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    Goals FAQ by glazer195

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 01/05/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       The Sims 2: Castaway Goals FAQ
               PS2 version
               by glazer195
      | Table of Contents |
      1.0 Introduction
      2.0 Version History
      3.0 About Goals
         3.1 Goals
         3.2 Finding Goals
         3.3 Reason why can't you complete certain Goals
         3.4 Rewards for completing Goals
      4.0 Goal List
         4.1 Moneywell's Big Book of Survival
             - Basic Survival
             - Find a Way Home
         4.2 Shipwrecked by Lord R. Stickywyck
             - Chimps are out to get me
             - Home Life
             - Reach the Other Island
         4.3 Log of the Final Voyage of Beard Beard the Pirate
             - Explore the Island
             - Live off the Land
         4.4 Moneywell's Big Book of Survival 2
             - Farm
         4.5 The Biscuit Isles by Lord R. Stickywyck
             - Explore 3rd Island
             - Study the Llama People
             - Enjoy the pleasure palace
         4.6 A Pirate's Guide to Retirement, Manuscript
             - Build a Durable Home
             - Create a Resort
             - Find the Pirate's Chest
      5.0 Other Stuff
         5.1 Hieroglyphic Pieces
         5.2 Treasure Map Pieces
      6.0 Legal Notes
      7.0 Authorized Websites List
      8.0 Special Thanks
      | 1.0 Introduction |
      Hi to all of the viewers of this FAQ! Welcome to the "The Sims 2: Castaway"
      Goals FAQ by glazer195. Since I liked this game, why not create a FAQ of my
      own? And since I have nothing better to do, I decided to create this FAQ.
      The aim of this FAQ is to help people accomplish their goals. This is my
      first FAQ so expect it to have some errors or mistakes. But I'll try my best
      to avoid it. If you want to use this FAQ in your website, ask permission to
      me FIRST. If you have any suggestions, corrections, questions and information
      , feel free to email me at mikmik490@yahoo.com.ph. Remember, make sure that
      the information or question you send to me is related in the FAQ or guide.
      | 2.0 Version History |
      Version 0.50 - 01/03/08 - First version of the Walktrough. Might need
      Version 1.00 - 01/05/08 - Second version of Walkthrough. Included some
                                missing information and corrected some mistakes.
                                Might need minor updates.
      | 3.0 About Goals |
      3.1 Goals
      Goals are what their names says, goals (duh). These are your tasks for your
      Sims to complete in order to bring them one step up to escape or improving
      their survival tactics. Unlike the other sim games, goals here are different.
      Others might proceed you through out the story while others may not. Remember
      that you don't need to complete every goals if you want to escape the island.
      3.2 Finding Goals
      You can get goals by finding it in lost books. These lost books can be
      acquired by arriving on certain areas in the game. And you'll also acquire a
      page of goals by doing another certain goal. I'll list their locations on  
      Section 4.0 in the particular book.
      3.3 Reason why can't you complete certain Goals
      There are several reasons why you can't complete certain goals. The reasons
      1. You don't have the proper tool to complete the job.
      2. You don't have enough skill points to complete certain goals.
      3. The goal you are doing might need special items in order to proceed.
      These are most of the reasons why you can't complete certain goals. So make
      sure to craft every tools you can, improve your skills and explore for
      special items so you'll be ready for any goal ahead of you.
      3.4 Rewards for completing Goals
      Most rewards for completing goals are unlocked new plans, while few of them
      might give you items (like boar tusk, leather, etc.). And you can also get
      rewards by completing a page of goals.
      | 4.0 Goal List |
      In this section, I'll list the goals, where to find the goal book, what you
      need to accomplish it, reward for accomplishing it and how to accomlish it.
      NOTE: The goals that are listed here are played by only ONE sim. If you have
            more than one sim, some goals will be added where you have to rescue
      NOTE 2: This section might have mistakes and may lack certain information. 
              Any corrections and informations are much appriciated.
      4.1 Moneywell's Big Book of Survival
          Found: Available at the beggining of the game.
          Rewards for completion on Page 1: Bamboo Fishing Pole
          Rewards for completion on Page 2: none
           Basic Survival
           If you have it this far, then you have avoided immediate death. 
           Congratulations. Now let's turn our thoughts to impending death. The 
           best way to avoid impending death is to start thinking long term about 
           your survival prospects.  It's time to start developing some skills and
           tools that will help you survive over the long haul...
