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    Hideyoshi Toyotomi by Tmetal5788

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    Hideyoshi Toyotomi - Genius extraordinare
    Hey, it could happen.
    Table of Contents
    I) Hideyoshi Toyotomi 101
           a) History in Samurai Warriors 
           b) Story in Warriors Orochi
           c) Some info on this guide)
    II) Unlocking Hideyoshi
    III) Move set
           a) Move set
           b) Mounted move set
           c) Extra moves
    IV) Maximizing Hideyoshi's effectiveness
    V) Weapons
           a) Triple Staff
           b) Painful Triad
           c) Monster Bones
           d) Simian Sansetsu
    VI) Pros and Cons to using Hideyoshi
           a) Pros
           b) Cons
    VII) SW story mode quotes
    SW Chapter 1 : Battle of Jing Province
    SW Chapter 2 : Battle of Honnoji
    SW Chapter 2-X  : Battle of Kawanakajima
    -Under Construction-
    VIII) Frequently asked questions
    IX) Legal stuff
    X) Version updates
    XI) Thanks 
    Hideyoshi Toyotomi 101
    History in Samurai Warriors (Put together by Jiyu Aifu)
    Hideyoshi Toyotomi - 1536-1598
    Hideyoshi Toyotomi provides a marvelous example of a rags to riches 
    story. He was born in a village called Nakamura in the Owari Province 
    as the son of a peasant/foot soldier, with no traceable samurai 
    lineage. His childhood name was Hiyoshimaru, but he changed it to 
    Tokichiro Kinoshita for his coming of age. Kinoshita was actually a 
    name he made up so he could enter service since peasants did not have 
    surnames. He began serving a lord of the Imagawa clan, only to run away 
    to Owari with a sum of money entrusted to him. There, he joined 
    Nobunaga Oda as a lowly servant, but his resourcefulness and talent did 
    not go unnoticed by Nobunaga and he would soon rise to fame, despite 
    his peasant background.
    Tokichiro acted as Nobunaga's sandal bearer at the Battle of Okehazema 
    and later, now known as Hideyoshi Kinoshita, he was able to bribe a 
    number of Mino warlords to desert the Saito. One of Hideyoshi's most 
    famed accomplishments was his legendary construction of Sunomata 
    Castle. It is rumored to have been built in just one night, but that 
    probability is unlikely in reality. It was more likely to have been 
    done in three months, which is still remarkable enough. Nonetheless, 
    with the castle in place, he discovered a route to the rear of 
    Inabayama Castle, leading to its capture and the defeat of the Saito. 
    By now, Nobunaga has become very impressed with Hideyoshi's abilities.
    Some time later, Hideyoshi Kinoshita became Hideyoshi Hashiba. He 
    created this new surname by borrowing characters from the names of two 
    Oda retainers, Nagahide Niwa and Katsuie Shibata. These two officers 
    were thought to be perfect and by combining their names, Hideyoshi 
    sought to rise above and beyond them. By this time, he was also married 
    to a woman named Nene and his mother was also remarried and produced 
    his trusted half-brother, Hidenaga. Hideyoshi's physical features were 
    similar to those of a monkey and because of this, Nobunaga often called 
    him "Saru", meaning monkey.
    Hideyoshi earned plenty of battlefield experience over the next few 
    years, flying his "golden gourd" standard during the war with the Azai 
    and Asakura. While Oda forces were marching against the Asakura, 
    Nobunaga was ambushed by his brother-in-law, Nagamasa Azai,as well as 
    the warrior monks of Mount Hiei. He had no choice other than to 
    retreat, but there was no where he could have escaped with an army as 
    large as his. So Hideyoshi volunteered to distract the enemy while 
    Nobunaga escapes.
    He captured a small fort called Kanegasaki and harrassed the three 
    armies of the Asakura, Azai, and warrior monks while Nobunaga made his 
    escape. Now Hideyoshi was isolated and surrounded by three angry 
    forces. Nobunaga  thought that Hideyoshi must have died, but three days 
    later he arrived  in Kyoto with most of his men, starving and 
    exhausted. Hideyoshi made this escape by marching out of the fort and 
    challenging the Asakura army.  Then he fled back into the fort and led 
    his men out the rear gate and fled as fast as he could to Kyoto. From 
    then on, when Hideyoshi's battle standard of the "golden gourd" was 
    spotted, Nobunaga already concluded victory, for it meant Hideyoshi was 
    By 1576, the Oda had gone to war with the Mori and Hideyoshi was 
    ordered to co-command a campaign along with Mitsuhide Akechi. Both of 
    these men enjoyed independence of command during this campaign, an 
    honor Nobunaga rarely gave to his commanders.
