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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ADJ

    Version: 1.23 | Updated: 08/04/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    HITMAN 2: Silent Assassin   
    Author: ADJ (Alexander Hoskins)
    Email: ADJ182TWINKLY@aol.com
    Completed: 13.7.04
    Last Update: 4.8.04
    Version: 1.23
    Table of Contents:
    1. Introduction
    2. Walkthrough
                                    2.1 Sicily
                                                       2.11 The Gotranno Sanctuary
                                                       2.12 Anathema
                                    2.2 St. Petersburg
                                                       2.21 St. Petersburg Stakeout
                                                       2.22 Kirov Park Meeting
                                                       2.23 Tubeway Torpedo
                                                       2.24 Invitation to a Party
                                    2.3 Japan
                                                       2.31 Tracking Hayamoto
                                                       2.32 Hidden Valley
                                                       2.33 At the Gates
                                                       2.34 Shogun Showdown
                                    2.4 Malaysia
                                                       2.41 Basement Killing
                                                       2.42 Graveyard Shift
                                                       2.43 Jacuzzi Job
                                    2.5 Nuristan       
                                                       2.51 Murder at the Bazaar
                                                       2.52 Motorcade Interception
                                                       2.53 Tunnel Rat
                                    2.6 India
                                                       2.61 Temple City Ambush
                                                       2.62 The Death of Hanelore
                                                       2.63 Terminal Hospitality
                                    2.7 St. Petersburg
                                                       2.71 St. Petersburg Revisited
                                    2.8 Sicily
                                                       2.81 Redemption at Gotranno
    3. Alphabetical Weapons Listing
    4. Challenge Section
    5. Conclusion
    6. Legal Mumbo Jumbo
    7. Contacts
    ----> Introduction
    This walkthrough is for the minority of the population who do not wish to 
    complete HITMAN 2 stealthily. If you're looking for a way to get the Silent 
    Assassin rating for every level then look somewhere else. I think we can all 
    agree that the much easier way to complete this game is to go aggressive. Kill 
    everyone in site. Don't waste time. I agree. So if you've just bought a shiny 
    new copy of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin and want to get it over with quickly so 
    that you have access to every level, all the weapons, etc., then this is the 
    place to be. Pull up a chair. Of course stealth is neccessary (sigh) in some 
    levels to prevent death. Since you just want to finish, I can tell you the bits 
    of the plot that you're missing as well. Enjoy! 
    ---> Walkthrough
    For each level here I will list the objectives, the weapons you will need, the 
    weapons it is possible to get and of course the method of completion. Let's 
    >LEVEL 1: The Gotranno Sanctuary, Sicily
    You recieve no briefing for this level so I have invented some objectives;
    -> Talk to Father Padre Vittorio
    -> Go to Confession
    -> Find the Package
    Weapons you will need:
    As this is the first level you cannot select your weaponry.
    Weapons to Find:
    -> The Silverballers; Given to you.
    -> The Fibre Wire; Given to you.
    Method of Completion:
    You begin in your own shed as a humble gardener, Mr. 47 (weird name; weird guy) 
    who lives next to a church. Your first objective is to Meet with Father 
    Vittorio outside your shed. You do this by moving 47 (using the left and right 
    analog sticks) to the door, at which point an information box will appear 
    giving you the options of 'OPEN DOOR' and 'LOOK THROUGH KEYHOLE'. Hold the X 
    Button and scroll between them, selecting 'OPEN DOOR'. 47 will proceed to do 
    just that. While the door is open, walk to the shrimpy priest and a cutscene 
    will begin, during which 47 and Vittorio discuss sentimental details about how 
    47 is a good man, likes to take care of the animals and is a keen gardener. 
    When the cutscene is over Father Vittorio will leave. You can follow him to 
    Confession or you can explore. If you do lose track of him then you can 
    navigate using the map (Press SELECT and choose the 'OPEN MAP' option) When in 
    the map screen you can exit using the triangle button. You press circle to 
    bring up the legend and square to browse through the different maps for the 
    level. If you are not following Father Vittorio, you can get to confession by 
    going up the set of oddly positioned stairs, going through the big doors and 
    choosing the second set of big doors on the right. Once inside the church take 
    the door on the left. Once you're inside the room with the stairs, turn around 
    and choose the door to the left of the one you entered by. The confession booth 
    should be straight ahead so enter by the curtains. When 47 has finished 
    confessing Vittorio will leave and be kidnapped by the Mafia. Leave the church 
    by the way you entered and go to the package. 47 will pick it up. You are then 
    told to go to your shed so go there. 47 will get into his Hitman costume and 
    get his favourite weapons out (Silverballers and Fibre Wire). You are then 
    given time to run around the sanctuary and learn the controls. When you're 
    finished messing around, go to your shed and select 'CONTINUE GAME' on the 
    As you may have noticed, this isn't really a mission, and it's pretty easy. You 
    can't die. Enjoy it.