              - Build a workbench
                Requirements: Driftwood 
                Rewards     : unlocks Tools Plans (Shell Axe, Bamboo Spear, Torch)
                              unlocks Special Plans (Rope, Twine)
                              unlocks Roof Plans (Tiny 1x3 Shack roof)
                How to Accomplish: Simple, in the First Beach or Shipwreck Lagoon,
                                   you can find two rocks that are standing beside
                                   together. When you have driftwood, an action
                                   will pop up saying "Build Workbench". Choose
                                   that option and presto, you now have your own
                                   workbench for crafting!
              - Cook a Fish
                Requirements: Bamboo Spear
                              Emergency Fire Pit
                Rewards     : none
                How to Accomplish: After crafting a bamboo spear and building a
                                   fire pit, go to the water and find fishes. When 
                                   you see a picture of a school of fish in the
                                   bottom right corner of the screen, press X. Then
                                   wait for a fish to jump and press X to catch the
                                   fish. Depending on your luck, you might catch
                                   medium fishes. After catching a fish, go to your
                                   fire pit and cook a meal. Choose the fish as 
                                   your ingredient and eat. Done!
              - Make a shelter
                Requirements: Driftwood   
                              Banana Leaf 
                Rewards     : unlocks second page of 2nd Goal Book
                              unlocks Shelter Plans (Shack shelters)
                              unlocks Bed Plans (Improvised Cot)
                              unlocks Comfort Motive
                How to Accomplish: After collectiong the supplies, go to the spot 
                                   where you want to build.Then go to Plans, Roof 
                                   plans and choose "Tiny 1x3 shack roof" and build
              - Explore the jungle
                Requirements: none
                Rewards     : unlocks Tool plans (Sewing Kit)
                              unlocks Clothing plans (too many to mention)
                How to Accomplish: Look for a feet symbol in First Beach. When you
                                   found it, choose the explore action and you'll 
                                   go inside the jungle. Be warned that your
                                   clothes will be torn apart when you go through 
                                   the portal.
           Find a Way Home
            Some people arrive at the doorstep of disaster and realize that they
            have discovered their new home. After all, there are worse things than
            living on a tropical island. Still, if you want to go home, you need a
            plan, and the plan usually boils down to one of two things: leave the 
            island yourself or contact someone to pick you up.  If you are lucky,
            the choice will be yours to make.
              - Assemble a Radio Transmitter
                Requirements: Airplane Radio
                Rewards     : none
                How to Accomplish: Put out the Airplane Radio out of your inventory
                                   and choose the "Repair Transmitter" action. I
                                   advise you to do this once your on Volcano
                                   Summit since the radio and transmitter will be
                                   disconnected once you put it in the inventory.
              - Send an SOS from High Ground
                Requirements: Radio Transmitter
                Rewards     : Ending 1 (you're rescued after this)
                How to Accomplish: Go to the Volcano Summit in Volcano Island.
                                   Repair the transmitter there and send an SOS.
                                   Congratulations to you for being rescued!
                NOTE: After the ending, you'll be asked if you want to continue the
                      game or not. If you  decided to end the game, you will lose
                      progress until your last save.
                NOTE 2: If you send an SOS on Crystal Island, you're in for a big
              - Build a Sea Worthy Boat
                Requirements: Sandalwood
                              MAX Body skill
                Rewards     : Ending 2 (you'll escape after this)
                How to Accomplish: Find the Ancient Pier on the North Volcano Beach
                                   and if you have enough supplies, build the boat
                                   and escape!
      4.2 Shipwrecked by Lord R. Stickywyck
          Found: Arrival in Pier Beach or Shipwreck Lagoon
          Reward for completion of page 1: Chimp of Portent art
          Reward for completion of page 2: Clothing Accesories
          Reward for completion of page 3: Access to Airplane Island
           Chimps are out to get me
           This is the journal of Lord Reginald Wainscott Stickywyck von Dosenwald,
           37th Earl of Biscuit and his documentation of the proceedings of the
           first expedition of the HMS Poodle under the command of Captain J.
           Artemis Mogg. As noted in an earlier journal, we have shipwrecked on an
           island and have established a small settlement, awaiting rescue.  Today,
           we discovered we were not alone when we met a small furry man who had a
           shocking disregard for our lavatory.
