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"Mana Khemia is a wonderful game for any age of gamer"

As stated, Mana Khemia was an absolutely amazing game, it's one of the first I've played on the PS2, and I'm so very glad to have spent time on this.


A nice school-like system:

Mana Khemia follows a school-type system, where the player follows a school schedule with classes, special events, and free time. The player progresses through weeks of school fairly quickly, in which they have time to learn about new things, develop relationships, advance the storyline, and complete side-quests.

Engrossing Story:

Mana Khemia follows the storyline of a boy named Vayne Aurelius, who's a mysterious young alchemist attending an alchemy academy. It's quite linear up until later game, but there are things you can find out about each character during free time. The storyline is really well done, with the player progressing through the present story, while you learn more about the main characters history each chapter.

Great Battle System:

Mana Khemia uses, basically, a Turn-Based Battle RPG system, with a bunch of cool added on features, and nice graphics. The player is given control of 3 characters on the vanguard, where each character has special unique abilities, and a wide selection of abilities obtained from items and creation of equipment.

A World of Alchemy:

The player can go a good many places, such as dungeons or ancient ruins, to explore and fight monsters. The maps are all very interesting. The game features a growth-book leveling system, where characters receive points which can be spent on upgrades. Much time can be spent toying around with the extensive alchemy system, where players gather ingredients and find recipes to create items and equipment for the characters.

Lovable Characters:

Featuring 7 characters, all different in personalities and all very lovable, it'd be hard for someone not to struggle over where free time should be spent developing relationships. Characters each have there separate endings, depending on who the player decides to develop his relationship with the most.

Over 60 hours of playtime:

An excellent amount of amazing and beautiful gameplay with much to offer in every aspect that a good game needs.

Excellent graphics:

The game has many cool special effects, and features 2D characters in all-differing 3D worlds.

Amazing music:

The music is all very catchy, and there are many wonderful gems in the OST. The game features somewhere around 80 tracks, ranging from beautiful and epic to pop and rock songs.

The only reason that this doesn't receive a 10/10 is that the animation isn't at the level where it can fully portray the storyline. Otherwise, the game is flawless.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/27/12

Game Release: Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis (US, 04/01/08)

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