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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JackSpade

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 06/30/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                   General FAQ
                                   Version 1.5
        			        Jack Spade
    I    .- Disclaimer			[DIS]
    II   .- FAQ's History/Introduction	[HIS]
    III  .- Basic Gaming Tips		[BAS]
    IV   .- WalkThrough/Speed Walkthrough	[WLK][SPD]
    V    .- Advanced Gaming Tips		[ADV]
    VI   .- Character/Meta-Being List	[CML]
    VII  .- Voice List			[VXL]
    VIII .- Event List			[EVE]
    IX   .- Baroque List			[BAL]
    X    .- Item Database List		[ITM]
     *Note: Be sure to read the FAQ's History
     first, oh and just because I want you to know I warned you:
     This FAQ contains A LOT of MAJOR SPOILERS. Read it under
     your own risk.
    [DIS]				  D I S C L A I M E R
    This document was made to share and gather the info I found
    while playing the game and surfing the web mainly to get some
    recognition within the gaming comunity.
    If you want a detailed
    FAQ for the item database, I recommend Reinsus's in gamefaqs.
    For a list of Baroques, see Uncle Sporky's FAQ.
    For a more complete list of meta-beings, see Uncle Sporky's FAQ
    until I finish doing mine. (Dont want to copy from him)
    Feel free to post this document in your homepage as long
    as it is not edited in any way without my permission,
    and if you mail me about its usefulness it will make me feel
    a lot whole better about this work ^_^.
    My e-mail: chaosgatetheory in hotmail d.o.t com
    [HIS]				    Version History
    Begun work on th FAQ after reading the forums and the existing FAQs and finding
    out data was missing. Got my split brand and begun work on the Baroquemonger
    reading list.
    I put a hold on the list to give general format to the FAQ and to add more
    sections. Specially more content to the tips and Walkthrough
    sections of the FAQ.
    Completed more Baroquemonger readings and filled some on the meta-beings I
    Havent logged In yet, I also completed the Event List Section by finding out
    what the switch in -1000 does.
    Added info about the switch, some more idea readings, fixed the collector
    bag limit when reaching 100 objects, modified the dungeon floor locations
    as they differ from tower to tower.
    Updated a bunch of things, including more tips, updated the NPCs locations
    in the tower and added monster locations as well. Im also thinking of
    removing the Voice List so Reinsus can do an in-depth FAQ about it
    I updated a lot of data in the Meta-Being section; 
    I also added a new entry to the Advanced tips section regarding
    the Incredible Dungeons, as well as a more efficient way to use addition
    boxes and split brands. Small updates to the voice list.
    Decided to take off the voice list from the FAQ and create an in-depth
    FAQ about it. Will submit it after I empty my voice list database into it.
    I plan to update this weekly until finished, so if you'd like to contribute,
    send me a mail and I'll gladly add our contribution on here
    (and your name to the contributor's list)
    Big Updates on the Baroquemonger readings, some more useful advanced tips.
    And more data on the Deadly MetaBeings, I also found out there is more
    things to do with the story after completing the game.
    Baroque's story takes place following a world-altering cataclysm called the
    Blaze that took place on May 14, 2032. The world, now existing in a twisted
    state, is populated by Meta-Beings, creatures that were once human but that have
    lost their hearts and minds to the Baroques inside them. The player's goal is
    to reach the bottom of the Neuro Tower, the former home of
    the Order of Malkuth, a religious organization seeking to save God.
    At the beginning of the game, the protagonist is told that by purifying
    the Meta-Beings within the tower and purifying the being on the bottom floor,
    he will find redemption for sins committed that he cannot remember.
    See more:<HEAVY SPOILERS> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baroque_(video_game)
    * The floor plan on the tower's floors change each time you replay the tower,
      but not the number of floors unless you advance the story.
      (Check the wakthrough)
    * Every time you die or complete a dungeon, your stats and level reset back,
      all items not thrown back into the consciousness orb or a Me Brand will
      be gone, basically you start the game over again
      (kind of, check the walkthrough). Seek the orbs to keep your items.
    * Throw Items at the Consciousness orbs to get them on your next "life".
      Check the Floor Guide to know where to find them, each time you throw an item
      into one of these orbs, the item goes back to the Outer World and you can get
      them back from The Collector (Kid with a bag on his head). Hit the kid to get
      your things back.
    * Upgrade the collector's bag as soon as you can by giving him different items.
      Initial Space     - 5 spaces
      10 recorded items - 10 spaces
      50 recorded items - 20 spaces
     100 recorded items - 25 spaces
     150 recorded items - 30 spaces
     175 recorded items - 35 spaces
     [Thanks to Aries Star for pointing the error of my ways in that small list :)]
    * Make sure to fill out your item database, The Collector's bag is upgraded
    * You can tell which items are already in your database by looking at its
      name in the item description(bottom left). If its in red text, the item
      already exists in your database, if its white, its not.
    * If you find a Crystal Sword, a Defense Fluid, an Attack Fluid, an Addition
      Box or a Split Brand, do not use them up!~
      See the Advanced gaming tips for their extraordinary use.
    * TH stands for THrowing damage, that is the damage inflicted to a metabeing
      when this particular item is thrown. Look for the TH number in its
      description (bottom left).
    * Some items may be deteriorated or upgraded when you pick them up.
      Compare the number from the description (bottom left) to the number
      in your inventory list(to your right). The true value is in your invetory
      list and the normal value in the description.
      If you have a higher number in your list, congratulations,
      you got an enhanced item. If its lower, use the cursebringer angel
      to restore the number to its normal value.
    * If you have rotten items, use the cursebringer angel to purify it.
    * When confused, hold the L2 button to aim towards the nearest enemy.
    * Use SORT (square button) in the inventory to pile bones together.
      i.e: You have Sweat Bones x3 and Sweat Bones x 4, sort and you'll have
           Sweat Bones x 7. 
    [WLK]				       WALKTHROUGH
    This game is pure chaos, you will not know what is going on or what is happening
    that is the fun of this game, the story is revealed every time you play it again
    Notice that your HP and VT bars in the top left part of your screen.
    Every second, your VT goes down, when it hits 0, you will start losing HP.
    Hearts replenish VT and Flesh (Meat) will replenish HP. But you wont find any
    out here in the ruins, so, for now, dont worry about it and walk around talking
    with the people and seeing this wierd world for the first time.
    In your database, you can collect voices and get access to some cool artwork.
    But some voices can only be obtained at certain points in the game, I will
    put a [VOX] mark in the walkthrough, follow this to get extra voices but you
    dont need to do this to finish the game, so if you are only interested in
    finishing it. Ignore.
    /////////////////////FIRST TOWER: DEPTH: -500 Cubits\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    After your done, head towards the tower near the two big orbs in the ground,
    an Angel will appear, listen to him and get the gun.
    **IMPORTANT** Notice the recovery disk to the left of the angel, step on that
    to recover your lost HP/VT. It can be used only once or twice so be careful!~
    [VOX] Make sure you talked to everyone here and at least hit them once..
    yeah, punch em or kick them. Talk to everyone until they repeat themselves.
    After youre ready, head to the tower.
    So, this is the Neuro Tower, welcome to the meat of the game.
    Look around the floor for the blue exit pod, the Archangel will guide you
    throughout your visit.
    [VOX]Make sure to visit Urim and Thummim on -300, Dr. Angelicus on -400.
    When getting to the bottom floor, use the rifle and shoot "God".
    Alternatively, you can die whenever and the Tower will automatically extend.
    //////////////////////SECOND TOWER: DEPTH: -1600 Cubits\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    [VOX]You will have to die and come back a lot of times, talk to everyone,
    shoot them with the rifle and hit them with a sword. (Bring a sword back
    from the tower using the orbs (See basic tips section)).
    If you're collecting movies, you will have to die and kill God again with
    the rifle, also, find the Phantom in the -100 floor until you cannot find
    him anymore.
    If you are not interested in that, just head down the tower and find Alice
    in -400 and also talk to Eliza in -1500, then go to the bottom
    and "fuse" with God by walking into her for more than 3 seconds instead
    of killing her.
    Back in town, Longneck will be buried and is now killable. You can either
    kick him into extinction (he will be dead for good) or give him a heart seed
    and he will die on his own.
    [VOX] Give him cultivating fluid (Dr. Angelus room, -1200) before killing him.
    [VOX] If youre collecting voices, give him the seed and then kill him. :-)
    [VOX] Throw everyone BUT the Sentry Angel Longneck's crystal for additional
    Go to the Sentry Angel and throw him Longneck's Crystal, then head for
    the Neuro Tower. After getting out (by dying or completing the tower) go back
    to the Sentry Angel and enter the laboratory. Get your Idea Sephira.
    [VOX] Throw your Idea Sephira to everyone in town and in the tower EXCEPT Eliza.
    [VOX] Do the tower several times before continuing to get Alice's
          and other character's voices, once they repeat themselves, continue.
    In the tower, go up to Eliza and give her Pure Water (Your idea sephira)
    /////////////////////////THIRD TOWER: DEPTH: -2200 Cubits\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    After giving Eliza the pure water, the tower will extend itself,
    God will not be on -1600 but in -2200.
    *IMPORTANT* This dungeon is easily skippable:
    There is a room in -2000 that is locked. Dr. Angelus opens this after you hear
    her story. You could have talked to her in -1200 about the Littles before
    giving the Pure Water to Eliza, making this room accesible right after the
    tower extended. If its locked, complete the tower and talk to Dr. Angelus with
    your gun until she gives you access.
