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    Liu Bei by Equinox523

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    Liu Bei FAQ v1.0
    Warriors Orochi
    By Equinox523 (Henry Halim) - wkequinox@yahoo.com
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    *		    TABLE OF CONTENTS			*
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    *	1.  Introduction				*
    *	2.  Liu Bei: A Dynasty Warriors History		*
    *	3.  Why Choose Liu Bei?				*
    *	4.  Unlocking Liu Bei				*
    *	5.  Moveset					*
    *	6.  Weapons and Abilities			*
    *	7.  Personal Item				*
    *	8.  FAQ						*
    *	9.  Credits					*
    *	10. Contact					*
    *							*
    1. Introduction
    Hi everyone!  This is my first FAQ, created for fans of Liu Bei for the 
    PS2 version of Warriors Orochi.
    As the Lord of Shu and a key figure of the Sanguo period, Liu Bei has 
    been in every single video game based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms, 
    from Dynasty Tactics to Kessen 2 to Dynasty Warriors (and those are just 
    the Koei ones!)  He's even seen some screen time in adaptations of the 
    historical epic, including the recent "Red Cliff", directed by John Woo.  
    This time, though, he's got his hands full battling the Serpent King 
    Orochi, and fortunately, he's got his old reliable moveset, as well as 
    some new tricks up his sleeve to battle man and reptile alike.  The 
    result?  Another really strong game for Liu Bei, and of course, another 
    blow struck for justice!
    2. Liu Bei: A Dynasty Warriors History
    There are many sites devoted to the history and lore of the Three 
    Kingdoms period online (notably http://www.kongming.net), so if you're 
    interested in finding out more about Liu Bei or the other characters 
    featured in Koei's games, I encourage you to check them out.  Instead of 
    giving you the historical rundown of Liu Bei, the historical figure this 
    character was based on, I'm going to give you a history of the character 
    in the Dynasty Warriors series.  Why?  First of all, this is a game FAQ, 
    so if you're looking at this, chances are you're not looking for his 
    biography.  You probably already know what's relevant to the game about 
    Liu Bei's basic history.  And of course, as a DW old-timer, I just like 
    reliving the good old days!
    Liu Bei as a character has always been consistently good or at least 
    useable in Dynasty Warriors.  His trademarks are quick frontal sword 
    strikes and, since DW3, spinning attacks that cover a broad swath around 
    him.  His moveset in Warriors Orochi makes him a good all-around 
    fighter, and he can truly shine even in a cast of 79 in Warriors Orochi 
    if utilized effectively.
    I'm going to start the count at DW2 because it was the first true 
    battlefield action game in the series (DW1 was a fighting game).
    DW2  - 	In what seems like an eternity ago, Liu Bei had a short 4-Hit 
    	combo that culminated in the SSSS stab, or SSST chop that he 
    	continues to use in the Warriors Orochi series.  Not a lot of 
    	crowd clearing, but he was definitely useable.  Not much to say 
    DW3  -	Liu Bei got a huge upgrade to his moveset in DW3 (as well as the 
    	legendary hair net - though he might have had this before then, 
    	I'm not sure).  Though he had a pretty bad 4th weapon in the 
    	Gold Moon Dragon, (mounted defense in a one-hit dismount game?), 
    	he nevertheless had a great combo ender in SSSSST, which 
    	unleashed a massive 360 energy wave that was crucial for 
    	clearing crowds.
    DW3XL -	Liu Bei didn't fare much better in Xtreme Legends, with a subpar 
    	5th weapon in the Dragon Star that gifted him with...27 extra 
    	arrows and a long musou bar.  Though he still had an excellent 
    	moveset, it left us envying the devastating weapon Sun Quan got 
    	that unleashed the vorpal element with a mere SSST, while we 
    	sadly tapped SSSSTT and watched the our lightning bolts fizzle.  
    	We still had Way of Musou, however, to burn opponents with for 
    	extra damage.  You know, back when the fire element actually did 
    DW4  - 	This game brought us the mighty orb system, and for the first 
    	time, Liu Bei players would enjoy the freedom of customizing 
    	their weapons with their preferred element.  Liu Bei was the 
    	perfect canvas for this new feature, with many moves that 
    	benefited greatly from the extra elemental umph.  A brand new 
    	SSTTT combo also was introduced to improve his effectiveness 
    	against officers, and his old SSSSST became a powerhouse move 
    	with the Ice Orb.  Just devastating.  This game also brought him 
    	his sneaky T attack - no Liu Bei guide would be complete without 
    	discussion of this move.  More on that later.
