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    Story/Gaiden Translation by OboroTennosuke

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    by OboroTennosuke (OboroTennosuke at hotmail dot it)
    Revision History
    V2.00 (05/13/2009) Completed with all in-game dialogues.
    V1.00 (07/08/2008) Compiled all of the stories and gaiden into one FAQ.
    1. Gaiden Translation
    2. Story Translation
    3. Credits
    Old Good Friends
    Opening Video
    (A quiet day. Keiji is sleeping in the Maeda mansion.
    Toshiie and Matsu's voices can be heard)
    Toshiie: Ooh, welcome..come in!
    Matsu: Keiji, wake up! A friend has come!
    (sound of footsteps)
    Hideyoshi: Keiji, where are you?
    Hideyoshi: Are you up, Keiji?
               We had to meet today, right?
    (Hideyoshi drags away the half-asleep Keiji)
    (Scene changes, the two are walking.)
    Keiji: Ok, let's go then!
    Hideyoshi: Hm!
    Maeda Keiji
    Toyotomi Hideyoshi
    Uesugi Kenshin
    Matsunaga Hisahide
    Matsunaga army general
    Chapter 1
    Narrator: Maeda Keiji and Toyotomi Hideyoshi, comrades
    in arms and close friends, headed silently to Tedorigawa,
    where Uesugi Kenshin, the God of War,
    was stationed with his troops.
    Their objective was mischief, befitting their young age.
    On top of that, they were planning to put their strength
    to the test. Will this prank, then, succeed safely?
    Keiji: Well then, how about going and testing
           our strength a little while?
    Hideyoshi: Got it, got it...c'mon, let's go!
    Title: Friends
    [Event at stage start]
    (Arrived at Tedorigawa, Keiji hums a song, carefree.
    He looks at the Uesugi army in the distance,
    sure of himself)
    Keiji: Ok, let us go pay a respectful visit to the
          lord god of war, then!
    (He then calls his friend, behind him)
    Keiji: Hideyoshi!!
    Hideyoshi: Hm!
    (Called by Keiji, Hideyoshi appears.
    Keiji gets pumped up)
    Keiji: Yosshaa!!!
    [Stage starts]
    Keiji: Hideyoshi, don't let them catch you unprepared!
    Hideyoshi: You too, don't let them pluck away
               your head feathers!
    [During the stage]
    Kenshin: Two little monkeys fond of pranks..
             What is your objective?
    Keiji: Hehe, we just want to test
           our strength a little!
    Kenshin: No good! I shall not allow such a thing!
    Hideyoshi: Keiji, the god of war is angry...
              have we overdone it a little?
    Keiji: Don't you worry! If things get bad,
           We'll bow down and apologize profusely,
           and that'll get us released!
    Hideyoshi: B-bowing down and apologizing like that..
              if possible, I'd like to avoid it..
    Keiji: Hey Hideyoshi, hold back a little, will ya?
    Hideyoshi: You too, why don't you use the sword's back?
    [Fight against Uesugi Kenshin]
    Keiji: The war god's fast, pay attention
           to his Iai techniques!
    Hideyoshi: Heh, no need to worry about me.
    Kenshin: Good friends, that is a beautiful thing.
             But! This and that are entirely different matters.
    Hideyoshi: As expected from the war god...
               not one opening can be found.
    Keiji: Don't lose, you can stand up to him without problems!
    Kenshin: Sit down now, I shall lecture you until night falls!
    Hideyoshi E, er...I'd like to decline, if you don't mind...
    Keiji: Getting to know the war god is a good thing...
           It's something that might prove
           useful in the future, yeah..
    Kenshin: Ooh..you do not fear me...?
             I shall remember your face..
    [Stage clear event]
    Kenshin: Wait up, now!!
    (The two run off, ignoring Kenshin's words)  
    Hideyoshi: Hurry up, Keiji!
    Keiji: Yeah, let's run!!
    (They run away)
    Keiji: Hahaha!! We did it!!
    (Kenshin looks at them go)
    Kenshin: Well well...what troublesome people.
    Kenshin: Good friendship is a blessing
             difficult to obtain..
             Treasure it forever.
    (He looks at the sketch Keiji has drawn)
    Kenshin: ...it's quite similar...
    Chapter 2
    Narrator: The prank on Uesugi Kenshin, called the god of war,
    safely pulled, Keiji and Hideyoshi were in good spirits.
    With unending confidence in their strength,
    they thought about helping the peasant villages
    suffering under samurai oppression.
    Keiji: Me and you..if we combine our strength,
           we should be able to  protect anything,
           no matter what it is.
    Hideyoshi: It seems like it..let's give it a try!
    Title: Self-confidence
    [Stage starts]
    Keiji: We've come to assist you! Leave it to us!
    Hideyoshi: Let's protect them Keiji..no matter what.
    [The peasants' houses are attacked - 1]
    Hideyoshi: The bosses are 3 people...
               if we defeat them victory's ours.
    Keiji: Ok, I'll protect the houses,
           you bring everyone to safety!
    [The peasants' houses are attacked - 2]
    Hideyoshi: Everyone, hurry!
               Leave this to us and run away!
    Peasants: No gude!
              We canna let only ye young'uns be fightin!!
    Peasants: We have wir own conviction!!
    Hideyoshi: Conviction..?..heh, that's it..
    [The peasants' houses are attacked - 3]
    Hideyoshi: This world of tumults...
               how long will it continue to exist?
    Keiji: The country will shake and
           ripple like a stormy sea..
           Until someone rises to control it.
    [The peasants' houses are attacked - 4]
    Hideyoshi: Why must powerless beings be trampled upon?
    [The peasants' houses are attacked - 5]  
    Hideyoshi: Is it birth? Education?
               The presence or lack of weapons?
               I despise such a thing!
               With all my body and soul!
    [The peasants' houses are destroyed 1]
    Hideyoshi: Damn...! This isn't good, Keiji!
    [The peasants' houses are destroyed 2]
    Keiji: So is this our limit?...
           No, we can still make it!   
    [The Miyoshi trio enters the scene]
    Keiji: So it's the third-rate performers' turn now?
    [Stage clear event]
    (The two have driven off the Miyoshi trio.
    The peasants are cheering behind them)
    Peasants 1-3: We did it!!
    Peasants 1-3: Wooh!!
    Peasants 1-3: Thank ye!!
    (Keiji, in high spirits, turns to Hideyoshi)
    Keiji: We did it, Hideyoshi.
           If our strength is combined we can do it!
    Hideyoshi: Hmm..
    (Hideyoshi looks at his fists,
    and seems to be thinking about something.
    Keiji looks at him seriously)
    Keiji: Nasty things must be cut away at the surface..
           How about the source of this mess,
           Matsunaga Hisahide, as next opponent?
    Hideyoshi: That schemer, huh....
               Ok, I'll be going out on recon then.
    (Keiji looks at Hideyoshi leave.
    Dark clouds gather in the sky,
    and from afar thunder can be heard.
    Keiji doesn't notice these obvious ominous signs.)
    Final Chapter
    Narrator: Having helped the peasant village,
    the two have even more self-confidence, and 
    thinking that if they combine their strength
    they should be able to save people,
    they provoked Matsunaga Hisahide, whom the
    warriors who had attacked the village served,
    to a "fight".
    However, what came after this did not end
    with a children's fight. Hideyoshi,
    who had gone out on reconnaissance,
    did not come back. Keiji ran hurriedly
    towards Matsunaga's location.
    Keiji: It's my fault!! Because I let him go alone..
           Please be safe! Hideyoshi!!
    Title: Fissure
    [Event at the start of the stage]
    (Hideyoshi is downed, Hisahide close to him.
    A sword is stabbed through Hideyoshi's hand.)
    Hideyoshi: Gh...
    Hisahide: Young one, you might not know, but..
              Powerless beings are helpless,
              whatever is done to them.
              You have tasted the world's truth.
    (He suddenly crouches and grabs
    Hideyoshi's hair, raising his head.)
    Hideyoshi: Gh...!!
    Hisahide: In addition, the one you have picked
              as opponent is that kind of person..
    (Hisahide lets go of Hideyoshi's head,
    which hits the ground)
    Hideyoshi: Gwah..!!
    (Hisahide leaves, without caring in the slightest)
    Hideyoshi: Strength..who holds it and who doesn't..
               I am really...a powerless existence.
    (Hideyoshi raises his head in pain)
    Hideyoshi:...sorry, Keiji...!!
    [Stage starts]
    Keiji: Hideyoshiiii!!!!
    Hisahide: A friend has come..?
              Aren't you quite the lucky one..
    Hideyoshi: Don't come, Keiji..Matsunaga is..dangerous..
    Keiji: I was naive..to think that it'd turn
           into something like this..
           Shit, I can't forgive myself!!!
    [During the stage]
    Keiji: Damn you!! Free Hideyoshi, now!!!
    Hisahide: Why are you angry?
              You have provoked us to this battle.
              You are quite, quite difficult to comprehend...
    Hisahide: Those without strength, once their
              identity is exposed, are eaten away..
              This is the world's truth...
              what is there to be angry about?
    Hideyoshi: I'll come later..flee, Keiji...!!
    Matsunaga army general: Brat, quit with
                            this insolence! Shut your mouth!
    Hideyoshi: Gwah...!!!
    Hideyoshi: This is the end...
              is giving up the only way out...?
    Keiji: Stop with this crap!!
           If it's lost it's over,
           you can't come back if you die!!!
    Hisahide: In war death is inevitable.
              I shall teach you two this invaluable lesson..
    Keiji: Life carried such a weight...
           Why didn't I understand it before...!!
    [Captured peasants]
    Peasant: Young'un! That guy's that way!!
    Peasant: That guy was about to help us when..
    [Matsunaga Hisahide enters the scene]
    (Hisahide has his back turned on Keiji,
    and his looking at the sword he has in hand.
    A bit later, he speaks without turning.)
    Hisahide: What's wrong young man, you don't say hello?
    (But Keiji stares at Hisahide silently.
    The latter turns suddenly, stares down at Keiji
    and then walks down to him.
    Keiji is surprised and flinches back a little.
    Hisahide then slaps his cheek)
    Hisahide: Hello.
    (Keiji keeps staring at Hisahide,
    holding his red cheek. Hisahide looks at him again.)
    Hisahide: A shame, young man.
              To teach about the world to ignorant
              children is an adult's duty..
              This is what this is.
    [Fight against Matsunaga Hisahide]
    Hisahide: Come on, open your mouth
              and give me your thanks.
              I am the adult that will teach you about the world.
    Hisahide: Worried about your friend, young man?
    Keiji: I believe in Hideyoshi..
           He'll never ever die.
    Hisahide: Hahahahaha!!! You hypocrite!!
    Hisahide: So this is hypocrisy..hahaha,
              the sordid act of dividing food with someone
              when you are about to starve!!
    Keiji: What're you laughing about...what's so funny!!?
    Hisahide: We won't lose anything..you believe this.
              This is so funny it hurts!!!
    Hisahide: I like very much people who, like you,
              have no idea of how infinitely small they are..
    Hisahide: Looking at you provokes a sweet reaction in me...
              The urge of crushing a lovely bird
              between my fingers..that very feeling.
    Keiji: This guy is dangerous...
           different from whoever I met until now.
           If I don't escape with Hideyoshi quickly...!!
    [Hisahide retreats because the fire has spread]
    Hisahide: Time over, huh...you are quite lucky too.
              Take care of the life you have been spared with...
              then I bid my leave.
    [Stage clear event]
    (After Hisahide withdraws,
    Keiji runs to the room where Hideyoshi was imprisoned.)  
    Keiji: Haah...haah...haah....
    (Finding Hideyoshi, he is shocked)
    Keiji: ...!!!
    (At Hideyoshi's feet lie some dead soldiers.)
    Hideyoshi: Haah...haah...haah...(he is fatigued)
    Keiji: (looking around) Everyone's...dead...
           Hideyoshi, did you....?
    Hideyoshi: There was no other way..
               Because of being powerless...
               I didn't want to lose everything because of that.
    Keiji: I understand that, but..
           But isn't killing them going overboard...?
    Hideyoshi: Being powerless is a sin..
               Those without strength cannot grasp anything.
               Looking at some dream, letting everything slip away...
               I shall not stand for this!!
    Keiji: Hideyoshi....
    Hideyoshi: Keiji..surely you cannot understand.
    (Hideyoshi turns away from him)
    Hideyoshi: I will obtain strength.
               Looking forward, and never turning back.
    (Keiji looks at the pained Hideyoshi leaving,
    uncertainty in his heart.
    The Todaiji burns in the background)
    Ending Video
    (A quiet day. Keiji is sleeping in the Maeda mansion.)
    Matsu: Keiji, wake up! Food's ready!!
    (Keiji, woken up by that voice, gets up
    silently and looks in the direction where
    usually someone showed up from.
    But no one is here this time....)
    Keiji: Friends aren't coming...huh.
    (Said this,
    Keiji has a kind of nostalgic look on his face...)
    Legendary Ninja
    Opening Video
    (Outside Odawara castle, at night.
    Fuma Kotaro is jumping on the roofs, above houses
    burning due to the Toyotomi's attack.
    Kotaro defeats enemies swiftly.
    While Kotaro is fighting, inside Odawara castle
    a conference is being held.)
    Hojo general 1: What shall we do..?
    Hojo general 2: Maybe bidding for a truce'd be...
    Hojo general 3: I oppose such a thing!
    Ujimasa: Damn Toyotomi...
    (Ujimasa is angered at the far too long conference)
    Ujimasa: Fuma, where's Fuma!!
    (Ujimasa screams at the top of his lungs)
    Ujimasa: Assassinate Toyotomi Hideyoshi
             and Takenaka Hanbei!!!
    (As if he had noticed something, Kotaro looks at
    the sky. The next instant, he disappears.)
    Fuma Kotaro
    Toyotomi Hideyoshi
    Takenaka Hanbei
    Sarutobi Sasuke
    Hojo Ujimasa
    Toyotomi soldier
    Chapter 1
    Narrator: The Toyotomi army set out for the rioting
    times, a gigantic military strength as weapon, and
    finally extended its menacing hand towards Odawara.
    Hojo Ujimasa, frightened by this advance, ordered
    Fuma Kotaro, mercenary employed into the Hojo army,
    to assassinate the Toyotomi army's brain, the greatest
    genius strategist of the Sengoku - Takenaka Hanbei -
    and the Toyotomi army's conqueror king,
    Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
    Ujimasa: Understood?
             Do not let anyone know of your movements!
             Now go, gooooo!!!!
    Title: Fuma, assassination of the genius strategist
    [Event at the start of the stage]
    (Fuma appears at the base of Inabayama)
    Kotaro: ...............
    (Far away, a black and golden shadow passes quickly.
    Kotaro notices this.)
    [Stage starts]
    Toyotomi soldier: Ninjas!! There are 2 ninjas here!!
    Kotaro: ...............
    [The Toyotomi soldier informs Hanbei of the situation]
    Toyotomi soldier: Lord Hanbei,
                     it appears that 2 ninjas have infiltrated
                     this base!
    Hanbei: I see...
            I was wondering what all the noise was...
            so this is it.
    [Having the ambush soldiers appear]
    Hanbei: All soldiers, be on alert! Capture those two.
            I can more or less imagine who their
            senders are, though..
    [Event during the stage]
    (Kasuga is fighting the Toyotomi soldiers)
    Kasuga: Ha! Yah! Taah!!
    (She defeats them brilliantly.
    She is however being aimed at by a gunner,
    but Sasuke stops the fire.)
    Kasuga: !!!
    Sasuke: Hehe...
    [During the stage]
    Kasuga: Sarutobi Sasuke..I thought I told you
            to stay out of this.
    Sasuke: You talk to me like this after I saved
            you and all?
    Kasuga: Who knows about that!?
            A bastard like you is a total stranger to me!
    Kasuga: Don't follow me, go away!!