              - Befriend a Chimp
                Requirements: Banana
                Rewards     : none
                How to Accomplish: Walk near a chimp, and give him a banana. It
                                   will add 10 points in your relationship meter.
                                   After that, use any social interactions with
                                   that chimp until it reaches 40 points. You can
                                   also name him to avoid confusion. Don't use the
                                   chat option, as they'll just laugh at you
              - Use chimp to gather
                Requirements: Be friends with a chimp
                Rewards     : Item that the chimps give you
                How to Accomplish: When your friends with a chimp, wait for them to
                                   get out of the area and come back. When they
                                   come back, they will carry a leaf bundle with an
                                   item inside. Take it and you've finished this
                                   goal.Alternatively, you can ask it to gather
                                   too. When you ask a chimp to gather, you can
                                   select it to gather wood, vines, etc.
           Home Life
           The crew of the HMS Poodle has created a small settlement near the
           shipwreck that I have christened Biscuit Town, in honor of me.  I have
           instructed my manservant Haythornwaite to immediately embroider a flag
           in my likeness after he finishes buffing my face powder collection. I
           have also instructed him to prepare my island quarters with the domestic
           refinements appropriate for one of my station.
              - Light the Home Torch
                Requirements: Emergency Fire pit
                Rewards     : none
                How to Accomplish: Go near a fire pit and select "Build Home Tiki".
                                   After the Tiki Torch has shown up, go near it 
                                   and choose "Declare Home".
              - Build a Bed
                Requiremets: Driftwood
                Rewards    : unlocks Seating and Table plans (Shack Furniture)
                             unlocks Bed Plans (Improvised Bed)
                             unlocks Special Plans (Bamboo Crafting Bench)
                How to Accomplish: Easy, go to plans and find a bed to build.
              - Build a Table
                Requirements: Driftwood
                Rewards     : unlocks Leisure plans (Mr. Happysad, Flamingo 
                                                     Statuette, Shack Floor Rug)
                              unlocks Lightning Plans (Shack lamps)
                How to Accomplish: Go to plans and find a table to build.
              - Craft a Shirt
                Requirements: Working Bench
                              materials needed for your chosen clothes.
                              0-10 Creativity Skill point (depends on clothes)
                Rewards     : none
                How to Accomplish: Go to your workbench, choose the craft option
                                   then clothing plans then choose your desired
           Reach the Other Island
           While chasing a small furry man from our camp, Haythornwaite
           discovered a second island to the southeast of Biscuit Town
           (now called Fort Biscuit due to the daily incursions by the local
           tribe of furry men).  My manservant believes he also found the
           remnants  of an ancient pier that we may be able to use to travel to
           the second island, if we decide to abandon Fort Biscuit to the tribe
           of furry men.
              - Build a Raft
                Requirements: Bamboo
                              Palm Frond
                              2 Body Skill points
                              2 Mechanical Skill points
                Rewards     : none
                How to Accomplish: Inspect the Ancient Pier at Pier Beach, after
                                   that the raft plans should be unlocked. Go near
                                   the Ancient Pier then choose the "Craft Raft"
                                   option then if you have enough supplies, build
                                   the raft.
              - Reach the Second Island
                Requirements: Raft
                              Green Energy Meter
                Rewards     : Access to Airplane Island
                 How to Accomplish: Rest up in your bed, then go to your raft and
                                    choose the explore option. After that, you'll
                                    find yourself in the second island completing
                                    the goal.
      4.3 Log of the Final Voyage of Beard Beard the Pirate
           Found: Arrival on Airplane Island
           Rewards for completion of page 1: unlock Leisures Plans (New decorations
                                             and instruments)
           Rewards for completion of page 2: none
           Explore the New Island
           Arrr, this is the journal of John Wilson, aka Beard Beard the Pirate,
           dread scourge of the seven seas.  Boarder of ships.  Plunderer of gold.
           Exfenstrator of fancy men and their fancy ways.  Arrrrr!  Today, we
           returned to our home base after a long voyage of plundering and looting,
           and I have ordered my men to further explore our island and prepare for
           another voyage of adventure.  Arrrrr!  Arrrrrrr!
              - Find the Jungle
                Requirements: none
                Rewards     : Hygiene and Room motives
                How to Accomplish: There's an exit that leads to the jungle north
                                   of the Ancient Pier you've been. Go there.
