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    100% Completion Walkthrough by WoozieFan

    Version: 1.20 | Updated: 07/05/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    No ASCII art. No editorializing. No fluff. No pampering.
            Straight strategy.
    100% Completion Walkthrough for Playstation 2
    version 1.20
    Written by Chris Halloran (c)2007
    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, along with all other productions of the
    Grant Theft Auto series, are the sole intellectual and trademark domain of
    Rockstar Games, Rockstar North, and/or Rockstar Leeds.  The author of this guide
    references the content of the video game for entertainment purposes only and
    makes no claim, explicit or implicit, to be the owner of such.
    The content of this guide is copyrighted under the guidelines of U.S. Title 17
    and international laws where applicable.  It is the full and sole property of
    its author and owner and cannot be reproduced, republished, or amended without
    the explicit written consent of its owner.  Any person(s) or organization(s)
    found violating this copyright is/are punishable by law and will be prosecuted
    to the fullest extent of the law.  Publication is allowed only on
    www.gamefaqs.com and www.supercheats.com.  To request the publication of this
    walkthrough elsewhere, you must contact the author (see Contacting the Author
    1.00 - 16 June 2007 - First draft finished.
    1.20 - 22 June 2007 - Edited numerous strategies for clarity and/or brevity
                          Corrected when outfits and/or vehicles unlocked
                          Found new bonus vehicles
                          Added Percent Complete values to Checklist section
                          Added www.supercheats.com as allowed publisher
    ****TABLE of CONTENTS****
    I. Introduction						[INTRO]
       A. About the Walkthrough				  [BOUT]
       B. Abbreviations and Reference Points		  [ABBR]
       C. Contacting the Author				  [MAIL]
       D. Achieving the Legacy -- 100%			  [LEGA]
    II. Walkthrough - Mainland I				[WTMI]
       A. Opening Movie/Sgt. Jerry Martinez I		[SJMI]
          1. Soldier					  [SJMS]
       B. Red Balloons I					[RDBI]
       C. Unique Jumps I					[UQJI]
       D. Fire Fighter					[FIRE]
       E. Paramedic						[MEDI]
       F. Rampages I					[RAMI]
          1. Armor						  [RIAR]
          2. Rampages!					  [RIRA]
       G. Taxi Driver					[TAXI]
       H. Vigilante						[VIGL]
       I. Odd Jobs I					[ODDJ]
          1. Playground on the Town				  [ODPT]
          2. Playground on the Dock				  [ODPD]
          3. Dirt Track Madness				  [ODDT]
             a. BMX Time Trials				    [ODBM]
             b. Sanchez Time Trials				    [ODSA]
             c. Quad Bike Time Trials			    [ODQU]
          4. Rush!						[ODRU]
       J. Sgt. Jerry Martinez II				[JMII]
          1. Cleaning House					  [JII1]
          2. Conduct Unbecoming				  [JII2]
       K. Odd Jobs II					[ODII]
          1. Phil's Shooting Range				  [PHSR]
       L. Phil Cassidy I					[PHCA]
          1. Cholo Victory					  [PCCV]
          2. Boomshine Blowout				  [PCBB]
          3. Truck Stop					  [PCTS]
       M. Marty J. Williams					[MYWM]
          1. Shakedown					  [MWSD]
          2. Fear the Repo					  [MWFT]
          3. Waking Up the Neighbors			  [MWWU]
          4. O, Brothel, Where Art Thou?			  [MWOB]
          5. Got Protection?				  [MWGP]
       N. Phil Cassidy II					[PCII]
          4. Marked Man					  [PCMM]
       O. Louise Cassidy-Williams I				[LCWI]
          1. When Funday Comes				  [LCWF]
       P. Turismo - Mainland				[TURM]
       Q. Louise Cassidy-Williams II			[LCII]
          1. Takin' Out the White Trash			  [LCTO]
          2. D.I.V.O.R.C.E.					  [LCDV]
          3. To Victor, the Spoils				  [LCTV]
    III. Empire Building					[EMPI]
       A. Introduction					[EBIN]
       B. Attacking						[EBAT]
          1. Small-time					  [ATST]
          2. Medium Venture					  [ATMV]
          3. High-Roller					  [ATHR]
          4. Important Things to Know			  [ATIT]
       C. Business Ventures					[BUSI]
          1. Loan Shark					  [LOAN]
             a. 'Loan Shark'				    [LSLS]
          2. Prostitution					  [PROS]
             a. 'Pimping'					    [PRPI]
          3. Protection Racket				  [PROT]
             a. 'Extortion'					    [PREX]
          4. None - For Sale				  [SALE]
       D. Defending						[EBDF]
    IV. Walkthrough - Mainland II				[WMII]
       A. Lance Vance I					[LAVI]
          1. Jive Drive					  [LVJD]
       B. Umberto Robina					[UROB]
          1. Nice Package					  [URNP]
          2. Balls						  [URBA]
          3. Papi Don't Screech				  [URPD]
          4. Havana Good Time				  [URHG]
       C. Louise Cassidy-Williams III			[LIII]
          1. Hose the Hoes					  [LCHH]
          2. Robbing the Cradle				  [LCRT]
       D. Lance Vance II					[LVII]
          1. The Audition					  [LVTA]
       E. Bryan Forbes I					[BRFI]
          1. Money for Nothing				  [BFMF]
       F. Lance Vance III					[VIII]
          1. Caught as an Act				  [LVCA]
       G. Bryan Forbes II					[BFII]
          1. Leap and Bound					  [BFLA]
          2. The Bum Deal					  [BFTB]
       H. Lance Vance IV					[LVIV]
          1. Snitch Hitch					  [LVSH]
          2. From Zero to Hero				  [LVFZ]
    V. Walkthrough - East Island I	 			[WTEI]
       A. Red Balloons II					[RBII]
       B. Unique Jumps II					[UJII]
       C. Rampages II					[RAII]
          1. Armor						  [RIIA]
          2. Rampages!					  [RIIR]
       D. Air Rescue					[AIRR]
       E. Odd Jobs III					[OIII]
          1. Human Memorial O.D.T				  [ODHM]
          2. Vice Sights					  [ODVS]
          3. Crims on Wings					  [ODCO]
          4. Fire Copter					  [ODFC]
          5. Crims on Water Wings				  [ODWW]
          6. Land, Sea and Air Ace				  [ODLS]
          7. Haiti Hover Race				  [ODHH]
          8. Harbor Hover Race				  [ODHR]
          9. Playground on the Park				  [ODPP]
          10. Playground on the Point			  [ODPG]
          11. Beach Patrol					  [ODBP]
          12. Mashin' Up the Mall				  [ODMM]
          13. Caddy Daddy					  [ODCD]
       F. Turismo - East Island				[TREI]
       G. Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound			[CAFI]
    VI. Empire Building II					[EBII]
       A. Continuing to Conquer				[EBCC]
       B. Business Ventures					[BVEN]
          1. Drug						  [DRUG]
          2. Robbery					  [ROBB]
          3. Smuggling					  [SMUG]
    VII. Walkthrough - East Island II			[EIII]
       A. Lance Vance V					[LAVV]
          1. Brawn of the Dead				  [LVBO]
          2. Blitzkrieg					  [LVBK]
       B. Reni Wassulmaier I				[RWMI]
          1. Accidents Will Happen				  [RWAW]
       C. Odd Jobs IV					[OJIV]
          1. Crash!						  [ODCR]
       D. Armando and Diego Mendez				[MEND]
          1. The Mugshot Longshot				  [MBTM]
          2. Hostile Takeover				  [MBHT]
          3. Unfriendly Competition				  [MBUC]
          4. High Wire					  [MBHW]
       E. Lance Vance VI					[LVVI]
          1. Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out			  [LVTI]
       F. Reni Wassulmaier II				[RWII]
          1. The Colonel's Coke				  [RWCC]
          2. Kill Phil					  [RWKP]
          3. Say Cheese					  [RWSC]
       G. Odd Jobs V					[ODJV]
          1. Watersports					  [ODWS]
       H. Gonzales I					[GZLI]
          1. Home's on the Range				  [GZHO]
       I. Odd Jobs VI					[OJVI]
          1. Swinger's Club					  [ODSC]
       J. Gonzales II					[GZII]
          1. Purple Haze					  [GZPH]
       K. Lance Vance VII					[VVII]
          1. Taking the Fall				  [LVTT]
          2. White Lies					  [LVWL]
          3. Where It Hurts Most				  [LVWI]
       L. Reni Wassulmaier III				[RIII]
          1. Kill Phil: Part 2				  [RWII]
       M. Ricardo Diaz I					[RCDI]
          1. Steal the Deal					  [RDST]
          2. The Exchange					  [RDTE]
       N. Gonzales III					[GIII]
          1. Farewell to Arms				  [GZFT]
       O. Armando and Diego Mendez II			[MBII]
          1. Burning Bridges				  [MBBB]
       P. Lance Vance VIII					[VIIX]
          1. Blitzkrieg Strike Again			  [LVBS]
          2. Lost & Found					  [LVLA]
       Q. Reni Wassulmaier IV				[RWIV]
          1. So Long Schlong				  [RWSL]
       R. Ricardo Diaz II					[RDII]
          1. Domo Arigato Domestoboto			  [RDDA]
       S. Reni Wassulmaier V				[RWMV]
          1. In the Air Tonight				  [RWIT]
       T. Lance Vance IX					[LVIX]
          1. Light My Pyre					  [LVLM]
       U. Ricardo Diaz III					[DIII]
          1. Over the Top					  [RDOT]
          2. Last Stand					  [RDLS]
       V. Extra Missions or Activities			[XMIS]
          1. Skywolf					  [XSKY]
          2. Good Citizen Bonus				  [XGCB]
          3. Stealth Killing				  [XSKL]
    VIII. Sources and Thank You's				[CITE]
    IX. FAQ's						[FAQS]
    X. Checklist						[LIST]
    I. Introduction						[INTRO]
       A. About the Walkthrough				[BOUT]
    I have been a fan of the good work people have put into various guides and FAQs
    for a variety of video games, and I have wanted to try my hand at contributing
    to the effort.  I write this for the veteran of GTA-type games; those who do not
    need to be told turn-by-turn directions for every mission.  Rockstar provides an
    in-game map; please use it.  This, by no means, is meant to imply that the
    novice will be lost.  Indeed, everybody should be able to utilize and gain from
    this walkthrough, but I shan't be treating you, my reader, like an idiot who
    needs me to hold their hand through the game.  When traveling a certain path is
    necessary or optimal, then of course I shall inform you.
    This is SPOILER-FREE.  I wrote the strategy for each mission to stand alone as
    as I came across it.  I tried to leave out names of people and/or gangs whenever
    I thought it would constitute even a minor spoiler.  I do not include
    descriptions of the cutscenes either.  You can read the strategy before going
    into a mission and not be aware of precisely what you are doing and especially
    why you are doing it.
    GTA:VCS already has a few well-written guides published on websites such as
    www.gamefaqs.com, but thus far, they are organized thematically.  Although
    following them will get you 100%, you will not be able to read through them
    easily and discern the optimal order to complete the missions, side-missions,
    and other tasks.  This is what my walkthrough will add.
    In light of the well-written guides, I will not tell you where each red balloon,
    rampage, and 'import/export' vehicle are located.  At these instances, I shall
    refer you elsewhere to guides and/or maps more thorough and excellent than mine
    could be.
    If you would like this published elsewhere, ask me.  I will be happy to publish
    it there in all likelihood.  I wish to control this walkthrough's dissemination
    simply so that I receive due credit.
    Have suggestions for improvement, alternate strategies, or found a mistake?
    Please, tell me, and I will correct and give due credit.  Know when an outfit
    or vehicle becomes available and I don't have it there, definitely tell me.  (Be
    honest and tell me if you know this fact from another FAQ and/or website.  Give
    me the URL of the guide, and I will give credit to both you and your source.)
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       B. Abbreviations and Reference Points		[ABBR]
    I make constant reference to certain features and use abbreviations that make
    writing and reading this easier.  Here is a condensed list.
         GTAIII - Grand Theft Auto III
         GTA:VC - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
         GTA:SA - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
         GTA:LCS - Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
         GTA:VCS - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
         LAS - Left Analog Stick
         RAS - Right Analog Stick
         LLB - Leaf Links Bridge - bridge connecting Leaf Links to Little Haiti
         PIB - Prawn Island Bridge - bridge connecting Prawn Island to Downtown
         OB-VP Bridge - Ocean Beach-Viceport Bridge
         CAFI - Civil Assets Forfeiture Impound
         Junkyard - In on-game map, large white structure in W Little Haiti that
                    sticks out into the bay NE of Fort Baxter
         northeast airport - the terminals and tarmac with the curved 'runway'
         Bayshore Ave. - main highway along the east coast of the Mainland from
                         the gates of Viceport to the fork into Downtown
         Mainland - the "island" you begin the game; often called 'West Island'
         East Island - the other major island; includes small island in between
                       the large island and Starfish Island
         marina - docks located in SW Ocean Beach
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       C. Contacting the Author				[MAIL]
    E-mail Chris at PoeticSanity [at] hotmail [dot] com.  I probably will not be
    able to reply to all e-mails.  Please take it on faith that I have received the
    e-mail and will address it in the walkthrough's next update.  Do not harangue
    me, please.
    I feel it should be unnecessary to say this, but in your e-mails, please BE AS
    SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE when referencing missions and/or this guide.  Name the
    mission or tell me precisely where in this walkthrough I erred and/or failed to
    figure out a better strategy.  I am not psychic and will not be able to
    magically discern what you meant.  If I cannot understand what you are getting
    at quickly, then I am not going to even try.  Attempts to be specific that say
    "the mission where you the packages for that guy..." or something equally vague
    will be considered failures at specificity.
    I will ignore rude e-mails and e-mails that have incomprehensible grammar,
    syntax, and/or spelling.  (That especially includes text messaging and IM
    lingo.)  I have take the time to write this walkthrough clearly; return the
    Read ALL of a section before asking me a question about it.  If it is answered
    already in this Walkthrough, I reserve the right to be snide, rude, and/or
    sarcastic when and if I reply.  Read the FAQ's as well.
    I will not add overviews of the controller, weapons, and vehicles.  These belong
    in a specific subject matter FAQ which somebody else is welcome to right.  They
    make walkthroughs even longer and much more difficult to scan through.
    You will notice that cheat codes are missing; something most authors probably
    feel compelled to include due to the deluge of e-mails informing them of their
    lack.  I do not believe in them, and thus, I will not include them.  Go
    elsewhere if you wish to cheat.  (This means that e-mails with cheat codes or
    requesting them will be entirely ignored.)
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       D. Achieving the Legacy -- 100%			[LEGA]
    Complete the following--
       All 59 storyline missions
       All 23 odd jobs (side missions)
       All 5 R3 missions--Taxi, Fire Fighter, Paramedic, Vigilante, Air Rescue
       Win all 9 Turismo Races
       Control an Empire completing all 15 tasks for Loan Shark, Prostitution, and
           Protection Racket business ventures and all 6 missions for Drugs,
           Robbery, and Smuggling business ventures
       Shoot 99 Red Balloons
       Complete 36 Unique Jumps successfully
       Complete 35 Rampages successfully
    II. Walkthrough - Mainland I				[WTMI]
       A. Opening Movie/Jerry Martinez I			[SJMI]
          1. Soldier					[SJMS]
             Difficulty: 1/10 (3/10 for novices)
    This is your basic GTA introductory mission in which the game "teaches" you how
    to drive in the game.  If you are new to the GTA universe, pay attention to the
    upper left hand corner of the screen.  Otherwise, drive to the marker on the
    map.  After an extended cutscene, you end up in the water.  If you stay in the
    water too long, you will become exhausted and drown.  However, you bailed from
    the boat close to shore.  Swim/sprint to shore (press forward on the LAS to
    avoid the gunmen.  Jack a car, and drive the short distance back to Fort Baxter.
    Reward: $50
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       B. Red Balloons I					[RDBI]
          Difficulty: 2/10 (only in spotting them)
    There are 99 red balloons spread across Vice City that you must "collect," i.e.,
    shoot.  This is GTA:VCS's equivalent to the Hidden Packages of GTAIII, GTA:LCS,
    GTA:VC and the gang tags, photos, oysters, and horseshoes of GTA:SA.
    Forty-five (45) are available now on the mainland and Starfish Island. They are
    numbers 1-45 on the below-mentioned map.
    First, you need a good gun.  Jack one of the Humvees and run over a pack of 3
    soldiers and collect the dropped M4's.  Killing any more prompts every soldier
    to fire upon you as your paths cross.  Thankfully, they will not hunt you down
    as M4 fire will deplete your health quite rapidly.  You can come back later
    to restock your stores.  An M4 or other higher-end gun is necessary for the
    range you need to hit some of the balloons.  
    Follow Stinky McPeterson's (username: stinkymcpeterso) map at...
    To know where to look, YuGiOhFm2002/YuGiOhAngel's guide is adequate.  It's at...
    The numbers from the guide and the map do not match up.  If you are going for
    efficiency, use the guide to direct you and the map to help you make sure that
    you in the right place.  Otherwise, just use the map, and hunt.
    Two pieces of advice:
    1. Use the pistol whenever possible in order to extend your M4 ammo as far as
    2. There are a pair of binoculars on the container ship next to Red Balloon 9.
       Get them.  When nearby a balloon, a small red arrow appears in the view
       of the binoculars, which you can use to find its location.
    3. Turn on the red balloon marker in your in-game map.  You can compare your map
       with Stinky McPeterson's map to help keep you track.  To activate, enter the
       in-game map.  Hold X and press left or right on LAS or D-pad until you turn
       on the red balloons option.
    * $250 per balloon
    * Continuously spawning at your safe houses--
        after 10 balloons - pistol
        after 20 balloons - Scorpion (lowest tiered automatic weapon)
        after 30 balloons - stubby shotgun (middle tiered shotgun)
        after 40 balloons - Molotov cocktails
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       C. Unique Jumps I					[UQJI]
          Difficulty: 3/10 (on avg.)
    Twenty-two (22) are available from the beginning of the game.  First, steal a
    PCJ-600.  It is by far the best motorcycle.  You should not have to wander long
    along the main highway on the east of the mainland or in Downtown before coming
    across one.
    GTA Phreak has a very good map; the URL is...
    Gamefaqs.com does not have a walkthrough optimized for the PS2 version, which
    has more Unique Jumps than its PSP counterpart.  I will start from Escobar
    International Airport and work counter-clockwise through the mainland.
    (I will put GTA Phreak's numbers in parentheses after the location.)
        ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ 
        Special Note: I want to thank Forelli_Boy for his
         guide (see section IX [CITE]).  Before coming across
         GTA Phreak's map that included the extra Unique
         Jumps added to the PS2 version, I used his guide in
         conjunction with falk aspargs' PSP Unique Jump map.
        ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ 
    Unique Jump 1: Escobar International Airport (2)
       There is a set of movable stairs along the east wall inside the "northeast
       airport."  Line up with the stairs starting where the 'runway' levels out
       along an east-west latitude.  Land in the grass approaching the sandy field.
    Unique Jump 2: Escobar International Airport (13)
       Within the main airport, to the north of the eastern north-south runway (the
       shorter one), there is another set of stairs.  Use these to launch yourself
       cleanly over the Plummet airplane.  Begin your approach from the western
       arm of embarkation/disembarkation terminals.
    Unique Jump 3: Escobar International Airport (14)
       Exit the airport from the southeast entrance.  Go clockwise around the
       building immediately to your right as your exit the gate to the southeast
       corner of the building.  The ramp is in the northwest corner.  Start,
       therefore, in the southwest corner next to the observation tower.  (You will
       be traveling parallel to the edge of the roof abutting the airport.)  Land in
       the road (or on the sidewalk) to log the jump.
    Unique Jump 4: Vice Port (15)
       Go to the southeast corner of the sideways "H" formed by the roads in Vice
       Port.  Starting almost from the parking lot of the Vice City Port Authority,
       there is a very long flight of stairs leading to the roof of the building.
       In the corner straight from top of the stairs is the ramp.  Jump onto the
       roof of the building across the street to register the unique jump.  You will
       in all likelihood faceplant into wall formed by the other part of the roof.
    Unique Jump 5: Vice Port (16)
       Look north.  Line up from the opposite end of roof to use the ramp to jump
       over the next building over landing in the grass next to the Beachcomber
       Hotel.  You need to build up the maximum amount of speed possible for this
    Unique Jump 6: Vice Port (18)
       Return to Vice Port using the main highway.  Immediately behind the entrance
       gate is a white two-story building with expansive windows.  Immediately south
       is a long ramp facing this building amidst the various containers and
       trailers.  Line up from the entrance of the Boatyard asset from GTA:VC (i.e.,
       the most southeastern corner of paved roads in Vice City's mainland).  Clear
       the white building.  You do not need to clear the guardhouse, but you will
       lose your bike if you fail to clear it.  Get as much speed as you possible
       before hitting the ramp as it is very steep and will cause you to lose speed.
    Unique Jump 7: Vice Port (19)
       In the grass just northeast of Vice Port's main gate is a ramp leaning
       against a lifeboat.  Line up for the jump from the intersection north of
       where you found the ramp beneath the VRock advertisement.  Land on the large
       ship.  (Exit the ship between the lifeboats in the middle of the ship.)
    Unique Jump 8: Little Havana (21)
       Head north from Vice Port along the main highway.  Abutting either side of
       the entrance to the bridge connecting Little Havana with Ocean Beach are
       ramp-like structures.  The one you want is the north one.  Speed along the
       waterfront sidewalk starting at the Starfish Island bridge and past Benny's
       Restaurant (the boat moored along the waterfront).  Be sure to jump
       relatively straight.
    Unique Jump 9: Little Havana (22)
       The jump is the set of stairs immediately north of the large neon sign
       announcing the restaurant.  Start your approach from across the street where
       there is a hotel with hot pink eaves and one with blue eaves.  Between them
       is a driveway.  Line up at the western wall of the parking lot behind the
       hotels facing the water.  You must use the stairs to clear the boat cleanly
       and land in the water.  As the stairs fade in rather late, use the much
       large neon sign to orient your approach being sure to aim just north of it.
       *WITHOUT HASTE, swim around the ship towards its northwestern side to find a
       ramp to take you back to land.*
    Unique Jump 10: Little Havana/Escobar International Airport (1)
       Go to the arrow icon in the northwestern corner of Little Havana on GTA
       Phreak's map working your way behind the houses onto the waterfront walk.
       Starting as far north as you can (besides a house-trailer), speed southwards
       past the bridge connecting Little Havana and the northernmost road of Escobar
       towards the VERY prominent sand pile.  Launch yourself onto the road south of
       this to make the jump count.
    Unique Jump 11: Little Havana (17)
       From where you landed after Unique Jump 10, head south.  Go east when the
       road ends, and then turn north when that road ends.  (You'll be facing
       Sunshine Autos before this second turn.)  Turn east when this road ends.  The
       first "right" on the in-game map is an alleyway with the ramp.  Across the
       street is another alleyway (with a weapon pickup).  Start from the north end
       of this alleyway south using the ramp to jump into Sunshine Auto's back lot.
    Unique Jump 12: Little Haiti (3)
       Next to the trailer by which you started your approach for Unique Jump 10 is
       the next ramp to use.  Start from at least partway up the ramp for that jump
       and speed northward.  Optimal speed is crucial, for if you fail, you end up
       in the water.
