Who is the best party for you?

  1. I just can't decide...

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  1. I found Mitsuru too high upkeep for common play. She needs to be a Full Assault or Knock Down to avoid pointless use of Marin Karin and Tentarafoo, but that cuts off her healing and still causes Mind Charge. Knock Down prevents Mind Charge use too, but she'll only use ice skills against targets weak to ice that way. Akihiko was a better level climbing character despite lower damage , especially once you get some levels behind him and his magic really starts to develop. Mitsuru was better for bosses though.

    Koromaru and Ken had similar problems with using instant death spells on low HP targets, although they're both strangely accurate with their Hama/Mudos. Ken's lack of multitarget spells was annoying on top. They both have weaknesses that get them killed when hit too, and they can't be covered by a fusion weapon either.

    Aigis and Junpei suffer from being physical attackers in a game where magic pretty much rules. Aigis has unimpressive STR and attack skills in general too. Aigis' enhance spells didn't cast in a predictable order, nor did Akihiko's, so using them for support was a roll of the dice unless you left them on that tactic for several turns straight.

    My prefered party was generally Akihiko, Yukari, and then one of Mitsuru/Junpei/Aigis. Least annoyance, most reliable random encounter damage. Unless I was feeling like a pig, in which case I went with the harem party. Note that I kept a stable of persona at pretty much all times that gave the MC access to all 4 magic elements and both instant death types, so I tended to just blow apart everything I fought anyway.

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  1. You should always change up your party to fit the situation but generally keep at least one person that can heal the party like mitsuro or yukari.

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  2. It depends on you.
    Yukari : Heal, wind
    Junpei : Physical, fire
    Akihiko: Physical, thunder, heal
    Mitsuru: Heal, ice
    Ken: Heal, light, thunder
    Koromaru: Fire, dark
    Aigis: Physical, heal
    Shinjiro: Physical

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  3. i think it's

    Yukari (for healing and wind skill) , Akihiko (Support and thunder skill) , Mitsuru (Heal,and ice skill),and my MC use a fire persona with physical skill too.

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  4. For my silent main protagonist, I already have persona's that have the highest Light, Dark, Fire, and Ice moves. So I keep Yukari (Wind, pierce moves,Healer), Junpei (Strike moves, defense support, more fire), and I would use Akihiko (Lightning, Healer, Strike)

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  5. The Best Party is A MC which does not require the other members to survive, but only help him to kill everything quicker. What i mean is if you get your persona's right you will have a great range of every skill you will need e.g. Fire Ice Lightning Wind Physical e.t.c. and the other characters will complement your Character, e.g. on said level of Tartaurus Enemys are weak to Lighning Fire and Ice, your characters should be Akihiko/Ken, Junpei/Koromaru and Mitsuru.

    Hope that helps.

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  6. It really depends on the situation, like others have already said. However, I use Yukari and Koromaru more than the other characters.

    I prefer using Yukari as my healer instead of Mitsuru, because Mitsuru uses Mana Karin or whatever its called (the single target Charm attack) quite a bit, and it rarely works.

    And I can't say why without dropping spoilers, but I advise not using Junpei against Nyx.

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  7. Through the whole lot I mostly used the original group
    That means Yukari, Junpei, and Akihiko, and Mitsuru.
    -I almost always used Yukari & Junpei (Yukari for major healing, and Junpei for aggressiveness and Spring Of Life)
    -I used Akihiko mostly for attacking.
    -Occasionally replaced Akihiko with Mitsuru, usually for certain battles. This is HEAVY on Strega battles, because Jin can keep Akihiko on the ground for the whole battle.
    -I didn't really use Ken much because he didn't really "exceed" in anything in particular... Plus he's short. (Jk lol)
    -I don't like using Koromaru at all because I don't like relying on one-hit kills. (Darkness attacks)
    -I probably would've kept Shinjiro except that he just HAD to die. Though in P4 I liked Kanji a lot because he was a Shinjiro-Akihiko crossover. (Sort of)

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  8. Oh and I forgot to mention Aigis. I would use her to replace either Junpei or Akihiko's spot in certain situations, because her Gasm--.. err... Orgia mode would come (LOL COME) in handy a lot for tartarus bosses (they'll end quicker)

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  9. YUKARI is the charecter i use when i go to the dark hour and the rest depend on the elements i use almighety so its all random

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  10. for me i like to use

    Mitsuru - for ice spells and mind charge of hers :P (she's my healer)
    Akihiko - for support skills also for elec type attacks
    Junpei - for support skills and his aggressiveness

