.  Create a Hades Gate here because the majority of the enemies you fight
    are Sorcery units.  Have her return to the Glamour base, then create 5 Ghosts
    upon the completion of the Hades Gate.  A Unicorn will proceed to attack your 
    base from the lower left, but a barrage of blasts from the Talismans and your
    Fairies will dispatch it.  With your Ghosts, mine the crystal and level your
    Hades Gate to level 5.  The next attack will be from a Demon and a couple of
    Imps from the upper right corner, followed by Fairies from the lower left.
    Get rid of them, then create 8 Phantoms.
    With your 8 Phantoms, go to the lower left corner because it is guarded by
    Gargoyles (which can't see you), it has a crystal (which you can use), and it
    makes you safe against any attacks from the south.  Go past your Fairy Ring,
    then down the stairs near the lower left Talismans.  You might meet up with a
    Unicorn, which you should kill, then keep going down.  Ignore the Gargoyles and
    Golems.  Kill the Fairies on the last floor, then destroy the Fairy Ring.  If
    you need to, create more Phantoms to clean up this entire section.  Also,
    there'll be another attack from the upper right corner in 7:20 by a few
    Skullmages and Imps and from some Fairies and Elves from the lower left.  
    Wait for the Talismans to attack the enemies before sending your Fairies to 
    attack them.  You might want to bring over your Phantoms because the Fairies
    can be quite difficult.
    When the lower left corner has been cleared, create a Lab near the crystal and
    have 5 Blobs mine from it.  Also, have your Phantoms go back to your Glamour
    base and create more, if you need to.  Create an Engrave as well and level it
    up to the max.  Create 4 Golems, then move them to your Glamour base.  Speaking
    of which, in 12:00, that section will be attacked, but you can easily kill the 
    Demon and Imps with your Phantoms.
    In 13:30, you'll hear the dreaded dragon footsteps.  A dragon will be coming
    from the upper left corner, but you can kill it with your 8 Phantoms.  At this
    point, you can either decide to attack the upper right section to get rid
    of the Chaos Nest (and thus dragons and Grimalkins) or you can attack the
    upper left and mine from the crystal here.  Either way, have your Golems
    destroy the Guardians blocking the way, then attack with your Phantoms and/or
    Fairies.  Be sure to keep some Phantoms at your base because you will get
    attacked from the side that you aren't attacking.
    If you go for the upper left, watch out for Grimalkins.  You will want your 
    Phantoms in front of your Golems just in case you see one of them coming down.
    Trial 18: Badger
    * An enemy Rune with solid defense.  Can you break it down!?
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all enemy Runes
    Unit(s): Ghost x5, Imp x5, Guardian x6
    Rune(s): Hell Gate, Acheron, Titania
    A fun stage, in my opinion.  Just like with Shoot Me Out, you control one side
    entirely, and your enemy, the other.  You have 3 crystals, each with a good
    amount of mana, and you start with 3 very useful runes.  However, the enemy
    loves using Charons of its own to bring a lot of powerful familiars to your
    side, so you'll want to create a decent defense early on.
    Start by gathering mana with the Ghosts and Imps.  Level up the Charon and 
    Titania to the max.  Have a Ghost fly to the left, then create a Lab near this 
    crystal.  Level the Hell Gate to level 2, then create 2 Demons.  Afterwards,
    level it to the max.  Create 5 Blobs and have them mine the crystal.  In a
    minute or so, 3 Fairies will appear to attack the Acheron.  Have your Demons
    attack the ones they can and have the Guardian next to the Acheron kill the
    last one(s).  If your Acheron is on the verge of destruction, create a new one.
    Level up your Lab to lvl 3, then create a Homunculus and keep it near the Lab.
    With the Titania on the max level, create a Morningstar, then stock up on
    star childs.  Create a Charon as well, then an Engrave rune.  In 4 minutes, the
    Fairies will attack the Lab, but a Psychic Storm will take care of them.  Level
    up the Engrave to the max.  Have your Demons and Homunculus board the Charon, 
    then have both the Charon and Morningstar move to the sanctuary underneath the 
    Guardians on the left.  Move directly up from here, and unload your units when
    you see the first floor.  Return your Charon to your base, but have your Demons
    and Morningstars destroy the Talismans in this area.  When the enemy 
    Morningstar comes for you, have your Homunculus set off a Psychic Storm to kill
    it and any Fairies that try to attack you.  Create 2 more Homunculi to
    protect your base, along with 2 Demons and 3 Golems.  Level up your Lab to the
    max, if you want.  If you died, just create more units (especially Golems) to
    help you destroy the Talismans, then the Fairy Ring.
    A little bit above the Fairy Ring are Gargoyles.  Use your Golems to destroy
    them.  Going in too close will attract the attention of a Homunculus.  In 13
    minutes, a dragon will be coming down on the right side of your base.  When you
    hear its footsteps, create 5 Imps or Blobs, and have them board the Charon.
    Use Anima Drain to get rid of it.
    Continue destroying the Gargoyles, then the Obelisks until you're 18 minutes
    into the battle.  Create 3 Demons, and move them to your Alchemy area.  In a
    short while, a Charon carrying 2 Golems and a Homunculus will appear.  Have a
    Homunculus use Psychic Storm on it, and have your Demons attack the
    Homunculus, then the Golems.
    Back to your advancing team, note that there is a Lab, Fairy Ring, and Hades
    Gate above the wall of Obelisks, so have your demons quickly go there and
    demolish them with your Morningstar, whilst your Golems destroy the Obelisks.
    After destroying the Fairy Ring, pull back your Demons because a wall of
    Gargoyles stand directly behind the Hades Gate and will attack them should they
    get nearer.  Destroy the Gargoyles, then go down the stairs on the right with
    your units.  A little bit south is a Hell Gate.  Snipe it from afar with your
    Golems.  Then, with at least 3 fully healed Demons, go down the stairs and
    destroy the Chaos Nest to be done with this stage.
    Trial 21: Stealing Amoretta
    * FIFTH DAY 1 Parallel
    Condition For Winning: Protect Opalneria's Rune
                           Destroy all of Chartreuse's Runes
    Unit(s): Elf x4, Unicorn x2, Ghost x4, Phantom x2, Skullmage x2, Charon x1
    Rune(s): Wicca, Purgatory, Acheron
    As the description says, this stage is akin to that of 5-1, however, you are
    destroying Chartresuse this time, not Opalneria.  The position of Opalneria's
    Runes and Chartreuse's runes are also the same, so only concentrate on the
    lower right side.
