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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Cyril

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/20/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            By: Cyril [Stephanie Nutter]
                          Last Updated: February 20th, 2008
                                   Version: 1.0
    This guide is to assist you in the [Normal] mode of GrimGrimoire.  There will
    be no storyline spoilers, but I will discuss battle strategies which may
    consist of minor gameplay spoilers.  The spoilers will be nothing more than
    what you will see in the manual that is packaged with the game.
                                   Table of Contents
    1: Grimoires
    2: Frequently Asked Questions
    3: Tips and Tricks
    4: Main Story Walkthrough:
    Part I:
    Stage 1-1: Gammel's Practice
    Stage 1-2: Gammel's Practice 2
    Stage 1-3: Gammel's Practice 3
    Stage 1-4: Opalneria's Practice
    Stage 1-5: Defending the Escape
    Part II:
    Stage 2-1: Advocat's Test
    Stage 2-2: Advocat's Practice
    Stage 2-3: Lab Clean-Up
    Stage 2-4: Opalneria's Sealed Room
    Stage 2-5: Chaotic Assault
    Part III:
    Stage 3-1: Chimera Testing
    Stage 3-2: Devil's Strike
    Stage 3-3: Stopping the Fight
    Stage 3-4: vs Opalneria
    Stage 3-5: Grimlet's Awakening
    Part IV:
    Stage 4-1: A Devil's Interrogation
    Stage 4-2: Rescue Mission
    Stage 4-3: Saving Amoretta
    Stage 4-4: Summoning Grimlet
    Stage 4-5: Defense
    Part V:
    Stage 5-1: Chimeras and the Witch
    Stage 5-2: Mouse Trap
    Stage 5-3: A Familiar's True Nature
    Stage 5-4: Summoning Grimlet Again
    Stage 5-5: Calvaros' Defense
    5: Bonus Battle Walkthrough
    6: Miscellaneous
    Familiars and Grimoires are the core of GrimGrimoire. The game goes has an
    extensive tutorial through your first days
    To summon anything, you must have four prerequisites completed.
    1: Have the appropriate Grimoire.  You can not summon a Dragon without a Chaos
    Nest Grimoire.
    2: Have the appropriate Rune created.  Once again, you can not summon a Dragon
    without creating a Chaos Nest Rune first.
    3: Have an adequate amount of Mana. Said dragon costs 500 Mana to summon, if
    you don't have that, you won't be able to call your Dragon.
    4: Finally, you need room.  You have limited "inventory" for familiars in each
    battle.  This number is signified by a small amount, such as 11/50 on the lower
    left hand corner of the screen.  Each familiar takes up a certain amount of
    space, and usually, the larger or harder they are to control, the more space
    they take.
    Some other odd notes about Runes and Grimoires:
    Every Rune takes 100 Mana to level up, every level. No exceptions. However, not
    every Rune takes the same amount of time to level up.  Stronger Runes and Runes
    that have reached a higher level (3 or 4) take a longer time to level up than
    lower level Runes.
    In some battles, and in most bonus battles, you will be restricted use to only
    a certain type of Grimoire, therefore Rune type. This limits you severely, but
    it teaches you how to use all of your units effectively. For example, given a
    situation with only Alchemy against undead, you would be at a severe
    disadvantage. However, use Clairvoyance right before your foes reach you and
    let your Gargoyles damage the enemies before you being the assault. Normally,
    Gargoyles can not hit Astrals.
    Statues, such as Guardians, Talismans, and Gargoyles are useful in some
    circumstances, but in others they will just eat your Mana. Try to limit your
    use of them unless forced into a defensive situation, saving your Mana for
    attacks, instead.
    All mana gathering familiars (Ghosts, Blobs, Elves, Imps) naturally have the
    ability to advent statues as long as the appropriate Rune is created. You don't
    need to level any Rune up to obtain this ability. 
    Fairy Ring
    Level 1: Summon - Elf
    This summons your Glamour Mana gathering Familiar, the Elf. 
    Level 2: Summon - Fairy
    Summons a Fairy familiar.  Fairies usually work best in large groups.
    Level 3: Elf: Heal
    This will heal a damaged familiar.  Note that it doesn't work on Astrals.
    Level 4: Fairy: Astral Charge
    This turns your Fairies into Astrals, giving them strength to physical 
    attacks. Be wary against Skullmages, Charons, and Ghosts. 
    Level 5: Fairy: Power Up
    This increases the Fairy attack range.
    Level 1: Mastery Effect
    The summoning cost for Glamour is decreased.
    Level 2: Glamour: Attack Up
    The attack power of Glamour is increased.  Mainly for Unicorns, Fairies, and
    Morning Stars.
    Level 3: Glamour: Defense Up
    The defense power of Glamour is increased.
    Level 4: Summon - Morning Star
    Summons the Astral Morning Star.
    Level 5: morning Star: Power Up
    Allows your Morning Star to hold 10 Starchildren instead of 5.
    Level 1: Advent - Talisman
    allows your Elves to create Talisman while this Rune exists.
    Level 2: Summon - Unicorn
    Summons a Unicorn familiar. High attack power, low defense.
    Level 3: Unicorn: Holy Barrier
    Creates a barrier around your Unicorn, raising its defense for a short time. 
    Consumes MP.
    Level 4: Unicorn: Astral Hold
    Stops an Astral from taking any action.  Works best on Morning Stars and 
    Level 5: Glamour: Max HP Up
    Raises the Maximum HP of every Glamour familiar by a set amount.
    Hades Gate
    Level 1: Summon - Ghost
    Summons a Ghost familiar.  The only Mana gathering familiar that can ignore
    walls and levels, so it is good for travelling to crystals at a distance.
    Level 2: Summon - Phantom
    Summons the Astral familiar, Phantom. Immune or strong to most physical
    attacks, Phantoms are reliable throughout the game.
    Level 3: Ghost: Charge
    Gives the Ghosts the Charge ability. The Ghosts kill themselves to deal damage
    to the enemy. Deals heavy damage to Astrals, so mainly use it on them. 
    Level 4: Phantom: Berserk
    Increases the attack speed of the Phantom for a short time. Consumes MP.
    Level 5: Phantom: Power Up
    Raises the movement speed of a Phantom.
    Level 1: Summon - Charon
    Summons the familiar, Charon. He has no direct attacks at first, but is meant
    to transport your familiars around large maps. Can not transport large
    familiars like Dragons.
    Level 2: Charon: Power Up
    Raies the movement speed of the Charon.  If you've going to use Charon, you
    need to have this to help prevent his death.
    Level 3: Skullmage: Power Up
    Skullmage maximum MP is increased.
    Level 4: Charon: Anima Drain
    The only direct attack that Charons have, this allows them to "toss" their
    allies out of their boat to do damage to the enemy. It does the most damage to
    Level 1: Advent - Obelisk
    This allows Ghosts to create Obelisks.  This is the only way for Astrals to
    restore HP.
    Level 2: Summon - Skullmage
    Summons the Skullmage familiar.  These are good against Astral foes, such as
    Phantoms, Charons, and Morning Stars.
    Level 3: Skullmage: Astralize
    Your Skullmage turns a material enemy Astral, allowing him to cause damage to
    the enemy with normal attacks.  Consumes MP.
    Level 4: Necromancy: Attack Up
    Raises the attack power of familiars summoned under Necromancy, namely,
    Phantoms, Skullmages, and Charons. Morning Stars, though Astral, are not
    altered by this.
    Level 5: Necromancy: Attack Up 2
    Raises the attack power of Necromancy familiars a second time. 
    Hell Gate
    Level 1: Summon - Imp
    Summons the Mana gathering familiar, Imp. Moves more quickly than Blobs or
    Elves when gathering Mana, also has the attack ability.
    Level 2: Summon - Demon
    Summons the familiar, Demon. Powerful, with high HP, Demons are reliable and in
    numbers can take down many foes, but cost a lot of Mana.
    Level 3:  Imp: Attack
    Gives the Imps the attack command. They don't do a ton of damage, but it can be
    useful as a last resort.
    Level 4: Demon: Power Up
    Raises the movement speed of Demons.
    Level 5: Demon: Power Up 2
    Raises the maximum HP of Demons. 
    Chaos Nest
    Level 1: Summon - Grimalkin
    Summons the familiar, Grimalkin. These have the Sleep ability, which is useful
    for killing larger foes.
    Level 2: Summon - Dragon
    Summons the Dragon familiar. Costs a very large amount of Mana, but has high
    attack and HP. Moves very slowly, and is best used for defense.
    Level 3: Grimalkin: Mana Burn
    The description on this is "Turns MP into damage." That pretty much means that
    he throws a ball of energy at the enemy to deal damage, consuming MP. 
    Something like Psychic Storm, but a bit less powerful.
    Level 4: Grimalkin: Power Up
    Raises the maximum MP of Grimalkins.
    Level 5: Demon: Black Curse
    Does damage over time to an enemy. Very powerful, but having the Chaos Nest and
    Hell Gate at level 5 takes a ton of Mana. Most of the time, it takes too much
    Mana for this to be a waste to level up to 5.
    Level 1: Advent: Guardian
    Allows your Imps to create Guardians.
    Level 2: Long Scope (Effect)
    This gives your Demons a larger range of vision, allowing your map to open up
    farther then they move around.  This one is rather nice, especially when using
    Dragons to move around a level alone.
    Level 3: Imp: Power Up
    strengthens the attack power of Imps. Goes along with Imp: Attack. This is
    filler for the next level.
    Level 4: Dragon: Power Up
    The maximum HP of Dragons is increased. Since there are many battles that you
    use Dragons, this will be quite useful if you have the Mana for it. 
    Level 1: Summon - Blob
    Summons the Blob familiar. They're slow moving when gathering Mana, but their
    Gum Drop ability will prove invaluable in some situations.
    Level 2: Summon - Homunculus
    Summons a Homunculus. Very fragile, but easily one of the most powerful
    familiars in the game.
    Level 3: Homunculus: Psychic Storm
    Does damage to a small area over time. Very powerful, especially on larger foes
    and Astrals. Easily kills Morning Stars. 
    Level 4: Blob: Gum Drop
    Slows an enemy attack down considerably, lowering the damage done.  Best used
    on Dragons and Chimeras.
    Level 5: Homunculus: Power Up
    Raises the maximum MP of Homunculi. MP is usually a problem with them, so this
    helps a bit. 
    Chimera Spawn
    Level 1: Summon - Chimera
    Summons the familiar, Chimera. The fastest moving familiar, Chimeras can go
    anywhere. They have little or no defense and lose HP over time. Use them wisely.
    Level 2: Alchemy: Max MP Up
    Raises the Maximum HP of Blobs, Homunculi, and Chimeras. Golem HP is not 
    Level 3: Chimera: Consume
    Chimeras can "eat" an ally to regain HP. The more HP is recovered based on the
    maximum HP of the target familiar, NOT by the current HP.
    Level 4: Alchemy: Max HP Up 2
    Raises the Maximum HP of Blobs, Homunculi, and Chimeras. Golem HP is not 
    Level 5: Alchemy: Max HP Up 3
    Raises the Maximum HP of Blobs, Homunculi, and Chimeras. Golem HP is not
    increased. With this, your Homunculus won't be so fragile anymore, but 500 Mana
    is quite a bit to increase Chimera Spawn with.
    Level 1:  Advent - Gargoyle
    Allows Blobs to create Gargoyles. These can not hit Astrals, but they do have
    an area attack.
    Level 2: Summon - Golem
    Allows you to summon the familiar, Golem. Golems are ranged attackers and are
    very good for defense. However, when under direct attack they fall quickly.
    Level 3: Golem and Gargoyle Range Up
    The Golem and Gargoyle's attack range is increased.
    Level 4: Golem and Gargoyle Range Up 2
    The Golem and Gargoyle's attack range is increased.
    Level 5: Golem and Gargoyle Range Up 3
    The Golem and Gargoyle's attack range is increased quite a bit. 
                              Frequently Asked Questions
    This section will go over some questions that I feel need an answer. Some
    points in the game are problematic, and if a certain question is continually
    asked, I will do my best to answer.
    I'm having trouble with a certain defensive battle, is there any way to make
    this easier?
    In timed defensive battles, always set up Guardians, Talismans, or Gargoyles to
    protect your Runes.  Keep your allies close to you, and don't let anyone wander
    off to attack something, as that may bring an army back that you are unprepared
    for.  Many of these battles are trial and error, and you may need to restart at
    least once.
    If you can, summon Grimalkins, they are always your best friend when you need
    to defend.  Homunculi are good damage dealers that can easily kill large
    enemies like Dragons as long as they have MP.  Blobs have an excellent ability
    that allows them to slow down their targets, slowing down attacks drastically.
     Use this on the more powerful Chimeras, Dragons, and Demons. 
    I can't beat a certain battle, what should I do?
    Depending on how you play, certain battles are easier than others.  When you
    reset the battle through the pause menu, the game gives you a hint on how to
    win. If you still can't win after a few more tries, you can always go the old
    fashioned route: Dragons.
    Dragons are stupidly powerful but require a ton of Mana. If one Dragon can't
    take down a large group of foes, send two at the group.  If two Dragons can't
    take down the same group, you have some problems.  If Three Dragons can't take
    down he group it wasn't meant to be killed head on.  There's not much that
    Dragons can't kill.  But know that enemies like Homunculi can really cause
    chaos to your lizards, and Grimalkins will always target your Dragons first,
    which is terribly annoying.
    If this still doesn't work, you can always try Chimeras. Chimeras die more
    quickly than Dragons do, but they have an extremely high move rate. Move them
    across the level at high speeds, slaughtering everything in their path.  They
    should at least be able to destroy one Rune before they die, as well as taking
    down a large number of foes with them. Charons filled with Phantoms, Demons,
    and Homunculi, as well as large groups of Morning Stars are also good at
    picking off Runes because of their high mobility.
    If that fails, bring in an army of Fairies. You usually need around 10 when
    attempting this. Fly around the level in a cluster and have them pick off
    Runes.  Fairies are always in danger from most anything on a level, but their
    mobility allows you to easily dodge.  Be careful though, Fairies are easily
    distracted and will attack if you don't keep tight reign on them.
    Question: How do I increase my score? What does my score do?
    Your score is determined by a few factors, which are shown after the battle. 
    The major factors include how many casualties you suffer, how many enemies you
    kill, and how much time it takes to finish the level.  In defensive levels,
    scores are usually low because you can complete the level earlier than the
    appointed time by destroying every Rune.  This task is usually far more
    difficult than it should be, and will almost always lead to more casualties
    over time gained. 
    Your score doesn't really do anything, it just shows you how well you performed
    in battle.
    Question: How do I stop my Familiars from randomly running off?
    This can be problematic. While choosing defend is a viable option with some
    Familiars, not all of them have this command.  Because of this, you need to
    keep all of your allies as close to your Runes as possible, letting the enemy
    come to you.  Try to have everyone stay behind your "barrier" of defense. your
    Familiars will move only when the enemy comes very close.  Move them back after
    they have auto-attacked.  
    Golems and Faries will still be a problem with this, so you may spend more time
    than you would like to with them.  The game warns you that Faries are difficult
    to control, though. Golems just need to be at a certain range from an enemy to
    attack them, which is usually far below, or directly across.  If your Golem is
    approaching an enemy instead of attacking, move them far away and it should
    work a bit better. 
                                   Tips and Tricks
    I've created this section for some basic tricks I've learned after playing
    through the game. You'll certainly learn your own as well, but these are just
    to get you started. 
    If you feel pressured on time, which will happen if you're challenging yourself
    in defensive battles or in some of the Bonus battles, target any ally. When an
    ally is targeted, you will be able to move the cursor freely without any time
    elapsing.  You can move all of your allies with only a second or two in-game by
    doing this, instead of having to waste time scrolling around.
    Do not overlook smaller and weaker familiars.  Dragons, Chimeras, Demons, and
    Phantoms are powerful in their own right, but Blobs, Homunculi, and especially
    Grimalkins can be even moreso. Grimalkins can sleep the most powerful enemies,
    such as Dragons or Chimeras that approach you, and that buys you the time that
    you will need to destroy them without taking damage.  Homunculi can turn Astral
    beings (Phantoms, Morning Stars, Ghosts) into physical beings that your other
    attackers can damage, as well as attack with a powerful area attack.  With
    enough Homunculi and Grimalkins, you can hold off Dragons and keep your base
    safe for some time. Blobs can slow your foes down considerably, and will assist
    you when you don't have access to the sleeping abilities of a Grimalkin.
    Finally, Faries are powerful enough to destroy even a defended Rune with large
    enough numbers. 
    HP and MP recover over time. Allies with larger HP totals, such as
    Dragons, will not see a drastic effect on the HP recovery, so you may need to
    rely on Elves for healing them. Astrals can not be healed by Elves, so you
    need to rely on Obelisks to heal them. 
