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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Ethel

    Version: 3.3 | Updated: 03/19/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            GROWLANSER VI: PRECARIOUS WORLD
    Created by Ethel
    Copyright (c) Ethel
    Last updated: 18th March 2008 -Version 3.3- Various additions including the
    colosseum ranking tables, item+manual listing as well as more characters
    (basically NPCs) info and necessary admendments.
    Author's note: This FAQ is to appear strictly on GameFAQs website only. No
    part of this FAQ is to be copied or used anywhere else without my permission.
    Translating any part of this FAQ to any other language and posting it on any
    other site as your own is not an acceptable act either. Therefore, always
    email and ask for my approval first regarding any use of information from my
    Growlanser VI: Precarious World is, as the name implies, the sixth main game
    of the series. This FAQ focuses on providing a walkthrough for the missions in
    the game and STRAIGHT game advancement, but plot summaries are provided as
    well. Information here are derived from my gameplay, so there may exist
    possibilities of slight differences between yours and mine. However, the setup
    and advancement should pretty much adhere.
    Take note that this FAQ is based on the Japanese version and includes full or
    part spoilers. If you want to avoid most spoilers, skip the story events and
    'Characters' section. The FAQ is also written based on the assumption that you
    do know some basic Japanese and in cases whereby official names(according to
    Atlus JP/Team Career) are known, they will be used.
    Any errors may be directed to my email.
    == Section A: Prologue notes
    == Section B: Main game          
                  --Esgrenz Part 1                                            [E1]
                  --Goat Land Part 1                                          [G1]
                  --Esgrenz Part 2                                            [E2]
                  --Goat Land Part 2                                          [G2]
                  --Esgrenz Part 3                                            [E3]
                  --Esgrenz Part 4                                            [E4]
                  --Finale                                                    [F1]
    == Section C: Dungeon treasure chest items                               [DU1]
    == Section D: In-game questions and choices                               [Q1]
    == Section E: Names summary                                               [N1]
    == Section F: Item listing                                               [IT1]
    == Section G: Character quests/endings                                    [C1]
    == Section H: Coliseum                                                    [C2]
    == Section I: Characters                                                [DCH1]
                  ->Playable characters + Strongest weapon+armor
                    -->From Growlanser V
                    -->First appearance in Growlanser VI
    == Section J: Bedding Dogs                                               [DO1]
    == Section K: Optional Dungeon                                            [P1]
    == Section L: Yurry's costumes                                            [Y1]
    == Section M: Miscellanous                                               [MS1]
    == Section N: Appendix                                                   [AP1]
    == Section O: Software Manual                                             [M1]
    == Section P: Q&A
    == Version history
    == Credits                                                               
    ---Prologue notes---
    If you don't wish to go through the prologue at all, choose not interested to
    skip the entire thing and get a clear bonus(the easiest and recommended way,
    take note this gives a totally balanced triangle diagram).
    The prologue(character making session) affects the starting stats development
    of Merklich. In this area, you are free to do what you want and don't want.
    Therefore, feel free to explore around to collect the events. If you managed
    to obtain at least 15 events out of 18, the woman who appeared and gave you
    directions during this entire scenario will express satisfaction. However,
    even if you didn't, it won't affect or end the game in any way.
    I'll list the events that I managed to get(though I'm still unsure on how the
    game calculates the total evaluation):
    My numeral listing below does not imply the exact event listing[i.e (1) does
    NOT represent things you need to do to finish event no.1], but rather a guide
    so you know what to do first to trigger related ones):
    - Talk to Soldier A who is standing guard
    - Agree to help him inform the standby Soldier B to change the duty turn
    - Go to the lower right and knock on the office's door
    - Go back to Soldier A and tell him Soldier B will be late
    - Go to the inn and tell the girl at the back of the inn that A will be late
    - Go and talk to A again for a Pearl bead
    - Talk to the Soldier C standing outside the guard's office
    - Agree to challenge him to knock down his defense wall
    - Press Circle button in quick intervals(don't mash it repeatedly)
    -Walk out east of the village
    -Defeat the monster(go through the battle tutorial if you want to)
    -Get the [Rare item: Dream Key]
    -Talk to the Soldier D on the right side outside the inn after (3)
    -Agree to take the quiz
    -Answer: ATW UP, Chanting time, Max MP, Equipping(souchaku), Move using left
     analogue stick
    -Search the right(outside) of the inn for a Pearl Bead
    -Inside the Inn, go north till you can no more and then to the right for a
     Pearl Bead
    -After (3), talk to the 2 kids in the village
    -Use the Dream Key(rare finds menu) on the western blue door of the village
    -Next screen, talk to the old man on the right
    -Talk to the man behind the counter
    -Go back to the village
    -Notice there are a bunch of pillars before the altar cavern
    -Choose to shake(hit) the pillars until you locate the gale apple(position
     is random)
    -Talk to the old man and the kids
    -After (7), go into the inn and talk to the innkeeper
    -Agree to exchange the Gale Apple for the Toolbox.
    -Go to the Dream Key room and talk to Man A sitting on the bench to the left
    -Agree to help him get the medicine
    -Go back to the village and talk to the old man
    -Agree to exchange recovery medicine for the hip pain medicine
    -Bring the medicine back to the Man A
    -Talk to him again about the money he gave you earlier to buy the medicine
    -After (8), from the Dream Key room, go out south to the city
    -Talk to the soldier coming out of the elevator
    -Go into the elevator and down to talk to the armorer
    -After the conversation, give him the Toolbox.
    -Go to the city via the Dream Key room and walk straight down and left out
    -Help out the soldiers by fighting the Gels.
    -Use Fire Arrow Magic(don't try physical attacks)
    -Get Ambrosia(use it to refill your used up MP, if you keep it, it will be
     brought over to the main game)
    -Search the field for the shiny item(Pearl Bead)
    -After (9) and (10), go to the city and down the elevator
    -Talk to the girl standing in front of the sparkling trees
    -Offer 20 Mil and pick up shiny item for a Pearl bead
    -In the city, knock on the lower right house
    -Agree to go through the memory test
    -After some conversation inside, you get to move around
    -Memorize the layout of the house, that is: the position of the barrels,
     treasure chests(opened or not) and crates.
    -Once ready, talk to the man and screen switch. Now look around and spot any
    -Go to that changed item and press Circle(one is enough)
    -You get Pearl Bead
    -In the city, down the elevator, talk to the kids in the north.
    -Agree to play
    -Memorize the names of the 3 kids.
    -The shuffle will begin, and from left to right, choose the correct name from
     the list given for each kid.
    -After (13), talk to the kids again.
    -Agree to play
    -It's a loop race, and you run to the southeastern end first, then the
     southwest, and back up. Well, in another format, the race path is something
                 |NW \
                 |    \
                 |     \
                /       \
               /WS     ES\
    S:  Starting point
    WS: Kid standing at the Southwest end
    ES: Kid standing at the Southeast end
    NE: Kid standing at the Northwest end
    All those lines are the race path.
    S->ES->WS->NW->S to complete the race. No shortcuts, but unless you walk
    instead of run, there's no way to lose.
    -Talk to the couple having a conversation at the bench in the city
    -Walk over to the south
    -Choose to search around the row of bushes for a recovery medicine.
    -Search the shiny item at bridge(city) for a Pearl Bead
    -After you've done 1,5,6,11,12,13 and 17, talk to the man in the city who lost
     his necklace because the string broke and give him the beads you gathered.
    -Look at the radar when in the city,there is a green dot on the right. Go and
     talk to the man hidding there to start a quiz.
    -Answers: Blue, Right analogue stick, Right analogue stick, Press X while
     using the d-pad to walk, Business Suit
    If you wish to, head back to the village and opt to enter the middle door on
    the right for the last test:
    = Prologue Battle =
    Location         : Merklich's dream world
    Usable Characters: Merklich
    Recommended Level: Nil
    Enemies          : 3 Heavy Punchers
    NPCs             : 4 villagers, 1 soldier
    Press X to signal for the villagers to start escaping. Use Fire Arrow on all
    of the fires to make them stronger to attract the attention of the monsters.
    Use a recovery medicine on the injured soldier and he will join in the fight.
    The moment you give him the medicine, the X signal will be void as the
    villagers will start escaping. All you need is to use your normal attacks or
    magic on the monsters. After the villagers have made their escape, the soldier
    will do the same, have Merk continue attacking the enemies, once all are dead,
    it's done.
    Here, choose to bring over your Growlanser V: Generations save data if you
    have it(which will affect the statistics of a character you will get much
    later on in the game: Zeon). I would assume only save data from the Japanese
    version will work. If you don't have any, just save and exit.
    You can press L1, L2, R1, R2, SELECT and START all at the same time to go back
    to the title screen if you messed up anywhere during the course of the entire
    game and wish to restart.
    P/S: Before I go on, please take note that I do not know the specific criteria
    for getting mission completes, and the possibilities I wrote down represents
    the things I did which got me a mission complete so you can use them as a
    reference, but not as absolute. Take note though that from past experiences,
    the time used to finish a mission(even when there isn't a time counter/limit)
    may play a hidden part in some missions, therefore always aim to finish a
    mission fitting the requirements using as little time as possible. There are
    also situations whereby the death of an ally(even if you revive using the
    nectar) may also prevent one from getting a complete. Furthermore, it may be
    possible for you to get mission complete by other methods from mine(especially
    in cases whereby there are 2 clear conditions), therefore please stick to
    Mission completes give Rana fruits instead of seeds and the EXP, technique
    points and money obtained is also higher. I firmly believe it does help with
    your characters relationship levels(refer to first paragraph of the coliseum
    for explanation).
    ALSO, it is possible to get all mission completes for this game. And I have
    not gotten any special bonus from getting a full 100%, therefore it is not
    necessary unless you are a perfectionist.
    ---Main Game---
    [Esgrenz Part 1]                                                          [E1]
    -Wake up, get [Rare item: Monopolis Identification Card]
    -Investigate girl lying on bed in opposing ward and talk to doctor
    -Head out, go south and watch scene.
    -Talk to the captain
    -Go into structure directly above the group
    -Talk to the researcher
    -Talk to guard soldier in the upper screen.
    -Enter the inner room, meet and talk to Anita. Get [Rare item: Pressed
     Flower Bookmark].
    -Go back out and meet Wendy
    -Once you are free to move, attempt to leave the place through either exits
    = Mission 1 =
    Location             : Lenocks Research Center
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy
    Recommended Level    : Nil
    Enemies              : 3 Lv 1 terrorists
    NPCs                 : None
    Clear conditions     - All terrorists defeated
    Game Over conditions - Death of Merklich or Wendy
    Here, you can go ahead and try to defeat the terrorists. They will most likely
    end up successfully setting up the bomb and even if you defeat all of them,
    the bomb will explode and you will watch a short cutscene. Thereafter the
    Mission Battles Continue System will function. Basically, it retains data just
    before the last Mission and in the case of game over, you can choose Continue
    from the Title Screen and restart the Mission battle with no consideration of
    where you last saved. Take note that the data will be gone once you reset the
    You'll automatically restart from before the terrorists come in. This time
    round, go out via the door from which the terrorists came by earlier.
    Clear conditions     - All terrorists defeated
    Game Over conditions - Terrorist successfully set up bomb
                         - Death of Merklich or Wendy
    Run and block the terrorists from going up and attack them head on. Easy
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Defeated all enemies
    -Meet Shuweizer and screen switch after conversations
    -Go east into the city, obtain [Rare item: Command Info], choose to read it
    -Use the elevator and go down
    -Enter building and talk to reception woman.
    -Enter elevator, use Identification Card and go to executive office:10th floor
    -Follow Shuweizer and enter room
    -Obtain [Rare item: Continent Map]
    -Once finished, head out to elevator, choose Database room: 8th Floor
    -Approach Wendy, read information from the database if you want
    -Go out into elevator, choose 1st Floor
    -Go to city's entrance and meet up with Wendy
    -Go out, enemies respawn at a certain rate once you switch screens and come
     back, level up 1 or 2 levels here if possible.
    -Follow road path east 3 screens to reach the mining town of Dastis
    -Go to the inn and ask to meet Rat
    -After Shuweizer's briefing, go out and choose to knock on the rightmost door
     but identification is required
    -Walk a lil bit west and watch scene
    -Go up west to the dump area and search the shiny item to pick up [Rare item:
     Dark Cat Membership Card]
    -Go knock at the rightmost door again, password is required
    -Switch screen by going into inn and back out
    -Walk back to dump, show the Membership Card to the man
    -Follow Wendy
    = Mission 2 =
    Location             : Lenocks Dark Cat tavern, Dastis
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy
    Recommended Level    : 3-4
    Enemies              - 1 Lv 4 merchant
                         - 2 Lv 2 terrorist army infantry
                         - 1 Lv 3 terrorist army infantry
                         - 1 Lv 3 terrorist army magician
    NPCs                 : None
    Clear conditions     -All enemies defeated
    Game Over conditions -Death of Merklich or Wendy
    Just head over and attack as per normal, Wendy will heal automatically if
    required, but if she doesn't for some reason only you know, START to configure
    the tactics section. If not, Triangle to open up menu to give her the command.
    The merchant will escape, leave him be. Once all are defeated, mission is
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Defeated all enemies
    -Go back to the inn and ask to meet Rat again
    -Go back out and head back to Dark Cat tavern and past the end room
    -Use the right analogue stick to view map in still time to see which path is
     clear, and pace through this simple underground sewers
    -There's no save point, once you reached the bottom, just head on straight
    = Mission 3 =
    Location             : Below Dark Cat tavern, Dastis
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy
    Recommended Level    : 4
    Enemies              - Terrorist leader
                         - 2 Lv 4 terrorist army infantry
                         - 2 Lv 3 terrorist army infantry
                         - 2 Lv 4 terrorist army archers
                         - 1 Lv 4 terrorist army magic user
    NPCs                 : Shuweizer
    Clear conditions     - All enemies defeated
    Game Over conditions - Lost of required evidence
                         - All party members eliminated
    Once you get to control Merklich, run like there's no tomorrow to attack the
    terrorist archer at the far eastern end of the screen, don't bother about the
    rest. If you cannot, then start to chant magic and attack him. After a short
    while, Shuweizer will come in from the bottom left and the enemies will come
    up with another plan.
    Clear conditions     - All enemies defeated
    Game Over conditions - Terrorist set up the fire ignition device at the
                           documents base, and chant a magic spell to light it up
                         - All party members eliminated
    The terrorist archer I mentioned earlier will rush to set up the ignition
    device, but Shuweizer can't catch up to him. The terrorist group leader will
    chant the magic. Kill off the archer first, then the rest, and finally the
    leader. Try to kill the enemies with Merklich and Wendy because if it's
    Shuweizer who defeated the enemies, your party don't get any experience
    points. It doesn't matter that much though, there's no need to restart the
    mission if you failed to do so.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Did not let enemy set up device
                                    - Defeated all enemies
    -After much nagging, search around the documents area below where Shuweizer is
     standing for [Rare item: Terrorist Memo]
    -Show it to Shuweizer
    -Leave the sewer, either by treking back or using Return magic
    -Go to the library north of the town, enter the now functional elevator
    -Select 4F, enter and search shelf 2B, books no. 101~150, specifically 133
    -After man returns book, read the book with Wendy for a while
    -Search the shelf at 133 again to get [Rare item: Terrorist Battle Plan]
    -Show to Wendy
    -Go back out to the inn and ask to meet Rat again
    -Leave Dastis and head back to Makinus(follow road path down west)
    -Go to Monopolis building and attempt to enter elevator
    -Follow Shuweizer to 10F and enter the room
    -Watch a very weird scene
    -Go down elevator, out the building and to the front dock
    -Talk to Shuweizer and search the speed boat to choose to board
    -Reach Fishing village of Shizaaz
    -Knock on the door of the house to the lower right for a short event
    -Go out the village(choose 'It's okay')
    = Mission 4 =
    Location             : Shizland Plateau
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy
    Recommended Level    : 5-6
    Enemies              - 4 Lv 4 imposter soldiers
                         - 2 Lv 6 imposter soldiers
    NPCs                 : 2 Fomeros soldiers, 2 Hingistan soldiers
    Clear conditions     -All enemies defeated
    Game Over conditions -Run out of time
                         -Death of all party members
    Once the timebar at the top of the screen starts, move up north. You can try
    to defeat the monsters, but if time is running out, escape by leaving Wendy
    and move Merklich to the next screen. Once you reached the main screen where
    the 4 Fomeros and Hingistan soldiers are positioned for truce guarding,
    Clear conditions     - Defeat all imposter soldiers
    Game Over consitions - All party members eliminated
                         - Fomeros soldiers attacked by the imposters
                         - Hingistan soldiers attacked by the imposters
                         - Party discovered by the actual soldiers
                           (they are represented by green dots on radar)
    All 4 actual soldiers are not facing each other now, you can have Merklich and
    Wendy run in between the barricades they've set up to separate themselves. Due
    to the mist, they should not discover you unless you show up right to their
    faces. Head west and wander around there or wait as you wish. Remember to
    press select to bring up the radar if you accidentally turned it off. Keep
    waiting till red dots emerge and rush off to ambush them. If any start to run
    east, you must have Merklich block their way and attack them. Once all 6 are
    Clear conditions     - Merklich and Wendy escaped via the east side of map
    Game Over conditions - All party members eliminated
                         - Party discovered by the actual soldiers
                           (they are represented by green dots on radar)
    Here, all you need is to run back east, same as when you passed through them
    the first time, if one side is stirred up by the fight, you'll have to incline
    more towards the side where the 2 soldiers are still facing the original
    direction. As usual, the uber useful right analogue stick helps in spotting
    Once you reach the eastern end, it's finished.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Ambushed enemies as soon as they appear
                                    - Did not let enemies go further than where
                                      they pop up
    -Go back to Shizaaz
    -Talk to man at speedboat, attempt to walk to village entrance
    -Board speedboat to head back to Makinus
    -Follow Wendy to the library, 8th Floor, talk with people in the building
    -Go down and out of Monopolis building to dormitory building to the left
    -Talk to dormitory reception person and use Identification Card
    -Go right and rest
    -Wake up, go left out and to 10th Floor again and get [Rare item: Artifact
    -After scene, go out of building and talk to Shuweizer
    -Search the ship and choose to board
    -Talk and follow Wendy into the ship quarters
    -Explore the ship and talk to the people, especially Shuweizer, Wendy and
     the helmsman
    -Ask helmsman 'When will we reach'
    -*Try to go down to ship quarters and...
    *There are some variations here in my plays, basically asking the helmsman
    the question is the main triggering point, but the below mission can start
    immediately when Merklich enter the quarters or it only happen after he woke
    up the next day.
    = Mission 5 =
    Location             : Aboard Monopolis ship
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy
    Recommended Level    : 7-8
    Enemies              - 3 Pawn Screepers
                         - 1 Rook Screeper
                         - 1 Bishop Screeper
    NPCs                 : Shuweizer, Helmsman and 4 Monopolis Guard Soldiers
    Clear conditions     - All enemies defeated
    Game Over conditions - All party members eliminated
                         - Death of Shuweizer
    Leave the Rook and Pawn Screeper that emerged on Shuweizer's side to him, no
    matter what the game over conditions say, Shuweizer will most likely be the
    last to die in this battle. Have Merklich and Wendy concentrate on the other
    2 Pawn Screepers to the right side. Hammer with your normal attacks or magic.
    Heal if needed. It will take some amount of time, but no accidents should
    happen. Once 3 units of screepers are gone, the Bishop Screeper will pop in to
    end the fight, mission's done.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Did not allow any NPCs to die
    [Esgrenz Part 1] main story events:
    Merklich woke up at Lenock Research center only to have most of his memory
    lost. He met Anita who seems to know him but did not say any much more.
    After that, he met Wendy who mistook him for the Leader of the Monopolis Red
    Wolf army, Shuweizer. The real Shuweizer appeared and declare both of them
    members of his Red Wolf army. At the Monopolis building at Makinus, both
    were introduced to Shayer, executive serving the Monopolis president. Their
    first mission is to take part in ambushing the rumored terrorists hideout at
    the town of Datis along with other Monopolis guards. In the end, both of them
    got the job somewhat done with the help of Shuweizer and discovered the
    terrorist's plans to disguise as Fomeros and Hingistan soldiers to attack the
    real ones in order to end the truce between the 2 countries.
    Merklich and Wendy managed to put a stop to that but in the end the peace
    meeting did not happen because one of the representatives were killed.
    Meanwhile, news were going around that the barrier on the sealed continent has
    been lifted. Merklich and Wendy were given a secret mission by Shayer, who
    mentioned that it's a direct mission given by the president to use the
    artifact sensor to search for energy reaction more than 100, or size more
    than 100m. On their way to the originally sealed continent which they name as
    Goat Land, there were attacks by strong water creatures called screepers and
    the battle resulted in disaster.
    [Goat Land Part 1]                                                        [G1]
    -Wake up for a scene. If you've played Growlanser V, this place is all so
     familiar. If not, well you'll get used to this place soon anyway
    -Obtain [Rare item: Goat Land Map]
    -Head to the inn and rest. Go out of Wartree and go east
    -At the end of the bridge, talk to the Grangeil soldiers, continue east
    -Head south for the desert town of Zaaranba, if not continue east and watch a
    = Mission 6 =
    Location             : Desert
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy
    Recommended Level    : 9
    Enemies              - Terrorist leader
                         - 2 Lv 9 Horn Dingo 
                         - 2 Lv 9 Labydura 
                         - 2 Lv 9 terrorist army infantry
                         - 1 Lv 17 Pawn Screeper
    NPCs                 : A young man
    Clear conditions     - All enemies defeated
    Game Over conditions - Death of young man 
                         - All party members eliminated
    Have Merklich run up to the young man(Rukias) and give him directions, which
    is up to you, but having him follow Merklich is a good choice. You should
    probably get rid of the Lv 9 monsters after you have Rukias with you. The
    terrorist leader will escape, and there's pretty much no way for you to kill
    him. You can try if you wanna though(it is possible), just have Merklich run
    up and block his escape route south before you kill off any of his
    subordinates. Otherwise, you probably should just leave him alone and
    concentrate on the rest then finally the Pawn Screeper. Once again, the
    screeper takes some time to kill, be patient and the mission should be
    completed soon.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Defeated all enemies(I think the leader
                                      doesn't matter, it also doesn't matter if
                                      the screeper killed any of your other
    -Watch the scene and have Rukias follow as NPC
    -Keep going east to reach Grangeil's captital city Guylanuck
    -Rukias leave the party, go east and talk to the shining white circle to meet
     Lottey, another fairy
    -Go east to next screen and meet yet another fairy Nora and get [Rare item:
     Rana Bag], then go north
    -Next screen, talk to anyone you want, but I would say to the group on the
     right, then to Shayer and finally Shuweizer
    -More conversations, choose to name Corin's master.
    -Watch more scenes
    -Go east and Rukias join party as playable ally, let him learn Cure
    -Go east to entrance and out of the city, follow the road paths north
    = Mission 7 =
    Location             : Route to Yarjen
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias
    Recommended Level    : 10-12
    Enemies              - Terrorist leader
                         - 3 Lv 12 terrorist army infantry
                         - 1 Lv 10 terrorist army priest
                         - 1 Lv 10 terrorist army magic user
                         - 1 Lv 10 terrorist army archer
                         - 1 Lv 11 terrorist army axe soldier
    NPCs                 : None
    Clear conditions     - All enemies defeated
    Game Over conditions - All party members eliminated
    Nothing much here, fight as you would in any normal battle. Go after the
    priest class soldier first if you can since we don't want any significant
    healing for the enemies. Other than that, just keep up the attacks and healing
    and you can kill all in no time.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Defeated all enemies
    -Keep going north to reach Yarjen village
    -Go north, and further north to talk to the girl in black loitering in front
     of the house to meet Fanil
    -Go in the building and talk to either of the 2 guys left or right
    -Go out back to village entrance and talk to either again, head out of village
    -Keep following the road paths west for 2 screens
    = Mission 8 =
    Location             : Route to Noschval Tunnel
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias
    Recommended Level    : 13
    Enemies              - Terrorist leader  <--Just how many are there?
                         - 2 Lv 13 terrorist army infantry
                         - 1 Lv 12 terrorist army priest
                         - 2 Lv 12 terrorist army magic user
                         - 2 Lv 12 terrorist army archers
                         - 1 Lv 13 terrorist axe soldier
    NPCs                 : 2 Monopolis personnel
    Clear conditions     - All enemies defeated
    Game Over conditions - Death of NPCs
                         - All party members eliminated
    This can be a lil difficult if your levels are too low. To prevent too much
    trouble, balance healing with attacks and as usual aim for the priest and
    magic class enemies first. Give the 2 NPCs instruction to head for the tunnel
    first, they may get attacked a few times but will be safe once they exit the
    screen. Keep up the good HP and prevent too much Weaken spells from the enemy
    magic users and you should be able to kill them all off soon.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Did according to above
    -Keep going west to enter the Noschval Tunnel
    As with the previous dungeon, this is pretty straightforward, use your right
    analogue stick and see which correct paths to take to reach the other end. To
    reach those inaccessible areas, go down south to the first screen, to the left
    of the yellow warp point, there's a stairway that's not too obvious to spot,
    go up and fall down the holes from the correct positions
    -Once outside of the tunnel, go north and enter a inn
    -Rest, or just talk to the innkeeper and a man in blue comes in
    -Meet and talk to Chriass
    -Go outside and go left to board the ship(no need to talk to the man)
    -Talk to everyone on board and then to Wendy again
    -Ship reaches Sheriltia territory, talk to either of the 2 Monopolis
     personnel and choose you are ready to set off
    -Follow the open paths east and,
    = Mission 9 =
    Location             : Route to Felmentia
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias
    Recommended Level    : 16-17
    Enemies              - Iristelessa
                         - 1 Lv 18 Resistance Army captain
                         - 2 Lv 17 Resistance Army infantry
                         - 3 Lv 16 Resistance Army archers
                         - 1 Lv 15 Resistance Army priest
    NPCs                 : 2 Monopolis personnel
    Clear conditions     - Defeat the female commander
    Game Over conditions - Death of NPCs
                         - All party members eliminated
    Always keep note of the HP levels of all allies and NPCs and heal whenever
    they drop below half. Kill the priest first, then the archers, the infantry,
    the captain and finally Iristelessa. If you want to risk things, you can aim
    straight for Irist, but that's not a very good idea with everyone attacking
    you and healing her. But it's really up to you. Just take note that she can
    use Holy Cross. The moment she falls, mission's finished.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Defeated all other enemies before Irist
    -Go to next screen and talk to Rukias
    -Keep following the only open path and soon you will come to a split route
    -Go north to the village of Totour
    -Enter the inn and choose to rest, meet another fairy Miranda
    -Talk to Wendy outside, and Rukias inside his guest room
    -Have Merklich go back his own guest room and rest
    -Watch scene, next day wake up go out the village
    -Go south to the tunnel whichs leads to Felmentia
    -The tunnel is only 1 screen, the exit at the bottom left
    -Walk a bit south and watch a scene
    -Explore east if you want, if not just keep following road paths down south
    -Along the way through the screens, there are 2 path splits, one on each
     screen, both leads to Frog's Rock, but there's nothing much there
    -At the screen whereby there are soldiers around, go west into Felmentia
    -Rukias leaves party
    -Go to the inn and talk to Nina the fairy
    -Head out the inn and keep heading north till the end and watch scene
    -Rukias joins party again
    -Go south and out of Felmentia
    -Keep going north until the screen where the tunnel entrance is
    -At that screen, go west
    -Keep west until you cannot advance any further and go up north
    -Walk further up to investigate the red rotating circle
    -When ready(buy as much healing items as possible), choose to allow Yurry to
     connect the time distortion warp and...
    = Mission 10 =
    Location             : Village of Potrad tribe, 1 month ago
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias
    Recommended Level    : 18-19
    Enemies              - Shuweizer
                         - 6 Lv 18 Monopolis army infantry
                         - 1 Lv 17 Monopolis army magic user
                         - 1 Lv 17 Monopolis army priest
    NPCs                 : Potrad villagers and chief
    Clear conditions     - Defeat Shuweizer
                         - Defeat more than 5 Monopolis guards
    Game Over conditions - All party members eliminated
                         - More than 3 Potrads killed
                         - Death of village chief
    Defeating Shuweizer seems easier, but it's really up to you. Note that he is
    pretty strong and likes to use Critical Strike which minus around 100HP or so
    off. Always keep a watchful eye on the HP of the Potrad people and heal them
    if necessary. The infantry guards will spread out and attack the Potrads one
    on one, making it quite impossible to block off all of them with 3 characters.
    You'll just have to pick which ones you are gonna protect first if you are
    aiming to finish the mission through defeating >5 guards. As usual, it would
    be better to kill off the priest and magic class guards first. When you have
    met either Clear condition, Shuweizer orders a full retreat.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Kept all Potrads alive
    -After scenes, leave the Potrad village and walk back the route to Felmentia
    -Outside Felmentia, go east and for the next few screens, keep going east
    -Once you reached the screen where there are lotsa NPCs(on the radar), head
     south, and keep following the paths south
    -When you can't go south anymore and if you wish to, you can go west
     for Leoray village, Belshed Prison and Elfan Forest, but ain't required
    -If not, keep going east
    -You should remember this place: Wartree, continue east for the next few
     screens(only 1 path) till you reach the screen with split paths to south,
     north and east, go south for Zaaranba if you wanna rest and save
    -If not, go further up the screen to the left, notice the path laid with
     rocks, go there and to the next screen to reach Kytheris Island
    -Keep going west till you come to the Kytheris dungeon
    -Use the magic warp, next screen, go north and use the magic warp there
    = Mission 11 =
    Location             : Kytheris
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias
    Recommended Level    : 19
    Enemies              - Shuweizer
                         - 2 Lv 19 Monopolis army priest
                         - 2 Lv 22 Monopolis army infantry
                         - 1 Lv 24 Monopolis army captain
                         - 3 Lv 21 Solidated Avatars <-- yeah, I know it's weird
    NPCs                 : None
    Clear conditions     - All enemies defeated
    Game Over conditions - All party members eliminated
    Shuweizer will escape, don't bother about him. After a short while, the
    avatars will appear from the magic warp(if someone is standing on the magic
    warp, they will pop up at the lower left of the screen), they can use pretty
    strong magic, try not to let them pull off too many. This is a rather easy
    battle, normal attacks and healing will get the mission done quickly.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Defeated all enemies
    -Obtain [Rare item: Artifact Sensor] from battle
    -Go back the way you came and watch scene
    -Go west till you come to the split paths, go north
    -Keep heading north
    -Till the screen with lotsa NPCs again, go west back the road to Felmentia
     and gradually to the Potrad village(in other words, you went forth and back)
    -Once in the village, go west
    -Next screen, go west again and enter the Transgate Center
    -Go upper right to next screen
    For this area, have Merklich standby at a green door and Rukias/Wendy at the
    other and have the remaining character go near the light orb on the wall.
    After that, immediately attack any enemies that appear. Command the character
    with the light absorbed from the orb to whichever door you wanna open.
    Do not let the character with the absorbed light attack enemies nor let
    him/her be attacked by any enemy, or else the light will return back to the
    orb. One of the doors lead to the upper floor. Once that door is gone,
    step up the stairs to the next level.
    This section is hard to explain by words alone, so...
     |       [BO]   [RO]       |
     |                         |
     |   R[rd1]                |
     | M B[bd1]                |
     |                         |
     |                         |
     |           R[rd2]        |
     |         M B[bd2]        |
    BO   : Blue Orb wall
    RO   : Red Orb wall
    R    : Position character who absorbed the red light should stand
    B    : Position character who absorbed the blue light should stand
    M    : Where Merklich should be positioned at
    [rd1]: red door 1
    [bd1]: blue door 1
    [rd2]: red door 2
    [bd2]: blue door 2 
    First, concentrate on the upper red+blue door 1. Position Merklich as shown.
    Command Rukias/Wendy to move near the blue orb wall, and the other to the red
    orb wall. The moment they absorb the lights, enemies will appear. This is
    where Merklich(controlled by you) comes in. Have him attack the enemy that
    appear while commanding Rukias and Wendy to move to the R and B positions.
    Only when BOTH the red and blue door 1 comes in contact with the respective
    color lights absorbed by the characters then will the entire door disappear.
    Just like before, don't allow them to attack or be attacked or else you have
    to start all over again. Once red+blue door 1 is taken care of(enemies will no
    longer appear at door 1), tackle door 2 in the same manner.
