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    FAQ/Walkthrough by fuzzygerdes

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    Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am
    Guide by Fuzzy Gerdes - http://fuzzyco.com - fuzzy@fuzzyco.com
    version 1.00 - January 28, 2008
    Table of Contents
    1) Introduction
    2) Controls
    3) Level Information
    4) Enemies
    5) Powerups
    6) Revision History
    7) Legal Stuff
    === 1) Introduction
    Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am is a Midway-developed game for the
    Playstation 2 based on the popular Adult Swim cartoon. Playing as Shake and
    Frylock you fight your way through 8 levels of golf and 3 levels of golf cart
    racing. And yes, fight -- on each golf course, you hit the golf ball with a
    fairly standard golf-game mechanic and then have to fight enemies to get to
    the ball. Each putting green is also protected by a special Boss or obstacle.
    There are two hidden collectables on each level (including the first tutorial
    level). Each Cameo Clip unlocks a short clip from the cartoon, available on
    the Extras menu of the main menu. Collecting all 12 Broodwich pieces unlocks
    an animated film of an epic battle between the Broodwich and the Angelwich,
    also available on the Extras menu.
    There are no Zombies or Ninjas in the game.
    === 2) Controls
    Golf Mode
    Left stick - Aim and adjust angle of golf shot
    X - Swing Club
    Circle - Use Frycheat
    Triangle - Use Meatcheat
    R1 - Club Select
    L1 - Club Select
    R2 - Ball Landing View
    L2 - Use Mulligan
    Start - Pause
    Combat Mode
    Left stick - Move
    Right stick - Camera
    X - Attack (some weapons, hold to power up attack)
    Circle - Switch between Shake and Frylock
    Triangle - Use Meatbait
    Square - Block
    R1 - Weapon Select
    L1 - Weapon Select
    R3 - Reset Camera
    Start - Pause
    Racing Mode
    Left stick - Steering
    X - Accelerate
    Circle - Brake
    Square - Reverse
    R1 - Fire Bazooka
    Start - Pause
    === 3) Level Information
    For each Level, I've identified which kind of level it is (Golf and Combat or
    Cart Racing), which enemies and powerups can be found on that level, how to
    find the Cameo Clip and Broodwich pieces, and how to defeat the Boss (or
    obstacles) guarding the putting green.
    == Level 1 - Tutorial
    Golf (barely)
    Enemies: none
    Powerups: none
    Cameo Clip:  Across the street from Carl's house.
    Broodwich: At the end of the street near the Pizza Potamus billboard.
    == Level 2 - Jersey Jamboree
    Golf and Combat
    Enemies: Crabs, Trees, Wisdom Cube
    Powerups: Enchiladitos, Pubic Pride, Dragon Hilted Sword
    Cameo Clip: Across the bridge on the east side of the course.
    Broodwich: At the very north of the map, behind the car.
    Boss: When Carl stands on one leg and makes a big swing, avoid it, then when
    he bends over exhausted, rush in and whale on him. It'll only take three or
    four repetitions to finish him off.
    == Level 3 - The Terror Beneath Starring Rudy Ray Moore
    Golf and Combat
    Enemies: Crabs, Trees, Turk-e-trons, Wisdom Cube
    Powerups: Enchiladitos, Lightning Ray, Mulligan, Meatbait, Frycheat,
    Meatcheat, Pubic Pride
    Cameo Clip: On the east side of the course, on the dock in front of the
    Broodwich: In the far northwest corner of the course.
    Boss: The Mooninites leave giant square bullets guarding the hole. The wedge
    will let you chip the ball in and then avoid the bullets as you walk in.
    == Level 4 - Beware the Mind Teaser Starring Lance Henriksen
    Golf and Combat
    Enemies: Cloned Brownies, Trees
    Powerups: Enchiladitos, Mulligans, Meatcheat, Lightning Ray, Pubic Pride, Ol'
    Drippy, Chainsaw
    Cameo Clip: On the west side of the course, behind a crashed spaceship piece.
    Broodwich: In the northwest corner of the course, along a path behind a bag of
    Boss: Hit the ball into one of the Fargates to have it appear inside the dome
    and go into the hole.
    == Level 5 - The Frat and the Furious
    Golf Cart Racing
    Enemies: D.P. and Zarnold Edward "Skeeter" Quigley
    Powerups: Bazooka, Speed Boost
    Cameo Clip: On the way down the east side of the track, veer left and go up a
    ramp and then make a jump to collect the Cameo Clip.