    For the next few years, Hideyoshi continued pushing back the large 
    forces of the Mori, although being heavily outnumbered through much of 
    the war. In 1582, he besieged Takamatsu Castle, a fortress the Mori 
    thought to be absolutely necessary to their defense. Takamatsu was held 
    by Muneharu Shimizu, dedicated warrior who could not be swayed by 
    bribery or threats. However, Takamatsu lied on a flat plain just below 
    sea level so Hideyoshi had the nearby Ashimorigawa damned up and its 
    waters diverted around the castle, isolating Shimizu. Terumoto Mori 
    soon arrived himself, but hesitated to make a movement. Meanwhile, 
    Hideyoshi bombarded the castle with constant rifle fire.
    Hideyoshi was still concerned about the menacing threat the Mori army 
    posed and sent for reinforcements. Nobunaga obliged his request and 
    sent a number of contingents, including Mitsuhide Akechi, who decided 
    to instead lead his troops to attack Nobunaga Oda himself.
    June, 1582, Nobunaga Oda died due to the attack by Mitsuhide Akechi. 
    wanted the Mori to hear of this news first for his own benefit, 
    however his messenger was intercepted by Hideyoshi. He wanted to 
    immediately rush after Mitsuhide, but he was still stuck in a battle 
    with the Mori. He decided to negotiate a peace with them so he could go 
    after Mitsuhide, but he knew the Mori would never negotiate unless 
    Takamatsu fell. So in order to speed things up, Hideyoshi promised 
    Muneharu Shimizu that his wife and family would be spared if he 
    surrendered, and becoming aware of the hardships his men were facing 
    under the harsh conditions, Muneharu slit his belly open in front of 
    both armies. Thus, Takamatsu was secured by Hideyoshi.
    After hastily making negotiations with the Mori, Hideyoshi raced after
    Mitsuhide, catching him off guard at Yamazaki. Mitsuhide was unable to 
    secure the support he had hoped for and was defeated and killed. 
    Hideyoshi was then able to present Mitsuhide's head at the grave of 
    Nobunaga Oda.
    The question of who would succeed Nobunaga was intensely argued upon by
    Hideyoshi and Katsuie Shibata. Katsuie supported Nobunaga's third son,
    Nobutaka Oda, while Hideyoshi supported Hidenobu Oda, the son of 
    Nobutada Oda. Nobutada was Nobunaga's original heir, but he 
    unfortunately shared his father's fate at Honnoji. Many of Nobunaga's 
    chief retainers supported Hideyoshi, creating hostility between him and 
    Katsuie returned to Echizen to strategize against Hideyoshi. He secured 
    the support of Nobutaka Oda and Kazumasu Takigawa, but failed to win 
    the support of many others he had hoped for. He was still in a position 
    that could match Hideyoshi, especially since Hideyoshi's support would 
    dwindle if he apeared to encounter difficulty due to his simple 
    This did not go beyond Hideyoshi's notice and due to discrete threats 
    made by Hideyoshi, Nobutaka panicked and moved to attack him. This was 
    a big mistake since the passes from Echizen were still covered in snow. 
    Due to this action, Kazumasu Takigawa turned to support Hideyoshi. In 
    turn, Hideyoshi quickly surrounded Gifu Castle and Nobutaka 
    A number of battles went on from there leading up to Shizugatake where
    Hideyoshi's forced march surprised Katsuie and caused him to seal 
    himself up in his castle where he took his life. His wife and sister to 
    Nobunaga, Oichi, joined him, but her daughters to Nagamasa Azai were 
    released. Hidenobu Oda was soon just forgotten about and Hideyoshi 
    Hashiba became the true successor to Nobunaga.
    However, Nobunaga's other son, Nobukatsu, allied himself with Ieyasu 
    Tokugawa and defied Hideyoshi. They clashed at the Battle of Komaki-
    Nagakute, which ended in a stalemate. However, Nobukatsu was losing 
    land and decided to make peace with Hideyoshi before he lost everything 
    and Ieyasu had little choice but to do the same.
    Hideyoshi soon took to a number of tasks to consolidate his domain 
    including, conquering the island of Shikoku and receiving a number of 
    promotions from the imperial court, including the rank of Kampaku 
    (regent). He wanted to be named Shogun, but he was unable to be given 
    such a rank because of his peasant origins.
