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    R1 Specials FAQ by Skyrax

    Version: 0.1 | Updated: 05/17/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Orochi Musou/ Orochi Warriors Specials Attack FAQ
    By Skyrax (skyrax@yahoo.com)
    0.1: Initial draft
    1. Introduction/Legend/Why?
    2. Special Attacks: What’s different?
    3. Power, Technique and Speed: What’s the difference?
    4. Legend
    5. Special Attacks Indepth
           - Shu
           - Wei
           - Wu
           - Other
           - Sengoku 1
           - Sengoku 2
    6. Frequently Asked Questions
    7. Credits/ Legal Info
    1. WHY?
    Orochi Musou has 79 characters. That’s a LOT of people to go through. 
    Many changes exist in this game from the ones that came before it, and 
    certain effects aren’t readily apparent, such as buffs or throws. This 
    FAQ aims to explain the intricacies of the Specials so you can get back 
    to doing what you do best; making Orochi cower in fear.
    Specials are one of the many, many changes introduced in Orochi Musou. 
    Special Attacks are attacks that give your warrior a unique attack that 
    allows them to devastate the field. These are separate from Light and 
    Charge Attacks, and although they may consume Musou energy to perform 
    are not Musou attacks, since they can be used even if the gauge is not 
    completely full (unlike the regular Musou attacks). 
    By default, all specials are executed by the R1 button. So you may see 
    them referred to as R1 Specials.
    There are three classes of Special Attacks: Power, Technique and Speed.
    Power, Technique and Speed attacks have their own advantages and 
    - consume musou to deal devastating attacks and combinations
    - usually elementless
    - can not be activated in the middle of strings
    - are much, much harder to stagger when attacking (they take damage but 
    do not get interrupted easily)
    - consume musou to deal modified versions of certain moves
    - consume musou to deal faster version of charge attacks
    - consume musou to deal a counterattack if attacked
    - can be activated in the middle of strings
    - attacks may or may not consume musou
    - can air-dash by pressing X while jumping.
    - can cancel attacks into jumps (jump cancelling)
    - can activate attacks in the middle of strings.
    4. LEGEND
    L: Left analog stick in any direction.
    R1: R1 button. 
    S: Square/Light attack
    T: Triangle/Charge Attack
    C1/2/3/4/5/6: Charge Attack 1/2/3/4/5/6.
    SS(R1): Square, Square, R1, etc.
    A. SHU
    Zhao Yun (Technique)
    SS(R1): Zhao Yun jabs forward with blinding speed. Hits four times.
    Notes: Elements activate on all hits of this attack. The range is a 
    little narrow; however, you can rotate slightly during the performance 
    of attack so you can hit a wide range of people. 
    Guan Yu (Power)
    R1: Guan Yu jumps forward and strikes the ground, creating a shockwave 
    and also buffing himself. The buff raises his attack power dependent on 
    how little health your teammates have. His speed is also raised.
    Notes: The shockwave hits for damage. The speed and attack boost work 
    quite well for countering some of Guan Yu’s issues (notably the pauses 
    inbetween his attacks). It doesn’t make his C6 any better, though.
    Zhang Fei (Power)
    R1: Zhang Fei rears back, then steps forward with a powerful right 
    cross (the hell?).
    Notes: It is not a grab, just a close range punch that knocks people 
    back. Can be blocked. A poor move for him, in my opinion. I would have 
    rather had a shout with a shockwave.
    Liu Bei (Technique)
    R1: Liu Bei raises his sword, buffing himself. The buff raises attack 
    power. The effect is transferable.
    Notes: A useful buff, all things considered. 
    Ma Chao (Power)
    R1: Ma Chao jumps forward and comes down with a powerful jab before 
    sliding to a halt. 
    Notes: Odd range, in my opinion. Doesn’t really hit until he’s coming 
    down, which could make you miss. Also the hitbox is tiny and narrow. 
    Element doesn’t seem to activate on it.
    Pang Tong (Speed)
    R1: Pang Tong creates a small tornado. 
    L+R1: Pang Tong creates a larger tornado. 
    Notes: R1 costs no Musou, L+R1 costs Musou. Neither are element 
    Huang Zhong (Technique)
    SSS(R1): Huang Zhong jumps up and spins upside down, shooting all 
    around him.
