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    Johnny by Mikadok

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    Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Johnny Guide
    Version 1.0 by Joshua Vaughn, a.k.a. Mikadok on GameFAQs/GameSpot and
    I Kei I on Gaia Online and Shoryuken.com
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    Copyright info
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    Copyright 2007 Joshua Vaughn
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
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    Why'd you make this guide?
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    From the moment I decided to look into Guilty Gear games and saw Johnny, I was
    intrigued by his playstyle. Hope it'll help anyone curious to better understand 
    using Johnny.
    This guide assumes that the general notations for the GGX2 series is known to
    whomever uses it. If you need clarification on any of them, check into other
    guides concerning the GGXX games around GameFAQs. It will also cover the 
    basics needed for making a solid strategy with him.
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    Normals to keep in mind
    First and foremost, a note about Johnny's throw. So long as your opponent
    doesn't have any Burst meter and doesn't escape your throw attempt,
    it's a guaranteed air combo for you, so if you can toss them, tack that extra
    damage in there.
    6P: One of the best moves in nearly everyone's arsenal. As with everyone else,
    Johnny's 6P gives invincibility for his upper body until the point of impact, 
    so as such, if you think your opponent may try a quick high or mid strike, 
    use this to push through it and nail them. It's also one of Johnny's air combo 
    starters, as you can jump cancel it, so if you hit it, go ahead and 
    tack on that extra bit of damage. Johnny's, 
    however, seems to make for a great anti-air as well.
    6K: A quick advance into an upward kick, this move can be used when you want
    to close the gap between you and your opponent. It can be FRC'd, but contrary 
    to the way it looks, it can't be jump cancelled out of if you connect. 
    Be careful about this one, though, because while the advance is quick, 
    if your opponent sees it coming, they might be able to grab you
    out of it before the kick comes, or before the FRCable frame	
    comes up. Aside from being able to FRC it, though, it is 
    untechable when landed as a  Counter Hit.
    Standing H: As you've probably seen, Johnny has excellent reach, and his 
    standing H makes really good use of it, even serving as a decent anti-air. 
    Stick it out every once in a while at the start of rounds to keep your 
    opponent on their toes, but don't make a bad habit out of it, as they'll 6P the
    hell out of you if they anticipate it. Get used to canceling this into the 
    Mist Finer stance, because if this is guarded or misses, it leaves you open.
    Crouching H: This low slash comes out fairly quickly, and can stagger on
    counter hit. It also pushes Johnny back a small distance each time he does it.
    A good move to stick out from time to time, but don't make a habit out of it, 
    since in AC, the recovery time on it has been increased slightly. Though it is
    only a slight increase, it's more than enough to make a difference in that he
    can't even capitalize on the stagger now, so you want to use this to get a bit
    of  distance between you and your opponent if you feel you can hit it.
    - - - - - - - -
    Johnny's Special Moves
    Glitter is Gold: 236H
    Johnny's coin. First of all, the obvious uses for it. As a projectile, it's
    pretty good, as it comes out quickly and has nice recovery to boot, allowing 
    you to guard or do pretty much whatever else right after you toss it. 
    Also, it comes out at quite an angle, getting over some other projectiles as 
    it goes. As you might have guessed by this point, they're also useful 
    for combo continuation with the right placement and timing. 	
    It also powers up your Mist Finer every time you hit with a coin, up 
    to level 3, though Mist Finer and its uses will be explained
    when that comes around. Another nice thing to keep in mind is that you can 
    simply toss a coin to knock out the lag from some of the normals he has that
    would otherwise leave you open, like Johnny's 6HS. The biggest downside to
    this move, though, is that your coins are limited, so be careful when you use
    Bacchus Sigh: 214P
    When the mist of the Bacchus Sigh covers an opponent, Johnny's Mist Finers
    are unblockable until the mist dissipates, and as such, if you're fighting 
    someone that knows what he is capable of, you'll have to rely on setups
    and such that will pretty much guarantee that they'll be caught by it.
