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    Syn Shenron by FindKenshi

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    --------DRAGONBALL  Z  BUDOKAI  TENKAICHI  3-------
    ------Welcome to FindKenshi's SYN SHENRON FAQ------
    (These chapters are "CONTROL+F" friendly)
    1. Legal
    2. Introduction
    3. Syn Shenron
    4. Potara build
    5. Strategy
    6. Questions and Answers
    1. Legal
    Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Syn Shenron, and all of the other characters 
    mentioned here are the property of their respective license holders.  I am 
    not affiliated in any way.  Tenkaichi 3 is a game produced by Spike and 
    published in America by Atari.  I am not affiliated with any of these groups. 
    This FAQ was written for gamefaqs.com.  You may post it elsewhere, I really 
    don't care, just remember: you saw it first on Gamefaqs! (And you saw it 
    written by FINDKENSHI)
    2. Introduction
    So, anyone who knows me from the message boards, knows that I'm not the 
    biggest fan of Dragonball GT.  That may leave some of you asking, why a Syn 
    Shenron FAQ for Tenkaichi 3?  Even those of you who don't know me may also be 
    asking the same thing.  What's so special about Syn Shenron?
    I'll tell you.
    Put simply, Syn Shenron is top-tier in this game.  His combo options are sub 
    par, he's somewhat slow, and his ultimate blast leaves much to be desired.  
    --wait.  I just said he's top-tier, then went on to name several crippling 
    disadvantages?  Yep.  But I still say he's top tier, and there's one reason 
    alone for this.  Blazing Storm.
    I first discovered this move while playing through Mission 100 in Ultimate 
    Battle mode.  In one of the missions, I had to face Syn Shenron and some 
    other guys.  The first time he used Blazing Storm on me, I thought the game 
    had glitched.  There was just this big flash of light, and boom; I was hit 
    instantly.  It hadn't seemed like I'd had any chance to dodge it.  Later I 
    went into Duel Mode and tested the move, myself.  Indeed this wonderful blast 
    2 seemed to auto-hit from anywhere.  I went and made a thread about it on the 
    Gamefaqs message board for Tenkaichi 3, and it was proven to me that the move 
    CAN be dodged, it just takes some practice.  Despite this, few denyed that 
    the move was strange compared to any of the other attacks in the game, and 
    that it was excessively difficult to avoid it completly.  Anyone who 
    continued to deny this fact was shot down by multiple vouches from several 
    other respected "gameplay gurus" that confirmed this attack to be the most 
    difficult to avoid in the game.
    For this reason I came up with a perfect Potara build that would utilize this 
    powerful special move, practically to the point of ABUSE.  I will tell you 
    right now that the build this FAQ presents will make it 100% impossible to 
    lose against the computer, but will also make you DEADLY to most human 
    opponents as well.  Be warned though, when against human opponents (either 2-
    player or online with the wii) it will not 100% guarentee you victory; but it 
    will definitly give you the edge.
    3. Syn Shenron
    If I wasn't a Dragonball fan, I wouldn't be here making this FAQ, so I'll 
    start with a (very) brief description of the Syn Shenron character and "what 
    he's all about."  Then we'll take a close look and analyze him in this game.
    Syn Shenron is one of the evil "Shadow Dragons" that appeared in the series: 
    Dragonball GT.  He was the group's ring leader, and represents the One-Star 
    Dragonball.  He showed up after Goku had defeated Eis Shenron.  The first 
    thing he did was blast Nouva Shenron from behind, when he noticed that Nouva 
    and Goku had formed a truce.  Still blinded from his fight against Eis, Goku 
    struggled to survive against Syn Shenron's onslaught.  Finally, Goku's 
    friends and families showed up; and gave Goku most of their Super Saiyan 
    energy, while Uub stalled time.  Powered up, Goku bested Syn Shenron, even 
    though he was blind.  Not ready to admit defeat yet, Syn absorbed the rest of 
    the Dragonballs and became "Omega Shenron".  From this point on, "Syn" 
    doesn't play that big a role anymore.
    First lets Discuss Syn Shenron's moveset.
