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    Jiang Wei by Mythril Wyrm

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    * WARRIORS OROCHI - Jiang Wei FAQ *
    *          Version 1.01           *
    *     Created by Mythril Wyrm     *
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    Table of Contents
    I. Update History
    II. Legal Notice/Disclaimer
    III. About Jiang Wei
         A. In History
         B. In Warriors Orochi
    IV. Unlocking Jiang Wei
    V. Using Jiang Wei
         A. Jiang Wei's Moveset
              1. Regular Attacks
              2. Charge Attacks
              3. Mounted Attacks
              4. Special & Musou Attacks
         B. Maximizing Jiang Wei's Effectiveness
    VI. Jiang Wei's Collectibles
         A. Weapons
              1. Trident
              2. Great Trident
              3. Vapor
              4. Blink
         B. Abilities
              1. Potence
              2. Technique
              3. Awakening
              4. Recuperate
         C. Personal Item
              1. Overview
              2. My Method
              3. Pointers
    VII. Questions & Answers
    VIII. Special Thanks
    IX. Contacting Me
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    I. Update History
    v1.00 - Completed all sections. There probably won't be any further updates
    unless someone sends me corrections.
    v1.01 - Made minor changes to a few sections.
    II. Legal Notice/Disclaimer
    This FAQ is copyright 2007 by Devin McCain. At this time, only the following
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    This FAQ may contain spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.
    I take no responsibility for any embarrassment, injuries, or deaths that result
    from the use of this FAQ or any of the information contained herein. If you're
    that stupid, it's your own damn fault.
    Got that? Good. Now, let's move on to the fun stuff...
    III. About Jiang Wei
    A. In History
    Jiang Wei's style name is Boyue. Kongming's Archives provides the following
    information about him:
    "Jiang Wei zhi Boyue was born in Tian Shui Yi Xuan. He lost his father when he
    was young and left only with his mother. His father was a county official who
    died in an attempt to protect the governor during an uprising by the northern
    tribes. As a result, Jiang Wei took over his father’s post and was tasked to
    advice the military affairs of the county.
    In Jian Xin 6th year, Zhuge Liang launched the first northern expedition aiming
    at Qi Shan region. Several neighbouring counties of Tian Shui had surrendered
    to the Shu army. At that moment, Jiang Wei was patrolling the outskirts with
    his governor. Afraid that Jiang Wei might be colluding with the Shu army, the
    governor fled secretly at night. When Jiang Wei discovered about that, it was
    already too late and on returning to Yi Xuan, his own city refused to open the
    city gates. As such, Jiang Wei proceeded to meet Zhuge Liang. Coincidentally,
    the Shu army had suffered a setback at Jie Ting, when Zhang He defeated Ma Su.
    Zhuge Liang gave the order for a retreat back to Shu territory bringing Jiang
    Wei along with him. Jiang Wei was conferred the Duke of Yang Ting and he was
    only 27 years old then. Back at Shu, Zhuge Liang had high opinions of Jiang Wei
    after observing and testing him. As such, Jiang Wei was further promoted to
    Zhen Xi Jiang Jun after seeking audience with Liu Shan.
    In Jian Xin 12th year, Zhuge Liang passed away. Jiang Wei returned to Cheng Du
    and he was promoted to Duke of Ping Xiang. In Yan Xi 6th year, Jiang Wei was
    promoted again to Zhen Xi Da Jiang Jun (different Zhen Chinese character) and
    also in Yan Xi 10th year to Wei Jiang Jun, sharing administrative power with
    Fei Wei. This year, Jiang Wei led some troops to quell a minor uprising at Han
    Shan county Ping Kang Xuan. Following which, he ordered his troops to invade
    Long Xi, Nan An and Jing Cheng. He engaged the Wei generals Guo Zhun, Xiahou Ba
    at the region west of Tao River.
    In Yan Xi 12th year, Jiang Wei embarked on the second northern expedition after
    receiving orders but was not successful. Jiang Wei always had high opinions of
    his knowledge of the cultural and lifestyle of the northern tribes as well as
    his own military abilities. As such, he often intended to use the northern
    tribes to aid him in the subjugation of the region west of Long Shan. However,
    Fei Wei frequently restricted Jiang Wei’s actions, rejected his proposals and
    did not allow him to mobilize more than 10,000 troops.
