Review by computerd2

Reviewed: 07/23/07

This game just sucks

Medal of Honor: Vanguard is the newest addition to the Medal of Honor series. You would think EA would have gotten the pattern down when it comes to making these types of games, yet this is another classic example of EA's rapid decline of quality games. Allow me to break down whats wrong with this game:

Graphics: overall really bad, graphics, looks like a first gen PS2 game, Poor hit detection, several times during the game I saw enemy soldiers "blending" into crates or walls, I even stood next to some enemies and there shots went thru me. Some soliders even walked right on by me and didn't even bother to try and attack me.

Gameplay: awful, just like all there games. No maps, Reloading is a pain, jumping is practically non-existant. Getting lost in this game is common.

Length: Overall a short game, just like the other Medal of Honor games. Make them longer!!

Multi-Player: good luck with having any friends play with you, you will spend more time trying to get 4 controllers then finding people coming over to play this game with you.

Replay: no reason to replay this game, no achievements, nothing worth unlocking. If you buy this game, take it back now, its just not worth it.

Overall this game just sucks, it is not worth the $40 price tag. Its like EA just don't give a damn about there games anymore, as evident in there sports games. Medal of Honor: Airborne is the next incarnation in the series, but I have no intention of playing it, knowing EA it will just suck big time. Activision and Infinity Ward should buy the rights to this game, Call of Duty is 10x the better game (cept for cod3). I don't understand how EA can continue to make these crappy games.

I hope this review is helpful if your planning on renting/buying this game. I had a hard time trying to think of things to write about, but when you play a crappy game, words just seem to excape your vocabulary.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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