    Sasuke: What are you saying, both our path and target
            are the same, right?
    Kasuga: Get lost, out of my way!!
    Sasuke: If you don't want to look at my face,
            you can just go on home!
            I have no intention of letting this job
            go to anyone else!
    Kasuga: Kh...
    Sasuke: Well well, let's not be so formal...
            Companions in travel, kindness in life!
    [Sasuke and Kasuga feel Kotaro's presence]
    Sasuke: Hn? This presence...who is it?
    Sasuke: There's someone else other than us..?
    Kasuga: Quite the skilled one..whoever could he be?
    Sasuke: Kasuga, have you noticed..?
            There's another one.
    Kasuga: I know..you better get prepared.
    [Takenaka Hanbei enters the scene]
    (Kasuga and Sasuke attack Hanbei)
    Sasuke: Haa!!
    Kasuga: Yaah!!
    (As they attack, Kotaro breaks in
    between them and attacks Hanbei)
    Sasuke: Tch!
    Kasuga: What!?
    Hanbei: Seya!
    (Hanbei blocks this attack gracefully,
    and stares at Kotaro.
    Kasuga and Sasuke, surprised by Kotaro's presence,
    stay a little far, puzzled)
    Hanbei: I heard two ninjas had infiltrated, but..
           (looking at Kotaro)
            Since it's like this..
           (he thinks it over a little)
    Hanbei: The ones who sent you, looking at this
            situation..must be the Hojo.
            I heard Hojo had hired an excellent mercenary..
            ......and his name's---
    (Kotaro jumps and attacks Hanbei,
    as to stop him from talking)
    Hanbei: I see, excellent indeed.
    [Fight against Takenaka Hanbei]
    Hanbei: To hire a famous mercenary...
            Anyway, it is something that revered
            old man would be prone to think.
    Sasuke: Who are you!? Why did you break into this fight?
    Kotaro: ...............
    Kasuga: Are you an enemy? If it's so, I shall slash everything!
    Hanbei: You two are not fit to be ninjas..
            Better learn from this man here.
    Sasuke: Well, he definitely isn't our enemy.
            Sorry mr. genius strategist,
           three on one is pretty tough huh?
    Hanbei: Quite the talkative ninja we have here..
            Go flap that mouth back home in Kai,
            won't you?
    Hanbei: Come at me! I shall fight you all at once!
    [While fighting, Kasuga and Sasuke comment
    on Kotaro's movements]
    Sasuke: Hmm, Hojo? ...it can't be...
    Kasuga: These movements..he isn't an average fighter!
    [Stage clear event]
    (Kotaro puts away his sword.)
    Sasuke: Hmm..as skilled as the rumors have it...
    (Sasuke talks to Kotaro.
    Both he and Kasuga stay adequately far away from him,
    wary of any possible attacks)
    Sasuke: I know about you.
            The legendary ninja said not to exist in this world...
            ...bingo, yeah?
    (Kotaro, not listening, is about to leave)
    Sasuke: Next is the murder of he conqueror king, huh..
            The guys in power all think of
            the same things then..
    (Kotaro stops and turns to Sasuke,
    killing intent in his aura.)
    Sasuke: Hey...!!
            I have no intention of battling here!
            I won't get in your way,
            and you don't get in mine.
            If one of us takes down the Toyotomi
            we're gonna be all happy, so...
    (Kotaro leaves, uncaring. Sasuke frowns)
    Chapter 2
    Narrator: Fuma Kotaro, having successfully carried out
    his first mission at Inabayama, met Sarutobi Sasuke
    and Kasuga, who, like him, had received the order to
    assassinate Takenaka Hanbei.
    Strangely, the two share his next objective too,
    and end up going his same way.
    This way, the three, with the assassination of
    Toyotomi Hideyoshi as objective, silently head to
    Yamazaki, where the Toyotomi army was spread out
    in a sturdy formation.
    Sasuke: As I said, I won't get in your way..
            Then, let's work hard, ok?
    Kasuga: Hn, I don't like you at all.
    Title: Fuma, assassination of the Conqueror King
    [Stage starts]
    Sasuke: Ok, let's see some legendary skills, shall we?
    Kotaro: ...............
    Kasuga: I don't believe in you.
            Let me do as I please, don't concern yourself
            with me.
    [During the stage]
    Sasuke: Hey hey, where are you from anyway?
    Kotaro: ...............
    Sasuke: Haah, ignored again?
    Sasuke: Why are you working as mercenary anyway?
    Kasuga: Sasuke, leave that guy alone, don't talk to him!
    Sasuke: I heard your tale when I was a kid...
            How old are you anyway?
    Kotaro: ...............
    Kasuga: All ninjas know that name...
            But no one knows whether he exists or not
            in this world.
    Sasuke: To think I would live to see the legend with
            my own eyes..
            Lucky thing I became a ninja!
    Kasuga: Quit spouting crap!! Be more serious!!
    Sasuke: Oops, looks like my share's about to be taken..
            Guess it's time to get serious!
    Kasuga: Hn...you should have been serious from the start.
    [Toyotomi Hideyoshi enters the scene]
    (Kotaro's weapon pierces Hideyoshi's armor.
    The latter swats it away.)
    Hideyoshi: Hn!!
    (Immediately after, Kotaro appears from above to strike
    Hideyoshi's neck, but the latter avoids the attack.)
    Hideyoshi: Haah!!
    (Kotaro gains some distance. Hideyoshi looks at him)
    Hideyoshi: You're...the ninja who defeated Hanbei..
               Looks like your preparation is impeccable..
    (Kotaro starts attacking right away, not listening at all)
    Hideyoshi: To assassinate me, Hideyoshi...you are a
               small man who doesn't even grasp the
               world's greater picture!
               Come forward! No matter what you do,
               it is not possible for a ninja to destroy me!!
    [Fight against Toyotomi Hideyoshi]
    Sasuke: Heh? It's already started..quite the impatient guy!
    Kasuga: How fast...he's really something..!!
    Hideyoshi: So you have comrades..?
               No matter how many mice gather, nothing will change!
    Sasuke: Sorry, but as it turns out you have to face three enemies!
    Hideyoshi: Did you defeat Hanbei like this?
               I shall have you regret such a foolish move
               in the depths of hell!!
    Hideyoshi: Looks like your skills differ from those two..
               What did you throw away to obtain such strength?
    Kotaro: ...............
    Kasuga: Toyotomi will surely grow into a menace..
            For that man's sake, I will strike you down!
    Sasuke: Fuma Kotaro..his real identity is wind itself.
            No wonder that we don't grasp him at all...
    [Stage clear event]
    (Kotaro puts away his sword. Sasuke is a little far from him)
    Sasuke: Looks like you got a nice stroke of luck..
    Kasuga: He did it so easily...
    Sasuke: Anyway, with this the job's over!
            Next time we meet we'll be enemies, huh?
            Please go easy on me then!
    (Kotaro remains still. Kasuga and Sasuke notice something
    strange about him, and get somewhat worried.)
    Sasuke: ...?
    Kasuga: ...........?
    (Suddenly, Kotaro turns towards them, menaciously.
    He gets closer, step by step)
    Kasuga: Wh, what..?
    Sasuke: Hey hey..is this a joke?
    (Kotaro, silently, draws his swords)
    Final Chapter
    Narrator: The reason why Fuma is called a legend...
    is that anyone that bore witness to Fuma's existence
    has been erased, without exception.
    Fuma, silently and coolly, proceeded to erase Sasuke and Kasuga.
    Kasuga: Sasuke, what does this mean!?
    Sasuke: The hell I know!? He's coming, get ready!!
    Title: Fuma, exterminate everything
    [Event at the start of the stage]
    (Kotaro is about to attack Kasuga and Sasuke,
    who are getting their weapons ready.)
    Kasuga: Why do you...such a...!!
    Sasuke: A ninja not existing in this world..
            If you think about it, it's simple..
            He has erased all enemies who have seen him!!
    (Kotaro starts running, his speed gradually increasing)
    [Stage starts]
    Sasuke: If you feel like it, this is fine too..
            Don't complain when your attack turns back
            on you though.
    Kasuga: I won't be killed...in a place like this!!
    Sasuke: I'm gonna teach you a couple of good things...
            One..I'm not as soft as I look.
    [Sasuke and Kasuga use the clone technique]
    Kasuga: No matter who you are,
            don't think you can kill me with the
            title "legend"!
    Sasuke: Two...as far as not being soft,
            this woman's the same.
    [Sasuke and Kasuga use the summon lightning technique]
    Sasuke: Three...farewell, you will die here.
    Kasuga: This is the end, Wind Demon!
            Turn into cinders and disappear!!
    [Fight against Sasuke and Kasuga]
    Sasuke: Is this the Hojo's thinking, or your real nature?
    Kotaro: ...............
    Kasuga: Why!! Why did you even move alongside us!!
    Sasuke: Asking for reasons is just stupid...
            When it is time to kill, kill..just that.
    Sasuke: Kasuga, this time I can't help you.
            You have to protect yourself on your own.
    Kasuga: Listen to him...don't look down on me!
    Sasuke: Ninjas are alone when they die..
            But you have also lived like that, right?
    Sasuke: Then you should understand...
            sparks flying this way will be shrugged off.
            Resent all you want in the otherworld.
    [Kasuga reacts to Sasuke's death]
    Sasuke: Gwah...shit...!
    Kasuga: Ah...aah...how dare you!!
    [Sasuke reacts to Kasuga's death]
    Kasuga: This can't..lord...Ken...shin..
    Sasuke: Ka-Kasugaaa!!!
    [Stage clear event]
    (Kasuga and Sasuke are severely wounded)
    Kasuga: Ab..surd...
    (Kasuga falls, and Sasuke looks at her)
    Sasuke: Ka-Kasuga..
    (Sasuke jumps at Kotaro one last time..their last clash.)
    Sasuke: Kh...
    (And Sasuke falls. Kotaro sets fire to the place...)
    Ending Video
    (Kotaro leaves the battleground, and watches it
    burn from a distant tree. Not a single wound on him)
    Kotaro: ...............
    (He looks at it some more, then disappears as if
    nothing happened.
    After Kotaro left, two birds fly up in the sky...
    (one black, one white))
    The Azure & Crimson United Front
    Opening Video
    (The Date army's advancing, in order to clash with the Oda army.)
    Masamune: Are you ready, old man demon king?
    (At the same time, the Oda army is returning to the Honnoji.
    Mitsuhide makes his report to Nobunaga)
    Mitsuhide: In the last battle the tiger of Kai has been
               gravely wounded..a crushing victory for us.
               ....plus, the dragon of Oshu is drawing close.
               Master Nobunaga, how will we...
    Nobunaga: That brat...Mitsuhide, go and smash him.
    Mitsuhide: Understood.
    (The scene goes back to the rushing Date army,
    which happens to cross the Sanada unit.)
    Masamune: Hahn? That flag's...
    (Masamune grins)
    Chapter 1
    Narrator: Date Masamune advances with his whole army,
    directed towards the decisive battle against the
    demon king - Oda Nobunaga.
    However, along the way he was pleased to encounter
    Sanada Yukimura's force, directed towards the Honnoji,
    which was aiming at the same objective as himself:
    the demon king's downfall.
    Masamune: That flag is Sanada Yukimura's..hmm...
              Now that we've met, I can't just
              let him go like this!!
    Title: The Azure & Crimson Duel
    [Event at the start of the stage]
    (Masamune is looking at the Sanada flag)
    Masamune: Advancing while aiming at the demon king,
              We ended up meeting the Sanada in a place
              like this..
    Kojuro: The relationship between the Takeda and
            the Oda is presently worsening.
            I heard that Takeda Shingen suffered grave
            wounds at Nagashino.
            Sanada has probably taken the tiger's will
            upon himself, and like us,
            is advancing towards the Honnoji..
    Masamune: A shame for him..but I'm the one that will
              take down the demon king.
    (Scene change. In the Sanada camp, Yukimura seems in pain)
    Yukimura: Kh...! (His hands pressing down on
              his wounds, he looks towards the Date camp)
    Yukimura: To meet with the one-eyed dragon now,
              of all times...
    [Stage starts]
    Masamune: I had no intention of dealing with you
               before the Demon King, but..
              Sometimes fate is a hateful thing, isn't it?
    Yukimura: Exactly what I wished to say...
              let me serve as your opponent!!!
    [During the stage]
    Masamune: You're going to the Honnoji too, right?
              Unfortunately for you,
              my objective's the same.
    Masamune: I heard old man tiger's been struck down..
    Yukimura: That is true..I, Yukimura, have taken
              his ideal upon myself.
              I shall accomplish my duty in the battles
              the Noble House Lord wishes to conduct!!
    Yukimura: I shall reach the Honnoji no matter what.
              I will not let you interrupt me!!
    Masamune: That conviction is the real thing, huh...grand.
    [Reaching the road's gate - not letting the Takeda soldiers pass]
    Masamune: The Takeda army won't pass through here.
              I'm the one going to the Honnoji.
    [Fight against Sanada Yukimura]
    Masamune: Well, only one of us will go visiting
              the revered demon king.
    Yukimura: Precisely what I wish!
              I shall have you clear this path!
    Yukimura: As a Takeda commander and as a warrior...
              I shall not lose!!
    Masamune: Yes..I wanted to fight against those eyes.
    Masamune: I'm not going to end as the sideshow before
              the demon king's main act.
              Let's give a nice conclusion to this here bout...
    Yukimura: Gh...my arms won't move...the spears are..heavy...
    Masamune: What's up, Sanada Yukimura!?
              Your movements are way dull!!
    Masamune: You're not hot enough!! Show me your true strength!!!
    [Stage clear event]
    (Masamune points his sword at the kneeling Yukimura)
    Masamune: Why don't you get serious?
    Yukimura: *breathes heavily*
    (He holds his wounds, keeping the pain in check)
    Masamune: ...you got wounded at Nagashino, huh.
    Yukimura: Even if I was submerged by hundreds of arrows,
              I would still go on...to take down the demon king.
    (Kojuro enters the scene, abruptly)
    Kojuro: Lord Masamune!
    Masamune: What happened?
    Kojuro: It's the Oda army! We are already completely surrounded!
    [Mitsuhide and Ranmaru enter the scene - scene changes]
    Mitsuhide: Heh...
    Ranmaru: Hehehe--
    (Scene goes back to Masamune & co.)
    Masamune: Shit...!
    (Masamune looks down at the injured Yukimura)
    Masamune: No way out.
              We're gonna settle our bout another time..
              Neither of us can go and die in a place like this.
    (Masamune looks in Ranmaru and Mitsuhide's direction..)
    Chapter 2
    Narrator: Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura,
    fatigued by their confrontation,
    were surrounded; it was a massive Oda army, commanded by
    Akechi Mitsuhide and Mori Ranmaru.
    Under such overwhelming disadvantage, Masamune felt
    that the way to escape such a predicament was
    only one: and decided to join hands temporarily
    with Sanada Yukimura.
    Masamune: We're gonna resume our talk after we break
              through here..no objections, right?
    Yukimura: Understood.
    Title: The Azure & Crimson Escape
    [Event at stage start]
    (Mitsuhide looks towards Masamune and Yukimura's location)
    Mitsuhide: The one-eyed dragon, and at his side the young tiger.
               This is a nice coincidence..
    Ranmaru: There's the red guy too? That guy never learns, huh?
             It won't end with just one arrow this time!
    (Yukimura and Masamune look towards the Oda camp)
    Masamune: This situation is a pain in the ass...
              Well, being in a pinch is splendid because
             it's fun, after all.
    (He looks at Yukimura)
    Masamune: Show me your latent strength, c'mon!
              Or do you need protection?
    Yukimura: No need to worry..I have no use for your help.
    (Masamune nods at this answer)
    [Stage starts]
    Mitsuhide: Please start struggling, one-eyed dragon,
               young tiger..
    Yukimura: Kh...is he too much of an opponent for this
              wounded body..?