    In the spring of Yan Xi 16th year, Fei Wei passed away. In that summer, Jiang
    Wei led several tens of thousands troops to attack Nan An. Wei sent Chen Tai to
    reinforce Nan An and Jiang Wei had to retreat back to Shu territory due to food
    shortage problem. In the following year, Jiang Wei attacked Long Xi and the
    defender of Di Dao, Li Jian, surrendered. Jiang Wei proceeded to attack Xiang
    Wu Xuan and defeated Wei general Xu Zhi’s army, beheading him. Nevertheless,
    Jiang Wei had to retreat back to Shu territory together with some of the
    civilians of Di Dao, He Guan and Lin Tao. In Yan Xi 18th year, Jiang Wei,
    together with Xiahou Ba (who had joined Shu), attacked Di Dao. They defeated
    the Inspector of Yong province, Wang Jing, at the west of Tao Xi, causing Wei
    to lose tens of thousands soldiers. Wang Jing retreated back to the city of Di
    Dao and Jiang Wei laid seige to it. However, Jiang Wei was forced to retreat
    when the reinforcement led by ChenTai arrived.
    In the spring of Yan Xi 19th year, Jiang Wei was appointed as Da Jiang Jun.
    Once again, Jiang Wei embarked on the northern expedition and he had arranged
    for Hu Ji to assist his expedition. However, Hu Ji broke his promise and did
    not arrive. As such, Jiang Wei was badly defeated at Duan Gu by the Wei general
    Deng Ai. Casualty rate was very high, the region west of Long Shan was
    destabilized and Jiang Wei suffered heavy criticisms from the populace. Jiang
    Wei offered apologies and a self-demotion to Hou Jiang Jun. Nevertheless, he
    resumed his original responsibilities.
    In Yan Xi 20th year, Zhuge Dan, Wei’s Zhen Dong Da Jiang Jun based in Huai Nan,
    rebelled. Seeing this as an opportunity to attack Wei, Jiang Wei led several
    tens of thousands troops to attack Chen Ling. Wei sent Sima Wang and Deng Ai as
    reinforcements. A stalemate resulted at Wei Shui, despite Jiang Wei repeated
    challenges. In Jin Yao 0th year, the rebellion led by Zhuge Dan ended in
    failure. On receiving the news, Jiang Wei gave orders to retreat. Back at Cheng
    Du, Jiang Wei was reinstated back to his original rank of Da Jiang Jun.
    Jiang Wei proposed to change the defensive strategy and troop deployment for
    the region of Han Zhong. Previously, Liu Bei and subsequently Wang Ping had
    adopted an individual defensive strategy for each strategic position.
    Sufficient troops were thus deployed at each position to repel enemies’
    invasion. However, according to Jiang Wei, this strategy, although sufficient
    for defensive purpose, would not offer any room for a counter-offensive. As
    such, he proposed a strategy whereby in the event of invasion, the troops at
    each strategic position would retreat to Han Cheng and Yue Cheng together with
    all their supplies and equipments. This was to prevent enemies from advancing
    to the Ping Yuan region. Numerous passes would be set up and troops to be sent
    to look out for weakness in enemy’s position. When the enemies failed to
    capture those passes, the morale of its army would drop and food shortages
    would ensue. During such circumstances, Jiang Wei proposed that a counter-
    offensive from Han Cheng and Yue Cheng would be launched. This plan was
    subsequently accepted and troops from various strategic positions were
    In Jin Yao 5th year, Jiang Wei embarked on another northern expedition but was
    defeated once more by Deng Ai. Jiang Wei, originally a Wei general, had by now
    little successes in his military career in Shu. When he got news that there was
    a possible plot against him by the eunuch Huang Hao and Shu's You Jiang Jun,
    YanYu, Jiang Wei felt uneasy and did not return to Cheng Du again.