    Unique Jump 13: Little Haiti (4)
       Heading north from the road leading into the junkyard (where you popped
       Red Balloon 24 is an alley.  Speed through the alley using the stairs to land
       atop the adjacent building.
    Unique Jump 14: Starfish Island (20)
       The west side of the Diaz/Vercetti mansion, which is the large structure
       taking up most of the south side of Starfish Island on your in-game map, is
       under construction.  You'll see a wooden plank facing southwest.  Speed along
       the driveway veering left to hit the ramp.  Land in the grass on the opposite
       side of the pond.
    Unique Jump 15: Downtown/Little Haiti (10)
       Start at the very northernmost segment of the beach in the west of Downtown.
       Speed south along the grassier (and flatter) part using the large mound to
       vault yourself into Phil's Place from GTA:VC (and where you got Red Balloon
    Unique Jump 16: Downtown (6)
       In the construction site of the future Moist Palms Hotel (of GTA:VC) is a
       ramp leaning against a stack of sewage pipes.  (Red Balloon 30 was in one
       of these pipes.)  Follow the dirt path away and to the south as far as you
       can go.  Be sure to rev up and push forward to lower Vic's head.  Hit the
       ramp going northeast.  You must clear the wall for the jump to count.
    Unique Jump 17: Downtown (5)
       Go back into the construction yard and head immediately south.  Follow the
       ramps up the scaffolding until you can get into the building.  Go to the not
       transparent windows, turn, around and use the convenient ramp facing west.
       Landing on the roof of the low building you sped along in the previous jump
       is good enough to make the jump count.
    Unique Jump 18: Downtown (11)
       There is an oval-shaped road in front of Hyman Memorial Stadium and an
       asphalt road heading south from this.  Speed down this veering left through
       an entrance into a loading/storage space.  The ramp is in the dead center of
       the enclosure.  You need distance to make this jump count and will likely
       faceplant into the wall.  Aim, if possible, for landing atop of the roof.
       Start your approach where the asphalt begins.
    Unique Jump 19: Downtown (12)
       If you are on the roof you landed on in the previous jump, that's great.  If
       not, retry the previous jump veering left on the ramp to make it onto the
       nearer roof.  Travel south around the roofs until you are over the King
       Knuts (Well-Stacked Pizza in GTA:VC).  You'll see the very tall ramp facing
       east.  Back up as far as you can and jump until the roof of the tall building
       across the street.
    Unique Jump 20: Downtown (9)
       Speed south on the north-south road just to the east of Hyman Memorial
       Stadium using the short set of stairs to launch yourself over the small
       inlet.  Start at the northern end of the road.
    Unique Jump 21: Downtown (8)
       There are two streets heading away from Hyman Memorial Stadium.  Go east
       along the northern one until the end.  There is a staircase along the
       north side of a building visible from the road.  Back up to at least the
       first intersection west of where the ramp is located.  You'll have to veer
       around the corner and miss the newspaper stands.  Land in the grass just
       south of the dirt bike track or in it.
    Unique Jump 22: Downtown (7)
       Head northeast along the eastern seawall in Downtown.  There is a staircase
       along the building just south of the bridge to Prawn Island.  Hit this as
       straight as you can and land in the grass between the building on the north
       side of the bridge and the seawall.  Start your approach as far South as you
    1. I recommend as force of habit to always press forward slightly to lower Vic's
       head and increase your speed.
    2. 'Revving up' (holding hand brake and acceleration) is also always a good
    3. One of the reasons of doing this now is the monetary reward and the ease of
       obtaining this money.  Don't, however, let that prevent you from taking the
       bike to a Pay'n'Spray to keep its health up.  By the end of doing all of
       these side missions, you will have plenty enough money.  Although, do steal
       fresh a PCJ-600 whenever the opportunity arises.
    * $250 per unique jump
    * smaller Insane Stunt Reward for each jump
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       D. Fire Fighter					[FIRE]
          Difficulty: 3/10
    Rockstar has not only made this mission longer, but it has also made the time
    scheme and monetary rewards much more complicated.  That said, you need not make
    it through every level consecutively any longer.
    First, jack a fire truck.  You can either use your Molotovs to entice one out,
    or you can go to the fire station in Downtown across the street from the police
    precinct.  I recommend the latter as Downtown is the easiest place to attempt
    this mission.
    Second, know the fire truck’s capabilities.  The fire truck handles amazingly
    well for its size.  Hand brake turns, while simply necessary for speed, are
    quite well controlled.  Use the siren.  It is annoying to listen to, but that is
    why there are mute buttons.  Also, avoid running over too many pedestrians.  You
    are a sitting duck for a beat cop whilst extinguishing cars/passengers.  That
    said, smash through any non-police vehicle in your way.  The fire truck is just
    that durable.
    Third, USE YOUR MAP at the start of EVERY level.
    Fourth, starting in Level 5, extinguish one car and all of its passengers before
    moving on to the next car.  The passengers can burn to death after escaping from
    the car long before all of your time elapses.  Therefore, the strategy most
    probably employed in GTA:VC of doing the cars first and then chasing down the
    psychotic running passengers to extinguish their flames is out.  You have 20-25
    sec after the passengers escape the car to extinguish them.  Thankfully, they do
    not run away as in GTA:VC but stay in the vicinity of the fire truck.  They even
    run back if your spray pushed them out of your range.
    Fifth, after successfully finishing the 5th and 10th missions, you hit a
    checkpoint.  If you fail the mission after that, you will restart at whichever
    checkpoint you had obtained.  I recommend not relying on these, for the time
    carryover from the earlier (and easier) missions is very nice to have.
    Time Scheme:
    * for Levels 1-15: +5 sec for extinguishing a car
                       +10 sec for each passenger you successfully extinguish
      - for Levels 2-5: +5 sec for getting all passengers before they die
      - for Levels 6-10: +10 sec for getting all passengers before they die
      - for levels 11-15: +20 sec for getting all passengers before they die
      **Note: These are in addition to the standard increase in time at the start of
              every level.**
    * PENALTY: -15 sec for each passenger you fail to quickly extinguish
    * $20 for each individual fire extinguished (The number of fires in a level will
      not always correspond to the number of the level which you are on.)
    * Vic is fireproof (after completion of Level 15)
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       E. Paramedic						[MEDI]
          Difficulty: 5/10
    Steal an ambulance, press R3, and go.  Like the Fire Fighter and Vigilante
    missions, you can obtain checkpoints after Levels 5 and 10.  You do not need to
    make it through all 15 missions in a single run.
    Keys to success:
    1. Drive VERY carefully.  The ambulance is not very tough, and you need it to
       last you through at least 5 potentially very long levels.
    2. USE YOUR MAP.  I can't say this enough.
    3. Use your sirens.  Do not, however, assume the other cars will intelligently
       move out of your way.  Police vehicles ignore your sirens completely.
    4. Do NOT move once you have parked near a patient.  More than likely you'll
       move into the patient killing it.
    5. Look for small clusters of 3 patients.  Pick them up first to quickly build
       up time.
    6. Once the patient has a foot in the vehicle, you can safely floor it out of
    7. The Downtown area is simpler to navigate than the south of the island.  Thus,
       I believe it is easier to base yourself out of this hospital.
    Time Scheme
    * Each level has a variable starting time based upon the number of patients and
      their dispersal throughout Vice City.  There is no carryover of time.
    * You get a set increase of time after picking up each patient.  It is the same
      for all patients within a single level.  It is variable between levels and
      depends upon the geographic dispersal of the patients.
    * You get a time bonus after dropping off your first full load of patients
      starting in Level 4.  The amount of time is equal to picking up a passenger.
      Sometimes the game gives this to you in later drop-offs for an unknown reason.
    * $100 x no. of patients picked up
    * Infinite sprint (after completing Level 15)
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       F. Rampages I					[RAMI]
          Difficulty: 3.5/10 (on avg.)
          1. Armor						[RIAR]
    The first key to rampages is body armor.  AmmuNation in Downtown is open from
    the beginning, and they sell armor for $240.  Below is my list of what I
    consider to be the easiest and/or more convenient Armor pick ups on the
       i. Downtown - Along seawall in grass just north of the bridge to Prawn Island
       ii. Downtown - On top of Greasy Chopper (Mitch Baker's bar from GTA:VC).
           Stairs are on the east side of building.
       iii. Little Haiti - Middle of red bridge immediately south of the entrance to
            the junkyard and just northwest of one of the west-to-south curves in
            the neighborhood's roads.
       iv. Little Havana -  In alley heading north from Robina's Cafe (from GTA:VC)
       v. Little Havana - In the pit in the future (GTA:VC) site of Sunshine Autos
    Also, entering a VCPD Enforcer gives you armor if it is the first time that you
    have entered that specific vehicle.
    For all Armor locations, see Stinky McPeterson's map at...
          2. Rampages!					[RIRA]
    dark52 posted just the map you need.  Its URL is...
    YuGiOhFm2002/YuGiOhAngel posted a rampage guide that corresponds with dark52's
    numbering.  Use them in conjunction to direct you to their location....
    **My numbering system will follow theirs.**
    There are 18 Rampages on the mainland and Starfish Island of which 17 are
    currently accessible.  For 2 Rampages (no. 6 and 8), I am giving you the option
    to wait until the East Island opens up when you can start earning a higher
    wanted level.  You can start getting higher wanted levels, and police vehicles
    swarming at you make destroying a certain number of vehicles in 2:00 much
    GTA:VCS goes through phases where the roads are conspicuously empty.  This is
    especially true if you keep trying Rampages that require you to destroy a
    certain number of vehicles, as the game's random spawning rate throughout the
    GTA series seems to decrease at these moments.  GTA:VCS, however, is the worst
    of the bunch for this.
    ***TO UNDO THIS, save your game, and reload it.  It resets the spawning rate.***
    Helpful Hints and Strategies:
       Rampage 4: Attacking from behind, if possible, makes it such that the gang
                  members do not have time to get a punch in.  Just run back and
                  forth on the sidewalk along the main highway.  New gang members
                  will respawn by the time the camera turns around.
       Rampage 5: Be careful as the game will spawn a very large pack that will
                  overwhelm you.  As the gun takes 4-5 bullets to down someone, you
                  cannot easily escape a mob.  Stay away from the streets and stick
                  to the Sunshine Autos lot turning around a lot to spawn gang
                  members at a manageable distance in smaller packs.
       Rampage 6: Block traffic with as many cars as you can collect.  Also, kill
                  pedestrians when the cars are not around to increase your wanted
                  level.  Ambulances and VCPD cruisers are your key to beating this
       Rampage 8: Same as Rampage 6.  Little Haiti is a busier thoroughfare anyways.
       Rampage 9: The Patriot from outside your Barracks works great--fast, heavy,
                  and can take a beating from small arms fire.
       Rampage 12: Downtown gets enough traffic to make this possible.  There are
                   4 vehicles parked around the precinct; these may even respawn
                   within the time limit.  Park your car beforehand in the
                   intersection southwest of the precinct in order to stop any cars
                   that do spawn.  One, remember fire trucks are vehicles.  Two, do
                   this during the daytime as the spawning rate is always greater
       Rampage 13: Start with a Patriot from Fort Baxter.  There will be so much
                   gunfire it will probably catch fire.  If you get pulled from your
                   car or must bail because of a fire, waste all the bikers in your
                   vicinity.  THEN, get into a new car.  This way you do not get
                   pulled out immediately.  The game spawns new bikers so rapidly
                   that the few you waste 'illegally' will not matter.
       Rampage 14: Same rule applies as with Rampage 5.
       Rampage 15: Same rule applies as with Rampage 13, except you must kill 5 less
       Rampage 17: The bikers' SMG fire will tear you up if you try dropping down to
                   the ground.  Instead, walk to the very edge, aim, and fire twice.
                   Always fire twice because the shotgun is not a one shot-kill
                   weapon at long range.  You will aim beneath where you can see,
                   so keep an eye on your progress (death toll) counter.  Cycle
                   through L2 and R2 to find new targets.  You will get hit some by
                   fire, but not much.
    Those not mentioned are, in my opinion, very straightforward and have no need of
    an explanation.
    * $50 x no. of completed Rampages
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       G. Taxi Driver					[TAXI]
          Difficulty: 2/10, 4/10 if you are attempting to get $5000 in one 'shift'
    Steal a Taxi or Cabbie, whichever you prefer or find first.  Press R3 and follow
    the on-screen directions.  USE YOUR MAP!
    They have made this mission both less monotonous and shorter  Besides the old-
    fashioned "pick up nearby customer, drive quickly to randomly chosen
    destination," Rockstar has provided us with 3 Alternative Scenarios (finally!).
       i.   "Follow that vehicle"
            A nearby vehicle is highlighted and it will weave through traffic for
            until it reaches its destination, which may be sometimes very far and
            and other times very short.  Avoid following too closely and falling too
            far behind, as this will cause you to lose your fare.  When the
            highlighted car reaches its destination, a corona appears near it to end
            the fare trip.  Amount of tip (i.e., "Speed Bonus") is not speed but the
            lack of damage sustained in the chase and success in tailing the car
            without being noticed, i.e., not following too closely.
       ii.  "Wait while the fair takes care of business"
            Pick up a fare, and take it to one location.  After a brief cutscene,
            your fare returns, and you are instructed to take him/her somewhere
            else.  Each segment has its own Tip meter.  Your payment is the sum of
            both segments of the journey.
       iii. Same as Scenario ii, but this time your fare is a thief.
            You get a two star wanted level.  Try to avoid the kamikaze VCPD for a
            better bonus and healthier, longer-lasting car, but otherwise the police
            should not be a problem.  The wanted level disappears when you reach the
            second destination.
    1. Drive quickly but CAREFULLY.  Consecutive fare bonuses are MUCH sweeter than
       a couple speed bonuses.  Losing a few seconds is far better than totaling
       your vehicle.\
    2. The drop-off coronas for Terminals A and B of Escobar International Airport
       are technically on the lower level.  The corona, however, extends up to the
       more easily accessed ground level.  Take advantage of this as the game does
       not differentiate z-axis differences; only x and y coordinates matter.
    3. For Alternative Scenario i, I've found the optimal following    distance to
       be 6-8 car lengths behind.  When starting, be careful about your movements,
       for the chosen car to follow may be in any orientation relative to your
       position and direction, including on a collision course.  I've often had the
       car be "stuck" briefly while the computer slowly figures out that it needs to
       navigate around an obstacle and then how to do so.
    5. For Scenarios ii and iii, you only get an increase to your time meter at the
       very beginning and not after the cutscene.  You can anticipate these
       scenarios when you receive a substantial time increase at the beginning of a
    6. I have found in cases where the PS2 says there are no fares in the area, a
       new fare spawns more quickly if you head back in the direction from which you
    * Fee and/or Speed Bonus relative to the distance, travel time, and amount of
      damage sustained during trip
    * For every 5 consecutive fares, $125 x (no. of fares/5)
    * Hydraulics on all taxis and cabbies to make them "hop" (after $5000 total
      fares); the sum need not be earned consecutively.
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
    Why did I wait to do this after the Rampages when its reward would be very
    beneficial for surviving the tougher Rampages?  Two reasons--(1) to give you
    time to build up your ammunition stores and (2) practice surviving well-armed
    enemies in repeated skirmishes.
       H. Vigilante						[VIGL]
          Difficulty: 9/10 in anything other than Rhino/Hunter, 5/10 in Rhino/Hunter
    Thankfully, as with Fire Fighter, Rockstar put checkpoints after Levels 5 and 10
    such that you need not make it through all 15 levels consecutively, which you
    probably won't do.
    While the extra armor would have been nice during some of the Rampages, this
    is so much more difficult that the Rampages are good 'practice' of the skills
    you need for this.
    Furthermore, criminals are no longer traveling in sequentially increasing
    numbers in a corresponding increase of vehicles.  Vigilante now is a mix of its
    classic form and the Avenging Angel missions from GTA:LCS.  Adding to the
    difficulty is that the criminals are armed often with micro-SMG's and AK47's
    AND that without fail they will shoot your tires out, no matter how far away
    your car is from the criminals or how few shots they manage to get out.
    Keys to success:
    1. Tons of micro-SMG ammunition (on sale at Downtown Ammu-Nation)--1000+ rounds
    2. Tons of assault rifle ammo--either M4 from soldiers in Fort Baxter or AK47
       pickup in southwest corner of the Downtown police station roof--500+ rounds
    3. Memorize where the 2 police stations and 2 hospitals are.  Know where you can
       get new armor.  (Go to [RIAR] for reminder.)
    4. The game allows you to be out of your vehicle for up to 30 sec.  This is a
       blessing and a curse.
       - Blessing: You can get out and use auto-aim to take out criminals on foot or
                   bikes or use manual aim to aim through cars' windows.
       - Curse: If your car is destroyed, you really do not have enough time to get
                to one of the police stations unless you are lucky to be very close.
    5. You are given 5 min for each level (with no carryover).  Work quickly but not
    6. CRIMINALS ON FOOT--Park far out of range, and approach them tapping R1
       repeatedly until you get a lock.  This is because your range is better than
       the computer's.
    7. CRIMINALS ON BIKES--If possible, anticipate their route.  Get out, and use
       auto-aim as they approach.  If in the VCPD WinterGreen, strafing forwards
       works too.  Come with some speed and shoot early so the criminals don't have
       time to react.
    8. CRIMINALS IN CARS--Pray you don't get these in the highest levels.  Assault
       rifle on foot aiming at the windows and strafing is the best method, which
       requires again that you anticipate their route.
       ~~~~Additional strategy: submitted by Darrick Reeves~~~~
        The player is going to need body armor and molotovs.
        The player then should try and predict which way the
        car/s are turning. They then use the molotovs to blow
        up one or more cars.
    Note: If you wish to wait until the Rhino or Hunter become available, I'll tell
    you later when to do the Vigilante mission.
    Rewards: for Levels 1-4, $10 for each criminal killed
             for Levels 5-9, $30 for each criminal killed
             for Levels 10-15, $50 for each criminal killed
             50% increase in maximum armor strength (after completing Level 15)
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       I. Odd Jobs						[ODDJ]
          1. Playground on the Town				[ODPT]
             Difficulty: 3/10
    Location: Downtown, PCJ-600 parked along the eastern side of the police precinct
              across the alley from the VCPD Enforcer
    Objective: Collect all checkpoints under 1:35
    Strategy: It's all about learning the best route and executing it.  The former
              I can help with.  You're on your own for the execution.
    * Speed up the stairs southwest of you.  Head along the wall collecting more
      checkpoints.  Go up the flight of stairs you see there.
    * Turn left (south) and perform a 180 turn into the checkpoint.  Hit the
      acceleration and use the ramp to drop down on the next roof.
    * Collect this corona in the vicinity of where you land.  Do another 180 and
      gather the quick series of coronas around the roof going counter-clockwise.
      There is another ramp, so as you turn northwards again, begin to accelerate.
    * There is a single corona on this roof.  Drop off its top-right (northeast)
      corner where there are 2 checkpoints in the alleyway.  Go south down this
      alley, and go right (west) around the edge of the building when it ends.
    * There is a single corona in front of you (off the southwest corner of the last
      roof you were on).  Turn left (south) after driving through it.  Collect the
      2 coronas and turn left (east) around the edge of the 2nd roof that you rode
    * Veer left (north) after the alleyway and wall to the east of the building
      you're riding past to get another corona.  There is another one just east of
      where you are.  Turn right (south), get that corona, and go left (east) along
      the island towards the street.  There is a corona by the island's east edge.
    * Go right (south) at the end of the island and up the stairs.  Follow the roof
      around collecting the coronas.  When you are facing south again, gather speed
      in order to hit the ramp and your largest jump of the race.  The final corona
      is on that roof you to jump onto.
    Reward: $500
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          2. Playground on the Dock				[ODPD]
             Difficulty: 2/10
    Location: Viceport, PCJ-600 parked on western side of low wall that stretches
              south from the apartment complex on Bayshore Ave. just northwest of
              Viceport's main gates.
    Objective: Collect all checkpoints in under 1:15
    Strategy: Same as "Playground on the Town"
    * Follow the checkpoints north, then south through the alley, and then north
      again crossing the main highway towards the waterfront.
    * Gather speed and hit the ramp at the OB-VP Bridge with velocity.
    * Take the sharp 90 deg turn up the stairs onto Benny's Restaurant.
    * Loop towards stern collecting the 5 coronas.  Head towards the bow along the
      starboard side of the vessel.  (Stay right to avoid faceplanting yourself into
      the stairs.)
    * Collect the corona in the bow before heading aft again along the port side of
      the ship.  Go up the stairs along the forecastle.  Circle the upper deck
      counter-clockwise weaving into the tight spaces aft and fore of the pilot's
      house to finish the mission.
    Reward: $500
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          3. Dirt Track Madness				[ODDT]
    Objective: Circuit various paths 3 times around the dirt track's convoluted
               paths under a specific target time
             a. BMX Time Trials				[ODBM]
                Difficulty: 1.5/10
    Location: Downtown, bicycle parked besides a palm tree located inside the
              northeasternmost loop of the track
              (If you are having trouble finding it, look at the in-game map.  Do
              you see how the track has two turns jutting northward that look
              vaguely like rabbit ears?  Go inside the eastern 'ear.')
    Strategy:  Remember to push forward on the LAS when you get air or else you'll
                 fall on you arse.
               You have limited sprint (tapping X) capabilities.  Use it wisely, but
                 sprinting or not shouldn't make much of a difference if you just
                 stay on the bicycle.
    Trials -- Time to Beat:
          1 -- 1:25              5 -- 1:45
          2 -- 1:30              6 -- 1:40
          3 -- 1:20              7 -- 1:35
          4 -- 1:35              8 -- 2:40
    Reward: $2500 after passing all 8 trials
             b. Sanchez Time Trials				[ODSA]
                Difficulty: 2.5/10 
    Location: Downtown, between the 3 palm trees that stand just outside the
              southwesternmost point of the track
    Strategy: Same as BMX Time Trials
              Brake early using the hand brake.  You're on dirt, and thus your
                braking distance is greatly increased.
    Trials -- Time to Beat:
          1 -- 1:55              5 -- 1:40              9 -- 2:10
          2 -- 1:35              6 -- 2:25             10 -- 2:55
          3 -- 2:00              7 -- 2:10             11 -- 3:00
          4 -- 1:20              8 -- 2:05             12 -- 2:55
    Reward: $2500 after passing all 12 trials
             c. Quad Bike Time Trials			[ODQU]
                Difficulty: 3/10
    Location: Downtown, just outside the southeasternmost corner of the dirt track
    Strategy: The Quad Bike can spin out easily if you are not careful.  That said,
                you can drift around wide corners in this.
              Still push forward on the LAS during jumps to level yourself.
              If you're having trouble handling the quad, lay off the gas during
                turns and when you land to prevent this rear wheel drive vehicle
                from spinning you out.
    Trials -- Time to Beat:
         1 -- 1:25               3 -- 1:20
         2 -- 1:35               4 -- 1:25
    Reward: $2500 after passing all 4 trials
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          4. Rush!						[ODRU]
             Difficulty: 5/10
    Location: S Viceport, Linerunner parked beneath a large container crane
    Objective: Cause $1700 worth of mayhem in 3 min
    Strategy: Aim for bikers and smaller cars that you can flip, which means make
                your way to the main highway where there are less industrial
                vehicles and more bikes and cars in general.