    [VOX] Talk to her with a FULL gun again (5 bullets in it),
          in another tower run, shoot her.
    [VOX] Throw cultivating fluid at her.
    [VOX] Do the tower several times before continuing to get Alice's
          and other character's voices, once they repeat themselves, continue.
    When you enter the room at -2000, you will gain access to a new Idea Sephira.
    ////////////////////////FOURTH TOWER: DEPTH: -3000 Cubits\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    [VOX] Throw the new Idea Sephira to everyone.
    [VOX] Do the tower several times before continuing to get Alice's and other
          character's voices, once they repeat themselves, continue.
    On Floor -2800, Throw the new Idea Sephira you got from -2000 to Alice.
    ////////////////////////FINAl TOWER: DEPTH: -3900 Cubits\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    After -3900, Walk into God. Congratulations, you finished the game.. 
    or did you.....?
    *****FINAL NOTES:
    Notice that the only two times you need to get out of the tower is when you
    first meet God in the -500 Dungeon and when you have to get
    Your Idea Sephira in the -1600 Dungeon.
    ////////////////////////   AFTER THE END: -3900 Cubits  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    After the end, you are back in the OUTER WORLD and can do the tower again.
    If you want to complete the VOX, you need to keep playing as the remaining
    characters will now say several things differently.
    First, you will notice that Ummin and Thurrim have buried themselves in the
    wall, talk to them in 3 separate tower runs to get all their voices.
    Alice, Eliza and the Littles are gone, having merged with you and AB.
    Dr. Angelicus will thank you for freeing the littles.
    In -3900, the Archangel will tell you a different thing, do the tower
    several times, in this version of the tower, the credits roll inmediatly
    after entering the orb.
    Im not sure how I triggered it (I have a guess its because I have been having
    a lot of crystal readings from the Baroquemonger and finishing the Hell
    Dungeon), but eventually, instead of the credits rolling, you will get
    to see the AB again and merge with her again. She will ask you for 
    the little crystal (The Littles will return to -2000).
    Give her the crystal, she will bring Alice back.
    Get new VOX from Alice as she thanks you for bringing her back.
    Dr. Angelicus will give you additional VOX for bringing the littles back.
    The Archangel will begin to talk more about his sister (which I think
    is the same little girl who distorted the meta-beings and possible
    AB herself)
    I will update you guys as soon as I have more info on this.
    1. Get to the bottom of the first tower (-500), Shoot God (or die)
    2. Get to the bottom of the second tower (-1600),Talk with Alice(-400),
       Talk with Eliza(-1500), Fuse with God.
    3. Kill Longneck, give his Idea Sephira to the Sentry Angel, get Killed by fish.
    4. Go into the Laboratory, get Your idea Sephira.
    5. Go into the tower, talk to Dr. Angelicus(-1200) until she accepts the rifle.
    6. In -1500, Give Eliza Your Idea Sephira.
    7. In -2000, Get the new Idea Sephira.
    8. In -2800, Give the new Idea Sephira to Alice.
    9. After -3900, Fuse with God.
    Congratulations, you beat the game!~ or did you?
    			--------[NPC LOCATIONS]--------
    For your reference, here is the location of important characters and places
    in the tower.      *Adjust for your current tower size.
    [CBA] - CurseBringer Angel
    [Orb] - Number of Consciousness Orbs in floor.
    [Floor] [Orb] [CBA] -> Characters
    [-100 ] [ 0 ] [No ] -> Phantom
    [-200 ] [ 2 ] [No ] -> Eliza (Blue Orbs on Ceiling)
    [-300 ] [ 0 ] [Yes] -> Urim and Thummim (Heat Switch found here)
    [-400 ] [ 1 ] [No ] -> Alice (Green Orb in Pool)
    [-500 ] [ 0 ] [Yes] -> Noone
    [-700 ] [ 0 ] [No ] -> Mind Reader and/or Boxbearer
    [-900 ] [ 1 ] [Yes] -> Noone
    [-1000] [ 0 ] [Yes] -> Fist (Heat Switch found here)
    [-1200] [1|2] [No ] -> Dr Angelus, Two Orbs if Angelus event is activated.
    [-1400] [ 0 ] [No ] -> Alice and Little's Voices
    [-1500] [?1?] [No ] -> Eliza, an Orb if Eliza event is activated (orb will glow)
    [-1600] [ 1 ] [Yes] -> Noone
    [-1800] [ 0 ] [No ] -> Research Angel
    [-1900] [ 0 ] [No ] -> Sycthe
    [-2000] [ 1 ] [No ] -> Neophyte, Littles
    [-2200] [ 1 ] [No ] -> Noone
    [-2500] [ 0 ] [Yes] -> Noone
    [-2600] [ 1 ] [No ] -> Noone
    [-2800] [ 1 ] [Yes] -> Alice (Orb behind her)
    [-3000] [ 1 ] [No ] -> Noone
    [-3100] [ 1 ] [No ] -> Noone
    [-3500] [ 1 ] [Yes] -> Noone
    [-3800] [ 1 ] [No ] -> Noone
    [-3900] [ 2 ] [No ] -> Cherub, Archangel
    *Neophyte is the only NPC that moves around the tower.
     He starts off at -2000 and then moves around until, finally, he can be found
     at -200. If you have the progression of how he moves, let me know.
    			 --------[META-BEINGS LOCATIONS]--------
    Two types of monster when the floor is Frozen [F] or Hot[H]
    The switch between Frozen and Hot can be done by hitting a switch at -300
    and/or -1000, although Reinsus has mentioned that one of these 
    switch between Flooded and not, I havent confirmed that yet.
    [-100 ] Glue, Moon
    [-200 ] Glue, Moon, Kato
    [-300 ] Glue, Kato, Bullger
    [-400 ] Kato, Little Bullger
    [-500 ] Kato, Little Bullger, Big Bullger, Gliro
    [-600 ] Little Bullger, Little Jerryrom, Gliro
    [-700 ] Little Bullger, Big Bullger, Little Jerryrom, Seventeen
    [-800 ] [F]: Big Bullger,Gliro,Socompo
    [-800 ] [H]: Seventeen,Little Jerryrom,Socompo
    [-900 ] Socompo, Gliro, Seventeen, Little Jerryrom
    [-1000] Liar, Socompo, Gliro
    [-1100] [F]: Liar, Or-huganous, Death
    [-1100] [H]: Hungones, Bubugel, Little Jerryrom
    [-1200] Liar,Socompo,Gliro,Death
    [-1300] [F]: Death, Liar, Or-huganous
    [-1300] [H]: Hungones, Liar, Bubugel
    [-1400] [F]: Or-huganous,Liar, Sun
    [-1400] [H]: Hungones, Bubugel, Death 
    [-1500] [I]: Or-huganous,Death
    [-1500] [F]: Or-huganous,Big Jerryrom,Bubugel
    [-1600] Big Jerryrom, Death, Sin-Monis, Sun
    [-1700] Or-huganous,Sun, Sin-Monis
    [-1800] Sun, Or-huganous, Nicl & Nicr
    [-1900] Sin-Monis,Sun,Big Jerryrom
    [-2000] Sin-Monis, Magician, Nicl & Nicr
    [-2100] Big Jerryrom, Sun
    [-2200] Big Jerryrom, Magician, Nicl & Nicr, Aries
    [-2300] [F]: Nicl & Nicr, Aries
    [-2300] [H]: Big Jerryrom, Magician, Cocteauhead
    [-2400] Aries, Cocteauhead, Gold Moon
    [-2500] Nicl & Nicr, Aries
    [-2600] Magician, Cocteauhead, Gold Moon
    [-2700] Nicl & Nicr, Cocteauhead, Gold Moon
    [-2800] Magician, Gold Moon
    [-2900] [F]: Nicl & Nicr, Aries, Gold Moon, Johanna Kyon
    [-2900] [H]: Cocteauhead, Magician, Little Jerryrom
    [-3000] Cocteauhead, Gold Moon, Hana-Nip
    [-3100] Johanna Kyon, Cocteauhead
    [-3200] Gold Moon, Hana-Nip, Galgal-Tank-Joe
    [-3300] Johanna Kyon, Hana-Nip, Festum
    [-3400] Johanna Kyon, Hana-Nip, Festum
    [-3500] Johanna Kyon, Galgal-Tank-Joe, Big Blue Bullger
    [-3600] Galgal-Tank-Joe, Festum, Big Blue Bullger
    [-3700] Hana-Nip, Galgal-Tank-Joe, Big Blue Bullger
    [-3800] Galgal-Tank-Joe, Festum, Big Blue Bullger
    [-3900] Cherub, Archangel
    			     --------[ON SPLITTING]--------
    * Split brands are the game-winner here, so make it a priority to get 2 of them.
      To get them, use the cursebringer angel and just synthetize until you get one.
      Then, throw boxes at the box bearer repetadly until you get 2 addition boxes.
      Throw the brand at the floor and pick it up, open one box and you will have
      your second split brand.
    * Take two split brands and an addition box to the tower, brand yourself with
      the brand and go down to -200. Make sure the other left-over splitbrand split
      so you have 2 in your inventory and throw the brands into the orbs
      in Eliza's room.
      Make sure you only have addition boxes now so they can split and you
      can send them back until the bottom floor.
    * A better way to do what I just described above it to have TWO addition boxes
      and a split brand with the Collector. Take all three items and then use a
      box to clone a split brand. Give back a split brand to the collector and
      use the other one on yourself. You should now have been branded and only
      the box in your inventory, which will split over and over again.
    * Warp Bones are a great way to complete the Tower.