    >LEVEL 2: Anathema, Sicily
    -> Assassinate the Mafia Boss; Don Guiseppe Gulliano
    -> Find the Room Key
    -> Rescue Father Vittorio
    -> Escape
    Weapons you will need:
    ->Everything you've got
    Weapons to get:
    -> 9mm Pistol; All the guards have them
    -> Desert Eagle (Deagle); The Lawyer has one
    -> Golf Club; The Mafia Boss has one and there is one in his bedroom
    -> Revolver; The Mafia Boss has one
    -> Shotgun; The Mafia Boss' Lawyer has one and so does the guard at the front 
    -> R93 Sniper Rifle; In the garage next to the car
    Method of Completion:
    This level is relatively simple, but stealth is neccessary at the beginning. As 
    soon as the level starts sprint down to the door and go through. It is 
    essential that you are not seen, but you need to be quick enough to get in and 
    out before the guard comes out to go to the toilet. If you are seen then the 
    Mafia Boss will dissapear indoors and make the mission a whole lot harder. Once 
    you are through the door look ahead to the backdoor of the garage. Go inside 
    and grab the sniper rifle to the right. Once you have it run back to your 
    hiding place on the cliff. Look on the map to find where the Mafia Boss is (He 
    is red on the map) and aim towards him. Press R1 to go into sniper mode, and 
    then Up and Down on the D-Pad to zoom inand out. The best thing to do is crouch 
    to stop 47 shaking so much (hold L1) and wait until his vibrations are minimal. 
    When the Mafia Boss is in an easy position for you to shoot him (When all of 
    his body is visible), take him out. One shot should do. If you shoot him when 
    he is around the corner, not only is the shot more difficult, but 4 out of 5 
    times he will fall off the balcony, which makes play inconvieniant. When he's 
    dead, drop the sniper rifle and get out your Silverballers and kill everyone. 
    No one needs to be spared, but primary targets are the brother and the son. 
    Both are armed with Deagles. The son is important because he carries the Car 
    Key (He's the one with a white shirt and braces) Make sure you find the Mafia 
    Boss' corpse because he has the revolver and the Room Key. In the basement is 
    the room where Father Vittorio is meant to be, but he's not. Go there anyway, 
    it gets an objective out of the way. You should come back to this level 3 times.
    This is because there are three two-handed weapons in the level (shotgun, 
    sniper rifle and golf club). 47 can only carry one at a time, and the weapons 
    that you finish a level with become in your possession. Therefore in order to 
    get all three weapons you need to finish the level three times, each time with 
    a different two-handed weapon. When you want to exit, you can go to the garage 
    and escape in the car (if you have the key) or you can just walk out the main 
    entrance near where you started.
    >LEVEL 3: St. Petersburg Stakeout, St. Petersburg
    -> Assassinate the General
    -> Do not harm anyone else at the meeting
    -> Escape by Metro
    Weapons you will need:
    -> Silverballers
    -> Any other pistols you have (These are good because they are easy to conceal
       and you can carry as many as you want)
    -> Any concealable Close Combat Weapons, eg. Kitchen Knife
    Weapons to get:
    -> AK; Carried by all the Russian Guards
    -> SVD Sniper; Locker 137 in the Metro
    Method of Completion:
    Firstly, let out your anger by killing everyone in the area you are in. There
    should be one or two civilians and a guard. You can take the sniper if you want,
    or you can leave it to pick up on your way back to the Metro. Take the guard's
    costume and his AK and then go up the wide stairs to the west. Go to the left
    and keep going up the escalators. Ignore the room on the right, or kill thes
    oldier inside, and keep going until you reach the stairs up to the surface. Go
    up them and walk casually to the Pushkin Building in the middle of the level.
