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    Cyborg Frieza by sz agent

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    Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3
    Frieza FAQ
    By SZ_Agent
    Contact: Jannelli@gmail.com
    Copyright Joseph Annelli 2008
    Notes:  This is my first fighting game guide, any constructive critism is
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    s01. Legal
    s02. Who is this Frieza guy, and why is he a Cyborg?
    s03. Why choose Cyborg Frieza?
    s04. The Basics
    s05. Cyborg Frieza Moves and Strategies
    s06. Glossary
    s01. Legal
    This Guide is Written by SZ_Agent, a Pseudonym for Joseph Annelli. Currently,
    only GameFAQs has permission to post this guide. If you see a portion or all
    of this guide posted elsewhere, please contact me and I will handle it.
    Translating this guide into another language does not change the copyright.
    s02. Who is this Frieza guy, and why is he a Cyborg?
    Frieza is the major villain of the (aptly named) Frieza Sage of Dragonball Z.
    His battle with Goku on the Planet Namek is the catalyst for Goku's first
    transformation into a super saiyan.  Frieza rules the galaxy with an iron fist,
    content to let his elite warriors fight his battles for him, as until the Z
    fighters arrived, he hadn't encountered a challenge in years.  Frieza is first
    seen subjegating the Saiyan people as his shock trooper, cowing the mighty
    King Vegeta into a sniveling sycophant.  Eventually, Frieza decided that the
    Saiyan people, with the slight chance of transforming into Super Saiyans,
    posed too great a threat to continue to exist.  Frieza sent his soldiers to
    slaughter the Saiyans that were conquering other planets, and went to Planet
    Vegeta to deal with the source of the problem himself.  One saiyan, Bardock,
    tried to fight back while the rest of his people died in ignorance, but was
    slaughtered with the rest of his planet when Frieza used his Death Ball to
    blow up the the core of the planet.  7 (Known) Saiyans survived this purge.
    Broly and his father survived because they had dissapeared to a distant planet
    long before the purge.  Tarble, the younger son of King Vegeta, was so weak he
    was sent to another distant planet and was forgotten.  Goku, the youngest son
    of Bardock, was sent to Earth, where he struck his head and forgot his mission
    and a baby, beginning the Dragonball Saga.  Prince Vegeta, son of the late King
    Vegeta, Nappa, head of the Royal Guard and Raditz, the oldest (known) son of
    Bardock were all conscripted by Frieza, and kept around as planet conquerors
    and amusement for Frieza.  Eventually, this hubris on Frieza's part backfired
    as Raditz and Nappa were killed on Earth.  During the battle that led to their
    deaths, their Scouters recorded and transmitted the mention of the legendary
    dragonballs, which could grant the user their wishes.  Seeking the original
    dragonballs, Frieza and his minions, Vegeta and the Z Fighters head to the
    Planet Namek.  On Namek, Frieza's soldiers are defeated one by one by the Z
    Fighters until Frieza's Elite Ginyu Force is called in to deal with the
    problem.  Unfortunately, the Ginyu Force is all but eliminated and in the end
    Frieza must stand alone.  His seemingly weak form (he is barely 4 feet tall and
    hovers around in a wheelchair ala Professor X for most of the series) is shown
    to be a clever ruse as he reveals his true power through multiple 
    transformations, eventually defeating everyone but Goku, who is barely able to
    stand up to his final form.  However, Frieza's ego is his undoing as during the
    fight he pushes Goku over the edge and gives birth to his greatest fear:
    the super saiyan.  Realizing his mistake, he uses his Death Ball to once again
    set off a chain reaction in the planet's core, giving Goku 5 Minutes to defeat
    him and get off the planet, but Frieza only needs to survive, as he knows he
    can survive the blast AND survive in the depths of space.  Frieza is cut in
    half using his own move, but is revived by Goku and in a last ditch effort
    tries to use that life energy to finish Goku, but is seemingly killed in the
    process.  Several Years later, Frieza lands on Earth with his father, King
    cold, cybernetically enchanced (the DBZ:BT3 Character Cyborg Frieza) and more
    powerful than ever.  Unfortunately, due to a more serious threat from the
    future, a more powerful super saiyan (Future Trunks) cuts him to pieces without
    a fight.  Cellular samples taken from this battle would later be used to create
    the Amalgam Villain, Cell.  Frieza appears later occupying Hell, allying
    himself with Cell, and ultimately becoming a recurring joke in the series, as
    it is estimated in the Dragonball Z Special Goku and Friends Return that the
    children Goten and Trunks could have killed him easily, and that in hindsight,
    Goku doesn't think he was much of an opponent.  However, I choose to remember
    Frieza as he was - murdering helpless Namekians, a cocky, powerful and cunning
    foe of the type that would never be seen again in the series.
    s03. Why choose Cyborg Frieza?