    Masamune: If we could win easy, they couldn't even be
              called opponents..
              Don't be a kid now..build your path to survival
              by yourself.
    [During the stage]
    Ranmaru: Ranmaru's gonna take care of the red guy!
             Don't butt in, Mitsuhide.
    Mitsuhide: The fundamental strategy for handling
                wounded beasts is to surround them from afar..
               To go and get bitten is something
               children would do.
    [Defeating the small Akechi division(s)]
    Yukimura: We seem to have overcome
              the first strike...but..
    Masamune: Don't let your guard down...
              we still have a long ways to go.
    [Ranmaru's and Mitsuhide's corps start fighting each other]
    Yukimura: What? Are they fighting between themselves?
    Masamune: Hum, this might be a chance..
    Masamune: Let's go, Sanada Yukimura.
              This is the focused breakthrough you like
              so much, can you run?
    Yukimura: I though I told you, no need to worry!!
    Masamune: *whistles* that's good then.
    [Fight against Akechi Mitsuhide and Mori Ranmaru]
    Masamune: The decisive moment has come! Are you ready!!?
    Yukimura: I understand, you try not to lose your focus!!
    Ranmaru: Small fries, don't get in the way!!
             Get lost along with Mitsuhide!!
    Mitsuhide: The noisy brat will disappear,
               and my thirst will be quenched..
               Let us be thankful for a day such as this.
    Yukimura: Try and shoot now! I do not fear your arrows!!
    Ranmaru: Now you said it..I'm gonna do you 
             in like at Nagashino!!
    Masamune: I'm not interested in fighting while taking
              care of the injured..
              It's about time to let The End(*) come now.
    [Stage clear event]
    (Masamune puts away his sword, Yukimura holds his sides.)
    Yukimura: One-eyed dragon..I shall leave this place now.
    (Yukimura is about to depart)
    Masamune: Where to?
    Yukimura: The Honnoji, without a doubt.
    Masamune: In that state, about to give up(*) as you are?
    Yukimura: I thought I told you..
              No amount of wounds will ever stop me.
              If you want to cut me down, do it;
              yet I, Yukimura, shall advance nonetheless.
    Masamune: Don't think so poorly of me...
              If I cut you down now, that'd only bring shame
              to the dragon's name.
    (Masamune walks away)
    Masamune: See you then..I'm going to
              deal with the old man demon king as I please.
    (Masamune walks until Yukimura can't be seen anymore.
    He then stops, apparently having thought of something.)
    Masamune: Tch...
    Final Chapter
    Narrator: Having defeated Akechi Mitsuhide and
    Mori Ranmaru, Masamune escaped that predicament,
    and as he had planned he finally arrived, not without
    difficulty, at the Honnoji.
    Yet Sanada Yukimura, from whom he separated some
    time ago, had arrived a short while before him.
    The dragon, the young tiger, and the demon king...
    finally, the time of the decisive battle had come.
    Masamune: Don't drop dead as you please, Sanada Yukimura!
              The demon king, and you...
              I will be the one to defeat them!
    Title: The Azure & Crimson United Front
    [Event at the start of the stage]
    (Masamune reached the Honnoji.
    Yukimura is already confronting the Demon King.
    Scene goes back to the entrance)
    Masamune: Tch...that moron!!
    (Masamune starts running)
    [Stage starts]
    Yukimura: Sanada Genjiro Yukimura, here I am!
              Demon king, prepare yourself!!
    Nobunaga: Hn..Takeda's pet dog, is it.
    Masamune: The hell you're doing, Sanada Yukimura!!
              Wanna drop dead so much...!!?
    [During the stage]
    Yukimura: This is the Demon King of
              the Sixth Heaven..such powerful pressure..!!
    Nobunaga: You mere dog..crawl and grovel before us.
    Masamune: Shit(*)..willI make it in time?
    Masamune: Old man demon king, I'll be the one to defeat you!!
    Nobunaga: Ooh..another one who doesn't know his own place.
    Yukimura: Gwaah!! *panting heavily*
    Nobunaga: To name yourself as our enemy with such
              pathetic skill..you brat!!
    Masamune: I'm gonna defeat both you and the Demon King!
              Don't you go killing yourselves as you please!!
    [Oda Nobunaga enters the scene]
    Yukimura: *heavy panting*
    (Yukimura finally kneels down. Masamune appears beside him.)
    Masamune: Demon King of the Sixth Heaven? Devil(*)?
              No(*)...just some old man.
    (Masamune looks directly at Nobunaga)
    Masamune: Yo..
    Nobunaga: Damn you, Mitsuhide..did you get
              defeated by such a brat?
    Yukimura: Sir...Masamune..?
    (Masamune walks towards Nobunaga, step by step.)
    Masamune: Sanada Yukimura..you're a lucky man too.
              Because now you'll witness the spectacle
              of this old man falling into hell..
              ...don't get me wrong.
              I came here to take down this man..nothing more.
    (Yukimura stands back up)
    YUkimura: Kh...!!
    Masamune: Grand..!!
    (The three confront each other. Sparks fly.)
    Masamune: Ok..now the party(*)'s about to start!!
    [Fight against Oda Nobunaga]
    Yukimura: Sir Masamune..I, Yukimura, thank you!
    Masamune: I don't care nothing about that.
              Think only about winning, now!
    Nobunaga: A dog and a snake..what can two beasts hope to do?
    Masamune: Old man, you aren't my goal(*).
              But just a passing point towards the country!
    Nobunaga: You pretentious dragon..dare you talk of paths
              to conquest before us?
    Yukimura: I am no more swayed by pain.
              I, Yukimura, shall take down the Demon King
              of the Sixth Heaven!!
    Masamune: This is the end, old man!
    Yukimura: Matchless - spear - ruler of the heavens!!
              Let us repay the debt of gratitude to the dragon!!
    [Stage clear event]
    (Nobunaga is cornered by the two's combination attack)
    Masamune: Ha! Ya! Deyah!!
    Yukimura: Hn! Ha! Taah!!
    Nobunaga: Gh..ggh..nnh...
    (And the last blow is delivered)
    Masamune: Haaaaa!!!!
    Yukimura: Orraaahh!!
    Nobunaga: Gwaah...!!
    (Spitting blood, Nobunaga holds on.
    He points at both of them with his sword)
    Nobunaga: If a man lives for 50....gwaah...
    (He falls. The two watch him in silence)
    (In a forest. The burning Honnoji can be seen.
    Masamune and Yukimura, under the moonlight)
    Yukimura: I shall repay you one day..definitely.
    (Masamune grins evilly)
    Masamune: Hum...then let us settle our bout, now.
    (Masamune readies his sword.
    He looks at Yukimura full of killing intent.
    Yukimura starts sweating, nervous.
    Masamune then puts down his weapon.)
    Masamune: It was a joke(*), don't get all serious.
    (Masamune then leaves, not an inch of regret in his pace.
    Yukimura bows his head once at Masamune,
    and then leaves as well.)
    Friendship on the Battleground
    Opening Video
    (In a large battlefield, the Takeda and Chosokabe armies
    are duking it out.
    Motochika is surfing in the battlefield.
    The Takeda army, though, is superior.
    Yukimura and Shingen defeat soldiers left and right.)
    Shingen: Hnn!!!
    Yukimura: Strike!!!
    (Motochika stops surfing and looks at
    the battlefield's situation)
    Motochika: Tch..we're in the losing side..
               Gotta withdraw now...
    (Motochika, frustrated by this turn of events,
    signals to his men to withdraw)
    Motochika: Men, let's regroup!!
    Chosokabe Motochika
    Sanada Yukimura
    Takeda Shingen
    Tokugawa Ieyasu
    Chosokabe soldiers
    Tokugawa general
    Chapter 1
    Narrator: Chosokabe Motochika sailed from
    Shikoku to Honshu; however, he suffered a severe
    defeat by the Takeda cavalry, and retreat was the
    only option.
    After that, on the day of the rematch, a man was
    standing with Chosokabe's same objective in mind.
    It was Tokugawa Ieyasu, aiming at Takeda Shingen's downfall.
    Unwilling to concede a single step to the other,
    the two men came to a confrontation in Komaki-Nagakute.
    Motochika: I won't let anyone interrupt me while
               I fish for the tiger!!
    Title: Encounter of East and West
    [Event at stage start]
    (The wind makes Motochika's clothes flutter.
    He looks in the distance and speaks)
    Motochika: Just you wait, Tiger of Kai..
    (Suddenly a voice can be heard near him)
    Ieyasu: Let us fight, Master Shingen!
    Motochika: Eh?
    Ieyasu: Hn?
    (They stare at each other seriously)
    Motochika: I, Chosokabe Motochika, will be
               the one to hunt down the tiger..
               You country bumpkin better go back
               where you came from.
    Ieyasu: Heh....you're the one that should go
            back to the west.
    (The tension between the two peaks!)
    Motochika: A friendly conclusion after a long talk..
               like hell it'd go like this.
               Dear young master of the Tokugawa..
    (Motochika clinches his fist)
    Motochika: I ain't gonna lose now!!!
    [Stage starts]
    Ieyasu: I shall be the one to challenge Master Shingen!!
    Motochika: Flap your big mouth only after
               you've defeated me!!
    [During the stage]
    Ieyasu: I will become the country's ruler,
            no one shall get in the way.
    Motochika: Then try to leave a mark in history..
               While advancing to the country he was
               crushed by a demon...like this.
    Motochika: For my men handling the Tiger of Kai'll be
               as simple as rowing a boat!
    Ieyasu: On land, the Mikawa warriors' legs are invincible!!
    Chosokabe soldier: We'll never lose to you land bastards!!
    Tokugawa general: Men of the sea, don't think you can act
                      as you please on land!!
    Motochika: Hn..quite the spirited subordinates you got..
    [Fight against Honda Tadakatsu]
    Motochika: The Tokugawa's treasure, huh...
               got no time to take it now.
    Motochika: You're good, Honda..you're the reason why
               the Tokugawa have so much spirit.
    Ieyasu: Stand strong, Tadakatsu!!
            If we lose here we won't be able to fight
            with Master Shingen!!
    Motochika: Before the tiger you better look here,
               I'm your opponent!!
    [Fight against Tokugawa Ieyasu]
    Ieyasu: To withstand even Tadakatsu's attacks..!!
    Motochika: This is nothing compared to a rough sea..
               Now it's your personal turn, come on!!
    Motochika: What's wrong? Your skills have no power at all!
               You couldn't train as a hostage?
    Ieyasu: To boast calling yourself demon...
            Is acting like a villain your way of doing things?
    Motochika: I am what I am, I don't have the tiniest memory
               of ever "acting" like something..
    Motochika: About time to have this gig end, commander of Mikawa!!
    Ieyasu: Precisely what I wish, Demon of the Western Sea!
    [Stage clear event]
    (Without reaching a conclusion, the two are kneeling, exhausted)
    Motochika: *panting*
    Ieyasu: *wheezing*
    Motochika: ..aren't you good...
    Ieyasu: Heh...same to you.
    (Motochika talks after regaining his breath)
    Motochika: ...hey, what do you say,
               let's join our hands for a while here.
    (Ieyasu looks at Motochika, who grins at him)
    Motochika: Our target's the same..this'd be better
               than cutting away at each other, right?
    (Ieyasu thinks for a while, then silently stands up)
    Ieyasu: Ok..I will believe you.
    Motochika: Hey, hey, just how much of a brat are you?
               Is it ok to believe in an enemy so quickly?
    Ieyasu: If you're to be trusted or not..
            It's enough to look at your subordinates
            to understand it.
            You're...a man who doesn't betray other people.
    (Motochika, surprised at how Ieyasu saw through him,
    watches him leave with a puzzled look on his face...)
    Chapter 2
    Narrator: Chosokabe Motochika and Tokugawa Ieyasu
    had joined forces in order to defeat the Takeda,
    and advanced with their soldiers towards Mikatagahara,
    where the Takeda army was stationed.
    The two armies, looking at the situation,
    joined their forces; thus eliminating their
    respective disadvantages.
    The time for the desired counterattack had grown near.
    Motochika: Old man tiger, we're gonna show you something nice!
    Ieyasu: Mikawa warriors, sea soldiers of Tosa, off to battle!!
    Title: Bizarre Alliance
    [Stage starts]
    Yukimura: The Tokugawa and Chosokabe have joined forces..?
    Ieyasu: Do not think we are the same as last time!
    Motochika: Try to overcome these two shallow waves, c'mon!!
    Shingen: Hehehe..what an energetic bunch..
    [During the stage] 
    Motochika: Hey, Ieyasu..why do you aim at the country?
    Ieyasu: That's easy, because I want wars to stop.
    Ieyasu: The less people suffer because of war, the better.
            I will become the country's leader and
            change this world!
    Motochika: Words are the only huge things about you...
               but that's not bad.
    Ieyasu: I'll take the country for my vassals too.
            This way I'll repay them for waiting my
            return every time..
    Motochika: Hmm..now doesn't this look like me..
    Chosokabe soldier: Landlubbers aren't that bad, are they..
    Tokugawa general: You people too!
                      I don't feel the least bit
                      worried about this battle!
    [Fight against Sanada Yukimura]
    Yukimura: Your ambitions are going to end, here and now!
    Motochika: Wait up Ieyasu, don't just charge in at random!
    Ieyasu: Don't stop me, I have to do this at all costs!!
    Motochika: The chief's job is to stay alive till the end!
               You won't amount to nothin' if you drop dead here!
    Ieyasu: That's true..sorry, I owe you one.
    Yukimura: What a bizarre alliance..nevertheless,
              their unity is strong!!
    Motochika: The real thing starts now, red guy!
               Sorry if it's two against one,
               but we're taking you down!
    [Takeda Shingen enters the stage]
    (Shingen parries Ieyasu's spear and blows him away)
    Shingen: Hn!!
    Ieyasu: Waah!!
    (Motochika blocks Ieyasu and grins)
    Motochika: It's gonna be a problem
               if you forget about me!
    Ieyasu: Motochika!!
    [Fight against Takeda Shingen]
    Motochika: You're a dam...the dam that prevents
               me from landing.
               But these two waves will overcome you!!
    Shingen: So you requested a pact...
             you've grown as commander, man of Mikawa.
    Ieyasu: Motochika, you handle my back!
    Motochika: I got no business with what's behind you!
               If you wanna line up beside me,
               you're free to do so!
    Shingen: You two are not my final enemy..
             O brave heroes, retreat now!!!
    Ieyasu: I thank you for sticking with me all the way here..
    Motochika: Hey hey, save the sleep talk for
               when it's all over!
    [Takeda Shingen defeated]
    Motochika: Yeaaaah!!!
    Ieyasu: We...did it...it's our win!!!
    [Stage clear event]
    (Ieyasu and Motochika are about to part)
    Motochika:...it was fun, Ieyasu.
    Motochika: If you aim at the country,
               one day we might meet in a battlefield,
    Ieyasu: That day, I won't hold back..not even against you.
    (Seeing that Ieyasu uttered such words without hesitating,
    Motochika is satisfied)
    Motochika: Heh..
    Ieyasu: I will start from the east, you from the west..
            Let's see who will reach the country first.
    (Ieyasu clinches his fists)
    Motochika: See ya then.
    (Motochika turns away and leaves.
    Ieyasu looks at him for awhile and then departs as well.)
    Final Chapter
    Narrator: Several years passed-the country's situation
    had changed greatly. Having fought in many battles,
    bringing mayhem to many provinces, the Chosokabe army
    had expanded considerably its influence thanks to its
     strong unity.
    That time, from the east appeared the Tokugawa army,
    which advanced through many victorious battles.
    At last, the era was forcibly enveloped in the Chosokabe
    and Tokugawa armies, and converged towards a single
    Motochika: To think that this moment would really come...
    Title: Friendship on the Battleground
    [Event at stage start]
    (Sekigahara. Motochika seems restless.)
    Motochika: So it's finally starting, huh..