    Hideyoshi Hashiba soon changed his name again to Hideyoshi Toyotomi, 
    meaning "Bountiful Minister". Now only two forces remained in 
    Hideyoshi's way to unifying the land. The Hojo of Kanto and the Shimazu 
    of Kyushu. Hideyoshi first went down to Kyushu to subdue the Shimazu 
    and they soon surrendered to him. The leader of the Shimazu, Yoshihisa, 
    was forced to give up his position to his younger brother, Yoshihiro. 
    While in Kyushu, Hideyoshi sensed a possible threat from Christian 
    influences and issued the Christian Expulsion Edict, which forced all 
    Christian missionaries to leave the country. This did not ban the 
    religion in Japan, however. It only banned forced conversions, but 
    still allowed landholders to become Christian with permission.
    Delving in his role as the "Bountiful Minister", Hideyoshi often 
    performed in plays about his life, and studied the tea ceremony and 
    poetry. He even hosted an event called the Grand Kitano Tea Ceremony, 
    which showcased some of the finest tea items and Hideyoshi himself 
    served tea to several lucky individuals.Hideyoshi had also been 
    strengthening the imperial court in exchange for themproviding him with 
    legitimacy. Hideyoshi, a former peasant, visiting the emperor of Japan 
    annoyed many people.
    Hideyoshi began a domestic campaign known as the Great Sword Hunt. This 
    act ordered all peasants to disarm completely. Only warriors were 
    allowed to bear weapons now. This was done to prevent uprisings. And to 
    appease the Buddhist monks, who had a history of constant 
    insurrections, he melted down many of the collected weapons to build a 
    giant statue of Buddha. Hideyoshi also drew a very strict line between 
    the villager and the warrior. A member of either group was forbidden to 
    cross over to the other. A national survey and census was also issued. 
    Once the citizens were registered they were forbidden to leave their 
    respective provinces without permission. Another step to prevent 
    bandits from roaming around. Hideyoshi also abolished slavery, 
    replacing it with contract and indentured labor.
    In 1590, Hideyoshi was finally prepared to finish off the Hojo, who 
    were the last major threat to the Toyotomi. The Hojo refused to 
    surrender and took to the strategy of keeping within the defenses of 
    Odawara Castle, which had proved successful in numerous past invasions. 
    However, after a three month siege, the Hojo finally gave in and 
    surrendered. The Sengoku Era had officially come to an end with 
    Hideyoshi Toyotomi unifying the land.
    Just like Nobunaga, Hideyoshi saw impressive structures as a symbol of 
    powerand Osaka Castle was constructed, becoming one of the greatest 
    castles ever built in Japan. When Hideyoshi's infant son to Lady Yodo 
    (daughter of Oichi and Nagamasa Azai) ,Tsurumatsu, died, he had to find 
    a new heir to his realm. His brother Hidenagadied soon after as well, 
    and Hideyoshi adopted his nephew, Hidetsugu, and named him his heir. 
    Hideyoshi also took the rank of Taiko (retired regent)and gave 
    Hidetsugu his former rank of Kampaku.
    Hideyoshi had aspirations of invading China, and asked for permission 
    to march Japanese soldiers through the Korean peninsula. This request 
    was not granted and in 1592, Toyotomi forces invaded Korea. The Korean 
    invasion was going well at first, but was eventually proving difficult 
    due to Korean guerillas, Chinese troops, and the Korean navy. Hideyoshi 
    then sought to negotiate and withdrew his forces from Korea.
    In 1593, Hideyoshi's second son to Lady Yodo was born, Hideyori. 
    Hideyoshi devoted much of his time to Hideyori, but then he realized 
    the potential of a succession war between Hideyori and Hidetsugu after 
    his death. He decided to send Hidetsugu to Mount Koya and ordered him 
    to commit suicide. Any of his family members who did not follow suit, 
    were killed. Thus, Hideyori became the absolute heir.
    Hideyoshi ordered another invasion Korea, but in 1598 he fell ill. He 
    formed a council of five regents to rule until Hideyori was old enough 
    to take over. They consisted of Ieyasu Tokugawa, Toshiie Maeda, 
    Terumoto Mori, Hideie Ukita, and Kagekatsu Uesugi, and each of them 
    signed a pledge of loyalty to Hideyori. Soon after, Hideyoshi Toyotomi 
    died and the invasion of Korea was again called off. He hoped the five 
    regents would keep one another in check. He especially relied on 
    Toshiie Maeda, however he died as well in 1599, which led to thecouncil 
    of regents to break up. Ieyasu Tokugawa then rose to power and took the 
    title of Shogun in 1603. Hideyori resided in Osaka Castle until 1615, 
    until Ieyasu finally attacked him. After two sieges, Hideyori Toyotomi 
    committed suicide along with his mother, Lady Yodo. The Toyotomi clan 
    had been officially eliminated.