    Ignore what the Agency tell you, you're not going to sniper the general. You
    are going to go for a head-on approach. There are two guards just outside the
    building. Kill them. This gun-toting madness may however attract the attention
    of the Russian Guards, so kill any that cause you trouble. Proceed into the
    Pushkin Building, killing any guards you see, but still making sure that no
    stray fire hits any of the generals. When all the guards are dead you can start
    working out which general is getting minced. As much as you feel you want to DO
    NOT KILL THE HIPPY. The General you are looking for is bald (but he is wearing
    a hat), he is not smoking and he is holding a glass of water in his right hand.
    When you've found our man and killed him, go back to the Metro the way you came,
    killing anyone who gives you trouble and exit by the train marked on your map.
    >LEVEL 4: Kirov Park Meeting, St. Petersburg
    -> Kill the General
    -> Kill his Mafia Connection
    -> Escape
    Weapons you will need:
    -> A Sniper Rifle
    -> A selection of pistols for self-defence
    Weapons to get:
    -> None
    Method of Completion:
    This level is quite straight forward. Holster all of your guns on starting and
    proceed up the stairs and then to your left. Continue until you have a good 
    view of the park in the middle of the level. Do not take out any weapons until 
    the limo has passed and has stopped north of your position. Take out the sniper
    rifle you brought along (If you didn't there's one behind the bins in front of 
    you when you start) and aim into the middle of the park. Soon you should see 
    the general walking into the park, but DO NOT shoot him yet. Wait until the 
    Mafia Boss has come into view and the two targets are talking to each other. 
    You can either shoot them seperately (if you are doing this then shoot the 
    Mafia Boss first because the general will wet himself and come running back to 
    the limo in your direction, (He's easy to shoot) or you can save a bullet and 
    shoot through one into the other when they are hugging each other. When the 
    targets are both dead run back to the boat as fast as you can because the 
    Russian Guards will be on you faster than you can say 'bang'. You can shoot a 
    few as you go for some bonus points if you wish.
    >LEVEL 5: Tubeway Torpedo, St. Petersburg
    -> Kill the General
    -> Free your chum
    -> Pick up your equipment from behind the 'FCK' markers
    -> Escape by blowing a hole in the wall
    Weapons you will need:
    -> Carries on from the last level
    Weapons to get:
    -> Combat Knife; The General has one
    Method of Completion:
    You start in the sewer. Cross the bridge and go to your left. Keep following 
    the path until you get to the opening where you can reach the ladder. The place 
    you're in here is quite small so there's really no danger in killing everyone 
    you see. When you're done go to the equipment pickup point (marked on your map) 
    and get the nightvision, mini-bomb and bomb remote. Once you have your 
    equipment hop into the back of the truck and the friendly driver will take you 
    uptown to the base. Kill everyone and go inside to the storage room with the 
    elavator and go to down to the 1st Basement. Once you're down here follow the 
    map, killing everyone you see. You need to get to the elavator just below the 
    one you left. Once you have reached that elevator follow the map down to the 
    south of the level and enter the westernmost door to the surveillance room. 
    Shoot the general through the glass and then climb through. After chatting to 
    your friend Agent Smith, take the combat knife from the general. Then go back 
    up to the elavator and get to the 1st Basement again. Look out for guards 
    because you want Smith alive. Head to the spot marked on your map that you have 
    to blow up and do so. There is a problem with the game here. Sometimes the bomb 
    works and sometimes it doesn't. If it does work, go through and follow the map 
    to the exit where you're treated to a cutscene showing a conversation between 
    47 and Smith.
    >LEVEL 6: Invitation to a Party, St. Petersburg
    -> Kill the last General (The beardy one)
    -> Escape with the briefcase
    Weapons you will need:
    -> Selection of pistols
    -> Selection of concealable close-combat weapons
    Weapons to get:
    -> .45 Pistol; Carried by the Spetsnaz Agent
    -> W2000 Sniper Rifle; Balcony of the embassy
    Method of Completion:
    This is a great level for agression. Civilians everywhere + Silverballers = FUN.
    When you start kill the waiter and continue to the west killing anyone else in
    your way. Go inside, kill everyone else, etc. Make sure you kill the Spetsnaz
    Agent, the General and the Ambassador. I'm not sure who has the combination for
    the upstairs safe, I normally just find the option to pick it up in a pile of
    bodies. The W2000 Rifle is not supposed to be available yet, but there is a
    way of getting it. When you enter the Embassy proceed up the left staircase and
    turn left to the double-doors. When you go through them keep going in the same
    direction and you will have the option to open a secret door which leads out to
    the balcony where the W2000 can be found. Don't be caught offguard however,
    there is a patrolling guard up here.
