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    Weapon FAQ by Bob Bastard

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/22/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Destroy All Humans! 2 Weapon FAQ
    By JellyDonutMan
    Table of contents
    1.Legal Stuff
    2.Version history
    3.Saucer Weapons
    3a.Anti-Gravity Field
    3b.Quadrantium Deconstructor
    3c. Sonic Boom
    3d.Death Ray
    3e.Abducto beam
    4. Ground weapons
    4c.Disintegrator ray
    4d.Burrow Beast
    4e.Anal Probe
    4f. Disclocator
    4g.Ion Detonator
    4h. Meteor strike
    5. Upgrades
    6. FAQs
    7. Credits
    8.Contact information
    Legal Stuff
    This FAQ is copyright 2006 by Andrew O'Brien.
    This FAQ may not be sold, changed, distributed without my permission. 
    It is for 
    personal use ONLY. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent 
    of the law.
    Version history
    Version 1.0- FAQ created. 
    Saucer Weapons
    Saucer weapons purposes are mainly to cause mass destruction. 
    however, in certain missions you are supposed to protect a car from 
    destroyed. Anyways:
    Anti-Gravity field
    You are supposed to fire this at the street. It creates a black anti-
    gravity vortex that pulls any nearby cars or tanks or people into it. 
    It then levitates them around for a little while. Eventually it 
    destroys/ kills whatever it sucked up and disappears, which can take 
    10-30 seconds. This works best at busy intersections. The ammo looks 
    like little mini-vortexes. It is most useful for missions where you are 
    supposed to protect a building but enemies are too close to the 
    building to fire on them without hitting the building, as this weapon 
    does nothing to buildings, only to enemies. My ranking: 8/10
    Quantum Deconstructor
    This fires a green burst of energy that explodes when it hits 
    something. It is great for taking out buildings. It is also useful for 
    destroying areas filled with enemies. It can be upgraded so that it is 
    effective against Blisk, has a wider range, and increase the ammo
     capacity up to 6. Ammo looks like small green
     spheres that have rings around them.
    My ranking: 9/10
    Sonic Boom
    This is a toned down version of the Quantum Deconstructor. It shoots blue 
    bursts of energy that make small explosions when they hit something. About 2-4 
    will take down an average building. It can take out about 2 tanks at a time. 
    Ammo looks like blue spheres.
    My ranking: 7/10
    Death ray
    It shoots a red beam of energy. This is like the Zap-O-Matic (see 4a) 
    and has no ammo, but must recharge after a short period of continued 
    firing. It doesn't do much damage, to take a building down, it would 
    have to concentrate on it for at least 10 seconds total. Of course, that's 
    assuming you haven't upgraded it...It is useful for just about anything. It's 
    biggest weakness is that it can only destroy one thing at a time.
    My ranking: 8/10
    Abducto beam
    This can levitate things around, abduct people, drain health from cars, 
    tanks, and other inanimate objects, and Transmog (make ammo out of 
    inanimate objects) things. It is VERY useful. You target something and 
    press triangle for Levitation/ abduction, O for health drainage, and X 
    for Transmog. It does not use ammo, nor have a limited amount of 
    energy, so use it all you want.
    My ranking: 10/10
    Ground weapons
    Ground weapons are for killing people and destroying cars with, although the 
    Meteor Strike Gun can bring down buildings.
    It fires a chain of electricity that shocks your opponent. It has no 
    ammo, but requires time to charge up after you use it for several 
    seconds. Weaker humans are dazed for a few seconds after being shocked 
    by this gun. The electricity it shoots is blue. It is useful for 
    killing multiple people at once and destroying cars.
    My ranking: 7/10
    This shoots out a little disc thingy, which explodes and out comes 
    Gastro. He is a HoloPod that shoots little blue bolts that have the 
    same affect as the disentagrator ray- burning human's skin away. He 
    will automatically fire at everything in sight. If you upgrade him, he 
    can follow you and move around, shoot a large blast that will blow up 
    vehicles in one hit, and increase his attack power.
     Eventually enemies will kill him and/or he will run out of gas, and go 
    into disk form and blow up, but he won't go without a fight! He is most 
    useful for getting you out of messes, if a bunch of cops or other 
    enemies start ganging up on you.
    My ranking: 9/10
    Disintegrator ray
    It shoots little balls of fire that burn human's skin away. It uses 
    ammo, but ammo can be easily found by transmogging cars or crates with 
    telekinesis. The balls of fire it shoots are orangish red. Ammo looks 
    like small test tubes filled with orange fluid. It is useful for 
    killing people, lots of people. Heh heh... It can also be upgraded to 
    shoot two balls at once.
    My ranking: 10/10
    Burrow Beast
    This gun launches a seed that summons the burrow beast. It will dig 
    underground until it positions itself under a human. Then it will pop 
    up from the ground, devour the human, and resume digging to find 
    another human to eat. It's ammo looks like the seed your gun shoots.
    My ranking: 7/10
    Anal Probe
    This can score a one-hit kill. You must aim it at a human's butt and 
    fire! The human will run around, their butts on fire. Soon they will 
    collapse and their heads will explode. You can collect the brain, which 
    gives you mind flash ability. The gun's ammo looks like a capsule with 
    green liquid in it.
