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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Patt3rson

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    |  MEDAL OF HONOR: VANGUARD                                                  |
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    |  FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2 - Written by Patt3rson                  |
    |                                                                            |
    |  Final version, since May 5 2007 – Copyright Patt3rson                     |
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    |  patt3rson(at)gmail(dot)com – www.gamechoice.nl                            |
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                                                               | ENGLISH VERSION |
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    = C O N T E N T S =
    \ 1 / INTRODUCTION /
    1A – Copyright Notice
    1B – Additions
    1C – Preparations
    \ 2 / GAME /
    2A – Story
    2B – Characters
    2C - Controls
    \ 3 / WALKTHROUGH /
    3A - Off-Target
    3B - Der Bunker
    3C - Behind Enemy Lines
    3D - Scavengers
    3E - Requiem
    3F - A Shallow Grave
    3G – Haunted
    3H – Predators
    3I - Endgame
    3J - The Crucible
    \ 4 / CONCLUSION /
    4A – Final Word
    4B - Credits
    = 1 = I N T R O D U C T I O N =
    Writing FAQ’s and walkthroughs takes a lot of time and effort, so writers do a 
    lot of work. Stealing work from others is unthinkable and one of the worst 
    crimes you can commit in writing. It’s also punishable, because all files on 
    the web are protected by international copyright law and usage without 
    permission can be fought out in court.
    The newest version of this file can be found on http://www.gamefaqs.com. For 
    questions and remarks about this file, including the walkthrough, you can use 
    the e-mail address below. Only serious questions of which the answer can’t be 
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    This document may not be distributed or copied in parts or as a whole. This 
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    Permission can be asked using the below e-mail address, but is not guaranteed! 
    If you find this file on another location than mentioned below, please use the 
    same address to let me know.
    \ B / ADDITIONS /
    I translated this document from my Dutch walkthrough after that one was 
    complete. Everything you see is new and the FAQ will not be updated anymore 
    unless the Dutch FAQ is also updated.
    This document is a translation of my other Dutch walkthrough. While 
    translating I did not play the game anymore, so it is possible that some 
    translations (Especially names for items, locations, etcetera!) are not 
    entirely correct. Read the tips below before you start the game and use this 
    walkthrough. These remarks contain valuable information about using this FAQ 
    or the game.
    In every campaign, consisting of multiple levels, you can earn medals. You 
    earn them per level, but they are only awarded and shown to you at the end of 
    a campaign. When you look at your service record you can see which medals 
    you’ve earned for the part of the game that you completed. Here is also shown 
    how you can earn those medals, so you know how to get the ones that are still 
    missing. If there are multiple medals of the same type it means you can earn 
    those in each level, so you can also see for which level in the series for the 
    campaign you didn’t collect yet.
    = 2 = G A M E =
    \ A / STORY /
    Medal Of Honor: Vanguard takes you along on some of the adventures of the 82nd 
    airborne division of the American army, the All Americans. This division is 
    known as a legendary group of soldiers that were of great importance during 
    the Second World War. They still exist and have been deployed to Vietnam and 
    Iraq afterwards, among other places.
    \ B / CHARACTERS /
    The main character and the person you play as. You’ll eventually be promoted 
    to sergeant of your team.
    Sergeant Magnuson was your team’s leader, but after a while he gets shot by a 
    sniper and you’re the one that takes his place.
    A soldier with quite a nice rank, but with little importance in the game. He’s 
    waiting for you at the end of one of the missions.
    An honorable mentioning for soldier Chalmers, who dies first while you’re 
    trying your best to take out a dangerous tank.
    At the end of the game, two soldiers are talking about how nice it is to see 
    the American reinforcements coming in, Slauson is one of them.
    \ C / CONTROLS /
    Below are all the buttons for the PlayStation 2 controller. It’s possible that 
    not all buttons have a function by default in the game! These are the default 
    settings, it’s a possibility that they can be adjusted to your own liking! 
    Check the manual or the menus to find out how.