              Often ramming a smaller car at a 90 deg angle with good speed will
                get it to flip.  Be sure to push through the collision to make 
                flipping the car more likely.
              Don't go for the Reward Multiplier intentionally.  It's much more
                reliable to attempt to flip cars and/or spin them out.  Let the
                multiplier be a nice bonus to your attack.
       Spin - $10 for every multiple of 90 deg of spin-out
       (Note: You can get only 1 spin score per vehicle.)
       Biker Dismount - $50
       High Flier (make a car airborne) -- multiples of $10 (for height?)
       Flip Car - $150
       Flip Car is Destroyed - $300 (Note: You do not get $450 for this car, only
                               this one score)
       Reward Multiplier - "check" multiple vehicles into each other
    Reward: $1000
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       J. Sgt. Jerry Martinez II				[JMII]
          1. Cleaning House					[JII1]
             Difficulty: 1/10
    Location: Fort Baxter -- "Sergeant's Stripes" icon on map
    Drive down to Viceport and meet Phil Cassidy (again).  Drive north in Phil's
    truck where you stop outside "Phil's old place."  Waste the Cholos outside with
    your micro-SMG.  Go inside (walk into the light blue bouncing triangle), and
    kill the final two Cholos.  You probably have a 1-star wanted level by now.
    Just be careful that no beat cops around as you steal a Cholo Sabre and go back
    to base.
    Reward: $100
    **You get an in-game message that the Phil's shooting range is now open.**
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          2. Conduct Unbecoming				[JII2]
             Difficulty: 1.5/10
    Location: Fort Baxter -- "Sergeant's Stripes" icon on map
    Go to Phil, and he gives you a Stinger.  Head down to Viceport and approach the
    indicated girl.  She's not the one you want, but she tells you to bring her to
    Starfish Island where the hooker you want is.  Kill the guys who start a fight
    with you and take the right girl back to Fort Baxter.
    If the mission title didn't clue you out, you've been set up, discharged, and
    stripped of your weapons.  Hop in the Ventoso (motor scooter) parked near the
    gate and head to Phil's old place in N Viceport.
    Rewards: Safe house with garage--101 Bayshore Ave
             Bulletproof Sanchez available for purchase at safe house - $2000
             Casual clothes
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       K. Odd Jobs II					[ODII]
          1. Phil's Shooting Range				[PHSR]
             Difficulty: 6/10 (less if you're a GTA:SA Shooting Range Challenge pro)
    Location: SE Viceport, enter building from "Cleaning House" mission
    Objective: Complete a skill shooting exercise with 5 different weapons in manual
               aim mode.  Hitting an enemy target is worth 100 points.  Shooting
               friendly targets begets a 200 point penalty.  If you fail, you must
               restart from Round 1.
    Round 1: Pistol
       Goal: 1000 pts
       Amount of ammo: 100 rounds
       Note: This is nice and easy with few friendlies.
    Round 2: Machine Pistol
       Goal: 1500 pts
       Amount of ammo: 150 rounds
       Note: More friendlies, so be careful.  As a general rule, don't strafe.  It
             wastes your limited ammo, and the game sends moving friendlies out
             later in the round.
    Round 3: Shotgun
       Goal: 2000 pts
       Amount of ammo: 100 rounds
       Note: The shotgun has a wide spray, so be careful that the reticule only
             includes the enemy target in your sight.
    Round 4: Assault Rifle
       Goal: 2000 pts
       Amount of ammo: 120 rounds
       Note: The targets move laterally quickly.  Shoot sparingly in order to hit
             only what you want and not to waste ammo.  Aim a little more in front
             of the moving targets than you would normally intuit.
    Round 5: Sniper Rifle
       Goal: 2500 pts
       Amount of ammo: 85 rounds
       Note: Your round will go through the front target into the back one, so for
             enemies in front, aim low.  You basically cannot afford to hit any
             friendlies in this round.
    Rewards: $2500 for completing all rounds
             $500 Bonus prize for new high score
             $500 Bonus prize for new best overall accuracy
             $500 Bonus prize for best new time
             Discounted prices at AmmuNation
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       L. Phil Cassidy I					[PHCA]
          1. Cholo Victory					[PCCV]
             Difficulty: 3/10
    Location: S Viceport, Phil's Depot -- "P" on map
    This is another standard early GTA mission in which the game shows you the
    nearest police station, hospital, and Pay'n'Spray.
    Follow the prompts up Bayshore Ave to the police station and then the hospital.
    Follow the target you pick up at the hospital getting close so that Phil can do
    a drive-by.  You need not necessarily get right beside the other car, but that
    does increase Phil's aim making the mission a little quicker and easier.  Go to
    the nearest Pay'n'Spray for your free repairs, and then take Phil back to his
    Reward: $200
    **Note: You get a beeper message from Phil telling you that his brother-in-law
      has work for you.**
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          2. Boomshine Blowout				[PCBB]
             Difficulty: 6/10
    Location: S Viceport, Phil's Depot -- "P" on map
    Drive Phil up to the northwest border of Little Haiti and Little Havana.  Park
    around back.  You must load 4 stacks of boomshine cases into the back of Phil's
    Walton within appr. 5 min.  What makes this mission so difficult is that the
    camera is stuck in that single view.  This makes turning difficult in the
    warehouse's tight spaces.  Furthermore, if you cut a turn short, the forklift
    does not have the torque to power through the contact.  If you run out of time,
    you die.
    After you load the first case into Phil's truck, the warehouse sustains damage
    making the path you must take longer and more circuitous after each case.  Use
    the D-pad to control the fork height on the forklift--up to raise the boxes,
    down to lower the soon to be empty forks.  Be sure to drive into the crates head
    on or else you won't catch them.  If you have successfully loaded all 4 crates,
    Phil drives off.  Mission completed.
    Crate 1: Just go straight to your right.
    Crate 2: Go through the gap between boxes towards the top of your screen.  Make
             the second right and drive to the edge of the warehouse.  Turn right
             again towards the crates.
    Crate 3: Go up through the same gap as last time, but now turn left at the first
             opportunity.  Drive to the left-hand wall of the warehouse and make a
             U-turn clockwise around the crate.  Speed straight across towards the
             same gap you went through to get to the boomshine as the second crate.
    Crate 4: Take the same path as the above crate, but this time turn left (towards
             the top of your screen) in the middle vertical pathway.  Take the first
             right and work your way up to the top right-hand corner of the
             warehouse.  The access point to the final crate is hidden above the
             vertically arranged crates.  SPEED back to Phil's truck as you likely
             have little time left.
    Reward: $250
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          3. Truck Stop					[PCTS]
             Difficulty: 4/10
    Location: S Viceport, Phil's Depot -- "P" on map
    Get in Phil's Perennial, and pick up the extra guys at the Beachcomber Hotel.
    Head north and come up from behind on the munitions truck.  Get appr. one-half
    car length behind, and let your passengers take out the gunmen on the truck.
    This should not take too long.  Once they are dead, speed in front of the truck,
    and pull to a stop.  Phil gets into the truck, and you are to follow him back to
    Sedans with gunmen came after the truck during the trip home.  Use L2+R2 to keep
    an eye on the cars as they come one-by-one.  Veer left or right as necessary to
    block them from attacking the munitions truck.  If the Damage Meter fills up,
    you lose the mission.  Your passengers should make quick work of the enemy cars.
    Stop outside Phil's Depot to complete the mission.
    Reward: $300
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       M. Marty J. Williams					[MYWM]
          1. Shakedown					[MWSD]
             Difficulty: 2/10
    Location: Little Havana, trailer park behind the Sunshine Autos construction
              site -- "M" on map
    Drive Marty up to the store in Little Havana.  Get out and kill the 2 Cholos
    outside who come charging at you.  Walk into the store.  After the cutscene,
    take out the 2 Cholos inside--one in front of you and the other behind you with
    a bat.  Turn around and take him out first as you can't get a shot off when you
    are getting whacked repeatedly.
    Then, drive to the next store along Bayshore Ave.  Start either smashing or
    shooting the freezers.  Partway through you get interrupted by some Cholos.
    Kill them as they come into the store one at a time.  After 3 Cholos, the
    mission is complete.
    Reward: $500
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          2. Fear the Repo					[MWFT]
             Difficulty: 4/10
    Location: Little Havana, trailer park behind the Sunshine Autos construction
              site -- "M" on map
    Take Marty down to his lock-up just south of Sunshine autos.  He sends you to
    "repossess" a series of cars.
       1. Cheetah -- Parked in N Viceport just off Bayshore Ave
       2. Sentinel -- Driving around Little Havana.  Try to get it at a red light
          or else you will have to run it off the road and take it to a Pay'n'spray
          once you get it.
       3. Pony -- Parked in southwest Little Haiti.  Take out the two (unarmed) guys
          who come at you.  You automatically get a 2-star wanted level.  Weave your
          way back to Marty's lock-up using other cars as shields and the cops' slow
          reactions in their kamikaze attempts.  A good hit by the cops if you are
          going at a good speed can turn you on your side.  If this happens, turn
          your wheels towards the ground and mash the gas.  If the cops don't ram
          you too much, you just may right yourself.
    Reward: $500
    **Note: Louise texts you asking you to drop by.**
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          3. Waking Up the Neighbors			[MWWU]
             Difficulty: 5/10
    Location: Little Havana, trailer park behind the Sunshine Autos construction
              site -- "M" on map
    Pick-up the grenades.  You are given appr. 6.5 minutes to destroy 3 Cholos vans
    parked around Little Havana and Little Haiti.  I recommend taking out the
    northernmost one first since the final two are closer together.  Get out of
    your vehicle a little ways away, and launch a grenade as far as you can.  Make
    sure Vic is facing directly towards the indicated van, for that is how you
    'aim.'  Each station has 2 Cholos with micro-SMG's.  The blast usually takes
    care of one.  Switch to your shotgun or micro-SMG, and dispatch the other for
    safe bets when you return to your car.
    After you destroy the 2nd van, Cholos come after you in damaged Cholo Sabres.
    This means, if they manage to destroy your car, stealing their nearby car does
    get you going, but it is VERY easily destroyed by the next pair of Cholos.  As
    the Cholos come one at a time, it's manageable.  Make your way over to the final
    van, and launch a grenade.  Once you finish off the last van, the mission is
    over.  Any Cholos in the area will still continue to fire at you.  Kill them and
    take their micro-SMG ammo.
    Reward: $500
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          4. O, Brothel, Where Art Thou?			[MWOB]
             Difficulty: 3.5/10
    Location: Little Havana, trailer park behind the Sunshine Autos construction
              site -- "M" on map
    Take the Bobcat and drive to Stonewall J's, which is just northwest of your
    location.  Go inside and get the stubby shotgun on hold for you.  Then, get to
    the brothel in Little Haiti (behind Kaufman's Cabs from GTA:VC).
    The game gives you a series of instructions, which form the core of GTA:VCS's
    unique feature--Empire building.  Destroy the Cholo Sabre and kill the Cholos
    that come after you, which you must kill.  Some spawn from the sidewalk, so
    stand where you can see the front entrance and the road.  After the massacre,
    walk inside, and kill the Cholo there.  You must then destroy all the business
    assets remaining inside.  There's only one--a bed.
    Rewards: $700
             Stonewall J's opens for business and is marked on your in-game map
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          5. Got Protection?				[MWGP]
             Difficulty: 5/10
    Location: Little Havana, trailer park behind the Sunshine Autos construction
              site -- "M" on map
    After the cutscene at brothel, a Health meter appears on your screen.  Its level
    decreases slowly, so it should not be a problem.  Get in the Oceanic parked
    across the street.  I found a clockwise path starting with the girl immediately
    south of you is easiest.
    The girls and the Cholos are on opposite sides of the street in a shoot out.
    Drive BETWEEN the cars, and do a drive-by on the Cholos while she gets in.
    After the 1st girl, Cholos come at your hard and fast in their Cholo Sabres.
    Your girls, however, destroy the Cholo Sabres very quickly.  There are 2 KEYS--
    (1.) Try to minimize the collisions.  Head-ons do the most damage and slow you
    up the most.  (2.) Keep away from the Cholo Sabres when they explode or else
    your car will be destroyed.  After getting the last girl, head back to the
    brothel and park in the corona.
    Reward: $500
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       N. Phil Cassidy II					[PCII]
          1. Marked Man					[PCMM]
             Difficulty: 4/10 (5 or 6/10 if you aren't a good driver)
    Location: S Viceport, Phil's Depot -- "P" on map
    When you get in Phil's Walton, a Damage meter appears on the right of your
    screen.  When it fills up, the car explodes, you die, and, of course, you fail
    the mission.  Speed up the highway, and then head west (turn left) onto Little
    Haiti's northernmost road.  No one is chasing you, but don't lose precious
    health points with unnecessary collisions with traffic.  The lock-up is located
    behind the yellow building with red trim at the corner of the wide curve in the
    After the cutscene, kill the 5 guys quickly before they do too much damage to
    the truck.  Drive out the north alleyway, and make a right (east) onto the
    street.  There will always be cars chasing and strafing you.  Phil makes some
    Boomshine Molotovs to help you out, but a new enemy car spawns almost
    immediately after one is destroyed so that there are always 2 cars chasing you.
    Speed down Bayshore Ave. into Viceport and back to Phil's Depot.  If you drive
    on the wrong side of the road, the other cars have trouble following you.
    Reward: A text message from Martinez threatening your life.
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       O. Louise Cassidy-Williams I				[LCWI]
          1. When Funday Comes				[LCWF]
             Difficulty: 3/10
    Location: Little Havana, apartment block on Bayshore Ave. -- "L" on map
    It is a 2-lap Quad Bike race around the trailer park and construction site.
    The competition is very easy.  The only difficulty is getting past them at the
    start.  Go wide around them so that you do not get spun out or ride up onto
    them.  Otherwise, just remember to ease off the gas when turning or else you
    will spin out.  Finish in 1st place to complete the mission.
    Rewards: $500
             Quad Bike available for purchase from Sunshine Autos - $3000
             Turismo races open at Sunshine Autos
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       P. Turismo - Mainland				[TURM]
          Difficulty: depends upon your driving ability
    Location: Little Havana, back lot of Sunshine Autos
    Objective: Win a series of checkpoint races around various neighborhoods in west
               Vice City
    * Examine the map and get an idea of the course.  That way, you can pay more
      more attention to the road than your radar.
    * The game actually does NOT eat your vehicle when starting these missions.
      Thus, you can go get a car/motorbike beforehand.
    * Rockstar fixed the 'bug' from GTA:VC where bumping one of the other racers
      quick starts the race.  You must start legitimately.
    * Your competition tries as much to spin you out as they try to race.  Give them
      wide berth as you pass.
    * For Races 1,3, and 5, don't use anything other than a PCJ-600.  You can go
      pick up the one for "Playground on the Dock" after signing up for the race if
      you did not come to Sunshine Autos on one.
    * For Races 2 and 4, go with a sports car.  There is a Stinger parked besides
      the road north of the Downtown police station.  There is also a Banshee parked
      in the driveway of the 2nd house on your right after crossing over to Starfish
      Island.  Either works; I prefer the Banshee.
    Race 1: Escobar Run-Way
       Entrance Fee: $100                 Vehicle Type: Motorbike
       Reward: $500                       Laps: 2
       Hint: Press slightly forward at the very start to maximize your acceleration
             and pass the others.
    Race 2: Downtown Showdown
       Entrance Fee: $150                 Vehicle Type: Car
       Reward: $600                       Laps: 2
       Hint: Be sure to anticipate turns going a little easy on them, if necessary.
             You can make up lost time on the straight-aways.
    Race 3: Port Sports
       Entrance Fee: $200                 Vehicle Type: Motorbike
       Reward: $800                       Laps: 2
       Hints: Press forward again at the start to speed out in front.  Watch out at
              intersections and on Bayshore Ave for cars capriciously turning and/or
              changing lanes.
    Race 4: Rum & Salsa Sting
       Entrance Fee: $250                 Vehicle Type: Car
       Reward: $1000                      Laps: 1
       Hints: This is a single lap race, so your margin for error is less than the
              other races.  The competitors tend to actually drive on the correct
              side of the road, despite the lack of traffic.  Use this to your
              advantage to pass them!  Also, do your best to stay in the road on
              turns; light posts really slow you down.
    Race 5: Cuban Wheels
       Entrance Fee: $300                 Vehicle Type: Motorbike
       Reward: $1200                      Laps: 2
       Hints: You don't need to use the hand break on every turn.  Also, cut corners
              whenever you can to shave off time and avoid traffic congestion at
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       Q. Louise Cassidy-Williams II			[LCII]
          1. Takin' Out the White Trash			[LCTO]
             Difficulty: 4/10
    Location: Little Havana, apartment block on Bayshore Ave. -- "L" on map
    Drive to the trailer park, and park in the corona.  After the cutscene,
    dispatch the 4 guys.  Eight (8) more will come from either direction around
    Marty's trailer.  After they are taken care of, drive Louise back to her
    sister's apartment.  Some fellows will follow in a truck, but without driving
    fast at all they did not even catch up to me until I was basically back to the
    apartment.  They're armed, so don't delay any.
    Reward: $200
    **Note: Louise texts you asking you to come by, and the "L" reappears on your
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          2. D.I.V.O.R.C.E.					[LCDV]
             Difficulty: 5/10
    Location: Little Havana, apartment block on Bayshore Ave. -- "L" on map
    Get to the indicated location.  After the cutscene, dispatch the 2 henchmen and
    hop back into your car.  Cut through the grass north behind the dealership, you
    should start catching up quickly to your target as it weaves northward through
    Little Havana.
    More henchmen will chase you as you are hunting your target, but going fast will
    have you lose them quickly.  If they get close, they will pop your tires.
    (Having to chase somebody for a decently long distance with many turns with 1-4
    popped tires is what makes this mission a 5/10.)  The chase ends at the brothel
    if you do not catch up beforehand.
    If you catch up to the target before the brothel, use brief strafings to compel
    the driver out, and waste him.  If you use a drive-by to kill him, make sure
    that his cars is NOT in your line of sight.  If you destroy the vehicle (and its
    passenger), you fail.
    If you only catch up at the brothel, get out and kill the armed henchmen first.
    Then kill your target.
    Louise has you then drive to Compound (Phil's Place in GTA:VC) in northwest
    Little Haiti not far from the brothel.  She says Marty's kin will be after you,
    but none come during the rest of the mission.
    Rewards: Compound safe house with 1 car garage
             Trailer trash clothes
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          3. To Victor, the Spoils				[LCTV]
             Difficulty: 5.5/10
    Location: Little Havana, apartment block on Bayshore Ave. -- "L" on map
    Go to Sunshine Autos.  When you get close to the 2 guys with blue arrows
    overhead, get out of the car and recruit them to your gang (Hold R1 and tap R3).
    Then, drive just down the road to Marty's office (from "Fear the Repo" mission).
    After the cutscene, kill the half dozen indicated henchmen.  Grab the nearby
    Admiral (wait for your 2 henchmen to get in), and head north to Marty's other
    site.  Park nearby and waste another half dozen guys.  Go inside and kill the 2
    remaining thugs.
    Then, PAY ATTENTION as the game teaches you how Empire building works.
    Reward: $1500
            Empire building starts -- money transferred to your account daily
    **Note: You get a message from VCTN telling you to pick a visitor up at the
            the airport.**
    III. Empire Building					[EMPI]
       A. Introduction					[EBIN]
    Welcome to GTA:VCS's combination of GTA:VC's Asset missions and GTA:SA's gang
    warfare!  The best feature is that everyday at 1600 hrs the profits are directly
    deposited into your account--no traveling the long distance around Vice City
    stopping to pick up your cash!  Another cool feature is that the other gangs
    fight among themselves as well, unlike in GTA:SA where the Ballas and Vagos only
    attacked Grove Street Families.
    You do more than take over or start a business.  You build up the business by
    completing missions.  You can also develop the property to increase your
    revenue.  There are 3 levels of business development: small-time, medium
    venture, and high-roller.  They differ in cost to develop, often in per diem
    profit margin between the 3 tiers, and the intensity of assault either in
    defense of a location you are attacking or in offense on one of your properties.
    There are 14 business on the Mainland and 16 on the East Island owned variously
    by Vance, the Cholos, the Bikers, the Sharks, and no one.  You must control a
    certain percentage of the businesses in order to qualify for some missions.  You
    start with 3 small-time ventures--prostitution, protection racket, and loan
    shark.  You can only build these business while on the Mainland.  When the East
    Island opens to you, so does the opportunity to build drug, robbery, and
    smuggling outfits.
    For another introduction (and in some ways a better one), check out the GTA:VCS
    guide on GameSpot.com.  It's worth your effort to go read it....
    ***I recommend building up the 3 business you control now and building your
       reputation in these 3 areas before starting to attack other gangs' Empires.
       See below in section III.C [BUSI] for descriptions of the missions.
       Afterwards, take over as many on the Mainland that you care to--all or just a
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       B. Attacking						[EBAT]
    The game has already shown you the basics.  Stop outside a property and destroy
    the car parked within the fenced area.  Before starting an attack, be well
    equipped with machine pistol and/or assault rifle ammo and have full health and
    armor.  Immediately after successfully attacking a location, stand by the For
    Sale sign and purchase it.  Delay may end up meaning that you went through all
    that effort for nothing.  Make it into whichever type and level you desire.  I
    always suggest building a High-Roller business.  Let some time between attacks
    and developing in order to let your other businesses make you some money to
    spend on other business.
          1. Small-time 					[ATST]
             Difficulty: 4/10
    Gang members (5-6) come at you basically one at a time.  Mow them down.  Move
    into the premises and kill the 1-2 gang members inside.  Destroy the "business
    assets" to successfully finish the attack.
    Rewards: $1000
             Ability to purchase the property
          2. Medium Venture					[ATMV]
             Difficulty: 6/10
    Many more gang members (~10) with better weapons come to defend the premises.
    Use the AK47 for the main assault.  Save ammo and switch to the micro-SMG for
    any stragglers.  Go inside and finish the 1-2 gang members off, and destroy the
    business assets.
    Rewards: $1500
             Ability to purchase the property
          3. High-Roller					[ATHR]
    Even more gang members come at you.  Use your AK47 to whittle down the pack.
    When inside, there can be up to half a dozen gang members.  Your stubby shotgun
    is perfect for these close range battles.  After the gang members are dead,
    destroy the office equipment, beds, drug tables, or whatever.
    Rewards: $2000
             Ability to purchase property
          4. Important Things to Know			[ATIT]
    * The more you attack a specific gang's assets, the more they hate you.  Cars
      or bikes of gang members will come after you even during missions, if they
      were on your scent before you started the mission, and shoot up you and/or
      your vehicle.  It is easier to stop and kill them because they are very
      persistent in following you.
    * A gang stops coming after you once all of their assets have been taken over by
      another gang or you.
    * A gang's hatred of you 'resets' when you reset the game.  Use this if their
      constant harassment is getting in your way of side tasks and odd jobs.
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       C. Business Ventures					[BUSI]
    To start missions, enter the building.  Stand by one of your gang members and
    press R3.