    In Jin Yao 6th year, Jiang Wei warned Liu Shan of Zhong Hui militaristic
    intentions at Guan Zhong. In accordance to that, Jiang Wei proposed to Liu Shan
    to dispatch troops to Yang Ping Guan in case of emergency. However, the eunuch
    Huang Hao invited a shaman who predicted that Wei would never invade Shu. As
    such, the warning was suppressed and the other court ministers did not have a
    chance to hear of it. It was not until the actual invasion of Zhong Hui at Luo
    Gu and Deng Ai at Da Zhong that troops led by Liao Hua and Zhang Yi were
    dispatched to Yang Ping Guan. Nevertheless, Jiang Wei was defeated at Yang Ping
    by Deng Ai and retreated to Yin Ping. Zhong Hui laid siege to Han Cheng and Yue
    Cheng. Han Cheng was captured when its defenders surrendered but Yue Cheng put
    up a strong defense stand and continued to resist. Faced with strong resistance
    and after learning that the other pass had fallen, Zhong Hui sent his troops
    deep into the Shu territory. Jiang Wei and Liao Hua gave up Yin Ping and
    together with Zhang Yi and DongJue faced Zhong Hui at Jian Ge. During then,
    Jiang Wei rejected Zhong Hui's proposal to surrender to Wei and continue to
    resist Zhong Hui's attack.
    However, Deng Ai had by then infiltrated through Yin Ping Gu Dao and proceeded
    to attack Zhuge Zhan at Mian Zhou. Subsequently, Deng Ai captured Cheng Du and
    Liu Shan accepted Deng Ai's proposal to surrender. On receiving orders from Liu
    Shan to surrender, Jiang Wei proceeded to Fu Xuan with his troops to surrender
    to Zhong Hui who treated him amicably. Soon, Deng Ai was implicated by Zhong
    Hui and the latter took over as the governor of Yi Zhou. Zhong Hui plotted to
    rebel but did not get the support of the Wei soldiers. As a result, Jiang Wei
    and Zhong Hui were both killed by the soldiers. Jiang Wei's wife and daughters
    were also not spared."
    B. In Warriors Orochi
    Jiang Wei, the protege of Zhuge Liang, plays a minor role in the game. He does
    battle with the forces of Sun Ce at Mt. Ding Jun, but is soundly defeated. He
    meets up with the fleeing Zhao Yun at Nan Zhong, and achieves victory over the
    much more numerous forces of Zhang He and Da Qiao thanks to Yoshihiro Shimazu's
    cunning ploy. Like the other warriors of Shu, he is confused and dismayed by
    Zhuge Liang's decision to serve under Da Ji.
    IV. Unlocking Jiang Wei
    In Shu Chapter 2-X - Ambush at Nan Zhong, you must lure the enemy generals in
    the northwest and southeast to your main camp. You can do this by approaching
    them, then falling back as they pursue you. You'll know that you've succeeded
    in luring both groups if you receive a message stating that Jiang Wei's army
    has sprung an ambush.
    Fulfill these conditions, and Jiang Wei will become available for use once you
    finish the battle.
    V. Using Jiang Wei
    A. Jiang Wei's Moveset
    These are the attacks that will be available to Jiang Wei once his full combo
    has been unlocked. Some attacks will vary if his full combo has not yet been
    1. Regular Attacks
    S           | A right-to-left upward strike.
    SS          | A straight thrust with the haft of the trident.
    SSS         | A right-to-left upward strike with the haft of the trident.
    SSSS        | A left-to-right downward strike.
    SSSSS       | A sweeping right-to-left strike.
    SSSSSS      | A right-to-left upward strike with the haft of the trident.
    SSSSSSS     | A left-to-right downward strike.
    SSSSSSSS    | A sweeping right-to-left strike. Launches the enemy into the air.
    SSSSSSSSS   | A sweeping left-to-right strike that hits nearly 270 degrees.
                | Knocks the enemy away.
    X + S       | A left-to-right strike.
    Dash attack | A sweeping right-to-left strike.
    2. Charge Attacks
    C1 / T      | Jiang Wei waves his hand and produces a fiery orb that slowly
                | drifts forward. It explodes after three seconds, damaging all
                | enemies in its blast radius. Has an innate Flame effect.