    -Go down and trigger the open switch on the door leading to the Transgate
    -Investigate the Transgate
    -Go back to Potrad village and talk to the nearest Potrad
    -Go back to Transgate center and to the Transgate
    -Select to give one Artifact Sensor to him
    -Go out of the transgate center, watch a short scene
    -Go back and use the Transgate to go back to Esgrenz
    [Goat Land Part 1] main story events:
    Merklich woke up at the beach of a village named Wartree in the Goat Land and
    met a fairy named Yurry. Yurry called him her master and explained that they
    drifted onto the beach after the screeper attack. Shuweizer gave an order to
    Merklich and Wendy to go to a town called Guylanuck. On their way there, the
    two saw big creatures flying in the sky, and Yurry explained that those are
    Queen Screepers, there used to be only 1 Queen Screeper and it was defeated,
    but that caused a diverse reaction spread in which the scattered body pieces
    transform and multiply, thus the number of Queen Screepers increased instead.
    It was also mentioned later on that a city named Zeldock has been eliminated
    with one blast from one of those Queen Screepers.
    Then, the two met a young man named Rukias and the latter asked to travel
    together for a while since it's safer. At Guylanuck, Merklich and Wendy met
    other fairies as well as the red-eyed Grangeil general named Gyaricke. The
    Monopolis is trying to sell to Grangeil their specially cultivated product:
    the Pollumina trees, short form for Pollution Elimination trees which keep
    out screepers with their fragrance. The Potrad objected because the trees are
    gathering energy from the ground for such purpose and is a heavy burden on the
    world. Gyaricke thought that it's good to have something to keep away the
    screepers but couldn't agree because of what the Potrad said.
    Yurry told the group about an ancient powerful weapon called the Admonisher,
    but even that could not kill the Queen Screeper. She also mention Corin's
    master, named Zeonsilt who did manage to defeat that original Queen Screeper
    in the end.
    Shuweizer left, and the group sensed a weird feeling, and after looking
    around, realised that Gyaricke has disappeared with a Grangeil soldier
    saying that a man named Zeakvalt has killed Gyaricke and Loofass(generals of
    Grangeil, and called 'Slayers' due to their ability to defeat a screeper one
    on one). It was also said that Zeakvalt was the one who defeated the Queen
    Screeper. Outside the city, the Queen Screepers in the sky disappeared.
    The group was shocked at the change in history which only they can sense and
    know but was ordered by Shayer to escort Monopolis personnel to a city named
    Felmentia in the Sheriltia territory. Along the way, they met a woman with
    different color in each eye named Iristelessa(who were acting together with a
    group called the Resistance, Land's Prayer) who called Merklich 'Brave Guard'.
    At Felmentia, the group met another fairy who inform Yurry that Sheris, the
    princess and only Slayer in Sheriltia was killed by Zeakvalt. Monopolis
    persons try to sell Pollumina to the Sheriltia soldiers, but was greatly
    opposed by the Potrads due to the same reasoning of the land's energy being
    absorbed. Shuweizer expressed displease. The group sensed another similar
    feeling as when back in Grangeil and discover the Potrads gone.
    At the Potrad village, they got to know that the tribe was massacred 1 month
    ago, and after some conversations, it was concluded that Shuweizer has the
    ability to travel through time. Using a time distortion warp still remaining
    in the village to go back to 1 month ago, the group succeeded in stopping
    Shuweizer and history from being changed. They also discovered that Shuweizer
    is after the Dragon orb and it is most likely still in Kytheris Island, where
    Zeakvalt died fighting the Queen Screeper. However they were too late and
    Shuweizer made off with the Dragon Orb as well as the Admonisher belonging to
    the Peace Maintainence Army and travelled in the direction of Hingistan,
    [Esgrenz Part 2]                                                          [E2]
    -At the Esgrenz Transgate Center, go down 2 levels
    You are supposed to trigger the various switches to set the electric flow to
    the Condenser for both this floor and the floor above, there are various ways.
    The main thing is to take note that the switches work like toggle switches, so
    pulling back or forth it will only cause the flow to go in 2 different ways
    (look at the direction of the arrows) respectively.
    For this floor, one way is to: pull switch at 2 lamp switch in the middle, and
    the 2 lamp switch in the northern room. Go up the other floor, pull rightmost
    switch in the middle of the floor, the west room and finally the switch at
    -Go up to the top level and leave the center via west
    -Go east
    = Mission 13 =
    Location             : Near Esgrenz Transgate Center
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias
    Recommended Level    : 20-21
    Enemies              - Terrorist leader
                         - 3 Lv 22 terrorist army magic user
                         - 3 Lv 23 terrorist army infantry
                         - 2 Lv 24 terrorist army axe soldiers
                         - 1 Lv 22 terrorist army priest 
    NPCs                 : Hofman, merchant and 3 Carry
    Clear conditions      -All terrorists defeated
    Game Over conditions  -Death of merchant
                          -Death of Hofman
                          -All Carry dead
                          -All party members eliminated
    Have one character specify in healing(by items if needed) and the other 2 to
    kill off the priest and magic class soldiers first and then the rest. Hofman
    needs the most healing, always keep a close eye on his HP bar. If any of the
    carry got attacked consecutively, it will start to run off, you must chase
    after it to calm it down and it will return back to the merchant.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Kept all npcs alive
    -Go up east and up north to the town of Leystan
    -Go to the inn, talk to Hofman and choose to rest
    -Watch scene
    -Talk to Wendy and Rukias and the man near the entrance of the inn
    -Rest at inn again, head out of inn, watch scene, Wendy leaves
    -Go back to inn and talk to Hofman, after some conversations, he joins
    -Go out of Leystan, head south until you come to a crossroad, go west
    -There's only one way, follow the road paths and watch a scene
    -Once conversation is over, head to the next screen
    = Mission 14 =
    Location             : Jant Mountain
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Rukias, Hofman
    Recommended Level    : 25
    Enemies              - Wellber
                         - Lotsa Fomeros soldiers(armored infantry, infantry,
                           magic, priest and archers)
    NPCs                 : None
    Clear conditions     - Merklich reaches top of mountain
    Game Over conditions - Death of Hofman
                         - Kill more than 35 Fomeros soldiers or kill more than 20
                           before reaching the mountain top
                         - All party members eliminated
    There are 2 screens to pass through before you reach the mountain top, it's
    really up to you how you wanna go about doing this. Of course you should
    move Merklich and let him run like mad past the 2 screens while the rest
    heal and kill those Fomeros soldiers blocking his way. You ONLY need to bring
    Merklich to the next screen. The treasure chests in the first screen can be
    opened, but the ones in the 2nd screen cannot be reached for now, leave them.
    In case ya wondering, there are no special items in them, just things you can
    buy anywhere. And keep elimination to the minimum. If you want the experience
    points, the monsters around the area can give you as and when you wish to,
    don't risk it in a mission.
    Once you reach the mountain top, conditions changes a bit:
    Clear conditions     - After Wellber appear, go down the mountain
    Game Over conditions - Death of Hofman
                         - Defeat more than 35 Fomeros soldiers 
                         - All party members eliminated
    The main thing is to defeat around 15 of the Fomeros soldiers here, NOT
    including those you killed on the way up. Each time you defeat an enemy, the
    counter will be shown to you. It won't take long when the conditions change
    Clear conditions     - Destroy the lift
                         - After Wellber appear, go down the mountain
    Game Over conditions - Death of Hofman
                         - Defeat more than 35 Fomeros soldiers
                         - All party members eliminated
    Go and destroy the lift, one hit is enough and the conditions change back
    to the previous one. Soldiers will keep popping up every now and then, if you
    did not kill too much on your way up, it should be fine. Obviously, the Power
    Builder doesn't count. Have Merklich and Hofman use the All-Round Attack(zen
    shuu-i kou-geki) or related skills or else it will be tough. As mentioned
    above, once 15 soldiers are down, Wellber will enter,
    Clear conditions     - After Hofman escapes, have remaining members escape
    Game Over conditions - Death of Hofman
                         - Defeat more than 35 Fomeros soldiers
                         - Defeat Wellber
                         - All party members eliminated
    Direct Hofman to escape, then Rukias and Merk. The mission will officially
    end when that is done, but you'll need to proceed further to finish this
    entire episode.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Did according to what all the clear
                                      conditions said
                                    - Destroyed the power builder and all barrels
                                    - Tried to get Rukias to the escape end before
                                      Merk(after Hofman has escaped)
    Run down the way you came, and now's the time you can get the treasures in the
    2nd screen. But if you don't have much resources left, get out of this place
    asap. If you can spare to use a slepinir's blood, it will help make things
    easier. Once you reach the bottom of the mountain, finally it's finished.
    -Walk all the way back to Leystan, use silent steps or dash if you don't
     wanna fight the monsters
    -Watch scene at Leystan, Wendy joins back
    -Go into inn and talk to the innkeeper to get [Rare item: Letter from Hofman]
    -Read it if you want, then head out of Leystan
    -Go west and back to the Esgrenz Transgate Center to use the Transgate
    [Esgrenz Part 2] main story events:
    The group reaches Esgrenz and halfway through, they met a man by the name of
    Hofman who is helping out a merchant attacked by terrorists. At the Leystan
    town in Hingistan, truth is revealed to Merklich that he is the Brave Guard
    whose mission is to protect the spirit maiden. And the woman they met before
    named Iristelessa is that maiden.
    It was said that 2000 years ago, there appeared Infinitor, and because it's
    powerful and of spirit form, there's no way to destroy it. The spirit maiden
    managed to seal the Infinitor's soul inside the Dragon Orb, and every 200
    years the next spirit maiden will have to go over to the Goat Land and
    strengthen the seal. In her journey, the Brave Guard will put his life at
    stake to protect her. In those days whereby the Goat Land's barrier was
    still present, an item called the Barrier Breaking Ring was used so she can
    enter Goat Land.
    It was said that the village where the spirit maiden and Brave Guard were
    was attacked by Monopolis troops and both the spirit maiden and Brave Guard
    After the conversation, Yurry foresee the Admonisher shooting and killing
    many Fomeros and Hingistan soldiers at Jant Mountain. She predicted it to
    happen at sunset next day. The group decided to prevent that from happening
    and came up with the plan to have soldiers from both sides retreat and leave
    the mountain. Wendy offered to take care of things on the Hingistan side while
    Merklich and Rukias asked Hofman to help them.
    Hofman was originally a lieutanent of the Fomeros army, however because his
    older brother is one of the candidates to the Chief's elections, thus he was
    used to be involved in a scandal to affect his brother's election and is now
    a wanted man. Hofman knew the man in charge of the Fomeros soldiers on Jant
    Mountain is Wellber, who is the one who set him up and will desire more than
    nothing to capture him. Making use of this, he devised a plan to let himself
    be a bait to lure Wellber and the Formeros soldiers on Mount Jant to chase
    after him and trek down the mountain. The plan succeeded, and the Admonisher's
    shooting did not happen.
    However, one of the powerful ancient weapon owned by Hingistan -named 'Giant'-
    fell into Monopolis hands and together with the Admonisher, sets off in the
    direction of Goat Land.
    [Goat Land Part 2]                                                        [G2]
    -Go out and east to Potrad village
    -At bridge of village, watch a cutscene
    -Head out to Felmentia
    -Enter Felmentia, watch scene and talk to Chriass, head out
    -Agree to escort merchant to Potrad. Once at Potrad, enter the door right of
     the inn and talk to the village chief
    -Go back to Felmentia via Carry(talk to merchant at Potrad inn), watch scene
    -Go into inn, meet and talk to Randy, the man with the weird clothing ^^
    -Hire Carry to go back Potrad village and head to Transgate Center
    -Short conversation and obtain [Rare item: Gate Opener]
    **Short trip back to Esgrenz**
    -Use Transgate, head out of Esgrenz Transgate Center and go east
    -Use the Gate Opener on the Transgate besides Leystan to activate it
    -Go south and continue south until crossroad, go east
    -Follow only roadpath to reach Shizaaz
    -Go to the dock and talk to the man
    -Talk to Wendy(at the inn, go in, out then in again) and Rukias if you want
    -Rest, wake up, go to dock and talk to man again, choose to board
    -Go in Monopolis building, use Identification Card in elevator for 8th Floor
    -Go east and enter the database room on the left
    -Examine rightmost showcase to get [Rare item: Small Size Diving Tool]
    -Head back to elevator and meet Brandole
    -Go down and out of building and out of Makinus
    -Activate Transgate using Gate Opener and use to go back to Leystan
    -Walk back to Transgate Center and use the gate
    **Return to Goat Land again**
    -Go to Potrad village and hire Carry to Felmentia
    -Enter Felmentia's inn, talk to Randy and he joins as NPC
    -Go east and all the way up north till you come to an icy area
    -Head to the boulder on the lower right screen
    -Go up to enter the village of the Dragon Orb protectors, Randy leaves
    -Continue north and talk to the village chief
    -Same screen, go to left door and talk to man, ask to descend
    -Inside the Trial Cave, take stairs to left of entrance
    -Follow path and up next stairs
    -Next screen go down the nearest stairs, follow path and pull lever
    -Go all the way back to entrance screen
    -Go up the rightmost stairs
    -Take the stairs in next screen
    -Go left and pull level, go back to entrance screen
    -Go a lil bit right and up and go down the staircase
    -Go through the screens(there is only one fixed path)
    -Enter ancient ship, once inside, go all the way to the left
    -Use the diving tool
    -Have Wendy and Rukias each step on 1 circle symbols(in the cubicles) and
     defend(that will light up 2 lamps) while moving Merk to the 3rd to light it
     up and immediately to the fourth(the order doesn't matter)
    -Continue the fixed path through and down the stairs
    At the screen with 4 color lamps and buttons, make it so that all 4 shine at
    the same time. The yellow and blue lamp controls are broken for the machine
    while the red and green are non-functional for the ones on the wall. One
    simple way is to make it so that the lamps shine yellow+blue and green+red
    alternately. Wait for the yellow+blue combination and quickly choose to light
    the red and green lamps on the MACHINE or wait for the green+red combination
    and quickly choose to light the blue and yellow lamps on the WALL. Once done,
    head through the unlocked door and continue the path. See a short
    conversation, you are supposed to just attack the walls(now you may not
    believe me but attacking a stopping block -be it door or walls- seems to have
    become a trend in Growlanser), but Ruin Guards will appear. They are on the
    upper platforms only reachable with attacks by Rukias/magic(but make sure you
    manually direct Rukias movement route otherwise he may get stuck at the
    compartment walls and unable to carry out the command to attack because his
    attack range may not be that long), you can have one as healer while the
    remaining 2 break down the walls or whatever you want. Once the last wall is
    down, go and press the switch on the upper left wall. New enemies won't come
    in anymore, kill whatever is remaining. Save and and go north.
    = Mission 15 =
    Location             : Trial Cave
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias
    Recommended Level    : 28-30
    Enemies              - Mech Serpent
                         - 4 Lv 27 Hedge Spheres
    NPCs                 : None
    Clear conditions     - Obtain Neara Powder and escape from this floor
                         - Defeat Mech Serpent
    Game Over conditions - All party members eliminated
    This can be a frustrating battle if you don't know the trick. I hope you 
    already know that if there are 2 or more conditions for clear/game over,
    meeting just one will trigger the clear/game over. Therefore in this case,
    you can choose to do either to clear the mission.
    Each color sphere is the key to unlock the respective colored doors, you
    need to defeat them to access the treasure chests. The Neara Powder is in the
    room on the right(purple).
    The mech serpent will use Beam often which sends a shockwave in a straight
    direction. Don't attack it until the barrier is gone. Incidentally, the
    barrier is set up by the purple sphere, so aim for it first no matter which
    clear condition you want to strive for.
    As to fighting the spheres, they will move about which render most single
    target magic useless, still time magic such as Blast, Flare and Blizzard
    works, but that's just a waste of time and energy since they hit off as much
    HP as your normal physical attacks. The deal here is to manipulate the
    positions of your characters and the spheres(concentrate on one at a moment)
    so that when the serpent uses Beam, it not only hits whoever is the character
    it aims at, but also the sphere. One hit takes off more than half of the
    sphere's HP. Also, since the each sphere will only travel in a straight line
    to and fro in a fixed region, you can have characters block their travel paths
    so you don't have to chase them up and down. Make full of use these
    information and this mission will be really easy.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Destroyed all enemies(get rid of all the
                                      spheres before aiming for the mech serpent)
    -[Rare item: Neara Powder] obtained from mission, leave the Trial Cave
    -Leave the village and head back to Felmentia
    -Hire Carry at Felmentia to Potrad village
    -Give powder to village chief and rest at inn
    -Talk to village chief and get [Rare item: Absorbing Slabs]
    -Leave Potrad village and east
    -Next screen, go upper right and enter tunnel
    -Pass through tunnel and once outside, go up north to enter Totour
    -Go to inn and talk to Miranda
    -Go out of Totour, through tunnel and back to Potrad village
    -Use Carry to Felmentia, outside entrance, go east
    -Continue east until you come to the screen with lotsa NPCs, go south
    -Follow paths south till a split path, go east
    -Go north and enter Wartree village, talk to Corin(fairy)
    -Choose to use the time distortion warp at lower right of screen
    = Mission 16 =
    Location             : Wartree village, past
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias
    Recommended Level    : 31
    Enemies              - Shuweizer
                         - 1 Lv 32 Monopolis army priest
                         - 1 Lv 31 Monopolis army infantry
                         - 1 Lv 31 Monopolis army armored infantry
                         - 2 Knight Screepers
    NPCs                 : 1 Mutant Screeper, young man(Zeonsilt)
    Clear conditions     - All enemies defeated
    Game Over conditions - Death of young man
                         - All party members eliminated
    You can aim for Shuweizer first, when he is defeated he drops the Penetration
    Gem. Equip it on your melee character, this will increase damage to the
    screepers by 2 to 3 times(10-20HP instead of 5-10). If you did not get rid of
    Shuweizer first, you will need to keep a watch on the Mutant Screeper, because
    when it is dead, there's nothing there to protect Zeonsilt. Defeat Shuweizer's
    group(if you defeat Shuweizer, his entire group will exit, reason being one
    you will know later on in the game) will prompt the mutant screeper to urge
    the party to fight screepers near it, thus increasing the damage dealt(you'll
    also know why is it so much later in the game if you haven't played V)
    This is a rather straightforward battle, and unless you messed up big time,
    there's no chance of game over.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Eliminated all enemies without letting
                                      mutant screeper die
    -Get [Rare item: Pollumina Seed] from mission
    -Talk to soldier at the top of the screen, watch scene
    -Go east to beach and board the boat to Kytheris Island
    -3 screens of enemies to pass through here(you can return to the boat to rest)
    -At the topmost area, examine each stand(there are 4 in total) and place the
     Absorbing Slabs, once done...
    = Mission 17 =
    Location             : Kytheris Island, past
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias
    Recommended Level    : 32-33
    Enemies              - Neilis
                         - 8 Lv 32 Ruins Guards
    NPCs                 : None
    Clear conditions     - Prevent the Slabs from being destroyed until it's time
                           to seal the Queen
    Game Over conditions - Any Slab being destroyed
                         - All party members eliminated
    With time, a few more ruin guards may appear, don't dilly-dally. Have Wendy
    and Rukias use powerful magic like Thunder Storm(works very well). If not,
    Blizzard and Flare will do. If possible, you can have Merklich chant magic as
    well. Try to keep at least one character near to Neilis so she will attack
    him/her instead of the Slabs. The ruin guards will attack the slabs no matter
    what. Common sense that the slabs can't be healed so let's just focus on
    defeating the enemies or at least buy time till the counter reaches 0.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Defeated all enemies with no slabs being
                                      destroyed before the time counter is 0
    -Watch cutscene, leave the island
    -Leave Wartree, and go back in the direction of Felmentia
    -At screen where you last saw lotsa NPCs(they are not there now), go east
    -Go north to enter the Peace Maintainance Army base
    -Head to main gate(any path will get you there)
    -Watch scene, follow Zeonsilt, then watch scene again
    -Leave the base, go south and then east
    -Continue east till the screen with 1 fallen NPC(look at the radar)
    -Talk to him and go down the rope
    = Mission 18 =
    Location             : Admonisher crash site
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias
    Recommended Level    : 33
    Enemies              - 2 Lv 33 Monopolis army infantry
                         - 1 Lv 32 Monopolis army archer
                         - 1 Lv 33 Monopolis army magic user
                         - 1 Lv 35 Monopolis army captain
    NPCs                 : None
    Clear conditions     - All enemies defeated
    Game Over conditions - All party members eliminated
    A rather easy mission, just defeat the enemies. After a few is killed, 
    around 4 reinforcements will appear which includes a priest class soldier, get
    rid of him first. Shuweizer will then pop in and escape,
    Clear conditions     - Merklich, Wendy and Rukias gather at the hanging rope
                         - All enemies defeated
    Game Over conditions - Fail to escape from battle within the time limit
                         - Party eliminated
    If the enemies are dying off soon, just kill them. If not, have everyone move
    to where you came down from and the mission's finished.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Defeated all enemies before time counter is
    -Obtain [Rare item: Time Crystal] from battle
    -Go east until you come to a screen with 4 green dots on the radar
    -Go up and...
    = Mission 19 =
    Location             : Near Zeldock
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias
    Recommended Level    : 33
    Enemies              - 2 Lv 35 Monopolis army infantry
                         - 1 Lv 35 Monopolis army armored infantry
                         - 1 Lv 36 Monopolis captain
    NPCs                 : None
    Clear conditions     - All enemies defeated
    Game Over conditions - All party members eliminated
    This shouldn't be a mission. Just kill off all 4 and it's over.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Killed all enemies
    -Go east for the town of Zeldock to rest and save and so on
    -Go out and continue north in the direction to Yarjen
    -Outside Yarjen, go west
    = Mission 20 =
    Location             : Near Yarjen
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias
    Recommended Level    : 34
    Enemies              - Shuweizer
                         - Neilis
                         - 2 Lv 35 Monopolis army infantry
                         - 1 Lv 34 Monopolis army armored infantry
                         - 1 Lv 33 Monopolis army magic user
                         - 1 Lv 33 Monopolis army priest
    NPCs                 : Iristelessa, 2 Resistance soldiers
    Clear conditions     - All enemies defeated and get the Dragon Orb
    Game Over conditions - Defeat of the spirit maiden
                         - All party members eliminated
    Have someone kill the priest and magic class enemies first. Remember to heal
    Irist and keep a close eye on her HP, especially if Neilis is attacking her.
    Best instruction to give her is to escape east. So long as she is kept in tip
    top condition, the battle should go well. As usual, Blizzard and related
    magic helps alot.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Defeated all enemies(NPCs apart from Irist
                                      will die no matter what)
    -Obtain [Rare item: Barrier Breaking Ring] and [Rare item: Dragon Orb]
    -Go to Yarjen and talk to Nora and show her the ring, you can also choose some
     other items(specifically things that contain strong memories)
    -Hire Carry to Felmentia and walk to Potrad
    -Attempt to enter Potrad, watch scene, approach Neilis
    -Go to Transgate center and go to Esgrenz
    [Goat Land Part 2] main story events:
    Back at Goat Land, Yurry got another premonition of the deaths of a huge
    amount of people, and a while later, the group sensed a huge explosion south,
    in the direction of Felmentia. Upon reaching there, they hear that the
    congregation of small countries located south of Sheriltia has been eliminated
    in the explosion. Chriass does not think the Admonisher can be that
    devastating and Wendy explained that it may be the explosion of the Giant(used
    as a bomb) caused by overwhelmed energy to its power furnace from the
    Yurry believed that the tragedy can be prevented by looking for the time
    distortion warp at Wartree. Her reasoning comes from the original history
    whereby it's Zeonsilt who defeated the Queen Screeper, and in that history,
    the Admonisher was destroyed in the process of resistance against the Queen
    Screeper. If the group can change the history back to the original, the
    Admonisher would not exist by now and thus the earlier explosion can be
    avoided. In this current history, Zeonsilt died before he joined the Peace
    Maintainence Army(he was killed by Shuweizer), therefore if the group can go
    back and save him in time, the original history will be reverted back.
    However, if the original history is returned, the risk of the Queen Screepers
    will return as well. The group asked the Potrad village chief how did Zeakvalt
    managed to defeat the Queen Screeper without it multiplying(in the current
    history) and learnt that it can be done with a specific barrier laid out at
    the correct timing when the Queen Screeper is defeated. To exert that barrier,
    the Absorbing Slab is needed. The Potrad can make them if they have Neara
    Having learnt from Randy(who studies deep in ancient technology and ruins)
    about the ancient battleship in the village of the Dragon Orb protectors,
    the group managed to get the Neara Powder and in turn obtained the Absorbing
    Slabs. At Wartree, Yurry connected the time distortion warp and the group
    travelled back to when Zeonsilt was still alive. They succeeded in saving him.
    Thereafter, with the help of the fairies, they went back to the time during
    Zeonsilt's fight with the Queen Screeper and set up the slabs on Kytheris
    Island. A mechanized human named Neilis appeared to try and stop them but
    failed. In the end, the barrier was activated and the Queen Screeper is gone
    for good.
    Up next is to locate the Dragon Orb, and with information and help from
    Zeonsilt and Chriass, the party arrived at the Admonisher crash site but only
    to have Shuweizer ahead of them. In their chase, they saw the spirit maiden
    Iristelessa and some Resistance soldiers fighting against Shuweizer to get
    the Dragon orb. Despite help from Neilis, Shuweizer lost and retreated.
    Irist examined the Dragon Orb and mention that as expected, the Infinitor is
    no longer sealed in the Orb and explained that it is due to the previous 2
    spirit maidens unable to carry out their mission of strengthing the seal every
    200 years = total 400 years. Looking at the Barrier Breaking Ring Neilis
    dropped, it is concluded Neilis to be the one who prevented them from doing
    so, since through the use of the ring, she had access to the Goat Land even
    when the barrier around the continent existed. 
    Irist elaborated further on her mission to seal the Infinitor back in and
    revealed that there is no way to defeat the Infinitor who is in spirit form
    and acts by moving from one body host to the next. She requested help from
    the group to approach the current host body of the Infinitor and allow her to
    perform her sealing technique, and that is Brandole, president of Monopolis.
    The technique requires Irist to sacrifice her life to succeed and it is likely
    that when the Infinitor is sealed in the Dragon Orb, the real Brandole won't
    live anyway.
    [Esgrenz Part 3]                                                          [E3]
    -Stay at inn in Leystan
    -Warp to Makinus Transgate and enter the Monopolis building
    -Attempt to use the elevator, listen to short conversation
    -Follow captain until outside Makinus
    = Mission 21 =
    Location             : Makinus entrance
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias, Iristelessa
    Recommended Level    : 34
    Enemies              - Guard Captain
                         - 2 Lv 36 Guard Infantry
    NPCs                 : None
    Clear conditions     - All enemies defeated
    Game Over conditions - Guard captain escaped
                         - All party members elminated
    Do not run after the captain with all your characters, have 2 characters
    attack the other 2 enemies. When the captain is defeated, the soldiers will
    try to inform the main force. Either way you have to prevent all of them from
    escaping. This mission is easier than easy.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Defeated all enemies
    -Obtain [Rare item: Card Key] from battle
    -Go back into Monopolis building and select to go 12th Floor, use card key
    = Mission 22 =
    Location             : Monopolis building, president's office
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias, Iristelessa
    Recommended Level    : 35
    Enemies              - Brandole/Infinitor
                         - 1 Lv 37 Captain
                         - 2 Lv 35 Armored infantry 
                         - 2 Lv 34 Infantry
                         - 2 Lv 34 Archers
                         - 1 Lv 35 Priest class soldier
                         - 1 Lv 35 Magic class soldier
    NPCs                 : At first none, later on Iristelessa
    Clear conditions     - Have Iristelessa reach Brandole and perform the sealing
    Game Over conditions - Iristelessa is defeated
                         - Brandole dies and Infinitor shifts host
                         - All party members eliminated
    You should start to chant Blizzard, Flare, Holy Cross or Thunderstorm if you
    have them. For Merklich, you might want him to use melee skills instead, kill
    the priest and magic class soldiers and protect Irist from the enemies whe
    necessary. Only when most of the enemies are dead(there will be a few
    reinforcements from top left but nothing to worry too much about), then move
    Irist near Brandole. Don't bring her up straight away when you still have 5
    enemies hacking away. After a short scene,
    Clear conditions     : Party enter elevator
    Game Over conditions - Iristelessa
                         - All party members eliminated
    You have 2 archers and Neilis come in from the elevator, and in most
    situations, you'll have to defeat all 3. Iristelessa becomes an NPC now so you
    will have to make do with 3 characters. Once all enter the elevator, mission
    22 is done.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Did according to clear conditions and
                                      defeated Neilis+group
    = Mission 23 =
    Location             : Monopolis building, Lobby
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias
    Recommended Level    : 35
    Enemies              - Monopolis guards 
    NPCs                 : Iristelessa
    Clear conditions     - Have rest of party escape after Irist
                         - All enemies defeated
    Game Over conditions - Death of Iristelessa
                         - Death of any party member
                         - Time limit is up
    There are 4 monopolis guards originally, but with time, reinforcements will
    come in from the right. Unless you are very fast in killing whatever is on the
    screen, otherwise you'll have to opt for the escape condition. We can kill 30
    guards if we want, but the thorn lies in the time limit. Don't worry too much
    about pride, have everyone escape after Irist to finish this.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Did according to clear conditions
    -Board speed boat at dock
    -Go out of Shizaaz and continue through the screens until a crossroad
    -Go west and watch scene
    -Enter, search around for ladder and climb down
    -Next screen, climb down any ladder, they all lead to the hideout
    -Go upper left and talk to man
    -Talk to Maxwell for a long conversation
    -Talk to Maxwell, Yurry, Wendy, Rukias and Irist, then rest
    -Watch a short scene
    -Talk to Maxwell
    -Go up ladder
    = Mission 24 =
    Location             : Tunnel above Resistance Army Hideout 
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias
    Recommended Level    : 35
    Enemies              - Monopolis army soldiers
    NPCs                 : 4 Resistance army soldiers, KOI
    Clear conditions     - Guard this floor for a certain period of time
    Game Over conditions - Any enemy managed to enter the hideout
                         - All party members eliminated
    Make sure the NPCs don't die, because you need them to guard the other 2
    ladders which lead to the hideout. This pretty much tells you that while
    having multiple entrances and exits can serve good as part of a decoy plan,
    don't make so many that you can't cope with them. After you defeat all
    soldiers on the side where you are guarding, you can help out the NPCs with
    theirs. But leave at least one person there because later on, enemies will
    come in from the western side using diving tools to pass through the waters.
    After some time, the king of impersonation will emerge, and run over to the
    upper left screen to open the lock. Another condition will be added that you
    can't have him killed. Have characters block the enemy advance and once he
    has unlock the panel, it is possible to have your characters escape and once
    all have done so, end.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Did not let any NPCs die
                                    - After lock is opened, hold off enemies till
                                      time counter is completed and resistance
                                      soldiers have completely exited the screen
                                      before having characters escape
    -Continue the path and use the warp points
    -Listen to conversation
    -Head out of center, use Leystan Transgate to go to Shizaaz
    -Attempt to enter, watch scene and approach Neilis
    -Enter Shizaaz, talk to Hofman in front of the inn
    -Enter inn and save
    -Talk to Hofman again
    -Party dismissed, talk to Hofman, Wendy and Rukias, then rest
    = Mission 25 =
    Location             : Shizaaz
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias, Hofman
    Recommended Level    : 36
    Enemies              - Fomeros army captain
                         - 2 Lv 35 Fomeros army infantry
                         - 5 Lv 35 Fomeros army archers
                         - 2 Lv 35 Formeros army magic user
                         - 1 Lv 35 Fomeros army priest
    NPCs                 : Villagers
    Clear conditions     - Drive away the Fomeros soldiers
    Game Over conditions - Death of villagers
                         - Villagers surrender
                         - All party members eliminated
    There's a bar at the upper right, make sure it doesn't fill up or else the
    villagers will surrender due to stress and fear and whatnot. Magic chanting
    takes quite some time, and you might not want too many characters doing it.
    Have Hofman and Merklich use the melee skills. If you can afford to, cast
    cycle up on your melee characters when the effect runs out. Try to get rid of
    magic users and archers first. Reinforcements will come in, but only a few.