    Up                               - Zoom in
    Down                             - Zoom out
    Left                             - NOT USED
    Right                            - NOT USED
    Triangle                         - Jump/stand
    Cross                            - Interact/reload
    Square                           - Crouch/prone
    Circle                           - Switch weapons
    L1                               - Iron sight
    L2                               - Spring
    R1                               - Use weapon
    R2                               - Select grenade
    L3                               - Sprint
    Left Analog                      - Move character
    R3                               - Melee attack
    Right Analog                     - Move crosshair
    Start                            - Pause menu
    Select                           - NOT USED
    = 3 = W A L K T H R O U G H =
    \ A / OFF-TARGET /
    After a pretty rough flight you’ll be hanging on a parachute in the air. You 
    can steer and use X to move more diagonally instead of just down in a straight 
    line. Check out the rocks to the left below you, you can see a smoke signal 
    there where you have to try and land. Take out a probable enemy and pick up a 
    Weapon Upgrade from between the stacks of crates. Move along the rocks to the 
    building in the north. You need to climb the stairs and you can already shoot 
    some enemies through the window halfway up, but make sure you won’t take a lot 
    of damage. At the top of the stairs is a door leading inside, look inside 
    carefully and shoot whoever you see. Go down the stairs and clear the building 
    from enemies to complete the first goal. Then you’re told to regroup with Sgt. 
    Magnuson, he’s standing inside the other room north of where you’re standing 
    now. When you get to him you’ll be told to enter the town, to do this you can 
    go through the door on the left and up the hill while taking down two guys on 
    their own balconies a little to the left. In the northern direction is a gate 
    guarded by an MG42, first take out the two opponents in the arch itself and 
    then the one behind the MG42 when he’s reloading. When the opponents here are 
    down you’ll have accomplished another objective and a door to the right will 
    Take out the two men on this floor and head up the stairs in the back left, at 
    the top is another guy you have to shoot or smash down. Past the next door is 
    a shooter behind an MG42, take care of him and return outside the way you also 
    got here. Wait for the door opposite the one you come out of to be kicked in 
    and then head inside. Just walk up the stairs, into the next room and then 
    back outside to end up at the other side of the barricades. You’ll have to 
    fight your way up here, but enemies will keep showing up. So take out the most 
    dangerous enemies that are closest to you, then use the opportunity to advance 
    upwards. Climb the stairs and move upwards a little bit more. You will 
    complete the objective to get up the stairs and when the enemies are taken 
    care of you’ll get the objective to enter a building. The entrance of this 
    building is a head and to the right. Go inside, shoot down the opponents and 
    head up the stairs. Once up there you have to defend the building, so get to 
    one of the vacant windows and shoot at the many enemies beneath you on the 
    square. If you keep this up long enough you’ll complete the final objective 
    and the mission along with it.
    \ B / DER BUNKER /
    Stay inside for just a little while, it’s a bit too dangerous outside to be 
    playing a hero. Shoot through the windows, especially at the opponents on the 
    balcony at the house on the left and the ones behind the crates on the ground 
    to the right. When they are take out you can descend and head up the stairs to 
    the balcony where the enemies were. Enter the building and stay on this floor, 
    ahead is another enemy in front of the door you can use to go outside again. 
    Take him out and carefully look outside to the left, on the balcony you shoot 
    another enemy and another one around the corner on the left of the street. 
    Take cover at the location where you reach a checkpoint, because new enemies 
    will appear. Take them out and head right into the alley, there are two more 
    you need to kill before you can go into the building on the left and pick up a 
    Weapon Upgrade from the counter. At least shoot the enemies behind the 
    machineguns through the door in this room and also look a little to the right 
    and up to see a couple of men, about four, behind the windows and kill them.
    With those enemies out of the way you can step outside a little and look for 
    any remaining opponents, when they are defeated you’ll have accomplished the 
    objective to clear the square. Follow your team and especially the leader, he 
    will kick in a door so that you can continue. Head inside with your teammates, 
    go up, through the entire building and eventually outside again. Descend using 
    the ramps and take cover where your team does that as well. Fight your way 
    along the coast and hide behind the crates, ahead you need to go up along some 
    ramps again. Watch the windows above you carefully while you do this and shoot 
    whoever appears in it. Up there, head into the northern building and make your 
    way to the top floor. There’s a door leading outside there, where there are a 
    lot of enemies between the crates. Shoot them down one by one and advance away 
    from the building while taking cover along the left wall. There are two 
    openings in it, use them to look towards the bunkers and shoot whoever you 
    see, especially the enemies behind the MG42 machine guns.