    >LEVEL 7: Tracking Hayamoto, Japan
    -> Assassinate Hayamoto Jr.
    -> Place Tracer on corpse
    -> Escape
    Weapons you will need:
    -> Selection of Pistols
    -> Selection of concealable close-combat weapons
    Weapons to get:
    -> SMG (Sub-Machine Gun); All the guards are armed with one
    Method of Completion:
    This is quite a straight-forward level. What makes it difficult is how many 
    guards there are in the compound. The best thing to do is get out your 
    Silverballers and give anyone in your way whatfor. Hayamoto can be easily 
    located on your map, he's not easy to miss. Find him. Kill him. Place the 
    tracer. Kill anyone who gets in your way.
    >LEVEL 8: Hidden Valley, Japan
    -> Find the Secret Passage
    Weapons you will need:
    -> Selection of Pistols
    -> SMG
    -> Selection of concealable close-combat weapons
    -> Sniper Rifle
    Weapons to get:
    -> Crossbow; At the marked Agency Pickup Point
    -> SMG-SD6 (Supressed Sub-Machine Gun); All the guards have them
    Method of Completion:
    Don't move. Get out your sniper rifle and look on your map to locate the sniper.
    Shoot him. Now follow your map to the agency pickup point next to the truck. 
    Pick up your stuff and go into the well south-east of your position. Check on 
    the map to make sure there isn't a guard directly below you. If there is, wait 
    until he leaves the room. Then kill him. Ignore the guards on your left and 
    move on to your right. Watch out for the trucks, they're a bit careless on the 
    corners. Here's the basic rule: When going down the tunnel, if there are two 
    guards or less, kill them head on. If there is a big group, sniper them 
    individually from a distance. Don't worry about the big group near the end. You
    can avoid them because the entrance back up to the surface is the last one in 
    the south. When you're back up to the surface, turn to your left and make a 
    break for the building. There is a sniper to the south so you should be on the 
    northern side of the building. When you reach the eastern corner, you can see 
    the exit. Leg it to the end. If the sniper aquires his target, strafe left and 
    right as you go to lower the odds of being hit.
    >LEVEL 9: At the Gates, Japan
    -> Access the castle
    Weapons you will need:
    -> Carries on from the last level
    Weapons to get:
    -> Katana Sword; Carried by the ninjas
    Method of Completion:
    This level is pretty tough, and involves a lot of snipering. When you start, 
    equip your sniper and take out the guard on the path to the south-east. Take 
    out all of the guards in this way. When the sillhouete of the castle comes into
    view, take out the three snipers, two of which are surveying the area which you
    are in. The third is in the same tower as the eastermost sniper, but needs to 
    be aimed at through the building- tough shot. There is also a final sniper in 
    the distance, just before the exit. Take him out as well. Now proceed to the 
    castle, ignoring the front door and moving to the east. By this time Diana 
    should have contacted you about shutting down the generators. To the east there
    is a guard patrolling next to one of these generators. Kill him and shoot the 
    generator to blow it up. No go back to the front door, hugging the castle wall.
    Once inside go up the stairs and then to your left, through the door into a 
    room shaped like a C on its side. Kill everyone in here, including the ninjas 
    hidden in the rafters (an automatic weapon is your best bet) and take a katana 
    from one of them. You should have made your way around the room to the eastern 
    door. Go through it and turn to your right where there should be a generator 
    about 15ft away. Turn it off and go up the stairs running along the side of the 
    building to the north. Go straight through and turn to your left, travelling up
    the hall to the last generator (you may notice two ninjas up in the rafters; 
    they won't hurt you unless you hurt them). Turn off the last generator and turn
    around, going through the door on your left. Kill the guard and go through the 
    deactivated laser gate on the left. Turn right and go through the door and up 
    the stairs, following the path to the exit. Job done.
    >LEVEL 10: Shogun Showdown, Japan
    -> Kill Hayamoto Sr.