    If you have a question on how to do any of these moves, refer to the in-game 
    Skill List (in the pause menu).  It differes between PS2 vs Wii.
    BLAST 1
    Mystic Breath - 1 blast guage
    This blast 1 can repel practically any blast 2, completly protecting you from 
    damage.  It won't work on "super explosive wave" type attacks, nor on Blazing 
    Storm, but it does provide protection from a great deal of blast 2s.  The 
    only problem is that its "activation time" is somewhat slow, so you really 
    have to be far enough away to use it in time.  Still, comes in handy, 
    especially with its low cost.
    Explosive Wave - 1 blast guage
    This blast 1 can repel your opponent away from you, knocking them straight 
    into minimum blast 2 range (which is VERY nice).  It will also cancel any 
    combo, which makes it even more beautiful.  Basically, this Explosive Wave 
    move will become bread-and-butter for Syn Shenron players, as you will see in 
    the strategy section.  This will NOT stop blast 2s, however, but hey; we have 
    Mystic Breath for that.
    BLAST 2
    TRAP SHOOTER - 2 Energy Bars
    This move has been severly 'nerfed' compared to Tenkaichi two.  Trap Shooter 
    now works like it was originally intended, that is, it shoots out a "scatter 
    shot" that is good for catching a fleeing opponent, but not causing much 
    damage.  Although this move is not COMPLETLY worthless, and should not be 
    ignored.  Since it has only the cost of 2 energy bars, it is very useful to 
    tag an opponent who's rushing straight at you trying to prevent you from 
    powering up to 4 bars.
    BURNING STORM - 4 Energy Bars
    Ah, Burning Storm.  The whole point of this FAQ.  This move is similar to 
    Nappa's version, only it is much faster, and covers a wider area.  When you 
    use Blazing Storm, there will be a short cutscene of Syn putting his hand 
    forward, and gripping his wrist with the other hand.  Then it activates and 
    BOOM, a bright flash of light and a huge explosion.  Or, more accruately: 
    multiple explosions, traveling from left to right (from Shenron's 
    prespective) in a crescent shape.  The move hurts, bad.  And it's VERY fast, 
    and hard to dodge.  Not IMPOSSIBLE to dodge, but definitly harder then any 
    other attack in the game. The ONLY dissadvantage of the move is it's big cost 
    (which is completly nullified with my Potara Build and a little bit of 
    skill.)  This move is the end-all technique to use against the computer.  The 
    comp can simply not avoid this technique, no matter what the difficulty 
    setting is.
    This faq assumes you are already familiar with the basic gameplay elements of 
    the Tenkaichi series.  If you aren't, I suggest playing through the in-game 
    tutorial completly, and then when you're finished with that; grab a character 
    and go into practice mode.  Open up the menu by pausing the game, pick View 
    Skill List, and start on the left tab working your way to the right tab 
    (going down the list for each tab), attempting every single thing listed in 
    your Skill List.
    ---RUSH COMBO---
    combo 1: heavy finish
    combo 2: blaster wave
    combo 3: rush ki wave
    combo 4: heavy finish
    Heavy Finish:
    Syn Shenron's heavy finish is somewhat sluggish, and can be easily 
    teleported.  You probably want to shy away from using it too much.  The only 
    good thing is that its somewhat damaging as far as heavy finishers are 
    concerned.  Remember, the longer you charge it, the longer the stun 
    Blaster Wave:
    This one is nice for its range.  I suggest you NOT execute the follow-up 
    combo (Blaster Wave Combo) as Syn's speed during this move is so slow, it's 
    almost hard to NOT teleport out of it.  The wave alone though is a good way 
    to guard crush, or to send an annoying opponent out of your face and into 
    perfect Blazing Storm range.
    Rush Ki wave:
    One of the more neat-looking new combo enders for Tenkaichi 3.  It's actually 
    not that useful.  I find this thing easy to block, although it can be 
    somewhat good for gaining distance on an opponent if you can happen to catch 
    them off guard.  Since it has such a slow activation when charged, I'd mostly 
    just avoid using it though unless you really know how to bypass your 
    opponents defenses consistently.