    Eventually you’ll have to advance, do that through the left opening and hide 
    behind the most left crates at the top of the hill. From here, take your time 
    to shoot everyone you see, on top of the bunkers and inside the trench. When 
    you continue, be sure to take out the two enemies operating the MG42 inside 
    the bunker you’re walking past. Remove all red dots from your radar around the 
    trench and you’ll complete an objective. Walk towards the bunker entrance in 
    the southwest and hold X at the red object to place the explosive. Take some 
    distance and when the door explodes you can shoot three enemies that will 
    appear around it. When those enemies are defeated and you walk inside, enemies 
    will pop up from all directions. So retreat a little towards the opening of 
    the door and take out whoever you can hit from there. Move a little further 
    every now and then and use your radar to see where the enemies are and take 
    them out. Also check out both rooms to the side if you see red dots over 
    there. As soon as they’re all gone your objective is completed, but now you 
    have to take out the middle gun by placing an explosive on it. Then run 
    outside and listen to your team leader.
    After a rough landing you’ll be right in between the enemy. Take cover next to 
    the downed little airplane and use your radar to see where the enemies are and 
    take them out accordingly. Work your way up the hill while taking cover behind 
    walls and other obstacles. Make use of L1 to zoom in and take out enemies more 
    accurately. Move towards the indicated location at the top of the hill to 
    complete your objective, there are two Germans here you need to take out 
    before you go through the door in the house to the left. Ahead is a closed 
    door, place an explosive and take some distance before it explodes. Shoot down 
    the man outside and hide behind the building diagonally to the right so that 
    you can fire to the north from cover. Take out the enemies behind the truck 
    and then hide behind it yourself, look a little to the left and you can see an 
    MG42 in the middle window of the building ahead. Make a circling move to the 
    left towards it and take out the guy behind it from up close, also the other 
    two that will take his place.
    Clear the house and take out any remaining enemies still outside and walk 
    inside the house to the indicated location to complete your goal. Enter the 
    next house in the northwest and up the stairs to the next floor. Take out an 
    enemy, walk to the other side and descend using the busted stairs. Shoot 
    whoever you can see outside and make a half circle to the right and outside, a 
    window will open and there’s another enemy behind a wall below it. When the 
    coast is clear you can move through the open fence and climb over the truck. 
    Place an explosive on the gate and head through it after it has been blown 
    open. Take cover behind the obstacles and work your way to the left, shoot all 
    the enemies and watch out for the ones appearing in the buildings up higher. 
    When you move past the building on the left, more enemies will come from that 
    direction, mow them down and also take out the enemies in the window on the 
    higher floor. Enter this building, head up the stairs, across this floor and 
    down on the other side again.
    Look out for the MG42 in the church window, you can move along the left and 
    approach it so you can take out all the enemies inside from close range. As 
    soon as that’s done, head more to the right and enter the church through the 
    gate. More enemies will appear, when they’re gone you can move up the stairs 
    near the entrance, at the other side of the barricade, to reach Sgt. Magnuson. 
    The church is immediately stormed by an entire army of Germans, so take place 
    behind an empty MG42 and give them hell. Point your attention towards the 
    enemies on your side, these are the most dangerous for yourself. Take some 
    distance if you take enough damage and continue mowing down Germans after 
    that, as soon as you complete the objective you can finish off the remaining 
    enemies before you leave the MG42. Sgt. Magnuson is hanging above some rubble 
    on his parachute, stand on top of it and look up, you can then press X to cut 
    down the sergeant. Follow him and move through the door he opens, then descend 
    the stairs and when you open the door automatically you’ll be knocked out by a 
    German on the other side of it.
    \ D / SCAVENGERS /
    Take cover behind the wall to be able to take out the enemies in front and 
    around the house safely. If you manage to do this, walk past the house and 
    follow the rest of your team, ahead is a bridge where you’ll run in to some 
    friendly troops. Cross the bridge, past the person placing an explosive and to 
    the person waving at you. The bridge will be automatically blown up. A 
    teammate will kick in a door next to the well, follow him through some 
    buildings to end up in a field. Take care of the opposition and head up the 
    hill to the left to another downed airplane, behind it is the first part of 
    the bazooka you need to pick up. More opponents will show up from the west, 
    take cover and finish them off before you head that way yourself. Cross the 
    entire field, take out some more enemies and help a teammate down who’s stuck 
    in a tree with his parachute.
