Where do you find all the map pieces?

  1. I looked everywhere and i can't find any more maps. I barely get any more massages in a bottle.

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    MkittyR - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Depending on which piece you are looking for. Open your Map and check to see which square piece you are looking for.

    As you can see it is a 3 by 3 square.

    Now if you count across the 1st row as > the first Map Piece as 1; then the one next to it as 2; the last one is 3.
    2nd row across > 4th, 5th and 6th.
    3rd row > 7th, 8th, and last one is the 9th.

    Then this will help you figure out exactly which one and where to go to get it.

    List as follows :

    Row 1 - Square #1 - 1st missing Map piece can be found in a Random Bottled Message [ mine was on Shipwreck Island's first beach. ] Note: you only get one map piece in a bottle.

    Row 1 - Sqaure #2 - 2nd Missing Map Piece can be found in the clam beds on Airplane Island's West Beach > it is the first beach you landed on after you made the raft and found your first crewmember wandering about.

    Row 1 - Square #3 - In a Random Monkey delivery Banana Leaf Bundle that is given to your Sim by one of the chimps.

    * Note * If you are missing this one - check any that might be laying around the entrances.
    To get unreachable ones that are laying at the entrances - Make sure to have at least one other Sim present. Then slowly approach it till you see it light up and are able to click on it to pick it up. Then quickly click pick up and quickly switch to the other Sim as fast as you can. If you practice this enough, the Sim whom is trying to get the package will not enter the next area. Just keep trying until you get it.

    2nd row - Square #4 - Can be found on Valcano Island's Volcano Jungle
    [ 1st jungle area ] in the lower Hot Springs. Just get your Sim in and take a break. :p

    2nd row - Square #5 - Airplane Island - Go to the Dark Cave and open the Door with the Llama Crown and explore.

    Once you have enter this area, look and go straight back to the floating Footprints and enter / explore.

    The Map piece is laying on the ground near one of the Pillars {if I recall rightly, it is on the right side ]. Once you find it, you can leave by knocking over the pillar on the left or by the way you came.

    2nd row - Square #6 - Volcano Island - You get this one after you preform the Ceremonial Cliff Dive into the Tidal Pool.

    3rd row - Square #7 - Volcano Island - Time to go fishing :) k. The Tiger Shark has it.

    * Note * - This one you have to only have your Sim do. Go to the Tidal Pool and get a fishing pole out. Keep fishing alone. But if you are after other fish; call the crew. But mostly, it is your main Sim that has to do this, so stick with that Sim and do not switch to the any of the others.

    3rd row - Square #8 - Crystal Island - It is in the Circle where the Fireflies are buzzing.

    It is also the best place where you can set up the radio to send a S. O. S. to get your Sims abducted and all stats are maxed out.

    3rd row - Square #9 - Volcano Island - Volcano Summit to Volcano Overlook or visa versa.

    To get this Map Piece you have to climb down the rope ladder and back up the rope ladder. Once you have reached the Summit again; the ground may shake or it may not. But it should tell you that you got a piece of the map. If the ground shakes and you miss the message, just check your inventory for the Map pieces.

    Thats it. Sorry it is detailed to better understand the locations.
    Hope this helps.

    Have a good day and enjoy your game!

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    abler2005 (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. I KNOW abler2005 is going to be choosen but if you aren't willing to do that there is always cheat codes!Long as you have at least one map piece you're fine!

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