    My ranking: 6/10
    This is great fun. It shoots a purple disc that, if it hits something, 
    will catch it and carry it around. Eventually it carries it up high 
    into the air and disappears. This leaves the human or vehicle with 
    nothing to support it. This is fatal to most humans as the disc bangs 
    into rails and cars quite frequently. Beware- the disk may come toward 
    you and knock you over if you are not careful.
    My ranking: 8/10
    Ion Detonator
    This shoots a small bomb. Either blow it up by pressing the fire button 
    again, or just wait for it to explode. This instantly vaporizes any 
    humans and destroys any cars around it when it explodes. The explosion looks  
    rather like a small supernova and is red. The Ammo looks like a jar with red 
    liquid in it.It is useful for destroying tanks and other vehicles.
    My ranking: 6/10
    Meteor Strike
    This summons a meteor to come down near you and crush any buildings, 
    enemies, or cars you want. Summon it and RUN AWAY, it will kill you if it hits 
    you. Enemies often waste time looking at the meteor; when they try to run away 
    it is a sure sign the meteor is 2 seconds away from hitting.
    It is useful for destroying buildings. The ammo looks like a mini-
    My ranking: 7/10
    Target someone with L1. You will be given a choice of what you want to do:
    PK, Free Love, Transmog, Extract, and Protect/ follow.
    PK: Press and hold triangle while targeting someone with L1 to levitate them. 
    Fromthere, you can either pull them in,(square) push them away (O)
    or push them FAR away. (Triangle) This can be performed on any object.
    Free Love: Target someone and quickly press O to make them dance. 
    This works on all humans and even some blisk. They will dance for 15 seconds
    and ignore you,  giving you time to make a quick escape.
    Transmog: Tap X while targeting a vehicle and keep tapping until the vehicle is 
    completely destroyed. Once it is, it will leave behind some ammo for your 
    weapons. Simply walk into the ammo to collect it. This can also be performed on 
    other inanimate objects as well.
    Extract: Target a person and tap X. Their heads will explode and you 
    will be able to collect their brain.
    Protect/Follow: While locked on to a person, tap square. If it is just an 
    ordinary urban/hippie/whatever,they will follow you around as best they can. If 
    you targeted an armed enemy, they will, in addition to following you,
    fight for you! They can be excellent distractions if you are trying to 
    run away from someone.
    My ranking: 10/10
    6. Upgrades
    Note: The cost is in Furotech cells, which you earn by completing 
    Name: Iridium arc splitter
    Cost: 11
    Effect: Chain lightning to other targets
    Name:Electrovolt Crab cracker
    Cost: 17
    Effect: Increased damage VS. Blisk
    Name: Boost capacitator
    Cost: 4
    Effect: Increase the ZapoCel battery charge
    Name:Fluxocell capacitator
    Cost: 9
    Effect: Increase the ZapoCell battery charge
    to maximum
    Name: Gortan shock Multiplier
    Effect: Increases Zap-O-Matic damage
    Name: Electron volt magnet
    Cost: 10
    Effect: Increases electricity damage
    Name: Thrust-A-Tron 2000
    Cost: 18
    Effect: Increases vertical thrust
    Name: Thrust king 5000
    Cost: 36
    Effect: Maximize Vertical Boost
    Name: Grav disc trio
    Cost: 10
    Effect: Increase grav disc capacity to 3
    Name: Grav Disc quatro
    Cost: 14
    Effect: Increase grav disc capacity to 4
    Death ray
    Name:Nueclear Blister inducer
    Cost: 6
    Effect: Increases Death ray damage
    Name: Fusion scorcher
    Cost: 12
    Effect: Maximizes Death ray damage
    Name: Liquid N2 cooling
    Cost: 4
    Effect: Increases Death ray cooldown time
    Name: Superfluid heat exhaust
    Cost: 8
    Effect: Maximizes Death ray cooldown time.
    Disintegrator ray
    Name: Twin fusion chambers
    Cost: 16
    Effect: Fires two disintegrators at once
    Name: Crab shell atomizer
    Cost: 25
    Effect: Disintegrator ray is effective against the Blisk
    Name: Magneto clip
    Cost: 4
    Effect: Increases Disintegrator capacity to 150
    Name: Nuetrino clip
    Cost: 8
    Effect: Increases Disintegrator capacity to 200
    Name: Proton clip
    Cost: 12
    Effect: Increases Disintegrator capacity to 250
    Anal Probe
    Name: Rectal Packager
    Cost: 10
    Effect: Increases Anal Probe capacity to 7
    Name: Butt Pressure Maximizer
    Cost: 14
    Effect: Increases Anal Probe capacity to 9
    Anti-Gravity field
    Name: Dark Energy Cells
    Cost: 6
    Effect: Increases Anti-Gravity field capacity to 5
    Name: Really Dark Energy Cells
    Cost: 12
    Effect: Increases Anti-Gravity field capacity to 7
    Name: Schrodinger's clock
    Cost: 6
    Effect: Anti gravity for 15 seconds
    Name: Schrodinger's Stopwatch 
    Cost: 14
    Effect: Anti gravity for 30 seconds
    Ion Detonator
    Name: Ion Destruction coils
    Cost: 9
    Effect: Increase detonator damage
    Name: Ion Storage Beta
    Cost: 8
    Effect: Increase Detonator capacity to 4
    Name: Ion Storage Gamma
    Cost: 12
    Effect: Increase detonator capacity to 6
    Name: Ion Storage Thetan
    Cost: 18
    Effect: Increase Detonator capacity to 8
    Name: Crab Radiation Dampener
    Cost: 23
    Effect: Detonator is effective against Blisk.