    Ahead a tree is blocking your path, crawl underneath it and take out two more 
    enemies behind another tree to the left. Move to the downed plane indicated on 
    your radar and get rid of all the enemies in this area before you pick up the 
    second and also the last part of the bazooka. Put it away and take out the 
    enemies between you and the next indicated location. Eventually an armored car 
    will show up near the bridge, take cover and destroy it with a well aimed shot 
    of your bazooka. With this car out of the way you’re able to advance, maybe 
    with some more enemies on your route. At the bridge is a blockade, behind it 
    two enemies will appear. Take them out and wait for a teammate to blow up the 
    barricade, then walk underneath the bridge to finish the mission after it gets 
    blown up.
    \ E / REQUIEM /
    To the left is a building full of Germans. Take cover behind the wall and 
    concentrate on taking out the man behind the MG42 and all the other enemies 
    that replace him afterwards. When that is taken care of, take out the rest and 
    especially pay attention to the windows in the roof and the door. As soon as 
    the coast is clear you can go in here and out on the other side again. The 
    stables to the left will open up, take out two men inside there and then head 
    inside yourself. Head through another open door into a barn, there’s another 
    ally on a parachute in here so help him down. Leave the building through the 
    door next to him and shoot the enemies on the right at the log and the little 
    bridge. When they are defeated, head over to the bridge and crawl to the other 
    side of it after going prone. Follow the route to another, larger bridge which 
    is still being occupied by Germans. Zoom in with L1 to take out the men behind 
    the MG42 machine guns with more accuracy, then you can grab an MG42 yourself 
    on your level and mow down everyone that comes to storm the bridge.
    When new opponents appear behind the MG42 machine guns in the tower, first 
    take them out before you continue firing. If all goes well you can also stand 
    on the side of the bridge and shoot down the enemies that will come up to the 
    bridge in advance. After a while you’ll be notified of a completed objective, 
    after which you have to take down the barricade. To the right of the MG42 a 
    crate has landed with a bazooka inside it, pick it up and blow up the 
    barricade in the middle of the bridge with it. Run across the bridge with your 
    team and when you’re almost on the other side you can take your time to bring 
    down the remaining enemies. Move towards the north and a new location will 
    appear on your radar. Follow the route to the barn with the two red doors and 
    head inside through the open door. When you exit on the other side you’ll end 
    up in a yard, multiple enemies are there who will all be replaced with even 
    more enemies. Take cover and take them out one by one systematically.
    Approach the entrance of the castle bit by bit and shoot whoever you can see 
    inside from the opening of the door before you head inside yourself. Run 
    straight to get to the front door, it will get blown up by a tank. Quickly 
    grab your bazooka and use it to fire at the tank, you can find more ammunition 
    left of the hole in the wall. After taking out the tank you have to take care 
    of the remaining enemies, as soon as you get a new objective you have to head 
    back inside and go up a floor. After the first stairs, head left into the 
    room, where a second tank will blow up the wall. Here you can also find enough 
    ammunition for your bazooka to be able to finish off the tank and the other 
    enemies around it. When that is taken care of, leave the room and cross over 
    to the other side of the building. Two more tanks will appear here, one on the 
    north side and one in the east. There are more rockets around for you to pick 
    up, use them to destroy the two tanks. When hat is done, the Germans will 
    retreat and the mission is accomplished.
    You’ll be dropped out of another airplane and you can see a windmill tower 
    with green smoke coming out of it, among other things. Try to land inside it 
    by moving around and pulling the parachute a little. If you manage to land 
    here you can pick up the Weapon Upgrade, which will give your rifle a scope 
    with zoom capabilities. Descend down through the mill to get outside again, 
    then take out the opponents at the windows and the door. Carefully move inside 
    the building and take out some remaining enemies downstairs and on the next 
    floor. When the house is cleared, a colleague will kick in the back door for 
    you, head outside there and storm the hill. Look for cover and take out the 
    MG42 machine guns in the roof window and in the mill ahead and to the right. 