    Notes: It has poor range (enemies have to be much closer than normal to 
    be hit). Although it hits a 360 pattern below him, if an enemy is 
    offscreen they typically don’t get hit. Elements don’t attach to this 
    attack (they don’t attach to arrow attacks in the game).
    Wei Yan (Speed)
    R1: Wei Yan blows a fireball in front of him.  It goes forward a little 
    ways, then explodes in a shockwave.
    L+R1: Wei Yan uses his blade as a helicopter to lift himself forward, 
    then come down with a vertical slice. 
    Notes: R1 has fire element attached. Range is decent. Knocks enemies 
    down on hit. Can be blocked, but has some pushback. L+R1 has a really 
    narrow hitbox. Despite what you might think, can’t be used midair.
    Jiang Wei (Speed)
    R1: Jiang Wei creates an arc of lightning in front of him.
    L+R1: Jiang Wei does a jumping kick forward. 
    Notes: The kick is unblockable. Elements do not attach, but it is very 
    quick on startup.
    Yue Ying (Technique)
    R1: Yue Ying summons a large ball of energy. 
    Notes: It persists slightly longer than normal. Can form traps if you 
    throw down multiple ones at the same time.
    Zhuge Liang (Technique)
    R1: Zhuge Liang stretches out his arms, creating a wide arc of multiple 
    lightning bolts covering 180 degrees in front of him.
    Guan Ping (Power)
    R1: Guan Ping performs a powerful swipe of his blade. 
    Note: Short range. Can be blocked. Not that powerful, considering how 
    strong some of his other charges can get.
    Xing Cai (Speed)
    R1: Xing Cai jabs forward with the face of her shield. Breaks guards.
    L+R1: Xing Cai flips backward, creating a wave of air that shoots 
    Notes: R1 breaks guards. Elements do not attach.
    Xiahou Dun (Speed) 
    R1: Xiahou Dun creates a small tornado that travels forward a little 
    ways before dissipating. 
    Notes: Identical to Pang Tong’s tornado. Slightly longer startup.
    L+R1: Xiahou Dun spins forward and slightly upward, drilling his foes. 
    Notes: Generous hitbox considering the animation. Elements do not 
    Dian Wei (Technique)
    SS(R1): Dian Wei punches the ground, then smashes his axe. 
    Notes: Two shockwaves. Fire element. Untechable in that the opponent 
    goes spinning head over heels; this allows you to continue combos. 
    Really powerful. Oh, and Dian Wei has one of the lowest Musou 
    requirements for his techniques, allowing him to really wreak havoc.
    Xu Zhu (Power)
    R1: Xu Zhu leaps into the air and bellyflops the earth, creating a 
    Xu Huang (Technique)
    SS(R1): Xu Huang spins round twice. Knockback on second hit. 
    Notes: Slightly better range than the basic SSTT. Rather unimpressive 
    looking; however, elements attach, making it pretty powerful as you 
    upgrade his weapons.
    Zhang Liao (Power)
    R1: Zhang Liao spins his polearm in front of him, creating a small 
    blast of energy.
    Notes: Relatively low Musou cost. Can combo if opponent is trapped by a 
    Cao Cao (Speed)
    R1: Cao Cao poses with his sword, buffing himself. As long as the buff 
    is in effect, Cao Cao gains a boost to his attack and defense.
    Notes: The effect is transferable (a team buff).
    L+R1: Cao Cao summons a hail of arrows for cover fire.
    Notes: Elements do not attach, sadly.
    Zhen Ji (Speed)
    R1: Zhen Ji dashes forward and grabs an opponent. She smacks them 
    several times then knocks them away with a powerful slap at the end.
    Notes: The smacks can draw in enemies if they are too close while she 
    L+R1: Zhen Ji jumps forward and blows a tune on her whistle, creating a 
    circular wave of energy. If it hits an enemy, it does some damage and 
    slows them down for a while. 
    Notes: If the attack hits an enemy and Zhen Ji is in range (which is 
    pretty much always), her own attack will slow her down. Switching out 
    instantly negates this effect.
    Pang De (Power)
    R1: Pang De dashes forward, creating a small cone of air in front of 
    him as he does so. Blows people away on hit.
