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    Broly by Albjoker25

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    Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 
    Broly Faq Version Final
    1. Legal
    2. Introduction
    3. Broly's Background 
    4. SuperSaiyan Look
    5. Basic Manuvers
    6. Broly (Base)
    7. Broly (SSJ1)
    8. Broly (Legendary SuperSaiyan)
    9. Favorie Characters
    10. Strategies
    11. Potara Setup
    12. Thanks
                            1. ()()()((<<<Legal>>>))()()()
    This faq is copy righted by me (Albjoker25) and is only meant to be posted 
    on gamefaqs, supercheats and neoseeker. And all of the characters are 
    property of their current license holders. Any viewes expressed on this game 
    or the series are my opinions and do not represent that of Atari, Bandai or 
    anyother companies involved in the making of the game.
                            2. ()()()((<<<Introduction>>>))()()()
    Hi. I Albjoker25 wrotte this character guide, So I wanted to write about 
    a game that I loved and I chose this game because i got it for christmas, 
    and my one of favorite character to write about,Goku. I hope you enjoy this 
    faq and find it helpful. By the way this faq is for Broly. 
    You can contact me at Albjoker25@yahoo.com
                       3. ()()()((<<<Broly's Information>>>))()()()
    Ok. Some people will wonder why I included Bio-Broly. I saw the movie and it
    lacked a lot to say the least but it was Broly non the less and i just felt 
    that leaving him out would not have been right. And when you think about it 
    he wasent even that bad. But you might have thought so so I am going to leave 
    it at that. And just to point it out that Broly was in 3 count tham 3 movies.
    It took 3 Super Saiyans to take him down the last time. And Bio-Broly gave
    new meaning to the phrase and island on its own. But ..........WOW Just WOW.
    Broly (Burori, Brolly, Broli):
    Broly is the original Super Saiyan. He has a power level of 10,000 when just 
    a baby. When a baby, he sleeps in the same room as Goku, who's constant 
    crying gives Broly a hatred of Goku. He is thought to be killed in Movie #8 
    but he travels to Earth in Movie #10 where he is killed by Son Goku, Son Gohan 
    and Son Goten. He is the cloned in Movie #11, appearing as Bio Broly.
    Just one of the most amazing characters ever in my opinion.
    Bio Broly:
    A clone of Broly that becomes disfigured by containment slime and wreaks 
    havoc in an island laboratory in DBZ Movie 11. Bio Broly is eventually 
    defeated when the ocean water causes him to solidify and turn to stone by 
    chemical compounds, after which Goten and Trunks blow him up.
    Really i felt bad for him because of the stuff that was stuck on him and
    how from the moment he was born everyone assumed that he was bad and didnt 
    even give him a chance. I ean who knows what would have happened if the first 
    thing he saw wasent a kamehameha beam dashing towards him. Maybe he would 
    have just been normal. But maybe not given the fact that he destroyed citys
    as soon as he could to the point were hes father had to invent some wierd
    mind controlling devise to get him under controll. But i guess we'll never 
    know. In my opinion they should make a series of what if movies and one of
    tham should be dedicated to Broly resolving all the if like what if he and 
    Goku were not in the same room? Would he be different? Would the other 
    person who would have had Goku in his room gone crazy too? Was he born that
    strong or was it brought out by Gokus crying? All of these are very valid 
    worth while questions tat i think would deserve answers and maybe in the 
    future we will get an answer and heres hoping. (...crosess fingers)
    P.S. There is this great topic in the mesage boards that is dedicated to what 
    ifs and its worth checking out.
                          4. ()()()((<<<SuperSaiyan Look>>>))()()()
    Ok This may be just me but i think hes' Super Saiyan transformation is the 
    best looking of tham all. Just the way hes hair spikes
    Mind Controlled Super Saiyan:
    This is the weakest of all Broly's forms and is a slave to his father 
    Paragus, thus he cannot fully maximize his Super Saiyan potential. This form 
    is first awakened by Goku when Broly first sees him in DBZ Movie #8. However, 
    this form does not last when Broly breaks free of Paragus' control. When 
    Broly is free he is able to release his full power. 