    Broodwich: On the east side of the track, under the jump for the Cameo Clip.
    == Level 6 - I Married a Meat-Eating Beast
    Golf and Combat
    Enemies: Moon Crabs, Mooninites, Wrench Aliens, Wisdom Cube
    Powerups: Enchiladitos, Mulligans, Frycheat, Meatbait, Foreigner Belt, Pubic
    Pride, Lightning Ray, Chainsaw, Gorgotron Repellent
    Cameo Clip: About halfway around the course, you can take a ramp up to the
    right to two astronauts at a moon buggy. Follow a path around to the right to
    get back to the Cameo Clip.
    Broodwich: Just past the Cameo Clip location, at a Lightning Ray in a crater,
    turn left and follow a path back to two astronauts at a campfire and the
    Boss: Grab a Gorgotron Repellent, use it to put the Gorgotron to sleep and
    then whale on him until he wakes up. Repeat.
    == Level 7 - Love a Mummy and You're a Dummy
    Golf and Combat
    Enemies: Trees, Turk-e-trons, Blue Crabs, Black Mountain Scorpions
    Power Ups: Enchiladitos, Foreigner Belt, Lightning Ray, Frycheat, Mulligans,
    Meatcheat, Shotgun, Meatbait
    Cameo Clip: On a little island to the east, halfway up the course.
    Broodwich: When you cross the lake, turn right, go down to an island with a
    Mulligan, then turn left and go into a temple ruin to find the Broodwich.
    Boss: When you reach the green, the Love Mummy transports you to a ruin. Fight
    your way out of the ruin to find the Love Mummy. Avoid his thrown objects and
    attack him as usual. When you've defeated him, you can putt the ball through
    the Fargate to reach the green.
    == Level 8 - Night of the Living T-Shirt of the Dawn of the Dead
    Golf and Combat
    Enemies: Wrench Aliens, Trees, Cloned Brownies, Tulip Snipers, Wisdom Cube
    Powerups: Enchiladitos, Foreigner Belt, Meatbait, Ol' Drippy, Shotgun,
    Mulligans, Lightning Ray, Red Electric Guitar, Frycheat, Meatcheat, Chainsaw,
    Homing Missiles
    Cameo Clip: It's on the west side of the course, up between rainbow bridges.
    It's really hard to miss.
    Broodwich: Go past the green to the right, over a rainbow bridge guarded by
    two Tulip Snipers, and past a group of Wrench Aliens.
    Boss: When you get to the river, kill the Tulip Snipers on the other side to
    make a rainbow bridge appear. The Homing Missiles powerup for Frylock is very
    == Level 9 - Canonball Dud
    Golf Cart Racing
    Enemies: D.P. and Zarnold Edward "Skeeter" Quigley
    Powerups: Bazooka, Speed Boost
    Cameo Clip: Right in the middle of the path, on the way back down the east
    side of the track.
    Broodwich: Out in the middle of nowhere in the upper northeast quarter of the
    course. The frat aliens are such bad drivers that I managed to just wander
    around and find it, get back on track, and win anyway.
    == Level 10 - Spanish Nights
    Golf and Combat
    Enemies: Alien Wrenches, Black Mountain Scorpions, Wisdom Cube, Turk-e-trons
    Powerups: Enchiladitos, Lightning Ray, Mulligans, Chainsaw, Shotgun, Homing
    Missiles, Frycheat, Foreigner Belt
    Cameo Clip: On the middle-west island, take a small path north to reach a
    small island with the Cameo Clip.
    Broodwich: On the northern-most island, look behind some brush on the north of
    the island.
    Boss: Lure MC Pee Pants onto the venting fire holes. Each one will burn him
    and then disappear. Get him onto all of them and you'll defeat him.
    == Level 11 - The Frat and the Furious 3: Tokyo Eclipse
    Golf Cart Racing
    Enemies: D.P. and Zarnold Edward "Skeeter" Quigley
    Powerups: Bazooka, Speed Boost
    Cameo Clip: Halfway up the west side of the track, where you found the Cameo
    Clip on Level 6, take the ramp up past the moon rover and jump to the Cameo
    Broodwich: At the hole (where you fought the Gorgotron), go behind the rocks
    to find the Broodwich.