    Notes: Elements don’t attach.
    Zhang He (Speed)
    R1: Zhang He jumps forward, slashing to create an X in front of him.
    L+R1: Zhang He slides forward, slashing multiple times.
    Notes: It seems that Death element is attached to R1.
    Cao Ren (Technique)
    S(R1): Cao Ren dashes forward really quickly and grabs. If the grab is 
    successful, Cao Ren lifts the opponent up and blasts them away with a 
    shock wave of dark energy.
    Notes: Cao Ren finally got a shockwave in his normal moveset? Amazing. 
    Elements attach to the shockwave.
    Xiahou Yuan (Power)
    R1: Xiahou Yuan shoots out a barrage of arrows from left to right.
    Notes: No elements. For best damage, trap your opponent near a wall.
    Cao Pi (Technique)
    SSSSS(R1): Cao Pi gestures and blasts of blue light fall down in an 
    advancing pattern in front of him. 
    Notes: Goes quite a ways. Elements do work on this.
    Sima Yi (Speed)
    R1: Sima Yi creates an ice shower in an area in front of him.
    Notes: There is a gap in front of him when he creates the attack, so 
    you could actually miss if the opponent runs right at you.
    L+R1: Sima Yi creates a small chunk of ice and shoots it straight ahead 
    of him. 
    Notes: The attack has homing properties and ice element (obviously).
    Zhou Yu (Technique)
    R1: Zhou Yu creates a stream of flame in front of him. 
    Notes: He recovers before the fire attack ends, so juggling shouldn’t 
    be an issue. Fire element attaches.
    Da Qiao (Technique)
    Da Qiao waves her fans slightly, buffing herself. The buff increases 
    the rate at which inactive characters regain Musou.
    Notes: If you’re in an absolute pinch, it can be useful, although 
    characters regain Musou pretty quickly while resting anyway.
    Xiao Qiao (Speed)
    R1: Xiao Qiao moves forward. If she hits an enemy, she knocks them into 
    the air.
    L+R1: Xiao Qiao jumps up and forward, performing a flying kick. Knocks 
    down on hit.
    Notes: Neither are element capable, but they are useful in crowd 
    Gan Ning (Speed)
    R1: Gan Ning bows down, temporarily becoming invincible. 
    L+R1: Gan Ning jumps forward and strikes as he lands. Narrow hitbox, 
    although he can be controlled quite easily in midair.
    Notes: R1 seems best used as a parry than a buff. Since Speed 
    characters can interrupt their strings with R1 attacks it can be fairly 
    useful if done right.
    Huang Gai (Power)
    R1: Huang Gai slides forward and grabs. If he grabs an opponent, he 
    jumps up, spins and head drops them into the dirt, jumping off them as 
    they explode. 
    Notes: The explosion hits surrounding foes for fire damage.
    Ling Tong (Speed)
    R1: Ling Tong steps forward and unleashes a barrage of kicks.
    L+R1: Ling Tong jumps forward, turns upside-down and spins rapidly, 
    striking with his feet (wow. Just…wow).
    Notes: Not element capable, and their rage can not be increased because 
    he is not using his weapon. They combo well, though. 
    Lu Meng (Speed)
    R1: Lu Meng gestures and several volleys of fire arrows fire forwards 
    from behind him.
    L+R1: Lu Meng parries. Near as I can tell, the only real advantage over 
    regular blocking is that you can block back attacks as well(Omniscience 
    from SW2). You can not hold this block.
    Lu Xun (Technique)
    R1: Lu Xun creates a stream of fire in front of him that moves from the 
    left side to the right.
    Notes: He recovers before the attack ends, so you can juggle them for 
    fire damage.
    Sun Ce (Power)
    R1: Sun Ce unleashes a stream of hits with his tonfa, ending with a 
    powerful knockback hit (12 or so hits total). Works very well with 
    juggles, especially if you launched them with C5 (fire attached).
    Sun Jian (Speed)
    R1: Sun Jian unleashes an advancing shockwave. Fire element. 
    L+R1: Sun Jian inflicts sizeable damage on himself. In exchange, the 
    party gains unlimited Musou for 10 seconds. 