    Kill off enough(around 12 or so) and the Fomeros soldiers remaining will start
    to retreat. Mission's done.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Eliminated all enemies without letting any
                                      NPC die
    -After conversation, go out of Shizaaz and head to Jant mountain
    = Mission 26 =
    Location             : Jant mountain(again)
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias, Hofman
    Recommended Level    : 38
    Enemies              - Hingistan army captain
                         - 2 Lv 36 Hingistan army archers
                         - 2 Lv 40 Hingistan army archers 
                         - 6 Lv 39 Hingistan army infantry
                         - 1 Lv 39 Hingistan army armored infantry
                         - 1 Lv 38 Hingistan army priest
                         - 2 Lv 38 Hingistan army magic users
    NPCs                 : None
    Clear conditions     - All enemies defeated
    Game Over conditions - The Giant starts to power up
                         - All party members eliminated
    This mission can take quite some time. First off, make sure you move your
    characters as close to the enemies as possible without being discovered. When
    the battle finally start, you might want to move Wendy to the captain along
    with Merklich for her little side event. Once you are near him, he will start
    to run to the Giant to request activation, make sure you kill him before he
    does that(use your slep's blood to block his advance), else it's game over.
    After that, you can concentrate on killing the remaining enemies. Once the
    screen is cleared, done.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Eliminated all enemies as according to above
    -Heal up and go inside the Giant. It's not a mission, but you still have to
     defeat all enemies before you can proceed, do it
    -Once finished, examine the shiny light to the upper left, press it
    -Go into room on the right, talk to the person and get [Rare item: ID Card A]
    -Use the ID card on the left room and examine the shiny panel
    -Choose to activate the elevator
    -Buy items and weapons from merchant, rest and save and enter elevator(north)
    = Mission 27 =
    Location             : The Hingistan Giant
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias, Hofman
    Recommended Level    : 40
    Enemies              - 1 Lv 40 Hingistan army captain
                         - 2 Lv 42 Hingistan army priest
                         - 1 Lv 38 Hingistan army magician
                         - 2 Lv 39 Hingistan army armored infantry
                         - 4 Lv 40 Hingistan army infantry
                         - 4 Lv 42 Ruin guards
    NPCs                 : None
    Clear conditions     - Undo firing status of main cannon and head to cockpit
    Game Over conditions - Time limit is up
                         - All party members eliminated
    The energy supplier on each side(the things that looked like pillars in the
    middle of the screen) requires you to have one character go near it to switch
    it off. Though there's a time limit here, it should not be too much of a
    problem. Once you have switched off both, you have to go switch off the
    devices on both ends of the screen. The same theory applies, you might want to
    split your party into 2. But it's your call. Once everything is switched off
    and firing status stopped, mission is finished.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Though there are clear and game over
                                      conditions, you don't get a mission done
                                      screen, some wouldn't consider this a
                                      mission, but I do, so just go with whatever 
                                      you want
    -Obtain [Rare item: ID Card B] from battle
    -Use card on the middle elevator(you can use it on the right to go pick some
    = Mission 28 =
    Location             : The Hingistan Giant
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias, Hofman
    Recommended Level    : 41-42
    Enemies              - Hingistan army captain
                         - 2 Lv 42 Hingistan army magic users
                         - 6 Lv 40 Hingistan army archers 
                         - 4 Lv 40 Hingistan army infantry
                         - 2 Lv 41 Hingistan armored infantry
    NPCs                 : None
    Clear conditions     - Snatch the device key, stop the main cannon from firing
    Game Over conditions - Firing of main cannon
                         - ALl party members eliminated
    The main issue here is the barrier. Switching off both will cause the third
    one to go down as well. However, after 1-2 turns or so, all of them will be
    reactivated, make you don't get all your characters trapped somewhere in
    between. Have a magic user remain at the bottom to undo the barriers when
    necessary while you move the rest up to attack/use surround magic. The device
    key is with the captain. Once you get the device key, use it on the shiny
    area. This mission is easy to get over with, provided you know what you are
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Defeated all enemies before using device key
    -[Rare item: Cannon Deactivation Key] obtained in battle
    -[Rare item: Device Master Key] obtained after battle
    -Take elevator to go down the Giant's right leg section.
    -Rest and save and go out
    = Mission 29 =
    Location             : Jant mountain
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias, Hofman
    Recommended Level    : 43
    Enemies              - Shuweizer
                         - Iristelessa
                         - 1 Lv 41 Monopolis army priest
                         - 2 Lv 43 Monopolis army infantry
                         - 7 Lv 42 Monopolis army infantry
                         - 3 Lv 41 Monopolis army archers 
    NPCs                 : None
    Clear conditions     - Defeat Iris
    Game Over conditions - The Hingistan Giant is activated by Iris
                         - Giant inflitrated by enemy
                         - All party members eliminated
    The activation is actually attached with a time counter, putting a limit to
    how long you are given to defeat Irist. There's really no point in trying to
    kill all enemies(unless you want a mc, look below) if you are not able to,
    just clear enough so that your characters don't get dragged into the long ATW
    gauge and faint disaster. Shuweizer is pretty strong as usual, make sure you
    keep an eye on whom is his target. Mission ends once Irist's HP becomes 0.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Defeated all monopolis soldiers, then
                                      Shuweizer(he will retreat) and finally Irist
    -Go to Leystan
    -Talk to the man selling sweets and confectionary
    -Obtain [Rare item: Coin Chocolate]
    -Talk to Wendy, Rukias and Hofman to gather them back
    -Give the chocolate to the innkeeper
    -Head out of inn, go right and north
    -Next screen, go east
    = Mission 30 =
    Location             : Road to Lenocks Research Center
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias
    Recommended Level    : 43
    Enemies              - 8 monsters <--I'm lazy to list them down
    NPCs                 : Neilis and 2 kids
    Clear conditions     - Kill all monsters
    Game Over conditions - Death of NPCs
                         - All party members eliminated
    Can this be called a mission? The screen we came by earlier is tougher to get
    through. Have someone run up to the kids and protect them from any approaching
    monsters because Neilis may not stay at her original position. Once all
    monsters are dead, it's over.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Defeated all enemies
    -Follow path east, and at the first snowy screen, go north
    = Mission 31 =
    Location             : Entrance to Lenocks Research Center
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias
    Recommended Level    : 43
    Enemies              - Monopolis soldiers <--number is not really fixed
    NPCs                 : None
    Clear conditions     - Have Merklich sneak in without being noticed by guards
    Game Over conditions - Merklich discovered by guards
                         - Death of Wendy
                         - Death of Rukias
                         - Defeat more than 5 guards
    Have Rukias and Wendy kill off the 2 archers at the entrance gate. After that,
    move them to the left part of the screen. To prevent more than 5 guards dead,
    you can have both defend/heal. Once all guards are gathered around them, have
    Merklich round up from the right and past the gate. Take note that you can
    have Merklich use items and status magic on Wendy/Rukias and not be spotted.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Did as according to clear condition
    = Mission 32 =
    Location             : Lenocks Research Center
    Usable Characters    : Merklich
    Recommended Level    : 43
    Enemies              - None(5 guards represented by green dots)
    NPCs                 : Anita
    Clear conditions     - Leave with girl without being noticed by guards
    Game Over conditions - Discovered by guards
    Move Merklich past the guards and go into the medical room(at the upper right
    of the screen). I can't really tell you a specific way because they walk
    around, you just have to hide Merklich in the trees as much as you can and
    try to keep a finger's length away from them, and if possible keep out of
    their sight. I think they play too much Tenchu. But it's pretty easy to pass
    through this, don't worry too much. Yurry will give a warning if you are too
    near, so it shouldn't be problem.
    Once inside, talk to the doc to get [Rare item: Prison Key] and [Rare item:
    Time Travel Medicine]. Exit and go into the center via the door to the left.
    Go down the stairs to where Anita is and use the key on the door. With Anita,
    it will be a lil more difficult to leave the screen without having to keep an
    eye on her movements. Once you make it past west, you'll enter the 2nd part of
    the mission.
    At this screen, either you are very good or lucky, otherwise there's no way to
    get past this screen without being discovered, and when someone spots you,
    Enemies              - Monopolis soldiers
    NPCs                 : None
    Clear conditions     - Have Merklich escape after party members
                           (in same direction)
    Game Over conditions - Any party member eliminated
    You can now control Anita, go ahead and command your characters to escape in
    in whichever direction you want. As mentioned in the conditions, the escape
    destination must be the same. Since Rukias's MOV stat is higher(by right), I
    would suggest you have them escape via the route nearer to Wendy. But it's
    really up to you. Once everyone is out of the screen, have Merklich escape
    as well.
    P/S: In one of my replays, I've had the captain approach Anita and recognizing
    her from Lenocks and attempting to run off to pass on the alert, thus popping
    up a new clear condition which is to escape only after the captain is dead. To
    avoid that, keep her away from the captain.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Did according to above(it doesn't matter if
                                      the captain discovered Anita, so long as you
                                      stick to what the clear conditions say, you
                                      should get a mission complete)
    -Go back to Leystan
    -Enter inn and choose to rest
    -Go out of Leystan and use Transgate to go to Makinus
    -Go to Monopolis building and talk to the middle-age woman(KOI)
    -Investigate the boat, examine the crates, choose to hide in there
    -Watch scene
    -Enter the building
    -Talk to the Resistance soldier inside the nearest cell
    -Go a lil bit left and up north
    -Talk to Maxwell(on the lower far right)
    -Talk to him again
    -Go back south and to the lower right room
    -Examine door and select 4,2,3,1,5
    -Open treasure chest to get [Rare item: Maxwell's spear]
    -Go back and pass it to Maxwell
    -Have your other characters defend at desired locations
    -Loiter around for a short period of time,
    = Mission 33 =
    Location             : Yarstill Barracks, past
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias, Anita
    Recommended Level    : 45
    Enemies              - Monopolis guards
    NPCs                 : Maxwell
    Clear conditions     - Defeat all enemies and allow Maxwell to escape
    Game Over conditions - Death of Maxwell
                         - Party eliminated
    Treat this battle just like another other mission and it should be fine. Once
    all enemies are gone, have your other characters defend and move Merk to where
    the stepping blocks are.
     [R] [ ] [ ] 
     [ ] [N] [R]
     [ ] [ ] [M]
    R: Unlock room to Resistance soldiers
    N: Unlock room to NPC who asks for help
    M: Unlock room to Maxwell
    Have Merklich step on the blocks and make it so that the R, N and M blocks as
    above is lighted, after which go ahead and pull the switch. This requires some
    tries and so long as you have gotten rid of the enemies first, you can take
    all the time you want. Do not free the bandits in the remaining rooms. Once
    everything is done, head south to leave this screen to end the mission.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Did as according to above
    -Next screen, kill all the enemy soldiers
    -Obtain rare items [Red Key], [Blue Key] and [Green Key]
    -Use them according to the colors of the locked doors
    -Once you have done everything here, leave the place
    -Obtain [Rare item: Pendant of the land]
    -Go back to Makinus
    -At entrance of Monopolis building, talk to the king of impersonation(KOI)
    -Enter building and elevator, choose 12F
    -Run up and talk to Irist
    = Mission 34 =
    Location             : Monopolis building top floor
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias, Irist
    Recommended Level    : 47
    Enemies              - Shuweizer
                         - 1 Lv 43 Monopolis army priest
                         - 1 Lv 46 Monopolis army magic users
                         - 2 Lv 46 Monopolis infantry
                         - 2 Lv 47 Monopolis armored infantry
    NPCs                 : Anita
    Clear conditions     - Defeat Shuweizer
    Game Over conditions - Party eliminated
    Have someone kill the priest and magic class soldiers first. Well that's what
    I almost always suggest. However, if you don't wish to, do it your way. This
    is most probably the most difficult Shuweizer battle because his attacks and
    critical hits can deplete even Merklich's HP bar pretty fast and cause stun.
    Always have someone ready to heal. Once Shuweizer falls, mission is done.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Defeated all other enemies before Shuweizer
    -Talk to Shuweizer and the other characters. Try to leave, watch scene
    [Esgrenz Part 3] main story events:
    The group attempted to escort Irist to seal the Infinitor. However, in the
    1500 years, the Infinitor managed to come up with a method to render the
    spirit maiden's sealing technique useless. The group escaped from Makinus with
    the seriously injured Irist and head on to the hideout of the Resistance Army.
    There, they met Maxwell, leader of the army as well as Wendy's brother. It was
    made known that Wendy is the 3rd princess of Hingistan and Maxwell being the
    2nd son of the king. As Hingistan continue to grow and expand, many ideals
    were changed. The heavy taxes forced on the citizens as well as the direction
    the country was heading to made Maxwell very unhappy as only a small portion
    of the people in Hingistan are living rich, full lives and the rest of the
    neighbouring countries are already adopting democratic measures to improve the
    lives of their citizens. Therefore he left the family and later on set up the
    Resistance group. Wendy, on the other hand, joined Monopolis to find out about
    her brother's whereabouts. She told Maxwell about the death of their older
    brother Gilum, after which many important country responsibilities came into
    the hands of the minister Zafreed. Zafreed not only impose heavy taxes, he
    forced marriage upon the princess.
    Maxwell then elaborated on the Brave Guard who died protecting him and Irist
    while they were escaping. It seems that all Brave Guard have the same looks.
    During the attack on the village by Monopolis, it was likely that they made
    off with the pod Merklich was in. Wendy assumed that the reason why Merklich
    has no memories is because he has just awakened and really has none to begin
    The group then went to rest and Merklich had a short dream about a man who
    looked like him preparing for battle with Neilis. When the group woke up, they
    realized that the hideout has been attacked by Monopolis soldiers. Leaving
    Irist with Maxwell, the 3 escaped from the hideout only to hear news that
    Irist has been captured by Shuweizer. They rush off to Shizaaz and met Hofman.
    Despite history being changed in terms of Hofman's knowledge of Admonisher,
    the event of the Merk's party fighting on Jant mountain remains, only that
    they were fighting to rescue Hofman, therefore Hofman still recognize
    Merklich and Rukias and informed them that the Monopolis army brought tents
    and supplies with them, therefore it's unlikely they plan to return to the
    base any moment.
    The group then rest at the inn and woke up to Fomeros soldiers declaring
    Shizaaz as their frontline war base due to Hingistan bringing out the weapon
    Giant located at Jant mountain. With the help of Hofman, they managed to
    drive away the Fomeros soldiers and decided to try and put a stop to the
    Giant before it's too late. The attempt was successful, but as they leave the
    Giant, the Monopolis army arrived along with Shuweizer and Iristelessa.
    Apparantly Maxwell was taken as hostage and thus Iristelessa had to do what
    Shuweizer tells her to: use the Dragon Orb's energy to power up the Giant.
    After a failed attempt, Shuweizer and Iristelessa retreated. The group went
    back to Leystan only to receive information that Maxwell committed suicide at
    Yarstill barrack where he was imprisoned after being captured by Monopolis
    army. Miranda told Yurry that without Maxwell, the world will meet its end.
    Therefore the group decided to go back to the past to rescue Maxwell. However,
    since the last attempt to travel back time to seal the Queen Screeper has
    sapped up too much energy from the fairies, it is impossible to do it a 2nd
    After some searching, the group was told that Shuweizer have had an operation
    done on him that allows him to travel through time, and that there is another
    girl at Lenocks who went through the same surgery. Merklich managed to rescue
    the girl Anita, who revealed that Shuweizer is her older brother and she was
    the first to be experimented on the time travel ability. The successful
    results were then operated on Shuweizer. Therefore while Shuweizer can use
    the ability freely, Anita needs to take medication to prevent too much burden
    on her body when using the technique.
    SHe added that to change events by going back to the past is usually very
    difficult alone, therefore an experiment is done on Merklich so as to enable
    the person to bring along followers: the crystal which is implanted within
    Wendy and which Rukias obtained from the dying monopolis soldier in Goat Land,
    thus explaining why both of them can return to the past with Merklich.
    Anita went on to explain the various principles regarding time travel. First
    being that one can only return to the same place and time era once. It is only
    possible to go back the number of years corresponding to the person's age, in
    other words, someone aged 20 years old can only travel as far back to 20 years
    ago only. However, if one of the persons he/she brought along is older, for
    example 40 years old, then they can go back as far as 40 years. Lastly, when
    a person travels back time, his/her presence there is considered a fake
    existence.(As an example, if Merklich travel back 10 years ago, he must not
    interact with the Merklich during that time, else he will get absorbed and
    become one with that Merklich)
    With the help of Anita, Maxwell was rescued and the group went on to help
    Iristelessa at the Monopolis building. There, they realized that Shuweizer
    is also attempting to put a stop to Infinitor in his own ways and if the group
    can defeat him, he will work with them. The group did win the battle and
    Shuweizer kept his promise of lending a hand, he further explained that the
    Infinitor has 4 Energy Towers(refer to Section C for explanation) built to
    suck up energy from the land. They are built on points through the dragon vein
    where the energy of the land gather and balance each other. Therefore if one
    tower is destroyed, the system becomes unstable, function wildly and energy
    will overrun and the world will be eliminated. However, if the remaining 3
    towers can be destroyed within 3 hours after the first, that can be prevented.
    Nevertheless, it is impossible to do that, not even with the Hingistan Giant.
    Before more strategies can be proposed, Neilis suddenly appear and attacked
    Shuweizer, referring anyone with time travel ability a threat to Infinitor.
    Unable to avoid in time, Shuweizer died.
    [Esgrenz Part 4]                                                          [E4]
    -Go out of dormitory and into Monopolis building 10F
    -Enter Shayer's office, listen to long conversations
    -If you don't have the medicine for curing faint, buy 5 at item shop
    -Head out of Makinus and take Transgate to Leystan
    = Mission 35 =
    Location             : Road to Royferon
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Hofman, Rukias, Irist
    Recommended Level    : 47
    Enemies              - Monsters
    NPCs                 : Merchant
    Clear conditions     - Defeat all enemies
    Game Over conditions - Merchant killed
                         - All party members eliminated
    Well this mission is not really related to the main plot, but it can't be
    avoided, so just finish it. Don't let the death fungus heal.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Defeated all enemies and prevented merchant
                                      from being attacked(once is fine I think,
                                      but limit it to as little as possible).
    -Go north, west and follow the paths
    -When you reach the screen with the bridge, go west
    -Go west and enter city of Royferon
    -Talk to man on right of inn
    -Enter the big blue door near entrance
    -Talk to the owner on the right, agree to give him the 5 remedy medicine
    -Go out and west(there's a path to the next screen at the end)
    -Talk to man in front of warehouse
    -Choose 'Desire to die at the graveyard than on the battlefield'
    -Enter and go straight west, talk to the guy at the store counter
    -For the plan, you need to keep an eye on the movements of the guards and
     move Merklick into the storage place and east(Hofman will automatically go to
     the west once you made it to the storage place)
    -Examine wooden boxes
    -After short conversation, obtain [Rare item: Numbered Boxes Memo]
    -Bring them out without being spotted by the guard, else you have to start all
     over again, don't mess up
    -Run back to original gathering place, then track back to inn and rest
    -Go out of Royferon and go east, at next screen, go upper left
    -Follow path and talk to soldier at gate
    -Search around for document database room
    -Search first shelf, A->AH->AH 32, choose to end search
    -Obtain [Rare item: Supplies Record]
    -Walk to room on the upper right, watch scene
    -Head out of base and walk back to Royferon's warehouse
    -Examine the boxes
    = Mission 36 =
    Location             : Royferon Black Market
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Hofman, Rukias, Irist
    Recommended Level    : 47
    Enemies              - Wellber
                         - 2 Lv 47 Fomeros army armored infantry
                         - 3 Lv 46 Fomeros army infantry
                         - 2 Lv 48 Fomeros army magic users
                         - 1 Lv 49 Fomeros army captain
    NPCs                 : Lots
    Clear conditions     - Defeat Wellber
    Game Over conditions - Death of military base commander
                         - Death of commoners
                         - All party members eliminated
    You don't need to worry about the commander, he can fend for himself. Of
    course, share some Grow-Cure space with him if necessary. Use recovery
    medicine on the other NPCs who are hurt. Halfway through, Wellber will try to
    escape, have him in a sandwich attack.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Defeated all other enemies before Wellber
                                      and kept all NPCs alive
    -Go and talk to Rukias and Irist and go back inn to rest
    -Head to Leystan
    = Mission 37 =
    Location             : Entrance of Leystan
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Hofman, Rukias, Irist
    Recommended Level    : 47
    Enemies              - Monsters and 2 Rook Screepers
    NPCs                 : 4 Fomeros soldiers, 1 Red Wolf army member
    Clear conditions     - All enemies defeated
    Game Over conditions - City invaded by the screepers
                         - Death of Red Wolf member
                         - Death of Fomeros soldiers
                         - All party members eliminated
    This is very very very easy.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Defeated all monsters with no NPC casualties
    -Go in Leystan
    -After Hofman's done with everything, use Transgate and go back to Makinus
    -Enter Monopolis building and choose 10F
    -Enter Shayer's office
    -After conversation, leave Makinus
    -L' Hingis is south of Leystan(look at your continent map)
    -At entrance of L'Hingis, remember to activate the Transgate
    -Enter L'Hingis and go talk to the man(KOI) in front of the inn
    -Obtain [Rare item: 7 Colors Handkerchief]
    -Go into inn and give item to innkeeper
    -After conversation, head out and go to Jant mountain
    -At screen where Giant is, go left to where the 3 soldiers are standing
    -Choose you are ready to go
    = Mission 38 =
    Location             : Jant Mountain
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias, Irist
    Recommended Level    : 47
    Enemies              - Hingistan army soldiers(Lv48-50)
    NPCs                 : 5 Resistance army members
    Clear conditions     - Defeat more than 20 enemies, have 5 reach the northern
                           area of map, enemy request for reinforcements
    Game Over conditions - More than 3 Resistance members killed
                         - All party members eliminated
    The main idea here is to first get rid of 20 enemy soldiers, or at least clear
    the ones who are already on the screen(they will keep coming in). You should
    have one character as a healer and chant Grow related magic. As for the
    offensive side, Earthquake and Meteor work wonders, do abuse them a lot. Once
    the counter reaches 20, make sure the screen is somewhat clear of enemies,
    then talk to any of the Resistance member and tell them to advance forward.
    If the progress is fine, the enemy will feel threatened and send a signal
    asking for reinforcements.
    Clear conditions     :Merklich escape after Resistance army members
    Game Over conditions -More than 3 Resistance members killed
                         -All party members eliminated
    Block off the enemies until the resistance members have escaped, then command
    your characters to the lower right exit. Once everyone reach there, it's done.
    You can move Merk to the end of the screen without your other characters to
    end the mission.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Did according to above and kept all
                                      Resistance NPCs alive
    -After conversation, you can go into the Giant
    -Rest and save and stock up your healing items to full)
    -Go use the Transgate at Shizaaz/Leystan to L'Hingis
    -Run all the way to the upper left and enter the already opened gate
    = Mission 39 =
    Location             : L'Hingis
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias, Irist
    Recommended Level    : 48-49
    Enemies              - Lv 52 Hingistan army captain
                         - 2 Lv 48 Hingistan army infantry 
                         - 4 Lv 49 Hingistan army armored infantry
                         - 1 Lv 48 Hingistan army magic user
                         - 1 Lv 49 Hingistan army priest
                         - 2 Lv 48 Hingistan army archers
    NPCs                 : Maxwell
    Clear conditions     - Destroy left and right switches
    Game Over conditions - Death of NPC
                         - All party members eliminated
    Use magic or have Rukias/Irist to attack the switches. When the switches are
    destroyed, there won't be any reinforcements coming in, and the clear 
    condition is to get rid of all enemies remaining on screen. It's not really
    that difficult since you've got Maxwell helping out at well. If you can afford
    to, Earthquake and Meteor will end things faster. Once all enemies are gone,
    mission is finished.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - There's no mission finished screen, but I
                                      still consider this a mission. Skip this if
                                      you don't
    -Enter and get rid of the enemies and go up the stairs
    = Mission 40 =
    Location             : L'Hingis Royal Castle
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias, Irist
    Recommended Level    : 50
    Enemies              - Zafreed
                         - 6 Lv 52 Hingistan royal army infantry
                         - 6 Lv 52 Hingistan royal army magic users
    NPCs                 : None
    Clear conditions     - Defeat Zafreed
    Game Over conditions - All party members elminated
    Zafreed will be protected by a barrier which is maintained by the magic users.
    In order to touch him, you will need to get rid of all 6 of them. Thankfully,
    while the barrier is up, Zafreed won't do anything. I would not suggest using
    meteor and other powerful magic here, they take too long to chant for this
    The magic users are the dangerous ones here, 'cause if you leave them be, you
    can have 6 Lv 3 Meteor falling on your characters consecutively. Each takes
    off around 100-150HP, plus the attacks from the infantry...well, I don't think
    all your characters have 800HP each, take note of that and press the Triangle
    button often and use items to heal. You should spread your characters out as
    much as possible anyway. Once the barrier is down, Zafreed will start to chant
    magic. This is probably the best time to focus all attacks on him, even if you
    can't get rid of any other remaining enemies. FYI, Zafreed uses Lv 7 Blast and
    Lv 3 Earthquake a lot. Once he goes down, it's finally finished.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Defeated all other enemies before Zafreed
    -After everything is done at L'Hingis, go back to Makinus
    = Mission 41 =
    Location             : Entrance to Makinus
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias, Irist
    Recommended Level    : 50
    Enemies              - 1 Knight Screeper
                         - 3 Lv 37 Rook Screepers
    NPCs                 : Boy
    Clear conditions     - All screepers defeated
    Game Over conditions - Makinus invaded by screepers
                         - Death of NPC
                         - All party members eliminated
    This is simple. Just have someone protect the kid and others to block the
    advance to Makinus. I hope you did not sell away the Penetrating Gem you got
    from Shuweizer in the earlier parts of the game, because now is the time to
    equip it. You can get more at the L'Hingis item shop in case you don't know.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Defeated all screepers without letting kid
                                      to be attacked
    -Go to Monopolis buildng, 10F
    -After conversation, choose your characters
    [Esgrenz Part 4] main story events:
    Anita became the new president of Monopolis with news spreading that it is due
    to Shuweizer being sick and unable to manage Monopolis matters. Rukias located
    Hofman, and together all of them discussed more on the Energy Towers. 1 is in
    Fomeros, 2 in Hingistan and 1 in Goat Land. Help from Hingistan and Fomeros
    is needed, therefore the first thing to do is to end the war between the 2
    Hofman elaborated on the Fomeros side, saying that the Chief's election is
    coming in half a month's time. The 2 main candidates are Guryme and Daytlich.
    The former is very ambitious and insistent in battling against Hingistan while
    the latter is pretty much against war. As candidates, both have their scandals
    as tripping blocks. For Guryme, it was said he is making the army his personal
    property and using it for his own goals. As for Daytlich, it's Hofman.
    Hofman was one of the guards in the No.32 supply group led by Wellber. To set
    Hofman up, Wellber sent a false message using Hofman's name to the Hingistan
    soldiers telling them to attack the No.32 supply group camp and make off with
    the specified supplies while he excused himself in that time period. After a
    fierce battle, only Hofman survived(which Wellber predicted). Wellber then
    returned and accused Hofman of secretly providing supplies to Hingistan, proof
    being the fake letter and the supply boxes which were empty right from the
    If Hofman can avoid being caught and find evidence to prove his innocence, 
    the fake scandal will be gone, and if his brother wins the election, the
    Fomeros army will most likely stop fighting against Hingistan. With that,
    the group attempted to locate the evidence in Royferon and discovered many
    wooden boxes of supplies in the black market, Having taken note of the codes
    on the boxes and matching them with the delivery documents, the commander
    of the Fomeros military base affirmed that they were all under Guryme's name,
    supposed to be delivered to the camp. This managed to prove that Guryme and
    Wellber are the ones who are making profits out of the army's supplies. With
    that, Daytlich won over much votes and emerged victorious in the election.
    After completing the task at Fomeros, the group travelled to Hingistan and
    met up with Wendy. On the Hingistan side, as mentioned by Maxwell and Wendy
    before, Zafreed's methods are oppressing the citizens. The group joined up
    with the Resistance army to start up a revolution and succeeded in taking
    down Zafreed and Maxwell started up a committee to revise the kingdom's
    approach towards political and internal matters. 
    When the group returned to Makinus, they entered into a battle with some
    invading screepers. They wondered why the Pollumina trees aren't working to
    keep out the screepers as Monopolis used to claim. After some discussions
    and affirmation from Anita, they realized that the trees weren't used for
    eliminating pollution and keeping out screepers. Instead, they sucked up
    energy from the ground, as proved by examining one of the Pollumina fruit and
    discovering that it contained only pure magical energy. Screepers were
    biological weapons which the Infinitor used to slaughter humans, which also
    implied that he can command them to not appear at locations where the
    pollumina trees are located to give a false impression for monopolis claims.
    [Finale]                                                                  [F1]
    -Take Transgate to Potrad(if you haven't gotten the Gate Ring, you will have
     to go the long way to the Transgate center and Potrad village to trigger the
    -Hire Carry to Peace Maintainence Army base
    -Enter and go to main gate
    -Go into building, 2F and knock on 2nd room
    -After conversation, choose members
    -Leave base
    = Mission 42 =
    Location             : Entrance to Peace Maintainence Army
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias, Irist, Hofman, Anita, Zeonsilt
                           (Merklich & Zeonsilt are fixed, you choose the other 2)
    Recommended Level    : 50
    Enemies              - 2 Lv 52 Knight Screepers
                         - 2 Lv 37 Rook Screepers
    NPCs                 - 1 Peace Maintainence gate guard
                         - Fanil(if you brought her along)
    Clear conditions     - All screepers defeated
    Game Over conditions - Death of gate guard
                         - Death of NPC(Fanil)
                         - All party members eliminated
    Zeonsilt will do a lot of explanation here about his sound wave barrier
    ability, if you did not play G5, the gist is that he can weaken screepers with
    that and if you fight screepers within a fixed range near him, the damage done
    is greatly increased. If you have Penetrating Gems equipped as well, this
    battle is a real joke.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Defeated all screepers
    -Go back in the base and Hire Carry(you can't hire without doing mission 43)
    -There's only 1 choice, choose Felmentia
    -From Felmentia, walk to Potrad, watch scene and talk to Neilis if ya want
    -Use Potrad Transgate and go back to Makinus, Monopolis building 10F
     [P/S: If Fanil's with you, bring her to Lenocks Research Center first]
    -After conversation, you can change members again, if you don't want to waste
     unnecessary time in the next misson, do bring Zeonsilt along. You might want
     to bring along Anita as well for a little spoiler. If not, just choose the
     characters you want and use the Transgate to Leystan
    -Go south, move to the pack of NPCs, walk around a bit
    = Mission 43 =
    Location             : South of Leystan
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias, Irist, Hofman, Anita, Zeonsilt
                           (Choose 4)
    Recommended Level    : 50
    Enemies              - 2 Bishop Screepers
                         - 2 Lv 50 Knight Screepers
                         - 2 Lv 37 Rook Screepers
                         - 1 Lv 52 Arch Demon
                         - 4 Lv Skeleton Knights
    NPCs                 - 5 Monopolis soldiers
                         - 1 Red Wolf army member
    Clear conditions     - All screepers defeated
    Game Over conditions - Death of workers -->the soldiers cutting down trees
                         - More than 2 monopolis guards defeated
                         - All party members eliminated
    You can save a lot of trouble if you bring Zeonsilt with you. If not, the
    main thing will still be to cure whoever is injured, especially the priest
    class soldier at the south. The familiar red wolf member will appear out of
    nowhere and help out as usual. If you have Anita with you, you can move her
    near him to get a lil bit of idea of who he really is. After a short while,
    the arch demon and its group appear at the south, once again your priest there
    is a sitting duck. But overall, it's an easy battle(with Zeon).
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Defeated all enemies without letting any NPC
    -Go east through the forest path
    -Talk to soldiers
    -Go east 2 screens
    -Choose to rest at inn until the next day
    -Go out of inn, go west
    = Mission 44 =
    Location             : South of Energy Tower
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias, Irist, Hofman, Anita, Zeonsilt
                           (Choose 4)
    Recommended Level    : 50
    Enemies              - 2 Lv 34 Rook Screepers
                         - 2 Lv 50 Knight Screepers
                         - 1 Lv 52 Knight Screepers
    NPCs                 - None
    Clear conditions     - All screepers defeated
    Game Over conditions - More than 2 screepers go through screen to west
                         - All party members eliminated
    I hope you have Zeon with you. More knights will come from below, and a bishop
    as well. Have your characters block their advance, or at least the road to the
    west screen. Even if you equip the more effective Penetrating Gems, it's gonna
    be quite a tedious battle without Zeon. But if you want the challenge, then
    unequip the gems and go ahead and fight without him, defeat the bishop one on
    one and you will earn the title as the one and only Bishop Slayer.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Defeated all screepers without letting any
                                      exit the screen west
    ***IMPORTANT NOTE*************************************************************
    At this point in time, you must go and finish Zeon's side quest(refer to the
    side quest section on how to). Otherwise, you won't be able to use him for the
    last two battles and you cannot get his ending as well.