    Cyborg Frieza combines the best aspects of the final two forms of Frieza and
    becomes a very well-rounded character because of it.
    s04. The Basics
    Guide to the Classic Controller
    D-Pad - Horizontal Directional Movement
    L-Stick - Horizontal Directional Movement
    R-Stick - See Below
      Up - Switch character
      Down - Transform
      Left/Right - Choose next character
    L Button - Vertical Move Down
    R Button - Vertical Move Up
    ZL Button - Charge Ki
    ZR Button - Life Blast (Double Tap, Costs 1/3 Health Bar, stops any combo)
    A Button - Guard
    B Button - Dash
    X Button - Ki Blast
    Y Button - Melee
    + (Start) - Pauses the game, brings up menu
    - (Select) - No Function
    s05. Cyborg Frieza DP COST 7
    HP: 30,000
    Starting Ki: 2 Bars
    Max Blast stocks: 4
    Melee: Power 280
    M Speed: Fast
    Ki: Power 220, 6 Hit Max
    K Speed: Fast
    Ki Charge: 8 Seconds (0 to Sparking)
    Other: Charged Ki Blast releases two stunning balls.
    Psychokinesis (ZL+A)
    Close Range
    2 Blast Stocks
    Instant Use
    Power 480 (If used at Melee Range)
    Hits 3
    Stun Duration: 4 Seconds Max.
    This is not an attack move, and costs too many blast stocks to be used that
    way. This is a great move. In addition to doing minor damage, it also
    stuns the opponent.  Great to use against an incoming opponent to turn the
    tide, or to freeze and opponent while they are vulnerable to set up for a
    combo that would otherwise be hard to do.  Combine this move with Supernova
    to destroy your opponent.  You are vulnerable for a second after use.
    Long awaited-for 100% (Up, ZL + A)
    3 Blast Stocks
    Set Up Time: 2-3 Seconds
    Effects: Maxes Ki Gauge, Boost Ki Blast, Boost Aura
    After Effects: Reduces Ki Charge
    This is a great move if you know how to use it properly.  Do not use this move
    to launch straight into a Special Attack, as that wastes your bonus to
    Ki Blast and Ki Charge.  Use this move to unleash a rain of ki blasts on
    your foe, with frequent fully chaged blasts.  Only after your Ki Gauge drops
    below a bar should you unleash a Special Attack, maximizing the length and 
    effectiveness of this move.  The after effect of Ki Charge being reduced lasts
    until you transform or start charging towards sparking again (the instant you
    start charging to blue this effect dissapears).
    Death Beam (ZL + X)
    Long Range
    2 Bars
    Instant Use
    Power 5,860 (6,440 w/ Boost)
    Hits 1
    A dodon class beam.  This move can also be used to cancel Kameha class beams.
    Do not attempt to clash with other dodon class beams, it's rare that the angles
    line up perfectly and you have enough time before the first beam hits you. This
    move should be used as a follow-up to any of Frieza's combos or his rush move,
    as long as you get the timing right for when the opponent stops flying away and
    before they are able to dodge again.  This move can also be used as a close
    range counter to dodged moves, while the opponent is vulnerable.  This move
    should never be used as a long range attack, as an attempt to counter a
    Barrage.  It is risky to use this to counter a rush move, as many rush moves
    can easily maneuver around it if used outside of close or Close to Medium range.
    When in close range, this move will cause Frieza to backflip before using it.
    Fissure Slash (UP, ZL + X)
    Long Range
    3 Bars
    Instant Use
    Power 5,460 (6,000 w/ Boost)
    Hits 2
    This attack may have long range, but I would only recommend it for Close Range
    use.  This is because this move is most beneficial when used against a
    blocking opponent because it is unblockable.  This move also homes very
    slightly, and Cyborg Frieza will Re-aim for the second shot.