    -> Recover the missile guidance system
    Weapons you will need:
    -> Carries on from last level
    Weapons to get:
    -> .22 SD; In the Basement Museum
    Method of Completion:
    Get out your Silverballers, then walk halfway up the stairs so that the alarm 
    goes off. Then go back down the stairs and get in a position that you can shoot
    anyone who comes in. People should come in: three or four guards and a ninja or
    two. When no one else is coming take the ninja's costume, dump the sniper rifle
    (if you haven't already) and get out a katana (if you haven't got one take the 
    ninja's). Walk outside calmy. The guards shouldn't be very suspicious of you. 
    At the top of the stairs turn to your right and go straight ahead into the door
    with the guard next to it. On the shelf straight ahead is a security card. Take
    it and go through the door on your right. Keep going forward to the secret door
    and then up the stairs. Go straight ahead and deactivate the laser grid. Go to 
    the stairs taking you to the next floor down and keep going until you get to 
    the museum. Take the missile guidance system and the .22 SD pistol and go back 
    upstairs. This time choose the stairs taking you to the next floor up. Go 
    around the outside of the room to the next set of stairs which take you up to 
    the third floor. Go through all of the rooms (including the one with the 
    sleeping ninjas; if you keep walking they won't be too suspicious of you) and 
    up the stairs to the fourth floor. Go to the room where the stationery innocent
    can be seen on the map, and talk to her. Now wait until the Japanese woman in 
    the kimono comes down and kill her. Take her Special Key Card and drag her into
    the room where your ladyfriend is. Now keep going upstairs until you reach the 
    room where Hayamoto Sr. is. This is the hard bit. As soon as you kill him the 
    yojimbo ninjas in the rafter will go crazy at you. This is a sacrifice. Get out
    an automatic weapon and kill him, then leg it down to the courtyard, killing 
    everyone in your way, then escape in the helicopter. Simple? You'll see.
    >LEVEL 11: Basement Killing, Malaysia
    -> Kill Charlie Sidjan
    -> Disable the elavator security system
    -> Escape
    Weapons you will need:
    -> SMG
    -> Silverballers
    -> Selection of Pistols
    -> Selection of concealable close combat weapons
    Weapons to get:
    -> Fire Axe; In the Fire Dept.
    Method of Completion:
    This level is easy. Kill everyone and you'll do fine. Murder everyone in sight.
    Then go to the basement and do the same, then go to the lower basement and kill
    Charlie Sidjan, then go to the basement control room, shoot the computer screen
    nearest the door to the lower basement and go in the elavator next to it. 
    >LEVEL 12: Graveyard Shift, Malaysia
    -> Plant Hacking Device
    -> Escape
    Weapons you will need:
    -> Carries on from last level
    Weapons to get:
    -> None
    Method of Completion:
    This level is also relatively simple. All you have to do is access the Server 
    Room in the South-West corner of the map (not the Sky Bridge). Inside you will 
    find the Keycard. Now go to the room in the northernmost corridor on the left 
    (The door is marked with a yellow light on the map) and plant the hacking 
    device on the computer. You then escape over the Sky Bridge (You can do it 
    without ducking under the lights) and exit by the external lift.
    >LEVEL 13: The Jacuzzi Job, Malaysia
    -> Assassinate Charlie Sidjan
    -> Take the money
    -> Take the statue
    -> Escape
    Weapons you will need:
    -> Carries on from last level
    Weapons to get:
    -> None
    Method of Completion:
    Get in by the entrance near the piano and kill the pianist, as well as any 
    guards that come. Look on the map to find out where Charlie and his laydeez are
    hanging out, and kill them. Then go back to the main room and take the statue. 
    Next go to the eastern room where the computer with solitaire up on the screen 
    is. Go to the painting and open it, then open the safe and take the money. Then
    leave. It's as simple as that. If the alarm goes off at any time, go to the 
    elevator with an SMG clutched in your hand. When the cursor goes red the doors 
    are about to open. When they do open, shoot all five guards without any of them
    getting out of the lift.
    >LEVEL 14: Murder at the Bazaar, Nuristan
    -> Kill the Colonel
    -> Get the coordinates
    -> Kill the General
    -> Get the key
    Weapons you will need:
    -> SMG
    -> Silverballers
    -> Selection of pistols
    -> Selection of concealable close-combat weapons
    Weapons to get:
    -> None
    Method of Completion:
    As soon as you start the colonel should be just ahead of you. Kill him and his 
    guards, then take the key he's got. Now follow the map to the general's 
    quarters and kill him and his guards. Take his coordinates, then leave. Done.