    DW5  - 	The DW4 expansions didn't change his moveset or add new weapons, 
    	so I didn't mention them, but DW5 saw the introduction of a new 
    	double slash/shockwave air charge, as well as an explosive SSSST 
    	uppercut move for juggling.  An unfortunate step back for Liu 
    	Bei was the generic "shockwave" animation for his SSSSST attack, 
    	which did not carry elements like it did in the previous game.  
    	This moveset is more or less the one he uses in Warriors Orochi, 
    	with an added R1 special.
    DW6  - 	This next gen release heralded the coming of a newer, younger, 
    	less bearded Liu Bei, complete with twin swords (which is 
    	actually faithful to the novel) and a brand new moveset.  Liu 
    	Bei is a dangerous opponent with the broad sweeping attacks he's 
    	had earlier in the series, as well as a rain of lightning arrows 
    	and an incredibly flashy musou mode.  While this was the death 
    	of oldschool SSSSST Liu Bei, perhaps it's appropriate that Koei 
    	chose to make the PS3 Dynasty Warriors depart radically from 
    	what we knew and loved (and thankfully Liu Bei wasn't given a 
    	clone moveset).
    3. Why Choose Liu Bei?
    Liu Bei's moveset is mostly unchanged from DW5, which makes him a solid 
    character with decent speed and quick strikes.  While the attack 
    animations themselves haven't changed, the power behind them definitely 
    has.  He also benefits from being a Technique character.  TEC officers 
    can counter attacks, and score critical hits, which are crucial to 
    survival on Chaos mode.
    Liu Bei is actually quietly one of the best offensive characters in the 
    game, which may not be obvious until later on, but he actually has the 
    ability to one-hit KO officers with his T charge attack in Chaos Mode 
    when fully levelled.  He's got a strong offensive buff, as well as an 
    extensive catalog of usable charge attacks.  He can juggle, clear 
    crowds, and duel officers effectively and is overall a balanced and 
    formidable adversary.
    4. Unlocking Liu Bei
    All you have to do is clear Shu's Story Mode, Battle of Koshi Castle 
    (Stage 8).  That's it!
    5. Moveset
    S - Attack (Square)
    T - Charge (Triangle)
    O - Musou (Circle)
    X - Jump (X)
    R1 - Special Attack (R1)
    SSSSSSSS    - 	Three side to side slashes, a stab, followed by more 
     (S-String	horizontal slashes.  Your run of the mill sword/ruler
      Combo)	combo from DW5.
    T	    -	Liu Bei angles to the left of the target area, and zips 
     (Sliding Side	right with a big slash.  There's a lot of confusion 
      Slash)	about how to use this skill - I recommend releasing your 
    		left analog while using it to ensure that you hit the 
    		area directly in front of you.  This attack carries 
    		elements and can KO generic officers in one hit on 
    		Chaos, when he's levelled up and skills are maximized.  
    		Also a fairly safe move to do, with decent recovery 
    		time, especially with maximum Agility on your weapon.  
    		Learn to use this move - it may take some practice, but 
    		it's worth it if you want to take out officers quickly.
    ST 	    - 	An upwards swing that launches the opponent up.  Not a 
     (Uppercut	very powerful attack, and it does not carry elements, 
      Launcher)	but it lets you juggle enemy officers early in the game.  
    		Comes in handy when using a weapon with the Air element 
    		on it in early going, as well as to continue combos.  
    SST(TTT)    -	Liu Bei slashes upwards diagonally culminating in a 
     (Slashing 	horizontal slice that carries elemental damage.  Your 
      Flurry)	standard dizzy move, this one is very useful for light 
    		crowd control and for facing officers.  A great juggle 
    		move, as well as a useful move for combo setup.
    SSST 	    - 	The ancient and infamous chop.  Liu Bei chops downwards 
     (Vertical 	in front of him with his sword, heavily damaging and, if 
      Chop)		Bolt/Ice are not equipped, knocking the enemy away.  
    		It's not the fanciest move, and doesn't have the 
    		greatest hitbox, but it does do good damage to a limited 
    		area in front of him.  Obviously better with an 
    		elemental weapon.
    SSSST	    -	Liu Bei swings upwards with his sword, a burst of golden 
     (Golden 	light welling upwards from the ground, launching the 
      Burst 	opponent into the air, with no elemental properties.  A 
      Launcher)	great move with fair frontal coverage, which is excellent 
    		for setting up all kinds of juggling pain.