    (Ieyasu, on the other hand, seems completely
    ready and willing.)
    Ieyasu: I have come where I had to go..nothing more.
    (A signal echoes in the Chosokabe camp)
    Motochika: Tch...!!
    [Stage starts]
    Ieyasu: Chosokabe Motochika!
            I, Tokugawa Ieyasu, commander of
            the eastern army, hereby challenge you!
    Motochika: I, the demon of Demon Island..
               hereby accept your "demon subjugation"
    [During the stage]
    Motochika: No way of turning back, the only path
               remaining is advancing..
               Men, be prepared, let's have the land sink
    Motochika: Long time no see, Ieyasu..
               The dream you talked about that time,
               are you about to turn it into reality?
    Ieyasu: I was young too...not that it was bad.
    Motochika: Without me, wasn't battling at sea damn hard?
    Ieyasu: Darn right, I should have learned more from you!
    Chosokabe soldier: We haven't forgotten the days
                       when we were fighting together!
    Tokugawa general: Yesterday's friend is today's
                      enemy...such is war...!!
    Motochika: Ieyasu...you've grown bolder, haven't you..
               That young master's gone off somewhere..
    Ieyasu: Motochika..I think it was a great thing.
            Thank you for being the wall I shall overcome!
    [Ieyasu (and Tadakatsu) enter the scene]
    (Motochika walks sure of himself)
    Motochika: The boy of the east is a good boy...
               Bringing with him countless comrades,
               He came to subdue the demon...
    (Ieyasu is before him)
    Ieyasu: Motochika, I...
    Motochika: But...it's still too early to take the country!!
    (Ieyasu raises his head and readies his weapon,
    ready for battle.)
    Ieyasu: The one controlling the western sea,
            Chosokabe Motochika, is now before me..
            I, Tokugawa Ieyasu..shall serve as your opponent!!!
    [Fight against Honda Tadakatsu and Tokugawa Ieyasu]
    Motochika: I'll be your opponent!!
               No regrets, try and swim here with all
               your strength!!
    Ieyasu: As we promised that time,
            I put everything on stake now!!
    Motochika: From that time the demon's servants have
              increased, ya know?
              If I don't take over the country they
              can't be restrained anymore!
    Motochika: Did the road you've walked up to
               here feel long?
    Ieyasu: Everything seems like it happened
            a long time ago..
            Being allies with you..how nostalgic.
    Motochika: There's no turning back now!!
               Buckle down!! Show me that dream of yours!!
    Motochika: Let's go with the last great wave,
              Supreme Commander of the East!
    Ieyasu: I shall definitely overcome it,
            Demon God of the Western Sea!
    [Stage clear event]
    (Sunset at Sekigahara. Ieyasu kneels down.)
    Ieyasu: I completely lost, Motochika..
            He..hehe..so my dream...ends here...
    (Motochika walks closer to Ieyasu,
    but Tadakatsu stands in his way)
    Motochika: !!
    Ieyasu: Tadakatsu!!?
    (Tadakatsu, unconscious, stands before Ieyasu)
    Ieyasu: Tadakatsu...!!
    (Other Tokugawa generals come to stand before Ieyasu too)
    Ieyasu: You all...!!!
    (Ieyasu tries to stand up, but can't)
    Ieyasu: Kh..!!
    Tokugawa general 1: If you mean to pass through here,
                        You'll have to step on my corpse to!!
    Tokugawa general 2: Lord Ieyasu hasn't crumbled under
                        misfortune since he was a child..
                        He has graced us with a dream called peace!
    Tokugawa general 1: Lord Ieyasu is our hope!!
                        We won't let no one take anything away
                        from lord Ieyasu, no more!!
    Motochika: Heh...
    (After looking at them, Motochika laughs and puts down his weapon)
    (Motochika walks close to Ieyasu and kneels beside him,
    a calm expression on his face.)
    Motochika: Your dream isn't gonna end in a place like this.
               From now on too, bear on your shoulders
               the hollyhock emblem  and these guys' lives,
               and continue walking to the future.
    Ieyasu: Motochika, you...!!?
    Motochika: You're the one who took the country, Ieyasu.
               ...as I thought, the sea's what fits me the most.
               The land's much too cramped...
    (After saying what he wanted himself and Ieyasu to believe,
    Motochika leaves, a quiet smile on his face.)
    Motochika: It's fine this way...
    A day in the Takeda house - Training chapter -
    Opening Video
    (In a bright morning, Yukimura enthusiastically
    opens the doors of Shingen's mansion.)
    Yukimura: Good morning, Noble House Lord!!
    (Shingen's voice, coming from somewhere)
    Shingen: Yukimura, training is about to start!!
    (Scene changes to a deep forest.
    Shingen swings his giant axe, cutting many trees
    that fly away ordinately, and go form a big dojo.
    Lastly, Shingen himself lands spinning in the
    new dojo.)
    Shingen: Be devoted, Yukimura!!
             Surpass your trials magnificently!!
    (Shingen swings his axe forward and thunder falls.
    Yukimura is eager to start)
    Yukimura: I shall overcome theeemmm!!!!!!!
    (Finally, on the screen "A day in the Takeda house
    - Training chapter -" appears written in dynamic
    and burning characters.)
    Sanada Yukimura
    Takeda Shingen
    Hyottoko mask (masked Shingen)
    Sarutobi Sasuke
    Sky Fox Mask (masked Sasuke)
    Takeda soldiers
    Chapter 1
    Narrator: Finally, the Takeda-style dojo training
    course commenced, also named "Takeda Manly Festival".
    After surpassing numerous trials, one is granted
    the title of real man.
    Will Sanada Yukimura really be able to cut his way
    through these superb ordeals?
    Shingen: Haha, Preparations are complete!
             Go, Yukimura!!
    Yukimura: Yessir!!
             I have come, with my soul ablaze!
    Title: Hot blood! Takeda dojo, part one
    [Event at stage start]
    (Yukimura enters the first hall of the dojo, running.)
    Yukimura: Haaaaaaaaaaaaa....tto!! (he enters jumping)
    Yukimura: Then, come forward!!
              No matter what trial appears before me,
              I shall conquer them all!
    [The 100-men training starts]
    Shingen: First, be submerged by a wild wave of
             100 real men!!
    Yukimura: Yes! No matter who the opponent is,
              I shall not draw back in fear!
    [Shingen scolds the defeated 100 soldiers
    to give them energy]
    Shingen: Soldiers, be focused!! Focuseddd!!
    (The soldiers stand back up)
    Takeda soldiers 1-2-3: Noble House Lord..
    Takeda soldier 1: The Noble House Lord's calling..
    (They stand back up, full of energy)
    Takeda soldier 2-3: Focuss!!!
    Takeda soldier 2-3: Let's buurrnnn!!
    Takeda soldier 2-3: Energy's overflowingg!!
    (Yukimura looks around himself)
    Yukimura: Oh? Oooh??
    (Not wanting to lose, he raises his fists)
    Yukimura: I won't lose!! I'm overflowing tooo!!!!
    [The soldiers, to the even more spirited Yukimura]
    Takeda soldier 1: This is bad, Lord Yukimura
                      is getting focused too!!
    [Sky Fox Mask enters the scene]
    (Sky Fox Mask enters the scene in a cool fashion)
    Sky Fox Mask: Welcome to my dojo..yes, like that.
                  Say what you want, but this is too
                  damn embarassing..
    [Fight against Sky Fox Mask]
    Sky Fox Mask: We-well, good morning!
    Yukimura: You know me, Yukimura..? Who are you?
    Sky Fox Mask: Yeah, well...
                  I am a friend of Sarutobi Sasuke!
    Yukimura: Ooh, you are an acquaintance of Sasuke's!
              I am honored to meet you.
    Sky Fox Mask: About him,
                  there is an humble request I have for you..
    Sky Fox Mask: He's an awesome guy..he does his job,
                  and is a real man.
                  Making him work on such low wages will
                  net you punishment!!
    Yukimura: Pu-punishment, you say!!?
    Sky Fox Mask: So, I beg you to give him a raise,
    [Yukimura wins against Sky Fox Mask]
    Yukimura: Such a skilled ninja..
              As strong as Sasuke, or maybe even stronger?
    [Sky Fox Mask appears again and changes into Yukimura]
    Sky Fox Mask: Heh...
                  Ok, how's this then?
    (He transforms into Yukimura)
    Sky Fox Mask: I am Sanada Genjiro Yukimura!!
                 ...what do you say, don't we look alike?
    [Fighting Sky Fox Mask, transformed into Yukimura]
    Yukimura: Unbelievable...he changed into me!?
    Sky Fox Mask: I, Yukimura, shall be your opponent
                  with all my strength! Yep!
    Sky Fox Mask: My very heart is fierily burning!!
                 ...like this?
    Sky Fox Mask: Burn, my soul!! Whoa, pretty hot!
    Sky Fox Mask: Hmm, please do watch me,
                  Noble House Lord!!
    Sky Fox Mask: Sanada Yukimura,
                 Japan's number one soldier!! No, really!
    Sky Fox Mask: Hey, this's pretty fun if you get used to it!
    [After losing, Sky Fox Mask turns into a
    generic soldier and starts fleeing]
    Sky Fox Mask: Stop it now, this doesn't fit me
                  much in the end..
                  Sorry, but I'm going to get away now!
    (He turns into a generic soldier)
    Sky Fox Mask: Bye!! Try and look for me if you can!
    (Many soldiers appear from somewhere,
    and Sky Fox Mask starts to run among them)
    Takeda soldiers 1-3: Waah!!!
    Takeda soldiers 1-3: Ruunn!!!
    [While fleeing amidst the soldiers]
    Sky Fox Mask: Will you beat up fleeing soldiers?
    [Yukimura chases Sky Fox Mask among the soldiers]
    Yukimura: Such cowardice!
              What do you mean by fleeing!?
    Takeda soldier 1: Waah, the fake one's over there!!
    [Sky Fox Mask is defeated]
    (Sky Fox Mask, his transformation undone,
    is about to collapse on the floor.)
    Sky Fox Mask: I didn't think you would beat me up seriously..
    (He collapses)
    Sky Fox Mask: Aah...
    (Shingen speaks to him from somewhere)
    Shingen: What are you doing!? Focus, focus morrree!!!
    (But Sky Fox Mask doesn't move and signals
    with his hand that he gives up.)
    [Only Yukimura gets spirited by Shingen's words]
    Yukimura: My heart is overflowing with energy
              even morree!!
    Chapter 2
    Narrator: After defeating a mysterious ninja who
    used the same techniques as Sarutobi Sasuke,
    Yukimura hurriedly proceeded to the next hall.
    However, at that moment he could not know that
    from then on harsh trials would unfold and
    powerful foes lie in wait.
    Yukimura: What! Until I complete each and every trial,
              I shall not be defeated!
    Title: Hot blood! Takeda dojo, part two
    [Stage starts]
    Hyottoko* Mask: You did well in coming all the way here..
                    I am your next opponent.
    *literally "fire man". A mask like the one Shingen wears,
    called like this because it is supposed to represent
    a man blowing through a bamboo cane to light a fire.
    Yukimura: So you are my next trial? Let the battle begin!!
    Hyottoko Mask: Hehehe..first, I will pose you 3 questions.
    [During the stage, Sasuke arrives to give advice]
    Sasuke: How's it going boss? Doing your best?
    Yukimura: Ooh, Sasuke!
              Where have you been all this time?
    [Hyottoko Mask activates the thorns trap]
    Hyottoko Mask: This is a trial too...hehehe..
    Takeda soldiers: Here it is!! The Takeda's specialty,
                     the needle mountain training!!
    Sasuke: They suddenly used a technique against the rules!!
            Even boss might find it hard to overcome it!!
    [Sasuke gives advice regarding the trap]
    Sasuke: Boss, if you destroy the mechanism the trap
            will stop!
    [Hyottoko Mask presses the wrong switch - 1]
    Hyottoko Mask: To open the doors...this one!
    Sasuke: Commander, what are you doing!!?
    [Hyottoko Mask presses the wrong switch - 2]
    Hyottoko Mask: Hm, I was mistaken..this one?
    Sasuke: Not that one!! The one on the right!!
    [Hyottoko Mask presses the wrong switch - 3]
    Hyottoko Mask: This one then?
                   I don't understand..well, no matter.
    Sasuke: Aah, this isn't good...
    [Yukimura, talking about Hyottoko Mask
    always hitting the wrong switch]
    Yukimura: How despicable...you need to learn from
              the Noble House Lord's example!!
    [Hyottoko Mask questions Yukimura,
    who overcame the thorns trap]
    Hyottoko Mask: First question...
                   what will you do after getting stronger?
    Yukimura: That is obvious!
              I will be of help to the Noble House Lord.
    [Sasuke gives advice regarding the trap]
    Sasuke: Boss, if you strike the black Daruma*
            things are gonna get nasty!
    *A daruma is a kind of doll without legs or arms,
    representing the Boddhisatva Bodhidharma.
    There is a game called "Darumaotoshi" (make the Daruma fall)
    which involves piling up cylindrical
    pieces of wood (with a Daruma doll on top) and then taking
    them away one by one without making the Daruma on top fall. 
    [Hyottoko Mask questions Yukimura,
    who overcame the second trap]
    Hyottoko Mask: The second question.
                   What comes after obtaining strength?
    Yukimura: That is...receiving the Noble House Lord's
              praise, what else?
    [Fight against Hyottoko Mask]
    Hyottoko Mask: Then let us pose the last question.
                   The moment you lose that man,
                   what remains for you?
    Yukimura: Su-such a...I have never thought about that!!
    Hyottoko Mask: You must think about it...
                   before that day comes all of a sudden.
    Yukimura: But I know of no joy superior to serving
              the Noble House Lord!!
    Hyottoko Mask: You call such a measly thing joy...
                   you fooll!!!
    Hyottoko Mask: To cling onto a man and making him
                   your place to be..
                   Why do you not understand that such
                   a small heart brings nothing but weakness?
    Hyottoko Mask: Man will not grow if he looks away from things.
                   Answer now...what do you personally wish for?
    Yukimura: Th-that's....
    Hyottoko Mask: Do not fear, Yukimura!
                   Acknowledge your weak self, and sharpen it!!
                   Only by obtaining a strong heart
                   can men truly live!!
    Yukimura: Great...what a great character...
              Such a big heart doesn't lose even to
              the Noble House Lord..
    [Hyottoko Mask defeated]
    (Yukimura attacks)
    Yukimura: Deyah!!
    Hyottoko Mask: Mmhh!!!
    (The mask falls slowly, revealing...)
    Yukimura: No, nono, nono, Noble House Lord!!???
    (Yukimura is shocked, and Shingen crosses his arms)
    Shingen: You have seen through me...indeed, it is I.
             Yukimura, now it is time for the final...
    (Shingen swings his axe and smashes the dojo's floor,
    creating a large hole)
    Shingen: Trrriiiaaallll!!!!
    Yukimura: Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!
    (Yukimura is swallowed by the dark hole
    under the floor...)
    Final Chapter
    Narrator: Hyottoko Mask's real identity...
    was none other than Takeda Shingen himself.
    After knowing this shocking truth, Yukimura thought
    hard about the meaning of Shingen's words,
    while he was borrowing Hyottoko's face.
    Then, at last, he rushed into the final trial's stage.
    Yukimura: The words the noble house lord spoke before...
              are they..my real trial..?
    Title: Battle Name:  Hot blood! Takeda dojo - three
    [Event at stage start]
    (Yukimura lands from above)
    Yukimura: Ha!
    (Magma is silently boiling all around him.
    It's a dimly lit cave.)
    Yukimura: This is...
    (Yukimura looks around him)
    [Stage starts]
    Yukimura: So this is my final trial..?
    [Fight against Sarutobi Sasuke]
    Yukimura: Sasuke, I have met a friend of yours before.
    Sasuke: Huh? Re-really, what did he say?
    Yukimura: That man praised you.