    >LEVEL 15: Motorcade Interception, Nuristan
    -> Meet with your friend for some firepower
    -> Kill the Khan
    -> Don't harm any UN Soldiers
    Weapons you will need:
    -> Silverballers
    Weapons to get:
    -> M190; Given to you by the contact
    Method of Completion:
    DO NOT TAKE OUT ANY WEAPONS when you begin. There are no guards in this town, 
    only Police, who don't care if you look suspicious, but will murder you if you 
    are holding so much as a fibre wire. Make your way to the Agency Pickup Point 
    on the map where you will meet with your chum, who will give you the M190, an 
    unbelievablly powerful sniper rifle. When you get it pick up the ammo and 
    holster the gun (Square). This sometimes works. Now you need to find your way 
    to the sniper point. There are many of these but I find that the best one is 
    due east of the pickup point (The stairs are marked on your map). Try and avoid
    the guards seeing you because they will kill you quick. Go up the stairs, 
    across the plank and up the ladder, then crouch and look to the city gates in 
    the east. Shoot anyone who gives you trouble. When the message at the bottom 
    states 'The Motorcade is approaching the city' get out the M190 and locate the 
    motorcade, but don't shoot yet. When the limo is coming towards your position, 
    you can take out the Khan by shooting just left of the UN soldier's shoulder. 
    When you have shot him, holster the M190 and leg it to the exit (it's a hole in
    the wall). If you here bullets then get strafing because the UN Soldiers are 
    armed with M4s which can kill you with a 3 second burst.
    Before you get the M190, kill everyone in the village so that you don't get 
    shot at when you're trying to aim.
    >LEVEL 16: Tunnel Rat, Nuristan
    -> Kill Yusef Hussein
    -> Get the cargo
    -> Escape
    Weapons you will need:
    -> SMG
    -> Silverballers
    -> Selection of pistols
    -> Selection of concealable close-combat weapons
    Weapons to get:
    -> M60; In a locker near the guard's quarters
    Method of Completion:
    This level is pretty straightforward. Kill everybody on ground level. Then pick
    the lock on the door leading to the underground base. Look on your map and 
    locate Mr. Hussein. Travel to where he is and kill him, killing anybody in your
    way. Then grab the M60, it's the best gun in the game, and get to the elevator 
    with the cargo. Go up a level and your home free.
    >LEVEL 17: Temple City Ambush, India
    -> Meet with the contact
    -> Meet with Agent Smith
    -> Kill the two assassins
    -> Take a picture of each assassin's corpse
    Weapons you will need:
    -> SMG
    -> Silverballers
    -> Selection of pistols
    -> Selection of concealable close-combat weapons
    Weapons to get:
    -> SP12; At the First Contact
    Method of Completion:
    Keep all your weapons holstered because if you brandish a weapon at a civilian 
    he'll go and tell on you. Go straight to your first contact, chat to him and 
    then take the SP12 and ammo. Holster it and then go to Agent Smith. Don't shoot
    him when you get there, he's not firing at you he's firing into the ceiling; 
    He's drunk. He'll ask you to assassinate the assassins and take pictures of 
    their bodies and gives you a camera with which to do it. Both assassins are 
    hanging out in the market, but one of them is scouring for you upstairs with 
    his sniper rifle. You can shoot him face-to-face by going up to his hiding 
    place via the stairs, or you can shoot him through the window he's aiming 
    through. The other assassin is just running around causing trouble. Take 
    pictures of them both and go back to see Smith. He'll tell you how to get to 
    the palace and then fall asleep. There are two more assassins ready to snipe 
    you when you get to the secret entrance to the palace so approach them from 
    behind and deal them a dose of death. then follow the map to the carpet shop. 
    The secret entrance is behind one of the carpets resting against the wall.
    >LEVEL 18: The Death of Hannelore, India
    -> Assassinate the Cult Leader's medical consultant
    -> Stash her corpse in the room marked on the map
    -> Don't kill any civilians 
    -> Escape
    Weapons you will need:
    -> SMG
    -> Silverballers
    -> Selection of pistols
    -> Selection of concealable close-combat weapons
    Weapons to get:
    -> None
    Method of Completion:
    This is an easy level, just don't shoot carelessly at civilians and fail the 
    mission. First you need to get to the Agency Pickup Point to get the key to the
    room where you're going to stash the doctor, then just follow the map to find 
    the her, kill her and jam her in the right room. Just go by your instincs and 
    kill everyone in your way, apart from the civilians. When you're done, go home 
    by boat.