    Syn's throw is very slow, but its damaging if you connect.  It can be hard to 
    cancel via the guard button, but it's quite easy to just throw a punch when 
    you see him getting into throw animation, so i wouldn't try to spam throws or 
    anything, you'll proabably get a mean combo dealt out to you as a reward.
    Absorbed Dragonballs - 2 blast guage
    This will transform you into "Omega Shenron".  Considering this guide is a 
    Syn Shenron one, I would suggest you NOT do this, as you will lose Blazing 
    Storm and instantly nerf yourself.  The only way i could justify 
    transformation is to finish the opponent off--maybe you're in max power and 
    have 2 extra blast guages to waste, just transform after they are down from a 
    Blazing Storm and then immediatly use Minus Energy Power Ball.  Still, I'd 
    say don't transform except to show off after victory is certain.
    4. Potara build
    Syn Shenron's Potara build is designed around the fact that Blazing Storm has 
    the somewhat hefty cost of 4 ki bars.  Despite this, I suggest shying AWAY 
    from Demon Seal.  But this cuts the cost in half, why not use it?  Because it 
    also nerfs your health.  More health = better, especially if you are planning 
    to use this build in competitive play against other players (ie, online 
    matches).  For another thing, Demon Seal takes up 4 ability, so you won't be 
    able to get that nice charge-up speed without sacrificing damage.  So what DO 
    I suggest you use?  Lets take a look.
    Launch's Support (Ability Used: 2)
    Ki Power Up 3 (Ability Used: 3)
    Super Up 3 & Attack Down 1 (Ability Used: 2) (EVIL TYPE)
    First things first, this question gets asked alot.  How do you get Launch's 
    Support.  Launch's Support is available in the Z-item shop after you get 100% 
    collection for all the other items.  To do this you'll have to rack up big z-
    points, as well as beat every mode in Ultimate Battle.  For you PS2 players, 
    no; you do not have to beat Disc Fusion.  Finally, you'll have to collect the 
    Dragonballs a few times and wish for the last few capsules.  Once your list 
    is completly filled out, youll be able to buy Launch's Support in the item 
    shop.  It's a Yellow Type Potara.
    Anyway, lets discuss this build a bit.  Launch's Support has [plus effect] 
    "Ki charging becomes faster."  Ki Power Up 3 does the same thing, only more 
    so. Combine the two together?  Now your energy charges up VERY fast.  So 
    fast, infact, that you can spam your blast 2 moves quite nicely!
    The third item (EVIL TYPE blue potara) just seems like the logical best 
    option to me, but you can use anything else you want to.  Anyway, this will 
    boost the power of your blast 2 moves by about 30% or so.  (It's actually 
    closer to 28%)  A solid boost.  (The damage goes from 10,000 to 13,750 
    against Normal Ultimate Gohan for example).  The Negative effect to attack 
    power will not be a problem, since this build focuses on spamming blast 2s, 
    not on doing fancy combos.
    For those who absolutly do not have the patience/time to get Launch's 
    Support, I have included an alternate build.  Although I will tell you right 
    now.  It's not very good by comparison.  You'd be MUCH better off putting 
    forth the effort to get Launch's Support.
    Demon Seal (Ability Used: 4) (EVIL TYPE)
    Ki Power Up 3
    As you can see, not much to this build.  Since we can't charge as fast as the 
    Primary Build without Launch's Support, we have to use Demon Seal to cut the 
    cost down to 2 energy bars for Blazing Storm.  But this sacrifices a whole 
    bar of life...which is really bad.  And we still need at least Ki Power Up 3, 
    because Syn Shenron's unaided charge-up speed is quite slow, meaning you'd 
    have a real hard time spamming the move without it.  Much to be desired with 
    this build.  Trust me, get Launches Support.  It's not THAT hard to get those 
    dragonballs, and its quite fun playing through Ultimate Battle mode.  It's 
    how you'll start getting good at the game.