    User Info: Xynz

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  11. I like to use Yukari, Akihiko and Mitsuru (in this order XP),
    Yukari is the best healer in the game and uses wind;
    Akihiko has some healing skills, some physical skills and uses electricity;
    Mitsuru has healing skills (wich I use when Yukari is out of SP or can't cure for some reason), and do a LOT damage with Mind Charge+ Bufudyne

    The problem for Mitsuru is: if you let her in "Act Freely" strategy, she sometimes use Mind Charge+Tentarafoo (wich just wastes the turn she used mind charge), but to solve this roblem just let her in "Full Assault", then she'll still use Mind Charge, but won't use Tentaraffo, instead she'll use Bufudyne. (if you want her to heal put her in "Heal/Support", but this is a waste of her destructive magic attack power, use it only in emergencies).

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  12. Ive always used Aigis(for enemys without weaknesses),Mitsuru(she has wonderful ice attacks, mind charge and is a good healer and the fourth member i used Yukari,,a wonderful healer, becouse bringing one healer is not enough in many boss fights.
    But, at the end, which one is the best party is up to you.

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  13. The best party for me in the last stage has always beenKen, Konamaru , and Mitsuru that way you have lightning, light, fire, darkness, ice, and healing along with two slash attacks, pierce, and Iuse the axe so you i also have bash meaning all you have to have is wind plus those are my strongest .

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  14. I used Yukari, Junpei and Akihiko with Mitsuru as a replacement when one of the main party had to sit out.

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  15. My usual party:
    - Yukari: She has good healing spells and her Wind spells are very strong with a Vayu Bracer equipped.
    - Aigis: For the physical attacks and assistance in healing.
    - Mitsuru: Sometimes replaced by Akihiko or Koromaru, she is meant to more or less fill the gap. Decent at healing, but I often use her for attacking instead unless the elements make her a useless addition.

    The only real drawback of this party is that both Yukari and Aigis are weak against Electricity - this poses problems in fights where the enemies have Electricity spells on them.

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  16. Mine Is
    -Junpei because he has a strong attack
    -Akihiko Because He Is An all around character he can heal,cast spells,has a good attack and defense

    It Depends on the last Party Member

    Either Mitsuru Or Yukari

    -Yukari Because She Is A Pure Healer And Has Strong Wind Attacks
    -Mitsuru Because She Is A Healer,Strong Ice Attacks And Some Spells that can cause ailments

    but i prefer Mitsuru

    I Did not use

    Aigis cause she also has Physical Attacks like junpei but if you like Aigis Can Change JuNPEI
    Shinjiro he is a good physical attacker but he will die in this game
    Koromaru he has good fire attacks but junpei has also fire attacks
    Ken he uses to much Hama/Mudo skills it causes instant death but it misses a lot but if he learns Mudo/Hama Boost He Is Also A good Character in the game

    My MC has a Ose as persona because i MADE A Ose Who Has Maragion,Herculean Strike, Mazio,Bufula and garula

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  17. MC-with a Thanatos max skills with Die For Me, Mudo boost, and 1hd sword master(pownage)
    Yukari- shes a good all around and added perk she doesnt stumble. usually healer unless enemy is weak to peirce or wind.
    junpei- great attacker fire skills and towards the end he gets an auto heal status.
    Mitsuru- good attacker but also good healer. she also has a higher dodge and crit hit rateing (at least for me)usually attacker unless Yukari runs out

    killed every boss in under 2 minutes (except Nyx who took like ten) on hard mode
    fuse thanatos with an alice that knows Die For Me and another that knows mudo boost.

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  18. MC - Obvious...
    Junpei - Good fire and physical skills
    Ken - Good electric user, and not a bad healer *though you should lvl up Yukari just in case*
    Aigis - The main physical user need i say more

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  19. Most of the time I have Yukari (for her healing skills) Mitsuru (she can deal a great amount of damage by focusing then casting bufudyne plus, she can heal) and the for the last one, i take either Junpei (for his phisycal ability and fire skills) or Akihiko (for his -kaja/-nda skill and electicity skills) depending on the situation

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  20. MC: Ussualy I use for support Aigis (tarukaja).
    Mitsuru (Act Freely): Both offense and healing.
    Yukari (Heal/Support): Healing.
    Aigis (Full Assault / Orgia Mode): For attack. Usually supported with tarukaja.

    Well, that's my current strategy. Usually I change to new strategy when I changed my main persona.