      Get yourself around 6 Warp Bones and use the splitting trick to
      gather 99 bones (6 becomes 12, becomes 24, 48, 96).
      Once you have 99 bones, send them back to the collector by 
      placing them near a cosciousness orb instead of throwing them
      one by one. Now, whenever you want to go to a dungeon, clone the 99
      bones, give one set to the collector and youre good to go.
    * The more addition boxes you have, the more chances it will split.
      Once you have around with six boxes (usually around floor -600)
      you can keep a coat to help you run through the tower.
      In the other hand, bring a enhanced coat from the beggining with
      defense fluids with you to facilitate your run.
      Make sure to reload if the coat splits though.
    * Use ME Brands, with your split brand and some addition boxes, you can
      have unlimited ME branded boxes as you go down, send back addition boxes and
      once the collector is full, brand the left-over boxes. After coming
      back to the tower, you can send more those left-over boxes without
      spending a split brand. Die when you sent back all the left-overs.
      Keep in mind that you can "clone" a branded box with a ME brand by doing this:
      Lets imagine you have 7 addition boxes and a ME brand.
      1)Brand an addition box with the ME brand.
      2)Drop the box, pick it up.
      3)Open the other 6 boxes, the boxes will clone the last object you picked.
        Thus, you will have 6 more addition boxes already branded!
    by ZardoZsays:
    * To get a Split brand find yourself an Appraisal brand and some Lucky wings,
      most of the brands you get from the CBA are unidentified so the Appraisal
      brand is in order, this will also help you stack your bones up for the CBA.
      I tried endlessly to get the Split from lower floors with no luck at all.
      After I gave the gun to Angelicus(not sure if required for Split brand)
      I was able to get the Brand almost immediately at the -1600 CBA.
      By the time you get to -1600 you should have plenty of bones,
      make sure you have at least one open Collector spot and save
      the Orb on -1600 for the Brand. 
      Reload the game if you run out of bones. 
      Be sure to copy(Add box) the Split brand before use.
    			     --------[ON POWERING UP]--------
    * Find a Defense fluid and use your split brand to power up your favorite coat.
    * Find an Attack fluid and use your split brand to power up your favorite sword.
    * Better yet, find an AD fluid, which upgrades Attack AND Defense.
    * Torturers are great for killing a large number of meta beings at once.
      Wear Experience Wings, Eat an experience bone, Use a Summon Torturer and then
      a room effect torturer(Fire,Explosion,Lightning) to kill the meta-beings and
      go up in levels. You can also use Disks, but these are a little more dangerous
      because a meta-being can step on it and kill you instead.
    * A Shockwave sword is THE throwing weapon of excellence, find one and you can
      throw them over and over again at your enemies. Add elemental parasites to it
      for bonus elemental damage.
    * Combine Parasites and add them to your swords. Like an Elec/Ice parasite
      in your explosion sword. Or Fire/Elec - Comet/Ice on your Twin Swords.
    * I havent tried this, but maybe if you combie a Paral Parasite and an Elec
      Parasite (Paral/Elec) you can add Paralysis to your weapon? Can it be 
    By Reinsus:
    * Paral/elec parasite combo won't work for the same reason a lucky/comet
      parasite won't work on a sword. the restrictions of paral parasite and 
      lucky parasite make it so that they can't be fused onto a sword. 
      Four(4) types of parasites plus the dead parasite:  
      * Ones that go on you and sword (YS)
      * You and coat (YC)
      * Only items (I)
      * Only you (Y)
      (YS)/(YS)  can go on you or your sword
      (YS)/(YC) can go only on you
      (YS)/(I) only occurs under specfic conditions. e.g. wing + sword
      (YS)/(Y) only on you
      (YC)/(YC) can go on you or your coat
      (YC)/(I) only occurs under specific conditions. e.g. wing + coat
      (YC)/(Y) only on you
      (I)/(I) only occurs under specific conditions. e.g. cannibal + cannibal
      (I)/(Y) only occurs under specifc conditions. e.g. wing + life
      (Y)/(Y) only on you
    			   --------[ON FINAL DUNGEONS]--------
    * Once you finish the game, the Coffinman will open his incredible dungeons;
      These dungeons have 99 floors and exponentially get tougher and tougher.
      As you go down, you get to fight all the enemies of the game and their
      upgraded Blue and Crimson Versions. 
    * The Deadly Meta-Beings only appear in this Dungeon, try and getting
      their idea sephiras from them by using lucky wings and being, well, lucky.
    by ZardoZsays:
    * About 10% of the floors have a glowing yellow switch, this will teleport you
      to a nearby room for a fight with three Deadly Meta-Beings,
      if you are in the regular dungeon, these will all be the easy(green) 
      versions of the monsters, in the bonus dungeons the first 30 floors will
      have mostly green difficulty monsters, the second thirty floors have mostly 
      blue difficulty monsters, after floor 60 you start getting more 
      of the pink(red) difficulty and the last 20 floors you start seeing
      the black difficulty monsters. The yellow switch monsters have the crystals, 
      if you have lucky wings and a lucky parasite you should get a crystal about 
      25% of the time from one of the three monsters you fight.
    * Once you get to the bottom, the Coffinman will reward you by giving you
      an item that you dont have in your database, so, it can be a Vampire sword
      (if you havent found one) or some blind bones (if you havent recorded it).
    * There are no consciousness orbs but you can split, I suggest you use this
      dungeon to upgrade your equipment using split brand, addition boxes and 
      AD fluids.
    * Fortunely, each level is not that big and the exit is usally two or three
      rooms away from the level start, so you should not take more than 4 minutes
      per floor. It took me 4 hours and a half to finish the Hunger Dungeon.
    * You can keep all your items in your inventory and your level once you 
      complete it, so if youre willing to go all the way down and conquer the
      dungeon, you might as well clone a lot of addition boxes or other
      goodies while youre at it.
    * The available Dungeons are:
      - Hell		Dungeon
      - Hunger		Dungeon
      - Reversed Disk	Dungeon
      - Frugal		Dungeon
      - Defenseless		Dungeon
      - Rotten		Dungeon
      - Trap		Dungeon
    * Hunger Dungeon:
       You wont find any food in this dungeon, so bring addition boxes, 
       your favorite set of bones (I like invincibility for this once), 
       and brand yourself with a split brand. Clone the set with an
       addition box (make sure you always have enough boxes to split)
       and use the bones to sustain yourself (and run)
    			   --------[ON ITEM COLLECTING]--------
    * Find a Crystal Sword and use your split brand to fill the fuse sword entries.
    * Combined parasites do not count as a collector's item. 
      Neither does rotten food.
    by icyterror:
    * Give 1 Gold bone or 3 Silver bones to the curse bringer angle and it will
      give you toy box. The Toy box contains many items. It help a lot about
      complete the item list and might also throw out some great item.
      Open it outside the tower and reload the game if it breaks
      before getting 3~4 items out of it. Alternatively, split them so you can
      break them to your heart's content.
    * A better way to do the thing above is to get a hold of a GOLD bone,
      use marrow fluids until you have around 6 bones,
      then use addition boxes to clone the bones until you have 99.
      Clone the set of 99 bones, send one set back to Collector, use the other
      to get unlimited Toy boxes by giving a gold bone to the CBA for a box.
      You can break up to 99 boxes and then clone the original set to 
      break 99 more! Virtually unlimited!
    by icyterror:
    * There is a cursebringer angel in the 1st floor of the 3rd training dungeon,
      make sure you bring a lot of bones with you so you can take out new items
      for your database. 
    * Use the sort option to gather bones together, an additional box to duplicate
      them and then sort them again, this way you can go from 8 bones, to 16, to
      32, to 64, to 99. THEN go to the Cursebringer angel in the 3rd Training
      Dungeon. I like Doing this with Identify Bones and Port Bones.
      Having 99 Death Bones would be awesome too, you can duplicate a set and take
      it with you to the tower, while leaving the other back at the collectors.
    * When you finish an Incredible Dungeon (Coffinman's dungeons after beating
      the game), Coffinman will give you one random item you dont have in your
      list yet, the dungeons have 99 levels and get incredibly hard after floor
      60, so make sure that your reward is going to be worth it.
    by ZardoZsays:
    * When you go to the Boxbearer with only one box you can get extra boxes
      with a bit of patience. Drop all items you do not want to lose on the ground,
      equipable, fruit, split, addition, etc...
      Keep the rest of your junky items in the inventory. 
      Trade your box until you get a parasite box(less than 1%?), 
      this box will quickly turn all of your held items into parasite boxes. 
      Drop all of your parasite boxes on the ground, then pick one up and quickly 
      turn it in to the Boxbearer, keep trading till you get a box you want and then
      either use the box or drop it with your other stuff.
      Grab the next parasite box and repeat.
    			   --------[ON VOICE COLLECTING]--------
    * It may be possible to miss a Collector's voice entry completly.
      <I need confirmation on this> Because when you restart the game, the
      Collector already has several different items in his database.
    * Make sure you have the main characters's Idea Sephiras in the collector
      and restart the game with your database, throw the sephiras to everyone.
    * Talk to everyone while in lust, stomache ache and poisoned.
    * Hit everyone with the rifle, a normal sword, an element sword and
      your fists.
    * Give rotten food to everyone.
    * There is a switch at -300 and -1000 that defrosts the rooms.
      If you defrost, Hungones and Babuels (Wall monsters) will appear along the
      other normal monsters. I also hear from Reinsus the switched make some flooded
      rooms, normal, but I cant replicate this, yet.
    by icyterror:
    * Inflict Sin-Monis with Lust and it will keep feed you hp and vt instead
      of depleting it.
    by icyterror:
    * Stop worrying about carrying identify items with you all the time.