    5. Strategy
    The basic concept of the strategy is EXTREMLY simple.  You charge up energy 
    and then fire off Blazing Storm.  You do this over and over, thus the 
    strategy is what the online gaming community calls "spamming."  In this 
    build, we rely on the difficulty of avoiding Blazing Storm to give us the 
    overwhelming advantage.  Coupled with the move's mega damage, and you will 
    win in a hurry.  That is not to say there isn't depth to using this build.
    ----VS COMPUTER:
    Vs the computer, the build is a total no brainer.  Start the match off by 
    getting distance, and then just spend the whole match powering up, firing off 
    Blazing Storms as you can.  The computer, for some reason, cannot dodge this 
    move; under almost any circumstances.  Be advised that the move has a 
    "maximum distance", so if you're too far away, it won't hit.  It's best to be 
    at least mid range.  When the computer manages to get into your face and 
    start dealing out annoying combos, just use Explosive Wave, and immediatly 
    start spamming the controls to do Blazing Storm.  USUALLY, this will result 
    in you pushing them right into Blazing Storm range, and then immediatly 
    executing the attack: Which quite frankly, is an auto-hit.
    If you do not have the blast guage to pull off an explosive wave you could 
    always counter in some other wave.  There is the forced combo breaker (L1, L1 
    on ps2) which hurts YOU, but pushes them right into Blazing Storm range, 
    there is Z-Counter 2, and also teleporting.  If worse comes to worse, just be 
    patient, and take the damage.  It's just the computer after all.  Eventually 
    you'll get free of them, and then its Blazing Storm all the way.  Seriously 
    with this build and just a bit of practice, you will never have trouble 
    swatting the computer again, whether it be in Mission 100 Mode, the Cell 
    Games tournament, or anything.  As long as you can pick Syn Shenron; victory 
    is assured.
    (NOTE FOR DRAGON SIM)  Yes, you can only pick "Normal" instead of "Custom" 
    for Dragon Sim, so Blazing Storm becomes more difficult to spam rapidly.  
    However, if you explore a lot you will eventually start finding Potara.  If 
    you're extremly lucky you might get something that changes your Power Up 
    speed (for the better, one would hope).  This is, however, quite a slim thing 
    to hope for, so if you really aren't skilled enough to beat the CPU by 
    conventional means without spamming: you may want to try this.
    Just fight like a coward.  Flee and always build up your power.  He charges 
    kind of slow without Potara, and 4 ki bars seems like a lot, but to be 
    honest, it's not really that much.  You can still kind of "spam" the move, 
    the one thing that never changes is this: the computer will never ever dodge 
    it.  Use this knowledge to your advantage, and I'm sure Syn Shenron will pull 
    through for you, even in Dragon Sim.
    ----VS HUMAN:
    Vs the human opponent, things get trickier.  Remember, now your opponent has 
    an actual brain.  They will know what you are up to, and immediatly try to 
    stop you.  The one way they will go about doing this is to try to stick to 
    you like glue, and prevent you from powering up at all costs.  For this 
    reason, we have to be sneaky.  Do hit and run.  If they are in your face, 
    push them back with an explosive wave.  If you have enough ki to do Blazing 
    Storm, immediatly do so.  If not, DO NOT RUN, rather, just use Trap Shooter.  
    It only costs 2 energy bars. Many people utilizing this strategy of mine on 
    the Wifi for Wii are neglecting Trap Shooter.  It can be GREAT to gain a 
    little bit of extra time to build up a Blazing Storm.  If say you are getting 
    comboed bad and have enough ki to do trap shooter, push them back with 
    Explosive Wave, hit them with Trap Shooter immediatly aftewards, and by the 
    time they get back up, you will have enough ki to do Blazing Storm.
    Now, keep in mind, Blazing Storm is not 100% unavoidable.  If you are too far 
    away, they can avoid it pretty easily.  YOu want to be as close as you 
    comfortablly can.  Chances are if you just keep spamming the move over and 
    over again, and keep them on the defense, they will slip up more often then 
    not (since the timing to avoid this thing is VERY precise).  KEEP YOUR 
    OPPONENT ON THE DEFENSE.  If they get up in your face, do not sit there 
    spamming the Z-counter control fruitlessly.  Just use EXPLOSIVE WAVE.  That's 
    what it's there for.  Remember, it will push them RIGHT into blast 2 radius.  