              Indeed worthy of the Sanada ninja corps leader!
              I was really proud.
    Sasuke: Well, hehe. as expected from me! Hahaha....
    Yukimura: Sasuke, I expect great things from you
              from now on too.
              Wield to the fullest those skills
              your friend has praised!!
    Sasuke: Then, that guy didn't say anything about the pay?
    Yukimura: Hm? What do you mean, Sasuke?
    Sasuke: Nothing...aah....
    [Fight against Takeda Shingen]
    Yukimura: Please scold me, Noble House Lord..
              I, Yukimura, am truly a foolish person.
    Shingen: Yukimura..
    Yukimura: All by myself, I cannot accomplish anything..
              I did not know this.
    Yukimura: Sasuke, I have to thank you too.
              Thanks to you working alongside me,
              I am able to fight.
    Sasuke: Y-yes....no need for such words, really!
    Yukimura: Please watch me!
              I, Yukimura, shall be even more devoted!
    Shingen: Hm!
    Yukimura: And then, one day..
              I shall become a real man surpassing
              even the Noble House Lord!!
    Shingen: Good! Yukimura, charge through the land!!
             One day you shall obtain wings, and become
             a tiger that will charge through the skies as well!!
    Yukimura: Noble House Lord!!!!
    Shingen: Yukimuraa!!!
    Yukimura: Noble House Loorrdd!!!
    Shingen: Yukimuraaaaa!!!!!!
    [Stage clear event]
    (Yukimura raises his 2 spears)
    Yukimura: Wooooohhh!!!
    Yukimura: To have met the Noble House Lord..
              Is an unsurmountable honor!!
    (He swings his spears upwards and does some kind of war dance.)
    Yukimura: Ha! (swinging the spears up) Wooooohhh!!!
    (Lastly he poses)
    Yukimura: I, Sanada Genjiro Yukimura,
              have conquered this ordeal!!!!!
    Ending Video
    (On the dojo's roof, Yukimura wipes his tears,
    Shingen standing squarely before him.)
    Shingen: You have become stronger, Yukimura..
    Yukimura: Uuh...Noble House Lord....
    (Yukimura seems to notice something)
    Yukimura: Ha...!!
    (He now thinks to himself)
    Yukimura: Then, Noble House Lord...
              Now you surely want to strike one of my openings..
              But you won't this time..
              I shall show you proof of
              how much this training has strengthened me!
    (In the background of this speech Yukimura can be seen
    repeatedly avoiding, with grace, Shingen's punches.
    Back to reality, he tries to punch Shingen,
    but the latter uses Sasuke as shield.)
    Sasuke: I can't believe you, commander..
    Yukimura: Aah, Sasuke!!
    (That very moment, Shingen punches Yukimura)
    Shingen: You're full of openings!!
    (Yukimura flies away; Shingen and Sasuke look at him.)
    Shingen: Still too naive..
    Sasuke: Indeed...
    (The video ends following the flying Yukimura)
    Yukimura: Noble House Lord!!!
    (Lastly, "END" appears on-screen,
    written in dynamic and burning characters.) 
    The dragon's treasures
    (Date castle, early winter.
    Masamune and Kojuro are sparring.)
    Masamune: Ha!
    Kojuro: Seiya!
    (A soldier approaches them)
    Date soldier 1: Heead!! It's terrible!!
    Masamune: Aahn? What happened?
    Date soldier 1: Some guy called Matsunaga Hisahide
                    has took the scouting team hostage,
                    and said to bring the Head to him...!
    Masamune: Heh..
    Masamune: Kojuro..are you OK(*)?
    Kojuro: Without a doubt...
            leave the protection of your back to me.
            That is the duty I, Kojuro, fulfill.
    (Masamune and Kojuro leave for battle.
    Kojuro's firm spirit reflects on his expression.)
    Katakura Kojuro
    Date Masamune
    Sanada Yukimura
    Fuma Kotaro
    Matsunaga Hisahide
    Date soldiers
    Takeda soldiers
    Chapter 1
    Narrator: Saving the strength of its soldiers for
    the country's unification, the Date army was steadily
    making preparations.
    However, a report came in: Sengoku's ringleader,
    the infamous Matsunaga Hisahide, had captured the soldiers
    of the scouting unit.
    What Matsunaga requested in exchange for the prisoners'
    lives were Masamune's swords.
    After receiving this report Kojuro made the necessary
    preparations for the battle, with the objective of rescuing
    the soldiers in mind.
    Kojuro: Hostages, huh..Matsunaga Hisahide...
            you're gonna make us waste good time..
    Title: A foul trap
    [Event at the start of the stage]
    (The kidnapped Date soldiers are tied to rocks.
    Hisahide is close to them)
    Date soldier 1: Waah...!!
    Date soldier 2: Iiiih!!!
    Date soldier 3: Help meee!!
    (In the Date camp, Kojuro and Masamune
    look towards Hisahide.)
    Masamune: Kojuro, you understand, right..
    Kojuro: Yes..we're going to save everyone's lives.
    (Masamune and Kojuro unsheathe their swords)
    Masamune: Ok, follow my lead!!
    Kojuro: Understood!!
    (They run off to battle)
    [Stage starts]
    Hisahide: One-eyed Dragon..how do you feel today?
              I came to receive your six swords,
              I trust there is no inconvenience in that.
    Masamune: Hum..and what are you gonna do in exchange?
    Hisahide: Right..then I'll send them to their deaths.
    Date soldier 4: Stop it!! Head, Lord Kojuro!!
    Kojuro: Damn you, Matsunaga..you have no pity even
            if your opponent is tied up..!!
    [During the stage]
    Masamune: Kojuro, that guy's target is me.
              I'm drawing him out..you strike into
              that opening.
    Kojuro: Understood..please leave it to me.
    Masamune: Gotta teach him that the dragon's claws
              don't come cheap..
    Hisahide: To abandon one's subordinates for some swords..
              That is a proper way of thinking,
              I better learn from you.
    Kojuro: Don't get this wrong.
            We're gonna take care of you
            and then save them..just this.
    Hisahide: One-eyed Dragon, you're a quite a punctual
              gentleman, aren't you?
    Masamune: Sorry, I just got no time to waste with you..
    Hisahide: Is that it..? Then let us do this.
    Date soldier 5: Aaaah, help me!! Uwaaaaaaaaah......
    [Matsunaga enters the stage]
    (Hisahide, on the cliff, looks far into the distance.
    He lets grass fly into the wind correspondingly
    with the words "one..two..")
    Hisahide: One...two...another one...
              Man is born and dies..it's an endless cycle.
    (Hisahide turns suddenly towards Kojuro and Masamune)
    Hisahide: Well..the One-eyed dragon and his right eye.
              Welcome, is what I'd like to say, but..
              Looks like your humour is not one of the best.
    Kojuro: Damn you..
            Looks like you don't understand all too well
            what you're doing!
    (And Hisahide suddenly cuts the rope that ties an hostage,
    making him fall in the precipice without a word)
    Hisahide: That is disrespect..now give it a rest, please.
               ..ok, if you give me those it'll all be over.
    [Fight against Matsunaga Hisahide]
    Kojuro: Lord Masamune, leave this to me.
            Your hands need not be dirtied with
            such filthy blood..!!
    Masamune: Ok...show me this spirit of yours!!
    Hisahide: Whatever are you sirs angry about?
    Kojuro: If you don't get it...
            you're really less than trash..!!
    Hisahide: When I set my eyes on something,
              I want it right away..that's how I am.
              Couldn't you please be more patient?
    Masamune: Don't give this guy any openings..
              Just slice up his rotten soul!!
    Kojuro: Understood, I won't let him act as
            he pleases, not anymore!!
    [Stage clear event]
    Kojuro: Deyah!!
    Hisahide: Hn..
    (Hisahide parries Kojuro's attacks,
    and is about to cut a nearby rope.)
    Hisahide: Which one..
    Date soldier 3: Waah!!
    Kojuro: Stop that!!!
    Masamune: Wait..!
    (Masamune throws his swords in front of Hisahide)
    Masamune: Here you go..now let him free.
    Date soldier 1: Head!!?
    Date soldier 2: No way..!!
    Date soldier 3: Don't!!
    (Hisahide claps and laughs)
    Hisahide: Isn't this spectacular!
              You are a completely pure man, dear sir!
              Truly difficult to save, really..
              In any way!!
    (Hisahide makes a signal, and a blast occurs
    near Masamune. The latter is blown away..)
    Kojuro: Lord Masamunee!!!!
    (Kojuro grabs Masamune and dives down the cliff
    with him. Hisahide's laugh echoes)
    Hisahide: Hahaha, the six claws are mine now...
              without a doubt!
    Chapter 2
    Narrator: Masamune, ensnared by Matsunaga's foul trap,
    fell into the river at the foot of the cliff.
    Kojuro saved him by a hair's breadth, but Masamune
    was severely injured and lost consciousness.
    Kojuro was determined to hurry back to Oshu,
    but on the road the Sanada unit of the Takeda army appeared,
    standing on their way and ready to battle.
    Kojuro: The only way here...is to break through the center..
            Lord Masamune,
            I will take you back to your Oshu no matter what!
    Title: The do-or-die march to Oshu
    [Stage starts]
    Kojuro: Let's go! I will cut open a path!!
            You guys protect lord Masamune!!
    Date soldier 5: We'll protect him with our lives,
                   lord Kojuro!!
    [During the stage]
    Yukimura: That is the One-eyed Dragon's right eye..
              Sir Katakura Kojuro has been sighted,
              without a doubt.
    Kojuro: Tch..so it's really you, Sanada.
    Yukimura: My fate led me to meet the Date army..
              I cannot let you go without doing anything!!
    Kojuro: It won't be possible to get away unscathed
            in a battle against Sanada..
    Yukimura: How strange..the Date army doesn't have
              the usual spirit.
              Has something happened..?
    [When the Takeda soldiers spot the Date army]
    Takeda soldier 1: It's the Date army!!
                      The dragon of Oshu should be there too!!
    Takeda soldier 2: Where's the One-eyed Dragon!?
                      Let's take his head and gain fame!!!
    [Reaching the gate and letting Masamune go on first]
    (Kojuro reached the gate leading to the road to Oshu.
    He lets the soldiers carrying the unconscious
    Masamune go on first.)
    Kojuro: Hurry up!! You guys go on first!!
    Date soldier 1: Lord Kojuro..!?
    Date soldier 2: Kh...understood!!
    (The soldiers run forward. Kojuro watches them go,
    then concentrates and stands before the door, alone.)
    Kojuro: *deep, regular breathing*
    (Many Takeda soldiers begin to appear.
    Kojuro looks at them)
    Kojuro: No one will pass here..not a single soul.
            Do you feel you can surpass my conviction?
            Then come and get me, putting your life
            on the line!!
    [Protecting the door alone]
    Kojuro: Come at me ready to die! I won't hold back!
    [Fight against Sanada Yukimura]
    Kojuro: Sanada Yukimura..the man lord Masamune
            recognizes as his equal..
            I have no intention of accomodating to your
            hot blood this time.
    Yukimura: Sir Katakura, why doesn't
              the One-eyed Dragon show himself?
    Kojuro: You thought that if you asked I would have
            simply answered right away?
            I don't remember having become your friend
            or anything..
    Yukimura: Looks like something has happened..
    Kojuro: If you intend to pity us, give it up now.
            That conceit's going to cost you your life!
    Kojuro: Do you have something you want to protect
            at the cost of your life?
            I do..thus, no one's going to pass here.
    Yukimura: I have understood those feelings quite well..
              Please show me your full strength!!!
    [Stage clear event]
    Yukimura: Hah!!
    Kojuro: Gh...!!
    (Yukimura does not counterattack, and seems to have
    noticed something. He saw the soldiers carrying
    Masamune away)
    Yukimura: ...!
    Kojuro: What are you doing, get serious!!!
    (Kojuro pushes the spears away and counterattacks,
    but Yukimura doesn't guard. Kojuro stops his blade
    inches away from Yukimura's face.)
    Kojuro: ..what the hell does this mean?
    Yukimura: Go...return quickly to Oshu.
    Kojuro: I thought I told you not to pity us!!
    Yukimura: That is not pity!!
              ...please relay this message to sir Masamune.
              When your wounds are healed, we shall fight.
    (Kojuro looks at Yukimura for a while,
    then sheathes his sword and quickly goes away.)
    Kojuro: ...sorry, Sanada Yukimura.
    (Yukimura looks at Kojuro running off.
    Fuma Kotaro is looking at this from above...
    and then disappears.)
    Chapter 3
    Narrator: The Date army returned to Oshu,
    staking their lives on the line.
    Masamune, however, was enraged about having been
    brought back to Oshu, deserting his subordinates.
    Not listening even to Kojuro's warnings, he decided
    to go to battle in spite of his wounds.
    Kojuro: What kind of absurdity are you planning?
            Please wait, lord Masamune!
    Title: The twin dragons' duel
    [Stage starts]
    (Masamune and Kojuro confront each other.
    A single sword is pierced on the ground near Masamune.)
    Masamune: Kojuro..why have we come back leaving them behind?
    Kojuro: For a commander, no matter how many battles
            he participates in..
            It is essential to survive.
    Kojuro: Thinking about what you bear on your shoulders
            and the ones who wait and hope for you
            to take the country,
            I came back to Oshu.
    Masamune: What you say is perfectly right...yet..
    (Masamune pulls out the sword pierced on the ground
    and points it at Kojuro.)
    Masamune: Left or right...looking at what side the scales
              lean to is something I don't like.
              I will grab both of them!
              .....out of the way, Kojuro.
    Kojuro: This time I cannot let this foolishness pass.
            If that will stop you..
    (Kojuro silently readies his stance.)
    Kojuro: Even crossing swords is not out of the question!!
    Masamune: Ha...grand.
    [Fight against Date Masamune - 1st round]
    Masamune: Kojuro..I'm sure
              you can understand what I'm saying.
    Kojuro: Thus I will repeat it as many times as you want..
    Kojuro: You absolutely must not die.
            Even if blood from your wounded body
            will spill on the earth!
    Masamune: The One-eyed Dragon won't be made a fool
              of and shut up!!
    Kojuro: Do you forget what your position is!?
            You should understand!!
            You must contain such childish thoughts!!
    Masamune: I know that better than anyone!!
    Kojuro: Then now is the time when you must think
            of the people!!
            Think of the heavy responsibility you have!
    Kojuro: You have chosen to aim at the country!
            Your decision has already been made!!
    [Fight against Date Masamune - 2nd round]
    Masamune: What's wrong Kojuro...can't you stop me?
    Kojuro: Lord Masamune, what's this nonsense..?
    Kojuro: You must take care of yourself!!
            Your wounds haven't healed yet!!
    Masamune: Then I have been holding back,
              is this what you want to say?
              Don't piss me off now, Kojuro!!
    Masamune: I'm not afraid of death...
              But I never thought of dying...not even once.
    Kojuro: Lord Masamune...those are...
    Masamune: Yeah..the words you have taught me.
    Masamune: I have no intention of becoming
              an irresponsible commander
              that would abandon subordinates in danger
              of dying!!
    [Stage clear event]
    (Kojuro supports the defeated Masamune)
    Kojuro: I have never feared death..
            But I never thought of dying, huh..
    Kojuro: I, Kojuro..
            will bring back your two treasures...
            the subordinates and the swords.
            At all costs.
    Chapter 4
    Narrator: Fully determined to bring back Masamune's
    two treasures no matter what, Kojuro set out alone
    for Matsunaga Hisahide's location.
    However, before that an assassin sent by Matsunaga
    blocked his path.
    Kojuro: The ninja called legend...I'd heard he worked
            as mercenary.
            Matsunaga, it can't be that...you hired him?
    Title: Matsunaga's assassin
    [Stage starts]
    Hisahide: What, you were alive? Dragon's right eye.
              You are quite a stubborn man..
    Kojuro: Really..today I am grateful to that stubbornness.