    Be prepared, though, as any opponent that finds out what Johnny is 
    capable of through his Mist Finers that is unlucky enough to be caught
    by this will play a runaway game until the mist wears off,
    if they can. If you can risk it, try to use this when you've knocked down an 
    opponent in the corner, preferably from a level 2 Mist Finer, as they can't 
    recover from the fall and will have to stand into the mist, 
    which can't be guarded against.
    Mist Finer: 236P, K or S. (P for high, K for mid and S for low) Hold whichever
    button to hold the pose and left and right to move while posing. Double tap
    left or right while holding to Mist Dash; press HS while holding to cancel the
    Now, I dunno how things work elsewhere, but from my standpoint,
    Johnny's Mist Finer is his most important special move. Depending on
    which button you press when you use this move, he will slash at a 
    different angle between high, middle, or low. What's more, as with the coin,
    you can use it to get rid of loads of lag on some of Johnny's normals by 
    executing this, then canceling it. To top it off, the slash of the 
    Mist Finer can take out projectiles, though you'll need a level 
    3 Mist Finer to take out multi-hit ones. 
    As has been stated, catching an opponent with a coin will level this move up 
    by one level with a max level of 3. Level one Mist Finers are minimal 
    damage without much of an effect to them aside from a knockdown, and they
    also require more timing since they come out somewhat slowly. Level 2 
    Mist Finers in Accent Core have been changed significantly since XX.
    The low level 2 Mist Finer lifts your opponent at an angle towards you, 
    the high level 2 Mist Finer wallbounces them, and the mid level 2 Mist Finer
    causes them to go sliding across the ground. The low and high ones are 
    techable, though the low one can be used to set up air combos with the 
    proper spacing. 
    The Mist loop is still quite possible in Accent Core, but the damage on it has
    been toned down significantly, so the use of it this time around depends on 
    your usage of coins altogether. When a level 3 Mist Finer is used, Johnny 
    slashes nine times extremely quickly, with the general height of his slashes 
    corresponding to the button pressed, with the exception of the mid Mist Finer.
    Low Mist Finer gives mostly low slashes with a couple mids thrown in, high
    Mist Finer gives mostly high slashes with a couple mids thrown in. The Mid 
    Mist Finer varies the height of the slashes between high, mid and low. 
    The level 3 Mist Finer cannot be recovered from this time around, which means 
    that you can air combo someone you happen to hit with a high one after a throw.
    Don't make actually doing them a staple. Cancel them from time to time
    to throw your opponent off, or as mentioned above, to blow lag from 
    normals, but try to keep your opponent on their toes with these. You want
    to stay dashing if you hold your Mist Finer stance, it being one of Johnny's 
    best mobility options if used well enough, allowing you to dash in and out of 
    range of enemy attacks, then retaliating on the spot by releasing the Mist 
    Finer or canceling the stance to guard an opponent's assault, then 
    counterattack. It goes without saying that you should vary the height when
    you actually use them. 
    If you can corner your opponent and pressure them a bit, they may try to air 
    dash out of it, at which point you can nail them with a high Mist Finer.
    Divine Blade/Aerial Divine Blade: 623S, then S/236S in midair, FRCable
    When grounded, the Divine Blade is a two-part move that is executed first 
    by pressing 623S, which will make Johnny leap forward, then pressing S to do
    the actual attack. The timing is tight, seemingly tighter than usual as FRCs 
    go, but it can be FRC'd as Johnny takes off if you opt not to actually do the 
    Divine Blade. It MUST be done, however, with P, K and HS; attempting to FRC 
    with S will result in him doing it. When airborne, 236S will make him do the 
    Divine Blade at pretty much whatever height you're at.
    In both instances, the attack itself can be FRC'd, which can save you from some
    major pain, as Johnny is left open on his descent following this move. I find it
    best to use this sparingly, as an occasional mind game. Air dash overhead, 
    then drop a Divine Blade on the other side, for example. 
    You DO NOT want to use this often in Accent Core. 
    It has been nerfed straight to hell, since the leap of the transport doesn't go
    as far as it used to, and the actual Divine Blade itself floors 
    your opponent now instead of knocking them slightly upward, which used to set
    up for some of his more devastating combos.