              - Find the Cave
                Requirements: none
                Rewards     : unlock Tool Plans (Obsidian Tools)
                How to Accomplish: After entering Airplane Jungle, there's an
                                    entrance to a cave to the very right of the
                                    jungle. Go there.
              - Find the River Plains
                Requirements: Green Energy Meter
                Rewards     : unlock Shelter Plans (Huts)
                              unlock Tool Plans (Chicken Trap, Shell Hoe) 
                              unlock Special Plans (Rope Bridge)            
                How to Accomplish: In the cave you will see a cliff and a feet
                                   symbol. Once you've rested, proceed on the cliff
                                   and enter Skull Rock Jungle. Once there, look to
                                   your left to find another feet symbol. Go there
                                   and you'll find yourself in West River Plains.
              - Find the Other Beach
                Requirements: Rope 
                              4 Mechanical skill points
                              4 Logic skill points
                Rewards     : none
                How to Accomplish: Proceed to West River Plains and find a chasm
                                   where you can build a rope bridge to cross the
                                   river gorge. After collecting supplies and 
                                   building the bridge, proceed on the other side 
                                   and go north to the exit to proceed to East 
           Live off the Land
           Arrr, it has been several months now since we first returned from our
           last voyage, because we have been cursed with a visit from my mother,
           the Dread Pirate Edith and her band of scandal-mongering blatherskites.
           Upon seeing my slight frame, my beloved mother insisted that I could not
           leave this island until I have proven to her that I know how to eat
           properly.  I am hoping with little cause for optimism that she leaves
           before the end of my natural life.
              - Catch a Chicken
                Requirements: Chicken Trap
                Rewards     : unlocks Special Plans (Chicken Coop)
                How to Accomplish: Firstly, you need a chicken trap. Then, proceed
                                   to West River Plains and find the feathers of a
                                   chicken. When you found one, go near it and set
                                   chicken trap. Now go back in that area after a
                                   while and recover your trap. Once you've
                                   captured a chicken, you're done.
              - Hunt a Boar
                Requirements: Almost or MAX Body skills
                Rewards     : unlocks Clothing Plans (Boar Clothes) 
                              unlocks Special Plans (Scarecrow)
                              Boar Tusks
                              Boar Clothes 
                How to Accomplish: You need max body skills points for this goal
                                   but you don't need any tools to hunt a boar. Go
                                   to the West River Plains and wait for a boar to
                                   show up. When there's one, annoy it by following
                                   it. Sometimes, the boar goes out of the area so
                                   you have to try again. When it gets cornered and
                                   annoyed, it'll fight you. There's going to be a
                                   brown cloud and if you win, you've finished the
                NOTE: Another alternative way to hunt that annoying boar is to box
                      him and you in a lot of furintures but leave space. I'll draw
                      a smal diagram.
                 S - your sim
                 B - boar
                 F - furniture
                 =  - space  
                                            Kinda like this...
               After trapping the boar and you, he'll get annoyed and fight you.
               Note that it takes awhile for the boar to fight you.
               NOTE 2: According to crazymusic, you don't need max body skill 
                       points to hunt a boar. I tested it and it does work! 
                       Try it, and thanks a lot crazymusic!
              - Fish a Shark
                Requirements: Bamboo Fishing pole
                              Access to the third island
                Rewards     : unlock Clothing Plans (Shark and Boar Clothes)  
                              Shark's Tooth
                              Shark Leather
                              Treasure Map Piece         
                How to Accomplish: First, you need to access the third island.
                                   After that, go to Tidal Pools (perform a cliff
                                   dive from Ancient Theatre). Once there, put out
                                   your fishing pole and fish in deep water. To
                                   catch fish with the fishing pole, watch the red
                                   bobber (change camera angles if you can't see
                                   it). When the red bobber sinks, press the X
                                   button to reel in the fish. Keep doing this
                                   until you get a tiger shark.