    To develop the site, stand instead in the corona and then press R3.  Choose
    whether to develop--for a price--the property up 1 or 2 levels to Medium Venture
    or High-Roller.  The property will then go under construction for a few in-game
    Just spend the extra now and make the business a High-Roller enterprise.  From
    all the Odd Jobs you've done, you should have more than enough money to cover
    the expenses.
          1. Loan Shark					[LOAN]
             a. Building Your Reputation--'Loan Shark'	[LSLS]
                Difficulty: 3/10
    Objective- Complete 15 "repossessions" of either a Benson or PCJ-600
    * Hit the car or van with a couple of drive-by shots to get them out of the car
      or just ram them with decent speed.  For particularly stubborn bikers, drive-
      by's are just easier.  Dispatch the driver and passenger(s) if they come after
      you, and take the vehicle back to the depot.  Angry drivers also have angry
      friends that chase you down.
    * Beware of beat cops.  Keep your wanted level no higher than 1 star.
    * You do not have to complete these consecutively.
    Time- 3:00 for the 1st job you start, +90 sec for each completed task
    Rewards- $150 per completed job
             $250 bonus for every multiple of 3 completed in a row
             Lifter reputation (after Job 1)
             Crim-Reaper reputation (after Job 15)
             b. Reward for Developing a Site to High-Roller-- Repo-Man outfit
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          2. Prostitution					[PROS]
             a. Building Your Reputation--'Pimping'		[PRPI]
                Difficulty: 3/10
    Objective- Ferry 2 prostitutes back and forth between clients and deal with any
    Strategy- If you are a GTA:SA veteran, this is almost the exact same as the
              Pimping R3 missions there.
    * Get in the car behind the brothel and pick up the 1st girl around front.
      You are given 25 +/- 5 sec (avg.) to get her to her first customer.
    * Head back leisurely to the brothel to pick up the 2nd girl.  Get her to her
      client within the time limit.
    * After dropping the 2nd girl off, you're told to go get the 1st girl.  One of
      four scenarios will happen as you approach:
      1. Nothing:
           The girl is waiting for you to bring her to her next appointment.
      2. The customer is running away.
           Chase him down and run over him.  Then, go pick up the girl and get her
           to where she needs to be.
      3. The client is beating the girl up.
           A Hooker health meter appears on the right of your screen.  Park nearby.
           Aim. Fire.  Return to car.  Let girl hop in, and go.
      4. The client is trying to kidnap the girl.
           Damage the car sufficiently to compel the guy out of the car by ramming
           or 2-4 brief bursts of micro-SMG fire.  When he gets out, waste him.  If
           you drive-by, make sure the car with girl is not in your line of fire
           and thereby accidentally kill the girl.
      5. Repeat for 2nd girl.
      6. Repeat 15 times.
    * Only advice is to avoid even 1 star wanted levels since you're stationary so
      much.  Let them run out during untimed trips.
    * These also need not be completed consecutively.
    Rewards- $100 per level
             Panderer reputation (after Job 1)
             Mack Daddy reputation (after Job 15)
             b. Reward for Developing a Site to High-Roller-- Leisure outfit
    **Note: The central Little Haiti brothel (the one from Marty) is unavailable for
            development at this time.**
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          3. Protection Racket				[PROT]
            a. Building Your Reputation--'Extortion'	[PREX]
                Difficulty: 4/10
    Objective- Take various stores from the Cholos or Bikers while protecting your
               own stores from their attacks
    * Job Type 1: Kill the 1-2 gang members on guard duty outside (running over
          with car is easiest).  Go inside and start smashing up the merchandise.
          Then, 3 gang members enter the store that you must kill to complete the
    * Job Type 2: Convince a neutral store to go under your protection.  Go inside
          and smash things up.
    * Job Type 3: A Damage meter appears on your screen.  Hurry over to your store.
          Kill the 1-3 outside and the 1-3 inside before the meter is filled.
      - Sometimes the game strings together a series of these jobs into a mini-story
        in which you retaliate upon each other.  If this is the case, you will be
        hounded between destinations by the gang you just angered.  Their micro-SMG
        fire is dastardly accurate, so try to avoid their fire as much as possible.
        Use traffic as a shield, and try driving down the wrong side of the road.
      - When you get out of your car, be careful still.  If a Cholo Sabre runs over
        you, you're dead.
    * As there is not a time limit for going to Type 1 and 2 jobs, use this
      opportunity to refill your health and/or armor as necessary or warranted.
    * You fail the mission if you kill the shopkeeper.
    * These need not be completed consecutively.
    Rewards- appr. $150-$300 per job
             Hoodlum reputation (after Job 1)
             Ultimate Badass (after Job 15)
             b. Reward for Developing a Site to High-Roller-- Hired Muscle outfit
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          4. None - For Sale				[SALE]
    When you purchase one of these, you get to choose which type of business it will
    be.  Only those currently open to you are available.  This is determined by
    where in the game you are.  If the East Island is not open yet, then the SE
    Little Haiti site can be a prostitution, loan shark, or protection racket
    enterprise.  You also get to choose what level to develop it to.  As always, I
    recommend going straight to High-Roller.  The property then becomes under the
    purview of one of sections III.C.1-3 [BUSI] and/or VI.B.1-3 [BVEN] if you have
    yet to finish those missions.
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       D. Defending						[EBDF]
    Every once and a while (especially right after you take over a rival gang's
    territory), another gang attacks one of your premises.  A message appears in the
    top left of your screen, and on your in-game map, what likes the old symbol for
    radio waves appears to be coming from the empire building icon.
    ***You CANNOT save to avoid the warfare, as you could with gang warfare in
    Saving is an automatic forfeiture.  You don't lose the property.  It is damaged
    and makes you less money per diem.  Pay $500 to repair it.
    Immediately after the notification, a Damage meter appears, and it fills up
    rather quickly.  Speed to the property with all haste!  Once you get there, kill
    any of the Cholos, Bikers, or Sharks you see.  They are not indicated by the
    game so it makes it tougher.  If you happen to kill some of your henchmen, don't
    sweat it.  They rarely actually take somebody down anyways and generally serve
    to draw your auto aim away from where you want it to be.
    Then, an endurance series of cars or bikes comes one at time.  Average seems to
    be about 8 cars for a High-Roller business, less for Small-time and Medium
    Venture ones.  Quickly kill the two gang bangers.  If they are Bikers, fire at
    them before they even have a chance to dismount.  Use your radar to determine
    from which direction they are coming.  I find manual aim (hold R1 and tap R3, or
    hold R3, hold R1, release R3) sometimes easier when defending against Cholos
    because of the potentially large pile up of abandoned cars.  Since gang members
    usually park in the same 1-2 places, aiming at the cars can be a good strategy
    for some waves, also.  Just be sure to stand back.
    If you are not prepared to fight a large sequence of enemies, DON'T!  Paying the
    repair bill is much cheaper than the hospital bill and bribe to get your
    weapons back.  Also, sometimes there is just no way you can get across the
    entire city in time, especially if you don't have a vehicle handy.
    IV. Walkthrough - Mainland II				[WMII]
       A. Lance Vance I					[LAVI]
          1. Jive Drive					[LVJD]
             Difficulty: 8/10
    Location: Escobar International Airport -- "Airplane" icon on map
    Part I:
    You are put in FPS mode with unlimited micro-SMG ammo.  A Damage meter appears;
    that's your car's health.  Quickly take out the 2 Cholos up and to your left and
    turn to the right to take out the 2 Cholos that drive up and park along the main
    road in front of the terminal.
    After you start going east again, 2 Cholo Sabres come by.  Waste the gunmen and
    then the drivers as quickly as possible.  After the jump, aim front for the 2
    Cholos waiting on your left.  After another small jump, there are 3 gang members
    waiting for you.  Work from right to left.  (You'll run over the last one if you
    didn't cap him beforehand.)
    After the turn north, aim forward and take out the Cholo Sabre.  Then there are
    2 Cholos to the left side followed by a bunch more on the right side of the
    road.  There are 3 more carloads of Cholos as you weave up by the old Print
    Works (from GTA:VC) and then jump down into Little Haiti's flood control ditch.
    Two (2) Cholos line the top of the ditch staggeredly, and 2 Cholos on bikes jump
    down in front of the car.  Dispatch these, and then the 2 Cholos waiting at the
    exit to the ditch.  If you don't kill them, chances are they will dive out of
    the way as you approach.  There are a set of 3 and then 2 Cholos before you hit
    a ramp to finish this sequence.
    **Note: The locations of the Cholos appear on your radar as they approach.**
    Part II: 
    After the cutscene, 3 large packs attack from different directions.  A Health
    meter for Lance also appears on screen; keep him alive.  To prevent his death,
    put yourself between Lance and the Cholos to act both as a shield and as a
    diversion.  You can take a bigger beating than Lance.  Also, this prevents Lance
    from getting cut down by friendly fire.
    The AK47 is your best weapon.  Take out the group seen in the cutscene first and
    then the group to your left facing their car.  Turn around and kill the final
    group.  (This group starts furthest away, hence why I saved them for last.)
    Steal a Cholo Sabre and take Lance to Downtown.  You can either first stop by a
    Pay'n'Spray or just deal with your 2-star wanted level.
    Reward: the joy of your brother's company?
    **Note: Umberto Robina pages you asking for a meet-up.  Also, Louise opens up
      for another set of missions.**
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       B. Umberto Robina					[UROB]
          1. Nice Package					[URNP]
             Difficulty: 6/10
    Location: central Little Havana -- "U" on map
    Race to Downtown.  Get to Bayshore Ave as quickly as possible to get the best
    velocity possible.  Almost assuredly, someone else will get to the destination
    Chase them down with the rest and with your second (Juan) drive-by the indicated
    car.  When it is almost on fire, the drive will get out.  Kill him and take the
    package.  If you are too slow, another of your competition will grab it.  Repeat
    this process as many times as it takes for you to get the package.  Once you
    have the package, you are not safe, for the other competitors will then
    concentrate on you!  (Juan does not have to survive this mission.)  The drop-off
    point is in Viceport.
    Reward: $750
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          2. Balls						[URBA]
             Difficulty: 5/10
    Location: central Little Havana -- "U" on map
    The game spawns an Admiral across the street for you to use.  A Havoc meter
    appears on screen and fills slowly.  You must kill all the targets before that
    happens.  Head to the nearest spot on the radar/map and do a drive-by on
    everybody there.  Some will be on foot; others in cars.  Repeat 4-5 times.  The
    gangs disappear as they finish their havoc in a location, so work quickly.
    Reward: $800
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          3. Papi Don't Screech				[URPD]
             Difficulty: 3/10 (8/10 if you try to go along the roads)
    Location: central Little Havana -- "U" on map
    Take Umberto's Cuban Hermes and drive to Hyman Memorial Stadium.  After the
    cutscene, you are given appr. 6.25 in-game hours to get to Robina's Cafe in SW
    Little Havana--a seemingly more than generous amount.  A Stress meter appears on
    screen, as well.  It will fill up if your drive too fast or hit too many things.
    Getting shot at, as you can imagine, fills the increase the stress level
    greatly.  It only takes 3-4 hits in a short time span to max the Stress meter
    out.  Some relaxing driving lowers the stress level.
    Cholos are either stationed or on patrol along all the roads of Little Haiti and
    Little Havana.  You need to get around them without being seen.  The easiest way
    is not to be on any roads.  Thankfully, you can make it almost all the way from
    Hyman Memorial to the cafe by going along the grassy part along Downtown's
    western beach and then the 'boardwalk' around the Compound and Junkyard.
    You will have to near a road briefly the near the Empire building just south
    of the Junkyard, but you can get back along the waterfront almost immediately.
    Just check with your radar that no Cholos are nearby.  You should be at the
    trailer you started from on your approach to the Unique Jump from the huge sand
    Drive down to that dune, and carefully drive off the right edge.  Circle around
    the dune counter-clockwise.  You should see a gap in a wall that enters into the
    alleyway with the Armor pick-up.  Parked just to your left is a Cholo Sabre.  If
    you hit the alleyway right you should be able to speed down it and across the
    street to the cafe before they even notice you.  Beware! A Cholo Sabre patrols
    the block around the cafe, so make sure it isn't around when you make your move.
    Reward: $1000
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          4. Havana Good Time				[URHG]
             Difficulty: 5.5/10
    Location: central Little Havana -- "U" on map
    Get up to the warehouse in Little Haiti.  The entrance is from the north through
    the 'neighborhood.'  Take out the few on guard.  After the cutscene, you are put
    on guard duty.  A Health meter for Umberto's men appears on screen.  You must
    kill the Cholos as they come from all directions of the map.  Use your radar to
    see where.  Towards the end, the Cholos come so quickly that the AK47 is really
    your best bet.  (There is a Health and Armor pick-up in the warehouse, if you
    need it.)  Of course, don't let Umberto's men die.
    Once Umberto's men finish their job, they drive off in one van leaving you with
    the 2nd one.  Get in, and get out of there.  Cholos still come at you in the
    warehouse.  Head back to Umberto's house.  One the way, Cholo Sabres try to
    intercept you.  Avoid their head on collisions using other traffic, lamp posts,
    and/or palm trees to help slow them down.  Shoot back if they do manage to
    corner you.  Umberto's house is not far, so it shouldn't be too difficult.
    Rewards: $1500
             Cuban Style outfit
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       C. Louise Cassidy-Williams III			[LIII]
          1. Hose the Hoes					[LCHH]
             Difficulty: 4/10
    Location:  Little Havana, apartment block on Bayshore Ave -- "L" on map
    A Girls health meter appears on the right of your screen.  It's the fastest
    depleting (or filling) meter yet.  Get in a car with Louise and speed north
    along the highway to where the fire truck is parked.  Steal that and head up to
    the brothel.  Put out the cars first before concentrating on the house.  There
    are arrows indicating where to aim, which are hard to differentiate from the
    similarly colored flames.  Put out all the fires.
    Then, chase the arsonist up onto a roof and kill him.
    Reward: $300
    **Notes: The brothel is now damaged.  Go inside and to the notice board in order
               to repair it.  After repairing it, you can finally develop this
             The next Lance Vance mission opens up at his hotel in Downtown.***
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          2. Robbing the Cradle				[LCRT]
             Difficulty: 3/10
    Location:  Little Havana, apartment block on Bayshore Ave -- "L" on map
    You will notice a Welfare-Man health meter.  It goes down very slowly, so don't
    worry too much about it.  Head towards the dot on your radar.  The thugs are
    chasing the welfare guy shooting at his car.  Drive next to the thugs' car and
    just pump it full of lead.  When it catches on fire, speed off.  If the
    explosion doesn't kill them, go back and finish the job.
    Then, chase after the welfare man.  You want to "warn him off," NOT kill him.
    Ram his car and/or use short bursts of micro-SMG fire.  He heads for Starfish
    Island and just loops around the roads there.  When his car is sufficiently
    damaged, he gets out and runs away.
    Reward: $300
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       D. Lance Vance II					[LVII]
          1. The Audition					[LVTA]
             Difficulty: 4/10
    Location: Lance's hotel in W Downtown -- "L" on map
    You're given 75 seconds and a Cheetah to get just down the road.  After the
    cutscene, you are given about 5 in-game hrs to get to Forbes' car in Viceport.
    Take out the 3 henchmen and walk outside.  You have a 2 star wanted level and
    are surrounded by police.  You can either steal a VCPD Cruiser killing only
    enough cops to ensure your safe entrance to the vehicle or there is a parked
    car (random model) just north of the restaurant.  (The cops do not follow you as
    you run up to the spawned vehicle.)
    You first destination is Viceport.  From there, hop on the waiting Sanchez.
    Drive up the stairs to the roof and hit the ramp on the west side of the
    building (Unique Jump 4).  Once on the 2nd roof, drive down the stairs on the
    north of the building (and to the left of the ramp used in Unique Jump 5).  Kill
    all the guards in the impound lot.  Steal the Sentinel XS and use the ramp to
    jump out of the lot.  There are about 1/2 dozen guards at the base of the ramp,
    so don't delay any once you make the turn around the tractor trailers.  If the
    jump is successful, the mission is over.
    Reward: $750
    **Notes: The Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound is now open.  See below in section
               V.G. for information (code [CAFI]).
             Lance pages you telling you to meet him at Forbes' place opening up
               a new line of missions.**
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       E. Bryan Forbes I					[BRFI]
          1. Money for Nothing				[BFMF]
             Difficulty: 3-5/10 (all depends upon your driving skill)
    Location: Center of business plaza in central Downtown -- "F" on map
    After you get the van and to the warehouse, you are given a 3-star wanted level
    and are instructed that you must maintain the police focus upon yourself.  The
    challenge is not in the chase but keeping the van from igniting.  Follow the on-
    screen instructions and go south, but first, drive east to Bayshore Ave.  After
    the bridge to Starfish Island, drive along the waterfront utilizing palm trees
    and/or the steps to Benny's Restaurant.  Once no cops are by you, stop.  Cops
    won't approach you until you are on the road again even if you can see them
    nearby.  You must keep the wanted level for about 2 in-game hours.  Once Lance
    tells you to lose the heat, head over to Viceport's Pay'n'Spray.
    Reward: $1500
    **Note: Lance pages you asking you to meet him outside Hyman Memorial.**
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       F. Lance Vance III					[VIII]
          1. Caught as an Act				[LVCA]
             Difficulty: 2/10
    Location: Hyman Memorial Stadium -- "L" on map
    Grab the Cheetah parked behind you along the arena's steps, and go after the
    target.  He does not go fast, so you can catch up quickly.  As your first
    attack, a Cash meter appears and starts slowly going down.  You must get Forbes
    out of his car before the cash runs out.
    Ram him and/or strafe him with short bursts.  When the game tells you to drag
    Forbes out, he'll be driving so slowly that you can sprint and catch up.  Press
    /\ to pull him out and complete the mission.
    Reward: $750
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       G. Bryan Forbes II					[BFII]
          1. Leap and Bound					[BFLA]
             Difficulty: 3/10
    Location: central Little Haiti -- "F" on map
    Head onto the roof of the Greasy Chopper and follow the game's directions
    regarding your binoculars and heading towards the pier. After the cutscene, hop
    into the Comet and speed south on Bayshore Ave.  When you approach the container
    ship moored along E Viceport the game tells you to get onto the ship.  Use that
    Unique Jump ramp (the Comet is powerful enough).  Take out any opposition as you
    head inside.
    Once inside, make your way down to Lance.  I recommend using your shotgun to
    kill any in your way.  After the cutscene, head back upstairs and collect the
    parcel.  When you get back on deck, head up the forecastle killing enemies and
    collecting 3 parcels on different levels.  Head back down the winding stairs and
    pick up the final parcel on the bow.  Head to meet Lance in the grass just off
    the bow.  There's a Sanchez on the port side to make your life easier.
    Reward: 1500
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          2. The Bum Deal					[BFTB]
             Difficulty: 3/10
    Location: central Little Haiti -- "F" on map
    Drive the short distance to the bar and go inside.  After the cutscene, take out
    the enemies.  Once they're taken care of, others start shooting at you from the
    other room.  Head around the partition slowly so that only one enemy has a clean
    shot at you at a time.  Wait for him to stand up, auto-aim and fire.  If they
    are crouching, you are just wasting your ammo.  Go outside, and take out the
    Stallionz there.  (This is not necessary, but you won't get far in your car if
    you don't.)
    Drive back to the derelict building, and give chase when instructed.  The target
    is on a WinterGreen.  You can either drive-by or ram him off his bike, then stop
    and kill him.  (PICK UP HIS WEAPON!!!  IT'S AN SMG [MP5]!)  Take Lance back to
    his hotel to complete the mission.
    Reward: NOTHING
    HINT: Still walk over micro-SMG pick ups (but don't press L1).  You pick up ammo
          that you can use for the MP5.
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       H. Lance Vance IV					[LVIV]
          1. Snitch Hitch					[LVSH]
             Difficulty: 4/10
    Location: Lance's hotel in W Downtown -- "L" on map
    You have just over 3 in-game hours to get to the main terminal of the airport.
    Use Bayshore Ave as far south as you can, and then cut over.  Go inside and
    meet the contact.  After the cutscene, you spawn outside.  ***DON'T FORGET TO
    Drive over to the end of the 'runway' in the NE airport.  Stop a little ways
    from the guards and aim at them from long distance.  Use the AK47 since it has
    the longest range of your arsenal.  When they're dead, 4 more guys show up.
    Kill them to finish the mission.
    Reward: $1000
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          2. From Zero to Hero				[LVFZ]
    Location: Lance's hotel in W Downtown -- "L" on map
    Drive everyone to W Little Haiti-an alleyway just south of the entrance to the
    Junkyard.  Lance goes ahead.  Rush behind him with the AK47 equipped and take
    everyone with a red arrow out before Lance's Health meter depletes.
    Then, grab one of the Barracks OL's.  It has a Damage meter that you cannot
    allow to be filled.  Follow Lance.  He's heading for the bridge from Viceport
    to Ocean Beach.  Avoid the cars chasing you as best you can.  More than
    anything, DON'T let them cause you to run into them and stop OR run into light
    posts (and stop).  When you reach the bridge, a helicopter is throwing charges
    before your path.  Swing to the sidewalk of the opposite side of the road to
    avoid the explosions.
    At the end of the bridge, you get a 4 star wanted level.  The Barracks OL's will
    just richocet any and all VCPD vehicles that come after you.
    Reward: $3000
            'The Clymenus Suite' safe house with 3 car garage
            Split-6 ATV available for purchase at Compound - $4500
            Skimmer available behind Clymenus Suite - $4500
            Little Willie available on roof of Clymenus Suite - $5000
            Squallo available from dock north of junkyard - $4000
            Marquis available from dock north of Viceport's main gates - $4500
            Jetski available at north end of Downtown beach - $4500
            bullet-proof Ventoso available next to Downtown King Knuts - $2500
    V. Walkthrough - East Island				[WTEI]
    Welcome to full access to Vice City!  With the opening of the bridges comes
    the opening of the skies, as well, which means a whole set of Odd Jobs still to
    complete over there.
    IMPORTANT:  Depending upon the size of your Empire on the Mainland, other gangs
    will STILL attack your assets when you're on the East Island.  Getting over to
    defend your Empire will now sometimes be wholly unfeasible.
    Unfortunately, at this point you cannot all of the Bikers' Empire buildings.
    will harass you enough.  You do not need 2 gangs after you non-stop.
    The Bikers, if you attacked any of their Empire, will be after you non-stop.
    Actually letting a successful attack on one of your Empire can be a good thing,
    as it means a couple minutes without their constant attempts to kill you.  Just
    swing by the location later to repair it.
    ***I've noticed that saving and completely resetting the console 'erases'
       opposing gangs' hatred of you.  They won't come after you until you build up
       more hatred in Empire warfare.***
    You are now able to earn 6-star wanted levels in which you
    have the opportunity to steal a Rhino.  Be sure to have a
    weapon that can destroy helicopters quickly.  My favorite
    place to use for cover is the 'alley' behind the Greasy
    Chopper in S Downtown.
    If you are new to the GTA world, you cannot just run by
    and steal a Rhino.  Its acceleration is far too slow for
    you to get away before getting pulled out and mowed down
    by M4 fire.  Induce the tank drivers to exit the Rhino by
    running nearby on foot.  Turn around and kill the soldiers
    before they get you.