    [During the stage]
    Hisahide: What have you come to do alone, without
              a single subordinate?
              Did you come to take revenge for the One-eyed Dragon?
    Kojuro: Nonsense..I came to take back what you stole from us.
            And get even with you...just that.
    Hisahide: Hahahaha, don't say such petty things now,
              of all times!
    Hisahide: Sorry to make you come all the way here,
              but the six swords aren't here.
    Kojuro: Is that it..? Then it all becomes easier.
            It means I'll look for them after beating you down.
    Kojuro: That legendary ninja..was it you that hired him?
    Hisahide: My hobby is "watching from afar"..
              Say, isn't it funny?
    Hisahide: Anyway, your courage is unmatchable.
              To go to battle alone...
              this splendid recklessness.
    Kojuro: I will hunt you down until the end of the world.
            And take back what you borrowed.
    [Fuma Kotaro enters the scene]
    (Hisahide stands upon a cliff, quite composed.
    Kojuro looks at him from below.)
    Kojuro: Matsunaga..
    (Hisahide interrupts him and suddenly begins talking)
    Hisahide: Looking at your face reminds me.. 
    Kojuro: ?
    Hisahide: Of the hostages.
    Kojuro: ...?
    Hisahide: Hostages are means to accomplish an objective.
              They have meaning as long as they are safe.
              But, now that the objective has been completed,
              they have become completely useless...
              what shall we do with them?
    Kojuro: Matsunaga, you bastard..!!
    (That very moment, Fuma Kotaro jumps down from above
    and stands before Kojuro.
    Hisahide, looking at this, speaks quietly)
    Hisahide: As expected of Fuma, good job.
              ..then I beg my leave.
    (Hisahide leaves without turning back.
    Looking at him, Kojuro suddenly starts laughing.)
    Kojuro: Heh...hehehehehe...
            I heard it..it snapped damn loud..(his patience)
    (Kojuro gets pissed off)
    Kojuro: ......I'll f*****g kill you!!
    [Fight against Fuma Kotaro]
    Kojuro: Out of the way, Fuma...
            I have no intention of taking it out on you.
            But if you get in my way I'm not going easy on you!!
    Kotaro: ..............
    Kojuro: Looks like you aren't retreating..
            Then I'm gonna make you cry..c'mon, start weeping!!
    Kojuro: Do you bastard believe in something..?
            Or can you only see money?
    Kotaro: ...........
    Kojuro: You don't want to speak, huh..
            That's fine too..I'm sick of restrain!!
    Kojuro: Come on! With money as your flimsy target
            try and kill me, if you can!!!
    [Kotaro defeated]
    Kojuro: Matsunaga..
            I'm gonna teach you how to open the gates of hell..
    [Pissed off lines (variations)]
    Kojuro: Do you wanna see hell? It's gonna get damn scary..
    Kojuro: Every single one of them......too damn half-assed!!
    Kojuro: Hehehehehehe....hehehe.
    Final Chapter
    Narrator: Kojuro barely managed to defeat the assassin
    sent by Matsunaga - Fuma Kotaro. After that, with the
    oath of returning alive with Masamune's two treasures
    as driving force, he finally entered Matsunaga's stronghold,
    Kojuro: I finally cornered you...Matsunaga Hisahide!
    [Stage starts]
    Hisahide: We meet again..this is a bond which I don't feel
              much thankful for.
    Kojuro: I thought I told you..
            That I would hunt you down to the end of this world.
    [The tied hostages call Kojuro]
    Date soldier 1: Lord Kojuro's come to save us!!
    Date soldier 2: And I thought it was all over!!
    Date soldier 3: Lord Kojuro, is the Head all right??
    [During the stage]
    Kojuro: I'm taking back the hostages and the six swords.
            No need to answer...I have no use for your consent.
    Hisahide: Why hasn't the One-eyed Dragon come?
              Is this a strategy?
    Kojuro: To bury a man like you..
            For such dirty work I am more than enough.
    Kojuro: Wait up there.
            Better practice how to introduce yourself
            to King Hades..
    Hisahide: Sir, you are quite good at jokes, I'm impressed..
    [Event during the stage - Masamune enters the scene]
    (Kojuro is ambushed by an artillery team,
    but Masamune comes to the rescue)
    Kojuro: !!!
    Masamune: Haa!!
    Masamune: You've gone out in pretty high spirits,
              but I see you're taking your sweet time here!!
    Kojuro: Lord Masamune!!
    Masamune: I'm not turning to look behind me..
              So you better protect my back!
    Kojuro: ...yes!!
    [During the stage - after Masamune arrives]
    Masamune: Psyche up!!(*) Kojuro, follow me!!
    Kojuro: Leave it to me!!
            I, Kojuro, shall put my whole being at stake!!
    Hisahide: Hahahaha!! What a beautifully happy show!
    Kojuro: Matsunaga..this is where me and you settle our score.
            I, Katakura Kojuro, am coming in full force!!
    [Hisahide enters the scene]
    (Hisahide looks at some burning flames)
    Hisahide: ...I like fire.
              It can bury away in an instant something built
              in the course of centuries..
    Hisahide: This emptiness, without saying a single word,
              calms the heart.
    Kojuro: Matsunaga..you're really like a spoiled brat..
    Hisahide: That is quite right.
              Next is your turn to burn away.
              Thus, please let me taste emptiness once again!
    [Fight against Matsunaga Hisahide]
    Masamune: Let's have him see something nice!!
              Here goes the showdown(*)!!
    Kojuro: Let the dragon's dance pierce the heavens!!
    Hisahide: Hahaha..dragons burning at the stake, not bad.
    Kojuro: These flames are the ones that will light
            your way to hell..
    Hisahide: Aren't you poetic now, right eye of the dragon!!
    Hisahide: Twin dragons, what you have tasted is the
              world's real nature.
              The sin lies in those who have been snatched away!
    Hisahide: It's useless to lament upon the sin one
              has committed..
              Because sooner or later you too will perish!
    Masamune: There's nothing wrong in what you say..
              But I'll be the one to choose where I die.
    Kojuro: Matsunaga, the end is near.
            I got tired of listening to your self-gratifying
    [Stage clear event]
    Masamune: Deyaaa!!
    Kojuro: Oraaah!!
    (Their attacks strike Hisahide)
    Hisahide: Gh...haah!!
    (Hisahide stands the pain and laughs quietly)
    Hisahide: I decided..not to leave behind...my corpse..
              Farewell, twin dragons..!!
    (Hisahide makes a signal and explodes.
    Kojuro and Masamune watch.)
    Kojuro: Looks like the gates of Hell
            have opened without problems..
    (Before the Great Buddha hall, the freed Date soldiers
    get closer running.)
    Date soldier 1: Head!!!
    Date soldier 2: Lord Kojuro!!!
    (After giving back Masamune his swords,
    Kojuro suddenly prostrates himself before him.
    The soldiers stop, surprised.)
    Kojuro: Lord Masamune..I was ready for this from
            the very start.
            The unreasonable act of turning my blade
            against you  cannot possibly be forgiven.
            The six swords, and everyone's lives..
            Now that I have taken back your treasures
            there is just one thing I can do!!
    (Kojuro then attempts to cut open his own belly,
    but Masamune stops him)
    Masamune: Don't be uncool now, Kojuro..
    Kojuro: ....Lord Masamune!!
    (The soldiers cheer)
    Unshakable - Loyalty! Flower of Truth
    (Anegawa, the sun shines strong.
    Oichi has come to marry Nagamasa, who is overjoyed.)
    Nagamasa: Oda Nobunaga's sister, Oichi,
              will become my bride..
              The Demon King has gained back his human heart,
              and from today has become my brother..
    (That very moment!! Breaking into this happy atmosphere,
    the Imagawa army attacks!!)
    Nagamasa: To invade in such a good day..unforgivable!!
    (Nagamasa stands on the battlefield,
    holding proudly his sword)
    Nagamasa: Evil shall be erased!! This is my mission!!
    Azai Nagamasa
    Oda Nobunaga
    Mori Ranmaru
    Akechi Mitsuhide
    Imagawa Yoshimoto
    Azai general
    Azai soldier
    Imagawa general
    Local samurai
    Chapter 1
    Narrator: Appearing suddenly in Anegawa to disrupt
    the marriage between Oda and Azai was Imagawa Yoshimoto,
    leading his fearful shadow warrior army.
    Nagamasa's justice flared up with an uproar at this
    hardly forgivable evil.
    In that very moment, the curtains of a marriage ceremony
    unusual in the whole world were raised.
    Nagamasa: Ichi!! Gaze well upon my brave figure!!
    Oichi: Yes...Ichi will watch it all, so..
    Title: Danger! Raid - During the Ceremony
    [Event at stage start]
    (Nagamasa shows off as usual, striking a pose.)
    Nagamasa: Silent - Instant Kill..
              Evil and idle prattling shall be erased.
    (He points his glittering sword forward)
    Nagamasa: Here I come, Imagawa!! Toh!! *jumps*
    [Stage starts]
    Nagamasa: Damned Imagawa, what have you come to do
              in this good day?
    Yoshimoto: They say it is good---to merrily watch----
               gentle folks'----happy events---*
               But there is just one thing that's no good---
    *The first half of a poem.
    In japanese, "good", "merry", "gentle" and "happy"
    were all rendered with the same pronunciation ("yoshi"),
    but different kanji.
    Imagawa general: That's not inviting our lord Yoshimoto..
    Yoshimoto: Be glad!! Thus I have come here among you!
    [During the stage]
    Nagamasa: Ichi, these are the soldiers of truth..
              All corps, close attention!!
    Oichi: Amazing..everyone's feet are lined up..
    Azai general: Lo-lord Nagamasa's the only one
                 out of line!!
    Nagamasa: Soldiers of truth, smack away those
              impure beings.
    Yoshimoto: So it's light snacks, for starters?
               This will be quite the banquet!
    Yoshimoto: Next, I command for some wine!
               Hand over the cups!
    Oichi: Ah..those are the cups for exchanging
           the marriage vows..
    Nagamasa: Wh-what are you doing!? Give them back!!
    Yoshimoto: This is the gift I brought,
               a dress identical to mine!
    Oichi: Ichi..doesn't want to wear such weird clothes..
    Nagamasa: Damned Imagawa..such an insolent man
              must be erased at once!
    Yoshimoto: I resent the fact that you did not invite me..
    Imagawa general: Looking at him like this,
                    lord Yoshimoto seems so lonely..
    Nagamasa: Gh..why do I have to be treated as if I was evil?
    [Fight against Imagawa Yoshimoto]
    Yoshimoto: I've been waiting quite a while,
               finally it is the guest of honor's turn!
    Nagamasa: You haven't even been invited,
              and you call yourself guest of honor...
              That is evil!!
    Yoshimoto: O bride over there, come closer!
    Oichi: What is it..? Do you need something from Ichi..?
    Yoshimoto: Hoho, the rumored graceful lady is quite a beauty!
    Oichi: Really..? Ichi is happy..
    Nagamasa: D-damn it..men, take Ichi away!!
    Azai general: Our ladyship is beautiful at all times!!
    Yoshimoto: Then I will bid my leave now, is the souvenir ready yet?
    Nagamasa: To rampage to your heart's content,
              and then demand a souvenir..
              This shamelessness is indeed evil!!
    [Stage clear]
    Yoshimoto (voice only): I will pay you back in full---!!!
    (Yoshimoto flees. Nagamasa holds his sword proudly.)
    Nagamasa: Erasure complete..
              Silence is gold, justice is the true treasure.
    Oichi: Lord Nagamasa..you were cool...
    (Being praised by Oichi, Nagamasa is pumped up
    and talks to her proudly)
    Nagamasa: Wasn't I? That is my strength!
              Ok, let's restart the ceremony from the beginning!
    Oichi: Yes..lord Nagamasa..
    (Nagamasa walks away majestically, Oichi following him meekly.
    Akechi Mitsuhide watches them from the shadows..)
    Chapter 2
    Narrator: Just before deciding again to hold the
    marriage ceremony, a message from the Zabii sect
    reached Nagamasa.
    It was an invitation to come to the Zabii chapel,
    where a ceremony to gain eternal love would be held.
    However, this was a trap by Zabii, who aimed at getting
    hold of new followers.
    Nagamasa stood up against this evil that had to
    be eliminated.
    Nagamasa: To use marriage as bait for conversion...
              what is this supposed to mean!?
              How shall we deal with this unforgivable evil?
    Title: Conspiracy! Truth or Falsehood - Arrival
    [Event at stage start]
    (Mitsuhide and Oichi are talking secretly.)
    Mitsuhide: Hehehe..your husband is truly pure.
               To be framed by sweet words and come
               all the way to such a remote place..
    (Oichi listens without a word, and Mitsuhide
    suddenly walks close to her.)
    Mitsuhide: The battle with the Asakura is near..
               You must reduce the Azai's strength quickly...
               you understand, yes?
    (Oichi, as if she was waiting for those words
    to come out, looks downwards)
    Oichi: I understand..Lord brother cannot be opposed..
    Mitsuhide: Exactly......no one can oppose him.
    (Mitsuhide leaves, while Oichi keeps looking down..)
    [Stage starts]
    Nagamasa: The marriage certificate was substituted
              with a conversion certificate..
              Explain to me what this means!
    Zabii: Tch..I've been found out then..
           No way out, I guess apologizing is my best bet..
    [During the stage]
    Zabii: As an apology, let me predict your fortune..
           The flower prediction, for happiness in marriage.
    Nagamasa: O..oh? Let's try it..
    Zabii: Love, hate, love, hate..
           Ooh, hate's come out!
    Nagamasa: Waah! Such an ominous result..!
    Zabii: One more time! Love, hate, love, hate..
           Heh? This one doesn't work!
    Nagamasa: Ichi, don't pay attention to what that guy says..
              Fate can't be decided with some flower..got it?
    Oichi: Yes..Ichi doesn't care, so..
    [Fight against Zabii]
    Zabii: My predictions are absolute, poor you..
    Nagamasa: What decides fate isn't a flower, nor you..    
              But only my justice!!
    Zabii: Ook, let's enter into the Zabii church
           and become more energetic!!
    Oichi: Hehe..you are so funny....
    Nagamasa: No good, Ichi! It's dangerous, so step back!!
    Oichi: Yes..I will be good...
    Zabii: Your madam(*) has got quite the sad eyes..
           Don't get so angry with her, ok?
    Nagamasa: Ye-yes, I was wrong...
              I'll try to do what I can..
    [Stage clear]
    Zabii (voice only): I will have you pay me back in cash---!!
    (Behind Nagamasa Oichi is drooping, as usual)
    Oichi: This too is Ichi's fault..
           Everyone around Ichi is unhappy..
           Lord Nagamasa, it's ok if you hate me..
    (Nagamasa has his back turned on Oichi,
    and doesn't speak.
    He seems to be looking for something.
    Oichi, hesitatingly, is about to strike him, when...)
    Nagamasa: Shut up, Ichi.
              You don't even need to think about
              things like that.
    (Ichi lowers her weapon quickly, and Nagamasa turns to
    her, a white flower in hand. He pushes it onto her hand.)
    Oichi: Lord...Nagamasa...?
    Nagamasa: We-well, that's, I mean..
              Hey, don't start whining now!!
    (Nagamasa turns away, and Oichi stares at the flower.)
    Oichi: Thank you..Ichi is happy..
    (She starts crying because of Nagamasa's clumsy kindness.
    Mitsuhide is stalking them from afar, as before.
    He then leaves quickly)
    Chapter 3
    Narrator: While carrying out the preparations for
    fighting the Asakura, the Oda's objective of thinning
    the Azai's military strength using Oichi ended in failure.
    Oda Nobunaga, who learned this thanks to
    Akechi Mitsuhide's report, directed his soldiers to Anegawa
    with no hesitation.
    Nagamasa did not yet know Nobunaga's intent or
    the marriage's real nature.