    -Go west and up
    -Choose characters for your party
    -Go east through the open path
    -The enemies on this screen do not have to be cleared
    -Go north and enter the tower
    -The enemies on this screen do not need to be cleared as well
    -To open the middle door, have 2 characters go to the shiny lamps on both
     sides and choose to turn it off, when both are switched off, door opens
    -Save(you can't leave until you finish this entire tower)
    -Go up and left and up winding stairs
    This mechanism is pretty simple to solve but hard to explain in words or
    diagrams how to go about doing it, therefore I'm only gonna explain how it
    The shiny light blue warp only allows one person to warp. Some allow you to
    warp back, some doesn't. So you'll have to see whether the wrap point you
    used earlier is lighted or not. If not, you can't warp back. Switches on the
    yellow circles will open some sliding doors. Each time you switch the yellow
    circle, enemies will pop in from nowhere and the best approach is really to
    kill them first before you continue solving the puzzle(if that can be
    considered one). The right analogue stick is your friend, use it to check the
    map layout.
    -Once finished, go up the stairs.
    A system which vomits out Elder Mechs continously. Look at the shiny switches,
    the arrows will toggle back and forth between up and down. That's the
    direction the mechs will go in. Mechs on one level won't continue down or up
    to the other levels, make use of this info. Make sure your other characters
    don't get trapped as well. This isn't a mission, don't waste resources here.
    Simply have Merklich make it to the stairs that leads to the next screen is
    = Mission 45 =
    Location             : Energy Tower
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias, Irist, Hofman, Anita, Zeonsilt
                           (Choose 4)
    Recommended Level    : 52-53
    Enemies              - Crystal
                         - Lv 53 Crystal Guarder
    NPCs                 - None
    Clear conditions     - Destroy Crystal
    Game Over conditions - Time limit is up
                         - All party members eliminated
    This mission is the prime example of bad communication. The moment we stepped
    into this tower, some smart ass already destroyed another tower. And in the
    end, we are left with not 1 hour after all the climbing, but 16 miserable
    turns to destroy the crystal. Having Rukias here is pretty good since he can
    help out in attacking the guarder. The barrier protecting the crystal will go
    down when the guarder is destroyed. But it will come back after a period of
    time and you have to repeat the whole process of killing it to remove the
    When the guarder takes a hit and disappears, immediately use the right 
    analogue stick to see which pod it goes to and move Merklich to attack it(use
    Attack status magic on him beforehand) and so on. Well, that's one way, if
    you have a better plan, good for ya. In terms of the crystal, don't use fire
    related attacks/magic. Attack magic + Cycle Up + Critical Hit works best
    because Critical Hit and related melee techniques stops time while characters
    execute them. Make sure HP of your characters are always at least above 200,
    because the crystal can use very high levels of Blast, Thunderstorm and
    Earthquake. I've also seen it use Rust(a killer). When the HP bar of the
    crystal drops to 0, it's over. I finished it with 11 turns remaining, thus it
    shouldn't be a problem for you.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Eliminated crystal with 11 turns left(of
                                      course it doesn't have to be 11, but finish
                                      it asap before the counter turns red)
    -Go out of tower go back where you came
    -Choose your characters and go lower right
    -Rest at inn
    -Watch cutscene
    -Go to Makinus to trigger access to the final dungeon
    P/S: You will still be able to get the chance to do the other optional stuff
    later on.
    -Enter Monopolis building, talk to Shayer
    -Talk to the various characters, rest
    -Choose characters, board speed boat
    You have a time limit here, but it shouldn't pose too much of a problem. Look
    at the bottom left and right screen, there is 1 yellow shiny button on each
    side. Press one first, then immediately have your characters attack the device
    from which those enemies emerge from. Once that is done, clear the screen of
    enemies and repeat the same thing for the other switch. The barrier at the
    lower left end of the screen will be lifted. Next screen, go west. Defeat the
    2 enemies, examine the control panel at the lower right screen. Go back to
    previous screen(save point won't allow you to save).
    Remember the devices you destroyed earlier. There are similar ones on this
    screen, choose 3 characters to stand by at those devices(whether you want
    3 at one device or to spread them out is up to you). Have the remaining
    character use the lighted warp point and trigger the switch. When one device
    is gone, aim for the next until all 3 are non-functional before you take care
    of the enemies. Once everything is finished, go lower right to next screen.
    = Mission 46 =
    Location             : Ancient Soaring Ship
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias, Irist, Hofman, Anita, Zeonsilt
                           (Choose 4)
    Recommended Level    : 53
    Enemies              - Neilis
                         - Invader army soldiers
    NPCs                 : None
    Clear conditions     - Destroy the Energy Devices and defeat Neilis
    Game Over conditions - Time limit is up
                         - All party members eliminated
    Since the enemies are gonna keep coming in unless you destroy those devices we
    are so familar with from the past 2 screens, I'm not gonna list them in
    details on the enemies info section above. As for the Energy Devices, you have
    to destroy all 6 in the time limit. The way I do it is have 1 character take
    care of the energy devices, 1 as healer and the remaining 2 to attack the
    enemies. Neilis can use Earthquake and grow-healing, and she is quick with
    her chanting. Once clear conditions are met, mission is over.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Destroyed energy devices, spawning devices,
                                      and defeated all other enemies before Neilis
    -Go back to previous screens
    -Talk to man at speedboat to buy items or go back to Makinus
    -Once ready, go back to screen where you fought the earlier mission battle
    -Watch scene
    -Go back to the room where all the clone pods are.
    P/S: Save at the save point here, and don't overwrite it
    -Choose a character
    -Go back to where the others are and choose remaining characters
    -Talk to Anita and select you are ready to go
    = Mission 47 =
    Location             : Ancient Soaring Ship,  2000 years ago
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias, Irist, Hofman, Anita, Zeonsilt
                           (Choose 4)
    Recommended Level    : 54
    Enemies              - Brandole/Infinitor
                         - Neilis
                         - Invader army soldiers
    NPCs                 : The first spirit maiden, Commander 13
    Clear conditions     - Defeat all enemies
    Game Over conditions - Death of first spirit maiden
                         - Death of Commander 13
                         - All party members eliminated
    I've played through this and the next battle sooo many times to get the
    various endings as well as more on replays, thus making this real easy. Get
    rid of the spawning devices first(just like previous battles), after that you
    should aim to kill off some enemy soldiers and Neilis. Once done, shoot for
    Brandole. Continue your attacks until he falls, then get rid of the remaining
    enemies. If you don't defeat Brandole, the reinforcements won't stop even with
    the spawning devices gone.
    [Mission complete possibilites] - Destroyed spawning devices, defeated Neilis,
                                      defeated Brandole and finally eliminate the
                                      remaining enemy soldiers
    -Go west, same old switch+device combination
    -Use Attack + Protect + Cycle Up on your characters
    -Examine the big warp point and choose to use it
    = Mission 48 =
    Location             : Ancient Soaring Ship,  2000 years ago
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias, Irist, Hofman, Anita, Zeonsilt
                           (Choose 4)
    Recommended Level    : 55
    Enemies              - Infinitor Hibernating Capsule
                         - Lv 58 Guardian Cannons
                         - Invader army soldiers, Lv 59-61
    NPCs                 : None
    Clear conditions     - Defeat Infinitor
    Game Over conditions - All party members eliminated
    The last mission, and probably the hardest...if you are lost. The first form
    is the capsule, which is the outer layer. It does not attack at all, you
    should have your characters hit at the cannons first. Critical Hit and
    related melee techniques are good. If you have Inferno, you might want to use
    it, but wait till the enemy soldiers are surrounding the characters. Make sure
    you are not using those characters for magic attacks/healer. It'll be good if
    they have learnt the MP recovery skill.
    Once both cannons are gotten rid of, aim to clear the enemy soldiers. If you
    are quick enough, by the time one of your characters is unable to remain in
    the fight, only the Infinitor is left on the screen. The character as
    mentioned earlier will become an NPC and run up to where the Infinitor is and
    and strike a final critical hit which takes off 500 HP from the outer layer
    and surrounding enemies if there are any.
    Now you only have 3 characters left. Continue your attacks on the outer layer.
    Once you have taken off enough HP, it will be crushed and it's time for the
    Infinitor's 1st form. The 1st form can use strong magic, and its physical
    attacks take off at least 150 with each hit. There's also a healing unit
    behind it which you must destroy no matter what. After that, you should have
    the character whom you did not choose to get the ending for to throw the
    strongest attacks, because after a certain amount of time, he/she will become
    an NPC, run up to the Infinitor and strike a critical hit, taking 500 HP off
    and exit from the battle.
    P/S: I haven't derived at how they determine which character will leave the
    battle first and so on. For my replays, I almost always use Merklich, Wendy,
    Rukias and Zeonsilt. And unless I choose Zeonsilt as the character I wish to
    get the ending for, he always ends up being the first to go. From that, I
    believe the period of time that a character has been with Merklich throughout
    the game is the main criteria. So the order will be something like:
    Wendy->Rukias->Hofman->Irist->Anita->Zeonsilt. Therefore, say for example, you
    chose Irist as the first character, then the remaining 2 to be Anita and
    Wendy. Anita is likely to be the first to leave the battle, then Wendy. Though
    I'm not sure whether the character relationship levels play a part of not.
    If the battle progress is good, that critical hit should bring out the
    Infinitor's 2nd and final form. Now you only have 2 characters left. This form
    is like the previous, only that it doesn't need time to chant magic and shifts
    around the screen after every few hits, once you see him disappear, spread
    your 2 characters apart, because consecutive Flare Lv 9 throws can hurt big
    time. Chanting healing magic here is a killer in my opinion, so I hope you
    saved up on items usage earlier. Once again, if you still have some melee
    attack skills left, use them. Keep up the attacks and item healing, soon the
    Infinitor will die. Giving just 500+ EXP for all those trouble is just insane,
    but it really doesn't matter anymore.
    -Use the big warp point
    -Walk back to the Clone Pod room and examine the control panel
    -Watch cutscene
    -For all the places the game brings Merklich to, explore around(it's optional)
     and leave
    Once everything is done...
    Congrats, you've beaten Growlanser VI: Precarious World.
    [Finale] main story events:                                               [F1]
    Having taken care of the war, the party can concentrate on the plan to destroy
    the Energy Towers. They decided to start off with the one in Goat Land, and
    travelled to the Peace Maintainance Army to bring up the matter to Chriass.
    After hearing the situation, Chriass agreed to lend a hand and inform the
    kingdoms of Grangeil and Sheriltia about the matter. At the same time, he
    gave Zeonsilt(an experienced expert with screepers) a class S mission, that
    is to assist Merklich and party. 
    Back at the Monopolis building, Hofman mentioned that the Fomeros army will
    take care of the tower on their side while Wendy added on that Maxwell and
    his group will work on the one in Hingistan. The party is given the task to
    destroy the last one, which they managed to after a tedious advance through
    the tower.
    Irist told the rest of the party that if the ancient soaring ship which is
    currently submerged deep in the waters can be brought back up, the Infinitor
    can be destroyed because she believed its physical body is located in the
    ship. Though it was said earlier that the Infinitor is really of spirit
    form, it wouldn't make sense for it to have to come to this continent 2000
    years ago on a ship.
    When the soaring ship came up to the surface due to Irist's efforts, the
    group invaded it only to find the Infinitor using the energy gathered from the
    Pollumina trees to go back to 2000 years ago in order to kill the first spirit
    maiden, which will change history completely. With Anita's time travel
    ability and Merklich being the clone of Commander 13(the one who used to work
    for Infinitor but betrayed him 2000 years ago to fight on the spirit maiden's
    side), the group was able to travel to 2000 years ago.
    There, they helped out the spirit maiden and Commander 13 while the Infinitor
    retreated back to its original body.
    As for the rest, I won't spoil them for you.
    ---Dungeon items---                                                      [DU1]
    The title explains it all. Here is a list of the treasure chest items you can
    locate in the various dungeons(apart from the optional dungeon at Shizaaz
    where items are random) of the game according to Yurry's search ability.
    |Underground sewers under dark cat tavern|
         | Treasure 1/3: Spellbook of Raging fire              |
         | Treasure 2/3: 120 mil                               |
         | Treasure 3/3: 8 mil                                 |
    |Noschval Tunnel|
         | Treasure 1/5: Int apple                             |
         | Treasure 2/5: Gem(sacred stone+ blunt hurt)         |
         | Treasure 3/5: Tranquility manual                    |
         | Treasure 4/5: 800 mil                               |
         | Treasure 5/5: 75 mil                                |
    |Tunnel leading to Felmentia area|
         | Treasure 1/2: Gem (Magic strength)                  |
         | Treasure 2/2: Claudia's medicine                    |
    |Goat Land TG Center|
         | Treasure 1/3: 450 mil                               |
         | Treasure 2/3: Scroll of Conveyance                  |
         | Treasure 3/3: Gem(Heat haze + chemist)              |
    |Jant mountain|
         | Treasure 1/5: Gem(vigor)                            |
         | Treasure 2/5: New moon mirror                       |
         | Treasure 3/5: Slepinir's blood                      |
         | Treasure 4/5: 450 mil                               |
         | Treasure 5/5: Gem(spirit)                           |
    |Trial Cave|
         | Treasure 1/4: Gem(contemplation)                    |
         | Treasure 2/4: Claudia's medicine                    |
         | Treasure 3/4: Ramadas manual                        |
         | Treasure 4/4: Rana fruit                            |
    |Ancient battle ship|
         | Treasure 1/2: 450 mil                               |
         | Treasure 2/3: Limit Removal                         |
         | Treasure 3/3: Neara Powder(non-optional)            |
    |Kytheris Island (past) |
         | Treasure 1/3: Gem(spring thunder + Armor piercer)   |
         | Treasure 2/3: Gem(holy stone+ blunt hurt)           |
         | Treasure 3/3: Tranquility manual                    |
    |Cavern above Resistance hideout|
         | Treasure 1/2: Summoner tome                         |
         | Treasure 2/2: Scroll of Conveyance                  |
    |Hingistan Giant|
         | Treasure 1/6: Int apple                             |
         | Treasure 2/6: Limit Removal                         |
         | Treasure 3/6: Spellbook of Reflexes                 |
         | Treasure 4/6: Ramadas manual                        |
         | Treasure 5/6: Claudia's medicine                    |
         | Treasure 6/6: 500 mil                               |
    |Yarstill barracks|
         | Treasure 1/4: Maxwell's Spear(non-optional)         |
         | Treasure 2/4: Gem(knock-out + rigidity)             |
         | Treasure 3/4: Gem(physician + recovery magic)       |
         | Treasure 4/4: 5000 mil                              |
    |Hingistan Royal Castle|
         | Treasure 1/3: Gem(vigor + penance + resurrection)   |
         | Treasure 2/3: 5000 mil                              |
         | Treasure 3/3: Limit Removal                         |
    |Energy Tower(in Hingistan)|
         | Treasure 1/1: Gem(abundance + contemplation)        |
    |Ancient Soaring Ship(Present)|
         | Treasure 1/3: Elixir                                |
         | Treasure 2/3: Gem(physician + ultimate cyclopedia)  |
         | Treasure 3/3: Dandy book                            |
    |Ancient Soaring Ship(Past)|
         | Treasure 1/4: Elixir                                |
         | Treasure 2/4: Claudia's medicine                    |
         | Treasure 3/4: Ambrosia                              |
         | Treasure 4/4: Gem(mu-sou)                           |
    |Juwaina mine|
         | Treasure 1/5: Claudia's medicine                    |
         | Treasure 2/5: Bandit's tome                         |
         | Treasure 3/5: 500 mil                               |
         | Treasure 4/5: Ramadas manual                        |
         | Treasure 5/5: Dandy book                            |
    |Juwaina forest| <---Not a dungeon / Yurry's search ability does not apply
         | Treasure 1/2: Rana fruit                            |
         | Treasure 2/2: Limit Removal                         |
    ---Questions and responses(in-game)---                                    [Q1]
    This section will list the single-try(meaning you only get one chance to pick
    your options) story and character questions and responses which I think may
    1)Merklich's personality
    2)How other characters think of him/the affection rating system
    I decided to put this in a separate section instead of mixing them with the
    walkthrough for easy reference since everything here is listed in descending
    order in accordance to their occurance/timeline in the game. This also implies
    that there will be a LOT of spoilers. Furthermore, I'll try to keep to a
    translation that sticks completely to the original(sometimes even opting to
    use a word-for-word style), but there may be cases whereby I will restructure,
    summarise or even combine sentences to allow for better understanding.
    You might want to read the few points below to have a better understanding of
    how the personality and affection rating works:
    -Grayed out options are affected by Merk's personality. In other words, if you
    have been very consistent in choosing polite responses, it greatly increases
    the chance of rude options being grayed out in future options picking.
    -I believe that as with previous Growlansers, this game also uses the point
    system which will gradually affect the affection ratings. Options are attached
    with hidden + or - points.
    -Using Dandy books increases Merk's charisma by a random amount of points. I
    believe the points added will affect all of your playable characters.
    -The options you choose throughout the game does NOT only affect the party
    members who are with you, but also those who are not by your side at the
    moment as well as characters who are going to BUT haven't joined you as a
    playable character as yet. This is proven by me getting an immediate red
    affection rating for Zeon the moment he joined my party.
    An explanation of the format of the entire table goes like that of below:
                               <Time period in game>
    <Character>: <main speech/situation details>
    <Various choices, the one marked with a * is the one I think is the most
    <Explanation where deemed necessary>
    Items in () brackets are the situations or things you have to do to trigger
    the conversations. In the case of party split conversations, I will use a
    shorter line divider using '+' to separate the questions asked by various
    P/S: Although I cannot give full assurance as to which choice is the best, but
    I will indicate what I PERSONALLY think to be the more appropriate ones(a.k.a
    the ones that are sound). Take note that my recommendations are WHOLLY my own
    speculation. And that is why you don't need to follow mine if you think it's
    not what you prefer to choose.
    Now let's go on to the real thing.
                                Prologue+Esgrenz Part 1
    Lady with 2 different colored pupils: "...is it alright if you will let me
    observe whether you are the person I'm looking for?"
    1)I don't mind
    2)*Not interested
    Pick 1 to start the character making session. Pick 2 to skip right to the main
     Lenocks Research Center
    Doctor: "Do you remember your name?"
    If you want to, pick 2 to go to the name changing screen again.
    Doctor: "Any other apart from that?"
    1)Don't remember
    2)Speak randomly
    3)*Try to recall
    Anita: "...as promised, tell me about the wide wound on your chest."
    1)Ask her "What is it about a chest wound?"
    2)*Ask her "Do you know me?"
    3)Ignore her
    Anita: "...the next time you return here, you will be an enemy."
    1)*Ask her why
    2)Remain silent
    Wendy: "Are you the guard who was supposed to come and meet me? Shuweizer...
    2)*It's another person
    3)Remain silent
    Wendy: "And you are?"
    1)*Tell her your name
    2)Don't tell her your name
    Wendy: "For that well-known person to make the effort to come and meet me..."
    1)It's probably another guy with the same name
    2)He's probably just dropping by on the way back or something like that
    3)*Because Wendy is being selected to join the special unit
    4)Remain silent
    Wendy: "I'm Wendy, you are?"
    1)*Tell her your name
    2)Don't tell her your name
    Wendy: "...they must be coming in from this direction..."
    1)Ask her what is she talking about
    2)*Agree with her
    3)Remain silent
    Shuweizer: "...it seems as though you knew beforehand that it will happen...if
               there's anything, just say it."
    1)I had a premonition about it
    2)*I have been through it once
    3)I saw it in a dream
    4)Remain silent
    I think the 2nd choice is the best choice, but it probably won't be treated as
    though you are lying if you pick 1 or 3...especially when you don't know the
    story plot as yet.
     Makinus Area
    Soldier exiting the elevator: "The truce between Fomeros and Hingistan is
    great because then a private organisation like us don't need to cross over
    past the dangerous borderline and things will still be fine."
    1)Agree with him
    2)*I don't think it will go smoothly
    3)We will become jobless that way
    4)Remain silent
    Wendy: "My goal in becoming a red wolf member has come true!"
    1)I'm happy as well
    2)I'm not
    3)*Point out the mistake on how it should be 'my dream has come true'
    4)Remain silent
    As weird as it seems, 3 is the best choice in my opinion. It's sorta teasing
    her since she's using the wrong words. Nevertheless, 1 is also pretty okay I
    believe since that option may give a positive for Anita(who will become a
    playable character later on) because you are saying that you are happy to be
    part of Shuweizer's special unit.
    Wendy: "Preparations done?"
    Wendy: "...seems like I dropped them somewhere..."
    1)Look at her indifferently
    2)*Console her
    No matter which choice you pick, you get another set of options:
    1)Continue to harp on it
    2)*Let it go
    2nd choice seems better but the 1st choice doesn't yield bad results either.
     Dastis Area
    Wendy: "The trees are withered because of water pollution caused by industrial
    waste from Dastis."
    1)*Hear her out on the effects of the Pollumina trees
    2)Remain silent
    Wendy: "Have you researched about Dastis?"
    Either one will give you another set of options.
    1)*Don't scream out the name of our special unit
    2)Remain silent
    Wendy: "Do you remember what is the name used in booking the room?"
    4)Don't remember
    Wendy: "I like cooking."
    1)Surprised by the abrupt change in topic
    2)Liking it doesn't mean being good at it
    3)*Because you like it, you will become better
    4)Though you are obsessed but you must be bad at it
    Wendy: "Sorry...I..."
    1)Ask for a reason
    2)*We should first concentrate on chasing after them
    3)Remain silent and chase after those who have escaped
    Wendy: "Do you know anything from this note saying - library 4-2-B-133 - ?
    -Choosing to examine the book-
    1)Page 42 looks suspicious
    2)Page 133 looks suspicious
    3)Check out all of the pages
    4)It has got nothing to do with this book
    You can pick the 4th choice straightaway(which IMHO is the most accurate but 
    Wendy will get somewhat frustrated though) so I'd suggest choosing any of the
    other three options first.
     Makinus Area
    Wendy: "...it is horrible of them to try and obstruct the truce between
    Fomeros and Hingistan..."
    2)Don't agree
    3)Remain silent
    Wendy: "Why is he in such a haste?"
    1)Right from the start, this is an urgent issue
    2)*Confirm the battle plan with her
    3)Remain silent
    Shayer: "For clarification, do explain the battle plan to me again."
    1)*Explain to her
    2)Leave the explanation to Wendy
    Wendy: "Shizaaz...it has been a year isn't it."
    1)*Ask her what happened
    2)Remain silent
    Wendy: "Let's be off."
    1)*Express interest in what she did just now
    3)Question her about giving money to someone else
    Wendy: "So, what exactly was Shuweizer's mission?"
    1)He's actually lazing off in the village
    2)*Must be some kind of important mission
    3)Do not reply
    Shuweizer: "Is it impossible for me to do it alone? Success in battles does
    not always depend on the number of participants. If you are alone, you just
    need to adopt a method that will bring you victory."
    1)*The side which is not discovered by the enemy has the advantage
    2)You just need to defeat the enemy general
    3)Because you have the strength and abilities to fight on your own
    4)It's just impossible
    5)Remain silent
     Makinus area
    Wendy: "We are an unexpectedly good combination isn't it?"
    3)Remain silent
    Monopolis employee: "The peace talk was a failure."
    1)*Ask why
    2)Remain silent
    Monopolis employee: "...it doesn't seem to be done by the terrorists..."
    1)Claim that the terrorists are to be blamed
    2)*Agree that it's not done by the terrorists
    3)Remain silent
    Monopolis employee: "...it's good for us because if there is peace, we won't
    be able to sell our company's products..."
    2)*Can't agree
    3)Ask him why
    Wendy: "...the seal around the closed-off continent has been lifted!"
    1)I heard about it
    2)Didn't know that
    3)*Ask her what is she doing
    Wendy: "...Another continent huh...I wonder when will this mission end...?"
    1)*What's wrong?
    2)You hate it?
    3)You don't wish to leave this continent?
    Wendy: "I wonder whether it's dangerous or not and what will happen there."
    1)I'm worried as well
    2)If we got attacked, we just need to defeat the enemies
    3)*Can't be helped even if you are worried about it
     Aboard ship
    -Party splits-
    (Talk to Wendy)
    Wendy: "Is there a reason why they use such an old type of boat?"
    1)*Answer her
    2)I don't know
    3)Remain silent
    Choosing 1st choice will open up another set of options:
    1)There are not enough boats
    2)High speed boats are only suitable for short travelling distances
    3)*To match the civilization level to that of the destinated continent
    (Talk to Shuweizer)
    Shuweizer: "Do you understand what your mission is about?"
    Choosing 1st choice will open up another set of options:
    1)Serve as bodyguards for the company's personnel
    2)To get rid of the terrorists
    3)*To search for reactions to the sensor
    (Talk to Wendy again after the 10 days)
    Wendy: "A lil bit of my memory is unstable as well."
    1)Ask her where did she hear that from
    2)*Listen to the details
    3)Remain silent
    Wendy: "It's only a small part for me. But for you, it seems that you've lost
    all of your memories?"
    1)*I'd wish to recall them all
    2)It doesn't pose any inconvenience the way it is now
    3)Remain silent
                                   Goat Land part 1
    Yurry: "Is everything alright?"
    1)*It's fine
    2)It hurts
    3)Who are you
    4)What is this place
     Guylanuck area
    Terrorist: "Damn, this monster..."
    1)Kill them all
    2)*Let's join forces in defeating the screeper
    Wendy: "What will you do?"
    1)Leave it up to Wendy to decide
    2)*Let's go together
    4)Remain silent
    Wendy: "I'm Wendy, and the fairy here is Yurry, and he is..."
    1)*Tell him your name
    2)Don't tell him your name
    Wendy: "...well...an insect...got stuck...on my sleeve..."
    2)*Ask her if she dislike insects
    4)I got your weak point!
    Wendy: "It's not fair that I'm the only one whose weakness is known. Now,
    you'd better say yours as well!"
    1)I'll never say it
    2)*Tell her
    3)Ignore her
    Picking the 2nd choice will open another set of options:
    I picked the 1st but I think the other 2 are also fine...
    Yurry: "The normal person is unable to sense it, making such a thing
    unbelievable to them."
    1)I can't act according to something that I cannot agree with
    2)*What does that mean?
    3)I don't get why but I'll just do accordingly
    Rukias: "...what happened to those huge stuff that were floating in the sky?"
    1)They don't exist right from the beginning
    2)They were destroyed
    3)*Why did you ask that?
    4)Remain silent
    Rukias: "If you are going to another town, I'd like to tag alone..."
    3)Leave the decision to Wendy
     Yarjen area
    Terrorist: "You guys are from the Monopolis huh."
    3)Remain silent
    Yurry: "The war can't end because your company is selling weapons..."
    2)Don't agree
    3)Say nothing
    Though the 2nd choice is rather straightforward, but it's actually true in the
    sense that the war won't end abruptedly(though there is a high possibility
    that the war will end as according to what Wendy will say a lil bit later on
    in the game) even if monopolis stopped selling weapons. Apparantly, this is a
    rather difficult situation because both of the choices(1 and 2) have their
    valid points.
     Norstool area
    Terrorist: "It will be bad for us if the Monopolis continue to expand
    1)That is the freedom of economic tradings
    2)It's for the sake of the world
    3)*It's the same no matter which organisation wins
    4)It is indeed not good to monopolize the market
    5)Remain silent
    Yurry: "Who are those people?"
    2)People from rival companies
    3)Don't answer
    Rukias: "Did they think that their revolution was a success when common
    civilians are being hurt?"
    1)It's because they think that way that's why they are terrorists
    2)Agree with Rukias
    3)*The common civilians suffered no losses
    Rukias: "That means..."
    1)The number of terrorists dropped
    2)*Someone is gathering the terrorists together
    3)Remain silent
    Chriass: "There's something I'd like to ask, do you guys know of a man named
    1)I only know the name
    2)*Seems like he fought the Queen
    3)Know nothing
    4)Remain silent
    Wendy: "That Dragon Orb, could it be what the company is looking for?"
    2)Don't think so
    3)I don't know
     Aboard the ship
    -Party splits-
    (Talk to Wendy)
    Wendy: "I'm worried it may sink..."
    2)*Don't worry
    3)Remain silent
    Wendy: In any case, about what we discussed just now. Do you think the Dragon
    Orb is what the company is really looking for?"
    2)Don't think so
    3)I don't know
    (Talk to Rukias)
    Rukias: "Hey, where and what were you doing before coming to this continent?"
    1)*Guarding duties in the Monopolis
    2)Don't remember
    3)Don't tell him
    Rukias: "If you are the person I'm looking for, then my mission may come to an
    1)*Ask him what is the purpose of his mission
    2)Remain silent
     Totour area
    Wendy: "...why did they come here to attack us?"
    1)The Resistance has turned into terrorists
    2)They intend to snatch the seedlings and use them as monetary resources
    3)*Because the seedlings are dangerous items
    4)I don't know
    -Party splits-
    (Head to Rukias' room)
    Rukias: "...who is it?"
    1)*Tell him who you are
    2)Ignore and open the door
    Rukias: "What is it. If it's nothing important, leave now."
    1)Came to see if Rukias is fine
    2)*Ask him who is that woman
    3)Leave the room
    Rukias: "By the way, you are really strong. How did you manage to do that?"
    1)I have the attributes
    2)*Put in daily effort
    3)It's a secret
    (Need to talk to Wendy before choosing to rest)
    Wendy: "Just then..."
    1)*There was an insect again?
    2)Did you cut your finger?
     Past Noschval tunnel
    Yurry: "Miss Wendy had a very sad expression on her face awhile ago, have I
    seen wrongly?"
    1)She did look sad
    2)You've seen wrongly
    3)*Don't probe into it
    Wendy: "...what the Resistance said was true...?"
    1)A coincidence
    3)They are wrong
    4)Say nothing
     Potrad village(desolated)
    Wendy: "Who could have done that?"
    2)That Resistance woman
    4)Don't know
    Rukias: "...the rapid rise of the Monopolis may well be due to his secret
    1)I can't believe it
    2)*That's a possibility
    3)Remain silent
     Potrad village(past)
    Shuweizer: "Once these are dead, the negotiations will go smoothly."
    1)It is not fine to kill people
    2)*Lives are more important than business tradings
    3)Use force to stop him
    4)Remain silent
    I think the 1st and 2nd choices are the preferable ones.
    Wendy: "...now we are not part of the company anymore..."
    2)*I have no desire for that sort of company
    3)Do you have an affection for a company that kills people?
    Choosing either the 1st or the 2nd is better IMO because I take into
    consideration why Wendy feels bad about not being able to remain in the
    Monopolis as she still has something she wants to do there.
     Potrad village(original)
    Wendy: "If that's the case, then wouldn't he be able to go there before our
    appearance and change the history again...?"
    1)*Have no worries about that
    2)Think the same thing as Wendy
    Rukias: "Let's hurry...or else they will get their hands on the orb."
    2)Don't think so
    3)Remain silent
     GL Transgate Center
    Rukias: "The Potrad said something."
    1)Change the light to open the gate
    1)*Attach the light to go past the gate
    2)Bend the light to shut the gate
    Rukias: "However, once we catch up to them, what are you going to do?"
    1)Prevent them from using it for evil intentions
    2)Get it back for the sake of the Peace Maintenance Army
    3)Destroy it
    4)Get back the Dragon Orb
    5)Haven't thought of it
    This is pretty much free choice. If you want to please Rukias, 4th choice
    is probably the best. If you want to please Zeonsilt(another playable
    character you will get later on), the 2nd one works best. Try not to take the
    3rd though because that's rather stupid. I believe the 1st choice is a safe
    pick if you ain't sure.
                                     Esgrenz Part 2
     Leystan area
    Fomeros soldier: "Thank you for protecting the merchants from the terrorists!"
    2)Remain silent
    Yurry: "If possible, can you tell me more about this continent's current
    1)*Tell her
    2)It's not necessary
    3)Remain silent
    Hofman: "I'm innocent, and that's why I can't get caught now."
    1)*Believe him
    2)Don't believe
    3)There is no need to escape if you are innocent
    4)Ask for proof to his innocence
    Rukias: "Isn't it?"
    1)*Get back the Dragon orb
    2)There's no need to get it back
    3)Can't believe what was just said
    -Party splits-
    (Talk to Rukias)
    Rukias: "So you are the real Brave Guard after all."
    1)*It seems so
    2)This must be some sort of mistake
    3)Remain silent
    Rukias: "Your current strength is not up to par with what I've heard about
    1)*Prompt him to continue with more details
    2)Remain silent
    Rukias: "That is why, I'll start by surpassing you!"
    1)You can't
    2)*Surpass in what?
    3)Can easily be done
    Rukias: "I'll become stronger and stronger no matter where and what."