    == Level 12 - Final Finale: The Crying Game
    Golf and Combat
    Enemies: Cloned Brownies, Turk-e-trons, Crabs, Sniper Tulips, Wisdom Cube
    Powerups: Enchiladitos, Pubic Pride, Frycheat, Mulligans, Shotgun, Ol' Drippy,
    Foreigner Belt, Homing Missiles, Lightning Ray
    Cameo Clip: After you cross the first tire bridge, go to the left, over
    another tire bridge, and all the way to the west edge of the course.
    Broodwich: After you cross the first tire bridge, go to the right and back
    into a small parking lot.
    Boss: Just shoot the Mooninites' spaceship. Grabbing the Homing Missiles can
    help, but Frylock's normal Fireballs work fine as well. When you destroy it,
    the two Mooninites come out. Combat them as normal -- they share a health bar,
    but you do have to hit them each after the health bar is empty to completely
    destroy them.
    * To cross the road, walk under the Gun and Pawn billboard to enter a
    Frogger-style minigame.
    4) Enemies
    When I say "shot" I mean one of Frylock's standard Fireballs -- I used Frylock
    for most of the game since you can shoot enemies from a distance.
    Black Mountain Scorpion - they shoot slow missiles.
    Cloned Brownies - 2 shot kills.
    Crab - one shot kills.
    Moon Crabs - much like earth crabs.
    Blue Crabs - Ditto.
    D.P. and Zarnold Edward "Skeeter" Quigley - When you see the red brackets
    around you, the frat aliens are targeting you with a bazooka. Dodge!
    Mooninites - Ignignokt (the big green one) shoots slow orange bullets.
    The Wisdom Cube - the Cube doesn't actually do any damage, but it's pretty
    annoying and will repeat the same thing over and over until you shoot it.
    Tree - very slow. takes three shots to kill.
    Truk-e-tron - robot turkeys. 3 shot kills. You can tell they're getting ready
    to shoot when they stand on one leg.
    Tulip Sniper - it only takes two shots to kill these guys, but they spew out
    machine gun bullets.
    Wrench Aliens - It takes 4 shots to kill these guys.
    5) Powerups
    Bazooka - gives you one shot at the frat aliens.
    Chainsaw - a powerful weapon for Shake, but only for a limited time.
    Dragon Hilted Sword - pick this up on Level 2 and it'll be permanently added
    to Shake's weapons AND golf clubs.
    Enchiladitos - restore health. As far as I can tell, a single bag restores
    100% health.
    Foreigner Belt - freezes nearby enemies.
    Frycheat - lets you energize the ball to fly farther in golf mode.
    Gorgotron Repellent - only used against the Gorgotron on Level 6.
    Homing Missles - lets Frylock shoot powerful homing missiles for a short time.
    Lightning Ray - makes Frylock's eye blast pretty powerful for a limited time.
    Meatbait - lets you make Meatwad act as a decoy for enemies, so you can attack
    Meatcheat - lets you replace the all with Meatwad, so you can steer him. One
    of the times I tried it, I managed to steer Meatwad outside of the world
    boundaries, and then couldn't get to the ball. I had to use a Mulligan to take
    back the stroke. Maybe you'll have better luck.
    Mulligan - lets you take back a bad shot in the golf mode.
    Ol' Drippy - gives you an extra life.
    Pubic Pride - kills crabs specifically, but since crabs are one-shot kills,
    it's not *that* helpful.
    Red Electric Guitar - another permanent weapon for Shake (get it on Level 8).
    Has a short range and both stuns and hurts the enemies.
    Shotgun - a temporary weapon for Shake. It seemed pretty useless to me.
    Speed Boost - exactly what it says.
    6) Revision History
    version 1.00
    Played through the game on the weekend and typed this up on Sunday, January
    27, 2008.
    Control information is from the manual.
    The location of the Broodwich and the Cameo Clip on Level 11 is from GameFaqs
    Board post by DB4DHXC and pitbullphcc --
    Aqua Teen Central <http://www.aquateencentral.com/> was very helpful in
    identifying some of the monsters.
    7) Legal Stuff
    This document is Copyright 2008 by Fuzzy Gerdes - http://fuzzyco.com -
    It is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No
    Derivative Works 3.0 United States License
    <http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/us/>. In plain English, you
    can post this FAQ on your site as long as your post it as-is, you give me
    credit, and you're not making money off of it.
    GameFaqs.com is specifically permitted to post this document.
    All trademarks contained in this document are owned by their respective
    trademark holders.

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