    Start by mining mana with the Elves and Ghosts.  Create a Hades Gate and level
    it up to 5, along with the Acheron and Purgatory.  You may want to advent
    Talismans to protect you against Opalneria's familiars.  I advented 4 Talismans
    near the Purgatory, since it is an easy target for the enemies.  The first
    attacks will come from the stairs to the far left.  Have your Talismans take
    care of them and use your Unicorns and Skullmages too.  Create 6 Phantoms to go
    along with your other 2 Phantoms.
    Now, have 5 Phantoms board the Charon.  Go all the way to the bottom, then take
    a right.  Drop them off here and go bring your other 3 here.  Have your
    Phantoms destroy everything they can, and create more Phantoms because the
    Homunculus will use Clairvoyance + Psychic Storm to kill you quickly.  If your
    Ghosts are done mining mana, use them as bait for the Homunculi as you destroy
    the Chimera Spawn, Gargoyles, and Engrave.  Above them, is the Lab, but when
    you attack it, a Homunculus will come out and use Clairvoyance.  At this point,
    I just got sick and tired of them that I created a Hell Gate and Demons to kill
    Trial 22: Devil's Temptation
    * FIFTH DAY 2 Parallel
    Condition For Winning: Rescue Advocat
                           Destroy all of Gammel's Runes
    Unit(s): Elf x4, Fairy x2, Ghost x4, Phantom x2, Skullmage x2, Homuculus x2,
             Golem x2
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring, Hades Gate, Purgatory, Laboratory
    This one is exactly the same as 5-2, but you'll be going left and destroying
    Gammel rather than going up and getting rid of Advocat.
    Mine mana with your Elves and Ghosts, then create an Engrave.  Create a Blob,
    then level up your Lab to the max and position your Skullmages and Phantoms
    near the sanctuary to the far right.  With your Blob, start adventing Gargoyles
    to your left side.  Draw a Chimera Spawn, then level it up to 5.  Create 2 more
    Homunculi, then create as many Chimeras as you can.
    Once all your Chimeras have been created, move them to the left.  Have the
    Homunculi follow and watch as they destroy everything.  Create more Chimeras
    because they die quickly.  When up against a Morningstar or Phantoms, use
    Clair. and continue the massacre.  If you don't destroy Gammel's runes fast
    enough, by 12 minutes 3 dragons will come towards your base.  With a team of
    Chimeras and a lot of Psychic Storms, you should be able to kill them without
    need for Phantoms or Grimalkins.
    Trial 23: Surely
    * FIFTH DAY 3 Parallel
    Condition For Winning: Rescue Margarita
                           Destroy Opalneria's Runes within 20 min
    Unit(s): Imp x4, Grimalkin x3, Demon x2, Skullmage x2, Morningstar x2
    Rune(s): Hell Gate, Titania, Purgatory
    This stage is EXACTLY the same as 5-3, except that you only have 20 mins to
    complete it.  In fact, the strategy to use is exactly the same.  You might not
    want to create a Necromancy base if you think you're going to be really pressed
    for time, but overall, it's more of a benefit to create that base.
    Trial 24: Bird in a Cage
    * FIFTH DAY 4 Parallel
    Condition For Winning: Protect initial Runes
                           Endure 30 min of enemy onslaught
    Unit(s): Unicorn x2, Grimalkin x2, Demon x2, Homunculus x2
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring, Hades Gate, Hell Gate, Laboratory
    Quite a hard battle indeed.  This is another of those endurance stages, however
    not only do you have to endurem for 30 mins, but you cannot let your intial
    runes get destroyed.  Like I said in an earlier storyline mission, there are
    only 2 stages where a barrage of dragons seemed to do the trick for me, and
    this is that stage.  Basically, you create some mana gathering familiars,
    create a Chaos Nest in each corner, create a Gehenna and level it to 4, then
    start creating dragons.  Keep gathering mana and creating dragons until you
    have no more space for them, then storm the center.  Each time a dragon dies,
    create another to take its place.  As cheap as it is, it is much easier than
    trying to survive for 30 minutes in such a stage.
      Difficulty 5 Stages    [DIF5:03.65]
    Trial 6: Grimoire Tips
    * Summon familiars with limited Mana and destroy all enemy Runes!
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all enemy Runes
    Unit(s): Elf x4
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring
    Mine the crystal you are close to with your Elves.  Create 5 Fairies, then move
    to the crystal that's to the upper right of your sanctuary.  It is in the
    middle of the map.  Destroy the Talismans above and below this sanctuary, then
    create a Hades Gate 2 spaces below this crystal.  Create 4 more Fairies to aid
    your existing ones because several Phantoms will appear from the lower right.
    Once they are dead, create 4 Ghosts and have them mine the crystal.  Level up 
    the Hades Gate to 2, then create 2 Phantoms.  Afterwards, level it up to 5.
    Keep an eye out for a group of Fairies from the upper right.  Have them attack
    your Necromancy sanctuary, before you strike with your Fairies.  Once your
    Hades Gate is on level 5, create 6 more Phantoms.  Another wave of Phantoms
    will come from the lower right, so take care of them with your Fairies.  With 8
    Phantoms on hand and a couple of Fairies, have your Fairies go back to your
    Glamour base, then head upwards.  A little bit above them stands a Talisman.
    Destroy it, then bring them back to your Hades Gate.  Move your 8 Phantoms to
    your Glamour base, then head up the stairs.  At about 9:30, a dragon will
    emerge from a Chaos Nest that lies above the Talisman your Fairies destroyed.
    With your Phantoms, use Berserk, slay the dragon, destroy the Chaos Nest and
    the Guardians next to it, then destroy the Hell Gate.  At this point, your
    Phantoms will probably be dead, but as long as the Hell Gate and the Chaos Nest
    are destroyed, you will be fine.  You may want to create 2 more Phantoms if a
    horde of Imps pop out from the top floor as you were destroying the enemy's
    runes to take care of them.  
    With the Imps gone, make sure you have 8 Fairies, then level up the Fairy Ring
    to level 5.  You may create a Titania and level it up to 3, if you want the
    Attack Up and Defense Up for your Fairies.  Watch out for enemies as you do
    this, though.  Fairies will still be coming in from the upper right, Phantoms
    will be coming from the lower left, and Unicorns will start coming down the
    stairs on your Glamour side.  Be careful around 15 minutes because 3 waves of
    3 Fairies will start coming in from the upper right.  You may want to have your
    Fairies here to guard against them.
    Move your 8 Fairies to the lower right and destroy the Talismans in your way.  
    A little bit more to the right are a Hades Gate and Purgatory.  Destroy the 
    Hades Gate, then the Purgatory.  Use Astral Change to your advantage and use it
    against the Phantoms to reduce damage.