    Killer Joker/Aerial Killer Joker: 421S, then S/214S in midair, FRCable
    The Killer Joker, like the Divine Blade is a two-part move that is FRCable,
    and also like the Divine Blade, it makes Johnny leap toward his opponent, 
    needing another button press to release the actual attack, with this one 
    being something akin to a midair Mist Finer. For all intents and purposes, 
    this move takes the place of the Divine Blade in combo situations, as it pops
    your opponent up into the air if it connects, and what's more, it has quite an 
    interesting property to it for air combos, that being that if it's FRC'd or
    RC'd during an air combo where you've already utilized a second jump,
    a third jump is possible provided you jump cancel an attack like K or S, which
    makes some truly impressive combos possible. 
    Like the Divine Blade, though, you want to FRC it if you can't hit it, 
    because you're basically begging for pain if you don't do so.
    Ensenga: 41236H while in midair.
    Depending on how it is used, this move could be either one of your most useful,
    or your least useful. One thing to keep in mind about it is that the majority 
    of Johnny's air combos end with this move.
    One thing to know about this attack is that it can be easily "tiger kneed", as
    in you can execute it close to the ground by inputting the 41236 motion while 
    grounded, then going to 9 and pressing HS as you lift off. So, in short, it'd 
    be 412369H. This move has a bit more range than people tend to think, and it 
    can hit crouching opponents as well.
    The other thing to know about this technique is that when you hit it in midair 
    as a combo ender and if you're in close enough, it can net you two hits, the 
    first of which will eliminate your opponent's air recovery if you RC it, 
    though, depending on your situation, using 50% tension to do just that
    may not be worth it.
    Jackhound (Force Break): 214D, costs 25% tension
    The Jackhound is Johnny's teleport and, if used properly, can be his ace in 
    the hole. 
    Startup is decent, and it goes a good distance. The biggest problem with 
    this move, however, is that you don't recover as quickly upon making contact 
    and staggering your opponent to capitalize on it as you used to in Slash, 
    meaning that, like the Divine Blade, this technique, too, has been nerfed 
    straight to hell. Use it if you're facing an opponent that is fond of tossing
    out projectiles, if you feel you can spare the tension. It'll make them think
    twice about doing so.
    Jackhound Return (Force Break) 236D after Jackhound, costs an extra 25% tension
    As the name implies, the Jack Return makes Johnny do a second teleport to the 
    side of the opponent that he was originally on, or back to wherever he 
    originally stood. This one is best used when you already more or less have 
    your opponent on the ropes and you manage to catch the Jackhound. 
    Costing 50% tension to do, it goes without saying that it would be used 
    sparingly unless you hit the Jackhound in the first place, 
    at which point you WANT to use it most of the 
    time since it's the quickest follow-up to it, which simultaneously 
    means that the opponent may not be on the lookout for it from time to time.
    Johnny Special: 632146H
    This, I honestly believe, is one of the (if not the) best overdrives in the 
    game. It has great reach and can beat out so many other moves, be they normal, 
    special, or even other overdrives. The general usage for this move will more 
    likely than not be to use it as an anti-air, and while it may work from time to
    time, do NOT make a habit of it, as it can be blocked with a faultless defense. 
    Unless you can anticipate your opponent attempting an aerial attack, don't 
    throw this out on reaction to their being airborne. You'll do nothing but waste
    tension as they'll try to bait it out. Instead, try to use this at times when 
    peeps try to keep you pressured a bit too much. A rushdown Ky tossing a 
    Charged Stun Edge to pin you down as you stand, for example. Provided your 
    timing is good enough, even if he's just far enough away to form the CSE 
    and keep up a physical attack with a standing S, if your timing is good 
    enough, you can nail them outright with this as you wake up.
    Joker Trick: 236236H
    Instant Kills aren't normally used, but even as far as IK's go, this one has 
    to be one of the worst, if not the worst. It's slow to travel and come out, 
    blockable, and it has WAY too much lag if it misses, since Johnny will hold 
    his arm out until the card leaves the screen, so you're in for a lot of 
    punishment if you miss it. 