    Morning Stars require Mana to attack.  They are powerful and move quickly, but
    this important to know.  If you're out of Mana and there are no Crystals
    anywhere close, be wary with your attacks.  Also, note that you shouldn't click
    the "Gather Starchild" command more than necessary.  If you click it and
    receive the Red dialogue box telling you that you can't store anymore, you've
    just wasted 10 Mana. Even though you can't create anymore, you still use the
    Mana up. 
    Send a Chimera and Homunculus against Astrals.  This may seem like an
    incredibly silly idea at first, but with Clairvoyance the Chimera will rip
    through any Astral very quickly.
                            --- Main Story Walkthrough ---
    This section will go through every battle in the main game. It is organized by
    how they occur each day, so Part 1, Battle 1 will be written first, followed by
    Part 1, Battle 2, and so on.  I've named them Stages, calling them 1-1, 1-2,
    1-3, the like. The first number signifies the Part of the game, the second
    which battle on that day.
    The Starting Units, Starting Runes, and Starting Mana are there to give you a
    brief overview of how you will start the level off. Enemy Runes and Enemy Units
    will give you an idea of what type of foes that you will be up against in the
    level. The Victory Condition is what it takes to finish off the battle, usually
    something along the lines of "Destroy all enemy Runes."
    There will be no discussion of the story in this guide, I prefer to keep things
    Stage 1-1: Gammel's Practice
    Starting Units: Elfx1
    Starting Runes: Fairy Ring Lv1
    Starting Mana: 30
    Enemy Runes: None
    Enemy Units: None
    Victory Condition: Summon 10 Elves.
    The game holds your hand through this first tutorial battle. When you can
    control the cursor, place it over the Elf and press the Square Button. Move the
    cursor over to the large white crystal and choose to move. After watching, the
    Elf creates a Sanctuary for you, which creates Mana for you to use. When you
    have 50 Mana, the game tells you that you need to Summon another Elf to make
    the process a bit faster.  
    Click the Rune (the green circle) to the left with the Square Button and you
    will notice a small icon on the lower right corner.  In this case, it is an Elf
    hat.  This allows you to choose what you want to summon when you have more of a
    variety to choose from.  For now, you only have access to elves, so click it
    with the X button. After a short time, your Elf will appear. As the game
    states, an Elf costs 50 Mana to summon.  Your Mana count appears in the lower
    left hand corner.  You can not summon something that you do not have the Mana
    Click the Elf that you just Summoned with the Square Button and target the
    Sanctuary (the crystal) with your cursor.  Press the X button and your new Elf
    will begin to gather Mana alongside the other Elf.  A short scene plays. The
    goal is now to summon 10 Elves.  The same way you did before, wait until you
    have 50 Mana, and then target the Rune with the Square button.  Select the Elf
    symbol, then move him over to the Sanctuary to have him gather Mana as well. 
    Repeat this process for another 7 Elves and the battle is over quickly. If you
    target the rune once you've started summoning, you will see a Blue symbol. 
    This is the symbol to cancel the currently selected action.  You -will- receive
    the used Mana back if you choose this, so in case of an accident later on you
    can save your Mana and use it on something that you would prefer to spend it on
    instead of wasting it.
    Gathering Mana is extremely important and will be your main focus for the rest
    of the game.  Without Mana, you can't Summon or defend yourself. Fortunately,
    the first portion of the game is a large tutorial meant to warm you up to the
    system.  You must master the basics quickly, as GrimGrimoire piles on quite a
    bit of new information. 
    Note: Sometimes it is difficult to target the Elf, or any Familiar, when there
    are so many in such a small area. If you see an Elf who is standing near the
    crystal for a prolonged period of time, you have chosen the wrong Elf to send
    to the crystal for Mana. To solve this problem, click one of the Elves and hold
    the Square button, dragging it along all of them, finally clicking on the
    location you would like all of them to move to.  This is an easy way to move a
    large amount of the same type of Familiar without having to move them one at a
    You receive the Fairy Ring Level 2 [Summon - Fairy] after completing this 
    Stage 1-2: Gammel's Practice 2
    Starting Units: Elfx6, Fairyx4.
    Starting Runes: Fairy Ring Lv1
    Starting Mana: 80
    Enemy Runes: None
    Enemy Units: Imp
    Victory Condition: Destroy all devils.
    This level is another tutorial stage.  This time, you're meant to learn how to
    assault enemies with Faries. You're given four Faries and two Elves to start
    with, along with 80 Mana to assist in further summoning if necessary. The game
    describes the Fairy familiar perfectly.  They are weak when alone, but when you
    use them in a group of 5 or more, they are very powerful. Also, they can fly
    around an are to help you see the layout.
    When prompted, target one Fairy with the Square button and, continuing to hold
    the button, drag the cursor along all of the fairies to control them all at
    once and save time. When there are four Bows (signifying the Fairy Familiar) on
    the top left corner of the screen, the game will prompt your next move. Move
    your Fairies to the lower left, where the cursor is pointing. 
    You're now introduced to enemy units.  Enemy units have a red health bar over
    their heads in comparison to your own green bar. The game automatically attacks
    and defeats the enemy, wounding your first fairy. When prompted, press X to
    move your Fairies to the bottom of the area where you'll find your remaining
    four Elves waiting for you. The game pans back to the top of the screen where
    your remaining elves are.  Target both by dragging with the Square button and
    move them down to the bottom of the area.
    This next portion is important to know.  When they all move on top of each
    other, press the left or right directional button on your controller (not the
    Analog Stick). After this, press it again. This manually selects familiars when
    they're all on top of each other.  In larger battles, this will occur often, so
    this is important to know. After this, press the directional button up. This
    targets every familiar of the same type that you had initially selected.  So if
    you have an Elf targeted, every Elf near you will be selected.  However, they
    need to be somewhat close to be targeted.  The game neglects to mention this
    and learning this the hard way is a bad mistake to make.
    After this, press the Left or Right directional buttons again and then up.
    Finally, target the Mana Crystal so that all six Elves will gather Mana. After
    a short scene, Gammel tells you that you can not Summon Fairies from your Rune
    until you have "Upgraded" your Rune. You can't do it quite yet, but wait until
    you have 100 Mana. A short explanation occurs. When you level your Runes up,
    your Familiars gain new Abilities, Enhanced Stats, or you gain the ability to
    Summon a new type of familiar. In the case of the [Fairy Ring] Level 2, you
    gain the ability to Summon Fairies.  Levelling up a rune costs 100 Mana.
    Select the Rune when given the chance and choose the command that says "LV UP"
    by pressing the L1 button (or R1 twice). This will level up your Fairy Ring
    Rune and consume 100 Mana. After it levels up, select the Rune with the Square
    Button and will be able to Summon a Fairy when you have 75 Mana.  Since you
    should only have around 50 at this point, you'll need to wait until your Elves
    gather a bit more until you can Summon again. 
    At this point, you need to kill three Imps at the top of the screen. Select all
    of your Fairies and press R1 to select the purple Attack command, then press
    the X button near the Imps. It does not need to be directly on, unless you want
    to attack a specific enemy. This will start the assault. The battle ends
    quickly, but you lose a Fairy in the process. This is to be expected, your
    familiars will die often in straight attacks. In this game, the case is often
    "more is better" while attacking.  You're more likely to survive when you have
    a larger number or attackers.
    Now the battle really begins. You should have around 200 Mana now, so you need
    to use it. Click the Rune with the Square button and click the Fairy icon two
    or three times.  They all won't be summoned immediately, there is something of
    a "Backlog" for summons of the same Rune.  As long as they are summoned as soon
    as possible, you will be fine. Also, be sure to command the Rune to summon more
    when you have the 75 Mana that is necessary.  Keep your faries together, don't
    try to attack an Imp alone.  Though they can kill one, they will take
    unnecessary damage.
    There are five Imps total.  Two are on the top near that orange "dot" to the
    left and three near the dot to the right.  Take at least three or four fairies
    when attacking the set to the right. Also, take heed of the advice the game
    gives.  There are two Imps hidden in the shadows below the obvious ones.  These
    can cause the death of your fairies. Fortunately, they must take the long route
    to attack them, so you have some time if you do accidentally get ambushed. If
    you have a constant string of Fairies being summoned by your Rune, you
    shouldn't have any problem.  Just remember not to wait until your Fairies are
    dead before you summon new ones. 
    Stage 1-3: Gammel's Practice 3
    Starting Units: Elfx2
    Starting Runes: Fairy Ring Lv1
    Starting Mana: 900
    Enemy Runes: Hell Gatex1
    Enemy Units: Imp, Guardian
    Victory Condition: Destroy Gammel's Rune.
    Before this battle, you receive the [Grimoire: Wicca].
    This stage is a third tutorial, this time on the defense of Runes and
    Sanctuaries. Note the Victory Condition in this battle is to "Destroy Gammel's
    Rune."  In many battles through the game, this is the condition that you must
    meet, so get used to it now. But if your own Rune(s) are destroyed, the game is
    over.  Because protecting your Rune is so important, you must create a strong
    defense to go along with an effective offense.  This tutorial is meant to show
    you the basics of this.  As the game progresses, you will learn different ways
    to defend yourself against enemy attacks, but for now just master what is told.
    You start out with an extremely large amount of Mana, a [Fairy Ring] Rune, and
    two Elves. The game first prompts you to create a Talisman to protect your Rune
    from attacks.  To do this, you must create your new [Wicca] Rune. Press the
    Triangle Button and a new menu will come up. The icon on the lower right shows
    you the type of Grimoire (Magic) that you're going to use. You only have one
    type for now, so press X and press R1 to select the [Wicca] Grimoire. You must
    place the Grimoire to the left of your [Fairy Ring]. All Runes costs 200 Mana
    to Summon.
    Rune placement is extremely important.  Runes can not be placed too close to
    crystals and you want whatever type of Familiar that you're going to use to
    gather Mana to have a Rune as close as possible to the crystal so that your
    Mana gathering goes more quickly.  If there are any safe places in your level,
    put your most important Runes there so that the enemies will have to go through
    more to get through them.
    After the Rune is placed, you must wait until it is created until the game
    allows any action to take place. After this, target one of your Elves and
    notice a new command has appeared on the lower right. Press L1 and target the
    flowery icon that says "Advent - Talisman." Create this Talisman where the game
    shows you.  It costs another 100 Mana. After a short time, the Talisman is
    complete. Create another Talisman next to it in the same way that you created
    the first one, leaving you with 500 Mana.
    Watch the short event with the Imps showing the use of a strong defense. After,
    The camera pans down to show you where the enemy is.  The Rune, your target, is
    protected by two Guardians.  They will attack you the same way your own
    Talismans attack enemies when they close in.
    Immediately command your Elves to gather Mana at the Crystal while you Level Up
    your [Fairy Ring] Rune with 100 Mana. After your Rune has finished levelling
    up, Summon five Faries with all of your Mana. Do not send your Fairies to
    attack until all have been Summoned. After your Faries have been Summoned, then
    you can Summon an extra Elf or two to speed up the Mana gathering process. When
    you're ready, have them fly down to the first Guardian and attack that before
    the Rune. You want to avoid casualties, so attack from the left side rather
    than the top.
    The Rune should immediately Summon an Imp.  It will attack you soon after, but
    if you have at least four faries, you should be able to take down the Guardian
    unless you get terrible unlucky. The Imp stays down by the Rune if you are
    unable to kill him in your initial venture. Depending on how many Faries you
    sent before, you may need to Summon a few more. If your Fairies automatically
    attack, move them away from the Gaurdian as you await reinforcments. Before you
    attack the second Guardian, kill any stray Imps that may have appeared while
    you were busy resummoning. You don't want to have them ambush you while you're
    attacking something more powerful.
    You should note that there is a "Sweet spot" on the left side of the rune once
    the first Guardian is dead.  It's a bit difficult to find and you should
    definitely not rely on it, but if you can find it,  the Guardian won't attack
    you.  It's to the left, and a bit above the Rune itself. It you're directly
    left or above the Guardian will attack you. If you can find this spot, attack
    the Rune and completely ignore the second Guardian.
    You shouldn't need more than two waves of Faries to win this battle.  If you're
    lucky, you can do it in one wave.
    Stage 1-4: Opalneria's Practice
    Starting Units: Ghostx5
    Starting Runes: Hades Gate Lv1
    Starting Mana: 100
    Enemy Runes: Hell Gatex3
    Enemy Units: Imp
    Victory Condition: Destroy Opalneria's familiars and Runes.
    Before this battle, you receive the [Grimoire: Hades Gate].
    This is your first time using a magic that is not based off Glamour. Necromancy
    is very different to use than Glamour is but can be just as useful, at times
    You're only allowed to use your Hades Gate Rune in this battle, but it is a
    good time to experiment. Ghosts are like Elves and will collect Mana from
    Crystals.  Phantoms are very useful short range attacker who will be of aid
    throughout the game. They are your level 2 Necromancy Familiar.
    Ghosts are excellent Mana collectors.  Like Fairies, they can fly up and down,
    ignoring walls, so  when a crystal is out of reach of another Mana type, use a
    Ghost.  When prompted, select all five Ghost Familiars with the Square button
    and have them begin gathering Mana at the crystal. As the game states, you
    should note the Sanctuary is different for each type of Magic (Alchemy,
    Glamour, Sorcery, and Necromancy). Only Ghosts can gather Mana at this specific
    Sanctuary and only Elves can gather Mana at the Green, flowery Sanctuary. Also,
    they can only return to Runes of their type. Elves can only bring Mana to a
    Glamour type Rune, while Ghosts can only bring Mana to Necromancy. Create your
    Runes as close to Crystals as the game will allow based off of this knowledge.
    After a short time, you're to summon a Phantom. Like the Glamour Rune, and any
    other Rune, you need to level the Hades Gate up before you can use its full
    potential. Level up your Rune and press R1 to Summon a Phantom. Watch a short
    event where your Phantom slaughters two Imps.  This is one of the more
    interesting traits of Astrals: certain attacks can not damage them well, or at
    all in this case. As the game states, no matter how many Imps there are, the
    Phantoms will always remain undamaged.  You may have one Phantom and fifteen
    Imps and your Phantom will win.
    After you're given control, Summon two or three more Phantoms and command your
    current Phantom to walk up the stairs about half way.  As your second Phantom
    is summoned, command him to follow.  The third Phantom should head up the
    screen, but stay near the crystal in case the Imps evade your Phantoms. You
    will want as many Phantoms on this level when possible, so continue summoning
    whenever you have the Mana.
    The first enemy is to the right, so kill him as soon as you see the orange dot
    on the map. Be careful, there are quite a few more enemies here your second
    Phantom should head a bit farther up, attacking the Guardian as the Phantom is
    busy attacking Imps and the Rune. This Phantom will probably die in the
    process, but it will hopefully severely damage the Guardian.  If the Guardian
    isn't dead, command another Phantom to attack it after. After you kill this
    Guardian, destroy the Second Rune, which is on the level just above it. 
    Continue summoning Phantoms until you have four or five.
    In case something goes wrong and your Sanctuary is attacked and "destroyed,"
    just command your Ghosts, who remain idle, to gather Mana with the Crystal
    button on the command choices (or move them onto the Crystal if you prefer) to
    begin again.
    After the lower enemies and Runes are destroyed, head to the very top of the
    screen with three or four Phantoms.  Command one or two to attack the Imps, who
    remain unable to damage you, and command the rest to attack the Run to the far
    right at the very top. As long as you watch the map and look for the Orange
    dots, you will easily be able to find enemies.
    You receive new skills for finishing this level, the level 3 abilities for your
    [Hades Gate] and [Fairy Ring].  Elves learn to Heal at Fairy Ring level 3, and
    Ghosts can explode at Hades Gate level 3. 
    Stage 1-5: Defending the Escape
    Starting Units: Elfx3, Fairyx2, Ghostx2, Talismanx6
    Starting Runes: Fairy Ring Lv1, Wicca Lv1, Hades Gate Lv1
    Starting Mana: 300
    Enemy Runes: Hell Gatex3,Purgatoryx1, Hades Gatex2
    Enemy Units: Imp, Phantom, Skullmage
    Victory Condition: Endure the onslaught for 20 minutes.
    This is your first battle that isn't really a tutorial.  Though the game
    continues the tutorials a bit after this point, more difficult battles begin
    now, and you're expected to know what you're doing. Fortunately, you're in a
    nice position for defense and the enemies can only attack you from the top so
    this shouldn't be horribly difficult.
    Unlike the battles before this, the goal is not to destroy anything, but to
    defend versus enemy attacks.  They usually come in wave after wave, giving you
    a bit of time to recover between each. Note the victory condition of 20
    minutes.  This is not 20 minutes real time, it is 20 minutes according to the
    clock on the top right corner.  This clock only moves when your allies do, so
    when you're setting commands it doesn't count as time.