    Notes: After use, all party members’ Musou is completely drained, 
    whether you used them or not. Paired with Mitsunari, this combination 
    can be ridiculously broken.
    Sun Quan (Power)
    R1: Sun Quan charges his sword with energy and performs a powerful 
    left-to-right horizontal swipe. 
    Notes: Fire element attached. Odd attack, since the damage isn’t too 
    hot and it doesn’t juggle too well.
    Sun Shang Xiang (Speed)
    R1: SSX creates two discs that circle around a spot for a few moments.
    L+R1: SSX shoots out several arrows.
    Notes: Both attacks do very little real damage, although R1 can be 
    chained into itself quite easily.
    Taishi Ci (Speed)
    R1: Taishi Ci smashes the ground with his rods, creating a shockwave. 
    Taishi finally got a shockwave? Bout time.
    L+R1: Taishi Ci jabs forward with his rods with blinding speed.
    Notes: R1 has fire attached.
    Zhou Tai (Speed)
    R1: Zhou Tai slashes once, then turns around and sheathes his blade. 
    This creates an odd shockwave effect.
    L+R1: Zhou Tai slashes quickly, creating a wave of are that extends 
    upwards slightly.
    Notes: Not element-capable, but it seems as though R1 has a slight 
    touch of death in it.
    Diao Chan (Technique)
    R1: Diao Chan spins once, buffing herself. The buff reduces the amount 
    of Musou needed to perform R1 attacks. The effect is transferable to 
    other members.
    Notes: The buff stacks on top of the item that reduces Musou 
    consumption. Quite useful although, being such a beast in the game, she 
    doesn’t really need it.
    Lu Bu (Power)
    R1: Lu Bu rushes forward. If he grabs someone, he will charge forward a 
    ways, then slam them into the ground.
    Notes: Non elemental. The charge knocks people out of his way and 
    damages them but does not inflict damage on the person who is being 
    carried. Like all ground attacks in the game, if he falls off a ledge, 
    he will immediately stop the throw.
    Dong Zhuo (Power)
    R1: Dong Zhuo steps forward and grabs with both hands. If the grab is 
    successful, Dong Zhuo will grab them, jump upwards while spinning, and 
    hurl them away at the apex of the jump. 
    Notes: There is no shockwave on impact, oddly enough.
    Yuan Shao (Technique)
    R1: Yuan Shao gestures, buffing himself. The effect of the buff is that 
    he gains an attack boost. 
    Notes: The boost is relative to the health of the other party members. 
    The more health they have, the higher the boost.
    Zhang Jiao (Technique)
    R1: Zhang Jiao creates a giant image of himself and stomps. The image’s 
    attack is unblockable. 
    Notes: Zhang himself does no damage.
    Meng Huo (Power)
    R1: Meng Huo walks forward slowly but steadily, arm outstretched. If 
    his grab is successful, he will slam his opponent 3 times, creating 3 
    Notes: All shockwaves inflict damage. The person being held will not 
    take damage until the last hit.
    Zhu Rong (Power)
    R1: Zhu Rong summons an afterimage (I assume she’s channeling her inner 
    goddess of fire) and hurls three fireballs that spread out horizontally 
    for a short while). 
    Notes: Fire element, clearly. Knocks down on hit.
    Zuo Ci (Speed)
    R1: Zuo Ci shoots out five dark orbs that strike for damage. Any 
    character within range, friend or foe, also takes takes a hit on 
    defense ability (friendlies don’t take damage but are still affected 
    for some reason).
    L+R1: Zuo Ci stomps the ground, buffing himself. He gains extra speed 
    on all his attacks, and some increased damage. This is not transferable 
    to other characters.
    Notes: If you press Square immediately after L+R1, Zuo Ci will perform 
    a straight palm thrust with his cards. This attack is quite powerful, 
    albeit with short range.
    Orochi (Power)
    R1: Two afterimages appear in front of Orochi as he winds up a powerful 
    overhead strike. All three images strike as one. 
    Notes: Not that great considering the sheer power of his moveset; the 
    hit box is quite narrow.
    Da Ji (Technique)
    R1: Da Ji creates a purplish-pink ghostly image that disappears and 
    reappears 5 times in an advancing pattern in front of her when she 
    Notes: She recovers almost immediately from this move, which makes it a 
    fine zoning attack.
