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    Super 17 by FFKonoko

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    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 for PS2
     - Character Guide for Super 17 by FFKonoko
    - Introduction And Contents -
    This is my second guide to Super 17. I have limited experience doing FAQs,
    so apologies if the layout is odd. Hopefully it'll turn out ok in the end.
    Any damage calculations shown was be tested in Practice mode with Normal
    Super 17 against Normal Goku, in the Wasteland or Kami's Lookout stage.
    There is a few moves I haven't gotten the damage for yet and I could
    probably stand to change about the layout a bit and more clearly state
    some of the information.
    --------------Table of Contents--------------
    Introduction and Contents
     Controls                              [cnt]
     Character Models and how to unlock    [mod]
     Character Description and Quotes      [quo]
     Character Moveset                     [mvs]
     Capsule set-ups/Comments              [cps]
     Credits                               [crd]
     Contact & Legalities                  [lgl]
    -Controls- [cnt]
    X           Dash/Step-in. At a distance, you dash, letting you get around
                quicker. Closer in, Step-In lets you get closer without being
                attacked as well as open up options for longer combos.
    Circle      Guard, holding Circle down will block ordinary attacks and lessen
                the impact of ki attacks. Pressing with timing deflects/dodges
    Triangle    Ki Blast, various heavy attacks in combos.
    Square      Basic Melee attacks.
    L1          Blaster Wave
    L2          Ki Charge.
    R1          Jump, hold/press in the air to start flying/Ascend.
    R2          Descend.
    L2+X=Dragon Dash
    L2+Circle=Blast 1s
    L2+Down+Triangle=Ultimate Blast
    ~Character Models and how to unlock~ [mod]
    You start with him unlocked.
    1: The one from the show. Brighter blue jeans, dark unsaturated blue shirt and
    boots, red scarf
    2: Faded blue jeans, teal shirt/boots, yellow scarf.
    =Character Description and Quotes= [quo]
    Super 17 is a rather tall character. He is an android, which means you cannot
    manual ki-charge, except to get max power when at 5 bars, but his ki
    contiuously fills. 
    Voice: Chuck Huber
    "This is the ultimate android formed by the fusion of the two Android #17's.
    After his defeat, the mad scientist Dr. Gero fell to the depths of Other
    World. There, he teamed up with Dr. Myuu to create a new Android #17, intended
    to fuse with the Android #17 still on Earth.
    The result of the fusion is the virtually indestructible Super# 17. With his
    energy absorption system, he is able to absorb any energy-based attack,
    including Goku's 10x Kamehameha.
    In this form, Android 17 has become a ruthless killing machine, and all
    aspects of his original personality are lost. Nonetheless, he hesitated
    before attacking Android 18, which may mean he retains at least a small
    portion of his memories.
    While absorbing energy, he must dedicate himself exclusively to the task,
    leaving him defenseless for a short time. This is his only weak point."
    "This is the 17 you know, merged with some other 17 or something. I think."
    Battle Start~ "Hmph. Come at me now."
    Battle Start~ "Please...I won't even have to try."
    Battles Win~ "Hm. Thanks to you, my clothes are ruined."
    Battles Win~ "Hmph, done already?"
    Battle Loss~ "Theres no way..! I should have been able to absorb that!"
    Goku: "17! Its over!"
    Super 17: "Give up. Its impossible."
    Battles Win~ "I saw through all of your moves."
    Goku(GT) Super Saiyain 4 ~ Battle Start
    Goku: "You're finiiiished!"
    Super 17: "Hm."
    Battle Win~ "Like I thought."
    #18 ~ Battle Start
    Super 17: "Hmph, you're still alive? Well, arn't you tough."
    #18: "I'm gonna make you PAY!"
    Battle Win~ "Catch ya later, 18...heheh."
    Dr Gero ~ Battle Start
    Super 17 Why should anyone listen to YOU?
    Gero: "You're just a defective unit. I should destroy you!"
    Cell Perfect Form/Perfect  ~ Battle Start
    Cell: Do you realy think you can beat me because you've powered up a little?
    Super 17: "Worthless...Insect."
    "Nothing you do can change anything. Your time is up." ~ Battle Win
    From GT~
    Super 17: "I must admire your ability to stand up after that."
    Vegeta: "And I admire your ability to DIE! Final Shine...ATTACK!"
    *super 17 is unhurt*
    */Moves\* [mvs]
    Damage is approximate, as hits to the back are increased and hits to a downed
    opponent is decreased, let alone the varying effects of Z-items increasing
    attack and defence. I attempted to always give the base damage, using normal
    Blast 1
    These moves use the Favourite/Blast stock gauges that slowly charge up in
    the battle. His maximum stock points is only 3, which is pretty low,
    especially when compared to Goku's 7. You're not likely to rely on them though.
