1. How do you teleport? I can sometimes do it accidently but never cant do it when i need to. (PS2)

    User Info: Daxder

    Daxder - 8 years ago

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  1. Well..
    Teleporting Is all about timing..
    When you press O button when the timing was right,you will instantly teleport evading enemy attack..
    you will teleport when the enemy :
    1. Charge attack on you,
    2. Heavy attack,
    3. Blast Attack 2 and Ultra Blast,
    4. Z Counter (Kinda Hard But Cool)

    There IS also special condition when you will teleport easly.
    Like :
    1. When you use Instant Transmission,Wild sense,afterimage and afterimage strike. (almost all of them uses 2/3 aura)
    2. When you are on max power mode, you will teleport by pressing any directional button + O button.
    3. When you are using square combo attack you can telerot by pressing any directional button + O button.

    Read the training session if you still don't understand,Videl will teach you all about this game.

    User Info: reed0n3

    reed0n3 - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. Okokok.

    For the normal players= square square square, arrow to the right/left+ O at the same time.
    For Goku/Gogeta SSJ4, L2+O (You need 3 energy bars.)

    User Info: JOSGABRIEL

    JOSGABRIEL - 8 years ago 0 3
  2. Ok, there are two types of teleport (1), when in MAX mode press press any directional butoon you wann'a teleport and while holding the directional button press circle.(2), do any combo, before hitting the last finishing hit press and hold square then press traingle, X, square, traingle,X ,square ,traingle ,then at last circle.
    That's all.
    Hope I helped.

    User Info: irfansattar786

    irfansattar786 - 8 years ago 0 3
  3. To continue with irfan's answer, you can also teleport out of the way of B2s and UBs. To do this (or with most attacks, except for normal ki blasts), just hit O right as the attack hits.

    User Info: ShoryuRasen

    ShoryuRasen - 8 years ago 1 3
  4. There are SEVERAL types of teleport. B1 = Special Technique

    1) The Z counter (Melee)
    2) Z Counter (B2)
    3) B1 Moves- Afterimage, Wild Sense, Afterimage Strike

    4) Vanishing Attack

    5) High Speed Movement
    6) B1- Instant Transmission

    User Info: RiderOfTheHawk

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  5. You need to tell me which one you want to do.

    User Info: RiderOfTheHawk

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  6. I forgot the manual teleport and the smash teleport- and the teleports that are parts of combos, and the instant transmission kamehameha.

    User Info: RiderOfTheHawk

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  7. If the enemies do kamehameha or something, press O when the blast want to hit you. But when the enemies do melee atack, I can do it sometimes...So I ask a question, when the enemies hit us, in what moment so we can evade the attack?

    User Info: michaelkenneth

    michaelkenneth - 8 years ago 0 3
  8. When they charge the melee attack you can dodge it. Except the kiai cannon, I think. In general 'Heavy Blows' can be teleported.

    User Info: RiderOfTheHawk

    RiderOfTheHawk - 8 years ago 0 2
  9. I'll add the smash string teleport here-

    Once you smash away your opponent, press triangle + direction to teleport to them and smash them again. No. of times depends on the character.

    User Info: RiderOfTheHawk

    RiderOfTheHawk - 8 years ago 0 1
  10. How can you do the wild sense/instant transmission/zanzoken/etc. teleports? They seem to happen at random for me. I know it's O+L2, but I can't ever get it to work when I want it to.

    User Info: mister_yummy

    mister_yummy - 8 years ago 0 0
  11. Wild Sense/Afterimage
    Press Ki Charge + Block when you have appropriate blast stocks to activate, and with the right character.
    The next dodgeable attack you are about to be hit with- you will automatically dodge. You will not automatically dodge if you are attacking, charging ki- and I think- in the counterattack stance. So you can prevent the activation of the auto-dodge by charging up and using melee- this is the reason you think it's kinda random.

    Instant Transmission.
    With the right character and correct blast stocks- press the keys and as long as you don't get hit for the next half a second you should teleport behind the opponent- can't see what's so hard here.

    User Info: RiderOfTheHawk

    RiderOfTheHawk - 8 years ago 0 0
  12. I hink he was asking how to do that teleport battle from dragon history i think it can be done outside that mode and someone should figure it out so we can make replay battles look ripped from the show

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  13. It Depends Wtch One

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  14. In the training part of the game,you have 2 kinds of trainings: simple explanation and explanation with practice.
    I think you have a practice for most kind of teleportation (avoiding big blasts,avoiding melee attacks to counter after that,teleporting after throwing the opponent to hit him again...),just have to find it,and then you get the perfect opponent to practice it,with the explanation always available from the menu.
    Well personally,I'm so bad at training that I just gave up on the idea to try to do it on purpose

    User Info: 80Undead

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