    1)*I'm rooting for you
    2)It's impossible
    3)Ask him why
    Rukias: "It's floating in the sky isn't it?"
    1)Think of a way to enter the Admonisher
    2)Impossible to prevent it from happening
    3)*Make the 2 armies retreat
    4)Remain silent
    Hofman: "Any other thing you wanna know?"
    1)*Tell him about the shooting by Admonisher
    2)Ask for a way to make the Fomeros army retreat
     Jant mountain area
    Rukias: "...you will grow if you sleep...?"
    1)That's right
    2)It's not that
    3)*You won't grow if you only sleep
    Yurry: "I wonder if Miss Wendy was successful in retreating the Hingistan
    1)*Believe in her
    Rukias: "Why is that?"
    1)There's no basis for that
    2)*It's pointless to shoot if there are very few soldiers
    3)Don't know
    Rukias: "The problem lies in enemy forces using that sort of weapon."
    2)*It's unknown why they did not bring it back to the company
    3)Remain silent
                                   Goat Land Part 2
    Yurry: "That was created by Shuweizer for travelling back to the past."
    1)Let's search for the same thing again
    2)*Think about what Shuweizer did
    3)Remain silent
    Yurry: "Attacking using the wrong way may cause it to multiply, if that
    happens again..."
    1)it's impossible for us to defeat it
    2)*Search for the way on how Zeakvalt did it
    Chriass: "What do you want to know?"
    1)*Is there anyone who knows more about Zeakvalt?
    2)Who is Zeakvalt?
    Merchant: "...do you know where is the Potrad village?"
    2)Don't know
    Merchant: "...please lead me there."
    2)No way
     Potrad village
    Wendy: "Our best course of action now is to look for someone who is familiar
    with ruins on this continent."
    1)Let's just start searching
    2)*Does Yurry have any idea on who?
    3)Remain silent
    Randy: "...you have no choice but to search for a way."
    1)*I know of one
    2)Can't think of anything
    If you pick the 1st choice,
    Yurry: "Eh, do you? and that is..."
    1)Potrad village
    2)*Monopolis building
    3)Hingistan army base
    -Party splits-
    (Approach Rukias)
    1)Not interested in other people's matters
    2)*Try to ask him someday
    2)Tell Yurry to ask him
    (Enter and leave the inn. Enter again and talk to Wendy)
    Wendy: "I'd like to cook something, do you want to try some?"
    Wendy: "How is it?"
    1)*Give compliments
    2)It is terrible + get angry
    3)Remain silent
    Wendy: "Yeah...I started cooking after I joined the Monopolis."
    1)*Then you are good at it
    2)Then you'd better work on it
    3)You don't need to force yourself to do it
     Village of the Dragon Orb protectors
    Elder: "...well, where's the proof?"
    2)*I am the proof
    3)Remain silent
    Rukias: "So just like the last time, we are supposed to go there via the path
    through low tide?"
    1)Use the same route as before
    2)That route is dangerous
    3)*Use a boat
    4)Remain silent
     Peace Maintenance Army area
    Zeonsilt: "I'm Zeonsilt from the Peace Maintenance Army's operations
    department. Nice to meet you.
    1)*Greet him
    2)Don't greet him
    Wendy: "...do you know where is it?"
     Yarjen area
    Neilis: "...just how many times do you wish to appear before me? Just how many
    times do you wish to be killed by me?"
    1)There's no such thing
    2)*What are you talking about?
    3)Remain silent and focus on the battle
    Iristelessa: "...the infinitor's soul is within him."
    1)Can't believe that
    3)Remain silent
    Yurry: "...and Neilis had this with her, which implies that..."
    1)*She snatched it away 400 years ago
    2)Neilis had some connections to the village
    3)Don't think about it
    Yurry: "...how do you feel about these memories?"
    1)An extremely strong hatred towards the sacred maiden
    2)*Feel sad for her
    3)Nothing in particular
    1st choice is also fine.
     Potrad village entrance
    (Approach Neilis)
    Neilis: "...who are you...?
    1)Just a common traveller
    2)*Bother not about me and instead express concern for her
    3)Remain silent
    Neilis: "So, what is the matter?"
    1)What are you doing here?
    2)Who are you?
    3)Do you have any acquaintances?
    You can ask any question you want to and pick the 4th once you are done.
     Leystan area
    Iristelessa "..."
    1)*Encourage her to meet him
    2)It's not necessary to meet him
    3)Remain silent
    Yurry: "...isn't there anything that can be done for her?"
    1)Give a present
    2)Leave behind a potrait of her
    3)Have fun
    4)No need
    I can't determine which is the best, but Yurry actually gave better responses
    with the 1st and 3rd choices.
                                    Esgrenz Part 3
    Iristelessa: "Do you have any questions?"
    1)The Infinitor's real identity
    2)Infinitor's objective
    3)What will happen if we leave it as it is?
    You have the choice to ask all questions before picking the 4th one.
    Iristelessa: "Can't anything be done?"
    1)Climb up the wall of the building
    2)*Look for a way to get the Card Key
    3)Give up
    The 1st choice is a great idea only that this game ain't spiderman or shinobi
    related =)
    Iristelessa: "...tell me again what I should do."
    1)*Tell her to hang in there
    2)Do you want to get caught!?
    3)Follow Rukias
    4)Follow Wendy
    I think any of the choices above is fine, since it's part of your battle
    commands. However, the 2nd one doesn't seem to be very good.
    Neilis: "All my suffering will end once you are dead."
    1)You are the one who is going to die
    2)*I don't intend to die
    3)Challenge her to try it
    4)How annoying...
    Iristelessa: "..."
    1)My mission is not over
    2)*This time round, it's your turn to help us
    3)Remain silent
    Rukias: "What should we do with the Infinitor's soul that is within the
    1)Look for another way to seal it
    2)*Defeat it instead of sealing
    3)Can't do anything
    2nd choice opens a set of options:
    1)Defeat the president
    2)*Destroy the spirit being
    Rukias: "So, is the Infinitor only of spirit form?"
    1)*It's impossible for it to have only a spirit form
    3)Don't know
     Resistance hideout
    Rukias: "So you created the Resistance for the citizens' sake?. Then why not
    let your identity be known?"
    1)Agree with Rukias
    2)*Don't agree
    3)Say nothing
    Maxwell: "I brought her out of the village before it was attacked and escaped
    from the Monopolis."
    1)Why didn't you tell the villagers?
    2)*Express understanding regarding his actions
    3)Remain silent
    You can pick the 1st as well which sounds more like a doubt instead of blaming
    him for not informing the villagers. If you didn't, Rukias will ask him that
    question anyway.
    Wendy: "It's not because you lost them, but rather they don't exist right
    from the start?"
    -Party splits-
    (Talk to Yurry)
    Yurry: "A lot has happened."
    2)It is going to continue
    3)Remain silent
    (Talk to Wendy)
    Wendy: "It's because I knew that he joined the Monopolis after leaving the
    1)How did you know that?
    2)*And that is why you admired the red wolf army?
    3)Remain silent
    "With this, my mission has ended..."
    1)*Are you going back to the castle?
    2)It's not over yet
    3)Remain silent
    (Talk to Wendy again)
    Wendy: "What is it?"
    1)Have you gotten better at cooking?
    2)*Would you like your brother to taste your cooking?"
    3)Don't say anything
    Wendy:"Even though I'm able to cook now, but both of them won't return
    1)*I will eat
    2)Let your brother eat
    3)Remain silent
    (Talk to Rukias)
    Rukias: "Anyway, now we know about your real identity. So, the main culprit
    behind all these is the Monopolis..."
    2)*Not the Monopolis but the Infinitor
    3)Remain silent
    (Try to talk to Iristelessa)
    Iristelessa: "...I'm sorry...the mission...I..."
    1)It's already over
    2)*Just rest for now
    3)Remain silent
     Shizaaz area
    (Talk to Neilis)
    Neilis: "Do you know where is President Brandole?"
    1)Monopolis building
    Either is fine but the 1st may be somewhat better because at least you are
    telling her something you knew.
    Neilis: "If you are a real human, then tell me! Why didn't he praise me?"
    1)*Because you failed at something
    2)Because the president don't bother about such a thing
    3)I don't know
    Hofman: "Are you guys from the Monopolis as well?"
    Free choice IMO, because neither is completely true.
    Hofman: "...however, I'd like to return immediately if I am washed clean of my
    1)Help him out
    2)*Do you have any objective to start with?
    3)Remain silent
    -Party splits-
    (Talk to Hofman)
    Hofman: "Besides Shizaaz, do you have any other ideas when given keywords such
    as 'ports' and 'ships'?"
    2)Don't know
    3)What's the intention in asking this question?
    Hofman: "That's why, I'd like to check and affirm his safety..."
    1)*Express admiration
    2)I'm rooting for you
    3)Remain silent
    (Talk to Rukias)
    Yurry: "However, judging from Rukias' age 5 years ago, that can't be
    1)Watch over his progress and growth silently
    2)*The real reason is what happened after the attack on the village
    3)Get angry and tell him to say the truth!
    (Approach Wendy)
    Boy: "Did the big sister give the money as condolence because she thought that
    the uncle was dead...?"
    1)*I'll tell her the truth
    2)There are adults' issues
    3)Only the persons involved know what's going on
    (Talk to Wendy after picking 1st choice above)
    Wendy: "The sea is great!, but I dislike boats..."
    2)Don't think so
    3)*Tell her what the boy said
    You can pick the 1st choice, and talk to her again for the options again. But
    once you choose the 3rd choice, you don't have a second chance.
    Rukias: "Is that okay with you?"
    Yurry: "Even though we managed to prevent the congregation countries from
    being annihilated..."
    1)*Suggest to stop it from happening
    2)Ask for everyone's suggestions
    3)Remain silent
    Hofman: "It is for the sake of my homeland, but I personally would like to
    prevent it as well."
    1)The more people to help out, the better
    2)*The more people with the same convictions, the better
    3)Refuse his offer
     Hingistan Giant
    Yurry: "...it seems as though Wendy knew that enemy soldier."
    1)Not interested
    2)*Ask Wendy about it
    Wendy: "What exactly is going on?"
    1)Didn't want to let you know that he's alive
    2)*He's the one who embezzled the army funds
    3)Don't know
    Wendy: "There must be a reason why she did that..."
    1)*Someone has been taken hostage
    2)Being threatened, that's all
    Rukias: "Now that you mentioned it, Shuweizer said something that caught my
    1)There's only 1 chance to get back the Giant
    2)*The Dragon orb can't be used on my old man's tower
    3)Don't remember
    Rukias: "The problem is where."
    1)We'll just have to search around for any information
    2)*Yarstill barracks look suspicious
    3)Gather information in Leystan
    4)To play safe, let's head to Makinus
    Pick the 2nd or 3rd choice. 2nd is the exact location but the 3rd is what the
    game requires you do before you head to the barracks.
     Leystan area
    Yurry: "This happened because Maxwell is missing..."
    1)Let's make haste to save him
    2)*It's easy to gather information in this town
    3)Remain silent
    Wendy: "However, that facility belongs to the Monopolis."
    1)It's dangerous to go there
    2)*We have no choice but to go there 
    Yurry: "Is Neilis really a mechanical weapon?"
    1)She's just following orders
    2)In reality, she has a human heart
    3)This isn't the first time
    4)Don't answer
    Try the 1st or 2nd because Yurry disagrees with the 3rd. For me, I prefer the
     Lenocks center
    Wendy: We shall we do then?
    1)Let's attack together
    2)*Have 2 persons stay here to lure the enemies
    3)Let's return for now and get prepared
    Yurry: "Now let's search for the lady who had the operation before the enemy
    finds us."
    1)I don't know where she is
    2)*I know where she is
    3)Remain silent
    Anita: "Did you remember me?"
    Anita: "...I know you do not recall anything about me but did any other
    memories return?"
    Rukias: "So it's a one-attempt thing huh..."
    1)We have been lucky
    2)*That's why Shuweizer gave up
    3)Remain silent
    Anita: "Do you know anything? Please tell me."
    1)*Tell her about the Infinitor
    2)Leave to the others to explan to her
    3)Remain silent
     Aboard boat to Yarstill
    Yurry: "I still have many things that I don't understand about humans..."
    1)Anita has always been very bold
    2)*Agree with Yurry
    3)Remain silent
    I don't think the 1st is very appropriate because it's not really true.
    Anita: "The future that I hope for will come...that somehow gives me courage."
    1)*That's why we should work towards that
    2)Don't think it will go that smoothly
    3)Remain silent
    Iristelessa: "The Shuweizer in the future went through that and asked me to
    convey it to the present Shuweizer."
    1)*We should work together since our goal is the same
    2)Don't depend on him
    3)Tell her the possibility of him becoming the next Infinitor
    Iristelessa: "If that happens again...I won't...be able to bear with it..."
    1)*I'm not going to die
    2)For the sake of the world, you should endure
    3)And you call yourself the sacred maiden!?
    Shuweizer: "In other words, the moment the first tower is stopped, we must
    destroy the 3 remaining towers within 3 hours."
    1)Can't we take over the control of the towers?
    2)Using the Giant?
    None of the choices are wrong imo so it shouldn't make too much of a
    difference no matter which you pick.
                                    Esgrenz Part 4
    Iristelessa: "However, to think he would kill him..."
    1)The spare body is no longer needed
    2)A high risk to leave him alive
    3)Make things easier for the Infinitor
    I believe all three are acceptable.
    Yurry: "I'd like to ask about the Brave Guard who died protecting Iris..."
    1)Wait for the conversation progress
    2)*Want to hear about it
    (Speak to man at dock with Hofman in party)
    Hofman: "Well, how am I supposed to tell this to the boy..."
    1)Just speak frankly
    2)*Don't say anything to him as yet
    3)Up to you
    (Speak to Wendy near the equipment store)
    1)*Able to fight without worries
    2)It's fine even if I were alone
    Wendy: "Can't we save Shuweizer as well?"
    2)Perhaps we can
    I think the 2nd choice is acceptable too because it sounds as if you are
    sorta comforting her.
    Wendy: "Above that, she's working hard as the president."
    1)*Wendy has also been very calm
    2)Wendy is weak
     Leystan area
    Hofman: "...if we leave it be, things are going to get ugly!"
    1)*Make haste to save him
    2)Leave it to everyone else
    3)How troublesome...
    Hofman: "How is it?"
    1)*There's a significant connection
    2)Nothing out of the blue
    3)Didn't know what this is all about
    1st choice opens another set of options:
    1)*All start with AH 32
    2)All start with AM 32
    3)All start with AW 32
    Yurry: "A present..."
    1)The real criminal
    2)*The current fugitive
    3)Nothing of that
    Yurry: "...could it be Wendy...?"
    3)*Someone else
    4)Not interested in tihs topic
    -Party splits-
    (Talk to Rukias)
    Yurry: "Have I said something that's not needed?"
    1)You did
    2)The reality is harsh
    3)*Allow for analyzing the situation
    Pick 3rd choice and you get to make more choices:
    1)You will give up once you know what is the situation
    2)*Bring Rukias back to the past no matter what
    Yurry: "I wouldn't say it's impossible, but the danger involved..."
    1)*Even so, let's do it
    2)Don't risk it
    (Talk to Rukias again)
    Rukias: "Hey...no, it's nothing..."
    1)Leave without saying a word
    2)Try to make him talk a bit
    2)*Can't make a decision?
    Rukias: "Hey. Answer me honestly. Have I gotten stronger?
    (Talk to Iristelessa)
    Iristelessa: "...what am I supposed to do?"
    1)Just buy something
    2)Just sell something
    3)*It can be fun just browsing around
    Iristelessa: "Just say no if you don't want to..."
    1)*Let her visit
    (Ask for Merne at the jewel store and stay at inn. Refer to Wendy's side quest
    for more details on the steps)
    Merne: "Erm, what is it that you wish to talk to me about?"
    1)*Affirm whether she is Merne
    2)Remain silent
    Yurry: "Did you have a nightmare?"
    3)Remain silent
    Since the dream itself doesn't really have anything bad, I think saying 'No'
    is better.
     Leystan area
    -Party splits-
    (Try to exit Leystan and pick 'There's something about that red wolf member
    that troubles me' and talk to the red wolf member 2 screens south of Leystan)
    Shuweizer: "...used the equipment that was brought to Lenocks."
    1)Why didn't you let us know you are alive?
    2)*Understood why he did not introduce himself
    2nd choice brings up a set of options:
    1)For Anita's sake
    2)So that you don't need to fight as what you did in the past
    3)*Strategy against the Infinitor
    (Talk to Irist)
    Iristelessa: "Throw it away if you think it doesn't match your look!"
    1)I may throw it away later on
    3)Be really happy and hug her
    You can pick the 2nd or the 3rd. If you are trying to get her ending, it's
    obvious the 3rd will be better.
     Near Hingistan Giant
    Wendy: "I believe you've heard about the next step of the battle plan?"
    1)*Hurry on to L'Hingis
    2)What about the soldiers here?
    3)Remain silent
    Wendy: "Was it okay without me?"
    1)Same as always
    2)*Felt insecure
    3)Worried about Wendy
    Wendy doesn't like anyone thinking she's weak, so the 3rd choice will actually
    offend her.
    Wendy: "...Thank you...I'm fine..."
    1)I'm glad you felt better
    2)*You are always welcomed
    3)Let's get going
    I believe the 1st is okay too but I always picked the 2nd choice.
    Wendy: "..."
    1)What are you thinking?
    2)Let's make the revolution a success
    3)Say nothing
    Pick either the 1st or 2nd one.
    1)It's too late to worry about it now
    2)*Maxwell is correct
    3)Do you wish to stop the revolution?
    Maxwell: "I will only be a handicap to you guys."
    1)*Leave it to us
    2)Tell him about Wendy's concern
    Wendy will not be happy if you choose the 2nd choice. She just doesn't like
    showing her weaknesses...imo.
    -Party splits-
    (Approach Irist)
    Yurry: "...can't see anything but..."
    1)Not interested
    2)*Walk up and take a look
    3)Tell Yurry to take a peek
    (Talk to Rukias)
    Rukias: "And you are able to change the impossible into possible feats...with
    that, I don't think I have any chance at winning."
    1)Be arrogant
    2)*Be modest
    3)Remain silent
    Rukias: "If we can try to save Lera as many times as we want, I wouldn't be
    so worried and scared."
    1)Do you intend to throw away that chance?
    2)Right from the start, that chance doesn't exist
    3)*One chance is enough
    (Talk to Wendy)
    Wendy: "But...I have no answer to that..."
    1)Make the monopolis your home
    2)*There's a place among the comrades where you should be
    3)Just enter the revolution council
    (Choose to rest)
    Yurry: "...why am I a fairy? It would be great if I'm a human being like
    everyone else..."
    1)If you are a human, we can't travel through time
    2)It's a pointless thought
    3)*What would you like to do if you are a human?
    (Ask to meet Merne)
    Wendy: "...I wonder if she'll be able to see my growth?
    1)*Just show her the way you are now
    2)I don't know
    [P/S: At this point in time, you should have red ratings for Wendy, Rukias,
    Anita and Irist. Don't worry if they are still at green though. Hofman is the
    toughest nut to crack in the entire game for me but he should be at green
    now since his side quest should have been completed by now.]
    Wendy: "Why are there screepers? There are pollumina trees growing there..."
    1)They developed the immunity
    2)*It doesn't have any effect right from the beginning
    3)Reason is unknown
    Iristelessa: "The towers are devices that absorb energy as well. His motives
    are the same."
    1)What does he intend to do with the gathered energy?
    2)Look at the reactions of others
    3)Why does he want to absorb the energy?
    You can pick the 1st or 3rd choice.
    Iristelessa: "Yes."
    2)What about the screepers
    3)*What about the tower on the sealed continent?
     Peace Maintenance Army
    (You are supposed to give her the pollumina seedling earlier on and talk to
    her in her research lab at this point in time)
    Fanil: "Please don't tell anyone else, okay?"
    1)Can't promise that
    2)*Promise her
    Chriass: "Now that the Queen is defeated, wasn't the problem already solved?"
    1)Leave to Yurry to explain
    2)It is solved
    3)*Tell him about the one that created the Queen
     Potrad village entrance
    Yurry: "...is she unable to see again?"
    1)*Ask everyone to wait here
    2)It's better not to go near her
    Neilis: "...it seems like some sort of fate."
    2)*It's a fated encounter
    3)Putting aside that, what do you want
    Neilis: "W...why are you here!? Where did he go!?"
    1)I was here right from the start
    2)*I am he
    3)So you discovered it huh...
     Lenocks Research Center
    (Bring Zeon and talk to Fanil at the center after you have done the earlier
    events related to his side quest)
    Zeonsilt: "If I lose that ability, following you guys will become
    1)Even so, it's better for you to drink it
    2)*It's not solely for that ability that I depend on you
    3)Delay it till a later time
    If you pick the 1st or 2nd choice,
    Zeonsilt: "Do believe in Fanil. Sorry, but give me a while."
    1)Do hurry
    2)*We will be waiting
    3)I don't have the time for that
    4)Say nothing
     Energy Tower
    Yurry: "If we don't stop this..."
    1)*We will put an end to this for sure
    2)We don't have the time to be having a conversation here
    3)Proceed without saying anything
    (Conversation with Shayer and party)
    "Well, what are we going to do next."
    1)*Destroy the Soaring ship
    2)Search for Brandole
    3)Follow suggestions given by the others
     Land village
    -Party splits-
    (Talk to Irist)
    Irist: "From now on, I am going spend one night to syncronize myself with the
    land's energy in order to concentrate it on the submerged Soaring ship."
    1)Express thanks
    2)*Tell her about my real identity
    (Talk to Anita if you brought her along)
    Anita: "Compared to the others, I didn't get to participate in much battles.
    This made me feel as though I am just a burden."
    1)Can't be helped
    2)*There are things only Anita can do
    3)Remain silent
    (Talk to Zeon if you brought him along)
    Zeon: "What do you intend to do after this fight is over?"
    1)Work at the Monopolis
    2)*Join the Peace Maintenance Army
    3)Haven't thought of it
    (Choose to rest)
    Yurry: "...it's still in the middle of the night..."
    1)Concerned about the situation outside
    2)*Concerned about Yurry
    3)Return back to sleep immediately
    Yurry: "...it will only trouble the other party if I became a human just for
    the sake of my own ego."
    2)*What if the other party has fallen in love as well?
    (Leave the inn and try to approach Iristelessa)
    1)*What do you come here for?
    2)Assume she's here to kill Irist
    3)It's better for you to surrender
    Neilis: "I came to protect the sacred maiden."
    1)Doubt my ear
    2)Doubt Neilis
    3)*Believe her
    Neilis: "Now that the towers cannot be used, the only one who can bring the
    Soaring ship back up is the sacred maiden. Good thing you all decided to raise
    the Soaring ship up."
    1)Stop the rising process
    2)*Continue with it
    Shayer: "You will be boarding the 1st boat that sets off so spend tonight
    thinking over which members you are going to bring with you."
    1)*Worried about attacks by screepers
    -Party splits-
    (Talk to Wendy)
    Wendy: "...how do you think about it?"
    1)Can't be helped to think about that now
    2)*Because everyone is needed
    3)Because you are strong
    Wendy: "So I'm going back after all huh..."
    1)Suggest her to go back
    2)Suggest her to remain at the Monopolis
    3)*Point out that she's no longer royalty
    4)To come back alive is the main priority
    (Talk to Anita)
    Anita: "...what is it?"
    1)*You give a different impression from when we first met
    2)About Shuweizer, it's a pity
    3)You aren't suitable as the president representative
    (Talk to Zeonsilt)
    Zeon: "...to achieve the goal."
    1)*I'm depending on you
    2)Don't expect anything out of you
    (Talk to Hofman)
    Hofman: "I was recalling the things that happened when we first met."
    1)*Many things have happened
    2)Must be caused by old age
    3)Remain silent
    Hofman: "I have never seen someone like you before. One who thinks that
    there's no such thing as impossible."
    3)Remain silent
    The 1st is fine too.
    (Talk to Irist)
    Iristelessa: "I have been trying so badly to suppress that weakness."
    1)Comfort her
    2)*There's no need to bear with it anymore
    (Talk to Rukias)
    Rukias: "...the only chance now. That's why, will you accompany me back to the
    Yurry: "It's finally the time."
    1)*Let's fight to the very end
    3)What will happen will
     Ancient Soaring Ship
    Brandole: "I admit defeat for this fight."
    1)It's the end
    2)*Be prepared
    3)All that's left is you
    Yurry: "...time travel!?"
    1)2000 years is impossible no matter how old he may be
    2)*It's possible with use of the Pollumina fruits
    The 1st choice is not contradicting to the plot since the Infinitor is using
    Brandole's body, therefore the amount of years he can travel back is
    restricted by Brandole's age, not his(especially since he's not human).
    Anita: "2000 years are just too much..."
    1)*Tell her about myself
    2)Remain silent
    Anita: "Especially you, since at that time the others weren't born yet, but
    for you the risk is very great."
    2)*It's nothing compared to Anita's health
    3)It's nothing compared to the destruction of the world
    ---Names summary---                                                       [N1]
    Many Kanji word forms can be difficult to translate into English without
    sounding out of place or even weird. This is something we see even in some
    professional translations. However, for people who don't know how to pronounce
    the words, using romaji all over the place is very confusing. Using Japanese
    characters is meaningless because people who don't understand is not gonna go
    and match each and every word, and people who understand don't need them here.
    Therefore, I will explain in details here some of the translated names in this
    FAQ to avoid pointless arguments as well as any doubts that may occur while
    playing the game and reading this FAQ.
    If you would like provide me with more appropriate words to use, I welcome
    those emails.
    1)Goat Land:
    Goat Land is the continent G5 took place on and the originally sealed off
    continent in VI. It was said that Esgrenz has gotten peace through
    sacrificing that of Goat Land's, thus making the continent a scapegoat kinda
    idea, and so the name Goat Land. I thought I had put an explanation in case
    anyone wonders what the whole stuff is about.
    2)Dai-chi no Pen-dan-to:
    'Daichi' itself can refer to 'Earth', 'Land' and so on. But since this game
    is not Star Ocean, I think using 'Earth' is inappropriate, and so I decided
    to go with 'Land' == 'Land's pendant'.
    'Miko' has many representations to a person/maiden who is pure and serving a
    god, sacred child kinda meaning, or at least in those I have seen. Another
    meaning would be a more modern form, which is a medium or someone who uses
    sorcery and so on. However, for Irist in this game, none of those references
    really match. Therefore I used 'spirit maiden' instead.
    'Ryuu' is dragon, the same for 'ryuu gyoku'(which I translate as Dragon Orb)
    and 'ryuu-myaku'(which can be translated as Dragon Vein). 'Ketsu' means a
    hole. 'To' is tower. In this case, it becomes Dragon hole tower. I don't mind
    if anyone insist on that or something similar, but since the towers are used
    to gather energy from the Dragon Vein to raise the soaring ship, I think
    'Energy Tower' sounds better. I don't want to be labelled as a big failure
    like the one who translated Suikoden's Star Dragon Sword just because I can't
    pinpoint an exact meaning but still want to stick to translating word for word
    no matter what, especially since I'm not paid to do this FAQ.
    5)Hei-wa i-ji gu-n
    Peace Maintainence Army is a word for word translation. My serious lack of
    vocabulary shows a lot here.
    'Ama'='sky', 'kakeru' = flying, 'fune' = 'ship', so it becomes 'Soaring Ship'.
    It's actually written as po-ryu-mi-ne which as mentioned in a part of this
    FAQ, is the short form for pollution(po-ryu) elimination(mi-ne). Even though
    it's mi-ne(in terms of pronounciation), I used mi-na because that's really
    taken directly from the word 'eli(mina)tion'.
    8)Sei-bo no hi-yaku
    For me, seibo is really difficult to translate to a decent english word so
    since this seibo is named Claudia, I decided to go with Claudia's medicine.
    --Item and manual listing--                                              [IT1]
    Name of item     | Description                                |  Function
    Healing drug     |Drug made from boiling herbs. Increases     | Restores small
                     |the rate of recovery by applying it on the  | amount of HP
                     |wound.                                      |
    Recovery         |Medicine made from herbs gathered from the  | Restores
    medicine         |mountain tops. Though it's somewhat highly  | average amount
                     |priced but the recovery effect is higher as | of HP
                     |well.                                       |
    Seibo's medicine |A mysterious medicine created by the seibo  | Restore full
                     |Claudia who passed the knowledge on to      | HP
                     |injured travellers.                         |
    Elixir           |Precious liquid medicine invented while     | Restore full
                     |researching a medicine for immortality.     | HP of party
    Ambrosia         |Magical fruit which gives off a sweet smell.| Restores small
                     |Very precious due to difficulty in growing  | amount of MP
                     |it.                                         |
    Poison removal   |Herb that is able to neutralize poison in   | Cures Poison
    herb             |the body. Just rubbing it on the wound      | and Venom
                     |produces sufficient effect.                 |
    Restorative      |Medicine made from herb essences. Able to   | Cures Faint
                     |heal faintness and numbness.                | and Paralysis
    Henloda          |Medicine made from boiling herbs picked from| Cures Petrify
                     |the southern areas. Allow for blood         |
                     |circulation of the entire body.             |
    Panacea          |Magical herb created by the sages. Due to   | Cures all bad
                     |its ability to heal all types of poison, it | status effects
                     |is called all-purpose medicine.             | apart from
                     |                                            | Fallen
    Nectar           |Wine made from celestial fruits. Able to    | Restore from
                     |restore a fallen person during battle.      | Fallen
    Slephnir's blood |Blood of the celestial stallion. Drinking it| Use Dash
                     |will give a boost in speed                  |
    Lucky symbol     |Medallion drawn on by the goddess of luck.  | Limit is
                     |Increases rank of obtained items by 1.      | rank 24
    Alsorb bell      |Bell owned by the legendary bandit Alsorb.  | Obtain an
                     |Gives off sounds indicating where the       | item from
                     |treasure is located.                        | enemy
    Vit's medicine   |Drug made by the great sage Vit. Able to    | Reduces
                     |relieve stiffness and enable instant        | rigidity time
                     |movment.                                    | period
    Life apple       |Fruit picked from the great tree by priests | STR increase
                     |worshipping the land goddess.               | by 1 to 4
    INT apple        |Fruit picked from the tree that existed     | INT increase
                     |since the world was created. Contains       | by 1 to 4
                     |knowledge from the origin                   |
    Gale apple       |Blue apple picked from the tree protected by| DEX increase
                     |the Wind Sprite. Only produces 1 apple a    | by 1 to 4
                     |year.                                       |
    Dandy book       |Book written for making a man dandy. Gains  | Charm UP
                     |attention from both genders after reading it|
    Blessing bell    |Golden hard bell imbued with blessings.     | Reduce 10
                     |However, cracks upon one ringing.           | levels while
                     |                                            | retaining
                     |                                            | abilities
    Secret manual    |Manual written by an unknown author on the  | Gives 100
                     |the techniques of learning skills           | technique
                     |                                            | points
    Ramadas manual   |Manual containing the mastery of all skills | Gain 250
                     |written by the legendary warrior Ramadas.   | technique
                     |Contains the secrets of learning techniques.| points
    Ravas stone      |Stone containing strong thoughts of a sage. | Add 15 points
                     |Extend use of equipment.                    | to plates in
                     |                                            | the learning
                     |                                            | process
    Ediel stone      |Stone containing strong thoughts of an elf. | Add 55 points
                     |Extend use of equipment.                    | to plates in
                     |                                            | the learning
                     |                                            | process
    Mirror of 1st    |Reflects self in mirror in serenity makes   | Change flow
    crescent         |it possible to change the direction of      | direction up
                     |abilities learning                          |
    Mirror of last   |Reflects self in mirror in serenity makes   | Change flow
    crescent         |it possible to change the direction of      | direction down
                     |abilities learning                          |
    New moon mirror  |Reflects a double image in mirror makes it  | Allow free
                     |possible to freely change the direction of  | plate flow
                     |abilities learning                          | direction
    Eclipse mirror   |Reflects a double image in mirror makes it  | Allow dual
                     |possible to freely change the direction of  | plate flow
                     |abilities learning                          | directions
    Visional scent   |Leads to mind and body contemplation,       | Adds 50 plate
                     |effect is the same as training for days     | points
    Clear incense    |Leads to mind and body contemplation,       | Adds 250 plate
                     |effect is the same as training for a long   | points
                     |period of time                              |
    Free scroll      |A card that causes hypnotism and switches   | Swap plate
                     |memories. Able to change learnt techniques  | positions
                     |                                            |
    Scroll of        |A precious scroll created by a sorceror for | Copy plate to
    Conveyance       |teaching his disappointing disciples.       | another
                     |                                            | character's
                     |                                            | stock
    Forgetfulness    |Poison created by a sorceror for removing   | Remove a plate
    venom            |knowledge from an excommunicated disciple.  | from the tree
                     |Loses all technique experience              |
    Limit removal    | A secret skill that breaks through the     | Obtain a 2nd
                     | limit of mastering skills                  | plate of the
                     |                                            | same skill
    Impact drug      | Forcefully executes impact when used on    | Immediate
                     | gems(use it at the gem combination menu)   |impact function
    Gem dividing drug| Separates a gem containing 2 or more bonus | Separate gem
                     | abilities(use at the gem combination menu) | abilities
     Name of book             | Skill/magic given 
     Earth                    | Sand shot
     Snow                     | Ice barette
     Fire                     | Fire arrow
     Gale                     | Wind edge
     Shinkon(mind&spirit)     | MP drain
     Mental conveyance        | Cycle Up
     Miracle                  | Healing
     Counter                  | Counter
     Killer                   | All-round attack
     Bandit                   | Plunder
     Berserker                | Berserk
     Summoner                 | Strengthen magic
     Increase stamina         | HP UP
     Increase spirit          | MP UP
     Increase movement        | MOV UP
     Strengthen eyesight      | Accuracy UP
     Quickness                | Shorten attack rigidity time
     Chants                   | Shorten chant time
     Magic principles         | Reduce MP usage
     Body collaboration       | HP absorb
     Spirit collaboration     | MP absorb
     Strengthen life          | Prevention of status
                              | abnormalities
     Exchange                 | Shadow mist
     Healing ability          | Regenerate
     Tranquility              | MP regeneration 
    --Character quests--                                                      [C1]
    This section lists the character quests. You might want to pair usage of this
    with the questions and response section for a more detailed reference.