    Mitsuhide: Master Nobunaga..the report is over.
    Nobunaga: Idiotic sister..as I thought, she's of no use.      
              Now, on to the Azai's annihilation!
              All soldiers, advance!!
    Title: Shock! Demon King - Declaration of War
    [Stage starts]
    Nagamasa: Absurd..why would brother come attacking us?
              Even though his sister has married into my family..
    Oichi: Lord Nagamasa..Ichi..Ichi is..
    Nagamasa: You be quiet...Here I go!!
    [During the stage]
    Nagamasa: Brother, was our pact just a fantasy tale!?
    Nobunaga: What's useless will be tossed aside...
              that is simply reality.
    Nagamasa: Where has the brother I had acknowledged gone to!?
    Nobunaga: Nagamasa..don't you get it yet?
              Your foolish head will become a drinking cup..
    Nagamasa: Ichi, do you have any idea why brother would come
              attacking us?
    Oichi: Ichi..do..doesn't know...
    [Fight against Akechi Mitsuhide]
    Nagamasa: O practicioner of withcraft, supporter of evil...
              I will be your opponent.
    Mitsuhide: You are an humorous man...
               as reward, let us speak of the truth.
    Mitsuhide: You are simply a stepping stone for the attack
               on the Asakura..
               To take down a castle one must start from
               the outer moat..hehehe.
    Nagamasa: My comrade Asakura..?
              Then the marriage has been formed for this objective..??
    Nagamasa: Ichi, did you know of this!?
    Oichi: Ichi doesn't know...an-anything..
    Nagamasa: Is that so..then stay behind me, don't get separated!!
    Mitsuhide: A husband believing in his wife..such a fine spectacle.
               I will be looking forward to see you grovel
               before Master Nobunaga..
    Mitsuhide: The clouds' movement is ominous..it will rain soon.
               At least before that, let us have your blood fall..
    Azai soldier: Lord Nagamasa!!
                  We cannot contain the Demon King's army!!
    Nagamasa: I can't believe it..how can I believe in such a battle!!?
    [Oda Nobunaga enters the scene]
    (Nobunaga and Nagamasa confront each other
    (Oichi is behind Nagamasa))
    Nobunaga: Ichi..why is this man still alive?
              Some woman who can't even accomplish
              her task can't be my sister.
    Nagamasa: ...!?
    (After hearing this, Nagamasa turns to Oichi, who is trembling)
    Nagamasa: Ichi...?
    Oichi: Not true...it's not true..
    Nagamasa: It can't be..you were to..?
    (Oichi, unable to stand being looked at by Nagamasa,
    runs away from him)
    Oichi: ...!!
    Nagamasa: Ab-absurd..!!
    (Battle starts with Nagamasa filled with despair)
    [Fight against Oda Nobunaga]
    Nagamasa: Ichi..you too were deceiving me...?
    Nobunaga: Fuhaha! Nice expression, Nagamasa!!
    Nagamasa: Unforgivable..this is unforgivable, Ichi!!
              I was a fool to believe you even for a second!!
    Nagamasa: What gigantic evil have I overlooked..?
              Oda Nobunaga, Ichi! I will erase you at all costs!!
    Nobunaga: You clown..resent your ignorant self.
    Nagamasa: I haven't made a single mistake...!
              Justice is always right...!!
    Nobunaga: Justice, you say?
              Brother, can you not fight without something
              to rely on?
    Nobunaga: Come.. with your justice or whatever at stake.
              We shall scrupolously crush it to pieces..
    [Stage clear event]
    Nobunaga: Hn!!
    (Nagamasa is tossed away)
    Nagamasa: Gwaah...!!
    Nobunaga: Nagamasa..is your strength so pitiful?
    (Nagamasa can't react)
    Nagamasa: I'm not...supposed..to lose...
    (Nobunaga is about to finish him off with the shotgun,
    Oichi: Lord brother, stop...!!
    (Oichi gets in the way)
    Oichi: I beg of you..Ichi will do anything, so...!!
           Ichi will do what Lord brother says, so...!!
    (She breaks down crying. Again.
    Nobunaga looks at Nagamasa and says..)
    Nobunaga: Your life has been saved by a woman's strength..
              You've fallen quite low, Nagamasa.
    (Nobunaga leaves. Soldiers grab Oichi and carry her away.
    Nagamasa despises himself for having wounded Oichi's heart,
    having seriosuly thought of erasing the woman who had just
    put her life on the line to save him.)
    Chapter 4
    Narrator: Thoroughly downed by Nobunaga's and Oichi's
    betrayal, Nagamasa had lost his province, his soldiers,
    his wife, and even his beliefs.
    Wandering aimlessly, he suddenly noticed a country
    village under attack and trampled by samurai.
    Nagamasa was asked by the frightened peasants to help
    them in battle, but..
    Nagamasa: So evil triumphs here too..?
    Peasant: Lord samurai! Please help us!!
             Wir village has been attacked by villains..!!
    Nagamasa: I cannot become your strength as I am now..
              In this world justice does not exist anymore..
    Title: Downfall! Justice - Sinking
    [Stage starts]
    Peasant: Everybody, this lord samurai said he's helping us!!
    Nagamasa: Do not speak such nonsense..whatever could I do?
    [During the stage]
    Local samurai: Who the hell are you?
    	       Did you wander here after losing in battle?
    Nagamasa: Exactly..I am no more than a fallen soldier.
    Local samurai: This guy's weak!! I'm gonna smash you!!
    Nagamasa: Strength...a truth I cannot deny...
    [Nagamasa regains the heart of justice!!]
    (Before the exhausted Nagamasa the Miyoshi trio appears.
    That very moment, some peasants get in the way
    to shield Nagamasa.)
    Peasant 1: Lord samurai, get back up!!
    Peasant 2: We can be acting as shield for now!
    Peasants: Be strong!!
    Peasants: Dinna lose!!
    Peasants: Get back on yer feet!!
    Peasants: We're your opponents!! (to enemies)
    (Nagamasa is deeply shaken by the unarmed peasants' courage)
    Nagamasa: You men..
              If you rely on me like this..!!
    (Nagamasa stands back up)
    Nagamasa: Then it cannot possibly finish like this!!
    [During the stage - Nagamasa has revived]
    Peasants: Ooh! Your spirit is strong, lord samurai!!
    Nagamasa: You are the strong ones...
              you have taught me what that spirit is.
    Nagamasa: The sword resting inside the heart...
              is that justice..?
    Nagamasa: Leave this to me!! I shall protect you to the end!!
    Peasants: Aah..lord samurai, you're our savior!!
    Nagamasa: First, let's show this spirit to you.
    Nagamasa: It is undeniable how, that day,
              I was crushed by lord brother..
              As it is that now I have taken this sword!
    Nagamasa: Ichi..I will apologize to you after
              completing my task here.
    [Stage clear]
    (The peasants cheer around Nagamasa)
    Peasants: We did it!! Yeah!!
    Peasants: Woooh!!
    Peasants: Awesome!!
    Peasants: Lord samurai!!
    Peasants: Thank ye!!
    Peasant 3: Come to wir house!! We going to party!!
    (Nagamasa, surrounded by peasants, notices a small
    white flower. He takes it and then talks to them.)
    Nagamasa: Good people, I thank you.
              ...but I must leave now.
              There is something I have to do..
    (Nagamasa walks away with a firm pace.)
    Final Chapter
    Narrator: Nagamasa gained back the spirit of justice
    after protecting the peasants; he went towards
    the Demon King - Oda Nobunaga's stronghold, Azuchi castle.
    In Nagamasa's heart fear and doubt were no more.
    For loyalty, his beliefs, for the purification of everything.
    Nagamasa was content, even if alone; the final decisive battle
    raised its curtains at last.
    Nagamasa: Brother, now I will show you..the answer I've found.
    Title: Decisive Battle! - Demon King - Elimination
    [Event at the start of the stage]
    (Azuchi castle, ominous as ever. Nagamasa looks at it, alone.
    No signs of fear in him.
    Nagamasa closes his eyes, and talks as if to himself.)
    Nagamasa: Pay close attention, Azai Nagamasa..
              A shining sword lies in my chest.
    (He then points the sword to the top of Azuchi castle)
    Nagamasa: Pay close attention, Oda Nobunaga!!
              The pride of the Azai is here!!
    (Nobunaga and Oichi are on the castle's roof..)
    Nobunaga: Uhm...
    (Oichi trembles behind Nobunaga)
    Oichi: Lord Nagamasa..
    [Stage starts]
    Nobunaga: Coughing blood, the cuckoo returns crying..*
    Nagamasa: Captivated by the light of justice..*
    *recited like a poem
    Nobunaga: Until that answer will be proven enough.
    [During the stage]
    Oichi: Lord Nagamasa..why have you come..?
    Nagamasa: Ichi, watch well my spirit from over there.
    Nagamasa: I feared to pay close attention..
              I did not want to consider brother as an enemy.
    Nagamasa: I shall avert my eyes no more.
              I have decided to accept my weak self.
    Oichi: Forgive me, Lord Nagamasa..it was Ichi's fault..
    [Fight against Mori Ranmaru]
    Ranmaru: Hey, Nagamasa..
             After Lord Nobunaga stared you down like that,
             you plan on fighting him again?
    Nagamasa: An unbreakable spirit..that's what I learned.
    Ranmaru: I'll never acknowledge you as
             Lord Nobunaga's brother!!
    Nagamasa: Your heart adoring brother is true..
              Child of the Demon King, rise to a new life!
    Ranmaru: Shit, you're pretty cheeky for a loser!!
    [Ranmaru withdraws]
    Nagamasa: Swearing on this flower,
              I shall reach you at all costs!!
    Oichi: Ah..that flower is..
    [Fight against Nouhime]
    Nouhime: Small, but pretty..that flower.
             I didn't think you capable of such feelings.
    Nagamasa: This flower is my truth..my very heart.
    Nagamasa: The thought of sending a flower...
              you should understand that as well.
    Nouhime: Such an honest feeling..I'm envious, heh.
    Nouhime: Anyway, it looks like you have broken out
             of your shell..
             Alright, I shall be your opponent
             with all my strength!!
    [Nouhime retreats]
    Nagamasa: Brother, this is undefeatable loyalty!!
    [Oda Nobunaga enters the scene]
    (Roof of Azuchi castle. Nobunaga stands up, imposing as ever.
    Oichi, behind him, meek as ever.
    Nagamasa powers up his sword before him)
    Nagamasa: Silent - Instant Kill..
              Evil and idle prattling shall be erased..
    (He points his sword at Nobunaga)
    Nagamasa: I, Azai Nagamasa, stake all I have,
              here and now!!
    [Fight against Oda Nobunaga]
    Nobunaga: So be it..We shall engrave our power
              on your body one more time.
    Nagamasa: Watch from your tall throne!!
              This is the strength of a man who
              has come crawling up from mud!!
    Nobunaga: Trash left under the rain...
              It sure can howl...
    Nagamasa: Are you holding back, brother?
              Face me with all your strength!!
    (Nobunaga falls once, but rises again laughing evilly)
    Nobunaga: Nagamasa..NAGAMASAA!!!
    Nagamasa: So now the real thing starts...
              precisely what I wished.
    Nobunaga: I don't even need to deal with
              the Asakura anymore..
              The man that is to be crushed down
              was here all along.
    Nagamasa: If you wish to laugh at your foolish brother,
              do it.
              Even if I were to lose both arms and legs,
              I will not stop advancing.
    Nagamasa: Break before the human spirit,
              Demon King of the Sixth Heaven!!
    Nobunaga: Burn away by my breath..
              Azai Bizen no kami* Nagamasa!!!
    * A title given to the court to Nagamasa.
    [Stage clear]
    (Nobunaga is finally devoid of strength.
    He then falls down from the castletop.
    Nagamasa, breathing heavily, finds Oichi in a corner of the room.
    She looks scared. Nagamasa goes near her and..)
    Nagamasa:..we're going home.
    Oichi: !!
    (Oichi is surprised, and starts...crying.)
    Oichi: Yes, Lord Nagamasa..
    (Nagamasa and Oichi ride back on a white horse.
    Oichi holds tight the flower Nagamasa gave her.
    She looks happy for a change.)
    Nagamasa: Evil has been erased..
              True justice is born when one has
              something to protect.
    Nagamasa: Let's go, Ichi.
    Oichi: Yes..Lord Nagamasa..
    (The two ride off into the distance)
    Oichi: Ichi wants to stay at Lord Nagamasa's side...
           forever and ever..
            ...is it ok..?
    Nagamasa: Sh-shut up, stop this idle prattling!!
              Don't ask such obvious things!!
              Look forward instead!!!
    Sleep, scarlet flower
    (Scene is a rainy Anegawa. The Oda army has started
    its attack on the Azai. The Azai army seems to be
    swallowed by the Oda army's advance.)
    Nagamasa: You came at last, brother..
    (He turns back to Oichi)
    Nagamasa: Ichi, you run away.
    Oichi: No..Ichi will go together with
           Lord Nagamasa..
    Nagamasa: Kh..do as you please!!
              I won't care if you get wounded!!
    (Oichi, hidden behind Nagamasa,
    trembles with anxiety..)
    Oichi: Why has such a thing...lord brother..
    Chapter 1
    Narrator: Oda Nobunaga suddenly started an attack
    on the Asakura clan. Azai Nagamasa, closely bonded
    with both sides, after struggling greatly decided
    to uphold his loyalty with the Asakura,
    and proposed to revoke the pact made with Nobunaga.
    The Oda army began to move, thinking the attitude
    taken by Nagamasa worthy of punishment, and drove
    the Azai army on the verge of annihilation.
    In the middle of this crisis,
    Oichi was simply powerless.
    Oichi: My lord brother has come...those troops...
           will bury all of Anegawa!
    Title: Tremble, my back*
    *The word "back" in japanese (spelt another way)
    is also a way for women to call their brother(s)
    or husband.
    [Stage starts]
    Nobunaga: It must be a false rumor*...
              Nagamasa, do you turn your back to me?
    Nagamasa: Silence!! It was brother that betrayed
              us and the Asakura!!
    Oichi: Aah, despair has...come at last...
    * A phrase supposedly said by the real
    Nobunaga when informed of the Azai's "betrayal".
    [During the stage]
    Nagamasa: Ichi, you run away.
              Even brother wouldn't kill his own sister.
    Oichi: But..that way lord Nagamasa would...(be alone)
    Oichi: Lord Nagamasa..let's apologize to lord brother..
           Let's apologize and be forgiven..
    Nagamasa: Asking for forgiveness from someone who
              has turned away from honor!!?
    Oichi: If we..don't talk with lord brother soon...
    [Fight against Akechi Mitsuhide]
    Oichi: Aah..you are the darkness that traps Ichi..
    Mitsuhide: Welcome, would you grant me a dance first?
               A show ending during its opening act...
               that's a type of pleasure too.
    Oichi: Lord Akechi..please leave us alone..
    Mitsuhide: Do you plan on chirping like that to
               Master Nobunaga too?
               As always, you're a doll that possesses
               nothing but beauty..
    Oichi: You were always so kind, and..
           Was all that a lie...?
    Mitsuhide: Every human being has a true nature
               of which he cannot talk to others..
               I am sure you understand too..
    Nobunaga: What are you doing, Mitsuhide..?
              Time to draw the curtains on the sideshow.
    Mitsuhide: My, what a shame..
               then it is time for us to part, lady Oichi.
    [Mitsuhide dies]
    Nagamasa: Enough now!! Withdraw, Ichi!!
    Oichi: But..we must talk with lord brother...!!
    Nagamasa: Stop that and run!! Do not anger me!!
    [Oda Nobunaga enters the scene]
    (Oichi and Nobunaga confront each other.
    Nobunaga, as to test Oichi, stares her down imposingly.)
    Oichi: Lord brother, I have something to ask you..
    (Nobunaga interrupts without listening to her)
    Nobunaga: We are magnanimous.