    Super Saiyan:
    Once Broly is free from Paragus, he can turn into a true Super Saiyan. This 
    form is identical to Super Saiyan 1. Granting Broly the usual power and speed 
    increase just like any other super Saiyan would receive.
    Legendary Super Saiyan:
    This form is very similar to Super Saiyan 3rd Grade (Ultra Super Saiyan), but 
    is not the same. In this form Broly's muscle mass increases greatly, but he 
    does not suffer any loss of speed. This form is actually closer to 
    Super Saiyan 2, but is not that either due to the muscle increase.
                      5. ()()()((<<<Basic Manuvers>>>))()()()
    I want to thank green_dragon21 for this section.
    This is the bread and butter of any worth while player so if need be......... 
    GO PRACTICE!!!!!!
    Now its time for me to tell basic maneuvers about the game. I mostly use the
    classic controller because of the easier game play and some because of better
    responsivnes , but I will try my best to not mention specific buttons from 
    the type i use. P.S. I will try to include my opinion to help you choose 
    which attacks are better suited to your type of game play.
    Fast movement: Also known as teleporting. You press the block button right 
    before an attack hits you.
    In my opinion this is the most uefull best dodge teknique in the game.
    It may take a while to get used to it but not to worry once you got it down 
    you'll be untouchable (litteraly)
    Z- Counter: Press up and attack the moment and attack hits you. You will 
    block the attack and warp behind the opponent and attack them.
    Although it sounds like a good move it is hard to pull of and wasts ki.
    Z-sway: While being blocking attacks press the ki and block button. This will 
    cause you to dodge many fast attacks and counter with an attack of your own.
    This is a counter that will be less effective the more you use it (against 
    humans that is) it will get extremmly predictable and should be used wisely
    but other wise against the computer i will take a while but it too will 
    predict you using it but only in those ridiculaously long battles.
    Dragon Rush: Charge up ki and dash. This is when an aura envelopes your 
    character and you dash at high speeds at the opponent. This is useful for 
    getting close to the enemy fast.
    This is one of the most used tecniques in the gaem and is great for both 
    chasing and runnig away. And if your max power mod is almost up this is 
    a great way to get it in before it runs out.
    Dragon Homing: After you send the opponent flying with an attack, dash and 
    you will home on to them. Other than that it's the same as a dragon rush.
    I relly dont get the point of this and have no advice on the matter.
    Reflecting ki: In this game reflecting ki is a little different from before. 
    You have to hold block, then right before the ki blast hits you press left 
    or right. This only works on small ki blast though. For ones that are big 
    and are fully charged up, press block right before it hits you.
    This is very useless the only reason to block or even launch a small ki blast
    that does virtually no damage and the only use i can think of is when you far 
    appart and your opponent is charging this will stop him and break the charge
    of course this will not work on bigger opponents like Broly and Great Appes.
    Vanish Attacks. After you send the enemy flying, press the ki button and you 
    will appear behind them and attack them.
    This is a great way to hain together attackes for biger damage and when you 
    send tham flying they are left wide open for a B1 or B2 or even UB.
    Perfect smash: Hold the attack button, and exactly when you start to flash 
    white let go. You will the teleport ford and attack. 
    This is basically a perfect move to do, but its hard to do and takes plenty
    of practice and personaly i dont bother.
                            6. ()()()((<<<Broly (Base)>>>))()()()
    Blast 1: Saiyan Soul 3 blast stocks
    This move temporarily powers up your strenght and speed.
    It is defenetly not worth 3 blast gauges I recomend never using it.
    Blast 1: Kakarot 2 blast stocks
    This is a good blast 1 move. When you do it, it will charge your body and 
    take you to max power mode and power up your defense temporarily.
    Blast 2: Full Power Energy Wave 3 ki bars
    This is a medium move were he launches a green beam and it does avarage 
    damage and it has an average ange. Dont even bother with this one.
