hi i need help beating: The Exchange?

  1. hi i need help beating: The Exchange i can get past killing the snipers its just on the way back to return the murchendise . how do i get past?

    User Info: lordsboy

    lordsboy - 8 years ago

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  1. I'm guessing that it's the 2 cars that attack you right after you leave the parking lot which are causing you problems.

    There's 2 options:

    You can take them out on foot before proceeding: Immediately leave the truck when your companion says "Here they come" and select a heavy weapon like a RPG or M249 (which you'll have to acquire beforehand) and take them out.
    That will likely cause you problems with the cops, - but they're not as bad.

    Or you can try to get them stuck and give them the slip by using the N exit of the parking lot and start by going N. They're set up for hitting you at the S exit and going N will usually catch them going the wrong way.

    There's some roadblocks on the obvious route, - most can be avoided by taking an alternate route. If you're really desperate you can go along the W shore by the water, leaving only the 1 car roadblock at the entry to Starfish island.

    User Info: GTA_Phreak

    GTA_Phreak (Expert) - 8 years ago 2 0

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