    Avoid it, but if you MUST use it, to show off or whatever, just be 
    sure to do it in close and hope that your opponent will just guard it and not 
    crouch, as when it's guarded against, Johnny is near immediately able to
    move again. Oh, and also, the card will fly right over the heads of the 
    shorter characters, like Chipp, regardless of whether they are standing or 
    The thing you have to keep in mind about Johnny is that if you want to play 
    him with a pressure game as your base, you have to be careful, because he 
    can't press an offense like that of Chipp's or Millia's. Thanks to the range 
    of some of his attacks, the opponent is often pushed away as he attacks. 
    He can string together hits while grounded well enough, but if you're going to
    go mostly for grounded combos, also keep in mind that you should try to have, 
    at least, a level 2 or 3 Mist Finer ready, because while Mist Finers make for 
    great combo finishers, level 1 Mist Finers come out too slowly for it to 
    connect unless you've dizzied your opponent. The added effect of them 
    going into a wallbounce or awkwardly angled wayward flight towards you 
    just sets them up for more devastation.
    Lastly, the obvious. Some characters will need a bit of variation on combos
    because their size will either keep them from being hit by your next move, or 
    change their overall positioning in relation to you after being hit by 
    certain attacks.
    - - - - - - - -
    Combo-wise, at least while grounded, Johnny doesn't have too much 
    going for him in the form of outright chains, like Chipp, Millia or Ky,
    for example. 
    His combos tend to be a bit more situational at times, but are also more often 
    than not more rewarding as well, given he's raised his opponent's guard gauge 
    a bit, which is exactly what a Johnny player must push for. Still, he does have
    his few chains while grounded.
    P-K-S-H-Mist Finer (level 1 or 2, with K): This particular combo is probably 
    the only one with the Mist Finer he has where which level Mist Finer you use
    doesn't matter much. The level two Mist Finer is still ideal for the combo 
    possibilities it provides, perhaps gaining you time to set the Bacchus Sigh, 
    given the right circumstances, however, if you plan to use the level 3 
    Mist Finer...
    P-K-S-H-Mist Finer (level 3, with S): ...then you want to use the low one, 
    since the level 3 Mist Finer slashes multiple times and changes height.
    With the other two Mist Finers, Johnny will slash high eventually, 
    breaking your combo and giving them ample time to guard, but with the low 
    level 3 Mist Finer, he'll slash mostly low with a couple mids thrown in,
    so your combo won't break up. Of  course, if you can anticipate a forward 
    recovery, (and if they don't guard) an air throw or tiger kneed Ensenga 
    works as a nice interceptor.
    P-K-S-2D-Glitter is Gold: A nice way to land a coin without fail.
    H(c)-Glitter is Gold-Mist Finer with S, H-Mist Finer with P: As the combo 
    indicates, you can nail a coin after an in close H and it will combo, and if 
    you're quick enough, you can tack on the level 2 Mist Finer before they 
    recover, which will pop them into the air towards you, where you can follow
     with H and the high Mist Finer or an air combo if you're spaced well 
    enough if you connect. 
    Also, 6H can be cancelled into a tiger kneed Ensenga, though this is 
    something that's gotta be practiced, as a slip up in timing could result in 
    you accidentally letting loose a coin or doing it too slowly, giving them 
    time to guard the Ensenga.
    - - - - - - - -
    Things to remember about Johnny's air arsenal
    S - This attack has great reach and comes out decently fast. By itself, 
    it makes Johnny's air-to-air game quite exceptional.
    H - This is a great attack to use as a poking strike as you come in, but 
    it should almost never be used in an air combo, as it tends to knock an 
    enemy downward toward the ground rather quickly. Another thing to 
    keep in mind about it is that if you land it as a counter hit, it will stagger 
    your opponent, so make use of the time you've got right there.
    D - This attack will knock an enemy quite a distance and will wallbounce 
    them, making their recovery that much harder so you can continue an 
    assault, though sometimes it's nice to let them recover just so you can 
    toss 'em right back into the wall after they recover.
    - - - - - - - -
    Air combos
    Johnny can get a guaranteed air combo out of any throw or a 6P that 
    you can land. Keep that in mind and go for it. These next couple are of 
    course assuming you're following them from a throw or 6P.
    P-K-S-Ensenga: When you're quick enough, both hits of the Ensenga 
    will connect on this combo, and in the right situation, RCing after the first
    hit can give you more attack opportunities.