      When you get new unidentify item, you should save when you go down
      and try using them on the next floor.
    * Idea Sephiras have a Flag. They are either read or unread
      (by the Baroquemonger) When you use an addition box,
      a copy of the sephira is made, along with the flag.. so..
      MAKE SURE you copy the idea sephira before showing it to the Baroquemonger.
    by Reinsus
    * The Doesn't Have Box gives you an item you dont have from a list of items.
      Reinsus compiled the list (Check out his FAQ) and here it is:
    	1.Junk sword
    	2.Puny coat
    	3.Stamina wings
    	4.Heart seed
    	5.Guryu flesh
    	6.Empty box
    	7.Nutritive fluid
    	8.Healing brand
    	9.Fire torturer
    	10.Recovery disk
    	11.Rock bones x 4
    	12.Larva parasite
    	13.Atonement sword
    	14.Leather clothing
    	15.Attack wings
    	16.Fruit heart
    	17.Churyu flesh
    	18.Recovery box
    	19.Attack fluid
    	20.Stamina brand
      The only good thing about this is the attack fluid IF you cant find it
      anywhere else and want to power up your sword and the Larva parasite to get
      that Baroque or find a Cnbl Parasite.
     * Reinsus and I will work on the same list above but for Trial Boxes, feel
       free to send us some input if you have some.
    	1. [No enemies killed] - No Brand
    	2. [Unknown, maybe last item] - Resurrection Brand
    	3. [Unknown, maybe after killing 10~15 monsters] - Guryu Flesh
    ZedPower, Bandersnatch84, buppyspek, icyterror, The_Shifty, Gira_sol,
    Star_Mumba, Reaziel.
    Progress RoadMap: Complete = 28/35
    Yourself		 - Complete
    Koriel Member		 - 90%
    Boxbearer		 - Complete
    Longneck		 - Complete
    Horned Girl		 - Complete
    Bagged One		 - Complete
    Littles			 - Complete
    Magician		 - 75%		[Finished By Next Update]
    Johanna Kyon		 - Complete
    Bullger			 - Complete
    Aries			 - Complete
    Festum			 - Complete
    Nicl & Nicr		 - Complete
    Galgal-Tank-Joe		 - Complete
    Liar			 - Complete
    Jerryrom		 - Complete
    Kato			 - Complete
    Soconpo			 - Complete
    Hungones		 - Complete
    Death			 - Complete
    Hana-nip		 - Complete
    Gliro			 - Complete
    Bubugel			 - Complete
    Seventeen		 - Complete
    Moon			 - Complete
    Sun			 - Complete
    Sin-Monis		 - Complete
    Or-huganous		 - Complete
    Cocteauhead		 - Complete
    Glue			 - 70%		[Finished By Next Update]
    Manas			 - 0%
    Perisomata		 - 0%
    Maleficia		 - 0%
    Tabula Smaragdina	 - 0%
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		  Yourself	  	  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    Orb: Yours --> Cannot fuse
    A sense of loss...
    ...Neuro Tower.
    A fragment of mind...
    and... a lost half of a body.
    This crystal..
    Its got a strange feeling that's
    different from the Baroque's Ive seen before.
    What is this?
    I have a feeling I know someone that looks like him...
    I see many human figures, but...
    All of them have the same face.
    This memory... Ive seen it somewhere...
    ...A shadow of a close person that remains strong,
    Its volatile shape is almost as if is a mix of
    delusion and reality but whether or not that is the
    result of a Baroque is...
    An inhuman entity...
    Somthing surrounded by light so strong,
    one cannot look directly at it.
    A piece of the world that threw the world into confusion...
    That's you.
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Koriel Member		  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    Orb: Koriel --> Revolution Sword (Revolution Effect)
    ...A sanctuary.
    Worship and inquisition...
    And... the distortion of the world.
    An alarm that wouldn't stop ringing...
    Hope that was terminated before their eyes and...
    A white light.. that covered the world..
    ...How very interesting.
    Perhaps they tried to touch the entity that is also known as
    the root of the world?
    Like, for instance...
    The one at the bottom of the Neuro Tower...
    From the shape of this crystal,
    I can almost see through to their
    passion for the pursuit of truth...
    Whether or not they were able to
    reach it is...
    Continuously offered prayer.
    Miracles are not things that
    occur simply because one
    wishes for them.
    Yet, they did not mind that.
    The source of distortion...
    A word called the World... This
    core is not exactly distortion.
    I think we could say...
    That this is not simply a
    They just wanted to know.
    They probably didn't imagine
    that it would bring about these
    ...The best laid plans of mice
    and men...
    Souls that accepted their fate...
    At times they are pure, and at
    times they are foolish.
    I have heard that there was a
    writer that had ruined himself in
    the pursuit of truth.
    Though in his case, it wasn't
    like he offended God to find
    the truth...
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Boxbearer		  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    Orb: Boxbearer --> Boxbearer Sword (Unknown Effect)
    Found on Floor: -700 (Sometimes)
    ...An empty box.
    A sway of delusion...
    What he wanted and what he couldn't grasp...
    A girl that had started to distort before his very eyes.
    Something kept in a box.
    What was it that he killed?
    ...A giant research facility...
    He seemed to have worked frantically as some sort of technician.
    To escape something that was haunting his mind...
    He could not live without clinging to his delusions...
    Yet, unable to completely become his baroque, he probably
    suffered in the gap between delusion and reality.
    I'm accustomed to Baroques of immortality but,
    this must be a Baroque of rebirth.
    Its not like I haven't come across one before,
    but it is an incomplete delusion.
    A daughter that was transferred through the consciousness orb, huh...
    ...What ever the case, this was something that already happened.
    What was inside his box?
    It's said that disaster and hope were in Pandora's box.
    But in this world, there are also empty boxes.
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Longneck		  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    Orb: Longneck --> Longneck Sword (Trident Effect)
    ...What is this?
    All I hear is a monotonous repetition of words...
    I've nothing else to say other than that it is a superb Baroque.
    The only things I can hear are...
    a strong remorse and a fixation on life.
    A repetition of the two.
    It seems he was conducting some sort of research,
    but reading the details will be no small feat.
    The distortion is hindering my ability to discern it.
    It must have been tough carrying
    this Baroque even after the distortion...
    It's quite impressive...
    in many different aspects.
    His neck grew as if to avert his eyes from his own sin...
    And his body grew corpulent as he desired death.
    Quite a troublesome person, indeed.
    What is... the red... queen?
    I cannot see... the distortion is too great.
    You've taken this distortion, yet you remain unchanged.
    In other words, perhaps it means that you are already
    carrying a Baroque that is far heavier than this...
    It is a sickness unto death, but it can also be an answer.
    ...Do you not understand?
    I suppose not.
    I don't truly understand it myself.
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Horned Girl		  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    Orb: Horned Girl --> Unknown Sword (Lust Effect)
    A sense of occlusion and...
    No, can it be that this Baroque is...
    This girl, I've seen her somewhere...
    It all began as childish fun...
    Teasing, pranks...
    Inaudible murmurs...
    On the way home from school...
    A girl with empty eyes, standing in the corner of the ruins...
    ...It's hard to read distinct words from this crystal.
    Its form as a Baroque is unwavering, but...
    An imaginary reality held in the girl's palms.
    A comfortable world detached from the pain that
    stood before her eyes...
    Faceless friends...
    That's why the young girl was able to become tractable.
    The person standing there was a blank somebody,
    a nobody that was capable of becoming anybody.
    Fading, disappearing self...
    Eventually she had stopped being herself...
    She could not be harmed, so long as she was someone else...
    A girl that abandoned herself in an attempt to protect herself...
    I see...
    So this was the girl from that time...
    To think that my Baroque would grow so... huh.
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Bagged One		  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    Orb: Bagged One --> Bagged Sword (Item Drop Chance Increase Effect)
    A boisterously whirling torrent of memories...
    Concealment and restraint...
    The pain of separation...
    A dark, swaying shadow...
    She knew that was something that would remain unforgiven.
    Unable to forget none of the information that flowed in through her
    five senses.
    Pain and happiness still vivid.
    A swelling bag of memories.
    All in an attempt to leave a singular thought behind somewhere...
    Endlessly accumulating information...
    But no matter how much knowledge she stuffed in, she could not escape
    that thought...
    The confusion and despair never faded inside her.
    It would be vividly replayed repeatedly.
    Every time it did, she...
    There are 2 Baroques inside this crystal...
    But now, nothing more will be etched inside her thoughts.
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Littles			  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    Orb: Littles -->  Cannot fuse
    Found on Floors: -2000
    Is this not a Baroque?
    Exactly what crystal is this?
    This foreign presence...
    This cannot be a human Baroque.
    Can it possibly be... a part of (God)
    If I were to liken this to human,
    Then this would probably be...
    The embodiment of pain itself.
    I apologize, but this is the most fitting description
    I can only think of at this moment.
    ...Extraordinary pure pain.
    For it to exist in this world, in this form is unimaginable,but...
    Ignoring that, this core... It is not a Baroque.
    There's no mistaking that this crystal is pain of incredible purity.
    But, have its thoughts been purified...?
    Its influential power on those that touch isn't that strong.
    I cannot read what's in the background from this crystal...
    Actually, whether or not there is a background was uncertain...
    I see...A gateway that leads to something...to an existence
    that's not human... But I'm afraid I cannot get any closer...
    Sorry to disappoint you,I apologize.
    I can fact no other element from this crystal.
