Review by Crunkman2000

Reviewed: 09/10/07

The Nazis had alien tech in WWII

Before you go all "LOL WUT" to my tagline, let me explain:

there were many instances of the Nazis appearing from thin air, also known as "galomphing", right before my eyes. I can't count how many rooms I went through that had monster closets (or, in this case, Nazi closets).

I've never really been big on the Medal of Honor series, opting instead for more sci-fi based shooters like Perfect Dark and Half-Life. However, I thought this looked more worthy of my time than the other 6 bajillion WWII shooters on the market.

How wrong I was.


Nothing special, about the same as a mid-era PS2 shooter. There's some nice particle effects and good smoke. I didn't see much in the way of pop-in either.

SOUND: 8/10

The gunfire was accurate, and the voices were great. The soundtrack (what little there was) was appropriately epic. I just wish there was more music during the game; listening to your footsteps gets so boring.


I've already explained the "Galomphing Germans(tm)" problem, but there's many, MANY, more flaws in the AI and glitches that can't be overlooked.

The good: the sprint button works. Also, health regenerates for some reason (there's that alien tech again).

Now for the bad:

Your "squad" seems like rejects from the Covenant's "AI 101" class. They run straight into your line of fire more than 60% of the time, usually when you're trying to snipe an enemy (more on sniping flaws later). They also must be the A-Team's forefathers, because they NEVER HIT ANYTHING (except in scripted events, and even then, I only saw them kill one Nazi. Seriously). Oh, and if you get annoyed with them, tough luck; you can't kill them. They absorb your bullets. Yeah, they're gun sponges.

The Nazis don't fare too well either. They suffer from major AI problems (not related to magically appearing), such as not seeing you when you stand right in front of them, to the ever-present in bad shooters skill known as "Norris Mode". If they do see you, expect to get blasted from the other side of a stone wall with a rifle. They never seem to miss with any weapon.

There's weapon "upgrades" in a couple levels. Problem is, these upgrades don't carry over. Even if they did, they'd serve no purpose: the only difference I saw was higher carrying capacity, and ammo was never an issue to me.

For all the talk of making WWII shooters more "realistic", I strangely feel like a one-man-army yet again, taking away any feel of being part of the war and more like the guy in that box labeled "GENERIC SHOOTER".

And forget about Multiplayer. It's nowhere near as deep and rewarding as, say, TimeSplitters 2 (which came out in 2002, and is still better than this). The spawn points are horribly placed, certain guns are near-godlike (your pal got a Garand and you're five feet away? You're screwed), and there's a very small selection of weaponry.

Also, it'd be nice if my "squad" would warn me when I'm running straight into a minefield (namely on the last level). I can't count how many times I was strafing to dodge the "Chuckbullets", and suddenly everything shakes and I fall over in a twenty-second dramatic death (yeah, sure, that happens when you step on a landmine).

Furthermore, just a little nitpick of mine: check the subtitles before they go out, EA. I can forgive misplaced periods (TS2's subs), but when you're making the Americans sound like Admiral Ackbar ("IT'S TRAP") with misplaced words, that's where I draw the line.


There's none. Every enemy appears in the same places on every playthrough. The multiplayer is really weak, as I've mentioned.


RENT OR BUY: Neither. Use that money for something better like, say, TimeSplitters: FP (or TS2, which I got at the local discount game store for $6.00).

I once thought this was the current-gen MOH:Airborne. I really hope that AB doesn't suck this bad.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: Medal of Honor: Vanguard (US, 03/26/07)

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