    You're given a surprisingly large amount of allies for a defensive position.
    The game starts you off with all available Runes and a few Talismans.  You will
    want to start your Mana gathering immediately with both your Ghosts and your
    Elves so that the flow will remain steady.  While you do this, level your
    [Fairy Ring] and [Hades Gate] up to level 2. Immediately you'll notice that
    Imps slaughter your first defensive Talisman.  Do not take the bait and send
    your Fairies.  There are far too many Imps for two Fairies to handle, and the
    Talisman is meant to be destroyed.
    After your Runes finish levelling up, Immediately summon a Phantom to increase
    your defense.  They are immune to Imp attacks, so they will be extremely
    useful. Continue to ignore those Imps as they will soon head to the other upper
    Talisman. After you have 90 Mana, Summon another Ghost and an Elf so that your
    Mana is gathered more quickly. Next you want to create another Talisman on both
    sides of the area, but you will most likely need to wait a bit for Mana.
    After each side has at least three Talismans and you're gathering Mana
    efficiently, you can summon some more familiars. Start off with a second
    Phantom and then make a small army of Faries.  You wont need more than two or
    three Phantoms at the start, because of their immunity to Imp attacks.
    After around 2-3 minutes on the timer, the first wave of enemy attacks will
    approach you. They will probably consist mostly of Imps, which will be quickly
    disposed of by Phantoms and your Talismans.  If you have the Mana to spare, you
    will want 4 Talismans on each side to that you can save your Familiars for
    attacks rather than defense. If you lose any Familiars in this assault, make
    sure you quickly replace them with new familiars to hold your defensive
    Do not rely completely on Phantoms, as soon you will encounter a new type of
    foe, called a Skullmage.  This type of enemy easily kills off Astrals, which
    your Phantoms are.  They will be killed in one or two hits by this powerful
    enemy, so you must rely on Fairies to kill the Skullmages.  There is a 35
    character limit, and Phantoms are worth 2.  Ideally, you will want around two
    or three Phantoms and five or so Faries along with around 8 Talismans.  You
    will have no trouble surviving for 20 minutes with this defense as long as you
    don't move too far up.
    The real challenge of this battle is trying to destroy the Runes while
    defending yourself.  There is actually a bonus battle with this same challenge,
    but doing it during the real game can be quite fun as well.  Do not even
    attempt to move until you have a very secure defense of eight Talismans and two
    Phantoms. When you're prepared, summon at least six Faries, you'll need as many
    as you can get. This needs to be done quickly if you want to finish within 20
    The general idea is to send all six faries to either far side so that they
    avoid enemy attacks and the Guardians as they fly up. Stay close enough to see
    what the Guardians are protecting, but far enough to avoid their attacks. When
    you finally see a Rune, attack it with all of your Faries, ignoring the rest of
    the objects around.  After it is set to auto-attack, go back down to the bottom
    of the area, and when your Ally count goes down (signifying a Fairy has died)
    immediately begin resummoning.  You only have 20 minutes to destroy them all. 
    Though it's easy enough to destroy them, the time limit makes this far more
    difficult than it should be. 
    The two you will want to start with are at the top of the area, but not the
    very top. Fly your Fairies up the far left side of the screen to the very top
    of the area where no one but Ghosts and Fairies can reach, and then head
    slightly right.  There are two runes here, a [Hades Gate] and a [Hell Gate]. 
    Attack the [Hades Gate], which is close to the edge, and you should be able to
    kill it in one go if you're lucky.  Be careful when you're summoning six faries
    at once, as the enemy waves can be brutal with only two Phantoms.  Continue
    summoning, remaining with the eight Talismans and two Phantoms at all times.
    Hopefully it wont take more than two or three more tries to destroy that Hell
    Gate Rune that is now heavily guarded at the top. You still have a few more to
    The most difficult Rune set is next, but you should go for it first.  Head to
    the very top on either the left or right side, and then go to the middle of the
    area. You'll see a [Hades Gate] and a [Hell Gate]  if you go down just a tiny
    bit. You need to kill these two as quickly as possible, in two or three waves
    or else you will run out of time. This second one may take a few tries, since
    the defense up here is incredibly strong.  Hopefully you can get it.  Try to
    have your fairies fly down around the imps if possible to get some free shots
    before they're killed.
    The next Rune is about halfway up the screen on the Right, and is a [Hell
    Gate].  Once again, fly up on the side to avoid enemy attacks. Right above this
    Rune, there is a [Purgatory] Rune which needs to be destroyed.  Attack the
    [Hell Gate] from below and the [Purgatory] from above to avoid Imp and Guardian
    attacks.  These are probably the easiest of the bunch.
    You don't have to destroy the Runes, but if you're looking for a challenge, go
    right ahead. A tip I can give you for success is that after a while, you'll
    have an excess of Mana.  At this point,probably 10-15 minutes in, your Elves
    and Ghosts will just be taking up space.  You will want to get rid of some of
    them by sending them on a suicide mission into the enemy ranks. Don't get rid
    of all of them, as you do not want to run out of Mana in case of an emergency,
    but you will be able to summon more than six Faries at once if you do this.
    You receive many new goodies after finishing this battle. You can now summon a
    Unicorn from your [Wicca], and your Unicorn has its first ability.  Also,
    [Hades Gate] gains its level 4 ability, which allows Phantoms to use Berserk.
    Stage 2-1: Advocat's Test
    Starting Units: Fairyx8, Elfx3, Talismanx2
    Starting Runes: Fairy Ring
    Starting Mana: 700
    Enemy Runes: Hell Gatex3, Gehennax1
    Enemy Units: Guardian, Imp, Ghost, Demon
    Victory Condition: Destroy all of Advocat's Runes.
    While the game gives you eight Fairies to start out with, they aren't the best
    offensive in this situation.  Immediately create a [Hades Gate] Rune above the
    [Fairy Ring] that you start off with. You should also create a [Wicca] Rune
    near the Talisman below the [Fairy Ring]. As these are being created, send your
    Elves to gather Mana and level up your Fairy Ring.
    At this point, there are a few options on how to play this battle.  I prefer a
    more defensive route on all of my battles, so my writing reflects that
    strategy.  If you placed the [Hades Gate] above the [Fairy Ring], you will see
    the shadow of a crystal slightly northwest (it is signified by a tiny white dot
    on the map). Summon an Elf and a Ghost, and send the Elf to gather Mana from
    your already built Sanctuary, and send the Ghost to create a new Sanctuary from
    that crystal above the [Hades Gate]. After this, level up your [Wicca] to level
    2 so that you have another way to defend your Runes other than the Fairies.
    You may want to create a few more Talismans once you have a stronger flow of
    Mana.  Summon a few more Ghosts and send them to gather Mana from your new
    When you have a nice supply of Mana coming from the two crystals, you can start
    your attack. Advocat specializes in Sorcery, which consists of Imps, Demons,
    and Guardians among other foes that we will not encounter until later. Summon
    two Phantoms for your main offense. Advocat also uses some Necromancy along
    with his Sorcery, so expect Ghosts and Phantoms.  If you'd like, you can also
    summon a Unicorn.  Be careful with Unicorns, they are very powerful, but they
    have low defense and will die quickly.  You need the [Wicca] to be at level 3
    for them to be effective. However, with their Holy Barrier (their level 3
    ability) they become extremely effective.
    Keep your Phantoms near your Runes until you have enough Mana for your Elves to
    create some Talismans.  You don't need many, as you have quite a few Fairies to
    protect you, but you should probably create one on the top and one near the
    bottom to help prevent damage.
    When you feel your defense is adequate, you can go on the offensive. Take five
    your Faries and fly them to the very top of them screen.  This will help you
    avoid casualties later on. Have them attack the Guardian up here. While you do
    this, the Imps near it will rush down to your Runes, which is why I suggest
    waiting until you have at least one Phantom Summoned. A few of your Faries will
    probably be killed off after completing this task, but when you're done, have
    the living ones fly back down to the central region. After this task is
    complete, hopefully you will have enough Mana to continue your assault.  Leave
    two Phantoms at your Runes for defense, and bring three Phantoms and maybe a
    Unicorn for your first wave of offense. Head up to where you killed that
    Guardian with the Faries near the top of the screen, and take a left. 
    You must be careful at this point. Ghosts will slaughter your Phantoms quickly
    with their bombing move, but Imps will kill your Faries faster. Unicorns are
    strong as long as they have MP to defend themselves with, and are better in
    this situation than the Faries are, which is why I suggest using them and
    keeping your remaining Faries for defense.
    Immedialy summon whenever you have the Mana.  You can never have too many
    Familiars until you have reached the limit. By heading left, you'll soon see
    your first [Hell Gate] Rune below you. Attack this quickly. You can get to this
    more quickly by other means, but it would require going through another
    Guardian, which is always messy with short range attackers. You need to kill
    the Guardian at the top to get to another Rune anyway, so you may as well do it
    After this point, you may have enough Mana to send another wave of three
    Phantoms and other allies out.  Have this wave head up to the same place where
    you destroyed the original Guardian, this time heading right instead of left,
    where your other group went.  This group will encounter a very nasty set of
    enemies, including a new foe, the Demon.  Attack and eliminate the Demon first,
    as he is the only one who can cause damage to your Astrals.
    While this second group is killing off the [Hell Gate] Rune at the top of the
    screen, have your original group head back to the starting location.  Once
    there, they need to pick up one or two more Phantom or Unicorn allies to help
    them kill off the next set of foes. That means at least 5 Phantoms and 2
    Unicorns for the next set. Head to the very bottom of the screen and take a
    left when you're above the Guardian to reach the next Rune. You should do this
    while, or after, your second group is dealing with the [Hell Gate] at the top
    right.  Take care of the Guardian protecting the Rune quickly, and you'll
    encounter a large swarm of foes around a third [Hell Gate] Rune. 
    The final Rune is a bit touchy because you have a Guardian that can attack you
    and you are unable to damage it.  Head down to the bottom of the screen with
    three Phantoms and a Unicorn or two and take a right at the Guardian. The
    [Gehenna] Rune is nearby and you'll see it quickly.  Destroy it quickly before
    the Guardian's fire kills you. Unicorns work well for surviving the fire.
    That ends the battle. You obtain the [Grimoire: Hell Gate] for completing this
    Stage 2-2: Advocat's Practice
    Starting Units: Impx4, Grimalkin x2
    Starting Runes: Hell Gate lv1
    Starting Mana: 700
    Enemy Runes: Purgatoryx2. Hell Gatex1, Chaos Nextx1
    Enemy Units: Dragon, Skullmage, Imp, Demon, Grimalkin, Guardian
    Victory Condition: Destroy all of Advocat's Runes.
    Before this battle, you receive the [Grimoire: Chaos Nest].
    If you've been doing so in previous levels, you will quickly learn that there
    is absolutely no dawdling at the start of this level.  if you hesitate at
    creating the Rune for even a few moments, you'll find yourself taken over
    quickly. The beginning of this battle is everything.
    Completely disregard that [Hell Gate] Rune for now and instead Level up your
    [Chaos Nest].  Bring your two Grimalkins up to the mid level directly above the
    [Chaos Nest], they have a very important role to play.  Finally, after these
    three have finished, then you can start having your Imps gather Mana. Once
    your [Chaos Nest] is levelled, summon the Dragon Egg immediately, don't spend
    time doing anything else.  Advocat's Dragon will reach you just as your Dragon
    is hatching and you are already at a disadvantage. Note that once you have the
    Egg summoned it is not enough. You must hatch it by targeting the egg and
    choosing to hatch it.  It goes through an Incubation period and your Dragon
    will finally come out.
    If this is done correctly and quickly, then your Dragon will hatch right as
    your enemy is arriving.  Command the Dragon to attack the other Dragon.  But
    have a Grimalkin, your best friend when it comes to larger foes such as
    Dragons, Sleep the enemy Dragon to avoid damage. When the Dragon wakes up,
    sleep him again. You won't take much, if any damage, if your Grimalkins keep
    the Dragon sleeping.  Once your foe is dead, your Dragon is free to roam the
    area. Soon after this point, you will also be able to summon another Dragon as
    well to begin
    Have your dragon walk directly on top of the large red pillars as he walks to
    the right so that he destroys them. This way, you can bring a Grimalkin along
    with you to sleep any other Dragon foes that you come across.  Be sure that the
    Grimalkin stays far behind the Dragon, as he will die easily.  To the far
    right, you'll encounter some foes, but they won't be able to kill you. From
    below, you may encounter an enemy Grimalkin who likes to use the same tactics
    on you that you use on enemy Dragons. He will put you to Sleep while the Imps
    and other enemies attack you.  There's not a lot that you can do about this
    with only a single Dragon, so just leave him to take damage.
    With your second Dragon, head to the lower right hand corner of the map. Head
    all the way down first, then head right.  On the way, you'll encounter a
    [Purgatory] Rune. To the right of this one is a [Chaos Nest] Rune for you to
    kill, and that's all you need to do with this Dragon.  With your original
    Dragon, head up the map from where you encountered the large set of foes and
    you'll encounter Guardians and another [Purgatory] Rune along with a [Hell
    Gate].  When you can summon another Dragon, send it to help this one, as this
    original Dragon is probably somewhat weakened at this point, and will die off
    quickly. With the second Dragon as reinforcement or as a replacement, the
    battle will end quickly.
    After the battle, your [Hell Gate] can get to level 2 and you can summon
    Demons. You also receive the [Grimoire: Purgatory], which starts with two 
    Stage 2-3: Lab Clean-Up
    Starting Units: 
    Your Units: Elfx4 Fairyx4, Unicornx3, Skullmagex5
    Ally Units: Golemx3, Homunculusx1, Blobx4, Gargoylex2
    Starting Runes: 
    Your Runes: Purgatory Lv2, Fairy Ring Lv1
    Ally Runes: Laboratory Lv1
    Starting Mana: 750
    Enemy Runes: Purgatory, Gehenna, Hades Gatex2, Hell Gate
    Enemy Units: Imp, Phantom, Guardian, Obelisk, Skullmage, Demon
    Victory Condition: Destroy all of Opalneria's Runes.
    This section introduces you to neutral units, which start the battle as yellow.
    There aren't a particularly large amount of neutral units in the main game,
    but you will find quite a few in the Bonus levels. When one of your ally units
    approaches a Neutral (yellow) unit, they become green and controllable by you.
    Otherwise, they will stand and do nothing unless attacked.
    Start by summoning a [Wicca] Rune. Avoid [Hades Gate] because you are facing
    Necromancy, and you will suffer too many casualties with the enemy Skullmages,
    but if you really want to, you can summon a [Hell Gate]. Send your Elves to
    collect Mana, and level your [Fairy Ring] up to level two.  Send two or three
    Skullmages over to the right so that they can help protect the other Runes as
    well as the single staircase. Make sure you level your [Wicca] to level 3, as
    whenever you use Unicorns you need to have their Shield. Set up four or so
    Talismans near the left staircase.  You don't need any on the right, as no
    enemies venture over there.  With four, some enemies will get past, but if you
    go for more than that, you probably wont deal with any.
    While doing this, send two Fairies down a bit low (the level of your Crystal)
    and have them fly over to Alchemy allies so that your Mana gathering and
    numbers will increase.  You will gain some enemy pursuers by doing this, but it
    is nothing two Fairies and the Golems can't take out. Have these Blobs
    immediately start gathering Mana and level up your Alchemy Rune. Do not
    underestimate the power of the Homunculus, they are small and fragile but
    have powerful abilities. Golems are excellent for taking care of Guardians
    without taking any damage.  They will clear the path inbetween the Alchemy
    allies and your own defensive perimeter without any difficulty. If any Astrals
    bother your Alchemy that you can't take care of, use Clairvoyance from the
    Homunculus to easily win.
    After your defense is secured, take on an offensive stance. You should use at
    least three Unicorns in this battle, but four is preferred. Move two Unicorns
    over to your Golem allies, then walk up the long staircase, Unicorns leading. 
    The second you see enemies approaching, use your defensive skill Holy Aura to
    reduce the damage that they take from the multitude of enemies which includes
    Imps, Phantoms, and Skullmages.  Let your Golems attack from a distance while
    your Unicorns keep the enemies busy up front.  It should be over in a matter of
    seconds, for better or worse.
    After all of the enemies are destroyed, go ahead and destroy Opalneria's
    [Purgatory] Rune. You will most likely encounter some more resistance up here
    that will slaughter your Unicorns, but as long as you keep your Golems down
    below and attacking the Rune, it will fall before you do. After it is
    destroyed, quickly move your Golems back to the Alchemy section.  Phantoms and
    Imps should follow you, but the Phantoms will be no problem with a Homunculus
    ally. Use his special ability to turn the Astrals physical, and you'll be fine.