      4.4 Moneywell's Big Book of Survival 2
          Found: East River Plains
          Rewards for completion of page 1: unlock Wall Plans (Modest Fence)
                                            unlock Door Plans (Modest Gate)
          Rewards for completion of page 2: unlock Shelter plans (Cabins)
           If you have read this far, you have probably given up hope of a quick
           rescue. Or, perhaps, you have decided to say goodbye to the real world,
           and you are ready to more firmly establish your new tropical home. In
           either event, welcome to the exciting world of dirt farming!  Foraging
           for food requires a lot of energy, and if you can collect all your food
           in one place, you can maximimize your chance of survival by minimizing
           your exposure to the wilds of the wilderness.  So grab a hoe, and let's
              - Plant a crop
                Requirements: Ash
                              Shell Hoe
                              Resources or food you want to plant
                Rewards     : none
                How to Accomplish: First, you need ash, shell hoe and any fruits
                                   or resources you want to plant. Second, build
                                   the Cultivable Soil Patch in wherever you like.
                                   After that, plant a sprout of your soil in the
                                   soil patch. 
              - Harvest a crop
                Requirements: none
                Rewards     : unlocks Tool Plans (Farming tools, Umbrella, 
                                                  Fish Trap)
                How to Accomplish: After waiting for your crops to grow, harvest
                                   them. That's all.
              - Harvest an Egg
                Requirements: Chicken 
                              Chicken coop
                Rewards     : none
                How to Accomplish: Build a chicken coop. Then place the chicken in
                                   it. After that, serenade the chicken so it will
                                   lay eggs. Collect it and your done.
           Reach Last Island
           Rafts are suitable vessels for navigating calm waters, but they are 
           ill-equipped for crossing a span of water that requires agility and 
           speed in order to navigate hazardous obstacles or quickly changing
           currents. For this, you will have better luck with a canoe.
              - Build a Canoe
                Requirements: Softwood 
                              5 Body skill points
                Rewards     : none
                How to Accomplish: Inspect the Ancient Pier and you should unlock
                                   the plans for the canoe. After gathering 
                                   supplies, build it.
              - Reach the Third Island
                Requirements: Canoe
                              VERY High Energy Meter (Good Mood might work too)
                              MAX Body skill points
                Rewards     : none
                How to Accomplish: One of the most goals I'm kinda annoyed, but
                                   anyway make sure you sleep in a bed and make
                                   sure your Energy meter is maxed (good mood also
                                   helps) and go to your canoe and choose explore.
      4.5 The Biscuit Isles by Lord R. Stickywyck
          Found: Arrival on Volcano Island
          Reward for Completion of page 1: none
          Reward for completion of page 2: Clothing dyes
                                           Tribal Face paint
          Reward for completion of page 3: Tribal clothes
           Explore 3rd Island
           I have arrived on the third island, the final survivor of the HMS
           Poodle, having paddled to safety on the back of my manservant
           Haythornwaite. As for the others, their fate lies inscribed somewhere
           in the belly of a jungle boar, who are my second journal as I fled for
           safety of Haythornwaite's able back.Suffice it to say that the crew fell
           to the multiple miseries of a dozen mutinies, the unslaked hunger of
           ravenous boars, and an ill-advised journey across a span of devil
           quicksand, which I have named Biscuit-sand, in my honor.
              - Find a Hot Spring
                Requirements: Green Energy Meter
                Rewards     : none
                How to Accomplish: From South Volcano Beach, go north into the
                                   cliff then climb it if you're well-rested. In
                                   the jungle, go north-east until you see a hot
                                   spring. Get in it, rest and get out.
              - Find the Llama Temple
                Requirements: ALL Hieroglyphic Pieces
                Reward      : none
                How to Accomplish: First, find all hieroglyphic pieces then craft
                                   it in your workbench dor the Ancient Stele. Then 
                                   go to Geyser Plains, go to your very right until 
                                   you see an ancient door. Inspect in the door and 
                                   go inside.
              - Reach the Volcano Summit
                Requirements: Hammer 
                              Green Energy Meter
                              9 Body skill points
                Rewards     : Treasure Map Piece
                How to Accomplish: In Geyser plains, proceed on the geyser with a
                                   rock on a hill. Go to the hill and position
                                   yourself right and push the rock on the geyser
                                   by hammer and chisel. Proceed on the portal.
                                   After that, go to the hill that is east of you
                                   and climb that cliff. You need to rest up to
                                   climb the cliff.After you made it to the Volcano
                                   Summit, you will be rewarded with a treasure map
              - Find the other beach
                Requirements: Green Energy meter
                Rewards     : none
                How to Accomplish: Dive in the Ancient Theatre. In the Tidal Pool,
                                   go north then west to the exit. You should reach
                                   the "other beach" now because you're on it.