    After both of the enemy's Necromancy runes are destroyed, create a Lab
    2 spaces above the Necromancy sanctuary, level it up to 3, then create 2 
    Homunculi.  Create some Phantoms and/or Fairies as well to have them guard the 
    Lab as you are trying to create the Homunculi.  With your 2 Homunculi, move to
    the upper right and have your Fairies/Phantoms destroy the Talismans, the the
    runes to the far right.  When you are up against Unicorns and Fairies, have
    your Homunculi use Psychic Storm to get rid of them.
    Trial 17: Good at Managing
    * Strong enemy attacks, and tough Symbols.  Can you clear with so little Mana?
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all enemy Runes
    Unit(s): Elf x3
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring
    Mine the crystal with your Elves.  Create a Hades Gate on the floor above your
    Fairy Ring and to the far right.  Level it up, then call upon 6 Phantoms to aid
    you.  Keep them away from attacking the Guardians until you have 6.  Watch out
    for Fairies, though.  They should always be the first things you kill.  With 
    your 6 Phantoms, destroy the 2 Guardians blocking your way, then immediately 
    move down to the floor the Hades Gate is on.  Kill the Imps, then the Demon.  
    Go back up the stairs and destroy the Guardians on this floor.  Finally, kill 
    the 2 Guardians that are standing below the Hell Gate and to the right.  With 
    them gone, have your remaining Phantoms chill out away from the other two
    Guardians and the Hell Gate as you create more Phantoms to help you out.  With 
    about 5 Phantoms, destroy the remaining sorcery units and bases (watch out for
    Fairies), then create 4 Ghosts to mine the crystal.
    When all of that is done, make sure you have at least 2 Phantoms to guard your
    base.  Level up the Fairy Ring to 2, then create 6 Fairies.  Also, level up
    your Hades Gate to level 4.  With your 6 Fairies, move to the far right.  Make
    it so that they are flying over the gray brick wall.  Now, fly all the way up
    and start destroying the Obelisks.  Once you gain the enemies' attention, kill
    the Skullmages, destroy the Obelisks, kill the Phantoms, then destroy the Hades
    Gate.  Meanwhile, create Phantoms until you have 8, then create a Lab where the
    enemy's Hades Gate once stood.  About 13:25, a dragon will be coming towards
    your base from the lower left past the red wall.  Gather your Phantoms and
    place them there.  Create 4 Blobs and mine the crystal.  In 14:45, you should
    be able to see the dragon.  Have your berserked Phantoms attack it as you
    create 6 more Phantoms.  Once the dragon is gone, have your remaining Phantoms
    plus the 6 you just made pass through the debris of the broken wall and destroy
    everything in this area (especially the Chaos Nest).  
    Level up your Lab to 3, then create 3 Homunculi.  Also, create 5 more Fairies.
    With a combination of Fairies and your remaining Phantoms, fly/climb to the
    area below the Lab and destroy the Obelisks here.  Bring along your Homunculi
    because Fairies and Morningstars will attempt to stop you.  With the
    destruction of the Obelisks, take care of the Acheron to complete this stage.
    Trial 20: Holy Road
    * Use the Sanctuary as a shield to avoid the enemy attacks and push foward!
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all enemy Runes
    Unit(s): Elf x5
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring
    Have the 3 Elves closest to the crystal mine it.  Have the one of the other 2
    mine the crystal on the 3rd floor and have the last mine the crystal on the 4th
    floor.  Create a Wicca on the 1st floor, then have 2 Elves start adventing
    Talismans all across the 2nd floor.  Once the 2 crystals on the 3rd and 4th
    floor become sanctuaries, have those Elves start mining the sanctuary closest
    to your Fairy Ring.  Fairies and Unicorns will occasionally come down to attack
    you, and will start with the sanctuaries on the 3rd and 4th floor.  Once they
    try to come closer, your Talismans will take care of them.  After they die,
    have 2 Elves go and create those sanctuaries once more, then have them go
    back and mine the crystal on the 1st floor.  Keep repeating this process until
    you have completed the step below.  Also, rebuild Talismans as many times as
    As this is going on, create a Lab on the 1st floor, then level it up to 3.
    Create 2 Homunculi, then create an Engrave.  Level it up to 3, then create 3
    Golems.  Try to refrain from using Psychic Storm too much, however, use it if
    you want.  The Golems' attack will also help out a lot.  Once the sanctuary on 
    the 1st floor has been exhausted of all its mana, start mining the one on the 
    3rd floor and have an Elf go and create more sanctuaries from the crystals to 
    the right and up to the 10th floor.
    With 2 Homunculi and 3 Golems, start climbing up the stairs.  Make sure that
    the Homunculi are in the lead, and make sure that there is always a sanctuary
    in front of them.  You may want to create 1 more Golem and Homunculi to help
    protect the base and serve as backup.  Further up the stairs, you will start to
    see Talismans.  At this point, have your Golems lead the way and attack the
    Talismans from afar, whilst your Homunculi stand watch for enemies.  Pretty
    soon, you will see the enemy's runes.  Destroy them with your Golem, and you'll
    be done with this stage.  Just remember to have your Homunculi around to
    protect the Golems.
    Trial 25: Abyss
    * FIFTH DAY 5 Parallel
    Condition For Winning: Destroy all enemy Runes
    Unit(s): Elf x6, Fairy x3
    Rune(s): Fairy Ring
    This stage is EXACTLY like the final storyline stage, with the exception of
    the amount of mana you start out with.  If you follow the same strategy as 5-5,
    you should be fine.  Just get to the crystals quickly and you'll be okay.
    V. Gameplay ::: [GMPLY.04]
    This section goes over the basic gameplay in GrimGrimoire.  There are also some
    tips you may find useful in the latter parts of this section.
       +A. Battle Flow ::: [BTFL.041]
    GrimGrimoire is an easy game to get the hang of, but just in case you need some
    refreshing over some concepts, look in this section.
       -1. Drawing a Rune ::: [RUNE.04:11]
    Press the Triangle button in battle to bring up the list of Grimoires you have.
    Using the L1 and R1 button, select a Grimoire, then a rune to draw.  When you
    select the rune, you will be prompted to place it in an empty spot.  If a red
    cross appears over the rune, you can't place it there.  Each rune costs 200
    Mana to draw and start at level 1 when they are placed on the field.
    Try to place runes in corners of the map so that you can easily protect them.
       -2. Summoning Spirits and Leveling Up ::: [SMMN.04:12]
    To summon spirits, press the Square button when the cursor is on the rune.
    Next, select the familiar you want to bring forth.  Above their icon, the
    amount of Mana needed to summon that familiar will be displayed.  To summon
    spirits that have darkened icons, you will have to level up the rune.  Select
    "LV" from the rune and the rune will level up.  Leveling up a rune requires 100
       -3. Mana ::: [MANA.04:13]
    When you have summoned a lower ranking creature, you can use them to harvest
    Mana from crystals.  Crystals are exactly that.  On the field, you'll see
    crystals just lying there.  However, once a summoned creature touches a
    crystal, it will take the magic form of the creature that touched it.  Mana
    can now be mined from the crystal and will be sent to the closest Rune.