    When those are taken care of you can shoot the other enemies, after which your 
    team will open up the barn doors. Head inside and you can see a trench to your 
    right, more Germans are inside it. Shoot them and head through the trench 
    towards the mill. Work your way up, with multiple enemies on your route.
    At the top is a canon you have to take out, so place an explosive and head 
    back down again. New enemies are inside the trench now, take them out to get 
    back into the barn. Blow open the doors on the other side of it and advance 
    through the stables while multiple batches of enemies appear. In the big part 
    of the barn you have to move around the room clockwise, towards the stairs in 
    the northwestern corner. Go up here and a new batch of soldier will appear on 
    this floor. Work your way counter-clockwise towards the other side and head 
    into the room to the side, shoot a couple of soldiers from the opening of the 
    door and then blow open the other door at the other side of the room. Collect 
    the important documents spread out over the table ahead and return to the big 
    room. An American who speaks German will lure the enemies inside, so take your 
    position to be able to shoot all the enemies that come inside through the open 
    front door. When they are all taken care of and your team heads outside, 
    descend and follow them to regroup at the other soldiers.
    \ G / HAUNTED /
    Run across the street and head through the opening in the wall ahead to the 
    left. Take cover behind the tractor located ahead and try to shoot down the 
    men behind the MG42 machine guns. When things calm down a bit, make a circling 
    movement along the left. Shoot whoever you can see and clear the entire area 
    to complete the objective and then enter the house from this side. A counter 
    attack will follow from the Germans, so get behind an MG42 and mow down as 
    many as you can. When they get to close you’ll be forced to leave the MG42 and 
    bring yourself to safety, so that you can take out the enemies from cover one 
    by one. End the counter attack by removing all the red doors from your radar 
    and you’ll complete that objective. More Germans will come from the other side 
    and spread out through the house. So take cover inside and work your way along 
    the enemies to the new indicated location on your radar. They’re located next 
    to doors or holes in the wall, so be careful when you move further through the 
    house. After completing this goal you can go up the ladder inside the room you 
    complete it in. Run through the opening and out of the building and crouch 
    down behind the wall. Move along it to the left and shoot the men behind the 
    MG42 and on the roof through the opening. A second person will take place 
    behind the MG42, take him out as well and then move past it to the right.
    There’s a door there you need to blow up, so do that and take out the guy 
    behind the MG42 in the little window to be able to also blow up the door next 
    to him. Take out another enemy in a shooting window, walk past it and go to 
    the left. Get rid of all the enemies in this firing chamber and pick up all 
    the items here, including a Weapon Upgrade. Then head up the other stairs to 
    get to the roof of the bunker, where three more enemies need to be taken out 
    before you can place an explosive on the canon. As soon as it blows up, look 
    in the direction of the bridge and help the MG42 gunner with taking out the 
    opponents on that bridge. When things are a little more quiet, descend the way 
    you came up here and head left at the bottom of the stairs. There’s a door you 
    need to blow up, after which you can actually go onto the bridge. Carefully 
    move across it bit by bit and take out the opponents before you travel too 
    far. At the end is another MG42, evade it by climbing over the wall along the 
    bridge using some debris on the left. Then continue towards the little booth, 
    where there’s also an enemy inside. Take him out and shoot the guy behind the 
    MG42 through the window. Also get rid of other enemies around this square and 
    the bunker. As soon as you do, climb the roof to the second canon, then blow 
    it up to wrap up this mission.
    \ H / PREDATORS /
    You’ll end up in a heavy gunfight right away, where the square you’re on is 
    fired upon from many sides. Look on your radar to see where most of the 
    enemies are and then take cover to avoid their fire. Quickly take out the all 
    ready present enemies, because new ones will show up, also on other sides. 
    Switch cover when that’s the case and make sure the MG42 machine guns aren’t 
    used. When the entire attack wave is defeated you have to regroup at the other 
    soldiers, after which they will move on and new enemies appear. A small gate 
    will open, go through it and shoot they guy behind the MG42 when he’s 
    reloading, then rest inside and around the building before you pass through 
    it. Head out the other side, take out someone and head left and inside right 
    away. After the Tiger tank shows up, which will be destroyed right away, a 
    door will open so that you can go outside. Walk past your own troops and 
    continue towards the indicated location. When you look around the corner to 
    the right towards the north you can see a lot of enemies on the street and 
    inside the buildings around the brick factory.