    Then, complete the VIGILANTE mission if you have yet to do
       A. Red Balloons II					[RBII]
          Difficulty: 4/10 (Added difficulty from need for Sniper Rifle)
    Balloons 46 and 47 still need to be popped on the Mainland, and the final 52 are
    spread out around the East Island, Prawn Island, and Leaf Links.
    Follow Stinky McPeterson's map at 
    To know where to look, YuGiOhFm2002/YuGiOhAngel's guide is adequate.
    I recommend using the map to get you to the location and the guide to help you
    find where to aim.
    The map and guide differ in their approach to the East Island.  You can either
    use the guide and let the map help you zero in or just use the map and search
    on your own.  My numbering will stick with the map.
    * First, stop by the AmmuNation just north of Lance's apartment, and buy a
      sniper rifle.
    * The easiest place to steal the helicopter necessary for Red Balloon 46 on the
      map is the top of the Downtown police station.  While you have the helicopter,
      go get Red Balloon 69 as well.
    Rewards: $250 per balloon
             Continuously spawning at your safe houses--
               after 50 balloons - "AK" (i.e., AK47)
               after 60 balloons - Body Armor
               after 70 balloons - Flame-Thrower
               after 80 balloons - Equalizer
               after 90 balloons - Sniper
               after 99 balloons - M249
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       B. Unique Jumps II					[UJII]
          Difficulty: 4/10
    Fourteen (14) Unique Jumps remain.  Rockstar has shaken these up a little, for
    there are now Unique Jumps to be done in boats.
    The URL again to GTA Phreak's excellent map is:
    I am going to work you through heading north to south and then heading to the
    water to finish the final ones.  GTA Phreak's numbers will be in parentheses.
         ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
         Special Note: I again want to thank and give credit
          to Forelli_Boy, whose guide I used to find these
          Unique Jumps.  It was his guide especially that let
          me know to use the Jetski on the water jumps.
         ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ 
    Unique Jump 23: Vice Point (30)
       Head around back of the building on the very north of vice Point that looks
       like the letter 'E' turned on its side.  Go up the stairs onto the roof.  The
       ramp is on the west side of the roof.  Use the full length of the roof for
       your approach.  Land on the next roof over.
    Unique Jump 24: Vice Point (31)
       There is a concrete ramp along the waterfront on the southwest part of the
       knob NW Vice Point makes in the direction of Prawn Island.  Start your
       approach from the north part of the island curving along the waterfront
       sidewalk.  Make over the grassy part and land in the road to make it count.
    Unique Jump 25: Vice Point (29)
       Speed along the promenade along the North Point Mall's southern side.  Veer
       around the final corner to hit the concrete ramp straight.  Make it onto the
       patio of Brodie's Hotel.
    Unique Jump 26: Vice Point (28)
       Three hotels south from Brodie's Hotel is a large orange hotel with an
       extremely ornate facade.  In the SE corner of the front patio is a small
       concrete segment of wall.  Start from the NW corner, and hit the jump as fast
       as possible landing on the grass (over the small trailer parked there) near
       where the sand begins.
    Unique Jump 27: Vice Point (32)
       At the tip of the promontory towards Leaf Links with the hairpin turn is a
       thin wooden ramp.  You must hit it straight and land in Leaf Links for the
       jump to count.  Use the SW-NE running road as your approach.
    **To get out of Leaf Links with your PCJ-600, head to the bridge over the road
      that separates Leaf Links.  It's in the northwestern part the golf course in
      which you landed.  Power over the ledge doing a wheelie.**
    Unique Jump 28: Vice Point (27)
       There is a large concrete structure facing north that is just south of the
       Malibu Club (from GTA:VC) in the grass.  It is where the lone road
       leading up from Washington Beach to Vice Point zags sharply.  Start from the
       southernmost part of the grass where there is another concrete ramp, and race
       north gathering as much speed as possible.  You must land well onto the
       Malibu Club's roof for this to count.
    Unique Jump 29: VP/WB (26)
       Just south of the Ferris wheel is a tall wooden ramp leaning against an empty
       carnival game stand.  Start your approach from the bridge to the main part of
       the East Island territory that is opposite the bridge to Starfish Island.
       Curve around the road and hit the ramp mostly straight.  Land parallel or
       past the Ferris wheel to pass the jump.  If you hit the lamp post, you still
       may get credit for the jump if you land cleanly.   
    Unique Jump 30: Washington Beach (24)
       At the southern end of the very long alleyway in the tall and narrow block
       south of the Washington Beach police station is the ramp.  Start from where
       the alleyway zigs over, and speed south with the greatest possible speed.
       Land on the roof of the building across the street, or at least faceplant
       strongly into its side, to get the credit.
    Unique Jump 31: Ocean Beach/Washington Beach (25)
       In the construction zone just east of the Empire asset in NW Ocean Beach,
       there is a pile of dirt up against a low wall.  Start from the low wall
       outside the gas station, and make it through the 2 partially constructed
       pillars.  Jump over the rest of the construction area, or at least land on
       the dirt mound that is against the area's northernmost low wall.
    Unique Jump 32: Ocean Beach (23)
       Head into the north-south alleyway in Ocean Beach's southeasternmost block.
       Climb the stairs next to the tall white building.  Once at the top, you can
       see a ramp 3 buildings north of you.  You need to roof hop in order to get
       enough speed to hit the jump and make it count.  Start from the white
       building's southern edge, and just floor it.  Make it over the next building
       and land on the 2nd building's over roof.
    **Get a Jetski.  There is one docked just north of the Vice Point Pay'n'Spray.
      The last 4 Unique Jumps are on water.**
    Unique Jump 33: Leaf Links (33)
       On the south side of the isthmus of Leaf Links' north island is a rock that
       you are to use.  Start your approach from around the Leaf Links Bridge.  Make
       it safely to the water on the other side to catalog this jump.
    Unique Jump 34: Ocean Beach (36)
       In the middle of the northern set of docks in Ocean Beach's marina, there is
       a broken dock that leads up to a wooden dock.  Line up at the southern dock,
       and just hit the jump as fast as possible.
    Unique Jump 35: Ocean Beach (34)
       On the north side of the promontory with the lighthouse, there is an algae-
       covered ramp facing southwest.  Speed along the coastline starting north of
       the large clump of submerged rocks.  Land safely in the water to get the
       penultimate Unique Jump.
    Unique Jump 36: Ocean Beach (35)
       Use the tall rock to jump cleanly over the foot bridge.  Start as far south
       as the game will let you travel.
    1. I recommend as force of habit to always press forward slightly to lower Vic's
       head and increase your speed.
    2. 'Rev up' (holding hand brake and acceleration) always.
    3. The Jetski's speed works like a motorcycle.  Pressing forward slightly
       increases your acceleration and top speed.
    * $250 per unique jump
    * smaller Insane Stunt Reward for each jump
    * $10,000 for completing all 36 Unique Jumps
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       C. Rampages II					[RAII]
          Difficulty 4.5/10 (on avg.)
          1. Armor - East Island				[RIIA]
    Use Stinky McPeterson's Items Map to again locate armor pick-ups.  The URL is
    Below are some of the more convenient pick-ups, in my opinion.  (Votes for
    alternative sites are welcome.)
      i. Vice Point - 3rd level of multi-story carpark north of the North Point Mall
                      on south side in corner next to ramp to next level
      ii. Vice Point - Around corner from small pools on north side of Mercedes
                       Cortez's house (from GTA:VC)--the 1st house on left coming
                       from Leaf Links
      iii. Washington Beach - Behind the shorter pink building just south of the
                              fair grounds
      iv. Ocean Beach - In front of the main entrance of the crescent-shaped hotel
                        located south of the Ocean Beach hospital
      v. Ocean Beach - In yard off of Ocean Beach's beachside avenue between 2
                       hotels just north of the 2nd alley entrance marked on the map
          2. Rampages!					[RIIR]
    There are still 19-20 Rampages left--between 1 and 3 from the Mainland/Starfish
    Island and 17 on the East Island and Prawn Island.
    dark52's map is at...
    YuGiOhFm2002/YuGiOhAngel's guide, which corresponds with dark52's numbering...
    **My numbering system will follow theirs.**
    As I wrote above, GTA:VCS will go through phases where it just does not spawn
    any cars.  This is especially true when attempting series of Rampages.  To get
    the game to starting spawning again, save your game and then reload it.
    Helpful Hints and Strategies:
       Rampage 6: Steal as many cars beforehand to block traffic and build up a
       Rampage 8: See above.
       Rampage 19: Stand at the corner and snipe as many as you can safely.  Release
                   R1 periodically to look around 'naturally' and induce the game to
                   spawn more Sharks.  If with 20-30 sec left you have 7-10 left to
                   kill, jump down into the alleyway.  There will be a large group
                   of Sharks, and the rifle has a 7 shot cartridge.
       Rampage 20: If you have full health/armor, you don't need a perch.  Just go
                   out to the street and swing in an arc.  You'll take a beating but
                   should survive.
       Rampage 21: The sharks spawn only along the sidewalks.  Stand far enough back
                   such that you can shoot them without getting hit by the blast.
       Rampage 23: Same strategy as Rampages 6 and 8.
       Rampage 26: If you follow YuGiOhFm2002/YuGiOhAngel's directions, DON'T FORGET
                   TO PICK YOUR WEAPONS UP AS YOU LEAVE!!!  Or, just fly into Leaf
                   Links with a helicopter.
       Rampage 27: Don't let yourself get surrounded by a large pack.
       Rampage 28: Using grenades is very tough because (1) you can't really aim
                   them, (2) they can bounce around away from your target vehicle,
                   and (3) they won't destroy a vehicle unless you get a direct hit.
                   Steal as many cars as possible (at least 5) in the intersection
                   just by the Rampage icon.  Get a 2-star (or more) wanted level.
       Rampage 32: See Ramage 6, 8, and/or 28.
       Rampage 33: Instead of the Washington Beach police station, go to the
                   Downtown station.  After starting the Rampage, drop down onto the
                   ledge just to the east.  Drop down then to the one below that.
                   Aim true and quickly.  If you fail, you must make your way back
                   to the police station to get another helicopter.
       Rampage 34: It is easier to just drop down to ground level to take on the
                   Sharks than staying perched by the helicopter.
       Rampage 35: Stay on the ledge for as long as cars drive beneath.  Then, drop
                   down to the ground, and get at least a 2-star wanted level.
    Reward: $50 x no. of completed Rampages
            $1750 extra for completing all 35 Rampages
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       D. Air Rescue					[AIRR]
          Difficulty: 4-6/10 (depending upon your piloting skills)
    Locations: Air Ambulance helicopters parked at the Ocean Beach and Downtown
    You're in a helicopter with a rescue basket hanging beneath.  Again, Rockstar
    has put checkpoints after Levels 5 and 10.  The vehicle's stamina is rather low.
    Use the generous time bonuses to fly carefully into tight spaces.
    Instead of just one-half of a single island as your domain, all of Vice City
    and even its waters are fair game.  You can, however, drop patients off at
    either the Downtown or Ocean Beach hospitals.
    To pick up a patient, you must hover the basket at a relatively low velocity 
    close to the patient.  The basket cannot be sitting on the ground.  Use the
    RAS to help your direct yourself.  This is basically necessary because the
    camera lags incredibly behind, especially as you change altitude.
    You start with 1 patient, and after every second level, you get 1 more patient.
    You max out at 4 patients per level.  The basket can only hold 4 patients, which
    means you can plan your trips to pick all up and be near either the Downtown or
    Ocean Beach hospital after the last patient.
    Rewards: $100 x (no. of levels completed) x (no. of patients picked up)
             50% increase in maximum health
             $500 bonus for completing through Level 15
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       E. Odd Jobs III					[OIII]
          1. Human Memorial O.D.T				  [ODHM]
             Difficulty: 8/10
    Location: Escobar International Airport, Biplane in southernmost open hangar in
              the main tarmac
    Objective: Make it through a series of checkpoints via biplane, speedboat, and
               motorbike under 4:50
    * This is tough because you have little room for error and must flawlessly
      transfer from Biplane to Jetmax to PCJ-600 (in that order).  The ultimate key
      is learning the course.  I recommend doing this during the daytime, as there
      are no lights for the 1st half of the PCJ-600 course and lots of evil walls.
    * The Biplane here handles MUCH better than the one in GTA:SA.  It rights itself
      so bank as much as you need to.  Rudder controls are the same as a helicopter,
      but I use them very little.
    * First, the Biplane.  DON'T start if one of the animated jet planes is on the
      runway.  You must weave across the Mainland and Starfish Island.  Use the map
      to anticipate where the next checkpoint is.  Make turns as sharp as possible.
    * When you make the turn southward along the west of the Mainland, straighten up
      as best you can, and be prepared to land.  Stop as close as you can to the
      Jetmax.  You DON'T have to be at a full stop to press /\ and bail.
    * Jump into the water.  When you are near the boat, press /\ to get into it
      automatically.  You weave around the waters.  Use R1 to make sharp turns.
    * When you make the turn west along Hyman Memorial, SLOW DOWN.  You are supposed
      to make a jump onto land.  Make the jump, but you don't want to jump far and
      have to run any significant distance.  Get out and onto the PCJ-600.
    * Now, traffic is your #1 enemy.  There is nothing you can do if the game
      decides to put a car right on the other side of a corona, which you cannot
      really see through, or have a car cross over the median into you.  Speed
      around Hyman Memorial and then around the loop in N Downtown.  Head back to
      the arena and climb the steps to reach the final checkpoint.
    Reward: $500
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          2. Vice Sights					  [ODVS]
    Location: Escobar International Airport, Maverick parked in northeast corner of
              the airport's main tarmac
    Objective: Take tourists as quickly as possible to various checkpoints at which
               they take photographs
    * You have a generous time limit to stay under and a Fun meter to keep above
      empty.  To keep it full, fly as low as possible and with 45 deg tilt (i.e.,
      maximum speed).  You must hover at each checkpoint (the game will tell
      you when to do so).  Press (and/or tap as necessary) L3 to slow your forward
      progress and come to a hover position.
    * The altitude to keep the Fun meter from starting to deplete seems to be just
      above the local trees' foliage.  If it goes down on you, you get a large
      increase after each checkpoint is completed.
    * Time: Levels 1-2 - 4:00
            Levels 3-5 - 5:00
    * Sights (in recommended order):
      - Level 1: Fort Baxter, Little Haiti, Little Havana
      - Level 2: Little Haiti, Ocean Beach-Viceport Bridge, Viceport
      - Level 3: Downtown (beach), Downtown (police/fire stations), Little Havana
                 (Bayshore Ave), Starfish Island (Diaz mansion)
      - Level 4: Fort Baxter, Little Haiti (Junkyard), Downtown (Hyman Memorial),
                 Downtown (skyscrapers)
      - Level 5: Downtown (construction site), Downtown (dirt track), Downtown
                 (skyscrapers), Leaf Links bridge
    Rewards: bonus after each level based upon time remaining and how full the Fun
              meter was
             $500 for completing Level 5
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          3. Crims on Wings					  [ODCO]
             Difficulty: 3/10 (if GTA:SA veteran; higher if novice)
    Location: Escobar International Airport, Biplane parked on northern end of SW-NE
    Objective: Complete a checkpoint race under 4:00 around the Mainland and
               Starfish Island
    Strategy: This is a pretty simple counter-clockwise loop around the Mainland
       with a low pass over Starfish Island.  The turns are much softer than in
       "Human Memorial O.D.T".  The only potentially troublesome parts are over
       Starfish Island, where you must fly very low and can hit a palm tree if you
       are not careful; at the Leaf Links Bridge, where the checkpoint induces you
       to fly under the bridge; and after crossing over the Mainland the checkpoint
       very low over Bayshore Ave in a high foliage area after passing between some
       tall buildings.
    Reward: $500
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          4. Fire Copter					  [ODFC]
             Difficulty: 3-5/10 (depending upon your piloting skills)
    Location: Downtown, helicopter behind the fire station
    Objective: Put out a series of fires (each on rooftops) under the time limit
    * You are given a limited amount of Water for each level.  Use it wisely!  If
      you use it up, which you probably will in the later levels, fly low over water
      trailing the bucket in it for a little ways.
    * To save water, hover low and only tap O to release it.
    * WATCH FOR ANTENNAS!  They are hard to see and always the last thing loaded by
      the game.  The Fire Copter's stamina is worse than the Air Ambulance's.
    * You are given a set time limit to extinguish all the fires in each level.
      - Levels 1: 5:00
      - Levels 2-5: 6:00
    * Fire locations (in recommended order):
      - Level 1: NW Little Haiti, SW Downtown, NW Downtown
      - Level 2: S Downtown (Moist Palms North), S Downtown (Moist Palms South),
                 central Little Haiti, NW Little Haiti (Junkyard)
      - Level 3: S Downtown, Prawn Island, N Downtown, central Little Haiti
      - Level 4: central Little Haiti, SE Little Haiti (x2), Viceport (cargo ship),
                 SE Viceport
      - Level 5: N Little Haiti, Fort Baxter, Hyman Memorial Stadium
    * Either come at the Fort Baxter fire from the West or fly very high.  The
      soldiers will shoot at you, and the Fire Copter cannot take M4 fire well.
    Rewards: bonus after each level based upon remaining time and water level
             $500 after completing Level 5
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          5. Crims on Water Wings				  [ODWW]
             Difficulty: 7/10
    Location: Ocean Beach, Skimmer parked on docks by the lighthouse
    Objective: Complete a checkpoint race under 2:30 around S East Island
    * The Skimmer has no rudder.  You must bank to make all turns.  It also handles
      very poorly at full throttle, so lay off the gas during tricky parts.  Tap X
      to help you maintain speed.
    * Thankfully, the Skimmer is a pretty durable seaplane.
    * DON'T start this during a storm.  The waves will push you off course for the
      start of the race.
    * Just do this race repeatedly until you know the course.  It includes flying
      through a few tight places, like very low along a road in Washington Beach,
      through the gate at the bridge to Starfish Island, and under the OB-VP Bridge.
    Reward: $500
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          6. Land, Sea and Air Ace				  [ODLS]
             Difficulty: 5-6/10
    Location: Ocean Beach, Sanchez parked just east of the lighthouse
    Objective: Complete a checkpoint race on a Sanchez, Jetski, and SeaSparrow
               around the southern half of the East Island into Leaf Links in under
    * On the Sanchez, when the course turns back towards the lighthouse promontory
      (and you go over the footbridge a second time), hit the jump aiming slightly
      left to land as close to the Jetski as possible.
    * The Jetski has lots of straight segments with few sharp curves until you start
      the small island between Starfish Island and East Island proper.  The last bit
      is jumping up Leaf Links' shore to one of its water traps, where the
      SeaSparrow awaits.
    * You can bail from the Sanchez and Jetski mid-jump to save time.
    * The SeaSparrow is a straightforward helicopter checkpoint race with no tricky
      parts head back towards the lighthouse.
    Reward: $500
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          7. Haiti Hover Race				  [ODHH]
             Difficulty: 10/10
    Location: Little Haiti, Bovver '64 berthed in the cove traversed by the red
              bridge with the Armor pick-up south of the Junkyard
    Objective: Complete a land and sea checkpoint race around Little Haiti under
    * The Bovver '64 (hovercraft) has horrible handling.  Don't press the
      acceleration when turning on the streets or else you'll be wobbling back and
      forth.  You have some space to wobble on sea.
    * Don't try this during a storm.  The last thing you need to be doing is wave
    * The absolute trickiest part is near the end where you travel along the
      sparsely barristered waterfront.  Develop the watefront Empire site to Medium
      venture or higher as then it does not have a fence around it narrowing the
      path you may take.
    * If you accidentally miss a checkpoint anywhere in the race, cancel the mission
      then and there.
    * I found using the D-pad instead of the LAS to maneuver helped me control the
      Bovver's extremely oversensitive steering.
    Reward: $500
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          8. Harbor Hover Race				  [ODHR]
             Difficulty: 6/10
    Location: Northeasternmost dock of the group of offshore dwellings and docks
              that lies of the southwestern coast of East Island
    Objective: Complete a land and sea checkpoint race along East Island and on
               Starfish Island in under 3:45
    * Everything applies from "Haiti Hover Race."  I found this much simpler.  There
      are very long mostly straight segments heading up to Leaf Links and heading
      back to the docks from Starfish Island.  Also, the on-land portion is mostly
      about maneuvering around the maze of yards than fighting traffic and/or
    * Be sure to hit the jumps as straight as you can.  Lay off the gas when you
      land as you will likely not be facing in the direction you need to go next.
    * USE YOUR RADAR, especially on Starfish Island.
    * When you are first on Starfish Island, you have many short segments with
      sharp turns as you navigate around hedges, walls, and gates.  Don't get a
      "lead thumb" here.
    Reward: $500
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          9. Playground on the Park				  [ODPP]
             Difficulty: 4/10
    Location: Ocean Beach, PCJ-600 parked on 2nd floor, south side of multi-story
              carpark (The alleyway entrance is not marked on the map.  GTA:VC
              veterans should know where to find it.  It is just SW of the Empire
              Building in E Ocean Beach.)
    Objective: Complete the checkpoint race in under 1:10
    * The most difficult part of this just a frustration--the camera's slowness in
      coming behind you after you turn.  Use the RAS liberally.
    * There are 6 coronas on the level you start on that roughly trace the outer
      wall of the carpark and towards the ramp to the 3rd level.
    * Go left on this level and complete a figure 8 to get all the coronas.  Then,
      drive up to the top level.
    * Go left, and then up the set of ramps carefully as there is nothing to prevent
      you from driving off the top.  Circle back around hitting the ramp and getting
      the corona on the little roof.  Drop back down.
    * Take the time to back up to the wall, rev up, and hit the ramp with all the
      velocity that you can.  You need it.  Roof hop after getting the corona
      maintaining your speed so that you can hit the ramp on this 2nd roof.  After
      the corona on what is now your 3rd roof, head straight and drop down to the
      ground.  Speed straight through the alley to get the last 3.
    Reward: $500
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          10. Playground on the Point			  [ODPG]
              Difficulty: 6/10
    Location: Vice Point, PCJ-600 parked in the lower level plaza south of the North
              Point Mall besides the buttress of the bridge to Prawn Island
    Objective: Complete the checkpoint race in under 1:30
    * The 1st part is a slalom.  When you get to the end, drive up to the street,
      get the corona, and head back westward along the portion UNDERNEATH the
      overhand of the building directly south of the mall.  Go down the stairs, and
      collect the corona as you head out to the street through the gap in the wall.
    * Collect the 2 on the sidewalk and the one in the street.  You'll need some
      speed as you drive into the building across the street, up a ramp, and jump
      onto the roof.  (Be prepared to brake!  You don't have much room to
      overshoot.)  Circle around the roof clockwise collecting lots of coronas.
    * You want to shoot off the roof you are on with speed in order to land in the
      patio of the large crescent-shaped hotel situated within the hairpin turn.
      Accelerate along the rooftop and veer left when you get close to the hotel.
      I went counter-clockwise after landing in the patio to collect the last 6.