    SSSSST	    - 	Liu Bei slashes in a circular motion, a shockwave 
     (Circular 	trailing the blade 360 degrees around his body.  
      Slash 	Sadly, the vertical hitbox of the wave has been cut 
      Wave)		significantly and elements do not attach to this move in 
    		Warriors Orochi.  Like most 360 shockwave moves, this 
    		one has been severely nerfed, unfortunately, but anyone 
    		who has played DW4 can understand why this was done.
    (Running) S - 	Liu Bei slides in for an inwards horizontal cut.  Knocks 
     (Sliding 	enemies down on contact.
    O	    - 	Several side to side slashes while moving forward 
     (Musou		slightly, followed by a brief pause before finishing 
      Combo)	with a flourish of slashes that juggle the opponent low 
    		to the ground, with even greater speed and range.  Not 
    		the fanciest of musou attacks, and can sometimes drop a 
    		juggled foe when he pauses for a split second.  You can 
    		also move around while this move is active, walking 
    		forward to continually assail an officer, or changing 
    		the angle to hit more peons.
    (Low HP) O  - 	Triggers instead of the above when in critical (red) 
     (Burning 	health.  Basically the same as the regular musou, except 
      Musou 	with fire element and an additional series of flourishes 
      Combo) 	at the end.  This move has just one pause, so you can 
    		still drop officers mid-combo, but with good timing, you 
    		can still juggle with this move.
    (Air) S	    - 	Slashes downward.  A quick, direct strike that can be 
     (Air 	 	used to jump in against opponents, or to cover yourself 
      Slash)	when recovering in the air.
    (Air) T	    - 	A jumping diagonal double slash aimed towards the 
     (Double 	ground, followed by a small diagonal shockwave.  Best 
      Air Slash 	used to surprise foes or as a lead-in to a ground combo.
      with Wave)	
    (Mounted) S - 	A sequence of slashes alternating between right to left.
    (Mounted) T - 	One slash on each side with a slight delay. Stronger 
    		than the standard horse attack.
    (Mounted) O - 	A musou version of his mounted attacks, with a small 
    		shockwave appearing in front of the horse, allowing it 
    		to knock out enemies straight ahead as you move.
    R1	    - 	Liu Bei poses and buffs his attack power.  Requires a 
    		small amount of musou.
    (Counter)R1 - 	Liu Bei can counterattack if you time R1 correctly.  
    		Simply hit the button as the enemy attacks.  The window 
    		is fairly generous, and you can usually perform this 
    		move while guarding, after you've just taken a hit (and 
    		are about to take another), or even against archers or 
    Being a Technique style fighter, Liu Bei also can activate R1 for more 
    faster, more powerful, flashier versions of all of his charge attacks.  
    None of them carry the elements, but their execution and recovery time 
    are super fast.
    S R1	    - 	A quick sword uppercut that knocks the opponent into the 
     (Speedy 	air.  It does not carry the elements, but has next to no 
      Uppercut 	recovery time.  A helpful launcher with great speed that 
      Launcher)	can land you that quick juggle you need.
    SS R1	    - 	A faster sequence of slashes that end in a stunning 
     (Speedy 	stroke.  Liu Bei moves forward a lot more than the T 
      Slash 	version of this move.
    SSS R1	    -	A faster version of the SSST chop performed at blinding 
     (Speedy 	speed.  This is a knockback move that blows enemies in 
      Vertical 	front of you away.
    SSSS R1	    - 	A faster SSSST launcher.  Like its T counterpart, this 
     (Speedy 	move sets up juggles well and has a decent forward area 
      Golden 	of effect.
    SSSSS R1    - 	A quicker version of his SSSSST.
    6. Weapons and Abilities
    Liu Bei wields a single, straight sword in combat in Warriors Orochi.  
    His weapons are as follows:
    Long Sword	 - 	Base Attack 9
    Imperial Sword	 - 	Base Attack 19
    Gold Dragon	 - 	Base Attack 38
    Gold Moon Dragon - 	Base Attack 76
    As with everyone else, Liu Bei's 4th weapon is obtained by going to any 
    3 or more star difficulty stage in Hard Mode, or any stage in Chaos 
    Mode.  They are found randomly, so don't be discouraged if you didn't 
    find one!  You'll get one sooner or later.  I recommend Wu Chapter 4-X - 
    Battle of Wan Castle in Hard Mode, as this stage has three weapons in 
    crates (which is rare in this game) and one you obtain by taking out 
    Pang De.  It's also a small stage, so you can get by on foot.  Another 
    good one is Wei Chapter 1 - Battle of Kuzegawa, on Chaos Mode.  Zhang 
    Jiao, Danemon Ban, Xiahou Yuan and Xu Zhu all drop weapons.  Relegating 
    yourself to the left side of this map and fighting all the way to Huang 
    Gai should net you 3 weapons even if you totally skip Xiahou Yuan.
