How do I beat Venom?

  1. i just defeated sandman and am now on venom. I can't figure out how i hurt him when i do. So i quess the ? is how is he defeated. it's getting to me and my son.

    User Info: pheonix_of_fire

    pheonix_of_fire - 9 years ago

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  1. All you have to do is keep punching and volting over him until he gets to the point you cant hit him anymore then you go to the pole at the corner and stand in the circle thing to press triangle

    User Info: JLXtreme

    JLXtreme - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. Well first of all it is hard to beat him since he knows all you're attacks,
    Because of the simbiote carrying over what you know given brock the
    exp he needed. Since what you are going to use, After awhile you
    will see big building parts (meddle) in the corners of the area knowing
    that the simbiote is vulnerable to loud noises, and that is your key to victory.

    User Info: tyranomon

    tyranomon - 9 years ago 1 1
  2. From Nick_Kazama's FAQ -

    <i>You were looking forward to this fight werent ya? Harry Osborne/New
    Goblin will be helping you in this fight. Well... not really, as all
    he does is fly around the battlefield until the on screen button
    press sequence. This battle is also timed. I know, I was thinking
    WTF!! as well. The timer gives you 5 minutes. Okay, first things
    first, grab that health restore if you need it, because Venom is one
    tough cookie. Wait for him to finish his attack and then run up to
    him and press the Square button multiple times to do a combo on him.
    One of the most effective combos to use on him is the Square, Square,
    Square, Triangle one. Straight after youve hit him, jump away to
    avoid his attacks! What ever you do, dont jump up and then press
    Square (to make Spidey attach a web line to Venom, pulling himself in
    for an attack), because Brock will just hit you and stop the combo
    instantly. Also, be sure to not get hit by his combo its lethal!
    After youve taken off a quarter of his health bar, Eddie will start
    pulling himself along the floor with his webbing. Dont be near him
    when he does this, or youll get hurt! If youre Adrenaline Bar is
    full, then use an Adrenaline Attack (L1 + O) to knock of a very good
    portion of his health bar! Pretty soon, his body will have tentacles
    flailing off of it (remember like in Ultimate Spiderman?). It is
    around this time that Harry will actually help you out after saying
    Knock him up into the air and Ill do the rest!. Press the Triangle
    when prompted and Spidey will kick Venom into the air, where New
    Goblin will slash at him a few times, dealing about 1 point of damage
    to Brock. Yeah REAL helpful there Harry! Straight after hes landed,
    run over to Eddie and punch him a few times, before jumping away and
    starting this whole process over again. Keep at it and eventually,
    hell go down! However, dont think were done yet!


    Just keep jumping up and pressing the Triangle button, before
    immediately jumping away afterwards. I was able to defeat Venom using
    this cheap strategy, suffering only miniscule damage ya know! I did
    this after playing through this glitch fest... I mean game for the
    fourth time. Wondering why I accidentally spouted glitch fest? Well,
    check the Glitches section...</i>

    User Info: SSJ_Genki

    SSJ_Genki - 8 years ago 2 1

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