    Reward: $500
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          11. Beach Patrol					  [ODBP]
             Difficulty: 2/10 (for Scenarios 1 and 3); 3/10 (for Scenario 2)
    Location: Vice Point, BJ Injection parked beside a lifeguard shack almost
              directly east of Clymenus Suite safe house and behind the massive off-
              white hotel
    Objective: Knock Sanchez riders off their bikes; AND/OR save swimmers by getting
               them life preservers; AND/OR transport a paramedic to injured persons
    Strategy: (scenarios in no particular order as you will come across them)
    * Scenario 1: Knock gang members off their bikes
      - You are given a very generous time limit to either ram the bikers off their
        Sanchezes or kill them with a drive-by.  Go for the former, as eventually
        you will build up a wanted level.  Don't, however, waste time trying to only
        ram the biker riders off.  If you fail and/or miss your 1st or 2nd try, do a
        drive-by.  These riders are very tough and require a strong hit to be
      - You start with 1 biker but another biker is added each level (maximum 4).
      - You can also usually see the bikers long before the red indicator arrow
        appears on-screen.
      - Try to avoid running over too many pedestrians, as it gives you wanted
        levels.  If you get a wanted level, don't worry too much.  Your vehicle is
        vastly superior on sand than VCPD's.
    * Scenario 2: Save swimmers
      - In this case, you are told to get to a nearby patrol boat.  Get in, and up
        to maximum 3 swimmers will appear on your map.  Do a 'drive-by' to get your
        accompanying lifeguard to throw a life preserver to them.  Your aim does not
        have to be all that exact.
      - Go slow by the swimmers, and throw early.  The lifeguard's reaction time is
        very slow.
      - Stay at least a boat length's away from the swimmers or else you will
        overthrow the preservers.
    * Scenario 3: Transport paramedic to injured persons
      - The maximum number of patients is 3.
      - After picking up the paramedic at the very start, head to each patient.
        Try to stop with the passenger side as close to the patient as possible to
        minimize down time.
      - Make the effort to avoid the beach-goers as you are stationary for
        significant stretches of time.
    * You must complete 15 levels (with checkpoints after Levels 5 and 10).
    * The scenarios change only if and when you fail and/or cancel and restart the
    Reward: $1500
            Infinite swim-sprint
            bullet-proof BK Injection available at Sunshine Autos - $4000
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          12. Mashin' Up the Mall				  [ODMM]
             Difficulty: 4/10
    Location: Vice Point, BMX parked inside the North Point Mall, lower level
    Objective: Collect all the coronas by doing stunt through them in under 4:30
    * There are 3 colors of coronas.  To collect, you must pull a specific stunt--
      green (Pop a wheelie), blue (pull a stoppie), and red (rider's choice).
      - to pop a wheelie: pull back and press X
      - to pull a stoppie: push forward and press []
    * Many of the coronas on the lower level require you to bunny hop up onto
      platforms.  Hold L1 and release when you want to hop.  Be sure you have
      forward momentum.
    * As the coronas only appear on your radar and on your map, planning the best
      route can be tricky.  From where you start, go forward, and make a U-turn
      heading up the stairs.  Go on a clockwise route around the top level of the
    * About one-fourth of the way around, you'll come to an island.  Go left around
      the island collecting the coronas and continuing along the perimeter.
    * Continue circling around the top level of the mall, and when you reach a 2nd
      island (which is directly across from the one you by-passed), go around it
    * Before completing the loop, you'll see the crosswalk that connects the 2 sides
      of the mall's upper level.  Go down the 1st aisle of the crosswalk you come
      across (the northern one).  At the end, circle the island collecting the
      coronas you by-passed earlier.  (This is quicker than making a series of sharp
      turns.)  Head back to the other side of the mall via the other aisle (the
      southern one).  It'll probably be easier to go around the island clockwise
      again, but this time, head straight along the perimeter again.
    * When you reach the stairs you came up on, go down them.  Grab the corona
      between the stairs and escalators.
    * Make a loop around the lower level of the mall (either direction).  All but 2
      of the coronas are in islands. 
    Reward: $500
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          13. Caddy Daddy					  [ODCD]
             Difficulty: 5/10
    Location: Leaf Links, Caddy parked adjacent to tennis courts
    Objective: Complete 3 laps around the whole of Leaf Links under 6:00
    * The Caddy's turning is tight, but not oversensitive.  Still, it is a good idea
      to lay off the gas when turning.  The Caddy is very susceptible to going on
      its side, especially if you are turning at high speed.
    * Avoid sand traps and flagpoles.  Be careful when heading towards the bridges
      over the water hazard and road, respectively.
    * The course is straightforward and easily followed on the radar.  Be careful
      after that long straight segment at the very beginning.  You cannot see it
      until you on it, but the checkpoint is on a thin strip of land between the
      strait and a water hazard.  Also, you'll likely get some air here.  Ease off
      the gas until the Caddy is stable.
    * After the S-turn, you head back to where you started.  Take the turn wide
      or else you'll hit the Caddy which re-spawned.
    * On the loop around the north half of the golf course, be careful when driving
      back onto the Caddy-path.  You want to hit this almost exactly where the
      corona's arrow directs you.
    Reward: $2500
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       F. Turismo - East Island				[TREI]
          Difficulty: depends upon your driving ability
    Location: Vice Point, lot south of the fairgrounds and behind an Empire Building
    Objective: Win a series of checkpoint races around various neighborhoods....
    Strategy: Examine the map and get an idea of the course.  That way, you can pay
                more attention to the road than your radar.
              The game actually does NOT eat your vehicle when starting these
                'missions.'  Thus, you can go get a car/motorbike beforehand.
              Rockstar fixed the 'bug' from GTA:VC where bumping one of the other
                racers quick starts the race.  You must start legitimately.
              Your competition tries as much to spin you out as they try to race.
                Give them a wide berth as you pass.
              For Races 7 and 8, don't use anything other than a PCJ-600.  You
                can go pick up one from a "Playground on the x" location after
                paying the entry fee for a race if you did not come on one.
              For Races 6 and 9, go with a sports car.  The Banshee from Starfish
                Island is very convenient.  It is parked in the driveway of the 1st
                house on your left after the huge mansion.
    Race 6: Fools Rush
       Entrance Fee: $350              Vehicle Type: Car
       Reward: $1400                   Laps: 2
       Hints: Give the other racers wide berths, if possible, because they will aim
              to spin you out.  The last half of the lap is long and straight.  Get
              speed here, but be sure to slow down for the right-hand turn.
    Race 7: High Stakes Highway
       Entrance Fee: $400              Vehicle Type: Motorbike
       Reward: $1400                   Laps: 1
       Hints: This has lots of turns, so use your radar to anticipate them in order
              to make good handbrake turns.  The GTA series loves to spawn cars in
              your blind spot in turns, so stay in your lane as best you can.
    Race 8: Asphalt Assault
       Entrance Fee: $450              Vehicle Type: Motorbike
       Reward: $1800                   Laps: 2
       Hint: Your enemy is traffic.  The other racers are there to tell you just how
             much traffic is beating you.  You don't need to drive at full speed to
             win, and going just under will let you anticipate traffic's psychotic
    Race 9: Supercharged Circuit
       Entrance Fee: $500              Vehicle Type: Car
       Reward: $2000                   Laps: 2
       Hints: Stay in the left lane to pass the first 2 cars.  Try to cut the 1st
              corner to pass the final car.  Pound X when you can, and slow down for
              turns.  Brake using [] before pressing R1, if you use the handbrake
              at all.  The course has a lot of sudden turns, so watch the radar as
              much as the road.
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       G. Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound			[CAFI]
          Difficulty: 2/10
    Location: Viceport, across the street from the Pay'n'Spray (for automobiles and
              aircraft), in boat hangar on south of Mainland
    While this opened up a while ago, the reason I have left this until now is
    because the guide that I used found parked locations for cars on the lists on
    the East Island and because aircraft and boats are included on the lists.
    The link to PS2Marinerfan's guide is again...
    Here, I shall only reproduce from GTA:VCS the lists and your reward for each.
    List 1:					List 2:
      Streetfighter - $300			  WinterGreen - $300
      Sanchez - $200			  Freeway - $400
      Oceanic - $500			  Banshee - $600
      Cuban Hermes - $400			  Cheetah - $700
      Polaris V8 - $700			  Comet - $500
      Stallion - $600			  Phoenix - $600
      Pony - $400				  Sentinel XS - $500
      Boxville - $500			  Mule - $600
    List 3:					Boat List:
      PCJ-600 - $500			  Dingy - $300
      Deluxo - $700				  Jetski - $500
      Infernus - $900			  Marquis - $900
      Sabre - $600				  Rio - $700
      Stretch - $700			  Reefer - $600
      Stinger - $600			  Violator - $700
      Maverick - $900			  Squallo - $800
      Sparrow - $800			  Tropic - $700
    * The Stretch is parked 'west' of the Ocean Beach Pay'n'Spray, not east.
    * The parked Stallions (List 1) are not available yet.  Drive around N Downtown/
      Hyman Memorial in a Polaris V8 and/or Idaho.
    * Save yourself some trips.  There is a Sanchez (List 1) in the trailer park.
      Get the closer "Playground on the Dock" PCJ-600 (List 3), and steal the "Vice
      Sights" Maverick (List 3) instead.
    Rewards: monetary reward depending upon vehicle
             $500 bonus for completing each list
             Pay'n'Sprays are free (after completing all 4 lists)
    VI. Empire Building II					[EBII]
       A. Continuing to Conquer				[EBCC]
    Now is the time to take over the rest of Vice City.  Attack, purchase, and
    develop properties.  You do not need to control all to matriculate through the
    storyline missions, but why leave any loose ends?  Attacking is so easy anyways.
    There is one Empire location that you cannot conquer yet.
    While you probably took over drug and/or smuggling ventures on the Mainland, you
    could not build them.  Once you take over a drug, smuggling, or robbery outfit
    now that the East Island is open, the option to build the type of business that
    you just conquered is available.
    Beware! Sharks' hit squads come well-armed with SMG's and AK47's and have 
    4 persons per wave.  The Sharks are even more tenacious than the Bikers and will
    counterattack your Empire without pause.  You will have to let some of your
    Empire be damaged in order to refresh health and armor and/or to be in position
    to take over one of the Sharks' locations.
    BIG HINT: When defending your Empire against Sharks, use your assault rifle on
       manual aim.  Shoot at their truck as soon as it comes into view.  They'll
       stop there instead of closer to the building.  Don't aim for the Sharks.
       Shoot the car up so that it explodes killing them for you.
    RECOMMENDED: Turn the Empire Building just south of the fairgrounds into a
                 Robbery one.  It will make Robbery Mission 3 much easier.
                 Also, make the Empire Building just east of the Ocean Beach
                 hospital into a Smuggling outfit.
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       B. Business Ventures					[BVEN]
          1. Drugs						[DRUG]
             a. Building Your Reputation--'Drug Running'
    Mission 1 - "Cut a Deal"
                Difficulty: 1/10
      Strategy: Get the money.  Drive to the meeting place, and return to base.
      Rewards: $1300
               Dealer reputation
    Mission 2 - "Raw Deal"
                Difficulty: 2.5/10
      Strategy: Drive the indicated vehicle to the meeting place.  After the
                cutscene, kill the 2 thugs.  Return to your vehicle, and head back
                to the warehouse.  Thugs in Phoenixes will chase you and fire upon
                your vehicle.  As you outrun and/or destroy them, a new one spawns
                in your path.
      Reward: $1800
    Mission 3 - "High-Jinxed"
                Difficulty: 3/10
      Strategy: Drive over to the deal.  After it's made, get in the van.  You have
                a 3-star wanted level.  Race to a Pay'n'Spray or the warehouse,
                whichever is nearer without getting busted or destroying the van.
      Reward: $2200
    Mission 4 - "The Ringer"
                Difficulty: 3/10
      Strategy: Quickly drive to the meeting place.  (Each level includes a less
                comfortable time limit to reach the assigned destination.)
                After the cutscene, chase down the dealers.  Do a drive-by on their
                car until they get out and/or their car explodes.  After they are
                dead, collect the item, and return to base.
      Reward: $2400
    Mission 5 - "Rival Gang"
                Difficulty: 3.5/10
      Strategy: After the cutscene at the meet-up, kill the ambushing gang members.
                Take the money AND the drugs, and make it safely back to the
                warehouse in the same vehicle.  You will be hounded on your return
      Reward: $2300
    Mission 6 - "Offshore Score"
                Difficulty: 1/10 
      Strategy: You have a generous time limit to drive over to where your drug
                running boat is docked and then up to the meeting point.  Afterwards
                head back to the same dock on the provided Jetski.
      Rewards: $2200
               Smack Daddy reputation
              b. Reward for Developing to a Site High-Roller- Tracksuit outfit
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          2. Robbery					[ROBB]
             a. Building Your Reputation--'Robbery'
    Mission 1 - "The Briefcase Courier"
                Difficulty: 4/10
       Strategy: This is easiest on a motorcycle.  Race to meet the courier.  Strafe
                 his car until he and his sideman exit the car.  Do NOT destroy the
                 car until they are out of it.  Kill the target, take the briefcase,
                 and return to base.  Two Greenwoods will give chase and actually
                 will not cease attacking you even after the mission is over.
                 Using a car for the return trip is a good idea.
       Rewards- $1600
                Larcenist reputation
    Mission 2 - "The Money Truck"
                Difficulty: 5/10
       Strategy: Once you make your 1st move on the target vehicle, you will receive
                 a 2-star wanted level, and the truck's van escort will try to ram
                 you out of the way.  Strafe the truck with brief bursts until the
                 driver and his sideman get out.  Kill the guards from the escort
                 vehicle.  (The driver and sideman just run away.)  Make it back to
                 the warehouse to finish the mission.  You will probably have to
                 kill some police in order to safely get in the Securicar without
                 busted immediately.  Kill only those necessary so that your wanted
                 level increases minimally, if at all.  Another van with Bikers will
                 come after you, but even with tires popped out, the Securicar's
                 sheer mass makes you a formidable force on the road.
       Note: Just walking outside sometimes alerts the cops.  Use the opportunity to
             grab a nearby police bribe.  Shooting the guards and stealing the truck
             got me a mere 1-star wanted level.  The difficulty drops dramatically
             if/when this happens. 
       Reward: $2400
    Mission 3 - "The Briefcase Courier" (II)
                Difficulty: 4/10 
       Strategy: This same as Mission 1, except on water.  The courier's boat is
                 going very slow.  Come at it from an angle from the front strafing
                 it.  Once you get the signal to steal the briefcase, pull out your
                 sniper rifle and kill the two Bikers on the boat.  (Auto-aim of
                 your SMG or M4 will hit the boat more than the Bikers.  If the boat
                 explodes with the briefcase, the mission fails.)  OR, swim over to
                 the boat, climb on with [], and use auto-aim with the Equalizer to
                 kill the courier/guard.  There is another boat on guard duty, but
                 it is mostly a nuisance.
       Reward: $3100
    Mission 4 - "The Money Truck" (II)
                Difficulty: 5.5/10
       Strategy: This differs from Mission 2 in that the route is shorter and there
                 are 2 well-armed escorts.  Get along the Securicar, and pump it
                 full of lead until they stop.  There isn't time for finesse as the
                 guards will make your car catch fire quickly.  Kill only those
                 necessary to let you get into the car safely and start driving away
                 Make it back to the warehouse safely fighting more guards and/or
                 the police.
       Reward: $4100
    Mission 5 - "The Briefcase Courier" (III)
                Difficulty: 4/10
       Strategy: This is the exact same as Mission 3, but you get a 2-star wanted
                 level automatically when you make your move.  Your SMG fire,
                 however, is so damaging that the game will quickly tell you to get
                 the briefcase.  Return back to the dock and then the warehouse.
       Reward: $4400
    Mission 6 - "The Briefcase Courier" (IV)
                Difficulty: 4/10
       Strategy: The new iteration on this is the courier has 2 carloads of guards.
                 The same strategies from the previous missions apply.
       Rewards: $5500
                Heist Meister reputation
             b. Reward for Developing a Site to High-Roller- Hood outfit
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          3. Smuggling					[SMUG]
             a. Building Your Reputation--'Smuggling'
    Mission 1 - "The Drop"
                Difficulty: 3/10
       Strategy: Get to the boat, and then over to where the helicopter is hovering.
                 You have a Damage meter on the boat that you must keep from
                 emptying.  The helicopter will drop 15 packages in a nonsensical
                 winding pattern.  You have a limited time (~15 sec) in the
                 beginning, but you do receive a 3 sec bonus for each package.
                 Afterwards, you are given a certain amount of time to get back to
                 the docks then your base.  Damage in either the truck causes you to
                 lose some of your goods.
       Rewards- $200 per package you safely smuggled (maximum $3000, minimum $200)
                Mule reputation
    Mission 2 - "Supply and Demand"
                Difficulty: 3.5/10
       Strategy: When you reach the marina, use the PCJ-600 to drive down the dock.
                 Park it facing land.  This is very similar to Mission 1, but there
                 are 2 other boats going for the packages.  You have a time limit
                 but get 5 sec for each package you pick up.  After getting 15 
                 packages, race back to the jetty.  You have an even shorter amount
                 of time to get back to the warehouse.  Use the PCJ-600 to shave a
                 few very precious seconds off on the trip from the boat to the
       Reward- $200 per package you safely smuggled (maximum $3000, minimum $200)
    Mission 3 - "The Drop" (II)
                Difficulty: 4/10
       Strategy: This is the exact same as Mission 1 with 2 changes.  (1) The
                 helicopter drops the packages off in groups of 3 on opposite ends
                 of the bay.  (2) You have a 4-star wanted level once you get back
                 to land.  Get back to base under the time limit.
       Reward- $200 per package you safely smuggled (maximum $3000, minimum $200)
    Mission 4 - "Supply and Demand" (II)
                Difficulty: 4/10
       Strategy: The same as Mission 2 with the same 2 augmentations that Mission 3
                 had over its correlate (Mission 1).  It also seemed to me that
                 your competition for the packages this time was far better, but
                 that may have been just the greater distances working in their
       Reward- $200 per package you safely smuggled (maximum $3000, minimum $200)
    Mission 5 - "The Drop" (III)
                Difficulty: 3/10
       Strategy: The helicopter swings back and forth in long arcs that are easy to
                 follow.  After you get 15 packages, you must make it back to the
                 jetty avoiding enemy boats.  The boats have mounted guns to make
                 things more interesting.  They get more numerous the closer you get
                 to the jetty.  Once you're near the jetty, just make a straight run
                 for it.  As long as the Damage meter does not completely fill,
                 you're fine.  Run to the truck and drive back to base (no wanted
                 level).  You get a new Damage meter that determines how many crates
                 you keep and get paid for.
       Reward- $200 per package you safely smuggled (maximum $3000, minimum $200)
    Mission 6 - "Wave Goodbye"
                Difficulty: 4/10
       Strategy: Like "Supply and Demand," you must collect packages against
                 competitors.  You must collect 20 packages this time and get 6 sec
                 bonus for each one.  The competition also shoots at you when you
                 near each other.  Again, you get a 4-star wanted level.  Make it
                 back to base under the time limit to finish.
       Rewards- $200 per package you safely smuggled (maximum $3000, minimum $200)
                Pirate Captain reputation
                Smart suit outfit
             b. Reward for Developing a Site to High-Roller- Smuggler outfit
    VII. Walkthrough - East Island II
       A. Lance Vance V					[LAVV]
          1. Brawn of the Dead				[LVBO]
             Difficulty: 1.5/10
    Location: Ocean Beach, Lance's house -- "L" on map
    Drive up to the North Point Mall, where you get volunteered for some tasks.  In
    the first 'scene,' just hold R1 and cycle through targets with L2 and R2.  Don't
    get caught up in killing everyone as you go through the arc.  Skip through some
    in the middle to get the ones on your flanks.
    In the second 'scene,' you have a katana and must guard an entry way.  Don't
    wait for them to come to you.  Go out and meet them.  Just don't stay too long
    on one side and leave the other side unattended.  Then just drive Lance back.
    Reward: $850
            Pastel suit outfit
    **Note: You get a page telling opening the first Reni Wassulmaier mission
            and then one from Lance telling you to get back to his place.**
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          2. Blitzkrieg					[LVBK]
             Difficulty: 3/10
    Location: Ocean Beach, Lance's house -- "L" on map
    This is an Empire defense made easier in that all enemies arrive on foot except
    for a single carload.  Add to it that your gang and Lance actually do a decent
    job in dispatching attackers.  There is a Health meter for Lance; if he dies,
    you fail.  That should not be an issue.  Pull out your assault rifle (or M249),
    hold R1 and cycle through enemies.  You cannot aim at your gang members or
    Lance, so don't worry about that.  Lance can get in the path of your fire.  To
    avoid this, stand in the middle of the street.
    Reward: $500
    **Note: One of the Mendezes pages you requesting a meeting.**
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       B. Reni Wassulmaier I				[RWMI]
          1. Accidents Will Happen				[RWAW]
             Difficulty: 4/10
    Location: Prawn Island, InterGlobal Films -- "R" on map
    Drive fast, but pay attention to the radar to know where the turns are.  It is
    timed, and you get 10 sec for each checkpoint.  Time should not be an issue at
    all.  You wind around Vice Point going through the plaza south of the North
    Point Mall, head through the island on which your safe house is located, and
    then speed through Washington Beach into Ocean Beach.  The game warns you of the
    last checkpoint, which you must hit relatively straight and as fast as you can
    to make the jump.
    More of a concern than the time limit is the Action meter.  As a rule, swerve
    out of your way, if necessary, to hit the stunt cars.  Hitting almost every one
    in your path keeps the meter full.
    Reward: $850
            Pastel suit outfit
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       C. Odd Jobs IV					[OJIV]
          1. Crash!						[OJCR]
             Difficulty: 5/10
    Location: Prawn Island, Coach parked in SW of InterGlobal Films
    Objective: Cause $2000 worth of destruction in 3:00
    * It is more difficult to flip vehicles in the Coach than in the Linerunner.
      Biker Dismount awards become even more important.
    * Be careful with head-on or straight from the rear collisions.  The Coach has a
      tendency to launch into the air, so come in from a slight angle whenever
    * Use the roads around Downtown which have wide turns allowing you to keep some
    ** If there is decent traffic density, it is likely you will cause $2000+ worth
       of havoc far under 3:00.  Once you do that, just drive around.  If the Coach
       explodes before time expires, even with your score, you fail.  The Coach is
       much less durable than the Linerunner and cannot survive 3 min. of psychotic
       driving in heavy traffic.
     Spin - $10 for every multiple of 90 deg of spin-out
     (Notes: You can get only 1 spin score per vehicle.  Also, if the car starts
             driving on its own in the same circular direction, you get credit for
             that 'extra' spinning.)
     Biker Dismount - $50
     High Flier (make a car airborne) -- multiples of $10 (for height?)
     Flip Car - $150
     Flip Car is Destroyed - $300 (non-additive with Flip Car)
     Reward Multiplier - "check" multiple vehicles into each other
    Reward: $1000
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       D. Armando and Diego Mendez				[MEND]
          1. The Mugshot Longshot				[MBTM]
             Difficulty: 6/10
    Location: N Prawn Island
    You must take a picture of your targets at the Washington Beach police station
    and marina, respectively, from an indicated location.  In between, you must tail
    them without being noticed (i.e., following too closely).  Zoom in as much as
    you can or else the picture will not count.  You are given about 1 in-game hour
    before you are spotted and fail the mission.