    Wait until you can summon a few more Unicorns, three should be fine, but four
    is better and head back up.  You'll find another Rune at the very top of the
    stairs.  This one is the [Hades Gate] Rune. After destroying this, bring some
    reinforcement Unicorns in if you lost any forces as this group still has some
    more killing to do.
    While doing this, take three Unicorns and walk up the stairs on the far right.
    Keep heading up and you'll eventually come across a [Gehenna] Rune. Completely
    disregard every enemy around it and focus entirely on the Rune itself.  As long
    as your Unicorns have defensive abilities, you should have no problem killing
    it with such small numbers. Just don't allow your defense to fall, or you will
    die quickly.
    The group at the top left part of the screen needs to now head to the right.
    With four or five Unicorns, head right and kill the first Guardian you see. 
    Under it, you'll see a [Hell Gate] Rune. Attacking this causes an extremely
    large amount of monsters to attack you, but with defensive shields on, you will
    be able to survive long enough to destroy the Rune. The Demons here will
    completely slaughter your Unicorns with or without defensive shields.
    The final Rune is most easily reached with Faries.  Summon about six Faries and
    fly up the right side of the screen. The [Hades Gate] Rune is in the top right
    corner of the area, and is probably guarded by a Phantom or two.  Kill the
    Phantoms first and then focus on the Rune.  
    You receive the [Grimoire: Laboratory] for finishing this off.
    Stage 2-4: Opalneria's Sealed Room
    Starting Units: Elfx2, Fairyx2, Impx2, Grimalkinx1,Demonx1
    Starting Runes: Hell Gate Lv1, Titania Lv1
    Starting Mana: 500
    Enemy Runes: Hades Gate, Acheron, Purgatory, Hell Gate
    Enemy Units: Imp, Charon, Demon, Skullmage, Phantom, Ghost, Guardian, Obelisk
    Victory Condition: Destroy all of Opalneria's Runes.
    Before this battle, you receive the [Grimoire: Titania].  This is an extremely
    useful Grimoire under certain circumstances, but using it in the wrong
    situation just leads to wasted Mana. 
    The goal in this battle is to Summon the Morning Star over and over to assault
    the enemy, while defending your Runes with limited forces.  Summon a [Fairy
    Ring] so that you can create some Elves and start gathering Mana with your Imps
    and currently existing Elves.  Level up your [Hell Gate] and [Titania] Runes.
    [Titania] needs to be at level 4 before it can do anything at all other than
    alter the status of your Glamour Familiars, so get it to that level as soon as
    possible.  Summon about three more Imps and three more Elves to help gather
    Mana quickly and you'll soon be prepared. In case you can't see it, the crystal
    for the Imps to gather from is slightly below and to the right of the 
    [Hell Gate].
    Some Imps should attack you while you're still gathering Mana.  Send your Demon
    and Fairies after them quickly, and don't worry a lot about summoning new
    allies just yet.  You need to save all of your Mana to get [Titania] to level
    4. Once you have reached level 4, wait until you have 360 Mana, and then summon
    your Morning Star.  Before moving her, you need to select the command from the
    far right on her list, which says "Star Light."  Click this five times, but no
    more.  At the top of the screen you'll see the backlog for how many you have. 
    Don't move her until you have at least 3 starchildren created.  Note that you
    will still use 10 Mana if you click the Star Light command when you have five
    Star Lights, or your backlog is full, so don't click it more than necessary.
    When you have the Mana, immediately summon another Morning Star. 
    Don't worry about the defense of your Runes, your Demon and Faries have it
    covered. Every once in a while, some Charons will come and send a few Imps to
    attack, which can get messy if you're not careful.   If you're worried, and
    have the Mana, create a Talisman or two with your Elves. Charons will not
    attack you, so have the Faries single them out while the Demon slaughters the
    Controlling the Morning Star alone (leave your Demon and Faries at the Runes),
    head all the way to the right, and about halfway down the screen.  You'll find
    your first Rune here, which happens to be a {Hades Gate]. Many foes will attack
     your Morning Star, but because of her unique nature they shouldn't cause a lot
    of damage.  The Rune and all of the foes will fall quickly.  
    At this point, you should have summoned another Morning Star to go along with
    the first. Have this Morning Star head all the way south down the screen from
    where you start until you hit the bottom. Head a bit to the right here, and
    you'll see two Runes.  This new rune is the [Acheron], and right by it is a
    [Purgatory]. Don't attack the Runes just yet though, a large swarm of enemies
    comes out.  If you're lucky, you'll be able to kill them all with a single
    Morning Star, but there are quite a few, including a nasty Demon. Send down a
    third and possibly fourth Morning Star in case.  After these are dead, head a
    bit more to to the right and you'll find the final Rune, a [Hell Gate]. Send
    your final Morning Stars after this and the battle ends.
    You learn the Learn the [Chaos Nest] level 3 and 4 abilities, which allows your
    Grimalkins to be powered up.  Very nice indeed.
    Stage 2-5: Chaotic Assault
    Starting Units: 
    Your Units: Fairyx6, Elfx5, Grimalkinx4
    Ally Units: Ghostx2, Phantomx3
    Starting Runes:
    Your Runes: Fairy Ring Lv1, Chaos Nest Lv1
    Ally Runes: Hades Gate Lv1, Purgatory Lv1
    Starting Mana: 1000
    Enemy Runes: Hell Gatex2, Chaos Nest, Hades Gate, Laboratory, Purgatory,
    Engrave, Acheron
    Enemy Units: Phantom, Skullmage, Imp, Demon, Grimalkin, Blob, Gargoyle,
    Guardian, Homunculus, Golem, Dragon
    Victory Condition: Destroy all enemy Runes.
    Like the battle "Lab Clean-Up," you have an ally in this battle.  Hiram's group
    is in the lower right corner, well defended with Phantoms and Ghosts. However,
    you can't control his Familiars until you get one of your own down there.
    The game practically screams for you to summon your Dragons right from the
    start.  That is something you should immediately do once both your [Fairy Ring]
    and [Chaos Nest] are levelled up.  Start with only one Dragon and conserve Mana
    until you have more allies to contribute.
    Next is to obtain the alliance of your Necromancy allies, control all (yes,
    every single one) of your Fairies and fly them over to the far corner.  You
    will gain the attacks of a Demon, about three Phantoms, and multiple Imps on
    the way.  You will make it safely, and the Phantoms will save you, but in the
    defense of the Phantoms, you may lose a Fairy or two. After you're safe, have
    your Fairies fly back, but on the way, have them kill that [Hell Gate] Rune
    that is between your own and Hiram's group.
    At this point, you should have a hatched Dragon.  Send your Fairies back to
    your own group, and have a few of your ally Phantoms follow.  You don't need
    them all, but you may want to bring two. Summon a Skullmage to replace the
    Phantoms that you removed, in case something stray decides to attack this group.
    Your original Dragon needs to go alone at this point, so you can avoid
    casualties. You may want to bring a single Grimalkin with him, however, in case
    he runs into some trouble.  Start moving your Dragon north, and when you can,
    begin summoning a second Dragon.
    As you head up, you'll probably be put to sleep by two Grimalkins.  Keep your
    Grimalkin behind your sleeping Dragon at all times in case something unexpected
    comes. When your second Dragon hatches, have him head towards the top right
    corner of the map. It's a long walk up there, but you'll be busy with other
    units. Your dragon will automatically defend itself when it comes into contact
    with some foes.  If you clicked near the top right corner of the map, the
    Dragon will automatically climb near the [Chaos Nest] Rune. However, the
    defense in this area is quite strong, including a Grimalkin, Imps, and Demons.
     You will sustain serious damage as you attack and finally kill this Rune off.
    Rememeber to keep summoning Dragons whenever you have the chance. Once your
    third Dragon hatches, immediately send him after the second to the Northeast,
    as he will need support if he lives through the sleeping Grimalkins. This
    direct path is by far the hardest, and you will more than likely need to send
    three or four Dragons after the initial Dragon.  The Grimalkins are extremely
    annoying and you will encounter a Dragon as a foe.
    Resistance becomes heavier as your first Dragon heads north. Gargoyles as well
    as foes will attempt to stop you, but they shouldn't do any serious damage.
    There's a [Hades Gate] Rune to the left to kill off. After this is destroyed,
    keep heading up and you'll encounter a [Laboratory] Rune to the right. Kill
    this quickly and keep heading north. You'll be encountering Homunculi and
    Golems at this point.  Homunculi are one of the few enemies that can seriously
    damage Dragons and other large Familiars, such as Morning Stars, so be
    exceedingly cautious around them.  The Golem will stay away until you get
    close, but his damage isn't horrible enough that you should neglect the
    destruction of the Runes for. After destroying the [Laboratory], destroy the
    [Purgatory] after this.  At this point, you'll want to send a second Dragon in
    after your original, since he's probably been somewhat wounded by the 
    Once you have a Dragon at the very top, have him head right, continuing towards
    the top right corner. On your way, you will encounter quite a few enemies, and
    the [Engrave] Rune.
    Keep having your Dragons head to the top right, no matter what path.  Note that
    near the end of the battle Charons will send enemies onto your Runes, so you
    will want some Phantoms and Fairies guarding you.  If you can spare it, keep a
    Dragon there, too, but it is not completely necessary. Once you are finally
    able to destroy the [Chaos Nest] Rune, you'll find an [Acheron] just above it.
    At the far top right corner of the area, you'll find the final [Hell Gate]
    Rune. This is quite the fun battle, as abusing Dragons can get you quite far.
    You learn the Fairy Charge ability, the level 4 [Fairiy Ring] skill, for
    winning this battle and receive the [Grimoire: Gehenna].
    Stage 3-1: Chimera Testing
    Starting Units: Blobx5, Homunculusx1, Golemx2, Demonx4, Impx6, Grimalkinx2
    Starting Runes: Laboratory Lv1, Gehenna Lv1, Hell Gate Lv1
    Starting Mana: 500
    Enemy Runes: Engravex2, Laboratoryx2, Chimera Spawnx2
    Enemy Units: Blob, Homunculus, Gargoyle, Golem, Chimera
    Victory Condition: Destroy all Chimera Runes.
    Unlike previous battles, the goal is not to destroy all Runes, but to destroy
    all Chimera Runes. The Chimera Runes are Alchemy Runes that look like a globe
    and happen to be the best protected on the level. You'll notice immediately the
    vibrations of an oversized familiar, but you're safe for a short time.
    Immediately have both of your Grimalkins head up to the top of the area, before
    doing anything else. Send your four Demons to the top behind the Grimalkins, as
    they will be your main defense, since Sorcery is strong to Alchemy.
    There are a few ways to win this battle, but the most fun, and probably the
    laziest way, is the same way that you won the previous battle.  Summon a Dragon
    from the [Chaos Nest] and don't summon another else. If you plan to fight the
    battle this way, don't bother levelling up any other runes, as they will waste
    Mana and you won't see anything attacking your Runes.  Send your first Dragon
    up the screen, followed by a Grimalkin. Your Dragon will quickly reach the
    enemy front lines, where Homunculi, Gargoyles, and an [Engrave] Rune await you.
    Keep heading north, and you'll begin taking damage very quickly.  Hopefully,
    you can engage the Chimera before your Dragon is killed off.  Sleep the Chimera
    with your Grimalkin to prevent the fast damage that he can cause. Even if your
    Dragon dies in the process of fighting the Chimera, he will hopefully destroy
    the first [Chimera Spawn] Rune. If not, send another Dragon with another
    Grimalkin friend to finish the job that he started.
    Head north from the initial [Chimera Spawn], and you'll find the second one in
    plain view.  There shouldn't be another Chimera guarding it, but you should
    easily be able to destroy it with a healthy Dragon.
    While the [Chimera Spawn] are your main goals, you can kill off the rest of the
    Runes in the battle just for fun.  It won't do much, other than prevent extra
    forces from coming  Directly to the left of your main forces is an [Engrave]
    Rune with a weak defense that will fall quickly to a Dragon. If you continue up
    the left side of the screen, you'll encounter a [Laboratory] Rune. The second
    [Laboratory] Rune is just to the right of the final [Chimera Spawn] Rune.
    After the battle, your Homunculi receive the level 3 Ability, Psychic Storm. 
    This is an incredible ability that will serve you well in the future.  You also
    recive a nice new [Grimoire: Engrave] for your efforts.  This will be useful in
    the future, as well. 
    Stage 3-2: Devil's Strike
    Starting Units: Blobx6, Homunculusx4, Elfx5, Gargoylex1
    Starting Runes: Laboratory Lv1, Engrave Lv1, Fairy Ring Lv1
    Starting Mana: 500
    Enemy Runes: None
    Enemy Units: Imp, Guardian, Grimalkin, Dragon
    Victory Condition: Annihilate the devils.
    The victory condition is unclear in this battle, but what the game actually
    means is "destroy all enemies." You're given a base Alchemy defense, but that
    isn't the best choice when fighting Sorcery. Still, it's best not to waste Mana
    early on to create an extra rune just for a different type of Symbol.  Unless
    you plan on using Unicorns for your offense, there's no need to summon [Wicca],
    so instead just stick with [Engrave] and use Gargoyles to fend off attackers at
    a distance.
    Start the battle off by levelling your [Laboratory] up two levels.  Your
    Homunculi have a brand new ability and are very capable of protecting the area
    now.  Summon a [Titania] at the top of the stairs.  When you have the Mana,
    summon a Fairy as soon as possible, as Imps will immediately attack. With a
    Fairy assisting your Gargoyle, you should be able to survive for some time
    against the Imps. While fighting, have a Blob create new Gargoyles to replace
    the older ones.  You'll ideally want at four to protect your Runes, but Mana is
    limited early on.  With a Fairy and an extra Gargoyle Statue, you should be
    able to survive the initial waves of Imps, and hopefully level your [Titania]
    up a bit.
    With four Gargoyles and a Fairy, summon a [Hades Gate[ near the bottom of the
    area, to the left.  Level it to level 2, and summon a Phantom.  This will also
    help in your defense against the Imps. After this, finish off your [Titania] if
    you haven't, and save Mana for summoning the Morning Star.
    When you're finally able to call a Morning Star, Summon another Phantom to help
    the original defend, and then send the original Morning Star down to attack.
    Whenever you can, summon a new Morning Star to assist in the eradication of 
    Directly below your Runes are a few more Imps and a Guardian to kill off. As
    you move down the stairs, you'll encounter more and more Imps to kill off. You
    will need to kill off around 50 or so to clear out the area near the crystal.
    From here, continue down the path and to the right.  Over here, you'll
    eventually see a Dragon egg, some Grimalkins, and yet more Elves.
    If you have a Morning Star or two coming after your initial one, have them take
    a left and head down at the crystal.  This one will encounter a Demon, a
    Guardian, and yet more Imps, their attacks remaining useless. Your original
    Morning Star(s) should be at the bottom of the area, and heading to the left
    clearing the way as they see enemies. When every enemy on the lower portion of
    the screen has been killed, make your way up to the top as a group and kill
    enemies more quickly. If you moved too slowly, you will find a Dragon egg that
    has hatched at the top of the screen.  With three weakened Morning Stars, you
    will most likely die, but you at least put a large dent into the beast. 
    Resummon immediately and continue your assault on the Dragon, not even
    bothering with a Grimalkin.  Morning Stars take much less damage from Dragons
    than any other Familiar, so they can survive for long periods of time.
    If you did this battle correctly, will will win with minimum casualties and you
    will easily get the highest score possible.
    After finishing the battle, you receive the Blob's Gumdrop ability, which will
    be useful in Alchemy based battles, and the Astralize ability for your
    Skullmages.  This ability lets your Skullmages kill anything, instead of just
    Astrals. Or rather, it turns a for with shape for into an Astral so that they
    can kill it.
    Stage 3-3: Stopping the Fight
    Starting Units: Impx2, Elfx6, Fairyx6, Demonx2, Guardianx4, Talismanx4
    Starting Runes: Fairy Ring Lv1, Hell Gate Lv1
    Starting Mana: 1000
    Enemy Runes: Gehenna, Chaos Nest, Hell Gate, Chimera Spawn, Laboratory, Engrave
    Enemy Units: Dragon, Chimera, Imp, Demon, Grimalkin, Guardian, Blob, Golem,
    Victory Condition: Destroy all of Bartido and Advocat's Runes.
    Since Lillet is stuck in the middle of this childish spat, she takes it into
    her own hands to end it. You start the battle with a surprisingly well built
    defense of Sorcery and Glamour, a total of eight symbols. However, if you look
    just a bit above your top Talisman, you'll see one of Advocat's Dragons
    prowling about. Your defense won't last long, as a Dragon and Chimera killing
    each other make quick work of all of it. You'll want to remake some of them,
    and since your foes are Sorcery and Alchemy, use [Gehenna] at the start and
    create some Runes right below the crystal. 
    Prepare your defense by summoning and and levelling up a [Hades Gate] Rune. 