    Hideyoshi Toyotomi was a remarkable figure in Japanese history and 
    remains such to this day. Hideyoshi is often portrayed as a hero and a 
    creator of a golden age, and aside from his Korean invasions, he 
    deserves much of this acclaim. Many of his policies and initiatives 
    were left in place, which made the Tokugawa shogunate possible. 
    Hideyoshi Toyotomi's cultural legacy lived on and he remains a very 
    large figure in Japanese history.
    Hideyoshi's story in Warriors Orochi
    As you can figure, Hideyoshi's story in Orochi isn't too complex, 
    as the story isn't too complex.  Hideyoshi is fighting alongside his 
    lord, Nobunaga Oda in order to take down Orochi.  Surprising right? If 
    I can think of a way to expand upon this section, I will as soon as 
    Some information about this guide
    The only thing you need to know that isn't in the table of contents, 
    is that there are a lot of Hideyoshi jokes scattered in here. 
    Keep an eye out for them.  
    II) Unlocking Hideyoshi Toyotomi
    Go to your local game store and pick up a copy of Warriors Orochi. 
    Go home and put it in your PS2. 
    Go to story mode and select SW.  
    Would you look at that! There he is!  Time to unite this land!
    III) Move list 
    (S is Square, T is Triangle)
    S - A diagonal upward swing that swings 270 degrees around Hideyoshi
    SS - Hideyoshi does a 360-degree spin
    SSS - A diagonal swing that slopes downward
    SSSS - Same as his S 
    SSSSS - A 360 degree spin with his staff up in the air
    SSSSSS - Another 360 degree spin
    SSSSSSS+ - He spins his staff like a Baton and finishes with a forward 
    T* - Charges up staff, jumps, and slams into the ground
    ST - Swings, and does a charged swing upward, knocking soldiers into 
    the air
    SST - SS with a forward thrust
    SSST - Swings staff around him once, then in the air and around him 
    SSSST - Follows up SSSS combo with a jump into the air with a burst of 
    SSSSST - Follows up combo with 2 dashes while swinging his staff around 
    SSSSSST - Thrust forward,  flips and throws target. Breaks enemy guard. 
    SSSSSSST - Follows up combo with multiple swings that go all around 
    Jump T - Slams staff into the ground
    Jump S - Swings downward
    Running S - Gets low to the ground and spins around with staff out
    Mounted move set
    S - A swing to the right
    SS - 2 swings to the right
    SSS - 2 swings and what would be bashing someone on top of the head 
    type swing
    SSSS - SSS followed up by another swing
    SSSSS - Same as SSSS with one more swing
    SSSSSS - Same as SSSSS with one more swing
    SSSSSSS - same as SSSSSS with 2 more swings
    T - Horse gets on back legs and stomps down front legs
    ST - Swing, the more powerful swing
    SST - 2 swings, then a thrust
    SSST- 3 swings, then does a flip in his seat, swinging his staff around
    Horse Running T - Horse jumps through the air and slams back into the 
    Musou - Hideyoshi jumps around spinning his staff in circles around him
    Enhanced Strike R1
    Deliver enhanced charge attack (uses musou)
    Increase team speed
    Counter Strike R1
    When receiving damage from the enemy, Deliver counterattack (uses 
    IV) Maximizing Hideyoshi's effectiveness
    Simply put, his last charge is your best friend.  The move hits so 
    many people in all different directions, you will probably use it more 
    than anything else.  Use his guard break on pesky officers that don't 
    know when to fight instead of block.  Use someone who is fast in your 
    party because his speed boost will make them faster than they should 
    be.  Try to cover your ears when you bring him out.  His charge 3 and 5 
    are also good friends of yours, take full advantage of his range.  
    V) Weapons
    Hideyoshi uses a staff (I forgot the actual name) in battle, giving 
    him excellent range and a somewhat crazy move set.  
    His weapons are as follows:
    1) Triple Staff
    	    -Base attack: 9
    2) Painful Triad
    	    -Base attack: 18
    3) Monster Bones
    	    -Base attack: 36
    4) Simian Sansetsu
    	    -Base attack: 73
    A Simian Sansetsu can be acquired the same way as every other level 4 
    Doing any stage with a difficulty of 3 stars or more on Hard
    Doing any stage on Chaos. 
    Note - These do not guarantee a level 4, but it is the only way to get 
    VI) Pros and cons
    Amazing range
    Good move set
    Acts like a monkey
    Uses best 1 on 1 move (The charge where he breaks the guard)
    Absolutely terrible voice
    Musou is pretty terrible.  