    You now have a 4-star wanted level.  You can steal the VCPD Cheetah at the
    marina, but its endurance is no better than a normal Cheetah.  Drive nearby to
    Lance's house.  Use the oceanfront sidewalk.  Then, speed your way through Ocean
    Beach to the OB-VP Bridge and then north up Bayshore Ave.  With 4 stars, the
    police make the trip very difficult, especially with roadblocks consisting of
    Enforcers.  Hitting them repeatedly alone would hurt your vehicle, but as they
    are shooting at you with SMG's, the damage is multiplied.  Make it to the Print
    Works in Little Haiti to complete the mission.
    Reward: the chance to live another day
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          2. Hostile Takeover				[MBHT]
             Difficulty: 4/10 (5 or 6/10 if you get 3+ star wanted level)
    Location: N Prawn Island
    Go to the last unconquered Empire Building, and kill all the indicated Bikers.
    Use your M249.  Some come from the beach, so pay attention to your radar.  Then,
    after the cutscene auto-aim on the Bikers as they ride away.  The M249's
    significant range means that you will probably get most of them before they ride
    away.  Steal one of the Biker Angels and chase the rest down as they drive
    around Vice Point.
    The only key is trying to minimize your wanted level.  There is the police bribe
    along the south of the North Point Mall, if you need it.
    Rewards: $1000
             Empire Building location
    **Note: Lance urgently pages you yet again to open his next mission.**
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          3. Unfriendly Competition				[MBUC]
             Difficulty: 7/10
    Location: N Prawn Island
    Drive over to the house in Vice Point.  Get out on the street, and kill the
    dealer and his bodyguards.  Use your assault rifle or M249.
    When you reach the hotel, you walk into an ambush--of bikini-clad girls with
    assault rifles, shotguns, and SMG's.  Use the M249, hold R1 and cycle through
    targets frantically.  They come from all directions and will probably get all of
    your armor and a good chunk of your life as well.  When you are done, run
    across to the beach and jump on the Quad Back.  Get along the target, and do a
    If you kill the dealer before his rider, he dies like a normal character.  If
    you kill her first, for instance, by strafing forwards as you chase them, the
    dealer starts throwing grenades.  Drive alongside him, and do a drive-by until
    he's dead.  It takes longer than a normal quad/motorcycle rider, but with the
    SMG it should still be quick.
    Rewards: $1300
             Quad available for sale behind Standing Vice Point Hotel - $3000
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          4. High Wire					[MBHW]
             Difficulty: 7/10 (harder if you can't fly a helicopter well)
    Location: N Prawn Island
    Drive to the Junkyard, and then fly to the CAFI lot.  Hover directly over the
    crate, and lower the helicopter down until the magnet catches it.  The space is
    very tight--the helicopter could not get down there in real life.  However, if
    you can get the crate quickly, then the Maverick will not sustain significant
    damage.  Fly it to the drop-off point north of the VIP terminal.
    The second crate is on a truck.  Aim your helicopter for about your 101 Bayshore
    Ave safe house, and you'll meet the truck there.  Fly low and quick.  You do not
    have much time as the Little Havana police station is not far up the road.  Try
    coming from behind the truck dragging the magnet across the top of the truck/
    crate.  Press L3 if you are going to overshoot.  Watch for lamp- and signposts.
    Fly the crate back to the VIP Terminal.
    This is where it gets really difficult.  You must pick up Diego Mendez in order
    to save him from a hit squad.  A Damage meter appears on screen representing
    Diego's life.  Fly hard and fast over to Ocean Beach/Washington Beach.  Use the
    map often to identity precisely where Diego is as he will be driving very fast
    around the southern half of the East Island.  Use the same technique used to
    obtain the second crate.  After the pick up, just take Mendez to the indicated
    Reward: $1500
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       E. Lance Vance VI					[LVVI]
          1. Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out			[LVTI]
             Difficulty: 7/10
    Location: Ocean Beach, Lance's house -- "L" on map
    Take Lance's Infernus and go just north to the Ammu-Nation where you get a free
    rocket launcher.  Buy another just to be safe.  There is a meter on your screen
    that marks how much evidence the feds have on you.  It goes up slowly, but you
    need that time!  Get up onto the roof of the Washington Beach police station
    and take out the two transmitters.  You get a wanted level star per antenna
    Steal the VCPD Maverick and fly to the roof of the Little Havana police station
    where there are two more to destroy.  Destroy any helicopters pursuing you
    before taking off.  Fly to Downtown and land on the tall building immediately
    south of the station.  Destroy the transmitters and any new helicopters chasing
    you.  You will have a 5-star wanted level.
    Now, fly around Vice City collecting police bribes.  The easiest ones that I
    know of are (1) just north of the police station on the west side of the
    skyscraper with the holes in it, (2) by the crane's base in the Moist Palms
    construction site, and (3) over the jump in Escobar International (the first
    jump you hit in "Jive Drive," the first mission with Lance).  Then, land on the
    roof of the Clymenus Suite safe house.  Go inside and change clothes.
    Theoretically, you can fly to 2 more police bribes.  ZOLTRIX has made a complete
    map available online at...
    Reward: $300
    **Note: Reni pages you opening up your next line of missions.**
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       F. Reni Wassulmaier II				[RWII]
          1. The Colonel's Coke				[RWCC]
             Difficulty: 6/10
    Location: Prawn Island, InterGlobal Films Studio -- "R" on map
    After reaching the meeting place in SE Downtown, take the SeaSparrow and follow
    Gonzalez's boat.  You must protect it from innumerable boats (and 1 helicopter)
    that come after it on your journey to S Viceport.  You have gunmen sitting on
    the outside of your aircraft, but you also have forward facing guns yourself
    (press O to fire).  These take out enemies very quickly.  Fly low behind the
    boat and quickly destroy any boats that approach.  Periodically, turn around and
    attack the boats adding the SeaSparrow's cannons to your gunmen's fire.  The
    goal is to destroy the boats as far away from Gonzalez's boat as possible.
    About 3/4 of the way to Viceport, an enemy helicopter appears with its own
    Health meter on screen.  Just get on an even altitude (use the radar and/or
    sight), and blow it away with your cannons.  It won't take much.  After the
    helicopter, it is just a few more boats.
    Reward: $850
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          2. Kill Phil					[RWKP]
             Difficulty: 3/10 
    Location: Prawn Island, InterGlobal Films Studio -- "R" on map
    After picking-up the bullet-proof limo and getting to the meeting place, which
    is the park next door to the Clymenus Suite safe house, kill the ambushers.
    Use the limo's bullet-proofness to your advantage, and stand behind it for
    Drive your special guest to his hotel in Ocean Beach.  A large number of cars
    will try to ram you or are blocking the road.  They shouldn't be a problem.  The
    car is bullet-proof, not damage-proof, so don't drive too maniacally.
    Rewards: $1000
             Bullet-proof Stretch available at Sunshine Autos - $3000
    **Note: Gonzalez opens up for a mission in N Leaf Links.**
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          3. Say Cheese					[RWSC]
             Difficulty: 2/10
    Location: Prawn Island, InterGlobal Films Studio -- "R" on map
    You get 15 sec once you pass through the first marker on the Jetski and 5 sec
    for each checkpoint you collect.  You do not need to go full speed through the
    channels around Leaf Links.  Also, make sure you hit the jumps straight on.  If
    you strand yourself on land, press /\.  The game will respawn you a couple
    checkpoints back in the water.  Go easy on the 1st and 3rd jumps.
    After the 3rd jump, hop on the waiting PCJ-600.  The course is simple.  Just
    avoid getting knocked off your bike by hitting (or getting hit by) traffic.
    Reward: $850
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
       G. Odd Jobs V					[ODJV]
          1. Watersports					[ODWS]
             Difficulty: 2.5/10
    Location: Prawn Island, Jetski docked on west side of InterGlobal Films Studio
    Objective: Complete a series of checkpoint races each with 3 laps in the
               waterways between the main islands under the set time
    Strategy: The time limits are pretty generous, especially for the earlier
                trials.  If you 'spin out' or hit and embankment, get back on track.
                You will probably still finish well under the time.
              Push forward on the LAS if your nose pushes up to high.
              Aim to hit the ramps straight.  If your axis is wrong in the air after
                a jump, release the gas button.  Hit X once the Jetski is stably
                back on the water.
              The difficulty increases significantly during storms as making fine
                directional adjustments is precluded whilst mid-air wave hopping.
    Trials -- Time to Beat:
       1 -- 2:45              5 -- 3:45
       2 -- 3:30              6 -- 6:30
       3 -- 3:20              7 -- 5:00
       4 -- 2:45              8 -- 6:30
    Rewards: $2500 for completing all courses
             Wet Suit outfit
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       H. Gonzales I					[GZLI]
          1. Home's on the Range				[GZHO]
             Difficulty: 1/10 
    Location: N Leaf Links -- "G" on map
    Follow the on-screen directions.  Stop the marker in the green in both the power
    and accuracy zones to hit the buoy.
    Reward: $1000
    **Note: Lance has another mission from his home in Ocean Beach.  Gonzalez moves
            to the hotel in Vice Point across from N Leaf Links.**
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       I. Odd Jobs VI					[OJVI]
          1. Swinger's Club					[ODSC]
             Difficulty: 1/10
    Location: N Leaf Links, driving range
    Objective: Score over 500 points in 5 shots
    * The mechanics work exactly like "Home's on the Range," except that the marker
      moves faster, especially on the accuracy stroke.
    * Scoring- 1 point for every whole meter hit
               50 points bonus for hitting buoy
    Reward: $1000
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       J. Gonzales II					[GZII]
          1. Purple Haze					[GZPH]
             Difficulty: 3/10
    Location: W Vice Point -- "G" on map
    Grab the van with the merchandise and drive the short way to where the exchange
    is to take place.  After the cutscene, wobble over to the phone booth.  Steal
    a car and drive over to Starfish Island.  You have 4 in-game hours.  Your
    reflexes are off, so I recommend your drive by interspersing 2-3 sec depressions
    of the accelerator with course corrections.
    Get to the house, and kill all the gang members there.  Thankfully, your auto-
    aim isn't effected.  The sheer quantity of the killing gets you a 2-star wanted
    level.  Get in the van and drive it back to where you picked it up in N Ocean
    Beach.  The police are neither at their most numerous or aggressive levels as
    compared to an average 2-star wanted level chase.
    Reward: $1000
    **Note: Reni has another mission for you.**
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       K. Lance Vance VII					[VVII]
          1. Taking the Fall				[LVTT]
             Difficulty: 4/10
    Location: Ocean Beach, Lance's house -- "L" on map
    Part 1: Fly the helicopter over to Starfish Island.  There is a Damage meter for
      the helicopter, but that should not be an issue.  The Bikers are proceeding
      initially at a crawl.  Fly low (treetop level) and in front of them.
      Hover and let Lance gun down the Bikers.  Use the minimum tilt so that the
      Balance meter is above zero as much as possible.  The Bikers take off.  Fly
      ahead of them, and hover again until Lance picks them off.  You should not
      have to repeat this process, but do so until all of the Bikers are dead.
      There are more Bikers on the foreman's trailer in the north part of the Moist
      Palms construction site and 1 more on the scaffolding.  The last 2 are on top
      of the hotel.  Lance will take 1 down activating a cutscene.
    Part 2: Take out your assault or sniper rifle.  Kill all gang members inside the
      construction site.  Take them out from a distance so that their AK47 and SMG
      fire does not decimate your health/armor.  Run up the scaffolding taking out
      the guard on top.  Once you enter the building, there are half a dozen more
      waiting for you.  Eliminate them, and run towards the blue dot on your radar
      (Lance) to finish the mission.
    Reward: $300
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          2. White Lies					[LVWL]
             Difficulty: 7/10 (less if you handle Bovver '64 well)
    Location: Ocean Beach, Lance's house -- "L" on map
    Lance flies around the lighthouse area dropping cocaine.  They disappear after
    about 5 sec, so you must collect them quickly.  I recommend only tapping X to
    maintain a slow, steady speed.  Be careful at the land/sea transitions,and look
    for more gradual inclines you can use to go between the two surfaces.  Collect
    appr. 20 packages to fill the meter on your screen.  You can miss about 6
    packages before failing.
    Rewards: $1500
             Bovver '64 available for purchase at the Clymenus Suite - $4500
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          3. Where It Hurts Most				[LVWI]
             Difficulty: 2.5/10
    Location: Ocean Beach, Lance's house -- "L" on map
    Get to the King Knuts in Little Haiti.  Kill the pastel-wearing cowboys and
    speed up to Downtown.  A Health meter for Louise appears on-screen.  You have
    about 4.5 in-game hours to find which of the 3 cars she's in and get her to the
    Downtown hospital.  Just work your way north.  Each car is parked in one of
    Downtown's inner plazas/alleyways.  The way to each car is blocked by 1-2
    Bobcats and some armed guards.  Muscle through.  When you approach the car, the
    game will tell you if it is the right one or not.  The first car you get to
    never will be the right one; even money on cars 2 and 3.  Get in the Sentinel XS
    and drive her to the hospital.
    Reward: $500
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       L. Reni Wassulmaier III				[RIII]
          1. Kill Phil: Part 2				[RWII]
             Difficulty: 5/10 (for the tight time limit)
    Location: Prawn Island, InterGlobal Films Studio
    You are given just over 5 in-game hours.  Get over to Hyman Memorial Stadium and
    its main entrance on the upper tier of its front stairs.  (GTA:VC veterans know
    this spot for the arena missions.)  Kill the guy at the entrance, and SPRINT to
    each of the 5 locations.  Kill everyone at each one.  The 3rd location is the
    main stage.  Walk through here as the easiest path through is by going across
    the stage.  At the 4th location, you pick up a keycard.  Back track to the
    corona.  The final location has many more hit men.  Kill them all before the
    Reward: $1500
    **Note: Reni has set you up with Ricardo Diaz for your next mission.**
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       M. Ricardo Diaz I					[RCDI]
          1. Steal the Deal					[RDST]
             Difficulty: 4/10
    Location: Starfish Island, Diaz mansion -- "D" on map
    Take Lance to the Pole Position Club in Ocean Beach.  Tail the goon when he
    emerges.  His destination are the docks across the street from the fairground.
    Leave Lance in the car and hop on the Jetski (leaving Lance behind).  The goon
    actually uses the Jetski's full speed capabilities one you get to open water, so
    keep up.  The destination is the homes-at-sea off SW Ocean Beach.
    After the cutscene that shows you the boat you must steal, hit /\ to dismount
    the Jetski.  Then hit [] once you're in the water.  You'll be standing on top
    of the Jetski.  Pull out your sniper rifle, and take car of the gunmen in the
    boats--and the drivers for good measure.  (A few shots with the laser-scoped
    rifle will actually destroy the boat.)  Move closer and take out the on-deck
    sentries.  The scope has little arrows pointing you in the right direction.
    There are 5, of which I recommend that you get at least 3 from out at sea.
    Drive up to the docks, hop onto them, and kill the remaining sentries (if you
    left any).
    Steal the boat and carefully navigate it out to open sea.  Once you are clear,
    gun it to the docks behind Diaz's mansion.  New enemy boats spawn, but you'll
    leave them rocking in your wake.
    Reward: $1500
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          2. The Exchange					[RDTE]
             Difficulty: 5/10
    Location: Starfish Island, Diaz mansion -- "D" on map
    Take the van to the parking lot behind Lance's old hotel in Downtown.  Take the
    provided sniper rifle pick up, and kill all of the snipers within the time limit
    (appr. 2 in-game hours).  Work in a single semi-circle using the small red 
    arrow in your scope direct you to the next sniper.  Half the snipers crouch
    behind walls and stand periodically to shoot at you.  Aim for their heads, if
    showing, but be prepared to hit them the moment they emerge from hiding.
    When successful, get in the Flatbed.  The Flatbed handles very well despite its
    size.  Speed back to Starfish Island.  Rival gang members will try to crash into
    you and will strafe you.  Go as fast as you can and do handbrake turns.  Towards
    Starfish Island, your enemies will have their cars blocking the road and will be
    outside shooting at you.  Use the sidewalks to get around them.  Their gunfire
    will start to take a toll on the Flatbed, but as long as you drive fast and
    avoid traffic collisions as much as possible, the Flatbed will survive.  Once
    your on Starfish Island, no one bothers you.
    Reward: $1750
    **Note: Gonzalez sends you a message with an amelioratory, even begging, tone.**
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       N. Gonzales III					[GIII]
          1. Farewell to Arms				[GZFT]
             Difficulty: 3-6/10 (depending upon your aim)
    Location: Starfish Island, Diaz mansion -- "G" on map
    This time, you are the gunmen in the helicopter with a minigun with unlimited
    ammo.  A second or two of sustained fire destroys a vehicle.  Use the small
    arrows in your reticule to direct your gaze/aim.  The first is off the semi-
    circular road of Starfish Island and the rest come as the truck reaches Bayshore
    Ave.  Your view is often obscured by foliage, and the scope's aiming arrows and
    the large indicator arrows are your keys to destroying the trucks.
    After the truck reaches Escobar International, you must help guard the
    entrances.  Be sure to keep your fire away from your allies.  You start at the
    southeast entrance, move to the north entrance, and then back again.  In the 2nd
    round of defense of the southeast entrance, the Sharks get out of the vehicles
    very quickly if you don't destroy them immediately.  You must gun down the
    When that is done, you must defend Gonzalez's plane from 4 Sharks vehicles as
    it tries to take off.  There is a Health meter for the plane, but you can do
    more damage to it that the Sharks will.  Aim for the front-runners of the Sharks
    convoy and allow the plane to take off.
    Reward: $2500
    **Note: The Mendez Brothers want to see you again.**
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       O. Armando and Diego Mendez II				[MBII]
          1. Burning Bridges				[MBBB]
             Difficulty: 3/10
    Location: N Prawn Island -- "M" on map
    The game removes your weapons at the start of this mission.  When you regain
    control, run up the nearby ramp and grab the pistol.  It is timed, but time
    should not be an issue if you know the route to take.  Jump through the corona
    and kill the henchmen who come at you.  Grab their micro-SMG's and make your way
    clockwise around the fuel storage tower.  From hereon kill only those henchmen
    who are in your path.  On the opposite of this tower is the first valve.  (Aim
    manually to shoot it out.)  Turn around and curve clockwise again around to the
    second valve.  Facing this valve, there is someone with a sniper rifle at your
    2 o'clock standing on a raised concrete platform.  The final valve is on the
    other side of that platform.  Then, get on the PCJ-600, grab Lance, and gun it
    to the corona straight ahead.  The Pressure meter starts increasing by leaps
    once you destroy the last valve that will fatally punish delay.
    IMPORTANT: You can retrieve some of your weapons--all but the Equalizer and SMG.
    From where you spawn, turn around and wrap around the building picking them up
    with no loss of ammunition in for the assault, sniper, and heavy artillery
    Reward: losing your substantial SMG ammunition cache
    **Note: Go to Lance's house in Ocean Beach for the next mission in the story.**
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       P. Lance Vance VIII					[VIIX]
          1. Blitzkrieg Strike Again			[LVBS]
             Difficulty: 4.5/10
    Location: Ocean Beach, Lance's house -- "L" on map
    You have 8:00 to defend 3 of your Empire Buildings as in the previous Lance
    mission "Blitzkrieg;" hence the name of this mission.  If you own all of the
    Empire businesses, then the three attacked are in Ocean Beach.  The time limit
    is more than enough.  Use the M4 (mostly for its range) and run back and forth
    taking out the attackers.  They more or less come in waves alternating from
    either direction.  Lance has a Health meter, but the M4 should make that a
    non-issue, as long as you don't shoot him.  Each location has 1-2 cars of
    reinforcements that come after you kill all the foot soldiers.
    Reward: $700
    **Note: Reni and Diaz open for more missions.**
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          2. Lost & Found					[LVLA]
             Difficulty: 5/10
    Location: Ocean Beach, Lance's house -- "L" on map
    After getting up to the Downtown hospital, get into the Air Ambulance and fly
    almost directly east to where Lance is.  When you put down on the roof, just be
    careful that you avoid the flames, which should not be a problem.  If you fly at
    a decent speed you will make it there under the time limit easily.
    The second part is almost exactly like Part I of "Taking the Fall."  The boats
    are headed counter-clockwise around Vice City.  Fly slightly ahead and hover
    letting Lance kill the goons.  Keep about at Lance's maximum range or else the
    fire from the boats will fill your Damage meter in a few seconds (literally).
    The right height to avoid gun fire is just low enough such that the game loads
    the images of your enemies rather than just the indicator arrows (and perhaps a
    little lower).  Save the Tropic for last.  It takes Lance a while to kill all
    the gunmen of a boat this way, but you'll survive more assuredly.  Once everyone
    is dead, in essence try to land on the Tropic.
    Finally, fly to Louise's sister's apartment on Bayshore Ave in Little Havana.
    The game put the landing corona in the middle of the nearby intersection for
    your convenience.
    Reward: $1500
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       Q. Reni Wassulmaier IV				[RWIV]
          1. So Long Schlong				[RWSL]
             Difficulty: 6/10
    Location: Prawn Island, InterGlobal Films Studio -- "R" on map
    Stand in the gap between the building most of the Reni missions have started at
    and InterGlobal's east wall.  Press R3 to look behind you.  Kill everyone who
    enters.  Keep an eye on the radar to make sure no one slipped by.  If they do,
    they pause in the middle of the lot before moving deeper into the studios.
    After Reni's page, grab the Deluxo and speed down to S Vice Point.  The
    entrances to the courtyard Reni has been corned are on the east and west sides
    of the block in which you see the blue dot marker on your map/radar.
    Finally, make your way down to the Ocean Beach hospital.  More hit men will come
    at you from the other way.  On the first couple passes by the spawning vehicles,
    they shouldn't have time due to your velocity to do more than predictably shoot
    out at least one of your tires.  Avoid being rammed head on or the victim of a
    P.I.T. maneuver, and you'll be fine.
    Reward: $1000
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       R. Ricardo Diaz II					[RDII]
          1. Domo Arigato Domestoboto			[RDDA]
             Difficulty: 2/10
    Location: Starfish Island, Diaz mansion -- "D" on map
    This mission is almost solely about your intellectual powers, which I cannot
    help you.  (No, I won't just give you the code.)  Take control of the Domestobot
    after getting into the Boxville.  The Mendez house has 3 floors, including a
    basement.  Equip the sensor arm, and drive around until you find the safe--the
    higher the frequency at which it beeps, the closer you are to the safe.  The
    access to the basement, in which you will discover the safe, is through the
    storage room.  This room is next to the 1st floor bathroom (look for the
    international bathroom signs on a door).
    Interrupting this system of wild guessing mixed with logical deductions as to
    the next move, Armando Mendez will order you to complete various tasks.  Go back
    upstairs equipping the correct arm.  Either run over the rubbage to clean it up
    (with the brush equipped) or drive into the coronas to pick up an item and
    deliver it (with the claw equipped).  You have a 2 min. limit for each task.
    When you reach the site, you are given 20 tries to uncover the code.  It's a
    logic puzzle.  I will give you a strategy in case you cannot do it yourself.  I
    guarantee that this method, if you use a little bit of extra logic on your own,
    will get you the code well under the limit.  (IF you are having problems, I give
    spoiler-sized hints below.)
    **Keep track of every code you enter so that you do not repeat wrong numbers in
      a position or forget the right ones that you changed.**
      1. Enter any random code, and check the results.  Hopefully the lights are not
         all red.  Keep track of the colors of the lights and their pattern after
         each entry.