    C2 / ST     | Jiang Wei does a spinning upward strike, launching the enemy into
                | the air.
    C3 / SST    | Jiang Wei does a quick right-to-left upward strike and a quick
                | left-to-right upward strike, finishing up with a spinning strike
                | that hits nearly 270 degrees.
    C3 / SSTT   | Jiang Wei does a quick series of four alternating right-to-left
                | upward and left-to-right upward strikes, finishing up with a
                | spinning strike that hits nearly 270 degrees.
    C3 / SSTTT  | Jiang Wei does a quick series of six alternating right-to-left
                | upward and left-to-right upward strikes, finishing up with a
                | spinning strike that hits nearly 270 degrees.
    C4 / SSST   | Jiang Wei braces his trident in front of him and lunges forward,
                | knocking away any enemies he strikes.
    C5 / SSSST  | Jiang Wei spins around, producing a column of wind that launches
                | enemies in a small area in front of him into the air.
    C6 / SSSSST | Jiang Wei does a charging thrust with his spear followed by a
                | spinning strike that hits 180 degrees. Knocks the enemy away.
    X + T       | Jiang Wei does a flurry of thrusts downward at an angle followed
                | by a right-to-left strike.
    4. Mounted Attacks
    SSSS(SS) | A series of alternating right and left slashes.
    T        | Jiang Wei's horse leaps into the air, knocking away all enemies
             | around it when it lands.
    S(SSSS)T | One slash to each side.
    Musou    | Jiang Wei does a series of left and right slashes as his horse
             | charges forward at high speed.
    5. Special & Musou Attacks
    R1          | Jiang Wei calls forth an arc of lightning that knocks the enemy
                | down. Consumes musou.
    R1 + analog | Jiang Wei does a leaping kick that stuns the enemy. Unblockable.
    Musou       | Jiang Wei does a series of whirling attacks with his trident
                | that launch the enemy into the air. Ends with a spinning strike
                | that knocks away all surrounding enemies.
    True musou  | Same as regular musou, but replaces the spinning strike with a
                | large fireball that knocks away all enemies in its path.
    B. Maximizing Jiang Wei's Effectiveness
    Jiang Wei has surprisingly few weaknesses for a character who can be unlocked
    so early and easily. His C4 has such a long execution time that it's useless on
    higher difficulty settings, and his C5 and the first several hits of his charge
    rush affect a very small area. His air charge is also of limited use.
    Jiang Wei's strengths, however, make him extremely deadly in the right hands.
    As a Speed type, he can clear great distances quickly and jump to cancel out of
    the combos that leave him most vulnerable. His regular combo is fast and has
    superb reach and coverage, making it a fine choice for a staple move. Use it
    to plow through peon hordes quickly. C1 is good for setting traps; use it when
    you're being charged by a horde of foes or right after knocking down an enemy
    general for best results. C2 is fast and makes a good starter for air combos,
    which Jiang Wei can perform with ease. C3, with its high hit count and good
    coverage, makes another great staple move, but can be risky to use in large
    crowds because of the small area of effect of the vertical strikes. SST alone
    will suffice against peons; SSTT and SSTTT will serve you better in fights with
    generals. C4 has a large area of effect, but is far less useful for clearing
    crowds than your regular combo. Use it sparingly. C5 is another good way to
    start air combos, and will most likely eclipse C2 once it becomes available. C6
    is good for either cutting through or escaping from crowds, especially if you
    jump cancel out of it after the thrust attack. If aimed well enough, it's also
    effective at separating generals from their underlings. The kick works very
    well against enemy generals, and is an excellent way to interrupt them when
    they're preparing to use a special. The lightning arc, however, is what really
    makes Jiang Wei a terror in single combat; use it freely on stunned or frozen
    generals to deal them devastating damage. Your musou is your best escape move,
    so save it for emergencies.
    I recommend adding the following special effects to Jiang Wei's weapon:
    Absorb - Stealing musou means you get to use your special and musou attacks
    more often. Score!
    Brave - Doing more damage to generals is good for anyone.
    Drain - Greatly improves your lasting power, especially when the last hit of
    your charge rush strikes home.