    Here's a quick rundown of attributes that can be fused onto a weapon.
    Bolt	 - 	Charge attacks cause small bolts of electricity to 
    		spread from enemy to enemy, stunning opponents for a 
    		moment before they fall to the ground.  Excellent for 
    		setting up juggles and adding to combos.  This does 
    		not interfere with the effectiveness of other 
    		elements and can be used in conjunction with them.
    Flame	 - 	Charge attacks deal continuous damage to airborne or 
    		stunned opponents.  Works slowly but ignores defense, 
    		dealing a constant rate of damage to foes.  Note that 
    		if both Flame and Ice are on the same weapon, they 
    		alternate and do not stack, so you may get Flame 
    		sometimes and Ice others.
    Flash	 - 	Charge attacks break guard, putting enemies in stagger 
    		animation.  Practically an auto-include for every 
    Ice	 - 	Charge attacks have a chance of freezing opponents, 
    		immobilizing them for a few seconds.  Frozen enemies 
    		also sustain more damage.  Note that if both Flame and 
    		Ice are on the same weapon, they alternate and do not 
    		stack, so you may get Flame sometimes and Ice others.
    Slay	 - 	Charge attacks have a chance of instantly killing enemy 
    		peons, and deal percentage-based damage to enemy 
    		officers.  Also widely regarded as an auto-include.
    				Other Attributes:
    Absorb	 - 	Charge attacks restore some musou in proportion to the 
    		damage you dealt.  Can be useful for warriors with heavy 
    		musou usage.
    Agility	 - 	Increases the speed of charge attacks.  Note that at 
    		high levels, this can boost attack speed so high that 
    		the system will incorrectly register or fail to register 
    		some attacks in the right hitbox.
    Air	 - 	Charge attacks deal extra damage to aerial opponents.  
    		Great for players who like to juggle, and characters 
    		with auto air combos.
    Brave	 - 	Charge attacks deal extra damage to enemy officers.  A 
    		great way to ramp up your damage against your toughest 
    Drain	 - 	Charge attacks restore some health in proportion to the 
    		damage you dealt.  Can be handy in Hard or Chaos Mode, 
    		where taking seven or eight hits can be fatal, and that 
    		tiny ounce of health you get back can mean the 
    		difference between success and the "Defeated" screen.
    Might	 - 	Charge attacks deal extra damage.  Plain and simple, 
    		with no drawbacks.  Essentially an auto-include.
    Multi	 - 	Charge attacks create a shadow that attacks after you, 
    		doing damage, activating elements, and sometimes 
    		increasing knockback.  Note that this has varying 
    		usefulness depending on move and character.  Also, the 
    		shadows don't perform throws.
    Rage	 - 	Attacks deal extra damage when in critical (red) health. 
    		If you trigger this regularly, you play a dangerous 
    		game, since on the harder difficulties, it's extremely 
    		easy to go from critical health, to dead.  Otherwise, 
    		it's a waste of a slot.
    Range	 - 	Grants you a longer attack range for weapon attacks.  
    		Moves like Ling Tong's R1 are unaffected, since he uses 
    		his feet rather than his weapon.  Come to think of it, 
    		this doesn't help any R1 attacks.
    This is really a matter of personal preference.  I'm not going to say 
    any one setup is strictly better than another, because you should 
    customize your setup to suit your own personal play style.  My suggested 
    setup is as follows:
    Flash	Slay	Might	Brave
    Bolt	Air	Multi	Agility
    This setup will maximize attack power and allow you to go solo with Liu 
    Bei.  The buff stacks on top of all of these attack multipliers, making 
    for some pretty serious damage.  Don't forget to pour +20 attack by 
    to your weapon by fusing obsolete weapons onto it for maximum power.  
    This setup gives Liu Bei a quick, hard strike due to full agility, so he 
    can recover quickly from his T attack and other charges.  The noticeable 
    downside is the lack of Range in this setup, which is a great attribute 
    for sword wielders to equip to give each attack more coverage.