      2. Change only the 1st number and press X.  Take the following actions if one
         of the following changes in a single indicator light occurs after a guess.
         a. RED --> GREEN.  Move on to step 3.
         b. TURQUOISE --> GREEN.  Record what the digit was before the change to try
                      first when you're on the other slots.  Then move on to step 3.
         c. RED --> RED (no change).  Repeat step 2.
         d. TURQUOISE --> RED.  Record what the number was before the change to try
                      first when you're on the other slots.  Then, repeat step 2.
         e. GREEN --> RED.  Change the number back to what it was, and move on to
                      step 3.  (Don't hit X and waste a turn until after you do step
         f. GREEN --> TURQUOISE.  Record this digit to be among the 1st you try in
                      the other locations.  Then, change the number back to what it
                      was in your first guess, and move on to step 3.  (Don't hit X
                      and waste a turn until after you do step 3.)
         g. RED --> TURQUOISE.  Record the number to try first when you move onto
                      the other 3 digits in the code.  Then, repeat step 2.
         h. TURQUOISE --> TURQUOISE (no change).  Record both digits to guess first
                      in the remaining 3 locations.  (Theoretically, this can happen
                      twice.  Then, you will know what digits belong in the other
                      slots, although not their order.)  Then, repeat step 2.
       3. Once an indicator turns GREEN for your focus on the 1st slot (or
          possibility e or f occurs), move on to the 2nd digit.  Guess any digits
          guessing the 1st digit that caused the indicator circle you were watching
          to become TURQUOISE first, if indeed any digits did so for you.  Continue
          trying digits until you get the 2nd digit.  Follow directions a-h as
       4. Repeat step 3 for the 3rd digit in the code guessing numbers you know from
          deducing the previous 2 digits to have produced a TURQUOISE indicator.
          Follow directions a-h as necessary.
       5. Again, repeat step 3 but this time for the final digit of the code.
    After opening the safe, arm the lighter and drive into the corona to complete
    the mission.
    Reward: $2000
                         !!!BEWARE READING BELOW!!!
    First, do not repeat any number that you know produces a red indicator light
    when attempting to deduce the other digits of the code.
    Second, no digits repeat in the code.
                        !!!IT IS SAFE TO READ NOW!!!
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       S. Reni Wassulmaier V				[RWMV]
          1. In the Air Tonight				[RWIT]
             Difficulty: 2/10
    Location: Ocean Beach, hospital -- "R" on map
    Swing by Escobar International on the way to Hyman Memorial.  You leave your
    weapons at the door.  You must run around the light rigging prevent saboteurs
    from damaging it.  Run quickly over to them and beat them to death.  Return to
    the center of the rigging after each one to be shortest average distance to each
    corner.  After the first couple saboteurs, a buddy comes along to keep you busy.
    Hold R1 and tap O repeatedly to pound him quickly.
    During the concert, you suddenly are returned to your view of the light rigging.
    The saboteurs are working much faster and the buddies are on you almost
    immediately.  Try to get to the saboteur before he files through the cable.
    Rewards: $3000
             Access to the Phil Collins concert available on Hyman Memorial 
              Stadium's front steps - $6000
    **Note: Louise texts you, and this leads you to your next mission with Lance.**
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       T. Lance Vance IX					[LVIX]
          1. Light My Pyre					[LVLM]
             Difficulty: 8/10
    Location: Ocean Beach, Lance's house -- "L" on map
    A Health meter appears on screen for Lance, and this will decrease quickly if
    you do not take out his attackers quickly.
    Steal a car and catch up with Lance as quickly as possible.  If possible, steal
    a bike, even if it means killing a cop for his VCPD WinterGreen.  Do a drive-by
    on the enemy cars near Lance.  It is best to use your car to veer them off
    course all the while shooting non-stop.  Lance's Biker Angel will push you out
    of the way like you 'weighed' nothing, so avoid him.  Be careful not to shoot
    him, as well.  Try to avoid angering the police any more than a 2-star wanted
    level maximum.  If you are in a car, chances are that enemy gunfire will destroy
    it.  Steal another car and do your best to catch up with Lance.  Lance must make
    the bridge to Prawn Island for you to pass this part of the mission.
    Once in Prawn Island, get out of your vehicle at the base of the semi-circular
    road.  Walk up the road auto-aiming and killing whomever you
    can see.  Be sure to kill those wielding AK47's that spawn along the road to
    your right as you face the house.  (If you move quicky, only one will appear.)
    Chuck Molotovs (or grenades) over the wall to kill those the game has stuck
    trying to run through the wall.  (They can still shoot you somehow.) Once in the
    driveway, take a wide arc counter-clockwise around the inner wall.  Keep tapping
    R1 to target henchmen blocked by the foliage.  New henchmen will continuously
    spawn all around you, so get inside quickly.
    Once inside, it is you versus a guy with a flamethrower.  You're fireproof.
    Simple as that.
    Reward: $2500
    **Note: Diaz reopens for missions to continue your vendetta.**
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       U. Ricardo Diaz III					[DIII]
          1. Over the Top					[RDOT]
             Difficulty: 5/10
    Location: Starfish Island, Diaz mansion -- "D" on map
    Drive towards Phil's Depot in Viceport.  There is an ambush waiting for you that
    will tear Diaz's Cheetah up quickly.  Once you get past it, get out of your car
    and use your M4 to destroy the car.  Either get in the Cheetah or steal a new
    car and get back on the road to Phil's place.
    Then, take Phil to Fort Baxter.  Run over to the corona and leap over the base
    walls.  Run against the wall counter-clockwise except where a spotlight is
    there.  Even if you are spotted, keep running along the wall.  Cut over and get
    into the admin building.  There are 2 guards on your way to the control room.
    You have 3:00 to get to the helicopter before the soldiers get them off the
    ground.  Run right across the courtyard and leap over the barricades.  (If you
    are having trouble with hitting the jump just right, try it along the edges of
    the wall of barricades.)  Land on the helipad on Diaz's mansion.
    Reward: $3000
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          2. Last Stand					[RDLS]
    Location: Starfish Island, Diaz mansion -- "D" on map
    You target is the penthouse of the building across the plaza from Hyman Memorial
    Stadium.  Hover around it and send rockets (press O) in through the windows.
    Complete arcs around the north, east, and south sides of the building shooting
    into the windows.  Don't let the Hunter get severely damaged.  After the
    cutscene, you land on a roof where there is armor, AK47 pick up (M4 ammo), and
    a rocket launcher.  Get them and head inside.
    Slowly make your way around the corners.  You want to limit the number of thugs
    with a shot on you to 1-2 at a time.  Clear the floor, and head downstairs.
    Clear the floor with the same technique.  You must go back upstairs via a
    different stairwell.  In the first room you are in on the upstairs, take out the
    guards.  Arm the rocket launcher and hit the helicopter at least once.  As you
    kill the guards in the 2nd room, you start a pattern of killing 2 guards coming
    from the room you just left, taking cover from the helicopter (There's a median
    wall right by the door), and then getting a 3-5 sec window to shoot another
    rocket at the helicopter.  Fill up its Damage meter.  (An armor pick up spawns
    before AND after this process on this level.)
    When you are on the roof, you have two people with armor attacking you with
    M4's.  Run around the roof access door so that only one has you in his line of
    sight.  Pump a couple rounds of ammunition into him.  Then do likewise with the
    Rewards: Winner's outfit
             Video Memoirs (ability to rewatch all cut scenes)
    If you never finished the Vigilante mission through Level
    15, the Hunter is now available in Escobar International
    parked near the north end of the SW-NE running runway.
    Cancel out of the non-required side mission to open the
    Hunter to use in the Vigilante R3 mission.
    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
       V. Extra Missions or Activities			[XMIS]
          1. Skywolf					[XSKY]
             Difficulty: 7-9/10 (depending upon yout Hunter piloting skills)
    Location: Escobar International Airport, Hunter parked inside the main tarmac
              where the road forks towards the north and southeast entrances,
    Objective: Pass through the checkpoints while destroy all targets in under 4:00
    * Fly through the 2 checkpoints over Fort Baxter and the bay north of it.  There
    are 2 parked trucks to destroy behind the Compound.
    * After those and another pair of checkpoints, there are 3 trucks parked behind
      the Junkyard and 2 boats circling in the bay.
    * Another checkpoint and 4 trucks parked in the field adjacent to Fort Baxter
      and a helicopter very slow traversing the Fort Baxter area become your
      targets.  Fly to the final over Fort Baxter to finish the mission.
    Reward: $500
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          2. Good Citizen Bonus				[XGCB]
    This is not a real mission of any sort either, but it is another activity in the
    game.  It is a carryover from GTA:VC.  If you see a person running with a cop
    chasing, hit him.  You get $50 for knocking him down and up to $100 more for
    hitting the crook while he's down.
    You can do this anywhere.
          --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --  ---  --
          3. Stealth Killing				[XSKL]
    With only your firsts (or brass knuckles) armed, lock onto somebody with R1 from
    behind.  Press [] when nearby.  Vic puts the person in a sleeper hold.  Press[]
    again to watch Vic snap the person's neck.  Not a mission but certainly a fun
    new addition to GTA's sadistic cache of massacre implements and techniques.
    VIII. Sources and Thank You's				[CITE]
    I used a dynamic combination of the other work people--mostly PSP players--have
    put into the guides and maps for GTA:VCS.  I hope that my work complements
    theirs as a synthesis of their work into a strategy for most easily and
    thoroughly getting 100% completion in GTA:VCS.
    1. I used two walkthrough guides in my quest to find all Side Missions.
       a. Forelli_Boy's "The UniGuide to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories:
          version TWO"
       b. FFADDICT01's "GTA:VCS Side Mission Guide"
    2. I liberally used the specific guides for the Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound
       lists, the red balloons, and Rampages.
       a. PS2Marinerfan's "Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound Vehicle Guide"
       b. YuGiOhFm2002's and YuGiOhAngel's "Rampage Icons Directional Guide"
       c. YuGiOhFm2002's and YuGiOhAngel's "Red Balloon Directional Guide"
    3. The careful maps produced were vital to this guide being referenced
       a. Stinky McPeterson's (and Spartan95135's) "99 Red Ballon Map"
       b. ZOLTRIX's "Health/Armor/Police Bribe Map"
       c. Stinky McPeterson's "Items Map"
       d. dark52's "Rampage Map"
       e. GTA_Phreak's "Unique Stunt Jump Map"
       f. falk aspargs' "Unique Jumps Map" (for PSP)
    4. I also wish to cite GameSpot.com's GTA:VCS guide, whose explanation of the
       process of Empire Building I used in learning how it works.
       <http://www.gamespot.com/features/6161809/index.html>, specifically the
       page <http://www.gamespot.com/features/6161809/p-20.html>.
    5. I wish to thank those whose guides for the other 4 games of the GTA series
       have inspired and instructed me.  They receive credit as much as those whom
       I humbly credit above.
       a. for Grand Theft Auto III---Morgan Bennet's walkthrough
       b. for Grant Theft Auto: Vice City---Chase Ansok's "Grand Theft Auto: Vice
          City Full FAQ and Walkthrough"
       c. for Grant Theft Auto: San Andreas---ChiTownBluesFan's "Grand Theft Auto:
          San Andreas 100% Completion and Strategy FAQ/Walkthrough"
       d. for Grant Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories---Brian Taylor's "Grand Theft
          Auto: Liberty City Stories - 100% Completion FAQ"
    IX. FAQ's						[FAQS]
    This is newly posted.  No one can ask anything yet.
    X. Checklist						[LIST]
     [ ] Sgt. Jerry Martinez
          [ ] Soldier                      0.4%
     [ ] Red Balloons                      2.5%
         [ ] 1      [ ] 9       [ ] 17      [ ] 25      [ ] 33      [ ] 41
         [ ] 2      [ ] 10      [ ] 18      [ ] 26      [ ] 34      [ ] 42
         [ ] 3      [ ] 11      [ ] 19      [ ] 27      [ ] 35      [ ] 43
         [ ] 4      [ ] 12      [ ] 20      [ ] 28      [ ] 36      [ ] 44
         [ ] 5      [ ] 13      [ ] 21      [ ] 29      [ ] 37      [ ] 45
         [ ] 6      [ ] 14      [ ] 22      [ ] 30      [ ] 38
         [ ] 7      [ ] 15      [ ] 23      [ ] 31      [ ] 39
         [ ] 8      [ ] 16      [ ] 24      [ ] 32      [ ] 40
     [ ] Unique Jumps                     11.3%
         [ ] 1      [ ] 5       [ ] 9       [ ] 13      [ ] 17      [ ] 21
         [ ] 2      [ ] 6       [ ] 10      [ ] 14      [ ] 18      [ ] 22
         [ ] 3      [ ] 7       [ ] 11      [ ] 15      [ ] 19
         [ ] 4      [ ] 8       [ ] 12      [ ] 16      [ ] 20
     [ ] Fire Fighter                     11.7%
         [ ] Level 5 Checkpoint
         [ ] Level 10 Checkpoint
         [ ] Level 15 Checkpoint
     [ ] Paramedic                        12.1%
         [ ] Level 5 Checkpoint
         [ ] Level 10 Checkpoint
         [ ] Level 15 Checkpoint
     [ ] Rampages                         19.2%
         [ ] 1      [ ] 4       [ ] 7       [ ] 10      [ ] 13      [ ] 16
         [ ] 2      [ ] 5       [ ] 8       [ ] 11      [ ] 14      [ ] 17
         [ ] 3      [ ] 6       [ ] 9       [ ] 12      [ ] 15
     [ ] Taxi Driver                      19.6%
     [ ] Vigilante                        20.0%
          [ ] Level 5 Checkpoint
          [ ] Level 10 Checkpoint
          [ ] Level 15 Checkpoint
     [ ] Playground on the Town           20.4%
     [ ] Playground on the Dock           20.8%
     [ ] Dirt Track Madness
         [ ] BMX Time Trials             24.2%
             [ ] Race 1     [ ] Race 3     [ ] Race 5     [ ] Race 7
             [ ] Race 2     [ ] Race 4     [ ] Race 6     [ ] Race 8
         [ ] Sanchez Time Trial          29.2%
             [ ] Race 1     [ ] Race 4     [ ] Race 7     [ ] Race 10
             [ ] Race 2     [ ] Race 5     [ ] Race 8     [ ] Race 11
             [ ] Race 3     [ ] Race 6     [ ] Race 9     [ ] Race 12
         [ ] Quad Bike Time Trials       30.8
             [ ] Race 1     [ ] Race 2     [ ] Race 3     [ ] Race 4
     [ ] Rush!                            31.3%
     [ ] Sgt. Jerry Martinez
         [ ] Cleaning House               31.7%
         [ ] Conduct Unbecoming           32.1%
     [ ] Phil's Shooting Range            32.5%
     [ ] Phil Cassidy
         [ ] Cholo Victory                32.9%
         [ ] Boomshine Blowout            33.3%
         [ ] Truck Stop                   33.8%
     [ ] Marty J. Williams
         [ ] Shakedown                    34.2%
         [ ] Fear the Repo                34.6%
         [ ] Waking Up the Neighbors      35.0%
         [ ] O, Brothel, Where Art Thou?  35.4%
         [ ] Got Protection?              35.8%
     [ ] Phil Cassidy II
         [ ] Marked Man                   36.3%
     [ ] Louise Cassidy-Williams
         [ ] When Funday Comes            36.7%
     [ ] Turismo - Mainland               38.8%
         [ ] Race 1      [ ] Race 3      [ ] Race 5
         [ ] Race 2      [ ] Race 4
     [ ] Louise Cassidy-Williams
         [ ] Takin' Out the White Trash   39.2%
         [ ] D.I.V.O.R.C.E.               39.6%
         [ ] To Victor, the Spoils        40.0%
     [ ] Empire Building
         [ ] Loan Shark                   40.8%
             [ ] Developing High-Roller   41.3%
         [ ] Pimping                      42.1%
             [ ] Developing High-Roller*  42.5%
         [ ] Extortion                    43.3%
             [ ] Developing High-Roller   43.8%
         [ ] Owning 5+ Empire sites       44.6%
         [ ] Owning 10+ Empire sites      45.0%
     [ ] Lance Vance
         [ ] Jive Drive                   45.4%
     [ ] Umberto Robina
         [ ] Nice Package                 45.8%
         [ ] Balls                        46.3%
         [ ] Papi Don't Screech           46.7%
         [ ] Havana Good Time             47.1%
     [ ] Louise Cassidy-Williams
         [ ] Hose the Hoes                47.5%
         [ ] Robbing the Cradle           47.9%
     [ ] Lance Vance
         [ ] The Audition                 48.3%
     [ ] Bryan Forbes
         [ ] Money for Nothing            48.8%
     [ ] Lance Vance
         [ ] Caught as an Act             49.2%
     [ ] Bryan Forbes
         [ ] Leap and Bound               49.6%
         [ ] The Bum Deal                 50.0%
     [ ] Lance Vance
         [ ] Snitch Hitch                 50.4%
         [ ] From Zero to Hero            50.8%
     [ ] Red Balloons                     53.3%
         [ ] 46     [ ] 55     [ ] 64     [ ] 73     [ ] 82     [ ] 91
         [ ] 47     [ ] 56     [ ] 65     [ ] 74     [ ] 83     [ ] 92
         [ ] 48     [ ] 57     [ ] 66     [ ] 75     [ ] 84     [ ] 93
         [ ] 49     [ ] 58     [ ] 67     [ ] 76     [ ] 85     [ ] 94
         [ ] 50     [ ] 59     [ ] 68     [ ] 77     [ ] 86     [ ] 95
         [ ] 51     [ ] 60     [ ] 69     [ ] 78     [ ] 87     [ ] 96
         [ ] 52     [ ] 61     [ ] 70     [ ] 79     [ ] 88     [ ] 97
         [ ] 53     [ ] 62     [ ] 71     [ ] 80     [ ] 89     [ ] 98
         [ ] 54     [ ] 63     [ ] 72     [ ] 81     [ ] 90     [ ] 99
     [ ] Unique Jumps                     59.6%
         [ ] 23     [ ] 26     [ ] 29     [ ] 32     [ ] 35
         [ ] 24     [ ] 27     [ ] 30     [ ] 33     [ ] 36
         [ ] 25     [ ] 28     [ ] 31     [ ] 34
     [ ] Rampages                         67.5%
         [ ] 18     [ ] 21     [ ] 24     [ ] 27     [ ] 30     [ ] 33
         [ ] 19     [ ] 22     [ ] 25     [ ] 28     [ ] 31     [ ] 34
         [ ] 20     [ ] 23     [ ] 26     [ ] 29     [ ] 32     [ ] 35
     [ ] Air Rescue                       67.9%
         [ ] Level 5 Checkpoint
         [ ] Level 10 Checkpoint
         [ ] Level 15 Checkpoint
     [ ] Human Memorial O.D.T             68.3%
     [ ] Vice Sights                      68.8%
     [ ] Crims on Wings                   69.2%
     [ ] Fire Copter                      69.6%
     [ ] Crims on Water Wings             70.0%
     [ ] Land, Sea and Air Ace            70.4%
     [ ] Haiti Hover Race                 70.8%
     [ ] Harbor Hover Race                71.3%
     [ ] Playground on the Park           71.7%
     [ ] Playground on the Point          72.1%
     [ ] Beach Patrol                     72.5%
     [ ] Mashin' Up the Mall              72.9%
     [ ] Caddy Daddy                      73.3%
     [ ] Turismo                          75.0%
         [ ] Race 6      [ ] Race 7      [ ] Race 8      [ ] Race 9
     [ ] Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound   76.7%
         [ ] List 1      [ ] List 2      [ ] List 3      [ ] Boat List
     [ ] Empire Building**
         [ ] Ownership
             [ ] 15 Empire sites          77.1%
             [ ] 16+ Empire sites         77.9%
             [ ] 21+ Empire sites         78.3%
             [ ] 25+ Empire sites         79.2%
         [ ] Drugs                        80.0%
             [ ] Mission 1      [ ] Mission 3      [ ] Mission 5
             [ ] Mission 2      [ ] Mission 4      [ ] Mission 6
             [ ] Developing High-Roller   80.4%
         [ ] Robbery                      81.3%
             [ ] Mission 1      [ ] Mission 3      [ ] Mission 5
             [ ] Mission 2      [ ] Mission 4      [ ] Mission 6
             [ ] Developing High-Roller   81.7%
         [ ] Smuggling                    82.5%
             [ ] Mission 1      [ ] Mission 3      [ ] Mission 5
             [ ] Mission 2      [ ] Mission 4      [ ] Mission 6
             [ ] Developing High-Roller   82.9%
     [ ] Lance Vance
         [ ] Brawn of the Dead            83.3%
         [ ] Blitzkrieg                   83.8%
     [ ] Reni Wassulmaier
         [ ] Accidents Will Happen        84.2%
     [ ] Crash!                           84.6%
     [ ] Armando and Diego Mendez
         [ ] The Mugshot Longshot         85.0%
         [ ] Hostile Takeover***          85.8%
         [ ] Unfriendly Competition       86.3%
         [ ] High Wire                    86.7%
     [ ] Lance Vance
         [ ] Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out    87.1%
     [ ] Reni Wassulmaier
         [ ] The Colonel's Coke           87.5%
         [ ] Kill Phil                    87.9%
         [ ] Say Cheese                   88.3%
     [ ] Watersports                      91.7%
         [ ] Race 1     [ ] Race 3     [ ] Race 5     [ ] Race 7
         [ ] Race 2     [ ] Race 4     [ ] Race 6     [ ] Race 8
     [ ] Gonzales
         [ ] Home's on the Range          92.1%
     [ ] Swinger's Club                   92.5%
     [ ] Gonzales
         [ ] Purple Haze                  92.9%
     [ ] Lance Vance
         [ ] Taking the Fall              93.3%
         [ ] White Lies                   93.8%
         [ ] Where It Hurts Most          94.2%
     [ ] Reni Wassulmaier
         [ ] Kill Phil: Part 2            94.6%
     [ ] Ricardo Diaz
         [ ] Steal the Deal               95.0%
         [ ] The Exchange                 95.4%
     [ ] Gonzales
         [ ] Farewell to Arms             95.8%
     [ ] Armando and Diego Mendez
         [ ] Burning Bridges              96.3%
     [ ] Lance Vance
         [ ] Blitzkrieg Strike Again      96.7%
         [ ] Lost & Found                 97.1%
     [ ] Reni Wassulmaier
         [ ] So Long Schlong              97.5%
     [ ] Ricardo Diaz
         [ ] Domo Arigato Domestoboto     97.9%
     [ ] Reni Wassulmaier
         [ ] In the Air Tonight           98.3%
     [ ] Lance Vance
         [ ] Light My Pyre                98.8%
     [ ] Ricardo Diaz
         [ ] Over the Top                 99.2%
         [ ] Last Stand                  100.0%
    * To follow this, purchase the For Sale property on Bayshore Ave.  Develop it
      into a High-Roller Prostitution venture.
    ** Your percentage values will differ depending upon (a) if you develop any
       sites to High-Roller immediately and (b) what order you conquer the East
       Island and complete the missions to build your reputation in the newly open
    *** The +0.8% percentage is half for the completion of the mission and half for
        owning the final Empire site.

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