    You either follow up explosive wave with trap shooter to buy time, or Blazing 
    Storm if you have enough ki.
    Know when to fire.  If you just stand in one place and constantly use Blazing 
    Storm, chances are the only types of players you will beat are "newbies."  
    Rush at them and use it at close range.  Hit them with it immediatly after a 
    Blaster Wave.  Or my favorite of all, wait unitl they use a rush-type blast2, 
    and use it right when they get near you.  It will cause you to step-back and 
    stop their movement, then you will launch it right in thier face from mimimum 
    Also look for your opponent to shoot a blast 2 at you, simply avoid it by 
    dashing if you are far enough, and then launch Blazing Storm as quickly as 
    you can.  Another GREAT tiem to use it is when the opponent enters Dragon 
    Dash towards you.  Just use it immediatly, this is always a sure fire way to 
    smack them out of your face with some nice hefty 10,000+ damage.
    If your opponent spams blast 2s on you, simply dodge and make them eat 
    Blazing Storm.  Unless they are using Blazing Storm as well (discussed below 
    this) there is no other blast 2 that is as hard to avoid as yours.  If you 
    want to show off, use Mystic Breath to stop their blast 2, it will annoy them 
    while making you laugh.
    Every now and then you will encounter someone with an Anti-blazing storm 
    build, that is someone with mirage designed to double-teleport, or someone 
    with Potaras that allow you to take less damage while blocking.  In this 
    case, you will have to catch these guys off guard.  Some skill is involved, 
    but do not fear, Blazing Storm will pull through for you.  One of the most 
    difficult times to dodge this move is while you are getting up from a 
    previous attack.  Do short simple combos that knock players back and stun 
    them, like a Ground Slash followed by "Dragon Tornado" and then use Blazing 
    Storm after they hit the ground.  Chances are, they eat it.  Do not go into 
    the match thinking you will automatically win every game just because you 
    spam Blazing Storm.  Train like mad to get good at combos, and learn the 
    short quick combos that leave them stunned.  Remember we're not aiming for 
    high damage long combos here, we're aiming for moves that leave the opponent 
    wide open to Blazing Storm.
    "Oh my gosh, I'm playing someone who intends to spam Blazing Storm at me, 
    what should I do?"  There is action you can take against this.  Blazing Storm 
    is not flawless.  A certain potara setup along with a certain style of play 
    can bring you out on top of a Storm Spammer.  Unless, of course, they read 
    this strategy guide of mine; in which case it'll be the fight of your life.  
    But still, even then, you can still beat it.
    There's one important thing to know about Blazing Storm.  Despite being so 
    hard to DODGE, it's not at all hard to BLOCK.  Most people simply try to 
    desperatly flee the attack, and that's when they eat it and suffer.  If you 
    keep a cool head about you, and simply hold down the GUARD button, you will 
    block it.  It's really that simple.  Directly after using Blazing Storm, Syn 
    Shenron is also open to attack, so keep that in mind.
    The other way to avoid Blazing Storm is to just completly dodge it, so that 
    you take no damage, nor do you have to hault and block.  But this method is 
    VERY hard to pull off in the middle of a heated battle, as the timing is 
    precise.  If you're REALLY good you can pull off a DOUBLE teleport, but 
    you're better off with the Mirage potara.  Simply go to Ultimate Training 
    Practice, and practice teleporting the first hit of Blazing Storm.  This is 
    accomplished by tapping guard once the INSTANT before it hits you.  Again, 
    the timing is VERY precise.  In most cases, simply teleporting like this will 
    cause you to take the second hit anyway, making it worthless.  But with the 
    Mirage potara, if you can teleport the FIRST hit, it will automatically 
    teleport the rest of the hits FOR you.  
    Another Potara to keep in mind is Mirical Master.  This will allow you to 
    teleport the move when you are knocked down, which is a vulnerable moment 
    most of the time, but not with this handy item.  Combine it with Mirage for 
    added protection.