    Sanada Yukimura (Technique)
    R1: Yukimura dashes forward. If he hits an enemy, he will lift them up, 
    strike with a flurry of spear slashes, and knock them away. The knock 
    back does not create a shockwave on impact.
    Notes: He is not invincible during the air combo, but he is hard to hit 
    because of the range of his weapon. He can be shot out of the air, 
    Maeda Keiji (Power)
    R1: Keiji gestures then stomps, creating a shockwave and buffing 
    himself. While he is buffed all his attacks benefit from an attack 
    boost. The strength is dependent on how little health your team has. 
    All attacks also become unblockable.
    Notes: It has a use over simply equipping a Light element weapon 
    because elements only activate on charges, but the buff makes ALL hits 
    unblockable. And stronger. Enjoy it.
    Oda Nobunaga (Technique)
    R1: Nobunaga throws out a small, slow-moving orb. 
    Notes: By itself the orb does no damage. If you enter ST, the orb will 
    turn into a flat rotating disc that spins for a few seconds before 
    vanishing. If you enter SST, the orb explodes in a shower of energy 
    arrows (like Cao Pi’s normal C5). The obvious function of the move is 
    for traps; if an officer is trapped in the rotating disc, a fully 
    charged C4 within range does devastating damage.
    Akechi Mitsuhide (Speed)
    R1: Mitsuhide spins forward in midair, knocking foes back.
    L+R1: Mitsuhide sheathes then quickly unsheathes his sword, creating a 
    gust of air that strike in front and slightly above him.
    Notes: Neither is element-capable.
    Ishikawa Goemon (Power)
    R1: Goemon performs 9 forward palm thrusts, then a powerful finishing 
    palm thrust (looks like a sumo technique, only without forward 
    Notes: The various effects that appear around him don’t seem to 
    actually serve as attacks (they’re just razzle-dazzle). He has an 
    elemental-capable jump Charge, by the way.
    Uesugi Kenshin (Power)
    R1: Three large afterimages of Kenshin appear behind him, and all four 
    of them perform a series of advancing jabs. After the attack is 
    finished, one afterimage remains for a little while longer, doing 
    whatever Kenshin himself does.
    Notes: It basically creates the Bishamonten ability from SW2. Increased 
    range, and doubled attack power while it’s active.
    Oichi (Technique)
    R1: Oichi lashes out with her kemari, letting it hang for a moment 
    before bringing it back. Breaks guards; while their guard is broken, 
    the next few hits enjoy a damage boost.
    Notes: Element-capable. Odd attack for her to have as a special 
    technique, in my opinion. She doesn’t have easy access to powerful 
    techniques, which means you’d be best off switching the instant you 
    land a guard break. 
    R1: Okuni gestures with her parasol, buffing herself. This buff raises 
    attack power. It is transferable to other characters.
    Notes: Her buff seems to last a little shorter than others, and 
    personally she not worth using a slot on for this ability. You had best 
    really like playing as her.
    Kunoichi (Power)
    R1: Kunoichi jumps backwards. She turns transparent as she does so. As 
    long as she is transparent, she is functionally invincible. 
    Notes: VERY, VERY USEFUL. Nothing can hit her at all. Combined with her 
    high mobility, really fast attacks, and an elemental jump Charge (yes, 
    she is one of two characters that can activate elements with a jump 
    Charge, the other being Goemon), her R1 skill makes her virtually 
    untouchable…if played right.
    Saika Magoichi (Technique)
    R1: Magoichi shoots 5 shots almost at once (semi-auto fire). 
    Notes: It has poor range, considering it’s a gunshot.
    Takeda Shingen (Technique)
    R1: Shingen lunges forward and grabs. If his grab is successful, 
    Shingen performs a suplex, then a spinning forward headdrop (basically 
    a suplex to an izuna. Old guy’s pretty agile).
    Notes: The attack doesn’t do as much damage as one would hope. In fact, 
    it bears noting that Shingen is one of the few characters that can be 
    hit out of his R1 counter. Terrible.
    Date Masamune (Speed)
    R1: Masamune dives forward, shooting as he spins like a drill.