    Look for cover and take them out one by one, when they’re all defeated a 
    teammate will blow open the door next to the stacks of bricks. Head inside, 
    take care of some enemies and eventually move up. There are a couple of 
    opponents behind the windows across the street, take them out before you try 
    to take down the two walls with explosives like you’re asked to. After blowing 
    up the second wall more enemies will appear in the building past it, shoot 
    them and descend to the left to move along that building. Head around the 
    corner to the right, but watch out for a man in the window above and a couple 
    of them on the street. If you go around the corner to the left there are some 
    enemies behind the sandbags, shoot them and move past them towards the canon. 
    Two more enemies are hiding behind crates there, get rid of them and then blow 
    up the canon. A teammate will make short work of the barricade so that you can 
    continue. As soon as you do you will discover the tank right in front of you.
    Quickly run straight and head into the building to the right and ahead 
    following some teammates and head up the stairs right away to find a bazooka. 
    There’s not a lot of ammunition for it, this is spread out over the entire 
    area, so make all the shots count. Shoot a rocket into the tank and jump off 
    of the building to the north side. Walk into the next one and go right 
    immediately to go up the stairs. Pick up another rocket up here, this is also 
    destined to be fired at the tank. Again, jump from the building on the north 
    side towards your team and walk along with them through the next building. On 
    the other side you have to go out again, to walk around the area counter-
    clockwise. Switch to your normal weapon for a while to help your team taking 
    out enemies, eventually head through the small gate and up some rubble to the 
    higher floor of another building. There’s more ammunition for your bazooka in 
    the room next to the street, use it to take out the tank directly. You’ll be 
    told to regroup, so head back to the indicated location to find a fallen 
    soldier there but also the end of the mission.
    \ I / ENDGAME /
    You’ll be thrown out of another airplane again and you can determine where to 
    land with your parachute. Do that at the green smoke below you to the left and 
    then look behind you for a Weapon Upgrade, which enables your rifle to zoom in 
    more. Use this to take out the MG42 gunners in the tower in the northeast from 
    cover, also the replacements when they show up. Move towards the tower where 
    the gunners were in and you can advance to the left. Stay close to your team 
    though, they will only advance when the coast is relatively clear. So take 
    cover and use your radar to see where the direct opponents are. Take care of 
    them and find new cover after walking along with your team. Whatever you do, 
    don’t get too close to the tank, there are mines around it that will kill you 
    for sure. Eventually you’ll beat enough enemies to reach the tank wall, which 
    completes that objective. Continue a bit and take cover behind the rock to 
    your left, take out all the enemies behind and around the MG42.
    Go straight until you get to the next MG42 in a wooden building, take out the 
    gunner and descend into the trench with your team. To the right is the first 
    canon you have to blow up, so place and explosive there and head the other 
    way. In the ruins ahead is the second MG42 nest you need to clear, after which 
    you complete that goal and a armored car will show up and gets taken out by an 
    allied plane, which crashes right after that. A lot of enemies will appear on 
    the west side, look for cover there and shoot whoever you see. New enemies 
    will keep appearing, but after a while they will move to the north. So fire in 
    that direction when that happens and just keep killing Germans from cover. 
    Eventually your enemies will start to run right through the ruins to get to 
    the east, shoot whoever aims at you and then follow the rest to also take them 
    down and complete an objective. Follow your team to the west, when the 
    entrance to the trench is mentioned the location of this will also appear on 
    your radar.
    Enter it, follow the route and take out multiple enemies on your route towards 
    the bunker. Make sure you stay out of sight of the MG42 inside the bunker and 
    first take out the enemies that come outside, then try to take on the MG42 
    gunner and his replacements. First check the area to the right of the bunker, 
    get rid of all the enemies and place an explosive on the canon. Then you can 
    do the same to the door in the bunker so you can get inside. Follow the 
    obvious route through the bunker, but watch out for new batches of enemies 
    appearing in the back parts. You’ll come to another door you have to blow up, 
    so do that and shoot an enemy on the higher edge of the trench right away. 