    Android Barrier can be handy negating rush or certain ki attacks, or simply to
    knock them back if they're pounding on you and Pump up is not too bad for extra
    damage. Not particularly good though.
     Android Barrier
      2 Blast Stock, L2+Circle
    170 Damage per hit, almost certainly 1 at most.
    Creates a forcefield around the character that harms the opponent, blocks some
    Ki blasts and interupts rushes, the field lasts for about 3 seconds.
    Definately useful, though the cost is more than some equivilant moves.
     Pump Up
      2 Blast Stocks, L2+UP+Circle
    Increases Attack power and lowers ki charging for about 15 seconds. The move
    takes about 2 seconds to activate and can be interrupted; however, it does
    not take Blast stock unless it was used successfully.
    Not too great, due to the time limit and cost.
    These moves are primarily Ki-based moves to cause some /real/ damage. Super
    17s B2 moves are reasonably good and combined with his ki absorbtion ability
    and constant ki regeneration (especially with a Ki+2/3 z-item), can use them
    often. They've been reduced since BT2 somewhat though.
     Full Power Energy Wave
      3 Ki Gauges, L2+Triangle
    1 hit 8560 boosted (7760 unboosted)
    A single beam attack from the hand. It can power struggle with other beams
    and is quicker off the mark than chargeable ones, although can be dodged so
    I tend to use it when they are off guard, perhaps directly after a throw.
     Hell's Storm
      4 Ki Gauges, L2+UP+Triangle
    30 hits, 10500 boosted (9300 unboosted)
    He disengages his arms in a cutscene then shoots them with rapid fire. Unless
    they are already flying around or at a fair distance, its pretty likely to
    hit. Watch out for a bigger beam attack coming your way though. It does
    wonders for your ranking for number of hits and has pretty good damage for a
    B2 barrage. Kinda expensive though if you don't get a lot of ki, from z-items
    improving his ki charging or absorbting blasts. Last hit knocks down.
    Ultimate Blast (Must be in MAX POWER mode)
    The big blast attack, the ultimate blasts are usually the single most damaging
    attack in the repetoire. The damage for Super 17s has increased a tad since
    BT2 and isn't bad. Ki absorbtion can often get you part or most of the way
    towards max power, and his B1s are not the most alluring, so you may use Max
    Power a fair bit, depending on how aggressive you play.
     Shocking Death Ball
      5 Ki Guages, L2+DOWN+Triangle
    4 hits, 17040 boosted (15,480 unboosted)
    I can't say much either way as to the accuracy of this UB as I'm in the habit
    of only using them in instances where its hard to dodge anyway. It does seem
    to move fairly fast and look large enough to be challenging but doesn't home
    to any degree. I suggest using it when they're relatively close, dashing
    towards you, missing you, or after being stunned. Maybe tossing out a few
    Z-bursts or Hyper Smash before suprising them with it.
    Basic Moves
    Heres some basic stuff, not listed under skill list, but probably still worth
    noting, since thee effects are not exactly the same for every character.
     Ki Blasts
      Triangle. (Tap for barrage, Hold to charge.)
    280 for normal (1680 for 6 hit ki barrage)
    1680 for Charged (2 balls of 840)
    The charged attack knocks down the opponent, and has very good speed and
    distance, with good homing.
     Rushing Ki Barrage
      Triangle while Dashing
    2390 for a 6 hit dashing ki barrage. (1200 for 3 hit)
    Besides the 10 damage missing on the 6 hit, nothing much to note.
     Jumping Ki
      Tap R1 on the ground, Triangle
    3 hits, 1200 damage for barrage; 2 hits, 1680 for charged.
    Again, not much to note, though I will say that jumping basic ki attacks of
    any sort are generally the same as standing if not slightly worse.
      X while Stepping In.
    8 hit, 1250 damage. (+400 on hitting something)
    Nothing unexpected here, it knocks the victim downwards at the end.
     Ki Absorbtion
      Circle and left/right when attacked with ki.
    Its the same action as ki deflection when they are shooting ki, and Super 17
    will assume a stance and absorb any ki blasts that come his way, including
    some B2s and Ultimates.
    It does not work on ki shot at your back though, and there are several attacks
    which cannot be absorbed. Explosive Wave attacks cannot be absorbed, since they
    hit your back, neither can firey attacks, such as Nova Shenrons. And most
    crucially, piercing attacks, or unblockables. This includes blockable
    'piercing' attacks, like Death Beam, Special Beam Cannon, as well as all
    unblockables. There is still plenty that it works on though and its a very
    useful technique against generic ki blasts in general, nullifying the damage
    and giving you the energy that they used to shoot at you.