    If you prefer to play a bit more defensively, you might want to try a 
    setup like this:
    Flash	Slay	Might	Brave
    Bolt	Drain	Range	Agility
    This is more suited for the long haul, sacrificing some attack power in 
    favore of longer weapon reach and some health regeneration.  Again, it's 
    completely up to you!  I've had some success with Ice in conjunction 
    with Multi, and even Flame variants that rely on juggling.  To each his 
    or her own.
    Here's a list of the abilities you can obtain, and their maximum level.  
    		Blue Skills
    Vitality (20)	- 	Increases life bar length.
    Focus (20)	- 	Increases musou bar length.
    Potence (20)	- 	Increases attack power.
    Fortitude (20)	- 	Increases defense.
    Impulse (20)	- 	Increases foot speed.
    Cavalier (10	- 	Increases your mounted attack power and allows 
    			you to start each stage on horseback.  At 
    			Cavalier Level 10, you start off with either 
    			Red Hare or Matsukaze depending on which game 
    			your character comes from!
    		Red Skills
    Karma (10)	- 	Increases your luck, which causes more items to 
    Power (20)	- 	Increases the attack of Power type characters.
    Speed (20)	- 	Increases the attack of Speed type characters.
    Technique (20)	- 	Increases the attack of Technique type 
    Boost (20)	- 	Increases the power of charge attacks.
    Awakening (20)	- 	Increases the power of musou attacks and R1 
    			specials that use the musou bar.
    		Yellow Skills
    Acclaim (20)	- 	Increases the amount of experience earned.
    Recuperate (10)	- 	Increases the rate at which your inactive 
    			characters' musou bars fill up.
    Conserve (10)   - 	Decreases the amount of musou needed to perform 
    			musou attacks (O) and specials which require 
    			musou expenditure (R1).
    Adrenalin (10)  - 	Recovers some life when you score 10 or more 
    			hits in a combo.
    Recover (10)	- 	Slowly recovers health
    Refill (10)	- 	Slowly recovers musou.
    		Suggested Ability Setup
    This largely depends on your play style, but here's a good starting 
    point if you want to maximize Liu Bei's offense (early on, you might 
    want to use Vitality to stay alive).
    Adrenalin	- 	Gaining back health is important, particularly 
    			when you're using Liu Bei as your primary 
    			officer and aren't benching him too much. 
    Boost		-	Charge attacks are Liu Bei's bread and butter.  
    			Boosting their strength is a good way to play up 
    			his strengths.
    Fortitude	- 	More defense saves lives in the harder 
    Impulse		- 	Foot speed gets you places and helps you strafe 
    			enemies.  Some stages and items are much easier 
    			to obtain riding around on horseback, so use 
    			Cavalier in lieu of this when the situation 
    			demands it.  This skill also helps you maneuver 
    			around enemies, especially useful at high 
    Potence		-	More general attack power is always good.
    Refill		-	Liu Bei uses up musou at a moderate pace, so it 
    			helps to have some available to buff, use R1 
    			charges, and counter with, especially in Hard or 
    			Chaos Mode.  Also excellent for those of you who 
    			prefer to go at it solo and rather than tag in 
    			your partners.
    Technique	-	Boosts the ability of your Technique officers.  
    			This is a good portion of the crew, so choosing 
    			two other TEC types won't be hard if you want to 
    			maximize this.  If you're not planning on 
    			switching out, then you have even more reason to 
    			equip this skill.
    Liu Bei's own contribution to Ability Acquisition goes like this:
    1. Fortitude	-	Defeat 60 enemies.
    2. Speed	-	Defeat 70 enemies, including 3 officers.
    3. Cavalier	-	Defeat 3 officers, while maintaining 50% of 
    			your maximum starting life, without performing 
    			any attack that uses up musou.
    7. Personal Item
    Item Name	-	Straw Sandals
    Stage		-	Shu's Story Mode, Chapter 8 - Battle of Koshi 
    Requirements	-	Make Orochi appear within 15 minutes, and defeat 
    			150 enemies.  Then go pick it up close to the 	
    			east wall of the allied main camp.
    Defeating Da Ji will make Orochi appear.  In order to do this, you must 
    first foil each of her plans:
    1. Frontal Assault
    Start by going east and defeat Sidewinder, Diamondback, and Coachwhip to 
    foil plan 1.  Keep going continue east towards the northeast corner of 
    the map.