    >LEVEL 19: Terminal Hospitality, India
    -> Kill the Cult Leader
    -> Escape
    Weapons you will need:
    -> Silverballers
    -> Selection of pistols
    -> Selection of concealable close-combat weapons
    Weapons to get:
    -> Uzi; All the cult members (orange cloaks) have them
    -> Scalpel; in the southern rooms of the basement hospital
    Method of Completion:
    When you start shoot the man on the boat and then go upstairs. Grab an uzi from
    a cult member (it's a very nifty gun) and proceed to the hospital in the north.
    Once you're inside kill anyone you see as you make your way to the elevator. 
    Go down to the basement and kill EVERYONE!!!! Remember to pick up the scalpel. 
    Soon a message should come up saying the cult leader is ready for his heart 
    surgery. There are four operating rooms in the north of the area. Shoot each of
    the patients, because one of them is the cult leader. If you don't feel like 
    shooting innocent heart surgery patients, the cult leader is the bald one 
    WITHOUT a moustache. When you're done make a quick exit, because there are 
    plenty of guards. When you go down the stairs to the dock you will see a man in
    a suit who looks just like you lure you towards a door. DO NOT FOLLOW HIM. If 
    you do follow him into the room a bomb will go off and you will die. Just 
    ignore him and go back to your boat. Easy.
    >LEVEL 20: St. Petersburg Revisited, St. Petersburg
    -> Assassinate Sergei
    -> Escape by Metro
    Weapons you will need:
    -> In this level you start with no weapons
    Weapons to get:
    -> None
    Method of Completion:
    This level is where all of the plot starts coming together. You are supposed to
    get the sniper rifle from Locker 137 but again you do not need it. Here is what
    happens if you do what the Agency tell you to do:
    You take the sniper rifle from the locker and go up to the surface. You make 
    your way to the apartment building and go past the front of the Pushkin 
    Building where you hear sniper fire. You are a bit suspicious but you don't 
    really think anything of it. You find an entrance to the apartment building 
    which is unlocked and you go through to the back where you take the ammo and go
    upstairs to the position. You see Sergei, aim carefully and fire. Nothing 
    happens. You try again. Nothing happens. You become even more suspicious. You 
    go over to the Pushkin Building and sneak behind him. You aim and fire at close
    range. Nothing happens. You take out the fibre wire and try and strangle him 
    but the camera angle changes and you realise that Sergei is just a cardboard 
    cutout. The guards have heard your sniper fire and come in. You try and sniper 
    them close range. Nothing happens. Sergei is a cardboard cutout. Your bullets 
    are blanks. The Agency have set you up. Aaaaarrrrggghhhhh!!!!
    Here's what you should do: Go around the back of the Pushkin Building without 
    the sniper rifle. and walk around the edge. If you run the sniper will hear you
    and finish you off with a Deagle. Get to the front door. Walk when you're 
    inside. Go up the stairs straight ahead and turn to the right. Open the door 
    and sneak to the far right to prevent the snipre seeing you (He looks over his 
    left shoulder) Now you fibre wire him. Then follows a cut scene where you are 
    informed that the sniper is Agent 17, a clone of you, being commanded by Sergei.
    When the cutscene is finished, take 17's clothes so that you won't be attacked,
    then walk calmy back to the Metro and go home.
    >LEVEL 21: Redemption at Gotranno, Sicily
    -> Kill all of Sergei's men
    -> Kill Sergei
    Weapons you will need:
    -> In this level you start with no weapons
    Weapons to get:
    -> Custom Rifle; The last guard in the upper floor of the church has one
    Method of Completion:
    This is the best level in the game. Have fun. This level may be the greatest, 
    but the first thirty seconds are a nightmare. You need to get to your weapons 
    shed without getting killed. I'll let you make up your own mind as to how you 
    do it. When you get into the shed, grab the SP12 off the wall and turn around 
    in time to blow the first guards back out the door. There should be about 5 
    guards that come, kill them all. When you're done. Grab all of the pistols from
    the wall and take all the ammo you can, then take the anaesthetic (it's just 
    comforting to have), the kitchen and combat knives, the scalpel, and finally 
    the M60. Before you grab the M60 take the W2000 Sniper Rifle from the wall and 
    kill the guard standing on top of the ruins. Then leave the sniper and take the
    M60. Now go into the church, shooting everyone with the M60. Go upstairs. If 
    there are any snipers then there is probably a sniper rifle lying around that 
    you can use to kill them. Take out all the downstairs guards with the M60 from 
    above. When you have killed all of the guards (Check your objectives to make 
    sure) go down to confession. Sergei should whack Vittorio on the head and break
    out. Chase him down with the M60 and give him one for Padre. When he's dead, 
    um, the game's over. Well done.
