Where can I find sandalwood, and hardwood?

  1. I can find everything else, but can't seem to find these 2 items I need to complete the catamaran. Pleae help

    User Info: funston

    funston - 8 years ago
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    Thank you

    User Info: funston

    funston - 8 years ago

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  1. Once you get Volcano Island unlocked. Then have repaired the forge in the Ancient Temple and made the final tools that are required of your Sim to make.

    You need the axe from this forge and will find that trees your Sim could not access to harvest the resource from; will now be opened/ unlocked.
    [ This happens each time your Sim makes new tools; new resources are unlocked. So you have to repair the forge before you can harvest anything like Sandalwood or Hardwood.

    But first, take the stairs up and out of the Temple and go to Volcano Summit to harvest enough ore and obsidian to make all the tools at the forge after you have repaired it. Then go explore the other areas. ]

    Then go to these places if you can. Or just get your Sims to explore them.

    All Sandalwood trees are on Volcano Island.

    Places to go:

    In the Jungle [ Its the first one that you came upon after you arrived and were able to climb up the side to get to this area. ], Ancient Theater, Volcano Overlook.

    Hardwood trees are there too on Volcano Island.

    You can also find a few Hardwood Trees in the Jungle of Shipwreck Island.

    Some trees on these islands do not say Hardwood and are hardwood. Teak and Koi trees are trees you will encounter that gives these types of wood.

    All Softwood trees, Coconut, Papaya trees are Softwood. So if you are harvesting these and find your resource in the inventory full. These are the trees that filled it and you can stop chopping them.

    Once you have the proper axe and have found these trees; make note of where they are. Then harvest what you can and leave the island via the map. Then come back a day later and you should be able to harvest / chop more wood from these trees.

    Hope this helps.
    Have a good day!

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  1. Addidng on to what he said ^ , to harvest hardwood you don't need the metal axe, only the stone one. Here is a list of what type of axes unlock.

    Shell Axe=softwood
    Stone Axe= hardwood
    Metal Axe= sandalwood

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    Hope That Helped

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