           Study The Llama People
           I found further evidence today of a lost civilization who worshipped
           an animal with a most peculiar morphology, a shape similar to a
           mutant goat or bubonic horse.  This strange creature appears to be
           a new species, so I have named it the Biscuit Goat-Horse, in honor
           of myself.  Why did these people worship this Biscuit Goat-Horse?
           Perhaps more will be revealed when I make the arduous climb up the
           ancient staircase that wraps itself around the volcano.  Pity
           Haythornwaite isn't here...  
              - Find all four royal statues
                Requirements: none
                Rewards     : none
                How to Accomplish: The statues are scattered everywhere in the
                                   three islands. So I'll list the locations to
                                   where they can be found.
               King LoofLava     - Pier Beach - beside the Ancient Pier.
               Prince Looflava   - Dark Cave  - to the right if you entered from
                                               Airplane Jungle.
               Princess LoofLava - South River Jungle - near the riverbank where
                                                        you can get another 
                                                        Hieroglyphic piece.
               Queen LoofLava    - South Volcano Beach - to the very east of the
                                                         Ancient Pier.    
              - Repair the Ceremonial Forge
                Requirements: none
                Rewards: unlock Special Plans (Glass)
                         unlock Tool Plans (Metal Tools)
                         Access to Crystal Island
                How to Accomplish: Go inside the Llama Temple, and look for a gray
                                   workbench-like thing with a small Llama head in
                                   it. Choose the repair option and you're done.
                NOTE: After this, you will trigger an earthquake that will make
                      Crystal Island appear. To go in the said island, go through
                      Pier Beach or West Beach and swim there until it shows 
                      Crystal Island. This island has a clay and fine sand deposit
                      and has one of the map pieces.
              - Find the Llama King's Crown
                Requirements: none
                Rewards     : Able to unlock ancient door in Dark Cave
                How to Accomplish: Go inside Llama Temple, then search under and
                                   behind the Throne platform.
              - Perform the ceremonial cliff dive
                Requirements: Green Energy Meter 
                              MAX Body skill points
                Rewards     : Treasure Map Piece
                How to Accomplish: Go to the Ancient Theatre, have enough energy,
                                   go in the platfrom then jump.
          Enjoy the pleasure palace
          I sometimes wonder if my mind is not entirely my own. I have now lived on
          this islands many, many months, and I find myself abandoningthe amenities
          of a balanced mind. On the pisitive side, I found a crown and have 
          declared myself King Biscuit I of the Biscuit Islands, named in my honor.
          Tonight, having used the crown in a most creative way to open a secret
          door in a magneficent palace, I will marry my long time companion these
          many months, a petite and well-mannered coconut I have named Elizabeth.
          May we live long and happy lives. Good bye for ever.
              - Enjoy the palace
                Requirements: Very Good Mood
                              Llama's crown
                Rewards: Tribal clothes
                How to Accomplish: Have very good mood, go inside Dark Cave,
                                   inspect the ancient door once you have the
                                   Llama's crown, go inside and your done.
      4.6 A Pirate's Guide to Retirement, Manuscript
          Found: South Volcano Jungle
          Reward for completion of page 1: none
          Reward for completion of page 2: none
          Reward for completion of page 3: none
           Build a Durable Home
           Arrrr!  By my seven beards, I have never met a woman as stubborn as my
           mother, the Dread Pirate Edith.  We are now three years since she
           interrupted the preparations for my next voyage, and she has now
           comandeered my equipment and my men to build herself a country villa
           so that she may retire in peace. I curse her and her peanut butter
              - Build a Cabin
                Requirements: Hardwood
                              6 Mechanical skill points
                Rewards     : unlocks Outhouses and Shower Plans (Functioning and
                              Lavish Outhouse and Shower)
                How to Accomplish: Go to Plans, Shelter Plans and choose Cabin.
              - Build two cabin chairs
                Requirements: Hardwood
                Rewards     : none
                How to Accomplish: Go to Plans, Seating Plans and choose Cabin
           Create a Resort
           I write this as the most wretched pirate in the history of avarice. My
           mother has now officially taken command of my men, and I have been sent
           to bed without supper, on account of my unwillingness to shave my 
           beards.  Shave my beards? Is this woman mad?  Alas, yes, she must be, 
           for she has now decided to build a magnificent city of pirates in the 
           mold of El Dorado or Shangri-La.  Madness. We'll all be dead in a week.
