Medal of Honor Frontline Cheats


  • Secret Codes

    Please do the following:

    O, Select, R2, R2, R1, R1, L1, R1Bullet Shield
    Press: Square, L1, Circle, R1, Triangle, L2, Select ,R2 during gameplay, while the game is pausedInvincibility

    Contributed By: i am zell and Starky27.

  • Snip-O-Rama Mode

    At the typewriter, put in the following code:

    LONGSHOTThis will activate the bonus, SNIP-O-RAMA, which will make all guns aim like a Sniper Rifle.

    Contributed By: CI254.

  • Unlimited ammo

    To get unlimited ammo pause any time during the game and press

    circle,L2,square,L1,select,R2,triangle,selectUnlimited ammo

    Contributed By: dthegamer.


  • ''Our Trip to Holland''

    On the password screen, enter the following password to get its effect:

    FRESHDEMOEnable "Our Trip to Holland" demo. (Requires 30 second wait on main menu.)

    Contributed By: YYugi51.

  • Enigma Machine Passwords

    Enter the following in the enigma machine:

    GLASSJAWAchilles Head Mode: Now enemies only die from head shots.
    WHERERUInvisible Enemies in the bonus section.
    URTHEMANPerfectionist Mode (One shot kills you).

    Contributed By: neatd99 and Megarex2002.

  • Passwords

    Please enter the following passwords for their effects:

    HABRDASHREvery character will now wear a random object on their head. Grenades, debris, anything!
    HABRDASHRGet enemies to wear stupid hats. Select 'men in hats' at the bonus screen.
    TIMEWARPGold On Previous Level
    DAWOIKSMaster Code: Missions, cheats and extras. To access the extra film reels in gallery, simply highlight the box of mission reels and press start.
    TPDOMOHTONMOHton Torpedo Mode: This will make all the bullets in the game look like proton torpedoes from Star Trek.
    BULLETZAPNow you will not be hurt by bullets. Be forewarned that explosions and punches will still hurt you.
    WHATYOUGETOne Hit Kill Code
    MONKEYReceive a Gold Medal on the most recently played mission.
    BOINGRubber Grenades
    HABRDASHRSame code as above, but play the On The Tracks mission.
    ORANGUTANUnlock Level 2
    BABOONUnlock Level 3
    LEMURUnlock Level 5
    GORILLAUnlock Level 6
    CHIMPNZEEUnlock Level Four


  • Getting the Stars

    In the game, you can get stars for each level depending on your performance. Please do the following:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bronze StarBeat the level
    Gold StarBeat the level + kill 95% of enemies + finish with at least 75% health
    Silver StarBeat the level + kill 95% of enemies

    Contributed By: Lord Zophar.

Easter Eggs

  • Secret Bonus Award

    Complete all levels with a Gold Star and you will receive the EA Los Angeles Medal of Valor.

    Contributed By: neatd99.

  • UFO Sighting

    A very strange sighting can be witnessed. During the 'On Track' level, when you reach Sturmgeist's train right at the end, a UFO can be seen for a few seconds in the night sky above, although it's easier to miss than it is to spot.
    When you arrive out on the platform, turn 90 degrees to the right and look up to the skies at a 45 degree angle. From this point, you should see a fleet of bombers flying in from the right of them and you should see the UFO fly over your head from behind, then disappear over the horizon.

    Contributed By: bubbleboy.

Medal of Honor: European Assault Cheats


  • Cheat Mode

    Pause the game, then hold L1 + R1 and press Circle, Circle, Left, Triangle, Circle, X. If you entered the code correctly, the phrase "Enter Cheat" will appear. The following codes may now be used after L1 + R1 are releases

    L1,Square,Triangle,TriangleR1.R2All Campaign Battle (This Code will creates three separete profiles on your saved game-one for each of the Recruit,Narmal,Veteran Difficulty)
    Disable HUDEnable the "Cheat mode" code, then press Circle, Down, Circle, Up, Triangle, Circle. If you entered the code correctly, the game will resume
    Kill nemesisEnable the "Cheat mode" code, then press Down, L2, L1, R1, Up, Square. If you entered the code correctly, the game will automatically resume.
    Full Adrenaline meterEnable the "Cheat mode" code, then press L1, R2, R1, Up, Triangle, Circle. If you entered the code correctly, the game will automatically resume.
    Infinite ammunitionEnable the "Cheat mode" code, then press L2, L1, Square, L2, L1, R1. If you entered the code correctly, the game will automatically resume.
    Disable shellshockEnable the "Cheat mode" code, then press L2, R1, L2, L1, Triangle, Triangle. If you entered the code correctly, the game will automatically resume.
    Pickup OSS DocumentEnable the "Cheat mode" code, then press Up, X, R2, R1, Up, Square. If you entered the code correctly, the game will automatically resume.
    Refill HealthPut in Cheat Mode then enter Square, L2, L1, Triangle, Triangle, L2. If you entered the code correctly, the game will automatically resume.

    Contributed By: savestheday13 and shadowcore76.

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun Cheats


  • Passwords

    Go to the options menu and select passwords.