     Jumping attack
      Tap R1 on the ground, Square
     310 damage
    A kick which dives down and forward a little. If they are on the ground too, 
    or low, wait till you're lower in your jump.
     Dash Smash hit
      Square while dashing.
    310-870 damage. Standard chargeable dashing punch.
    Rushing Techniques
    Rushing techniques the the core of every fighter's fighting ability, they're
    basically punching and kicking attacks to hurt your opponent.
    An important combo trick is using step-in, pressing X to hop toward your
    opponent during a combo. You're able to get 10 hits if you do a full rush
    combo, step-in and do another combo after it. The second rush, along with some
    of the other moves here, can lead into the various air combos and some of blast
    combos mentioned later.
     Heavy Finish
      Square, Triangle [Triangle, Triangle, Square]
      Square, Square, Triangle [Triangle, Triangle, Square]
      Square, Square, Square, Square [Triangle, Triangle, Square]
    290+500, 580+500, 1270+500 respectively. (Not including Heavy Crush)
    Heavy Finish allows you to gut-punch your opponent, stunning them temporarily.
    You can continue with the Heavy Crush (1190 damage) from this.
     Flying Kick
      Squarex3, Triangle
    5 hits, 870+500 damage.
    A quick, non-chargeable attack, two high spin kicks in the air. You can go
    straight back into rush after this, another Flying Kick will knock them away.
     Lift Strike (During Rush combo)
    600 damage
    Chargable attack. Super 17 brings his knee upwards pretty viciously to send
    his opponent into the air. This is the set-up for Aerial Combos, nice to
    mix in now and then.
     Ground Slash (During Rush combo)
    560-1130 damage
    Chargable attack, similar to Lift Strike, but with a different follow up.
    Super 17 does a low reverse sweeping kick, to take the opponent off their
    feet. The stun time can be useful as well as leading into the Dragon
    Tornado (1830-2330 damage)
     Auto-Heavy Counter (During a Rush combo)
    1060 damage
    After, or during, a rush attack, pressing the Circle button will make Super 17
    go into a stance. If he is attacked, he will counter by sweeping, then kicking
    his opponent to knock them away. Holding down circle will hold the stance. Ki
    is drained while in the stance though. You can also go into this after being
    knocked flying.
    Signature Technique
     Sway Heavy
      X, Triangle (When close)
    500 damage
    Following the step-in, this can lead into the Heavy Crush. (1190 damage)
     Sway Lift Strike
      X, Up+Triangle
    Following a step-in, this leads into an aerial combo. (- damage)
     Sway Ground Slash
      X, Down+Triangle
    Again, following a step-in, leads into a Dragon Tornado (1830-2330 damage)
     Step-In Sway
      X, O
    A step in, followed by a defensive sway backwards. I've dodged a rushing B2
    with it, since you can't be hit during the sway, but I don't use it much.
     Vanishing attack (After Full power Smash hit)
    1340 damage
    Doing this quickly after sending your foe flying, with a Full Power Smash
    hit or Dragon Smash, (Or Vanishing Attack, if in Max Power, or with suitable
    equipment) will pinball them in the direction used. Pressing Triangle by
    itself will knock them downwards.
     Dragon Smash (After Full power Smash hit)
      X, [direction]+Square
    1110 damage
    A pursuing attack that will knock them in the direction pressed, like
    Vanishing attack, it can be used after the full power smash attack, or
    Vanishing Attack (Or Dragon Smash in Max Power or with the right
    equipment). Pressing square without a direction will send them backwards.
    Charging the attack does not seem to increase damage and if they start to
    fall before hitting, it only does 660
     Lightning Attack (After Full Power Smash hit)
    2 hits 1010 damage (500+510)
    Another pursuing attack, effectively a finisher, this one makes your
    character strike from the sky to slam them down into the ground. It can miss,
    but its rare. The second hit will not happen if they are not above a surface
    (Kami's lookout, Spaceship stages).
     High Speed Rush Movement
      [direction]+Circle (During a Rush)
    During a rush, you can teleport toward, away or around your opponent.
    This costs about 1/2 of a Ki bar but can let you catch them at another angle,
    perhaps avoiding something nasty and getting the drop on them.
     Counter - High Speed Rush Movement (While Opponent is using HSRM)
     Z Counter (Just after Vanishing attack)
    ? damage. Press Circle just at the moment you're about to be attacked,
    and you'll do a Z-counter attack. Watch out in case he counters the
    counter and try to counter the counters counter...or something.