    Flash - Unblockable charge attacks. Need I say more?
    Ice - Frozen enemies can't attack or defend themselves, and will be torn apart
    by your lightning arc.
    Multi - The clones improve the damage and coverage of your charge attacks. Very
    useful with C6.
    Range - Hard to pass up, since it allows you to hit more enemies at once and
    makes your numerous spinning attacks even better at controlling crowds.
    Slay - Invaluable against juggernauts like Lu Bu and Orochi. Once you see what
    it can do, you'll understand.
    If the suggestions above don't suit your playing style, try these instead:
    Air - Very useful if you like juggling. Consider it as a replacement for Ice.
    Flame - Makes it easier to juggle your enemies into oblivion, especially when
    combined with Air. Consider it as a replacement for Drain or Absorb.
    Might - Doing more damage with your charge attacks is always useful. Consider
    it as a replacement for Multi or Drain.
    VI. Jiang Wei's Collectibles
    A. Weapons
    1. Trident
    Base Attack: 9
    Attack bonus, effects, and number of slots will vary.
    2. Great Trident
    Base Attack: 19
    Attack bonus, effects, and number of slots will vary.
    3. Vapor
    Base Attack: 39
    Attack bonus, effects, and number of slots will vary.
    4. Blink
    Base Attack: 79
    Attack bonus, effects, and number of slots will vary.
    B. Abilities
    1. Potence
    Requirements: Defeat 60 enemies.
    2. Technique
    Requirements: Defeat 3 officers within 12 minutes of the start of the battle.
    3. Awakening
    Requirements: Defeat 110 enemies, while maintaining 50% Life Gauge status.
    4. Recuperate
    Requirements: Defeat 180 enemies within 8 minutes of the start of the battle,
    without performing any attack using the Musou Gauge.
    Tips: Abuse your regular combo, charge rush, and jump cancel.
    C. Personal Item
    1. Overview
    Item: The Twenty-Four Scrolls
    Scenario: Shu Chapter 3-X - Battle of Shizugatake
    Requirements: Rescue all five Hojo generals and defeat Cao Ren within 4:00 of
    the start of the battle, and defeat 300 enemies.
    Location: Between the northeastern and central northern bases.
    2. My Method
    As soon as the battle started, I hurried east and captured the enemy base in
    the south. I then rushed to the southeast garrison and defeated Mitsunao
    Tateoka to save Ujiteru Hojo. My next destination was the northeast garrison,
    where I saved Ujinori Uesugi from Hidetsuna Sakenobe. I rescued Ujimasa Hojo
    from Diamondback before visiting the western garrisons, where I dispatched
    Minbu Satomi and Mitsuyasu Shimura to prevent Ujinao Hojo and Norihide Matsuda
    from defecting. I revisited the eastern garrisons to mop up the peons and cap-
    ture the bases, then followed the central path to Cao Ren and cut him down. I
    made a quick jaunt east to skewer Mamushi and Cottonmouth, then swept around
    the eastern side of the map and defeated every peon in my path. I got my 300th
    KO and the item report shortly after helping Yukimura Sanada fend off Yoshikata
    Rokkaku and Masayasu Miyoshi, so I cut my way north through Yoshinobu Satake to
    secure the item. Once it was in my possession, I charged the northwest garri-
    son, ran Jia Xu through, and impaled Pang De to finish the battle. With a Lv.
    63 Jiang Wei, a Lv. 68 Yue Ying, and a Lv. 1 Wei Yan (to cut down on the dia-
    logue), I was able to obtain the item and finish the battle in 8:11.
    3. Pointers
    Speed and attention to detail are the keys to success here. Getting 300 KOs is
    easy enough, but protecting the Hojo for the first few minutes can be taxing.
    Equipping Impulse or Cavalier will help tremendously, especially if Jiang Wei
    is at a lower level. All of the Hojo generals must survive until you defeat Cao
    Ren, but their abysmal morale means that they can easily be routed by a stray
    group of peons even if you defeat all of the nearby generals. Capture all of
    the bases in and around the garrisons to cut down on troop density, and be sure
    to wipe out every last peon around the Hojo before advancing on Cao Ren. Other
    than that, you shouldn't have too much trouble obtaining this item as long as
    Jiang Wei is at a reasonably high level.