    Around the corner to the left is another canon with multiple enemies around 
    it, take them out and place an explosive on the canon. When you try to 
    continue, a Tiger tank will show up, but it will get stuck in the trench. As 
    soon as the tank has fired, run up to it and stand underneath it, ignore the 
    Germans in the alcove on the left in front of the tank, and place an explosive 
    on the bottom of the tank quickly. Then continue running ahead and take cover 
    next to the base on the left side of the small bridge.
    Your team will join you again, use cover to first take out the two guys on the 
    bridge above you and then work your way up to the bunker after clearing the 
    MG42 in the window. When you walk along the bunker to the left a door will 
    open, take out two guys and look inside through this door. First kill the 
    gunner in the window, before placing an explosive on the door and continue 
    through the bunker. There are multiple enemies inside, clear the entire bunker 
    and a colleague will kick in a door at the end so that you can go outside 
    again. Stay in the opening of the door and mow down the Germans who probably 
    haven’t even noticed you yet. Work your way ahead and clear the area to the 
    left, blow up the canon by placing an explosive on it. Continue to the east, 
    ahead is another branch to the left where there are mortar teams on both 
    sides. Shoot them and follow the main route again, to the right is another 
    incline with more soldiers and further to the left is some kind of shelter. 
    When everyone is taken out, blow up the crates blocking your way and then keep 
    on walking until you finish the mission.
    \ J / THE CRUCIBLE /
    Follow your teammates straight ahead and walk into the factory. Enemies will 
    appear on the walkways above you, shoot them down and also take care of the 
    sniper in the tower ahead and to the left outside. Crawl underneath the 
    obstacle, walk into the next room and climb the stairs to a higher floor. Kill 
    the enemy in the first room and walk through it. To the right is a room with 
    weaponry where you can find useful stuff, get it and walk into the next big 
    room where you were on the bottom floor a moment ago. Make your way through it 
    clockwise and take out the enemies that show up along the way, most of them 
    will come out of the door at the end. Outside is a Tiger tank, so switch to 
    the bazooka placed in the corner next to the door and use it to take out the 
    tank. Extra ammunition is outside on the balcony, where you also need to blow 
    open the door after the tank is destroyed. Head inside the factory and hide 
    behind the plate, look around it to see and take out about four enemies next 
    to each other behind the sandbags and pillars. Move through this room counter-
    clockwise and go up the stairs on the left you get to pretty quickly, in the 
    building up there are two Germans you need to take out before you can use the 
    MG42 to mow down more enemies in the distance. When the coast is clear you can 
    go back down again, moving counter-clockwise through the room again and down a 
    little ahead.
    About three enemies are hiding here on the bottom floor, shoot them and go 
    back up again in the southwestern corner and then move north again. Make your 
    way through the crates and enemies and especially watch the crew behind the 
    MG42 against the back wall. Work your way over there, but if you haven’t 
    destroyed the tank yet you can go into a room on the left for another rocket, 
    before heading right and across the walkway to continue. When you reach the 
    MG42 at the end you can go outside through a hole in the northwest corner of 
    the building. Hide behind the wall to the left and shoot at the opponents 
    around the canon. When they are taken care of you can approach the canon, but 
    first look left around the corner and up a little to see and take out another 
    opponent. Blow up the canon with an explosive and then do the same to the door 
    in the east. Take out three guys outside and head right into the tunnel. Shoot 
    your way to the intersection, where there also a couple of beds, and clear the 
    area. First take the route to the left, at the end you can find a Weapon 
    Upgrade behind the crate. Return to the intersection and take the other route, 
    follow it while taking down enemies until you get to an MG42.
    It’s tempting to use it right now, but this will get you hit too much by enemy 
    fire, so stay away from it. Throw some grenades over it and carefully look 
    around the corner every now and then to shoot enemies one by one. Keep doing 
    this until the room is completely empty and you complete the objective, then 
    you can place an explosive on the blockade. When that’s out of the way head 
    over to the exit in the southeast, where you regroup with your team again. Run 
    after them and upstairs, head through the northern door there for another cut 
    scene. You’ll be told about a lot of snipers in the next room. You need to 
    complete the route through it and every time you see red dots you have to get 
    some cover and track and kill the snipers. Run straight to fall down in the 
    corner, then turn around and walk to the other corner where you can go over a 
    ramp. Continue to follow the route and duck inside a tunnel ahead. At the 
    first opening you can shoot whoever is present, then crawl into the next 
    tunnel. When you get out of it, check the perimeter for snipers, when they’re 
    taken care of you can continue. A large part of the route you will have to 
    complete underground.