    Sonic Boom
    Name: Flange Wah-Wah crossover 
    Cost: 8
    Effect: Increase Sonic Damage
    Name: Eight track Booms
    Cost: 8
    Effect: Increase sonic boom capacity to 15
    Name: Bada Booms
    Cost: 14
    Effect: Increase sonic boom capacity to 20
    Name: Volume control 11
    Cost: 8
    Effect: Maximum Sonic Damage
    Meteor Strike
    Name: Meteor Shower
    Cost: 18
    Effect: 3 meteors per strike
    Name: Deep impact tringulation system
    Cost: 6
    Effect: Decrease meteor targeting time
    Name: Meteor Pack!
    Cost: 14
    Effect: Increase Meteor attracttor capacity to 3
    Name: World's collide clip
    Cost: 20
    Effect: Increase meteor attractor capacity to 5
    Name: Armaggedon targeting sensors
    Cost: 10
    Effect: Minimum meteor targeting time
    Name: Meteor Storm
    Cost: 22
    Effect: Small Planetoid added to three meteor strike
    Name: Crustacean orbital targeting
    Cost: 25
    Effect: Increase Meteor effectiveness against blisk.
    Name: Go Go Gastro
    Cost: 9
    Effect: Gastro can move around.
    Name: Anti-everything launcher
    Cost: 14
    Effect: Gastro gets Bombard attack.
    Name: Gastro's Crustecean smasher
    Cost: 28
    Effect: Gastro is effective against The Blisk.
    Name: Gastro Reflux
    Cost: 6
    Effect: Increases Gastro's Blaster firepower
    Name: Gastro Enteritis
    Cost: 13
    Effect: Maximizes Gastro's Blaster firepower
    Name: Gastro's Alloy Armor
    Cost: 4
    Effect: Strengthen Gastro's holopod armor
    Name: Gastro's Nanotech armor
    Cost: 5
    Effect: Further strengthen Gastro's holopod armor
    Name: Gastro's plasma shielding
    Cost: 7
    Effect: Gastro has Maximum holopod armor
    Quantum Deconstructor
    Name: Particle Re-annihilator
    Cost: 6
    Effect: Quantum Deconstructor is effective against the Blisk
    Name: Magneto Storage Compartment
    Cost: 10
    Effect: Increases Deconstructor capacity to 4
    Name: Repulsor Containment Enhancer
    Cost: 16
    Effect: Increases deconstructor capacity to 6
    Name: Gamma Particle enrichment
    Cost: 7
    Effect: Increases Deconstructor Explosion size
    Name: Neutron field Fluxuators
    Cost: 13
    Effect: Maximizes Deconstructor explosion size
    Burrow Beast
    Name: BB Goon Juice 
    Cost: 8
    Effect: Increase beast's speed
    Name: BB Boost Juice
    Cost: 13
    Effect: Max out beast's speed
    Name: Furon Tackle Box
    Cost: 6
    Effect: 2 Burrow Beast lures
    Name: The Tackle Master
    Cost: 8
    Effect: 3 Burrow Beast lures
    Crypto's shields
    Name: Shield Enhancer pack
    Cost: 16
    Effect: Increases Crypto's shield power
    Name: Shield Resonator plus
    Cost: 21
    Effect: Increases Crypto's shield power 
    Name: Shield Harmonics Maxima
    Cost: 28
    Effect: Maximizes Crypto's shield power 
    Flying Saucer Shield
    Name: Shield Generator Alpha
    Cost: 13
    Effect: Increases Saucer's Shield power
    Name: Shield Generator Beta
    Cost: 17
    Effect: Increases Saucer's Shield power
    Name: Shield Generator Omega
    Cost: 22
    Effect: Maximizes Saucer's Shield power
    Q: How do I unlock xxx weapon?
    A: To unlock all other weapons except Burrow Beast,
    play through all the story missions. You'll unlock them along the way.
    For the Burrow Beast, collect 30 alien artifacts to unlock the Final 
    Arkvoodle Cult mission in Takoshima.
     Complete the mission to unlock the weapon.
    Q: Can I use your FAQ on my site?
    A: Yes. No need to ask permission.
    -Me, for creating this guide
    -CjayC for creating GameFAQs 
    That's all for now, I'm sure I'll get more soon...
    Contact information
    If you have questions, corrections, or comments regarding this FAQ, 
    feel free to email me at 
    pointyhair01@yahoo.com. PLEASE DO NOT ADVERTISE!
    Thank you!

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