    MANDARIN"Achilles Head Mode"
    PUFFER"Always Sniper" mode
    TANG"Bullet Shield" mode
    TRIGGER"Invisible Soldiers" mode
    HOGFISH"Perfectionist" mode
    DAMSEL"Rubber Grenades" mode
    GARIBALDIAll Replay Items
    SPINEFOOTMakes Everyone's Arms HUGE
    SEAHORSEMen With Hats
    TILEFISHSilver Bullet Mode
    GOBYUnlimitied Ammuntion
    BUTTERFLYUnlocks All Missions


  • Dissapearing Soldier

    When doing the 4th mission, Midnight attack on Guadacanal, when the second soldier leaves you and and the other character to ''cover you'' from behind, go in front of him and push him through the level by walking into him. You will have to angle some pushes too. After pushing him a bit, he will vanish and never be seen again, even if you go back to the spot he was originally at.

    Contributed By: RenegadeFlame.


  • Infinite ammo cheat in Day Of Infamy

    This trick requires the trench tool from the Search For Yamashita's Gold mission. As you are making your way up through the ship you will see a soldier that has been sprayed in the face with steam from an exploded pipe. Approach the soldier and press X. The message ''Entrenchment Tool Used'' will appear. This will unlock the ''Unlimited Ammo'' cheat in the bonus menu.

    Contributed By: Asianrice.

  • Location of skins:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    MISSION 1: Day of Imfany : NAVY ENGENEERThe first skin can be found in the barber shop, right across the bathroom.
    MISSION 3: Fall of the Philippines: "GUNNIE" LAUTONYou'll find a skin on the second floor of the building with the locked iron gate to the town center and the machine gun on the roof.
    MISSION 4: Midnight Attack on Guadalcanal: GUAD NATIVEYou can find a skin in that huge last builing befor the ammo depot.
    MISSION 5: Pistol Pete Showdown: Lt HARRISONYou'll find the skin in the POW camp. It's in the biggest hut.
    MISSION 6: Singapore Sling: COLONEL KANDLERThis one can be found in the room after the kitchen in the hotel.
    MISSION 7: In search of Yamashita's Gold: FLYING TIGER PILOT"In the prison area. After it's one of the side rooms on your right. You'll need the skeleton key to access this room.
    MISSION 8: A Bridge on the River Kwai: CHINDITOnce you have met up with the Chindits, you'll find it in the first cave.
    MISSION 9: Supercarries Sabotage: COMMANDER SHIMAThis last skin can be found be in the strategy room. (After being held captive)

    Contributed By: Fjoeri.

  • Medals

    Get 3 Gold Stars on each level to receive a medal.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    American CampaignMission 5 - 75% Accuracy, Less Than 50 Hits, Complete 2 Bonus Objectives (Storm Pack Howitzer - Save Lt. Harrison)
    American Defense ServiceMission 1 - Complete 2 Bonus Objectives (Assist Engineer - Save Crewman)
    Asiatic Pacific CampaignMission 7 - 85% Accuracy, Less Than 50 Hits, Complete 2 Bonus Objectives (Destroy Radio Equipment - Destroy Sake Supply)
    Bronze StarMission 8 - 85% Accuracy, Less Than 90 Hits, Complete 2 Bonus Objectives (Eliminate 10 Enemies at Blockade - Disable Barge Dock)
    Guadalcanal PatchMission 4 - 75% Accuracy, Less than 50 Hits, Complete 2 Bonus Objectives (Collect 5 Documents - Disable Generator)
    Marine Corps ExpeditionaryMission 6 - 75% Accuracy, Less than 51 Hits, Complete 2 Bonus Objectives (Rescue 3 POWs - Find 3 Additional Evidence)
    Navy CrossReceive a medal on each mission
    Navy Distinguished ServiceMission 2 - Complete 2 Bonus Objectives (Shoot Down 20 Planes - Shoot Down 75 Planes)
    Philippine DefenseMission 3 - 75% Accuracy, Less Than 100 Hits, Complete 2 Bonus Objectives (Find Shima's Photograph - Find Golden Buddha)
    Silver StarMission 9 - 50% Accuracy, Less Than 150 Hits, Complete 2 Bonus Objectives (Send False Radio Transmission - Find 3 Imperial Orders)

    Contributed By: jschweed3.


  • How to find the Trench tool

    The trench tool digs up dirt for in game secrets. To find the tool you must get to the level named Search of yamashitakas gold and find the lotus flower on a statue inside the palace. Walk up to the front of it and you'll pick it up. After you fall down the hole, go down to the end of the hall into a room with a gold statue. There is a pedsetal. Press X on it and it should say, "YOU HAVE REACHED ENLIGHTENMENT." Then a door will appear to the right and in there is a hammer-like tool.

    Contributed By: abu21.

  • Immortality

    (you need the entrenching tool in order for this to work.)
    On the Supercarrier Sabotage level keep opening doors until you find a locker room with soldiers in it. Kill them and walk toward the dark locker. Press X on the locker and you should have unlocked the bonus option ''Immortality''

    Contributed By: phillipinoboi.

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