    Acts like a monkey
    VII) Quotes
    Hideyoshi is a very loopy guy, as he says a lot of weird stuff.  
    His voice in this game, well, I don't know what happened.  
    I liked his voice in SW2, but this game; it's a little heavy on the 
    *Note - Any Quotes with a star next to them, are times Hideyoshi was 
    made fun of for looking like a monkey.
    **Note - All of these happened when I had Hideyoshi as the active 
    Officer KO - "Serves you right for getting in my way!"
    Switched into party - "This land needs uniting!"
    Here are the lines I've heard in SW story mode. 
    ----------Samurai Warriors Chapter 1 - Battle of Jing Province
    "We have to keep our comrades alive at any cost!"
    	Activation - Unknown
    "Hmmm, If I didn't know better, I'd say you have a plan up your sleeve" 
    "But the only way ahead for you lies through me!"
    	Activation - Approaching Mitsunari Ishida
    "I'm twice the man you are, well, uh, let's say one and a half times, 
    just to be fair."
    	Activation - Defeating Mitsunari Ishida
    *Mitsunari - "At least I've made it down the evolutionary scale."
    	Activation - Response to Hideyoshi's 
    twice the man comment.
    "Slither out of this one you reptile!"
    	Activation - Said when I approached Cao Pi.  
    May or may not be the requirement.
    ----------Samurai Warriors Chapter 2- Battle of Honnoji
    "Ah, Nene? No, it can't be."
    "This could be tough, I never even win an argument against Nene" 
    	Activation - approaching Sun Shang Xiang
    "Cao Cao certainly is a remarkable individual."
    "What are you in love with the man?"
    	Activation - Approaching Xiahou Dun 
    ----------Samurai Warriors Chapter 2-X: Battle of Kawanakajima
    "You'll be the one who rues this day, for having the misfortune 
    of running into me!"
    	Activation - Approach Sima Yi
    ***Rest coming soon!***
    VIII) Frequently asked questions
    Q: Why did you make a Hideyoshi Guide?
    A: Hideyoshi is my favorite character.  His moveset, his craziness, 
    and his voice (in SW 2, not WO) made him my all time favorite 
    Q: What exactly happened to Hideyoshi's voice, it's terrible!
    A: I agree, I was actually disgusted by his voice in this game.  I 
    don't know exactly why Koei decided to give him the voice.  I and 
    everyone else who plays this game feel your pain.
    Q: Hey, your guide is worse than Hideyoshi's voice!
    A: Well that's pretty bad isn't it!  When you write a guide come talk 
    to me and we will see who looks more like a monkey.
    Q: What other guides for this game are you going to do?
    A:  Probably just Nene. 
    Q: I can't unlock SW gaiden stage 8 to get his personal item!
    A: As of right now, neither can I, so I'll post an answer here in the 
    Q: Who are you exactly?
    A: My name is David Bert, preferably just Bert.  I live on Long Island 
    in New York.  My life consists of work, school, shows, and band 
    practice. I also love DW4 and SW2 with a passion, along with Warriors 
    Q: Here is a question from yours truly.  If you guys have questions or 
    comments, email me at Tmetal5788@aol.com.  
    If you see something is missing or should be put in, inform me, and I 
    give you full credit.  
    A: I don't really look like a monkey anymore..uh, do I?
    IX) Legal stuff
    Copyright 2007 David Bert
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use 
    of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
    is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
    their respective trademark and copyright holders. 
    Don't copy my stuff please.  :-) 
    (Jiyu Aifu received his information from the following pages, thanks 
    Also thanks to: 
    Samurai Archives for information on Hideyoshi. 
    Wikipedia for information on Hideyoshi. 
    Rainforest Wind for information on Hideyoshi. 
    X) Version History
    (1.0)	October 28, 2007 
    I made the bulk of the guide.  Planning to add more soon. 
    XI) Thanks
    I would like to thank Koei for making such an amazing game.
    I would like to thank anyone who helped me with this guide. 
    I would like to give 1000 thanks to Jiyu Aifu for putting together such 
    a great Hideyoshi history summary.  Also for letting me use it.
    I'd like to thank my step-mom Nereida for hooking me up with some money 
    to buy Warriors Orochi. 
    I like to thank one of my best friends and fellow band member Paul 
    Valestra for informing me that this game existed.
    I would most importantly like to thank Hideyoshi Toyotomi for 
    being awesome.  Sleep well Hideyoshi.
    "I want to create a world where everyone can be happy. That is the 
    promise that I have made.  Hey, that sounds cool doesn't it?"

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