    Damage: 5920-7840
    Blast 2: Bloody Smash 3 ki bars
    Broly's rush move. He flies at a high speed and does a pretty cool looking 
    punch on the victim. This rush actually flies kinda far, so it can work from 
    distances. It does little damage and its more of a move you would use to 
    humiliate the oponent. 
    Damage: 5910-6510
    Ultimate Blast: Eraser Cannon
    Goku fires off a huge spirit bomb. If it Hits the opponent it chages
    the scenery to he total destruction looking one. 
    This move is good if you do it when your close to the enemy because its 
    huge and its unblockable. Damage: 13040. 
                            7. ()()()((<<<Broly (SuperSaiyan>>>))()()()
    Blast 1: Saiyan Soul 3 blast stocks
    This move temporarily powers up your strenght and speed.
    It is defenetly not worth 3 blast gauges.
    Blast 1: Kakarot 2 blast stocks
    This is a good blast 1 move. When you do it, it will charge your body and 
    take you to max power mode and power up you defense teporarily.
    Blast 2: Eraser Cannon 3 ki bars
    Broly's signature move. He will fire a big green ball of energy. You can charge 
    this move up by holding down the ki button. When fully charge it doesent do
    a lot more damage than usual. 
    Damage: 6840-7560
    Blast 2: Trap Shooter 2 ki bars
    This is a move were he shoots a lot of energy balls at once all sort of 
    scatered and hoping to hit simething. Not a good move in general.
    Damage: 2520-3760 I 
    Ultimate Blast: Super Explosive Wave
    Broly explodes in all directions in this blue ball of light. This moves range
    is down right pathetic. If your not really close it will miss. Awfull.
    Damage: 15060. 
                  8.()()()((<<<Broly (Legendary SuperSaiyan)>>>))()()()
    Blast 1: Explosive Wave 1 blast stocks
    This is a great move to get you out of a tight spot. But becareful when using 
    it as its cost of only one blast gauge quickly adds up.
    Blast 1: Kakarot 2 blast stocks
    This is a good blast 1 move. When you do it succsesfully it will take you to 
    max power mode.
    Great if your low on ki and your oponent is almost finished. It will 
    definetly turn the tide your way. 
    Blast 2: Eraser Cannon 3 ki bars
    Broly's signature move. He will fire a big green ball of energy. You can 
    charge this move up by holding down the ki button. When fully charge it does 
    not do a lot more of damage, but it takes no time to fully charge it. 
    Damage: 7760-8560 
    Blast 2: Gigantic Hammer 4 ki bars
    Broly's rush move. He flies at a high speed and does a pretty cool looking 
    combo on the victim. This rush actually flies kinda far, so it can work from 
    distances. It's more of a move used to hummiliate than to do damage given the
    short range but if you oponent is leting you have it this will come in handy.
    Damage: 8180-9000 
    Ultimate Blast: Omega Blaster
    Broly's finisher. This is hes strongest move by far. He shoots a huge 
    green ball of energy at high speed at your oponent. It looks really cool. The
    way he laughs when he makes it explode just adds insult to injury. So its 
    Brolys type of thing.
    Damage: 14550-16010
                     9. ()()()((<<<Favorite Characters>>>))()()()
    This section is explained later on.
    Comming Soon
                        10. ()()()((<<<Strategies>>>))()()()
    OK. This is by far my favorite character. As you will read he has the perfect
    combination of insane muscle mass without sacrificing any speed at all.
    Which is the case for Super Trunks. Not to go off topic but i just want to 
    point out that because of his masive body he can charge even when getting 
    hit. Which as you all probably realize is a huge plus in a battle. And 
    the typical characters with this amount of muscle mass are the Great Appes
    and a few others that are ridicculously slow and have a hard time dodging 
    everything which in the long run could cost you the battle and i havent
    heard of anyone that wants that. Then you have really fast character like 
    Gogeta and their charge is broken BY LIKE HEAVY WIND and its something
    that nobody also wants. So with this extended metaphor i mean to prove my 
    And some people miht have different opinions and i dont mean to try to 
    impose my views on anyone and thats why i will post any oposing views in a 
    section i will dedicate to that exact purpouse. Any one that Emails me their
    favorite character and an explanation clearly stating the pros and cons of 
    the character will be posted in a section earlier in this guide. But be 
    warrned i will not post any sort of slandering on other characters. 