    The units that can mine Mana:
    Glamour- Elves
    Necromancy- Ghosts
    Sorcery- Imps
    Alchemy- Blobs
    Keep in mind that Mana may only be harvested from a crystal that corresponds
    to a familiar's magic school.
       -4. Issuing Commands ::: [CMND.04:14]
    Press the Square button over a familiar you want to issue commands to, then
    use the R1/L1 buttons to select a command you want it to carry.  Note that the
    Move command changes into several other commands depending to what you move to.
       -5. Symbols ::: [SYMB.04:15]
    Symbols are stationary units that attack anything that gets within their space.
    There are 4 symbols, 1 for each school of magic, and each have different
    properties.  The Glamour, Sorcery, and Alchemy symbols are mainly used to
    defend an area from enemies, but the Necromancy symbol is used to heal special
    VI. Magic ::: [MAGIC.05]
    This section covers the magic spells and mystical tomes in Grim Grimoire.
       +A. Types of Magic ::: [TYMGC.051]
    There are 4 types of magic studied and practiced in Grim Grimoire.
       -1. Glamour ::: [GLMR.05:11]
    "The magic calls upon the faintest powers which exist everywhere, but the
    fierce powers of created lives cannot be stopped."
    Glamour is the kind of magic used to protect oneself and to do house chores.
    The caster controls elves and fairies who live hidden in nature.  It is the
    oldest, and most basic form of magic, which draws nature to your side.
    Summons are not forced, but are built upon each other's trust.
       -2. Necromancy ::: [NMCY.05:12]
    "The magic calls upon those who should not exist, and therefore fear the
    embodiment of nature's laws."
    Magicians use Necromancy to call upon the suffering souls who were denied by
    heaven, and have rested themselves upon the burning fires of hell.  It can also
    open the gate to Hades, and bring the powers of sleeping heroes to bear.
       -3. Sorcery ::: [SRCY.05:13]
    "The magic works with the enemies of god, but no method can fight against the
    pure wills which still look to god in the deepest darkness."
    Sorcery will force those who rebelled against god to work for a magician... for
    a price.  Do not fear if your heart is pure.  You shall handle them as god
    wills.  But if you are tempted by darkness, even once, the caster will also be
    branded a treacherous betrayer to god.  Devils are shrewd and tricky, so you
    must always be careful when using them.
       -4. Alchemy ::: [ALCM.05:14]
    "The incomplete lives, born by the hands of men pretending to be god, are
    perfect prey to those who stand against god."
    By knowledge and study, this science has found the rules of this world's 
    creations.  Alchemy, much like god, can change anything in this world.  One
    can create changes beyond the boundaries of god's laws, such as giving life to
    inorganic material, through precise methods of thorough examining and analysis.
    If you read the ancient messages, you can discern what type of magic beats
    Glamour purifies the ghosts of Necromancy since they don't follow nature's
    laws, but can't do anything against the lives created through Alchemy.
    Necromancy can withstand the temptations from the creatures of Sorcery, but
    can't exist with the Glamour creatures that abide by god's laws.
    Sorcery can sway the hearts of the artificial lives born through Alchemy, but
    can't inflict pain on those with no flesh in the Necromancy class.
    Alchemy can work their way around the creatures of god in Glamour, but can't
    stand against the demons in Sorcery that rebel against god.
    Glamour > Necromancy > Sorcery > Alchemy > Glamour, etc.
       +B. Grimoires ::: [GRMR.052]
    Magic is unleashed as mystical beasts that are summoned through Grimoires.
    This section contains info on all the Grimoires obtained through the game..
    The entries in this section look like this:
           |              |
           + Name of Rune + -- [Code]
           |              |
    Level Ups: Lists what occurs each time the rune levels up
    + Familiar's Name +
    Commands: Lists the commands you can issue to the unit
    Stats: Lists the familiar's stats
      Body - The type of body the familiar has.  Can either be Substance (S) or 
      Astral (A).
      HP- The familiar's HP.
      MP- The familiar's MP.
      Sub-A- The familiar's attack against Sub units.  This says the exact damage
      the familiar deals to enemies (not including strengths or weaknesses).  The
      ones that read something like 4x15 means that the familiar's attack deals
      4 points of damage, 15 times, making a grand total of 60 HP damage.
      Ast-A- The familiar's attack against Ast units.
      Def- The amount of damage subtracted from the attacker's Sub-A or Ast-A.  No
      familiar has Def naturally.  To gain Def, the familiar must gain it through
      level ups.  This means that only Glamour units, Golems, and Gargoyles can get
      Mana- The amount of Mana needed to create the spirit.
      Population (Pop)- The amount of population that the familiar counts for.  A
      single unit could count as 3 Pop, so be careful when creating them.
       -1. Glamour Grimoires ::: [GLGR.05:21]
    The 3 grimoires in the Glamour class are Fairy Ring, Wicca, and Titania.  Each
    contains a summon beast as well as enhancements gained through level ups.  The
    Glamour magics tend to have mid to low Mana costs for their familiars, however,
    Glamour magics' strong point is that they receive no Ast-A decrease when
    fighting against Astral units, making them especially useful against Necro-
           |                 |
           +  a. Fairy Ring  + -- [FARI.05:21.1]
           |                 |
    This grimoire works with nature's spirits of the forest.  It is easy to use,
    and is the basic book for summoning Glamour familiars.
    Level Ups:
      Level 1 - Summon - Elf
      Level 2 - Summon - Fairy
      Level 3 - Elf: Heal
      Level 4 - Fairy: Astral Change
      Level 5 - Fairy Power Up [Increases the range of the Fairies' attack.]
    + Elf +
    Elves are the hard workers with a pointy green hat.  They often appear in
    folklore as helpers in the house and farm.  Some can even place protective
    talismans, and heal wounds with magic.
       ++ Move: Move the Elf.
       ++ Gather: Gather Mana from a crystal.
       ++ Heal: Heal a substance target.
       ++ Advent - Talisman: Create a Talisman.
    | Bdy || HP || MP ||Sub-A||Ast-A||Def||Mana|| Pop |
    |  S  || 20 || 30 || --- || --- || 0 || 50 ||  1  |
    Heal                      10 MP
    Effect: Heals a substance target
    SWEET: 20 HP
    EAST: 10 HP
    NORMAL: 10 HP
    HARD: 10 HP
    Elves are a pretty useful support unit.  They learn no attacks, but are the
    only familiars that can heal, which is made even more effective when they're
    in a group.  They're quite decent mana gatherers, but are very fragile.