    ---> Alphabetical Weapons Listing
      Location: In the Basement Museum in Shogun Showdown
    > .45 PISTOL
      Location: On the Spetsnaz Agent in Invitation to a Party
    > 9MM PISTOL
      Location: All bodyguards in the game have one
      Location: You begin Anathema with one
      Location: You begin Anathema with one
      Location: On all the Russian Guards
      Location: On the General in Tubeway Torpedo
      Location: Not in the game; It was removed from later versions for religious 
      Location: On most of the snipers in the church in Redemption at Gotranno
      Location: On the brother and the son in Anathema
      Location: On the lawyer and the front door guard in Anathema
      Location: You begin training in the Gotranno Sanctuary with one
    > FIRE AXE
      Location: In the Fire Department in Basement Killing
      Location: On the Don and in his bedroom in Anathema
      Location: At the Agency Pickup Point in Hidden Valley
      Location: On all the Yojimbo Ninjas in At the Gates and Shogun Showdown
      Location: You begin training in the Gotranno Sanctuary with one
    > M195
      Location: You are given one by your contact in Motorcade Interception
    > M4
      Location: You are given one for getting 4 Silent Assassin ratings. Also on the
      UN Soldiers in The Motorcade Interception. 
    > M60
      Location: In a locker in the room with the sleeping guards in Tunnel Rat
      Location: In the garage in Anathema
      Location: On the Don in Anathema and on Charlie Sidjan's female guards in the
      Jacuzzi Job
      Location: You are given one for getting 2 Silent Assassin ratings
      Location: In the southern storage rooms in the basement hopital in Terminal 
      Location: You begin training in the Gotranno Sanctuary with them
      Location: You are given them for getting 1 Silent Assassin rating
    > SP12
      Location: There is one at your first contact in Temple City Ambush
      Location: On all the bodyguards in Tracking Hayamoto
      Location: On all the guards in Hidden Valley
      Location: In Locker 137 in St. Petersburg Stakeout
    > UZI
      Location: On all the cult members in Terminal Hospitality
    > W2000 SNIPER RIFLE
      Location: On Agent 17 in St. Petersburg Revisited and on the balcony in 
      Invitation to a Party (it's a real bother to carry; you've got to pick up the
      gun, holster it and then pick up the briefcase)
    ---> Challenges
    I decided to put in a few challenges for you nice people.
    1. Take out every sniper in Hidden Valley without losing any help (this is
       excellent sniper rifle practice)
    2. Complete Kirov Park Meeting without killing anyone but the general and the
       mafia boss
    3. Fibre Wire a UN Soldier and take his M4 in The Motorcade Interception, and
       then get out alive (this is a nifty way to get an M4 without the four Silent
       Assassin ratings, but it's very tough; I haven't been able to do it without
       God Mode on)
    ---> Conclusion
    Well, I hope you enjoyed my walkthrough; I hope you weren't scarred by my 
    twisted sense of humour. I think you'll agree that Hitman 2 is an amazing game.
    There are three weapons listed above that can only be aquired by gaining a 
    certain amount of Silent Assassin ratings. The M4 is well worth it. There is a 
    glitch in the game to get this gun, but it is very difficult. In The Motorcade
    Interception you are not allowed to kill the UN Soldiers, but it is possible to
    Fibrewire them without failing the mission. If you do kill one, take his M4 and
    run like the wind.
    ---> Legal Mumbo Jumbo
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    The following site(s) may host my walkthrough:
    -> www.gamefaqs.com
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    website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright 2004 Alexander Hoskins
    ---> Contacts
    If you have any questions, suggestions or things that I missed, you can contact 
    me by email on:
    Make sure you include the word HITMAN (all capitals) in the subject or your 
    message may be deleted.
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