     Z Counter (Just before being hit with rush attack)
    ? damage. This can be tricky to time, but very useful when you've got the hang
    of it. Done right, you'll quickly counter attack your opponent with a 
      Counter - Z Counter (Just before being hit by Z Counter)
    ? damage.
     Burst Smash (During Z-Burst)
    ~560 damage
    After Z-Bursting (L2+X to Dragon dash, L2+X during Dragon dash), this does a
    hit. Not much to say.
     Hyper Smash (while in Max Power Mode)
    2180 damage and Unblockable. Its basically an improved Smash hit and can lead
    into all the same things that it can, along with the extra Dragon Smashs and
    Vanishing Attacks.
     Rush Finish
      Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, Square. (7x Square)
    7 hits at 2750 damage. (290+290+290+400+560+370+550).
    The full rush combo, with a kick knocking the opponent back and a teleporting
    hit that knocks back at the end.
     Rush In
      Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, X (5xSquare+X)
    The full 5 hit rush combo of 1830. Rush In helps execute long combos and to
    prevent your opponent from getting a chance to fight back. He does the full
    Rush combo, then once X is pressed after it, he will step in, into range for
    starting another Rush combo. This can be used to make your rush combo longer,
    avoid stalemates with normal combos meeting, or just do more damage. The
    step-in part is nice too, since it does have some invincibility, but its
    unlikely to get much use. It can also lead into...
     Rush In Attack
      Squarex5, X, [up/down+] Square.
    580~ damage? Similar to Burst Smash.
     Dragon Tornado
      Trianglex2, Square (After Ground Slash
    1830 (+500 more if they hit something)
    Dragon Tornado can be used by pressing Triangle twice and then Square; He
    does a heavy punch, teleports to kick them up in the air, then smashes them
    down to the ground with both fists. A useful move to get the hang of.
    Dragon Tornado requires you to be somewhat pre-emptive with the button
    presses, so don't be slow with it. Also note, this attack does not use any ki.
     Heavy Crush
      Triangle, Triangle, Square. (Following Heavy Finish)
    3 hits, 1190 damage
    A follow up blow then two kicks, knocking away your opponent.
     Sonic Impact
      Triangle, Square (After Dash Smash hit)
    1690 (+250 on hitting the ground)
    After hitting your opponent with a Dash Smash, quickly press triangle then
    Square. Super 17 will kick his his opponent and then smash them downwards
    towards the floor.
    Raging Impact
    Down+Triange, Square
    1690 damage.
    Following the dash attack, you will knock them, them 
     Burst Meteor (While attacking with Z-burst attack)
      Triange, Square
    980 damage. This does a quick hit then kicks them upwards into the air.
    Basically a Raging impact, but right after the Z-burst. Usually does 1190~
    due to Z-bursting to the back.
     Violent Rush (In Max Power Mode)
      Square repeatedly.
    I made 89 hits, 17610 damage, tapping only square throughout max power mode,
    until the knockback kick at the end. No Rush finish.
    Air Combos: Using Lift Strike, or its Rush-in version, you can follow with
    an air combo. To remind you, its up and Triangle during a rush combo, doing
    it after 4 or so Squares is standard and does 1870~ damage on its own.
    A single square then up and triangle does 890~. The listed damage here does
    not include that of the lift strike or combo beforehand. Following that, to
    start the air combo, you push X, quickly dashing up to them. The commands
    can be pretty quick.
    1.)  X, Squarex5
    2260 damage for the whole combo.
    The easiest aerial combo, mostly a series of kicks, that finishes with the
    opponent falling to the ground a medium distance away.
    2.)  X, Squarex4, Triangle.
    2500+250(?) for hitting the ground.
    This combo follows #1 up to the end where you instead knock them down to
    the ground.
    3.)  X, Triangle, Squarex5
    2710 damage (490 for the first hit, 2220~ for the squares)
    This combo starts with a heavy gutpunch to stun them, and then continues on
    like combo #1
    4.)  X, Triangle, Squarex4, Triangle
    3160 damage.
    The strongest Aerial combo, that starts off with a heavy strike, continues
    with quick kicks and punches, then finishes off with a double-fisted hammer
    down to the floor. With a decent combo beforehand, with step-in. 6670+
    damage is easily doable.
    Blast Combos: These all require Max Power mode and include a blast at the
    end, resembling a B2. It does not cost Ki though. Essentially, this is an
    add on to previous moves that can be done in max power mode to add damage.
    They won't get any added damage from hitting the ground though.
    The damage estimates are rather rough and there could well be mistakes
    due to a hit not being added to the combo damage.