    ...Horribly pure pain.
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Magician		  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: Like a joker coming out of a big poker card.
    [Attacks]: Melee:	Quick Slash
    	   Area:	Replicate, Self-Warp
    	   Ranged:	Throwing Cards
    [Orb]: Magician --> Magician Sword (Low chance of Warp Effect on enemy)
    Items Dropped: Ice Disk, Mine Disk
    You have to kill these fast, because of their replicating ability.
    Get close and then dodge when it slashes, slash back until dead.
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    ...Merciless reality.
    Those who adore him...
    Those he is to protect...
    And... an unavoidable distortion.
    He had... 
    Tried to live honestly even
    in this distorted world.
    ...His beliefs.
    ...Those he could not save.
    His heart was as fragile as he was kind, 
    and he was unable to bear that weight.
    A reality seen for the first time by he who only chased after ideals.
    A desolate world soiled by distortion. That is why he shed no tears.
    When he discovered the same distortion found in the world was within himself.
    He willingly ventured into its abyss... And fell... Just as the winged girl
    had guided him to...
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Johanna Kyon		  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: Like two puppets tied to a two pillars, tied together.
    [Attacks]: Melee:	Big Swipe attack with the pillars, Quick headbutt
    	   Area:	Confusion Shriek
    	   Ranged:	Unknown
    [Orb]: H. Priestess --> H. Priestess Twin Swords (Low % of Confusion Effect)
    Items Dropped: Confusion Bones, Earplug Bones
    They usually lie dormant, when you attack them, try to attack them 
    from behind or else the big pillars will hit you. If you get confused
    use the L2 trick.
    Ive seen them "lift off" when running low on HP.. wierd :)
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    Neuro Tower...
    A distorted room...
    ...2 girls.
    Sealed Tower...
    And a small hope...
    The bottom of the Neuro Tower... 
    An image of sisters lying down in a closed room...
    ...They reached out in this room with no windows.
    Tiny hands that wandered, cutting the empty air...
    A silent smiling winged girl took their hands...
    Distortion came a little at a time. 
    Not to them, but rather to the world around them.
    To them... It must have felt like they had stumbled out of a dizzy spell.
    The sisters who are supposed to make a miracle happen...
    But contrary to their intentions they had become a foreign entity that
    induced Baroques.
    The great power that they couldnt fully control
    had sped up the distortion of this world, Had they just held back...
    The two did not give up even an the very end. But, the effects from
    that moderate dizzy spell enveloped them at some point...
    They dissapeared without a trace.
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Bullger		          /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: Like a fat bouncing woman.
    [Attacks]: Melee:	Fast headbutt, spinning body slam.
    	   Area:	Blinding Gas
    	   Ranged:	None
    [Orb]: Empress --> Empress Sword (Blind Effect)
    Items Dropped:   (Small Version) Fire Disk, Aprsl Parasite
    		 (Large Version) Sight Fluid, Churyu Flesh
    	      (Blue Big Version) Sight Fluid, Churyu Flesh
    Just kill them from behind.. or not. They're easy.
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    Consciousness Orb...
    Small wings...
    Vague sense of anxiety...
    Trust and... Suffering that could never be told to anyone.
    Twisted information that flowed directly into the brain...
    The sensation of having your very being rewritten...
    Without having the time to feel fear.
    It seems her inability to throw away the tiny suspicion left inside the bottom
    of her heart was what became the seed of her distortion...
    An unpredictable experiment...
    In the twisted vision, a body that transforms as if it's melting...
    Fading commotion... Black out.
    A Baroque that was cast off from the world, and eats away at all things...
    This was the path she had chosen...
    Love in a flask that was defeated by distortion. 
    But if she had believed then, there might have been a different ending.
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Aries			  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: A Four legged humanoid
    [Attacks]: Melee:	Quick Claw
    	   Area:	Blind Spray
    	   Ranged:	Jump attack
    [Orb]: Emperor --> Emperor Sword (Blind Effect)
    Items Dropped  --> Rotten Bones, Sight Fluid
        (Blue Version) Moldy Fluid, Marrow Fluid
    Aries usually just sleep their time away until you touch them.
    Once they are awake, dodge their attacks and counterattack from
    the sides, never fight it head-on unless you like to get sprayed
    upon. Usually, confront them, slash them to wake them up and dodge,
    once they attack and miss, hit them from the sides.
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    Social status...
    The distortion of society...
    Resentment...A lost place of belonging and... a social death.
    It took but a second to destroy what took him a lifetime to build.
    His small happiness dissapeared with a sound.
    Before long, the last day approached... 
    He was probably unable to accept that fact...
    When everything was wrapped in light, he took the hand that was extended
    to him. A girl... with big, white wings.
    He was forsaken by the world... and liberated.
    At least... within himself.
    He obtained a world he could control. And in it...There was neither reason,
    nor irrationality, nor hope.
    Carrying his world, he tried to rebuild what he lost. 
    But there is no end to the suffering for this miniature garden's rule.
    Its like a moebius strip.
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Festum			  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]:Like a big stone attack floating robot with two extendable grapple arms
    [Attacks]: Melee:	An horizontal stab by extending their robotic arm.
    	   Area:	Unknown
    	   Ranged:	Icicle stab
    [Orb]: Hierophant --> Hierophant Sword (Ice Blast Effect, Mid %)
    Items Dropped: Warp Bones, Ice Disk
    Dodge their attacks and hit them from the sides.
    If you see them creating the icicle above their heads, hitting them
    will interrupt their attack.
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    A pile of books...
    Secret experiment...
    ...A disorderly laboratory.
    Memories and the past...
    Concentration on the future...
    Heretic...Words that would never reach him.
    Even the shadows infront of his eyes went unseen by him.
    In his head, a great deal of knowledge stored in his long life of research...
    Though now, its impossible for me to read. How unfortunate.
    Forbidden... knowledge. At the time, there was no way he would have known
    he was losing his outer shell in exchange for it.
    An extreme spirit of inquiry...
    It would become a delusion, ultimately throwing his life off track.
    Behind his back, I can see wings that its not his...
    Punishment by expulsion.
    Only worthless pieces of paper left to this man who had now lost his place...
    Clockwork time that had slowly come to a stop.
    And then, he was reborn. A silent machine that stored encoded knowledge...
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Nicl & Nicr		  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: A HUGE parasite with a big vertical mouth full of pointy teeth..
    	it gave me the creeps first time I saw it. Highly Dangerous.
    [Attacks]: Melee:	Paralyze Bite
    	   Area:	Paralyze Gas
    	   Ranged:	Body Rush
    [Orb]: The Lovers --> Twin Sword (Paralysis Effect)
                          *These swords is one item, not two.
    Items Dropped: Recovery Torturer, No Name Torturer
    Hit it from the sides to prevent it biting you.
    If youre parlyzed just kill it before it eats you.
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    ... Young lovers.
    An ever-changing world and...
    An unchanging world...
    ... The couple's field of vision
    distorted in the same way.
    There is no sense of fear there.
    A faintly wavering view...Though unnoticed, when it came the time
    to pledge their unchanging devotion, their eyes were.. floating in air.
    Angel's feathers and... a consciouness orb. Someone's shadow flickering
    on the outer world. What is this foreign atmosphere?...
    Their own world was gradually to close up...
    The distortion has eaten away at both of them equally, but one day,
    a certain change arrived...
    Their Baroque was completed by holding each other...
    and waiting there for them...Was a gentle, quiet, smile..
    Lovers that wished for eternity. In exchange for their human
    appearance, they gained a thousand years of solitude...
    And thus their wish was granted.
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Galgal-Tank-Joe		  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: like a monster on wheels carrying a laser/bazooka.
    [Attacks]: Melee:	None
    	   Area:	Laser Swipe
    	   Ranged:	Energy Bomb, Rush Attack
    [Orb]: Chariot --> Chariot Sword (Fire Shot Effect)
    Items Dropped: Fire Disk, Fire Torturer
    Get Close, He cannot hit you with its ranged Energy Bomb if youre in its face.
    Use Interrupting attacks to prevent it from using its laser attack. 
    Do not approach from the front as it might rush as you instead.
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    A library...
    A key...
    A personification of the apocalypse...
    and the words of an angel.
    A step towards destruction...
    In front of the muzzle, I see the figure of his motionless friend.
    A key...that was implanted in his brain.
    This seems to be the origin of his Baroque.
    ...Just staying still. That was one of the chains this youth, afraid
    of the key's awakening had imposed upon himself. To protect the world 
    from destruction.
    A winged girl... The sole existence that knows of the youth's key...
    But... the deep murmurs are not her voice...
    ...The Blaze that approached from behind him. 
    The youth that was swallowed amist the confusion.
    Never even realizing that he was no longer in his human form.
    Just as the end didnt come to his world... The youth's Baroque
    doesn't know the end. Even now, the key to the apocalypse is 
    waiting for the time of its awakening within him.
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Liar			  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: Like a  mix of a long haired woman and a slug.
    [Attacks]: Melee:	Fast Slash
    	   Area:	Lethargy Gas, Lust Gas
    	   Ranged:	Homing Undeground Spike Attack
    [Orb]: Strength --> Strength Sword (Lethargy or Lust Effect)
    Items Dropped   --> Unbrand, Elec Parasite
         (Blue Version) Food Disk, Storm Disk
    Slash at her to interrupt her attacks.
    Use normal attacks using a big sword, special attack using others.
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    ...Repressed feelings.
    A double-edged blade...
    I catch a glimpse of... a fragment of a lost heart.
    A degenerating, distorting whirl of emotions...