    Elf Tips
    + Small familiars cost low mana and are easily expendable.  However, those
    large units such as dragons, chimeras, and demons cost quite a hefty bit of
    mana, so use a group of Elves to heal them, especially in those stages where
    mana is scarce.
    + Fairy +
    Fairies come in the form of little girls with wings who can fly around freely.
    They can be tricksters who shoot arrows from far away.  If you try to catch
    them, they will disappear and run away.
       ++ Move: Move the Fairy.
       ++ Attack: Attack the selected target.
       ++ Defend: Stay in one area and defend against enemies.
       ++ Astral Change: Change body into an astral.
       ++ Substance Change: Revert back to a substance.
    | Bdy || HP || MP ||Sub-A||Ast-A||Def||Mana|| Pop |
    |  S  || 25 || 50 ||  4  ||  4  || 0 || 75 ||  1  |
    Astral Change             25 MP
    Effect: Changes the Fairy into
    an astral being.  Her MP will
    gradually decrease in this
    state until you use Substance
    Change.  Once MP reaches 0, the
    Fairy will revert back to a
    Fairies may be small and tiny, but they would definitely have to be the
    familiars that work the best in groups.  They have the fastest attack recovery
    rate out of all familiars and since they can fly, Fairies can position
    themselves in places other familiars can't attack them from, making them very
    useful in quite a bit of situations, especially against walking units.  On the
    other hand, Fairies are very fragile and die easily.  Also, they must be in
    groups to work efficiently, otherwise, you'd be better off with another unit.
    Fairy Tips
    + A fully powered up Fairy has 45 HP, 5 Sub/Ast-A, and 1 Def.  Alone, it isn't
    much better than a normal Fairy.  In a group, however, they become
    astronomically powerful.
    + If you use Astral Change, you can significantly reduce the damage you receive
    from enemy attacks and nullify completely against others.
           +            +
           |  b. Wicca  | -- [WICCA.05:21.2]
           +            +
    This holy grimoire takes hold of supernatural effects.  The Rune is great for
    warding off the enemy.
    Level Ups:
      Level 1 - Advent - Talisman
      Level 2 - Summon - Unicorn
      Level 3 - Unicorn: Holy Barrier
      Level 4 - Unicorn: Astral Hold
      Level 5 - Glamour: Max HP Up
    + Unicorn +
    A small horse with a holy horn; it is the guardian of nature's spirits.  Its
    magic infused horn can strike enemies.  High level unicorns can create a magic
    barrier around itself to protect them from harm.
       ++ Move: Move the Unicorn.
       ++ Attack: Attack the selected target.
       ++ Holy Barrier: Create a barrier to reduce damage by a lot.
       ++ Astral Hold: Paralyzes any astral units.
    | Bdy || HP || MP ||Sub-A||Ast-A||Def||Mana|| Pop |
    |  S  || 35 || 50 ||  15 || 15  || 0 || 150||  2  |
    Holy Barrier              20 MP
    Effect: Causes all damage
    towards the Unicorn to take 1
    damage for as long as the
    barrier is active.
    Astral Hold               25 MP
    Effect: Paralyzes any astral
    being for about 30 seconds.
    Unicorns can serve as either great defensive units or great offensive units.
    With Holy Barrier, the amount of damage you'd normally take will be heavily
    compounded and with Astral Hold, you can keep those pesky Morningstars and
    Charons under control.  Unfortunately, Unicorns depend so much on Holy Barrier
    to be effective, that unless you're willing to watch them every second, you'd
    be, once again, better off with another unit.
    + Talisman +
    This is the protective symbol of the Glamour spirits.  The light that shines
    from the magical stone on the stand will attack enemies.  The Elves know how to
    set these up, so you will rely on them to create these Talismans.
    | Bdy || HP || MP ||Sub-A||Ast-A||Def||Mana|| Pop |
    |  S  || 70 || 0  ||  15 ||  12 || 0 || 100||  2  |
           +              +
           +  c. Titania  + -- [TTNA.05:21.3]
           +              +
    This grimoire can summon the great star spirit.  As the levels increase, it can
    bring out grander powers in nature's spirits.
    Level Ups:
      Level 1 - Mastery Effect [Lowers the cost of Glamour units by 5 mana.]
      Level 2 - Glamour: Attack Up
      Level 3 - Glamour: Defense Up
      Level 4 - Summon - Morningstar
      Level 5 - Morningstar: Power Up [Inceases the amount of starchilds the Mor-
      ningstar can hold from 5 to 10.]
    + Morningstar +
    A beautiful spirit who rises from the night sky to announce morning.  The star
    she holds brings light, and evil dwellers of darkness can only flee.  A high
    level rune which requires a great amount of Mana can summon her, but her light
    can blast the enemy away.
      ++ Move: Move the Morningstar.
      ++ Attack: Attack the selected target.
      ++ Defend: Stay in one area and defend against enemies.
      ++ Star Light: Stock up on star child ammo.
    | Bdy || HP || MP ||Sub-A||Ast-A||Def||Mana|| Pop |
    |  A  || 130|| 0  ||  50 || 50  || 0 || 355||  6  |
    Morningstars are the most powerful units in the game, because they are the only
    units that can deal a high amount of damage to any unit in the game at a
    consistent rate and without help.  They can fly through walls and because they 
    are astral units, they can either completely avoid enemy attacks or receive
    compounded damage.  The downside to Morningstars isn't all that bad, but
    extremely annoying.  Morningstars require major upkeeping because you
    constantly have to stock star childs with them.  Not to mention that each
    star child costs 10 mana, so every attack will waste mana.
    Morningstar Tips
    + Having your Morningstar stay put near Obelisks will make them nearly
    impervious to death (even against Homunculi) making them useful defenders.
       -2. Necromancy Grimoires ::: [NCGR.05:22]
    The 3 grimoires in the Necromancy class are Hades Gate, Purgatory, and Acheron.
    Each contains a summon beast as well as enhancements gained through level ups.
    Necromancy contains the familiars with the lowest Mana cost, but this class of
    magic's strength 
           |                 |
           -  a. Hades Gate  - -- [HAGT.05:22.1]
           |                 |
    This grimoire is used to open the gates to Hades.  It can summon ghosts who
    have long lost their physical body.
    Level Ups:
      Level 1 - Summon - Ghost
      Level 2 - Summon - Phantom
      Level 3 - Ghost: Charge
      Level 4 - Phantom: Berserk
      Level 5 - Phantom Power Up: Increases the movement speed of Phantoms greatly.
    - Ghost -
    Human souls who have left their body after death float as pale blue flames.
    Magicians borrow the powers of these souls who cannot be accepted into Heaven
    and are stuck in Purgatory.
       -- Move: Move the Ghost.