    Theres a few moves here that I can't seem to perform.
    1.) I don't seem able to do this one. All it says is Triangle during Max
    Power mode.
    2.) Triange, Triange, Square, Triangle (After Ground Slash hit)
    4 hits, 2840 damage (4270-4770 for whole combo)
    Press Triangle after Dragon Tornado while in Max Power Mode, it resembles the
    Full Power Energy Wave.
    This ones damage is a bit tricky, since the combo often restarts if the blast
    hits them in midair,showing 4 hits for 2840, on top of the Grounds Slash+1830
    damage Dragon Tornado. They can also hit the ground just before the blast hits
    though, adding 500 and an extra hit. The first number is just the blast, the
    whole combo only includes the button presses listed, not the ground slash.
    3.) Triange, Triange, Square, Triangle (After Heavy Finish hit)
    34 hits, 3600 damage (4790 for whole combo)
    Press Triangle after Heavy Crush while in Max Power Mode. Resembles Hell's
    Storm. The first number is just the blast, the whole combo only includes
    the button presses listed, not the Heavy Finish.
    3.) Triangle, Square, Triangle (End of Z-burst)
    Appears to be Triangle after Burst Meteor, but I don't seem to be able to
    do this one. And yes, there are two Burst Combo 3s listed on the skill list.
    4.) 4x Square, Up+Triangle, X, 4x Square, Triangle Triangle.
    40 hit, 7800 damage
    The damage listed is the buttons listed with minimum charge on the lift
    strike. A shorter air or ground combo would be weaker, a longer one would
    be stronger.
    5.) 4x Square, Up+Triangle, X, Triangle, 4x Square, Triangle Triangle.
    41 hit, 8200 damage
    The damage listed is the buttons listed with minimum charge on the lift
    strike. A shorter air or ground combo would be weaker, a longer one would
    be stronger.
    -Evolution Z Setups/Comments- [cps]
    Super 17 starts off with a limit of 5, which is pretty good, costing 10,000
    to get to 6 and 25000 for 7. He costs 9 DP, which is rather expensive,
    but the ki absorbtion combined with being more or less guaranteed maximum
    points for number of hits is useful all the same.
    At the moment my set ups for super 17 are as follows:
    Ki Power Up 3
    Super Up 3
    Master Blast
    Satisfying Blow/Rising Fighting Spirit are also options for the last slot.
    Or an aura change, if you want.
    Master Roshi's Training
    Kibito's Secret Art
    Ki Power Up 2
    Super Up 1
    This one I use less more rarely, usually in a match with lots of opponents with
    him going in first, so the KSA is useful, while wanting plenty of health to keep
    the ranking up.
    My 3rd set up changes frequently, but usually has high attack and defence.
    My old BT2 set up was:
    Majin Seal
    Genuine Power
    Eternal Energy Device
    Health +19
    Defense +19
    Blast 2 +19
    It generally consisted of being able to rain B2 death onto them very often,
    very hard, but still sticking fairly close and mixing them amoungst throws and
    combos. I still follow that basic strategy, though with more hit and run, and
    more often goading CPU opponents into shooting ki I can absorb, then getting
    into ki struggles or using max power mode to do obscene damage. While the 
    explosive wave style B1s are very good, the fact that S17s costs half of his
    maximum blast stock means I tend to be sparing with it, always able to go Max
    if need be, getting a similar effect to the Barrier with far better damage.
    =Credits= [crd]
    Move-sets taken from ingame menus and haphazardly tested by me, the damages
    and so forth noted down.
    Description taken from the Character Reference entry on the character.
    I started from my BT2 Super 17 FAQ, editing and rewriting where needed.
    I think I'll still have a lingering thanks to Louis Fitzgerald (Litb007),
    if you want the reasons, check the BT2 Super 17 FAQ.
    Thanks to smellyboy88, for reminding me about absorbing not working on
    unblockables and getting me to clear up the language there.
    There may very well be things I've missed or messed up, since the evening I 
    first started putting this together, I was rather ill. Please feel free to
    mention any mistakes, or pass along any suggestions or additions.
    ~Contact & Legalities~ [lgl]
    Copyright © 2008 FFKonoko
    Do not take this guide without permission, ask first, etc, etc.
    Super 17 and the characters of Dragonball Z: Tenkaichi 3 are the
    copyright of Akira Toriyama, Toei, whatever.
    If you have any comments, questions, concerns, additions or ideas,
    or notice any mistakes , please send me a message at:
    FFKonoko AT gmail DOT com
    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 for PS2 - Super 17  by FFKonoko
    Version 1.01

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