    At Shizaaz(after you meet Hofman the 2nd time), try to walk to where Wendy is
    after party separates, after that, talk to the boy and choose that you will
    explain things to Wendy. Talk to Wendy again and choose to tell her what the
    boy mentioned. In the first mission at the entrance of the Giant, bring Wendy
    over to talk to Beckel(the captain). After the mission, rest inside the Giant
    and choose to ask Wendy about the matter.
    After you have finished the mission at the black market against Wellber, talk
    to the man located near the inn's entrance(in Royferon), he will mention
    Merne. Go to the jewel shop and talk to the owner to ask to meet his wife.
    Then stay at the inn. After the revolution at Hingistan, talk to Wendy when
    party separates at L'Hingis(she's at the castle front) and choose to tell her
    about Merne. Next, bring her back to the jewel shop at Royferon and talk to
    the owner again. Suggest to Wendy to cook up a meal for Merne. That will
    trigger the ingredients searching quest. Get [Rare item: Spices Set], [Rare
    item: Fish], [Rare item: Hingistan Fruits] and [Rare item: Fresh Potrad
    Vegetables] from the respective places: item shops at Royferon, Shizaaz,
    L'Hingis and the Potrad who gave you the gate opener/gate ring at Potrad
    village. Once finished, head back to Royferon and stay at the inn. That will
    trigger the last event of Wendy's quest.
    *Thanks to yung tian huei for telling me he still managed to get Wendy's
    ending despite not doing the ingredients searching quest, which means it is
    optional. He said the triggering point for the quest is during a conversation
    with Wendy at the Resistance hideout: to choose whether Wendy intends to let
    Maxwell try her cooking. I haven't confirmed this, but to respond to his
    request of putting up a note, so here it is.
    For Rukias, things will start off automatically when the party stay at the inn
    during the course of the game. 3 times you will hear Rukias having the same
    nightmare. At Shizaaz(after you meet Hofman the 2nd time), talk to Rukias to
    ask him why he wants to get stronger, then choose the option of 'the real
    reason is what happened after the attack on the village' to learn of what
    happened to him and Lera when he was younger. At the screen north and then
    east of Leystan, go to the lower right and investigate the small time
    distortion warp. After that, go talk to the woman(Lera's mum) at Leystan
    (somewhere in front of the inn). 
    Continue to talk to Rukias whenever party separates and when asked by Yurry,
    choose that you wish to have a try at going back time to save Lera. Talk to
    Rukias again about the decision and be firm about it in your replies. Rukias
    will ask for some time to think about it until the final party dismissal
    period before going to the soaring ship. Talk to him again and agree to
    accompany him. Try to leave Makinus and you'll get transferred to the time
    distortion warp automatically. Rukias will use Lera's bloodstained
    handkerchief to strengthen the warp and you'll get drawn into a short mission.
    Location             : Road near Leystan
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Rukias
    Recommended Level    : Nil
    Enemies              - 4 monsters
    NPCs                 : Lera
    Clear conditions     - Defeat all monsters
    Game Over conditions - Party eliminated
    The main thing is to hold the monsters off until Lera make her escape. If you
    want a mission complete, kill all monsters before the the time limit is up.
    Critical Hit works well for that.
    Just talk to her and choose the appropriate replies. Once you get to know
    about how her Brave Guard died, go to Lenocks and enter the medical room and
    talk to the doctor. Choose to ask him about the matter. When the party
    separates before Irist uses the Dragon Orb to raise the soaring ship up, talk
    to her and choose to tell her that the truth.
    After you meet Hofman the 2nd time at Shizaaz, talk to him and choose Makinus
    as the place you think of. The next time he is in your party, bring him to
    talk to the man(not the soldier) standing at the docks in front of Monopolis
    building. Next, bring him to Leoray village(hire the carry). Once inside the
    village, keep going left to reach the beach. Talk to man there. Then go back
    to previous screen and enter the big door to the medical room.
    Talk to the guy at the counter and choose to visit the man(Bowman) who lost
    his memory. After conversation, go back to Leystan and knock on the left most
    door and obtain [Rare item: Captain's Pendant]. Go back to Leoray and ask for
    a visit to Bowman again. Talk to Bowman and after scene, go back to Leystan
    again and inform the boy on his father having regained his memory.
    For Anita, there is no side quest. Just be appropriate in your replies to her.
    If you want to play safe, you should go to Lenocks Research Center and down to
    the cell she was in. Pick up the [Rare item: Unusable Pen]. Bring the
    handkerchief+bookmark+pen to Yarjen without her in your party and use them for
    Nora to reflect the memories contained within. Also try talking to the woman
    in Dastis. If you want to be thorough, you can try and trigger the short
    Shuweizer event. Not a must, but they do help if you are lost.
    If you gave Fanil the Pollumina seedling earlier on in the game, and went back
    after some time and agree to introduce her to the researchers at Lenocks
    center after getting Shayer's permission and Chriass's approval on her side,
    she will join as NPC and you're supposed to bring her to the Lenocks center
    (if you glance through the earlier missions I've listed down, you will see one
    with her included). After a certain amount of time, go back WITHOUT Zeon in
    your party.
    She will give you her letter to Randy, go to Juwaina and talk to Randy. You
    are supposed to go through the mine to the west of Juwaina with Randy as NPC.
    Go through to the bottom level and you enter a short mission:
    Location             : Mine west of Juwaina
    Usable Characters    : Merklich, Wendy, Rukias, Irist, Hofman, Anita
                           (Choose 4)
    Recommended Level    : Any
    Enemies              - Monsters
    NPCs                 : Randy
    Clear conditions     - Leave screen after Randy has gotten Posaya and escaped
    Game Over conditions - Death of NPC(Randy)
                         - Poison gauge reached maximum
                         - All party members eliminated
    You are supposed to direct Randy to go to those shiny items and examine them
    to see which is the real thing. For your levels, it is possible to defeat all
    enemies, but it's up to you.
    Leave mine, go back to Lenocks and give the posaya to Fanil. After some time,
    put Zeon in your party and talk to her again and choose to have him go
    through the procedure.
    If you did this little side quest, you will save Zeon from his screeper cells
    danger and will be able to use him for your last 2 battles, though Corin won't
    follow him around anymore. Also note that he WILL LOSE his ability to weaken
    screepers once it is done. During the above mentioned conversation, you can
    choose to have him drink the remedy at a later time if you still need him for
    some screeper battles.
    If you brought Fanil to the center but did not complete the quest, after the
    Energy Tower is destroyed, the center will be destroyed as well which means
    Fanil died. Of course, if you did complete it, Lenocks center will still be in
    good shape after the energy tower event.
    If you can't get the events to trigger, try resting at inns several times
    (which worked for me along with some exploring around different towns). I have
    noted for my plays that the final event(bringing Zeon to talk to Fanil) won't
    happen until Mission 44 is finished so you might want to take note of that.
    Go talk to the old man in Shizaaz somewhere later in the game(around the time
    when Royferon becomes available*). He's in the house left of the weapon shop.
    Head over to Dastis library and investigate the bookshelf besides the elevator
    on the 1st floor until you locate the Growlanser legend book. Go back to the
    old man and talk to him again. He will give Yurry a book regarding the fairy+
    Growlanser ending. This will trigger an event with Yurry after the Hingistan
    revolution. On the night before Irist uses the orb to raise up the soaring
    ship. You'll get another event with Yurry having finished reading the book.
    Choose 'Concerned about Yurry' and 'What if the other party has fallen in love
    as well'. After Infinitor's final battle, Yurry will comment on how Merklich
    is alone, choose 'Yurry is here'.
    *Thanks to yung tian huei for emails which informed me it is possible to begin
    this quest earlier, which he noted as "after the defensive battle of Shizaaz"
    (according to this faq, it's after mission 25). After another trip through the
    game, I've affirmed this to be correct.
    When she appeared as NPC near Potrad and Shizaaz village, choose to head over
    and talk to her. Be nice to her until the 2nd time she pops up at Potrad
    village entrance, choose to talk to her again and she should give Merk her
    knife. You can view her memories by talking to Nora at Yarjen. When asked by
    Yurry before the last 2 battles, choose 'someone who is not here'. After you
    defeat the Infinitor and on your way to the clone pod room, look at the radar.
    There is a green dot. Run over and talk to Neilis, choose to bring her along
    (2nd choice).
    --Coliseum--                                                             [C2]
    The Coliseum is located at the Peace Maintainence Army base. Talk to the guy
    at the stand/booth to the left of the main gate(not entrance). To participate
    and win at the Coliseum matches, you don't require just abilities, you need
    lotsa money. Winning matches will give a boost in relationship levels, at
    least that's what really happened to me, which I believe is triggered by the
    Mission Complete screens, thus adding on points to the affection levels.
    P/S: Take note that prizes listed are as in my play, the prize system of this
    coliseum works in such a way that if you have a full inventory for a certain
    item(e.g: you already own 9 dandy books in your inventory), they will give
    you money instead(when the original prize should be dandy books). Therefore do
    not take my list as an absolute since I did not keep track of my inventory.
    -->Damage Matches
    --->Physical dmg
    As with previous Growlanser games, you hit the esgrenz golem and the highest
    physical dmg you dealt to it is recorded.
                 Ranking chart
     Character           | Score
     Shuweizer           | 689
     Gyaricke            | 623
     Chriass             | 578
     Sheris              | 514
     Loofass             | 455
     Mervina             | 401
     Maxwell             | 342
     Bactor              | 260
     Eimy                | 221
    My way is by:
    -Sol spectrum equipped
    -Gems: stack
     ->penance, this increases dmg by 50%, but character HP-50% of the total
       damage dealt, e.g: normal attack 150HP, with penance, attack is
       150+[150/2]=225, [225/2]=113, so 113 will be taken off from character's HP
     ->annihilation, this increases critical chances by 20%
     ->attack, this increases attack power
     ->strength, this increases the ATK stat
     ->willpower, this increases max MP
    -Critical skill plate level 5
    -Attack magic level 9 before match
    -Weaken magic level 5 on golem once match starts
    -Inferno level 9
    You can also use berserk(which works like penance only that you can't control
    the character until a certain amount of time has passed) if you want, but I
    wouldn't recommend that as that will require you to have the HP absorb and HP
    regeneration skill, otherwise you'll die very easily, and the system work in
    such a way that if you die, there will be no record made.
    --->MGC dmg
    Works the same as physical, only you use magic, and the counter begins
    immediately when the match starts. 
                 Ranking chart
     Character           | Score
     Zafreed             | 482
     Fanil               | 431
     Sheris              | 376
     Shuweizer           | 337
     Loofass             | 302
     Mervina             | 247
     Gyaricke            | 235
     Maxwell             | 207
     Eimy                | 178
     Chriass             | 147
    My way is by:
    -Gems: stack
     ->intelligence, this increases the INT stat
     ->magic pillar, this increases effect of healing and attack magic
     ->Lv 9 Spirit boost
     ->Lv 9 Strengthen magic
     ->Lv 9 Shorten chant time
    -When match starts, use strengthen magic skill and pick blast Lv 5
    --->Overall dmg total
    This will let you attack the golem as many times as you can within the time
    limit, and they will add up the total amount of dmg you've dealt to the golem.
                 Ranking chart
     Character           | Score
     Shuweizer           | 6535
     Gyaricke            | 5678
     Sheris              | 4890
     Loofass             | 3671
     Zafreed             | 3289
     Chriass             | 2905
     Mervina             | 2578
     Maxwell             | 2462
     Fanil               | 2004
     Bactor              | 1864
    My way is:
    -equipping the same equipment as what I wrote in physical dmg above
    -MP and HP absorb and regenerating skills
    -Melee skills which stops time while it is being executed such as critical
     strike, all-round-attack etc
    -Piercing aura skill, this will take off a certain amount of HP periodically
     from an enemy within a fixed distance
    -Attack Lv 9 and Cycle-up Lv 7 before match
    -Match starts, use Inferno Lv 9, then use critical strike Lv 7 until the MP
    bar fills up, then use Inferno again, then use all-round-attack Lv 6 until
    MP bar fills up again, then use Inferno again and repeat until time is up.
    In between if HP is low, heal with items.
    Though you can use anything to attack the golem, I wouldn't recommend magic
    since that is obviously a waste of time if you want to pit against those at
    the top of the ranking chart.
    -->Elimination Class
    Like the name says, you fight 5 groups of monsters to pass through one class.
    Only Merklich can be used. This section is probably one of the better ways to
    earn some quick money.
    1)Copper Class
    This is easy and one hit should kill each monster.
    1st--->bombtree, werecat
    2nd--->skeleton, lizardman
    3rd--->mutant gel, zombie
    4th--->devil's servant, ghoul
    5th--->direstripe, will-o-wisp, devil plant
    Prize: 800+1800 = 2600mil
    2)Silver Class
    Same as copper, very easy.
    1st--->poisoner, solidated avatar
    2nd--->floater, puppet golem
    3rd--->specter, myconid
    4th--->werepanther, jade statue
    5th--->devil plant, evil mage, necromancer
    Prize: 3 Dandy books
    3)Gold Class
    1st--->tiny dragon, lizardmanlord
    2nd--->fatal vermin, phase walker
    3rd--->dusk drake, terror poisoner
    4th--->dread magus, bronze golem
    5th--->azure statue, gargolye, lesser demon
    Prize: 500+500+500+5000 = 6500mil
    4)Platina Class
    This will be a lil harder, but nothing that you can't manage. Enemies will
    die with at most 2 hits.
    1st--->spirit, giant
    2nd--->troll, death fungus
    3rd--->armor balloon, greater demon
    4th--->titan, puncher
    5th--->lich, skeleton knight, arch demon
    Prize: 5000+5000+5000 = 15000mil
    -->Tug Battle
    The tug battle is probably the most interesting section. You choose one
    character to form a 2 person team with Merklich and fight matches with other
    teams. Melee skills are your buddies here, better yet if you've got Inferno.
    1)Bactor Team, Prize: Ramadas manual
    --->Bactor Team consists of Bactor and another Grangeil soldier. They are
    really the ones you use for Loofass optional scenario in V. If you can't win
    this battle, something's really wrong.
    2)Esgrenz Team, Prize: 2 Clear incense
    --->Esgrenz Team consists of Zafreed and Wellber. You should kill off Zafreed
    first since we know he has got good magic. Wellber is a wimp.
    3)Sheriltia Team
    Prize: turquoise, sapphire, emerald, topaz, ruby, amethyst(one each)
    --->Sheriltia Team tells you Sheris is one of the them. They are the ones you
    use for Sheris optional scenario in V. Aim for Safia first, then Sheris.
    4)I-ji-gun Team, Prize: 2 Vit's medicine
    --->I-ji-gun is maintainence army, so it tells you the team is from the peace
    maintainence army, therefore we have Chriass and Mervina. Aim for Mervina
    first since Chriass will probably cut off his hair before he use magic in
    this match.
    5)Slayer Team, Prize: 2 Elixirs
    --->The name is so obvious, so it's the very popular Gyaricke and Loofass
    here. Loofass is weaker so finish him first. However, Gyaricke isn't a threat
    6)Leader Team, Prize: 1 limit removal
    --->Who else remains apart from Shuweizer and Maxwell. Shuweizer is more
    dangerous and getting rid of him straight away is better. Either way, this
    match is still pretty easy.
    7)Hunter Team, Prize: 1 eclipse mirror
    --->The group of hunters from V, Zeakvalt and Alessa. Kill Alessa first no
    matter what. As for Zeakvalt, he has got HP regeneration plus HP absorbing
    skill and pretty high defense and attack stats. If the level from his
    optional scenario in V remains, he's at 67. So it'll take much more time to
    finish this as compared to the early matches.
    8)President Team
    Prize: chaos original(1st time), 1 limit removal+1 eclipse mirror(subsequent)
    --->Brandole and Neilis. This is much easier than the earlier one in my
    opinion. Kill Neilis first then Brandole.
    9)Screeper Team
    Prize: 1 mu-sou gem(ivaldi), 1 koto-dama gem(ord-leril), 1 Splendor gem(M2)
    For me, this becomes available after I defeated the Queen screeper class under
    the slayer title match. For explanation on the triggering elements for this
    match, refer to the slayer title queen class just slightly below for my notes.
    --->DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS MATCH unless both of your characters(merk+one more
    which you get to pick from your party) are above level 75(you will still have
    a hard time unless you are at LV 80++ though). This is the hardest fight in
    the entire game simply because you can no longer get blessing bells easily as
    in previous Growlanser games.
    You will facing two(2) Queen screepers. Choose a melee character(I recommend
    Zeon or Hofman, I used Zeon due to personal preference though) with high HP
    and DEF. As always, make sure you equip the strongest weapon+armor and the
    appropriate gems(I won't repeat this again) and have both merk and the other
    character to have the skills I listed under the Queen screeper slayer match.
    And as usual, attack+protect+cycle up and also bring also a full inventory of
    healing items, especially 9 medicine to cure faint and 9 panaceas and 9
    nectars just to be safe.
    Aim for the queen on the right first(the one with the disgusting big head or
    whatever that is that when I first saw it I thought it is a king ^.^), spread
    out your characters but not too far away. If both queens have one of your
    characters as a target, it is very easy for him/her to faint, and when that
    happens, you must have the remaining character cure it asap(don't use fine
    magic unless you have the shorten chant time skill). If the queens have
    different targets(1 to 1), then you probably should bring along some elixirs
    as well. Always re-cast Lv 9 Attack and Lv 9 Protect status magic on your
    characters, especially Attack, since the queens will also cast protect on
    themselves, lowering the dmg dealt to them normally. Since you can only get
    this match after defeating the queen at the slayer match, the queens in this
    match have HP bars so you can keep track of your battle progress and not lose
    hope. =)
    -->Expert Vision Match
    For me, this section appears after I beat the President Team for the tug
    matches. Basically, you choose a character to form a team with Merklich and
    fight 3 other teams in a battle == 4 teams fighting against each other at the
    same time. The enemy teams are the same as the tug ones. From the amount of
    enemies Merklich's team defeated(max=3 teams x 2 members =6), you get to
    choose the same amount of skill/techniques/arcane scrolls and manuals from 3
    long lists. I find most of them pretty useless though. For most part, using
    them will allow your character to gain a certain ability plate that they
    haven't already gotten from the normal weapon/armor equipment.
    -->Slayer Title Match
    This lets Merklich fight to become a certain level of Slayer. Equipping the
    Penetrating Gem doesn't work. Having Yurry with higher levels of abilities is
    good here because that increases the chances of her blocking away the attacks
    for Merklich, which will prove useful when you are fighting Knight class and
    1)Pawn Class, prize: dandy book, Pawn Slayer title
    2)Rook Class, prize: slepinir's blood, Rook Slayer title
    3)Knight Class, prize: lucky symbol, Knight Slayer title
    4)Bishop Class, prize: alsolb's bell, Bishop Slayer title
    ->For the Bishop Class, I would suggest you bring along an inventory of
    healing items you can buy from shops. You don't need too much, but just have
    5)Yakuto Class, prize: swimwear for Yurry, Yakuto Slayer title
    ->This is the silver white hunter screeper from V. Like the bishop, this type
    regenerates 12HP every few hits so that can be quite troublesome. If you have
    the piercing aura, it won't work here(at least for me, probably because the
    size and body structure of this screeper makes it so that the distance is too
    far for the aura to work). Bring a full inventory of healing items and
    remember your Attack+cycle up+protect magic and useful gems.
    6)Queen class, prize: Queen Slayer title, 1 mu-sou gem(gives ivaldi skill),
                          1 koto-dama gem(gives the ord-reril skill)
    I don't know how to trigger this, but I'll make a list of the situations for
    your reference:
    a)I did not get this in my 1st playthrough
    b)In my 1st playthrough, I did not complete/win ALL sections of the coliseum,
    such as defeating all 6 enemy team members in the vision match nor attempted
    to defeat all gold gels and so on.
    c)I got this in a new game+, even WITHOUT completing all sections of the
    So based on the above points, it means that this will definitely be available
    in a new game+, and the only question is whether we can get this in a 1st play
    through the game by completing ALL sections of coliseum. This I wouldn't know
    since I don't have my old save data anymore(sorry). So in the end, no matter
    what the case is, just use this as a mark: if you have completed all sections
    of the coliseum and still did not get this, then that means it is not
    available, and you can give up trying to access it =)
    ->Have Merk to be at least Lv 70 before you challenge this. The queen screeper
    will not regenerate HP, and imo is probably easier than the yakuto depending
    on the skills you gave to Merk. Have HP and MP regeneration and if possible HP
    and MP absorb skills as well. Bring a full inventroy of healing items, and as
    usual use Lv 9 Attack, Protect and Cycle Up before entering the match. Do not
    use Inferno(I have tested this out several times and it didn't hurt the queen
    at all). Having the piercing aura skill is also good. Equip gems which gives
    accumulated bonuses in atk as well as def. The queen may adopt a brace stance
    during the battle and after a short period of time, will use Sonic Eraser,
    which I don't think can be avoided since it shoots in a long straight line.
    -->Gold Gel Bonus Battle(no prizes, but the gels may drop items)
    This bonus battle will only appear after you go to the Resistance hideout
    later in the game to kill off a gold gel. You have 12 gold gels to kill.
    They give lotsa money and technique points, but you have to pay 30000 to
    fight one of these battles and in normal cases you won't obtain enough mil
    to recover back what you paid to enter the match.
    Take too long and they will exit one by one. Inferno is recommended, or at
    least bring along characters who are strong with physical/melee attacks.
    The gels will run in all directions as your characters approach them, so try
    and use the slep's blood for whichever character with inferno so he can catch
    up to them before they spread out too far and immediately use inferno. As for
    the rest, use melee skills like critical strike and so on.
    -->Soul Bonus Battle(no prizes, but the souls may drop items)
    This bonus battle will only appear after you go to the ruins near Zeldock to
    kill off a soul. You have 12 Souls to kill here. Just bring along a strong
    magic user like Anita, have her chant a Level 4 or so Blizzard and use it to
    kill them all in 1 shot. How convenient. You need to pay 30000 to fight one of
    these battles, but the you can easier raise all your character levels here
    (each battle won gives you 20000+ EXP at LV 55+. The higher your levels, the
    lower the EXP will become though) so it's really worth it. Take too long and
    you will get crushed with Meteors and Blasts and they will exit one by one as
    --Characters--                                                          [DCH1]
    This section lists the characters that make an appearance/played a part in the
    story of the game.
    Merk is more of a fighter than a magic user, since his MP is not very high,
    but his magic effect is probably slightly above average and can be made even
    better with skill plates that boost his magic abilities. Nevertheless, most of
    the time it's better to have him stick to melee attacks. His MOV, ATW and DEX
    stats are pretty balanced, excellent HP bar, ATK and decent DEF.
    Weapon: After Mission 37 and your party splits, leave the town to search for
    the red wolf army member and talk to him. Once you did that, he should be at
    the bridge(2nd screen) in front of Monopolis building when your party
    separates for the last time before heading to the soaring ship. Get the [Rare
    item: Exhibition Item Key] from him and use it at the weapon display case on
    the 8th floor(database room) of the Monopolis building.
    Armor: Defeat the President Team for the Tug Battle at the Coliseum.
    Wendy can be used as a fighter or magic user or both, use her to heal or cast
    magic when required and fight up-front when healing is not necessary, because
    her HP and DEF are rather high, you don't have to worry too much about her in
    Weapon: Once the soaring ship becomes accessible, go to the Resistance hideout
    and head down to Maxwell's room. Examine his bed and choose to use the [Rare
    item: Maxwell Key] you got after the revolution on the box. You'll probably
    have to fight the Gold Gel here(gives a good amount of Mil and opens the Gold
    Gel Bonus Battle over at the Coliseum) as well as the Lv 56 Gigaton Punchers.
    Also, you don't have to bring Wendy along to get this.
    Armor: After completing her side quest, talk to Wendy when the party is
    dismissed for the last time before heading to the soaring ship.
    Try to keep Rukias away from the frontline(there is a reason why he fights
    with indirect physical attacks). He has got a good max MP bar very useful for
    using Inferno and though he should be used for magic most of the time, he can
    prove helpful with his indirect physical attacks as well. He's also probably
    the character with the highest MOV and DEX(unless the Zeon you loaded from
    your G5 data has very high stats).
    Weapon: After saving Lera, bring Rukias and talk to her mum at Leystan.
    Armor: After the soaring ship becomes accessible, go to the Peace Maintainence
    Army base main gate and talk to Chriass. He asks for help in getting the
    stolen items back from a group of bandits who rummaged the army's storage
    house. Hire Carry at inn over to Zeldock. At that screen, go upper left via
    the route which leads to Mount Norstool. Follow the only path until you come
    to the hideout located at the bottom left of the screen(if you've played G5
    before, it's the place where Seldiss & Eizack found the Admonisher).
    Go in and on the 2nd screen, you will enter into a mission.
    Location             : Mount Norstool
    Usable Characters    : Merk, Wendy, Rukias, Irist, Hofman, Anita, Zeon
                           (Choose 4)
    Recommended Level    : Nil
    Enemies              - Bandits around LV 56
    Clear conditions     - Defeat all enemies
    Game Over conditions - Party eliminated
    Just remember to heal when needed and it should be finished. Get the stolen
    items back after battle. Bring them back to Chriass.
    Irist, as with Anita, is probably the weakest characters. Average ATK, DEF,
    HP, good MP and magic. She can't hit much for physical attacks, but at least
    better than Anita, comforting thing though is her attack range is one of the
    longest along with Rukias. For most situations, you'll have to keep her away
    from the enemies.
    Weapon: Win the match against Peke(bedding dog) and bring the [Rare item:
    World Tree Branch] to the village of the dragon orb protectors(east and north
    of felmentia). On the eastern row of houses, knock on the 3rd one starting
    from the right. Switch screens and knock on the door again. You'll need to
    bring Irist along.
    Armor: Once you've gotten the origin bow(strongest weapon), bring Irist to
    Elfan forest(north of Leoray) and talk to the fairy elder(the green one).
    Hofman is loaded with HP and DEF, use him as a decoy whenever you can and
    want to. He's not very good at magic unless you give him each and every skill
    that can boost magic usage, otherwise it's better to have him use physical
    Weapon: After you have completed Hofman's side quest. After the party
    separates for the last time before heading to the soaring ship, go to the
    dormitory and talk to the person at the counter, choose to rest and she will
    ask Merklich to give the leviathan to Hofman, which is a gift from Daytlich.
    Go back out and talk to Hofman.
    Armor: Rank top at both the Dmg and Mgc Dmg matches as well as the overall 
    total dmg thereafter at the Coliseum.
    Anita has the lowest HP, but probably the highest MP. Her indirect attacks
    from the magic rods/staves are not that useful in important battles, magic
    is still the answer. She has low DEF as well, no matter what, have no enemies
    near her. Her other stats are pretty much average.
    Weapon: Ya know the woman in Dastis. Have Anita in your party and talk to her.
    After that, remove Anita from your party and go back to talk to her again.
    After that, put Anita back in your party again and talk to her to get [Rare
    item: Special Stone (mined)]. Head over to Lenocks Research Center and once
    inside the main building, go up the stairs and knock on the 3rd door(special
    materials research room) from the left, choose to give him the stone. After
    some time, go back and knock on the 2nd door(weapons research+creation room).
    Armor: This is connected with getting the strongest armor for Rukias. After
    you defeat the bandits, you should have spotted the shiny item on the book
    shelf. Examine it to get [Rare item: Encyclopedia of Magical Accessories].
    Go to Zeldock and knock on the rightmost door on the 1st screen(if you've
    played G5, it's the house of woman who give the costume paper models), choose
    to give her the book and get [Rare item: Sacred Cape Paper Model] in exchange.
    Buy [Rare item: White Rose Perfume] over the the flower shop(next screen of
    town). Hire Carry to Guylanuck. Keep going north until you come to a screen
    which has a big boulder on the far right. Examine the gadget in front of the
    boulder and use the perfume on it.
    Head it. See the white memo on the right? Examine it. Try and solve it
    yourself. If you are lazy to, then go over to the dull color orbs and select
    blue(sea)->green(field)->red(sunset). If you could care less, then just head
    all the way down to the lower left shutter and choose to open it. The one who
    do it will get petrified, so heal him/her. If you want, you can fight Soul
    (which gives an insane amount of EXP and opens the Soul Bonus Battle over at
    the Coliseum) as well as the Bone Titans(Lv 56) here. Then head through the
    open path left to next screen. Go down the stairs until you spot a green item,
    choose to take it to get [Rare item: Sacred Cloth]. Now leave the place and
    head over to Yarjen(it's further up north). Enter and knock on the door on
    the right side of the items/weapon shops. Agree to let her make the holy
    shroud from the model using the cloth.
    Zeon is not the hero of Growlanser V for nothing. He still retain his
    abilities worthy of being called the fifth Growlanser(light savior No.5) in
    this game, and imo is definitely the best overall character to use apart from
    Merk of course.
    Weapon+armor: They will be brought over if you use the G5 data with him having
    his strongest equipment(longinus and final guard). I have done all optional
    stuff in the game and searched around more but failed to locate these in the
    game itself(without bringing over the data), therefore I think I can say that
    it is impossible to have them without the G5 data(which I guess the creators
    made it to be a bonus for using the data)
    **Note that this small sub-section is written to provide some explanations for
    those who have not played V before.**
    Corin is the main fairy character in Growlanser V who acknowledged(not
    verbally) Zeonsilt(main character of V) as her master+partner.
    Yurry made an appearance in Growlanser V with a rather arrogant attitude
    towards Corin. Not much was really shown of her besides that she is training
    very hard in preparation for serving her future master and even though she has
    not yet found him after so much time, she continued to work hard and earn
    herself the title of Queen of Pixies. When the seal on the continent was
    broken after the Queen screeper was set free and defeated, she met Merklich
    who came from the outer continent and realized that the reason why she could
    not locate her master before.
    -->>Queen screeper
    The Queen screeper(usually called 'Queen') is the main villian in G5. The
    reason for its existence was not known but it is the "leader" of the water
    creatures called screepers. The people on Goat Land continent was always
    living in fear(avoid staying near water areas) of these creatures. It was
    said that the people on this continent fought against the Queen and sealed
    it up on Kytheris island. However, due to the seal being weaken, a part(in the
    form of a human) of the Queen was able to escape and began working behind the
    scene to destroy the seal.
    Chriass became the new Peace Maintenance Army commander after his father(the
    previous commander) died crashing the Admonisher(a powerful ancient weapon)
    against the Queen screeper which caused the 1st outer layer to be destroyed
    and thus allowing Zeonsilt and party to be able to defeat the Queen. He played
    a huge role in Growlanser V, taking part in missions to solve the conflicts
    between various countries on the continent and through his ideals and help
    from comrades, finally succeeded in establishing a real and effective purpose
    for the existence of the Peace Maintenance Army.