    She did not mean to cause pain... 
    It was just that it was the only way she knew.
    A cry that was misplaced...
    The only thing that she could do was hurt herself...
    In front of her blurred view...
    A smiling, winged girl.
    She hated her emotions, herself... 
    And as if to abandon who she was...
    Her emotions and her body temperature had started to vanish.
    In the light of the Blaze, her insides and outsides had been switched...
    Now she pointed those claws at someone other than herself.
    A doll's scratch left inside her heart...
    Humans are as fragile and breakable as they are passionate.
    At times, its almost easier to live if one is broken.
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Jerryrom		  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: Like a big puppet head moving by using a small hand.
    [Attacks]: Melee:	Fast Jab, Spin Attack
    	   Area:	Confusion
    	   Ranged:	None
    [Orb]: Hermit --> Hermit Sword (Fire Effect with Low Probability of Explosion)
    Items Dropped: (Small version) Heart Seed, No Name Torturer
    	       (Large version) Flame Disk, Boom Bone
    	       (Blue version ) Vaporize Disk, Unknown
    If you hear him making a sound, move away as quickly as possible!
    To prevent damage from its spinning attack, either powerup your sword and
    wait for it to bounce into range or use hit and run tactics.
    If Confused, hold press L2 to aim at it and kill it. Use this tactic whenever
    youre confused to land blows.
    If you can kill it in less than 3 blows, disregard this and just combo kill it.
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    An association he cannot quit.
    A child who is innocent, yet cruel... 
    A dream that one can never wake up from..
    To the youth,
    everything was mere fun and games...
    The concept of living...
    And of dying, as well...
    He was just being amused...
    Wondering about the scattered fragmets and falling embers of the fireworks.
    An outside world shown through the television is what the youth sees.
    For him, reality was something vague, something in the background that did
    not represent reality to him.
    Delusion that ate away at reality... The continuation of a dream that spread
    as far as his eye can see was everything to the youth.
    He never noticed the winged girl gazing at him...
    The border within reality and fantasy was a trivial thing to the youth...
    Even now, I can almost hear innocent laughter coming from within the crystal...
    In a world where reality and fantasy melded together, 
    the youth met the day of the Blaze...
    The racing carousel will not stop.
    Even now he continues to live in his delusions.
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Kato			  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: Like a spining tortoise wheel.
    [Attacks]: Melee:	A tongue slash that poisons.
    	   Area:	None
    	   Ranged:	Spinning Rush
    [Orb]: Fortune --> Fortune Sword (Poison Effect)
    Items Dropped  --> Antidote, Indefinite Box
        (Blue Version) Hungry Box, Unknown
    Attack it from the side, using interrupting slashes.
    If they align its front to you, dodge before they do a slash attack.
    The Blue Version is way tougher, in its turtle form, it spits
    blue glues from behind and one Kato in the floor will be
    virtualy indestructible having insane amounts of HP.
    If it does not die after the 8th slash, get out of there!~
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    Stress... This neverending mundane cycle is suffocating...
    Overtime... Complaints... Dozing off...
    Every day, a repetition of this cycle.
    In the numerous windows...
    A wriggling group of grey..
    Monotnous days...
    The same old scenery.. the same old lecture, every day
    a repetition of the one before. An angel just passed,
    nothing more than a part of the landscape.
    The many fragments of consciousness scattered inside the
    crystal... This is not just one person's Baroque.
    The daily routines met their end through an unfortunate
    coincidence. Every reason was rewritten and had become
    distorted, they were no exception.
    A small, bubble like distortion... Born in all sort of
    places only to burst and dissapear. To pick one up was
    nothing more than coincidence.
    The counterturning gears keep turning noisily...
    Indeed.. It's endless..
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Soconpo			  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: Like a clown, with a huge eyeball for a body with frogs for shoulders.
    	 Bounces around on a spring.
    [Attacks]: Melee:	Spinning Attack, Bouncing Attack
    	   Area:	Fire Breath (Item deteriorator)
    	   Ranged:	None
    [Orb]: Justice --> Justice Sword (Unknown Effect)
    Items Dropped: Double Edge Box, Food Disk
    (Blue) Dont Have, Parasite Boxes
    Use interrupting slashes to prevent them from using their spinning attacks.
    When killed, do not move or you may step into their food disk, that convert
    your items into food or viceversa, careful!~
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    ...A future with no end in sight.
    A clown's mask...
    And someone's true face...
    Time that cannot be stopped...
    Sceneries he ran through and the things he left behind...
    I can see a dazzling figure on the stage...
    But it seems not a single person knew what his true face looked like...
    Even in dreams, he hears the distant applause and cheers...
    The outline of a winged girl who sits alone in the seats,
    burnt into the back of his eyes, the image never leaving...
    A mask he used to meet other's expectations... 
    That is how he had lived all his life.
    Yet he doesn't know when the face underneath his mask dissapeared.
    I wonder what he saw there when he glaced into the mirror.
    What reflected back in place of the thing he had lost?
    Before he realized it, his mask had become his true face...
    A Baroque obtained by denying the future and stopping time.
    A mask of his true face, called The Wandering Pierrot.
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Hungones		  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: A purple leech humanoid being hanging from the ceiling.
    [Attacks]: Melee:	Stab
    	   Area:	Lust Shriek, Paralyze Gas, Poison(when falling down)
    	   Ranged:	None
    [Orb]: Hanged Man --> Hanged Man Sword (Unknown Effect)
        Items Dropped --> Aprsl Parasite, Invincible Bones
           (Blue Version) Vampire Torturer, Unknown
    Cofront it head on with interrupting attacks and keep in mind how many
    slashes it takes to bring it down. When the Hungone drops to the floor
    it expels poison gas/muck. So, depending on your strength, remember how
    many slashes it takes to bring it down and time so you move away from it
    when it comes down and then finish him off.
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    A permanent scar...
    White wings...
    The power to protect God...
    And ideals... And reality.
    In the darkness... 
    Fake wings were a glimmer of hope.
    White, imitation wings on his back and an entwinging chain of flesh.
    A dream of the sky seen while chained to the ground.
    Its a conflicting dilemma.. they are fake wings afterall...
    A suffering that was equal to the suffering before... 
    No, perhaps even greater...
    Soaking his small hands red, unable to take flight, he fell through the sky.
    A Baroque that rejects death...
    Reflected in this unbreathing youth's vision...
    A winged girl...with red eyes.
    He's slightly trembling, frightened even now after he's turned into a crystal.
    Neverending agony... For him, his Baroque was not a soothing relief.
    It was a spiraling hook mean as self-torment.
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Death			  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: Like a pile of junk until you get close,
             then it looks like a flying coffin with weapons. Very fast.
    [Attacks]: Melee:	Fast Stab.
    	   Area:	Sucking Attack (Yes, it sucks you.)
    	   Ranged:	Nail Impaler (Very Fast)
    [Orb]: Death --> Death Heavy Sword (Storm Effect)
    Items Dropped--> Sweat Bone, Storm Disk
      (Blue Version) Revolution Fluid, Unknown
    Attack it from the sides if you cannot interrupt its normal
    attacks with your sword. If you can, just slash him while
    interrupting him until it dies.
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    A casket buried empty...
    A vessel that can never be filled...
    A measuring rod of cold iron.
    An unmoving heart...
    Only there to erase distortion, 
    quietly, like soft breathing.
    Ah... I remember those who made that their job.
    Subconscious conflicts...
    Fragments of numerous consciousness..
    What's this strange feeling...?
    It seems that there is nothing inside this shell.
    A void that wasn't supposed to contain anything...
    An envoy from the unconsciousness filling up the crystal.
    A winged girl reaches out her hand.
    Obliteration, annihilation, elimination, Eliminate. Eliminate.
    I wonder if he saw his twisting figure when the world was
    engulfed by the Blaze.
    On that day... He gained something the moment the lost something.
    Though, he ever accepted that is a completely different story.
    He is no longer anywhere. Only a hard vessel remains here.
    That is the only thing he had left behind...
    A burial of the void is his Baroque.
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Hana-nip		  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: A guy in a motorcyle with drum disks.
    [Attacks]: Melee:	He uses its drum disks to beat your head silly.
    	   Area:	Confusion Sonic Attack
    	   Ranged:	Uses a sonic boom which deals damage, he also rushes.
    [Orb]: Tempereance --> Tempereance Sword (Confusion Effect)
    Items Dropped: Homing Bones, Marrow Fluid.
    Approach from the sides, dodge its attacks and hit. Dodge and Hit.
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    A strict household.. freedom..
    ...fellow members in a motorcycle gang..
    Discontent... Anxiety of departing and... anticipation.
    With no purpose or aspirations...
    Just empty days that pass by uneventfully...
    He left for a trip...in the pursuit of freedom.
    But... He was welcomed with a ver deep, overwhelming freedom...
    Dawn that never breaks... in an obscure corner of the completely quiet city,
    an angel's feather lay on the floor...
    If he just dissapeared nobody would remember him. 
    The world would forget about him...
    A faint fear that clung to the bottom of his heart.
    His existence as seen through the eyes of others...
    The lonely town and others had cause him to distort...
    A prisioner in a thunderous ring...Though..to be honest, 
    he just wanted to go home. A gauche fellow.. indeed.
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Gliro			  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: Like a red imp jumping using a spring.
    	 Makes a very particular sound when moving.
    [Attacks]: Melee:	Stab
    	   Area:	Steal
    	   Ranged:	None
    [Orb]: Devil --> Devil Sword (Stealing Effect)
    Items Dropped--> Heart Seed, Unknown.