    L+R1: Masamune flips forward while spinning, raining bullets on all 
    below him.
    Nouhime/Noh (Speed)
    R1: Noh shoots out countless darts in all directions.
    L+R1: Noh drops a bomb. 
    Notes: Up to six can be laid down (after six, if you lay a bomb one of 
    the existing ones explode). After dropping a bomb, you can make them 
    explode with different effects. ST makes them explode with a greenish 
    tint. SST makes them explode with a grey tint. SSST makes them explode 
    with an orange tint (one would assume fire damage).
    Hattori Hanzo (Technique)
    SS(R1): Hattori dives forward, spinning the chain of his weapon around 
    him. In doing so, he creates a clone of himself, which will then do 
    whatever Hanzo does for a short while after.
    Notes: Knocks down on hit. Does not stack with Bunshin. Attacks in a 
    different fashion than Nene’s clones (Hanzo’s clone tends to stay off 
    to the sides, Nene’s follow right behind her).
    Mori Ranmaru (Power)
    R1: Ranmaru strikes the earth, creating a thin shockwave in front of 
    Notes: Non-elemental.
    SENGOKU 2 (It counts SW:XL characters as part of 2)
    Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Technique)
    R1: Hideyoshi buffs himself. As long as he is buffed, he attacks at 
    close to triple speed. The effect can be transferred to your entire 
    Notes: One of the most powerful techs in the game, in my opinion. Try 
    using it with an enhanced charge attack. Makes the whole game seem like 
    it plays in slow motion afterwards.
    Imagawa Yoshimoto (Power)
    R1: Yoshimoto steps forward and trips, striking with his sword as he 
    does so. 
    Notes: By itself, has one of the worst recovery and narrowest hitboxes 
    in the game. Fortunately you can switch out of the shame.
    Honda Tadakatsu (Power)
    R1: Tadakatsu swings his Tombo-giri around him then poses, creating a 
    shockwave and buffing himself. He enjoys an attack and speed boost for 
    attacks as long as the buff is active. 
    Notes: He also actively regains health while the buff is in effect, one 
    of the few who enjoy this.
    Inahime (Speed)
    R1: Ina shoots a wide pattern of arrows in front of her.
    L+R1: Ina jumps up and shoots three shockwave arrows in front of her.
    Notes: None of these stack with elements. Given some of the changes 
    made to her to begin with, these attacks don’t help much, unless you’re 
    in the mood to simply annoy people.
    Tokugawa Ieyasu (Power)
    R1: Ieyasu raises his boomstick above his head and shoots a 
    concentrated energy blast. 
    Notes: Has one of the highest hit counts for an attack in the game. 
    VERY powerful. Does not stack with elements unfortunately. Best used 
    after freezing the enemy; otherwise it only does about half the 
    possible damage (they fly straight up during the attack o_O).
    Ishida Mistunari (Speed)
    R1: Mitsunari summons a hail of arrows for support fire.
    R1: Mitsunari creates a spread of 5 shockwaves, covering roughly 120 
    degrees in front of him. 
    Notes: Elements stack on the shockwaves; one of the most powerful 
    attacks for a speed character in the game, in my opinion.
    Azai Nagamasa (Power)
    R1: Nagamasa clasps his lance with both hands and raises it, emitting a 
    bluish-white blast that travels diagonally upwards. 
    Notes: Elements don’t stack on this, and it is blockable. It does tag 
    people in midair quite well, due to its angle.
    Shima Sakon (Speed)
    R1: Sakon summons four cannonballs as support fire from behind, hitting 
    slightly in front of him.
    L+R1: Sakon reaches forward and shoots lightning from his right hand 
    (you read that right).
    Shimazu Yoshihiro (Power)
    R1: Yoshihiro charges forward. The attack looks a lot like a longer 
    version of his running S. 
    Notes: The attack is unblockable.
    Tachibana Ginchiyo (Power)
    R1: Ginchiyo jumps up, blade bristling with energy and strikes the 
    floor, emitting a blast of lightning that spreads out in six ways. 
    Notes: Powerful. Can crossup at close range. Lightning element, 
    Naoe Kanetsugu (Technique)
    R1: Kanetsugu summons nine darts, arranged in a 3x3 pattern in front of 
    him, and fires them forward. 