    Randy was another of the playable characters in V. He was originally part of
    a justice group(who travelled around the land fighting in the name of justice,
    and which probably you would have noticed when he commented on Merk's party
    saying he can trust them because of the justice look in their eyes ^.^) with
    Zeonsilt's father as the leader of the group. However, the group separated in
    the end when Zeonsilt's father and 2 other members were killed by a Yakuto
    screeper(you get to fight against this screeper class at the Coliseum). Many
    years later, he became a knowledgable scholar and helped out the country of
    Sheriltia in ruins exploration and deciphering of ancient technology books and
    eventually met Zeonsilt and joined in the fight against the Queen.
    Fanil was a researcher at the Peace Maintenance army on ways to revive the
    barren land. Like Randy, she knows a lot about technology and was the one who
    requested Corin to join her. You would have noticed the mutant screeper
    protecting Zeonsilt while fighting the mission to protect him(in the past)
    from Shuweizer. The mutant screeper was originally a human on the verge of
    death. The previous Peace Maintenance Army Vice Commander(who died along with
    the Commander in the Admonisher crash) carried out experiments and managed to
    discover a way to save a dying person. That is to insert screeper cells which
    requires human energy to keep the person alive while adding on to his/her
    ability the Sound Wave Barrier which weakens screepers. However, should the
    person not continue to "drink" the human energy extracts, he/she will either
    die or turn into a screeper(as in the case of that mutant screeper). This
    surgery was done to Zeonsilt as well but Fanil managed to discover a way with
    the help of a Potrad to execute the Time Freezing technique on Zeon so that he
    can continue to live as normal human without drinking the human vital energy.
    That technique actually required Corin to stay with him because fairies give
    out Mana when they get energy from plants.
    Gyaricke is a general as well as the one of the 3 Slayers in the kingdom of
    Grangeil. He hated the Peace Maintenance army with a passion. However, under
    Chriass' control and change of approach to political matters, he eventually
    learnt to treat them with an open mind.
    -->>Other fairies
    Miranda, Nora and Nina were the other fairies who played a small part in G5,
    mainly in optional events.
    Zeakvalt was not seen in this game but he was mentioned much when Merk's group
    reached Goat Land and thereafter when they decided to reverse the change in
    history that Shuweizer created. Zeakvalt was a modified hunter who went
    through experiments on his body for the sake of fighting against the
    screepers. In the original history(G5's events), he fought much against the
    Grangeil kingdom(killing one of the Slayers), Sheriltia as well as Zeon's
    party in order to strengthen himself(by absorbing human energy) in preparation
    for fighting against the Queen for when the seal is broken. He was defeated by
    Zeon's party but he never taught them the way to correctly defeat the Queen,
    thus the result as what we see in this game: duplicated Queens.
    -->>Loofass, Mervina, Sheris
    You only get to see these 3 once near the end of the game outside Felmentia
    and in the Coliseum. They are all playable characters in V. Loofass is a
    general in Grangeil and best friends with Gyaricke and is the last of the 3
    Grangeil Slayers. Mervina is the daughter of the previous Peace Maintenance
    army Vice-Commander and is now still serving the army. Sheris is the princess
    and only Slayer of Sheriltia.
    Bactor is a captain in Grangeil, he's not very happy with Gyaricke and
    Loofass' positions and status in Grangeil but despite so, he still keeps to
    his own boundaries. You fight him at the Coliseum as well as the optional
    <First appearance in Growlanser VI>
    Shuweizer is the leader of the Red Wolf army. He wears red, and because he is
    so powerful, enemies fear him and call him the Red Wolf. Even though the
    Esgrenz continent has never met with much screeper attacks, Shuweizer showed
    in later parts of the game in fights along with Merklich's party as well as
    unseen battles such as protecting a merchant that he's definitely stronger
    than the Slayers in Goat Land by being able to take on pawn, rook and even
    Knight screepers with no big problems. In the end, he gave the Monopolis
    president position to his younger sister Anita and chose to take the "lower"
    status by continuing as Red Wolf leader and working for the benefits of the
    Monopolis company.
    The 2nd son of the King of Hingistan, Maxwell offered suggestions to his
    father in changing the political and economical approaches to make the kingdom
    follow a democracy ruling just like the neighbouring countries. However, the
    king refused to listen to him and he left the castle to join the Monopolis.
    His skills earned him a position under Shuweizer's Red Wolf Army. However,
    that did not last too long as he betrayed orders by rescuing Iristelessa.
    Thereafter, he created the Resistance while keeping his identity a secret.
    President of the Monopolis. In actuality, the Infinitor has taken over his
    body. Not much is known of him apart from that he is the father of Shuweizer
    and Anita and from Anita's comments, he was a kind man.
    -->>Commander 13
    Originally Infinitor's subordinate. He took part in a losing fight against
    the 1st Spirit maiden and ended up being caught. After much discussions and
    persuasions, he decided to join on her side and betrayed the Infinitor. After
    the long fight, they managed to seal the Infinitor inside the Dragon orb.
    However, he was unable to make it in time and before the clone pods set off,
    he declared that the mission of the clones from then on was to protect the
    Spirit maiden and the Dragon orb.
    One of Infinitor's subordinates. She was in love with Commander 13 but because
    of the latter's betrayal, she hated the Spirit maiden. She gradually opted for
    an un-aging mechanized body and lived through the 2000 years locating and
    killing the new Brave guards and Spirit maidens.
    Executive of the Monopolis. She is always calm in whatever forms of situations
    and it has been said that she made many contributions to the smooth running of
    the Monopolis company.
    A minister of Hingistan who laid ridiculous taxes for the citizens and set up
    plots to obtain the rule of kingdom for himself.
    Captain of Fomeros who set Hofman up. Not much is known about him apart from
    that he is serving Guryme behind the shadows and was eventually caught.
    The chief president of Fomeros who embezzeled the army funds. Supports the
    war with Hingistan.
    Older brother of Hofman and a candidate in the chief president elections.
    ---Bedding Dogs---                                                       [DO1]
    The bedding dog(fu-ton i-nu) in VI is a totally optional side feature that is
    rather similar to the fairy contest in V. It doesn't matter at all if you've
    not played V before, either you wish to get more Rana fruits and seeds for
    increasing Yurry stats or it's really just for the fun of it. The dogs are
    pretty funny, but my real dog is cuter.
    Alright, basically, the first time you reach Totour, head over to the cave
    and exmaine the bedding dog. Talk to Hazegorou and he will mention about
    breeders. Leave the village and the next time you drop by Totour as required
    by the main game, talk to him again. Choose to become a breeder and you get to
    choose the dog you want. You just need to take care of the dog, not breed
    them, no worries.
    Talk to Hazegorou to bring up the menu.
    -Go for a walk
    -->Go for a walk
    Go for a walk means the party will separate and the dog will follow Merk
    around. Take the dog outside the village and defeat monsters for him to earn
    EXP and level up. The areas you can go are the Noschval tunnel and the area
    from Totour to the ship landing point to the east. The stronger your dog
    become, so will the enemies. There are altogether 3 main levels of enemies
    in terms of difficulty(I don't think a lot of people have the patience to go
    further than that).
    Here, Hazegorou will give you advice on various sections of being a good
    Once you have chosen to go for a walk, talk to Hazegorou to bring up the main
    -Place dog in his care
    -Use points
    -Do a job
    -->Place dog in his care
    End the walk and have your dog return back to dog's lair.
    -->Do a job
    Do a job: There are 4 jobs you can do, and this is really the only fixed way
    to earn your service points. What job you get is random, so accept it and if
    you don't want that particular one, talk to him again and choose to cancel.
    1)Deliver goods from Hazegorou to man at the house near the ship landing point
    2)Deliver goods from man at house near ship landing point to Hazegorou
    3)Search for dropped item
    1 and 2 are really just going from point 1 to point 2 and vice versa. The ship
    landing point is to the east of Totour. One thing to note is that while you
    are carrying the goods, Merklich's movement will become very slow. Both 1 and
    2 gives 10 service points each when completed.
    3 is to bring your dog around the area between the ship landing point and
    Totour village to search for the lost item that has been buried by snow. When
    you dog locates the item, 2 red exclamation marks will appear above his head
    and he will start to dig. This job gives 15 service points and can be easy or
    difficult depending on how lucky you are. The positions aren't fixed, so you
    really have to bring your doggy around until he sniffs it up.
    4 requires you to kill monsters to get their parts. The earlier requirement
    is to get the Gulpper's tongue and the later one is to get the Floater's
    shell. The gulpper has a tendency to suck Yurry in and eat her, so whenever
    that happens, make sure you kill it quickly. Anyway, you'll automatically get
    the stuff when you kill the monster. The max amount you can carry is 10, so
    once you have met that number, go back and talk to Hazegorou and choose to end
    the job and he will give you 10 service points(number of points = number of
    items collected).
    -->Use points
    Select this and you can use your points to feed the dog various type of food
    as well as rent toys for him to play with.
    Now for contest related stuff. After you have chosen to become a breeder, head
    over to Leystan and talk to the man near the entrance. Choose to tell him
    about Hazegorou at Totour. He will then head to Totour and become your dog's
    technique trainer. Go talk to him(he's at the inn) and choose from the list of
    dance techniques to teach your dog. You'll need service points for this
    Also, the lady at the inn counter will play music for the dog to listen to.
    But that require service points as well.
    With the dog in Merk's party, talk to the woman standing near Hazegorou to
    participate in the contest. The 2nd option allows her to determine the dog's
    loyalty to Merk.
    There are 4 contests to take part in:
    -Dog Race
    -Gobbling oddity
    -Ball searching
    -->Dog Race
    The dog race is the simplest game to play.
    1)Circle button  : Instruct the dog to dash
    2)X button       : Instruct dog to run normally(stop dashing)
    3)Triangle button: Recover stamina
    Dashing will cause the stamina gauge at the top right corner to deplete very
    fast, so I wouldn't recommend that. Just have the dog run normally while you
    press the Triangle button repeatedly to recover his stamina.
    Take part in this only after you have the dog master all of the dance
    Below is the list of dance items that you can have your dog learn in order to
    stand a better chance of winning:
    1)Step Dance: As the dog progress through learning the dance techniques, the
    trainer will teach him this.
    2)Pretty Dance: Once step dance is learn, talk to the woman at the inn
    counter(listen to music->chat).
    3)Para Para Dance: As the dog progresses through the later stages of dance
    techniques, the trainer will teach him this.
    4)Athletic Dance: Hire Carry to Zaaranba and talk to the first boy on the left
    row and pay him 100 to buy the book.
    5)Tap Dance: Hire Carry to Guylanuck, enter and at the first screen examine
    the pile of crates near the entrance to find the illustration of the tap dance
    6)Revolving Dance: Choose to take the dog for a walk, then go into Noschval
    tunnel and examine the ice wall at the upper left screen. Go back to Totour
    and talk to the man at the entrance. Choose to tell him about the ice wall.
    Switch screens and talk to him again. Hire Carry over to Juwaina and buy the
    snapdragon oil from the item store. Go back to the ice wall and examine it,
    then use the oil and Merklich will start his totorara song(how can anyone
    remember how to sing that crappy song?) without voice acting of course. Go in
    and finish off the enemies. Since they are at Level 37, it would be wise to
    have the dog defend while you finish them off with Merklich alone. Bring the
    dog over to the magic symbol on the left of the screen. If questions marks
    start appearing but no exclamation ones, that means the dog is not ready to
    learn it as yet.
    7)Break Dance: After revolving dance is learnt, Hire Carry to Juwaina and
    talk to the woman in yellow.
    For the contest itself, you are supposed to attach a certain dance to each
    button(Circle, Triangle and X). The list will show how much stamina the dog
    has as well as how much stamina each dance will burn off. So make sure your
    dog has got the stamina for the 3 dance sections.
    Once the music starts playing, press the button which represents the dance
    you want the dog to perform within 2 seconds(you only need to press it once).
    Repeat this for the remaining 2 buttons. The one with the highest accumulated
    scores for all 3 dance sections will win.
    -->Gobbling oddity
    This contest tests the courage and eating skills of the dog. Once the match
    starts, tap the Circle button repeatedly to have Merk encourage the dog to eat
    the gels. When the gauge on the upper right screen fills up, that represents
    the dog has eaten up 1 gel. When the dog freaks out, he will run away, so have
    Merk chase after him and talk to him(Circle button) and he will return back to
    the original position and start eating again. The one who ate the most gels
    will win.
    -->Ball searching
    This is rather frustrating and plays similarly to FFIX's chocobo hot and cold.
    X button instructs the dog to search/sniff(you only have 15 tries). Depending
    on where the ball is located, he will give various responses:
    Bark once: Very far
    Bark twice: Far
    2 exclamation marks+bark once: Normal distance
    2 exclamation marks+bark twice: Near
    2 exclamation marks+bark thrice: Very near
    Music note+bark thrice: At feet
    The idea here is to have the dog run to any position and press X, confirm to
    search. If question marks or sweat drops comes out then search is a failure.
    Otherwise, check out which direction the doggy is facing and his responses.
    An example:
       D ->(1)->->(2)->->(3)->->(4)
    D is the position of the dog when you have him search and the direction of
    the arrows is the direction he faces after search is done. This means that the
    ball is located in a position along that line. So if his response is two !!
    and two barks, the ball is most likely around position (2), and if it is just
    two barks then it's most likely around position (4). Once the position is
    located(with the music note response), press Circle to have him dig. Continue
    the process. The one who dug out the highest amount of balls win.
    Once all contest items are done with your dog as the victor, Hazegorou will
    challenge your dog with his champion Peke. Talk to the woman and the option
    to accept the challenge should be available.
    -->Champion match
    This is a one-on-one fight, but not in your normal battle style. Each dog has
    150HP, 10 chances of using Boost and 1 defend turn and 1 attack turn. When
    it's Peke's turn to attack, your dog will have his defending turn, and vice
    versa. If your dog is trained well, he will be able to identity which
    direction Peke is attacking from as well as which direction Peke's guard is
    lacking without using boost. The dog with 0HP loses.
    Overall, you will need to train your dog well before he can learn the various
    stuff and win in the contests. I'll list my dog's stats and the contest
    results for your reference below to give you an idea of when you can take part
    in the contest with hopes of winning:
    Dog  : Tetsu
    LV   : 30
    Discipline       : 57
    Determination    : 57
    Sniffing ability : 57
    Rhythm           : 81
    --Contest results
    Dog race        : start with around 90% of stamina gauge(00)
    Dance           : 28 points
    Gel eating      : 5 Gels
    Ball searching  : 5 balls
    Fight with Peke : defeated Peke with 80+HP left
    1)Rana fruits and seeds
    Hazegorou will give Merk one Rana seed for every level the bedding dog gained.
    At level 10, he'll give a Rana fruit. Winning each contest item will get you
    a Rana fruit as the prize as well.
    2)Dog toy: Sled
    When you try to rent the sled(5 points), Hazegorou will tell you that he has
    not received it yet. Go to the ship landing point(with your normal party) to
    the east and choose to board the ship over to the Grangeil side. Enter the
    inn and ask the innkeeper about the package. Go to the peace maintainence
    army base and on the 2nd screen, knock on the green door at the very end. Go
    back to Totour and talk to Hazegorou and he will tell you the sled arrived and
    give you 20 service points as expression of thanks.
    3)Strongest weapon
    Once you get to fight Peke, defeat him and you'll get the dog's strongest
    jaw weapon.
    4)Strongest armor
    To make your dog the guard dog of hell with the cerberus collar, use the
    snapdragon perfume oil at the ice wall at the noschval tunnel, one of the
    monsters in there is holding the strongest armor, but you really have to
    defeat all to know which is the one. I got it from the last monster I killed
    so maybe you really need to kill all to get it.
    ---Optional Dungeon---                                                    [P1]
    The Dungeon Lady and Girl sisters combination returns in VI with the dungeon
    master rod and sealed dungeon devil plot. You'll have go around searching for
    them to trigger various events which will eventually make your optional
    dungeon available.
    -Dastis Libray
    -Dastis dump area
    -Go out of Dastis and enter again
    -Lenocks Research Center
    -Lenocks Research Center
    -Royferon graveyard
    -Shizaaz(Enter, examine the well and leave the village)
    -Enter Shizaaz again and examine the well, you should get a message saying
    that you hear construction noises from below.
    After the soaring ship is accessible, the dungeon will be available as well.
    After the short event, talk to the dungeon girl and choose to enter the
    -->Dungeon structure and enemies
    The dungeon has a total of 50 levels. Each floor comes in the form of a big
    square area with 9 compartments. One of these compartments has the stairs
    which goes down to the next level and each floor has treasure chests lying
    around. Each level is generated randomly so the items and layout of treasure
    chests and ladders will always be different. All items I picked up through the
    dungeon are gems, jewels and manuals/scrolls and in very rare occasions an
    eclipse mirror and apples(yes, I finally managed to clear all enemies on every
    As for the enemies, there are 5 types.
    1)Demon Lord    : Starts off on floor 1 at level 60
    2)Samaeru       : Starts off on floor 1 at Level 59
    3)Mythril Golem : Starts off on floor 1 at Level 61
    4)Gold Gel      : Appearance is random
    5)Soul          : Appearance is random
    4 and 5 have 3 more levels than the demon lord of that particular floor you
    are located at(e.g: demon lord is at lv 70, then soul/gold gel is at lv 73 or
    With every 2 floors, the levels of the demon lord, samaeru and mythril golem
    will increase by 1 level, so at the 3rd floor, the demon lord will be at level
    61, and therefore on the 49th floor, they will be at level [(50/2)+60]-1= 84.
    Same format goes for the others.
    For floors 1 to 9, there are 6 enemies on each floor,
    for floors 11 to 19, there are 9 enemies on each floor,
    for floors 21 to 29, there are 12 enemies on each floor,
    for floors 31-39, there are 12 enemies on each floor,
    for floors 41-49, there are 15 enemies on each floor
    For every 10 floors you complete, you can exit(the dungeon girl will inform
    you she has binded up the ladder) and restock/heal, and when you asked to
    enter the dungeon again, you will continue from where you left off earlier.
    But remember, only every 10 floors after defeating the boss.
    Take note that even when you have completed the dungeon up till 50th floor,
    after you exit and return, you'll still end up at level 40.
    -->Completing the dungeon
    There are 2 ways you can complete the dungeon to reach the 50th floor.
    1)The easy way: ignore character levels and enemies and treasure chests and
    head straight for the ladder leading to the next floor. This can be difficult
    especially when you reach the lower levels because I would presume you will
    still be around levels 65 or so when the enemies are at 80. You can have
    someone with high def coupled with def increasing gems as well as the Protect
    status magic and have him(since the girls are weaker) use decoy and defend to
    lure the enemies while you run to your ladder(you can use slep's blood if you
    can spare it). It is definitely possible to reach the 50th floor by using this
    trick, but don't expect it to go smoothly always.
    One thing to note is that you still need at least 30000mil to buy a blessing
    bell from the dungeon lady(I believe it is possible to steal from the enemies
    here, but since I never and won't intend to use the stealing ability I will
    never know, therefore you will have to try that out for yourself) and the soul
    battle over at the coliseum requires you to pay 30000mil for 1 battle(I
    presume you do all these things so you can level up your characters and
    complete the optional stuff in the game), so unless you have got chunks and
    chunks of mil, I wouldn't recommend using this method. Using cheats is another
    issue though, but I've got nothing to do with those, and you can be fully
    assured that this faq and all information are wrought without any cheatcodes
    (how to when I don't even own the necessary items or devices or whatever they
    call them?).
    2)The tough way: Clearing enemies on the levels, which allow your characters
    to gain the necessary EXP points as well as the money to buy the blessing
    bells and take part in the coliseum matches. If you opted for this way, be
    prepared to spend anything between 2 to 4 hours. You can do it your way, but
    here is how I completed mine:
    a)I used Merk, Zeon, Wendy and Rukias
    b)Used all the money I have at this point in the game on the soul bonus
    battles at the coliseum and got my characters to level 65/66(I would recommend
    at least level 60)
    c)Combine and stack the appropriate gem bonuses for all 4 characters(I
    equipped zeon with a lv 4 mil up bonus to increase the amount of mil obtained
    from enemies)
    d)All 4 characters of mine have the Inferno skill, HP and MP absorb, HP and
    MP regenerating skills(you can copy from one who has the skill or you can
    fight at the vision match at the coliseum to get the necessary scrolls).
    e)All 4 characters have their strongest weapon/armor equipped(apart from
    rukias of whom I have not gotten his strongest weapon yet)
    f)Allowed Merk to learn the Attack status magic till level 9(I think you
    already know, using the limit removal item, you can replicate plates), Wendy
    to learn the Protect status magic till level 9, Rukias to learn Grow-cure to
    level 5 and Zeon to learn Cycle-up level 7(by making use of the flow paths
    bonus on a level 5 plate). It doesn't matter if you make one character learn
    all the above magic, but for my case I spread it out among my characters so
    the burden of MP usage will be even.
    g)Under the AI tactics section, turned off all magic usage for all characters
    apart from cure, fine(a must), healing, grow-cure/grow-healing, and of which I
    restrict the usage frequencies to 1. I also set the casting of magic to be
    manually controlled(meaning the menu will pop up to get my instructions to
    cast the magic on who when the character has finished chanting)
    h)Manually use Attack, protect and Cycle up on all 4 characters
    i)Enter the dungeon/go to the next floor
    j)Use the right analogue stick to check out where the Samaeru monsters are
    located and if possible, to always attack and kill them off first since their
    magic can be very dangerous with consecutive chants.
    k)Defeat the remaining enemies
    l)Open all treasure chests
    m)repeat from steps h-l
    -It may be good to bring along nectars or at least have one character
    learn the Raise magic because though we seldom see the sudden death attack
    melee technique work, but the samaeru monsters here are of high levels, I've
    got Merk die immediately to that attack once.
    -Have patience when fighting the mythril golems because they like to use the
    piercing melee technique which takes around 5 seconds to execute...
    By doing all of the above steps, I've not used any items for all 50 levels
    because the hp/mp absorb and regenerate did their work so the depleted HP and
    MP are refilled back, and my rukias(the only one who has the fine magic turned
    on) will automatically chant fine to heal any faint status. I seldom use
    Inferno because you can only use it 5 times and have to rest at inn to restore
    it back. Apart from step h, I did not use any magic unless I encounter the
    soul monster(which can only be defeated via magic). It may be troublesome to
    have to re-cast the status magic before you proceed to the next floor, but it
    will make things easier and faster in the long run.
    Because I stick to clearing all enemies on each level, the pace by which my
    characters gain levels are consistant with the increase in enemies levels as
    I go further down the dungeon, allowing me to have no problems in defeating
    the enemies on each consecutive floor(i.e: it will take a lot of effort and
    time to defeat level 75 monsters when you are only at 65). Therefore, by the
    time I reached floor 49, the demon lord is at level 84, and my characters are
    at levels 81-82, nice. And with the money I have earned from fighting through
    all the floors, I buy blessing bells and use them, exit the dungeon and
    re-enter the dungeon(starting at floor 40) to fight enemies and gain more
    levels(very easily, making the coliseum soul battles unnecessary unless you
    have extra money and want to save time) until floor 50 and buy bells again and
    repeat until I've had enough with the entire process.
    -->Dungeon Bosses
    You'll have to fight a boss on floors 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 before the event
    will trigger whereby you can return back to the surface without using Return
    magic. The bosses are really wimps compared to the normal enemies in the
    10th floor: Giant Villager
    This is a real joke. All you have to do is throw some punches and the fight
    will end because...the villager don't know how to fight at all. You'll get the
    [Rare item: Casual Clothing Paper Model] which you can bring to Yarjen to get
    another of Yurry's costumes done. Go and examine the golden treasure chest at
    the very end of the room to get the 'Villager Buster' title.
    P/S: You will unlock the title selection option over at the Coliseum whereby
    you can choose various titles for Merk, which will show on his target info
    20th floor: Big Gel
    This is another comedy battle. Make use of what Yurry mentioned about gels
    being weak against fire and keep chanting Fire Arrow. The gel should die very
    soon. Go and examine the golden treasure chest to get the 'Gel Buster' title.
    30th floor: Bactor
    This is very easy as well. Just keep attacking him and halfway through, the
    dungeon lady will turn Bactor into a giant. Still, he doesn't pose any threat
    at all. After the fight, examine the gold chest to get 'Great Bactor' title.
    40th floor: Master Guardian Spriggan
    Unlike the previous boss battles, this one is a serious fight. Try to keep
    characters with low HP away from it because it can use sonic wave and that
    will really hurt low def characters. Always have someone ready to cast Grow-
    healing. Physical and magic attacks both work pretty well. After the battle,
    examine the gold chest to get 'Guardian Buster' title.
    50th floor: Big Pawn
    This is actually easier than spriggan in my opinion. This thing can use 
    Earthquake so once again make sure a level 6 grow-healing is ready at all
    times. Other than earthquake, it will just hit at one character(just like
    your normal pawn screeper, difference being it's a big-sized one). Equipping
    the Penetrating gems for your melee characters is strongly recommended here.
    After the battle is over, examine the gold chest to get the 'Dungeon Buster'
    The 3 normal red treasures chests on the left and right side give different
    types of gems the 1st time you clear the dungeon. On my 2nd time(exit the
    dungeon and re-enter again starting at floor 40), I got 2 blessing bells, but
    on my 3rd time, it reset back to random gems and manuals/scrolls again.
    Anyway, once you have completed the entire dungeon, the dungeon lady will
    remain at the 50th floor and offer to sell you items to save up money for the
    construction of her next dungeon. A list of the items she is selling:
    P/S: Costs of items are based on my own gameplay and may not be the same for
    yours since Yurry have got an ability which can decrease item costs(by using
    her charm etc) and I'm not sure whether that will affect the dungeon lady as
     Name of item                 | Cost
     Elixir                       | 12740
     Slepinir's blood             | 3003
     Lucky Symbol                 | 2958
     Alsolb's Bell                | 7735
     Life Apple                   | 956
     Gale Apple                   | 956
     Dandy Book                   | 1183
     Blessing Bell                | 31850
     Secret manual                | 910
     Ramadas manual               | 2275
     Scroll of Conveyance         | 2275
     Impact drug                  | 455
     Gem dividing drug            | 182
    I'll just summarize this game's optional dungeon plot for those who are
    Basically the dungeon lady will be going through a test to see if she has the
    qualifications to become the dungeon master. Her previous mock test was marked
    as failure because it has only 11 floors with no bosses(if you've played GV,
    that's the optional dungeon this reference is of). Therefore, she decided to
    travel to the other continent to gather up information and materials.
    While researching for information, no one really bothered about her questions
    and passion for building the most wonderful dungeon, casting her weird looks
    and saying she's bizzare.
    She then attempted to start looking for materials instead of wasting time
    obtaining insight from people. In her despair, she remembered the dungeon
    master rod from her village(which is not mentioned where is it located) and
    made an attempt to steal it. Using it, she built a dungeon at Shizaaz's well
    while her younger sister -the dungeon girl- requests Merk's party to help out
    in persuading the dungeon lady to return the rod. 
    She mentioned about the legend of the dungeon devil which is sealed up inside
    the rod. At the last floor of the dungeon, the dungeon devil possessed the
    dungeon lady and attempted to free him/itself. Due to the feats of Merk and
    his party, that turned out unsuccessful, but he/it promised that there will be
    a next time.
    A sidenote being that the dungeon lady thinks that fairies are her sworn
    enemies due to an experience with what she calls a blue devil. And it's pretty
    obvious that the loud and rude fairy she's talking about is Corin, and if you
    brought Zeon along to Royferon for the 2nd time to locate the dungeon lady,
    you will get an extra conversation.
    ---Yurry + costumes---                                                    [Y1]
    A post on the message board made me realize that I forgot to include this in
    the faq. After another replay, I finally got the information in place.
    (1)Luxurious red kimono(Akai gouka no kimono)
      -Yurry has this right from the beginning
    (2)Luxurious blue kimono(Kon no gouka no kimono)
      -Have Yurry wear (1) and talk to the woman at Yarjen(house beside the
       equipment shop)
    (3)Pink dainty kimono(momoiro no usude no kimono)
      -Yurry has this right from the beginning
    (4)Green dainty kimono(midori-iro no usude no kimono)
      -Have Yurry wear (3) and talk to the woman at Yarjen(house beside the
       equipment shop)
    (5)Active Dress
       -After Mission 10, talk to the Potrad nearest to the entrance. He will give
        Merk the model paper, bring it to the woman in Yarjen(house beside the
        equipment shop).
    (6)Festive wear(matsuri chaku)
       -Talk to woman at Guylanuck(2nd screen, knock on door of house on the far
    (7)Protect Suit
       -Go to Nunein(west of Yarjen), walk all the way up north, choose to pick up
        shiny item on the bench
    (8)Light Suit
       -Yarstill barracks(during or after the process of rescuing Maxwell).
        Location is at: 1st screen, middle row, 1st room from the right, spend 5
        seconds observing the room and you should spot a shiny item
       -Defeat the hunter screeper at the Coliseum(refer to coli section)
    (10)Casual wear(kajuaru fuku)
        -Optional dungeon 10th floor(refer to opt dungeon section)
    (11)Elegant suit
        -Go to the Fomeros base north of Royferon(with Hofman in party, or you can
         also get this on your first trip there) and on the 1st screen, knock on
         the door of the warehouse to the left(it may take a few seconds to make
         out where the door is located)
        -I'm not very sure of the conditions to get this, I've done Yurry's side
         event and when I chose to change costumes at an inn, she gave Merk this
    --Miscellaneous--                                                        [MS1]
    1)On your 2nd trip to the Peace Maintenance Army to ask for help in destroying
    the Energy Tower, there are differences in the scenes and conversations
    depending on whether you've talked to Fanil before you approach Zeon at the
    main gate. If you did, she will join immediately as NPC. If you did not talk
    to her, you will have to go back to Makinus to remove Zeon from your party and
    go back to talk to her before you can begin doing Zeon's side quest.
    2)You can give a Naton fruit(get it from the tree northwest of Wartree) to the
    man in L'Hingis(he is standing near the inn) and get an Advanced Penetrating
    Gem. I think it's not really necessary unless you are THAT short of money to
    buy it at the item store.
    3)The Incantator in Wartree also asks for a Naton fruit in exchange for
    his/her services in changing Merk's personality. You can buy perfumes at
    Zeldock and perfumed oil at Juwaina. All except Snapdragon and Whiterose(which
    do nothing personality related but you know they have their own uses in the
    game) come in batches of 9. Each bottle used will give a slight effect in
    whatever change in personality that you asked for. The more you use, the
    greater the total effect. Simple yeah?
     Type of perfume | Affected          | Options given
     or perfumed oil | trait             | 
     Grapefruit      | Good or evil      | -> Want to become good
                     |                   | -> Want to become evil
     Clarysage       | Confidence        | ->Want to have confidence
                     |                   | ->Want to control excess confidence
     Rosemary        | Way of            | ->Want to have intelligence
                     | thinking          | ->Want to suppress overflow of
                     |                   |   intelligence
     Mint            | Kindness          | ->Want to be nicer to others
                     |                   | ->
     Sweet orange    | Straight-         | ->Want to become very straightforward
                     | forwardness       | ->To be able to make conjectures
     Lavender        | Calmness          | ->Want to be a calm person
                     |                   | ->Want to act according to emotions
     Tarragon        | Enthusiasm        | ->Want to become enthusiastic
                     |                   | ->Want to suppress enthusiasm
     Cedar wood      | Personality       | ->Have more interest
                     | against those     | ->Dislike
                     | of same gender    |
     Rose geranium   | Personality       | ->Have more interest
                     | against those of  | ->Dislike
                     | different gender  |
    --Appendix--                                                             [AP1]
    P/S: This sections lists the items under the Appendix section which you get
    after clearing the game. There may be spoilers, so skip it if you don't want
    to be spoiled. For those wondering if you will get any bonus by obtaining all
    items under the appendix, I'll say that for me I've got nothing extra.
    ->Visual gallery
    This contains all the images that pop up during or after the game. I'll list
    it in exact order.
    -->PAGE 1: Wendy, Rukias, Anita, Hofman, Irist, Zeonsilt, Yurry
    -->PAGE 2: Merklich, Neilis, the Giant, the Admonisher and Giant, Energy Tower
    ->Movie gallery
    This contains all the movies that pop up during or after the game(opening
    movie and ending credits roll not included). In exact order.
    -->PAGE 1: Merklich(mission 1), Explosion(Potrad village), Iristelessa and
       rising of the soaring ship, Merklich's ending, After the clone pods land,
       Wendy's ending, Rukias' ending
    -->PAGE 2: Iristelessa's ending, Anita's ending, Hofman's ending, Zeonsilt's
       ending, Yurry's ending, Neilis' ending
    ->Sound gallery
    Listen to all the music in the game, includes all from Growlanser V as well.
    ->Seiyuu's comments gallery
    Listen to comments by voice actors of the game.