    Supernova (Down, ZL + X)
    Long Range
    5 Bars (Must be in Sparking)
    Instant Use
    Power 13,400 (14,760 w/ Boost)
    Hits 4
    This is the generic giant Death Ball replacing the amazing rush move from the
    last game 'Emperor's Revenge Death Ball'.  This move is a real dissapointment
    because the previous move was so much fun, but it has the benefit of being
    enormous!  There is no chance to dodge when used in close range, and only
    a small chance to be dodge at medium range.  However, due to it's size it
    is weak, weaker that first form Frieza's Death Ball.
    This Frieza is essentially a retuned Frieza Final Form, combining some of the
    best elements of both.  He is first and foremost a melee fighter, with some
    great support attacks that give him the ability to penetrate guards and knock
    down opponents.
    For the DP Cost, you are better off with Frieza, as the benefits of being able
    to transform are enomous, and he costs less before Final Form.
    s06. Glossary
    To keep things simple in the rest of the guide, I will be using certain
    terms to describe actions.
    Follow up: The attack used after a certain action
    Dodge: Avoiding the opponent's attack.  This can be done with either a
    simple side step, a teleport dodge or a dragon dash.
    Cancel:  An attack used to negate the opponent's attack without dealing
    direct damage to the opponent
    Counter:  The follow up to an opponent attack in an effort to cancel
    their move by dealing damage directly to the opponent (hitting them before
    their beam reaches you), or to simply hit them while they are vulnerable
    after launching an attack.
    Stun: A condition in which you must rapidly press the A button in order to
    be able to move or use attacks again.  Until then you are unable to control
    your character.
    Melee Range:  Up to the maximum distance between you and your opponent where
    at least one of you can strike the other with a melee attack
    Close Range: The distance in between you and an opponent where the game will
    automatically turn dash into sidesteps and backflips.  This is generally
    three times the length of your character's Melee Range, you can tell what
    the range is exactly by moving your character backwards from the opponent.
    The point at which your character turns around is the end of this range.
    Medium Range: Any attack that will dissapate at some point regardless of
    whether it has hit anything.  This is generally this distance between you
    and the opponent when your opponent appears to be half the size of your
    character, given two equal sized regular characters (Goku v. Goku).  If
    it leans to the closer or longer side, I will note that as well.
    Long Range: Any attack or move that will keep going until it hits something
    Range Guide: Your Character ->O-C-CM--M---ML----L
    Ki Attack Classes (These will be important when discussing strategy):
    Dodon Class: Tight, Focused Beam of Energy.  Generally faster than the other
    classes.  Will cancel any Kameha Class Beam.  Will only clash with other
    Dodon Class beams. Reactions vary with Ball Class beams. Some are
    unblockable.  Touching any part of the beam will result in damage.
    Kameha Class: A Wide, Power Beam of Energy.  Generally slower than the
    Dodon class, and are blockable.  These beams vary greatly, as some can be
    mouth beams, some (like the Kamehameha) can be charged, and some of other
    unique properties.  However, all will clash with any other beam of the same
    class, or of the ball class.  Touching any part of the beam will result in
    damage (so don't get stupid after dodging one).
    Ball Class: Ki formed into a Ball Shape and shot.  Leaves the user completely
    vulnerage until it reaches it's target, as there is no beam to damage an
    opponent who gets too close.  Vary greatly in speed and size.  Will always
    clash with other balls or Kameha Class beams.  Their reaction to Dodon class
    beams varies with the attack, as they either cancel each other or pass through
    one another, never resulting in a clash.
    Barrage Class: Ki blasts shot multiple time in a row.  These vary greatly in
    shape,power, speed and frequeny, and may resembles other beams, but they fall
    into this class becuase they will always be cancelled by the above beams while
    the above beams will keep going.
    Breath Class:  These beams are generally 'fire breath' beams with short to
    medium range.  They are faster than any other beam, but can not be use for
    last minute counters.  They may cancel certain other beams, depending on
    the character and the other beam.  Breath Class beams are generally
    Weird Beams:  This is essentially an 'Other' Category.  Some beams will
    initiate cutscene attacks (instead of a rush move).  Some are simply
    weird shapes that don't clash with anything, and some are area sweepers like
    Darkness Eye Beam.  These moves must either be blocked or dodged.
    Area Class Attack: Moves like Super Explosive Wave fall into this category.
    These moves generally create a sphere of damage which increases based on how
    close you are to the center.  These moves can either be based around the user
    or the opponent, and at least one is a homing attack.  You have about a
    second between use and damage to either hit the opponent, block or run away.
    Copyright 2008 Joseph Annelli

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