Review by chancevance

Reviewed: 09/30/08

Another great MOH but is far too short

Lately all the Medal of Honor games have been pretty good and this one is no exception.But they have been lacking in length with Vanguard being the worst one so far.In this game you play as Frank Keegan and explore his journey in the 82nd Airborne division.

Gameplay:The gameplay is very much the same as all the other Medal of Honor games.Compared to Frontline Vanguard is pretty much entirely fought on open battlefields with one level being fought in buildings.You can no longer control a squad but you do have other Allied Soldiers that will fight alongside you and they're not terribly useful.One new feature which is actually borrowed from Airborne is parachuting into battle at the start of a missions.Unlike Airborne you don't really have many places to choose to land.You can land anywhere in the starting area or land at a designated area marked by a smoke grenade.Usually you find a weapon upgrade if you land in a designated area but they aren't really that useful and you can only upgrade 2 weapons.The Thompson's upgrade is just an ammo upgrade more than anything and the Garand's upgrade is a scope which doesn't zoom to well and is a bit shaky.

Graphics:Graphics are great definitely a step up from European Assault.The Allies and Germans are pretty well done.The weapons look great and other stuff like the tanks are also good.However it would have been nice to see what your character looks like.

Sound:Once again the sound is one of the things I love about the Medal of Honor games.The guns sound great,the explosions sound great it's one of the great things about this game especially if you turn the volume up.The voice acing is okay but the guy who voices Keegan does at times not sound like a soldier but that's just my opinion.

Replayabilty:You might want to replay a level or two for the heck of it or to get a medal you might have missed but it doesn't really have any great replay value.

Overall:Since I've pretty much talked about what I liked in this game so far I'll talk about what I didn't like the length.This game can easily be beaten within a day.There are ten missions in the entire game and only the last two have any great length to them.After finishing all ten missions I looked at the first one and I was amazed I'd only beaten it the day before.Some people say the AI is bad I didn't.The only bad thing about this game is it's length.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Medal of Honor: Vanguard (AU, 03/29/07)

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