    All Emails are welcome. PLEEEASE DOOOOO NOOOOT Send me any hate mail. 
    I hate hate mail. No pun intended. I am open to all views and will post 
    amost anything.
    As you may have read above this I absolutly love his character and for me he
    is hands down the best in the game. But if left un costumized he slow ki 
    charge up will make it impossible to build up enough ki for anything so some
    sort of ki power up will always come in handy. So lets get started.
    He like the best characters in the game is very flexible srategy wise.
    Given his size and speed and powefull attacks he can be anyting from 
    hand to hand to blast attacks only. I will explore all types of game play for
    this character and as allways I will post any additional strategys maild to
    me and credit the donor.
    First Way: Hand To Hand
    Given the size of this character this would be the best way to go. But and 
    people offen forget this, the potara setup has to match. You dont set him up
    as best you can overall you have to play up his strenght and it dosent matter
    if you completly sacrifice another one of his stats like ki or super.
    With this its basically a pound your oponent to the ground type play.He does 
    have a lot of long and powerful combos making him ass deadly as they come by.
    Because of his size he can go blow for blow with every giant appe and 
    super namekian. All i really have on this one is to just hit. Try to pull off
    as many combos as possible and if the oponent is starting to predict your 
    moves and coming up with effectfull counters swich t ki based attaks. Now
    if you've been pounding the oponent the way i old you to by this time you 
    shoul have enough ki for at least 2 attacks which if they dont even land will 
    at least make him back of. This would be a good time to get back on the 
    offense and keep up the atacks. This way they are focused on the deffense 
    instead of you. They will try to save their life and not take away yours.
    And i just have to point his out : Cells life absorb technique is the most
    annoying move in the game. Just as a side notice. If you feel like it when 
    your oponent is in yellow you could try to get off a finisher if you feel 
    like it but given the way you would have to build your character to use this
    strategy properly would mean a very slow charge up and not a lot of damage
    but this is perfect for adding insult to injury.
    Second Way: Ki based assult
    This is kind of akward to use given that it uses his size for defense rather
    than offense. But this is what makes him great. Theres not much to this 
    as most of it reolves arround quick ki charge up and high ki damage.
    What you want to do with this is to use a hit and run type strategy so
    that you an build up your ki and try to not use a finisher as soon
    as you get one as if you wait until you have like three you can do this
    thing i really like were you hit your oponent with a finisher which anyone 
    knows will make tham loose their lock on and at this time you can quickly 
    charge up and use another finihser and again to hit all three at once
    which if they didnt alredy should bring you preety close to winning the 
    All things considered I would recomend that if you use this character in a 
    team battle you put him first as this should give you a nice head tart.
                       11. ()()()((<<<Potara Builds>>>))()()()
    This is for a physical hand to hand type of a character.
    Attack Up 3 & Super Down 1
    Ki power up 3 & Defense Down 1
    Defense Up 3
    Gou Type
    Another Great build for close combat would be:
    King Kais Training
    Combo Master
    Warrior's Will
    Goku Type
    Another One for Close hand to hand is:
    Fighting Spirit
    Dragon Beat
    Dendes Healing Ability
    Attack Up 2 & Defense Down 1
    Goku Type
    This is a more ki oriented build:
    Satisfying Blow
    Ki power Up 3
    Super Up 3
    Krillin Type
    This is a overall build:
    Satisfying Blow
    Ki power Up 2
    Attack Up 2
    Defense Up 2
    Krillin Type
                            12. ()()()((<<<Thanks!!!>>>))()()()
    Thanks Akira Toriyama for making DBZ. I love this show. My Favorite Ever.
    Thanks to any one that has or will send me any 
    new strategies or potara builds.
    And thanks to you for reading thit faq
    FeedBack Is Appriciated
    Thanks to wikipedia for providing the info for Broly's background.

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