    P-K-S, double jump, S-H-D-Ensenga: 6P or throw your enemy, then nail 
    them with P, K, then S, then after the S, use your second jump to up 
    yourself and do the rest.
    P-K-S, double jump, S-H-(FRC)214S-(jc)K-S-D-Ensenga: The same as the 
    above noted air combo, but the FRC'd Killer Joker thrown in gives you more 
    of an opportunity for damage.
    First, a couple more notes about his ground offense.
    FRCing the first part of the grounded Divine Blade works 
    as a nice substitute for his dash, but first off, obviously, it's something you
    don't want to make a habit of. 25% tension might be all you need to 
    bail you out of a situation later.
    While I'm at it, it's possible to pull something of a speed dash with Johnny. 
    Doing a Faultless Defense will stop Johnny dead on the spot after a dash and 
    get rid of the small bit of recovery you normally have to worry about. If 
    you're quick enough, you can go from that Faultless Defense into another dash. 
    Definitely something that should be practiced as it could come in handy in the 
    right situation. I usually do it by holding whatever two attack buttons and 
    QUICKLY inputting 664 repeatedly.
    Anyway, another thing to be careful of when FRCing the grounded Divine 
    Blade or Killer Joker during takeoff to use as movement are people with good 
    anti-air attacks (Volcanic Viper is the first thing to come to most anyone's 
    mind.). They'll more likely than not stop whatever you've got planned cold, 
    so it might be best sometimes to keep your guard up. Tossing the Divine 
    Blade with 236S after FRCing the movement is a good way to stop your 
    momentum if you must, as well. Doing the Killer Joker after FRCing the 
    initial takeoff can throw a wrench in your opponent's plans as well, since 
    you'll go sailing over their head while possibly making contact with the 
    Lastly, If you need to land a coin at any time and can manage to land an in 
    close H, there's your shot....on most characters (more on that farther down). 
    His other normals, unfortunately, won't give enough of a stun to toss a coin 
    behind it. 6H does, but it also pushes your enemy away, meaning they get that 
    second they need to guard against the coin.
    Speaking of (c)H-Glitter is Gold stuff, here are a few combos for that 
    particular situation. These are assuming, of course, that your Mist Finer 
    isn't powered up to level 2 or 3 already, as your level 2 will change to 3, 
    and it won't hit correctly.
    (c)H-Glitter is Gold-Mist Finer (mid), best done near a corner: Since your Mist
    Finer will be level 2, it will send them sliding across the ground where you 
    can continue an offensive, since your opponent won't be able to recover unless 
    they're withholding a Burst. I myself usually follow with a Killer Joker, which
    lifts them into the air out of their sliding animation, setting them up for air
    combos. Timing is tight for that, as it has to be done AS SOON as you come 
    out of the Mist Finer animation, or else the Killer Joker won't connect since 
    they've likely stopped sliding by now, screwing up the whole juggle scenario.
    (c)H-Glitter is Gold-2D-Mist Finer (mid): Another nice combo that's a setup 
    for a possible juggle scenario, but this time, it's a tad trickier, due to the 
    fact that the 2D has to be done as soon as you're able to move again after 
    tossing the coin, otherwise they'll be pushed out of your sweep's range.
    = = = = = = = = = = =
    The Mist Finer loop
    = = = = = = = = = = =
    In Accent Core, this is quite a tricky thing to get down, but it's definitely 
    something you want to learn to be able to utilize on a whim, as you can tack
    on somewhat decent damage and keep pressure on an opponent even should 
    they Burst, since you stay at a nice range during it.
    Doing the Mist Finer loop in its most basic form consists of first gaining 
    a level 2 Mist Finer, then hitting your opponent with a Mist Finer that puts 
    them in a state where you can toss yet another coin and hit them with yet 
    another level 2 Mist Finer before they can recover. It has always been great 
    for gaining tension, if nothing else, and tacking on damage when need be. 