      (Blue Version) AD Fluid, Unknown
    Just kill it. If it steals from you and runs away, ignore it,
    he will seek you out after a minute of running. I think sometimes,
    it throws the object at you, destroying it, be careful.
    Blue version is about the same, but it will steal more often.
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    A large house...
    Alone in a room...
    ...An impulsive inclination to steal.
    Lost vision and... a consciousness orb implanted into the fundus oculi.
    An eye that can see things that cannot be seen..
    The world he saw was different from others...
    It wasn't that the youth was poor.
    It's just that... he couldn't resist the urge.
    There is no sense of malice present.
    A divergence of the border of things... 
    It can be assumed that the foundation of this youth's Baroque lies here..
    A single image is left inside the crystal... 
    It's hazy, but it seems to be a winged girl.
    What is this odd feeling that lingers about her?
    This youth... He touched something he was not meant to.
    Angel feathers dissapearing as if it were but an illusion...
    A swirl of information took his consciousness.
    A prism collector that had reached for the distortion.
    Nothing had changed for him.
    He does not realize that he in no longer in his human form.
    Even now... and forever more.
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Bubugel			  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: A wall.. then it turns around and its actually a huge face.
    [Attacks]: Melee:	Kiss (Yes, gross, but yes.)
    	   Area:	PushBack Sliding Door attack
    	   Ranged:	Spitting Ball of Fury
    [Orb]: Tower --> Tower Sword (Unknown Effect)
    Items Dropped  --> Lightning Torturer, Unknown
        (Blue Version) Box Box, Lightning Torturer
    If you notice a dead end in a corridor, powerup your sword and let it loose
    to deal the first strike, then close in with interrupting attacks while trying
    to stay away from its gaping mouth. I still cant figure out how to get out
    of the way when it dies and comes tumbling down.
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    A slightly misaligned world...
    Time that had been cut away...
    A mirror that reflects reality...
    The world seen through a lense...
    He simple looked at the world he was looking at.
    A white feather that got mixed into the heap of photos...
    Yet, he had never noticed its existence...
    A photograph that doesnt project reality...
    It was around this time when the disaster started to occur to him.
    Before he realized, he had disappeared from his world.
    Even mirrors could not reflect his image...
    Carelessly strewn photos...
    Reflected in them are unchanged sceneries, 
    That was because it was his Baroque.
    Too obsessed with the outside world to see himself.
    There is no way he can view himself in his own viewfinder.
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Seventeen		  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: Like a robot on wheels.
    [Attacks]: Melee:	Quick headbutt, Knock-back headbutt.
    	   Area:	None
    	   Ranged:	Machine Gun Laster Blasts.
    [Orb]: Star --> Star Heavy Sword (KnockBack Effect)
    Items Dropped-> Lethargy Bones, Summon Torturer
      (Blue Verson) Devolution Fluid, AD Fluid
    These can be dangerous, so be careful.
    Wait for them to attack and dodge, then strike back.
    You wont be able to use interrupting attacks due to their
    quick headbutt, so hit, dodge, hit.
    If you are being fired upon by them,
    just run to the sides (not away) from it until they stop firing.
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    Unstable emotions...
    ...Awkward words...
    A soul that's happily astir... but at the same time, somewhat cool.
    I see an image of a girl, running hard, as if she was trying to run from
    something, as if to wipe away the tears.
    A heart that couldn't quite become an adult,
    and her eagerness to become an adult.
    From this imbalance, she claimed her Baroque.
    In front of her gaze, the view of a girl from the back...
    And on her back are...wings. I feel uneasy...
    Where was she was going to go, with nothing more than the nice words
    given her? Though it seems anywhere was fine as long as she could
    keep on running.
    A heart that obediently accepted distortion...huh.
    It seems there's no change to her persona even now after she's turned
    into a crystal.
    You can do it. You can do it. You can do it. You can do it...
    A childish dream of chasing after something unreachabke.
    The infinite blue sky spreading far above her head.
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Moon			  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: Like a flying fish.
    [Attacks]: Melee:	Bite attack, Knock-back rush.
    	   Area:	None
    	   Ranged:	Electricity Balls (Gold version only)
    [Orb]: Moon --> Moon Sword (Unknown Effect)
    Items Dropped-> (Both) Port Bone, Experience Bone
    Just kill them.
    The Gold version has more HP and might shoot elec balls at you.
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    Murmured prayer...
    People looking for salvation...
    Premonition... Dizziness...
    Words that pour forth without one knowing...
    A lone girl surrounded by
    believers... The embodiment of
    a miracle...
    Strange patterns that appear on
    the palms. Stigmata. A Baroque of
    ...It's a fairly common story.
    A tongue that spoke of miracles, growing more vivid as
    days went past. The people were convinced that the time had come. She
    was the only one who knew of her truth.
    Her own words, unreachable to her, drowned out by fanatic voices..
    A single figure, a winged girl gazed at her...
    With cold eyes that seemed to see through all..
    Words have left the girl, and even her sigh were now viewed as prophetic.
    She listened to the fading prayer as she dove deeper into the dark waters...
    The mermaid's truth would never be spoken again...
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Sun			  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: A robot spider on a green spiderweb that blocks your path.
    [Attacks]: Melee:	None
    	   Area:	Lethargy Fluid, Gas.
    	   Ranged:	Yellow Beam
    [Orb]: Sun --> Sun Sword (Unknown Effect)
    Items Dropped: Revolution Torturer, Port Bones
    Blue Version : Revolution Torturer, Unknown
    Get close by sticking to the wall, if the yellow beam hits you,
    try the other wall. Once there, hit it until it dies.
    You cant get rid of the lethargy so make sure you hit
    the spider when slashing in slow-motion.
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    A strong sense of dread...
    This crystal of full of an abnormal sense of fear...
    A peaceful life...
    An encroaching Baroque...
    ...and a friend's death.
    A shut room...
    An image of a single, crouching youth...
    The tumultuousness of the outer world and... a chaotic mind.
    It seems he could not find peace in the distorted world...
    The youth... sought refuge. He protected himself by running those who
    tried to hurt him, and hurting them when needed.
    His fear of distorting was what would cause him to adversely distort...
    A voice that seemed to resound directly in his head...
    an angelic girl spoke to him...
    To escape the Baroques' terror, he himself should become a Baroque.
    ...That is the conclusion the youth reached.
    A youth that wished for a gentle world... A wire nest protects him.
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Sin-Monis		  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: Like a mix of an anteater and.. well.. I dont know, just wierd.
             They suck you dry.
    [Attacks]: Melee:	None
    	   Area:	HP Suck, VT Suck.
    	   Ranged:	Unknown
    [Orb]: Judgement --> Judgement Sword (Low % of Dealing near-fatal damage
    				      or absoribing VT)
    Items Dropped    --> Twin Box, Sweat Bones
    Attack it from the sides or behind so it doesnt suck at you.
    Or use the powerup attack to knock it back, powerup again and wait for it
    to be in range and hit it again, repeat until its dead.
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    A sense of loss...
    ...Times past.
    Colorful memories...
    Monochromatic future...
    A vivid, red solitary afterimage is left at the bottom of the crytal...
    That is where her time stopped.
    Her former appearance, captured by her past...
    As if to reflect happier memories...
    Though this can happen with anyone, even if its only within their mind.
    An attachment to the past and hatred to her own life...
    Incompatible thoughts.
    A lone girl liberated this twisted being... on her back were... huge wings.
    A body that had slowly started to lose its shape...
    What she gained for exchange of time was not at all what she had wished for...
    She was afraid of losing her precious memories...
    Of losing her thoughts that they were engraved in...
    But it was too late.
    Even now many colorless sceneries are reflected in this crystal...
    A Baroque that's like a broken clock.
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Or-huganous		  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: Like an electric, thin, wizard, robot.
    [Attacks]: Melee:	None
    	   Area:	Confusion, Electrical Orbs (Done when close to death).
    	   Ranged:	Electricity Orb
    [Orb]: World --> World Sword (Randomly Discharges Electricity Orb)
    Items Dropped--> Special Fluid, Recovery Box
      (Blue Version) AD Fluid, Confusion Disk
    Its Ranged attack takes a while to powerup, so time it so you can stab
    it once or twice and then do an interrupting attack.
    The orbs are highly dodgeable. If confused, use the L2 trick.
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    ...This is an extremely quiet crystal.
    I cannot tell if it's satisfied... or if it's just docile.
    Perhaps there is nothing inside.
    This crystal is...
    missing something important...
    What can this mean?
    A girl...
    Pure white wings...
    Surrounding her, an odd distortion...
    I feel someone looking at me...
    Even at this very moment it feels as though someone is watching.
    What is this odd sensation?
    A winged girl and... a completely separate entity that lurks in
    her shadow. But I cannot read what it is supposed to signify.
    As I look at this crystal...
    The Baroques start to stir, almost like a feeling of uneasiness.
    Perhaphs this is where it all started.
    That is what I feel.
    A single clue left within this crystal, but the more you follow it,
    the more intense the noise becomes... I cannot see what lies beyond
    the noise. What could be there?
    A bird cage, containing the world, its master absent...What does that
    hollow shape, neither god nor human, signify..?
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Cocteauhead		  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: A robot that attacks with bubbles.
    [Attacks]: Melee:	A Bash down with its bubble(Poisons)
    	   Area:	Lethargy Bubble Burst
    	   Ranged:	A Small Bubble bouncing on the floor.
    [Orb]: Fool --> Fool Sword (Poison or Lethargy Effect)
    Items Dropped-> Poison Torturer, Me Brand.