    Necromancy is quite useful in this battle.  Hote, however, your Phantoms are
    useful against Sorcery and Golems in Alchemy, they will fall in one attack to
    the Homunculi. With Demons, Phantoms, and Fairies, you should have an adequate
    You will most likely note the [Gehenna] Rune of Advocat's to the right of your
    [Fairy Ring], in the shadows.  Especially if you create a Rune other there. 
    Don't be tempted to attack this just yet, as you will be swarmed by a rather
    large group of Demons, Grimalkins, and Imps. Spend time levelling up your Runes
    and take your time, as nothing large other than a few swarms of Imps and maybe
    some Blobs will attack you as you gather Mana. Summon a [Titania] Rune and
    level it up so that you can use the Morning Star. If you're going to use the
    Morning Star, you need [Hades Gate] and [Purgatory].  Have an Obelisk created
    by a Ghost, and that will cure your Morning Star(s).  You don't want them to
    die unless necessary.
    When you're fully prepared, head off to the right and attack that [Gehenna]
    Rune. This will cause at least two Demons and a few Imps to come rushing at
    you.  The Demons are the only ones that can hurt your Morning Star, but two
    won't be enough to kill it.  After you destroy the Gehenna, head back to the
    Obelisk to be healed. You have a while to go yet. 
    Continue to the right, killing off the Guardians. You'll find a Crystal to
    destroy as well, but you can do that with another character. Bring two or three
    Phantoms with your Morning Star, and head up the screen from the right. You'll
    find a [Chaos Nest]. This will summon a Dragon Egg immediately after you attack
    it, but area attacks should kill it off. After going through a few waves of
    Demons and Imps, the Rune will fall.  Head back to heal your Morning Star and
    resummon Phantoms in case any were destroyed, and then head south from the far
    Down here is a [Hell Gate] and some more Demons, Imps, and Grimalkins. That's
    all that you need to kill in the area, but you should know that there is a
    Dragon at the top right.  You only need a single Morning Star fully healthy to
    kill it as long as nothing else is damaging it.  Killing it now is best, so you
    don't need to worry abou it later.  
    Once the right side of the area is clear, you should head left.  Morning Stars
    wont work over here because of the Homunculi.  Instead, use Demons, as Sorcery
    is strong to Alchemy. Bring two or three Demons at a time, since they will
    probably fall quickly to the area attacks. From the initial [Fairy Ring], head
    left. Be extremely careful of Homunculi paired with Blobs, as the Blobs will
    slow you down so you will be unable to move from the Homunculi's special
    attack. From the crystal on the far left, continue left and destroy the
    [Chimera Spawn] Rune.  Head up the screen and you'll find the [Laboratory]
    Rune. After these two are destroyed, head down to the bottom of the left side
    and you'll find the [Engrave] Rune. This one is guarded by two Golems, and
    you'll want to kill those off before attacking the Rune.  This finishes off the
    Your Unicorns receive the Astral Hold ability and you also receive the ability
    to Summon the Golem, which is [Engrave] level 2. Finally, you receive the
    [Grimoire: Acheron] for finishing off this battle. 
    Stage 3-4: vs Opalneria
    Starting Units: Blobx6, Homunculusx2, Golemx3, Elfx4, Skullmagex2
    Starting Runes: Acheron Lv1, Purgatory Lv1, Laboratory Lv1
    Starting Mana: 1000
    Enemy Runes: Hades Gatex2, Purgatory, Wicca, Enrgrave, Acheron, Titania, Fairy
    Enemy Units: Skullmage, Phantom, Unicorn, Fairy, Elf, Gargoyle, Talisman,
    Morning Star
    Victory Condition: Destroy all of Opalneria's Runes.
    You have two sets of Mana gathering Familiars and only one Crystal. Send your
    Blobs to the Crystal and level up your [Laboratory] Rune up two levels. 
    Immediately summon Charon from the [Acheron] Rune to get the battle started.
    While waiting, create a [Hades Gate], [Hell Gate] and [Gehenna] on the side of
    the area, and after doing this, you should be at exactly 0 Mana.  Defense is
    your priority in the beginning of the battle, as the Phantoms can slaughter
    your Golems. the Skullmages you start with will help, but don't rely on them
    completely. Homunculi have the Psychic Storm ability at [Laboratory] Lv3, so it
    is important to get that Rune at least to that level quickly. 
    Once you have a Charon, board all of your Elves and a Golem from what was
    originally given to you to the lower right corner of the map.  There's a
    crystal over here, but it is protected by some Gargoyles, which is why you
    brought the Golem over. Unboard your allies, and send your Golem to kill for
    the Elves. After the Gargoyles are dead, or even one Gargoyle is dead, create a
    [Wicca] or [Fairy Ring]. On the other side of the area, create three or four
    Guardians over the crystal on the stairs to help protect your Runes.
    A note of caution when using a Charon, always land a bit lower than where you
    actually want to go.  You don't want to arouse the enemies and accidentally
    kill your Charon and the passengers aboard before he can drop everyone off.
    When you're ready to attack, board the two Homunculi that you started with onto
    the Charon, and create two more to replace it.  Create two Demons and a Phantom
    to go along with the Homunculi inside of the Charon, and you'll be set. With
    all five aboard the Charon, have them head directly up from your starting point
    from the Golems. Just up here you'll find a [Hades Gate] Rune and a [Purgatory]
    rune to destroy. These are protected by quite a few (five or more) Phantoms.
    Phantoms are no problem for your Homunculi, and just cast Psychic Storm and
    they will die instantly.  Have your Demons attack the Runes while your Phantom
    destroys the Gargoyle.  Keep your Homunculi out of the way though, because they
    are quite fragile. From here, walk back down the stairs to your safe haven to
    recover.  you may want to summon new Homunculi, Demons, and Phantoms while you
    older ones recover HP and MP over time. With a new set of allies, head north
    from where you destroyed the initial two Runes, and you'll start seeing some
    Talismans.  Just north of this is a [Wicca] Rune for you to destroy.  Use your
    Psychic Storm well, as it will help considerably against the powerful defense
    of the Unicorn. 
    After these have been destroyed, bring three Demons and two Homunculi to the
    central area of the level. Here, you'll find the [Engrave], [Titania], [Fairy
    Ring], [Acheron], and [Hades Gate] Runes. However these three are heavily
    guarded, and you'll need to kill the Morning Star in the corner.  She falls in
    seconds to Psychic Storm, as do the Phantoms. Leave the rest to the Demons.
    This area may take a few tries to defeat, because of the large number of 
    You receive the Golem and Gargoyle Range Up ability after this battle, as well
    as your final [Grimoire: Chimera Spawn].
    Stage 3-5: Grimlet's Awakening
    Starting Units: Blobx6, Homunculusx2, Fairyx8, Gargoylex2
    Starting Runes: Chimera Spawn Lv1, Laboratory Lv1
    Starting Mana: 1000
    Enemy Runes: Chaos Nest, Gehenna, Hell Gate, etc.
    Enemy Units: Imp, Demon, Phantom, Grimalkin, Guardian, Charon, Dragon, Gargoyle
    Victory Condition: Endure the onslaught for 20 minutes.
    In this odd battle, you're restricted to only Alchemy. While normally that
    isn't too much of a hassle, you're fighting Sorcery.  In case you haven't
    memorized the strengths and weaknesses yet, Alchemy is weak to Sorcery, so
    you're at a natural disadvantage while defending. Alchemy specialized at ranged
    attacks and Sorcery will close in and slaughter you. You need to create a
    strong defense of Gargoyles as soon as possible. Homunculi will assist with
    Psychic Storm, and Golems will be your first line of defense.  Blobs are good
    against Demons because they have an almost overpowered Gum Drop ability once
    your [Laboratory] gets to level 4. This will help prevent damage to your own
    allies.  Also note that the game starts you off with a [Chimera Spawn] Rune. 
    If you ever have the Mana for a Chimera, go ahead and summon one, but they're
    touchy to use and will die very quickly.
    Create an [Engrave] Rune at the start so you can begin making Golems to protect
    yourself with.  Your Faries won't last long. When choosing one of the two
    crystals to use, start with the one near the bottom, since it will be closer to
    your [Laboratory] Rune, therefore safer and more likely to be protected once
    you have a defense of Gargoyles set up. Immediately level your [Engrave] and
    [Laboratory] as high as possible, being sure to summon at least one Golem and
    Homunculus while doing so.  You will need them to help defend with the Fairies.
    Fortunately, the game starts off easy on you, only giving you three or so Imps
    on each side at a time.  Focus on a balance of defense on both sides instead of
    completely increasing the defense of one side before the other.  
    You may want to create two or three extra Blobs just for the sake of defense
    against Demons.  Because of their Gum Drop ability, they will help prevent
    damage, but this is not necessary. Ideally, you want at least five Gargoyles
    defending each staircase, on Blob at each Stairway, and two Golems at each
    Staircase.  This much mana takes some time to procure, but by the time the
    battle gets the most difficult, you should be safe.
    After after 7 or 8 minutes, Phantoms will start the assault.  Homunculi are
    your friend here.  Don't waste MP on Psychic Storm, instead relying on
    Clairvoyance, which lets your Gargoyles and Golems damage them. Also, be
    careful.  Though your staurs are defended, enemies will sometimes attack from
    the bottom sides.  This isn't often, but it is something that you need to be
    aware of.
    After a while of defending without taking damage you'll probably be bored.  If
    you'd like, and you're very confident in yourself and your defense, you can
    summon a Chimera or two and go attack the enemy Runes. Be warned, however, to
    keep watch on your normal defense. If you want a secure defense, you're more
    than likely not going to have the MP to destroy the Runes. However, if you
    really want to, you'll need to focus on summoning Chimeras over and over again
    while trying to keep your base safe with Gargoyles and Homunculi rather than
    Golems. I don't suggest this path until you've finished the battle once or
    twice before, and are looking for a challenge. If you do try this, treat it
    like the battle at the end of Day 1 with the Fairies.  Focus on your offense
    rather than your defense, using only the minimum that you feel will keep you
    alive so that you can keep summoning Chimeras.
    A Dragon will easily break through your defenses and you need to react as soon
    as you can see one.  If you can feel the screen vibrating, look through the
    shadows for the form of a dragon, and send a Blob and two or three Homunculi to
    it.  Have the Blob use Gum Drop and have the Homunculi use Psychic Storm twice.
    Note that when a Dragon attacks, it usually comes with an extremely large swarm
    of enemies, so the second you feel that vibration, start summoning a Chimera to
    help.  You will still want to rely on Gum Drop and Psychic Storm for the
    Dragons, but the Chimera will tear the lesser enemies apart, especially with
    Clairvoyance on the Phantoms. It usually gets very hectic at these times, with
    waves after waves of Demons, Imps, and Phantoms coming after you.  Your
    original defense will most likely shatter, but you need to keep focused.  Use
    your Homunculi to the best extent you can while your Golems pick apart your
    foes from a distance.  Hopefully, your Chimera will come on time.
    This defensive battle is surprisingly easy once you know how to use your units
    After you complete the level, your [Fairy Ring] can get to level 5, and learns
    the Power Up ability, while [Chimera Spawn] raises the HP of Alchemy creations
    at level 2. Your [Acheron] can become level 2 now, as well.
    Stage 4-1: A Devil's Interrogation
    Starting Units: Elfx4
    Starting Runes: Fairy Ring Lv1
    Starting Mana: 300
    Enemy Runes: Hell Gatex3, Hades Gatex2, Chaos Nest
    Enemy Units: Imp, Grimalkin, Demon, Dragon, Guardian, Skullmage, Phantom, 
    Victory Condition: Destroy all of Advocat's Runes.
    Wow, what a horrible way to start a battle.  You start with four Elves and a
    level 1 [Fairy Ring]. Fortunately, just to your right is another crystal to
    draw mana from, so you won't have to rely specifically on Elves. Expect this
    battle to take some time, as the ten minutes are spent just gathering Mana and
    You're safe from damage on all sides except for the top, where there are two
    sets of stairs that will allow enemies to come down for attack.  Of course,
    Dragons and Astrals such as Morning Stars or Charons can still reach you, but
    they won't attack immediately. You're safe for about five and a half minutes
    (5:30) to prepare and gather Mana. This means you must use every bit of the
    Mana that you gather wisely unless you want to suffer some casualties early on.
    5 minutes is not enough time to adequately gather Mana to defend against the
    asault that starts soon after. There are many ways to go about protecting
    yourself, but the easiest way is probably with a [Titania] Rune. 
    Use your first 300 Mana to create and level up the [Titania] Rune. Use every
    100 Mana from then on to level it up.  After that, save up 350 Mana to summon
    the Morning Star.  She will serve as the best defense early on.  The question
    remains on how to best serve your defense by spending the rest of your Mana.
    Create a [Hades Gate] next, and summon 4 Ghosts from it.  Use them to start
    gathering Mana from the crystal on the lower right. After you have an effective
    flow of Mana, create a [Purgatory] Rune and level this up to level 3. Finally,
    Summon a Skullmage and have a Ghost create an Obelisk.  This Obelisk will be
    used to keep your Morning Star alive and to save you the Mana of having to 
    create another one.  The Skullmage can use the Astralize skill on Demons to
    give him fast kills while your Morning Star kills off the Imps. 
    With this setup, you will be fine on Mana. You will eventually able to summon
    another Morning Star, and should do so when possible.  However, after 13
    minutes or so in, the ground starts to shake, showing the incoming Dragon. 
    Dealing with this is a bit more difficult, but a single healthy, Morning Star
    can kill it with no problem as long as you have Starchildren.
    After the Dragon attack, and some time spent recovering, you can start
    attacking the Runes. Send out another Morning Star, leaving your initial one to
    defend your Runes.  There's a [Hell Gate] just above and to the right of your
    Runes. After you destroy the first Rune, a short scene plays. A new wave of
    enemies will attack you, including two Charon. With your defense, and a few
    Skullmages, you should be fine. 
    Head towards the top left corner, and you'll encounter two more Runes
    surrounded by Guardians.  Kill off the Guardians to avoid damage, then destroy
    the [Hell Gate] and [Hades Gate] Runes.  Note that if you're unlucky, you'll
    encounter Skullmages along with the normal Phantoms and Demons that roam this
    area.  The Skullmages, along with the Guardians, are the only things that can
    effectively damage your Morning Star in three or four hits. Your Morning Star
    probably wont come out of this situation alive unless you play very cautiously.
    Just above your right Crystal, and a tiny bit to the right, is another [Hell
    Gate] Rune.  Like before, this one is surrounded by Guardians that you will
    need to deal with first.  Finally, head directly up on the map, near the top
    right corner to find a [Chaos Nest] and another [Hades Gate] Rune. This ends
    the battle.
    You receive the Level 5 [Laboratory] skill, Homunculus: Power Up, and the level
    3 [Hell Gate] skill, Imp: Attack after finishing this battle.  The second skill
    gives Imps the attack command, and the first gives a Homunculus more MP, very
    nice indeed.
    Stage 4-2: Rescue Mission
    Starting Units: Elfx4, Fairyx4, Impx4
    Starting Runes: Fairy Ring Lv1, Hell Gate Lv1
    Starting Mana: 600
    Enemy Runes: Acheron, Hades Gate, Titania, Gehennax2
    Enemy Units: Guardian, Phantom, Skullmage, Charon, Obelisk, Morning Star
    Victory Condition: Destroy all of Opalneria's Runes.
    You fight once again against Opalneria's undead.  However, this time the map is
    much larger and your Runes are wide open on three sides. You will note two
    Crystals on the map beside you, but you can't get to either quite yet.  The
    path to the left one is blocked, and the path to the top one has enemies. While
    Ghosts can get through the wall on the left, don't fall into the temptation, as
    there is a Guardian over there waiting to kill your Ghosts as they pass. 
    The beginning of this battle is a bit rough. You have a bit of time to prepare
    yourself though. Start out by creating a [Chimera Spawn] and a [Laboratory]
    Rune and levelling them both up to level 2 with your 600 Mana.  When you can,
    Summon a Homunculus, but don't level the [Laboratory] to level 3. Instead, wait
    until you have 500 Mana and summon a Chimera the moment you have it.  Right as
    your Chimera is called, you should be attacked.  Use Clairvoyance on the
    Phantoms and they will die, falling instantly to the Chimera.  Now, head over
    to the left wall with the homunculus (near the crystal on the other side) and
    have the Chimera walk over the wall.  Over here, attack the enemies, and a
    whole swarm of Astrals will attack you.  Use Clairvoyance once again, and the
    Chimera will slaughter them all, the Guardians most likely the only ones left
    standing after three or four seconds.  On this now clear side, there is an
    [Acheron] and [Hades Gate] Rune for you to destroy.  Also, you should now be
    able to safely use this crystal.  Summon your own [Hades Gate], with three or
    four Ghosts, and start getting Mana from the crystal.