    The Mist Finer loop has changed significantly since XX and Slash, since any 
    level 2 Mist Finers that aren't mid ones can be recovered from, and the 
    wallbounce was added to his level 2 high Mist Finer. It's still possible to 
    do a high Mist Finer Loop on some characters, since the way they fall doesn't 
    allow them to recover by the time the next coin hits them, but since it won't 
    work on most that way, the most reliable way to do it would be to hit your 
    opponent with a mid Mist Finer so that they slide when the both of you
    are near a corner. 
    When you attack an opponent that's sliding, they take normal damage, so long 
    as you can hit them before they stop sliding, so after hitting them with the 
    mid level 2 Mist Finer, toss another coin, dash forward as the coin is hitting
    them, do another level 2 Mist Finer, toss another coin, do another MF, toss a
    coin, dash forward....basically, you repeat this until you're satisfied or
    decide to add something else into it, a bit of which will be explained below, 
    while staying at a far enough distance so that coins you throw won't miss your
    opponent. Since it doesn't do as much damage as before, however, doing it 
    until your coins are exhausted is not recommended.
    ~~Things to do during the Mist Finer Loop~~
    As implied, these work well after hitting one or two repetitions of the 
    loop as the opponent is sliding, provided you have the tension to capitalize 
    on it properly.
    Jackhound - This will pop the opponent up a bit off the ground, giving you a 
    bit of an opportunity to add on more hits.
    Killer Joker(FRC) - This will give you the option to follow up with an air 
    combo since the Killer Joker will lift them from the ground. 
    I usually land, then hit K-S, double jump, P-K-S-H-Killer Joker(FRC)-K,
    double jump, P-K-S-D-Ensenga.
    Now, onto other things.
    Stuff from 6K - Once you put some pressure onto an 
    opponent, you can use this and FRC it to close the distance between the two 
    of you and go for a throw. However, should this land as a counter hit, the 
    opponent will be sent flying across the screen, and should the two of you be 
    near a corner, they'll be stuck against the wall. You can cancel your 6K into a
    Mist Finer stance, after which you can MF dash towards them and Mist Finer 
    them as they drop from the wall. Needless to say, it's a good setup for the new
    variation of the Mist Loop, or other combos you may have in mind.
    Divine Blade FRC - As stated earlier, the Divine Blade has been nerfed to all 
    hell, which is a shame. It used to be an essential combo tool, but now, since 
    it flattens your opponent when it hits instead of popping them up slightly, 
    your opponent now has less to fear from being hit by the move. All the same, if
    you must toss this out, be certain you FRC it. You may possibly toss another, 
    but be sure to FRC that as well, since either way if you hit it or if it's 
    blocked, you're coming down defenseless. If you use the Divine Blade Transport,
    FRCing it will give you more distance on the leap, at which point you can 
    either put up your guard as you come in, launch an attack or two, or throw 
    out a Divine Blade or Killer Joker, though if you must toss out either, the 
    Killer Joker is recommended, and even using that...
    Killer Joker FRC-...can result in trouble if it doesn't hit, since the move 
    lifts Johnny higher into the air. However, if it DOES hit, it opens up your 
    opponent for combo possibilities, such as some stated earlier, so it can keep 
    your opponent on their toes.
    Hitting level 3 Mist Finers effectively (sans Bacchus Sigh): These are for 
    those times you just so happened to have landed more than one coin and 
    want to utilize that level 3 you've got stocked up.
    (c)2D-High Mist Finer(high): The high Mist Finer has to be used, as using 
    the low will more often than not only net you one hit, and the mid will vary 
    its height, causing you to miss some of the attacks. Note that this will NOT 
    work on Ky, Venom, or Anji, as their falling animations prevent the Mist Finer
    from hitting unless it's the low one, and to waste a level 3 for a hit or two 
    would be a shame. :/
    P-K-S-Mist Finer (low): This is one that will work on everyone, so long as the
    Mist Finer is low. On some characters, you can even throw in H after S and 
    still hit it in its entirety.
    Throw, Mist Finer (high): Okay, this one might be fairly obvious, but it's 
    mentionable because in Accent Core, the opponent CANNOT recover from 
    a level 3 Mist Finer. What this means is that once you hit the high level 3 
    Mist Finer after a throw, you can air combo them afterward since they'll fall 
    near you, whether you're near a corner or not.
