Where can I find all of the treasure map pieces?

  1. I need three more and have been through all of the islands.

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  1. Treasure Map locations:

    * 1st place ~ On Shipwreck Island - in the random Banana Leaf Bundles -

    You have to collect all those banana leaf bundles that those Monkeys bring. Just give the monkey a banana in trade or give them a hug. One of these bundles that they bring will contain a map piece.

    * 2nd place ~ Shipwreck Island 's West Beach - in the Ocean's Clam Beds-

    While you are Swimming; you will notice that it will flash a message; click on this and harvest the Clams from the beds. In one you will find a Map Piece.

    * 3rd ~ Anywheres and anyplace that those `Bottled Messages` that wash ashore.

    Collect any and all Bottled Messages that wash ashore. [ Save them; you can use these bottles later. ] Check them out; one of them will contain a Map piece.

    * 4th place ~ Airplane Island's East River plains - On the ground on the other side of the quicksand near by the 2 Pillars.

    Here there are 2 Pillars and some quicksand. But you first have to go to Volcano Island and get the Crown from behind the throne In the Ancient Temple and return to the Dark Cave.
    Put the Crown and go inspect the wall to the left from whence you entered the Dark Cave where there is those floating footprints. After you have inspected this wall/ door and get it open. Go into this area and look for some floating Footprints that will lead you to a path to the East River Plains.

    When you are ready [ make sure all moods are up ]. Take and have your Sim inspect / go explore these footprints. It will say ` East River Plains `. You will find that it leads to where these 2 pillars are and the quicksand. Go up to the Pillars and nearby them on the ground is a Map Piece. [ You can also inspect these pillars if your Sim is in the mood to do so. ]

    * 5th place Volcano Island's Volcano Jungle - in the Hot Springs.

    Ahhh what a relief. Pick the lower set of these Hot Springs and let your Sim take a break from all that harvesting and collecting resources. In these Hot Springs is a ` Map piece `, just go sit one of them and you will get a new piece of the map.

    * 6th place - Volcano Island' s Volcano Summit - Climb up via the rope ladder.

    [ Note: This is the way I did it because my Sim could not access the other way. And there is two way to do this. Some people have found a set of footprints that will take you up and is the easy way. ]

    `Through the Ancient Temple and to the Volcano Summit -

    After you get the Ancient Temple door open and repair the forge. Go down to the throne and hang a right to go to the stairs. Take these stairs up to Volcano Summit.

    When you get here at the top; inspect and explore the footprints and take the rope ladder down and then climb back up to Volcano Summit to receive a new ``Map Piece``.

    * 7th place ~ Volcano Islands Ancient Theater - Ceremonial Cliff Dive -

    When you are ready and have done all the harvesting and gotten your Sims moods up. Inspect / explore the floating footprints to do the Cliff Dive. Once you do the Cliff Dive into the Tidal Pool and your Sim surfaces the water; you will receive a new Map Piece.

    *8th place ~ Volcano Island's Volcano Tidal Pool - While fishing / catch a Tiger Shark.

    Get out any one of your fishing poles out and cast it into the water. If you see one your Sim having trouble reeling in their catch. You have a shark on the end of it. The pole will bend and once they drop the pole and have the shark in hand; click to that Sim and cancel the fishing. Once you cancel the fishing; you will receive a new ` Map Piece `.

    * 9th ~ Crystal Island - Next to the Circle platform where the fireflies swarm.

    When you get the Fourth Island to appear; go to where there is a circle on the ground and some artwork on the wall with fireflies buzzing around. The place you need to set up the radio to get abducted. On the ground near those green glowing protruding rocks you will find a new ` Map Piece. `

    Hope this helps.
    Have a good day!

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  1. How do i find the other beach on volcano island???

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  2. How do i find the other beach on volcano island???

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  3. How do I find the other beach on Volcano Island???

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