    It's worth noting, however, that the Hojo do a lot of talking when you defeat
    the generals attacking them. This can cause message lag, which eats up precious
    time and makes it hard to tell which generals you've successfully saved. If it
    becomes a serious problem, you can counteract it by pausing the game when the
    Hojo start thanking you and unpausing as soon as they're done talking.
    Like all Personal Items, The Twenty-Four Scrolls can be obtained in Story Mode
    or Free Mode on any difficulty setting.
    VII. Questions & Answers
    Q: Why a Jiang Wei FAQ?
    A: It hadn't been done yet, and I really like him as a character. In fact, he's
    been one of my favorites since DW3.
    Q: Jiang Wei wears funky pants.
    A: That's not a question, even if it is partially true. Look at his DW3 outfit,
    and I think you'll agree that he dresses less flamboyantly these days.
    Q: Jiang Wei's an overrated idiot who single-handedly caused the downfall of
    A: That's still not a question, though it certainly is questionable. I think
    that there were many other factors - including internal conflicts, dwindling
    resources, and Liu Chan's misplaced trust in some of his advisors - that led to
    Shu's downfall.
    Q: But Wei had better generals! Jiang Wei wasn't fit to lick the mud off Deng
    Ai's boots!
    A: You know what a question is, don't you? And while you may be right according
    to recorded history, I still enjoy playing as Jiang Wei.
    Q: Why can't I get a 4th weapon for Jiang Wei?
    A: Because you're a pansy.
    Q: Seriously, what do I need to do to get one?
    A: Play any battle on Chaos mode, or any battle with a difficulty rating of
    three stars or more on Hard mode. They'll randomly appear in weapon boxes.
    Q: I fulfilled the requirements to obtain The Twenty-Four Scrolls, but I didn't
    get it! What gives?
    A: Make sure that Jiang Wei personally gets 300 KOs and defeats Cao Ren, and
    that all of the Hojo generals survive until Cao Ren is defeated.
    Q: Your FAQ sucks! I've crapped out better FAQs than this!
    A: As soon as you find a way to upload excrement, you should post your wondrous
    creation for all to see.
    Q: I posted my FAQ, and everyone I know thinks it's better than yours! Your FAQ
    really DOES suck!
    A: Congratulations! I am in awe of your superior FAQ-writing skills! Now go
    Q: This is the best FAQ I've ever read! You're a genius and a god among men,
    and I want to know more about you so that I can immortalize you!
    A: Yeah, I get that a lot. My contact info's listed below.
    Q: <insert some question that has nothing to do with Jiang Wei or the FAQ here>
    A: See the second sentence of my previous answer.
    VIII. Special Thanks
    I would like to thank...
    ...KOEI and Omega Force, for creating Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, and
    Warriors Orochi.
    ...Kongming's Archives (http://www.kongming.net) and its contributors, for
    being a wealth of information on the Three Kingdoms period.
    ...KWMrHonda, for his informative and well-written Personal Items FAQ.
    ...my friends, for helping me unlock many of the game's secrets.
    ...CJayC of GameFAQs, for posting this FAQ.
    ...Leo Chan of Neoseeker, for posting this FAQ.
    ...Dennis of Super Cheats, for posting this FAQ.
    ...the folks at IGN, for posting this FAQ.
    ...you, for reading this FAQ.
    IX. Contacting Me
    If you want to get in touch with me, send an e-mail to mythrilwyrm@gmail.com.
    Be sure to put the word "FAQ" in the subject line of your e-mail, or I'm likely
    to mistake it for spam and delete it. I check my e-mail every day, so you
    should receive a reply quickly in most cases. I accept praise, corrections, and
    constructive criticism, and will give you credit for any information you share
    with me that I decide to add to the FAQ. Rude, crass, or incomprehensible
    e-mails will be ignored or shamelessly ridiculed as my mood dictates, so keep
    your e-mails clear and polite if you want me to respond in kind.
    I also use AIM occasionally. If you want my Screen Name, ask for it via e-mail.
    Happy gaming!

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