    Trivia: the voice actor for Shuweizer is actually the voice actor for Billy in
    Growlanser V.
    ---Software Manual---                                                     [M1]
    Here is where I put up my translation of the software manual, reading this
    should allow you to understand most of the gameplay mechanics. I'll leave out
    the prologue since nobody is interested in that. 
    [Characters, Pg 3-5]
    Registered as as a member of the Monopolis army. Despite so, there's no
    information of him in the Monopolis database. Age 21.
    Fairy who has been crowned the Queen of Pixie for 2 consecutive years. Has
    been training everyday in order to locate the legendary hero. Age unknown.
    Woman soldier Merklich met at the research center after he awoke. They became
    mission partners and went through ups and downs. Age 18.
    Young man Merklich first met at Goat Land. Having a sharp gaze not befitting
    his age. He puts forth a personality like that of an adult but yet can be
    impudent as well. Age 15.
    Son of the Monopolis president. Possess knowledge and skills which made him
    the captain of the red wolf army. Age 23.
    Anita: Young woman who knows about Merklich's lost memories. Why is she being
    locked up below the research center. Age 19.
    Always standing in Merklich's way to stop him from completing his missions.
    Mysterious woman who has a red right eye and golden left eye. Age 22.
    President of Monopolis. Not only run the business, but also possess the
    talent in creating many ideas for new products. Age 45.
    [Basic Control, Pg 7]
    Menu screen controls:
    D-pad/Left analogue stick  |  Choose menu options/Move cursor
    L1 button                  |  Change character/page
    R1 button                  |  Change character/page
    L2 button                  |  Move up list
    R2 button                  |  Move down list
    START button               |  NA
    SELECT button              |  NA
    Circle button              |  Select
    X button                   |  Cancel
    Triangle button            |  NA
    Square button              |  Help
    Field/Battle controls:
    D-pad/Left analogue stick  |  Move character(D-pad+X button=Dash)
    Right analogue stick       |  Map
    L1 button                  |  Turn on/off target marker
    R1 button                  |  Turn on/off target marker
    L2 button                  |  NA
    R2 button                  |  Escape Mode(Press down R2 button)
    START button               |  Camp Menu
    SELECT button              |  Turn status radar on and off
    Circle button              |  Talk/Examine/Attack(for protagonist only)
    X Button                   |  Cancel
    Triangle button            |  Command menu
    Square button              |  Ability Tree
    [Starting the Game, Pg 8-9]
    There are various options on the title screen. Depending on the game
    situation, there can be a CONTINUE option.
    Start a new game. Select 'I don't mind' to move to the stats determination
    screen. The actions there will change the protagonist's parameters. Select
    'Not interested' to immediately go ahead to name the protagonist.
    To bring data over:
    After the character making session, it is possible to bring over the data
    from the previous game Growlanser V. At the screen, insert the Playstation 2
    memory card(8M) which contains the Growlanser V characters data into slot 1.
    Please select and confirm which data to be used.
    In the case of a game over mission, there will be an autosave before the
    mission battle. So long as the data remains, there will be CONTINUE option at
    the title screen. Selecting it will trigger the game starting at the event map
    of that mission battle. So long as power supply to the console is not cut off,
    the data will be intact. Even if another save data is loaded, the mission data
    for the CONTINUE option remains unchanged, so please take note of that.
    To continue game from save data. Insert the Playstation 2 memory card(8MB)
    which contain the game's save data into slot 1. At the load screen, use
    either the d-pad or left analogue stick to scroll up and down to select the
    desired load data, press Circle button to begin game.
    After fulfilling certain conditions, there will be an APPENDIX option at the
    title screen. This mode allows viewing of movie, character and visual
    Saving a data:
    Saving a game data can be done at special places such as the inn and save
    points. Apart from that, there are also other locations to do so. To save a
    game data, please insert a Playstation 2 memory card(8MB) into slot 1, select
    the file to save and press Circle button to decide.
    *To save a game, a Playstation 2 memory card(MB) with more than 112KB empty
    space is required. Also, please do not remove Playstation 2 memory card(8MB)
    during in the saving process.
    *Only usable for memory card slot 1.
    [Field, Pg 10-13]
    The screen does not stall during battles and everything is in real time.
    Real time action field:
    There will be encounters while moving around the field, and various enemies
    will wander around. On fields whereby towns and villages are, various commands
    can be used when enemies appear.
    View of field map:
    1) Map               | View current position on map. Blue=Party, Red-Enemy,
                         | Green=NPC
    2) Message Window    | Shows various messages
    3) Target Marker     | Marker that appears above currently selected character
    4) HP gauge          | Shows remaining HP bar for the various characters
    5) Name of magic     | Shows magic name and magic level character is chanting
    6) HP                | Shows current HP
    7) MP                | Shows current MP
    8) Attack Wait Gauge | Yellow bar shows the time left until next action. In
                         | the case of magic usage, chanting requires charge time
                         | represented by a green bar, when the green bar is gone,
                         | magic can be cast
    Target marker:
    When a character or enemy approaches, there will be a marker above his/her
    head. When the marker appears, press Circle button to talk to attack. The L1
    and R1 button can be used to change targets.
    When attacking: Enemy characters are represented by red target markers, press
    the Circle button to lock on target and start attacking.
    For conversation: Allies and characters in towns/villages are represented by
    green markers. Press Circle to talk.
    Using commands on the field:
    Press Triangle button on the field screen to open up the Command menu. When
    there are not battles, there may be situations whereby Attack, Move, Defend,
    Skills etc cannot be used. Single target attack magic cannot be used as well.
    Encounters with enemy characters:
    There are various enemies on the field. When conditions are met, battles will
    start. It is possible to avoid battles by observing enemy positions and
    successful movement commands.
    Facilities in towns and villages:
    There are facilities such as shops in towns, villages and castles. It will
    prove beneficial to encounters and adventures. **Just like the outside fields,
    battles may occur in cities.
    **Just a sidenote to let you know that what they meant are mission battles,
    there's no monsters or encounters inside towns and cities.
    Buildings and houses:
    There are buildings and houses in cities and villages. It is possible to
    talk to people in them by standing before the doors and pressing the Circle
    button. Important information may be obtained from conversations, be sure to
    listen carefully to them. There are also situations whereby one can enter
    Staying at an inn replenishes HP and MP to full and allows data save as well.
    Furthermore, it may be required for plot progress. **It's also possible to
    call Yurry out at the inn.
    **This won't make sense until you play the game, basically it's an option to
    change Yurry's costumes and increase her parameters using Rana fruits and
    For shops, there are weapon.armor shops as well as the item shops that sell
    goods and gems. Weapon and armor doesn't increase attack and defense ability,
    they also give skill plates. Gems are crucial to the the gems combination
    option. Making full use of all these can strengthen characters significantly.
    Weapons: When equipped, increase attack power. Also give weapon related skill
    Armor: When equipped, increase defense ability. Also give armor related skill
    Goods: Ranging from healing items to others that can prove very useful
    Gems: When equipped, gives the listed special effects. It is possible to
    create new gems when combined.
    Use d-pad of the left analogue stick and select the desired item, choose
    'Buy and equip' or 'Buy only'. In the case of 'Buy and equip', use the R1 or
    L1 button to choose the character to equip on and confirm where to equip. For
    equipping of weapons and armor, choose the order in which skill plates are to
    be obtained.
    Equipping weapons and armor require the necessary STR. In cases whereby the
    STR stat is insufficient, ability of characters will go down as a form of
    penalty. For weapons, ATW will go up. For armor, MOV will go up.
    Order of skill plates:
    At the time of purchasing or selecting the equipment option at the command
    menu allows choice in the order of obtaining skill plates. At the list which
    shows the plate, use the d-pad or left analogue stick to choose the desired
    skill plate and press Circle to confirm. In situations whereby there are 3
    plates, continue on to choose the 2nd plate.
    [Battle, Pg 14-17]
    Control the protagonist and give commands responding to battle needs.
    Battle basics:
    Enemies move around on the field map and player controls the protagonist
    while other party members act automatically. It is impossible to control
    other party members directly, so give commands from the Command menu to
    defeat the enemies.
    Battle Type:
    There are 2 types of battle. One is the normal field battle, while the other
    is the mission battle which affects the game's plot.
    Normal battles:
    Due to enemies moving around, battles may start anytime. The end battle and
    results screen won't emerge. Defeating enemies gives money and the same
    experience points to all members. However, only the one who strikes the last
    blow to an enemy gets the technique points given by that particular enemy.
    Mission battles: Plays a part in the story plot. Defeating all enemies or
    meeting the victory conditions will end the battle. Results screen will show
    and bonus experience points can be obtained.
    The escape mode:
    Pressing down the R2 button during a battle triggers the escape mode. In this
    mode all party members will stop all actions and commands and follow the
    **Battling and moving:
    On the field, when the protagonist and party members start to attack(attack
    magic, attack status magic, attack command), battle begins. Party members will
    act automatically.
    **If you read on, you'll understand what this section means.
    Conditions that trigger the start of a battle:
    -Protagonist starts to attack
    -Command party member to start to attack
    -Enemy attack any member of the party
    -Start of mission battles
    Movement during battles:
    Battles are in real time. The attack window and charge time bar shows the time
    remaining to next action. Press the SELECT button to turn the main window on
    and off.
    Attack window and charge time:
    When the yellow Atack window gauge(ATW) bar reduces to 0, next action/command
    can be performed. Magic is the same and the charge time(CT) gauge is
    represented by a green bar. When it reaches 0, this implies 1 magic level has
    finished chanting. The length of gauge depends on the action/command that has
    been selected.
    Progress of magic usage:
    Magic can be used in towns and fields but they require certain specific
    procedures. Magic chanted outside of battles can be cast immediately. MP
    usage remains the same for all levels(Both level 1 Cure and level 5 Cure uses
    the same amount of MP, which is 6).
    1)Select magic:
    Select Magic in the command menu and move up and down the list with d-pad or
    the left analogue stick. Use R2 and L2 buttons to scroll down the list.
    2)Choosing the level:
    Next, choose the level of magic to be chanted. The higher the level, the
    higher the effects and chant time.
    3)Start of chanting:
    Choose the target after selecting the magic level. Use the d-pad or left
    analogue stick to move the cursor. The CT gauge will decrease and when it
    is gone, chanting is done.
    To stop chanting, use the Triangle button to bring up the Command menu. To
    select other commands after canceling, choose 'Stop', to continue chanting
    to higher levels that are available, choose 'Continue'. Magic that has been
    chanted above level 1 can be cast at any time.
    4)End of chanting:
    When a character finish chanting, the casting screen will pop up. Select the
    character/enemy to use the magic on. Choosing 'Stop' will allow other commands
    to be given, but the chanting bar will be gone, so please take note of that.
    'Wait' will command the character to retain the chanting bar and wait, using
    the Triangle button to bring up the menu at any time to have the character
    cast the magic.
    Results screen after battle:
    Clearing a mission will bring up the results screen. Depending on the mission
    clear contents, 3 diffrent ranks are obtained. The clear bonus includes
    money, experience points as well as technique points.
    1)Mission complete: complete all required conditions. Highest clear bonus is
    2)Mission clear: meet clear conditions. Normal clear bonus is obtained.
    3)Mission failed: did not meet clear conditions nor game over conditions,
    the least amount of clear bonus is obtained.
    Game Over:
    Whether in normal or mission battles, it will be game over when all party
    members are defeated. There are also situations of meeting game over
    conditions in the middle of a battle. In the case of a game over for mission
    battles, choosing the CONTINUE option at the title screen allows a retry.
    [Command and Camp menu, Pg 18-29]
    Triangle button brings up the Command menu and START button the Camp menu.
    Command menu:
    There are 8 options in the command menu. For the protagonist, the Auto option
    is replaced with Map.
    Characters attack with weapons. Use the d-pad or left analogue stick or the
    L1 and R1 button to select the enemy represented with a target marker and
    press Circle button to start attacking. Once the attack command is set, a
    target line will show.
    Use magic. Refer to page 16 for more details.
    Move characters to desired location. Choosing 2 similar points triggers a
    straight line advance. Should the character coincide with an enemy during
    movement, he/she will start attacking instead.
    Moving a translucent character:
    When a Move command is selected, character becomes translucent and can be
    directed to move with the d-pad or left analogue stick. Select the destination
    and press Circle button twice to confirm the route.
    Selecting in-between points:
    Pressing the Circle button once selects MOV, the yellow line represents the
    moving route. Up to 2 in-between points, and the 3rd will be the destination.
    Use learnt skills and techniques. Use the d-pad or left analogue stick to move
    the selection cursor up and down and press Circle button to confirm. In cases
    whereby the technique usage counter is 0, it can't be executed anymore.
    For different skills and techniques, there is a limit to the number of times 
    it can be executed. Staying at an inn restores the counter back.
    Have a character defend at the current position which reduces damage taken
    from enemy attacks. Unless new commands are given via the command menu, the
    defence stance will continue.
    Uses items in possession. Use the d-pad or left analogue stick to move cursor
    in Goods or Rare items and press Circle button to confirm. Choose the target
    next and press Circle again to use. Items are shared by all party characters.
    1)Goods: Healing and other various items
    2) Rare items: Use rare items obtained at a specific place or to a specific
    person. They cannot be discarded.
    An option only usable by the protagonist. Checks out the area with the right
    analogue stick. Using the right analogue stick while moving triggers the same
    Changes equipment for various characters. Select available equipment from the
    list and check on plate types.
    Equipment Window:
    **This section comes with 2 images and numerals pointing to various points
    of the images.
    1)To get plates from weapons and armor, certain mastery level is necessary.
    When the bar reaches the maximum, the plate will be obtained.
    2)Plates that has been obtained.
    3)Plates that can be obtained.
    4)A list of owned weapons and armor
    5)Time required to equip
    6)Required STR
    7)List of plates the current equipment can give. Maximum is 3. The numbering
    refers to the order in which the plates will be obtained.
    8)List of plates the equipment will give. The order of the plates can be
    Equipment of gems:
    It is possible to equip gems at the equipment screen. A maximum of 2 gems can
    be equipped and they provide various forms of effects such as increasing
    stats and changing strengths and weaknesses to elements and so on.
    Camp menu:
    On the field, press START button to bring up the Camp menu which provides
    various options.
    Check on character's stats, condition, learnt techniques etc. Press Circle
    button on the status screen and switch between pages for equipment list,
    magic list, technique list, skill list and effects of gems. Press Square
    button on equipment list screen to check on the obtained plates.
    View of status screen:
    1) LV         | Shows current level
    2) HP         | Shows HP, current HP/max HP bar
    3) MP         | Shows MP, current MP/max MP bar
    4) Next EXP   | Shows required exp points to next level
    5) Money      | Shows amount of money owned
    6) Statistics | Shows stats of various characters:
                  | STR-> Physical strength. Affects attack power, rate of HP
                  |       increase and equipment STR.
                  | DEX-> Agility. Affects MOV, magic chant time, hit, and evade.
                  | INT-> Intelligence. Affects rate of MP increase and
                  |       effectiveness of magic.
                  | ATK-> Attack power using weapons.
                  | DEF-> Defense ability. Affects damage received from enemy's
                  |       physical attacks
                  | MOV-> Movement speed. Affects movement speed during battles.
                  | ATW-> Attack intervals. Affects time required until next
                  |       action, the lower the value, the lesser the time needed.
    7) Condition  | Shows the status icons for various characters
    8) Magic      | Shows resistance to various magic elements. From 0(weak) to 
       Resistance | 6(immune) and 8(absorb). Normal is 2. Immune=no damage taken,
                  | Absorb=absorb damage and recover HP instead.
    Conditions that characters can be afflicted with during battles:
    The condition status of a character can change with attacks from enemies as
    well as support magic from allies. Below lists the various bad statuses and
    how to treat them.
    Damage is received as time passes. Can be cured with poison removal medicine,
    panacea and **fine.
    **Fine is a support magic.
    Body is paralyzed and can't move. Can be cured with restorative, panacea
    and Fine.
    0 HP and can't act anymore. Can be cured with Raise and Nectar.
    Can't chant magic. All chanting status is cancelled. Can be cured with panacea
    and Fine.
    Defense goes down, thus increasing physical damage received. Remove status
    with Protect.
    Fainted and can't move. Can be cured with restorative, panacea and Fine.
    Damage is received as time passes. Can be cured with poison removal herb,
    panacea and Fine.
    Petrified and can't move. Can be cured with henloda, panacea and Fine.
    Falls asleep. Can be cured with panacea and Fine.
    Attack power down, thus decreasing damage caused. Remove status with Attack.
    Resistance to magic drops, thus damage incurred from magic attacks increase.
    Remove status with Resist.
    Binded down and can't move. Can be cured with panacea and Fine.
    Death Curse:
    Attached with a curse of death. When triggered, induces death/fallen. HP
    recovery drops by half.
    Combining gems:
    1 gem can be equipped with a maximum of 4 effects. Each effect has a level and
    the higher the level, the higher the bonus it gives. Using combination, 
    different types of gems can be created.
    Type of gems:
    1)Enchant gems:
    Enchant gems give different statistic effects when equipped. They can be
    obtained via combination as well as from shops.
    2)Jewel stones:
    These can't be equipped but can be used for combination purposes. Can be
    obtained from defeating enemies and when attaching new skill plates. There are
    various types of jewel stones.
    Gems combination method:
    After selecting gems combination command, a screen which can be called the
    gems combination board appear. Here, the main gem as well as the additional
    gem can be set. There are only 3 lines for combination on the gems board, but
    it will increase as the game progresses. 
    With the gems set, engage in battles and the 2 gems will be combined. Gems are
    combined starting from the topmost line and downwards.
    Combining different effects:
    When 2 gems combine, they form into 1 gem. Place the combined gem as the main
    gem and another as the additional gem and check how the new gem will come out
    to be.
    When gems of the same effects are combined, the level is increased. However,
    only the level of the equipped effect is strengthened. The level of the
    strengthened effect adds on 1 level to the higher one. When the effect reaches
    its limit, it cannot be strengthed anymore.
    Combining jewel stones:
    Apart from enchant gems, there are also the jewel stones that can't be
    equipped. The stones can't be used normally but when 2 jewel stones are
    combined together, a new enchant gem can be created.
    Combining with jewel stones:
    When an enchant gem is set as the main gem and a jewel stone as the
    additional gem, random results are obtained(nothing will happen if their
    positions are reversed). Gem levels increasing and additional abilities and
    effects emerging are some of the results that can be achieved.
    Tactics setting:
    Set inclination of character's actions in auto mode. Areas that can be set
    are attack actions, magic usage level, magic inclination, and goods.
    Attack actions
    Follow main character | Attack the same enemy as the protagonist
    Normal                | Characters act normally
    Attack weak enemies   | Priortise in attacking weaker enemies than self
    Support allies        | Support other characters in attacking
    Magic usage level
    Go all out            | Use magic without care for MP
    Normal                | Balance magic usage with other actions
    Control               | Keep magic usage to lowest
    Cut off               | Don't use magic at all
    Auto magic casting
    Manual                | Open up menu screen after chanting is finished
    Semi-auto             | Requires confirmation only for area magic
    Auto                  | Cast magic automatically after chanting is finished
    Magic inclination:
    Set usage for different types of magic in the form of 1(don't use) to
    6(priorty). Use the d-pad or left analogue stick to move left and right to
    change the allowance for various magic usage.
    Set usage for various types of items. Same as magic inclination, the allowance
    for item usage can be manipulated, but this applies only to items owned.
    As the story progress, Yurry the fairy will appear to serve as support to the
    main character. Various options can be selected from the Fairy command via the
    camp menu. She can give various advice to the main character as well and has
    the talent to grow and learn special abilities.
    Equipment window:
    **This section has an image and numeral pointers as well.
    1)Commands to give to fairy
    2)Shows ability parameters of fairy
      -Mind ability
      -Physical Strength
    Bring out Yurry at the inn:
    After Yurry has become an ally, the 'Bring Yurry out' option will be available
    under the inn menu. This option allows for costume change.
    Changing costume: Select from the list of obtained costumes and allow change
    of costumes.
    Use Rana fruits and seeds: Increase Yurry's parameters with obtained Rana
    fruits and seeds.
    The 5 commands that can be given to the fairy:
    Selecting the Fairy option from the camp menu brings up 5 commands that can be
    given to Yurry. When Yurry's abilities increases, she is able to learn new
    skills to serve as support for the protagonist in battles.
    Treasure search:
    Have Yurry search for treasure in dungeons and give a report. This command
    cannot be used on normal fields as well as towns and villages.
    Character relationship level:
    Judge how characters of the party think of the protagonist.
    Event memo:
    Read Yurry's memo of plot happenings. Memo is written right after an event and
    previous entries cannot be read anymore.
    Determine protagonist's personality. This is affected by the protagonist's
    actions through the game. Please take note of changes in the opinion of other
    Special abilities: View the skills and abilities Yurry has learnt.
    Configure options like sound and voices. Contents are as below.
    Sound         | Change BGM to stereo or mono
    Voices        | Set message voices
    Battle voices | Set battle voices of characters during battle
    Cursor memory | Set memory of cursor's position for last used menu commands
    Vibration     | Turn controller's vibration ON or OFF
    Battle area   | Set confirmation of area on which techniques and skills are
    confirmation  | used during battles
    Magic movies  | Set whether to view movies that play when executing magic
    Reaction      | Set response of party members after performing command given
    after         | by protagonist.
    previous      | Give new command: Open the command menu & awaits a new command
    command       | Auto: Acts automatically
    Confirm win   | Set the reconfirmation of win and lose conditions when they
    and lose      | change during battles
    conditions    |
    Cursor change | Choose from the 3 types of cursors
    Win and lose condition:
    In various battles, there are clear and game over conditions. Check here if
    there are any changes in conditions during mission battles.
    [Ability Tree, Pg 30-31]
    Press the Square button to bring up the Ability tree screen. This screen
    allows attachment and mastery of skill and technique plates.
    Techique plates and the ability tree:
    The ability tree is where one can freely attach plates and learn skills and
    magic by earning technique points from battles. The obtained technique
    points flow from the left to right, increasing levels of the plates.
    Ability tree screen:
    *This section comes with an image and numeral pointers.
    1) Active flow     | Connections that are represented by the yellow outline
                       | shows the current active flow. Technique points obtained
                       | are accumulated and added onto this flow
    2) Skill plates    | Each hexagon is a skill plate. Pressing Circle button at
                       | any empty space allow attachment of plates. Orange:Magic,
                       | Green: Special skills, Blue: Skill techniques
    3) Starting point  | The verticle line on the left represents the starting 
       of flow         | point of the flow. Technique points obtained are added
                       | onto all plates that are connected via the arrow marks.
                       | The starting point of the flow differs according to the
                       | current equipped weapons and armor
    4) Spare technique | Technique points that are currently being stocked up
       points          |
    5) Accumulated pts | The total accumulated points for the selected plate. When
                       | MAX is reached, the plate gains 1 level
    6) Level           | Levels of the various plates. Once they reach the maximum
                       | level, they cannot be further increased
    7) Technique       | The meter showing currently accumulated technique points.
       points meter    | When bar reaches MAX, plate level increase by 1
    8) Direction of    | Shows the various plate links. Attaching another plate 
       plate linking   | at the arrow marks will set up the flow through that
                       | plate. The direction of arrows can be changed to up or
                       | down and there are also cases whereby they can be toggled
                       | freely
    Mastering abilities:
    Plates can be attached at an empty space on the ability tree. Plates have
    levels and they can be used when the level starts at 1.
    Development of plates:
    Technique points are divided equally among all plates that the active flow
    passes through. Due to that, plates may take a long time level up, so please
    take note. When there are no connected plates, the technique points will be
    stocked up.
    Rules of active flow:
    The color of the arrows at the leftmost side of the tree correspond to the
    ones for equipped weapons and armor. Each equipped weapon and armor will 
    determine the flow's starting point. Plates with the active flow passing
    through them gets a +1 level bonus(highest is +2 levels bonus). The final
    level will be the addition of the original level of the plate+the bonus.
    Plate sub-menu:
    Moving the cursor on an attached plate and pressing the Circle button brings
    up the sub menu. For plates with arrow links that can be toggled, there is an
    option here to do that. There are also different types of items that can be
    used to manipulate the direction of links and position of plates.
    Toggling direction of links:
    The direction of active flow through the plates can be toggled up and down.
    Select a plate, choose the direction and confirming it will change the flow
    There are items for changing link direction, changing positions of plates, 
    as well as adding on extra technique points to plates and so on to manipulate
    the plate connections and usage of technique points.
    [Skill and item, Pg 32-33]
    There are many different skills, techniques, abilities and items in this game.
    This section introduces some of them.
    Name          | Area                 | Effect
    Fire Arrow    | Single enemy target  | Attack magic that sends flames towards
                  |                      | an enemy
    Attack        | Allies within area   | Increase ATK for a period of time, thus
                  |                      | increasing weapon damage
    Cure          | Single ally target   | Healing magic with curing ability
    Fine          | Single ally target   | Cure target of condition effects such
                  |                      | poison and so on
    Return        | All allies           | When not engaged in any battles, use to
                  |                      | leave a dungeon
    Name          | Effect
    Critical      | Gather energy and give a strike with increased power
    strike        |
    Magic         | Increased resistance to magic for a certain period of time,
    Resistance UP | all elements resistance rank +1
    Name          | Effect
    HP UP         | Increase Max HP
    Critical      | Possibility of giving an enemy a critical hit with increased
                  | damage dealt
    Name                | Effect
    Double steel sword  | A pair of swords with an even weight for easy combat
    Grave               | A primitive weapon with a knife end attached to a stick.
                        | Cheap and easy to use
    Hunting knife       | Knife used for hunting. Easy to bring around and has
                        | efficient slashing ability
    Name                | Effect
    Clothes             | This is just a normal clothing so don't expect it to
                        | provide much defense, but it's better than wearing
                        | nothing
    Soft Leather        | Clothing made from animal skin. Layers of skin are
                        | quilted together to increase protection
    Ring Mail           | Armor with rings sewed on. It provides sufficient
                        | protection but can be bulky due to the weight
    Name                | Effect
    Fire Rune           | Attach fire element to attacks thus increasing damage
                        | dealt to enemies with low fire resistance. Damage and
                        | fire resistance UP
    Poison attack       | Possibility of dealing poison attack to enemies when
                        | equipped. Rate of occurance increases with level.
                        | Highest being +9
    Mil UP              | Increase money obtained from enemies by 5%. Percentage
                        | increases with level. Highest being +9
    Name                | Effect
    Healing drug        | Drug made from boiling herbs. Increases the rate of
                        | recovery by applying it on the wound.
    Poison removal herb | Herb that is able to neutralize poison in the body. Just
                        | rubbing it on the wound produces sufficient effect.
    Restorative         | Medicine made from herb essences. Able to heal faintness
                        | and numbness.
    Ravas Stone         | Stone containing strong thoughts of a sage. Extends
                        | use of equipment
    **Mirror of 1st     | Reflects self in mirror in serenity makes it possible
    crescent            | to change the direction of abilities learning
    Visional scent      | Leads to mind and body contemplation, effect is the same
                        | as training for days
    **The moon phase includes the 1st and last quarter crescent, also known as
    waxing(increase) and waning(decrease) crescent. Basically, this item actually
    allows change of plate link arrows to point up, while the last crescent will
    change the plate link down-wards.
    I've got a habit of putting a Q&A section in my faqs, so this is no exception.
    Q: Do you recommend this game?
    A: If you've played V and like it, then go ahead and get this. If not, you'd
    better not grab it the moment you see it in an import store and wound up
    wanting to kick yourself for buying it. It's not perfect but definitely a
    very good game IMO(incidentally my fav Growlanser), so it really depends on
    what are you looking for because if you want another Growlanser II
    (incidentally my least fav Growlanser), it's better to look somewhere else. A
    good rule of thumb is: DON'T listen to ANYONE and test it for yourself before
    you make a decision on whether you want to get it or not.
    Q: Do I need to play the previous Growlansers to know what's going on in this
    A: No. Growlanser VI has nothing to do with G1-4 but it is the direct sequel
    to Growlanser V. For those who have played V before, VI will definitely be
    more familiar and perhaps answer some of your left-over doubts and questions.
    For those who did not, there are explanations by characters in the game
    regarding related events that happened in V so you don't have to worry about
    getting lost, but if you want an extra reference/explanation, do refer to the
    'Characters' section of this faq but as expected, know that there are full
    spoilers there.
    Q: They should have made the mission complete conditions clearer. Bleh. 
    A: The conditions listed in your pop-up before any mission battle begins are
    the CLEAR conditions == allowing you to get mission clears. Mission completes
    are OPTIONAL because:
    1)It does not determine your plot/storyline advancement at all
    2)The stuff you get out from them are NOT necessities for you to finish the
    game with your desired ending(s).
    In such cases, we call those benefits we get from mission completes HIDDEN
    BONUSES. So I hope you won't expect a game to give you clear or even step by
    step instructions on how to get hidden bonuses.
    Q: How many endings are there?
    A: Merk, Yurry, Wendy, Rukias, Irist, Hofman, Anita, Zeon, Neilis. That's 9.
    Q: Are the endings easy to get?
    A: The side quests are the main thing which can help boost the affection
    levels. So long as you have COMPLETED the side quest for a certain character,
    you can still get his/her ending even if his/her relationship bar is at green.
    But if you did not do their side quests, you can't get an ending even if the
    bar is red(blue->black->green->red).
    Q: I haven't done Wendy's side quest, nor have I met the dungeon lady at
    Royferon, and now the city is destroyed!
    A: Do everything you want at Royferon and L'Hingis before the Energy Tower
    event(mission 46).
    Q: HELP! I can't get <insert name>'s affection to red!
    A: You shouldn't have any problems getting them to red if you have been nice
    and all. I know Hofman is extremely hard to please(at least for me) but some
    dandy books(3-4) should do the trick to reach a red for him. As mentioned
    before, fight at the Coliseum. If you didn't mess up too much throughout your
    entire game by failing every mission and choosing every single wrong replies,
    winning just a couple of matches a.k.a mission completes should allow maximum
    ratings in no time at all. What's better yet, even playable characters whom
    you did not bring along to fight at the Coliseum will gain those friendship
    points as well.
    Q: What happened to Shuweizer?
    A: Apparantly, Shayer used a pod to save him(as with Brandole ordering Merk to
    be put into the pod when he nearly died protecting Irist) but he lost the
    ability to travel through time. Due to the high risk of his body being used as
    the next host for Infinitor after Brandole, he decided to play along with
    everyone's belief that he is dead and keep his identity a secret.
    Q: I NEED blessing bells, where?
    A: Sad to say that for this game, I have explored around and only found 1
    place to get "infinite" blessing bells: the dungeon lady sells it at floor 50
    of the optional dungeon, and of course you will need infinite money. Look
    under the optional dungeon section of this faq for more explanation.
    Q: What can the game clear data be used for?
    A: The appendix option will be available. Loading the data will allow you to
    replay the game with your gems, skills, weapons/armor and all items(apart from
    those under rare items menu) brought over to the new game. Character levels
    will be reset to lv 1, take note that equipping the strong weapons and armor
    straight away will give plenty of MOV and ATW penalty so...don't.
    Q: Do they have an official strategy guide for this game?
    A: They do. But I don't have it, and don't intend to get it.
    Q: I'm gonna play this game but I have not played V before, would you mind
    giving me the save file so I can use it to get Zeon's strongest equipment?
    A: After a nice explanation from a fellow gamer via email, I have to say that
    I'm sorry but I do not have the means(I only have my PS2 console, the
    necessary connecters, my normal PS2 memory card, my controllers and the game)
    of making my save files available unless I send my memory card over, which is
    obviously out of question.
    ---Version history---
    2007 4th July - Version 1.0: Walkthrough finished till end of game and
    software manual translation completed.
    2007 7th July - Version 1.1: Corrected some direction and information errors
    after another round of proof reading.
    2007 15th July - Version 2.0: An update with new sections.
    2007 19th July - Version 2.1: More additions.
    2007 18th Sept - Version 2.2: A short section added in plus mild changes.
    2007 24th Oct - Version 3.0: New sections and more revisions+inclusions.
    2008 2nd Jan - Version 3.1: Mild amendments
    2008 Feb 26th -Version 3.2: New sections for in-game questions and choices,
    treasure chest items in dungeons and miscellaneous.
    Gamefaqs for hosting this guide.
    Team Career(Atlus JP) for the wonderful Growlanser series.
    'Tacchan'-san over at the GVI board at allsaite jp for helping me out with
    some doubts on the Shuweizer issue.
    The new Peace Maintenance Army Commander Chriass: "By the way, the S class
    mission order is the highest of the mission ranks. I've been wanting to try
    passing one for a while now! =)"

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