    If you find Tele-doging is simply too difficult, or just too unreliable, then 
    you'll have to go with the block method.  If that's the case, I suggest you 
    equip "Perfect Guard", as it allows you to take no damage while blocking, 
    which is VERY NICE.  So now lets look at one possible "anti blazing storm 
    potara build."
    Miracle master (Ability Used: 2)
    Mirage (Ability Used: 1)
    Perfect Guard (Ability Used: 2)
    That build only uses up 5 ability total, leaving you 2 more to play with; and 
    use whatever you want.  If you are absolutly horrible at tele-dodging it, you 
    may as well just drop Mirage off the build and then you'll have 3 points left 
    over to play with.  The choice is up to you.  Once you find the build thats 
    best for you, it's a good idea to have this set-up on your favorite 
    characters' alternate Customs.  (We get three different Custom Builds to 
    save, which is very nice)  That way if you ever see an opponent pick Syn 
    Shenron, you can just happily pick your Anti-Blazing Storm setup without 
    So now that you know the methods of combating the Blazing Storm, lets discuss 
    some basic strategy putting it to good use.  You certainly don't want to just 
    stand around and tempt fate by trying to avoid this move too many times.  I 
    wouldn't be MAKING this FAQ if Blazing Storm wasn't a SPECTACULAR move that 
    is VERY hard to avoid.  So, yeah, don't take your chances.
    The best thing to do is stick to your opponent like glue.  Do not give him 
    breathing room.  And I'm not talking just about comboing.  If you see him 
    powering up, and you can; blast him with a blast 2.  This will at least make 
    him stop powering up in order to dodge, in which you can do a dragon dash 
    to him and start punishing him more.  Take every opportunity to interupt him.  
    If he pushes you out of his face with an explosive wave, be prepared to 
    teleport dodge an immediate blast 2 (if he's a good player), OR (depending on 
    your character) you may be JUST fast enough to get back into his face after 
    an explosive wave before he can get a storm off.
    Remember, with patience and skill a Storm Spammer CAN be beaten.  Fighting a 
    skilled Syn Shenron player can be rough though.  Blazing Storm is in a tier 
    of its own, so don't hesitate to use the Anti-Blazing Storm potara build to 
    give you some extra help.  You'll need all the help you can get, after all.  
    Above all, do not get frustrated.  If you lose your cool, you'll get sloppy, 
    and then Blazing Storm will turn you into ashes in the blink of an eye.
    In closing, the last thing I can tell you is to put Practice mode to good 
    use.  This move CAN be teleport dodged, if you get the timing down right you 
    will be able to do it on-command most of the time.  Now sure, that is easier 
    said then done, especially againt a human opponent that knows exactly how to 
    exploit the move's timing to make it as hard as he can to dodge; but still, 
    it's not impossible.  Good luck.
    6. Questions and Answers
    Well, I've caught a LOT of heat over this strategy, and its introduction to 
    the Tenkaichi 3 Wii Board, so I thought that this FAQ was a good place to 
    clear some things up.
    Q: FindKenshi, is it true you're putting this strategy out there in order to 
    ruin everyone's fun and ruin the online gameplay experience of Tenkaichi 3 on 
    the Wii? 
    A: Absolutly not.  For one thing, this strategy is mostly for beating the 
    computer always, with little effort.  Some people have trouble beating the 
    Cell Games to unlock King Cold, or beating a certain Mission 100 mission, or 
    what have you.
    Q: But, didn't you suggest people to spam this move specificaly in online 
    A: Yes, that is true, but it was for testing purposes.  I didn't own the Wii 
    version of the game at that time.  I suspected that the move would be VERY 
    high tier in Player vs Player, and so I wanted to confirm this.  You see, 
    when I first pointed this move out, people were downplaying it and telling me 
    I was way off and that the move was very easy to dodge, and even that the 
    move was "worthless".  Thus, I made a thread on the wii board asking people 
    to test this move out for me.  I just wanted to see, one way or the other, 
    who was right.
    Q: But didn't you say that the lag of online play is what would make the move 
    A: I said the lag would make it BETTER, not that it would make it GOOD.  The 
    move is already good to begin with, it doesn't need any help in that 
    category.  The strategies here can be used just as effectively offline as 
    online.  You can wreck 2 player mode with this move if you use it right.  