    Notes: They have some homing capability, but their overall range is 
    Nene (Speed)
    R1: Nene creates two afterimages of herself.
    L+R1: Nene dashes forward and grabs an enemy. If the grab is 
    successful, she performs a forward spinning izuna (head drop).
    Notes: Her clones move differently than Hanzo’s (Hanzo’s clone tends to 
    stay off to the sides, Nene’s follow right behind her). The clones can 
    not perform izunas, and they will vanish if you get on a horse. 
    Fuuma Kotaro (Speed)
    R1: Kotaro leans forward and grabs. If the grab is successful, Kotaro 
    raises them up and slams them into the ground.
    L+R1: Kotaro runs forward and performs a sliding kick. 
    Notes: The kick only hits downed enemies. It can damage archer towers 
    Miyamoto Musashi (Technique)
    R1: Musashi pulls his arms towards him, buffing himself. The buff 
    raises his attack power.
    Notes: Fairly straightforward effect for a straightforward character.
    Q: What’s new in Musou Orochi?
    A: Well:
    New additions:
    - Can now take trhee characters into battle, and switch between them 
    (using R2 or L2) at any time your character is standing or jumping. Can 
    not switch out while lying on the floor, or being attacked.
    - Character specific specials now added. Mapped to R1 (which is what 
    this FAQ covers)
    - Camera is now adjustable with right analog stick (changed from DW, 
    but necessarily new if you played SW2)
    - Map view is now changed via R3.
    - All characters can now summon horses (press Select).
    - Characters now have various abilities depending on R1 special type.
    - All characters have new alternate colors (only one color though)
    - 4th weapons no longer have specific requirements (play on Hard or 
    Chaos to get 4th weapons)
    - Personal Items (unlock gallery pics and increase R1 special effects 
    or duration)
    - Characters can now Musou Burst (initiate Musou, switch out in the 
    middle, then immediately initiate Musou with the new character). Extra 
    effects trigger based on the party setup.
    - Characters no longer gain Musou from attacks or being attacked. The 
    only way to regain Musou is to switch out, pick up items or use certain 
    Changes from Dynasty Warriors 5:
    - First Person aiming (R1) is now gone
    - Musou Awakening/Rage (R3) is now gone
    - Evolution Strings – SSSSSS(SSS)- no longer requires Musou to activate
    - Weapons no longer determine attack string length; new attacks are 
    gained as characters level up
    - Declaration-type shockwaves (Zhang Jiao C3, Zhang Fei C3, Guan Ping 
    C3, Lu Bu C3, etc) no longer activate elements.
    - Ground pound type shockwaves (Zhang Fei C6, Meng Huo C6, Dong Zhuo 
    C6, Huang Gai C6 etc) no longer activate elements.
    - All DW-centric items (saddles, scrolls, bracers) are gone
    - Horses now control like SW1-style horses (can jump, can not perform 
    C1, move during mounted Musou)
    - Hex mark, Storm and Elephants are gone
    Changes from Samurai Warriors 2:
    - Evade Roll (R2) is now gone
    - Special Stance (R1) is now gone
    - Special Stance attacks (R1+S, R1+T) are now gone.
    - Musou levels are now gone. Also, Musou special effects (support fire, 
    clones, afterimages, etc) are gone.
    - Character abilities (Omniscience, Agility, Reversal, etc) are now 
    - All special horses are gone, with the exception of Matsukaze
    - Horses no longer have SW-style stamina (DW stamina)
    - 2x Jump is now gone. Also, ninja paths in levels are no longer 
    accessible (invisible walls block your access).
    - Nobunaga has returned to a true Charge-type character. His old psycho 
    crusher and other extensions can now be accessed without having to 
    charge up anymore.
    Copyright 2007 Afolabiyi Okubanjo. Normally there’s a lot I write here, 
    but in this case I’ll make an exception and keep it short.
    Thanks to all who contributed in gathering information on all this, 
    especially on the GameFAQs Musou Orochi forum, including people who 
    figured out how to play the damn game. I can barely understand 
    And I don’t want this FAQ posted on CheatCC. Anyone else can host this 
    as long as they give credit, but CheatCC doesn’t.

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