       -- Gather: Gather Mana from a crystal.
       -- Charge: Charges into an enemy, dealing damage.
       -- Advent - Obelisk: Create an Obelisk.
    | Bdy || HP || MP ||Sub-A||Ast-A||Def||Mana|| Pop |
    |  A  || 16 || 0  ||  9  || 30  || 0 || 40 ||  1  |
    The best mana gatherers in the entire game, without a doubt, are Ghosts.  Since
    they can fly, they can move quickly and don't have to bother with stairs.  They
    are also one of the best astral attackers, if you don't mind spending 40 mana
    to create another one.  All in all, Ghosts really have no major weaknesses.
    They have low HP, but due to their astral bodies, Ghosts can nullify against
    attacks or reduce the damage dealt.  They also take a bit of time to create,
    but once again, it isn't that major.
    Ghost Tips
    - On hard mode, enemy Ghosts can and will easily destroy your Phantoms and
    Morningstars.  Since Ghosts cost so little to create, just have them Charge
    into enemy Ghosts before they destroy your precious astrals.
    - Phantom -
    The ghost of a knight who wields a sword.  Even after death, he does not lose
    his loyalty for his master.
       -- Move: Move the Phantom.
       -- Attack: Attack the selected target.
       -- Patrol: Patrols between the area the Phantom is standing to another
       selected area.
       -- Berserk: Increases the attack speed of Phantoms.
    | Bdy || HP || MP ||Sub-A||Ast-A||Def||Mana|| Pop |
    |  A  || 35 || 20 ||  15 ||  3  || 0 || 75 ||  2  |
    Berserk                   10 MP
    Effect: Increases attack speed
    dramatically for about 30 secs.
    Phantoms are one of the best attack units in the game and my favorite to use
    for offensive purposes.  With Berserk, Phantoms get a huge increase in their
    attack speed that they are able to take on ANY enemy or symbol in the game
    (maybe except for a Morningstar) with relative ease.  The downside to Phantoms
    are their pitifully low HP.  Against any enemy that can hit Astrals at full
    strength, the Phantom will fall down in 1 or 2 hits.  Maxed out Fairies are
    even sturdier than them!
           -                -
           |  b. Purgatory  | -- [PURG.05.22.2]
           -                -
    This grimoire calls upon the sinful ghosts of death.  It can strengthen ghostly
    spirits with different effects.
    Level Ups:
      Level 1 - Advent - Obelisk
      Level 2 - Summon - Skullmage
      Level 3 - Skullmage: Astralize
      Level 4 - Necromancy: Attack Up
      Level 5 - Necromancy: Attack Up 2
    - Skullmage -
    The ghost of magicians who had been criminals in their past life.  The ropes
    around their necks have not disappeared, even after death.
      -- Move: Move the Skullmage.
      -- Attack: Attack the selected target.
      -- Astralize: Change a target into an astral unit.
    | Bdy || HP || MP ||Sub-A||Ast-A||Def||Mana|| Pop |
    |  S  || 30 || 50 || --- || 25  || 0 || 75 ||  1  |
    Astralize                 25 MP
    Effect: Changes a target into
    an Astral unit for aout 30
    To be quite honest, Skullmages are probably the worst units in the game.  They
    can only attack astrals (Glamour units, Ghosts, and Homunculi can do it much 
    better than them), they are quite fragile, and in order to make them useful 
    against other units, you have to constantly use Astralize on them.  So what 
    good are Skullmages, you may ask.  Well, what they lack in offense, they more 
    than make up with in support.  As you know, astral units can slip past some 
    enemies and receive compounded damage from others.  By Astralizing your units, 
    you can effectively make them more durable.  Just make sure you've destroyed
    all Purgatories and Labs in the area before doing so.  By the way, don't get me
    wrong.  Skullmages are actually pretty strong when in a group, but just 
    remember that you'll constantly have to Astralize the enemy to attack them.
    Skullmage Tips
    - Astralize your units to not only compound damage, but also to have them be
    healed by Obelisks.  An astralized Demon, Golem, or Unicorn not only deals good
    damage, but they take little damage as well especially when placed around
    - Combine your Homunculi's Psychic Storm with astralized enemies to deal a
    tremendous amount of damage.
    - Obelisk -
    A stone monument built for the salvation of lost souls.  It has the power to
    call upon and gather the injured and fading minds of the souls.
    | Bdy || HP || MP ||Sub-A||Ast-A||Def||Mana|| Pop |
    |  S  || 50 || 30 || --- || --- || 0 || 100||  2  |
           -              -
           -  c. Acheron  - -- [ACHR.05.22.3]
           -              -
    This grimoire allows you to control the god of death on the edge of life.  It
    will summon the ferryman of Hades, Charon.
    Level Ups:
      Level 1 - Summon - Charon
      Level 2 - Charon Power Up: Increases the movement speed of Charons.
      Level 3 - Skullmage Power Up: Increases the MP of Skullmages.
      Level 4 - Charon: Anima Drain
    - Charon -
    The ferryman of Hades' river, Acheron.  It is said that he is responsible for
    taking the souls from this world to the next.  They are a kind of grim reaper,
    and can freely allow the living to board the boat as well.
       -- Move: Move the Charon.
       -- Board: Boards the selected unit onto the Charon.  Flying units, dragons,
       and chimeras cannot be boarded.
       -- Unload: Unloads the units on the Charon to the selected area.
       -- Anima Drain: Uses the units onboard the Charon as ammo for an attack.
    | Bdy || HP || MP ||Sub-A||Ast-A||Def||Mana|| Pop |
    |  A  || 120|| 0  || 120 || 39  || 0 || 200||  4  |
    Charons are the most powerful units in the game.  They can OHKO mostly any
    familiar in the game and they have astral bodies so they can sneak past enemy
    troops easily.  However, their attack can only be used once the Acheron is on
    level 4, which will take some time to get to.  Also, their attack uses any
    familiars that are currently aboard them, so if you're not careful, you might
    waste some expensive familiars.  Overall, Charons are mostly used to transport
    your familiars from one location to another rather than for attacking purposes.
    They're not very handy on your team if you don't like the upkeeping, but if 
    you're willing to, you can make them quite useful. 
    Charon Tips
    - It isn't possible to transport dragons via Charons, but you can transport
    their eggs even in mid incubation!  To cover a lot of ground with your dragons,
    create an egg and incubate it until it's almost ready to hatch, then place it
    in your Charon.  Unload the egg near the enemy and watch as your dragon burns
    the area to a crisp.
       -3. Sorcery Grimoires ::: [SRGR.05:23]
    The 3 grimoires in the Sorcery class are Hell Gate, Chaos Nest, and Gehena.
    Only 2 contain summon beasts, but each give enhancements through level ups.