    - - - - - - - -
    Bacchus Sigh setups and landing Mist Finers afterward
    Level 2 Mist Finer (high) after throwing the opponent - this will make them 
    wallbounce back towards you, and whether they choose to recover or not, 
    they will fall towards you, so you can make sure they fall into the mist by 
    intercepting them in midair if they choose to do so.
    An FRC'd ADB
    j.D: You can catch them with the Sigh as they wall bounce, though be 
    cautious because if they can recover, you're pulling a risk with it.
    Mist Finer landing after Bacchus Sigh
    The general thing to remember is that once your opponent knows exactly 
    what that mist does, they will run away to the best of their ability if they're
    caught with it. Just a few things to help prevent their escape, though vary 
    what you do, or you'll fall into your opponent's mind game instead.
    As stated before, under any circumstances that you get that Mist onto 
    them after a knockdown, and you feel you can spare the coins, throw one 
    or two to keep them pinned down as they stand while you toss out your 
    Mist Finer, but make sure that when you toss your coin(s), you're at a 
    reasonable distance, or else you might eat a 6P for your troubles.
    If you get the mist onto them while they're cornered, but you need a slight 
    moment to recover (like after an FRC'd Aerial Divine Blade) one thing that's 
    probably going to click in their heads is "He's right on me, so that Mist 
    Finer's gotta be coming." A likely escape plan will be to air dash to the 
    other side and try to wait off the mist. Free high Mist Finer right there. Just
    be careful of those that like to use overdrives on wake up.
    Oh, and speaking of Mist Finers, lastly, if you're able to nail a low level 
    2 Mist Finer, you have the chance to nail them with a Johnny Special, 
    though compared to some of the other options at times, you might not 
    want to do so.
    ~~Jackhound usage~~
    The Jackhound is just as important to Johnny as it was in Slash, even if 
    it has been watered down more than a bit and costs 25% tension. If you're
    facing an opponent that likes to try to utilize the range of their attacks and
    toss projectiles on top of that, the Jackhound is excellent to use to close 
    the gap and keep them on their toes, since should Johnny manage to 
    vanish, he will pass through the projectile with no worry of being harmed 
    while hitting the opponent, provided you're close enough to get behind 
    them, and this goes for overdrives as well.
    Something of particular note is that the Jackhound will execute faster
    should it be done while in the Mist Finer stance, so if at all possible, try
    to accustom yourself to doing it from that stance if you have to do it.
    At just the right distance, using the Jackhound to make it directly behind 
    your opponent is a nice thing at times, too, so long as your opponent 
    doesn't happen to Instant Block the Jackhound, which would leave you 
    open instead of you having a throw opportunity.
    Finally, about the Jack Return. Though it's only advised that you do it
    if you can land the initial Jackhound attack, it's worth noting that, though
    it isn't made visibly clear by the game, hitting the Jack Return will raise
    your Mist Finer level by 1, so it can be a nice substitute for using coins
    from time to time.
    = = = = = =
    To put the pros and cons of Johnny in a nutshell, so long as Johnny has 
    coins and tension (tension especially), he has enough options at his 
    disposal to hold his own against anyone. Use your coins sparingly. He 
    gains tension quickly, which is a good thing, what with the Jackhound and 
    the fact that the Johnny Special always has been (and still is) one of the 
    best overdrives in the game, beating out other overdrives 
    and special moves easily.
    = = = = = =
    I hope that my guide is helpful. I never claimed to be the authority on 
    Johnny, but I like to think that I'm fairly efficient with him personally.
    = = = = = = = = =
    Special Thanks
    = = = = = = = = =
    - To my mom, for constantly putting up with my BS.
    - To one of my best friends, SharinganPhoenix of Gaia Online, for having the
      patience to help me with error checking, with spacing, character lining and 
      such. That same thanks also goes out to my good friend, Cooperteam.
    - To Weeperofsouls and Darkbadkitty, my "bro" and "sis", for being so
      understanding through so much, and for getting me this awesome game
      in the first place.
    - To all my other friends, for being my encouragement to do this.
    - To Sammy Studios and Arc System Works, for making the GG series.

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