    It's still just as hard to dodge without lag.  The lag only makes it harder 
    to dodge because it throws your timing off.  And timing is VERY important in 
    dodging this move. (But not blocking it, which is extremly easy)
    Q: Doesn't this strategy ruin the fun of others?  Now everyone is spamming 
    move and it sucks.
    A: Read my FAQ, I will teach you how to deal with people who use this 
    strategy.  Blazing Storm is not invincible, check out my Strategy Section and 
    there is a whole sub-chapter for "Anti-Blazing Storm."  Your fun is only 
    ruined if you aren't good enough to avoid it.. but in that case wouldn't your 
    fun be "ruined" if you lost to ANYTHING?  Seriously, people, it's an online 
    game.  You have to accept that some people out there will be better then you.  
    If people existing that can beat you is grounds for saying that your 
    experience is "ruined", then you should take up hobbies other then gaming, 
    quite frankly.
    Q: But spamming is cheating.  Cheating is bad.
    A: Spamming is not cheating.  It's one way to use a character.  Seriously, do 
    not blame me; blame Spike/Atari.  They have no rule stipulating how you can 
    and can't use your charcter's blast 2 moves.  Spamming is a viable way to 
    win.  Some consider it abuse, others just recognize it as "the best way to 
    win a match."  Either way, it's not cheating as this is a legitimate part of 
    the game.
    Q: But still, telling people to do this online is just bad.
    A: That's not a question, but let me elaborate.  I like sharing strategy with 
    other gamers.  I like playing competitive games in which the object is to win 
    and best your opponent.  It may not be pretty, but at the end of things, 
    Blazing Storm is a good way to win.  It makes it tough on your opponent and 
    gives you the edge.  Every now and then in online games, you will meet the 
    arrogant guy with the big mouth; and when that happens you'll be thankful 
    that you knew about Blazing Storm so you could "pwn" him easily.
    Q: I Hate you, FindKenshi, why did you tell everyone about this broken move?
    A: Someone else would have discovered it eventually. I  mean, how naive is it 
    to think that no one else would have ever noticed this?  Be thankful that I'M 
    the one who discovered it, so that I made it PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE.  Would you 
    rather have only a select elite few know about it?  This way, we can now 
    perfect ANTI-Blazing Storm builds and stratgies (several of which I presented 
    here in this FAQ), rather then be caught COMPLETLY off guard.  Keeping the 
    move a "secret" would only accomplish making it deadlier.  In bringing this 
    broken move to light, we can now be aware of it and know how to deal with it.  
    Knowing is half the battle.
    Q: I still hate you anyway.
    A: That's not a question...
    Q: Well, do you SUPPORT people who spam the move mindlessly in online 
    A: If that's the way they know how to win, then that's how they play.  This 
    is just a GAME, I really don't care.  I know how to deal with the move, and 
    now so can you, because I was kind enough to write this FAQ.  At the end of 
    the day, I'm happy my strategy is being used widely with good results.  Some 
    people may have never even won a single match until they heard about Blazing 
    Storm, and now they have a winning record.  That means that I helped improve 
    someone's game, and yes that does make me happy.  The whole purpose of 
    Gamefaqs is to share information that will help people out in video games, 
    not to selfishly hoard info that others can use against you.
    I just want to close by saying; if you really do hate Blazing Storm and think 
    its an unfair move, then direct your anger at Spike... you know... the people 
    who MADE this game?  If they didn't take so many shortcuts and seemed to have 
    such a lacking Quality Assurance Team, we probably wouldn't have a broken 
    special move in the game.  But then again, many people will tell you that the 
    move is actually NOT broken.  Just because its extremly difficult to avoid 
    completly, doesn't mean its impossible.  And, like I said in the strategy 
    section.  If all else fails, use the BLOCK BUTTON.  
    Well, thank you for reading.  I hope this guide helped people out on both 
    sides of the fence here.  If even one person who read this guide is able to 
    unlock King Cold by beating the Cell Games when they could not do so before, 
    then I feel I've done a job well done here.  Remember, you saw it first on 

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