     (Blue Version) Cat Torturer, Exploding Brand
    Hit them from the sides to avoid their Bashing Poison Bubble.
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    A soft, warm green...
    ...A glass greenhouse.
    An inverted world..
    A string that ties the two together...
    Knowledge called ignorance..
    In some sense he was innocent, 
    in another sense, he was foolish.
    He became distorted without knowing
    about the outer world... just...
    silently, without any fears or doubts.
    A baroque that cannot be tied down by anyone...
    Wrapped comfortably in his world there was just one...
    foreign entity.
    From beyond the tightly shut door, 
    I hear a voice calling him....
    Past the gaze, with its back to the door...
    A shadow of a winged being flickered and
    At one point... his insides and his outsides reversed.
    Caging up the disorderly world overflowing with
    useless information... He had dissapeared into his
    He had turned into a citizen of Paradise, a secret distortion....
    But a story that hasnt been recorded is the same as one that 
    never existed...Although that may have been his wish...
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Glue		          /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: a huge tick. (Which is still small)
    [Attacks]: Melee:	Jump attack.
    	   Area:	None
    	   Ranged:	None
    [Orb]: Filth --> Filth Sword (Paralysis Effect)
    Found on Floors: -100 to -300
    Items Dropped: Antidote, Guryu Flesh
    	       (Blue Version) Boom Bones, Silver Bones
    Just step on them. Or if you want the neglible XP, slash down at them
    or slash them while they jump.
    The Blue version hits way harder than the original, dodge and then
    splat it, it also has a push back attack when it jumps.
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    Oh, this is quite an unusual Baroque...
    These aren't just the words of a single entity...
    It seems to be the Baroque of a collective.
    I suppose since you've brought it, I should read it for you.
    My boss won't shut up and my subordinates are useless...
    What the hell do you want me to do?
    Overtime yesterday, today, and tomorrow, expected to report to work
    on the weekends. My future is looking pretty bleak...
    Now management is complaining that I'm not training the new employees enough.
    But when I focused on that, my work fell behind,
    and I was reprimanded for that! What am I supposed to do?
    I can't tolerate the stupidity at this workplace any more!
    Give me back my youth!
    If I have to see the sunrise from my cubicle again, I'm going to kill myself...
    ...Please give me a bonus, its not like I get paid a real salary...
    ...Please give me a day off...
    Ive had it! Today for sure, Im going to slap the shiny head of our
    penny-pinching manager! I'll send his glasses flying!
    I've been dreaming about it for three years.
    Yesterday Ive covered for my subordinates. 
    Today, I sucked up to the general manager.
    I get paid just to do this...
    Well, it makes things a little easier to take if I think about it that way...
    If anything, I would think that made things rather empty...
    "Get this done by tomorrow!"
    ... Sure, its easy to say, but...
    There's no way in hell that's possible!
    So this must be one of the problems of middle management.
    Can you do this and that and that for me? *sigh* ...
    Since whenhave I become the manager's ghost...
    I saw it... My manager had dozed off 
    and was drooling while he slept yesterday... 
    My subordinate's mistakes are my mistakes, and my mistakes
    are also my mistakes. I understand that, of course, but...
    Why is it that my manager's mistakes are also my mistakes..?
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Manas			  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: Like a flying robot with a square for a head on a pole with twirling
             spike blades.
    [Attacks]: Melee:	Twirling Blades
    	   Area:	Unknown
    	   Ranged:	a laser bean
    [Orb]: Wands --> Wands Sword (Unknown Effect)
    Found on Floors:  Coffinman Final Dungeons, -3700 (after beating Hell dungeon)
    Items Dropped: Gold Bones, AD Fluid
    Wow.. good luck xD
    Hope you have good armor.
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Perisomata		  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: Like a flying robot with a gown which transforms then into a cup.
    [Attacks]: Melee:	Spinning Cup of Death!
    	   Area:	Unknown
    	   Ranged:	An elemental bomb(can be ice,fire or elec)
    [Orb]: Cups --> Cups Sword (Unknown Effect)
    Found on Floors:  Coffinman Final Dungeons, -3700 (after beating Hell dungeon)
    Items Dropped: Gold Bone, AD Fluid
    Stay close to them, but careful as they move around so they can hit you from
    afar.  If they are in cup form, you wont be able to hit them. Stay away until
    they revert to their original form. While in cup mode, they do this
    spinning attack that can kill you in 2 hits.
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\		Maleficia		  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: Like a Tripod with spiky legs.
    [Attacks]: Melee:	Fast Slash or Sword Combo.
    	   Area:	Unknown
    	   Ranged:	Swipe attack, its like a horizontal shockwave.
    [Orb]: Swords --> Swords Sword (Unknown Effect)
    Found on Floors:  Coffinman Final Dungeons, -3700 (after beating Hell dungeon)
    Items Dropped: Gold Bone, AD Fluid
    Invincible bones.
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\	    Tabula Smaragdina		  /*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\
    [Looks]: Like a big floating bear trap (or a satellite dish)
    [Attacks]: Melee:	Deadly Spin Attack
    	   Area:	They activate random torturers.
    	   Ranged:	They activate random torturers.
    [Orb]: Coins --> Coins Sword (Unknown Effect)
    Found on Floors: Coffinman Final Dungeons, -3700 (after beating Hell dungeon)
    Items Dropped: Gold Bone, AD Fluid
    Careful with these ones, they activate random torturers so, you might
    get hit by a Blind Torturer or by a Lightning one (which will do a lot of
    damage!) Use interrupting kicks to prevent this. But the real strategy
    is just have invincible bones on you and kill the as fast as you can.
    ---------[Baroque Readings]---------
    [VXL]					VOICE LIST
    See my in-depth FAQ about completing the Voice List.
    [EVE]				        EVENT LIST
    Most of the list was compiled by Skankin Garbage and taken from the gamefaqs
    The SaGa Maniac Community! Hosted by RPGClassics.com! Come around, kids,
    and join up!  http://agora.rpgclassics.com
    *NOTE: Left/Right that means completing the event with a particular brother.
           You switch brothers when you see the event where one brother falls from
           the tower. <I think its triggered by merging with God in -1600>
    1. Consciousness Simulation.
    Start the game.
    2. Conciousness Simulation End /\
    Complete Neuro Tower -500 on your first try.
    3. Conciousness Simulation End \/
    Die while attemping Neuro Tower -500
    4. Murdered by Sentry Angel [Submitted by Dag_Iv255]
    Attack the Sentry Angel until he kills you.
    5. To The Sacred Grounds
    When starting the game, be sure to talk to people in town before approaching
    the Neuro Tower.
    6. The Fountain and the Girl
    Meet Alice.
    7. Pure Water
    Meet Eliza.
    8. Me/You/\Right
    Enter the Research Lab for the first time as your normal self.
    9. (Me/You/\Left)
    Enter the Research Lab for the first time as your alternate (Left Side) self.
    10. The Heart of 51432/\Right
    Complete Neuro Tower -1600 without shooting the Absolute God
    as your normal self.
    11. The Heart of 51432/\Left
    Complete Neuro Tower -1600 without shooting the Absolute God
    as your alternate self.
    12. Rebirth of the Consciousness Orb (Frozen Room)
    Give Your Idea Sephirah to Eliza while -1500 is Frozen.
    13. Rebirth of the Consciousness Orb (Normal Room)
    Give Your Idea Sephirah to Eliza while -1500 is in its normal state (not frozen)
    14. Memory
    Aftering giving Eliza Your Idea Sephirah, approach the Consciousness Orb
    that appears in the room.
    15. Reincarnation Crystal/\Right
    Complete any version of the Neuro Tower (except -500),
    by shooting the Absolute God as your normal self.
    16. (Reincarnation Crystal/\Left)
    Complete any version of the Neuro Tower (except -500),
    by shooting the Absolute God as your alternate self.
    17. The Painless Man
    Complete the Neuro Tower -2200 or -3000 without shooting the Absolute God
    but merging with her.
    18. Confession of Sin
    Talk to Dr. Angelicus after receiving Your Idea Sephirah.
    19. The Shape of a Pain
    After giving Dr. Angelicus the Angelic Rifle (with no shots fired),
    enter the Littles' sanctuary at -2000.
    20. Together With Pain
    Give Alice the Littles' Sephirah at -2800
    21. God Not Our Lord
    Complete the Neuro Tower -3900 without shooting the Absolute God.
    22. Asymmetry
    Either you already have it, or you get it by watching the opening movie.
    23. Advertisement B
    Either you already have it, or you get it by watching the opening movie.
    24. Credits
    Complete the Neuro Tower -3900 without shooting the Absolute God.
    [BAL]				        BAROQUE LIST
    See UncleSporky FAQ for a list of these or other great FAQs around here.
    [ITM]			                ITEM DATABASE
    There is a great in-depth FAQ in gamefaqs by Reinsus that has it.
    Look him up :-)
    [CRD]                                      CREDITS
    I credit ATLUS for publishing the game and Sting for making it.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Section Credits:
    BaroqueMonger Readings:
    ZedPower, Bandersnatch84, buppyspek, icyterror, The_Shifty, Gira_sol,
    Star_Mumba, Reaziel.
    Meta-Beings info:
    icyterror, Reinsus, ZardoZsays
    Event List:
    Skankin Garbage, Reinsus
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Other Credits:
    All the people at the GameFaqs board, for info and comments,
    if any of you guys would like to be listed here, mail me!
    And all of you guys for reading this!
    That's it! Any questions, suggestions, comments,
    mail me at: ChaosGateTheory -> hot><mail

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