    Alchemy contains the familiars that cost the most mana, but the power of the
    familiars are quite outstanding, as well as their endurance.
           |                |
           o  a. Hell Gate  o -- [HLGT.05:23.1]
           |                |
    This grimoire opens the doors to Hell.  From there, cruel devils can be
    summoned forth.
    Level Ups:
      Level 1 - Summon - Imp
      Level 2 - Summon - Demon
      Level 3 - Imp: Attack
      Level 4 - Demon Power Up: Increases the movement speed of Demons greatly.
      Level 5 - Demon Power Up 2: Increases the HP of Demons.
    o Imp o
    Small demons that play tricks from the shadows.  They make good slaves and 
    appear with their jingling jester hat.  But do not underestimate them.  A group
    of high level Imps can ravage their prey in an instant.
       oo Move: Move the Imp.
       oo Gather: Gather Mana from a crystal.
       oo Attack: Attacks the selected target.
       oo Advent - Guardian: Create a Guardian.
    | Bdy || HP || MP ||Sub-A||Ast-A||Def||Mana|| Pop |
    |  S  || 40 || 0  || 2x2 || --- || 0 || 50 ||  1  |
    Imps are the mana gatherers of the Sorcery class.  They have high HP for tiny
    creatures and they are the only mana gatherers that can attack.  They can't
    attack astrals, but they should be gathering mana anyway.  They are also the
    fastest mana gatherers on land.
    o Demon o
    Rebels of god who live in the fires of hell.  They are always in search of ways
    to tempt men.  Those who can be summoned by magicians are those who lost in the
    battle against god and are bound by the ancient pact.
       oo Move: Move the Demon.
       oo Attack: Attacks the selected target.
    | Bdy || HP || MP ||Sub-A||Ast-A||Def||Mana|| Pop |
    |  S  || 170|| 0  || 15x2|| 3x2 || 0 || 200||  3  |
    Quite possibly the best offensive units in the game.  They are very sturdy and
    durable, they have a great attack power, and through leveling up they can get
    astounding movement speed.  Demons also get an ability called Black Curse that
    slowly detiorates the affected target's HP, which really helps against those
    pesky astrals.  Their only weakness would be the amount of mana it costs to
    create them.  Creating 1 dragon costs a little bit more than 2 Demons, and the
    dragon can last much longer than them.  Overall, Demons are still a fantastic
    unit to use as long as you don't create too much of them.
           o                 o
           |  b. Chaos Nest  | -- [CHNST.05:23.2]
           o                 o
    This grimoire brings forth the deep chaos from within.  It can also call upon
    the large, powerful dragons.
    Level Ups:
      Level 1 - Summon - Grimalkin
      Level 2 - Summon - Dragon Egg
      Level 3 - Grimalkin: Mana Burn
      Level 4 - Grimalkin Power Up: Increases the MP of Grimalkins.
      Level 5 - Demon: Black Curse: When afflicted with Black Curse, the target's
      HP will gradually decrease.
    o Grimalkin o
    Devils of darkness transformed into black cats.  They can cast strong hypnotic
    magic that can leave you defenseless and asleep.  It is said that high level
    Grimalkins can burst the opponent's magical power, and kill them.
      oo Move: Move the Grimalkin.
      oo Sleep: Lulls a target to sleep.  Can't work on Astrals.
      oo Mana Burn: Deals damage to the target based on their MP.
    | Bdy || HP || MP ||Sub-A||Ast-A||Def||Mana|| Pop |
    |  S  || 50 ||100 || --- || --- || 0 || 150||  1  |
    Sleep                     50 MP
    Effect: Lulls a target to
    sleep for about 30 seconds.  It
    doesn't work on astrals
    Mana Burn                 50 MP
    Effect: Damages the enemy with
    their MP.  The damage dealt is
    equivalent to the target's
    current MP.  Also, Mana Burn
    depletes their MP to 0 should
    they survive.
    Known by some as the best support unit in the game.  Grimalkins certainly could
    be called the best support unit, as their Sleep ability is quite powerful and
    their Mana Burn even moreso.  Against the big baddies, Grimalkins can lull them
    to sleep and make them sitting ducks for your offensive units, and against
    those pesky magicians, your Grimalkin can burst their MP to instantly kill them
    most of the time.  They are also have decent HP and can survive for a bit
    longer than most familiars.  The only downside to the Grimalkin would be that
    they can't do much against large groups of enemies and astrals.  Although
    quite good in one-on-one situations, a Grimalkin only has so much mana to take
    care of the enemies in large groups.
    o Egg o
    An egg that hatches into a dragon.
       oo Move: Move the Egg.
       oo Hatch: Hatach the egg into a dragon.
    | Bdy || HP || MP ||Sub-A||Ast-A||Def||Mana|| Pop |
    |  S  || 50 || 0  || --- || --- || 0 || 500||  6  |
    Cost a lot of mana to create and must survive for a while through incubation in
    order to become a...
    o Dragon o
    A strong fearful being which looks like a lizard.  It has sharp talons and
    wings, and can blow fire from its mouth.  They were born on the edge of Hell,
    and so are not as evil as demons, but are still fierce, vicious beasts.
       oo Attack: Attacks the selected target.
    | Bdy || HP || MP ||Sub-A||Ast-A||Def||Mana|| Pop |
    |  S  || 600|| 0  || 10x6|| 2x6 || 0 ||  0 ||  6  |
    One of the 2 big baddies.  Dragons are extremely slow, but extremely powerful.
    Their regular attack has a large area of effect and deals a lot of damage.
    Dragons also have high HP to withstand many thrashings from enemies, and can
    gain even more HP from a fully leveled up Gehenna.  With that said, dragons
    also suffer the most from being slept by a Grimalkin or slowed by a Blob since
    they are large targets for your enemies.
           o             o
           o  c. Gehena  o -- [GHNA.05:23.3]
           o             o
    This grimoire can awaken the spirits of Hell.  They can strengthen the powers
    of the devils themselves.
    Level Ups:
      Level 1 - Advent - Guardian
      Level 2 - Long Scope Effect: Extends the area that Sorcery units can see.
      Level 3 - Imp Power Up: Increases the attack speed of the Imps.
      Level 4 - Dragon Power Up: Increases the HP of dragons.
    o Guardian o
    Capture a selfish succubus who lives in the flames, and chain them down.  These
    ladies will fuss and toss around their flames, burning those who come close.