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  21. Yukari :Wind,Heal
    Mitsuru:Ice(Very strong),Mind charge
    Akihiko:Thunder, Strike attack( normal attack,very important )
    You: Ramdom

    Good strategy

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  22. I use:
    When its a tough battle I set Yukari to heal/support and the rest knock down, its way effective

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  23. I have Junpei as the teams main heavy hitter,Yukari as the healer and Mitsuro/Akihiko as the main magic user.The mc however is the teams jack of all trades

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  24. There is no 'best party', only a party to fit each individual situation based on their strengths/weaknesses.
    It would be wise, however, to have a healer in your party, if the MC is not acting as one.
    Yukari best fits that role, as she's the only one who can heal the entire party, aside from the MC.
    It's basically all up to you, as each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, and you can utilize it to your own advantage, for each situation.

    I stuck with Yukari, Aigis, and Mitsuru, throughout the entire game. Probably because I'm too lazy to level up other characters, but you can overcome their weaknesses through wearing certain equipments like using the accessory Surt gives, for Mitsuru, so she can avoid getting knocked down from fire attacks. It's basically all based on your situation, for what party you decide to use (same with your own personas). Just try experimenting with each character and see how you enjoy it, and see if their style compliments your's.

    For example, I enjoyed having Mitsuru in my party, as she did relatively high amounts of damage with her Bufudyne skills, coupled with Varuna bracers, and Ice Amp(I don't understand why she would replace Ice boost, with Ice amp, instead of her other useless skills), and don't forget, Mind Charge. Also, not that many bosses had resistance against ice, from what I remember. If they did, she could also double as a healer, so she was pretty versatile in combat, which I thought came in pretty handy.

    Yukari did pretty well, fulfilling her role as a healer, and as situations played out, exploiting enemies weak against pierce.

    Aigis is mediocre when it comes down to pure damage, but the Samarecarm can come in handy, if a character is downed, along with the buffs.

    I don't have much experience with the other characters, seeing as I never used them at all. But in the end, it's all up to your own playing style, just try experimenting.

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  25. Can't really BE a best party. if you have all the personas that you want and need customized and all, then you ARE the party.

    But anyway...

    Aigis or Akihiko

    That's what I used. I saw no need for Yukari anymore after I figured out how to customize the extra abilities that you can give your personas. By the time that I hit October, almost ALL my personas had a healing spell. Then every time I fused, the persona would almost ALWAYS get a healing spell.
    Junpei is okay, but I quit using him after I got the Dog. Akihiko I used well, but I just used Aigis more. But Akihiko replaced Aigis on a regular basis.
    Mitsuru did a ****load of damage. Sometimes, she would do a little more damage than me when she uses Bufudyne. And that's without the Varuna Bracers. So Mitsuru wins regardless.

    But if you just want my lulzy opinion, use just Mitsuru and Yukari. Besides, the MC might need some erotic talking to give him the HP boost without using a turn. XD

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  26. Your party should always be built around your play style. For example: Say that you enjoy playing a healer type character. In this case you may want to leave Yukari behind because her damage dealing isn't particularly impressive and she really shines at healing and support. Aigis, a character that frequently uses large chunks of HP to perform hard-hitting physical attacks might be a better option to bring along, as would Mitsuru, who focuses on demolishing the enemy with high-powered magic.

    On the flip side, say that your main goal is to be a full on offensive physical character. In that case, you would take along someone like Yukari or Ken, or even both for support and magical prowess.

    I personally like to juggle my Personas and fill in any role that happens to need filling at any given time, so I chose a team of Aigis, Koromaru, and Yukari.

    Aigis is a powerful tank and damage dealer who also has the benefit of multi-target buff spells. Koromaru has instant death spells just in case and can take the most abuse out of any other party member (until the MC is at level 99 that is) not to mention his fire skills pack a huge punch if you have him equipped with Agni Bracers. Yukari is my healer, plain and simple. That's all she's there for as well as firing off the occasional wind spell. Debuffs usually fall into my hands, but with this setup I can really play whatever role I feel like playing. You can also, alternatively sub in Mitsuru for Koromaru for more damage-dealing power. I just tend to like having the extra tank and speed on my side.

    If all else fails, go for style. I mean, I have a robot, a dog, and the most popular girl in school on my team!

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  27. I like:

    Yukari: Healing, pierce attack, wind
    Junpei: Basically because he kicks ass
    Mitsuru: Ice attacks

    Really, you need everybody, but these are the people I just love to use.

    User Info: yotaruvegeta

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