              But do not offer second chances..
    (He points his shotgun at Oichi)
    Nobunaga: Choose..show us.
              Whether you will choose life or death..
    [Fight against Oda Nobunaga]
    Nobunaga: What's wrong Ichi, try and choose.
    Oichi: It's not that, lord brother..please listen to Ichi..
    Oichi: I beg you, forgive lord Nagamasa..
    Nobunaga: What would we gain by forgiving someone
              who has turned against us?
    Oichi: Ichi will do anything...lord brother..!!
    Nagamasa: Stop that, brother!! Your opponent is me!!
    Nobunaga: Naive, Nagamasa..you cannot accomplish anything!
    Oichi: Always the same...lord brother..
           You don't even...listen to what Ichi says...!!
    Oichi: Scary to the point of trembling,
           Ichi's lord brother..
           One day, he will surely fall into hell..
    [Stage clear event]
    (Sitting on the ground, Ichi looks up at Nobunaga.
    Unable to match her oppressive brother.)
    Nobunaga: This nonsense ends now..time is over.
    (Nobunaga points his gun at Oichi, merciless as always.
    But as he pulls the trigger, Nagamasa gets in the way.)
    Nagamasa: Ichi!!
    (He is shot and falls, dead.)
    Nagamasa: Gwaaah...!!
    Oichi: *wails loudly*
    Nobunaga: Hn..well, not bad either.
    Nobunaga: Ichi..it was you who killed Nagamasa.
    (Nobunaga leaves, Oichi screams in anguish)
    Chapter 2
    Narrator: Having lost Nagamasa, Oichi was brought
    back to the Oda household, but she was not even allowed
    the time to heal her despair, and was carried
    to days of puppet-like obedience to Nobunaga.
    Then, Nagashino became the stage. In the location
    of the decisive battle between the Takeda and Oda armies,
    there was Oichi's miserable figure.
    Oichi: My lord Nagamasa has died...it's Ichi's fault...
           The weight of this sin...doesn't let me breathe...!!!
    Title: Choke, my soul
    [Event at the start of the stage]
    (The Oda army is lined up. Oichi is at Nobunaga's side.)
    Nobunaga: Let us go.
    (Nobunaga starts walking, yet Oichi stays still,
    without answering.
    Nobunaga turns suddenly and shoots, hitting the ground
    close to her.
    Seeing that she doesn't move, Nobunaga leaves.)
    [Stage starts]
    Nobunaga: Go..destroy this wave of beasts.
    Oichi: Impossible..Ichi can't overcome this wave..
    Nobunaga: Then struggle trying not to drown!!
    [During the stage]
    Yukimura: Sasuke, who is that woman?
    Sasuke: The demon king's sister...
            she really returned to the Oda?
    [Fight against Sarutobi Sasuke]
    Sasuke: So you're the rumored sister of the demon king,
            Sorry, but I can't hold back...
    Oichi: Don't need you to...just do whatever you want..
    Sasuke: Let me tell you one thing, by instinct..
            You're not suffering that much, are you?
    Oichi: You can't understand...Ichi's feelings...!!!
    [Sasuke dies]
    Oichi: What's...Ichi doing in a place like this..?
    Oichi: Because of Ichi, lord Nagamasa died..
    Oichi: Lord Nagamasa is angry..
           Because Ichi didn't work hard..
    Oichi: He's surely...hating Ichi in hell...
    [Fight against Takeda Shingen and Sanada Yukimura]
    Shingen: Your husband lost, you lose yourself in battle...
             how miserable.
    Oichi: Say what you want..pity me all you like..
    Oichi: War horses..you might as well trample Ichi..
    Yukimura: Apologies, but this is war...
              cavalry corps, show your strength!
    Shingen: To send into battle even his sister, his own blood..
             Man of Owari..I don't understand the things you do.
    Nobunaga: Hn...that one is just a naive infant
              who doesn't even know words,
              and moves as we dictate..
    Yukimura: Such dark emotions...is this truly a human heart..?
    Shingen: Man of Owari.. what do you mean to do,
             by arming an infant's hand with a blade?
    [Shingen and Yukimura die - Stage clear event]
    Oichi: Forgive me..lord Nagamasa..
           Ichi can't..do anything but weeping..
    Chapter 3
    Narrator: Haunted by the shadow of the dead Nagamasa,
    unable to oppose Nobunaga's orders, Oichi kept on fighting,
    her heart and spirit torn apart little by little.
    Not even sparing a glance at her,
    the Oda army's invasion continued.
    The Demon King's hand extended towards Tetorigawa,
    where Uesugi Kenshin's army was encamped.
    Oichi: Lord brother...use Ichi as you see fit...
           for Ichi..everything goes...
    Title: Devour his intestines
    [Stage starts]
    Nobunaga: A bird that does not sing will be killed..
              Either you fight the War God,
              or you get cut down by me..choose.
    Oichi: Ichi will go..since there is no other choice..
    Kenshin: O wailing marionette, do you stand before me?
             Come then..I shall not hold back.
    [During the Stage]
    Oichi: Ichi can't flee..no matter where she goes..
    Nobunaga: Fuhaha!! Advance!!
              Send the War God where you sent Nagamasa!!
    Oichi: Aah..!! Please do not say it like that..!!
    Kenshin: To strike people free of sin simply because
             of being told to..
             So be it...you do not require salvation.
    Oichi: No good..Ichi can't do this anymore..
           Lord Nagamasa...won't forgive me...!!
    Nobunaga: Don't stop...subdue the War God!!
    Oichi: It hurts...lord Nagamasa...lord Nagamasaa....!!
    [Fight against Uesugi Kenshin]
    Kenshin: O vanquisher of the tiger...
             you are prepared, are you not?
    Oichi: No good...Ichi can't win..!!
    Kenshin: Well, proceed towards the other world.
             I have no words to exchange with you.
    Oichi: Lord brother, help..!! This is too much for Ichi..!!!
    Nobunaga: Absurd..let the beast resting within
              your belly rage out!!
    Kenshin: What lurks deep inside your heart..
             It can be seen quite clearly now.
    Oichi: Lord Nagamasa is extending his hand..
           Can't lord brother see him..?
    [Kenshin dies]
    Nobunaga: So you managed...hn.
    [Stage clear event]
    (After the battle, Ichi, exhausted, can barely stand.)
    Oichi: Haah...haah...haah...
           No matter how much Ichi cuts..it never ends..
    (Nagamasa's voice is then heard (Oichi's delusion))
    Nagamasa: Yes..that is good..that's the spirit, Ichi..
    (Ichi raises her head, but her eyes are empty)
    Oichi: Lord Nagamasa...?
    Oichi: Will you...forgive Ichi?
    (No answer, obviously.
    But Oichi stands up, strangely happy.)
    Oichi: Lord Nagamasa was happy...
           Ichi is glad...hehehe..
           Ichi will work harder...so watch, ok....?
    (Oichi then walks away dragging her naginata along)
    Oichi: Hehe...hehehe....hehehe.....
    Chapter 4
    Narrator: Believing in the Nagamasa living in her heart,
    Oichi decided to live on throwing all of herself
    in cruel battles.
    On the other hand, the Oda army's authority spread
    in many regions, and resistance movements, like riots and others,
    intensificated their activities again.
    What did Oichi think about opposing those people's movements?
    Because she proposed to go, with Nouhime and Mori Ranmaru,
    to suppress those riots.
    Ranmaru: Lady Oichi! Let's do our best together!
    Nouhime: Hehe, yes. But no overdoing it, ok?
    Oichi: Ichi will work hard, so...
           what my lord Nagamasa has forgiven...hehe..
    Title: Open, Netherworld
    [Stage starts]
    Itsuki: We're no losing...
            to the demon king's advance team or whatever!!
    Oichi: Poor you..you are all going to die..
           Lord Nagamasa is watching, so..
    [During the stage]
    Oichi: Ichi will work hard, so..please watch,
           lord Nagamasa..
    Ranmaru: Heeh, lady Oichi, you sure are doing your best!!
    Ranmaru: Lady Nouhime, lately lady Oichi's sure working hard!!
    Nouhime: True..the fact that she can be this energetic
             is the best thing.
    Ranmaru: Lady Oichi, once we're back please train me!!
    Oichi: Yes..then let's go back...quickly...
    [During the stage, enemy reinforcements come]
    Oichi: No matter how many are cut down...
           they don't decrease..
           Lord Nagamasa's...going to abandon me...!!
    Nouhime: Calm down!! Ranmaru, go assist her!!
    Ranmaru: Yes!! Ranmaru's here!!
    Oichi: O falling snow...please...
           Cover everything with your white mantle..!!!
    [Versus Itsuki]
    Oichi: Why do...you rebel...?
           Lord Nagamasa is...so rightful....
    Itsuki: Nagamasa? What're ye sayin?
            Ye people are the demon king's army..
    Itsuki: Sis, can't ye see everybody's crying?
    Oichi: Yes..tears, more tears, and even more tears!!!
           But it never ends....
    Oichi: Lord Nagamasa...where are you...answer me...
    Oichi: Lord Nagamasa...is saying something...
    Oichi: It's dark and cold here...lord Nagamasa...it's cold...
    Itsuki: Sis, what're ye lookin at?
            Can't ye even see A'm here?
    Itsuki: Sis, are ye...cryin..?
    [As Itsuki dies]
    Itsuki: Ye're too....a demon king...in the end...
    [Event after defeating Itsuki]
    (Oichi is standing up and whispering something.
    Her face cannot be seen.)
    Oichi: Lord Nagamasa...says to kill everyone...
           Everyone, everyone,
    (Nouhime and Ranmaru come near Oichi, but she doesn't turn.)
    Oichi: Everyoneeveryoneeveryone..(continues for 5 seconds)
    Ranmaru: Awesome, lady Oichi!!
    (That moment, Oichi turns.
    She moves like a puppet, and this strange atmosphere
    makes the two stop in their tracks.)
    Ranmaru: ...lady Oichi?
    Nouhime: What the..?
    (Oichi readies her weapon, wobbling towards them.
    They edge away.)
    Nouhime: Oichi, answer!!
    (Oichi, looking insane, approaches them. Battle starts.)
    [Fight against Nouhime and Ranmaru]
    Ranmaru: What's this, what happened??
    Oichi: Lord Nagamasa's enemy..must kill them all..
    Nouhime: Nagamasa?
             Have you been possessed by a dead spirit?
    Nouhime: Oichi, return to your senses!!
    Oichi: Ichi is sane, lord Nagamasa...ehehe...
    Oichi: Ranmaru, let us train now...
           You're glad, right...you're glad, aren't you...?
    Ranmaru: I-I'm not, open your eyes!!!
    Ranmaru: Lady Nouhime, what do we do!!?
    Nouhime: Kh..no way out, we can't die...!!
    Oichi: What a sweet smell...
           everyone's going to die..hehe, he..
    [After defeating Nouhime and Ranmaru]
    (Nouhime and Ranmaru are lying down on the all-white plain.)
    Oichi: He...hehe....hehehe.....
    (Oichi walks away without looking at them twice,
    dragging her naginata behind her.)
    Oichi: Lord Nagamasa, can you see...?
           The door that leads to the netherworld...
           look, it's open...
    (She then wobbles away like this...)
    Final Chapter
    Narrator: Oichi, having taken the lives of
    Nouhime and Ranmaru, headed towards the Honnoji
    of her own free will, to meet her brother.
    Was it for Nagamasa? For her brother? or for Oichi herself?
    Unable to understand which it was, Oichi simply kept walking.
    In that figure, the looks she had before couldn't be found.
    Oichi: Lord Nagamasa..lord brother is waiting, you know?
           Let's go have a cup together, ok?
    Title: Howl, sister of the demon
    [Event at the start of the stage]
    (Oichi appears at the Honnoji, walking unsteadily.
    She's humming a song..)
    Oichi: One, two, three stones..
           Gather them beside hell's river...
           The black demon comes, and breaks four of them..
           My, how regretful..how pitiful...*
    *Piling up stones beside the netherworld's river
    is the punishment given to children who died before
    their parents.
    By piling up stones they are supposed to build a pagoda
    to honor their parents, but a demon comes to knock
    the stones down whenever the pagoda is near completion.
    (Oichi wobbles on like this...)
    [Stage starts]
    Oichi: Look, lord Nagamasa..there's lord brother..
    Nobunaga: Absurd...so you opened that door?
              Someone cut down and throw away that one.
    [During the stage]
    Oichi: Lord brother..I brought Lord Nagamasa...
           Why don't you come greet us...?
    Nobunaga: ...you've fallen so far..this is your
              foolishness' apex, sister.
    Oichi: You know, lord Nagamasa said..he wants your head...
    Nobunaga: Is it Nagamasa who wants that, or you personally?
    Oichi: It's not Ichi..lord Nagamasa...lord Nagamasa...
    Nobunaga: What would you do with my head?
              You couldn't possibly hope to take our place..
    Oichi: Lord brother will give us his head..hehe, haha..
    Nobunaga: You will replace us?
              You're ambitious to a fault, woman...fuhaha..
    Oichi: Lord Nagamasa..we're almost there..
           This time Ichi will work really hard..hehe, he..
    Nobunaga: Come..you are my sister no more.
              But a foolish evil spirit rebelling against me..
    [Oda Nobunaga enters the scene]
    (The two meet in the Honnoji's most secluded place.
    Silence..only the flames burning the hall can be heard)
    Nobunaga: Fuhaha..
    Oichi: Ehehe...
    (They start laughing at the same time,
    gradually becoming louder)
    Nobunaga: Hahahaha..
    Oichi: Hehehehe...
    Nobunaga: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
    Nobunaga & Oichi: Thus there is no other way!!!!
    [Fight against Oda Nobunaga]
    Nobunaga: If man, for 50 years...fuhaha!
    Oichi: ...lived under this sky....ahaha!!
    Nobunaga: Howl!! Show us what you want!!
              In the end we shall personally dispatch you
              to the endless plain!!
    Oichi: I'm fighting with lord brother..hehe..haha...
    Nobunaga: And you wish to become us like that...not enough!!
    Oichi: If someone gets involved with Ichi,
           bad things happen to him..
           Lord brother...made Ichi like this, right..?
    Nobunaga: To a doll like you it is not possible
              to decide my fortune...
    Oichi: Then, lord brother, give me proof of that..!!!
    Oichi: Well, lord brother!
           Cry, roar,
           groan, scream!!
           Show me how you plead for your life...!!
    [After defeating Nobunaga]
    (Silence. Eventually Nobunaga speaks, quietly.)
    Nobunaga: ...so that's what you want...
    (Ichi is silent. Her expression can't be seen.)
    Nobunaga: In this world there is not one place of rest..
              Thus build the place you desire,
              and subdue that heaven..
              Keraku..Demon King of the 5th...heaven...*
    *The fifth of the six heavens of desire.
    Who lives here crafts a land of his own liking
    and lives until 80 years old.
    (Nobunaga falls. Oichi is beside him,
    and she starts laughing..)
    Oichi: Hehe....hehehehe....
    (She raises her head and laughs)
    Oichi: Hahahahaha...
    (She looks skywards and laughs.
    The climax of her insane laugh.)
    Oichi: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
    (Her hair dancing, her shadow fluttering among the flames,
    Oichi kept laughing looking up, beside her brother.
    She stops laughing suddenly, and tears stream down her cheeks.
    Oichi covers her face and cries.
    Among the flames of the Honnoji,
    a new demon king is being swallowed by the fire.)
    3. CREDITS
    Thanks go to Capcom for the best hack'n'slash game I have ever played,
    which has grown into a one of my all-time favorite games.
    The "usual suspects" (draewon, TGH, Cyber Akuma, Little_Kei
    and Tengumaru, just to name a few) who really support this board.
    This FAQ Copyright 2008 to Dario Zampieri
    Redistribution in any form, including reprinting in electronic or print
    media, without express permission of the authors is strictly forbidden.

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