    Chimeras lose HP as long as they are alive, along with having a terrible
    defense that causes them to take a lot of damage, so you must move quickly.
    Head to the top right corner and kill two Guardians there just to save you the
    time later, and to give you access to a second crystal once the first crystal
    runs dry.  After these two are destroyed, head just south of your Runes, and
    deatroy the two Guardians here.  Finally, move your Chimera along the red,
    breakable wall that heads to the left side of the screen. You need to destroy
    this wall so that your Familiars can quickly move to the other side of the area.
    Near the center of the left side of the screen, you'll find the [Titania] and
    two  [Gehenna] Runes.  Before you can destroy it, a Morning Star will destroy
    your Chimera, but you opened a path to the area, which was your goal. Level
    your [Laboratory] Rune to level 3, and wait until you have 500 Mana so that you
    can summon another Chimera.  Before you do so, move a Homunculus through the
    path the first Chimera opened up. However, the second you see stairs, stop. 
    There will be Skullmages and Phantoms waiting up top to kill your Homunculus,
    so wait until your Chimera comes to help you. Immediately head over to the
    Homunculus and the [Titania] Rune with the Chimera, and have your Homunculus
    use Clairvoyance so that he kills everything quickly.  Move the Homunculus up a
    bit, and if a Morning Star comes in, use Psychic Storm on her so that your
    Chimera won't suffer too much damage. 
    It is a very real possibility that your first and possibly second Chimera will
    not make it through this first attack. As long as you are able to destroy the
    more powerful enemies, such as the Morning Stars and Guardians, the Phantoms
    won't pose any threat as long as you have a Homunculus.  If you do have to make
    another trip, you may want to summon another Homunculus, just in case your
    first one runs out of MP.
    After the [Titania] and two [Gehenna] Runes are destroyed, the battle ends.
    For finishing this battle, you receive the level 5 [Titania] Ability, which
    doubles the amount of starchildren that a Morning Star can hold, as well as the
    ability for your Chimeras to eat allies to replenish their HP.
    Stage 4-3: Saving Amoretta
    Starting Units: Elfx4, Blobx4, Homunculusx1
    Starting Runes: Fairy Ring Lv1, Laboratory Lv2
    Starting Mana: 1000
    Enemy Runes: Hades Gatex4
    Enemy Units: Skullmage, Phantom, Obelisk, Charon, Ghost
    Victory Condition: Destroy all of Opalneria's Runes.
    Quite a large map we have here, but we're going to treat this battle exactly
    the same way we did the last one.  While it is tempting, and it does work, to
    use Morning Stars, it will eat a very large amount of Mana and you will suffer
    many casualties.  Have your Elves gather Mana from the crystal just to the left
    of the starting point, and your Blobs from the closer crystal.  With your 1000
    Mana, create a [Chimera Spawn] and [Wicca] Rune. Create the [Wicca] near the
    left crystal so your Elves wont have to run as far.  Level your [Chimera Spawn]
    to level 2, your [Laboratory] to level 3, and your [Wicca] to Level 3 once you
    have the Mana.  Finally, summon a Unicorn and another Homunculus.  Keep them
    all by the Crystal on the right. If you don't feel safe with this, feel free to
    create more, but expect the battle to take a bit longer.
    Now that you've prepared your defense, wait until you have 500 Mana.  Whenever
    enemies attack, kill them off with Psychic Storm. Fortunately, the enemies all
    rush in at once, so it shouldn't be too difficult to kill them all with one
    attack.  If not, you have your Unicorn to finish them off. Don't hesitate to
    summon more Unicorns and Homunculi for defense, but you shouldn't need too many.
    Before your Chimera is created, have a Homunculus walk down the left stairs
    until you can see a [Hades Gate] Rune.  There aren't any enemies down here for
    now, so leave him there.  When your Chimera comes out, send him down to your
    Homunculus and have him destroy the [Hades Gate]. There will be a few Phantoms
    on the way, but use Clairvoyance and they will be dead from your Chimera's
    attacks in a short time.  After this is destroyed, continue down to the very
    bottom ot the screen, your Homunculus following behind the Chimera.  Here,
    you'll find a ton of Obelisks, a Charon, some Ghosts, and another [Hades Gate]
    Rune.  Use Clairvoyance once the Charon gets close and destroy everything.  It
    should all die very fast.
    After these two Runes are dead, you'll need to head to the lower right corner.
     However, without your Homunculus (he can't follow you) your Chimera will
    probably die there.  if you can do some damage to the [Hades Gate] Rune over
    here though, it will be good.  Move your Homunculus back up to the top of the
    area and then walk him down the left stairs, but not too far, there are some
    Phantoms and Skullmages waiting. Create another Chimera, and send him down to
    save your Homunculus. destroy the enemies with Clairvoyance and your Chimera,
    and destroy the [Hades Gate]. At the very bottom of these stairs you'll find
    another [Hades Gate] protected by a Charon and some Obelisks.  use Clairvoyance
    once again to detroy the Charon and the Rune should fall quickly.
    The battle ends at that, with hopefully only using two or three Chimeras.
    Your [Engrave] can reach level 4, with a second Range power up now, and your
    [Gehenna] can reach level 3, strengthening your Imp's attack power.
    Stage 4-4: Summoning Grimlet
    Starting Units: Impx4, Blobx4
    Starting Runes: Laboratory Lv1, Hell Gate Lv1
    Starting Mana: 2000
    Enemy Runes: Chimera Spawn, Laboratoryx3, Engravex2
    Enemy Units: Golem, Gargoyle, Homunculus, Blob
    Victory Condition: Endure 30 minutes for summoning Grimlet.
    This battle is a bit nasty. Ignore the crystal above you, instead sending your
    Imps all the way over to the far left to gather Mana from that lower crystal. 
    Because Chartreuse prefers Alchemy, you'll want a primarily Sorcery based
    defense.  You start out with a ton of Mana.  Immediately creaste the runes
    [Engrave, [Hades Gate] and [Chaos Nest], but create the [Gehenna] Rune to the
    far left near the crystal.  Level your Runes up with the remaining Mana,and
    summon a Golem or two, and two or three Phantoms.  Wait a bit for a Dragon, as
    you won't need one quite yet, also, at some point you will want to create a
    Grimalkin or two so you can deal with any Chimeras that swarm you. 
    Right at the start, summon two or three Phantoms and have them walk their way
    up the stairs. They can easily kill the Golems at the start. If you plan to
    have your Dragons rampage everything, kill the Gargoyles too. The Phantoms are
    immune to the Golem's, Gargoyle's, and Chimera's attacks, but they will die in
    a second to Psychic Storm. 
    Use Guardians as your base defense.  Set three of them over your right stairs,
    and three over the left set. Have two or three Golems and at least two
    Homunculi on the right set of stairs waiting for a Golem to attack your
    Guardians. Demons will defend you at short range if anything gets through the
    Guardians, however don't send them beyond your line of defense.  It may be
    tempting to head out, which is what the game is trying to lure you into doing,
    but don't give into the temptation.  Allow your Golems to kill the other Golems
    and any Blobs that try to rebuild Gargoyles, and have an Imp rebuild the
    Guardians whenever one dies. 
    Keeping up this defense will cause many casualties, but it doable as long as
    you don't try to move.
    At around 25:00, two Chimera will attack.  You better have a Grimalkin, a few
    Homunculi as well as a Dragon to back you up at this point, or else things will
    get terribly messy and you'll suffer extreme casualties.  Don't try to rebuild
    anything, since the battle is almost over, but instead summon Golems and
    Homunculi who were wounded in the previous battle. The battle gets extremely
    nasty from here on out, so hopefully you've saved some Mana.  
    Like earlier defensive battles, you can try to attack the Runes, if you'd like.
     Bring a Dragon (or two, if you want to be safe) and prepare for it to be
    messy.  Your Dragons will be slaughtered by Blobs and Homunculi. Head directly
    up from your [Laboratory] Rune at the start, and near the central part of the
    right map, you'll find the [Chimera Spawn] and [Laboratory] Runes.  However,
    approaching these alerts about 20-30 Blob and Homunculi that will kill your
    Dragon instantly.  Send another Dragon or two back up here to kill these two,
    and if he can't get the job done, send another.  It will probably take more
    than a few tries. If you're able to break through the many, many layers of
    Gargoyles near your Runes with Phantoms (you should work with them before
    Dragons) and a Dragon or two, you'll find two [Laboratory] runes and two
    [Engrave] Runes. Destroying these will probably take at least 3-4 Dragons
    though. At the top of the screen, near the center, you'll find another
    [Laboratory] Rune. Because of the higher time limit and larger starting Mana in
    this battle, this is an easier task to accomplish than in the previous battles,
    and if you actually try to do it, your defense wont need to worry, since you're
    taking down everything that would eventually attack you.
    Completing this battle gives ou the [Hell Gate] level 4 ability and the [Hades
    Gate] level 5, which increases the movement speed of your fDemons and Phantoms,
    respectively. Also, [Acheron] can reach level 3 now, which will raise your
    Skullmage's maximum MP.
    Stage 4-5: Defense
    Starting Units: Elfx4, Fairyx4, Impx4, Guardianx2
    Starting Runes: Fairy Ring Lv1, Hell Gate Lv1
    Starting Mana: 2000
    Enemy Runes: Hell Gatex3, Chaos Nest
    Enemy Units: Imp, Phantom, Dragon, Demon, Golem
    Victory Condition: Protect Lillet and Margarita's Initial Runes. Destroy all of
    the Archmage's Runes.
    You have two sets of Runes to protect this time, instead of just one. Unlike
    before, you also have to destroy every rune to continue. This is quite a fun
    battle, but your actions at the beginning determine everything.
    You start out with nothing appropriate for a defensive situation. You'll have
    about 5 minutes to prepare. You'll want to summon a [Chaos Nest] on both sides
    of the area, and a [Gehenna] somewhere as well, so that you can create more
    Guardians once the Phantoms destroy them, as well as use Long Scope. Send both
    groups of low levels familiars Mana hunting, then level your [Chaos Nests] up
    to level 2. When you can, summon a Dragon for the defense of both sides of the
    area, followed immediately by a Grimalkin or two for each Dragon. Your Runes
    need a Dragon for defense each at all times, the Grimalkin is for any stray
    Dragons that decide to attack you.
    The first major assault comes after about five minutes in.  A Dragon comes from
    the south to attack the Glamour set of Runes, so you better have your Dragon
    and a Grimalkin by then. Destroying him should be easy.
    When you have a Dragon protecting your main group, start sending out more
    Dragons to destroy the Runes around the level.  Just to the lower right of
    Lillet's Runes are two [Hell Gate] Runes surrounded by Guardians.   There's
    another [Hell Gate] to the upper left to the Sorcery Rune set. There's a [Chaos
    Nest] Rune on the lower left hand wall, surrounded by a ton of Guardians. Near
    the top right corner is a fourth [Hell Gate] Rune. Finally, there is an
    [Engrave] Rune near the central part of the far right side of the screen. 
    Note that at about 15 minutes into the battle, there's an extremely fierce
    assault by multiple enemies depending on much you have killed.  You'll want two
    Dragons on each of your Runes to kill them off, just to be safe because of the
    large amount of foes.
    After this battle, your [Chaos Nest] (oddly enough) can reach level five,
    allowing Demons to curse foes, and your [Acheron] can reach level four,
    allowing your Charons to use Anima Drain.
    Stage 5-1: Chimeras and the Witch
    Starting Units: Elfx4, Unicornx2, Ghostx4 Phantomx2, Skullmagex2, Charonx1
    Starting Runes: Wicca Lv1, Acheron Lv1, Purgatory Lv1
    Starting Mana: 1000
    Enemy Runes: Purgatory, Acheron, Hades Gatex2, Hell Gate
    Enemy Units: Phantom, Skullmage, Obelisk, Guardian, Imp, Demon (Opalneria)
    Victory Condition: Destroy all of Opalneria's Runes.
    You have a whole set of offense this time, but oddly enough, no Runes for the
    creation of Mana gathering familiars. Fortunately, the game gives you the
    familiars to start with, but the lack of runes is a bit strange. 
    The first thing that you should note about this battle is that there are two
    enemies, Opalneria and Chartreuse. The "pink" enemies are the Alchemy based
    Chartreuse and the "orange" are Opalneria. You only want to destroy Opalneria,
    trying to avoid getting Chartreuse's attention if at all possible, as he won't
    attack you for some time unless he is provoked. 
    Like the previous Astral battles, for the easiest and fastest time you're going
    to want to abuse the fast moving and powerful Chimera.  This is a large level,
    however, and to bring your Homunculus on the Charon that you start with.  Start
    the battle by summoning a [Laboratory] and [Chimera Spawn] Rune, and levelling
    your [Purgatory] and [Acheron] Runes up to level 2. At one point, you will
    also want to summon a [Hades Gate] as well, just in case.  With a Chimera, you
    will kill everything in sight, stopping attacks from Opalneria, and Chartreuse
    won't touch you if you don't threaten him, so your defense will be secure. 
    If you plan to do this with a Chimera, it is a bit touchy.  Have your Chimera
    lead the way and your Charon follow.  Head straight up the screen following the
    right wall, and you'll find a [Purgatory] Rune. Unload your Homunculi when it
    stops, and when Phantoms or other Astrals appear, use Clairvoyance to kill
    them.  Keep fighting your way through enemies, and if you are quick with
    loading and unloading your Chimera wont suffer too much damage. To the right of
    the crystal at the very top of the map are more Runes, this time they are the
    [Acheron] and [Hades Gate] Runes. This one is protected by Demons and other
    Sorcery, so you may not be able to kill it with your first Chimera. Also,
    you'll probably get unwanted attention of Chartreuse at this point, but if you
    do, it is unavoidable.
    One thing to note is that if your Charon becomes damaged and your Chimera is
    dead, create and Obelisk to cure it.  You don't want your Charon dying, taking
    the Homunculi with it. Another note is that you do -not- want to cut across the
    screen to the right.  Head all the way up the left wall to the top of the
    screen, and then head right.  Cutting across the screen will cause you to get
    Chartreuse's attention before you need to.
    After the [Acheron] and [Hades Gate], head a tiny bit south, and you will
    probably encounter a Chimera if you didn't before. Things can get messy from
    here if you aren't able to kill it, so at least heavily damage it with Psychic
    Storm so that when it heads to your other allies they wont all die. There's a
    [Hell Gate] and a [Hades Gate] on the far right wall.  After you destroy these,
    the battle ends, hopefully after only using two or three Chimeras. This is much
    easier than ferrying around your normal familiars on the Charon.
    Your [Chimera Spawn] has a second HP Up at level 3 now, and your [Hell Gate]
    can reach level 5. 
    Stage 5-2: Mouse Trap
    Starting Units: Ghostx4, Phantomx2, Skullmagex2, Elfx4, Fairyx2, Homunculusx2,
    Starting Runes: Fairy Ring Lv1, Purgatory Lv1, Hades Gate Lv1, Laboratory Lv1
    Starting Mana: 1000
    Enemy Runes: Gehenna, Chaos Nest, Hades Gate, Hell Gate
    Enemy Units:  Imp, Phantom, Skullmage, Demon, Guardian, Dragon (Advocat)
    Elf, Fairy, Unicorn, Morning Star (Gammel)
    Victory Condition: Destroy all of Advocat's Runes.
    If you attempt this battle a normal way, I would consider this the hardest 
    battle in the  game. Dragons don't work well, Chimeras get slaughtered,
    and while Charons carrying your allies works, you'll suffer many casualties.
    The key to winning is to kill everything on Advocat's side as quickly as
    possible, therefore causing you to only defend against Gammel, not both
    Gammel and Advocat.
    Like the previous battle, this battle is with two different enemy sets.
    Gammel's forces are directly to your left, and Advocat's are above and to the
    top left.  Do not even attempt to take on Gammel's forces directly, as
    his defense is too strong.  Even multiple dragons will be slaughtered quickly. 
    Advocat will assault you with Astrals and Demons from the top right, while 
    Gammel will assault you with Glamour from the left. You need two completely
    different and functional sets of defense just to protect yourself. Start by
    creating an [Engrave] Rune and by levelling up your [Purgatory], [Hades Gate],
    and [Laboratory] Runes up to level 2.  Create a [Titania] Rune right above the
    [Fairy Ring], and as you gain Mana, level that slowly up to level 5. When you 
    can, summon an extra Golem for defense of the left side of your Runes.  Three
    should be plenty, with a few Homunculi to back them up.   On the right side,
    you want a defense based off of Phantoms and Skullmages.  Phantoms will kill
    off the Demons easily, and Skullmages will kill off enemy Phantoms.  If you
    level [Purgatory] up until it reaches level 3 and your Skullmages obtain
    Astralize, they can kill Demons in one or two hits. 