    2. Phantom Soldiers
    Da Ji will summon phantom soldiers.  They are controlled by the 
    Sorcerer in the northeast fort, so defeat him and make your way south.
    3. Secret Weapon: Maeda Keiji
    Da Ji will send Maeda Keiji's troop his army out to fight your troops
    take on your army.  You might want to take out Keiji's officers before 
    engaging him one on one, but it's up to you.  Defeat him and head west, 
    going along the top of the map.
    4. Cannon
    At some point during your fight with Keiji, Da Ji activates a cannon 
    along the western path.  You'll get messages from your allies as they 
    get bombarded by the cannon.  Defeat Patchnose and Hognose, who are just 
    outside the cannon, and then defeat the Defense Captain to open up the 
    base that houses the cannon.  Kill Yellowbelly to stop the cannon from 
    firing.  Start heading towards Lu Bu's location.
    5. Secret Weapon: Lu Bu
    You guessed it.  Head to where Lu Bu is, cutting through Wei Xu, Song 
    Xian, and Gao Shun.  Needless to say, this can be a tough fight, since 
    Lu Bu hits hard.  After you defeat him, Zhuge Liang will talk some trash 
    to Da Ji, and the gates to Koshi Castle will open.  Make your way 
    6. Da Ji
    This one is pretty straightforward.  Defeat Urutu and Da Ji, and Orochi 
    will appear with some goons and Da Ji (again).  The item appears inside 
    your main camp, so check the History section and grab it at some point 
    before you kill Orochi and end the level!
    8. FAQs
    Feel free to send me questions about Liu Bei, and I'll post the good 
    ones over here!  Until then, here are some from off the top of my head.
    Q:	How do you aim that T attack?  Every time I try, I go flying 
    	in random directions and don't hit anyone.
    A:	As mentioned earlier, releasing the left analog helps to keep 
    	your control neutral, and will strike the area directly in front 
    	of Liu Bei's original position.  This is a powerful attack that 
    	has elemental power, and is worth mastering!  When you're more 
    	comfortable with it, you can experiment with doing it while 
    	moving around, both to escape and to hit opponents.  Also a 
    	great move against archers and gunmen.
    Q:	Who are good teammates for Liu Bei?
    A:	Anyone, really.  If you like speed, Toyotomi Hideyoshi is a safe 
    	bet.  I happen to like Nene for her superior mobility and 
    	unblockable grab.  Maybe you'd like Tokugawa Ieyasu and his 
    	laser cannon of doom, and if you're a fan of the novel, his oath 
    	brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are a natural team.
    9. Credits
    I'd like to thank the following, for making this guide possible.
    Rampidzier  -	For creating a wonderful guide that helped me get 
    		through this game.  I never would have been able to 
    		unlocking the game's many items, stages and characters 
    		without his trusty guide.
    calbee219   - 	For setting up the DW5chaosmodeguide channel on YouTube, 
    		which I consulted while creating this FAQ.
    redroses_4life	For helping me fact-check when assembling the weapon 
    		elements portion of this FAQ.
    My mom	    -	Yes, you read that right.  My mom is in her 50's and 
    		has been my main Dynasty Warriors partner since she 
    		first started playing my copy of DW3 so many years ago.  
    		Many years and several controllers later, it just goes 
    		to show that video games can even bridge generational 
    		gaps and bring friends and family together.
    GameFAQs    -	For giving us all a forum to share our love of video 
    		games with one another, and for letting us have a single 
    		nexus for all of the bits and pieces of game knowledge 
    		we'd probably never figure out on our own.
    KOEI	    -	For creating a wonderfully addictive game series that 
    		brought these eras of history and literature back for a 
    		lot of us.  They really outdid themselves with Warriors 
    		Orochi, and I'm glad that they took the time and effort 
    		to make such a robust and insanely fun game for us fans.
    You	    - 	For reading this FAQ and for playing Warriors Orochi!  
    And of course, the men and women of the Sanguo and Sengoku periods for 
    living the lives that inspired such great historical epics that continue 
    to inspire and compel us to this day.  And also offer up wonderful 
    source material for video games!
    10. Contact
    This is my first FAQ, so I hope you liked it!  Comments?  Questions?  
    Please feel free to send them along - any constructive criticism would 
    definitely be appreciated.  You can reach me at wkequinox@yahoo.com.  
    Just make sure to let me know that it's an email about one of my FAQs in 
    the subject line - thanks!

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