              - Build a Bungalow
                Requirements: Sandalwood
                              Metal Ore
                              MAX Mechanical skill points
                              6 Creativity skill points
                Rewards      : none
                How to Accomplish: Go to Plans, Shelter Plans and choose Bungalows.
              - Build a lavish shower
                Requirements: Sandalwood
                Rewards: none
                How to Accomplish: Go to Plans, Outhouse and Shower Plans and 
                                  choose Lavish shower.
              - Create a Shell shirt
                Requirements: depends
                Rewards     : none
                How to Accomplish: Go to Plans, Clothing Plans and choose
                                   a shell shirt (I think it's the Shell Fringe
              - Use a Bungalow stove to make a feast
                Requirements: Bungalow Sotve
                Rewards     : none
                How to Accomplish: Go to your Bungalow stove and cook with it and
                                   then eat.
           Find the Pirate's Chest
           Arrr, this is my final journal entry as the Dread Berad Beard the 
           Pirate. I have finally acquiesced to my mother's demands and have 
           shaved my beards and promised to marry her first mate, Abigail the Red.
           And so ends the history of a cursed man named John Wilson, AKA Beard
           Beard the Pirate, the once dreaded scourge of the Seven Seas. I lay the
           final evidence of my noble pirate past in this chest and set off to 
           take out the trash, because it's Monday and the trash cart is coming.
              Find Beard Beard's Chest
              Requirements: ALL Treasure Map Pieces
                            MAX Body Skill
              Rewards     : Clue, it's an outfit and a legendary tool.
              How to Accomplish: Collect all treasure map pieces, craft them in
                                 your workbench for Beard Beard's Treasure Map,
                                 and go to West Beach. Go to the grassland that is
                                 right of the Ancient Pier and Inspect the boulder.
                                 Inside the Pirate's Cove, go in the shipwrecked
                                 ship, look for a treasure chest, open it and
                                 receive your reward. You've earned it!
      | 5.0 Other Stuff |
      5.1 Hieroglyphics
          Since you need them in a certain goal, I decided to put them here.
          They're scattered around the islands but most of them doesn't need
          special requirements to be collected. Once they're all collected, craft
          them in your workbench for the Ancient Stele. Their locations are:
          - Deep Jungle - behind a rock in the crossroads.
          - Shipwreck Lagoon - in the shipwrecked ship.
          - Pier Beach - near the Ancient Pier.
          - Dark Cave - near the ancient door.
          - Skull Rock Jungle - near the skull rock.
          - East River Plains - near the quicksand.
          - South River Jungle - in the riverbank.
          - Volcano Jungle - near the top hot spring.
          - Geyser Rock - near the ancient door to the Llama Temple.
      5.2 Treasure Map Pieces
          You need them too in a certain goal but some of the pieces needs special
          requirements to get. Once you got them all, craft them in your workbench
          for Beard Beard's Treasure Map. Their locations are:
          - Get in bottled message (random)
          - Get from leaf bundle by monkeys (random)
          - West Beach     - get by harvesting clams.
            NOTE: According to crazymusic, you can get the treasure map piece in
                  any clam bed. I haven't tested it though.
          - Volcano Jungle - enter and exit the hot springs.
          - Volcano Summit - go through the top of the Volcano Summit through the
          - Tidal Pool     - perform the ceremonial cliff dive.
          - Tidal Pool     - fish a shark.
          - Crystal Island - get inside the dirt circle.
          - East River Plains - behind the left pillar near the quicksand. Note 
                                that you need to go to Hidden Lagoon first.
      | 6.0 Legal Notes |
      This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
      private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
      publicly without permission from the author of the FAQ. Use of this guide on
      any other web sitewithout permission is strictly prohibited, and a 
      violation of copyright.
      | 7.0 Authorized Web List |
      This FAQ may be posted on the following sites (as of now):
      | 8.0 Special Thanks |
      EA Games   - for making "Sims 2: Castaway". 
      Maxis      - for the creation of "The Sims".
      crazymusic - for correcting and adding certain requirements to complete goals
                   that needs skill points.
      Mom        - for bringing money for this game.
      You        - for viewing this FAQ.
                    Copyright (c) 2008 Ronn Mikel Enraca

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