    Once your defense of Golems, Skullmages, Phantoms, and Homunculi is stable,
    start creating your Morning Stars.  However, they have a lot of territory to 
    cover, so while doing this, have a Ghost create an Obelisk or two. This will
    help prevent their deaths. It will take extra time for the Morning Stars to fly
    back down and regain their HP, but it will save you an extra 350 Mana in the 
    long run.
    Once you have your first Morning Star, immediately fly up above the Crystal on
    the left.  Hopefully, you'll find a Dragon Egg up here.  If your preparations
    took too long, you'll find a hatched Dragon instead. Kill this Dragon, the
    Guardian, and the enemies around while waiting to gather Mana for further
    assault. When you have two Morning Stars, you can start the attack.  Head
    towards the upper left hand corner of the area, killing anything in your way.
    If the Demons or Guardians do any serious damage, head back to your Obelisk(s)
    and have them heal you.
    At the far upper left corner, you'll find a [Gehenna] Rune, protected by a 
    swarm of Demons, Phantoms, and a Guardian. Two Morning Stars should be able to
    kill them all, but you'll most likely be damaged.  Kill off the [Gehenna], get
    healed, returning once again to the same location. Just South of this are the
    [Chaos Nest] and [Hades Gate] Runes. However, these are protected by a Dragon,
    so unless you have at least one well healed Morning Star, you may not make it
    through. Kill off the Guardians first, as they will do more damage to your
    Morning Stars than the dragon will. Also, don't forget to watch the defense of
    your Runes, as it is easy to be distracted.
    If you're terribly unlucky, you may get the attention of Gammel's Runes while
    killing off the Dragon.  If this happens, things will get very dirty for your 
    Morning Stars. Hopefully, you'll at least be able to destroy a Rune and a few 
    enemies surrounding the area.  The Dragon is easy to kill, even alone, but 
    with other familiars attacking the Morning Star, she becomes quite fragile.
    After the danger is over, you'll find a [Hell Gate] that the Dragon was 
    protecting. Note however, that getting through the enemy defense to 
    actually destroy this Rune can be rather rough and may take a few Morning 
    This ends the battle. You obtain the Level 4 [Purgatory] skill and the level 5
    [Wicca] skill for finishing off this battle. 
    Stage 5-3: A Familiar's True Nature
    Starting Units: Impx4, Grimalkinx3, Morning Star x2, Demon x2, Skullmagex2
    Starting Runes: Titania Lv 1, Hell Gate Lv1, Purgatory Lv1
    Starting Mana: 750
    Enemy Runes: Hades Gatex2, Purgatory, Laboratory, Acheron, Engrave
    Enemy Units:  Phantom, Skullmage, Golem, Gargoyle, Ghost, Homunculus, Blob,
    Charon (Opalneria)
    Imp, Demon, Grimalkin (Margarita)
    Victory Condition: Protect Margarita. Destroy all of Opalneria's Runes.
    This battle is approached much like the previous two battles.  There are two
    sets of Runes, one that you want to attack, the other that you want to avoid. 
    However, in this case, if you attack Margarita's Runes (Sorcery), the game
    will end.  You need to focus primarily on Opalneria's. 
    You start out with a strong defense and offense. Just level up your Runes and
    create a [Laboratory]  a [Hades Gate] when you have the Mana. Avoid attacking 
    anything just yet, as as soon as you move, you'll be attacked. If you
    look at the map, you'll notice a crystal to the far left.  With a [Hades Gate]
    Rune, create three or four Ghosts and have them start gathering Mana from
    there. It may be overtaken later on, but if you have a steady supply of Mana
    at the start, it helps considerably. A decent defense for this level is 2
    Demons, and 2 Homunculi.  That's all you really need.
    When you feel ready, head over to the right with your two Morning Stars,
    leaving the Demons and Grimalkins for defense.  Over here, you'll find a 
    [Hades Gate] Rune. It's protected by Skullmages, Golems, Ghosts, and other
    enemies, but they should fall to two Morning Stars as long as you take out the
    Skullmages first.  Destroy the [Hades Gate].  Have a Ghost create an Obelisk
    or two to heal your Morning Stars when they're damaged.  After your Morning 
    Stars are healed, have them head back to the right. As tempting as it is, do not
    avoid destroying the Gargoyles.  Kill them off as soon as you see them.  They
    can't damage you now, but as soon as a Homunculus uses Clairvoyance, you're at
    their mercy. At the far right wall head up the map and you'll find the 
    [Engrave] Rune to destroy.
    In the lowest right corner of the area, you'll find Blobs, Gargoyles,
    Homunculi, and Skullmages.  This is quite the setup, and hopefully you'll get
    lucky enough that the Homunculi won't use Psychic Storm. There are two Runes 
    down here, a [Laboratory] Rune, and a [Purgatory]. Head to the left from here,
    and you'll find another [Hades Gate] Rune. Continue left, keeping your Morning
    Stars somewhat separated. There are Homunculi over here, who will use Psychic
    Storm to kill you in seconds. In the lower left corner is an [Acheron] Rune
    that is protected, of course, by a Charon. This is the last Rune.
    Also, if the Morning Star way doesn't cut it for you (too many deaths), you 
    can always take a few Homunculi with a Chimera and wipe the enemies out with
    Clairvoyance and just normal attacks. This way may actually be a bit easier 
    on you, if you find yourself unlucky with the Morning Star route. Note however,
    that this route takes quite a bit longer because of preparation time. You'll 
    need to cast more Runes at the start, and use more Mana to summon. however, 
    you'll end up destroying things faster.  Unless the Blobs use Gum Drop on you
    at bad times, you should only go through at most two or three Chimeras. Dragons
    do not work well against Astrals in most any situation, so avoid them.
    Note that near the end of the battle (13-15 minutes in or so) a very large set
    of enemies consisting of 2-3 Demons and a ton of Imps will come assault you.
    To prepare for this, Summon some extra Demons, Phantoms, and maybe even another
    Morning Star to help protect your Runes.
    After the battle, you will obtain the [Purgatory] Level 5 skill: Necromacy:
    Attack Up 2, and the [Engrave] Level 5 Skill, which increases attack range 
    Stage 5-4: Summoning Grimlet Again
    Starting Units: Impx8, Grimalkinx2, Demonx2
    Starting Runes: Hell Gate Lv1, Gehenna Lv1
    Starting Mana: 1000
    Enemy Runes: Hell Gatex3, Hades Gate, Chaos Nestx2, Engrave, Chimera Spawnx2,
    Gehenna, Laboratory
    Enemy Units: Phantom, Imp, Homunculus, Demon, Ghost, Dragon, Golem, Chimera,
    Guardian, Gargoyle, Blob
    Victory Condition: Endure 30 minutes for summoning Grimlet.
    The enemy attacks you with a wide variety of different familiars, so that one 
    specific type of defense does not work particularly well in this battle. Your
    Phantoms will be slaughtered instantly by Clairvoyance, Psychic Storm, 
    or Demons, so avoid using [Hades Gate]. Also note that the game starts you off
    with eight Imps.  Don't bother wasting Mana summoning another type of familiar,
    just use four Imps on top and four Imps on the bottom crystal.  Finally,
    create three Guardianss at the top of the area, on each set of stairs. This
    will keep the Imps and hopefully the Homunculus out.
    Dragons will work as a strong base defense here.  They can withstand heavy 
    damage, as well as deal large amounts. However, avoid Astrals, such as Morning
    Stars and Phantoms, as they will die far too easily. The game starts you off
    with a base of Sorcery, which will probably serve you best throughout the
    battle.  Create a [Chaos Nest] and [Laboratory] Rune, levelling each. Also, 
    make sure to level your [Hell Gate] as far as possible, as this will raise
    the power of your Demons drastically. Create a total of nine Guardians to
    protect your Runes.  You want three on each staircase at the top, and three 
    protecting the bottom.  Take your time, since you aren't meant to attack 
    the enemy, just focus on defense.
    If you plan on a pure defensive battle, this isn't that difficult. Have three
    or four Grimalkins, two or three Homunculi, two or three Dragons, some Imps,
    and the rest as Demons or free space. This should be enough to easily protect
    your runes for 30 minutes.  Grimalkins, Dragons, and Homunculi will take care
    of the Chimeras and Dragons with Sleep, Psychic Storm, and their attacks, 
    while Demons will kill the smaller enemies. The directions from which enemies
    attack is random, so you can't just expect an attack from "the right" or
    "down."  The game gives some advice to kill one or two sets of enemy Runes to
    make it easier. This is actually harder than specifically defending your Runes, 
    as it wastes quite a bit of Mana summoning Dragons. The normal battle is easily
    survivable just by sheer force of Dragons, Demons, Grimalkins, and Homunculi.
    If you decide to attack enemy Runes, take two or three Dragons and a
    Homunculus with you. Head down to the lower left and destroy the [Hell Gate]
    [Hades Gate] over here, which is protected by a swarm of Demons, Imps, and
    Phantoms that will easily overpower one Dragon. As you head down, make sure to 
    bring a Grimalkin, as you'll most likely encounter a Dragon or two. You want 
    to kill it without taking damage, so sleep it as soon as you engage. There's
    a [Chaos Nest] Rune near the lower left hand corner, but it is probably
    guarded by a few Dragons. These three are the only Runes on this side, so now 
    we attack the lower right.  There are [Hell Gate] and [Chimera Spawn] Runes 
    to the lower right hand corner, protected by a Chimera. There's an [Engrave]
    Rune slightly above this.  To the upper right is another [Chaos Nest], a 
    [Hades Gate], and a [Gehenna] Rune protected by two or three Dragons. To the
    upper left is a [Hell Gate], a [Laboratory], and a second [Chimera Spawn] near
    the upper right. The upper left is probably the most difficult because of the
    Homunculus and the Blobs.
    Unless you're fast, you won't be able to hit everything in the level.  I
    suggest going after the bottom two, if any. That way you'll only have to 
    defend against attacks coming from the top. This makes the end of the battle
    much easier, when Chimeras and Dragons come rushing you at around 23:00-25:00
    or so. This battle is quite challenging to destroy every Rune in, just
    because of the time limit.  But that's what makes it fun to try.
    You unlock the final skills after this battle. [Chimera Spawn] Level 5, which
    Raises the HP of Alchemy familiars, and [Gehenna] Level 4, which raises a 
    Dragon's maximum HP.
    Stage 5-5: Calvaros' Defense
    Starting Units: Elfx6, Fairyx3
    Starting Runes: Fairy Ring Lv1
    Starting Mana: 5000
    Enemy Runes: Hell Gatex4, Chaos Nestx2, Purgatoryx3, Engravex3, Wicca, 
    Fairy Ringx2, Hades Gatex2, Titania, Gehenna, Acheron, Chimera Spawn
    Enemy Units: All. Every single one of every type.
    Victory Condition: Destroy all of Calvaros' Ruens. 
    Our final story battle is extremely easy and fun, but it will take a long time
    to complete. Start out by summoning a [Chaos Nest] and a [Hades Gate] Rune.
    That's all you'll need. Level up your [Fairy Ring] to the maximum, as Fairies
    will work fine in defense. Nothing should really get through after the first
    few minutes. You may also want to create a [Gehenna] Rune and level it to 
    level four as well. This will give your Dragons higher HP and a wider range
    of vision to see Runes.
    Summon four or five Dragons. You start out with 5000 Mana, why not use it all?
    Keep them at your Runes until all of them have hatched, and then send them out,
    leaving one of them at the Runes.  Have two head directly right, killing
    everything it comes across. There's your first Rune to destroy over here, a 
    [Hell Gate]. Send two to the left as well, you'll find a [Chaos Gate] and a
    [Hell Gate] over here. Also, be sure to destroy the crystal on the far right.
    After it is a neutral crystal, summon 4-5 Ghosts and have them start gathering
    Mana from it. Avoid gathering Mana from the one right down the center, as
    enemies will always attack that one first.
    Note that you'll always to to send out Dragons in sets of two.  This way
    they'll last longer and you will suffer less casualties. From the top right,
    follow right wall down the map, doing the same with the left wall once the
    [Chaos Nest] is destroyed. The Right side has a [Purgatory] Rune just below
    it. Keep heading south, and when you have the Mana, send another two Dragons
    right down the center of the screen. Down this way are the [Engrave] and 
    [Purgatory] Runes. The Unicorns protecting them may cause some trouble with
    their shields, but you will be able to break through, even if you sustain some
    damage. Around the same area to the left (who is probably a bit behind because
    of a harder enemy set that included Dragons and Demons) you'll find a [Wicca]
    Rune. Down the center path, just below the first two, you'll find a
    [Fairy Ring]. Also, if any of your Dragons have died, immediately send another
    to replace the fallen. You want to keep them in pairs as they go down the map.
    The right side wont encounter another Rune until halfway down the map. There's
    another [Engrave] Rune here, protected by a few Demons, Fairies, and nothing 
    too terrible. Just below the [Engrave] Rune is another [Hell Gate]. If your
    Dragons aren't healthy though, they may be killed trying to destroy these.
    Continuing down the left side you'll find a [Hades Gate] Rune at around the
    center of the map. At this point, your Dragons will most likely start 
    encountering Morning Stars, which one-on-one, can easily kill a healthy Dragon.
    On the left, you'll find the [Titania] Rune, which is protected by an enemy
    Dragon. Just below that, in the central portion, somewhat to the left, you'll
    find a [Gehenna] Rune. Down the right you'll find an [Acheron] Rune, but the 
    Charon protecting it is quite powerful.
    Down the right there won't be any more Runes for a while, but you'll find a
    [Hades Gate] near the borrom of the screen. At the very bottom you'll find 
    a Chimera and a [Chimera Spawn] Rune.  The Chimera is protecting a 
    [Fairy Ring] Rune. That's all there is to the right. 
    Down the left side, which is probably the roughest side all around, you'll
    find another [Chaos Nest] protected by a Grimalkins, Blobs, and Homunculi that
    will pick you off while you can't act. Down a bit from here is a [Laboratory]
    Rune and an [Engrave] Rune. You'll also find a [Purgatory] and another
    [Hell Gate] down here at the far corner.
    During most of this battle, the central pair of Dragons wont have anything to
    do but support your left and right set of Dragons, especially during the middle
    portions of the level. If a Dragon to the left or right falls, you'll want to
    send the Dragons down the center to support the remaining Dragon.  Since you'll
    constantly be summoning Dragons, having aq group on support is a good idea,
    espcially if things get messy with a stronger set of foes.
                          --- Bonus Battle Walkthrough ---
    The Bonus Battles are the real fun and challenge of the game.  While the main
    game gets somewhat difficult near the end, most of the bonus battles have some
    sort of limitation in them that makes them more difficult.  As with my main 
    walkthrough, this is based off of [Normal] Mode.
    If you're looking for a particular Bonus battle, Control-F "Bonus #" and that
    will send you directly to the battle that you're looking for.
    Bonus 1: Grim Grimoire
    Starting Units: Elfx3
    Starting Runes: Fairy Ring Lv1
    Starting Mana: 5000
    Enemy Runes: Gehenna, Hell Gate, Chaos Nest Fairy Ring, Wicca, Titania, 
    Chimera Spawn, Laboratory, Engrave, Hades Gate, Acheron, Purgatory
    Enemy Units: Imp, Grimalkin, Demon, Dragon, Guardian, Fairy, Unicorn, Elf,
    Talisman, Morning Star, Blob, Homunculus, Golem, Guardian, Chimera, Phantom,
    Victory Condition: Destroy all enemy Runes.
    This is an easy battle right from the start, but you have access to everything.
    If you're like most people, you probably tried this battle after the first 
    tutorial segment and had no idea what to do.  The difficulty of some of the 
    bonus battles is so much higher than that of the normal game that it is 
    obvious that they were all meant to be completed after the entire game has
    been finished the first time. Consider this something of a "refresher" type
    battle, since it is far easier than anything from Chapter 5 of the main game.
    There's no crystal close to you at the start, but you have 5000 Mana to burn.
    You might as well start off strongly, with a [Gehenna] and a [Chaos Nest]. You
    want to use the [Gehenna] so that you can raise your Dragon's HP to 800. You'll
    want to create your Runes all above the [Fairy Ring] though, in case something
    comes to attack you before your Dragons hatch. 
    When you have three or four Dragons, send them out to destroy the Runes,
    leaving one at your [Fairy Ring] for defense. There's a [Gehenna] Rune towards
    the upper right, and just above this is a [Hell Gate]. Just above this is a
    Dragon protecting his [Chaos Nest]. A solo Dragon will probably die to this one
    though, so you may want to send another out to back him up.
    To the upper left you'll find a ton of faries and Unicorns protecting a 
    [Fairy Ring], [Titania], and [Wicca] Rune. Be careful of the Morning Star up
    here, as it will probably kill a lone Dragon.
