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    Character Background FAQ by Basel

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    Art of Fighting 2
    A Word Before We Get Down To The Real Talk:
      This faq is only for the character background and
    so. So if anybody have anything to add, please do so.
    Otherwise... do not bother.
    Name: Ryo Sakazaki (The Wild Karate Guy)
      Scion of the creator of "Kyoku Gen Karate", Takuma
    Sakazaki, he has been passing the previous year since
    the rescue of his cute kid sister Yuri in the Japanese
    Alps, bathing in the frigid streams and dancing on the
    sharp rocks of Mt. Yuwannafaito. Hearing of the
    mysterious "King Of Fighters" competition, he ventures
    once again to his old hunting grounds.
    Name: Robert Garcia (The pretty-Boy Master Of Mayhem)
      Son of the multi-zillionaire industrialist Albert
    Moralista Del Gusto De Braha Garcia. Robert has
    forsaken the wishes of his father, left the
    prestigious Emperor University, and has followed the
    pursuit of Kyoku Gen Karate mastership. The rival of
    Ryo, Robert is one fop who packs a wallop.
    Name: Yuri Sakazaki (The Fabulous Karate Babe)
      Ryo's beloved kid sister. Anxious to learn the ways
    of Kyoku Gen. She learns from her father, Takuma, she
    studies with her father while pretending to attend a
    fitness club to appease her brother, Ryo, who objects
    to Yuri's studies. Achieving momentous success in a
    brief period of training. Yuri joins the competition
    to show her big brother what she's really made of.
    Name: Takuma Sakazaki (Karate Of Kyoku Gen And One
    Really Swell Dad)
      Pioneer of the Kyoku Gen school of Karate, Takuma
    enters the competition with an uneasy sense that
    something is just not adding up, because of his
    superior Southtown organization but refused. Could
    this competition be the work of his old enemies?
    Name: King (The Gorgeous, Kick-Boxing Lady)
      The former bouncer of La Maison, defeated by Ryo and
    Robert one year ago, was rumored to have forsaken the
    world of the streets to make an honest living as a
    political consultant. Finding the trade perverse and
    inhuman, she has resurfaced on the streets,
    kick-boxing her way to a showdown with her old pals
    and hoping for the prize money. But for what and...?
    Name: John Crawley (The supersonic Psycho Flyboy)
      Once a pilot of unparalleled skill, the marine took
    a air-to-air missile to his eye. Unable to fly, the
    dejected pilot was driven to drinking and unsociable
    behavior. Years later, he was drummed out of the
    service after being implicated on gun running missions
    supplying the evil, Mr. Big. Insisting he was framed,
    the dejected, former ruler of skies now comes to
    Southtown to set history right.
    Name: Jack Turner (The Muscle Devil From Dairyland)
      Dreaded leader of the urban gang, the Neo Black
    Cats. Jack quests for the control of Southtown and its
    envirous. To reestablish his old group, he must first
    win them back from the evil clutches and shiny pate of
    Mr. Big.
    Name: Mickey Rogers (The Tragic Champ From The Lower
    East Side)
      To escape a life of abject poverty, Mickey sought
    the crown of heavyweight boxing. A freak accident
    sidelined his hopes, sending the Mickster back to the
    means treets. After paying his dues to the society
    that scorned him, Mickey looks for a new shot at the
    title and has entered the contest to polish his
    Name: Lee Pai Long (The Legendary, Taloned Acrobat)
      The master Of Masters of Chinese Kempo. Well-versed
    in the mysterious ways of Chinese medicine, this
    fighter/doctor hides his identity with a hideous (some
    say ridiculous) mask of the monkey god, Who Hee
    Shiree. Planning to use the prize money from his
    contest to further his medical research, Lee looks to
    this battle as his final bolt in the arena of the
    boulevard battlers.
    Name: Eiji Kisaragi (The Mysterious Manipulator Of
    Ninja Arts)
      Master of the ancient ways of the ninja and sworn
    enemy of the Sakazaki clan whose devotion to the
    school of Kyoku Gen school of Karate is an insult to
    Kisaragi's being. An enigmatic soul who thirst for
    revenge, and a glance of his former love, lost to the
    arms of a long-haired blond guy. But such is life.
    Name: Temjin (The Titan Of The Tundra)
      The one and only Mongolian dock worker at the
    Southtown port, Tem resigned himself to a period of
    menial work as a manure loader. Finding the job 25
    bucks and hour. Tem stayed on, earning money for the
    small school in Mongolia where he dreams of teaching
    one day. A pure heart who fights for the good of
    Name: Mister Big (The Glittering Sultan Of Southtown)
      The leader of the dreaded Southtown Boys Club, known
    for their terror and powers of persuasion. Sensing a
    threat to his rule, Big has polished his scalp and
    entered the seemingly sinister King Of Fighters
    contest. What fowl secret awaits him at the end of his
    battles? Will his ambition translate into his
    downfall? Hey! He is a bad guy. Who cares?!!!
    Name: Geese Howard (The Kingpin Of Southtown)
      He's a former champion of the National Martial Arts
    of America. Before he became a champion, people in the
    underground were afraid of him and he was nicknamed
    "Lone Wolf Killer Geese". Underhandedly, he achieved
    fame and authority in Southtown. He trained under
    every martial arts master around. He became a brutal
    killer and it is rumored that he is as strong as a
    demon! And now he is here to gather more and more
    young strong fighters for his plans.
    Last Word:
    There you have it. If anything is wrong, just send me
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    3)To all my friends for the encouragement. 
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