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    Sun Shang Xiang by Chosis

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    Warriors Orochi Character Guide Series: SUN SHANG XIANG
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    Ver. 1.13 - Fixed errors in movelist, Weapon Boosting information revised, added
                Skills section, added notes on the Wall Trap.
    -WOCG1- Introduction
    -WOCG2- The History Behind Sun Shang Xiang
    -WOCG3- Why I Use Sun Shang Xiang
    -WOCG4- Unlocking Sun Shang Xiang
    -WOCG5- Sun Shang Xiang's Movelist
    -WOCG6- Sun Shang Xiang's Weapons
    -WOCG7- Boosting Sun Shang Xiang's Weapons
    -WOCG8- Sun Shang Xiang's Personal Item
    -WOCG9- Sun Shang Xiang's Skills
    -WOCG0- Credits and Disclaimer
    Thank you for checking out this guide.  This is my first guide for GameFAQs, 
    so if you have any questions or comments, please address them to my GameFAQs 
    account message bank.  Thanks again, and I hope this guide is helpful.
    The History Behind Sun Shang Xiang:
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    Sun Shang Xiang was a very minor player in the Three Kingdoms era, so minor
    that historical records do not even prescribe her a name, referred to only as
    Sun Quan's younger sister.  It was only when Luo Guanzhong authored his epic, 
    Romance of the Three Kingdoms, that she was given the (assumedly fictitious)
    name, Sun Ren.  From there it only got more confusing, as various Chinese
    dramas reenacting the Three Kingdoms era came up with different names, such
    as Lady Sun, Sun Renxiang, and the more common Sun Shangxiang.
    Whatever her real name was, she was the only daughter of Sun Jian and younger 
    sister of Sun Ce and Sun Quan, the eventual ruler of the Kingdom of Wu.  To 
    secure an alliance between the Kingdoms of Wu and Shu, she was married off to
    the ruler of Shu, Liu Bei.  When the alliance turned sour and Liu Bei began 
    targeting Wu, she was brought home. Despite being trained in martial arts by
    her father and brothers, she never actively participated in any battle.
    Her persona was given more depth in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, where she
    became Sun Ren, a fiery and determined woman, noted for being a handful to 
    deal with by Liu Bei and much of the Shu court.  Sun Quan had invited Liu Bei
    to Wu, offering Sun Ren's hand in marriage, but in truth it was a ploy to 
    capture the Shu lord and demand land in return for his safe passage. The plan
    was discovered, but it was not Liu Bei's sword that secured their freedom, but
    Sun Ren's own scolding words that held back the Wu troops.  Once the alliance
    failed, Sun Ren attempted to return to Wu with her stepson, Liu Shan, Liu
    Bei's only heir.  Liu Shan was retrieved by Zhao Yun, however, and Sun Ren
    returned to her family alone.  Despite their awkward relationship, Sun Ren
    whole-heartedly loved the Shu lord, and upon hearing of Liu Bei's death on 
    the battlefield, Sun Ren cast herself into a river and drowned.
    The Dynasty Warriors series portrays her much in the same light as Romance of
    the Three Kingdoms, with the exception of the name change to Sun Shang Xiang
    and the fact that she participates in battle.  Instead of drowning herself,
    she is at Liu Bei's side as he dies, promising to live a life worthy of his
    Why I Use Sun Shang Xiang:
    --- - --- --- ----- ------
    I first played the Dynasty Warriors series only recently, starting with DW5:
    Xtreme Legends' Destiny mode.  I knew nothing of the history of the Three 
    Kingdoms, and when asked which general I wished to serve, I just looked for 
    the girl character with the biggest rack.  Yes, I'm a horribly chauvanistic
    pig, blah blah blah.  Zhen Ji's haughty appearance just repulsed me, and 
    the next one I found was Shang Xiang.  Half a year on, I'll use anyone, but 
    I still have a soft spot for good old Sun Shang Xiang.
    In Warriors Orochi, her speed is her greatest strength.  She can zip around
    a battle field faster than most, and her double jump only accentuates that.