    To the lower left, you'll find Runes protected by Homunculi, Golems, Chimeras,
    and Blobs. The [Chimera Spawn], [Engrave], and [Laboratory] Runes are over
    here on the far left wall.
    To the lower right you'll find the Astrals. There's a [Hades Gate] over here,
    and just near it an [Acheron] Rune.  Below those and to the left is a
    [Purgatory] Rune. 
    You can use other familiars in this battle other than Dragons, but if you get 
    lucky, four or five Dragons are all you need to finish off the level, and you 
    won't even need to bother with Mana gathering. Morning Stars work, but they 
    will probably die quickly on the Alchemy and Astral sides.
    Bonus 2: Strong Hoof Beats
    Starting Units: Elfx10, Unicornx4
    Starting Runes: Wicca Lv1
    Starting Mana: 300
    Enemy Runes: Acheron, Titania, Laboratory, Chaos Nest
    Enemy Units: Morning Star, Charon, Homunculus, Gargoyle, Guardian, Grimalkin
    Victory Condition: Destroy all enemy runes.
    You're limited only to Unicorns in this battle.  Fortunately, this isn't too 
    terrible. Send half of your Elves to gather fromthe top crystal and half to the
    bottom one.  Spend your first Mana to level your [Wicca] Rune to level 5. Your
    Unicorns need the extra 20 HP that comes with the max HP boost.  After this is
    done, summon two more Unicorns. Make sure you summon two more after this to
    protect your Rune, as it will suffer from enemy attacks. You won't have access
    to any more elves, so you don't want the ones you have to be destroyed.
    When you have the six Unicorns, head up the stairs, ignoring the path to the
    right when you see it.  Keep heading up to the very top of the map and you'll
    find an [Acheron] Rune and a [Titania] Rune.  be careful of the Morning Star
    protecting it though, and before you approach too closely you want to use
    Holy Barrier to protect your Unicorns. Also near the top you'll encounter
    Charons.  These will slowly pick you apart with one-hit kills, even with your
    shield. Remember that you have the Astral Hold ability to stop them from acting
    and to save you from casualties.  Destroy the [Titania] Rune.
    Have your Unicorns head all the way back down to the bottom of the map near
    where you started, and pick up two or three new Unicorns to go along with this
    older group.  Keep the Unicorns with no MP at your Rune (since there is more
    than likely to be a few) and bring at least five or six full MP/Health Unicorns
    in a group. Head slightly up from your Rune, and when you can, take a right. 
    There's no way to destroy the enemies, so you just need to run through. Have 
    them all use their Shields as they run through and no one should die.
    On the other side of the screen, head up the map and destroy the [Laboratory]
    Rune. The Homunculus can damage you severely, so when you approach it, make
    sure that you have your shield on, once again.  Once this is gone, head all the
    way back down the stairs past the Guardians and Gargoyles, and you'll find a
    Grimalkin and a [Chaos Nest]. The Grimalkin may kill a few of your Unicorns
    with his Mana Burn, but other than that he's nothing to worry about. 
    That's all.
    Bonus 3: Psychic-er
    Starting Units: Blobx2, Homunculusx3, Golemx2
    Starting Runes: Laboratory Lv1
    Starting Mana: 1250
    Enemy Runes: Fairy Ring, Hades Gate, Chaos Nest
    Enemy Units: Elf, Fairy, Golem, Gargoyle, Phantom, Imp, Morning Star, Demon,
    Dragon, Grimalkin
    Victory Condition: A Golem must survive. Destroy all enemy Runes.
    You're limited completely to Alchemy familiars in this battle.  If you haven't
    played a lot with them in the main game, you're going to learn how to use them
    here. To make it more difficult, at least one of your starting Golems must live
    through the battle. Start the battle off by summoning two or thre more Blobs so
    that they can start gathering Mana. After they have a nice head start, level
    your [Laboratory] up to 5. Note that other than the 1200 Mana you start with,
    you only have 1500 from the crystal, so you need to spend what you have wisely.
    Once this is done, summon two more Homunculur and two more Blobs for your long
    journey. Have your Homunculi and Blobs lead the way for the Golems and head
    down the stairs and then to the right.  Destroy the first set of Elves,
    continuing down the stairs that they were guarding. Soon you'll encounter a
    [Fairy Ring].  Only your Golems can damage this, so let them damage from a
    distance, still keeping your Blobs and Homunculi out in the front. When you
    start the attack, Fairies will rush at you. Have a single Homunculi use Psychic
    Storm on them all, and they will die before any significant damage. 
    Continue down the stairs and head left, down more stairs.On the way, you'll
    encounter a Golem to kill. At the very bottom, you need to have your Golems do
    some work.  The path is guarded by Gargoyles who will kill your weaker Blobs
    and Homunculi, so have the Golems attack them and kill them all from a safe
    distance. Some Phantoms will come rushing at you from the upper level, but use
    Psychic Storm and keep your Golems safe on the lower level and you'll be safe.
    Note that at any point in the battle if you find your Homunculu running out of
    MP, you need to immediately summon three or four more. It is by fare the most
    important thing to keep the Homunculus with MP, as they are your main offense.
    You can just move them over to your group, as there won't be anything stopping
    them from reaching you.  It's a bit of a walk, but the wait is worth it.
    After the Gargoyles and Phantoms are destroyed, proceed across the lowest
    portion of the level, and some Imps will attack you next. This part is
    surprisingly dangerous for your Golems, probably moreso than the Phantoms.
    On the far side of the map you'll find the [Hades Gate] Rune. Once again, only
    Golems can destroy this. Be careful at this point, as while you're attacking
    this Rune, a Morning Star is most likely going to sneak up on you from above.
    She can easily kill your Golems, especially if they're weakened. You need to
    get the jump on her with Psychic Storm.
    With your Golem(s) trailing behind a bit, continue up the stairs, keeping Blobs
    close to your Homunculi.  Soon, you'll encounter a Demon.  Use Gum Drop
    immediately, killing it with a few Psychic Storms. Continuing up the path, 
    you'll soon encounter the most dangerous situation.  You need to kill that 
    Dragon.  With the Slimes leading the way, have them use Gum Drop right off the
    start, and then have every single one of your Homunculi use Psychic Storm 
    immediately. With six or more Homunculi, you'll have no trouble taking down the
    Dragon.  Have the Golem approach shortly after.
    Continuing up the stairs, you'll eventually encouter two Dragons eggs.  You 
    MUST have your Homunculi use Psychich Storm on them immediately before they 
    hatch. Two Dragons may be a bit much for you to take on, especially if you're
    low on MP and Mana, depending on how well the battle went. The [Chaos Nest] is
    just above here for your Golem to destroy. Grimalkins will pop out of this,
    which will be the final threat.
    Bonus 4: Singing Boatman
    Starting Units: Demonx3, Homunculusx1, Charonx1, Obeliskx1, Impx5(Charon)
    Starting Runes: Acheron Lv1, Hell Gate Lv1
    Starting Mana: 750
    Enemy Runes: Hell Gate, Chaos Nest, Laboratory, Wicca
    Enemy Units: Imp, Guardian, Gargoyle, Unicorn, Morning Star, Dragon, Homunculus
    Victory Condition: Charon must survive. Destroy all enemy Runes.
    Like the previous battle, you're forced to keep your Charon unit alive, or you
    lose. You actually start off with 5 Imps, though you don't see them at the 
    start.  Target your Charon and have him Unload his passengers, which happens to
    be your Imps.  Have them start gathering Mana, and level up your [Acheron] and
    [Hell Gate] Runes.
    While doing this, have your Charon Board your Homunculus and Demons.  Wait
    until your [Hell Gate] is level 5, and them summon a fourth Demon for your 
    Charon. At this point, you don't have any other option but to spend the rest
    of your Mana on summoning Demons.
    Now there are a few ways you can go about this battle.  The easier way is with
    the Charon's level four skill Anima Drain.  this skill kills one of your
    onboard familiars to deal heavy damage. It usually takes two Demons with 
    Anima drain to destroy a Rune. You can also do it by flying around the level
    and unboarding your familiars, actually letting them attack things one by one.
    This is a bit harder, but it doesn't automatically require the death of your 
    familiars. Ideally, you'll want a bit of a mix of both, but you can do it
    purely one way or the other.
    With five Demons in your Charon, head directly over to the right.  There's a 
    heavily fortified [Hell Gate] Rune over here.  Use Anima Drain twice to destroy
    it without having to worry about the Guardians and fly back to your Runes. 
    Create two more Demons (and have that Obelisk heal any damage that you may have
    taken from the Guardians) and then fly directly up from your Runes.
    Up here you'll find a Gargoyle, some Dragons eggs, and a [Chaos Nest].  Unload
    your familiars and destroy the eggs first, followed by the Gargoyle and Rune.
    You don't want the eggs hatching. After this, head to the top of the screen, 
    about halfway across.  Head down a bit, and you'll find a [Laboratory] Rune 
    protected by some Homunculi. Unload your passengers and destroy the Homunculi
    and Rune, being sure to keep your Charon from Psychic Storm range.
    From here, fly up to the very top of the screen, and then head all the way to
    the right.  Over here, you'll find a dangerous rune near a Gargoyle. This is a
    touchy part. You can't use Anima Drain here, so instead bring your Homunculus
    and four Demons, having them kill off the Morning Star while the
    Homunculus uses Clairvoyance. Hopefully your Charon won't get stuck in
    Astral Hold.  If he does, the game will most likely end. There's a [Wicca] Rune
    in the shadows of the top right corner.
    That ends this battle.
    Bonus 5: Walz of Spirits and Ghosts
    Starting Units: Elfx3, Fairyx2, Ghostx2, Talismanx6
    Starting Runes: Fairy Ring Lv1, Hades Gate Lv1, Wicca Lv 1
    Starting Mana: 300
    Enemy Runes: Hades Gatex2, Hell Gatex3, Purgatory
    Enemy Units: Demon, Imp, Skullmage, Guardian
    Victory Condition: Destroy all enemy runes within 20 minutes.
    This is surprisingly difficult. It is pretty much the same battle as the end of
    Part 1 where you must defend your Runes. However this time you're required to
    destroy the enemy Runes instead of just defending. To make this worse, you have
    access to none of your better skills, such as Astral Change, for your Fairies.
    Like in the normal battle, you need to have a strong defense created before you
    can start your assault. With your starting 300 Mana, you want to create another
    Elf and two more Ghosts for mana gathering. With the rest, level up your 
    [Fairy Ring] and then your [Hades Gate].
    Bonus 6: Grimoire Tips
    Starting Units: Elfx4
    Starting Runes: Fairy Ring Lv2
    Starting Mana: 600
    Enemy Runes:  Chaos Nest, Hell Gate, Wicca, Fairy Ring, Purgatory, Hades Gate
    Enemy Units: Fairy, Phantom, Talisman, Guardian, Obelisk, Unicorn
    Victory Condition: Destroy all enemy runes.
    This battle isn't too bad, given the description of "limited Mana."
    One way to do this battle is immediately creating a [Chaos Nest].  This way 
    takes a bit, but it's rather safe. Level your Nest up quickly and summon an
    Egg when you have 500 Mana.  You need to get a Dragon out before around 3:00,
    as enemies will start attacking you then.  Leave your Dragon stationed on your
    Runes until you have another 500 Mana to create a second Dragon (this will take
    another few minutes), and then you can start moving around the level.
    Directly above your Runes, near the top of the map is a [Chaos Nest] Rune to
    destroy.  Just above this is a [Hell Gate]. The only thing really protecting 
    these two Runes are some Guardians.  From the top of the map, have a Dragon
    crawl all the way across to the top right side, destroying Talismans along the
    way. You'll find the [Wicca] and [Fairy Ring] Runes guarded by some Talismans
    and a swarm of Fairies and Unicorns.
    While you're doing this, have another Dragon walk to the lower right hand
    corner.  Down here is a [Purgatory] Rune and a [Hades Gate] Rune. The Phantoms
    down here are difficult to kill because of the Obelisks, but you shouldn't have
    too much trouble with them.
    Bonus 7: Shy Dragon
    Starting Units: Ghostx4, Phantomx3
    Starting Runes: Hades Gate Lv2
    Ally Runes: Acheron Lv1, Chaos Nest Lv2
    Starting Mana: 300
    Enemy Runes:  Laboratory, Engrave, Wicca, Purgatory, Titania, Hell Gate
    Enemy Units: Gargoyle, Homunculus, Golem, Guardian, Fairy, Imp, Morning Star,
    Talisman, Obelisk, Demon
    Victory Condition: Destroy all enemy Runes.
    You have an odd assortment to work with here.  Fortunately, the game gives you
    a [Hades Gate] to start off with. Create your own [Engrave] and [Hell Gate]
    Runes after this. Spend a bit of time preparing at this point, levelling your 
    two Runes up (dont bother with the [Hades Gate], keep it at level 2), and 
    summoning another Ghost or two to speed up the production of Mana.
    Summon a Golem and start attacking the Gargoyles from a distance.  This should
    provoke a Homunuclus to come out of the shadows. Keep your Ghosts and Phantoms
    out of his Psychic Storm area, and kill him and the other Golems quickly. After
    all of these are destroyed, head up to the very top of the small area.  You'll
    find a [Acheron] Rune to ally. There's also the [Laboratory] and [Engrave]
    Runes for you to destroy up here.
    With the [Acheron] Rune as your ally, you need to summon a Charon. Make sure 
    you level your new [Acheron] Rune to level 2 first, though. Once you have a
    Charon, summon two Demons and board your three Phantoms and these two Demons
    onto him.  Fly him to the center of the map and you'll find the [Chaos Nest]
    Rune.  It's surrounded by enemies that you must destroy, so unload your 
    passengers and have them destroy the swarms of Fairies and Guardians before 
    allying the Rune.
    After the Rune is safe, you want to focus on summong a Dragon.  Keep two or
    three Phantoms and a Demon or two near the [Chaos Nest] to protect it from
    attacks, while you gather Mana.  Once you have your Dragon, head directly down.
    You'll find a ton of Guardians and Talismans to kill, and probably a few 
    Fairies and a Morning Star.  Unless you're severely wounded, the Morning Star
    shouldn't kill you, but it will most likely weaken your first Dragon to the
    point of uselessness.
    Bring a Dragon to the bottom right corner of the map and you'll find a [Wicca]
    Rune, probably protected by another Morning Star.  Just below this is a 
    [Purgatory] Rune. Slightly to the left is the [Titania] Rune.
    After these are destroyed, head up to the top right corner of the map.  The
    path is littered with Guardians, but kill them and proceed. Up here you'll find
    a [Hell Gate], which is the final Rune.
    There are other ways to finish this battle, but Dragons tend to take the least
    effort. The large amount of Talismans will pose a problem when using smaller
    familiars such as Demons to kill, but it is possible.  Bring a Homunculus
    along, and you'll be fine. You'll do better against the Morning Stars than the
    Dragons do, at least.
    Bonus 8: Twin Goddesses
    Starting Units: Elfx3, Fairyx3, Talismanx3
    Starting Runes: Fairy Ring Lv2
    Starting Mana: 300
    Enemy Runes: Hell Gate
    Enemy Units: Imp, Guardian
    Victory Condition: Destroy all enemy Runes.
    You'll most likely want to abuse Dragons for the earlier parts of this battle.
    At the start, summon two Elves and create your [Chaps Nest]. During your 
    preparation, the enemies attack in a predictable pattern: Fom the bottom to the
    Talismans, from the top with Fairies, and from the bottom again. Save all of
    your Mana for summoning a Dragon, then create another Fairy or two to help
    protect your Runes.
    The Dragon needs to walk to the lower left. There are three Guardians to 
    destroy, along with a [Hell Gate] Rune.
    [More to come later]
    Thank you for reading. I hope you have enjoyed this guide.  As of now, it is
    What's left to do?
    Perhaps extending the Grimoires section to make it more than just the
    basics. I'm not too happy with how it is now. The game provides a nice tutorial
    on how to play, so a basics section isn't completely necessary. I also plan to
    look over this guide to grammar check it, eventually. I know I've made typos
    Due to how busy I am with life, I have refrained from keeping my Email and
    contact information from this guide.  I deeply apologize if you have any
    questions about the game, but I am usually unable to answer. Also, this is my
    first attempt at writing for a RTS, I usually write for RPGs, so I'm wary on
    how well I succeeded at this feat.
    Version 1.0 Finished guide and partially finished extra battles.
    You may use this guide on your site if it if for non-profit use only, if you're
    giving me full credit, and nothing out of the original document is changed. 
    - A special "Thank You" -
    Thank you to all of those who have read my guides in the past, present, and in
    the future. I have millions of hits to my guides now, a feat I would never have
    thought possible. Finally, thank you to all of the loyal readers who have sent
    me Emails of Thanks and encouragement, you're the ones who got me out of my
    retirement and made me start writing again.
    Copyright 2007-2008 Stephanie Nutter

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