    The Imps know how to trick and keep them in place, so ask them to summon these
    Guardians for you.
    | Bdy || HP || MP ||Sub-A||Ast-A||Def||Mana|| Pop |
    |  S  || 130|| 0  ||  15 ||  12 || 0 || 100||  2  |
       -4. Alchemy Grimoires ::: [ALGR.05:24]
    The 3 grimoires in the Alchemy class are Laboratory, Engrave, and Chimera
    Spawn.  Each contains a summon beast as well as enhancements gained through
    level ups.  The skills learned by Alchemic familiars are more unique and can
    work decently well against many different types of enemies.
           |                 |
           ~  a. Laboratory  ~ -- [LAB.05:24.1]
           |                 |
    This grimoire will summon experimental equipment for alchemy.  It can create
    various lives with unique traits.
    Level Ups:
      Level 1 - Summon - Blob
      Level 2 - Summon - Homunculus
      Level 3 - Homunculus: Psychic Storm
      Level 4 - Blob: Gum Drop
      Level 5 - Homunculus Power Up: Increases the MP of Homunculi.
    ~ Blob ~
    The most primitive form of created life.  They do not have the power nor
    intellect to maintain a specific shape.
       ~~ Move: Move the Blob.
       ~~ Gather: Gather Mana from a crystal.
       ~~ Gum Up: Slows down the affected target.
       ~~ Advent - Gargoyle: Create a Gargoyle.
    | Bdy || HP || MP ||Sub-A||Ast-A||Def||Mana|| Pop |
    |  S  || 20 || 30 ||  1  || --- || 0 || 50 ||  1  |
    Gum Up                    20 MP
    Effect: Slows down a substance
    target for about 30 secs.  Both
    movement and attack speed are
    Adorably cute mana gatherers.  They are slow when moving, but Blobs can make
    other units even slower by gumming them up.  Once the Chimera Spawn is on its
    max level, Blobs will become the sturdiest mana gatherers in the game.
    ~ Homunculus ~
    An artificial life form made inside a flask.  They are born with high intelli-
    gence and mental power.  They have the ability to see far beyond, and can also
    cause psychic storms.  If they come out of their flask, they will die.
      ~~ Move: Move the Homunculus.
      ~~ Clairvoyance: Creates an area where physical attacks can affect astral 
      ~~ Psychic Storm: Creates an area where targets incur damage if they walk
      through it.
    | Bdy || HP || MP ||Sub-A||Ast-A||Def||Mana|| Pop |
    |  S  || 40 || 100|| 4x15|| 8x15|| 0 || 125||  1  |
    Clairvoyance              30 MP
    Effect: Physical attacks can
    work on astrals as long as they
    are in the area of effect.  Lasts
    for about 15 secs. and can be
    cast in any area as long as it
    is lit up.
    Psychic Storm             50 MP
    Effect: Creates an area of pain
    that damages any foes in the
    Homunculi may be small and fragile, but they are one of the best units in the
    game.  Besides, a fully leveled up Chimera Spawn can take care of their HP
    issue.  Using Clairvoyance, physical attacks will be able to hit any astral 
    targets in the area.  This is absolutely great when coupled with Gargoyles,
    Golems, and Chimeras.  Speaking of astrals, Homunculi deal the most damage to
    astral units with their Psychic Storm.
           ~              ~
           |  b. Engrave  | -- [ENGR.05:24.2]
           ~              ~
    This grimoire is used to summon the equipment to create soldiers for battle.
    The golems that appear can be very strong.
    Level Ups:
      Level 1 - Advent - Gargoyle
      Level 2 - Summon - Golem
      Level 3 - Golem & Gargoyle: Range Up
      Level 4 - Golem & Gargoyle: Defense Up
      Level 5 - Golem & Gargoyle: Defense Up 2
    ~ Golem ~
    A loyal doll who obeys your every command, made from metals with life-like
    energy.  Magma runs through its body like blood through veins.  They may move
    slowly, but are physically strong, and can throw magma at a long range.
       ~~ Move: Move the Golem.
       ~~ Attack: Attacks the selected target.
       ~~ Patrol: Patrols between the area the Phantom is standing to another
       selected area.
       ~~ Defend: Stay in one area and defend against enemies.
    | Bdy || HP || MP ||Sub-A||Ast-A||Def||Mana|| Pop |
    |  S  || 80 || 100||  18 || --- || 0 || 150||  2  |
    Golems are the familiars with the longest attack range.  However, they also
    have the longest recovery time after attacking and they use MP to attack.  In 
    addition to their long range, Golems also have good defense and HP once the Lab
    and the Engrave have been leveled to the max.  They aren't good at close range
    and they can't attack astral units without the use of Clairvoyance.  Still, a
    group of Golems are absolutely great for destroying symbols and runes from
    Golem Tips
    ~ Always try to have 2 or more Golems before you do anything.  Have one Golem
    always stay above or below the other, that way if one is attacked, the other
    can attack the monster from a range.
    ~ Gargoyle ~
    A clockwork guard embedded with a temporary soul.  It will shoot fiery arrows
    from its mouth when it finds an intruder.
    | Bdy || HP || MP ||Sub-A||Ast-A||Def||Mana|| Pop |
    |  S  || 100|| 0  ||  15 || --- || 0 || 100||  2  |
           ~                    ~
           ~  c. Chimera Spawn  ~ -- [CHSPN.05:24.3]
           ~                    ~
    This grimoire can produce strong chimeras.  It will also increase the abilities
    of other man-made lives.
    Level Ups:
      Level 1 - Summon - Chimera
      Level 2 - Alchemy: Max HP Up
      Level 3 - Chimera: Consume
      Level 4 - Alchemy: Max HP Up 2
      Level 5 - Alchemy: Max HP Up 3
    ** The game says that Max HP up only affects the Blob, Chimera, and Homunculi,
    but it also affects Golems as well.
    ~ Chimera ~
    The ultimate form of created life, made with dragon blood, but because it is
    still an incomplete experiment, it slowly degrades over time.
       ~~ Attack: Attacks the selected target.
       ~~ Consume: Eats a friendly ally, thus giving the Chimera HP.
    | Bdy || HP || MP ||Sub-A||Ast-A||Def||Mana|| Pop |
    |  S  || 500|| 0  || 10x6|| --- || 0 || 500||  6  |
    The other big baddie.  Chimera are the faster, less durable versions of
    dragons.  They are great for offense, as they can move further than dragons,
    but are horrible for defense since they can't attack astrals and have less HP
    than dragons.  They can eat your friendly allies to heal their HP and it is
    actually a pretty decent skill.  If you like dragons, chances are that you'll
    like Chimeras.  They require more upkeeping to make them useful, but if you are
    willing, you can make Chimeras much better than dragons.
    II. Credits ::: [CREDIT.06]
    I would like to thank myself for actually staying true and starting (and hope-
    fully completing) this guide.
    I would also like to thank Vanillaware for creating a game that I now consider
    my favorite game ever!  Thank you Vanillaware.
    Finally, I would like to thank the official site for GrimGrimoire since I
    obtained the Character info and the familiar info from.

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