    She's also an ideal character for crowd-clearing, many of her charge attacks
    are designed to lay waste to numbers of enemies at a time.  Ultimately, 
    though, she's one of the three or four DW characters you can use and not 
    feel like a pedophile for looking at that way.  At least until DW6, anyway.
    Unlocking Sun Shang Xiang:
    --------- --- ----- ------
    Complete Wu Story Mission 5: the Battle of Sekigahara.  Sun Shang Xiang will
    be unlocked alongside her newfound companion, Ina.
    Sun Shang Xiang's Movelist:
    --- ----- ------- ---------
    All terminology is for the PS2 version of Warriors Orochi.
    S - Attack (Square)
    T - Charge (Triangle)
    O - Musou (Circle)
    X - Jump (X)
    R1 - Maneuvre (R1)
    For explanations of the weapon effect described refer to the Weapons section.
    Standard Combo: Your typical DW5 Evolution combo, complete with tweaked 
      (S,S,S...)    sixth hit and C4-like finish.
    C1 - Cartwheel: Shang Xiang will perform two cartwheels and finish with a 
      (T once)      forward flip kick. The weapon bonuses Agility, Multi, and all
                    elements affect only the first cartwheel.
    C2 - Uppercut:  Shang Xiang will launch any opponent hit upwards.  This
      (S,T)         uppercut is affected by Agility, Multi and elements.
    C3 - Off-Axis Spin:  Shang Xiang will rapidly spin forward, slashing out  
      (S,S,T,T,T...)     with each rotation before throwing one chakram in a 
                         loop around her.  Only the final strike is affected 
                         by Multi and elements, Agility has no effect.
    C4 - Radial Throw:  Shang Xiang will throw both her chakrams in an arc 
      (S,S,S,T)         directly in front of her, knocking back all opponents.
                        This attack is affected by Agility, Multi and elements.
    C5 - Backflip:  Shang Xiang performs a backflip, launching opponents in a 
      (S,S,S,S,T)   special-effects driven gust of leaves.  Multi and elements 
                    affect this attack, but Agility doesn't.
    C6 - Proximity Throw:  Shang Xiang releases her chakrams in a circle 
      (S,S,S,S,S,T,T,T...) around her, catching all in range.  Only the first
                           hit is affected by Multi and elements, Agility 
                           doesn't feature.
    Maneuvre 1 - Light Wheel:  Mimics the affect of Shang Xiang's C4, except
      (R1)                     with phantom chakrams, no knockdown, and faster
                               recovery.  Costs no Musou.  See the Wall Trap
                               section below.
    Maneuvre 2 - Arrow Spray:  Spews out a short barrage of arrows in a rough
      (Direction + R1)         90-degree spread.  Slower than Ina's version.
                               Costs no Musou.
    Jumping Charge:  A precision strike with two thrown chakrams.  Quite 
      (X,T)          difficult to aim.
    Musou Attack:  Shang Xiang will rapidly swing her chakrams in front of her
      (hold O)     while advancing, before finishing with a pirouette slash.
    Wall Trap:  Remember that video of Sun Shang Xiang owning Lu Bu at level 1?
                This is how she did it.  With a bit of practice, it's possible to 
    trap an enemy in a corner by endlessly repeating the Light Wheel Maneuvre.  It 
    takes a bit of timing and positioning, but once it's locked in, there's no 
    getting out of it until they die or you stop.  Unfortunately, weapon bonuses 
    don't extend to Maneuvres, so it's still possible for the enemy to block, but 
    that isn't too much of a problem if you stop and start.
    Sun Shang Xiang's Weapons:
    --- ----- ------- --------
    Sun Shang Xiang uses Chakrams, large metal hoops, in this game wielded in 
    the same manner as katars.  The physical size and shape of the "chakrams", 
    however, better suits the description of sun-moon blades.