    Every time you get to an opening you can look for the shooters and take them 
    out when you see them. If not, then continue, hoping you can see them from a 
    different position. On your way you will also encounter groups of enemies 
    around MG42 machine guns in dug out bunkers. Usually you’ll approach them from 
    the side or back, but watch out for those so you don’t end up moving towards 
    them from the front and get blown apart. The snipers that are not in the 
    building but on the roof can also be annoying. When you et close to the other 
    side of the area, a door will open and some Germans will come running through 
    it. Take cover behind a pillar or another obstacle and take them out. If there 
    are still red dots on your radar, you have to actively search for those 
    opponents and take care of them. You can only move through the door the last 
    bunch of enemies came through and blow up the next one after completing that 
    objective. Go through it and after taking out two men on the walkway you can 
    take your position next to the door opening on the right. There are a lot of 
    enemies inside, lean into the opening to finish them off one by one. When the 
    coast is clear you can go into the room and head through the door in the back 
    left to get to some stairs around the corner. Climb the stairs and watch out 
    when you get to the corner, you’ll be fired upon from three different 
    Clear out the opening opposite the stairs and go through it, shoot down the 
    rest of the enemies firing from the other opening on your left right away. The 
    third opening contains an MG42, but instead of attacking it head on you can go 
    straight from here and walk a short section through the room where are the 
    snipers were and where you came from. Look to the left, get rid of the boards 
    and take down the MG42 gunner and his colleagues. Cross to the other room past 
    the MG42 and blow up the door around the corner. Wait for the MG42 gunner 
    behind it to reload and the mow him down. The hole in front of you is where 
    you came from, so jump diagonally to the right to the other side of the wall. 
    As soon as your team gets here as well you can continue, but stay close to the 
    door opening. Enemies are located all around and they’re firing at you pretty 
    heavily. Try to find cover and first take out the enemies to the right from 
    the door. Watch out for the one soldier up higher on the floor behind you. 
    Take him out as well and use the stairs to try to get to his position. If 
    there are still enemies you can mow them down, after which you have a nice 
    location to also fire upon the rest down below. Make sure all the red dots are 
    removed from your radar to complete the objective, which will make you go up 
    to the top floor automatically.
    A large counter attack from the Germans will follow, so find cover right away 
    and point your attention to the north. From this top floor you can hit the 
    enemies pretty well, but after a while a tank will show up as well. Then 
    you’ll have to go down and look for rockets for your bazooka next to crates in 
    the west, north and east. Return to the higher floor with these rockets and 
    take out the tank and any other remaining enemies approaching from the north. 
    Then the entire situation will move to the west. First only infantry will 
    arrive, then an extra tank. So make sure you collect more ammunition for your 
    bazooka from below, it has been replenished at the three familiar locations. 
    Also strike down the attack from this side and blow up the tank, then the 
    entire situation will repeat itself in the east. Collect some more rockets, 
    blow up the tank and shoot down all the men. Then things will really get out 
    of hand. Enemy troops will enter the building, so you’re only relatively safe 
    on the top floor. The problem is that a fourth tank will arrive from the 
    north, so you’ll have to collect more ammunition below. So clear an area 
    around the spot where you can get rockets from up here and then jump down to 
    get it. Take out the last tank and defeat the remaining enemies on your radar 
    to complete the mission and also the game.
    = 4 = C O N C L U S I O N =
    \ A / FINAL WORD /
    Not that I was expecting a recently announced Medal Of Honor to be very good, 
    certainly not with Airborne coming up, but Vanguard still disappoints me a 
    lot. The old quality level of the series is nowhere to be found, both in 
    gameplay and appearance. Lets hope Medal Of Honor will have more to offer on 
    the next generation of consoles.
    \ B / CREDITS /
    Maybe they made the right decision to leave the old generation of consoles 
    behind with Vanguard, but I expected more from a title that appears at the end 
    of the generation’s life cycle.
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