    Chakram:       Base Strength 9
    Moon Chakram:  Base Strength 18
    Luna Chakram:  Base Strength 37
    Sol Chakram:   Base Strength 74
    Boosting Sun Shang Xiang's Weapons:
    -------- --- ----- ------- --------
    First, a quick rundown of the different bonuses a weapon can be given:
    Flame - Deals constant damage to airborne or stunned opponents.
    Ice - Chance of freezing opponents in place.
    Bolt - Passes damage amongst groups of opponents, and forces crumple 
           animation for easier juggle-starting.
    Flash - Breaks through an opponent's defences.
    Slay - Chance of instantly killing enemy peons, deals percentage-based
           damage to enemy officers.
    Note that the above bonuses are collectively known as the Element bonuses.
    Drain - Percentage of damage dealt is converted to health.
    Absorb - Percentage of damage dealt is converted to Musou gauge.
    Air - Extra damage dealt to juggled opponents.
    Brave - Deals extra damage to enemy officers.
    Range - Increases attack range with some attacks.
    Multi - Creates a doppelganger to repeat the attack.
    Agility - Increases the speed of execution of the attack.
    Might - Deals extra damage.
    Rage - Deals extra damage when health is critical.
    Shang Xiang's main feature is her C6, the Proximity Throw.  As a Speed 
    character, Shang Xiang can cancel any attack into a Maneuvre.  Of particular
    interest here is her Light Wheel.  By cancelling her C6 into a Light Wheel 
    Maneuvre, she has enough time to restart her combo before the Light Wheel 
    fades, creating an endless juggle and thus free exploitation of the Air, Flame,
    Flash, Slay and Might bonuses.  A Multi bonus will provide an extra attack, and
    another free shot at using the above five bonuses.  Range will give Shang Xiang
    that little extra reach to catch opponents.  If things get too close for comfort
    an Agility bonused Cartwheel and a doublejump will make for a quick escape.
    Keeping that in mind, my ideal weapon setup for Sun Shang Xiang is:
    Flame   Flash   Slay    Air
    Range   Multi   Agility Might
    Some may wish to substitute Multi for a different bonus, such as Brave for
    officer hunting, or Bolt for extra crowd control capabilities.  
    As much of Shang Xiang's moves revolve around juggling, it is best to avoid 
    Ice, but by freezing an opponent you can effective recreate a Wall Trap by
    spamming the Light Wheel. If you go with Ice, consider removing Flame and Air, 
    as both are highly juggle-centric and don't go well with Ice.  
    As usual, Rage is like Lu Bu; not something you want to pursue.
    Sun Shang Xiang's Personal Item:
    --- ----- ------- -------- -----
    Liu Bei's Armband
    Not much explanation in needed here.  Sun Shang Xiang was married to Liu Bei, 
    and did indeed fall in love with him.  It only makes sense that she keeps a 
    memento of his.
    Liu Bei's Armband can be unlocked in Wu Story Mission 7: the Battle of Komaki-
    Nagakute.  Shang Xiang must:
        Rescue Sun Jian and Sun Quan,
        Defeat Zhang He, Sima Yi and Dong Zhuo, and
        Defeat a total of 300 opponents. 
    There is no time limit in place.
    Sun Shang Xiang's Skills:
    --- ----- ------- -------
    Shang Xiang has four learnable Skills:
          (Defeat 60 opponents)
          (Defeat 3 officers while maintaining 60% health)
          (Defeat 4 officers within 10:00 of the start)
          (Defeat 180 opponents with 8:00 of the start without using Musou moves)
    The People's Republic of China, for having such an awesome national history.
    Koei, for giving a crossover game a chance and making Warriors Orochi.
    GameFAQs, for hosting this Character Guide.
    The peeps on the GFAQs WO forum, without whom I might never have got the game,
           let alone pulled together the information I needed for this.
    KWMrHonda, for the Personal Item Guide info.
    opfer_gv, for the Character Skills Guide info, and fresh ideas with weapons.
    Anyone I may have overlooked, who are free to message me and complain about
           their omission.
    You, for giving the guide a shot.
    I grant permission for this guide to be hosted at the following websites:
    Other hosts will be added at my discretion.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.

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